book cover for A Little Naughty: A Matchmaker Reverse Harem Romance (Small Town Lovers Book 3) by Pepper Swan

Holiday Reverse Harems (AKA Hallmark of RH) – Part 1

Hello fellow readers!

In honor of Hallmark Movie season, I mean the holiday season, I’ve put together a part one list for Holiday Reverse Harems (AKA the Hallmark of R.H.).

I tried to find books that are either holiday-related, family-oriented or have the Hallmark movie vibe.  

As always, descriptions are verbatim from Amazon. As an amazon associate, I earn commission on qualifying purchases.

Pssssst: Did you nominate your favorite 2021 R.H. book yet? If not, head over here and select your favorite! 

Be well, and happy reading! And to all my friends stateside, Happy Thanksgiving!

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