cover image: Unconventional (A Reverse Harem Love Story) by: Rebecca Royce

fall in love with reverse harem books found on hoopla and audible

I love listening to audiobooks. I listen to certain books depending on my mood or other activity I’m doing while listening. For example, I always listen to Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings (or The Hobbit!) when I feel sick. When I’m having trouble shutting off my brain, I listen to one of the great courses on Audible about Astronomy; the professor has the most soothing voice. 

Before we get into the Reverse Harem audiobooks, I have some tips to ensure you utilize your book money to get the most books.

Make sure you get your money’s worth with Audible.

I have an audible subscription, but that’s because I use it for many non-kindle unlimited books. If you primarily read kindle-unlimited books, I don’t think a subscription would be worth it. 

Know what your credit is worth.  Do you spend $14/month on your subscription? If so, don’t use your credit on an audiobook you can buy for less than that amount. 

Did you know that you can get a discount on audible audiobooks if you currently have borrowed the kindle-unlimited book? You’ll get an offer to purchase the audiobook for a discounted price; I have found it to be around $8. It is cheaper long term for you to buy the audible audiobook at this point, rather than spending you credit (which may be worth $14).

Nothing beats free.

I try to borrow audiobooks whenever possible from the library using Hoopla or sometimes Libby (although I tend to find more audiobooks on Hoopla).  

I’m finding more and more Reverse Harem titles are being added to Hoopla. You can also suggest a title be added! I look on Hoopla before thinking about buying or spending an audible credit. 

I’ll indicate below if a books is available on Hoopla, as well as including an Audible link. I haven’t figured out how to preview a book on Hoopla, so I suggest going to Audible first to listen to the narrator before you use one of your borrow credits on it. 

So without further ado I present my top 8 (plus a bonus) Audiobooks I love to hear over and over.

Please note that as an amazon associate, I earn income for qualifying purchases.

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