Reverse Harems With A Slow-build Harem – Part 2

Hey all! Back by reader the sweetest of demands, a request for additional Reverse Harems that have a slow-build harem. That means that the following books will have a main character female (mcf) meeting her harem members, and the guys becoming hers throughout the book series. So not all the guys will be harem members at the end of the first book, or introduced to the mcf in book 1. This slow-build harem list does not refer to the build level of smexy times.

I do use a search algorithm that isn’t always one hundred percent perfect, so I try to contact the system service if they mislabel one of the books into the wrong category. All blurbs, and photos are verbatim and used from the others books on Amazon. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

*Note: For whatever reason, Amazon hates me today. I am USA based, so my links should direct you to the USA amazon. However, today I am apparently on a world tour with Carmen Sandiego. May the odds be ever in your favor. I fuckin quit. lol

Life at the academy just got… messy.

I’ve always dreamed of getting into a top college, but after a stint in juvie, my school prospects went sideways fast. Now I work at a magic academy…as a janitor. Ironic, right?

Okay, so maybe I get a kick out of secretly solving the arcane equations the professors leave on the board for the rich, entitled student wizards. I’m broke, not stupid.

Except then I get caught by the hottest mage on campus…who ropes me into helping him and his three equally gorgeous friends win a decidedly screwed-up magic competition.

Easy enough, I think—until I start setting things on fire and getting chased by smoke-faced monsters and fighting side by side with four of the sexiest, most powerful wizards ever…and find myself—just maybe—falling in love…

With all of them.


Note: This is a slow burn, New Adult paranormal academy romance, and book 1 of 4 in the Twyst Academy series.

( I cannot confirm this one. I haven’t had a chance to read the series yet, but it’s on my tbr. I really hope the tag didn’t mix up burn/build)

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Alone. Exhausted. Hunted…Found.

Alice Bennett’s situation couldn’t be worse, but that’s not going to stop her fighting. She has a plan – a plan to escape the cruel man leading her wagon train and survive alone in the mountain wilderness.

She has skills, a few supplies, and a loyal horse. But life is about more than just staying alive, and when a mysterious and handsome local with a proud, passionate glint in his eyes and an affinity with the forest shows up she is as captivated as she is terrified.

And then she meets his warrior friends!

Tensions soar. Desires flare. Jealousy rears. Can Alice handle the fierce determination of the men promising to protect her? Will her spirit ever truly belong with the people who’ve welcomed her into their lives? And will the love of three Chochmi warriors be her true salvation?

*Riding With Warriors is a reverse harem (why choose) trilogy best read in order.

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Normal is relative, not universal. But in one single night, my entire philosophy on “normal” is changed forever.

One near death experience and one suicidal cat later…

Four mysterious men show up on my doorstep. The leader. The suit. The tech guru. The quiet enigma. They’re not with the police. They’re not even much older than I am. So who the hell are they? Who do they work for and why do they need my help to track down a dangerous thief?

My entire life thus far has been based on survival. If they’re willing to lift me out of the gutter, then I guess I’ve not no choice but to play the part.

They can keep their secrets … for now.

This is a reverse harem title

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When my family died at the hands of a demon prince, I hung up my exorcist hat. I’d failed to protect them, and while I was willing to risk myself, the price had risen too high.
Now I’m serving up hot, fresh pizzas to everyone who wants them. I was the only person left to inherit the family business and I’m doing my best to keep it up and running in honor of my loved ones.
These days, my biggest challenge is telling off a rampaging customer, and endless paperwork. That is, until he shows up again.
Darius was the only guy I couldn’t say no to, the one who dragged me into the world of the occult in the first place. When he shows up and begs me to assist with an exorcism, I reluctantly agree. He’s still using me; because I’m the best exorcist around and he only calls when he needs my help.
Before I know it, I’ve got an incubus in the living room, a hellhound marking around my yard, and a demon prince who can’t decide if he wants to kill me or… you know. Not to mention the vampire and the nephilim I seem to have collected. Normally I wouldn’t work with the supernatural, but we all have a common goal. Prevent the crime syndicate from summoning a demon prince and becoming more powerful than we can hope to handle.
If I can keep my cool, it will be a miracle. If I can hold on to my soul it’ll be an even bigger one. No one ever claimed being an exorcist was easy, but to protect those I’m coming to love, I’ll pay whatever price necessary.

This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains language and sexual situations. This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Harem members added as series progresses.

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In the Kingdom of Blackwood, we are all pawns in the Storm King’s wicked game.

As a peasant, my life was hard, but my worries were few. My days were filled with mining precious jewels I couldn’t keep, scraping rock bottom just to afford food, and saving my accident-prone sloth from sudden death on the daily.

Then, a chance encounter with a dying stranger changes everything.
Suddenly, I possess the magical power of the gods.

When the Storm King finds out—and trust me, he always finds out—he asserts his absolute rule and demands I marry one of his four sons. Each of which is sexy as sin with chiseled physiques that rival that of the gods. But despite my undeniable attraction to them, they are still the spawn of an evil snake. Choosing a prince feels damn well impossible, and I hesitate at the very thought.

But the king holds the lives of all those I hold dear in his hands and promises to make them pay for my reluctance. If I partner with the Storm Princes, who have long resented their father’s tyrannical reign, can we find a way to escape the king’s twisted demands?

Or will our lives remain his to control forever?

USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Middaugh delivers swoon-worthy sizzle and griping intrigue in Taken By Storm, a medium burn, RH, paranormal romance for readers 18+.

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I was so close to getting everything I wanted, an internship with my Uncle, an officer with the special-ops team.

If it weren’t for a stupid boy that had to go and make me angry, causing me to turn a certain part of his anatomy purple and sparkly, I wouldn’t have accidentally revealed to my family what I really was. What I had been hiding.

Now, my father is making me attend the school he headmasters, a stuck-up elite academy that will never take a bodysmith like me seriously.

Fate may have cursed me with six mate spots to fill, but that doesn’t mean I need to tell everyone my true purpose for being at the academy.

If I can survive the other petty circulators at the school that think they’re queen bee, and hide my own status from everyone, I just might be able to find the six men that I don’t really want.

They might think I’m inconsequential, but I’m determined to carve out my own happiness, no matter what it takes.

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I am Fliss, a slave to the king.

When a local dragon demands payment, I am offered by the king as a sacrifice to the monster… though the dragon is more than what I expect.

The dragon is actually a gorgeous man, a curse cast upon him by a beautiful enchantress. Only one pure of soul can end the spell upon him. The dragon will set me free if I end his curse for good… but the closer the dragon and I become, the less I want him to let me go.

I will either tame the tortured beast inside… or my life will be consumed by smoke and flame.

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Song of Smoke and Fire is a young adult fantasy novel that cumulates in a historical fairy-tale retelling of an ancient Polish legend.

This series is reverse harem; the heroine meets the FIRST member of her harem in this book before she finds the others.

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A failed human prototype. That’s all she is…

Born and raised as an experiment, Selena’s life has been filled with torture, betrayal, and distrust… but one night changes everything.

Sold, attacked, and on the run, Selena is picked up by a colony ship. Struggling to find her place on this ship and trying to understand the draw she feels toward two alien males, her already uncertain life becomes downright unimaginable when she learns new life is growing inside her.

Terrified her captors will find her and take her and her children back to a life of horror and captivity, she must learn to trust her saviors, and herself.

With the help of her two mates, Selena will fight for her freedom—or die trying.

Found is the first book in a space fantasy alien romance series which will have the heroine travel through the galaxy, experiencing new things and meeting multiple aliens along the way.

Her collection of very alien-looking alien love interests will grow throughout the series. There will be steamy scenes between the human heroine and her very alien heroes. If this offends you, then this may not be your cup of tea.

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She has survived inhuman horrors. They will protect her at all costs. But can they save her from the monsters within them?

For years, the monsters who killed my family have held me in a cage. Brutalized and half-starved. Only kept alive so they can steal my blood.

Until one evening when four eerily gorgeous men break me out of my prison.

They offer me a safe haven under their protection. A soft bed, delicious food, and all I need to heal. I’m not used to this kindness—or the desires their smoldering eyes and strong hands stir in my body and my heart.

But these fearsome men aren’t really men. Like my captors, they’re fae who can shift into wolves. A curse gripping the faerie realm turns them wild under the full moon, and only my blood can cure their rage.

As long as I’m a prize more than a person, how can I trust their kindness?

I’ve survived this long without giving up. Somehow this damaged human girl will hold her own among the savage wolves.

Captive of Wolves is the first in a new paranormal romance series featuring possessive wolf shifters, dangerous fae politics, and a wounded heroine finding her strength. Grab it now and get swept away in the fantasy!

Note: The story contains scenes of physical abuse and emotional trauma dealt by the villains but no sexual violence. All intimate moments are consensual, and there is no abuse from the love interests.

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When I woke up this morning and went to my regular coffee house, I had no idea my life was about to change forever.

Cael’s devastatingly handsome smile and his intense green eyes are swoon worthy enough by themselves, but add in an air of mystery and this guy is the whole package. The excitement I never knew I was missing in my life.

As we grow closer, we find out the fate of two worlds is in our hands. And now we must work together to find allies to prevent a cycle of destruction that could end all life as we know it.

Each time we touch, we feel a connection. I’m drawn to him in ways that I don’t understand. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a recurring nightmare, and now I find out that Cael has the same dream.

But what does it mean? I know I can trust him with my life, but can I also trust him with my heart?

Charmed By The Fox’s Heart is the first book in Cosmic Guardians, a sci-fi-fantasy superhero series where the heroine has to find her destined guards… and fall in love with them before time runs out! This is the first book in a medium burn series that’s meant to be read in order.

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In the Ocelot Kingdom, feline shifters rule, and humans are nothing.

As a princess, you’d think I lived a blessed life. But like all second-born children of shifter couples, I am a lowly human. The most I can hope for is that when my older sister takes the throne, she’ll consider me unimportant enough to let me marry for love.

First, I have to get her to the throne.

After a devastating betrayal by our father, I vow to get Camila the crown—now. To become queen, she must collect an amulet that contains secrets to the mating rituals of each feline clan. I’ll do anything to help my fragile sister gain the first amulet, even if it means seducing Lord Balam, a jaguar noble who’s as terrifying as he is irresistible.

To my surprise, something inside me awakens at his rough treatment and dirty talk. When he introduces me to pleasures beyond my wildest imagination, I am drawn into the secret world of shifters where every man wears two faces and a vulnerable human body like mine is a liability.

As we navigate the hidden dangers of the feline world, I must decide how much I’ll give to get my sister to the throne. Because the next amulet may cost not just my body, but my very soul.

**TW: Contains material and themes not suitable for sensitive readers. Suitable for readers 18+

Perfect for readers who love:

  • HOT reverse harem/whychoose romance
  • dark romance with triggers & taboo themes
  • badass princesses with big hearts
  • a plot full of twists and turns, quests, and political intrigue
  • panty-melting steamy scenes
  • scheming royals
  • sexy big cat shifters
  • fated mates & mating frenzy

*This book was previously published under the title Chasing Her Cats. The content is identical.

“This one starts building and has 2 guys by the end of the first book, with 2 more added per book so far. It has a LOTTTT of triggers, tho. Just a warning.”

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New town. New school. Same lies.

This is my senior year, and not only have my parents moved me to a new place where I know nothing and no one, they are determined to make me fall in line with the life they want me to have.

Not the life that I want. But what fits perfectly into their world.

I’m looking for any possible way to escape this prison and leave them behind. Which has been harder than I thought.

An opportunity to escape appears. And I’m going to take it. I’m going to use four so-called perfect guys in this new town to make it happen. The ones that have it all, or so everyone thinks.

And they’re going to be my ticket out.

This is also slow burn.

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Who knew cages and freaks would set me free?

Growing up in trailer trash hell, the carnival was my only happy memory as a child. I held onto the magic of that memory until I could finally escape. And like Alice down the rabbit hole, I entered a world beyond my wildest dreams. A world with a shiny, colorful exterior, but filled with rot and corruption underneath.

But no matter what these people put me through, I can’t go back to my life before.

The man with the biggest secret is the only one I can trust. He’s dangerous, but he’s safety to me. He’s broken, but he put me back together. I’ll keep his secret. My heart hopes he’ll keep me. But in a hall of mirrors, how do you know what’s real or an illusion?

Every grueling night onstage is building up to a final show: The Wolf Man. Is he real or a hoax? Why do I feel such a pull to find out his truth?

Care to join me on this wild ride? Step right up.

Harem of Freaks is a slow-build reverse harem series. The heroine will add to her harem and build multiple relationships as the series continues.

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Welcome to Cedar Falls…
I thought the sign seemed a little too welcoming, but when you get the call to move from the goddess herself, you don’t get to be picky. I just wasn’t expecting my new home to be so rustic and…down on its luck. But, when you’re a witch, life can get pretty interesting…and dangerous. Especially when someone is killing the local coven. At least the chief of police is pretty hot, when he’s not accusing me of being the murderer.
Cedar Falls seems to have no shortage of hot men. With so many stunning men, why choose just one? Sorry, Chief. Let’s just hope I don’t get too distracted before I find the murderer, open my new bookstore, and help Cedar Falls become what it was meant to be…
First Moon is an adult novel intended for mature audiences only. It contains graphic language and sexual situations. 18+ readers only! This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose?

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The Kingdom of Kimmery is broken…

Bryony, Princess of Kimmery, has a secret. She lacks the Hunger, the magical and passionate craving that is responsible for Kimmery’s prosperity. Without that power, she will lose the crown and the chance to rule the kingdom she sincerely loves.

The Queen’s Line must select Chosen to satiate their Hunger with and Bryony’s Choosing ceremony has arrived. On her first night with her newly assembled men—a prince, an ambassador, a stablehand, a sculptor, and a rogue—her own secret, and the secrets of Kimmery, spill out between them.

North of Kimmery’s capitol, the people are starving. When her truth is revealed to her iron-hearted grandmother, Bryony invents a plan to buy time. She and her Chosen will go to the desolate Winter palace where she can pretend to explore her Hunger while investigating the kingdom’s failings.

Bryony is determined to take Kimmery and its people back into a golden age, and keep her crown. As passions rise with her chosen so do the obstacles and adversaries they face. Kimmery’s prosperity isn’t the only thing Bryony misunderstood, and the Hunger is more than what it appears.

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A breakup is never easy.
A breakup when you’re famous? The worst.
I’m Evangeline Michaelson, and I’ve been a major recording artist for years. I have plenty of money, sell out tours, and won major awards for my music.

You’d think that my life would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t you?
Not so much.
It’s true that money can’t buy happiness because now I’m alone and no mansion, fancy cars, designer clothes, or cash can make that better.
I only have my playboy manager, Christian, and my silent, over-protective bodyguard, Isaiah by my side. Oh, and about three-million of my closest “friends” on social media who aren’t really friends, but a gorgeous man from Michigan named Jordan Nashton clearly is.
He’s a long-time follower of mine, and his words and messages of comfort offer me hope for love, friendship, and family for the first time in a long while.
When we meet sparks fly almost instantly despite the fact I make him nervous with my big mouth and big career. And, things might be perfect if not for Christian’s secrets and all the scandals that follow me around every corner I turn.
But, Jordan is a humble English teacher with simple needs, and nothing about my life is simple. How can he love me when no one else could?
Maybe it’s not possible for anyone to love someone like me who’s bruised, broken, and infamous.

Formerly titled SINCERELY YOURS, Lots of Love series!
ALSO AVAILABLE: Scandalous (Infamous Series #2)
Notorious (Infamous Series #3)

(Infamous is a SLOW-BUILD #whychoose romance. This series will eventually contain MM content.)
Possible trigger warning: See author’s note at the beginning of book or Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature for more information.

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These monster hunters are about to get schooled…

Fighting monsters is all I’ve ever known—and I’ve always fought alone. Until the night I stumble onto an elite monster hunter academy and into the arms of four hottie hunters who not only know the exact Latin classification of the thing trying to eat me, but how to kill it dead.

Then Tyler Perkins, the crazy rich and shamelessly sexy leader of this monster hunting squad, kicks it up a notch. He challenges me to stay. To fight. He’s arrogant and entitled and did I mention gorgeous…and the way he pushes me makes want to push back. Hard.

Tyler and his whole smokin’ hot team tempt me in ways that are far more dangerous than any monster throwdown. I know I should split town—but I can’t.

Because for all its gorgeous old buildings and shiny bright classrooms, something dark, sinister, and deadly is lurking in the shadows of Wellington Academy, waiting to attack…

And I’m just the kind of girl for that job.

Set in the same world as Twyst Academy, THE HUNTER’S CALL is book 1 in the Monster Hunter Academy series, a slow-burn urban fantasy romance with a fast-talking, sharp-witted heroine, four hunters-in-training hot enough to make your palms sweat, and way too many monsters to hide in a closet. Keep your blades at the ready and dive in!

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Four elite fae warriors. One mortal female. A magical bond they can’t allow—or resist.

Orphaned and sold to a harsh master, Lera’s life is about mucking stalls, avoiding her master’s advances, and steering clear of the mystical forest separating the mortal and fae worlds. Only fools venture into the immortal realms, and only dark rumors come out… Until four powerful fae warriors appear at Lera’s barn.

River, Coal, Tye, and Shade have waited a decade for their new fifth to be chosen, the wounds from their quint brother’s loss still raw. But the magic has played a cruel trick, bonding the four immortal warriors to… a female. A mortal female.

Distractingly beautiful and dangerously frail, Lera can only be one thing—a mistake. Yet as the males bring Lera back to the fae lands to sever the bond, they discover that she holds more power over their souls than is safe for anyone… especially for Lera herself.

Power of Five is a full-length fantasy romance novel.

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Welcome to Hillcrest University, where the guys are dangerous, the love is hard, and the consequences are killer.

I used to think it was my lucky break to nab a full-tuition scholarship to the ultra-prestigious Hillcrest University, but when I get thrown into a feud between ex best friends, I start to think differently.

Sawyer, the handsome ladies’ man who took to booze and drugs when he lost his sister. Declan, my new cute roommate who lost himself to depression after losing his girlfriend. Travis, the tattooed, mysterious outsider who radiates danger with everything he does. And who can forget Will, Decan’s older, more mature brother?

The feud between them isn’t the only problem in Hillcrest, though. They’re not the only ones with murky pasts.

Hillcrest was supposed to be a new start, but my first year is set to be a bloody one.

Hillcrest University: Year One, is a complete collection of Ash’s first year at Hillcrest. This is a RH series, meaning multiple love interests and eventual steamy scenes. This series contains dark themes including stalking and violence. This box set also includes a never-before-seen summer novella.

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“My name is Lena. I’m not a God. I’m not even a hero. But this is my adventure: Through the Valley of the Kings to retrieve Pandora’s Box – stolen by the Seven Deadly Sins. Into the Evenfall Mansion to wage battle against a Fire Elemental. To the Akropolis to burn the awoken Nightmares. Through the Underworld to retrieve my soul from the rings of Chaos. Into Mount Olympus to face the big 12.

“At least I have the help of my friends who are gods.”

This isn’t your typical story about Greek gods. If you’re expecting to read about how a girl was fated for a god who will now love only her for the rest of eternity, or perhaps a goddess who had been waiting hundreds of years just to fall in love with that single boy and now her life is complete… well, this is not that story.

These gods are beautiful and they know it. They’re promiscuous and find no reason to hide it. They stay angry for hundreds of years, plotting their petty revenge for even the most insignificant of slights. If you’re a means to an end, they have no qualms about manipulating you to obtain the outcome they desire. That includes your death. Humans, as fun as they are for the gods, are disposable since their life only registers with a god for less than a heartbeat in their eternity.

Join Lena as she navigates her way through the world of the gods with all their beautiful temptation and frightening adversaries. She adventures through the deadly and enchanted. By her side, and sometimes in her bed, are her friends, an array of terrifying, gorgeous beings. And, increasingly, as she journeys through each book, her eyes are opened a little more to the truth of what the gods are: savage, unforgiving, fickle, and ridiculously promiscuous.

Except that, in the end, gods don’t actually have friends. They don’t trust each other or any other soul. So who Lena can trust in a world that has turned her life upside down is never really clear.

This is a full-length, 110,000 word, mature high school/new adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy (and a budding reverse harem) with the introduction of a variety of many different sexual orientations and situations that will be further expanded upon and explored in later books. This book contains plenty of WTF moments, friendship, sins, battles with swords and fire, traversing through hell, magic, gods, and a smidgen of MM. There is alluded to not fully consensual sex that the reader might not pick up on until book 2. This is book 1 in a (currently) 6 book series. The first three books are partially an origin story for the FMC. You may not see the harem for several books, but do not fret! It’s definitely coming. There will not always be a happy ending for many characters. Can be read as a stand alone and does not end with a cliffhanger but does leave unresolved plot points that will be picked up in future books.

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