April Reverse Harem Release Calendar

Hello Lovlies! Welcome to the April Reverse Harem Release Calendar. Below you will find this months new releases by date, followed by the book cover, blurb, and direct link(s) to the book. This month I have added secondary links on the books that are “next in series” that way you can go to the first book in the series if the blurbs listed below sound like something you want to check out. If I see m/m or f/f in the blurb, I will make those bold for those interested. All blurbs, photos, and links are verbatim from the original source on Amazon.

Not23e: All dates are tentative and subject to change like underwear. Live releases: if I find them, I shall post the information available.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

I am their love, their life: Inamorata. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the vampire race will accept me as one of their own. They’d rather see me bleed.

This prophecy is becoming a real pain in the ass.

My mother was murdered because of it. My hive of four gorgeous vampires has cheated death more than once trying to protect me. As for me, I’m just doing the best I can to survive while juggling a sadistic cult who wants me dead—which just happens to be led by my lover’s ex-wife—an old book proclaiming that I’m the key to killing all vampires where they stand, and four immortal mates bound to me with a connection so strong it’s more like an addiction.

But with time running out and powerful vampires getting closer to succeeding in their deadly mission to kill us all, our powers may not be sufficient—we may need another specialist. But that means I have to invite him into our hive and possess him as I have the others.

One thing’s for sure: When you want a job done right, sometimes it takes a hunter.

The Born of Darkness series is high heat reverse harem paranormal romance with a badass female hunter-witch hybrid, her five fated alpha vampire mates, and come-hither MFMMMM scenes. Why choose?

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Five demigods.

Two Queens.

One purpose.

There once was a land of peace and wealth, two sister cities united in one kingdom. Now there are hateful eyes and hearts full of pride. The War of Raquovia is upon the land, testing every beating heart that calls it home.

Risle, Brathos, Merek, Dican, and Ronan stand as the demigods that will fight and fight to the death. They give their bleeding hearts and their lives to save their home; the land favored by the gods and the land that still holds their powers. But they can only succeed together.

All is not what it seems. Will the war destroy their bond and their kingdom forever?

This book is recommended for 18+ and is book 3 of 4 in the War of Raquovia series and is a slow-burn, reverse harem series

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Okay, so I’m a demigoddess. Now what?

Finding out who my mother is hasn’t made life any easier.

And it certainly hasn’t made things any clearer with my love life. It was bad enough, thinking I might have to choose between three hot shifters.

Throw an incubus and a vampire into the mix, and what’s a woman to do?

As I keep looking for more understanding in this new supernatural world I live in, I do the only thing that makes sense—I date all of them. All while trying to figure out just who is messing with my destiny and taking away my choices.

This is book three of six in the Midnight Huntress series. This is a romance where the female main character has more than one love interest.

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Audrey Slater is one of the Union’s top bounty hunters. She works alone, she only takes red file assignments, and she has a perfect reputation.
So does Audrey’s new partner, Sydney. Sydney is cold, angry, and not happy to be working with someone. Too bad the decision wasn’t either of their choices; it came straight from the Union’s board.
The assignment itself? Find a rogue group of criminals operating across the worlds. They keep a low profile, low enough that the Union had to assign their two best members to work the job. The whole thing is a secret- Audrey and Sydney are supposed to solve this quietly and without any fuss.
The run-along that lives outside of Sydney’s house is definitely stalking Audrey and the ongoing assignment. He turns up in other worlds where the pair are trying to find their targets. He might be able to help, though.
The further into the assignment Audrey dives, the more unsure she is. What exactly did this group do to bring down the Union’s wrath? Why did they swear that the Union is lying? Why aren’t there any reports on the group? Why is the assignment so much harder than it was supposed to be?

This is a reverse harem. Audrey has… three… or four love interests.

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My whole life, all I wished for was a best friend and a boyfriend who treated me like a princess.

Well for me, living in a small community where everyone knows everyone. And everyone knew me as the “annoying” girl, it was hard for me to get even one of those wishes.
But when new girl Lexi Turner strolled into English class and sat next to me. My wish finally came true.
For the first time, in eighteen years. Me. Ada Stephens, had a best friend.

Lexi wasn’t a regular new girl who blended into the background. No, she was turning every male head in the high school, especially the Kiba boys. Ugh… they were so hot and knew it.
But they didn’t hold a flame to Saint Wood. He graduated last year and I never stopped crushing… how could you.
He was Saint-freaking-Wood.

Now I had the bestie, I was just missing the one other thing I wished for.

Only… I think I wished a little too hard.

But not everything is what it seems. The Kiba boys held secrets… ones I shouldn’t have known.

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You know that feeling when you die inside? Well, I just did when Everly disappeared into the night.


My heart pounds. My soul dies. I pray that I can save her, or my life will be worthless.


Life moves in slow motion, but when her eyes latch onto mine, I see fear that I never want to see again.



This is a RH Dark Contemporary Academy Romance. Involves dark scenes such as violence, sex trafficking. This is all fake and comes from my warped imagination. This is for readers of 18+.

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Nowhere is safe.
I slipped through the City’s net, but they won’t underestimate me again.

My first baby dragons are bouncing around the nursery. But there’s no such thing as maternity leave when the world’s fate is in my hands. This castle is the safest place for my firstborns… unless the Dragonkeep falls again. I might have won my battle in the City, but now the war is coming to my home.

Villagers from my lands have sought refuge behind the castle walls, as have the feral dragons I freed from the City. Keeping them all safe is up to me and my five dragon mates, and I’ll have to rule the very elements to defend the keep.

King Emil has sent a whole army. There’s only six of us. It’s time to roar until the earth trembles.

Shattered Clay is the fourth book in The Fae Dragon’s Harem, a paranormal reverse harem FMMMMM series containing MM scenes. Book 5, Bliss Evermore, is the final book in the series and is due to be released on May 1st, 2021. So scroll up and preorder now, and dive into a whole new world of magic, danger, and passion… and a bunch of dragons who are hotter than molten lava.

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They tell you not to play with your food…

Eat Your Heart Out, brought to you by New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors, a food inspired romance anthology with all the proceeds being donated to The Hunger Project.

Roll up your sleeves, grab your forks and knives, and feast on this eclectic collection of 20 fun short story romances. From paranormal, to sci-fi, to contemporary, there’s something tasty for everyone!

Includes stories by:

Lacey Carter Andersen

Christy Anderson & Gwyn McNamee

Linzi Basset

Erin Bedford

Margo Bond Collins

L.A. Boruff and Lia Davis

Anna-Violetta Carsini & Lorri Moulton

M.C. Cerny

Laura Greenwood

Mia Harlan

Jessalyn Jameson

Skye MacKinnon

TB Mann

K. R. Max

Kate Rudolph

Rachel A Smith

Liza Street

Arizona Tape

Jade Waltz

Edeline Wrigh

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Revenge. Torture. Hate. No good men live in this city. Only bad men and worse—and those who are worse will get what’s coming to them, even if I have to die trying.

You know my name by now. I never was an angel, and I plan on proving that again before death catches up with me. I’ve killed countless, and before this thing is over, I’ll kill more. I’ll destroy them all.

The Bloody Princess wants me to kill the remaining Luciano sons, but what she doesn’t know is they have my heart, as violent as it is. Maddox, Sylvester, even Viper—I will become their instrument of vengeance. No one will touch them. I will burn this city down if I have to, even if it means I’ll be caught in the blaze.

I never feared death. I’ve searched for it all my life. The Night Slayer is about to go head-to-head with the new head of the DeLuca family. I wish I could say she’s a worthy opponent… but that b*tch has no idea just how brutal and crazy I can be.

No one threatens me or my guys.

Violent Heart is the third and final book in the A Death So Sweet trilogy. It is an RH/Why Choose series, which means multiple love interests. Expect multiple steamy scenes, along with graphic violence and torture.

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Contract killer. Adopted daughter. Sarcastic soul.

There are a lot of things to call me, but most just call me Rogue.

A name feared by the truly unforgivable who betray The Gambit, our leader King, and our extensive criminal network. After all, I may run the hitmen for the crew, but I personally only take on those who deserve it. I do have some morals left.

When I’m tracked down by a security team that wants me on their side, it’s an easy choice to unite and attempt to take down their corrupt bosses, and mine, too. So long as they’re willing to help me in return.

Let’s just hope we don’t become the pawns in a game none of us were prepared to play.

The Secrets We Keep is a full-length (86,000 word) novel and is book one of a planned trilogy in the Maven of Mayhem series. It ends on a cliffhanger so please be forewarned. This is a contemporary reverse harem romance/suspense series, meaning our leading lady has three or more love interests and does not have to choose between them to find her happily ever after. This book contains violence and past trauma in flashbacks as well as some steamy scenes.

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The first standalone in the Otherverse Epic Fantasy series!

Blood, iron and chains… Death, desperation and grief… This is my new reality. This darkness that eats me up from the inside out. When I woke up in this strange place with the memory of glowing red eyes in the shadows, I just knew I was never going home again. I fought my way out of one prison only to be bound again, this time to three creatures who claim I belong to them. Who claim I have a job to do.

I’m just a broken woman who’s never felt a loving touch, and all I want is to claw my way out of this nightmare. But the world I once knew no longer exists and turning a blind eye would mean the end of so many lives. The choice I have to make isn’t simple, and it’s going to be bloody.

This is a reverse harem, why choose, PNR romance with heavy triggers, violence and sexual content not suitable for anyone under 18.

Disclaimer: Throne of Crimson was previously published as a short story under the author’s pen name, KM Raya, titled: The Witching Hour. It has been entirely rewritten as a full length novel as part of a three book series of standalones and has very little resemblance to the original source material.

This can be read as a standalone, however, this is Book One in an ongoing series in the Otherverse featuring a different cast of characters and a few familiar faces.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

The goddess has jokes. It seems I’m at the end of her latest one. I’ve been notified that I have three mates I must find, and if I can’t complete my circuit, it’s not too big of a deal. It’s just that, well, the Night might eat my soul. So, the fact that one of my mates doesn’t want me, and that I don’t know who the last one is, isn’t too worrisome. Do I really need my soul?

The Night has jokes, too. Should I trust the bond that he created between me and his son? Or will his epic play end on his terms?

Anyone have a breathmint?

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Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my new reality.

Sure, my skills were more than enough to ensure my acceptance into the Elite Warriors–my badassery was never in question.

However, I didn’t expect to be told that I was a weapon, forged by the goddesses themselves, to protect the balance between darkness and light. Oh, and I certainly didn’t predict the gift of six sworn guardians—six incredibly powerful, god-level-attractive, possessive guardians.

The kicker?

In order to become the weapon foretold, I will need to bond with each one.

Sounds fun right?

Well let me assure you, after only meeting four of them, they are proving to be more than I can handle, and I’ve not even met the final two.

The fifth has been imprisoned for the past two decades, tortured by the rebel force, and the sixth, is the man he needs saving from.

Will my soul ever be complete, or will I always remain The Broken Vessel?

Author Note

The Broken Vessel is the second book in The Chronicles of Luna Moon series. This medium-burn reverse harem romance is intended for readers 18 years and over. It contains strong language, violence, sex, and torture… Basically, if you are related to me, please do not read this book. If such material offends you, I also request that you please join my family and not read this book.

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Three brothers, twin baby boys, one temporary nanny. How could this possibly go wrong?

I remembered the day that I met them in the only diner River Falls had to offer back then. Tired, dirty, looking like they had been to hell and back. And their twin baby boys had looked even worse.

Being a nanny at twenty had never crossed my mind, not when I had a goal to see every US State. But my heart had bled for them, these widowed cowboys, all of them still grieving their wife, so I had accepted their job offer and a place to stay.

I promised them three weeks of my time, looking after their house and their boys until they could find a replacement nanny. I never promised them my heart, but somehow I ended up giving it to them anyway.

This is a sweet, slow burn reverse harem which is a prequel to a future series. It contains smoking hot cowboys, 80’s slang term and pop culture, gorgeous baby boys, and an FMC with a little bit of OCD when it comes to the keeping of a house.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Live by his rules or die by them…

The city fell. Help never came. Now our lives depend on playing by Dominic’s punishing rules. But the icy-cold sergeant’s brutal tactics and questionable motives make him just as dangerous as the monsters outside.

Even worse, my visceral attraction to Dominic and a deadly shifter is pushing Reed further into insanity. His bouts of amnesia and animalistic rages may force me to make a soul-shattering choice—love or survival?

*Expect a badass heroine and swoon-worthy beasts who’ll have to learn to share*

Disclaimer: contains sensitive content—high steam, violence, cursing, drug abuse, PTSD, and scenes with possessive shifters who use their powers to get what they want—some may find triggering.

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My teacher is trying to kill me…

My mates and I are on the run while trying to figure out why our professor wants me dead. Not exactly the punishment I expected for botching an assignment.

To get our happy end on a luxury resort planet, we may have to do the one thing I don’t want my mates to do: abduct another alien.
When the abductee becomes the abductor, something is seriously wrong with the universe.

The third and final part of Trish and her mates’ story, a steamy reverse harem romance.

If you want sexy aliens who will protect their mate at all cost, a sassy female who doesn’t need protecting, plus every single alien abduction trope imaginable, scroll up and read this book today. Beware, you may be abducted at any moment, so don’t waste time.

In the same series:

Alien Abduction for Beginners
Alien Abduction for Professionals
Alien Abduction for Experts
Alien Abduction for Beginners: Christmas Assignment
Alien Abduction for Pirates (in the Captured and Captivated anthology)

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I thought it was true love. Matthew provided my chaotic life with stability and balance.
We were high school sweethearts. Heh, what was I thinking? Our life was bliss until we were married, then it all went downhill.
I escaped, hoping that landing in West City to begin searching for my birth parents would provide me with some control over my life. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
West City had secrets, including but not limited to Ezra and his equally alluring brothers. That’s right, triplets!
They were tall, dark, handsome, and tattooed with a side of danger. The brothers owned the town, and their sights were on me, an addict with skeletons of my own.
I may have gotten more than I bargained for, but there was no turning back now.

18+ This is a Dark Reverse Harem Romance featuring triplets with drug use triggers and is themed around a gang.

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Stranded. Hunted. Tempted.

When Jake and I jumped into Talon, I intended to come right back. That was before I learned what King Bryant does to humans he kidnaps here—and that to stop him, I must become prey myself.

Now Cassis and I must go undercover as human slaves into the mines. Except something about the vampire is different here in Talon. He’s darker, more violent… more bloodthirsty. And he wants nothing to do with me. Not even when we’re trapped in the same underground cell, not even when the heat between us spirals out of control, making me hungry for things I never even imagined.

Yet what Cassis or I want might not matter. We aren’t alone in our hunt. Bryant has opened another portal to a world called Lunos and we may run out of time before learning whether it’s friends or foes who are coming through.

LAST CHANCE WORLD is a full-length dark reverse-harem paranormal romance. This is the fourth and last book in IMMORTALS OF TALONSWOOD, a series from Amazon’s top-100 author Alex Lidell. With hot shifter-fae, delicious vampires, and one lone witch, Talonswood isn’t your normal reform school.

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The title “Queen of the Labyrinth” doesn’t come with a crown. It comes with a bright red target on my back.

There’s a hit list circulating the prison offering up large sums of cash for our deaths—me and all of my men. Assassins, serial killers, and murderers… They’re all coming out of the woodwork to collect their prize.

Even a queen and her kings can’t fight off an entire army.

Escape is our only option if we want to survive.

No one has ever made it out of the Labyrinth alive, not with the deadly traps and cold-blooded monsters roaming the tunnels.

And if that isn’t enough, we also have new challenges to contend with—mysterious voices, a door that likes to disappear, and a new guy with interesting abilities trying to insert himself into our lives.

Either we die as shunned royalty…

Or we die fighting for our lives.

This time around, I think we might actually leave Nightmare Penitentiary in body bags.

This is the 130,000 word sequel to Blindly Indicted. You must read Blindly Indicted in order to understand this book. This contains strong language, sexual situations, and a reverse harem romance.

The men in this book are all hardened criminals and extreme alphas who will do anything and everything for the woman they love. If you don’t like your men a little psychotic and blood-thirsty—or a female painfully naïve and innocent who develops an inner strength and softness—then this isn’t the book for you.

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he seals are cracking. Hell will follow after, and I’m caught in the middle.

Everyone says I’m cursed. My father would’ve used the word evil. That’s his excuse for being so strict, at any rate. Little does he know how right he is. I might look like a good girl on the outside, but deep down I’m really not.

I carry the mark on my hand to prove it.

But being good means not getting in trouble at school or he’ll take it out on me. I am barely allowed to hang out with my friends, and they’re starting to resent it. The safe and stable life I’ve been forced into is falling apart.

Then my stepbrother moves in.

Suddenly, being good doesn’t seem so important. He makes friends with the local bad boys, and being around them feels like exactly where I belong. The problem is that Dad is having none of it. They’re trouble, I’m supposed to be good, and the only one suffering here is me.

I’m going to have to choose what matters most. Is it the years I’ve spent with my best friend? The boyfriend who’s my escape from this insanity? Or maybe it’s the three guys who finally make me feel alive – even with all the secrets they keep.

Secrets that I’m stuck in the middle of.
Secrets that prove I’m so much worse than I thought.
Secrets that are tied directly to the scar on my hand.

Still of the Night is a complete slow burn paranormal romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose between her love interests.

Some aspects may be triggering for some readers. Includes stepbrother romance, an abusive parent, a parent lost to cancer, incidences of domestic violence, bullying, and plenty of teen awkwardness.

Book 1 of 4 – Release scheduled – April 2, 2021

A joint writing project between Auryn Hadley and Kitty Cox, we’ve teamed up under a combined pseudonym, Cerise Cole.

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It was only supposed to be one night … until they decided they couldn’t let me go.

Dex, Cody, Darren, and Taylor dug their way into my heart on one cold winter night. Now, years later, we’re practically inseparable.

Spring break was supposed to be our first real vacation together. A cruise with all the sun and fun a girl could ask for. That is … until Dex’s family crashes the party.

I hate hiding my relationship with all of the guys almost as much as Dex’s mother so obviously hates me. There’s no way I’m going to let her or Dex’s nosy brother drive a wedge between us.

I came to play, but now I might lose it all.

This Volume Contains the Following Titles:
Spring Break: A Steamy Contemporary Reverse Harem
Lucky Break: A Steamy Contemporary Reverse Harem

This is a MMMMF romance. If that offends you, we do not recommend purchasing or downloading this book.
This title contains sexual situations

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Mal is no longer a Fixer but the Queen of two of Laddenworn’s kingdoms Redd and Hart. Although the Bloody Reign has ended, Wonderland has not been set free.
Because, Wonderland does not exist right now. Mal and her men are trapped inside a toxic fairy tale, made dark and bloody by the infection of another. Their biggest problem now is figuring out what triggered Wonderland’s break and right it.
However, there are questions left unanswered and mysteries left to solve. What happened to the original Queens of Wonderland? Where is Wyat’s kindle? Where is the looking-glass? How to cure Madness? And although Redd and Hart are in fact dead – Mal beheaded them herself – where is the new threat coming from?
For there is a new threat. The Dark Ones are turning Silence into a horror show. Every victim, animal, person, or unnamed, are left a rotted shell covered in the black clutches of a painful death. But who holds the reins of the Dark Ones?

**This is a new four book series following the Chronicles of Blood. A new adult, reverse harem, dark romance novel with a ‘why choose’ ending, meaning the main character gets a happily ever after with more than one man. It contains magic, demons, shifters, nonsense, explicit sex scenes, blood, murder. There are references to past emotional abuse. This is a MMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman (although there is some MM and MMF in here, too).

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Shadow monsters, evil relatives, and a bodice that cuts into her boobs—in Avery’s opinion, the faerie realm isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Supposedly, it was Avery’s fate to journey to the Evermist. Here, she’s regarded as a legend and everyone has expectations of her, including her three guardians.

While she hadn’t expected an amusement park full of little girls in princess dresses, Avery also hadn’t expected to be scared at every turn. But the Evermist is full of cruel monsters and terrifying shadows.

As Avery navigates her new role, her deepening relationship with her guardians, and a wardrobe full of beautiful-yet-uncomfortable dresses, she’ll have to make a choice that will have repercussions worlds away. What weighs more in the eyes of the gods? The fate of a girl…or the fate of the world?

The second book in the Lost Siren series, Lullaby of Death is a steamy reverse harem adventure that will take you far from the familiar and into a magical yet macabre land.

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My name is Lya Vanderhall, and I should be on top of the world right now. I have a successful tech company with three gorgeous men by my side: Zep Cunningham, Thiago Alves, and Rian Priestly. But two things stand in my way.

The tall, dark, and handsome, Greyson Nash, is slowly working his way into my heart. You would think with three men I wouldn’t fall for his charms. Apparently not.

Not to mention, threats are coming from all angles as I search for my twin sister Lainey. She was taken away from me when we were only twelve years old. I will do anything to find her.

I hope I can find the answers I’m looking for before it’s too late…

Love in Sight is a standalone, but Lainey’s story will continue in Love Triggered.

ATTN Readers: This book is best read by going in blind, but you should be warned that there may or may not be a typical HEA.

WARNING: this book may contain triggering content such as: explicit sexual conduct, violence, foul language, and content pertaining to human trafficking.

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Part air spirit, part water. She was the illegitimate heir they tormented for sport. Until she made them pay.
Vestra Rhygaard never liked the sylph court. Maybe it was the corsets and the vicious nobles. Perhaps it was how her father, the king, never gave her anything beyond a callous glance.

Or maybe it was that time someone tried to murder her.

When she’s knocked out, stolen from the woods, and taken to a foreign castle, Vestra decides to stick around and hear what they have to say.

She didn’t expect to fall for them. The roguish prince, his laid-back best friend, and even the brute who kidnapped her all worked their way into her heart. And when she’s forced to leave them to fulfill her duty, she’ll reign terror down on those who refuse to obey her.

She’ll be their Queen. Their Mad Queen.
This is a full-length, medium-burn, standalone, why choose novel with steam, vengeance, and a HEA.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

‘Wives wanted for three hardworking cowboys’

Homeless, jobless, and mourning the loss of her grandmother, Ellie is desperate enough to do something no sane, self-respecting woman would think of: she decides to take a chance on an alluring, old-fashioned advert for a modern-day mail-order bride in the heart of the Montana wilderness.

Except, when she arrives, it seems she’s not the only woman who dreams of hot cowboys.
The competition for the men’s attention is fierce and Ellie can’t even decide which of the brothers she likes best – sexy, domineering Cody, thoughtful, romantic Syrus, or the fun-loving Ezra who always makes her laugh.

The only thing she knows for sure is that the other women want her gone and it’s starting to look like they’ll do anything to make that happen…

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

One Bride for Seven Brothers: The Last Brothers

Samuel and Dean intend to share her, Jane Dixon detests her, and Ed Stryker plans to kill her. In the stirring conclusion to the One Bride series, Flora McCown will have to decide: How many husbands do I keep?

It took a 77,000-word, full-length novel to complete the saga! Please note that it has been priced accordingly. This is not a sweet, inspirational or Christian romance. If you’re seeking a traditional romance, this is not the book for you! This story contains adult situations, adult language and is recommended for mature readers only.

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The Elementi Knights have survived their first encounter with the Dark Lord, and one of his members of the Dark Army. They are now coming to the realization they are the only thing standing in the way of the dangers that are unraveling around them. The Day-Brite serum is missing and the Dark Lord is using it to build his army whose purpose is still unknown. It seems the more they learn the more questions they have.

Returning to Ryevick after the holidays, they continue their investigation into the stolen serum and what it might do in the hands of their enemies. Lailah is brought deeper into the fold of the Elementi and their knowledge of the demonic world around them. She has a lot of catching up to do and not a lot of time to manage it as the Dark Army makes its first move against the Elementi.

Are the Elementi Knights ready for the unknown dangers they are walking into? Is Lailah strong enough to fight being demon tainted long enough to Bond with her men? Only the heaven’s know.

This is a whychoose romance where the leading lady does not have to pick between her men. This is an 18+ book that has sex, language, and paranormal violence. Book three out of six.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

They say that death is the end, but for me it was only the beginning. 

It was a gateway to the answers that I’d been searching for, but it was also a doorway that led to more questions than I could have ever dreamed of. 

As I navigate the murky waters of the afterlife I’m forced to analyze what it meant to be alive, and hopefully make it out the same way. 

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I never expected to fall in love.
And with not just one man…
But SEVEN filthy rich and hunky…drillers. At least that’s what they told me.

Sasha Snow
I was sent to Iceland on behalf of Mirror, Mirror Inc. as a scientist.
Unfortunately, my jealous and evil manager, Queenie was there with me, and she literally turned this magnificent journey into hell.
The only thing that made me feel better was Hunter Davis, my handsome co-worker, was gonna be there too.
But what I didn’t know, was that on this isolated island, there lived seven even stronger and sexier men.
Dan, Graham, Harry, Seth, Bash, Stevie and Jim.
Rough, rugged, and wild, their bodies were to die for and they were all ready to share.
The question was: was I ready to handle seven giant…um, drills?

Snow and the Seven Men is a reverse harem romance with a fairy tale twist, with seven protective alpha male. No cheating or cliffhangers, and a Happily Ever After guaranteed.

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Sage and her men are finally on the way to the academy to unbind her powers but before she’s even got there things are going wrong at least it means she makes one hell of an entrance when they finally do arrive. She was expecting a bit of hostility and competition, what she wasn’t expecting was the Order they pose a much more serious and deadly threat, one that Sage is right at the heart of.

Whilst navigating the muddied waters of the academy, unsure who they can really trust, Sage and her men still manage to find time for each other, even though things seem to get a bit fiery around them now, literally! Nothing goes to plan but it does make for one hell of a ride. The supernatural world aren’t ready for Sage and her men. Here’s hoping that they’re ready for the Supernatural world.
There’s no turning back now!

This is a slow/ medium burn paranormal Reverse Harem.
Warnings: please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, memories of abuse from when she was a child, violence and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+.

All sex is consensual.

Link to book 2

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While the battle to save the magical world of Shadoewynne continues, an unknown darkness has spread like an infection, and no one is safe.

During the fight, one of my men has become tainted. Deals must be made, but what will I have to give up for his life?

Can you put a price on that?

So much is resting on my shoulders to save the realm and everyone I love.

I must be willing to give up everything I have, everything we could ever have.

But am I ready to make the necessary sacrifice to make that happen?

I have to be.

Author’s note: Previously published as “The Darkness of Shadoewynne”

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I date emotionally unavailable guys. You heard me right. Give me the guys who are just looking for a good time or the ones who say they love you and ghost you the next day. I date them all. Why, you ask? So I won’t fall in love with them.

But Gray, why wouldn’t you want to fall in love, you’ll ask. Why would I want to? I’ve been betrayed and hurt so badly that I never want to deal with the complications love brings with it.

Why would I want to be in love when I was rejected by my wolf mate and the one guy I could love is my best friend’s brother? Even his magical abilities can’t change the fact that he’s off limits.

Of course, there’s the sexy funeral director who seems interested in me, though I could be reading too much into the things. The last thing I want to do is embarrass myself and add him to my list of businesses I can never go into again.

Though I’m happy working for Dahlia as a tattoo artist at Lady Blue Tattoo, I’m afraid of what will happen when my past and my dangerous pack catches up with me.

Will I be strong enough to fight for what I want or will I do what I’ve always done and run?

Misty is an Steamy RH Paranormal Romance / Fantasy Romance in Silver Skates / Silver Springs shared universe.

Each story can be read independently. Scroll up to read Misty, a Silver Skates / Silver Springs Library romance today!

Link to book 12 in Silver Skates standalone series

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

The “Big One” hit hard, creating chaos far worse than anyone could have predicted. My parents’ home was swallowed into a gaping maw, deep in the ground, or so I thought…until I opened my eyes.

Imagine my shock when I discover three suns and two moons, hanging in the violet sky—yes, sky—not some gravesite for sunken houses demolished during earthquakes.

Landing in an alien landscape was bad enough, but when I learn the way home requires stealing a magical emerald from a dangerous fanged creature and delivering it to an unpredictable sorcerer, things go from bad to worse. Forgive the cliché.

From the Yellow Brick Road, to the three companions I find along its winding, blood-splattered path, my reality begins to resemble a popular fairy tale I watched as a kid.

Only my OZ isn’t the same OZ I remember from our TV screen. It is a prison planet and the final address for dangerous criminals banished by their own galaxies’ governments. And as far as I can tell, there are no ruby slippers.

I have no choice but to trust Lornand, the golden lion shifter; Strax, the sexy alien dependent on robotics; and Trophus, the space pirate, if I want to survive and escape.

But nothing for me is ever simple. Somewhere along the Yellow Brick Road, my three protectors steal my heart, and returning to earth becomes less important when a fourth, unlikely ally joins our relationship.

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

I’m certain now Dorothy’s heel-clicking mantra was all wrong because my heart is convinced that home is wherever my four mates reside.

Falling Into OZ is a fast-burn (short story, after all) reverse harem romance that was originally published in the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night Collection, which is no longer available on any reading platform. This story is based on Wizard of Oz and takes place in the same world as the upcoming Vamp Camp Series. A new, super-extended epilogue and various updates have been added; unavailable in the collection version.

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Adie’s dreams of living a quasi normal life among humans has gone up in smoke. She’s no longer the new succubus with dreams of owning a bakery. She’s changed, and so has the world around her. Can she pick up the pieces and find a new path?

Part 2 of Succubus Reborn.

Link to book 45

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Book 2 in the Raven Brothers series by internationally best-selling author, KT Strange.

Lacey finally turned up. With a knife in her back. Actually.

And now, I have more questions than ever. Who hurt her? Why are the guys so intense around me all the time? I can’t turn around without Grady, Beau, or Kyron being right there, staring at me like they’re drowning and I’m a life ring.

It’s… a lot.

And my body is getting weaker. I can feel it, every day, that the end is coming.

Is it so wrong that before I die, I want to have a little fun?

Is it?

I don’t think so…

But hopefully the mysteries of Fallen Mountain won’t get between me and my dying wishes… to be ravished by the three strong, wild men of Raven Brothers.

Book 2 in the Raven Brothers series by internationally best-selling author, KT Strange.

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Get This Book Collection Of Hot Shifter Romance Adventures

In this collection you will find:

Captured by the Dragons
Nobody really ever loved me.
That all changed when I was rescued by a tribe of dragon shifters.
Now I’m being courted by three of the most gorgeous, powerful dragons I’ve ever seen.
But they want something from me that I’m not sure I’m willing to give them.

Lion’s Mate
Two alpha males fighting to be top dog (cat?) and willing to protect me if I joined their pride…and mate.
Leo and Jackson are both big, protective, hard-hitting – totally my type.
But uncomplicated?
Just like every other guy in my life?
I guess I’ll find out.

Wolf’s Mate
I’ve always been a good girl, a sheltered girl.
The one time I decide to let go and live a little, something terrible happens.
I get saved by two wolf shifters, but they want something in return.
They want a good girl to break the rules.
But, can she?

Rescued by Shifters is a collection of standalone paranormal romances by Lilly Wilder with a HEA and NO cheating!

Mixed genre Link to box set


We’re getting close to solving the puzzles in the Will, but now the past of the Keystones is coming back to haunt them.

Not only that, if we don’t solve the Will, one of us, or all of us will die.

**HOUSE Series is a New Adult/College Reverse Harem, Why Choose Contemporary Romantic Thriller. This is a steamy, high-heat series with twists and turns.

Link to book 5

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When I left Earth behind, I had no idea what I was in for.

That quickly changes. On board a spaceship headed to the Intergalactic Federation training facility on Agus, Ensign Danec shows me a side of life I never dreamed of. A life amongst the stars.

Engineer Slek gets my pulse racing at warp speed. Even Commander J’avet, who seems to hate my guts, gets me all hot under my nurse’s uniform.

Just when I’m learning to really live, someone wants us all dead, and they’ll destroy a whole planet to do it.

Warning, this is a reverse harem with adult situations and language, and weird alien—ahem—appendages.

One click to start the new series readers of sci-fi romance love.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Ashes all around me, but from them we will rise.

A second year begins at the Academy, and I don’t know what to make of it. Familiar faces come with familiar questions and glances, and those I can deal with.

It’s the new faces that worry me. I see the same expression I had when I first showed up here a year ago. There’s hope, but also fear.

And then there are the dreams…

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning is proud to bring you this Reverse Harem Academy Romance serial, packed with all the action, intrigue and great chemistry you can handle!

Link to book 26

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Three things I know about love:
1.It’s complicated.
2.It’s confusing.
3.It’s endless.

It was determination that pulled me through the portal but love that met me on the other side. Now, armed with my men and an army of paranormal, we began planning for what was inevitable, an attack from the witch Greta. Though we were prepared, nothing could have equipped us for the challenge ahead. Was love worth the risks? We were about to find out, even if it shattered our hearts in the process.

**Retribution is book four in the Keeping Liberty Series and a why choose/reverse harem book. It contains language and situations suitable for 18+. Current or previous books in this series contain M/M, inappropriate humor and/ or language. Retribution is the conclusion of the series. **

Link to book 4

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Fate always has a plan for us. Even if we’re not always ready for it.
So, buckle up buttercups because this is my story.

All I wanted was a normal night out with my bestie. A few measly hours away from our troubles before we’re shoved back into a cruel reality for the foreseeable future. But, apparently, that was too much to ask for, because I happen to stumble into men who claim to be my fated mates.

And yeah, they’re hot as sin, but now I’m being thrust into a world that I know absolutely nothing about. They tell me I’m a magic user, a weaver, specifically, and that I was born this way. The strangest thing about it all is, I believe them. My instincts have never led me astray, and I’m being led directly into their arms. Even the brooding asshole who can’t stand me.

When one of the Elite attempts to throw a knife into the side of my head, I quickly find out their world is rife with danger and corruption. I’ve got enemies coming at me from the shadows and the light. Forcing me to deal with more mysteries than answers.

Luckily, I’ve got the guys, who say they will protect me at all costs, but will that be enough to keep me safe? Doubtful.

Good thing, I know how to fend for myself.

I’m Sadie Sinclair and trouble follows me like smoke to beauty, but I don’t like to be toyed with.

Will I be able to dodge the magical shitstorm heading my way?

Guess we’ll find out.

Marked by Night is a full-length paranormal romance novel. It ends on a cliffhanger and contains other themes that some readers may find triggering.

Link to book

“Do you believe in the butterfly effect?”

There comes a time in your life when you’re faced with a choice. One that has the potential to alter the course of your life. I answered my mother’s call that day and everything changed.

The path I chose was a turnpike masquerading as a meadow, and the tolls I paid have been grave.

So I made a promise to myself that I will have my vengeance.

And with my dark Irish gods at my side, I will wreak havoc on everyone who had a hand in the destruction of the girl I used to be.

I was remade in the cabin in the woods. And I was forged in the warehouse fire. And like a phoenix, I will rise anew.

By the time I’m done, my path will be littered with the heads of my enemies.
But not before I claim what’s rightfully mine.

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This is not how I saw this trip to Sunset Peak Colorado going at all.
Now instead of deciding whether my mates should die or not,
I’m trying to decide who exactly is trying to kill me.

Whatever it takes though, I will protect what’s mine,
even if that includes my asshole mates.
Because whether I want them or not,
they are still mine to deal with and
no one is taking that right from me.

Being an assassin has always had its risks,
but when someone comes after my flesh and blood, it’s on.
Better hope you have good life insurance,
because Umbra is coming for you.

Reckoning is the second in a duet PNR/UF Reverse Harem romance. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 due to language, sexual situations, and violence. There is MM in this book which means swords will be crossing. There are things in here that people might find triggering.

Link to book 2

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One little lie.
Now I second guess everything.
This is no way to live.

It’s time to uncover the truth, once and for all. Tennyson said it’s better to have loved and lost it than to have never loved at all. Well, that man clearly overestimated the amount of pain and suffering I could tolerate.

The more I discover, the more uncertain I am of everything my life has become in Arlington Park. As the lies and deception reveal themselves, I have to make a choice. Protect myself, my father, or the guys. There’s no perfect answer, but living in this limbo is taking its toll.

It’s time to take action, I’m just not sure who will be left at my side at the end.

Betrayed by Your Love is the ninth book in the Arlington Park series, a slow-burn reverse harem romance.

Link to book 9

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The pressure on Paige is increasing as she realizes the Coresh Accord is actually going to come to fruition very soon. She’s got mixed feelings about it all, but she does know that it’s inevitable and is trying to mentally prepare herself. She’s also finding it hard to split her time between her friends and the three super-sexy supes who want to claim her. As her relationship with the three begins to ramp up and become deeper, Paige realizes she’s just as much in love with them as they are with her.

Once the spell is complete, what will happen to Paige and her hot supes? Will they be bound together forever, or will feelings and jealousy tear them apart?

Runes & Rituals is book 3 in the Larchwood Corrective Academy series and is for readers 18+.
Larchwood Corrective Academy Series (must be read in order):
Curses & Charm
Magic & Monsters
Runes & Rituals
Secrets & Spells

Link to book 3

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Being rejected by my fated mate is the least of my problems…

I’m a half-breed, a Cursed. The wolf half gets me an alpha for a fated mate…the witch half gets me killed.

Or so they think.

Now four Viking Alphas are all that stand between me and certain death. They need my powers to take over the Savage Sector, and they’ll hold my sisters’ as leverage until they get what they want from me.

My wild magic, my heart.

My wolf calls to them, but I can’t trust them to keep me alive once this is over.

I’m just an Omega to them, but that mistake may cost us all our lives

What the Viking Alphas want, the Viking Alphas get…
…and right now that’s me and my wild magic.

Savage Sector is set in the same world as Shadowlands Sector, with some cross over of characters. It can be read without having read Shadowlands first.

This is a three book series.

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“I discovered I was pregnant despite not touching a man for over a year, this was impossible, but then I realised why…”

Jenny Parker doesn’t have much going on in her life until she makes the shocking discovery that she is pregnant despite her sex life being non-existent.

Before she can wrap her head around this medical miracle, she is kidnapped and taken to an extravagant mansion by three handsome men who claim to be powerful demigods.

It is revealed that she has been chosen for godhood, and her pregnancy is a result of a blood curse from another god.

And the curse can only be broken if Jenny mates with one of the demigods and makes him the father.

But who will she choose? Robert, Nicholaus or Liam?

Each demigod is as sexy and powerful as the next and they are all different mixes of sugar and spice.

But crucially they all hold dangerous secrets that could change everything for Jenny and her baby.

Will Jenny be able to fulfill her destiny as the future mother of the gods, or will she fall prey to the ominous god who cursed her into this mess in the first place?

You are going to LOVE discovering this amazing new world in this unique spin on a popular genre!

If you like authors such as Atlas Rose, J.L. Wilder, Lee Savino, Lynsay Sands, Karen Marie Moning or Deborah Harkness then you will LOVE this!

Scroll up and download now with one click to begin the journey!

*If the unique spin on a popular genre is her actually choosing, well, I’m going to not like it. 🤣*

Link to she better whychoose haha

A gripping Small Town Polyamory Mafia Romance down on the west coast.

They say I can’t be saved.

The Chief holds the highest power in San Ricardo, a small town in California. Near the southwestern American border to Mexico, the Chief helms an operation that steals from human traffickers.

He runs everything and everyone in San Ricardo where nothing’s as it seems.

Life in the Chief’s community is under control until the day of Grey’s arrival. He wants Grey to himself, but the young girl becomes infatuated with Remo, one half of San Ricardo’s infamous twins.

Underestimated in her past, Grey escapes and involuntarily lands in San Ricardo. As Grey messes around with ravishing men, avoiding to face her intuition, the Chief’s past starts to catch up with him.

Subjects include human trafficking, noncon (off the page), abuse, manipulation, themes of polyamory. There’s MF with an older man & MFM with twin brothers (consensual polyamory with reverse harem elements).

Link to book

I’ve spent years as the dragons’ plaything; something to be tortured, experimented on, and used in the worst of ways. But my salvation comes in the form of three identical faces, betraying their own kind.

They’ll gamble their lives committing treason to hide me, but I’ll risk everything to keep them safe.

Yet no matter how far I run, I can’t truly escape. Something’s changing, and the triplets are the key. I’ll be their ruin if stay, but I’ll they’ll be mine if I don’t leave. I have to run, and once I start, I can never stop.
In a world where monsters don’t fear the light, there’s nowhere left to hide.

*Overprotective triplets
*prank wars
*Men that adore her
*Multi POV
This is a humorous, HFN standalone, 18+ RH dragon shifter romance with darker themes. (PLEASE see note at bottom) Both books in this universe are HFN standalones that can be read independently, though to appreciate all of the cameo references, you may want to start with Forged from the Ashes. This means that I will wrap things up with our main characters’ story, but leave an opening into bigger world problems. This book is more romance focused, and it’s just not their job to fix the whole world.

PLEASE NOTE: This book is meant to be a tale of finding your inner strength and healing, to learn how to laugh again after being trapped in the darkness for so long. While I would love for you to read my work, I encourage you to read the warning at the beginning of the book. (None of the traumatic events are described in detail, but they ARE referenced.)

Link to book 2

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When Hephaestus marked me to be the next Queen of Vulcan, he also marked me for death.

My father has ruled our lands while awaiting the next Queen. He was meant to uphold peace and prosperity— and then rejoice and step down when she was marked.

But he had no intention of giving up the throne.
He wanted to murder all the Queens.

Even his own daughter.

He wanted me to be beautiful, but useless.
Elegant and voiceless.
Pliant and submissive.

Too bad for him— I’m none of those things. And I’ll show him that a True Queen bows to no one.

My mates and I will take the throne and restore balance to our lands. Our forge will burn bright once more.

Nothing will stop us.

Even if it means killing the man who raised me.

This is war.

The Forge Queen is the first book in the Royal Celestials, a zodiac-based series, and represents Aries. This is a medium-burn fantasy reverse harem romance that can be read as a standalone.

Link to book

Betrayed. Used. Left for dead.

Everything changed when a group of men from the Immortal Hunters MC rescued me from the Necron Order’s experimentation facility.

Crash. Phoenix. Dragon. Striker.

These four men have a connection with me I don’t understand, but can’t turn away from. Will that change when they find out what I did? What I had to do to stay free and not be taken prisoner again?

Guilt eats at me and it feels like the demon blood I was poisoned with is darkening my soul. There’s something else inside me though, something that makes me different from all the guys. Something that makes me feel like a bomb that’s about to explode and destroy their lives.

If I cared about them I’d leave them, take my trouble elsewhere, right? So why can’t I walk away?

Perfect for fans Sons of Anarchy and Supernatural! VAN HELSING DAMNED is a paranormal reverse harem with a tough group of supernatural bikers that might be a little psychotic, but they can’t resist the heroine. If you’re in the mood for some alpha men, and a kickbutt woman, click to grab your copy!

Link to book 2

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I’ve dedicated my life to slaying vampires. Now I’m about to offer up my blood.
When my brother gets into some serious trouble with the Vampire Clan of Baltimore, there’s only one thing I can do to save his ass.

I decide to offer myself up as a blood tribute, infiltrate their underground palace, and find a way to get him out.

But playing the part of a simpering blood bag is harder than I expected, especially when my first impulse is to put a stake through the heart of every vamp I meet. To make matters worse, I’ve somehow caught the eye of three dangerous vampire men:

Bastian, an ancient prince with features as cold as ice and eyes that burn like fire.

Rome, a darkly sexy rebel who just returned from a hundred-year banishment.

And Connor, a newly turned vampire whose lopsided grin is so devastatingly human that I almost forget he’s the enemy.

Even though I want to hate them all, they keep getting under my skin in ways I can’t explain. But if I let myself lose focus for even a second, it won’t just be me who pays for it. My brother will suffer too.

I’ve danced with the devil plenty of times…

But this time, the dance might kill me.

Blood Debt is the first book in the Kingdom of Blood series, a reverse harem vampire romance. The heroine is tough but flawed and the (anti)heroes are sexy and dangerous. If you love books by Jaymin Eve, Ivy Asher, Tate James, Eva Chase, and Kelly St. Clare, then dive right into this dark and twisted world!

Link to book

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

The evil that hunts us tried to break Phoenix – to destroy our chance of bonding.
No longer the breathtaking, dangerous, vampire he was, he’s become a monster lost to bloodlust.
As strong as my heart beats for him, I know I can fix him. I can bring him back to us.
I’ll accept the risks, knowing my blood is what he craves most.

The bonds that bind all of us are stronger than ever and the devil knows it.
He’ll do whatever it takes to stop us from breaking the curse.
Danger is closer than ever and time is running out. The future of all supernaturals relies on us.
Our bonded magic is the key to changing everything.

Our love will be tested, our magic challenged, and we’ll face the most terrifying evil that exists.
Saving supernaturals is no longer the only reason we must fight. We have a greater reason to stop him – a secret I’m protecting.
If the devil discovers it, all hope of winning this war could be lost.

The Cursed Trilogy is a reverse harem paranormal romance series and includes:

Link to book 3

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The alpha has returned to his pack.

But our welcome is far from warm.

After all, we’ve brought with us a slew of problems.

A turned human.

A rogue succubus.

A rival pack on our heels.

I’m not dead yet, but whether or not I make it out alive is still yet to be seen. Roman, Elon, and Teague might do their best to protect me, but they can only do so much. Especially when it seems like their entire world is out to get me.

And it’s not just the shifters.

We’ve awoken an ancient rivalry, one that can only end one way. In the shedding of blood.

In Roman’s absence the Nashville pack has fallen into chaos—a pack now hardly fitting to protect us from Rylan’s impending ruin. But they’re all we have.

And Roman … Roman is all they have. All their hope.

And he won’t take his place, so it’s going to have to fall on someone else to do it.

That someone, it seems, is me.

Alpha Rising is the second book in a reverse harem romance trilogy full of rejected mates, surprising alphas, and plenty of steam. Recommended for readers 17 and up.

Link to book 2

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We were leaving Earth and traveling to an entirely new realm… well, new for me. The Dreki realm. Before escaping Louisiana with my mother and meeting my mates, I’d lived trapped like a bird inside of a cage of Pastor Malcolm’s creation. I was free now. I was also starting to realize what that meant for myself, my mates, and my identity as a shifter. I may have had my wings cut, savagely severed by the hand fate dealt me, but I was becoming stronger and braver each day. There was an instinctual feeling inside of me growing to the point that it wouldn’t be ignored, telling me that this trip to the Dreki realm had the possibility to change everything.

But what happens when secrets are revealed, showing how little I actually know about my own history? When I have to come to terms with some of the darker corners of my mates’ past? When I realize that Pastor Malcolm’s crimes may have been far larger than just myself? When a force far more malicious than my abusive ‘father’ comes after me?

How do I protect my mates? How do I keep Bella safe? How do I ensure that I don’t lose this small, perfect slice of reality that I had managed to find?

I was standing on the edge of a massive drop into a cruel pit of reality… luckily, this time, I knew I could fly.

This is a slow/medium burn fantasy RH that features a naive but strong MFC with a troubled past and a secret about what she really is. Come meet Maya and her protective and possessive dragon shifters! Warnings: Please be advised that the book contains darker themes such as child abuse, PTSD, swearing, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences +18.

Link to book 3

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Darkness finally caught up to me, and it took everything.

On the run, I flee to safety in the mountains with only one goal. To survive and learn so I can track down the dark witches who destroyed my life and take my revenge.

The lessons my family taught me won’t cut it anymore. Not that I was ever good at following the teachings of my coven. How can I sit back and harm none after what they did? The law of magic says that what you put out in the world will come back three-fold, and I plan to make sure that happens.

My only happiness comes in my connection to Donovan, but is there room in my heart for love when all I want is death?
Follow Sabine in this next installment of Manberry Witches. Cover and full blurb coming soon.

Link to book 3

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Loved by Aliens

Labeled as RH, may be mixed genre.

Aliens, cyborgs and fated mates – fall in love with this out-of this-world collection of nine passionate tales of romance and alien desires.

Sometimes it takes being abducted by aliens to find your one true love.

These aliens are huge, sexy, and fiercely protective of their human mates. They will reach for the stars to satisfy their females and fight whoever stands in their way.

From alien abductions to mail order brides, unexpected babies to action-packed space battles, there’s something for everyone in this collection. Whether you prefer one or several aliens, tails, horns, wings, or scales, you’ll find your perfect intergalactic romance within these pages.

Don’t miss your chance to binge-read this collection of passionate, steamy alien romance novels by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

This set includes full-length books by:

New York Times Bestselling Author S.E. Smith

USA Today Bestselling Author Grace Goodwin

USA Today Bestselling Author Skye MacKinnon

USA Today Bestselling Author Demelza Carlton

USA Today Bestselling Author Debbie Cassidy

Becca Brayden

Kate Rudolph

Nancey Cummings

Link to collection


I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Description coming soon, but it will certainly involve sexy men, continuing relationship development, a peril to be faced, and a literal roller coaster ride. (P. S. Cats don’t like roller coasters very much.)

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series


Rachel is stunned when she finds out she has to go to a mysterious elite academy. A powerful witch, she should have expected her fate would be separate from that of her quarter witch best friend. Cheryl has accepted they’re going to part, so she resigns herself to doing the same.

When she discovers the true nature of her escort to her new home, she becomes trapped in a situation that quickly turns deadly. Her determination to survive is the only thing that keeps her from sinking into despair.

She doesn’t expect to be rescued by shifters, and she definitely doesn’t expect to find out they’re her mates.

Fate brought them together. Will it tear them apart?

Shifting Hearts is a standalone new adult fated mates reverse harem romance with college-aged characters, serious steam and an HEA. Although this was written to be read as a standalone, this novel follows on from Cheryl’s story which is told in Vicious Love.

*You think Rachel’s stunned, wait until Jason finds out.* 👀

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Ollie Ellis has no regrets about her Deal With The Devil, but when a slip up on a job threatens one of her demons, she’ll have to risk everything to make it right. While Ollie’s no stranger to playing the odds, it’s not just her own life at stake anymore. How could she risk two of her men to save another?

Armed with a hasty plan and an arsenal of magic, Ollie’s all-in to storm the castle. But when the mission reveals the true impact of her mistakes, she’s forced to face some heavy truths that make her question everything. Including her place in her demon’s lives. Can she find a way to do the only job she’s ever been good at without risking the demons she’s come to care about?

Sometimes answers come from the strangest places.

Damned If You Don’t is a Steamy Reverse Harem Demon Romance Novella around 32K words. This is book 2 in The Contractor’s Curse series and it is recommended that this book be read after book 1 A Deal With The Devil. This book contains variations of MMFM scenes, three hot, overbearing demons, an impulsive imp, a troublesome crow with suspiciously terrible timing, and a happy ending. Ménage, Bisexual, MF, MM, MMF, Incubus, Steamy Demons, Naughty Imp, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

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Blacklisted in all of Hollywood, I need a job and a place to stay.
Maybe my luck is about to change as I get hired as the official photographer for the Silver Springs On Ice beauty pageant.
I only have to re-learn how to ice skate but it’s like riding a bike, right?
Life couldn’t be harder when I’m staying in a haunted B&B and I have the hots for my boss but I’m on his sleazy bodyguard’s shit list. I’m Iclyn and I’m royally screwed.

*Iclyn is a standalone in the Silver Springs shared universe and comes complete with a happily-ever-after. Scroll up to read this fun, quirky romance today.

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The Devil is coming. He’s hot on my tail.
I’ve tried to avoid him, but I’ll always fail.
He’s seeked me out and captured my heart.
It’s a dangerous game. One I wished I didn’t start.

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A brand new fae romance series inspired by Hades and Persephone that fans of Truthwitch and Throne of Glass will devour.

A princess with untold power…

Maia Delakore is the tool of her aunt, the queen of the Vassal Empire. With her snaresong magic, Maia moulds the minds of the court, and eradicates any resistance to the queen’s reign. But when her aunt commands her to kill a prince, she refuses. And flees into the arms of the crown’s worst enemy—the Sapphire Knight.

A fae lord with a secret…

Azrail and his sister are all that’s left of a family framed for treason. As the Sapphire Knight, he and a small band of friends wreak havoc on the queen’s plans, sparing those sentenced to death, and sneaking the hunted beastkind—humans with an animal form—out of the city. But when they save a young girl with a rare, powerful magic, Azrail and his friends are drawn into a plot laid by the saints themselves.

A plot that will draw Azrail and Maia together, sparking a love that will become legend.

Fantasy romance readers will adore this fated mates, enemies to lovers series, with a kickass princess, a snarky fae lord, a seductive prince, and a sweet male courtesan. Sizzling romance meets dangerous magic in this epic, sweeping story of fate and darkness.

This book is slow burn, but the series is hot in later books, and has multiple love interests added throughout the series. 50,000 words.

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My life is in a tailspin. My soul hijacked by a demon, and my power is out of control.

With so many dangers around every corner, even being the heir to the Dominance Coven can’t save me from the forces at work.

Being pulled in two different directions by my heart just makes everything so much worse. With deceptions at each turn, and traitors still amongst us, can I trust the demon who showed me his darkest side, or do I trust the hunter who already broke my heart once before?

Except my heart isn’t the only thing at risk here, and what if I’m the one no-one should trust?

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**This book is part of the Shadow Walkers Saga. It can be read as a standalone series, but will contain spoilers to the first books in the saga, and the author strongly recommends you start reading from book 1 – A Crown of Blood and Bone**

Link to book 1 in the Shadow Walkers Saga as recommended by the author if you’re interested in starting there

I changed everybody’s lives the day the academy fell, and now I can’t see what the future holds for any of us.

Winterfall Witch is a continuation of Maeve’s story after the Nightworld Academy series ends.

We survived the massacre at the academy and retreated to safety at the Winterfall estate, but life isn’t calm.

My mother had four consorts. Where are these men, and can they break the Winterfall curse? Tobias wants me to accept our situation, but I refuse to let this go. I’m obsessed with discovering more about my past, including which of Astrid Winterfall’s men is my father. I know the names of three, but I need to find the fourth.

Tracking the men down proves difficult, and our family reunions aren’t easy because there’s more to my legacy than I realised. Astrid had secrets too.

My bond with Jamie grows as we spend more time together, Ash fights against a future that the shifter council expect him to embrace, and Andrei continues to struggle with the changes he’s facing.

The aftermath of the academy deaths has far-reaching consequences as the accords between the vampires, witches, and shifters begin to break. Gabriella survived that night, so where is she, and what are her plans to take advantage of the discord?

Winterfall Witch is an additional book in the Nightworld Academy world. The events take place immediately after Term Six and continues Maeve’s story after the series finishes. The series must be read first.

Please note: this book contains more explicit adult content than the previous books.

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This complete sexy mafia romance series, by K.L. Ramsey, includes three full-length reverse harem novels. You won’t be able to put down these action-packed, dark romance, threesomes! This series is guaranteed to get your heart racing from book one until the very end.
The Ties That Binds series begins with Saving Valentine where you will meet Valentine and her two hot alphas-Nick and Ace. Then, you will be whisked off to meet Valentine’s brother, Anton, along with his partners in crime-Luca and Sofia in Blurred Lines. This MMF romance will knock you for a loop! Lastly, Dirty Little Secrets will introduce you to Mila and her two guys, Gabe and Maxen, ending the series with another MMF heatwave.
This series includes the following titles: Saving Valentine, Blurred Lines, and Dirty Little Secrets.

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A pitiful past makes for a wicked witch.

In this dark omegaverse reverse harem paranormal romance, Blanchette Red isn’t the sweet little witch with the red cloak that she’s fooled everyone into thinking she is. The wolf looks tame compared to her vengeance and she’s out to make them all pay.

Together with her three mates, she crosses the first name off her list, good ol’ granny. There’s nothing quite like homemade poisoned cookies to wish her a fast recovery straight to Hell.

This Little Red Riding Hood isn’t playing games, she’s out for blood and no amount of magic will get in her way. An omega on the war path isn’t one to cross, but throw in her lovers?

They’ll beg for death.

Warning: This story is intended for mature audiences with its foul language, sexual scenes, and graphic violence. This twisted fairytale Little Red Riding Hood retelling isn’t for the faint of heart. Be advised this is a reverse harem novel where the main character ends up with more than one mate at the end of the book. And while this story can be read as a standalone and comes with it’s own HFN, it’s recommended you read the books in order to fully enjoy the series since old characters like to pop back up every now and then.

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Welcome to Fortune Academy Underworld, a place where supernaturals can feel at home.
And now I know exactly what the hell I am.
I’m a tribrid. Part succubus, part Demonspawn, and part angel. I earned my wings when I made the ultimate sacrifice for my mates by dying for them. Now I’m reborn as the Princess of Hell.
Too bad that doesn’t exempt me from my classes.
Fortune Academy has changed. When the gates of Hell opened up, it merged with its counterpart and became something new. We’re building an army to fight Lucifer, but all the supernaturals flooding through the iron gates are lost, confused, and in desperate need of training.
Including the mass of fallen angels that followed me from Purgatory.
As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, one of the hottie winged males claims to be my new Virtue. His complete and utter devotion is a hard contrast to the mates I’ve come across so far and I wonder if it’s too good to be true.
I’m pretty sure I hit my head when I fell from Heaven, because I think I’m starting to enjoy school.
Fortune Academy Underworld is Book 4 in a NA paranormal academy romance series with fated mates where there’s no choosing required. As this is a series, there will be a cliffhanger.

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A little magic makes summer vacation that much hotter!

It should be the perfect vacation for Max and her hot wizards. Summer break in the paradise of Key Witch, meeting Dale’s wonderful family, bikinis and sunbathing on the beach, and a host of magical delights hidden to mortal eyes to share with her deliciously handsome men.

Or it would be, if Beth Ann and the Scarlette family didn’t come to town and bring with them a series of seemingly coincidental accidents that paint Max and all half-mortal witches in a terrible light.

Well, if Beth Ann and her family of wicked witches wants to play with fire, Max and her wizards will show them what it means to get burned!

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So, do you want to know what happened to the fae, the werewolf, and the vampire after they left the bar?

Well, the vampire and the werewolf got arrested, but the fae managed to escape, and now he is on the run from the vampire government with the descendant of Áine, a faery goddess.

I just happen to be the descendant of that goddess in that poor analogy above, and my life really has gone downhill.

Now I’m a fugitive, a wanted fae, and I’m in big trouble…

The vampire king is hunting me down. I’m a prized jewel, and he will do all in his power to get his claws on me.

He wants my faery dust, and I must do all that I can to ensure he never has it.

After all, it has to be out there—the fae realm. We just have to find the gateway first, and then my sister and I will be safe from the king.

It will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but I’m sure with the right determination, our small ragtag team can find their way.

We’re The Secret Alliance of the Fae after all. And we can do anything…

We just have to not die first.

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The Mounty trash has wormed her way into our circle.

We have no choice but to wait until she shows her hand, each move on the board more risky than the last. There’s no way she’s not a spy, not with her allegiance with the sociopath drug addict who walks the halls with murder on his mind.

We’re watching her every move, every choice she makes reshaping the world we live in.

The halls of Hannaford Prep have never been so deadly. The game is only just beginning and now I need to make my move.

This is the guys point of view for book 2 in the Hannaford Prep series. You need to read the Hannaford Prep series from the beginning.

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Midnight Moon isn’t a sleepaway camp for pups. And it definitely isn’t an academy for the youth of privileged packs.
It’s for adult rejects.
The runts. The unwanted. The loners.
So which am I? After my family died, all of the above. I suppose that makes me a perfect fit, even if I shouldn’t be.
I was sent here, not only in hope of forcing my transition but also for protection from an outcast aiming to stop me from claiming my rightful spot.
While it might be the best place to hide, I quickly discover I’m not invisible.
The Four have pinned their eyes on me.

With the line already crossed by the runt, the stray is fast to follow. His charm and wit make him easy to adore. When he helps me in my time of need, my numbness begins to fade and my affection for him grows … even though I’ve claimed another.

*Stray is book 2 in the Midnight Moon series, a fast-burn, serial RH PNR intended for mature readers. While set in the same world as the Marked Soul series, the Midnight Moon series can be read alone but each book must be read in numbered order.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

I’m certifiably insane. Just ask my amazing therapist. He’s my soulmate and a vampiric serial killer. There’s no one I’d rather stalk more.

Except no more late night slinking for me. I’m in The Asylum, committed as a danger to myself and others. They tell me I’m delusional, which they aren’t wrong…except about what.

See, this place is made for supernaturals too dangerous to let roam free. The doctors, the staff, the family members that helped put us here are all in on it, trying to convince us magic is just another delusion. They plan to keep us here forever–sedated and docile.

Aren’t we all just perfect test subjects for inhumane experiments? Well, the doctors think so at least.

Yeah… it’s time to bust out of the loony bin. Unfortunately for our zookeepers we’re the most dangerous supernaturals there are and we haven’t been taking our medicine.

A genetically modified super alpha wolf monster. An ultra rare basilisk, so venomous he can’t leave any skin exposed. My dreamy serial killing vampire therapist.
Oh, and me. A genetic marvel, one of the few dhamphyr to ever exist and probably, just a little… more crazy than most.

Nighty, night Asylum. Don’t let the nightmares bite.

Author Note: Full-length STANDALONE! This is a why choose/reverse harem dark paranormal romance where the female lead does not need to choose between her three male love interests. There are m/m scenes, steam, and mature themes including: violence, language, and etc..

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How did I get into this mess?
A girl with an emotionally unavailable father and no mother needs more than a pet and a part time job in a pub to feel loved. I longed for a little excitement and adventure to combat my loneliness and seclusion.
Until the day my father disappeared leaving only a cryptic note, and I’m whisked away by three strangers to meet the shiny new family I didn’t know existed.
Dropped into a new world and way of life, it doesn’t take long for the glow of my new family to fade. Quick to profess their love and affection, lies and secrets seep to the surface, tarnishing my new relationships.
Untangling their web of deceit leads me closer to the truth but my three sexy keepers refuse to get out of my way. Can I find my father and navigate my new situation with Beau, Dev, and Asa blocking my every move?
Be careful what you wish for…you might just find your life Ruined by Rubies too.

* Ruined by Rubies is the first in a series. It is a why choose slow burn novel about a young woman finding her place in a new world and a new family. Expect the heat to pick up in each successive book! Ruined by Rubies contains kidnapping, swearing, and some violence.*

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After publicly declaring war on the Queen, Kenna finds herself in a race against time as she fights to free the shifters from the grip of madness and works to find and train an army equipped to take on the ruthless ruler.

More innocent victims are taken as the atrocities of the war between races continue, and Kenna’s desire to protect her people drives her into reckless behavior, dragging her Chosen with her. And the closer she gets to taking the throne the more she sees the devastating toll that being the Princess has on those she loves, leaving her questioning whether loving her is truly worth the cost.

With each passing day the Queen’s men close in, relentless in their pursuit, and when the unthinkable happens the rebellion is left picking up the shattered pieces of what remains. Will they be able to survive the blow, or will the movement crumble, unable to keep the spark of hope alive?

Find out in this thrilling conclusion of the Magic Bound series.

***Please be advised that this book contains darker themes including abuse, assault, and violence that some readers may find triggering.

Shadows and Lies is a reverse harem novel where the heroine doesn’t have to choose just one of her men and contains sexual themes that are suitable for mature audiences only +18.

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Three hot builders are going to help me restore my house. Except nails won’t be the only thing they’re hammering.
When my fiancé bailed on me and our fixer-upper, I was left with a leaky roof, no heat, and termites gnawing at my crumbling foundation.
Lucky for me, help came in the way of three gorgeous, strong, talented builders who were ready and willing to help.
The first was very good with…caulk.
The second really knew how to nail…me.
And the third could really handle his…tool.
But they don’t come cheap.
They want something in return…
Get a fixer-upper, they said. It will be fun, they said.
I was about to find out just how much.

10 in the steamy Men at Work Collection, a series of stand-alone novels that can be read in any order.

The Men at Work Collection

  1. Her Dirty Rockers
  2. Her Dirty Teachers
  3. Her Dirty Doctors
  4. Her Dirty Bodyguards
  5. Her Dirty Bartenders
  6. Her Dirty Ranchers
  7. Her Dirty Mafia
  8. Her Dirty Mountain Men
  9. Her Dirty Soldiers
  10. Her Dirty Builders
  11. Her Dirty CEOs
  12. Her Dirty Jocks

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Arden’s search for her destiny inadvertently revealed the true lineage of witches everywhere and a secret history hidden long ago.

Now, she needs to find the meaning and purpose of the Rowan. With questions piling up and a parchment stingy with answers, she must look to the past before she can embrace her future.

But Arden and the Imperium Cadre will find the road to the past riddled with battle, betrayal and millennium old secrets. To uncover the answers they seek, they must trust in the strength they find together, or all will be lost.

For when the fierce winds of change blow, hidden agendas and powerful enemies are unveiled.

This is a why choose, reverse harem, paranormal, urban fantasy romance, with FMMMMM relationship. 18+ years of age due to mature content.

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The only thing this planet is missing is some basil and oregano.

Insomnia seems to be a side effect of being abducted and stuck in stasis for years. The nightmares certainly are. Either way, I can’t sleep. Instead, I’m searching for new ingredients and spices to try and elevate some of the Dilarian dishes in the middle of the night, on a strange alien planet, surrounded by giant teal warriors.

When he finds me and drags me back to the ship like the barbarian he is, I’m ready to read him the riot act about consent. Until we’re attacked.

In the middle of escaping the weird spider-rodents that fell from the trees, we end up marked and tied together.

He wants nothing to do with me. Never mind the marks are driving us together, driving us crazy with primal urges. He’s determined to find me a new mate. Someone else to mark me. Rejected but unable to stay away from him, we keep clashing together like a storm.

He doesn’t want me to know his secrets. He’s forbidden me from telling anyone we’re marked. He can’t be with me. Won’t be with me. It doesn’t matter that the heat is eating me up alive or that the bonding can’t be completed without him. He won’t relent.

Instead, he’s determined to find a way to release me from him once and for all, even if it means he’ll lose his life in the process.

This is the first book of four for Cecelia and her mates. This a why choose romance where the main character will have multiple love interests and she won’t have to choose.

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Joint Session of Congress is the third book in the More the Merrier RH Series!

It started with one hot guy, and then another. When Veterinarian Merry moved to the beautiful but small town of Wexler, Colorado, she didn’t think she would find excitement let alone romance.

But then she met Jason the jogger who lived down the street. Eric the Electrician with a full sack, and Conner, the Chef.
Things just got hotter and more interesting in Wexler!

The More the Merrier RH Series is a RH Contemporary Romance Series! with steamy scenes and some humor. Recommended for adults 🙂

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Now her curse is lifted, Mona has a chance to follow her dream of becoming an archaeologist. When a chance to take part in one comes up, she can’t refuse, even if it means leaving her kittens, Caspian, and Thomas behind for a few weeks.

Everything is going to plan until Mona and Ryan find themselves lost in a tomb and in need a kitten to come to the rescue.

Luckily for them, Rhubarb has come along for the ride.

This Time Is Trouble is part of the Grimalkin Academy: Kittens series and is set two years after the events of book 5. It is a light-hearted adventure set during Mona’s third year at Grimalkin Academy and features magic, kittens and more!

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I’m Jessica.
I’m Jessica.

I applied to a job ad that turned out to be the total opposite of what I was expecting.

It was bad.

Aliens existed, and I was on a one way flight to be married to one. Being sent to an Alien Planet to marry an Alien guy sounded like the start of a nightmare.

I was the only one to feel cheated in this, the other women were happy. I didn’t want this, but I would rather live with these aliens than not live at all.

Who knew that I would actually meet my soul mate… only he was the wrong alien species and he was leaving me here.

This book is Reverse Harem. Sexy Aliens with four-arms and tails… what more could you want?
This book is Part of a series world, but can be read as a standalone.

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There’s an arctic chill on the horizon, and I’m headed straight into it.

My friends are missing, and the Sons of Adam may be responsible.

It’s an obvious trap to snare me. Still, sitting back and allowing others to take the lead is the hardest decision of all. I’m a woman of action, and waiting isn’t my strong suit. But knowing Jasper and Conah are on the case helps.

It’s the smart choice, right?

But when my connection to Jasper suddenly dies, waiting around is no longer an option.

The Sons of Adam have maintained the upper hand for too long.

It’s time to take the fight to them.

I just hope I’m not too late.

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Real Wolves Bite continues…

I ran from my fated mate.

I drove to the middle of nowhere, where I thought I’d be safe.
And somehow, I ended up here.

Amarok has secrets. And it’s a town filled with shifters.
The very thing I’ve been trying to get away from.

My arrival has shattered the fragile peace this town’s had for the last century.
War is coming between the two packs, and only I seem to have the ability to stop it.

The two alphas in the town are determined to have me.
But a killer wants the very same thing.

Me? I just want whatever’s inside of me to be released.

Like Wilder and Daxon, I carry my own secrets, ones that make it impossible for my fated mate to let me go.

They call me wild…
But I just want to be free.

Wild Moon
Wild Heart
Coming soon…

(Part of the Kingdom of Wolves book series)

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If I thought working for one Fae fixer was hard, working for two should be great.

Jack Frost stole me away from Avilion for more than kicks and giggles: someone is plotting an attempt on Queen Nicnevin’s life, and I’m just the dryad to help hunt down the assassin.
But the underworld of Annwyn holds more than just knives in the shadows—it holds the secrets of my past and future.
With the Wild Hunt running…well, wild, and the tensions rising between my two bosses, I might find far more than I bargained for in the world of the Unseelie.
And when the knives come out to strike…I’d better not be in their way.

Breath of Frost is book two in Dark and Wicked Fae, an urban fantasy Fae romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose.

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For those of you just joining us, the King is dead and I’m basically Queen. I say basically because there’s still the pesky little matter of me needing to be crowned, and then merged with the magic of Fay. No big deal, right? Wrong! There’s just one problem; the UnSeelie are still in control of the capital, and I have to be crowned inside the palace, so basically we’re utterly screwed.

Ell’s boys, along with Prince Lucas narrowly escaped the battle of the Summer Court, and now they’re in hiding. Again. And when infighting gets in the way of planning their next move, Ell and her boys decide to bail. They don’t get far though before they’re reunited with the very people they set off to find. And now that they finally know their next move, they set off on an epic trek to the far side of Fay to meet a King no one has ever heard of. The bad news is Ell isn’t sure if he’s friend or foe.

Join Ell and her sex-slaves as they take the next step in their fairy awesome journey.

A Fairy Awesome Series is a Fantasy, Reverse-harem, where Ell collects men/fairies as the series progresses.

WARNING: Language, violence, and adult situations

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

She sold her soul and now she wants it back…

Condemned by her peers for her grandmother’s crime of treason, street witch Leilah Crowe’s very identity is brought into question, as well as exactly who holds the pink slip to her soul.

Her world further spirals when wolf Caleb Dakota and gargoyle Matthias James enter her life. Her love-hate attraction to vampire Raith Vanderkoff, dragon Ethan Bordeau and Fae Blade Tyrion were confusing enough. How is it possible to love five men—men who are willing to share her…men who would go to Hell and back for her?

But it may be Leilah who must find a way into Hell to reclaim her own soul and save them, along with the Academy that has branded her a murderer and a traitor.

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They told me I was worthless – lower than a peasant – not even a real Taurean…
…and for the longest time, I believed them.

But now that I’ve been blessed or cursed with the Mark of Venus, all of that changes. I’m in line for the Horned Throne – a secret that could end my life.

I won’t let them tame me – these Taurean nobles with their fine silk, and gold. Their horrible class system can go to Hades!

All I want is freedom, with my gorgeous lovers by my side…
…Xavier is a down-to-earth Taurean working to master the Queendom’s aphrodisiac magic…

…Yannis, the Scorpio healer is deep and compelling…

…Zeon, the Royal Paige, has his eye on me too, and I just know I can make him roar like the lion he is!

I want to run away with them, to a place where nobody knows us and escape the tyranny of the nobles…
…But when my Queendom needs me, can I really turn my back? Or will I feel compelled to fight for what I believe in?

The Horned Queen is part of the Royal Celestials shared world fantasy books, based on the zodiac!

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

In my past life I was a queen and in love with my guard.

All the queens before me had harems, both for protection and to help them wield their elemental powers. I was the first to refuse this, wanting only one man to be mine.

It led to my death.

Now fate has granted me a second chance. Five men are destined to become my guards and join my harem.
Seth is the fourth guard I’ve found. Everything about him is so familiar, I want more than anything to hold him close and never let him go.
But the prophecy says that one of my guards is destined to betray me.
As I find myself growing closer to Seth, I find myself wondering:
Can I trust him with both my life and my heart?

Ensnared By The Serpent’s Gaze is the fourth book in Cosmic Guardians, a sci-fi-fantasy superhero series where the heroine has to find her destined guards… and fall in love with them before time runs out! This is the fourth book in a medium burn series that’s meant to be read in order.

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I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve built in my life. Thriving was my victory against all those who wanted to see me as ash on the solar winds. Now, I’m one of the most feared and respected smugglers in the known galaxy.

The Ferryman.

I’ve lived successfully in the shadows for years because of two rules: transport nothing living, and I’ll kill you if you betray me. I always knew this life would be a short one, but I thought that maybe I’d have a chance. Only a few people know the Ferryman is a woman—much less what I or my ship look like.

But all good things come to an end. I just won’t let it be mine.

Seems the Imperial Union got tired of their regular police force constantly failing to catch me. The Mea Lupus, the wolf shifters created by the gods Menrva & Caesar, have stepped in and are coming for me. They’ve sent their best bloodhound pack. If that wasn’t bad enough this pack is a Contubernium—how am I supposed to evade EIGHT elite wolves?!

I have one advantage: me. They seem to be intrigued by the simple transport captain they think I am. It doesn’t matter that they’re just doing their jobs. It doesn’t matter that they’re decent and kind. I’ll manipulate, lie, and use them because losing my freedom would mean the end of me. I’ll do whatever I have to do to be free once and for all. Even set myself up for a nice long retirement while I’m at it.

Easy, right? Yeah, I don’t believe me either.

(This is a fast burn why choose/reverse harem, however it is simultaneously a slow build.)
Reader Heads Up: The main character has torture and imprisonment in her past. She deals with her memories and trauma in her own way.

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I can’t see the shadows that lurk in the dark.
It was supposed to be my first summer on my own, but then I meet Seth, Axel, Jasper, and Cody. There’s something about them that drew me closer and they seemed hell-bent on protecting me.
I didn’t think I needed protecting until people started showing up dead in the woods.
So much for a quiet summer…
Can I escape the shadows, or will the darkness consume me?

Shrouded In The Dark is a standalone shifter paranormal reverse harem novel with 100k+ words that includes elements of M/M.

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The first time I met Tyler Lucas, I was seventeen. All it took was one summer to fall in love with him…but I fell hard, too hard, and not just for him…

A series of bad choices and actions causes me to leave him and our family behind. I have to find myself once again, and to do that I must dive deep.

At twenty-four, I’m a world-class diver and explorer, one of the best. But when my newest job collides with my past, will we be able to work together, especially with the stakes so high?

Down below, things can easily go wrong, and when they do, we only have two options—work together to survive, or fall apart and die.

Down we go, right into the abyss.

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No princess is guaranteed a happy ending. We have to fight for it.

The Blood Fae infiltrate my lands, seeking to take over the Four Kingdoms. Their high leader wants my brother dead… and because her body is decaying, she wants to wear me as her new second skin.

I’m not in the mood to be turned into a coat, or to bury my brother. I just saved him, and united my males. I intend to enjoy this new life of mine and these four handsome, exasperating Fae kings.

Time for me to teach these males of mine how to kick some vampire tushy.

It’s a nice kingdom we’ve got here… if we can keep it.

Lost Queen is the exciting final adventure in the Lost Fae series.

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The gods are fading, most barely a memory, and I’m tasked with fixing it.

My mission is simple:

  1. Open the last box.
  2. Control my powers.
  3. Get back to Lumen.

But with gods, nothing is as it seems.

After learning the gods’ true motives, I’m faced with the ultimate test.

What will I sacrifice for the greater good?

Or, more importantly, who?

The Forgotten Prison series is a WhyChoose mmfmmmm romance, meaning the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her men. Broken contains violence, attempted assault, and other situations that others might find triggering.

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Over a hundred years ago the Eidolon virus ravaged the globe causing not only the dead to rise again, but also caused human males to vastly outnumber females. To revive the population, the law now requires women to marry more than one husband in order to ensure humanity’s survival. As a result, family lineages are now matriarchal, giving females more rights and protections thus raising them to a protected and endangered status.

Laena Kanata has lived all her life constantly on the move, never staying too long in one place. Her father raised her by himself out in the wild expanse, outside the Seven Cities, learning to survive and to protect herself from Eidolon threats. She doesn’t know why they can’t live in one of the cities like the rest of the freethinking world, but her father isn’t forthcoming with an answer. All she knows is that they can never be discovered.

Then came the one day she is left to fend for herself, and it’s the same day she is forced out of hiding.

Vance, Rennick, and Reese
As Elite members and army heroes in their own right, these three friends stumble upon a lone, unregistered female just inside the walls of their home city of New Phoenix. Their attraction to her is instant, but the mystery and secrets surrounding Laena should be enough to make them steer clear. With her arrival, they are thrown into a maelstrom of lies and long-buried secrets that threaten their way of life.

Even with the attraction on both sides being mutual, it takes the all-out effort of these three warriors to convince Laena that she belongs with them. Together, they work together to uncover how bright their passion burns for this strong woman, along with the secrets that shroud not just Laena herself, but their entire world as they know it.

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I never expected my life to go up in literal hellfire.

The Dark Moon should be the best night of my life as a shifter. Instead, my sweet little house cat just combusted into flames in the middle of my bedroom, my tormenting alpha says he’s my mate, and three hellish men just blazed into my life like sinful gods.

It’s fine. Everything’s fine. No big deal.

Except rejecting the alpha who’s determined to make me his whore ends worse than I ever could have imagined…

With nowhere left to run, I’m forced to acknowledge the gorgeous existence of the three dark stalkers hunting me. They offer me something I can’t ignore: protection in the realm of Hell… as well as answers about my past.

My magic and my wolf grow stronger, fiercer, and deadlier in their presence. She settles right in with this murderous pack of misfits.

But I’ll never trust them.

Because the four of us together are like fire and gasoline.

And in the end, we’ll all go up in flames.

Reading Note
Hell Kissed is a sinfully sexy reverse harem featuring a badass heroine, drool worthy heroes, and an epic journey that’ll take you straight to Hell and back!

Recommended for readers 18 and over.

Hell Kissed
Fire Kissed
Soul Kissed

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Death didn’t scare Lilith Whitlock. At the ripe age of twenty, she preferred to take whatever life threw at her, and if death was a curveball, she’d catch it.

What she didn’t expect was for impending death to be stalled by being transformed into a vampire.

With sharp, pointy teeth and a hunger for blood, Lilith adapted to her new life. Befriending three hot vampires with a mission to maintain balance had something to do with that, but the paranormal world wasn’t perfect.

Especially when she learned creating new vampires was illegal. Now, she had to prove herself as indispensable to the Order of the Void, or she’d be obliterated from existence.

No one mentioned that being a new-blood came with a looming threat and imminent danger.

Crimson Tears is book one of three in the Crimson Demon Trilogy. It is a paranormal why-choose romance centered around three vampires and one demon. All members of the harem are introduced in book one. It contains mature subject matter that might not be suitable for all readers.

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Hell hath no fury…

I thought I was trading one evil for a lesser one. Marry a man I might eventually love, forge an alliance between his gang and my father’s, and get out from under Dad’s sadistic thumb.

Turns out my fiancé has other plans. Like slaughtering me and my entire family the night before the wedding.

I make it out alive, left with nothing but a thirst for vengeance. But if I want to crush the prick who betrayed me, I have to turn to the biggest pricks of them all.

Hot, cocky, and dangerous, Wylder Noble and his men rule Paradise Bend. Their help doesn’t come cheap. I’ve got to prove I’m strong enough to deserve it.

Whatever they throw at me, I can take it. No taunting words or scorching looks will break the wall around my heart.

They think I’m made of glass? I’m a girl of shards that can cut you to the bone.

Before this is over, someone’s going to bleed. And this time, it won’t be me.

Scorned Princess is the first in a new gritty contemporary romance series from bestselling author Eva Chase (writing as Eva Chance) and Harlow King. No major triggers, but be prepared for domineering men who make their own rules, a rebellious heroine who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, and an enemies-to-lovers romance where the girl gets all the guys. It’s going to be a wild, bloody ride!

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

My return from exile was just the beginning.

I’ve found out so much more. Discovered the truth that was hidden from me. But there are more secrets and lies…

No spoilers!

This new series about a rejected mate has action, adventure, romance, steam, and absolutely no choosing.

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A life full of violence and pain Keana is forced to take drastic measures after the son of her alpha hurts her in the worst possible way. Rejected, beaten, and alone she decides she can no longer go on. Little does she know that her death is only the start of a new beginning for her. Will she get her revenge on the man who claimed to be her mate? and finally, get the answers to the questions that have plagued her throughout her entire existence?

Unwanted is book 1 in our rejected mates series and will be a Reverse Harem Romance with a HEA. This story does come with a trigger warning with scenes including rape, violence, bullying, rejection, and suicide. You’ve been warned.

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Secret societies. Magical boarding schools. Supernatural beings…What could go wrong?

I’m Millie Brix and apparently, I’m a supernatural shifter. Funny eighteenth birthday present, right?

Chosen for Supernatural Shifter Academy, I have to learn which shifter clan I belong to and how to use my powers that are slowly growing out of control. Supernatural Shifter Academy only has five hundred places and if I’m not strong enough to survive, I won’t get to walk away.

The Sirens lure you in, the Wolves bite first and ask questions later, the Dragons only care for themselves, the Vampires plan to own the world and the Witches will do whatever it takes to win.

I’m not going to let the academy or its students beat me, that’s for sure.

With a prince of the Vampires seducing me, a secretive Siren dead set on making me his, a gorgeous Wolf shifter who wants to claim my heart and an alpha Dragon who sees me as a prize he wants to keep… the academy is far more dangerous than it looks.

In this academy, secrets are the only thing you can trade with and I’m right in the middle of the biggest secret the academy has.

And when the truth comes out…the academy will fall.
This collection includes-
Crescent Wolves
Azure dragons
Demonic Vampires
Unpredictable Sirens
Regent Witches
Plus exclusive bonus scenes.

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My first year at Salem Bridge Academy was equal parts frightening, awesome, and so very, very hot.

Better still, this year promises to be even better for my boyfriends and me.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

Because I’m pretty sure the new teacher is responsible for wiping out every other witch on the planet and is here to finish the job.

And if I don’t want to be next on his hit list, my wizards and I will have our work cut out for us.

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My author finally has a blurb—and it’s worse than I feared.

I don’t believe in witches, spells, fated mates, and I sure as hell don’t believe in ice skating! I hate cold weather, snow, and ice. Nothing is making me visit Silver Springs. . .
BUT—there’s always a ‘but’—apparently, three unsuspecting men trespass upon a cranky old witch’s territory and we’re talking ‘hasn’t had her morning brew’ cranky.
So, what does witch do?
She changes these poor guys into the objects that they’re holding and drops them off at the nearest gas station!
Then, this supposedly lonely sex therapist (cough, cough, wave) buys these objects and, later, mutters a spell by accident—a spell!
What happens then?
The men turn into shifters, and my world is turned upside-down.
Throw in some magical skates and fated mates, and you’ve got a debacle cooking like Silver Springs has never seen.
This book sounds like a disaster waiting to happen for me.

Well, I’m not going to sit here and take it—shitcicles are going to hit the fan when this debacle of a story is said and over.

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I must outsmart the human hunters or I’ll end up as their experiment.
With humans discovering the existence of Creatures, we’re no longer safe. When werewolf pups are kidnapped, my team decides that enough is enough. I’m certain that our combined abilities—my angelic power, Keiran’s werewolf strength, Alexander’s vampire speed, Troy’s fae shrewdness, and Michael’s shifter skills, will lead us to success.

Yet instead of rescuing the pups, we fall straight into a trap. I wake up in a high-tech cell, separated from my friends, surrounded by scientists eager to study me. Through sheer determination, I manage to find Kieran and escape. Unable to locate the others and too weak to fight, we flee to lick our wounds.

Keiran nurses me back to strength. His warm body keeps me protected from the cold. Soon, the feelings between us heat up. I can’t resist sweet, loyal Keiran even though I still care for Troy and Alexander. Is it possible to love three men? Can it end well?

I don’t know and there’s no time to ponder my love life. Keiran and I need to return to the research fortress to get our friends.

Will we succeed, or will we end up in a cell?

Mortal Desires is the third book in The Angel’s Guardians series. The book ends in a cliffhanger. Don’t miss this delicious paranormal reverse harem romance filled with magic, sizzling romance, and heart-pounding action!

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

There’s more to the story…there always is.
Mine isn’t over even if it feels like evil is winning right now.

I’m finally figuring out who I’m supposed to be.
How magic fits into my life.
How to be loved by my pack.
Completely and fully bonded to them.
I’m not about to let a maniac like Otto destroy our future.

He’s controlling all the humans in the Quarter.
He won’t stop there.
Not until he has total power over the magical realms.
I can’t let that happen.
I’ve seen how far he’s willing to go to take what he wants.
But I’m going to need help from some very angry fae.
The Crescent City pack and I can’t defeat Otto alone.
Only the fae have been keeping secrets too.
The kind of secrets that could destroy us all.
We’re running out of time to bring him down.
And I’m scared more than ever, this might not be the ending I want.

Shifting Love is the fourth and final book in the Crescent City Witch series, a reverse harem paranormal romance. If you love a badass heroine, hot alpha wolf shifters, and mystery and action, then this series is for you!

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We found the God of Time. He’s a good bloke, that one. We made friends with the Four elemental gods. We reunite with our family as well, and we get more than we had even thought about. But do the series of life changing events end there?

And yes, yes, I know I had said that once we find the Time God, I’d be able to focus on my feelings for my guys. But does life go the way you want it to?

The answer to all that, ladies and gentlemen, and Gods, is a loud resounding No. Sense the eye roll here.

Information comes to light. Allies come forward. More secrets are unravelled. And in all this, it becomes increasingly clear to me that the role of Kazi is as unclear as the surface underneath a swamp.

I spend my time understanding my powers and developing my relationships with my extended family. Kali and I have developed a bond that nobody could compete with. She…completes me in ways that I never even imagined. Kali and Lex keep me sane. The guys, though, continue to drive me insane. As do Ma and Dad with their PDAs. Nah.. I’m kidding. They give me life goals.

But if only that was the extent of the challenges we face. Betin and Brahakta have increased their attacks. As their motives become clearer, we turn to one person who might have answers. But what happens when the only answer is something that you’ve not prepared for?

I’m about to learn that there are some things you just don’t come back from.

Curve of Fate is the second book in The Kazi Chronicles, which is intended for adults and is packed with magic, mythology and features a kickass heroine with multiple love interests, best friends galore, and an even more kickass family! Contains swearing.

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The nature of the game has changed.
But my feelings for my guys haven’t.

As the search for Kieran intensifies, the battle between us reaches its pitch. And in every fight, Brutal shows up to win.

My silent, savage love has his own reasons for starting this war, and nothing will get in his way.

Something we have in common.

I will defeat the undefeatable Brutal. I’ll bring him into my loud, chaotic world and make him mine.

In spite of the Kings.

In spite of Kieran.

In spite of the ledger.

Brutal will bend his heart to me.

I’ve never lost a fight either.

Brutal is a dark contemporary why choose romance. This is book three of four in the series and features language, dark themes, and sexual scenes. If you’re cool with that, dive in!

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Smoke fills the air, the crops burned. Scared people bang on my door, their fists bleeding.

We’re under siege from our people, the doors barred to their angry shouts. We only have enough food for the royals and Highborns. Even if we could get outside, I can’t grow more food because the land is poisoned by the ash of the fires.

Ares and I kissed on Samhain, now he won’t meet my gaze. I can feel he wants to be with me, but he’s holding something back. Even though things are rocky between us, I’m relieved that he, Cristian and Matthew are safely inside the castle with me, but things are descending into darkness.

On her deathbed, Grandmother reveals a shocking secret: the person responsible for murdering witches deemed too powerful, including Cristian’s mother, is someone I never would have suspected. And they’re not the only murderer roaming the castle. Possessed, Matthew attacks Ryan, and his mission has only just begun. His possessor is determined to hunt down people I care about. Who will I lose, and who can I save?

Ghosts of Witches Past is the third in this new upper YA/NA series of witchy Underworld books. The main characters are eighteen and older, and this is a slow burn RH.

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After almost ten years and over twenty books, insatiable fans of The Academy series have sent in hundreds of questions. From asking about scents, to pleas for what happens next. Overwhelmed with questions, author C. L. Stone tried to keep up by offering up ‘Cheat Sheets’ for fans. Now, for the first time, they’ve been organized, bundled, and updated! Everything you wanted to know about the Academy and more:

Why write about so many guys?
What were the guys thinking when…?
Who is Volto?
Where are all these locations in the series?
What will happen in the future?
And more about the author.

Nearly 400 pages of details and insider information that readers have begged for, now in one collection.

The Academy, Answered


Link to book 1 in Ghost Bird Series

Link to book 1 in Scarab Beetle Series

You WILL have to read those series to enjoy this bonus material

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Even after two years of living with Willem, Nordin, and Summit in Homer, and spending hunting season at the cabin with them, not having a voice had never been an issue for any of us. I had made my decision to not undergo surgery to be able to speak that one time it was offered to me, and I didn’t regret my decision.
But this hunting season, having a voice could’ve saved me from certain things.

Note: This is a novella of Echo which takes place two years after the novel and should be read after Echo: A Reverse Harem & Age Gap Novel

Link to book 1.5 novella

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“Do we have any rodeo fans out in the audience tonight?”
The feeling is electric when the lights go down and a spotlight shows up for you.
Fans start screaming your name like a saving grace on a hot day on the farm.
I’ve become relentless in my search for satisfaction.
All waiting for the moment, the announcer’s voice booms, declaring I am the world champion.
Every year feels the same, but I know I hunger for more.
We weren’t supposed to be each other’s forever, but the more I quench my thirst with her.
I know I won’t be satisfied until she is mine, and my title claims her as well.

Who said nice guys can’t finish first?
Jethro Wynn is going to demand a final victory when it comes to love.

Legend Rounds is the fourth book in the Ranch Ridge Series.
All books are short, quick rumble reads.

18+ Mature Language, Sexual Content, Violence.

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Maya Adams was settling into her new life aboard station and coming to terms with her new responsibilities.

There was a whole lot to get done, as the Earth took its first steps toward expansion and dealing with the wider universe. Her life was more than a bit complicated on the professional and personal side.

But that was just the start, there were plenty of surprises left in store in Maya’s future, and very few of them pleasant. Between her illegal A.I. and some unpleasant discoveries of the empire’s past, not to mention greater threats out in the universe, she was in for a hell of a juggling act.

Author’s Note: This is a full novel, a Sci-Fi alien Reverse-Harem with a slow burn that doesn’t at all stint on the plot or the sci-fi. There are scenes of a mature nature between a man and a woman as well as a woman and woman. It is also told from first person, from Maya’s point of view.

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Val is reuniting with the guys after being sucked into different parts of the museum’s video game, but will they be able to free their last game member?

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Princess Odele has finally been found, and her appearance brings secrets that the kingdom of Thalassar has been harboring. Secrets that Maisie refuses to accept.

Unwilling to acknowledge her royal lineage, Maisie hides the truth from those she loves most. Her mermen can never know that she bears a title she doesn’t deserve or want. And she will keep it from them.

No matter the cost.

Together, Maisie and Odele will work in secret. They’ll swim in the shadows and be forced to rely on each other. To discover who was behind their assassination attempts. To expose the one who killed their family.

And to save their kingdom from downfall…

…once and for all.

This book is a reverse harem fantasy series that may contain scenes unsuitable for readers under the ages of 18. This book contains M/M/F scenes.
Death Beyond the Waves was previously published under the same title. This is a second edition with a new blurb, new cover, and new scenes.

Reading order:

Secrets Among the Tides
Whispers Beneath the Deep
Caresses Between the Sand
Death Beyond the Waves

Spin-off series:

Slave to ice & Shadows
Princess in Frost Castles
Queen of Frozen War

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Smart girls are not supposed to end up in the mental ward. At least that’s what they tell me.

I’m Ember Kingston, a recent PhD grad in BioChemistry, and science is my life. All I have ever wanted was to have some major breakthrough that would save the world one day. I thought that day had come when my dad, a neurobiologist, called asking for my help with his passion project in Russia. Next thing I know I wake up at Sintrum Medical Institute in the mental ward.

They told me that I have a psychotic break. That I did something very bad. That I killed someone, someone I loved.

The worst part is I don’t remember the whole month I was in Russia. I remember getting on the plane and then. . .Im here. If it wasn’t for my best friend Gem, I would have gone really insane.

I need to get my memories back. I need to know what really happened because if what they tell me is true I don’t think I can come back from that.

Just when I was starting to lose hope I found new allies that are just as determined to help me get my memories back but they have secrets of their own and that just brings out the curious scientist girl out in me but it doesn’t matter. I will use them if I need to because my future depends on it.

CRAZY PEOPLE is the first book in My Alpha Team series, a steamy Why Choose romance featuring four smoldering-hot spies and smart quirky scientist whose learning life is not like you always planned. If you like medium burn romance, an underground world of spies, and dark secret experiments, this crazy adventure is for you.

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I was happy without him and desperate to find a loophole out of our arranged marriage deal the queen and king had set up. He was desperate to claim the throne as his, to finally become a King. He had been willing to do anything to gain the throne and I knew better then to let him get there. My final straw was when he had forced me to watch my men die at his hands, forcing my soul to lock up tight.

I followed them into the bliss of death soon after that. Because I had always known that the Prince couldn’t be crowned without me next to his side.

My kingdom never stopped speaking to our souls though, for it was and always has been where we’ve belonged. It’s dying son returned us to life time and time again, though its power has begun to wane.

A vampire. A demon. A guardian. A sorceress. An odd sort of group bonded together, but our souls in-tune with one another. We could rule the world, just the four of us. Or at least, our kingdom if anything.

My powers had once been strong, but have since been in wait to be awaken. I have to hurry though, because my people are counting on, desperate to be pulled from a terrible fate awaiting them. Even if our return isn’t entirely welcomed. Hope has all but vanished from the streets of my one thriving village and its up to me and my men to save it.

For I am Princess Gracelynn of Astead next in line for the throne. I’ll do whatever it takes to prove I’m worthy of wearing the crown to be Queen. I have a long way go though in order to be the leader these people deserve. As long as I have my men by side though, I know this is a war I can win. I just have to start with the battle first.

You know, once I regain my powers and memories that is. One step at a time with one day taken in stride.

In the meantime, simple call me Gracie.

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Book one in the Grave Concerns series

Ghosts, corpses and four hot men—what’s a girl to do?

Abandoned at three—whose parents want a kid who sees ghosts?—I learned the world is quick to punish misfits. I try my best to be a normal, boring human, but the call of the supernatural just won’t be ignored.

When a stranger shows up on my doorstep in the middle of the night, it’s no sexy tryst. Instead, I’m off to the graveyard, digging up the corpse of a murder victim at the demand of the local vampire coven—and that small felony is just the start.

The spirit of the woman has gone missing—something that shouldn’t be possible—and everyone is looking to me for answers. There’s Kase, a vampire who’s both terrifying and secretive. Grant, a mage with a bad attitude and a lot of power. Troy, the possessive werewolf-detective next door and Hunter, a mysterious bad boy who isn’t even close to human.

It’s a race not just against time but against everything to figure out where the spirits are going, who’s behind it and if I can trust the men who now share my bed.

And all because of a little grave robbing…

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I’ve always hated winter. This year when it comes, I’ll belong to them.

When you sign your soul over to the devil, there are no take backs.

I knew the terms of the contract when I signed it.

For one year, my life isn’t mine.

For one year I am to obey, to be seen not heard.

For one year I’m theirs, mind, body, and soul.

The bodyguard. The fixer. The maniac. The boss.
Four men on a path to ruin me.

I may be theirs for a year, but the damage they plan on doing to me will last a lifetime. That’s if I even survive, because between the family and their enemies, the odds of me even making it past the end of winter are low.

This is the first book in a dark reverse harem contemporary romance series that will contain explicit language and graphic scenes. This series will contain triggering material such as dub con and non con. It is not for the faint of heart.

Link to book

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Just a small town girl, living in a…dangerous world.
Tyrannical psycho running the world? Check.
Loyal and bloodthirsty followers? Check.
Still, somehow, Arcantens most wanted criminal? Check.
I still might not know what’s going on, but at least I have three soulbonds at my beck and call. That’s how it works, right? Unfortunately, no, it’s not.
While trying to work through these new relationships – thanks Whizz – I am still running for my life. Forced to flee to the City of Shadmere to beg the elves for assistance after humanity has turned their back on them. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it sure as hell wasn’t this.
I still have all the questions, with no damn answers. I guess I’ll just have to keep taking every hit life throws at me with a smile on my face, a penis joke on the tip of my tongue, and a few pranks hidden up my sleeve. All while trying to stay breathing.

It’s not going to be easy.

Author’s Note: This is a medium-burn, mfmm, reverse harem story. It includes explicit language and detailed sexual situations. Only intended for audiences 18 years or older.

Link to book 2

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Mave Lorren has had many titles. Slave, gladiator, mercenary, warrior, rebel, enemy of the Empire, and her most treasured, Champion of King Alchan.

Now she had one more.


A new title, new powers, and a terrible burden that only Mave can carry.

She is the most powerful Andinna of all time. War, death, and darkness are her domain. Mave will have to harness those dark powers if she wants to protect the futures everyone is fighting for.

But those dark powers come at a terrible cost, one Mave is willing to pay.

The Avatar’s Flight is a 175,000+ word, full-length novel.
Age of the Andinna is a reverse harem epic fantasy series. The female lead collect her lovers as the series progresses.
There is triggering content in this series including but not limited to: abuse, violence, mature language, and sexual content. It’s recommended for mature audiences.

Link to book 7

Link to book 1 to begin series

Life doesn’t come with a script but some moments don’t need one.

Senior year pushed us all. It dared us to embrace wonder and chase love. It challenged us to find out who we were as people, as partners, as a family. We’re so much better together.

Graduation isn’t the end of our story by any stretch. It’s the next chapter.

*Please note this is a reverse harem and the author suggests you always read the forward in her books. Contains some bullying elements, mature situations, and is recommended for 17+. This is the eighth in a series and the story will continue through future books.

Link to book 8

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Bad Neighbors: A Boys Next Door New Adult Romance (Loved By Three Book 2) by [Evie Rae]

After a scandal implodes my family and life, switching to a new university is my only avenue to providing for myself and my younger sister.

When a data entry error assigns me to an all-male quad dormitory with three far-too-attractive men, I’m willing to make it work. We all have our own rooms, and I can just avoid the common areas.

My new roommates aren’t as willing, though. They don’t want me disrupting their male utopia, and are going to do whatever it takes to make me leave. They leave the toilet seat up, eat my food, drink my last Dr. Peppy, and do their best to make my life hell—all to get me to leave.

Until one day… they stop. Instead of trying to push me out, they make my head spin when they ramp up the charm.

Something tells me not to trust this complete reversal, that they have ulterior motives. That they may just break my heart.

They can break my heart. But they can’t push me out. Not with my sister depending on me…not with our future at stake.

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Cyra has fled to relative safety with two of her Alphas, but her other two Alphas have gone missing…

Everything in Cyra’s life seems to have gone wrong since she attended the Night Gala, an exclusive event for rich shifters, a few weeks ago. She escaped the party with her four fated Alphas, hydra Zack, griffin Spence, cerberus Max and centaur Liam in tow. Only to go on the run from the paparazzi and Cyra’s parents as news articles about them started to appear. When Cyra finally found some control back over her life, her parents sued Max for defamation because he dared to try to expose her parents’ lies.
With Max back in his hometown trying to defend himself and expose even more of Cyra’s parents’ lies, Zack at his side to make sure he makes it back alive, things fall apart even further. The morning that Max is supposed to show up in court, the apartment that Cyra, Spence and Liam are hiding in is attacked, forcing Cyra to transform into her phoenix shape for the first time in decades as she desperately tries to protect Liam and they barely make it out alive. When a local centaur clan takes them in, the three find out that Max and Zack also tried to get to safety, only that it backfired and the two are now missing.

Winter is approaching quickly, which makes safe travel in the mountains where the centaur clan lives complicated. Add to that that Cyra is pregnant with four babies, the whole world now seems to be searching for the near-legendary Omega Phoenix for their own goals and Max and Zack could be anywhere right now. The five mates are doing everything they can to find each other and make it through the winter alive, but will it be enough?

This is the third book in the Her Shifter Harem’s Babies series, a paranormal Omegaverse reverse harem #WhyChoose story. This book may include any of these elements: steamy scenes, ‘I need tissues NOW’ moments, cries of ‘why, oh, why’ and cliffhangers that make you bite your nails (and curse the author).
This story includes MF and MM scenes.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

We shouldn’t have ignored the threat lurking in the shadows. Now we’re being taken to who knows where and our territory is on fire.

We’re fighting for our lives and the lives of the ones we love. Will we lose everything before our lives together have even begun?

Nothing is what it seems in our world. Our saviors may just be our greatest enemies.

Wolf Forged is book 3 in the Arbor Falls series and is a reverse harem wolf shifter romance told in multiple POVs. It contains MM, mature scenes, language, and a cliffhanger.

Link to book 3

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Lily thinks she can just waltz right back into my life.
Doesn’t she know the shit I’ve been through? Doesn’t she know that when she left me, she took away the last piece of my soul that made me human?
No, I’m a slave to my rage and I accepted that a long time ago.
My vow is to kill Cole one of these days—but the Virtue bond won’t let me. It’s twisted everything that I stand for. I take out my rage on Hendrik and I allow him to take his out on me. When Lily brings Cole to us, she should have expected a bloodbath.
Instead, she brought us to our knees.

Burn in Rage is a HOT erotic short with M/M and M/M/M/F intended to be read alongside Fortune Academy: Year Four. This is a short read of roughly 10,000 words and explores points of view from Lily’s guys: Dante, Hendrik, and Cole.
This time, Lily joins in on the fun…

Link to novella episode 2

Link to episode 1

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Go camping, they said.
It’ll be fun, they said.
Relaxing on Lake Travis, drinking beer, and stuffing my face with smores, was what I was hoping for.
You know what they say about the best laid plans.
I’ve caught the eye of four sexy men, though, I think they might be a few fries short of a Happy Meal. They are spewing all kinds of crazy about being werewolves and how I’m one of them.
Maybe they aren’t the only insane ones. Between that and the unexplainable things happening when I’m around them, I think it’s safe to say sanity has left the building.
Now, Cayden, Barrett, Liam, and Wyatt are taking me on what was supposed to be a road trip to figure out my past.
Problem is, theirs isn’t the only eye I’ve caught.

Author’s note: Since this is a series, the book does end in a cliffhanger. Don’t worry, we will be putting up the second book for pre-order very soon!

Link to book 1


I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Even a demon can’t resist a bad boy.

He’s a rogue and only out for himself. My succubus wants him anyway, but how many mates does one woman need? Temptation is closer than ever when Zeke is drafted on a mad rescue mission to save my sister.  

Uncovering the sorcerer’s plans is top priority, but my body doesn’t agree. How can I give into my own desire, when his brother is right here?  Twin brother squabbles risk disaster, but I need Zeke to save my sister so I’ll risk it. This demon doesn’t let anyone get left behind.

Click now to grab the thrilling conclusion to this why choose, paranormal romance series.  

Thrilling conclusion to this why choose, reverse harem paranormal series.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

Get the COMPLETE series of this Aussie Academy series, Corviticus University, in one volume!

Book 1 – Corviticus University

New life? Check.
Road to a career? Check.
Housemates? Check.
Can you keep your hands off them? Undetermined.

I wasn’t expecting my new housemates to be as hot and sexy as they are. And it’s going to be a struggle to stick to my personal rules of no sexual relationships with them. They’re all so tempting, sweet, and funny. Well, except for one.
Yep, definitely hard.
And with their help, I’ll learn to manage my mischief magic. No more flying, honking vibrators for me.
But questions rise when more powers surface for me, and it’s obvious I’m not just your average pixie halfling.
Can we find answers together? And can I stick to my personal rules of friends only?

Book 2 – Corviticus University: Revelations

It’s time for the game to begin. The prize?

So I couldn’t resist my housemates. Go figure.

And lo and behold, it was none other than Marcus who broke me.
But strange powers have surfaced, and a dark revelation leaves me with more questions than answers.
What is this bond I feel with some of my housemates? And can I resist them?
And what the hell is going on with my magic?

Book 3 – Corviticus University: Void

Death becomes me. Now I know what it finally means.

As if being a halfling wasn’t enough. Now I’m something more, but I have no clue what my abilities are or what is going on.
Oh, and I’m being hunted. The reasoning behind it makes my blood run cold when I find out.
I need to find a way to protect myself, but as I begin to learn more about who I am and my past, powers and abilities arise.
Now I need to make a choice on how to use them, all while trying to stay alive.
At least I have my four hot housemates trying to help, although they’re more of a distraction and delicious temptation. Not to mention this telepathic thing is getting out of hand. Hopefully I’ll discover exactly what it all means.
Life is never easy.
Time to buckle up and learn.

Book 4 – Corviticus University: Family Ties

With the big bad handled and the bond with my men sealed, life is looking up for me.

Or so I thought.

With powers I need to learn to wield, and my mates all stronger than ever, we find ourselves dealing with a potential new threat.

All whilst trying to continue life with my newfound family and friendships.

Can we figure out if this new threat is real? And if it is, how will we handle it?

Book 5 – Corviticus University: Scarlet Dagger

A killer warlock on the loose. A hunt for a mysterious weapon. A hidden power within.
My head is spinning with everything that keeps getting hurled our way. My brush with death should have me more freaked, but instead I’m worrying over a warning given to me by my dead mother.
A harrowing message to find a mysterious weapon and use it.
And a hidden power we must unveil.
When will my life ever be normal?
Can my mates and I find this weapon and put a stop to the killer warlock? Can we awaken this hidden power? Or will this crazed killer be our undoing?

Book 6 – Corviticus University: Forever Bound

A crazed warlock wants my power. A warlock who had a plan set in motion long ago. One that has shaped my life.

A hidden power has been revealed, but things are going wonky in the spirit world, and time is running out.
Maple Grove is now ground zero for this craziness, and shit’s about to get real.

My mates and I find ourselves split up and under attack, and things with Emma hit the fan as the witches get affected. Mr Brady and the Council can’t help, so it’s up to us to deal with this.
I need to stop Joseph, no matter the cost.
Before he destroys this whole town.

But am I prepared to pay the price needed?

This boxed set contains the entire series of the Corviticus University series, a medium/fast burn RH story.

Link to boxset books 1-6

When duty & jealousy collide, the flames of temptation are fanned

Natalia has always known that she was promised to a man 25 years her senior. However, after the Novello brothers, come to the aid of her father, feared mafia Don Frank Costello, everything changes.

He’s king of the underworld. The Don of NYC. He has money, drugs, guns, thriving businesses and half the police force under his belt. So when he offers the brothers payment for helping him, he’s surprised when the only thing they demand is Natalia.

Unable to refuse their offer, Frank reluctantly hands over his only daughter to the Novello brothers and a war breaks out between the three families.

When duty and jealousy collide, the flames of temptation are fanned and the only thing standing in the way of bloodshed and war is the promise of seduction from the only daughter of Frank Costello.

Can there ever be life after the Brotherhood take their payment from her? Or does the ultimate betrayal lie in her own blood?

Link to book

They say family is a circle of strength.
But when mine is ripped away from me at the hands of a monster,
My strength is all that’s left.
I’ll give my last breath before they take anything else from me.
Even if I’m the one they wanted all along.
Find Silas Black.
Those were my father’s last words.
So I did.
Only, I found so much more than just a man who was prepared to help me get my revenge.
I found a tortured soul who in return gave me hope.
But I also found his broken sons.
One hates me.
One desires me.
And Silas wants to save me.
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but If I keep getting caught up in the heat of the moment, I’ll be my own demise.

Four is a Dark Reverse Harem Romance that contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find uncomfortable, such as dub con, murder, torture, and abuse. The Black family men are rough, controlling, and a little bit crazy, but don’t worry…she puts them in their place. Enjoy!

Link to book

Abducted. Stranded on an alien planet. With three hotties all looking at me.


I wake up, the memories of my abduction are fresh, only to find out I’ve been in stasis for six years. The life I had on Earth is gone. Everything I know is gone. But I have three intensely gorgeous alien warriors all vying for my attention.


We’re waking the sleeping females. I can’t help but wonder if the fates will shine down on some of us like they shined down on the other captain and his crew.

I’m the first unmated male to see the curvy vixen, and from the moment I lay eyes on her, I know she’s mine.


Independent and defiant, she doesn’t need anyone. I’m not going to try and box her in, I’m going to set her free. I just have to tempt her away from the others, to prove I can give her everything she desires.


There are things in my past, secrets even my brothers don’t know. She’ll never understand me. But she makes me want to be a better man. I can’t let her go, even if it means sharing my dark side. And sharing her.

Alyssa and Her Mates is a collection of the first three books of Alien Warriors of New Dilaria. It’s a curvy girl, fated mates alien romance that begs the question, why choose between the alien warriors when you can have all three?

Link to box set

Yesterday I was a human being.
Today I’m nothing but a piece of meat.

There was a time when I doubted the existence of aliens. Now I’m a believer.

I’m alone on the stage, vulnerable, frightened, sweating in the spotlight. Meanwhile, a crowd of alien monsters are casting their bids.

The prize? Me.

This place is a meat market. Literally. To these alien beasts I’m nothing but a delicacy. A tasty morsel of exotic food.

Except for the aliens who actually end up claiming me.

The Raksha.

Five terrifying purple-skinned males, all rippling muscles and growly alpha dominance.

These guys have a different kind of hunger smoldering in their orange eyes.

They own me now, body and soul. I’m their pet, their plaything. Theirs to use, to share, to dominate as they see fit.

It turns out the Raksha have a problem. Their females are all gone, wiped out by a deadly plague. Their entire species is now doomed to extinction.

For some reason, they think I can help. And they’re about to show me how.

I’d say my chances of ever returning to Earth are slim to none.

By the time the Raksha are done with me, maybe I won’t want to.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

The gods may think they have won…but I won’t be forgotten.

Thrown into Gods Chará, a land with no magic and no end, Daesyn has to escape and get back to the world that has been forced to forget her.

With a little help from an unexpected goddess and a flash from the past, Daesyn is going for the Otherworld throne her mother once ran from.

The world might have forgotten who Daesyn is, but real love can’t be so easily erased. War is here, four worlds are fighting, and Daesyn is nothing more than a thief.

Can a thief change the world?

Fans of epic urban fantasy romance will love this four-book series by USA Today Bestselling Author G. Bailey. This is a reverse harem romance meaning the main character will have more than one love interest.
This series is a crossover of the series, A Demon’s Fall, but can be read on its own.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

Link to book 1 of A Demon’s Fall series, if you’d like to see if you want to start there


How to survive the apocalypse—fight like hell and then find seven hot guys to protect you…that’s my advice.

Of course, surviving isn’t as easy as it sounds. Not when Ragers and natural disasters abound.

But maybe I’ll just need to rely on the sexy as hell men who barged into my life.

Tamson, the shy, timid geek with a secret dirty side.

Asher, the gorgeous, compassionate man who sets my skin ablaze.

Ronan, the jokester of the group who never fails to make me laugh.

Ryder, the flirty musician with a darkness inside of him.

Declan, a cruel man who can’t decide if he wants to kiss me or strangle me.

Fallon, the fearless leader who makes me feel safe and protected.

And Calax, my mortal enemy who I kinda want to kill and kinda want to kiss all in the same breath. Maybe now I know how Declan feels?

Together, we might just survive the apocalypse.

If we don’t fall first.

*Together We Fall is an action-packed, slow-burn, apocalyptic reverse harem romance where the leading girl doesn’t have to choose between love interests. This set contains all four books in the series—The Darkness We Crave, The Light We Seek, The Storm We Face, and The Monsters We Hunt—as well as over 20,000 words of bonus content and short stories, including the bonus story The Christmas We Share.

Link to box set

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

I haven’t been a good girl in a long time.

But I try. I swear I do. When temptation comes knocking at my door, I’m too tired from busting my ass at work to get into too much trouble… most of the time.

Until fate intervenes.

My new bosses are hot, strong, and powerful. With them, I might actually see an end to the miserable life I’ve been leading. Here’s the thing though, when my past rears its ugly head, and I make a mistake. I choose revenge instead of turning over a new leaf.

And as much as I’ve blamed others for my crappy life, this time I only have myself to blame.

Mistakes have been made. Hell, I’m about as flawed as they come. But can the three men who gave me hope for a better future ever forgive me for the sins of my past?

God, I hope so.

FALLING FOR MY BOSSES is a steamy reverse harem standalone with a flawed heroine and three dreamy men. It has a happily ever after ending, no cheating, and some hot scenes. So grab your copy today and dig in! (This story was previously released as Scars.)

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What do a rockstar, a chef, and a police officer have in common? They’re all in love with Jenna Hunter-Westin … and each other.

Jenna, a formerly single restauranteur with two great kids, now has three amazing boyfriends. Or does she?

Someone wants to harm her, and two of her new loves might have connections to her attacker. Can they figure out who wants to hurt her and why, before their relationship implodes from the inside out?

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Twenty-five years ago, my life was decided for me and I’ve been lied to ever since.

I never questioned being an orphan. Father Kaden just told me I couldn’t live in the monastery anymore when he moved me in with Lady Cerise and her son. I was just grateful for the roof over my head and the friendly company.

This was my life until a black swan started speaking to me in my head. She tells me I’m not an orphan at all. My family is quite alive and I have a twin sister. I don’t even have time to process any of this because she also tells me I have a destiny. Something that has been promised to my twin sister since birth.

And my twin is willing to kill me to make sure what was promised to her is not taken away.

The False Queen is book 3 in The Royal Celestials, a zodiac based shared world. It represents Gemini and is a medium burn reverse harem. It can be read as a stand alone.

Link to book 3 in standalone series

Link to book 1 to begin series

We’re so screwed.
My father is ramping up the danger and trying to win a game we can’t afford to lose.
The Feral Beasts have taken over Charles Donahue’s business and put a bounty out on two of my guys.
I never dreamed making it to graduation and getting out of this corrupted town would seem this impossible.
But I have my four guys by my side, finally, and we’re going to put up a fight.

It’s a fight for survival. Trust each other.

***This book is a reverse harem, meaning the FMC will have three or more love interests.
The book also has trigger warnings for emotional/physical bullying and abuse, violent scenes, reference to suicide and mature content/swearing, so please do not read if you are easily offended or have the mentioned triggers.
This book is intended for 18+

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

For some reason (as of 3/28/21) Amazon has books 2 and 3 linked on the same page, and books 1 and 2 on a different page. I’ve got books one and 3 above so the series is a bit easier to find all 3 of the novels, should you choose to read it.

Betrayed by a former member, the Ethos Society is on the hunt for the biggest threat they’ve known to date.

One with the power to destroy them all.

Just when the team thinks all is lost, a connection to the past draws hope for their future. The one man who holds the keys to apprehending their target, is the same one who turned down The Rites already, leaving Charlie with only one choice.

To sponsor Wyatt Ridley.

With everything on the line, Charlie must determine just how far she is willing to go to save his life, even if that means risking her own.

The Sands is the third installment in the Ethos Society series and features steamy scenes and scenarios geared towards a mature audience.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

God Mode on!
In the wake of the withdrawal of wild faerie magic from most of the world, Faeries have become the new celebrities, and the most adored is the Faerie God himself. To capitalize on his popularity an online game called Lore has been created and has attracted the interest of none other but Lucifer, Azrael’s father. But the Devil’s noticed something odd about the game; his gaming friends are disappearing and there’s a powerful monster that just won’t die. When he calls in the Godhunter to help, she’s pulled into an online world that may be more real than anyone thought. Will Vervain make it out of the game alive or will this be her last life?

Link to book 33

Link to book 1 to begin series

After their last encounter, Nikolai Ivanov proved that he’s done toying aroung and is finally making his move. Callie Jensen and everyone she loves are more at risk than ever before. It’s going to take the entire team working together if they all want to make it out alive. With things in shambles after a string of bad incidents, will they be able to regroup and withstand Ivanov’s assault when he decides to go full-bore? There are so many pieces at play, that it will take a miracle to pull of their attack on him before it’s too late.

In the end, who will come out standing after playing Ivanov’s game?

This book is the conclusion to the six-book series about Callie Jensen and her Delta team.

Link to book 6

Link to book 1 to begin series – Warning for the dirty birdies: FADE TO BLACK

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Hell hath no fury like a shifter scorned.
Three years ago, a darkly handsome stranger stole my heart. After one night together, I was certain I’d found my fated mate—until he rejected me and disappeared like a shadow.

I never told anyone about that night. I shoved the shattered pieces of my soul into a locked box and pretended I’d never met Kian.

But when a witch whispers a dire warning in my ear one day, everything changes.

Because I don’t just have one mate. I have three.

Feral shifters, she calls them.

Wild, untamed, and fueled by darkness, created by a magic no one has ever seen before.

These three dangerous, psychotic monsters could tear apart the world as we know it, unless I hunt them down and stop them first.

They say all’s fair in love and war… but sometimes love is war.

Rejected Mate is the first book in the Feral Shifters series, a reverse harem paranormal shifter romance. It contains cursing, violence, anti-hero alpha males, steamy sex, and a badass heroine who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

Link to book

Maned wolf shifter Alek Sawyer is a pro at landing on her feet. From being dropped into foster care as a child, to tripping over her hopeless romantic tendencies as a teenager, she’s an omega with no need of an alpha or a pack. With a curvy figure and a mean right hook, she’s also not the omega that most alphas expect her to be.

But Hades, Roman, and Wilder aren’t ‘most alphas.’ When Alek is unexpectedly and irrevocably drawn to the exhibitionist panther, the quiet but firm coyote, and the secretive dire wolf, she can’t help but be reminded of the fairy tale romance she’s always wanted. But when things start heating up, she starts to realize her day dreams are drifting to some darker corners than she remembers. Corners with collars and cuffs and a strong dominating presence.

But her new romance isn’t all kinky games and bdsm parties. Her new alphas come with secrets of their own and lead lives that Alek has never considered for herself. At the end of the day, will their sudden and powerful connection be enough to keep them together?

Or will their pasts, or Alek’s own skeletons, force them apart?

Reckless is a paranormal reverse harem intended for readers 18 and older. It features a curvy, sexy omega and is a fast burn romance with MM content and gratuitous kink.

Link to book

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

With a dreaded curse looming, Princess Freya races against time to find her frollick of mates to complete her tribe. She has no choice. Her personal desires have no place here. If she cannot do this before her 25th birthday, her land will be cursed to winter—eternally.

Freya must travel the fae and mortal lands alike in search of the four men fated to help save her realm, but it will not be easy. Rulissa, the evil fae responsible for the curse hanging over Freya and her sisters, will stop at nothing to thwart Freya’s efforts and see her curse turned permanent.

Finding the men is simple. Bonding with them is another matter. When she falls for the first, she’s filled with renewed energy for the task. But she’ll soon discover that fate has no care for compatibility as she struggles through her own feelings about the men who must join her if she’s to succeed.

If her land falls into eternal winter, it cannot be undone. Her people will be cursed to the cold forever, hope and progress becoming no more than a dream of a past beyond their reach.

Freya must push past her own disdain for love if she’s to defeat the evil of Rulissa by surrendering herself to the bond of the frollick.

Link to book


I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.


Devastated, alone & trapped in my misery, I am not capable of fighting the evil that has set its sights on me since the day I was born.

My Monster is the only one of my circle I can bear to be around because he has no expectations except to just be with me. My circle is growing more and more anxious, I can feel it through the bond that connects us. I want to be there for them but I can’t.
I can’t think, I can’t breathe for the pain.

It takes the Hell equivalent of a miracle to bring me back from the depths of my despair and it comes in a form I could not have expected. My circle rallies around to bring me back to full strength even though I can’t be near them. But when I push back the cloak of darkness that has been thrown over me, there isn’t a being powerful enough to save the evil that has been torturing me.
& determined to get my daughter back where she belongs, Hell hath no fury like a mother torn from her child.

As the life I knew falls in tatters around me, can I ever be the same woman that my circle loved? Will I ever get them back after I’ve pushed them away?

Read Annabelle’s Apocalypse to find out!

Link to book 5

Link to book 1 to begin series (Series includes scenes of M/M & F/F.)

I am Françoise, Queen of the Vampires. I ran wild and free in Paris in the 1820s with my four delicious vampire lovers.
But alas, this was not to be.
For, after hundreds of years, a new breed of vampire rose up and tried to murder me.
I woke up in London, in the year 2020.
I am learning now, growing stronger with the help of four handsome men, the owners of Blackheart nightclub.
But Karl knows I am awake and is looking for me. Can I grow strong before he unleashes his vampire army on me and Blackheart? Or will I perish like the pureblood vampires that came before me?
Cold Moon is an 18 + reverse harem book that contains scenes of sex, BDSM and violence.

Link to book

They struck me down.
They tried to end me.
But I’m about to come out swinging.

Link to book 2

Link to book 1 to begin series

Life isn’t a fairytale, but for a few days I got to pretend it was. Now I’m back in my childhood bedroom in New York, eating breakup ice cream and listening to early 2000s emo music.

Whatever, this was the wake-up call I needed. It’s time for Ria 2.0.

No more bailouts.

No more half-baked projects.

No more impulsive decisions.

Simple, right?

Except my ex-boyfriend wants to drop the ex part, the three bears aren’t so willing to let their Goldilocks go, and their mother is more Wicked Witch than Mama Bear.

How am I supposed to pull it together when chaos follows everywhere I go?

Golden Chaos is book two of the Three Bears duet. It is a medium burn, reverse harem romance for readers 18+

Link to book 2

Link to book 1 to begin series

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Manifestations, mysteries, and murder… what more could a ghost hunter want?

After spending far too long in their new home and away from their beloved haunts, Brea and her guys are ready to get back to work. And what better way to do that then spend an entire month in an abandoned mining town?

Titan Grove is a town frozen in time. Homes abandoned, belongings discarded, and powerful ghosts were left behind in the wake of the murders plaguing the town. After all, brutal deaths always lead to active ghosts.

But ghosts aren’t the only thing creeping in the empty homes.

Will Brea and the guys find more than they bargained for here, or will they end up like the rest of the town, dead and forgotten?

This is book 4 in the Spirit Vlog Series and is intended for readers 18 and up. There may be some events during their investigations that readers may find triggering. This book is also a reverse harem paranormal romance, meaning the main character will not have to choose her partner.

Link to book 4

Link to book 1 to begin series


I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

The only men I ever loved have come back to life. And I’m not going to sacrifice them—not even if it ends the world.

I made a promise, and I mean to keep it. Victor, Baird, Amir, and Joshua will survive the coming apocalypse. I’ll have them by my side no matter what.

To stop the Dead-Witch Moon, I’ll have to do more than just uncover my father’s crimes. I’ll have to face myself in the mirror—and the witch blood inside me.

My mother left me a powerful gift… if I dare to use it.

But can a witch, four not-so-dead ex-boyfriends, a fortune-telling aunt, a possessed cat, a haunted car, and a bunch of bloodthirsty werewolves take down demon kind?

I have no idea, but I’m definitely going to try.

Watch out Lilith. Harri Raines is coming for you.

Witchcraft, demons, ghosts, baby goats, whiskey, and four not-so-dead ex-boyfriends bring this new series to life. Harri Raines Gets Ahead with the Dead will be coming soon.

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Fall semester at Sciathain Academy
Against my better judgment but in agreement with my hormones and my inquisitive nature, I’m back.

The cooler temps have set in. Sweaters and jackets have taken the place of cute shorts and tanks. Bain and Zephyr are looking hotter than ever in their autumn jackets.

Every lesson, every story, every sign in every brick wall reminds me All Hallows’ Eve is upon us.

For a people that hated Halloween, they sure did have some racy stories about the holiday.

Apparently fairies and Halloween go together like devils and angels and yet something about it intrigues them. No matter how scary they make it seem, they’re having a dance and a fall festival.

The word Halloween is never spoken.

It’s all a ruse. These people seem terrified of the thought. There is no candy corn or Jack-o-lanterns to be spoken of. Instead, there are whispers of the veil thinning and shudders at what that means. Hay replaces ghosts and apples replace skeleton-shaped chocolate.

I have other things to think about. Like why my wings won’t come out and why I have two…maybe three guys all vying for my attention. I couldn’t get a date to the prom in high school but here, I’m like hot guy magnet central. Which would be great, if it wasn’t for that hovering feeling, darkness that moves into my chest like thick, great, ink every time I go into a dark hallway or shut the lights off.

Every time I turn a corner, something dark and sinister is watching me. It tugs at my chest and fills my body with dread.

Can’t a girl, a human girl, until I’m proven wrong, catch a break around this fairy place?
Sullied Wings is the second book in a paranormal reverse harem academy series featuring a kickass fairy heroine raised as an ordinary human, three handsome exciting fairy heroes, and all the others at the Sciathain Academy, a school where generations of magical, winged fairies attend to learn all they need to know on both sides of the veil. It is a why choose fairy romance with a slow-burn buildup. Relationships develop over the course of this paranormal series, and, as always, Mazy guarantees an HEA

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Every Halloween, Satan’s Affair will come to you. We travel the country, offering terrifying haunted houses, thrilling rides and the tastiest food.

And with every passing town, I cleanse this world, one execution at a time.

I hide within the walls, casting my judgement for those that reek of evil, singing lullabies to their rotting souls. Once you’ve been chosen, there’s no escaping my henchmen—they cater to my every desire.

You can run and you can hide, but it only excites me.

Come. Take a walk through my dollhouse, where your screams will blend and your cute little pleas will go unanswered.

But I can’t promise it’ll be over quickly…

*Flagged as a reverse harem, but the blurb is vague. If this turns out to be incorrectly marked, I will remove it. Or someone yell at me, and lemme know!*

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They called me the reality TV angel.

My role as the little blonde haired, do-gooder daughter is only one of the many lies my mother perpetuated after infiltrating the Adams family.

Her obsession knew no bounds, and I was only along for the ride.

Then my mother vanishes into thin air, leaving me with a father that’s a virtual stranger and a family war that should never have been mine.

Now, I’m taking my dark roots to the one place everyone warns me to stay away from. There’s no safety at Banner-Hill, only three corrupt men ready to see exactly how bad this angel can be.

My sister found her freedom at Banner-Hill. Now it’s my turn.

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Grey thought her life couldn’t get weirder than it has been the past four years. After all, what could beat a couple of sudden gender swaps, a cursed island, and finding out your mother is a siren?

Funny, Grey. Real funny.

For starters, the rock that connects Grey to Etna Island? Turns out it might have something much darker attached to it—something all the other supernaturals insist a mixed breed like Grey isn’t strong enough to handle.

Oh, and then there’s the band’s growing popularity and the possibility that Grey’s love life might destroy Lucifer and everything they’ve built.

Leviathan’s Lament is the last book in the Depths duology.

Author’s Note:

*Leviathan’s Lament is book 2 of 2 in the Depths duet. It is poly/reverse harem romance, and contains M/M, F/F, MMMMFF and poly themes. The heat level in this book is quite a bit higher than book 1.

*This is a full length novel, but is shorter than book 1, at a little over 80,000 words. Contains no filler or fluff sample chapters at the end.

*This book contains adult language, graphic sexual situations, and touches on sensitive topics. Do not read if you are easily triggered. Contains talk of, but no “on-the-page” details regarding suicide. Contains discussion of mind-control and talk of sexual situations under mind-control that occurred in the first book (not horribly graphic, but may be a trigger for some). I believe in happily ever after—but sometimes the road there is rough.

*Examines stereotypes and ingrained beliefs about sexuality and gender, as they pertain to the plot of the story.

*Contains one non-human character with non-standard anatomy.

*Final book. Complete series. No cliff hanger.

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Five years ago, I had an audition for the ballet company of my dreams. Five years ago, my boyfriend purposely broke my toes and ruined my dreams. Two days later, I found out I’m a witch.

I thought my ballet days were over. I just graduated from the academy to work as a federal agent with the Paranormal Investigation Bureau. I get called into the office for something that could change my life permanently. Meaning, I could die. That ballet company I never got to audition for is doing The Sugar Skull Girl. This ballet has never been seen on stage before. I don’t have the full story, but rumors are that any time someone tries to attempt this ballet, things soon turn fatal.

I’ve been told to strap my pointe shoes on and use my witch abilities to go undercover at the ballet company. I had my reservations about taking this job, even if it had once been a dream of mine to dance for The P. The artistic director is a horny Unseelie rake who makes casting decisions with his cock. The prima ballerina here needs to retire, but she’s totally toxic about making sure no one upstages her. She has a club of mean girl ballet dancers willing to ruin careers just for the spotlight…or maybe just for fun.

Not only do I have to survive gossip, hot male dancers who like to sniff around new ballerinas, and toxic prima ballerinas, I have to figure out what is going on with this ballet before we all die. I might not like these people, but I’m here to save their lives.

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All I know is my name.
No memories. No idea why I’m at a castle where things float and candles alight themselves. No clue as to my age or even my last name. At this point, I’m not for sure that I didn’t burst into being from a spark.
For the record, my name is Mia.
The man who drove me here handed me a suitcase and patted my shoulder before telling me good luck. The headmaster seems to think I belong here and that my powers will bloom. Sure, buddy. And donkeys will dance in tutus while a jester pushes him in a wheelbarrow.
This school is like no other
The girls at the Conjurer Academy whisper, and lines have already been drawn in the sand as far as social groups go. The students here all look like goddesses. The food shimmers as though it is enchanted. Every girl has at least three boyfriends, so maybe there’s no shortage of god-like men who can make magic? No idea, but I’ll take four if they are handing them out.
What should I do?
The way I see it, I have two choices… One: Try to fit in and survive here. Two: Find a way out and back to reality. Neither one sounds promising to me.
Enigma is book 1 of the exciting new paranormal reverse harem series The Conjurers Academy from bestselling Authors Mazzy J. March and Jenna M. Jett, featuring a heroine who is completely out of her element in an academy where magic is the norm and up is down…or maybe sideways. It is a why choose alternate universe romance with a slow burn buildup to sizzling heat. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy guarantees an HEA.

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Ever feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and if you fail the world really will come to an end? No? So it’s just me?


This is my life. There’s a prophecy written and it’s my job to fulfill it. No pressure, huh?

But before I can save the world I have to finish being a teenager and that means attending Canterberry Academy.

The school doesn’t seem all that bad, at first. Then I meet The Untouchables: Kai, a dominant wolf; Rowan, a dark vampire who is as hot as he is dangerous; and Colton, a mage whose smile is enough to make any girl weak in the knees.

All Alphas in their own way and all assholes as well. Stay away from The Untouchables, they say, they’re trouble you don’t want.

The Untouchables are unavoidable because it turns out I can’t fulfill my destiny without them. Trouble? Yeah, it’s definitely my middle name.

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I thought I was fighting to prove myself, but it turns out I’ve been duped. The traitor betrayed… I guess there’s a certain poetic irony to that.

Unfortunately, neither poetry nor irony is going to get me or the guy I inadvertently dragged into this mess to safety. I’ve got nothing left to bargain with. So when the worst of our betrayers offers us a way out, what choice do I have but to take it?

There’s a long journey ahead of us, one I couldn’t have been prepared for. One that’ll require I somehow trust the last person I want to. One that’ll push all three of us to our limits—with no guarantee that we’ll make it to the end alive.

False Augury is the second book in a new urban fantasy trilogy set in the Villain Academy world. Enter here for magical conspiracies, an outcast heroine, and a fraught romance where she’ll get to keep both her suitors.

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It was a love spell that was meant to save them from heartbreak. Who knew such a thing would backfire so spectacularly?

I’m a book worm. A wall flower. I never really wanted to do the love spell, but I couldn’t disappoint my best friends. Ruby and Tiffany just wanted it so much. After a lifetime of no men in our lives, it seems like we’re attracting them three fold.

Three guys. THREE guys. For me. I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong that should feel, and yet it doesn’t. It feels… well, amazing. Except I somehow manages to get TWO Alpha wolves who don’t know how to share, and the mystery surrounding my father is slowly unravelling.

How do I make my triad work when the past is holding me back, and the future is so uncertain?

Practical Magic meets Twilight in this coming of age, reverse harem paranormal romance.

*** Author note: Halloween Witches are standalone stories, but are best read in order.

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The Fallen
Fierce. Feared. Always revered.
Five guys on a mission to tear me to the ground.
Three guys I can’t escape—they make my heart pound.
I’m a moth to a flame of their white-hot fire.
But they’re divided by secrets, lies, and raging desire.
Our paths are crossed. Our fate is sealed.
Our gaping wounds are yet to be healed.
Even as they try to break me, I won’t give in.
So in the end, will the truth come out, or will lies win?Coming soon

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When I first came to the Boucher House I thought it would be simple. It was supposed to be easy; follow the rules, and take the meds they give you so you can become better.

But what if they’re not trying to cure us?

Everyday I feel like I’m changing more and more from the person I used to be. I’m not quite sure who I’ve become throughout the torturous treatments and sessions with Dr. Boucher and his staff. But whoever it is, I’m praying she’s strong enough to survive this hell.

If they really are out to get you, is it still paranoia? The problem is, everyday I feel as though I’m losing myself more and more. Boucher is stepping up his game and it’s hard to tell the difference between paranoia and the truth.

Is the darkness only within these walls, or is it seeping into my bones?

This is a why choose romance, where the fmc will have more than one love interest without having to choose. This is a dark, forced proximity romance. It touches on sensitive matters and scenes that may trigger some people.

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★ Previously published as Summer Semester★

A brand new life, a brand new school, and three hot guys to drive her crazy.

Lexi thought her first semester at Beta Wolf Academy would be relaxed and easy, but that’s not proving to be true.

Having had zero experience with guys her entire life, Lexi’s world is turned upside down when not one, not two, but three seriously sexy guys all set their sights on her. Things get complicated really fast, especially when she discovers they’re best friends.

Lexi is just finding her place at BWA when a dark part of her past tears her world apart. Will her secrets destroy the connection she has with Lucian, Dimitri, and Chase or will her men rise up to defend what they’ve built against the shadows that haunt her?

Fans of Vampire Academy and Legacies will want to sink their teeth into Beta Wolf Academy!


Wolf Mated is the first book in JJ King’s new university set fated-mates shifter series, so expect insta-attraction. Not insta-love… but the lust and confusion is certainly there! It’s a full-length paranormal romance you won’t want to miss about three swoon-worthy shifters and the feisty pink haired heroine caught between them. No choosing required, promise!

Scroll up and one-click to start your journey at Beta Wolf Academy now!

✓ Spin-off alert – This series is a spin-off of JJ King’s Guardian’s trilogy. While you do not need to read Guardians to slip into Lexi’s world or discover all her secrets, reading the trilogy will give you faster insight into her background. xoxo

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Spin off from Guardian’s Trilogy Link to book 1 of that series

One of my mates is doing everything he can to rid us of our marks. Another—the one who isn’t even Dilarian—claims he won’t share, but he won’t release claim either.

Everything changes when we fall deep into the caverns below. No one expected the ground to give way. Or the riches we’d find there.

Trapped together, with my four alien mates surrounding me, fighting over me, protecting me, should be a dream come true.

It could be, if we weren’t being hunted by something in the caves and one of my mates wasn’t trying to rip everything from us.

Now we’re going to have to work as a team…or a family if we’re going to get out.

This is the second book of four for Cecelia and her mates. This a why choose romance where the main character will have multiple love interests and she won’t have to choose.

They were trying to get back to Hell… But Hell showed up at our door.

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In my attempt for revenge, I nearly became the thing I hated myself.

Or maybe I did.

Now, it’s all I can do to set things right.

I arrived at Ridgecrest an outcast, if I leave an outcast as well…well I don’t care. All I care is that I fix what I’ve broken. I’ll set things right here if it’s the last thing I do.

Her Wrath is a full-length reverse harem bully romance with multiple love interests. It’s the third (and final) book in The Forgotten Elites trilogy, a contemporary enemies-to-lovers series where the main character has no intent to choose between the boys she loves to hate.

More info coming soon!

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Time is running out. The darkness is coming. And I’m short one mate.

Life is getting ever more complicated as I continue to collect mates. Fate may have stopped us from finding the oracle before, but nothing is going to get in our way now.

I keep getting visions telling me that time is running out. The oracle is the only one who can give us the answers we need and this time we know where to look… sort of. There is no choice but to go deeper into Shadow Forest. We know the oracle is there somewhere, but every second we spend on Shadow Forest land means risking our lives.

If I’m lucky I’ll find my last mate and the oracle before the darkness I see in my visions swallows the world whole. The only problem is I’ve never been very lucky…

If you love the mystery of JR Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood and the magic of Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy, then you’ll love House of Wolves and Magic!

One click Her Hidden Pack today and get swept away by this reverse harem urban fantasy romance adventure!

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I can’t decide what’s worse, Jana wanting to share my brothers, or my brothers sleeping with my girl behind my back.

I have to fix this, but I don’t have a clue how it can work. Three Masters sharing a submissive may be unusual. Three Daddy Doms sharing a Little is even more rare. But three brothers sharing the same woman will destroy us.


Three older men have claimed me as their own and swept me into a world of erotic pleasure. I’ve always wanted to be treasured and desired. But my new Masters hunger for something darker.

I can handle the age gap and the judgmental looks. But I don’t know if I can risk the danger of my Masters new challenge.

⚠ Trigger Warnings:
This book is about consenting adults with some DD/lg scenes including explicit sex/language, spanking, bondage, and age play.

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How does a girl choose between so many viable mates? Maybe she doesn’t have to choose at all!

Zoe gets her pack. Who is it? The answer will surprise you! Find out in Book 3 of the Call of the Wolf shifter series, The Pack.

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Ripped from my parents’ arms late one night and forced to grow up in Nelly’s House – hunting the supernaturals that no one else would go after. My story could stop there, but the day Hazen arrived to replace my partner, things changed. I fell in love for the first time and let my heart lead over my head.

The following are the events as best that I can remember – what led me to Millwood Academy.

Link to novella prequel to Millwood academy book 1.5

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Careful what you wish for!

We finally made it out of the academy. Struggling with a devastating loss, I thought things were looking up. Especially after we were rescued by the magical FBI.

Turns out my old enemies are still hunting us. And new forces have joined them, intent to drain us of our powers. Since nobody survives the procedure, we’re not planning on getting captured. 

Remember what they say about best laid plans?

Yeah. About that. 

So here we are again. Struggling against overwhelming odds. And the damned cat still isn’t helping!

I wished I was back behind the safe walls of the Second Chance Academy…

This is the fourth book of the Second Chance Academy series. This is a story strictly for adults because of steamy scenes and adult subject matters. 

This is the final book of the Second Chance Academy series. This is a story strictly for adults because of steamy scenes and adult subject matters. But remember, I will ALWAYS guarantee a Happily Ever After!

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Does being magically bound to a dragon with a death sentence warrant a punishment of its own?

I didn’t ask to be bound to Xiatyan, but I am, and apparently that makes me the one person who can free him from his magical confinement.

Which is the last thing the other dragons want.

Either I find a way to convince them I’m not a threat, or I might be heading to a magical prison all my own. And dragging my three bonded loves with me.

Pre-emptively locking me up for a crime I haven’t committed shouldn’t be that hard to argue against… Right?

FOUNDATIONAL DRAGON LAW is the fourth book in the Ember Academy for Magical Beings New Adult slow-burn Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Academy series. If you love bisexual heroines struggling to find their place in their world, dragon-related mysteries, and magical universities, you’ll love this latest fast-paced series in L.C. Mawson’s Snowverse.

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I’m the Golden Werewolf Princess.
They are my reluctant mates.
How far will our bonds stretch before they snap?

(Blurb may contain spoilers for previous books)

I’ve seen the face of my true enemy, and she resembles me.

My bond with my men grows deeper, as does my bloodlust. I won’t rest until I destroy everyone implicated in my family’s murder. 

We need an army to take out the traitors. Only my dying inner wolf can help. Someone from my past can save her, but the cost will be high.

My mates warn me to step carefully. Some choices cannot be unmade.

The path ahead is unclear. One misstep, and I might lose more than my way…  I might lose myself.

THE LUNA’S UNCHOSEN MATES is a Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance featuring fated mates, M/M action, and a heroine who grows into her power over the course of the series.

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We can’t rebuild when we’re getting ready for war.

We thought that it was bad when we were trapped in the other realm, but I should have never let my grandfather go. Now my boys and I must get ready to battle with an opponent that is much more powerful than any one of us ever anticipated.

That is, if I can even keep us together. The Academy is in shambles around us, and after everything that happened in my grandfather’s kingdom, emotions are running high.

And as we slowly begin to recover from the torture that we all endured, I can see the effect its having on all my men.

I can see how it is tearing Kylan apart, who would do anything to protect me. Even at great cost to himself.

The four of us might be lucky to be alive, and there is a chance we might not be able to hold on to each other. That it was too much. That our love might not be enough to continue our bond.

But I would do anything to keep us together.

No matter the cost.

Supernatural meets Euphoria in this whychoose Academy PNR. The Enchanter is the fourth book in The Academia Obscura series. The series has plenty of steam, angst, scorching hot men and magic.

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Echo’s latest decisions may cost her the lives of her mates. Forsaking her destiny was not an issue,  but forsaking her heart is another matter all together. Believing the trouble is behind her leaves her open for a battle of epic proportions-one she may not be able to fight her way out of.

When Echo unleashes the full extent of her magic on the Fae realm, she almost destroys everything. Including the king. But she holds back just enough to assure her father’s survival. If she knew what would be coming for her, she wouldn’t have.

The Fae king might’ve admitted defeat, but when it comes to his daughter, he is far from done. In order to stay in the human realm, she reveals power he will do anything to confiscate. If killing her mates will help him achieve that, it’ll please him to no end. 

Whether Echo survives or not is of little importance.

Grab your copy!

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It should have been the first day of my senior year at Werewolf Academy. But instead, our classes are being held virtually while the entire paranormal world is at war.

I’m about to embark on a new journey. Everything is about to change, but there’s just one question.

Will it be for the better… or the worse?

Disclaimer: Werewolf Academy: Year Two is an upper YA/NA paranormal reverse harem romance. Best-suited for readers ages 17+.

Summary coming soon.

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I thought my first assignment as an IUM agent was rough… but it’s not over yet.

Something strange is happening to the magical population of Portland. People are dying, and unless we can figure out what the hell is going on, more people will end up dead.

The good news is, Logan, Nick, Saint, and I made a great team on our last mission, so I know we’re up to the challenge.

But as the four of us are thrust back together to combat a mysterious magical threat, the feelings I’ve been developing for each of them become harder and harder to deny.

Is Logan right? Can we really make this work?

And will any of us live long enough for it to even matter?

Fury is the second book in the Institute of Unpredictable Magic series, a medium-burn reverse harem story featuring a nerdy, feisty chick and the three sexy men who fall in love with her.

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I once thought one of my ruthless boys could be the killer I’m hunting. They’re all dark, deadly and more than capable of brutality.

But now I’m held by the King I’ve been stalking in the shadows and when I unmask him, he’ll realise he made a huge mistake in taking my brother from this world.

My Kings are coming for me, I know that in my soul. They’re on their way to rip me from my enemy’s arms and tear him apart for me.

My heart beats to the sound of their names.

But I won’t wait around to be rescued. Everything has led me to this moment and I’m ready to destroy the Fae who stole my brother from me.

Secrets will be uncovered. Destiny will be decided. Death will deliver us all in the end.

No one will escape the conclusion of this story without blood on their hands. I guess it’s a good thing I’m a Vampire then, because I just so happen to have a taste for blood.

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Some things are better left unsaid. Others demand chaos. Good thing I excel at both.

Everything fell apart before we were able to pull ourselves together.

When tragedy demands my silence, I have no choice but to give it because losing a life also means saving so many more.

I finally have everything I want. Having my best friend back is a dream come true. But everything at Black Falls High comes at a price, and these boys are mine. I’d do anything for them.

Even in ruins. In silence. I’ll bring the chaos.

In Chaos is a dark bully romance with four guys and one girl. Due to dark subject matter, reader discretion is advised.

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“Whatever you do, always give 100% – unless you’re donating blood.”

My new role is not to be taken lightly, but I don’t even know where the hell to start.

I’ve had to learn to be vulnerable enough to admit when I need help from those that I trust.

But what happens when you place your trust in the wrong person?

One wrong decision on my part, could change the realms forever.

I wasn’t ready for this, but I’ll be damned if I don’t give it my all. There have been too many sacrifices and lives lost, so I could get to this point.

Their deaths will not be in vain.

We will be victorious.

Author Note: Devastation is a reverse harem novel that touches on some dark themes such as: PTSD and flashbacks of trauma and abuse, torture, and rape, which may be triggering for some readers. This book has a 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences. Book three in the Darkness Rising series which will not end in a cliffhanger.

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My name is Maya Strom, and I start to figure out who and what I really am. We still have more questions than we have answers, and we still reeling about being hunted. There are two prophesies to unlock, and my men and I need to stay close to keep each other safe. What’s life without a little torture, murder, and stabbing our enemies worth anyway? Enjoy my crazy life while we try to take back our livelihoods and figure out parenting, and what to do with my new powers.

*** This is a paranormal, reverse harem, why choose romance. This is book two in a trilogy. 18+. Includes steamy scenes, sex, hot men, and magic. Witches, warlocks, gods and goddesses. Maybe some demons. There is also a best friends to lovers, a professor or two in the harem, a taboo relationship, a prophesy, pregnancy, and strong language. There will also be some murder, stabbing, and more fun times, like torture. Enjoy!***

This book is intended for readers that are 18+. This is the second book in a paranormal reverse harem romance trilogy, and it contains strong language and lots of hot sex. There will be some murder, maybe some stabbing… There is no m/m in this book. Any names, places, or situations are purely fictional and made up in my own mind. Enjoy the book! There will be more to come with rapid release dates with less than two months between books.

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My fated mate promised to kill me. Now he needs my help.

Twin flames. One light. One dark. Two individual halves of the same soul. Twin flames share a calling that brings them together even if it means bonding me, a bartending werewolf, to a rogue hunting nephilim dragon shifter. Bonded flames don’t have it easy. The price they pay for the power they share often includes their sanity.

When Arsen straight up rejects me and our bond it’s a slap in the face. I didn’t ask for this either.

Moving on is hard with the challenges of our bond plaguing me. My sexy vampire co-worker and his best friend are happy to take my mind off things, and the Alpha of one of the city’s wolf packs is eager to claim me as his mate.

Arsen ran from fate, leaving me behind. Imagine my surprise when I find him broken and bleeding on my doorstep, begging for my help.

A rejected mates paranormal reverse harem romance.

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I am my mother’s daughter, despite how awful people assume that to be.

The fates love testing me in ways I don’t deserve. My mom wasn’t the woman I thought she was, and now, I must pay for her past crimes. I find myself imprisoned in the palace of her rejected mates, now seeking restitution for the power they lost. My supposed father plans to use magic to rewrite my fate and ruin everything.

I’d rather destroy the world. My stars have aligned, and I’ll fight until my last breath to keep my mates and unite the clans of the Dragon Lands.

I’ll live up to my mom’s infamous crimes to ensure it. If only doing so didn’t mean losing everything and bowing to a beast far worse than me.

But I’ll do whatever it takes.

My bond grows for two different bloodlines. It’s something that should’ve never happened…according to the witches who control our species. And I finally figured out why.

Now, to find freedom, I must risk everything. I refuse to wear the chains binding my wild beast. I will not stand idly by and let my mates be taken from me.

I’ll burn their world down. My dragon’s heart will never be caged.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

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