Hello Lovlies! This weeks blog post is brought to you by a reader request. The following post will be about a heroine that is the victim of abuse. The abuse will be by one or more of her parents, or member(s) of her pack. The books will vary from contemporary to PRN et al. Since abuse is a theme, and comes in all forms, please expect triggers to be present. Each book should have trigger warnings in the blurb, or at the beginning of the novel. Each book may vary in the level of abuse as well. This way you can decide to proceed at your own discretion. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

The following blurbs and photos are verbatim from Amazon.

New town. New school. Same lies.

This is my senior year, and not only have my parents moved me to a new place where I know nothing and no one, they are determined to make me fall in line with the life they want me to have.

Not the life that I want. But what fits perfectly into their world.

I’m looking for any possible way to escape this prison and leave them behind. Which has been harder than I thought.

An opportunity to escape appears. And I’m going to take it. I’m going to use four so-called perfect guys in this new town to make it happen. The ones that have it all, or so everyone thinks.

And they’re going to be my ticket out.

Link to book

There was a little girl, who had a little gun, pointed right at the center of her forehead.
When she was good, she was very, very good
Because if she was bad, she was dead.

Raised by a monster, rescued by a liar
The life Ava escaped from is a memory she would like to forget
But the past never stays buried for long and when a tragic event forces Ava back home
The monster is waiting to finish what he started.
With fragile bonds put to the test, Ava will need to find the strength to fight back, putting her faith in the club she was never a part of and a President who is more of a stranger to her than a brother.
Blood might be thicker than water, but its blood that attracts sharks
And if she doesn’t learn to stay two steps ahead of the deranged killer who hunts her, she’ll drown.
In a world of bloody secrets and twisted legacies, only one truth remains:
To prevail, one of them must die.
But who will survive?
The Fallen King, or his Tainted Heir?

Please be advised that this book may cause shallow breathing, exploding ovaries and spontaneous disintegration of panties. As a result, all readers should be over the age of 18 and refrain from reading in public places.

Trigger warning: This book contains swearing and deals with subjects such as sexual assault and violence that some readers might find upsetting.
There are also sexy fun times with not one but three bikers but please remember, The Heir of Shadows is not for the faint-hearted.

Link to book 4 (these are a series of standalones)

Link to book 1 to begin series

Extra Credit is a 128,000 word reverse harem standalone, featuring Violet from the Lonely Souls trilogy. Though you do not have to read the trilogy first, please note that Extra Credit occurs after the events in that story and contains spoilers for most of its major plot points.


This year at Harbor University should have been a fresh start. My chance to finally get a taste of the independence I’ve craved for so long.

But one risky choice has caused me to lose everything I’ve been working toward. Freedom is no longer within my grasp, and it feels like all hope is lost.

My one saving grace? BioGuy.

I’ve never met the student I’m tutoring through the Extra Credit program, but that hasn’t stopped him from owning my thoughts and preserving my sanity.


We didn’t mean any harm.

We were just trying to pass our philosophy class and save a little money by sharing a tutor.

But, now that we’ve gotten to know GildedGirl, it doesn’t feel right to continue deceiving her.

How do we confess that it’s all been a lie? That the person she thinks she knows isn’t one guy…but three?

Link to book

I have spent my entire life in the basement of my father’s church. My sadistic mother and god-fearing father believe I have the devil inside of me because I heal after their abuse. I’d accepted long ago I would die in the very place I’d been born without ever feeling the sun on my skin. Then one day, my mother took me from my father’s religious cult in the wake of his death. Nearly a week later, and after countless hours with her boyfriend Jed’s creepy remarks, I find myself in Washington State. I had only ever interacted with my parents and now Jed, so you can imagine my surprise when I ran smack dab into possibly the most handsome man in the world. He’s not alone though, there are intriguing and handsome men popping up everywhere in my life.

Except I shouldn’t be focusing on that. I should be preparing for my mother’s cruel hits. Preparing to run the minute I turn 18. Preparing to hide from Jed’s leering comments and uncomfortable stares. One interaction with this man and I feel like my entire life has been altered.

Five days until I turn 18. Five days until my mother realizes what happens when you keep a bird cooped up for too long, only to open its cage. Five days until I am out of here.

My problem? Everything inside of me tells me that those intriguing men are mine… and they seem to think the same.

This is a slow/medium burn fantasy RH that features a naive but strong MFC with a troubled past and a secret about what she really is. Come meet Maya and her protective and possessive dragon shifters! This book will be part of the Reborn series.

Warnings: Please be advised that the book contains darker themes such as child abuse, PTSD, swearing, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences +18. This book will end on a slight cliffhanger.

Link to book

I always knew I was different.
I’d thought it had to be hidden – to stay a secret.
I didn’t know my secret would become the key to my survival.
Turning eighteen and getting accepted into college brings me everything I need to escape from the nightmares of my past but I never could have imagined my nightmares – and dreams – were just beginning. Finding myself thrown into a world of fantasy, politics, friendships, and rules that are nearly impossible to understand, I feel like I’m drowning in a world of shifters I never knew existed. As I struggle to find my place and prevent my nightmares from tearing me apart, I find myself surrounded by an unusual group of sexy men. With Hiro, Killian, Theo, Damien, and Ryder I’m trying to become the woman I’ve always wanted to be, if my past, and my future, will let me.

Warning this book contains scenes and references of abuse that some readers may find triggering. This book also contains some m/m themes.

Link to book

Sierra never knew where her dangerous powers came from.
What she did know was that her Father was afraid of her, and her Mother was afraid for her.
After a life of beatings and abuse to keep her powers in check, Sierra’s Mother confesses to using a witch with Voodoo magic to create Sierra- a witch who will soon come knocking for payment on Sierra’s 18th birthday, and it is Sierra herself who owes the debt. But, if her Father has his way, she will be locked away before the time comes.

When she feels all hope is lost, a group of boys waltz into town and take a liking to her. She tries to push them away, just as she does everyone else, but the Crean brothers are not so easily swayed- and they seem to know much more about Sierra and her ability than they are letting on.

It’s a race against time as the Crean’s try to save Sierra from her Father, not knowing about the other threat looming on the horizon.
The questions is, can they save Sierra from her Father before he locks her away for good, or worse- kills her?
Or will Sierra’s out of control powers destroy them all before they get the chance?

This is a slow-burn paranormal reverse harem, with some scenes of abuse from a parent that some readers may find upsetting. Please read with caution.
It is the first in a series where the heroine does not have to choose her romantic partner- she just has to choose how to handle all five of them!

Link to book

Eva Taylor has been locked in an attic for 4 years.

Failed by the foster system, and left in the hands of a woman who hates her, and a man who wants her, Eva has given up hope of ever having a life.

When she finds a mysterious letter from Rothmore College addressed to her in the trash, Eva’s future suddenly comes alive. Now all she has to do is figure out a way to escape her attic prison, make her way across the country to New York City, and figure out all the things that point to the fact that she isn’t exactly normal…

Along the way Eva meets new friends, explores new places, and stumbles across three beautiful, charismatic, and alarmingly otherworldly men. Do they hold the key to Eva discovering who she really is, or are they just good at first impressions?

Link to book

Five years ago, they made my life a living hell. They teased me, abused me, and called me a witch.

Little did they know…

Now, I’m back for my senior year of high school. New hair, new style, new personality. I’ll no longer be the weird girl hiding in the shadows. Instead, I’ll embrace all of my darkness.

The goal?

Revenge on the boys—the men—who bullied me. The football star, the musician, the bad boy, and the class president. I’ll make them pay for what they did to me.

One spell at a time.

Buckle up, boys and girls. You’re not going to like me by the time this book ends. I never said I’m the hero of the story, did I? I’m just the crazy bitch with a voodoo doll.

This is a dark paranormal reverse harem romance with bully and revenge themes by USA Today Bestselling Author Katie May. All characters are over the age of eighteen. This book will contain strong language and sexual situations. This is a stand-alone!

Link to mother I’d like to hit with a bus

Hiding in the human world, Cuipary spends her nights mixing drinks, making love potions and staying far away from the drama of her supernatural world.
Things change quickly when her sister delivers a task from the Council, and their Leader, her mother. She can’t refuse this job. Three grieving shifters have been making promises they can’t keep, leaving broken hearts in their wake, in their quest to find solace after their own mate died. Cuip’s task – finding their True Mate before the end of the month. Or she get’s turned into a cupid-making factory.
As luck has it, those boys have been coming into her bar to drown their sorrow for nearly a month now. Sparks fly, cupids get a little flustered and Cuip has the opportunity to wet more than their whistles.
But is she prepared for what fate has planned out for her? More to the point, are these guys ready for this cupid to weave her magic and lusty intentions?

Cupids Salvation is book one in the Magical Love trilogy. This is a paranormal, reverse harem, adult read, book ends in a happy ending but still leaves you kinda cliffy.

Link to book

Violated and abused by hands that were meant to nurture her,
Frankie Edwards escaped the brutality of her childhood by getting married
She was seventeen.
Her husband Joe, a self-made millionaire, was almost three times her age.
A marriage in name only he protected Frankie the only way he knew how.
He gave her a home, a friendship and a family.
Five years later and Frankie’s husband is dead, leaving Frankie with a fortune in the bank and a target on her back.
Frankie has heard them all, but few know the actual truth about her marriage.
When Joe’s estranged son and his two best friends learn of Frankie’s existence tempers flare and sparks fly.
Attracted to all three, Frankie must navigate through unfamiliar waters in search of her happily ever after.
When Frankie is betrayed she finds herself at the mercy of the monsters from her past and this time they don’t want to break her.
They want to destroy her.

Authors note: Please be aware that I am a British writer, who writes about British characters whose stories take place in the UK. I use British spellings which some may find confusing. What can I say? We like our ‘U’s’ and ‘S’s. I also wear trousers as opposed to pants and I ride in lifts instead of elevators. I’m a rebel like that.

Trigger warning: This book deals with sensitive issues that some readers might find upsetting.
Rewriting Yesterday is not a conventional love story. It is a story about a young woman and the three men that fall for her. This book also contains adult language and situations so is recommended for those who are 18 years and over.

Link to book

Normal is relative, not universal. But in one single night, my entire philosophy on “normal” is changed forever.

One near death experience and one suicidal cat later…

Four mysterious men show up on my doorstep. The leader. The suit. The tech guru. The quiet enigma. They’re not with the police. They’re not even much older than I am. So who the hell are they? Who do they work for and why do they need my help to track down a dangerous thief?

My entire life thus far has been based on survival. If they’re willing to lift me out of the gutter, then I guess I’ve not no choice but to play the part.

They can keep their secrets … for now.

This is a reverse harem title

Link to book

They say not to jump at shadows. That’s all well and good, but what if you are being hunted by one?

Trying to escape her past, Ari is working to atone for her actions and have a normal human life. The only problem with that? She isn’t human. Unlike most werewolves, she avoids as much contact with the supernatural world as possible, building a life for herself in the human world.

Until one day her past catches up with her, and she is forced to immerse herself in the supernatural world. Offered protection from the local wolf pack, she is forced to accept it, but nothing in the supernatural world comes for free.

For highly independent lone wolf Ari, this is her worst nightmare, especially as several Alpha males start vying for her affections. Ari will have to decide whether her independence is more important to her than her life.

Please note this is an 18+ reverse harem novel and may include triggers for some readers

Link to book

Healing others is killing her.

Kiema Feuer needs to disappear. Trapped by her parents so they can use her healing magic for their own purposes, Kiema is more prisoner than daughter. But when the cost of escape could mean her life, she’s willing to risk everything to gain her freedom.

Her one chance at freedom pits her against the sexy as sin Ransom Kolefni, a man with plans—and magic—of his own. With her window of escape quickly closing, she’s caught between following her heart or a slim chance of survival.

Will Kiema be able to trust the man who’s brought her to life? Or will she long for the days of imprisonment?

Don’t miss Caged Magic, the first of the Iron Serpent Series by Sadie Jacks. If you like sassy, sarcastic females, alpha males with heart, and alternate worlds filled with magic, then this Paranormal Romance will have you turning the pages! Come check it out!

This book leads to a Reverse Harem series

Link to book

A wolf with no claim. A disgrace to the wolves’ society. Never fit to be a mate for any wolf… Trash.
Elodie Masters knows she is too weak to escape her life as a pack slave, a wolf with no claim and overall blight to the wolves’ precious society. When her pack is attacked, Elodie should have run, but instead she is kept by the Alpha Brothers.
Ruthless. Cruel. Heartless brothers…or at least that’s what everyone says about them.
And they were right.
The brothers don’t want her as a mate; they claim she is too weak to be anything…but they won’t let her go.
Yet sometimes strength hides in the weak, and you don’t see it coming until it literally bites you back.

Dark RH Romance 18+ WARNING: Contains dark themes not for the faint of heart.

Link to book

This story has a trigger warning ⚠️

Fighting for her life for as long as she can remember. Treated like a freak for being a human in a family of supernaturals. All Mela has ever know is misery and darkness.

Life as she knows it may just take a turn for the better. With her bestie by her side and the entrance of four sexy men, things are not always as they seem as Mela uncovers some well kept secrets, and she may find a few surprises on her new path, maybe happiness will find her after all.

Full length Novel 42k words. Not 44 pages. Amazon shows 130 pages*

Link to book

Seventeen year old, Callie thought climbing out of her hell of abusive home life was going to be her biggest struggle, but it’s only the beginning. Starting over in a small nowhere town in Oregon with an aunt she didn’t know existed until a week ago, she makes five new guy friends that are each something otherworldly. Something supernatural– and they say she is too. As if high school wasn’t hard enough.

In this captivating and vivid, paranormal reverse harem, join Callie on her journey of healing from the horrors of her past, while discovering that the world is far weirder than she could’ve possibly imagined.


This book contains graphic violence, adult language, underage drinking, mild sexual content, and deals in sensitive issues such as abuse, suicide, and PTSD. Reader discretion is advised.

At over 90,000 words, Bound Spirit is a full-length novel, and The Bound Spirit Series is a 10 book series that will cross from young adult to new adult content. This is a slow-burn, friends to lovers romance that develops over multiple books.

Link to book

I refuse to be a pawn.
My father sees me as nothing more than a thing to trade for more wealth and power, but I’d rather die than live the life arranged for me.
I need to escape, and when a half-dead shifter climbs through my window, I may just have the perfect excuse. If this stranger is found, he’ll be slaughtered, but hiding him would spell my doom.
I’m not like my father. I can’t let this man die simply for what he was born as. We need to run, get him back to his pride, and hope I can convince them to hide me.
From the moment I was born, I was destined to run. I just pray I’m fast enough to outrun my fate.

This is a HEA Standalone, 18+ RH novel, which means our leading lady doesn’t need to choose between her love interests. While there are numbers attached to the series, it is simply because it is a shared universe. ANY books in this series, by either myself or Sterling, will be HEA standalones following a different group of people, but with fun cameo appearances.

Link to book

*** EDITED 03/03/21 ***

Crazy Psycho Ex? Check.
Massive Imprint Tattoo appearing and taking my total up to three now? Check.
Five deliciously gorgeous new guys at school and secrets galore? Check.

I have a feeling everything is about to change.

Sage is just done, done with the abuse that her mother puts her through daily, done with always being so alone and done with being one of the youngest humans to get an Imprint Tattoo. Only a small percentage of the human population over the age of eighteen ever receive one and they only appear when a soul changing event happens in that person’s life. Sage’s first one showed up when she was nine, yey for being weird.

She’s been fighting for so damn long and she’s just tired of it all. when she’s almost fully given up, hope comes in the arrival of five new guys at her crappy high school, the guys are shrouded in secrets but it’s not like she’s being completely honest with them either.

If Sage doesn’t let her fear control her, then she has the chance to be a part of something amazing but fate throws them all a curve ball when they realize that their lives are more intertwined than any of them could’ve imagined and as secrets about her past come to light and her psycho ex makes a reappearance she can’t help but find comfort in the five guys who give her hope.

This is a slow/ medium burn paranormal Reverse Harem.
Warnings: please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, memories of abuse from when she was a child, violence and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+.

All sex is consensual.

Link to book

I want to clarify that this one is a MFM, not RH. Just adding it as a bonus for the list requestor, because they need to read this deliciously dark read.

There’s something wrong with me. Something dark, something twisted. Daddy always said I could make even the holiest of men sin…and you know what? He was right.

After being stolen for five years, my life is not my own. It’s unrecognizable. A new house, a new family…even stepbrothers. I’m the face America has prayed for, but I don’t want to be. I was safe when I was away, and now that I’m back in Midpark, the monsters will come out and play.

Cruel. Vicious. Evil. Everyone sins, but some sins are worse than others. Some sins just can’t be forgiven, and it’s only when they enter my life that I realize this. Handsome and dangerous, Zane and Thorn make me question everything I thought I knew.

Maybe I could have a life. Maybe I can ignore the darkness inside and forget the terrors of my past. Maybe they could teach me what love really means, how to fight back against the bullies in my life.

Or maybe not. Maybe this new beginning is simply my ending.

Sins is a dark standalone novel, centering around a girl in high school who’s never had a good life. There is some bullying, along with mentions of abuse and graphic violence. This is also a MFM romance, so be warned.

Link to book

It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been granted a place at Vice College for Young Demons… It is our duty to remind all students that your attendance is government mandated and enforced.”

Vice College for Young Demons; It’s beautiful, elitist and filled to the brim with other demons Lilith’s age. All of them are stuck there waiting for the ten seconds of agony, called the Showing, that will sort them into one of the seven castes. And they’re all praying that they aren’t one of the unlucky few destined to be one of the powerless Unshown.

But when Lilith’s Showing happens, the crystal that appears on her body marks her as a degenerate Lust demon. And the icing on the cake? She grows horns.

Demons don’t grow horns. It’s supposed to just be a myth. But Lilith has, and in doing so she’s caught the eye of some powerful people who want her dead. Fortunately, she’s also got the attention of the Strange God, the demonic deity, and he’s decided to appoint seven men to protect her…

If she can find them first…

This is an 18+ Reverse Harem Novel, Book 1 of 4 in the Vice College for Young Demons series.

Link to book

Dean, Ryan, Oz, Nick and Justin — The Apex. Five of the most sought after shifter-familiars in the country. They’re already an unconventional pack of their own. A lion, two wolves and two dragons; witches everywhere would have given their right arm to bond them.

Held within the confines of the famed Adolphus Academy, where witches went to learn beast taming magic, their only hope of freedom was to challenge a witch strong enough to defeat their beasts.

Trapped until they are bonded, their future and sanity may just rest in the hands of a newly arrived first year student.

As the strongest witch they’d seen in generations, Melody had been bound by her Aunt Georgia in their once prestigious coven, forced to bond and break every shifter they could find. Along with them, she was subjected to cruelty and neglect.

Confined in abject misery, enslaved by a madwoman, Melody was unable to even imagine an end to their torture.

Yet fate and her aunt had other plans. At twenty-five, she was just coming into her majority, and Melody would be sent to Adolphus Academy, where she had to find and bond the members of The Apex. If she failed to do so, she would die. If she succeeded — they did.

How could Melody free these men, without enslaving them to another?

Warning, this is a dark reverse harem story with elements that may cause some readers distress, including but not limited to descriptions of physical abuse, neglect and death. Please consider carefully before purchasing. Not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Link to book

Most people don’t think about where they’re going to be when the world ends. On the beach drinking margaritas? In the arms of a lover?

How about in a shit-ass resort run by your shit-ass parents?

I have always lived my life as the perfect daughter. At seventeen, I had no other option than to follow my parents’ strict regiment. Did I mention that they’re assholes?

The world didn’t decide to suddenly end. Oh no, that would be too easy. Instead, it was a series of events that led to its eventual demise. Earthquakes, tornados, and a mysterious virus that turned people into raving lunatics. Fortunately for me, I have the help of seven handsome men to combat the coming storm. Literally.

Declan, an enigma from my past. Ryder, a flirty musician. Asher, the sweetest boy I had ever met and probably the only one that I don’t want to kick in the balls. Tamson, shy and timid, with a past I’m aching to uncover. Ronan, my sarcastic leprechaun. Fallon, the stoic leader. And, finally, Calax (but he doesn’t really matter because I kind of hate him and want him to fall on his head and die).

I will have to learn to rely on these boys and myself if we’re going to survive the apocalypse.

This is a slow-burn reverse harem series.

Warning: This book deals with sensitive issues such as abuse, rape, and suicide that some readers may find triggering. Reader discretion is advised.

Link to book


  1. This is truly my favorite list you’ve made so far…I love reading the stories with healing and recovery/comfort, especially if the harem is super protective (and maybe a little bit psychotic). If you made more lists like this one…I would be eternally grateful

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