Reverse Harems With Another Female Added – Part 3

Hello lovelies! This list is brought to you by reader request for more Poly books. Welcome to part 3. This list will include Reverse Harems featuring another female in the group, other than the main character female. Technically this tosses the titling into Polyamory instead of Reverse Harem, but that’s okay because we all know what we’re looking at/for.

New to these terms? Allow me to explain, although I’m not an expert. When applied to reading tropes: Reverse Harem is defined by having 1 main character female and at least 3 males in her group. When the main character female chooses to add another female to her reverse harem this, is what transfers the terminology into being called a polyamorous relationship. As always, happy reading! – Quare Eligere

All blurbs, and photos are verbatim from Amazon. The following books are labeled by Amazon to contain Poly/ff romances, however Amazon can mislabel.

I did not choose this. Exiled from my home, at the heart of a prophesy I barely understand, and seeking for the five who are bound to me.

The prophesy states that I, Princess Rhea of Elvenhome, am at the centre of a five-pointed star. I must find my five before it’s too late and the ages-old terror sweeps our lands once more.

Armed only with my bow, the limited magic that I stole from my brother, and my dreams to guide me to my five – I must complete my quest before the Dragon Plague takes hold. Together, we are the key – the only weapon against the spreading darkness.

The Exile is Book One of the Dragon Plague Chronicles – a Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy Romance trilogy. A strong heroine who knows what she wants, and multiple guys who’re more than happy to give it to her! This is a why choose romance – an HEA guaranteed – eventually. Cliffhanger ending. Harem built over the series. Explicit 18+ scenes, medium burn and plenty of heat. The series will include a little light M/M and F/F in later books.

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Post-grad might have been a little late for starting my magical education, but I was determined to prove myself. No matter the cost.

I don’t know if they thought they were protecting me, or if they just never thought that they belonged, but my parents always kept me at the edges of the magical community, not letting me access my magic until I turned twenty-one.

Now I only have one chance – my post-grad course at Ember Academy for Magical Beings – to prove that I’m enough of a dragon to truly belong, even if my old friend/crush who I thought would help me get used to this new world is ignoring me, my one fellow dragon classmate seems to think I’m beneath him, and my mermaid roommate wants me gone as fast as possible.

Learning enough in one year to prove myself isn’t going to be easy, but ever since my initiation, I’ve started dreaming of a man claiming to be a Great Dragon, who can teach me and lend me his power.

I’m not sure that I can trust him, or if he’s even real, but can I really prove myself without his help?

ADVANCED DRAGON STUDIES is the first book in the Ember Academy for Magical Beings New Adult slow-burn Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Academy series. If you love bisexual heroines struggling to find their place in their world, dragon-related mysteries, and magical universities, you’ll love this latest fast-paced series in L.C. Mawson’s Snowverse.

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Revenge. They say it’s a dirty word but it gives me life because I won’t rest until my mom’s killers are dead.

The dark and twisted magic in my soul calls out for violence and on my quest for vengeance, I’m more than happy to feed it. Because I’ve got a list and I’m not checking it twice.

I’m a one woman wrecking crew until I run into them—the tempting feral werewolf and dangerously sexy vampire— who are more than happy to join me on my venture. With their help, I’ll scratch every name off my list. But as the darkness begins to overtake me with every kill, my men start to worry that I’ll lose myself in it.

I need my revenge, but am I willing to continue losing pieces of my soul with every kill and risk the love that could make me whole?

One click now for this dark, twisty reverse harem for mature readers. Expect magic, shifters, vampires, and steam in this why choose paranormal romance. This series will feature MFM and FF elements.

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Life’s been pretty rough lately.

Sure, I’m a registered weapon of mass destruction and people try not to make eye contact with me after The Incident, but so long as I stay near my office in Chinatown Honolulu it’s never bothered me too much. Normally, I’d just bury myself in work. That was until my last hukihuki—some call it Hawaiian sorcery—investigation got me injured on the job and my reputation burnt to a crisp.

Now most days I sit in my office with just my whiskey to keep me company. That is until two werewolves walk in asking for help. Colin and Evan Broden along with their whole family are fresh off the plane immigrants to the Kingdom of Hawaii, they shouldn’t have any enemies, yet Colin’s little girl Lila is sick with a hukihuki ailment sent against their family. Nothing much about this case makes any sense and it’s only getting more complicated by the day. It’s also not helping that Evan Broden, with his cutting remarks and shimmering green eyes, makes me want to break my number one rule: never sleep with a client.

I’m a professional, damnit. I’ll get this case done, keep my reputation intact, and help a little girl in danger. I’m Makamae Laki of Laki Return Services, and tracking down those who attack others with hukihuki is what I do.

(This is a slow burn why choose/reverse harem within a Hawaiian Paranormal and Shifter Romance set in an alt-History Hawaii.)

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To me, the apocalypse has always been just a story.

One my ex-militia father used to tell me before he died. Now that I’m alone, I can’t stand to stay in this place that reminds me too much of him. So I head east, towards the ocean he dreamed of seeing.

I wasn’t supposed to wander into a war zone.

Most people know the western part of Kentucky is dangerous territory. But in my attempt to avoid it, I may have accidentally fallen right on the hornets nest and kicked it on my way out.

I’m nobody’s hero, but I can’t just leave these people to die.

This place is falling apart and a dangerous power vacuum is attracting the wrong kind of attention. It’s up to me to convince a rag-tag group of strangers, hunters, anarchists and alcoholics to work together to save the only home they’ve got.

Now if only I could convince them I have no intentions of settling down after this is over, no matter what I may be leaving behind.

Finders Keepers is a post apocalyptic, slow burn reverse harem with a sprinkling of the supernatural. Waverly’s adventures contain dark subjects and adult themes that might be triggering, along with both MM and FF content.

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When the only hand able to help was the Devil’s, what choice did she really have? She made the only choice she could in order to survive but the Devil’s help requires more than what she bargained for. One wrong move decided her fate and now she’s stuck playing The Devil’s Game.

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I’m paying bills, making powerful enemies, and collecting magical lovers. You know; everyday stuff.

I’m not just a tarot reader… my birth right means I’m the best fortune teller you’ll ever meet, too bad I never listen my own advice.

My name is Georgette, but only my witchy mother gets to call me that. As the child of a witch and a wolf there’s both consequences and amazing benefits to their union. I get to taste a hint of my true power when I rush to save my cousin, with the help of three mysterious men.

Men that become more than friends – they’re only the first of several new male and female additions in my life that have me confused and heated. But trust me, it’s not all fun and steam. One of my intimate companions is the new vampire king of New Orleans. And the vampires hate him. A rebellion is rising and revenge is their battle cry.

Settling down might not be an option after all…
A Little Wicked is the first book in the Wicked Fortunes series and contains polyamory, MM, and FF content.

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A medium burn dragon shifter reverse harem Sci-Fi romance story

I am a Shadow, I am a Dragon shifter, I am Human, I am the Goddess!
We crashed and my mate the dragon shifter Blood is missing! Was he abducted, is he hurt or is he… I can’t even think about that worst-case scenario. D’Arcy, Ash and I leave our crushed spaceship and embark on a crazy adventure on a frozen planet. The Tigergriffs are not the weirdest thing we encounter. Nothing is as scary as fearing that you could lose the one you love! My own nature is triggered by the Jakaranda Demon that possessed Blood.
I am a Shadow.
I am a human.
I am a Dragon.
I am a Goddess!
I never hoped to encounter my real father and found out that the Shadows are not the way we believed.

Get ready for a steamy reverse harem why choose Sci-Fi fantasy adventure!

A steamy story with some mf, mmf, ff and mm scenes.

This series has 2 books
You can read it as standalone but I’ll recommend you read the first book of series.

Link to book 2

Link to book 1 if you wish to read it, but you do not need to

When the Light and the Dark Collide…
Who will Maintain the Balance within the Veil

For hundreds of years, magic users have grown up with the misconception that their magic has no true origin; that they were simply gifted more than mere-mortals.

This control of the narrative has suited the Fae, for their existence has been hidden; their kingdoms beyond the Veil secure. There has been a tenuous balance within the realms and for thousands of years the Fae have been secure in their traditions…their rule.

That is, until the uprising of a dark queen; because as with all things bound by nature, with unbalance comes destruction.

Until the prophecy of change was whispered throughout the realms there was an ever present sense of desolation.

Now? There is hope.

Hudson Jacobs has no idea of the changes that are about to take her life by storm. No idea of the plans put into motion by those who know of her existence and wish to not only protect her, but solidify the prophecy by any means necessary.

The only question is, will her destiny ultimately protect her or destroy her and those she holds dear to her heart.

When the stakes are darkness or light, life or death, will Hudson embrace her new life or will the tenuous Veil between the mortal and Fae Realm, destroy her before she gets that chance?

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Feeling alone in the world was something I was used to. Being beaten and broken were normal parts of my life. As the chains that kept me hostage each day dragged across the floor, I wished for death. The only person that would miss me was Grady, My wolf down the street. His brown eyes would meet mine with sorrow every time he glimpsed a bruise that littered my body.
After one long night of being a punching bag, I think my wish is finally coming true, my wolf even believes that she will be set free from all the hurt and pain. Only when I open my eyes again, I’m in the back of a car. A sinfully gorgeous man tells me I am safe. Words I never thought I would hear. He tells me he is taking me to a school for supernaturals of all types. My world changes overnight.
I am thrown back into a world that I haven’t been a part of since I was a child. Not knowing much about my wolf or anything about mates, I am roomed with an Alpha wolf who’s saddened eyes make my heart clench in ways I never knew I could feel.
He begins to help me understand our world, helps make my mind and body stronger.
I find a friend in the fiery sexy red headed fox shifter who is not as innocent and shy as she looks. She becomes my best friend and finally, my mate.
I find I am mated to the four heirs …each one made for me, only they want nothing to do with me…and they make sure everyone knows it. My life at Leafwood becomes dangerous once more when a Fae princess sets her sights on me, wanting to do everything she can to make sure I disappear.
When my past returns and the darkness settles back into my mind will my mates come together? Will I end up back where I started?
This is a why choose Reverse harem. Meaning the MFC does not have just one love interest. This contains m/m, f/f, m/f/m/m

Trigger Warning: also contains mentions of abuse, both sexually and physically. Darker themes are present, this book contains graphic sexual situations. If you don’t mind some sexy times with sexy men, then this book is for you.

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My name is Maya Strom, and I am an abomination to all witches, or so I’ve been told. All my life I’ve been hiding the truth of my magic. After the council tried to take me from my family, and subsequently killing my parents, a few years ago, I’ve been trying to find a way to live a better life with my best friend and lover. We get sent to a different country and find out there’s way more to my life and my magic than I bargained for.

Buckle up, bitches, this is going to be one shit-tastic ride.

* This is a paranormal, reverse harem, why choose romance. This is book one in a trilogy. 18+. Includes some f/f, steamy scenes, sex, hot men, and magic. Witches, warlocks, gods and goddesses. There is also a best friends to lovers, a professor or two in the harem, a taboo relationship, a prophesy, pregnancy, and strong language. There will also be some murder, stabbing, and more fun times. Enjoy!*

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The transition from teenager to adult blows. But throw in an unexpected (and unwanted) gender swap, and things get a hell of a lot harder.

Head down, don’t draw attention, fit in. That’s been Grey’s motto ever since the universe screwed him over, making him—quite literally—a woman in a man’s body. Etna Island was a normal fishing town and tourist destination until four years ago, when a mysterious plague transformed its entire female population into men.

Four years ago, Grace Hawthorne became Grey Thorne, and left all her silly, girlish dreams behind. He quickly learned to keep his identity as a morph hidden in a society where discrimination and scorn are commonplace. But that all changes when Grey meets Luca, the handsome guitarist of the local indie band, Lucifer. His growing attraction to another man threatens to destroy his carefully constructed identity and plunges him into a world of ancient gods and monsters. Grey is blindsided by the truth behind The Change. Biological warfare, heavenly judgment…anything would be more believable than the real cause—a curse cast by Grey’s own mother.

Now Grey must call on his supernatural heritage to reverse the curse before the imbalance it has caused throws the island’s human and supernatural residents into perpetual winter and death. Aided by an indie rock band, an ambivalent primordial sea god, and a few odd water sprites, the world’s only male siren grapples with powers he doesn’t fully understand. Grey’s journey of self-acceptance will transform him into someone capable of taking on magic and monsters—but his victory may cost him everyone he loves.

If Grey breaks the island’s curse, then the man Luca and the rest of Lucifer have grown to love…will disappear forever.

Author’s Note (Really, Read it):

*Siren Song is book 1 of 2 in the Depths duet. It is poly/reverse harem romance, however book 1 is largely a slower-burn M/M, with F/F and MMMMFF developments in book 2.

*Full length book and then some – 138,000 words, no filler, no excerpts.

*This book contains adult language, graphic sexual situations, and touches on sensitive topics. Do not read if you are easily triggered. Contains talk of, but no “on-the-page” details regarding suicide. Contains mild bullying (not between members of the romantic relationship), contains mind-control and one implied sexual situation under mind-control (again not to do with the main characters and not horribly graphic, but may be a trigger for some). I believe in happily ever after—but sometimes the road there is rough.

*Examines stereotypes and ingrained beliefs about sexuality and gender, as they pertain to the plot of the story.

*Ends with the major plot arc finished and a “for now” feel. No mid-action cliffhangers, but does contain questions to be answered in the next book and leave our main character with some hard decisions to make.

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My first murder was an accident. My second one won’t be.

I was born into a family of Psychics, each one more powerful than the last. They named me Cassandra, after the greatest Psychic superhero to have ever walked the planet. So, of course, I became the only Blitzer in the Clark family history.

We Blitzers are tough, powering up with every punch taken. But my powers weren’t enough to protect me from five long, hard years in prison for a murder I never meant to commit. Now that I’m out, who knows what awaits me? I’ll have to work my way back into the city’s superhero agency, the PTB Alliance, to regain my credibility and the only real family I’ve ever known.

But then what? With more than one man chasing my tail and memories of my ex-girlfriend still raw on the surface, I’m stuck in the middle of a very difficult position. On top of that, I smell corruption in the Alliance but I just can’t put my finger on who I should be watching.

The only thing standing between me, a handful of boyfriends, and happiness is the darkness in my past. Can I let go of it before I ruin my potential relationships? Or will the threat within put an end to it all before I get the chance?

This book is intended for mature audiences. Adults only. This is a slow burn to medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why choose if you don’t have to? Members will be added as the series progresses. M/M, F/M, F/M/M/M/F, and F/F soon to come. LGBT+ character inclusive. <3

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Cursed by a hated ex-fiancé, Ira spends her days as human as can be. Once night falls, however, she is transformed into a succubus. An enchanted rose tics down the time to give in to his demands, to be his, or face being a succubus forever.

Four men and one woman are trapped, just as much as Ira is, doomed to change alongside her. Will love for these five save her from this curse or will she find the inner strength to break it all on her own?

As her ex-fiancé turns more violent and desperate, the six must work together to release the castle from his dark spell. Failure is not an option for Ira and her beauties, for her inner beast has already snared them.

*Warning this novel is intended for 18 years and up. This novel is a stand-alone with a Happy for Now ending. This novel has scenes of a graphic sexual nature. There are scenes of BDSM, M/M, F/F, and Violence.

Link to book 2 (standalone)

They made a bargain with a goddess, and now Fate is pissed.

After three thousand years as prisoners, the last three unmated satyrs in all the realms finally have a chance to find their mates. What they don’t count on is that Fate’s biggest rival wants to use them as pawns in a contest of wills. But how can they say no to the Diviner—and their last chance at salvation?

Their arrangement sends them to the woman of their dreams, a member of the bloodline overflowing with nymphaea magic, but she isn’t meant to be theirs. Fate magic has already marked her for someone else: a nymphaea female who is just as deserving of love as they are, if not more so.

But when the four of them agree to share their perfect mate, Fate isn’t happy. Will they be able to complete their bond before the powerful immortal tears them apart forever?

Warning: This book is a fast-burn HOT and steamy RH odyssey, with some F/F and M/M content, not meant for the faint of heart (or libido)… #whychoose!

Link to book 7 can be read as a standalone

You know that bitch from hell everybody talks about? That’s me. I mean that literally.

I was born in the seventh circle of Hell to two demons of noble lineage. Know what that means? Squat. My brimstone birth certificate and five bucks might get me a cup of coffee from Starbucks. The minute I was born, they handed me off to a wet nurse, sent me to earth, and left me to fend for myself. I suppose, I should thank them. They taught me at an early age that there is nothing in either world more important than self-sufficiency.

To survive, I needed money. So, naturally, I became a stripper.

Don’t judge, it paid the bills. A lot of them. And it provided a solution to my particular dietary requirements. I’m a succubus. We eat lust for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. What better place to get it than a seedy, smoke-filled bar full of horndogs shoving dollar bills in your thong?

Life was good.

Then, I met Ryan and fell in love. He knew what I was and loved me anyway. I loved him so much that we got married and I gave him twin children. And then he died.

And left me alone.

Okay, not completely alone. He left me two kids to raise and a crippling sense of loss.

So, I did what any demon would do, I loaded up the kids and moved a thousand miles to start a new life.
Now, my Hell is in suburbia and the most evil things in my life are my home owners’ association and the PTA.
Maybe it wasn’t too late to go back to Hell.

This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains graphic language, sexual situations, and inappropriate humor. This is a fast burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Contains M/M and F/F scenes.

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Rule Hell, Dad said. You’ll be great, he said.
Sure, it sounds fun but reality is waiting to bite me and has sharp teeth. All I need to do now is figure out what I want and how to get it. Should be easy… right?

I am Annabelle Pandora and I rule Hell.

Being the Devil isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and when suitable suitors could just slay you as sleep with you I have to stay on my toes.

When more than one demon is needed to soothe my Devil and satisfy me as a woman – you know things are gonna get wild.

But when the one person I trusted unconditionally sets me on a collision course with destiny; things will NEVER be the same in Hell – ever again!

If you like a sassy, no holds barred FMC, a SuperAlpha, the scarred and tormented to the downright sexy and seductive, then this dark, dirty and dangerous Fantasy/Paranormal Romance with a circle of 7+ is for you!

Series includes scenes of M/M & F/F. Contains triggering situations.

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A duo of paranormal, polyamorous novellas

One More Night
The last thing Erin expects is to inherit a castle in the Irish countryside. When she discovers that it comes with a household staff and a curse, she realizes she’s gotten more than she bargained for. Can she overcome her own disbelief and help the two beautiful Fae and the gorgeous Gargoyle shifter before it’s too late? (Previously published in Shamrocked Anthology, 2017.)

Last Chance
Using both tech and love magic, Shawna has created a successful dating site for supernaturals despite her chronic disease and its limitations. When a trio of handsome witches applies, desperate for a mate because of the curse placed upon their fathers, Shawna feels compelled to help them. She never considers it could be her they’re looking for…

***Enter two different worlds and meet two very different heroines as the world seeks to reshape their beliefs and their lives. All attention is focused on the fmc; the first novella contains FF and the second contains light MM. ***

Link to book

When I received my letter to go to a supernatural Academy where we use the elements, plus not even knowing I have magic, well I jump at the chance.

Along with my two besties, we take on the challenge.

Finding new friends, new alliances makes this easier, especially when someone is out for blood, mine. Thing is, I don’t even know why.

It does help that I have five smoking hot elementals to keep me occupied and stress free.

But is I enough to face these demons who want me dead? we shall see.

Reverse harem, 18+

Some F/F AND lots of M/M/M/M/F.

Sexy scenes and bad language, because why not.

Link to book

Up until two years ago I was a cop.

Scratch that, I was the best damn magical detective in all of Mystic City- the youngest too.

But everything changed when I picked up the case of an underground magical drug being filtered through the city by a gang of vampires. I started turning over stones that were better left alone and it ended up costing my little sister her life.

Since then I’ve walked away from the law and worked as a freelance bounty hunter turned magical vigilante. After years of using my elemental magic above the law to stop mystical muggings and petty crimes I thought I was past the hurt and pain of my sister’s death. But when the vampire gang responsible for my sister’s death moves back into the city it’s clear that I have unfinished ends to tie together.

I work alone, always have. But when the weight get’s too heavy I have no choice but to enlist the help of a rogue vampire detective, the witch that runs the biggest crime ring in town, and a werewolf with a drinking problem.

I didn’t want to let myself get distracted by their charm, but as they crawl into my bed I realize in life you don’t always get what you want.

Even then, one thing is certain- I will get the head of my sister’s killer on a silver platter. Even if I have to burn the city to a crisp to get it.

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