Reverse Harems with Mafia/Mob/crime syndicate/gang ties – Part 1

Hello Lovlies! This should be an interesting post. The following books are going to feature ties to the mafia/mob/crime syndicate/gang. It may vary as far as the mc could have familial ties, or the harem could be tied to the life of crime. Some books will be darker than others so please heed any notes from the author(s), or trigger warnings. They are there for a reason, and that’s to help you. I will attempt to find some lighter ones, but with the crime business that may be easier said than done. As always, Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere

All photos/blurbs are verbatim from Amazon,

I grew up in a normal home…Okay, who am I kidding?

Mom did the absolute best she could as an exotic dancer, but my childhood was far from normal.
Most girls don’t learn knife work at age twelve, have friends with names like Bones and Cobra. The average sixteen-year-old doesn’t take on vigilante acts either. What can I say, I was a lonely girl when Mom passed, what better way to pass the time? Now at twenty-three, it looks like my life might be finding stable again within the crew Cobra, Bones and I created…

That is until trouble falls into our club, in the form of four hotter than hell men, who inform me that I’m the lost girl of the Conti family…ya know, just one of the largest mafia families in the country…and they’re my enforcers.

I doubt they expected Priest, the vigilante crew member, when they came looking for me.

This is book one of the Mafia Princess, Crew Queen Series, a medium to fast burn reverse harem. This series contains foul language, sexual scenes, violence, and covers a range of mature and potentially sensitive topics, suggested for 18+

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One witnessed murder can change your life forever. How it changes depends on you.

My life was full of one-night stands and dirty alleyways, but the moment I witnessed Dominik Romanov, Washington’s most powerful crime lord, commit murder, my life as I knew it was over.

After being tossed head first into a world of blood, drugs, and sex, I climbed the ranks until I proved my worth. I became the prodigy. I proved that I could handle the mafia life.

But then, three drool worthy hellions walk into my life. They are my boss’ nephews and to me, everything about them is perfect; their loud music, fierce loyalty, and cold-blooded lifestyles… But when is perfect ever a good thing?

The hierarchy of the Mafia is put to the test when a traitor exposes the underground to the light of day. Overnight a war is started and our hold on the throne is shaken.

With all the bedlam and bloodshed, will I be able to survive until the end? Or will the people gunning to take over territory win?

War is brutal, but the mafia is deadly.

This story is a #whychoose, which means there will be mfmmm & mfm.
Please be warned, there are possibly multiple triggers and this series is intended for mature audiences due to its sexual content and graphic language.

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One is quiet. Observant. His gaze burns my soul. His touch sears everything else.
The other is explosive and volatile. So, I stayed out of his way. Until I couldn’t.
The last seemed so normal. But he had a sinful, filthy mind. Especially when he thought of me.

The Vegas mafia’s hottest men. Dangerous and demanding.
They dragged me right into their world and into their bedrooms.
I wasn’t looking for the them.
They found me.

I was new to town. Just needed a job.
And now, my life’s in danger.
I could run. But I don’t want to.
Not that I could, anyway.
They’d never let me.

This hot, over-the-top office romance includes hot men with a penchant for pursuing and protecting the women who give them a run for their money. If you love outrageously naughty stories as a way to indulge your not-so-secret bad girl side, this is for you.

The Men at Work Collection

  1. Her Dirty Rockers
  2. Her Dirty Teachers
  3. Her Dirty Doctors
  4. Her Dirty Bodyguards
  5. Her Dirty Bartenders
  6. Her Dirty Ranchers
  7. Her Dirty Mafia
  8. Her Dirty Mountain Men
  9. Her Dirty Soldiers
  10. Her Dirty Builders
  11. Her Dirty CEOs
  12. Her Dirty Jocks

Link to book 7 These are all standalones.

Link to book 1 to begin series

After surviving foster care and a high school that breeds gang members and drug dealers I’ve finally found my path to freedom: emancipation and a full ride scholarship at the ultra-exclusive Hannaford Prep.

All I have to do is survive.

After attracting the wrong sort of attention from the richest boy in the country, pissing off the hottest guy in school and being humiliated in front of my favorite rock idol I am now the target of the most popular, and cruelest, group in the freshman class.

They want my blood.
They can have it.
I’m stronger than any spoilt rich kid.

But can I survive the game the Juniors have started with me as the goal? Now every boy at Hannaford wants to have me.

All except the three I want.

Ash, Harley, and Blaise don’t care about the game, all they care about is destroying me.

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I’m the kid your parents warned you about…

Eighteen months in prison or doing time at Oceanside Academy.
Reform school has met its match in me, even if it is full of young offenders. Thieves, graffiti writers, drug runners and other petty criminals reside within the walls, and I’m just like them.
But what they didn’t tell me was that I’d be one of only a handful of girls in a hoard full of boys. It’ll take more than just street smarts to keep my wits about me.
Everyone here has a chip on their shoulders, and I’m no different. Mine’s one of the biggest, that’s why they call me Asia because I have one as large as a continent.
Rules or not, these bad boys are about to discover I’ve earned my label for reason…
I’m the biggest misfit of them all.

Delinquent is book one of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem reform school academy romance trilogy for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. Contains foul language and sexual scenes. Ends on a cliffhanger

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Murder. Payback. Chaos. If you’re looking for a story about unicorns and rainbows, this ain’t it. Now, if you’re in the mood for something a little psychotic and a whole lot crazy, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Lola Harding. My parents used to call me their angel, but they’re dead now. For the last few years, I’ve made a name for myself—the Night Slayer. I stalk the clubs and make sure anyone with greedy hands and stupid ideas is permanently taken off the streets.

One night I happen to kill the son of a crime lord, and then everything changes.

They’re going to kill me, I know, but until they do, I’m to be their pet, wear their leash and do whatever they say. The Lucianos are a family full of psychos and hatred… and I just might fit in better than I ever did anywhere else.

And as a bonus? The other sons are the handsome and dangerous type, and even though they despise me for what I did to their brother, even though there might not be any light left for me at the end of this tunnel… I plan to enjoy the ride.

Buckle up, b*tches, because it’s about to get wild.

Shadowed Heart is the first in a planned trilogy. It is an RH/Why Choose series, meaning there are multiple love interests, steamy scenes and some things you might find triggering: violence, mentions of abuse, etc.

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They say the devil goes by many names, and I know four of them:
Ciro, Hale, Zaid, and Lucas.
My father was once a powerful player in the Chicago underground, but six years ago, he left that life behind.

We changed our names.
Our identities.
Our lives.

The ghosts of the past never forgot him though. They never forgot me.

Dad promised me we were safe, but I should’ve known that was just another one of his lies.

The past always finds you, and mine finds me on my wedding day when four brutal, dangerous men drag me from the altar in a hail of gunfire.

Four men who used to be four boys.
Four boys I cared about.
Four boys I left behind.

They’re not the same boys I knew though, and whatever we may have once been to each other, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because they’re only one thing to me now:

My captors.

Vicious Kings is book one of The Dark Elite series. This is a reverse harem new adult dark romance series that includes high steam, violence, and foul language.

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Such an ugly sin.

Yet, here I am guilty of it.

See, I envy you.

You who wake up in the morning not knowing what your future will entail. A blessed uncertainty filled with hope and mystery, with the potential to make it whatever you aspire it to be.

Must be nice — to open your eyes and dream of such a promising existence.

I have no such hopeful misguided notions.

My fate has been written down on crumpled paper, made smooth and immaculate by bloody tainted hands for the outside world to behold, since the day I was conceived.

There is no happily ever after for me but I’ve come to terms with my gilded golden cage long ago.

It’s their destiny that keeps me up at night — the pieces of my soul.

They are the ones who I would defy the devil himself for and stare true evil in the eye, taunting it to do its worst.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them, yet I know the wheel of fortune is not in our favor.

So, yes — I envy you.

While you dream of your colorful tomorrow, I dread its grayish arrival.

You see, we were all born rotten.

And rotten girls and boys don’t deserve a fairytale ending.

Rotten Girl is the first book in the duet -A Rotten Love.

This is mafia #whychoose contemporary romance, full length novel.

*Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations and sensitive content.

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So close.
We were so close to getting free.
A few more deals here. A few more nasty secrets there.
All in the name of the cause of course.
Then she walked in at the wrong place, wrong time.

Should we kill her?
Keep her?

Making the right decision was critical, but we were literally at a crossroads.
That’s how the top tier of Alpha Delta Omega inducted our unofficial fourth member.
But we weren’t who we said we were. And danger threatened us on every corner.
She should be very afraid of us.

Or should we be afraid of her?

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I tried my best to escape. But they are after me.
These cruel, gorgeous monsters. All five of them.

I’d seen Mr. Marcello just once at a prestigious Fashion Show.
His light golden amber eyes made me shiver, but I thought I was not gonna see him again.
I never expected him to get his men to kidnap me, and even share me with his cousins and bodyguards.
Of course, I’m not going to give in.
And damn sure I’m going to fight my way out of this predicament…
But what happens when I begin to fall for the men – my kidnappers?

Nicole’s Note: Five Mafia Captors’ Virgin is an exciting and thrilling romance in my Reverse Harem Romance series – Love by Numbers. It’s the fourth book in the series, but it can be read as a standalone. I’ve also included a preview of a stand-alone reverse harem romance for you. Happy reading!

Love by Numbers Series
2 Billionaires in Vegas
3 Bosses’ Assistant
4 Ranchers’ Bride
5 Mafia Captors’ Virgin
…to be continued

Link to book 4 These are standalones

Link to book 1 to begin series

My father’s enemies have claimed me for revenge.

Life as Luka Volkov’s daughter is hell.
I live in a gilded cage.
I want out.

But not like this.

His enemies came for me in the night.
Four of them.
Vito, Mateo, Leo, Dante.
Each is darker and more savage than the last.

The Bianci brothers plan to use me for their vengeance.
But not before they use me for their pleasure.

In their hands, I will be bent. Broken.
And after each midnight session, they promise me this…

By the time it’s all over, I’ll be begging for more.

Broken Sins is a dark mafia reverse harem romance. It is the third book in the Volkov Bratva series, but it can be read as a standalone.

Link to book 3 These are standalones

Link to book 1 to begin series

From the gutter to the stars…

Dance is in my blood.
It’s what keeps me sane, out of trouble. It used to keep them out of trouble too.
A group of boys I grew up with.
Xeno, York, Zayn and Dax.
We were a crew once and we ruled the clubs.
Separate we were insanely good, together we were unbeatable. F*&ing on fire.
I was their girl and they were my Breakers.
Until they did something they promised they never would; break my heart.
We were seventeen when they left me.
You see, for kids like us, dance was all we had.
Growing up in a rundown housing estate in London with no prospects can make you view the world differently.
It can make you choose the wrong path.
I chose dance, and they chose crime.
Three years later I’ve won a scholarship to Stardom Academy. I try to forget my past.
But how can I do that when the four boys who hurt me are back?
And this time they’re following in my footsteps and joining the academy too.

Freestyle is book one of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy romance for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. If you love dance, your men on the criminal side, alpha hot holes and the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope, this is for you. Contains foul language and sexual scenes and ends on a cliffhanger.

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The Black Hand. Five families who run the city, a criminal syndicate even the police can’t touch.

I used to be one of them, the youngest daughter to a family of hitmen, but then things changed. Just over five years ago, I lost everything. My whole family was murdered, but I managed to escape.

But I’m back in town now, only this time I’m not the girl I used to be.

The plan? Put on a mask, worm my way in. Destroy the Black Hand from the inside out. Make them pay for what happened to my family, for molding me into the revenge-obsessed monster I am today. Burn it all to the ground.

And I’ll start with the Jameson twins, Jett and Dex. They might be cute, they might have smiles and bodies that make me wish things were different, but I’m a girl on a mission, and I won’t stop until those responsible are choking on their own blood.

My heart turned cold a long time ago.

The Black Hand is about to meet its match in this cold-blooded girl.

Cold Blooded is the first book in a planned four-book series. This series is RH/Why Choose, meaning there are at least 3 love interests. Possibly more as the series goes on. There are mentions of violence, among other things some might find triggering.

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A mysterious book, a doctor’s accidental involvement, and 2 mafia leaders who want to possess the same woman.

When Gillian Morgan attempted to save a dying man’s life, she had no idea that her actions would throw her into a world of chaos. The troubled past she has long kept hidden for so long will finally come back to haunt her. The only people she can now trust, are the two men holding her hostage. They will not only help Gillian but make her their submissive (and possibly their wife).

John Kenric and Patrick O’Malley own the city of London and together run the European underworld. They were expecting a book that could help them finally destroy their enemy but instead got a potential soulmate who could help them heal deep, internal wounds sustained from an intricate, dark past. Each man wants to possess Gillian totally and completely, but can their friendship survive not only their enemies, but loving the same woman?

This collection features all six full-length novels, including The Taking, The Seduction, The Falling, The Coming Storm, The Road to Redemption, and Endless Love.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, reverse harem, Mafia romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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My name was Eden Moretti.

After being betrayed by those I’d trusted, my life spiraled out of control. I lost my innocence and dreams in one fell swoop.

Now, I’m a junkie dancer who will do just about anything to earn a buck or get my next fix. When you’re living off the books to stay hidden on the fringes between Carlotti and Finelli territory, anything means…anything.

The mafia lords and their heirs own this city. They fiercely protect their turf along with anything else they lay claim to. Murder, mayhem, and money are the driving forces behind the ruthless Familes, and death comes swiftly to those who get in their way.

Tony, Vanni, Marco, and Santos are the heirs to the Carlotti Empire, one of the most prolific crime syndicates in NYC. And one of them was the catalyst for the wreckage my life had become.

Due to a budding war with another Family, our paths have crossed again. Except this time, I didn’t have a chance to run. The Carlotti men I’d once trusted as boys took me, but to what end?

To save me? Keep me? Kill me?

The Carlotti heirs don’t know what they just took on, but I’ll enjoy showing them exactly what I’m capable of. That is, if I don’t wind up dead first.

No Good Deed is a dark contemporary reverse harem romance. Content Warning: vulgar speech, explicit scenes, drug use, violence, gore, and possibly a myriad of other aspects that may not be suitable for all readers. 18+/Mature readers recommended

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Stumble upon a turf war and accidentally kill a wolf one time and the whole world wants you dead.

Well maybe not the whole world.

The Blood Mafia should be happy I’ve taken out one of their enemies. Instead they want to use me for their own gain.

Now that they’ve captured me, I’m determined to escape and stab a few vampires on my way out. The only problem is my freedom comes at a price.

My heart.

Mateo, Colt, and Grayson speak to my soul in ways I never expected. I want to hate them, but I’m not sure I can escape them without leaving a piece of myself behind.

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All I wanted was to find my brother after he disappeared. I didn’t plan on somebody trying to make me disappear, too.
All in a day’s work for the Moreno Family’s feistiest enforcer.

When the twists begin to fly and I’m turned in new directions, I realize there’s more to my brother’s sudden disappearance than meets the eye. Thankfully, I’ve got plenty of knowledge, and muscle, in my corner:

The Underboss, ruthless and protective.

The Consigliere, my calm in the storm.

The Capo, my wild ace in the hole.

As if I didn’t have enough to deal with trying to find my brother, somebody is also trying to kill me. Are they trying to stop me from finding my brother? They picked the wrong enforcer to mess with.

NOTE: This reverse harem mafia romance may contain scenes or situations not suitable for all readers.

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I am an undercover cop disguised as a man.

He is the heir to a mafia empire.

Victor Sokolov, the heir to the most powerful mafia family in the city, is stepping into power.

Cruel. Merciless. A demon wearing the face of an angel.
He is on a purge to rid the gang of every deceitful follower, paving the way to his succession with a trail of corpses. It won’t be long before the city turns into a battlefield.

He is recruiting new blood into his ranks and I am the rookie agent being sent to breach them. After all, no one has studied him and the movements of the Sokolov Clan as obsessively as me.

My department doesn’t just give me a fake ID.

I am also disguised as a man.

Soon, I’m plunged into a world unlike anything I could have ever imagined. Every moment spent with Victor makes me question everything I know about myself.

I’m torn between fear and desire, right and wrong, pain and pleasure as I struggle to win his trust. My body and mind are betraying everything I’ve been taught to abhor.

Can I still remain one of the good guys or will the devil devour my soul completely?

The Heir is a RH dark mafia romance between mobsters and a disguised female agent. If you enjoy romantic suspense with organized crime, then this is for you. This book contains dark themes and steamy m/m and m/m/f scenes.

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Book One in the Brotherhood Duet
A Dark Mafia Bully Romance

A single day at Draven Preparatory Academy and she’s already made enemies. They call themselves ‘The Brotherhood.’ Carter, Holden, Captain, and Ellis rule the school like gods while their fathers rule the city. But Angel Valentino has never been one to take orders blindly. After her father, one of the most feared and infamous mobsters on the East Coast sends her to Seaside California, Angel finds herself entangled in a web of love, lies, death, and darkness.

Being a Brother comes with a heavy price and an unshakable legacy that spans generations. They don’t like this baffling new girl who threatens to turn their world inside out. She might just be the most beautiful, most darkly alluring girl any of them have ever laid eyes on, with a heart of steel and intellect well beyond her years, but Angel has secrets too… and in their world, secrets get you killed.

Disclaimer: This is a RH Duet title in which one woman has multiple love interests and does not have to choose. 18+ due to graphic sexual and violent situations, bullying, and strong language. Be advised that this book contains situations that can be possibly triggering for some readers.

Link to book

Complete Academy Bully Romance series

Caught in the middle of a power struggle between two warring mafia families, can I really escape with my life intact?

Life was all about work, school and making sure there was always enough money to pay for my mother’s treatment until the day everything came to a standstill.

A powerful and ruthless monarch of an underground mafia network summons me in his den. See, even though I am still in high school, I am also a hacker. It’s not something I am proud of but it pays our bills.

And by chance, I have been working for one of his lackeys.

He has all the evidence to incriminate me, ensuring I spend years in prison. And he isn’t just holding my life and future in his hands. He is holding my mother’s too.

I am given a choice.

Enroll in an elite prep school meant for the filthy rich- the elusive Knightswood Academy and actively seek out Dimitri Volkov and Andrei Romanoff, heirs from two opposing mafia families who are about to turn the city into a battlefield. As if the role of a spy wasn’t dangerous enough, I am tasked with hacking into their business portals to locate a particular file.

“But…why me?” A question I ask aloud.

“Because you have the face of the girl they both loved. You have both the talent and the means to pry out their secrets.”

Of course, he didn’t mention the girl I looked like was murdered by the very people I was supposed to spy on. And just like that, I am caught in the devil’s trap.

I knew I was risking my life by agreeing to do this, but I never thought it was my heart that I was pawning.

Caught in the Trap is the first book in the Mafia Lords of Knightswood Academy series, a contemporary RH high school bully romance series.

Books in the completed Mafia Lords of Knightswood Academy duet:

1) Caught in the Trap

2) Stolen Away

Note: The Mafia Lords of Knightswood Academy is a reverse harem series meant for mature readers who enjoy their academy bully romances with no restraint to language, violence and a few heated scenes.

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I had a tough time choosing on this post! Let me know if you’re interested in a part 2. 😁

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