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Reverse Harems with a Female Added – Part 4

Hi all!

I have an assortment of books with a female added by reader request.

Authors, take note! I have received two requests for books with a female added in less than thirty days… and I can’t find many! If you have a book with FF in it that we haven’t listed, please ping me!

Ruth, one of our readers, posted a comment in the Part One portion giving more detail about Reverse Harems. Ruth says:

In a Reverse Harem, it focuses on FEMALE PROTAGONISTS who are being courted by males and/or queer females, usually three or more. The only thing that comes to deciding whether the harem is a “true/valid” regular harem or a “true/valid” reverse harem is who the “focus” of the harem is in the case of reverse harem its a female. (Ruth, source)

I had no idea there were so many facets to Poly->Harems. The comment sparked my interest in learning more about the word’s Etymology, and I found this excellent paper detailing the history. If you are interested in the root of names, I recommend it!

Okay, enough chitchat. Since I struggled to find books not already highlighted by the illustrious Quare Eligere, this list only has six new books. So if you haven’t seen the older posts, I suggest you look there for a read with FF in the harem.

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Be well, and happy reading!

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