Sinful Beauty: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Demon Romance by Leigh Kelsey

Reverse Harems with a Gentle Giant – Part 1

Hello Lovies! This post is brought to you by another reader request. I tried typing out the title at least five times and my autocorrect still wanted to write in Genital Giant. I mean, we’re here for that too. I also kept finding giant penis in my searches, but I digress. Today’s post will involve Reverse Harems with a GENTLE giant. So we’re looking at a big guy (think really tall/muscular/towering) in the harem that looks scary, but is gentle with our main character female. Now, there are numerous types of “gentle giants” and the following men will be kind, loving, and and/or caring towards the main character. Some of the men may, or could be scary/psycho towards others, but never the mc. I personally love this request, and was excited to look for matching books. Looks like my tbr just became longer, again. All blurbs/photos are from Amazon verbatim. As always, Happy Readng! -Quare Eligere

My name is Ava Dawson. Ever since I was young, I have had this strange “gift” of invisibility. I can’t explain it, nor can I always control it. It affects my work, my personal life, dating—all but my mother and best friend seem to be affected. No matter what I do, I seem to always be forgotten.

Until I meet these gorgeous guys during a girls’ night out, and there’s something strangely alluring about them. An ancient curse brings us together, while a group of supernatural “Collectors” is threatening to tear us apart. They’re targeting people with special abilities like mine, and all four men have taken it upon themselves to protect me. But with their complicated pasts, I can’t help but feel protective of them, too. I’m trying not to get in over my head, with these men, and the magic.

But I have to admit, It’s nice to be seen after years of being invisible.

*Author’s Note: this book is a full 100k+ words, slow to medium burn ‘reverse harem’ romance; meaning, one woman, multiple love interests. This series is meant for adults only.
An Amazon best seller in multiple categories!

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The last of her kind. Four hot alpha mates. A legacy of bloodshed.

When Ren Landis goes looking for excitement on her 21st birthday, getting kidnapped is a little more than she bargained for. So is finding out that shifters exist—and that she’s one too. As the last of the dragon shifters, she’s got a role to fulfill: Take the alphas of the four shifter groups as her mates and unite all shifter kind. No pressure, right?

Too bad Ren’s fate isn’t as simple as getting it on with four scorching-hot men. A group of rogues is out for dragon shifter blood, intent on finishing the massacre they started years ago. With deceitful fae and murderous vampires thrown into the mix, the paranormal world is on the verge of catastrophe.

How can a girl who’s only known she’s a shifter for a week heal sixteen years of chaos?

The Dragon Shifter’s Mates is a complete steamy paranormal romance series where the heroine doesn’t have to choose. Expect sexy situations, intense action, and a quartet of alluring wolf, bear, jaguar, and eagle shifters you’ll wish you could make your mates.

This box set contains all four novels in the series—Dragon’s Guard, Dragon’s Tears, Dragon’s Desire, and Dragon’s Fate—as well as the Christmas novella, Dragon’s Joy.

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The only way to escape is to die.

For eighteen years I’ve suffered at the hands of the Hunters. For eighteen years they’ve done their best to break me, to tear me open and unleash the terrifying monster that lives within.

Until the day they go too far.

When a desperate escape leads to another brush with death, I’m forced to place my trust in the hands of four formidable strangers. Wild and untamed, their feral natures call to me, their warrior hearts make mine come alive. And when they offer me a place to stay while I heal, I can’t say no.

But the secrets I carry are deadly, and my past is a twisted, evil nightmare better left forgotten.

They may think they want to know me, they may think the secrets they guard behind hard eyes and closed expressions comes close to the ones I keep. But should they ever discover just who they’ve let into their home, just what I really am…their hatred could be the one thing that finally breaks me.

And if I break, the darkness inside me will finally be free.

Author Note
Hunted is the first book in the Feral Souls Trilogy. It’s a paranormal romance reverse harem intended for readers 18 and over. It features brooding, overprotective alpha males, a heroine who’s damaged but refusing to break, and a slow burn romance packed with raw emotion and delicious tension. Oh, and did I mention the hot wolf shifters?

Pick up Hunted to discover this exciting new reverse harem paranormal romance today!

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It was just another boring day monitoring the Mists, the strange murky clouds that hover in the canyons below the Up Top. Until it wasn’t.

They say whatever enters the mysterious mist is lost to The Mists. When Novara finds her schooner suddenly being sucked into the clouds of death, she’s expecting the worst. She’s going to die.

When Novara finds herself thrust into a world below her own, instead, never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined she’d come face to face with an entire colony of the humanoid bat people, the very ones she’d been obsessed with for years. Great gwog, what were the chances? If ever there was a time her love for dead languages could come in handy, this was it. And she would be needing it, because this was her new home now.

Citoc isn’t too keen on taking on the odd, funny faced wingless Humanid that had literally dropped down atop him, spewed out from the skies, yet he finds himself drawn to the mouthy, witless female.

He isn’t the only one intrigued by the many tongues speaking newcomer.

A whole new world and all the different cultures forming the melting pot of the Alcove, Novara will need to learn to navigate it all fast if she’s to stand a chance.

Eladrathuil preserve her, what’s a stranded Mists pilot to do? Acclimate. But her stubborn buns are going to do it her way. May the madness ensue and the odds be in her favor.

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“Her characters are well developed, and her world is built flawlessly. One click this sucker, you wont regret it.” ~ Tate James, USA Today Bestselling Author

When Evelyn Maynard receives a scholarship to the exclusive Bradford Hills Institute, she’s determined to make a fresh start. The Institute is world renowned for educating and training Variants – the 18% of the population fortunate enough to have superhuman abilities. As a human, she’s lucky to be admitted.

She’s done with fake identities, running and lying but once again she finds herself surrounded by secrets.

Some she’s been keeping her whole life.

Some have been kept from her.

Some she finds herself dragged into…

Ethan, Josh, Tyler and Alec have some of the rarest Variant abilities Evelyn has ever seen. They fascinate, intrigue and attract her, but is it their abilities, their own secrets or something more that Evelyn can’t seem to stay away from? The secrets they keep could drag Evelyn so deep into their dangerous and exciting world that she’ll never be the same.

And the answers she finds could get them all killed.

** This is book 1 in the International Bestselling Evelyn Maynard Trilogy – a paranormal reverse harem romance.

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I have spent my entire life in the basement of my father’s church. My sadistic mother and god-fearing father believe I have the devil inside of me because I heal after their abuse. I’d accepted long ago I would die in the very place I’d been born without ever feeling the sun on my skin. Then one day, my mother took me from my father’s religious cult in the wake of his death. Nearly a week later, and after countless hours with her boyfriend Jed’s creepy remarks, I find myself in Washington State. I had only ever interacted with my parents and now Jed, so you can imagine my surprise when I ran smack dab into possibly the most handsome man in the world. He’s not alone though, there are intriguing and handsome men popping up everywhere in my life.

Except I shouldn’t be focusing on that. I should be preparing for my mother’s cruel hits. Preparing to run the minute I turn 18. Preparing to hide from Jed’s leering comments and uncomfortable stares. One interaction with this man and I feel like my entire life has been altered.

Five days until I turn 18. Five days until my mother realizes what happens when you keep a bird cooped up for too long, only to open its cage. Five days until I am out of here.

My problem? Everything inside of me tells me that those intriguing men are mine… and they seem to think the same.

This is a slow/medium burn fantasy RH that features a naive but strong MFC with a troubled past and a secret about what she really is. Come meet Maya and her protective and possessive dragon shifters! This book will be part of the Reborn series.

Warnings: Please be advised that the book contains darker themes such as child abuse, PTSD, swearing, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences +18. This book will end on a slight cliffhanger.

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The ridiculous summer beach read you’ve been waiting all year for.

Ronnie Meryn’s life is heading in a very predictable direction. Marriage. Kids. The usual. But when she catches her boyfriend in a compromising situation with her boss, she sees red. With her old but faithful minivan, Betsy, she sets out on an impromptu #VanLife road trip up the California coast to start a new life. Trusting Fate to take her where she needs to go, she winds up broken down on the side of the highway just outside the idyllic beachside town of Misty Cove.

But Misty Cove isn’t just any sleepy seaside town… It’s full of shifters, magic, and a whole lot more than Ronnie ever bargained for.

A pod of sea lion shifters facing down an eternity of bachelorhood, Earl, Bryan, Darren and Trevor are suddenly faced with the pull of a fated mate. But there’s more to this arrangement than any of them are prepared for. They’ll have to put their best flipper forward to try and win her attention…and her heart.

Beware, something dark skulks in the shadows of Misty Cove’s forests. A wolf pack bent on claiming Ronnie for their own, and an entity older than time itself has its eyes on Ronnie, too.

Magic, mystery, Fate, and the inevitability of Destiny await!

SURF’S UP is a sweet and steamy #WhyChoose romance featuring sexy shifters, magical jewelry, a sassy heroine, and fated mates. If you’re searching for a steamy shifter story with a happily ever after, one-click SURF’S UP today and fall in love!

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Fi has always known there’s something not quite right about herself.

Not quite human.

For as long as she can remember, Fi has been sensitive to other people’s emotions. So sensitive, she works a night job as a cleaner to avoid being overwhelmed by all of their feelings.

After a night on the town goes wrong, Fi comes to the attention of the Academy of Avalon. The obscenely beautiful jerk of a man who comes to collect her confirms her suspicions — Fi isn’t human at all.

But all is not as it seems in Avalon. Magic is dying, those who have it are hunted, and at least one person really doesn’t want Fi there.

Fi also has to figure out how to deal with the insane magnetic pull she feels to some of the most gorgeous and magically powerful males at the Academy. What’s a little boy drama on top of an identity crisis?

The Terrible Gift is book one of the Empath Found trilogy. It’s a fated-mates-with-a-twist, medium burn reverse harem. Suitable for readers 18+

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The last thing first year law student Ariella needs is a date.

But Fate has plans for her dating life anyway…
Ariella boards the Chicago elevated train where she finds herself transported to the magical land of Falusia — a place where squirrels talk and travel through time, unicorn shifters roam the forests, and the evil wizard Jakarn searches for his Queen.

As it turns out, Ariella is a unicorn shifter, but not only that – she’s also a Queen! Which makes Jakarn very interested in her…

Ariella must choose a mate soon or her entire unicorn blessing (a blessing is a group of unicorns) will die off as magic is drained from the land. It’s a good thing this unicorn Queen has a hot former professor named Shivari to teach her the ways of the world and of love. But she’s also got the eye of gentle giant / fearsome protector Lucas to keep her safe and warm. Not only that, but that evil wizard is actually kinda hot and very much in charge.

How can Ariella choose a mate? Can she stop the unicorns from dying off? What the heck should she do if she finds herself falling hard for Shivari, Lucas, and even the wizard Jakarn?

Sometimes being a unicorn queen is not all rainbows, running free in the forest, or chasing talking squirrels.

Unicorn’s Freedom is a spicy why choose (Reverse Harem) romance from Sara Nebula! Sometimes you don’t have to choose….

Book 1 in the new Queen of the Horn series from Sara Nebula (The Sci Fi/Fantasy romance pen name of bestselling author Sara Hazel).

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Cheated on and with nowhere to turn, Jacinta moves into one of her parent’s vacation homes. Will her four sexy neighbors be able to heal her broken heart?
Jacinta’s life has never been easy, but when her boyfriend cheats on her and she has no place to go, she is forced to accept help from her mother. She never expected what would happen after she moved back into her childhood home. With a meddling mother, a father who is not what he seems, and her ex-boyfriend stalking her, Jacinta seeks comfort in the neighbors next door.

Can the guys next door help restore her faith in love, or will they be another one of life’s disappointments?

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Anna is a lone wolf who has been hiding in fear from her own kind since she first realized what she was. When the woman who had taken her in and nurtured her is brutally murdered she sets out to find justice.

She is quickly found by a local wolfpack during their investigation into the murder of a human on their territory. Anna finds unexpected allies in the Seaside Wolf Pack and realizes that there might be a place for her to belong in their world.

This is the first book in a series that follows a young woman who is determined not to let her tragic past keep her down. Anna has worked hard to built herself a life that she can be proud of. But there is so much that she doesn’t know about her world or herself. She is about to find out that being strong and independent doesn’t mean that she has to be alone.

Seaside Wolf Pack Series
Book 1: Finding Somewhere to Belong
Book 1.5: Finding Anna
Book 2: Finding the Fire Within
Book 3: Finding the Power Within
Book 4: Finding Truth Beneath the Lies
Book 5: Finding My Breaking Point
Sam’s Book: Finding Buried Treasure
Book 6: Finding Hope

Hollow Crest Wolf Pack Trilogy
Book 1: New Beginnings
Book 2: The Struggle
Book 3: A Place to Call Home

*This is a slow(ish) burn Reverse Harem series that focuses on a woman that comes from an abusive past and works to rise above it to become a better, stronger person.

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Callie Jensen has always been a little bit different. She was made fun of for being a math-whiz in school up until she was kidnapped. Growing up in the crime world from a young age, she was turned into a language savant and a hacker-expert. She tried to do what she was told and keep her head down…but…that was easier said than done. Trouble seems to follow her like it’s her middle name. Eventually, things come to a head that puts her in the sights of a secret government organization. She finally has some allies in the form of several muscular, irresistibly handsome and talented guys. Callie wonders if she’ll be able to find peace at last, but the struggles only keep piling up as she is shuffled around, wondering when or even if she will ever find somewhere she feels like is safe. People who she thought were safe might not be. And not only that, but her kidnapper is not willing to give her up without a fight, and he shows her all too well that he will go to some very dangerous lengths to get her back.

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Eight dominant men, one mouthy woman, an ancient curse. . . what could go wrong?
Everything goes wrong.
I’m Zahra Delsol, and this is my story.
This is a reverse harem enemies-to-lovers story for readers 18+.

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Three Lykos shifters swore to protect Havana. But who will protect them from her?

With everyone bailing on my holiday party, I didn’t think the night could get any worse. Then three scorching hot men storm the club and demand I come with them. Thinking they’re cops, I run only to discover the flu vaccine is turning people into monsters.

Now my survival depends on Mason, Gabriel, and Liam. I should be terrified of their glowing eyes and the way they destroy any threat in our path, but all I can think about is claiming the fierce men as my own. All three of them…

One problem.

My ex has threatened to eviscerate any man who touches me. Too bad the deadly Alpha male isn’t here. He’ll rue the day he broke my heart and ordered his three gorgeous friends to rescue me.

Read the complete steamy reverse harem paranormal shifter romance series
*Claiming The Nanny (Prequel to Claiming Her Mates)
*Claiming Her Mates: Book One
*Claiming Her Mates: Book Two
*Claiming Her Mates: Book Three

Discover the spin-off RH PNR romances set in the same world
*Claiming the Bride
*Claiming the Wardens
*Claiming Her Beasts Book One
*Claiming Her Beasts Book Two

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Vengeance is NOT my middle name.

It’s in my blood.

It’s tattooed on my skin.

It’s with me 24/7. The thing that drives me.

It’s also what brings me to Rawley Heights. No one would willingly come here otherwise. But me? I don’t have a choice.

Here, everyone fears the Heights Crew. They’re not just some small-town gang, they’re the real deal. Crime. Sex. Murder. Angry, self-obsessed dudes with bad attitudes.

And they’re exactly who I need to get my vengeance from.

I have my work cut out for me, but don’t worry, they have no idea who they’re dealing with.

I’m counting on it.

Uppercut Princess is a dark high school enemies to lovers RH with bully themes.

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The things that go bump in the night are supposed to be headboards, not monsters.

Leaving my husband was hard. Trying to face the world alone with my teenage daughter is the sort of thing nightmares are made of, but I caught a break. My best friend just hired me for a great job. It’s not anything special, simply managing the leasing office of this very fancy and highly exclusive neighborhood, yet the perks mean I get my second chance.

Speaking of perks, my rent-free house is right beside not just one handsome man, but five! Each one is hotter than the last, and all of them seem interested in me. Maybe I can’t remember the last date I was on, but if I want to master being a strong woman, then this is a good place to start. It’s just dating, right?

Normal life stuff.
Not so much.

Everyone around us has these strange golden eyes. Then there are the questions no one will answer. And who cares if there’s a lot of wildlife running around at night? I do, especially when a wolf keeps sneaking into my backyard. I have a kid to worry about. Things have got to change before someone gets bitten!

Normal is going out the window, and fast. My neighbors say I don’t belong here, and they don’t mean because I’m Hispanic. Never mind that I just heard a man growl. Now they’re talking about fated somethings, and I’m pretty sure they mean me.

I feel like I’m going crazy!

Because when I said I wanted to learn how to be strong, this wasn’t what I meant at all. Still, when it comes to taking care of my little girl, I will definitely learn how to be the biggest bitch on the block.

I just hope that doesn’t become literal.

Wolf’s Bane is a 136,000 word, full-length novel with multiple love interests. Note: Wolves Next Door series contains profanity, consensual sex, and one adult woman who falls for multiple younger men. This is the first book in a trilogy.

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You’d think that basically being in charge of love would be an epic job, right? Wrong. Sure, I can blow some Lust into people’s faces and watch the show, but I can’t actually participate. It gets old, trust me. Same goes for love. I can pass it out like sugar-free lollipops at a dentist’s office, but I can’t get any love for myself. It totally sucks.

I used to consider myself a hopeless romantic, so why wouldn’t I choose to become a cupid? Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong again. They don’t call us stupid cupids for nothing. I’m stuck in this never-ending afterlife where I’m invisible, lonely, and bitter as hell. And yeah, I’m probably responsible for some terrible matchmaking out there. Sorry, not sorry.

All my bad cupid’ing might be why I was exiled from the human realm. You can only do so much before the cupid bosses get all huffy. Unfortunately, my bitterness carried over into the new realm, and then I attacked a fae prince with Love Arrows. Accidentally. Okay, not accidentally. But hey, he deserved it. What I didn’t expect was for him to retaliate and hit my ass with some crazy magic mojo strong enough to push me into the physical realm. Whoa.

That’s right. This cupid just got a real body. And you know what that means…Now, it’s my turn to get some. Love, I mean. Get your head out of the gutter. Wink, wink bitches.

Author’s Note: This is a medium-burn reverse harem story. It includes explicit language and sexual situations. Intended for audiences 18 years and older. As this is a series, there will be a cliffhanger.

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One celebrity diva in trouble. Three overprotective bodyguards determined to keep her safe.

As one of the world’s most hated celebrities, I’m used to unwanted attention. But when I wake up one morning to find a mysterious man has broken into my house, I know I need security, fast. Enter “The Angels”, my three ex-military bodyguards:

Glen, the Scottish sweetheart with the scarred face and gentle hands.
Kenta, the long-haired soldier with the tattooed skin and secretive smile.
And Matt, the blue-eyed, bad-tempered leader haunted by his military past.

Having three gorgeous men guarding me 24-7 sounds like a dream come true, but it turns out to be a nightmare. They’re always here, watching me. Caring for me. Protecting me. They tell me to ignore them and go about my business, but I can’t even think with them so close. The spark is too intense.

On top of that, we don’t get on. They think I’m a demanding diva. I think they’re overdramatic. When a trip to America sends the guys’ protective instincts into overdrive, the sizzling tension between us finally breaks, and I learn my bodyguards’ butterfly-inducing secret: they want me.

All three of them.

Meanwhile, my stalker’s behaviour is becoming more and more alarming. He’s photographing me through windows and following me in the shadows. With the premiere for my next movie coming up, will my three bodyguards be able to keep me safe from his clutches? Or will my terrifying pursuer finally get his deadly way?

Triple-Duty Bodyguards is a full-length military romance featuring multiple love interests, stomach-fluttering suspense, and smoldering romance. No cheating, and an ultra-sweet HEA guaranteed!

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I ate six seeds. Now I owe six months of debt to a dangerously sexy Fae hitman.

I’d had everything a dryad could want- a job, an apartment, and a scandalous human boyfriend-
Until I stole the wrong fruit from the wrong Fae.
Dragged into the Seelie underworld of deception and lies, I do anything he commands: steal, spy, even fight as we hunt down a notorious Fae fugitive.
Not exactly the fun I was looking for, despite the intense attraction between us. Between my new boss, the cold-as-ice Unseelie fixer, and a gorgeous Wild Hunter, I’m pulled into a world where danger is the only guarantee.
But when the mission ends, I may not want to leave.

Dark and Wicked Fae is a medium-burn urban fantasy Fae reverse harem romance. For mature readers only.

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After a hundred year sleep, my curse has been lifted by seven sinful demons. The bad news is my rescue comes with a price: obey them. All seven of them. And give them a child.

There’s King, the notorious criminal with a dark, dominant heart.

Fallon, the gentle giant who makes me feel safe.

Steel, the snarky smartass who makes me laugh.

Huxley, who’s deadly serious about my protection.

Luca, the man I should never underestimate.

Max, whose gentle affection makes me feel treasured.

And Vega: more beast than man, with fangs, claws, and horns to match.

These seven demons are irresistible, devoted to my pleasure, and I know there has to be a catch. But for now I’m going to enjoy every second of my freedom and pray the devil doesn’t catch up to me.

Warning: contains seven demons, one woman for all to share, and enough scorching hot insta-lust and dirty talk to make your breath catch. This is a stand alone story, intended for mature readers.

Originally published as the Seven Nights In Hell serial, now expanded and concluded with lots of extra content.

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