July Reverse Harem Monthly Release Calendar

Hello Lovlies! Welcome to the release calendar for the month of July.

How the calendar works: Below you will find this months new releases by date, followed by the book cover, blurb, and direct link(s) to the book. I have added secondary links on the books that are “next in series” that way you can go to the first book in the series if the blurbs listed below sound like something you want to check out. If I see m/m or f/f in the blurb, I will make those bold for those interested. All blurbs, photos, and links are verbatim from the original source on Amazon. I do not use affiliate links for the books.

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I wanted to be free. I was raised an orphan, always dreaming for a brighter, better future. But I took it too far, and one mistake cost me everything.

Whore. Jezebel. Sinner. That’s what they call me—and they take my freedom and my mind away from me.

I’m trapped now, trapped in a prison where nothing seems real anymore. In the sanatorium, monsters come to pump drugs into my veins.

At night, Doctor Josef comes to visit me, and he is my captor and my refuge. In my dreams, my blind prince Sterling extends his hand toward me. Somewhere, a scarred detective named Thorn is looking for me. I’m screaming, empty and alone in the darkness.

I am bound.

Bound is a reverse harem urban fantasy stand-alone novel, an adaptation of the fairytale Rapunzel. If you’re looking for a steamy tale starring unlikely heroes and an angelic heroine, with a mild m/m twist, this one may be for you. But this fairytale is dark, grim, and not for the faint of heart. It contains mentions of mental health issues, severe injuries, and graphic violence. Some readers might find certain themes disturbin

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I thought they’d be my salvation, but they look at me like I’m theirs.

Beaten, starved, broken.
With nowhere else to go, my only hope to survive is to sell my soul to the devil. After all, when you have nothing, even poison starts to look tempting. But the brutal men that work beneath him are just as trapped as I am, and now it’s too late for me to back out. They’re forced to make me into one of them, but I’ll use those skills to be King’s downfall.

I’ll set them free, or die trying.

But with bodies piling up, and secrets coming to light, what once seemed like the lesser of two evils is proving just how blind desperation can make a person. If even these vicious men can’t stop him, what hope do I have? I can’t even save myself, so how can I be expected to save anyone?
Even if I’m doomed to fail, I have to at least try. Because if I can’t pull this off?
Mom’s screams echo through my mind, a haunting reminder that there are many fates worse than death.

This is an RH standalone, dark contemporary romance, and the fourth book of the Sinners Fairytale Retellings series. Each installment can be read independently and each retelling is intended for 18+ mature audiences, since they may contain triggers. Every author contributing to this series guarantees a HEA.

*Medium burn
*Multi POV
*trigger warning on copyright page

Link to book 4 in series of standalones (note this one is RH, others may be mixed genre)

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Five men have chosen me.
So have their enemies.
I’m supposed to unite everyone with natural magic, but I’m in the dark. My best friend forgot to tell me two things: one, he’s in love with me, and two, he’s a werewolf. After the whole City finds out about his alter-ego, his place as the king of thieves is threatened. When his loyal men start showing up dead, it shakes the stability of the whole Underbelly.

It’s up to me to figure out who’s doing it and put a stop to the violence. The Guardsmen I’ve spent months evading, fighting, and escaping aren’t putting their necks on the line. But the clues I uncover point to a growing feud in the werecreatures’ domain… a feud that could spell danger for all of us.

All I want is to graduate, rebuild the Academy, and pin my best friend down for a talk—or a whole night. But the next moon is coming up fast, and we’re running out of time.

Oz’s Growl is the second book in The Fae Thief’s Harem, a fantasy reverse harem FMMMMM series containing MM scenes. Book 3, Silver’s Breath, is due to be released on August 1st, 2021. So scroll up and preorder now, and dive into a City full of dangerous alleys, hidden treasure… and a whole harem of men who are learning how to share.

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The Black Hand. The syndicate of hardened criminals I planned on destroying.

Things are not what they seem. Someone knows my secret, and it’s not someone I ever expected. He knows my truth, and he understands my need for vengeance—though he’s tried to convince me otherwise.

What he doesn’t understand is if I don’t have justice, I’m nothing. I’m not Shay, not Celene. I’m no one, and I refuse to be no one.

With Slade missing and the Black Hand assembled, it’s time I meet the enigmatic man who took my family’s position: the Cobra. Impossibly strong and ridiculously mysterious, all fingers point to him.

But things are getting complicated. Nothing is what it seems. The feelings I’ve developed for these men are becoming real, and I can’t see myself killing them or walking away. I’m about to face a reckoning of biblical proportions.

One thing’s for certain… this is going to get messy.

Cruel Hearted is the third book in a planned four-book series. It is an RH/Why Choose novel, meaning multiple love interests. Steamy scenes and violence are contained inside this book, with some themes readers might find… off-putting.

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*Mixed genre possible

When one Princess meets her Alphaholes, you know things are going to heat up. The Princess & Her Alphaholes anthology features a collection of contemporary and paranormal reverse harem excerpts that consist of steamy scenes, dedicated possessive psychos, and sweet female characters. Alphaholes: Alpha minded, possessive and/or psychotic men that obsess over their leading lady. Princess: Sweet and loveable, this term doesn’t just refer to a royal princess. This main character is treated like a princess and cherished by her sexy harem. This work features both complete short stories as well as exclusive sneak peeks into some of the authors’ future works. The sexual content is suggested for an audience of 18+ and stories may contain foul language, as well as other dark themes. Stories may include M/M. **All proceeds from this anthology will benefit STOMP Out Bullying. **

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The Lost One’s Trilogy

Imprinted Tattoos

Crazy Psycho Ex? Check.

Massive Imprint Tattoo appearing and taking my total up to three now? Check.

Five deliciously gorgeous new guys at school and secrets galore? Check.

I have a feeling everything is about to change.

Uncovered Truths

Sage and her men are finally on the way to the academy to unbind her powers but before she’s even got there things are going wrong at least it means she makes one hell of an entrance when they finally do arrive. She was expecting a bit of hostility and competition, what she wasn’t expecting was the Order, they pose a much more serious and deadly threat, one that Sage is right at the heart of.

Dangerous Discoveries

The portal went awry and now Sage and her men find themselves split up from Erin and her guys. Fortunately help comes from an unexpected source and as things begin to heat up between Sage and her guys, the quest to find her missing parents takes and unexpected and deadly turn. They get far more than they bargained for. There’s pain, violence, goddess intervention and a whole lot of misbehaving gifts which makes getting to know her guys an interesting foray into self control, or lack thereof. Not everything is as it seems and there are dark forces at play.

A/N – Although the main storyline for this series is finished I am writing them like a TV show so there will be a couple of things left open for the next instalment.

This is a slow/ medium burn paranormal Reverse Harem.

Warnings: please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, memories of abuse from when she was a child, violence and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+.

All sex is consensual.

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My life was ordinary. I was going to college and trying to figure out what I wanted to do in life. Then my mom disappeared without a trace. And I ended up going through a portal to another realm.

A realm where deals were currency and four Fae Warriors ruled everything. I could help them find what they were looking for and they could help me find my mom.

A deal seemed like the best idea.

Until I found out nothing I thought I knew about my life was real. And keeping the four of them for myself became the most important thing to me.

Author note: This is a Why Choose full length novel, meaning the female main character will not have to choose between guys. It has multiple POVs and over protective men. Meduim burn. It is book one in a series of four books.

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I made a terrible mistake.

I gave my heart to my worst enemy in order to survive.

Relinquishing my heart allows me access to my pent-up magic. But it has a side effect. Now, as I swim through the sea kingdom, I find myself randomly consumed by dark thoughts.

Sometimes when I stare at the men competing in the tournament for my hand, I get a random itch—the urge reach out and snap their necks. To hear that brittle crack of bone and watch their eyes fade to gray. It doesn’t matter how sweet, funny, or handsome they are. The desire to hurt them is nearly overwhelming.

I always thought my birth mother was a monster by choice. Now, I wonder if it’s not a sea sprite’s destiny.

Will I become a leviathan too?

I need to know, and I need to find out quickly as these men grow closer to me and my evil appetite grows stronger. I don’t know what I would do with myself if I hurt the sweet courtier, Keelan; the dashing pirate, Valdez; or my one true love, Mateo.

I’m afraid that they’ll see what lies beneath the surface, the shadows swimming in my eyes.

This beast inside might not just cost me my kingdom, but my soul.

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Witness to a murder. Kidnapped by a motorcycle gang.

Christina’s life was already going downhill, but now things are even worse. Forced to flee her hometown and leave everything behind, her only refuge isn’t as safe as she would like. Hell Prevails Motorcycle Club has her entire life in their clutches—but there’s still one thing they didn’t plan on.

Her ex-boyfriend is a member.

Reunited under the wildest circumstances, Christina finds herself surrounded by rough, attractive men. Maybe being kidnapped wasn’t such a bad thing after all…

Hell Prevails is a sexy, tense, reverse harem romance that features one woman surrounded by a cast of rough, gorgeous bikers. Be sure to check out all the awesome Penny Crane romance and erotica titles today!

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And just like that I decided I was done; done with the ugliness of the world and done existing amongst people who only pretended to love me the way I deserve to be loved.

No longer held down by the weight of my life, I find freedom from the monsters that plague my own mind. No longer held down by the abuse of my spouse, I find freedom from the monster in my bed. Finding inner strength I didn’t know I had, to break free from the shackles that have kept me prisoner to my own life, I made the decision to get away and let go of the toxicity drowning me day to day.

Doing my best to navigate through life as a newly single mom, I keep my head down and work hard to keep my daughter safe as we start our new life tucked away in a small town. I would have never expected to find happiness in three men who love my daughter like their own, but I should have known that I could never truly find contentment in life as long as my ex is still alive and breathing.

He finds us and now none of us are safe.

WARNING: Life as She Knows it is a reverse harem romance. Meaning the FMC is in a relationship with three or more men. This is the first book of the Learning to Love Again series and does result in a cliffhanger. This book features dark themes, potential triggers, foul language and sexual scenes so it may not be suitable for everyone. This book is recommended for readers eighteen years of age or older. The rest of you, ENJOY! #WhyChoose

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What do I want most in the world?

Chicken nuggets.

No, Citrine! That isn’t a normal answer. Bump it down to second place. Bump it!

What I want most is a family.

Since my grandma died, I’ve been left alone in this world. I have friends, sure, but I have no one to come home to–and no one to explain why I keep randomly sprouting hair everywhere.

Fate must hate me… or maybe not.

After a date at Jewels Cafe, I find myself mated to not one, but FOUR, guys:

A trickster god with Celtic ties.
A Viking Berserker with self-esteem issues.
A raven shifter, who happens to be my childhood best friend.
And… my cat? Who’s apparently full of secrets.

I’m ecstatic to start this adventure together. But when only one of my guys shows up to my birthday party, I panic.

Are these feelings one-sided? Are they toying with my heart? Or is there something… or someone, trying to take my men away from me?

Watch out world. I’m Citrine Shephard, and I’m about to unleash the beast. No one will stop me from saving my family.

I just need one more chicken nugget… for the road.

Moonlit Citrine is Book 5 of the Moonlit Falls series. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest, and it is intended for audiences 18+.

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Battling against the gods… What could go wrong?

Hearing an oracle say that everything in my life has been leading up to this moment doesn’t make it any easier to go into this, arrows blazing.

Crossing into the godly plane, facing down the people who cast me out, would’ve been hard enough. But knowing they’ve stolen one of my mates, that they intend to use him as leverage, is too far.

There’s only one way this all can end—either I take down the pantheon of gods who have abused their power for too long, or I die trying.

With the strength of my mates on my side, I might just have a fighting chance.

This is book six of six in the Midnight Huntress series. This is a romance where the female main character has more than one love interest and she doesn’t have to choose. Includes m/m.

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The Academy: Ghost Bird series in a different look at the very beginning. Read Introductions with a whole new perspective–the boys’.

Luke Taylor can’t seem to ever relate to his brother, North. They’re like night and day: North is rigid and intense where Luke is playful and a dreamer, his head often in the clouds. Being around each other too long can be difficult. The Academy and Luke’s friends helped to bring them together, and Luke will be forever grateful, but North is just no fun sometimes. Luke can’t wait for the new job at the high school this year. He’s eager to expand his friendship circle…and maybe having a project to focus on will help North blow off some steam.

When the Academy hires the team on a small side job, Luke and North are forced to stick together. The brothers are on the job, but they struggle to communicate and work together.

The rest of the team are reluctant and dragging their feet on their current mission. Something about a girl having trouble at home. Who is this Sang Sorenson and how can one shy, mysterious girl turn a dedicated Academy team upside down nearly overnight? The brothers need to find out. But if they can’t come together, they not only risk losing her but their differences might just tear the entire team apart.

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Everything was supposed to have gone back to normal. After watching and waiting for weeks, I’d been sure that the threat of more ritual sacrifices was over.
However, when I wake up in the middle of an unfamiliar swamp during a storm that’s the worst I’ve ever seen only to stumble on an unwelcome surprise, I have to admit that I was right all along.
Something worse is out there.
And it knows that I’m onto it.
With a new power I don’t understand and others I barely have a handle on, I have to figure out once and for all what’s going on in New Orleans.
There’s more than just mortal lives at stake this time, and I’m the only one who seems to believe what’s right in front of our eyes. No more games. No more mistakes.
A Clever Sacrifice is the third book in the Wicked Fortunes series and contains polyamory, MM, and FF content

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They call themselves the Devils…

Seven sinful, rich men that own the cornerstone of debauchery in this city.


Being the face of Devils, Inc. has become the bane of my existence…

Until the woman in the red dress captures my attention.

Atlas needs a distraction and I need to learn everything about her.

Ten secrets, and I know she was made to be a Devil. All I need to do is prove she could be one of us.

Can I make a Devil in seven dares?


Everything I have is riding on building the Dulce brand…

When the Devils set their sights on me, I know I can’t beat them.

Unless I join them.

I’ve always been able to keep people at a distance, even while warming their beds. Yet somehow, Atlas lures me in with his reverent touch and troubled eyes. And Ricky gets under my skin with his devilish smirk and enticing propositions. Then Kane, the gentle giant, tempts me to let them all in.

I have to make a deal with the Devils to save my business, but will I be able to save myself from getting too close?

If You Dare is the first of five books in the contemporary reverse harem series, The Devils Playground. This series contains sins of the flesh in abundance, questionable morals, and sexy men worthy of the Devil title. Dive into temptation. I dare you…

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From orphan to forced marriage… to humiliated and alone.
Only to be tempted back with the promise of everlasting love and a man sandwich. Yep, a motherf***ing man sandwich!
Skank, I know! But I don’t care what anyone thinks.
Because my sandwich includes Matteo Romero, aka Rome, and my boy, my star, Dante Wilder.
Oh, but did I mention Reed? Yep, Reed too! What a lucky bitch I am!

Well, I thought I was… until another forced marriage was thrown into the mix…
To Beau Vercelli, the head of the Vercelli crime family!!
Yeah, I was nervous. It helped that Beau is hot as hell, even though he is in fact a killer.
Which is a bonus actually, when he offers to help me seek revenge against the Davenport family, who were responsible for destroying mine and Dante’s lives.

He told me he would never love me… but I proved him wrong.
He warned me he wouldn’t stay faithful… and he was right.
Yep! The f*cker made a fool of me. On my wedding day, again!
Which resulted in some bitch getting a throat punch, as you do. Or rather, as I do.
But I think I may have to retire it for now, seeing as the bitch retaliated… by cutting my wrists and leaving me for dead, AGAIN!

Beau saves my life, but I don’t know if I can ever forgive him. I mean, would you?
Of course I forgive him, I’m soft hearted like that.
But I do give him an ultimatum… he has to accept a life with me and the guys, or I walk away from him for good.
All I can do is return home and wait for him to decide.

Exciting I know. I can’t wait to see what will happen next.
I mean, the last time I was crushed on my wedding day resulted in Rome suggesting a man sandwich!
I can’t wait to see what Beau will bring to the table. Or rather… who follows him to the table!

Here’s a clue…
Beau has a hot/sexy/completely irresistible younger brother… Gio. OMG!

I am one lucky bitch!
Well I will be, if everyone leaves me the hell alone, to enjoy my life.
Simple, right?
Err no… my life will never be that easy, unfortunately.
Follow my journey and see what unfolds….

It’s a story full of hot guys and hotter kisses!

Forced marriages and a sexy reverse harem! (which keeps growing)

Hopefully, my happy ever after is in reach, finally.

‘Hop aboard the ‘Motherf***ing Luna Train’!
This is book 3 in the Luna Moon Series.
Book 1 – (All My Tomorrows Are Yours) and Book 2 – (All My Love Is All Of Yours) should be read before this one.

WARNING – This book contains swear words and sexual references.

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All it takes is one disastrous space patrol for Trixa’s life to change forever.

After an unfortunate injury and long medical grounding to the SOS Space Station, Captain Beatrixa Faust finally gets her next patrol. Filled with excitement, she sets out on her newest mission for the Orion Intergalactic Safety and Security Corp.

But when things take a turn, she finds herself not only stranded on a strange planet, but a prisoner to the Carth Rowdu. Can Trixa convince the leader and his two brothers that she’s no threat to them and leave the planet’s surface or will one accidental touch and a curious set of glowing tattoos keep her within the brothers’ grasp?

An SOS Space Station Novel

Saved by the Stars is a quick and fun read that will take you amongst the stars and is a part of the The SOS Space Station Series. This collection is an alien romance WhyChoose/Reverse Harem collection of standalones featuring MFMM meaning the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. Please note, there is no reading order between the three standalones.

This book contains references involving PTSD, violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

Link to standalone

What do you do when three sexy aliens try to claim you as their mate?

Dhara has always tried to make the best of her life aboard the SOS space station. She’s put her skills to good use and even opened a bakery that caters to aliens of all types. She’s successful and happy. What more could a human among aliens hope for, right?

Then three aliens save her from being kidnapped, and now they claim she’s their mate. Despite feeling the connection, Dhara isn’t quick to give up her freedom and her shop to go live with them on a planet full of strangers.

But her supposed mates aren’t that easy to get rid of it seems. From randomly watching her shop to attempting to woo a woman they’ve just met, it proves to be both difficult and as awkward as it sounds.

When she finally gives in and agrees to give them a chance, she finds herself in a civilization that doesn’t know the first thing about being a community. When it’s every alien for himself, how can she help them rule?

As she delves deeper into their planet’s problems, she realizes she may just be able to find a solution to their biggest issue. But when that solution requires breaking down every tradition they’ve clung to, she knows she’s got her work cut out for her.

The books in this collaborative series are all standalones and can be read in any order.

Other SOS Space Station Stories are:

Saved By The Stars – A.J. Macey
Healed By The Stars – Jade Waltz

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What does a welcome party, a night of drinking, and a recently enrolled college student have in common? Nothing, but that’s what was needed for a one-way ticket to Purgatory.
I’m Nerezza Taylor, and there must be a mistake. I’m not a mythical creature, and I don’t have powers. I would know if I needed Nair during the full moon or had a hankering for the taste of pennies, right?
When an ancient door pulls me into Purgatory, I’m not given much of a choice: Attend Purgatory Prep or be locked up forever since I’m an anomaly. Alex, I’ll take Purgatory Prep for 1,000, please.
Humans aren’t supposed to be able to cross over the barrier, but here I am. So what does that mean for me? Everyone makes it their duty to remind me of the fact that I don’t belong here.
The only thing that might keep me sane during this journey is my shapeshifting pet Lynx, a fainting bestie, and the five drool-worthy men here.
Want to find out how I get out of this shitstorm? Well, so do I. So come join me on my journey as I try and survive the perils of Purgatory Prep Academy.
Road to Redemption is the first novel in the Purgatory Prep Academy Series. This is a medium burn, university-age, paranormal reverse harem romance, with hints of MM. This means the FMC doesn’t have to choose between her love interests.
Reader Warning: This book contains explicit scenes and cursing and is intended for 18+ readers only.

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I am not a good person.
And I’ll prove it again. My body count is inconsequential to me.

The angel poses a bigger problem than I thought he would. That f*g roller coaster of emotions has derailed, leaving my sanity amongst the twists and turns.

A massacre is going to befall Belfast, and I’ll paint the streets crimson when I join.

Maybe I’ll find some truth under all the layers of lies.

I’m coming for the mages’ guild, but A. Moore is still trying to stop me.

He doesn’t seem to realize…

I’m Sloane f*g King.

The Supreme Alpha,

the Third Devil of Hell,

the High Coven Mistress of Vampyre,

and the Druid’s Princess.

But don’t let those titles fool you…

I’m no damsel in distress.

Mage Massacres is the fifth book in the seven-book series, The Chronicles of Sloane King. This is a paranormal reverse harem romance, meaning it does involve a polyamorous relationship.

This is a series-wide disclaimer for The Chronicles of Sloane King.

Current books include: sex between two or more partners, explicit language, murder, blood, graphic violence, BDSM scenes, a poly relationship, and MMF scenes.

Current books include mentions of: child abuse, rape, drugs, domestic violence, suicide, controversial religious beliefs, and open relationships.

If any of the scenarios listed trigger or offend you, please do not read this series. If you have any questions about content, please contact me for clarification.


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Hell doesn’t just follow me. It’s a part of me – the most powerful one.

When I called my father evil, I had no clue how true that was. For years, he’s abused me. He had his reasons, but that doesn’t make it any better. In truth, it makes me terrified of what I’ll become.

I’m an abomination.

That’s what Deke calls it, but I hate that term. How can I be the good girl and evil at the same time? More importantly, what does this mean for the guys I’m now bound to?

The four of us have been tasked with making sure the seals that hold back Hell never break. We are the Brethren, the first line of defense against the start of the apocalypse. Just one problem: the seal in our backyard is already cracked.

It’s starting.

My newfound power is the answer to all of this. If I can just learn how to master it – and keep the Order of Martyrs from finding out – then we can close the seal. If they figure out what I am, though, they will kill me.

Because all abominations must die.
Even the good ones.

Tainted Love is a complete paranormal romance novel with a slow burn romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose between her love interests.

Some aspects may be triggering for some readers. Includes stepbrother romance, an abusive parent, a parent lost to cancer, incidences of domestic violence, bullying, and plenty of general awkwardness.

This series is a joint writing project between Auryn Hadley and Kitty Cox, as we’ve teamed up under a combined pseudonym, Cerise Cole.

Link to book 2

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I have lost everything.

My mom died. I turned down the opportunity of a life time. Oh, and I am the target of every bully in school.

The trio are the worst, especially when three of the hottest guys join our school.

I find myself the centre of their attention.

Can they pull me back from this darkness and into the light? Will my pain ever go away? I guess there is one way to find out, and that’s keep moving forward. Well, that’s what people say anyway.

R.H. 18+ Standalone novel. Trigger warnings. This book contains bullying, kidnap, suicide and loss.

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They say that, when you’re bleeding to death from a traumatic injury, you go numb before you die. Your body gets cold and starts to shut down, granting you the slightest reprieve from the pain. I looked it up after Mom died. I wanted to believe, to think that her final few seconds were numb rather than filled with the pain of every bit of destruction those monsters inflicted on her.

It didn’t make me feel better, but at least now I can say it’s true.

My injury might not be physical but I’m definitely bleeding. The pain bled into rage, which gave way to a deep, impenetrable cold. I’m numb, but I know the pain and rage are right there waiting, just beneath the surface, ready to lend their strength when I need them.

When it’s time.

My vengeance won’t be sweet. It will be bitter and violent and bloody. There will be cutting and tearing and the rending of flesh. I can’t cry. Not yet. Once I let the grief in, I’ll break.

There’s no time to break.

Not until everyone who hurt them is dead.

I refrained from killing an unarmed Pixie Dust, but I will kill her. I gave them a warning. They know I’m coming. But the thrill of the hunt will make it all the more satisfying when I rip them to pieces. My last order of business will be to make sure the entire world knows. To give every Descendant the chance to repent, fight, or flee.

Then I’ll destroy anyone who stands against me.

I’ll hunt down anyone who runs.

I’m coming for the Descendants.

And there’s no one left who’s powerful enough to stop me.

This is book 3 in a Reverse Harem, Fated Mates, Friends to Lovers, Urban Fantasy — Paranormal Romance Superhero Origin Story series. Books must be read in order. HEA guaranteed at the end of the series, but it contains dark themes, betrayal (but no cheating), graphic violence and adult situations. Not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Link to book 3

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Mal is no longer a Fixer but the Queen of two of Laddenworn’s kingdoms: Redd and Hart. Although the Bloody Reign has ended, Wonderland has not been set free.
Because Wonderland does not exist right now. Mal and her men are trapped inside a toxic fairy tale, made dark and bloody by the infection of another. Their biggest problem now is figuring out what triggered Wonderland’s break and how to right it.
However, there are questions left unanswered and mysteries left to solve. What happened to the original Queens of Wonderland? Where is Wyat’s kindle? Where is the looking glass? How can Madness be cured? And although Redd and Hart are in fact dead – Mal beheaded them herself – where is the new threat coming from?
For there is a new threat. The Dark Ones are turning Silence into a horror show. Every victim, animal, person, or unnamed, are left a rotted shell, covered in the black clutches of a painful death. But who holds the reins of the Dark Ones?

**This is a new four book series following the Chronicles of Blood. A new adult, reverse harem, dark romance novel with a ‘why choose’ ending, meaning the main character gets a happily ever after with more than one man. It contains magic, demons, shifters, nonsense, explicit sex scenes, blood, murder. There are references to past emotional abuse. This is a MMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman (although there is some MM and MMF in here, too).

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Will Remi survive being kidnapped by rogue agents? If so, what happens now? Where’s her dad? How will the guys’ families and Remi’s mom take their unique relationship? Not to mention their friends.
Things are bound to get tense and uncomfortable, especially with their new house guest… Will their relationship survive?

All these questions and more will be answered in this third installment of the Remington Carter Series.

**This is a new adult contemporary romance featuring an a group dynamic and an m/m relationship, violence, as well as other scenes that may not be suitable for all readers.

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Alura is the first unicorn shifter the realm has seen in centuries, and the dark mage’s hunters are after her.
My aunt made me promise to never step foot in the forest surrounding the dark mage’s fortress, but when I shift for the first time, I’m chased to the place I vowed I’d never go. Afraid and alone, I come face-to-face three daunting wolves. I learn that, like me, they are fae shifters trying to escape this awful forest full of monsters and hunters.

The spirit called Fate has brought me to these three gorgeous males for a reason. Sterling, Quartz, Abyss, and I realize I’m the only one with the power to defeat the dark mage. The choice is mine. Run and hide, leaving her to darken the realm piece by piece, or stay and fight even though she may destroy me.

Authors Note: For mature readers. This is a why choose romance novella that contains scenes with MM and high steam.

*This novella is available for free when you sign up for Angela Edgehart’s newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/4d15af317d9c/angela-edgeharts-newsletter

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Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Happy Independence day!

I started working at Cassidy Ranch as a research project.
I never expected to fall in love.
But after meeting the rugged Cassidy brothers?
I’m definitely falling head-over-heels for three cowboys.

, the eldest Cassidy brother, goes about his ranch work with a calm confidence–which is as unmovable as his rock-solid body. After stealing sidelong glances at each other, we find ourselves alone in the barn together one night…
As the youngest brother, Cody is as gorgeous as he is charming, and he gives me a very warm welcome to the ranch.
Blake, the grumpy brother with an attitude, hates me from the moment I start working on the ranch. But underneath his tattooed exterior is a cowboy with a heart of gold… if I can just get him to come out of his arrogant shell.

They don’t know I’m here to do research for my novel.
But we’re having so much fun that I can’t bring myself to tell them.
Will they still love me once they find out,
Or will our scintillating relationship be left in the dust?

SHARED BY THE COWBOYS is a sizzling Reverse Harem love story filled with humor, suspense, and scintillating action. HEA guaranteed!

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Adie’s dreams of living a quasi normal life among humans has gone up in smoke. She’s no longer the new succubus with dreams of owning a bakery. She’s changed, and so has the world around her. Can she pick up the pieces and find a new path?

Part 4 of Succubus Reborn.

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Life was perfect. I was a legendary soldier, the most respected warrior in the service of God, slayer of beasts, vampires, and druids alike. Beloved by my blisteringly hot men… in more ways than one… and put on a pedestal by the Church, I was the clear choice to lead the war against the supernatural evil that threatened to sweep across North America. And then I found out that everything the Church told me was a lie. Everything I knew, everything I fought for, all untrue, and my life threatened to fall to pieces. But I’m not going to take this lying down. Legends don’t curl up and die so easily, and with my loyal and loving soldiers at my side and hope for a new life and new family before me, I’ll fight to take what’s mine and maybe save the world in the process.

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Rylan, Zarek, and Soran came from a planet of fire and stone.

One known as hell itself.

They were powerful warriors, feared by all in their galaxy, and born and trained to be killers.

But the time had come for them to settle down. To take a mate. Grow a family.

Share a woman between the three of them.

With no females on their planet, they must purchase one at the intergalactic auction—not something they were proud of, but necessary, nonetheless.

And once they had her, they’d be bound forever, dedicated only to her, and would protect her with their lives.

Tessa was a human—an almost extinct race.

After she was captured by slave traders, she was thrust upon an open market. A savage and barbaric auction.

And when she was purchased it wasn’t by just one buyer… but three.

She certainly isn’t on Earth anymore, not when she’s now claimed by three giants with fire-colored skin, eyes as black as the galaxy surrounding her, and massive onyx-tipped wings.

Can Tessa accept her fate and the fact that the three alien males are intent on not only making her theirs… but ensuring she gets pregnant with their babies?

If you’re looking for straight-up sci-fi smt, where one human woman gets to keep 3 sexy alpha aliens all to herself, look no further! *

READER NOTE: This story was previously published as Breed Her in 2014. It has since been recovered and titled, reedited, and minor plot points tweaked throughout. If you read this book before, nothing significant has changed.

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I’m in a strange new world, trying to catch my nemesis before she can wreak havoc here . . . but she might be the least of my problems!

This world’s unlike anything I’ve seen or heard of. It’s definitely not what I expected of the elemental dragon plane, because I don’t think it is! I’m worried, because I want to get back to Caan now, but I also need to stop Orphea from reaching the strange power that called her here.

At least I have all four of my soul-bonded mates. Finally. I love them all, not despite their peculiarities, but because of them. They’ve helped me discover my true nature as a dragon shifter—a completely unique one, too—and I can’t wait to spread my wings some more.

Everything’s coming to a head. It’s stressful having such heavy responsibilities on my shoulders . . . but that’s the burden I took as the Dragoness Queen, right?

I just hope I can fix things on Caan and this foreign world before they fall into madness and ruination!

This is the last book in this fated mates, why choose paranormal romance series, Dragon Shifter Dominion. It’s filled with adventure, heat, twists, and even has a few familiar faces KC Kingmaker readers might recognize from other series!

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A Sun, Sea and… Story

Her three sexy houseguests are forbidden fruit, and she really wants a taste…

Jennifer has spent her life trying to be who her rich and proper family wants her to be and never quite living up to it. All that has given her is a failed marriage, a lot of insecurities and a business selling sex toys in secret. When she rents out the rooms of her beach house to three handsome men, however, she wonders if they might just put her toys to shame.

Lucas, Shane and Brandon go on vacation to get over the woman who broke their hearts. They’re tired of being treated as a dirty little secret by girlfriends who enjoy their attention in private but refuse to accept them in public. When they meet the sweet woman who owns the house they’re staying at, though, they realize it might be worth it to take that risk just one more time.

Even as Jennifer starts to fall for the men, she can’t escape the reality that her family will never approve of the odd relationship. In the end, she will have to decide what she really wants—the approval of her family, or a life with three men who make her truly happy…

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I would go to the end of the known galaxy for my guys—

—and I’m about to.

Slek, Zarex and J’avet went to rescue Danec from the Iritauri and their nanobots, but only one of them returned. Now he, Brinley and me, are ready to launch a rescue mission of our own. We’ll save the other guys, whatever it takes. Even if I have to give my own life to save theirs.

Warning, this is a reverse harem with adult situations and language, and weird alien—ahem—appendages.

One click to start the new series readers of sci-fi romance love.

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Send help… I’m going to need it.

I was normal… until I wasn’t. Dying does that to people, I guess.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Gabriella, and I’m an omega. My life took an unexpected turn the moment I was dragged into an alley and murdered. When I woke up, I fully embodied lust and jumped three sexy-as-sin strangers—who just so happened to be Hell’s strongest demons.

Now the four of us are bonded for life. And as it turns out, this group of three is actually a group of six. Oh and there’s this huge plot to overthrow the current leader of Hell, and somehow I’ve found myself smack dab in the middle of it.

If I thought my life before was a challenge, it’s got nothing on this shit.

Warning: This is a dark paranormal omegaverse romance featuring one saucy omega and six demanding alphas.

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Daughters Of Olympus is a five book, paranormal romance, reverse harem series …

Land. Sky. Sea. Underworld.

All four are at odds—and only the Daughters of Olympus can bring them together to save mankind.

They may have ancient blood coursing through their veins, but in their hearts they are everyday women struggling to survive … not knowing how to harness their potential.

Love is the last thing on their minds.
But the seductive men sent to guide them have no doubt in their ability.

It might sound good in theory … but these women don’t know one another, let alone their hidden talents.

Now they must rise up and claim their rightful place in history, with the men sworn to protect them.

The fight is on.

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After surviving childhood at the snooty, stuck-up boarding school for budding omegas, I have everyone convinced I’m a dud.

My awakening? Never gonna happen. Heat, mates, and a fairytale pack life? Maybe next reincarnation.

All I want is to be left alone.

I’m invisible, headed to a blissful solo future until the Wyvern Pack destroys my dream of independence.

Atlas, Hunter, Finn, Jett, and Orion are poison candy. They don’t want an omega, but they need one, even if there’ll never be a real spot for me in their pack.

Who needs a pack? I’ll keep myself safe, same as always.

I’ll never awaken, and I’ll never ever give the Wyverns my heart… Because all they’ll do is rip me apart.

♥Pack Darling is book one in a reverse harem duology featuring an MMFMMM relationship, cursing, and explicit MM scenes. It’s a human omegaverse featuring growly alpha males but no shifters or shifting. Wait on book two if you need the HEA!

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Finding her God proves easier than expected, and with his reintroduction to the world, comes opportunities and realizations that Eira, nor her men, ever thought possible.
Adapting to the life of a Princess of the realm, Eira sees what could be in her future, and hopes for the happiness she knows is there.
But Tanner isn’t keen on letting that happiness happen, not when he feels his own has been ripped from him. Ice court in the hands of anyone but him is not to be borne.
When the world spins on its axis, Eira will have to choose between what has always been, and what could be.

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I won’t keep secrets anymore. I’ve hidden my true, fiery nature from the people of the Gaia Realm for too long. It’s time to do this right.

I’m home now, but when I look around, this isn’t the place I left. Or, maybe I’m just growing up. My mother’s death hit my father hard. He lashes out and plans to execute people. He’s never done that, and I’ve never had the gall to defy him. Until now.

Ares stands by my side, and I feel a little stronger for it. I’m about to take the throne, and I’ve had eighteen years to decide what kind of queen I’ll be, though I still don’t have that answer. But I won’t let people die. I need to use my strength, my position, to help my people. Including Matthew. He’s been different since we returned, his mind plagued with memories of his possession.

Despite everything we’ve been through, after our ordeal with Persephone, Cristian’s keeping things from me, I can feel it. Since the moment I knelt to him after the warehouse went up in flames, his father dying inside, he’s pulled away from me. Now that we’re home, he’s drinking, and his forge has burnt down. He’s haunted by what happened with Persephone, and the darkness in his eyes worries me. What dark secrets isn’t he telling me?

Read the thrilling conclusion to the Suffer a Witch to Reign series in The Queen of Burning Roses, the final instalment in this upper YA/NA series of witchy Underworld books. The main characters are eighteen and older, and this is a slow burn RH.

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My name is Hadley Parker, and today I take control of my life. Today I start school at Pacific Prep. This is my new lease on life, and I won’t be wasting it. I need this, now, more than ever. I need the education, the promise of a future that I wouldn’t get anywhere else. These rich kids don’t like me though. When Hawk Davenport decides he doesn’t want me here, his friends back him. Along with Hawk, Westley Warren, Cam Rutherford, and Mason Hayes rule this school and nobody dares go against them. They don’t know the real me. I won’t back down.***This book is a reverse harem, meaning the FMC will have three or more love interests. The book also has trigger warnings for bullying, violent and/or graphic scenes, dubcon, vulgar language and graphic scenes and references to self harm and past trauma, so please do not read if you are easily offended or have the mentioned triggers.

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I have a blurb, it’s a really great blurb. Eris stole it though. I have it back but now it’s written in some weird mutation of hieroglyphs and wingdings. Jasper says Thin Mints are Eris’ weakness, so I’m off to find some, then I’ll have to bribe chaos. Wish me luck.

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When the gods turn bad…

…shifters come out to play.

I’m Autumn, an Infernal reaper, and I’m bound to my sexy-as-hell rebel gods by their shifter spirits. When Hades, scorching hot King of the Underworld and savage hell hound, hunts me through the Eternal Forest, I’m caught in his dangerous spell.

Why does my Soul whisper that he’s fated to be mine?

He’s a giant of muscles and midnight black hair and the wickedest god of them all. But why has he forgotten that he’s the god of death? When a lethal threat, which should’ve stayed buried in the underworld, comes back to stalk Hades, can we survive the coming shadows?

Yet each of my gods — Loki, Ra, and Hades — hide deadly secrets. My demon and kitsune lovers are magical rogues, who are equally as haunted by their perilous pasts.

They’re my Guardians: the enemy, royalty, friend, virgin, and second chance. They’re also my obsession…and secret protectors.

When the gods are rebels, the demons are wicked, and the shifters are savage, it’s lucky that I love bad boys…

From USA Today Bestselling Author Rosemary A. Johns comes your next paranormal addiction!

Rebel Gods is packed with magic, mythology, and soulmate romance, where the men know how to share! Perfect for fans of Laura Thalassa, Amelia Hutchins, C.N. Crawford, Elizabeth Briggs, Linsey Hall, and Sarah J. Maas.

Click and devour this sinfully sexy twist on the classic Loki, Hades, and Ra myths!

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Missing sisters, a deadly army, and three hot guys to drive her crazy.

Lexi’s past is back, with a vengeance that is set on destroying everything she and her sisters have accomplished since being free from captivity.

She’s reeling from a loss so powerful it’s become her driving force, at the expense of the bond she shares with her mates. If she hadn’t been so focused on them and their bond, maybe she would have been able to save Alyssa.

But Lexi is just one person and it looks like she’ll need an army to protect her loved ones. Can Lexi comes to terms with her guilt and find the strength she needs to accept her mates’ help so that she can fight back against the coming darkness?

Fans of Vampire Academy and Legacies will want to sink their teeth into Beta Wolf Academy!


Wolf Hunted is the third book in JJ King’s new university set fated-mates shifter series. It’s a full-length paranormal romance you won’t want to miss about three swoon-worthy shifters and the feisty pink-haired heroine caught between them. No choosing required.

Scroll up and pre-order to continue your journey at Beta Wolf Academy now!

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It started as a deadly game long before I was born
But when a bullet takes my memories and the life of my friend
I return to the one place that offers me safety
Only the monster that hunts me outside these gates has nothing on the demons inside them.
Their darkness holds me captive, drawing me in and stealing pieces of me I can’t afford to lose.
With no memory of my past and an uncertain future,
The girl they crave is just an illusion.
Love can be lethal but then so can I
And when the real me wakes up, it’s with fire in my blood and the taste of deceit on my tongue.
White lies and red flags blur the lines between justice and vengeance
But the game isn’t over till someone wins
Or until they beg for Mercy

Please be advised that this book may cause shallow breathing, exploding ovaries, and spontaneous disintegration of panties. As a result, all readers should be over the age of 18 and refrain from reading in public places.

Trigger warning: This book contains violence, dark themes, and some scenes that readers may find uncomfortable. As with the previous books in the series, this story offers up multiple love interests meaning our leading lady gets to have her cake and eat it too.

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After they took my sister, I knew they would come for me next.

All I want is to help the other pioneering women from Earth as they escape to planet Athion after Earth has been invaded by a dangerous, foreign, enemy. The Aliens gave us a safe place to live with one thing in exchange. Our wombs. They need help to expand their kind. The women of Earth need their protection.

I knew my life would change with this adventure, but I never expected how much. As I acclimate to a new life on Athion as a midwife; three hardened, handsome soldiers do everything they can to protect me; body, mind, and soul.

The Custos; Athion special forces, are in charge my security. A team is assigned to protect me; Kai the commander, Dimka, a survivor of kidnapping and slavery, and Alex, the human they met when on Earth fighting the enemy. Their fourth Damon, is away working undercover.

They’re tasked with keeping me safe as I perform my work as a midwife, but can they also protect my heart?

Planet Athion is a reverse harem, sci-fi alien romance. The three-part series are combined in one set!

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Did your mother ever warn you about the monsters under your bed? Well, they’re real. And they own me.

Not that I mind.

Yeah, the last thing a demon hunter should do is align herself with demons. But you know what? I’ve spent my life being lied to. And I’m done with that.

Demons aren’t our enemies. Hell, if I found one of them under my bed, I’m more likely to do hot things to him than to slay him. At least now that I know the truth.

But those monsters under my bed? The creatures everyone fears? They need my help. Three very sexy demons need me to move heaven and earth to save them.

And guess what? I’m going to do it.

Heaven hell anyone who stands in my way.

MATE TO THE DEMON KINGS is a steamy reverse harem romance that involves a demon hunter and three handsome demons. It’s one of those dirty books with melt-your-panties hot scenes, action, and twists and turns. So, if you’re looking to settle in with a book, grab your copy. This was previously released as Demon Hunter.

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I made a mistake and I’ve learned from it.

After being humiliated during a one-night stand by a handsome wolf shifter, I swear off all men. Especially one in particular.

But then I make another mistake.

I step in front of a bullet meant for the state prosecutor and now I’ve made myself a target.

I’m not safe and the only place I have left to turn is into the arms of Christopher Rogue, the wolf shifter who I swore I never wanted to see again, and Darion Nightshade; the sexy incubus I saved.

Both men vow to keep me safe, and I believe them. The thing is, now that I’m stuck under the same roof as my mate and an incubus whose devilish smile can melt snow, I’m finding it hard to resist the attraction I feel to both men. Add in a foul-mouth ex-marine and a real storm begins to brew.

Not only is my life in danger but so is my heart. I should be worried about the target on my back but instead, I’m consumed by the passion these three men ignite in me.

This is a standalone reverse harem novel with multiple POV. It includes mature content such as: foul language, graphic sexual encounters, and some violent scenes. This book is for those +17 and older.

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I made a huge mistake.
I was complacent, and I was captured by the one entity in the universe that has no regard for Intergalactic law.
My ship, designed and built by me alone, has been seized and sold.
Just like me.
Until he rescues me—the handsome Hychee on a mission with his friends.
Nothing can go wrong, right? I’ve already survived the worst the universe can throw at me…


My friends and I are on a mission to get the Makkesh back to his home planet in time for his breeding season, but things go badly wrong. A pilot error resulted in losing our ship, and we’re forced to attend an auction in the worst of sectors to find another.
We do, but nothing prepares me for the possibility of finding my mate in the process.
Our mate.
Once I find her, I stop at nothing to keep her.


The breeding season is almost upon me, and yet again, I’m without a suitable host to implant with my eggs. In my world, the continuation of the species is priority above all else, but everything is conspiring against me this time.
Buying the odd little ship at auction turns out to be a gift I never expected…and possibly my saving grace.
The stowaway isn’t mine to fall for, but the beast in me doesn’t care.


The universe has been kind to the Vennex. It has given us wealth and reputation, riches beyond compare and an eye for pretty, valuable things. We can buy and sell whatever strikes our fancy—the more expensive it is, the faster we buy it.
My friends and I are on a mission to get Mika home for some mating ceremony, and a simple mistake on my part costs us our transport.
That simple mistake has the potential to reshape my—sorry, our—futures in ways I never imagined.
Some things, sikas can’t buy.
They need to be earned.
The imp is the one thing in the universe I can’t afford to buy…

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I really should have stayed in bed on my twentieth birthday.
Instead, I decided to go out. Have a few too many drinks. Meet Adrian, a gorgeous man I’m magnetically attracted to, and if that wasn’t enough, I managed to get abducted to another realm.
I find out I’m not human—well–not entirely. It turns out I’m a demigod, half-human, half-god. If that reality check doesn’t knock a girl on her ass, I don’t know what would.
To top it off, Adrian isn’t just some hot one-night stand at the bar. He’s one of the four gods tasked with ruling over the school this year. A school I’m now forced to attend if I want to control my powers. Powers that will be locked away until I prove I can handle them.
Despite my anger towards Adrian for taking me from my life, I can’t help but find myself drawn to him.
The only problem is, he isn’t the only god that makes me feel this way. Mateo, Kyros, and Maximus keep popping up into my life, confusing me with their penetrating stares and possessive attitudes.
When a dark power emerges, I must rely on them to find the threat attacking the school and its students, especially when the malevolent force turns its attention towards me.
If I could go back to that day, I—almost—definitely would’ve stayed in bed.
*Ascension is a full-length 100K word novel recommended for readers 18+.

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She can either save the world…or end it.

When confronted by four sexy-as-sin strangers telling her she’s the key to saving her world, and four other realms, Tessa isn’t sure what to believe. She’s always been able to see other worldly creatures, but this is a far reach. Even for her.

As strange things start happening, she begins to think maybe their warnings might be true. But how can a human like her even fathom saving one world, let alone five?

Without her, all five realms will collapse into each other, causing untold levels of destruction. Can she trust them and take a leap of faith to save all the lives within the realms? Or will she doom them all?

Fans of Elizabeth Briggs, Jaymin Eve, and Linsey Hall will tear through this sexy reverse harem series.

One-click today and discover all four sexy warriors for yourself!

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The Spirit Fae Realm awaits my newly magically awakened mates and I.

But, unfortunately, so does war. With both the Fae and the vampires on Earth. With the new development of Talia’s magical blood giving their enemies a way to subdue her and the Moon Goddess, they must work to find a solution.

Meanwhile, Talia has regained all of her memories. While her having her full power power returned was ideal, the even wider emotional gap it bridges between her and her mates poses the most difficult threat of all. Will they manage to trust each other enough now that they’re bonded? Or will discord tear their family, and the world along with it, apart?

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I thought I’d already seen the worst of Knight’s Creek, but I was wrong. This toxic town just became much more tainted.
There is nothing worse than having a joyous bombshell dropped in my lap with the goal of knocking me down. And I hate to admit the truth, but it might be working.
I can’t stand being here anymore, but any attempts to run are ruined as I’m forced further into the newly created mold that is Asheville High’s whore.
I’m right where they want me to be. The pain, the taunts, their failed attempts to break me don’t stop my irrational need for them. I guess I must be broken, just not in the way they want.
I’m ready for whatever this town and the Allstars have to throw at me. There is no room in my life for any more secrets or surprises, right?
My father taught me to be resilient, fierce. They haven’t seen anything yet.

Tainted Creek is Book Two in The Allstars Series which is a 107,000 word Reverse Harem romance novel. Some scenes may be considered triggers for some, and it is filled with explicit scenes, so is highly recommended for those aged 17+. It also ends on a cliffhanger.

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This was supposed to be a casual thing. Exclusive, yes, but only casually seeing one another in a sexual relationship. I wasn’t surprised when I caught feelings after by being involved with Austin, especially with everything that happened. What caught me off guard though, was where I stood with Gavin and Vaughn. We were plowing through casual straight into serious territory, just as everything else was crumbling apart around me. I just hope that I can keep it together when Gavin takes us a huge step forward by deciding that meeting parents will somehow solidify our relationship.Why don’t I have the sense to say no?

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I was a good girl once, but now I dance with devils.

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. I wear vengeance like a suit of armor.

I’ve got a list with six names on it. Six people who wronged me, who hurt me, who took everything from me. Six people who turned me into the monster I am now.

And I’ve crossed off every name but one.

One more name. One more death. Should be simple, right?

Yeah, you’d think so. But it turns out revenge is a messy business, and when I end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, I royally piss off four brutal, twisted, gorgeous men.

Gage, Priest, Ash, and Knox.

Lucky for me, the last name on my list is someone they’ve got their own grudge against, so instead of killing me, they offer me a deal. They’ll give me a chance to exact my vengeance, and in exchange, all they want is…


I’m not stupid. I’ve played this game before. Even though they’ve agreed to help me, I know they want to punish me too. They want to toy with me. To let their demons loose on me.

But maybe these Kings of Chaos have let my pretty face fool them.

Because I’m just as vicious as they are. And I’ve got demons of my own.

Kings of Chaos is a full length dark new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes, featuring a slightly psycho heroine and four even more psychotic men. What happens between these pages will be dirty, dark, and delicious, so read at your own discretion. TW: this series features graphic steam, gangs, violence, references to assault, and jealous/possessive men.

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From homeless single mom broke down on the side of an icy road… to living in a mansion with four gorgeous men.

Not only have the Blakely Four Brothers taken me and my kids in, but they’ve also given me a dream-come-true job as an exclusive model for their new fashion line. I have a magnificent roof over my head. My kids are happy, fed, and safe. I have four incredible men in my bed. Plus a fantastic, glamorous new job making more money than I ever dreamed possible.

But we messed up, and this beautiful dream may come crashing down.

After a glorious tub scene with the alpha Marine, I could be pregnant.

I may not be broke-down Shelby any longer, but having a baby with four men that I’ve known a week is way too over the top. Even for me.

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There’s one place scarier than hell.

And we’re in it.

There’s a series of tunnels beneath the school that we must travel through in order to escape Tory’s School for the Troubled.

But the world on the other side? It’s a land of nightmares and monsters. A place where your worst fears come to life. A world of darkness and pain and suffering.

In order to return home, I must confront and conquer my demons. And with the help of five arresting men, that might be possible.

Beau, my childhood best friend. He may not say much, but I know he’ll always have my back…even if he does break my heart.

Aiden, the cruel and vindictive ruler of the school who once blamed me for his sister’s disappearance. Now, he can’t decide if he wants to kiss me or choke me. The feeling’s mutual.

Tanner, the flirty, passionate man who sets my skin ablaze, despite cutting me down with acerbic quips.

Kace, the man who has two sides to him I yearn to uncover. Stoic and intense one second, and exuberant the next.

And finally Heath, the psychopathic class president with cold eyes and a fake smile. He knows more about where we are than anyone else, but can I handle uncovering all of his secrets?

Death admitted us to Tory’s School for the Troubled. Life might just be our only way out.

And for me and the psychotic men who now own my heart? It’s into hell’s depths we go.

This is book two of a horror/bully reverse harem romance. It contains strong language and sexual situations, as well as MM themes.

If you like your men a little broken and psychotic, your FMC a take-no-shit badass, and a plot that will leave you guessing until the very last page, then this is the book for you.

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A human female born into a breeding manor never has a choice…I am a slave, but at least I am alive.

When the man with wings and scales gave me a second choice—I took it. The others of his kind pin me with hungry eyes, but I’ll do what I must to survive. I’ll preside over their Draken Games—and choose a winner every night to share my bed. The alternative is death.

Traded from one prison to the next I have but one hope left—the Lost Siren. I must find her before the demon hordes come if these men—Drakens—have any chance of escaping their mountainous prison, and me along with them.

Perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout,The Rise of the Drakens series is a must-read for any fan of steamy fantasy.

The Lost Siren: Rise of the Drakens Book 1
The Lost Alliance: Rise of the Drakens Book 2
The Lost Kingdom: Rise of the Drakens Book 3

This are full length reverse harem/poly fantasy novels. Warning: there are dark themes and possible triggers.

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Pandora played the fool for the very last time. She let the three sexy bear shifters use her and now, she was pregnant and on the run. How could she face them knowing that she was stupid enough to get herself knocked up? They promised her one night of fun and she foolishly agreed to their “no strings attached” rule. The only problem was she was dealing with the fall out from their incredible night together and the one giant string that was still attached—their baby. Pandora had just three months to figure out what to do about the little life she was about to bring into the world because turning to the three bear shifters she wanted wasn’t going to end well for her. She needed to get her life together before her child came into this world—it was only fair. No kid should have to deal with a mess of a mother who couldn’t seem to get her life together. The only question she couldn’t seem to answer was how to hide the fact that she was carrying their cub, when the three bear shifters unexpectedly show up in the town that she’s hiding away in. She was done with running, done with hiding, and done being afraid. She was about to become a mother and she was going to be fierce—if not for herself, then for her cub. Pandora’s Promise, by BE Kelly, is part of the Claimed by Three Series.

Link to book 7 in series of standalones

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I will need an iron fist to defeat my uncle.

But so many things have changed. Since the evil regent was deposed and imprisoned, my kingdom has begun to thrive. From a backward poverty-stricken wasteland is emerging a strong, vibrant population moving into the twenty-first century.

My three mates and I are also growing together into a solid rulership, learning from one another as we throw our combined skills and gifts into our lives and those of all my subjects. We work hard, we play hard, and as for the nights…I did mention three mates?

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? But when is life perfect?. The evil regent, my Uncle Bors has escaped from the High Council’s prison and is trying to amass an army to kill me and retake control of the kingdom, which he will go right back to pillaging for its every asset. And my hearing has gone from slow deterioration, due to a genetic condition rare among shifters but apparently active in my line, to the final stages. I’ve always known it would, that one day all the sounds would be gone, but having it right in front of me is so much harder than I ever dreamed.

Fated is the third book in a paranormal reverse harem shifter series featuring a queen wolf shifter with hearing loss who must step out from being a puppet ruler to the true ruler of her people and the three male wolf shifters who all want to be her fated mate. It is a why choose werewolf romance with a slow burn buildup sure to make your toes curl. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy guarantees an HEA

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Release date will be a lot sooner then posted. Looking for end of April 2021*”Men fear me, women envy me.”My name is Harlow McKaven and my life has been hell since the moment I was born. But after being tricked and held captive against my will, I have finally snapped. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, something frightening and bloodthirsty was born. After burning the demons who locked me away, I took control of my own destiny. I’m now the ruler of Kingston Heights, but that’s not enough. I want all of LA and to slay the monsters within this world. When some people from my past come back to haunt me, I have a decision to make. Do I help them? Or do I turn them away?After all, I’m gonna need all the help I can get.My girls, the girls I saved from sex trafficking, are going missing one by one.But I will get them back and make every fucker pay!Some call me extreme, others call me certifiably insane but you can call me Queenie.EXTREME WARNING! Please be strongly advised that this book contains graphic scenes, harsh language. Sexual assault of a minor is mentioned. Graphic sex. This is a Reverse Harem. The Heroine does not choose one love interest but is involved with all. F/F content. BDSM. Trigger warning. If you can’t handle all of that, this is not the book for you. You have been advised. Enjoy!

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A demon unleashes. The dark fae return. And a hellhound is missing.

Releasing demons from boxes doesn’t endear me to the Four Horsemen, but I have a bigger problem than War’s wrath. Dex either took himself on a long walk, or somebody abducted him. Kudos to anybody who could wrangle him into submission.

My dealings with the fae grow more complicated, and the Collector introduces me to Rian, the fae capable of defeating the demons and restoring the court. Now all Rian needs to do is depose the queen and deal with the uprising. Simple.

My sex life grows more interesting by the day, which is at least a distraction from the death sentence hanging over me. These demons are something else.

I finally discover why the demon prince is tracking me down and how I’m connected to these sought-after boxes. But if I have to face any more surprise revelations, I’ll convince myself I’m in one of Morgan’s parallel worlds. There’s not enough whiskey in the world to deal with all this.

Can Rian restore the fae court before the dark fae tear the race apart again?

And can somebody please pay me for all the work I’ve done?

Held by Magic is the final book in the reverse harem urban fantasy series The Demon’s Fae from USA Today bestselling author LJ Swallow. Fast-paced supernatural action, magic, adventure and a medium-burn romance with three unusual but devoted guys, all led by a kickass heroine with a very British sense of humour.

Please note these books are written in British English and contain spelling, grammar and idiom that may seem incorrect to some readers.

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She’s cut a bloody swathe through my home town, my whole family, but now its time for her reign of terror to come to an end. But right as I gear up for the fight of my life, they arrive.
The man who brutalised my mates’ mother, who makes it his business to keep women like me down, rolls into town. But why?
What the hell does he hope to achieve, watching the smack down between me and my aunt, and why is Stevie calling Nance only a distraction?
I came home to avenge my father, but now I’m looking down the barrel of quite a different kind of take down and only Mother Moon knows who’ll walk away unscathed.

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My name is Mia, and I am so screwed.
I didn’t even know my name until I found it on a bracelet on my wrist, but in the past weeks at The Conjurer Academy I’ve learned more about myself—just not about my past. Where I came from and how and why I ended up on the railroad tracks in the middle of nowhere remains shrouded by the mists of amnesia. Or something like it.

Turns out, I got skills…or rather a skill
Everyone at the academy has magic. Well, everyone I’ve encountered in my classes so far. But for some reason, I don’t. Or none that I can access. Who am I kidding? I probably don’t. But I do have one ability the majority of the others don’t, and I gotta say… It kicks butt…hard.

And then there is psychometry
Something I’d never heard of but that seemed so familiar when we studied it in class. Of course, inanimate objects hold the feel of their owner can convey an array of information about whoever touched it last, or most often. It seemed a no-brainer to me, but when it was introduced, I seemed to be the only one in class who already knew how to read these things without even trying. Where did I learn that?

Oh yeah… Did I mention the guys here?
I ran into three of them. Icarus, Puck and Rad. And oh my gods, each of them is totally different and totally drool-worthy. I’m hoping I’ll get to know them better. Maybe go on a date and kiss one of them. Who knows? Maybe all three! Hey…a girl can dream, can’t she?

Conjurer Academy from Bestselling Authors Mazzy J. March and Jenna M. Jett, featuring a kickass but confused heroine who is completely out of her element in an academy where magic is the norm and up is down…or maybe sideways. It is a why-choose alternate universe, reverse harem romance with a slow burn build up to scorching heat. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy and Jenna guarantee an HEA.

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After subverting the apocalypse, you would think things would be easy for me and my lovers. Just Lilith and the Four Horsemen, living it up in New Orleans and having a hell of a time.

But nope. It’s hard to have fun when the hoity-toity saint Mary Magdalene comes strolling into town, and then when the princes of Hell unleash seven deadly sins across New Orleans, things go from bad to worse. It seems the Powers That Be on both side want to use my town as their personal playground.

Not when I’ve got anything to say about it, and I’ve got a lot to say. Looks like it’s time for your girl Lilith to save the world… again.

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★Born of Blood is a dark, exciting paranormal romance series starring some of your favorite supernatural baddies.★.

Nothing in my life has been by my choice.

From the moment I was born, I was molded into the perfect Master of the Order. I married a blasé man, and I gave my people an heiress. Because it was expected of me, because it was my duty to my people.

And perhaps it’s best I’ve never had free reign, because one drunken decision has changed the entire course of my life. My children are at stake, our legacy collapsing all around us. All because I couldn’t keep my pants on.

Now, an opal-eyed mystery woman is pulling me apart at the seams. She could be the key to my escape, or my very undoing. And if left up to me?

We’ll burn The Order to the ground.

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One horrific night that threatened my mortality is all it took for the secrets to come pouring out.

Secrets of new realms, magical people, and a heavy dose of betrayal.

However, I don’t get a chance to sit and let it sink in. My abusive ex boyfriend that left me for dead is not pleased with learning I’ve survived, and he’s coming after me to finish the job.

With the help of my soulmates, Val, and a new addition to our group, we flee from my safe haven. My home. Which has become infiltrated and no longer able to protect me.

Traveling to a new realm I am unable to explore the lands as I truly desire, all because of my emotional yo-yoing soulmate who is hell bent on rejecting our bond. Not only that, but I also have to learn how to navigate my newfound powers.

Surviving is all I seem to do in my life, but not anymore. I’m ready to take the world head on, and come out on top. It’s time for me to become the badass I was always meant to be.

**Misfit Betrayal is book 2 of the Misfits of the Fae Realm series. The books contain multiple POV’s, switching between the FMC and her sexy as sin misfits, and should be read in order to fully enjoy the story. The reverse harem theme continues throughout, with some MMFM thrown in there for some added spice.

Please be aware this series is intended for those who are 18+ and that there are adult themes including but not limited to, mmfm, sexual situations, violence, sexual assault and swearing.**

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Five ruthless ranchers have bought my farm, and they want to include me in the deal.
After Pa dies and I discover he’s mortgaged our farm to pay gambling debts, I’m forced to sell my home and only asset. On auction day, I watch my elusive neighbors, the Bradford brothers, buy the land that’s been in my family for generations. Left with nothing but the clothes on my back and a small bag of personal possessions, I risk sleeping in the barn for one night.
That’s where they find me.
Colt, Cary, and Cash are triplets with steely gray eyes and powerful bodies hardened by the land. Sawyer and Scott, their twin brothers, are dark and watchful, with big hands made for taming horses and driving cattle.
I tell them it’s temporary, and I’ll be moving on, but they won’t hear of it.
They offer me a job, and I take it despite the risks.
Forced to live with them, I discover the five gorgeous brothers aren’t the ruthless cowboys I imagined they were. I’ve never been with a man, and suddenly five want to make me a woman.
But I’m not the only rancher who’s lost out to the Bradfords, and when trouble comes calling, will our newly discovered passion and fragile trust be enough to keep us together, or will everything fall apart?

This is a standalone cowboy reverse harem romance in the Multiple Love Series. Each book can be read in isolation but characters do make appearances across the series.

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If a secret wolf society thinks they can take me down, they’ve got another thing coming. There’s a reason they call me Graves.
It’s not my fault I’m a psychopath. What else would happen to someone who witnessed her sister’s murder? Without magic in my arsenal like the rest of my family, I have to rely on other methods: sharp knives, stealth, and killer instincts. And hey, killing pays the bills.
I’ve been a magical dud all my life, the black sheep of the Falcon witch line, but my family are liars. When I’m stalking my next victim under the blood moon, I sprout fur, sharp teeth, and a fuzzy tail.
It turns out I’m a dual-blood, both a witch and a wolf, and now I’m on the radar of the Crescent Club, one of three ancient societies of witches, wolves, and vampires.
I’m given two options: move into Blake Hall, a dark gothic mansion in the middle of nowhere, or get my power stripped.
Luckily, I have five dangerous psycho mates on my side: dominant alpha Dean, insane vampire Slasher, sweet bookish Brannigan, my silent shadow Hugh, and cruel Edison who rejects me but can’t deny our chemistry.
Killer Crescent is a paranormal romance with psycho men, a badass FMC, twisted romance, and lots and lots of bloodlust. Secret societies, killer wolves, dangerous vamps, and cunning witches lurk in these pages, but all of them will meet the sharp end of Rebel Falcon’s knife. This book is medium burn, with moderate heat, and multiple love interests.

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Finding out you’re the daughter of a millionaire true crime novelist isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
When I was two, I was kidnapped. Kidnapped by a loving family, sure, but still kidnapped.
Now, my biological mom wants me to live with her on the opposite side of the country.

Her … and my new stepdad and his jerk of a son: Parrish.
Wannabe tattoo artist, languorous rich boy, pouty mouth.
Starting a new life on the West Coast sucks, especially when there’s no love lost between me and my new family.

Oh, and my biological father? Did I mention that he’s a serial killer who wants me to play his games?
Find the right clues, follow the right trail, or someone I love gets hurt.
But what if he’s just kidnapped someone I hate instead?

Parrish Vanguard is a royal asshole.
The question is: does he deserve to die?

With the help of Parrish’s best friends—Maxx and Chasm—I have to risk everything to save a boy who considers himself my sworn enemy. Even if I save his ass, he’ll never thank me.
Lucky for him that our love-hate relationship isn’t a deal breaker.

I’ll play, Dad.
Start the game.

STOLEN CRUSH is a 150,000 word love-hate/high school romance with suspense/thriller themes. Includes foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of three in the series.

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The shadows are my prison… and I can’t escape.

I’m Izora Dawn, and I’ve been locked away for something I didn’t do. But that’s what they all say, right?
When rumoured only the dangerous survive Shadowborn Prison, I know I have no choice but to fight for my life. Luckily my short time at Shadowborn Academy, home to those with dark magic seducing their souls, has taught me how to do just that.

Survival is what I’m known for in this world.
Seduction is what I’m best at.

I figure the quickest way to escape this prison is by seducing the sexy new governor. With a handsome Shadow Warden watching my every move, an alpha inmate eager to protect me, and a hunky teacher from the academy desperate to free me…I might actually get out of this alive.

But in the shadows lie secrets that hold the walls of this prison together.
And no one can escape them.
Not even me.

Shadowborn Prison is a crossover spin-off to Shadowborn Academy. You do not need to read the latter to follow this series. One is for sure—not even the shadows can be trusted in this Enchanted Forest…
This collection includes Shadowborn Prison book one, Shadowborn Royals book two and Shadowborn Queen book three.

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The White Queen and the Black Queen reunite! And so do all their consorts! And…that extra guy. Trouble in paradise?(Yeah, I will write a better description soon, LOL.)

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For 22 years, Summit and Sage got their hands on every fantasy and paranormal book they could find and watched every movie from Harry Potter to the Underworld series. Each day they talked about how they wished the world of magic and supernatural creatures was real…

Summit spent a family vacation in New Orleans and sparked a series of events that she could only dream of. Now she is facing a prophecy that is foretold that she has to fulfill. Who knew touring an American city could lead to such an adventure? In the words from Summit herself…bring it on.

Sage was intrigued when she received the phone call to save her best friend from an unfortunate incident. Little did she know, it roped her into Summit’s new realm of bullshit and now she is thrust into the adventure with her. In Sage’s words… “you are so lucky I love you.”

Now they are both fighting against The Darkness and saving the world they had just learned of.

This book follows two best friends Summit and Sage on a journey to discover the truth of who they are and who they are meant to be. Friends, family, love, and heartbreak will test them. Pick up your copy today to find out if the girls can find their strength within and face the changes, or succumb to the Darkness.

Disclaimer: This is a reverse harem novel containing sexual scenes with more than one male partner. This novel also contains adult language, sex, and violence.

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Things were finally going my way, I had opened up my very own grooming salon and just began the long process of renovating it.Day two of remodeling ended with a sip of pumpkin spice latte, now my contractor has gone caveman, my dog is talking to me and I think my plumber wants to ferret his way into my underwear…Suddenly my quiet little town of Moonlit Falls has taken a paranormal turn and I’m not sure I’m ready.

Link to book 12 in series of standalones

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This world is not your regular world, it’s not like any planet.. the supernatural does exist on this one. Tamara is 19 years old, broken, and mentally exhausted from her past life. She thought she would never find a man to love, and a man to love her back just as much. Little did she know she’d end up falling for three men, who absolutely adore her. What will happen when she finds out that Archie, Alaric and Romeo are supernatural beings?? Will she run? It will she give in, loving them even more then she did before she knew.

This book is not recommended for the faint of heart, it will get cruel and dark, it’s also a Reverse Harem which means the main character will end up with all of her lovers, in this case Tamara will end up with Archie, Romeo, and Alaric.

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A funeral, a murder, and a wedding.

A King sits at the head of the table, but it’s time for a Queen to take over.

After all, everyone knows she’s the most powerful on the board.

All sides are laying their pieces on the playing field, making alliances, and maneuvering pawns into place when a new player slinks out from the shadows to join the game. Let’s just hope our new allies know how to play.

The only question is, what am I willing to lose to get what I want? Is there a price too high?

Because to take a King, everyone must make sacrifices.

The Sacrifices We Make is a full-length reverse harem novel and is the second in the Maven of Mayhem Series, and it is advised to read The Secrets We Keep first. It is a why-choose romance, meaning our leading lady has multiple love interests and does not have to choose to find her happily ever after. Please be advised there are graphic scenes of violence and sex that may offend some readers. Proceed with caution.
This is book two of three in the series.

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(~107000 words)
Molly grew up in a small town in Montana, and she knows she’s different. Stange things have been happening for years, and there’s no way out of her current predicament with her ‘parents’.
She’s tried.
Four insane men try to take her from her home, and she finds out she isn’t human at all. She’s the heir to Hell, and her twin has finally found her.

Fated mates. Magic. Wars. Action. Fights. Will she get past her trauma? Can she survive this new life?

Demons. Witches. Warlocks. Vampires. Shifters. Angels. Oh, my.

  • Taboo, Brother’s best friends, fated mates, m/m

* This book is for readers who are 18+. This is a darker, paranormal reverse harem romance novel. There will be several men added as love interests throughout the book. There is m/m, but mostly m/f and a few m/f/m scenes. This book is not intended for sensitive readers: Triggers for – pregnancy (at the end), abuse, strong language, trauma, violence, mature sexual content, murder, stabbing, blood and gore, and neglect.*

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At night, I’m free.
Free from the restraints I feel growing tighter each day.
Free from the pressure placed on me.
Free from the disappointment of never being enough.

Because at night…I dance. The movement sets me free, and I become whomever I want under the lights at The Tower. My extravagant costumes and hairstyles started as a way to disguise myself, but soon, my look becomes my calling card, providing me escape from the real me—Zel Tress.

Homeless, destitute, and alone, I wouldn’t classify myself as having it all together, in fact, pride is about all I have to my name. Unwilling to ask for help, I find myself engulfed in the world of The Tower. What started as a means to an end soon becomes my sanctuary.

But when three different men enter my life and begin to show me how to let go, trouble soon catches up to me, and I find myself questioning everything. Will our pride stand in the way, effectively trapping us in The Tower?

My druggie mother set me on this path, but when an opportunity presents itself, will I choose to change course? My calling card has run out, and they’ve come to collect.

This will be the fifth book in the Sinners Fairytale Retellings series. Each installment can be read on its own, and each retelling is intended for mature audiences since it may contain triggers. Every author contributing to this series guarantees a HEA.

Link to book 4 in series of standalones

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He was supposed to protect me. Instead, he made me fear the dark.
He was supposed to love me. In the end, his love was
sickening, cruel and filled with malice.

Five years ago, the only bright lights in my world were extinguished.
One decision. One text. One sentence and my fragile life shattered.

I never expected the depravity and lies that greets me when
I return to Montecito, leaving me with one goal…
To flee and never look back.

Everything changes when three gorgeous guys crash into my life.
They’re determined to mark me as theirs, and make me
question everything I hold true.

But when the ghosts of my past and future collide, who will be left standing?
Me… or the monster who coveted me for all of the wrong reasons,
turning me into what I am today…


*Tarnished is the first book in the Tainted by Ruin Trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone. It is a Dark High School Reverse Harem Romance that contains scenes that may be triggering to some. Including : sexual assault (minor), physical abuse & self harm. Recommended for readers 18+.

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I finally have everything I’ve always wanted: I’m part of a team with my brother and best friend, I’m spending my free time on missions hunting down evil monsters, and I’m about to turn nineteen, the age we fully come into our power. Hell, I even get to hang out with my favorite hellhound, Ralph, on my downtime. But it all still just feels empty, pointless even. Guilt is a b*tch.

After last month’s disaster, the members of Team Six abandoned Guild Headquarters, leaving me alone to deal with the crippling shame for my part in the events that night. And I can’t say that I blame them. If I could, I’d run away from all of this pain too. Attacks on campus mixed with dreams that leave me feeling more exhausted than refreshed, have me yearning for our simple life back home in the cabin and wishing that we never joined The Guild at all.

Losing focus when I’m supposed to be hunting down all the things that go bump in the night doesn’t instill much confidence in my friends either. If I want to secure an official spot on a team, I need to snap out of my grief and become the protector I’ve always dreamed of becoming. And I need to do it quickly. Attacks are happening in record numbers and the fate of our world as we know it is quite literally on our shoulders.

Just when I’m starting to put the pieces of my life back together, Atlas and his team come barreling back into town to stir everything up again. Six is just as alluring as ever, only now I know their big secret. The question is, do I follow my gut and protect them, or do I do what I’ve been trained to do and never look back?

My family and The Guild may have trained me well when it comes to decapitating monsters, but they didn’t train me for the one thing more difficult in this line of work…figuring out who exactly I can trust.

◆◆◆Dreams of Hell is Book Three in The Protector Guild series and it does end on a cliffhanger. Max’s story is a slow-burn why choose / poly / reverse harem urban fantasy series. Get ready for action, spice, and intrigue.◆◆◆

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First I was dragged into a fort filled with cursed Vikings.

Now I’m to be used as bait. To lure out the enemy with the scent of my heat.

And my only protectors are the very Vikings who dragged me here…

The world that Tamsin knows is on the brink of disaster.

Her kinswomen have been found. Their sanctuary lies open for the plunder, their military strength weakened by treachery. Poised to besiege them are the Vikings and Albans, joined together in a frightful alliance.

But Tamsin has already made a crack in that alliance.

After plotting the murder of her husband, she and her unlikely ally Thrain Mordsson must face the consequences together. The King of all Alba sends them on a perilous mission to make amends for their crime.

The mission is: to lure a dangerous Pictish warlord into a trap.

And to kill him.

Tamsin must work together with Thrain Mordsson and his brothers to accomplish her task. And while she knows she can trust Thrain, his brothers are still strangers to her. To succeed, they must learn to trust one another along the way.

And Tamsin will discover what she’s truly capable of, once danger arises under the full moon…

This is the second tome of Thrain & Tamsin’s story. In this new omegaverse series, kingdoms break apart and ancient magic is rediscovered. If you like your romance with a plotty medieval backdrop like Kushiel’s Dart or Game of Thrones, you’ll love this series.

TAMING THE WOLVES is a fantasy non-shifter omegaverse romance that is based loosely on real historical events. It is the second tome of a 6-book saga, slow-burn with Reverse Harem romance. Though there are recaps of previous events, it is not meant to be read as a standalone. This novel contains graphic depictions of violence.

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A mark, a Calling, and a fate I didn’t see coming.

I thought surviving the Hawthorne alpha’s wrath would put an end to my trials.

I was wrong.

I’ve been marked, branded by mystical forces, and with no clue what’s about to happen I’m going in blind.

All I know is that it will be a test of survival. All I want is to find a way out.

But as the hours tick by and the Calling gets close, I’m forced to accept that maybe fate can’t always be thwarted.

Sometimes the things we wish for are the very things we should be running from.

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Don’t believe the release date, this title will be released in JUNE/JULY 2021
Close quarters, hot sand, and forbidden love in this sexy new military stepbrother romance.

To me Star Cove means love and heartbreak indissolubly tied together. When my father was assigned as base commander in Star Cove, I couldn’t say no to his offer to move in with him. I couldn’t wait for the beach and the sand and my first real job out of college.

Only dad doesn’t tell me about his new wife and her deliciously sexy military sons and the house we all now call home. The house is big, but the base is small, and everyone talks.

If I give in to our attraction, I could ruin my new stepbrothers’ careers and my dad’s. If I don’t, I might lose the only chance at a love that could heal my broken heart for good.

Warning: this book is part of a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a why choose, military stepbrother story where the heroine won’t have to choose between her different love interests. It has sexual scenes, dub-con, swearing, danger and mild violence. Suitable only for readers aged 18+

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All I wanted was to escape my life.
I never imagined I would need three men to do that.

I’ve never had anyone take care of me before.

But all that’s about to change.

I thought that I could handle everything on my own, but it takes Adrian, Zachary, and Parker to help me pick up my broken pieces.
They’re determined to put me back together, then they’re determined to love me.

It doesn’t matter that they’re older.
That they’re rich.
That they’re all devastatingly handsome.

I want them, and I have to have them.

This is a reverse harem romance with three men who will do anything (and I mean anything!) for their woman. It’s free from cliffhangers, cheating, and has a guaranteed HEA.

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I never expected my life to begin with my death.After turning into a vampire, the powers of a Queen are transferred to me. With their dad’s presence scarce, I have to rely on my three vampire princes to help me adjust to my new role. Vampires from all across the country are relying on me, but I have no clue what I’m doing.The vampire hunters learn of my existence after our battle and they’re out for blood. My blood. With Kale, Emil, and Jett at my side, I can only hope we’re strong enough to reign over the vampires and stand against the hunters.

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In the beginning, there is life, but in the end, there is always death…

Rescued by her potentials and brought back from the brink of necrosis, Nerys awakens to a world set aflame. Edwin’s soldiers have attacked the sanctuary and driven their last haven of safety into chaos.

Thrust into a holy mission set forth by the Gods, Nerys has only one choice: to kill the child of death or be killed by him. But when she’s presented with her next opportunity, Edwin reveals his own plan.

Choices must be made. Lives will be lost. And in the end, Nerys will do what she must to ensure that she and her potentials survive.

This is a reverse harem romance

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Welcome to The Fallen Angels, where heaven couldn’t control us and hell can’t contain us.

Some monsters are born into this world, while others are made.
Some fall from Heaven, while others rise up from Hell.
Me? I wasn’t just made, I was created.
An angel is what my parents called me, but when I witnessed their murders, brutal and sadistic, that night, I clipped my own wings.
A Fallen Angel, that’s what I became that night. Five feet one, red hair, round innocent face with baby fat still present in my cheeks, pink pouty lips, I can walk straight up to the enemy and put a bullet in his head before he even knows what’s happening.
No one who isn’t a member of The Fallen Angels knows my real identity, and I always personally take care of anyone who even begins to come close.
Who am I now you ask?
Well, I’m Sweets. The innocent-looking devil who kills without conscience or regret, all with a smile on my face and a lollipop in my mouth.
I’m Sweet Chaos on your best of days, so imagine me on your worst, and there’s no man alive who doesn’t fear the power I wield. Well, that’s what I thought, until I met four.
They thought me to be the innocent little flower, until I showed them my thorns.
And guess what? They held me anyway.
Everyone knows my heart is a block of ice, but what happens when four handsome, dominant, possessive bikers decide that I belong to them, and that I don’t have a choice in the matter.

This is a Reverse Harem, why choose romance, where the female main character doesn’t have to choose how many or who to love. This novel contains strong language, violence, sexual content, and dominant anti-hero assholes who you can’t help but love. May not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

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Rejected by my fated mates while pregnant was only the beginning of my worries…
Cast aside and abandoned at a space station to raise my daughter alone was my destiny.

It had been fifteen years since I was dropped off with nothing but the clothes on my back and a pity bag filled with just enough to get by.
I had sworn to myself that I wouldn’t fall for some cosmic love connection once again and built my life from nothing to a respectable position.
But it seems the universe has other plans for me.
One good deed changed my life forever…
ow three new emerald males won’t leave me alone, yet I am haunted by my abusive past every time I look at them.
Will they be able to heal my broken heart?


This collaborative series are all standalones and can be read in any order. Other SOS Space Station Stories are:
Saved By The Stars – A.J. Macey
Chosen By The Stars – Jarica James
Healed By The Stars – Jade Waltz

*Scroll on up to July 2 of the calendar for the other 2 books.

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The House of Berserkers must fall…

My kidnapper believes that taking me as his wife will make him a true king of my people. But with a soul as black as his, I can never let that happen.

But he knows just how to break me.

My mutant is his plaything. My berserker stands at his side. And my dragon shifter may betray everything he holds dear to protect me.

It’s said that I’m destined for greatest. But if I have anything to say about it, that destiny will be to destroy this house and every cruel life within it.

I just hope I can overcome the monster inside of me, or else we’re all doomed.

UNSTABLE is a paranormal reverse harem romance. The first book involving these characters is called Untamed, and it takes place in the shared world, Wicked Reform School. I recommend reading that book before this one, as well as, the book Unknown. This is a very steamy romance where the woman is the focus, and she doesn’t have to choose between her men.

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They say if you keep running and don’t look back that the past won’t catch up to you. Whoever said that lied.
My past haunts my every waking hour.
A cycle that never stops.
I thought the way out was going somewhere safer but are you ever safe?
Logan, Nicky, Tey, and Dalton show me that no matter how far I go… I’ll never be safe.
It’s only a matter of time before he comes for me.
Four dangerous men think they can bring me to my knees but what those alpha aholes don’t know is that I’m rising up to a level they have never seen.
Either be with me or die along the way.
My name is Tillie and no one knows who they are really messing with.

*A dark, why choose bully romance.
*Trigger warning, dark themes that may be sensitive for some readers. Do not take trigger warning lightly, enter with caution.
*Abuse mentally and physical, rape, drug use, sexual scenes, violence, swearing.

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I’ve had a crush on Lucas Harley, the alpha’s son, since fifth grade. So when one moonlit night reveals Lucas and I are fated mates, I think I’m lucky. I have no idea my happy life in the Northwoods pack is about to crumble..

Lucas isn’t the only one drawn to me. When I’m attacked by a stalker with supernatural powers, I do everything I can to save myself… and I accidentally reveal my abilities to the human world.

Lucas rejects me. My pack turns on me.

And I find myself kidnapped by two surly shifters and taken away to Reject Island, where the unwanted—and unstable—wolves are both abandoned and guarded, until they can prove themselves worthy.

My stalker is still out there, still hunting me. Now he thinks I’m an easy target.

But I’m determined to redeem myself by destroying him. And as I get to know my grouchy but gorgeous guards, I realize I need more than redemption.

I need revenge on not only my stalker, but Lucas and the pack who wronged me.

And I need a second chance at love.

Shameful is a standalone reverse harem romance that is part of the Reject Island shared world, and can be ready in any order. If you don’t enjoy rejected mates, cocky shifters, snarky heroines and hot scenes, back away now.

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“Honesty is a one way ticket to Hell, Kitten.”

Sinclair Blackwell
Declan Carter
Giovanni Martinelli

Kings of campus.
Walking Greek statues of sin and lust.
Influence beyond belief.

Their obsession?


After a brutal attack, these powerful empire heirs take me in.
They saved me from potential death.
They protect me. Provide for me.

They all become my… lovers?

Slowly but surely, we all enter into a relationship with each other. Lines of love and hate blur as walls are broken down.

But happiness is only a pipe dream in my world.

Threats start. Unknown forces living right under our noses have other plans for us.
I become a pawn in a game I’m not even aware of.
So do they.

Corruption collides with greed.

So how do we fight a battle we aren’t even aware of?

It’s simple.

We lose.

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Prescott Ellis – Pestilence.

They call us The Four Horsemen.

Four friends forged in fire and blood.

No one knows where we came from nor how we got our name.

Drake, Francis, West and I rule the financial industry like kings.

Gods in our own right.

We grew up with a fifth. A girl. Scarlett.

She was one of us until she was ripped away from her life. The only trace of her was dust in the wind.

One day she returned to the city and sought us out. Scarlett couldn’t remember who we’d been to her, but we recalled her all too well.

If she knew what was good for her, she would have never come back. The moment she stepped through the doors of Fortuity, it was the beginning of her end. And the start of our reign over the girl who wanted us dead.

A dark reverse harem contemporary retelling of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

This is a DARK romance and therefore carries a content warning.

There are cliffhangers and an HEA in the last book.

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He’s gone…

This ghost girl just can’t catch a break. There’s fury in my soul and pain in my heart as I try to come to terms with the latest shitstorm the universe has thrown in the way of our unlife’s happy ending. But during the uncertainty following the abduction, we discover we’re not alone. We have the love and support of those closest to us, even if we barely remember them. With their help, it’s time to start tackling our growing to-do list

Like having Asher fix the guys’ souls. Or asking Nate to help me save Macklin…er…Thad. Whatever…that’s hella confusing (we’re working on a cheat sheet). Anyways, once we’re all together again, we’ll stop my sister and save the world. No big deal, right?

After all that, maybe we’ll finally get to live happily ever after…that is, if we don’t die first.

It Must Be Fate is the final book in a medium-burn, why choose trilogy. It’s highly recommended that you read A Fate Unknown & Twist of Fate first.

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Behind every woman scorned is probably a person who made her that way. For me, it was more than one.

It was an entire pack.

I was exiled for exposing a murderous traitor. I was rejected by my mate, our bond shattered forever.

Even after being chosen by our goddess, my powers and title will never be enough for them to stand by me.

Now plagued by frequent and debilitating visions of battle and death, my mates and I must fight to assemble an army with no one but our goddess at our back.

Because war is coming, and not everyone will survive.

But I was chosen for a reason. I will lead an army if I must. I will stand in the gap and protect my people and their future, no matter what they’ve done. I will fulfill my prophecy.

Even if it means my death.

Author Note:. This book has a 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences. It is book two in The Pack Prophecy series which will end in a cliffhanger.

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We’re tempted to play games, thinking they will give us more power – but that only works if we win.

After spending the holidays with my guardian’s family, it seems that everyone in the temple has the wrong idea. The Baron isn’t my patron. He’s not even a friend. In truth, I hate the man.

But the rumor mill is strong, and jealousy is running rampant.

This is all just one more excuse for my instructors to hold me back, lower my grades, and try to force me to choose one path. I can’t! My god needs me to save him, and the Path of Temptation gives me the power to do that.

Except that I’m drowning in the pressure, feeling like I’m failing my god. I need to make people believe in him, but how can I do that when I can’t believe in myself? All these mind games are starting to pile up, and it’s tearing me apart.

But Zeal is getting stronger.

That’s enough to keep me going. No matter how hard they try to push me down, I’ll just keep fighting back, learning to play this game better each time. I will not become the victim here, because I’m not doing this alone. My lovers will always stand with me.

But this is not a game.
If we fail, we’ll lose everything –
Including each other.

Possible Triggers: Discussions of rape and assault, domestic violence, bullying, harassment, consensual pain and battery, minor violence, and more.

The Path of Temptation series features a strong woman and the men who love her. Graphic language, adult situations, and potentially triggering violence that are suitable for a mature audience are included.

This is a love story, but sometimes love comes with a price.

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We took down the Night, but I’m not sure it was worth it, since it cost me two of my mates
Feeling Balfour and Foster ripped from our bond was horrifying, and now they don’t even know who I am. To get them back, the goddess has given us four tasks to complete before she can re-brand them, but what if we can’t get a hold of her?
The goddess has been oddly distant, and my mates and I have a lot on our plates trying to sort out the council we’ve started leading.
Can we find the time to make a triple bond before it’s too late? and what exactly will it take to make our world safe again?

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The only way to rid Lumen of corruption was to hit Reset.

My Plan for the Reset:

  1. Figure out a way to heal Wade.
  2. Find the mainframe.
  3. Don’t get caught by Lumen, the Apostates, or the gods.

Anouk had his idea for the end of days, but so did we and they couldn’t be more different. Humanity had fallen, but it seemed so had the gods.

As we go about our mission we are met with secrets, lies, and betrayals around every corner. When faced with revelations that bring my world crashing down around me, what will I choose? Will I follow the men that claim me, body and soul or will a temptation from my past be too great to pass up?

What do I do when both choices mean breaking my heart in two?

The Forgotten Prison series is a WhyChoose mmmmfmm romance, meaning the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her men. Reset contains violence, attempted assault, and other situations that others might find triggering.

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Destiny trusts Pythia, her dog, and her instincts. Fresh from a breakup, Pythia leads her to a doorway which changes her life. Discovering the Sanctuary, Destiny discovers more than just a peaceful place to learn how to strengthen her ability to see into the future. She discovers not one but two men who excite and capture her heart.

The Sanctuary has rules. Eamon hopes when Destiny steps into Sanctuary that she will be his but he’s scarred both physically and emotionally.

Friedhelm wants Eamon and Destiny. He needs them both to be his but he won’t risk their lives for his need of them.
Will Destiny, Eamon and Friedhelm break the rules and risk their safety or will they let each other go for the greater good?

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My blood is like liquid sunshine, any vampire lucky enough to drink me will be able to walk in the sun.

I survived being sacrificed, the stab wound in my chest has finally healed up. The danger isn’t over though, now that I’m twenty-one, every vampire in the world is after me, hoping to get a taste. My vampire nest and I are hiding out all over the world, choosing the sunniest places we can find. Warrick helps me continue my search for my grandmother. I have to find her, know her, even if it leads me into danger.

Nero helps me train my powerful new form. I’m seeing a whole new side of him that I can’t resist.

Arkyn and I are closer than ever, but he’s keeping a secret from me. Arkyn is the vampire I trust the most and I can’t take the anxiety of not knowing.

Warrick is growing restless. Jealous of being the odd man out but at the same time deciding we should be just friends. He’s falling apart at the seams and I don’t know how to help him without compromising my own beliefs. I want him but on my terms.

When an attack leaves Toya gravely injured, our entire group becomes pitted against each other. We have no time for fighting each other because something is happening to the world. Some part of the ritual I was almost sacrificed in has come to fruition. The vampire gods have awakened and they bring an eternal night.

Blood So Coveted is a full-length novel and the second book in the Vampire Sunshine Trilogy. It is paranormal reverse harem romance with a strong heroine who doesn’t choose between her love interests.

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Brace yourselves. Everyone’s favorite dim-witted romance heroine, Smella Rosepetal, is back, and this time she’s in a brand new novel (actually a novella, but I’m still charging full price), a four-peen parody starring a smokin’ hot pack of wolf shifter brothers (one can even lick his eyebrows) who don’t mind her Covid twenty or a little herpes!

Come on a romantic getaway with Smella and the Fleabiter brothers (I forgot their first names) through the untamed wilds of the Alaskan wilderness with bears, cold weather, more bears, giant-a$$ mosquitos, even more bears, rabid moose, a whole lot more bears, vicious wolves, and a fckton of fcking bears.

*Warning: If you’re new to the world of PJ Jones, her parodies are rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. If you have a giant stick up you’re a$$ (that isn’t well-lubed), this is probably not the right parody for you.

**Legal Disclaimer: PJ Jones is not responsible for bleeding eyeballs, soiled underwear, or unexplained flatulence after reading this book. You’ve been warned!

***One more thing. Crap. I forgot. It must not have been very important.

****Oh, yeah, kindly save your rotten tomatoes and one-star reviews for after the book. If you really didn’t like it, go buy some lube for that stick.

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For those who need it:

Definition of parody

 (Entry 1 of 2)1: a literary or musical work in which the style of an author or work is closely imitated for comic effect or in ridiculewrote a hilarious parody of a popular song

2: a feeble or ridiculous imitationa cheesy parody of a classic western


Looking for releases for this day…👀 Checked 7/18


A five-book box set of triplet shifters searching for their fated mates!

Book One: Wolf Triplets
We are the new alphas, three triplet brothers.
We need to take charge, and save our pack.
It’s a hard job to protect them now that we are weak,
but there is one thing that will make us stronger.
We need to imprint on an omega.
We need the one who’s heart we broke.
And she won’t take us back.
We are alphas, powerless without her.

Book Two: Alpha Triplets
We are outcasts,
triplet alphas who have been banished from our pack.
We are barely surviving, almost feral.
But after years of running, we are done.
We are ready to reclaim what is rightfully ours.
We will find the one thing that can give us our power back—an omega.

Book Three: Dragon Triplets
We’ve been waiting for her.
The one who can create the next generation of triplet alphas.
We’ll do what it takes to charm her.
We’ll do what it takes to protect her.
And we will claim her. One by one.
Even if it starts a war.
A human omega, is the only one that can satisfy our desires.

Book Four: Tiger Triplets
We weren’t looking for a job
But sometimes the job finds you.
We’ve been hired to be bodyguards
Of the states most wanted omega
A big pay day.
Only one problem.
We want her more than anyone else.
And Tigers always take what they want.

Book Five: Bear Triplets
If that damn wolf woman thinks her son can get away with killing our cattle,
we will make her pay.
We have the most productive ranch in the county,
But it’s been barren without one thing—a woman we can share.
So for now, we’ll let them stay.
We’ll give them protection from other shifters.
And we’ll be a father to her unruly wolf boy,
Under one, STRICT, condition.

18+ Only.

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Geri McClintock

To think this all started with a breakup! I kicked Carl to the curb because of his gambling habits, but when I found out he’d forged my name to co-sign for a loan he took out and then didn’t repay? Well, I wanted to wring his scrawny neck! There was no time, though, as I had to grab what I could fit into a small backpack and run from the syndicate guys after me for the money.

I’d only meant to hitch a ride to where ever the next ship was going. Okay, I was broke and hadn’t paid for my passage. Getting caught by the freighter captain and his crew was not part of my plan, needless to say. Thankfully, they might be rogues of a sort, but they’re rather gallant about it all. I get to work as a member of the crew until we decide to part ways. The complication? I’ve developed more than a little crush on all three of the guys, and the attraction seems to be mutual. Oh, space balls! Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire! This could end badly. Very, very badly– or maybe not.

Trapped In Orbit is a standalone sci-fi reverse harem romance with a guaranteed HEA. One go-getter of a heroine and three hunky alien males who are all her love interests. There’s love, snark, and adventure as the four of them evade bad guys and conduct some very gray trade deals across the known galaxy!

Link to book 8 in series of standalones

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No matter what I say, both the Arcane Authorities and the Arcane Council deny any witch involvement in the kidnapping and slaughter of the shifters and vampires.

It’s total bullsh*t. I know what I saw, and I’ll prove it.

But just when I think I’m onto something—disaster strikes. A student is found dead on Academy grounds. Drained of blood. A gnarly bite mark in her neck.

Naturally, all fingers point to my familiars. I could understand why they’d be obvious suspects; except they were with me when it happened. And it couldn’t have been the dangerously sexy vamp who’s been visiting me after dark, either right? Draven wouldn’t do that. I’m sure of it.

So, then who? Why?

One thing becomes terrifyingly clear after the second body is found—the longer we take to figure it out—the more students will wind up dead.

NOTE: This series was previously published under the same series title of Arcane Arts Academy however, these versions have been altered to include lots of bonus content and all-new chapters from the guys’ points of view!

Reading Order:
Soul Bound – May 18th
Magic Untamed – June 15th
Blood Pledged – July 20th
Shadow Tainted – August 24th
Death Kissed – September 28th

Scroll up and one-click today to enter a world of shifters, witches, and vampires—where nothing is quite as it seems, and the stakes are higher than ever.

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She doesn’t know where she came from, why she’s been imprisoned, or even who she is.

Taryn barely knows her own name, much less why she’s been thrown to the wolves…. literally.
Before today there are only dark, shadowed memories she’s too afraid to even think about.
It doesn’t take her long to find out no one escapes from Fire Island, a hidden prison camp in the depths of Siberia.
But why is she here?
She didn’t even know supernatural beings existed until a huge wolf protects her from being attacked minutes after she’s trapped and freaking talks into her mind with the darkest, sexiest of voices.
Then there’s the man who declares himself her guard and tells her she’s more than a mere chubby girl lost and alone.
She’ll need all the help she can get to survive in this desolate existence, especially when the dark Prince of Wolves declares her a menace to their society.

Get lost in the world of the Fate of the Wolf Guard as this curvy girl discovers who she truly is and that when it comes to love, she doesn’t have to choose.

LInk to book

With no other choice than to continue their trek through the Museum’s game, Val, Coop, Buddy, and Mack find themselves with a choice to either beat the game quickly or do every side mission in hopes to arm themselves with the knowledge and weapons to end their time here.

Will that knowledge come with a cost though? Are they the only ones caught in the game, and will their decisions lead to the death of real people?

With so many things to think about, the group finds themselves questioning every decision and putting themselves at risk to be the one to die.

Link to book 7

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Are some bonds meant to be broken?

I thought I’d lost everything when the vicious fae murdered my family and stole me away. I’ve made a life with more love than I could have imagined in these dangerous, magical lands. But it turns out I left something behind in the human world.

My heart longs to make up for the time I’ve lost—but it also can’t let go of the four fae men I adore. With all of the fae seeing me as some kind of savior, how can I choose who needs me most?

And is there another threat lurking behind the arch-lords’ attempts to tear me from my lovers? I can’t shake the feeling that my greatest challenge lies ahead of me, one no crown or tender words can save me from.

Secrets of Winter is the sxith book in Bound to the Fae, a new paranormal romance series featuring possessive shifters, dangerous fae politics, and a wounded heroine finding her strength.

Link to book 6

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Four ruthless men. A virgin mafia princess to unite them. But first, there will be blood.

On my seventeenth birthday, I learn a terrible secret about my family. My future is in the hands of four brutal men, and what awaits me at their hands is too terrible to imagine.

Four men who desire me. Four men who vow to possess me. Four men who think they can destroy me.

As the only daughter of Coldlake’s mayor, I should be kept far, far out of their reach. Instead, I’m being thrown to them as a sacrifice. My father insists only one of them can marry me, but all of them vow to secure my promise.

A promise in blood.

They take. I bleed. Happy birthday to me.

Author’s note: First Comes Blood is the first book in the Promised in Blood series and ends on a cliffhanger. These books contain dark themes, violence, and a Why Choose romance with ruthlessly possessive men. The story is dark, dirty and delicious, so please read at your discretion.

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Moving to Moonlit Falls was supposed to be Agate’s fresh start.

As the boss, and only full-time employee, of Soil Sprite Gardening & Landscaping, she’s working on her dream renovation – an unkempt patch of land surrounding the town’s beautiful, ancient oak tree.

Unfortunately in doing so, she may have accidentally wrecked the town. Maybe.

The human residents of Moonlit Falls have started seeing glimpses of the supernatural around them, despite the town’s wards, and Agate thinks it has something to do with that oak tree.

She needs to get some help fast! But will a magical pumpkin spice latte binding her to a blood witch, a python shifter, and a human be the answer to her problems? Or will it just create new ones?

If they’re not careful, the secret of Moonlit Falls could be permanently damaged, and the supernatural haven gone forever.

Moonlit Agate is a standalone novel containing MM scenes. It is part of the Moonlit Falls series and Moon Dust Library/Silver Springs shared universe.

Link to book 8

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Now that it is changeling Harley’s mission to find and capture the rogue dark fae her evil father has unleashed into the human world, Harley leaves the opulence of her mother’s kingdom in the Faery Realms to return to her human adopted parents’ home in Las Vegas to start her career as a trainee FBI agent. Piece of cake, isn’t it, especially since she has finally discovered and mastered the powerful fae magic she went through the Fallen Fae Academy to learn. When a series of unusual murders show up along the Strip, and a close friend becomes the suspect, Harley would never have guess who would show up to give her some advice and clue to solve the murders…her evil dark fae wizard father. But could she trust him? Meanwhile the four princes from her Fallen Fae Academy days grapple with her decision to live in Las Vegas instead of assuming the throne of her kingdom in the Faery Realms.

**Fallen Fae B. I. is a spin-off series of the Fallen Fae Academy Series, but can be read before or after reading the Fallen Fae Academy Series as a Standalone Series. This is a Reverse Harem Romance and features more than one love interest. Due to romantic mature themes, this book series is rated TV-MA or R for age 17 and up.

Link to book

Prefer to start with the Fallen Fae Academy?

Fallen Fae Academy Book 1

Books 1-4 in the sassy, steamy Men at Work Reverse Harem Collection.
Her Dirty Rockers
Dirty Bandit. The hottest band in the world. Talented. Good looking. And the biggest jerks ever.
Yeah, every girl loves a bad boy rockstar. Or three.
But what about stuck-on-themselves too-cool-for-school party boys who can’t keep their their pants zipped?
Who also happened to make my life a living hell ten years ago?
No thanks.
But when they needed help with their image, they called me.
And now I have to clean up their act before they lose their multi-gazillion dollar record deal and world tour. That’s how far gone they are.
Now I’m babysitter to a bunch of party boy rockstars.
But they’re paying me a crap ton of money, and for that, I can put up with a little… madness while I clean up their reputation. It’s only a few weeks.
And then I’ll be back to my orderly existence.
Or so I thought.

Her Dirty Teachers
Wellshire University’s hottest professors. Brainy. Brawny. And forbidden.
My Math professor is dexterous with his… equations.
My English professor is a champ at caressing my… run-on sentences.
And, my French professor is magnifique around penetrating… verb conjugations.
I love their classes. I always sit in front. And I raise my hand for every question.
Until the day I saw them watching my little show at Club V, where I earn money for school by showing off my… skills.
I thought they’d stop coming when they realized I worked there.
But now that they’ve seen me, they can’t seem to look away.
The dude I’d just given the special dance? He was my English professor.
And I’d be seeing him at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Her Dirty Doctors
Headlands Hospital’s hottest doctors. Brilliant. Good looking. And terribly off limits.
I went to the hospital with an aching… need.
And the handsome doctors made me all better with their big… instruments.
I want to show them my… gratitude.
But first I have make sure they don’t find out my father is their boss.
Or that I’m just finishing nursing school—and will start working with them next week.

These hot, over-the-top romances include sexy working men with a penchant for pursuing and protecting the women who give them a run for their money. If you love outrageously naughty stories as a way to indulge your not-so-secret bad girl side, this is for you.
Her Dirty Bodyguards
The city’s hottest bodyguards. Deadly. Fearless. Gorgeous as hell. And assigned to protect… me.
Just go on about your day, they say. Pretend we’re not there.
But how could I ignore the three hottest men I’d ever laid eyes on?
It’s true, I need them to stay alive.
And when I realize they are watching me a little more closely than they have to, it seems like it’s time to have some fun.

1 Her Dirty Rockers

2 Her Dirty Teachers

3 Her Dirty Doctors

4 Her Dirty Bodyguards

Link to box set books 1-4

I couldn’t remember what life was like before Wicked Blaze Correctional.

The place had left a permanent imprint on my brain. A bloody, savage tattoo that seemed to shade everything in dark, cynical colors. Jaded.

That was the lens I viewed the world through. Any rose-colored glasses I once owned had been dropped and stepped on, ground into the cold, hard floor of my cell.

The small amount of hope I did have resided in my future. A future with these men I love. A future absent of sadness, anger, and vengeance.

Unfortunately, there were elements standing in the way of that. Namely, Drake. Oh, and that pesky little claim Brody was making about my past. You know, the one where I was a queen and heir to the realm? Yeah, we would see about that.

What I did know? I would right the wrongs that had been done to this land and slaughter Drake before sprinkling his blood over every part of this sickening nation.

Defeating Wicked Blaze is Book 3 of The Wronged series. This trilogy will be a fast-burn reverse harem filled with dark subject matters, a strong FMC, and insane men. Follow Valentina and her men on a journey filled with revenge, steam, and strong characters that don’t fit the norm of society. A bit crazy? That is just their normal.

This fantasy RH contains several dark themes that readers should be aware of: swearing (I know, surprising, right?), gore, violence, assault, and sexual themes suitable for +18. Additionally, this book does have mature light m/m themes that develop over time.

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A pup born under the Wolf Moon is said to be the one destined to forge the strongest pack of a generation. That was an old fairytale told to us growing up. Unfortunately it wasn’t just a myth.

My name is Rosalinda Mendoza, and I’ve been chosen to carry the Wolf Moon’s gift…

Returning to my hometown of Kingsrose, I reconnected with the local wolf pack. That was when I learned the power-hungry tyrant of an alpha was my fated mate. He doesn’t see me as such, all he cares about is the moon’s gift inside me.

Joaquin, Kai, and Kao fear for mine and the pack’s safety. If the alpha claims me, who knows what’ll happen to us. Given the choice, I’d rather bestow the moon’s gift to them. Do I have the power to reject fate? Which is stronger, my destiny or my free will?

Wolf Moon is the first installment in a reverse harem, rejected mates shifter trilogy. This book is packed with shifters, myth, action, and medium-burn steam! For mature readers only!

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I’ve been taken by demons.

Taken might be a strong word, but rescued doesn’t exactly sound right either. As an angel, we should be mortal enemies. In fact, I should kill them and send them straight back to hell.

Only, my memories are a little fuzzy. My wings have been torn off. And, it seems, the angels want me dead.

So, what’s a girl to do?

For now, I’m going to try to stay alive. But eventually, I need to figure out why these three demons seem to adore me. And also, what side I’m on now. If I’m not an angel, and I’m falling for demons, what does that make me?

Hunted by everyone, it seems.

Loved by demons? Maybe.

I guess I’ll find out.

FALLEN ANGEL RECLAIMED is a steamy reverse harem romance that involves a fallen angel and three demons who would do anything for her. These demons are tough, but also more than just demons. And they’ll do anything and everything for her. So if you’re looking for a book with devoted men and a woman they lavish with anything and everything, grab your copy! * This book was previously released as Rebel Angel.*

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When the family decides they want you dead, it’ll take everything you’ve got to survive.

With Eros asserting his presence in Adrostos territory, Otsana and her guys are fighting a battle they aren’t sure they can win. Allies are turning, shipments are missing, and Eros is making it very clear that Otsana is still his.

Despite the constant challenges they’re facing, Otsana manages to win over the Adrostos Family, taking her spot as the triplets’ queen. But how can she give herself to them fully, if there’s still the weight of her past hanging over her head. She’s always known that Eros would reclaim her, the only problem is that now she’s got something worth living for.

When the turf war takes a turn for the worse, Otsana realizes she has to make the decision she’s been avoiding. Will she keep fighting for her new family and her men, or will she finally let Eros win?

Wicked Games is reverse harem romance intended for readers 18 and up. There are some triggers, such as violence and assault.

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My Circuli nestmates require my constant presence in order to heal making it impossible to accomplish anything else.

My ambassadors have moved into my villa, creating many changes to my growing extended family.
And adding to my stress…
The Citizens of Destima need me…
The Assembly wants answers…
The Aldawi demands to meet their new leaders…
And all I want is to spend time alone with my clan, to heal and grow together as a family.

Reboot is the fifth book in a space fantasy alien romance series with steamy scenes between the human heroine and her very alien heroes. This is the fifth book in a series that’s meant to be read in order.

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Akira and Shax made the ultimate sacrifice.
Are they gone forever?
Not if Victoria has anything to say about it.

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My mother called me Demon before hitting me.
My dreams are made of fire…
I am getting used to being rejected. No one really wanted me, starting with my mother, my foster family and my fated mate.
I don’t understand what is happening in my dreams. When I get scared, a beautiful wolf made of flames protects me. Fire doesn’t burn me.
My name is Scarlet and I am a survivor, the scars on my wrist and throat are reminders.
I grew up in a trailer park with a mother who got drunk and beat me until the fire wolf came and the home of my suffering turned into flames and ashes.

The foster system didn’t treat me any better. As the years passed I started to believe what the therapist said, that Sparky, my fire wolf, wasn’t real and only a figment of my imagination.
Everything changed on the day Mountain Man saved me from the mental asylum. I was locked in a place where they did experiments on people like me…
I am a shifter, a wolf shifter but not an ordinary one.
Mountain Man became my teacher, my mentor and so much more. He is a wolf and I opened up and trusted him only to be rejected by the one who was perfect for me.
Scorned, hurt and broken hearted I join the Shifter Nation, the wolf shifter pack who protects the weak and orphan shifters.
I am a weapon, an assassin who hides her fire wolf from the other “normal” wolf shifters.
After Mountain Man gets kidnapped I am the only one who can save him. Risking everything, I throw myself into danger for my fated mate who rejected me.
But who is the other mystery shifter I saved? I could have sworn that he had an ice wolf next to him.
I am a target now, the last fire wolf, turned from the hunter into the prey.
My connection to Ziggy the loner and Kyle, the son of the Alpha of the Shifter Nation doesn’t make things easier.

This story features a wild FMC who battles her own darkness, fears and inability to trust others.

This is a why choose reverse harem novel with wolf shifters and demons. Scarlett is a potty mouth heroine who fights mental illness and the urge to inflict self-harm.
Fit for mature readers 18 +
Cover by Luminescence Covers.

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How do you survive time travel to 17th century France…while wearing a bathrobe…with nothing but a chap-stick and an iPhone? How do you avoid being burnt at the stake as a witch for possessing that ‘magical’ evil iPhone?
Start by being rescued by 4 hot AF men dipped in sexy sauce. Accept that vampires and wolf shifters are real and then make peace with the fact that you can have them all.
Eden Kelly’s life is in ruins. Traumatized and alone, she struggles to keep living every day until she stumbles through a magic mirror that sends her hurtling back in time to 1667.
Sebastian, Luca, Finn and Cade are completely captivated by the woman that appears in front of them as they go into battle. Her modern ways, smart, sassy mouth and stunning beauty has them entranced and filled with desire. They recognize the damaged soul and anguish she tries to hide as they all have similar pain that they live with. It has them aching to tend, care and soothe her as she unknowingly does the same for them.
Can a modern woman find love and happiness with these men or will time end all things and suck her back to her desolate modern life?
Book 1 in the Time After Time series is a high steam, comedy filled, supernatural, time travel romance where the heroin finds love with all four of her men – but will she get to keep it?

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“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world…” they walk into mine.

I took charge of my life when I moved to Cricket.
No one will ever have control over me again.
Especially not the three hunky, know-it-all types who just bought Last Call, the bar where I work.

They swoop in with big plans to change this small-town tavern. I give them my opinion on their ridiculous ideas.
They refuse to listen.
I try more persuasive tactics.

Don is all hard muscle and smoldering body heat.
Jazz has a sexy-sweet smile that lights up my world.
Nico’s sinful charm turns my insides to mush.

We come from different worlds, different backgrounds.
They know nothing about running a bar.
They’re going to ruin everything,
but I can’t help the attraction.

Between the four of us, we’ll either figure out how to work together, or we’ll crash and burn trying. Whatever happens, it makes for some deliciously dirty nights, and wickedly intoxicating days… but will I be able to keep my growing emotions in check or will I fall under their spell? One thing is certain, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

A Little Dirty is a sizzling, small-town reverse harem romance. It’s rich with sexy single and multiple partner scenes all done with a touch of humor and a spark of heat that just might melt your Kindle. This book can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed… Thanks for reading!

Link to book 6 in series of standalones

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Haylie’s struggles continue as she confronts demons she thought she moved past. Will the guys that surround her help her move past them or are they caught in that same maelstrom?

A slow burn, coming of age, paranormal romance.

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The start of my college career wasn’t at all what I expected. After moving into the ‘brohouse’ during my first semester, I found my three terrible RoomHates had somehow turned into my sexy Roommates. Over the next semester our new relationships blossomed, until we hit a snag with Hunter’s struggles with addiction. But the four of us stuck together, and stuck it out until we made it through to the other side.

Now, with each of us having our own reasons, we’re off to Paris for a semester. Does that now make us Flatmates? And how will the City of Love affect our budding romances moving forward?

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I’ve played their games as well as I could.
But I have no idea how much more I could lose…

Bryce, Wyatt, Pierce, and Justin.
Equal part tormentors and saviors.

The boys that I hate. The boys that I love.

They’ll do whatever it takes for me to submit.
With one lie after another—each one made to trap me, to make me doubt.
To make me kneel at their feet, begging for a shred of mercy.

They’ve robbed me of my innocence.
They’ve broken me in more ways than I could imagine.

But they’re not done.
Not until I understand–that here at Stonehaven:

Nothing is off limits.
Not my body.
And certainly not my heart.

Brutal Lies is the 3rd book of the 4-book Stonehaven Academy series. It is meant to be read as part of a series, not a standalone, and contains a cliffhanger. A dark high school RH bully romance that contains triggers for sensitive readers.

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Who of us isn’t a little bit of a monster too?

Rivers of red changed my life, in ways that even I am unaware of.

I went from being a happy, carefree, and comfortable London girl to moving across the pond and landing at the exclusive Highgate Preparatory Academy, a school for the kids of the rich and powerful, right before my senior year.

Fate placed me into the arms of four beautiful, broken, rich boys; the Black Knights of Highgate Prep.

Loki, Jax, Kai, and Ash.

All rich as Midas, all beautiful, and yet they all carry scars that run so deep, I don’t know if there’s a way to ever heal them.

Our connection is immediate and earth shattering. The stuff of f***ing fairy tales. My knights wear tarnished armour. They’re angels that have fallen into the pits of hell and been baptised anew in blood, emerging devastatingly beautiful but with the souls of demons.

But fate is a b***h, and one night my life tips on its axis again, making me doubt my dark knights as their terrifying secrets are revealed.

Yet life is never quite what it seems, and even knights must bow to tyrant kings.

Apparently, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

It’s covered in crimson too.

And none of our hands are clean.

Warning: 18+ This book is a #whychoose romance so our leading lady won’t have to choose and will end up with more than one lover. Please be aware that this is a dark contemporary romance with scenes that some readers may find upsetting or triggering, such as scenes of violence, torture, sexual assault and graphic sex scenes. Also might contain m/m elements.
Disclaimer: please note. Rosa Lee cannot be held responsible for the destruction of any panties, knickers, or underwear of any kind. She recommends that you take adequate precautions before reading Captured to avoid any sticky situations.

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Warning: the blurb below contains spoilers for the first book in the series. If you haven’t started the series yet, begin with Rejected Mate.


They broke the bond.

But they didn’t break me.

Although they left me with a gaping hole in my chest, Kian, Malix, and Frost did me a favor when they shattered our bond and left me alone in the mountains.

For a moment there, I’d started to trust them. For a moment, I’d started to believe they could be changed—that I wouldn’t need to kill them to keep them from carrying out their dark mission. I’d started to believe there was something real between us.

Then they reminded me, in the most visceral way possible, that they’re heartless monsters. Creatures made of shadow who don’t understand what it means to care for anyone.

But when they betrayed me, all they did was even the playing field.

Because sometimes it takes a monster to fight a monster.

And I’m not sure I have a heart anymore either.

Untamed Mate is the second book in the Feral Shifters series, a reverse harem paranormal shifter romance. It contains cursing, violence, anti-hero alpha males, steamy sex, and a badass heroine who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

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My name is Raven, and my life is getting interesting.

It all starts with a kiss and ends with a storm.
But the middle is the complicated part.

Not only do I discover a secret about my aunt, but I also learn of a secret club that might know something about my past. Things aren’t too terrible, though, until someone leaves me a message in the snow. And included with the message is a dead bird.

Or more specifically, a dead raven.

Luckily, I have Jax, Hunter, and yes, I’m even starting to be grateful for Zay. But as another forgotten memory comes to me out of nowhere, I begin to question if I can even trust them.

Link to book 3

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Book 1 in the series

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A murder threatens to tear apart the delicate balance of power in New Toya, Jo’s home city and favorite place in the world. That’s already a lot, but a recent death in the family is also threatening to tear apart Jo’s own delicate mental health.

Given that she’s a powerful immortal witch, this has a lot of people worried. Including, if she’s honest, Jo herself.

But that’s fine, it’s all fine, Jo will process things her own way (not by taking a week off like people keep suggesting, that’s clearly not going to work, is she just expected to sit quietly and listen to her own thoughts? Her own thoughts?? Does anyone even know what that’s like???) she’ll solve this murder at day and party at night! Police work, one-night-stands and no time to feel the crushing emptiness of grief, it’s the perfect solution!

Or it was. Until her first one-night stand is with an elf trying to find ‘The Great Witch Jo’ so she can help track down his missing brother. Oops. Better leg it before he realizes who she is and drags her away from the city she needs like life itself.

Oh, and except for the murder, which is not as easy to solve as Jo hoped it would be. It has all the markings of a vampire kill but the vampires are adamant they’re not guilty – of this at least. And they’re not happy that they’re being dragged into this. If Jo keeps asking questions, she’s going to get on the bad side of the vampire Lord Raphael, who granted her a huge favor decades ago that she has (accidentally) not paid back, and she’s fairly sure that’s a debt that has accrued some interest. Also, she finds his aura of power extremely sexy and that’s a desire better left shoved alllllll the way down to the bottom of her psyche, right next to the grief she’s also not thinking about. Better just figure out if someone’s trying to frame the vampires or if they’re covering up for one of their own. By herself.

Oh, and she’s accidentally collected a very cute incubus who’s determined to stick to her like glue. Jo sure hopes he’s not going to exacerbate the situation.

As one murder becomes two, Jo realizes she might have less of a ‘perfect solution’ and more of a ‘whole mess that might destroy her fragile mental health and also the entire city.’ Maybe everyone was right. She should have taken a week off.

WICKED, LOVELY MAGIC is the start of the new reverse harem paranormal romance series, Witch of Witches! Content warning: graphic sex scenes, multiple partners, consensual light BDSM and voyeurism, some violence.

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Growing up, life was easy. I had great parents, great friends, great loves. I thought life would always be this way. Boy, was I wrong. I never dreamed that my life would take the turns it has, I never thought I’d be a single mother moving back to her childhood home, but here I am, in my old room, surrounded by the happy memories of my past, and a life that seems so far removed from the one I have now.I don’t even know who that girl is anymore. The girl who couldn’t stop smiling, the girl who danced in the rain, the girl who everyone wanted to be. I hate that I’m jealous of her sweet innocence and rosy colored outlook on life. I hate that I feel like a stranger in my own life. Still, if I could go back and tell myself all the things that I know now, I wouldn’t because as much as I can’t relate to that girl anymore, some part of me hopes that while I’m home, I’ll be able to find my way back to the girl I used to be.Little did I know that my mother, the schemer, had the very same thought.In less than two weeks, she has managed to turn my life upside down again by shoving four boys from my past in my way, whether I want her to or not. I have far too much to deal with already. I don’t need dreamy eyes, corded muscles, and whispered promises added to the already chaotic mix. And even though, in spite of what I say to them, it’s getting harder to deny that the attraction and the feelings I had buried deep in my heart when we went our separate ways are growing. I don’t know how much longer my resolve will hold with the four of them pressing on my boundaries. I can already feel the cracks spreading. But what will I do when my resolve shatters completely? Who will I choose when all I really want… is all of them?**There are triggers of death and illness not mentioned due to spoilers

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Minka was a human, a dying species that was both weaker and more vulnerable than any other being in the galaxy. Because of this, humans were hunted down and taken to the intergalactic auctions to be sold.

Brawn, Thorque, and Lukin were warrior brothers from the planet Hades. Because their need for finding a female and procreating with her had come upon them, they were in search of one to share.

But when they were forced to land on a planet infested with dangerous beasts, the last thing they thought they’d find was their human mate.

When demon-looking warriors rescued Minka from certain death, she knew there would be a price to pay. She just didn’t know that price was to mate all three of them, or to be the mother of their alien babies.

If you’re looking for straight-up sci-fi smt, where one human woman gets to keep 3 sexy alpha aliens all to herself, look no further! *

READER NOTE: This story was previously published under the same title in 2014. It has since been recovered, reedited, and minor plot points tweaked throughout. If you read this book before, nothing significant has changed.

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A rogue assassin on the run.

Former assassin Emamori Matsukara stands alone against the warring Ichiyo Faction. The once-notorious “Black Thorn” struggles to protect the innocent and bring justice to the Faction’s brutal raiders. But with a bounty on her head, she can’t evade her enemies forever. When an impossible encounter with a mythological Shadow of Death leaves Ema critically injured, she finds herself at the mercy of three men from a rival clan — and they know exactly who she is.

A tentative trust in uncertain times

Lord Commander Saitama Ren faces dwindling allies and the demands of a merciless high lord. The last thing he needs is a wanted criminal on his hands — especially one who saves his life. Worse, his closest friend Hagane quickly accepts Ema into their fold, while his stoic vice commander Akhito wants nothing to do with her. Yet despite her unknown allegiances, she may be the key to preventing his clan’s demise.

A bond born from the shadows.

Alliances are uncertain, trust is a rare commodity, and peace is a relic of the past. As shadows spread across the land, secrets unfold and death lurks ever closer. Ema and her unexpected allies must venture through the dark night of dishonor and betrayal to uncover the world’s inevitable fate.

For the one who controls the shadows controls the world.

For fans of epic fantasy reverse harem like The Gladiator’s Downfall (Kristen Banet) and stories deeply rooted in Japanese history and mythology like Red Winter (Annette Marie).

Immerse yourself in a Japanese-inspired world of assassins and samurai, honor and intrigue, sentient shadows of death, and a strong-willed heroine finding her path. VISION OF THE MOON is Book 1 in the epic fantasy reverse harem series, “Shadowed World Saga”. It is a complete novel with a steamy enemies-to-lovers romance, multiple consensual love interests, and no cliffhanger. The series is intended for mature readers due to language and themes of violence, sex, and death.

★ Books in the Shadowed World Saga series:

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I’m finally single again and am ready for my wild phase. Enter Atlas, the Viking God in a three-piece suit. I think it’s a one-night stand; simple, no-strings fun, right? Now he wants me to be his girl. But can I really be his when I’ve also developed feelings for his two best friends? Together, they are the Titans – business flippers rumoured to have a big presence in the criminal underground, and they are used to sharing. Do I follow my head, or my heart? Do I even have a choice?

When my house burns down, I discover someone is trying to warn the Titans away from me and claim me as theirs. Everyone in Ironhaven has secrets, and I didn’t even know about my own. Can the Titans find my stalker before it’s too late? I only wanted a wild phase, but it may wind up being the ride of my life.

Her Titans is a contemporary reverse harem romance novel, suitable only for readers 18+ due to language and sexual scenes. Whilst the main characters in Her Titans get their Happily Ever After in this book, there will be other unanswered questions to be addressed later in the series. Her Titans contains references to gangs and violence and contains themes such as kidnapping, stalking, and grievous bodily assault.

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I bet on an Ace and got stuck with a Joker. Now three Kings want to rock my world.

My boyfriend lost all our savings and then some in a shady Las Vegas Casino. Instead of eloping and spending our honeymoon together, he’s sold me to three men to pay off his debt. Three weeks with three gorgeous hunks shouldn’t be too bad.

Except there’s more to these men than physical attraction. I feel myself being drawn to them… to the danger sizzling underneath the surface. They are hiding something besides sculpted abs and sexy smiles. They bet my boyfriend that they could make me fall in love with them.

And they are playing a gambler’s fallacy.

But the more I spend with them, the more I don’t know if I can walk away or want to. Days into the fun and I find out what they are hiding.

Werewolves. And my life will never be the same.

Author’s note: This is a steamy, RH-PNR stand alone HEA novel and is part of the Claimed by Three world with no cliff-hanger. This story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Link to book 9 series of standalones

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I’ve always kept my head down and to myself. The Gods, they rule the school and ruin lives. And now they’ve set their eyes on me.
Ciro, Nico, Cyan, Enzo, Granger, and Faro.
One will have to admit they look like Gods. Chiseled right out of marble, and all the world worships at their feet.
I was always invisible, but now I’m not.
I’m their mark, or was. I don’t know anymore. I do know that my life is a bunch of lies and deceit.
On top of that I have a stalker, one I never saw coming and now I don’t know who I can trust.

This is a revere harem where the girl has more than one love interest.

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Betrayal cuts deeper than any knife stabbed through your back. It slices through you and makes you wish for the sweet demise of a bullet shot straight out of Carver’s gun.

I trusted them.

King, Cruz, Grayson, and Carver were not only the Kings of Ravenwood Heights but the kings of my heart, and now … they’re my executioners.

They took away everything I had. They stole my heart and made me believe in love. I should have trusted my gut. They gave me hope, and I was a fool who followed them blindly.

Never again.

I may have nothing left and not a damn soul in my corner, but I’m not nearly through.

I. Am. Dynasty.

I am my parents’ legacy, and I won’t stop until I’ve taken back what’s rightfully mine.

Watch out, boys. You’ve crossed the wrong bitch. I’m coming for you, and this time, I won’t back down. This time—I’m fighting until the end.

Boys of Winter is a Dark, Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem Romance. It contains explicit sexual content, graphic violence, and coarse language.

Link to book 4

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When my three protectors help innocents hide in a place called the Promised Land, we don’t expect their indigenous folktales to be true. We are the characters in their myths about a time-travelling galactic empire.

My darling, Mohd, gets trapped seven hundred years in the future while trying to return tribal members back through the portal to their loved ones. Typical Mohd, the doctor who just wants to help. Meanwhile, my lover, Chul, becomes badly injured by a plasma gun in the attempt to steal the time key from soldiers and bring his childhood friend, Mohd, back to us.

When we find a way through the lavender light and seek to take Mohd home, the Royal Guard take him, instead, and forcefully crown him to be King. Arew and I are not so lucky and become imprisoned. This future Galactic Alliance sees anyone who isn’t of Mulhad ethnicity as property of Queen Ruby’s Empire, and it seems they don’t care about Mohd’s opinions, because, in reality, he’s just a puppet.

I don’t know whether Chul’s dead from his injuries or seeking a way to rescue us. Rescue is impossible, though. Our high security prison orbits Mayleeda Moon.

I wish the four of us could be together again. I have had each man inside of me, and each fills a different need in my heart. I don’t care whether we live our lives together in the past or in this future, we can live on any of the eight fertile worlds in any of the seven solar systems.

But I’m just dreaming. There’s no escaping, is there?

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Will it be rags to riches? Or fairytale to nightmare?

They were the Princes of Escana.
Seductive. Powerful. Dominant.
Her boss. Her friend. Her lover. Her protector.
Everyone wanted a piece of them. She just wanted to have their love. To be their baby girl. Their everything.
But there is someone who is determined to make sure that never happens . . . and that person just might get their way.

Please note: This is a Reverse Harem, #whychoose book. Our heroine has four love interests and she doesn’t choose! This book also contains Daddy Doms, spanking and some possessive, protective heroes.

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What do you do when your friend turns out to be a ghost and you accidentally send them to the Underworld?

You try to bring them back to life. Or at least, that’s what I do.

We may have defeated our enemy, but not before she struck a final blow. We refuse to let her win though. My men, my pack, and I will find peace. We will get our happily ever after and we will get our friend back.

Even if it means facing off with Death himself.

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I really should have left that reckless lordling dangling from the damn cliff…

With a corrupt magistrate breathing down my neck, a magical affinity to keep hidden, and my slightly illegal propensity for relic hunting, it’s all I can do to keep Aunt Grace and I from destitution.

There’s no time left for anything else!

Not the far-too-cheerful mage, Lord Elimri Westin, who feels indebted to me for saving his life. Nor the prickly monster-hunter, Lynk, who seems to think his job includes protecting me. And certainly not Jaiel, the smug Fae prince who cares for nothing but himself.

No. I’m better off on my own.

But the magistrate won’t let up, and one short conversation with him makes my whole world crumble.

Now, our last hope lies in my locating a rare relic in the ruins near our estate.

It’s a long shot, and I’ll have to team up with those vexing men to do it…but what other choice do I have?

Meet the stubbornly independent Kaiya Maderoth and some of her infuriating men in this action packed first book of the Isle of the Forsaken series – a slow-burn new adult RH fantasy romance.

If you love angsty forbidden romance, lost civilizations, fast-paced action, magical creatures, twisted magic, and gaslamp fantasy…then this is the series for you

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Hi guys!
I bet you want to learn more about my book, but Mocha decided to sneak in while I was getting my supper and stole it!
So if anyone has any tricks on how to catch a cat?
As soon as Mocha is back I’ll have it up.

Link to book 9 in series of standalones

Link to book 1

The alpha chose me as his mate. Then he tried sacrificing me to the shifter gods. On the night of my claiming, I’m betrayed by my pack in the most brutal of ways. Left for dead by those I trusted, my only hope for survival is to strike a deal with the most feared alpha in the Shadowlands.The only problem is, Killian hates me as much as I hate him, and I did try to kill him.Twice. Fuelled by our resentment for each other, the passion that burns between us lights a fire in me others have tried to extinguish. Now the clock is ticking and I have a decision to make by the next full moon… Become Killian’s mate or remain his prisoner forever. He might be the predator in this world but I will never be the prey. He, and the other two alpha wolves who seek to claim me, are about to find that out. Predators & Prey is a dark reverse harem romance series. If you like strong heroines and seductive, possessive alphas, this is for you. The series contains high heat and dark themes that are for mature adults only. 18+.

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An alpha wolf, a seductive vampire, and a dominant fae all walk into a bar. What do they have in common?

Being mated to me, apparently.

My dreams of retirement crashed and burned when the rogue shifter bit me. Not only have I changed into something neither world has ever seen before, but my mission just became even more impossible. To find the answers about what I am, I enlist the help of an infamous ex-poltergeist, a shifter freak, and my least favorite pigeon.

What a team we make.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that my mate’s bloodthirsty daughter is awake and hunting my ass now? Because that’s a thing too.

I have no idea, but we have every intention of finding out.

An angel is playing games with me, but little do they know—I’ve got three alphas by my side, and this dark horse plays for keeps.

WHITE RAVEN is book two in A Demon’s Guide to the Afterlife series. Start the series with DARK HORSE right now! This is an adult paranormal romance series with multiple love interests and some dark elements. If you don’t like strong but flawed women and alphahole heroes that need to learn a thing or two about boundaries–this book is not for you. If you love works by Tate James, Ivy Asher, Raven Kennedy, Joely Sue Burkhart, and CM Stunich, then dive right in to the Afterlife. It’ll be one hell of a ride.

Link to book 2

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Torn by loyalty and the fiery desires of a conflicted heart, Veronica finds herself at a crossroads. What will she do if burning love turns into cold regret?

This is your kind of book if you love kick-ass heroines with sass to match, scorching hot monsters who take what they want, and is perfect for devourers of enemies to lovers books. Expect steam, action, and a supernatural world filled with vampires, demons, shifters, angels… and unhinged alphas who will do anything to protect their woman. Lovers of Anita Blake and True Blood, this is your next addiction.

Blood Kissed is the third book in the Chosen Vampire Slayer series.

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Being a bounty hunter who hunts supernaturals is a great job! Especially, when you get visions everytime you touch something.In case you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic. My job is really just a way to keep the lights on at the end of the month, not to mention its hard to hold down a normal job when you have to avoid most human touch. I can tell you that it sure as hell leads to a boring sex life. Hell my lady gardan is as dry as the Sahara dessert! I enjoy being my own boss, it makes life a lot simpler, even if the supernatural community like to make my life hell. One bounty changes everything as I know it though. My name, is Willow LeCante, and this is what happens when a demon, a djinn, a druid, and a vampire walk in to a supernatural bounty hunters office. Life isn’t boring, that for sure!

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My life has always seemed like a story that someone else is telling. I can’t remember anything before Idris, and I don’t think I ever would have if it hadn’t been the two brothers that suddenly dropped into my life.

First there’s Adrean. The quiet, gentle giant shows me kindness and that I can be more than I ever thought.

Then there’s Harkyn. Wild and impetuous, he makes me take risks and shows me passion like I’d never dreamed.

But then there’s Idris’ guard. He’s been nameless to me for all the years I’ve known him, but he shows me the greatest love that I could ever imagine.

I’ve been lost for centuries, but with each connection formed I gain back a small piece of myself. Soon Idris will have no hold left over me.

I’m starting to remember. I’m remembering who I was, who I still am, and I won’t stop until I am whole again. I won’t let him take anything from me anymore. Not my memories, not my power, and most certainly not the gods that belong to me. No, now he’s about to find out why no one crosses the Phantom Queen.

If you like misunderstood dark gods and their undeniable loyalty to the woman they love, then give The Phantom Queen Rises a read!

This is a medium burn reverse harem where our main character will not have to choose between multiple love interests.

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Drayna Rennick, younger sister to Adrian Rennick from Laena’s Elite, fights her destiny to follow in her mother’s footsteps and take her place among the Elite. Instead, she carves out her own path in an attempt to wrest control of her own life before the Law requires her to give up her unencumbered life. With Eidolon-creatures running rampant outside city walls and the rumors of Eidolon-gifted numbers on the rise, Drayna finds her place comfortably as a cog in the military.

Free-spirited and playing by her own rules, Drayna has never had a lack of male attention, but she is determined not to be tied down until absolutely necessary.

A boy from her past
A brief encounter with the enigmatic River Halvorson spurs Drayna to know more about him and to uncover the reason his existence is what the Elite fears the most.

A friend with benefits
Stryker Rathbone had been in love with Drayna for as long as he can remember, but she always kept him at an arm’s length when they weren’t rolling around in the sheets. He longs to give her everything, including his long-kept secret that could throw the Elite world off of its axis.

The older man
Syn Fraser was the officer who taught Drayna everything she knows. A freak storm brought them together for just one night, and now he seeks to find out why Drayna deeply intrigues him.

Drayna’s past with these men collides with her present, and the result could send shockwaves through the foundations upon which the Elite was built. As they make discoveries together that could affect the lives of innocents, human and Eidolon-gifted alike, their loyalties are put to the ultimate test. To win Drayna’s heart, Stryker, Syn, and River must get over their differences and work together to uncover plots and deals made in the shadows.

It’s a frantic race against time for the good guys to come out on top. If they don’t, they risk losing so many innocent lives, and among them, the woman they love.

LInk to book 2 these appear to be standalones

LInk to book 1 to begin series

A virgin queen determined to choose her own fate.

An ancient warrior marked by darkness.

And the king who will kill them both to keep the throne.

I was plucked from my ordinary, ho-hum life and plunked into a nightmare.

Abducted by a corrupt vampire king, I’ve gone from night classes to navigating the dangerous world of the Darkfell Clan, where the courts are a maze of deception, you test your wine before you drink it and never, ever sit with your back to a door.

They say I’m the strongest queen in a thousand years. Destined to overthrow the king and take back my kingdom. I don’t know about all that, but I know I can’t face him alone.

I’m building my own army, and while my bonded warriors are few, they love me, and together, we’ll defeat Viktor.

Or die trying.

I might be a queen, but this isn’t like any other fairytale.

Get it now

Night Marked is the first book in the Darkfell Vampire Clan series, which is intended for adults. This MMFM is filled with unforgettable characters, magic and steamy romance! ♥♥Recommended for 18+ due to language and sexual situations.♥♥

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Move over Angel of Vengeance!

Those that betrayed me had better run because when I catch up to them, they will wish they were burning in Hell!
Just as we were coming together, our team of Guardians has been ripped apart and I will stop at nothing to getting the demon I love back home where he belongs.

Leaving a trail of blood and carnage behind him, Shemyaza is seeking something. If he find what he seeks, he will become unstoppable. I know if we don’t discover what the Watcher wants, the whole world could suffer. But Shemyaza isn’t the only one with secrets. My team, my men, have accepted me no matter what I turn out to be, but as Euriel probes deeper into the events of the past, will he discover what I am, and if he does, will he ever forgive me?

Link to book 3

LInk to book 1 to begin series

T’was a Dark & Sexy Night when my bestie-with-benefits and I agreed to revamp the kink-themed hotel. We were expecting vibrating beds and heart shaped tubs, not a long-lost flame and certainly not a harem of love. But there’s more than just cobwebs in these closets. There are skeletons… and surprise, surprise… some of them are mine.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than making magic in the bedroom but taking on this ‘hotel of horrors’ is driving me crazy. Quite literally, I’m having the strangest flashbacks of kidnappings and asylums. Are the ghostly girls of Wolfeboro trying to tell me something or am I losing my mind? Of course, I’m also having flashbacks of a sensual nature, involving the men around me and the summer I fell in love. The weird part is that some of these memories include the newest ghost hunter in town. But how can I have memories of a man I only just met? Is he the reason I’m being haunted?

I’m confident we can have the hotel ready in time for the grand opening, provided I can stay alive. But that might be easier said than done, with my unbalanced sister stalking me. Not to mention, the ghostly girl who keeps leading me down dark and dangerous hallways.

For a mystery obsessed woman like me, there’s only one thing to do. Click on my trusty flashlight and shine a light on it.

Nancy Dru is the girl of my dreams… and also my nightmares. She’s got one of those faces, that looks different from every angle, that holds secrets. But by the time you’ve uncovered the truth, she’s already stolen your heart and possibly your wallet. She’s the illusive road runner to my persistent coyote. But she’s not my only problem, there’s also Annette—Carter Dru’s other daughter. The one I met first. The one I’ve been hired to track down.

It’s been thirteen years and Nancy Dru still oozes sex appeal from every pore. Her hair is no longer green, but she’s still got that wild streak. She’s the type of girl who can not only keep up but who sets the pace. I met her during a tumultuous time in my life—two screwed up peas in a pod. We were basically homeless, squatting together in an abandoned shack at Weirs Beach in Laconia. Everything was darkness except for her and then I went and ruined it. Or someone ruined it. I’ve been trying to find out who for a while now and I’m close, real close. So, why is she here? This will mess up all my plans.

Blue bloods are a breed I know well. They are selfish, impossible to please, and, more often than not, rude. Not to mention, judgmental of sexual orientation—at least my family is. Nancy Dru, on the other hand is not. She doesn’t obsess over social media, she doesn’t live in designer clothing, and most importantly she doesn’t care if I enjoy the occasional lollipop, provided she gets a lick too. She’s a whole lot of fun and she appreciates my love of wood. We are the black sheep brigade and that’s why I agreed to take on this job with her. She’s the designer and I’m the carpenter. There’s only one problem, her ex is the contractor. I don’t know what I did before Nancy. All the fundraisers and snobby dinners, life was unbearable. She saved me. She literally saved me from ending it all and now that I might lose her, I think I want her.

*This is a reverse harem series. You’ll love this book if you like:

Psychological Thrillers
Paranormal Romance
Triggers (Mental Health, Human Trafficking, Drugs)

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My three intended mates left me rejected, half-marked, and broken.

Every wolf shifter dreams about her first night with her mates, but mine left me an outcast with the revelation that I’m really a hybrid. A hybrid between a wolf and what is the question. Only my late mother knows the answer, but these days, I have other things to worry about. Namely, being caught in a war between my gorgeous jerk of a boss and the hunter who’s somehow become my enemy with benefits. There’s no time to dwell on the past.

Until the consequences of my incomplete mating mark leave me in physical anguish each full moon, that is–and the only thing keeping the monster in my veins at bay is the dark gift of a vampire lord who thinks I’m something else entirely. Something that makes me more dangerous than anyone could have imagined–especially me.

Like I don’t have enough infuriating (but admittedly tantalizing) alpha males on my plate, now the three wolves who threw me away are back, trying to stake their claim now that I’m their only hope of overthrowing my unhinged father as regional alpha.

If the men in my life don’t make up their minds soon, I’m booking a one-way ticket to an all-female island.

Their Rejected Mate is a full-length Rejected Mates Wolf Shifter Romance, and the first in the Luna Rejected series. This series features four alpha male anti-hero love interests, an unbreakable heroine who keeps them in check, and in true Reverse Harem fashion, the MC doesn’t have to choose between her guys. Includes MFM and eventual MMF content.

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Vampires? Hell, no.

Five years ago, my world was turned upside down when my husband and sons disappeared without a trace. I mourned, I searched, and when I got no answers, I began to prepare.

Nobody will catch me vulnerable again.

Even with all that happening, I was wrong to think my life couldn’t get any crazier. Now there are two vampires at my door telling me my missing family wasn’t human…and neither am I. I have a chance to regain everything I’ve lost. But first, I have to find the truth about my heritage, all while fighting the overwhelming attraction I have for my missing husband’s best friends.

No matter what, my mourning is done. My life is in my control again. And I will burn the world to the ground to get my family back.

This book was formerly titled The Unseen War: War of Fangs. It is a Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel featuring a heroine over forty with a Why Choose romance. Very little of the story has been changed.

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My fated mate is hunting me.

I screwed up. Not only did I make my first innocent kill, I failed to get rid of the evidence in time. Now The Circle of the Veil has sent a hunter after me. Not just any hunter. Arsen. My twin flame, the light to my dark. My literal other half. I won’t run from him. If he comes for me, I’ll give him the fight of his life.

Every moment spent divided from him sends me spiraling deeper into the void. If Arsen wants to bring our volatile bond to a tragic and violent end, he’ll have to hurry. Because he’s not the only one hunting me.

An attack on me makes the rest of my lovers nervous. Twin flame blood is rare and powerful. It appears that someone magical has sinister plans for me. I’ll slot that into my schedule, right after my impending self-destruction.

A rejected mates paranormal romance with action, magic, and four sexy supernatural men.

Link to book 2

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Lila is nobody special.

She didn’t have a bad childhood despite growing up in foster homes, but there was just nothing particularly good about it either. With a boring job and only one close friend, you could say Lila is a little lost in her life.

Not to mention, her romantic life is basically nonexistent. In fact, her alien erotica and her BOB are the most actions she’s seen in ages. Until now…

After she receives a surprise inheritance, Lila’s life becomes out of this world. With the entire galaxy and a group of sexy alien men at the tips of her fingers, she’s in for the ride of her life.

Apprentice is the first Galaxy Circus novel, a fast-burn RH series that contains some adults situations which may be triggering, such as dub-con.

Link to book

I never wanted to be queen. But I won’t let just anyone take my place. Or my men.
To defeat the Unseelie, our allies need their long-lost magic, and that means someone has to become queen. I had to leave both of my lovers behind in the human realm, and I can’t return to them until I find someone who’s worthy of the throne.

Of course, nothing is ever easy, and I embark on a desperate plan to save the Fae by helping my fellow heir. Along the way, I’m drawn to another potential lover, even though we both know he should be off-limits.

To become queen, Una needs one final consort, and she chooses one of my handsome, powerful guards. Suddenly, I’m not willing to surrender him.

But who am I to stand in the way of our future queen?

Note: 18+ only. In the six-book Our Fae Queen series, Glori will find limitless love with multiple Fae. Steamy group scenes in later books involve MFM, FMM, and MMFMMM. All intimate encounters are consensual.

Mayhem. Magic. Romance. Expect unusual shapeshifters, new love and friendships, surprising betrayal, and two uncertain heirs finding their way in Bound to the Queen, the exciting third book of this new adult Why Choose romance and a turning point for Glori.

Link to book 3

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Sometimes you have to break all the rules to win…

Our plan was almost perfect. But you know what they always say: almost just doesn’t cut it when you’re up against dangerous, homicidal magic.

Magic that’s now living inside me.

Being a host to the very villain we’re trying to defeat isn’t ideal, but I have no choice but to play the hand I’ve been dealt.

Luckily, I’ve got three badass men who care about me more than I ever imagined they would. They’ve all made it clear they’re not going anywhere, no matter how risky it is to stick by my side. With their help, maybe I’ve got a shot at winning this fight.

So don’t get comfy inside my soul, Ichtaka.

Because we’re coming for you.

And no matter how messy it gets, we’re going to bring you down.

Rogue is the final book in the Institute of Unpredictable Magic series, a medium-burn reverse harem story featuring a nerdy, feisty chick and the three sexy men who fall in love with her.

Link to book 3

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My name is Tamsin Vale and I’m the only living heir to all of Faerie. It’s still hard to accept that, but given how often people call me “Princess” or “Your Highness” like it’s my actual name, I can’t deny it.
I simply hate that I am.
Yeah, it’s going that well.
The councils’ win might have seemed small, but the ripples from that decision are drowning me at every turn. I can’t endure the bullying and abuse much longer, and I can’t fight back given the situation my people are in.
I’m not sure I care anymore after finding out fairies being awesome was a lie. Most days I struggle to not push them all back in the darkness and live as I want… Because the more of them I free, the more I’m trapped.
Something major needs to change and soon but I don’t know where to start. I can’t get my footing when I’m always at the center of the storm. The hobgoblins are clear that something worse is coming.
I don’t think I have the strength to hold on anymore, and all hope left me after the last tidal wave dragged me under.

Artemis University is an ongoing hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to.

Link to book 11

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Far from home, Bonnie Russell finds herself trapped with enemies on every side. Ones determined to get the treasure that she carries, and all she knows is that she has no clue what the end game is, or how to get home.

Three friends, each with their own set of competing goals. There are only two things that tie them together; their desire for Bonnie and their distrust for one another. Vincenzo – not only knows how to play the game, but he’s also determined to see it through to completion. Nicholaus – defeated by Vincenzo before, he’s more determined than ever to make Vin pay for his deceit. Davion – the most cunning, he’s determined to prove he’s the best of the three.

Can Bonnie unite these men and lead them home? Or will their suspicion for one another keep them from escaping the most dangerous game they’ve ever played?

*Warning – Bonnie’s Wish, The Conclusion is the final book in the two-part epic Reverse Harem series (in other words…Why Choose?), and is action-packed! This book contains strong adult content, language, and fantasy violence. It should only be read by mature audiences

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Forty, fabulous . . . and fed up. I’m not going to take it anymore!

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve managed to piss off two of my fated mates and now they want nothing to do with me.

Rejected! Me! All because I took matters into my own hands and used my newfound powers to rescue a kidnapped child. No, he didn’t fall into the purview of my calling — saving victims of abuse — but what else could I do?

Spreading love and irradicating evil doesn’t leave me a lot of time to focus on my guys, and they’re not feeling the love. You know what happens to men when they’re not getting enough . . . attention.

As my power grows and I take on my first mission, I quickly realize that without the shared love of all three men, the darkness I’m trying to defeat will consume me.

Meanwhile, Lord Syrael closes in. . .

FEAR book 6 of this dangerously delicious fairy tale brought to life where the stakes are literally life and death, and the love is so deep, it’s eternal. This sizzling romp is intended for readers eighteen years and older. For the best experience, the books should be read in sequence.

Link to book 6

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I know a hundred ways to kill a man but have no memory of who I am.

The only identity I have is the one my handlers have given me.


I’m trained and conditioned to endure pain and punishment so that I can be the ultimate weapon to take down my enemies.

But the more I dig into my past, the more I realize that the line between enemy and ally is constantly shifting.

Who can I trust when I can’t even trust myself?

Nova Dark is the second book of the Nova Prime series, which is set in the Legion universe. It has light omegaverse elements, fight scenes, and a slow-build romance.

Link to book 2

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Lucy must prove herself to the people of Hell for a second time. And things are not just where she left them. If that doesn’t make things difficult enough, Cain and Bohden don’t remember her and she learns that reclaiming the rest of her men won’t be as easy as she hoped.
With her world falling apart, she must march an army across hell to defeat Abaddon once and for all. But will there be enough time to reunite her family, or will she lose part of her heart forever?

This is the epic conclusion to the Queen Lucy series. It contains adult situations and language, and a fair share of hilarity. A why choose romance adventure!

Link to book 4

Link to book 1 to begin series

Delphine has been fae-marked from birth, treated as a curse despite the fact the once treacherous fae haven’t been sighted in decades—in fact, no one in Delph’s village has so much as laid eyes on one of the folk in nearly a century.

Right up until a fae turns up on her doorstep, demanding Delph as down payment.

No sooner has she set foot in the fae realm, however, then she learns she’s no mere collateral in a deal made with the lord that owns her family lands. She was selected for a reason, hunted down for a single purpose.

The fae courts are fading. The folk disappearing.

Only four courts remain. Four princes determined to save their crumbling kingdoms.

And Delph … Delph may just hold the key to save them all.

But even as Delph learns to see past the feared glamour of the fae realm, she quickly learns the impossible position she’s found herself in. The fae may not be the monsters she was led to believe, but in order to save them … she may have to become a monster herself.

A Veil of Truth and Trickery is the first of a new upper YA/New Adult reverse harem fantasy series that may contain content sensitive to some readers.

Link to book

Fate has so much in store for me and my pack. Together, we must defeat an ancient evil. First, we’ll have to get it together.

Easier said than done. My mates may be friends, but that doesn’t mean they understand the concept of sharing. And my fifth mate, Bastian, has betrayed us—something that may cost him his place in the pack.

But the curse doesn’t care if we’re ready or not. It demands that we give in to fate, or succumb to darkness entirely.

Mating isn’t the first or biggest problem on my plate. The dark caverns of the ancient mountains have revealed something unexpected: a missing family member. And my experiments with magic will reveal more than just mating threads at my fingers.

All the while, an ancient evil watches and waits to attack.


The origin of the curse.

The evil hanging over us all.

The woman who will take everything from me if I’m not careful….

This new series about a rejected mate has action, adventure, romance, steam, and absolutely no choosing. Fated Exile is over 140,000 words long and packed to the brim.

Link to book 3

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Saint is torn. What his wolf and heart wants is Ada. He believes he isn’t good for her, that Noah or even Huxley are a better choice, but he cant stay away. He knows he is just going to break her heart if he keeps doing this to her.When Saint witnesses Huxley kissing Ada, he wants to rip his throat out, but at the same time it would just be easy to walk away.She has all she needs, two good mates… what does she need with a third one? Especially one like him. Damaged.No one wants a mate who has a secret… not one like his. And the more he pushes her away, the better it will be for everyone.

Link to book 2

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A morte e ritorno.

My family’s motto circles in my mind as I look this problem dead on and try to figure it out.

I’ve faced worse than this. Survived worse odds than this. I won’t let this failure break me.

We have 72 hours to turn this around.

72 hours to make a new plan out of the dregs of the old.

72 hours until all hope is lost.

This task is impossible, but I still like my chances. I have an ace in my pocket and his name is Mason Cain. He might not want to help me, but I don’t plan on giving him a choice in the matter.

My name is Rosalie Oscura. And I refuse to let anything beat me.

This series is set in the world of Solaria five years after Zodiac Academy and ten years after Dark Fae and book one was previously published as Darkmore Penitentiary. There is some character crossover but all series can be read independent of each other without spoilers. The female lead will end up with more than one love interest.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

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