March Reverse Harem Release Calendar

Hello Lovlies! Welcome to the March Reverse Harem Release Calendar. Below you will find this months new releases by date, followed by the book cover, blurb, and direct link(s) to the book. This month I have added secondary links on the books that are “next in series” that way you can go to the first book in the series if the blurbs listed below sound like something you want to check out. If I see m/m or f/f in the blurb, I will make those bold for those interested. All blurbs, photos, and links are verbatim from the original source on Amazon.

Note: All dates are tentative and subject to change like underwear. Live releases: if I find them, I shall post the information available.

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More lies, more deceit, and more drama. What I wouldn’t give for a quiet day in Hell.

So, it turns out that Orion isn’t who he says he is and now I’m not just bonded to a high-class demon, I’m bonded to the Devil. Yes, you read that right. The Devil.

Not only that, my latest fashion accessory is a GPS tracker that tells my team exactly where I am at all times, my inner demon wants to take over my body and someone is stealing the witches.

Oh, and my magic is on the fritz. Throw in the fact that I seem to have more than one man interested in me and I think it’s safe to say my life is rapidly descending into a hot mess.

But with a new, scary as Hell bodyguard protecting me, I’m hoping that I can survive long enough to actually find out what’s happening to the witches, become one with my demon, and finally decide what the Hell is happening with my love life.

Keeping my fingers crossed will work. Right?

This is a kickass paranormal fantasy with a why choose romance. Vampires, demons, shifters and witches all make an appearance and this book is perfect for those who like fated mates, forbidden romance, enemies to lovers or friends to lovers. Recommended for 18+ due to steamy scenes and characters who like to swear from time to time.

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Even though I never believed in knights in shining armor, I found three of them.
David, Kait, and Travis.
My bonded.
They’ve become the family I didn’t know I needed, while supporting me through the betrayal of the last person that I thought would hurt me.
Now, it’s my turn to help them.
We must find a way to save Shadoewynne and all its inhabitants before we all perish.
No big deal, right?

Author note: Trigger Warning – Spirited is a novel that touches on some dark themes such as molestation at a young age and rape which may be triggering for some readers. This book has a 18+ warning. Book 2 of the Shadoewynne series which will end in a cliffhanger.
Previously published as “The Light of Shadoewynne”

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To stop Hell from devouring Earth, one angel must ally with a demon.
Living in Paris with four hot, shirtless roommates that happen to be a fae, a vampire, a werewolf, and a shifter, equals testosterone overdose.

However, my raging hormones are quickly pushed aside when Troy, my fae roommate, and I stumble upon a fairy circle and learn that demons are capturing Creatures, feeding their energy to a high demon. If we don’t put an end to the demon’s growing power, he’ll open a portal from Hell, which would spell the end of the world. As an angel, I can never let that happen.

My roommates and I travel to Zurich to stop the demons’ nefarious plans while I struggle with my budding feelings for Alexander, the brooding vampire, and Troy, whose fae kisses ignite passion in me like I’ve never felt before.

Upon arriving in Zurich, we learn the situation is direr than expected. We need to act fast. Yet alone, we won’t be able to breach the demonic stronghold. We need help from an unlikely ally, Zavier, a half-demon. If we fail to convince him to work together, it’s all over.

Demonic Affairs is the second book in The Angel’s Guardians series. The book ends in a cliffhanger. Don’t miss this delicious paranormal reverse harem romance filled with magic, sizzling romance, and heart-pounding action!

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Jayd Winters finds a man locked in her basement. She sets him free, and he disappears.

For one month, Jayd anxiously watches her basement in fear that another man will be trapped down there. Finally, Jayd’s fears manifest ten times worse than she could have imagined.

Jayd is locked in her basement with a man that claims to be a demon. He insists that the only way to be free is to bind themselves together- when he talks to her, that is. Jayd makes the ultimate decision to forge a contract with Leviathan; together, they will stop the people trafficking demons in her basement, and Levi will be her companion until the contract is fulfilled.

It’s just too bad that Levi can only do so much. He can’t help with the boy that’s crushing on her- who happens to be her best friend’s boyfriend. The school outcasts might be more than Jayd thought- they might be just like her and Levi, a human and demon duo. Levi certainly can’t help with the notes appearing in Jayd’s locker- from two different people.

Jayd’s life is falling apart. Her ex-best friend’s boyfriend kisses her. The bad boys are her new chemistry partners. Love notes are falling out of the sky. Jayd binds herself to a demon, and that’s not even the craziest part. And, finally, the original demon is back.

A young adult reverse harem romance. Jayd has multiple love interests, including two boys crushing on each other. m/m

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A broken pack.
A broken Alpha Male.
A broken heart.
With a pack in disarray, and Ember missing and feral, what will Phoenix be able to do?
With one enemy in hiding and another closing in, can the members of the Inferno Pack pull themselves together in time to meet their challengers head-on?
When old foes arise in a battle of good and evil, right and wrong, who will prevail?
Join the Alpha twins and their mates in the action-packed finale of the Inferno Pack

This is the final instalment of the Inferno pack series. These books must be read in order.
The series is told from multiple points of view throughout.
This is a M/F and a Reverse Harem story and IS a fated mates story.
This book contains explicit sex scense and language and is for readers 18 years or over.

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Sold to a life of torture, I spend my days praying for death. That is, until six of the hottest men to ever grace this planet, ride to my rescue. Are they really my knights in shining armor, or are they just another sick joke designed to break me?

TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains elements of physical torture, rape, and child abuse. The child abuse is not ‘on screen’, but it is discussed by impacted parties after the fact.
Also: This “why choose” romance contains M/M scenes.

Also included: The Ultimate Furbaby!
I love animals. There’s no two ways about it. I guess you can say I’m just a big softie. Which may be how the tiniest little furbaby wormed her way into my heart.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Sinclair’s death should have been the end of the drama, but his son Alistair had already taken the reins. The threat is still very present. More and more refugees are flocking to the Triune Pack for help, stretching their resources to their limits, and the last attack will have far-reaching consequences for everyone.

Quentin is missing and Lisa is dead but both gave their packs to Marcus. Alphas aren’t meant to hold onto so many wolves though, so how will he cope with so many? Can he hold them all together while battling the darkness that rises against them all, or will his inner turmoil spiral out of control and consume him?

Catriona has been asked to take on a new mate, but between the impending birth of her first litter of pups, her mate’s struggle to hold the packs together and the attacks increasing in frequency, where will she find the time to get to know him? She’s still struggling to meet the physical and emotional needs of herself, her wolf and her dragon, never mind the seven mates that she already has and the pups that are on the way. Life is demanding more and more of her. Her mother was torn apart physically, but Catriona fears that she will be torn apart mentally.

Can the Triune pack hold their leaders together whilst overcoming the overwhelming odds against them?

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Tensions are rising for the Moreno Family’s most ruthless enforcer…
I’m so close to finding my brother, I can feel it. But now there’s a new problem thrown into the mix. A young girl has been sold to the cartel, and I can’t stand by and watch that happen.

With a new enemy on my tail, I’m not sure who I can trust… or how to navigate the increasingly steamy encounters with these men. Luca isn’t one to take no for an answer, Nico is my only voice of reason, and Max is wild as hell. How can I find a way to make them all happy?

And when the FBI show up with some hard-hitting questions? They don’t buy my answers—and neither does my father.

Packed with exhilarating romance and riveting action to keep you on the edge of your seat, this thrilling reverse harem mafia romance is a wild ride you’re not going to want to miss. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

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I crashed into Silver Springs fifteen years ago—literally crashed. The only reason I survived is by the kindness of a passing vampire who turned me. Now I live in a town filled with vampires, demons, angels and even shifters that turn into dildos. What the hell did I get myself into?
My name is Eirlys, but please call me Lys. I run Triple E, the most hip happening coffee and café right next to Silver Skates. Magic goes awry and I’m left in the middle of a war with my neighbor and bitter enemy. Now I find myself mated to an incubus who was my best friend, the brother of my enemy and a reclusive foxy artist.
Complete with squirrels, glitter in some unmentionables and one of my mates getting a certain part of his anatomy dyed blue.
I’m going to win this war and take rank over Cider if it’s the last thing I do.
But I think my new mates may have something to say about that….

Eirlys is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

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Link to the Silver Springs Shared Universe book 1 (Can be read as standalones)

What happens when a half-Vampire/half-Witch Queen falls for a hot Warlock, a sexy-as-sin Vampire and a mysterious brooding Wolf?
She learns things she never knew about herself while fighting for those she cares about &
her world gets turned up side down as the sparks fly

My name is Lilith. I’m half Vampire, half Witch. I’m twenty-three years old and the Vampire Queen. I didn’t ask for it; it was thrust upon me. However, now that I’m here, I’m going to do a damn good job of it.
Already involved with a sexy and sweet older Warlock, a forbidden tryst as he is my father’s third-in-command of the Dark Raven Coven, I find myself falling into feelings for a hot refugee Vampire. He is in hiding at the Coven mansion from the Vampire Hunters who threaten our very existence. Then along comes a mysterious Wolf Shifter with a dark past who also turns my head. Can we all make this work while fighting the relentless Hunters? One of whom has a seductive pull on me. But does he want to jump me or kill me?

Read the first book in this hot, new Paranormal Romance Series to find out! May contain triggering situations.

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The City stole my sister.
I’m going to get her back.

A team of handsome dragons whisked me to the world of Aviare to claim my throne as the queen of dragons. I thought nothing could surprise me… until I find out my long-lost little sister is alive and in danger.

The Fae abandoned us both on Earth, but the greedy mages who rule Aviare thought she was me and kidnapped her, hoping she could control feral dragons. Now that I’m here and they’ve realized their mistake, they’ll throw her into jail… as soon as they find her.

I have to get to Annabelle first. Together, we stand a chance of bringing down the City’s reign of terror for good.

And that means walking into the very heart of the enemy. It’s time to sink or swim.

Locke’s Heart is the third book in The Fae Dragon’s Harem, a paranormal reverse harem FMMMMM series containing MM scenes. Book 4, Shattered Clay, is due to be released on April 1st, 2021. So scroll up and preorder now, and dive into a whole new world of magic, danger, and passion… and a whole bunch of dragons who don’t need to come up for air.

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The Black Hand. Five families who run the city, a criminal syndicate even the police can’t touch.

I used to be one of them, the youngest daughter to a family of hitmen, but then things changed. Just over five years ago, I lost everything. My whole family was murdered, but I managed to escape.

But I’m back in town now, only this time I’m not the girl I used to be.

The plan? Put on a mask, worm my way in. Destroy the Black Hand from the inside out. Make them pay for what happened to my family, for molding me into the revenge-obsessed monster I am today. Burn it all to the ground.

And I’ll start with the Jameson twins, Jett and Dex. They might be cute, they might have smiles and bodies that make me wish things were different, but I’m a girl on a mission, and I won’t stop until those responsible are choking on their own blood.

My heart turned cold a long time ago.

The Black Hand is about to meet its match in this cold-blooded girl.

Cold Blooded is the first book in a planned four-book series. This series is RH/Why Choose, meaning there are at least 3 love interests. Possibly more as the series goes on. There are mentions of violence, among other things some might find triggering.

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Blood. Death. Control. A girl with a crooked, vengeful heart like me wasn’t made for a happy ending.

It’s me again. Lola Harding, the Night Slayer, the girl who f*cked up and killed a crime lord’s son. The Lucianos are using me however they like, and that’s fine. It’s kind of fun to never know when you’re going to breathe your last breath.

But… now they know the truth. My truth. My past and how ugly it is. The things that turn girls into their worst nightmares. I’ve seen the devil and smiled.

I’m not afraid. Not of the DeLucas, the blood enemies of the Lucianos. Not of the scheming or the plotting. Put me on a stage and tell me to sing, and I’ll give you the best damn show you’ve ever seen.

I do not fear death. I’ve been waiting for it my entire life. But Maddox, Sylvester, and Viper make my heart feel things it never has before. Cliched? You f*cking bet, but life has a way of laughing at you, giving you the things you never knew you wanted before stealing the rug out from under you.

We’re all on the same wild ride here, and we’re heading towards disaster.

And this time? This time it’ll be my fault.

Crooked Heart is the second in a planned trilogy. It is an RH/Why Choose series, meaning there are multiple love interests, steamy scenes and some things you might find triggering: violence, mentions of abuse, etc.

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Olivia Byrd spent eight years of her childhood at the hands of a monster. Now that monster is gone and she is finally free of him, but she has been left with so many unanswered questions.

Who was he? Why did he take her? Who killed him and why? And most of all, was she really free and safe now?

With no answers in sight and no idea where to start looking for them, Olivia decides it’s time to move forward and start living the life she fought so hard for. With her protective guys at her side, and her family at her back she faces many new challenges. She has a new home to build with the men she loves and college classes to tackle, all while still striving to overcome the darkness of her past, and the horror of recent trauma.

And if there is one thing that life has taught Livy and her guys, it’s that life is never easy and the past is never really the past. If they want the answers to the questions surrounding the kidnapping and security for the future of their family, there will be more danger, and secrets to uncover ahead of them. The question is, do any of them have the strength left that they need to get to the truth and find their version of happily ever after?

This is the last book in the ‘Pieces of Us’ series. It is a reverse Harem, which means there is one woman and four loving, protective men.
Trigger warning – This book touches on some dark topics including kidnapping, sexual abuse, violence and more. 18+

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Book 3 of the M.A.G.E. – Magical Academy of Gods and Elementals Series!

The battle I have within reflects the battle outside between the elemental and gods. It all boils down to this…

I remember who I am and what I am!

Only thing is…do I want to be who I was in the past or forge a new future as the new me…

Here’s what M.A.G.E. is all about:

The Princes of Paradise were not what they seemed…

It was supposed to be Paradise…the beautiful island my mother and I moved to for her to start her new job at the luxury resort hotel, The Imperial Cutter Hotel.

It was supposed to be a new start for me at the exclusive elite Academy where I received a scholarship. The beautiful location, new job, a nice new home for us, and prestigious school for me was enough to entice us to the island of Aeros.

But when I met the Cutter Boys, especially Chance, who ruled the island as the son of the owner of The Imperial Cutter Hotel, and whose father started the Academy, all that changed. The most handsome and popular guys on the island, the Cutter Boys were known as the Princes of Paradise.

The Cutter Boys were the most gorgeous and hottest guys I’ve ever met. Too bad they seem to want me gone but at the same time…can’t seem to stop wanting me.

** Dance of the Deities is the third book in the M.A.G.E. Magic Academy of Gods and Elementals Series, a high school/new adult bully romance fantasy series for age 17 and up. All sex is consensual.

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Nothing says I love you like murder.

Seeing their lifeless bodies nearly killed us. Knowing some monster harmed those we loved created a whole new set of worries. In the wake of all the madness, we need to stay focused.

With revenge warranted, we must bide our time. Good things come to those who wait, after all.

If there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s picking up the pieces and building something new. And this time, we’ll be unstoppable.

In Pieces is a Black Falls High novella told exclusively from Fox, Cole, Enzo, and Ethan’s POV. It takes place between In Silence and In Chaos and chronicles the aftermath of In Silence. The Black Falls High series is a dark bully romance with multiple love interests. Why choose when Rosalie can have them all?

Heavy trigger warning.

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I am not a good person.

I’m a serial killer, and I’m done lying to myself. The blood on my hands means nothing to me.

F*ck the roller coaster of emotions, the stalkers, and the drug. The angel on my ass isn’t as troublesome as the insane exes trying to steal and kill my mates.

I’m about to become the girlfriend of nightmares.

Situations within the shifter hierarchy have never been more tense.
I’ll make them worse before we can fix them together.

There’s two things I’m sure of:
These predators aren’t used to being the prey, and

I’m Sloane f*g King.
The Third Devil of Hell,
the High Coven Mistress of Vampyre,
and the Druid’s Princess.

But don’t let those titles fool you…
I’m no damsel in distress.

Shifter Situations is the fourth book in the seven book series, The Chronicles of Sloane King. This is a paranormal reverse harem romance, meaning it does involve a polyamorous relationship.

This is a series wide disclaimer for The Chronicles of Sloane King.

Current books include: sex between two or more partners, explicit language, murder, blood, graphic violence, BDSM scenes, a poly relationship, and M|M|F scenes.
Current books include mentions of: child abuse, rape, drugs, domestic violence, controversial religious beliefs, and open relationships.

If any of the scenarios listed trigger or offend you, please do not read this series.
If you have any questions about content, please contact me for clarification.

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As a teenager, I watched my mother die. I never thought her killers would come back for me…with fangs.

Me and my hive of hot-as-hell vampires are finally finding our groove, but I guess all good things have to be tested. So, I’m not entirely shocked when I find out I’m supposed to be part of some vampire prophecy. You see, some vamps think I might be the key to destroying the entire vampire race because of hunter’s blood I never knew I possessed. Oh yeah, and my mother’s blade might be the only thing on earth capable of slicing through vampire flesh.

No big deal.

All I have to do is convince a vampire cult that I can be trusted despite my deadly potential, while protecting four vampires that I’ve come to love.

My blood is poison. My connection to the hive is a compulsive addiction.

What’s a hunter to do?

The Born of Darkness series is high steam reverse harem paranormal romance with a female hunter, her four fated vampire mates, and stimulating MFMMM scenes. Why choose?

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

An abomination. A monster.
Those were the words the Light Council used when they found me. The last moonchild.
After killing my mother for hiding me, they took me in and locked me away in a tower. They chained a part of my soul and forced me to guard a bracelet that no one seemed to know about.
They claimed it’s a powerful item that wiped out the entire pixie race, but I’m not so sure I believed that.
My life started to feel hopeless until a mysterious being fell from the sky, allowing me to finally unchain my soul.
With that freedom came the hunger for vengeance. If only I can get these two fairies that seem to be interested in the bracelet away from me so I can enjoy the taste.


This book is book five in a mirrored world series. There will be more books that are separate from the mirrored world series. This book is also a Reverse Harem, which means the main character ends up with more than one love interest.

Link to book 5

Link to book 1 to begin series. Each book is a different author.

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Description to come! (no description yet. Checked 3/1/21 @ 1:34pm CST

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Play with fire; you’ll get burned.

Play with me; I’ll get even.

Dynasty came roaring into my life, bringing four of the most incredibly delicious men I’ve ever laid my eyes on, but along with it came a life that I was never expecting.

This world is filled with corruption. There are secrets and lies around every corner. My parents were murdered by the very men who vowed their loyalty, and now those same men are after me and will stop at nothing.

But the tables have turned.

Dynasty is all mine and I’m going to burn this f*cker down.

Forgive me, father, for I am about to sin.

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My power could unite the summer fae… or tear them utterly apart.

The truth is out. The whole Seelie realm now knows that the cure for their full moon curse lies in my blood.

I thought the gamble of revealing that secret would put only my safety on the line. But when one of the arch-lords sets his sights on me, it soon becomes clear there’s so much more at stake.

Claiming me is just one piece in a play for control over all Seelie kind. How can honorable men like my new lovers fight back when our enemies are willing to stoop so low? To save me and his pack, the lord who rescued me may have to turn into the thing he hates most.

With awful secrets unearthed and betrayals among our own, can I find a way to be my lovers’ strength in this storm—or will I become their fatal weakness?

Kings of Moonlight is the third book in a new paranormal romance saga featuring possessive wolf shifters, fraught fae politics, and a wounded heroine coming into her own. Grab it now and get swept away in the fantasy!

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The victory was supposed to be ours.

Instead, we let pride take us for a ride.

Our devotion wasn’t going to flee, even if our cowgirl Queen did.

Our brotherhood felt the pressure to collapse; those Anglers think they’ve got the upper hand. But they won’t see us coming for what has always been ours.

What happens when the billionaire boys come to play with the millionaire men?

Hold onto your hats, and buckle your belts; our boots are about to get real dirty.

Rodeo Seconds is the second book in the Ranch Ridge Series.

All books are short, quick rumble reads.

18+ Mature Language, Sexual Content, Violence.

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Things have escalated in Silverhold Detention Center for the Magically Delinquent. WAY too many people want me dead. Okay, maybe I regret a little.

I refuse to accept Venus as Supreme Queen of the witches, but I doubt I have much say in the matter. All the witches in here seem like they are bowing down to her now. Except one. Wren wants vengeance and I can use that. We only need one witch on our side to break out of here.

And the breakout is happening. Very soon. Our plans got escalated with that little prison assassination. We all know I’m next. Hauser keeps telling me to ask for Faust’s help, but I think it was an omen the alarms went off right when I was about to tell him my secret.

I’m coming to care for him though. I’m coming to care for all of them. I can figure that out when Silverhold Detention Center for the Magically Delinquent is far in my taillights.

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A bounty hunter, a panther, and an incubus walk into a bar…

As soon as I hear about Eranear, a bail jumper who’s supposedly the ungettable get, I know I have to be the one to bring him in. After all, I never miss a mark. But Eranear isn’t what he seems. Men and women both seem to be falling all over themselves to be near him. Standing in my way.

And to make things worse, my best friend, Tyler, is telling me to steer clear of the huge payday Eranear will give me. He’s never tried to talk me out of a job before. What’s up with him?

When I end up at a bar trying to track down the bail jumper, a panther shifter, Gage, intervenes, and blows open my world to the gritty, dark existence of shifters, demons, and more. Not to mention revealing my best friend has been keeping secrets.

Gage and Tyler clue me into the real challenge I have in tracking Eranear. How does one trap an incubus?

Tyler, Eranear, and Gage are opening my world. And they may even be trying to pry open my heart.

I live my life job to job, no roots, no commitments, and no connections. What the hell am I going to do with these three men vying for my attention? Especially when my life may depend on them?

This is book one of six in the Midnight Huntress series. This is a romance where the female main character has more than one love interest.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

All I want for my birthday is to find my magic and maybe get my first kiss. But that’s pretty hard to do when rumors fly around that my girly bits are cursed.

I’ve lived among witches ever since my mother dropped me off. That was the last I ever saw of her. I’ve always felt like I was looking in and never quite belonged. For most of my life, my aunt cared for me, raised me, and hid me from the world. My world.

Until she can’t anymore.

My mates have found me. All three of them.

If these wolf shifters claim that I am theirs, that can only mean one thing—I’m not a witch, I’m a wolf shifter too.

How could my aunt have hidden this from me? How can I go from off limits, a perpetual virgin, to being handed over to not just one, but three wolves?

For once, I feel like I belong. Leaving my old life behind seems like a small price to pay for an eternity of happiness.

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I’m used to the disdain, the insults and abuse. But people hunting me, aiming to slaughter me for a crime I didn’t commit? Not so much.
We can only hide in the human realm for so long thanks to my cursed lineage, and even that isn’t the refuge it once was. Getting Lucien’s rival arrested wasn’t the satisfying blow we thought it’d be. He has a secret, something he’s discovered to destroy Lucien once and for all.
And I have a sinking feeling that ‘something’ might just be me.

This is an 18+ RH novel, which means our leading lady doesn’t need to choose between her love interests. It’s the second in a three book series, so it will end in a CLIFFHANGER. As always, I include a potential trigger warning on the copyright page.

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When left in an alley on the brink of death, the most unlikely people save my life. Three very sexy vampire princes. They steal me away to their lair which turns out to be a beautiful mansion. But no matter how luxurious it is, a prison is still a prison when I have no choice in the matter. However, the more time I spend with them, the more I notice how different each one is.

Emil. The kindest and gentlest of the three.
Kale. The vampire who can always make me laugh.
Jett. The brooding and serious one.

One of them is destined to become the next head vampire, so what do they want with me? A human. I’m like an apple dangling in front of a horse’s mouth, waiting to become the next meal, but what happens when my heart is thrown into the mix? Is it possible for someone to love more than one person in a single moment of time?

This is an 18+ Reverse Harem book for the fans of the supernatural.

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The battle between good and evil has raged since the dawn of humanity and Deamhan City is no exception to that rule.
Running has been Adelyn’s solution to every awful thing in her life. But when the violent power that seems to reside inside her is undeniably the cause, Adelyn knows she can’t run forever. Escaping a childhood filled with misery and pain, Adelyn Jones makes her way to the big bad city, hoping to hide from the things that lurk in the dark. The things she fears are not just in her imagination.
A magnet for the weird and unexplained, Adelyn questions her sanity more and more each day. But when a chance job interview goes in an unexpected direction, Adelyn meets the mysterious Diesel, whom she is inexplicably drawn to.
Their chance encounter sets into motion a plan eons in the making. The beings who walk hand in hand with the darkness, tempting humanity at every turn, begin their campaign to claim the greatest power ever known.
Can Adelyn overcome her own self-doubt and accept her calling? Or will the pull of not one but five men, fated for all time, push her to the edge? The fate of humanity is in the balance…can Adelyn bring it back from the brink?

Author’s note: Deamhan City is book one in the Eternal Realms Saga from Aussie author Serafina Jax. It is a medium burn, why choose paranormal romance where the main character does not have to choose between her love interests. It contains mature and dark themes that may evoke emotions in some readers. Additionally, sexual themes including, mm and mmf situations are suitable for mature audiences 18+

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I had no idea how beautiful and terrifying my life was about to become.

Living as an independent artist in New York, I was soon faced with the new knowledge of my powers, a curse, and how bonding with five sexy-as-sin supernaturals would break that curse.

One by one they found me–Fae, Warlock, Demon, Wolf shifter, Vampire.
I’m their mate.
Their equal.
Their perfect match.
The one to unbind them from their curse.
Heart, body, and soul, I’m meant to be theirs. Theirs to share. Theirs to love.

From the beginning, they warn me of my fate. The stronger our magic bonds; the greater the chance evil will find us.
These incredible beings will give their lives to protect me, no matter the sacrifice, but I’m not willing to lose any of them.
They’ve stolen my heart and I’ll do whatever it takes to break the curse and stop the one who’s coming for us.

The Cursed Trilogy is a reverse harem paranormal romance series and includes:

From the Author: If you like steamy, paranormal romances with humor, action, and a bad@ss heroine who owns the hearts of five powerful and scintillating supernatural men, then this series is for you!

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Adie’s dreams of living a quasi normal life among humans has gone up in smoke. She’s no longer the new succubus with dreams of owning a bakery. She’s changed, and so has the world around her. Can she pick up the pieces and find a new path?

Part 1 of Succubus Reborn.

Link to book 44

Link to book 1 to begin series

This is the third book to release in the Kingdom of Wolves collection, but it CAN BE READ ON ITS OWN. You do not need to read any of the other stories in the Kingdom of Wolves collection to enjoy this book. However, Torn to Bits will continue in Ripped To Shreds.

Totemic Wolves rule the north.

Fenrir Wolves rule the west.

And Lycans rule the east.

As the lone Bitten fraction, we’re considered a dying race. Relegated to the dry south, we’re predicted to only last a few more years before complete annihilation.

Until the three gangs that rule our city—unbeknownst to the humans—offer an ultimatum: me for our pack’s survival.

I have ninety days to choose a husband from one of the very wolf packs that ridicule and kill us for sport. Ninety days to choose the man I wish to spend the rest of my life with.

From the cold-blooded werewolf prince, to the playboy feral, to the aloof Lycan.

These men…

They think I’m prey—nothing more than a plaything for them to discard.

They’re going to find out that I’m their queen, their alpha, and it’s time they bow to me.

This is a reverse harem romance featuring one badass female lead and three sexy, possessive werewolf princes. It contains an enemies-to-lovers theme, strong language, and sexual situations. This story will conclude in Ripped to Shreds.

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My high school bullies weren’t supposed to worm their way into my bed. I never expected this to be something that developed past the angry looks I’d given them growing up. I wasn’t ever supposed to be between Austin, Gavin, and Vaughn. But somehow that’s the way it ended up. Before I knew it was a new normal that I couldn’t really complain about, aside from demanding encounters with Vaughn.

I was finding a good balance between two of the three men that had taken up residency in my life, and other places. It was all going good until Austin’s past decided to rear its polished, well manicured head. What am I supposed to do when this girl comes in the front door claiming to be his girlfriend?

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What do you do when you’re so empty inside, you feel nothing?
When all you’ve ever known was pain?
You run.
That’s what I did—I ran away without once looking back.
People say starting over is the best way for a new beginning, but that’s far from the truth if you end up back where you began. Sometimes life likes to throw lemons at you really hard until there’s nothing left to do but make lemonade.
I’ve known pain, but not the kind that messes with my heart.
That is until Logan, Dalton, Trey, and Nicholas came into my life without a warning label.
I’m not prepared, and I’m afraid after fighting since day one…they might just be the reason I finally break.

*A dark, why choose bully romance.
*Trigger warning, dark themes that may be sensitive for some readers. Enter with caution.

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Our home is on the brink of war, and my marriage hangs by a thread.

While neighboring armies threaten to march on Four Corners, I’m dealing with a war zone at home. I can’t bring myself to look at Reaper or Gunner, let alone speak to them. I don’t know where my love life stands, or if I even have one anymore. Only Jandro is my rock, and only my work gives me purpose.

Eager for a distraction, I jump at the chance to become a battle medic again. Little did I know it would force me to end the weeks of silence between me and my men. And it’s made me realize I might not be ready to let them go after all.

Forgiveness is a long way off, however. Before I can even consider it, Horus tells me it’s time to leave.

I have to find Shadow with the sky god as my only guide. And somehow, I must find a way to end the senseless violence coming for everyone I love.

TW: Child abuse. Please see the full warning at the beginning of the book if you are sensitive to triggering content.

Sons of Anarchy meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this dystopian reverse harem adventure! Senseless is the seventh book in the Steel Demons MC saga. This series is full of kindle-melting steam and dangerous men who take what they want. Proceed with caution if easily offended.

Reading order:

  1. Lawless
  2. Powerless
  3. Fearless
  4. Painless
  5. Helpless
  6. Heartless
  7. Senseless
  8. Ruthless

Link to book 7

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A thousand prisoners against one? Bring it on…

The name’s Jessy Gilchrest and I’m nobody’s fairy Princess. I’m a Cage fighter, pack leader and all around bad-ass alpha Fae. They say I’ve got a little impulse control problem and they’re right about that.

I robbed the Vampire King’s Castle and it got me thrown into Poison Penitentiary, home of the most blood-thirsty creatures in the Magical Sect. A dark secret haunts this place, clinging to the air like a disease and in here, everything goes bump in the night.

I’m not worried though. Because I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid. I got caught for a reason. They’ve got my younger brother locked up in here. He’s innocent and I’ll stop at nothing till he’s freed. There’s just one problem with my brilliant break-out plan. Remember that little impulse control issue I mentioned earlier?

I got in a fight with the warden on the first day and now she’s promised freedom to any prisoner who can finish me off.

Four of the prison’s deadliest inmates’ step in to help me. A Werewolf, Dragon shifter, Vampire and Demon. What do they want in exchange? Let’s just say they’ve got a taste for Alpha Fae. A big one.

Are you ready for a strong Fae heroine and four paranormal criminal heroes? This is a STEAMY REVERSE HAREM ROMANCE that contains things that some readers may find triggering. This book is not for kids.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image.

Assassin. Private Investigator. Cat shifter. Lover.

Books 5-7 in the action-packed Catnip Assassins urban fantasy series, together in one volume for the very first time!

Kat and her family have moved to a new town, but that doesn’t mean that things will calm down. New enemies, new allies and new challenges await them. To survive, Kat will have to polish her claws and trust the three guys willing to do everything for her. And not eat too much catnip, obviously…

Continue the bestselling Catnip Assassins series with this handy boxed set, which doesn’t just include countless kittens, but also an adorable fawn!

This is an urban fantasy romance full of cats, secrets and dead bodies. It includes a slow-burn reverse harem relationship where Kat ends up with three love interests.

This collection includes:


If you’ve not started the Catnip Assassins series yet, begin with Meow or get the first four books in a handy box set.

Link to box set books 5 – 7

Link to box set 1 – 4 to begin series

Sera Thomas has more than the FBI in her life now and nothing reminds her of that more than almost losing the man she loves. Sometimes the focus has to be on her personal life and the pack or she could lose all she’s built and treasures.

And she’s not about to allow that.

Which means working things out with Brian while he travels and learns what he needs to. It’s going to take work getting him acclimated to the pack and introducing him to the supe world as a wolf, not a human who visits. But she’s willing to fight for their love if he is, and that’s a huge step for her.

To her surprise, she also makes emotional progress to overcome her abusive upbringing. Everything’s a delicate dance though, as there are also the dominance fights that are coming up for several of her packs… And a huge problem with one of them.

Oh, and she’s gotta fight as well.

At least everyone’s happy to celebrate Topher’s first Christmas and surviving another year. The full moon falls on the holiday—also Sera’s birthday—and massive festivities are planned.

Right, because who doesn’t love turning thirty?

Seraphine Thomas is a crime series filled with Chicago attitude and a strong heroine that pushes what most would think a female lead capable of, along with the heat being involved with several men brings while trying to figure out what she wants.

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I have had to relearn to control my powers.

Back in the human realm, I’m being hunted. But with my powers tied to my emotions, I can’t seem to control them well enough to protect my friends and I.

And I need to be strong enough.

My father’s guard tracks our every step. My men say I can’t be safe in the human realm, that I have to return to Julian’s kingdom. But do I trust them enough to go back to the realm that’s only ever brought me pain?

And do I even have a choice?

Link to book 2

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Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Goldilocks, who innocently wandered into a home owned by a family of bears…

Okay, my name is Ria. And I may have broken in, but I was high and it was cold outside. Oh, and the bears were actually shifters.

Potayto, potahto.

The point is, I’m kind of a wreck. Plus, I robbed my cheating, lying a-hole of an ex-boyfriend on my way out the door and he’s not thrilled about it, so I’m stuck with these three distractingly attractive men for the time being — one of whom is weirdly hung up on the whole breaking and entering thing. What could go wrong?

Gilded Mess is book one of the Three Bears duet. It is a medium burn, reverse harem romance for readers 18+

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I didn’t fear my nightmares. I loved them… and they loved me.

I had never been afraid of the dark. Abandoned on the front step of I.S.S., I’d spent my entire life thriving in the realm of darkness that most humans avoided.
I was a woman living among monsters.

Arabella was abandoned at the front steps of INSTITUTUM SEQUUNTUR SOMNIA (I.S.S.) one stormy night, only to be found and brought in by the monsters that lived there. An institute of nightmares that housed the most dangerous creatures that walked the plane of humanity. A place that trained and harnessed those abilities for their own use, while defending against the humans that were constantly attacking them.

But what happens when a young human woman grows up among the nightmares? Feeling no fear but instead taking comfort in her team that she surrounded herself by. In all regards, Arabella shouldn’t have fit in at the institute. Nothing like the warrior-like creatures around her, the 5’1’’ young woman with pink hair and a vision impairment was absolutely fundamental to her team. Not just for her strategic brilliance but her soothing lack of fear that seemed to tame the nightmares around her. Arabella is bound and determined to keep her monstrous men safe while they are on their missions.

What happens when their most recent mission attracts the wrong type of attention?
What happens when I.S.S. comes under attack and everything that she valued is destroyed?

Join Arabella and her possessive nightmares, as one human woman finds the monster within herself to protect those that she loves. The I.S.S. series is promised to feature terrifying monsters that include everything from the literal monster under the bed to Lucifer’s overbearing son, the prince of hell. If you love large harems, brilliant, sassy, but slightly naïve female main characters with no fear, and a thrilling adventure filled with steam, vengeance, and a happily ever after, then you are absolutely going to love this.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Whelp, I didn’t see that coming.

No pun intended—well, maybe a little pun with special sauce.

Somehow I’ve landed in a weird space where I’m not quite dead but not quite alive either, standing on the edge of something incredible—if only I take the chance and dive into the unknown. My mates taught me to jump on in without hesitation.

I hope the water is warm.

Taking a leap of faith isn’t necessarily the issue, it’s kicking my legs hard enough to break the surface for that first breath of fresh air. Oh, and also avoiding those who would rather see me drown.

Dying was easy, but it’s living that may prove difficult, especially when a certain god wants to rip the bonds of fate from my soul.

Unfortunately for him, I’ve already claimed my place with my mates and I’m ready to fight like hell to keep them.

No matter what.

**Reverse Harem/Why Choose Romance

**Book 4 of 4

**All the Burn


**Language 18+

**HEA… Finally.

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One Bride for Seven Brothers: The Fifth Brother

“Oh, yes, I’ve heard about you, Flora McCown,” Carmela Snodgrass said.

Everyone seems to have heard about Flora. Even in the great Northwest, an area accepting of polyandry, she’s developed quite a reputation. Some women in the county have more than one husband. No other woman has seven.

Flora’s accepted four of her husbands into her bed, but four is enough. She’s determined to find other mates for the rest of the McCown brothers. Struggling to meet this challenge, she finds herself working beside a housekeeper who hates her and confronted by an enemy who has always despised her.

Then a stranger comes to her home, intending to be rid of Flora once and for all….

** This 100-page novella is not a sweet, inspirational or Christian romance. If you’re seeking a traditional romance, this is not the story for you! ‘The Fifth Brother’ contains adult situations, adult language and is recommended for mature readers only. Although this is the fifth story in a series of six, it is complete in itself.**

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The Pacific Northwest Wolf Pack has been missing their omega for 40 years…
but now the hunt is on to find her.

I used to be invisible.
A divorced and childless 40-year-old woman,
who hid in the shadows.
Men never noticed a nerdy writer like me.
But on the night of my literary award,
All that changed.

Now I’m the most wanted woman in the shifter world.
I’ve been deceived, kidnapped, and imprinted on
more times than I can count.
I attract sexy werewolves wherever I go.
They think that they can claim me.
They think they can make me their mate.
But what none of them realize, is that I’m infertile.
And when the dangerous alphas come for me,
I’ll have a harem of protectors by my side.

18+ Only

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July Murphy has grown up around werewolves. She’s never known a world without them. But her father’s pack is an oddity. All three of the wolves are twenty years younger than him and impossibly hot, but they’re off limits. And if she lets them get close, she knows they’ll figure out she runs a lucrative cam girl site, and try to shut her down.

When she decides to auction off her on-cam v-card the last person she expected to claim it is one of his wolves. But he doesn’t want to stop her. He wants to make a bargain. And when her dad is called back to Wyoming…. She has the chance to explore those forbidden desires.

It doesn’t take long to realize her only option is to steal her father’s pack and make them her own.

A reverse harem werewolf romance with a guaranteed HEA.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Ollie Ellis is a jinx. A magnet for mishaps. A gravitational center for disasters all over the scale from oopsie to catastrophe. So is it really any surprise when it turns out her latest recovery job is not a stolen item, but a missing demon? Nope. That’s just her luck. There’s never a dull moment in her life. It’s a gift – and a curse.

Tracking a demon is no simple task, so it’s a good thing Ollie’s always up for a challenge. But the deeper she gets into the curious case, the more she discovers about the mysterious men that hired her. Men she’s bound to by magical contract.

Secrets surface, and though it becomes clear her new clients are more than a little dangerous, there’s also no denying she’s drawn to them. Bad idea? For sure. But those happen to be her specialty. After a lifetime on her own, Ollie may finally have met her match. And that deal she made? She might get far more than she bargained for.

A Deal with the Devil is a Reverse Harem Bi Poly Steamy Paranormal Demon Romance Novella. This book contains several variations of MMFM scenes, bisexual demon hotties, and a trouble-making little imp with a penchant for finding herself in precarious positions – like sandwiched between two deliciously sinful demons. Steamy Romance / Menage / MM / MMF

Link to book (novella length)

There’s a way to escape from Ravenhold, but I won’t be free.

When I arrived on the island, I believed the other hybrids at the reform academy were my greatest enemies. Now they’re my closest allies inside the corrupt institution.

Apart from one. Dorian Blackwood.

The seductive vampire hybrid almost stole my blood and magic. Dorian wants my power and thinks he can weaken me, but I saw the truth when we kissed. I weaken him.

A new witch arrives at the academy, and he claims that we can escape the magic-locked island, but I don’t want any dealings with this familiar face. The guy takes control of the witches, but Dorian doesn’t punish the student who challenges his authority. Why?

As we navigate the power plays around us, I learn more about Zeke’s mysterious past and push through his barriers, but Ethan continues to struggle with how much his dragon half controls him. We’re united now, but would a life outside Ravenhold pull us apart?

With Dorian’s and the newcomer’s help, we have a genuine chance of escape, but nothing happens by chance in this place. Who sent somebody to free the hybrids, and what awaits the four of us in the outside world?

What will happen if a vengeful Dorian Blackwood is unleashed on our society?

Magic Forged is the second book in the Ravenhold series from USA Today bestselling author LJ Swallow.

The books are set in a supernatural reform academy with deliciously dangerous guys and a badass heroine who won’t bow to anyone. Ravenhold is a slow burn, enemies to lovers reverse harem romance series. The books are dark academy but not bully.

Ravenhold: Witch Born must be read first.

Link to book 2

Link to book 1 to begin series

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Welcome to Larchwood Academy: Corrective School for Supernaturals.

A prison-like Academy full of young supernaturals who have no regard for the rules is where witch Paige Masset finds herself. None of these boys or girls are innocent, nor wrongly accused, yet, they’re all forced to get along for the two-year sentence—commitment. However, the witches, warlocks, demons, vampires, and dragons have a very hard time behaving at Larchwood. Meant to be a corrective school, but more like a frat house, Paige has realizes, she tries her hardest to be the good girl her mother knows she can be.

She just isn’t sure she’s going to be able to resist the temptations of the flesh, especially since she’s been told there are three guys destined for her at the school. Three, in order to complete an ancient spell to unlock a secret someone’s been keeping for a long. The problem is, one of the three isn’t on board with the idea of sharing, and is going to take some serious convincing.

Monsters & Magic is book 2 in the Larchwood Corrective Academy series, and is for readers 18+.
Larchwood Corrective Academy Series (must be read in order):
Curses & Charm
Magic & Monsters
Runes & Rituals

Link to book 2

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What do Jack Frost, an ancient silver haired vampire, and a goat shifter all have in common?
This girl. Right here. A red fox shifter who owns Hot Cider’s Snack and Beverage Bar at the new Silver Springs Ice Rink!!
Are you ready for some crazy antics that include some fantastic pranks on the rival business owner across the rink?
What happens when a big corporation swoops in, wanting to take over?
Cider is going to have to team up with her rival to save their businesses.

Link to book 8

Link to book 1 to begin series


I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

From USA Today Bestselling Author Morgan Jane Mitchell, Welcome to Creepy, Louisiana, Population 1.
Sissy outlasted the Zombiepidemic, but when other survivors arrive, she finds herself with another dilemma, too many men to choose from. Sounds like a good problem to have if across the county line, her ex hadn’t become the king of a gang of savages called the Stayers. Dillon is hell bent on making her his. Can her new suitors help save her from an old one or can she really have them all?

Link to book

Emersyn Sharpe doesn’t belong in our world

In fact, the very last place she should be is with us. But someone is hurting her. We’ve all seen it.

We tried to ignore the warning signs. We tried to trust the people around her.

We tried to believe in her world.

Too late.

When she nearly died in front of us, we had to act.

We took her.

She doesn’t belong in our world, but I’ll be damned if someone lays a finger on her under my watch.

I’ll kill them first.

Now that she’s here… I don’t know if I can let her leave.

I’m Jasper Horan, anyone who tries to take her will have to go through me and my boys.

You’ve been warned.

SAVAGE VANDAL is a full length mature college/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one in the series.

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War is coming—no, it has already come. As the demon hordes amass before us, our alliances are thin and brittle, balanced upon the edge of a knife. My mates and I have no choice but to leave the safety of our reclaimed homeland to seek further aid.

The crown weighs heavily upon my first mate, who refuses to share his burdens. He carries the weight of the world, forgetting that it is I who carry the weight of an entire species—the last female Draken.

If he had his way I wouldn’t fight. His instincts scream at him to hide me, to protect me, but it’s too late. I’ve already tasted pain—tasted death. That is not something that can be wiped away. When he made me his queen, he had no idea the power he was about to unleash. Neither did I.

And if the other creatures of this land won’t fight to save humanity—they will be next.

⚠This is a full length reverse harem/poly fantasy novel. Warning: there are dark themes and possible triggers.⚠

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Some people collect lucky rabbit’s feet.
Apparently I collect lucky boyfriends.
So when my luck changes after run-ins with three gorgeous guys?
I’m not sure which one is the source of my newfound fortune.

Roman, my old highschool crush who shows up in Vegas looking more tall, dark, and handsome than I remembered.
Danny, the blond-haired, blue-eyed friend whose sexy smile and playful wink brighten my mood every day.
Victor, the chiseled motorcycle-riding bouncer whose rough exterior probably translates to the bedroom…

The more time I spend with them, the luckier I am in the casino.
Every dice roll lands my way, and every blackjack hand hits twenty-one.
Can I figure out which of these three amazing men is the source of my luck?
Or will I stretch my fortune too far?

HER LUCKY CHARM is a stand-alone Reverse Harem love story filled with drama, suspense, and sizzling fun. HEA guaranteed!

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There’s a shadow lurking in the darkness, and it wants me my soul.

There is a place in the underworld for shifters who think they get to set their own rules.

I’ve never been good at marching to the beat of someone else’s drum. You get cocky like that when you’re the only heir to a throne you never wanted to sit on in the first place.

Or when you’re young and following your heart sounds a lot more appealing than following your father’s plan.

But maybe I should have listened to Daddy dearest.

My heart craves a darkness our lands have never seen. That darkness is the reason my mates have rejected our bond. The reason the hunters have been sent after me. The reason our kingdom will crumble.

I’ve started a war I had no intentions of starting, all in the name of love.

The darkness promises to protect me from my pack. But what happens when the one you run to is far worse than the ones you’re running from?

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We’re going to be okay.
We’re broken, but we’ll rebuild.
If we can all get along, long enough to deal with this shit.

Who decides to get involved with so many guys and thinks it’s going to be smooth sailing?
Spoiler alert, it’s not.
The guys are totally going to start killing each other soon.

Lukas and Jensen can’t seem to figure their relationship out.
Skeeter and Marco might kill each other one of these days.
If it gets any worse, I might just kill them myself.

With the Devils and Psychos working alongside each other, things are calmer.
Well, other than the Psychos recruiting some newbies.
Oh, and Satan’s Soldiers are back in town with a new leader, so that’s just wonderful.

My guys keep showing me every day that this is real, and I’m so in love it’s gross.
Family has become everything to me, but I wish they’d let me handle my own shit.
It’s a shame there’s no hope at saving my sister from my revenge.
She dug her own grave.

I know I said red was my colour, but I’m getting pretty good at wearing orange.
Don’t cross me, it’s goddamn simple.

Ignite Me is a 111k word dark romance reverse harem novel. This is the fourth book in the series and it must be read in order. The first four books are Rory’s, and the harem grows over those books. The series contains dark content such as abuse and rape. It also has slow burn m/m scenes throughout. There is a very small f/f scene in this book too. If you are triggered by sensitive content or cursing, this series is not for you.

Link to book 4

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The Angel of Death wants his Death Knight and he will do anything to get her.
Azrael has taken Audrey and Mika has to find a way to save her sister without endangering everyone she’s sworn to protect. Too many people she thought she trusted are keeping secrets from her while the Angel of Death keeps sending his legions to test her strength and abilities.

Too many things aren’t adding up and Mika has to figure out how to defeat the Angel of Death without starting the apocalypse she’s been desperately trying to avoid. Will she be able to save Audrey without losing everything?

The final installment of Mika Marshall’s story.

Link to book 8

Link to book 1 to begin series

The plan was supposed to be simple:

Graduate as a Magical Engineer? Check.

Get people to finally acknowledge my amazing tech skills? Check…
Though it was a little more than I bargained for.

Find that special someone who wants me for me? Check…times a lot.

Avoid the Arcane Heirs at all costs? Erh…

Find out who was behind the resistance and stop them from killing even more people?
It’s a work in progress.

Stay out of trouble?

In my defense, chaos and trouble have always found me, no matter where I am.
And having the Arcane Heirs going out of their way to win me over only seems to make things worse.

Conflict is brewing, and I somehow ended up stuck in the middle of it all.
The last thing I wanted was to be caught in this tug of war,

Especially now that my magic has become Erratic.

Author note: Erratic is book three of the Arcane Mage series. This book is a reverse harem romance intended for adult audiences. It contains adult language, lots of cursing, and sexual themes that are not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen. No Opossums were taken out of their mailbox in the makings of this book.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

Unleash the Passion of Strangely Seductive Shifters with this Limited Edition Reverse Harem Omnibus Collection featuring Studly Heroes Ready to Risk Everything for their Mate!

Explore Endless Pleasure with 7 Standalone Reverse Harem Shifter Novels Including:
Mated to Team Shadow

Mated to the Pride

Mated to the Pack

Taming Her Bears

Protected by the Pack

Claimed by the Pack

This box set collection only being offered for a limited time! Grab it while you can!

Packed with stand-alone paranormal romance stories with no cheating or cliffhangers and a HEA. For those who love alpha protectors, shifters, and steamy adventure.

Stories contain mature themes and language, and is intended for readers 18+ only.

Link to box set


Human’s have shared Earth with Supernatural beings since the beginning of time. They co-inhabitated peacefully for the most part. Supernatural’s stayed hidden and Human’s went about life blissfully unaware.

All of that was going to change! God had been missing for thousands of years. Angel’s convinced Human’s and Supernatural’s alike that the message of hate they were spreading came directly from God. They convinced everyone that Lucifer was the evil entity, when in fact it was the Angel’s filled with hate, jealousy and greed.

When the Angel’s make the plan to take over the Earth realm and enslave Human’s and Supernatural’s alike, war is threatened.

Hunter was a girl who grew up abused, broken and torn down. She prayed that God would protect her, or just kill her. It took twenty-three years before she got her wish. Gunned down on the street, she finds herself in Hell, with a new job as a Succubus Demon, allowing her to reap revenge on those that wronged her. It is during this reaping she meets Heath the Necromancer, Jagger the Witch, Kynan the Nephilim and Jye the Jinn.

They are the hottest guys she has ever seen and they all want her. She wants them, and Lucifer. With their unconventional relationship, they form a bond and team. Together they will help bring the Angel’s to justice and protect the Earth realm from the threat of violence.

This is a stand alone Reverse Harem. The steam level is high. There are triggering subjects. Suitable to 18+ M/M scenes included.

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I wasn’t scared of the dark or vampires, but I paid for that arrogance.
Fire and The Vampire face new dangers.
With powerful magic, the bond between Earth and Fire must be either strengthened or severed.
Earth must make urgent decisions before facing the High Priestess of the Supreme Council.

All of her Elementals love her, but is that enough?

Fire contains lots of love, magic, and sizzling scenes.
Along with deliberate alliteration and British English.
It is not a standalone it is book 3 in a 4 book series set in Stoke Newington, London.
A real place but entirely fictional characters who happen to also be witches or vampires.

Link to book 3

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My Island home isn’t safe. But running from everything I’ve ever known brings out the badass in me . . .

For twenty-seven years I’ve lived a sheltered life, protected and hidden from both humans and shifters. But my protective bubble is burst when a rival pod sets their sights on me, determined to claim me as one of their own. For my own safety, I’m sent into hiding with four protectors, two merman, a wolf and a pushy dragon. They’re determined to keep me safe. To guard me against all threats. But when it is my heart that is most at risk, I’m not sure any single one of them can save me.

Wicked Water is a ‘why choose’ book in which the heroine gets all of her guys. It has mature content, and no cheating. This four-book series takes place in the Dark Wing world with a HEA.

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They say there’s beauty in broken things… I don’t agree.

My past broke me, nothing beautiful about it.

I buried my past and my secrets to live a normal life at the prestigious Stratham University.

School of dreams… with new friends and a fresh start.

But I didn’t bury my past deep enough.

The boys that betrayed me are now the men of Stratham’s elite.

They will do everything in their power to make me suffer, even if they don’t know all my secrets.

I’m tired of playing games.

I just want to live a normal life, but someone knows my secrets and I’ll learn…

The devil isn’t done with me yet.

Return is the first book in Stratham Knights, a new adult/college age dark romance with enemies to lovers/hate to love themes that cannot be read as a standalone. This is a reverse harem, #whychoose series that contains material that may be difficult or troubling for some readers. Please see the author’s disclaimer at the front of this book for more details.

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Lucifer remembers who he is.
Our daughter is missing.
And the Gates of Hell are weaker than ever.

Can the descendant of a Nephilim, a modern-day witch, help us save our daughter and save the world?

We must find a way to kill Lucifer and return him to his rightful place in Hell.

But the man will not die.

We have to go on the offensive, ripping through anyone who helped put us in this predicament. But even with all the power we share between us, I’m still not sure we’re going to win this one.

I know one thing. If I have to, I’ll die trying.

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I made a promise.
Mom demanded only one thing from me before she died—go to her sister in Maine and find comfort with the only family I had left. But, from the moment I laid eyes on Paradise Inn and my terrified aunt, my mistake was undeniable.
This place isn’t an inn, and it’s far from paradise. Instead, it’s home to the Wreckers, and my quick-tempered Uncle Joss is the president of this violent gang of strangers. There are rules I need to learn, but the most important is to keep my mouth shut. I have a front row seat to how depraved these men are, and how low they’ll sink to get what they want.
Just when I’ve run out of hope, three Wreckers come to my rescue. Hades, Pistol, and Viggo are my heroes with dark pasts and darker plans, tempting me in ways I never imagined.
Soon, passion turns into something deeper, and I’m faced with a choice.
Do I let myself love these men I can’t quite trust?
Or do I ignore my heart and expose the Wreckers’ secrets?

**Wreckers is reverse harem, motorcycle club romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate and mystery/suspense themes. Contains sexual scenes, all of which are consensual. Wreckers is a supersized standalone novel.**

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“The arrival of the Prophetess will bring both hope and destruction for the wolves of the world.

She alone will be able to save them–or damn them.”

The dark prophecy that has been passed down since the first pack of shifters is coming to fruition– and I am at the center of it.

An orphaned human taken in by a pack of wolves. The fate of their existence in my hands.

I’ve been treated as the dirt beneath the pack’s paws for years.

Will they be able to accept my new role when my powers surface? Will I be able to forgive them enough to help them?

The bright spot amongst all the turmoil…finding my three fated. Until one of them rejects our bond.

The one thing I know for sure…death is coming for us all, soon, and the person responsible for it? Their betrayal is going to alter the shifter world forever.

I’ll conquer my powers, protect the packs, and live happily ever after with my men, right?


No one is prepared for the vile truths of my visions to come to light.

Author Note: This book has a 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences. It is book one in The Pack Prophecy series which will end in a cliffhanger.

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This kiss is addictive.
After unmasking a drug dealing fairy in St. Louis, Seren thought she was done with the magical drug market. But Seren and her Ambassador husband are drawn back to St. Louis when another version of Newt hits the streets, this one leaving burned corpses around the city. But a magical drug is only the beginning of Seren’s problems in St. Louis; there’s a sexy baron who insists the Goddess is calling them together and a mysterious group of soldiers who may or may not be allies. Drugs, sex, and violence—it’s just an average assignment for the Twilight Star.

Link to book 12

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A reverse harem, enemies to lovers, slow burn romance.
“The relentless clock of fate was groaning over to the next hour, ringing the arrival of a battle as old as time, sounding the final alarm, the final chance to fall to our blades or lift them high. It was repeating infernal hours that grew hungrier with each turn, more vicious than the day, the year, the century before.”
The end was here.
The great war had begun.
I had been torn apart and remade, a marionette to dance over the coals of this world, stitched together by my tormentors. The great masters thought they could break me down and own me.
They were wrong.
I had won my freedom, my place in this world, my golden-eyed protector by my side.
Until it happened again; the grim call of fate looking out at me through eyes of darkness, the great masters waiting with the power I needed, curses and promises in their hands.
It was time to make another deal.
It was time to play their game in earnest.

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Risky. Foolish. Impossible.

Kadelynn has risked everything to escape a marriage to a monster. But she’s never been one to run from a fight. Not only does she intend to return home, she plans to do it with the head of a Dragulous.

It’s her one chance at keeping her honor and her freedom.

Even if means trusting a Seer with dark and dangerous magic. Even if it means crossing her realm in search of the mythical beasts that are as fearsome as they are rare.

Only, what if while she’s been searching for her freedom there are men searching for her? The dreams that pull her to three different men might be more than just dreams. They might be the start to restoring dragon kind.

But can a woman with no magic really be the answer to a world that’s losing its magic?

DRAGON MEMORIES is a slow burn, high fantasy reverse harem. This is the first book in a series. If you like swords, magic, and unique worlds, then grab your copy! But be prepared to lose yourself in this series…

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Bend me.

Break me.

Hate me.

The vampires of Crimson City will use me in any way they can to deceive their council from the mysterious murders staining their hands. They need me. But that will never mean they want me. A human. They say I’m beneath them. A weakness. A disgrace. A prey to be hunted.

If I’m so weak, why did the mating mark choose me for not one but two of their kind?

If I’m so unbearably fragile, how did I steal the heart of the demon prince they keep locked away like a dirty little secret?

And if I’m a prey to be hunted…

Then why are they so afraid of this pretty little human now?

This is book one of a biting, thirst trap of a reverse harem vampire series. Wolves, Vampires, Demons and Humans will love to hate one another in the best possible way. If rejected mates, bully, or brutal enemies to lovers doesn’t make your heart race wild, then this series isn’t for you.

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I was rejected by my mate. Exiled by my pack. Cast out by my own father.

Seven years later, I get the call. It’s time to return to pack territory and bury my father. I intend to sign some paperwork and head straight back home.

But Juniper has changed since my exile. A dark curse has taken hold and killed all the female werewolves in town. The land rots as vampires drain the pack. My father, the alpha, was unable to stop the curse.

The people here have changed too. There are new werewolves around, like gorgeous, burly Lance and sinful, charming Finn. And the boy I once knew as a skinny beanpole has grown up into a stunning man named Roarke.

My would-be mate Kieran has changed most drastically. The strong young teen who was going to be my father’s successor is a shadow of his former self. One who rejects me again the instant I step foot in town.

I’m not going to leave my homeland so easily a second time around. Especially when I discover my entire exile was based on a lie. As new secrets come to light and enemies emerge from the shadows, it becomes clear my pack needs a leader.

Or we’re all going to be destroyed from the inside.

This new series about a rejected mate has action, adventure, romance, steam, and absolutely no choosing.

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Hot. Wet. More than one for the price of one.
My Four Seamen
Evan, Terrance, Collin, and Carter who are ex-Navy Seals, have a strong friendship that was torn apart by a tragedy. As they try to rebuild what they once had, they are struck by something else. Something that doesn’t seem real…
A mysterious creature that dwells in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle has surfaced..
Just as the ex-military men believe the end has come, an unexpected savior comes to the rescue.
But she’s no ordinary angel.
These seamen have to make an impossible choice.
Can they leave everything they have ever known behind just to stay alive?
Claiming Her Four

I never thought a sea monster would help me find my harem…
Patrolling the waters of the Caribbean and protecting humans against the many dangers is my job as part of our coven of sea witches.
It doesn’t leave me time to search for my mates.
But when an expedition of men seeking a sunken ship are attacked by one of my greatest foes, I have to act.
Saving them means exposing what I am and the great mysteries of the deep.
It also means opening my heart to something I never saw coming.
These four men share my deep passion for the sea.
They also hold the key to my heart.
Yet it might not be enough to secure our futures together.
With old enemies resurfacing and our lives split between water and dry land, have I truly found my harem, or will I return to the ocean’s depths alone forever?
My Fated Mates

I never thought my worst enemies could become my harem…
Just because I’m the last sea witch in my coven to find a harem doesn’t mean I’ll allow myself to be pushed into one…
Certainly not with the men aboard the Lucky Star.
They’re my sworn enemies.
The ones who got me banished and ruined the only life I’ve known.
Yet, when disaster strikes, they might be my only hope.
Evil lurks beneath the surface, threatening to destroy everything.
And the men I’m determined to hate might hold the key to destroying it.
That doesn’t mean I have to like them.
But the simmering tension between us boils over in the most unexpected way.
Maybe I was wrong about the men of the Lucky Star.
They may be precisely what I need.
Can they help me defeat an ancient enemy and become my forever mates, or will I be forced to swim the seas alone?

Link to box set (4 books)


Love should withstand anything, but I don’t know if it can survive this.

We made it out. We survived. But we didn’t know then that Dimitri and I did not escape the haunted forest unscathed. He risked his immortal soul to save me, but we’ve returned different.

Inside us spider demons are taking over, and our lives will never be the same. Relationships broken, lives destroyed, and worst of all, our family will be forced to kill us if we can’t get rid of the demons.

We’ll do anything to make this right, even make a deal with a tricky djinn.

No need to decide in this fast-burn romance, where four wolf-shifters are better than one!

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Fate smiles upon the wicked.

Prison. That’s where my dad is, and the word tastes sour and wrong on my tongue. Prison.

He doesn’t deserve to be there. I know that. The set-up was done by someone wicked, someone who wants him out of the game. After all, there’s a lot of truth to the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

My aunt takes pity on me and takes me in, which means I get to spend all of my days at Fate High School. The school is its own sort of prison, but it doesn’t matter. I’m just biding my time until I can actually prove that my dad is innocent: that he doesn’t deserve what happened to him.

In the meantime, I’m stuck navigating a new school, new groups, and new cliques.

Oh, and the Legends.

The three bad-boy bullies of the school have their own little group, one I want no part of.

Too bad they can’t seem to take their eyes off of me.

This is a bully reverse harem high school story with steamy scenes, bad boys, and bullying. If you’re looking for a sweet romance, this isn’t the book for you. Expect swearing, expect bad choices, and expect our heroine to refuse to choose between her three bad boys.

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I’d dance on a razor’s edge for my mates, but the Fae kings are no longer mine.

They belong to the usurper queen, bound by her black magic. Rydstrom and Baron have forgotten what I once meant to them. The Winter King, however, remembers me, but he’s embraced the dark side.

The world isn’t big enough for all of us—it’s either me or the kings.

So, I’ll lure them to Hell’s inferno to finish what they started in the Wild Hunt—to hunt down their mate to the bitter end.

Blood Fae is the final installment in the Dark Fae Kings series, a reverse harem fantasy romance starring three powerful Fae kings and a tough heroine. For fans of Karen Marie Moning, Sarah J. Maas, and Laura Thalassa.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

How do you stop running when you can’t remember why you started?

My name is Sloane Hanley, and I’m just a girl who needs to keep moving. Bad things happen when I stop. I come out of blackouts covered in blood. No memory of what happened.

Then, I’m saved from an attack, sent through a portal to a hidden town, and the blackouts stop. I discover I’m a shifter, a wolf. A rare one, too. An Omega.

I have true mates, Alphas, and they want to help me. I just need to stay in one place long enough to let them.

Omega Outcast is the first book in the Claiming Her Alphas trilogy in which a wolf shifter heroine claims multiple mates while attempting to uncover the cause of her blackouts. This book contains violence, explicit language, and sexual content recommended for readers 18 years and older.

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Alexandra King has just arrived in the picturesque English country town of Hufton Deane, having left her wild, sexually liberated life in the big city of London behind. She had hoped it would be the start of a new, quieter life, far away from the chaos of London. But will she overcome the hurdles of working from home, in isolation, surrounded only by rolling hills and apple trees? And what of the brooding antiques dealer at the local market, or the handsome tradesman with his loyal, ever-present dog? Will she survive tea and Battenburg at the historic mansion of the local landowner, Lady P? Perhaps Hufton Deane has more to offer than she first thought.

This book is a romance, but also contains a few rather steamy sex scenes, including group and LGBTQ+ sex. Sometimes that’s just what you want, but, if not, then this novel’s better-behaved TWIN sister, Solo in Cider Country, by the same author, is also available. The same loveable, deep characters wander the same idyllic landscape, around the same glorious country houses and pubs in the South West of England, but in a gentler, more romantic, less carnal manner.

This book proudly passes the Bechdel Test!

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

I’ve lost too much.

And I must earn back what I’ve been forced to let go.

The werewolf god took my mate away from me.
I will travel past death to find him.
I will do anything to get him back.

But playing with the afterlife comes with consequences.
They’ll haunt me for a long time to come.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

We were two kids lost in a system that didn’t care. He was my protector, my best friend, my first love. He kept the shadows away the best that he could. Now it’s my turn to return the favor. I found him finally, but I didn’t find him quickly enough. I’m lost again, but this time it’s without him by my side.

I’m broken.

My life is one mess after another and I can’t find which way is up. I don’t know how to navigate my feelings for the three broken, protective assholes that are breaking down my walls. I can’t fight the demons that haunt me in my dreams. Add in a stalker hell bent on showering me with gifts that bring back painful memories and there’s disaster looming on the horizon.

How can I save, not only myself, but the men that are starting to mean the world to me?

Maybe I’m still that little girl that needs someone to save me… or maybe, just maybe, I can finally save myself.

Save Me is the first book in The Broken Souls series. This book contains sexual scenes, violence, and coarse language. Must be 18+ to read. Please read the trigger warning at the beginning of the book, contains mentions of sexual abuse, suicide, and more.

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I moved to Silver Springs to enjoy a quiet life away from my family who wished for me to take a mate of their choosing. Sadly, there’s no running from my family, and they send two potential suitors out to fetch me.
Throw in the broody ice-phoenix who has fallen for me, and things are about to get heated.

Link to book 9

Link to book 1 to begin series (books are standalones in Silver Skates Series shared world)

Hey all, I’m Quinn.

I applied for a job which guaranteed travel.

This was a totally different type of travel, but I’m even more excited for.

Another World.

Getting married to an alien guy is just part of the deal, and I can live with that.

But I accidently… kinda fell into a young guy. Who is like seven feet tall mind you.

How was I supposed to know he was going to suddenly stop.

So we ended up with Luna at Clan Wolf, and now my creative juices are flowing.

I have many ideas on how to make this little bit of paradise our home.

But my first mate keeps on insisting I take more mates.

I’m happy with what I have… that’s until one very flirty Aashi changes my mind.

This book is Reverse Harem. Sexy Aliens with four-arms and tails… what more could you want?
This book is Part of a series world, but can be read as a standalone.

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I chose the man I want to be with… the universe disagrees.

Access to the Fae Realm has been lost for centuries, so when my brother mates the mythical phoenix and becomes part of the Guardian Quint, things get interesting. Their destiny is to reestablish the portal gate and unite the realms. I tag along for the ride.

I’m used to living in the shadow of my family.

My father and mother are the late Fae Prime and his Prima, my brother the new king. I’m nothing as grand as them. I’m the daughter, the sister, the liaison between Kotah and the life of rule he never wanted. I know who I am though and have my own strengths. I also have a certain someone I have my heart set on.

Until him…

With two realms uniting and bursting with possibility, my world is shattered with a Dark Curse.

This is book one in the second harem of the Guardians of the Fae Realms, steamy reverse harem paranormal romance series. Expect sexy polyamorous situations (mmmfm), rollicking action, ongoing storylines, and shifter lovers who find what they need from not only their queen but each other as well. Med-burn, med angst, vivid sexual content, and language. *

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Claw: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance


Book one in the Coven of Desire series

He’s not your typical werewolf-next-door.

Layla hadn’t counted on a sex demon appearing in her living room. Nor did she expect to find she’s a witch, tasked with protecting the mortal realm. And now her friend, fellow nursing student and impossible crush could be a potential killer?

She’s silently lusted after Cal for a year, knowing a guy that hot, sweet and kind wouldn’t look twice at her. All their flirting was innocent and went nowhere, until Ink—the incubus bound to her—ran into her life and bed. Next thing she knows, Cal’s growling at her while Ink flirts, and women are being ripped apart by wild animals. Couldn’t the murder monster mystery wait until after finals?

She wanted to be a nurse, not a paranormal investigator, but Layla has no choice. Apparently only witches can stop these creatures that she didn’t even know existed a month ago. But the deeper she digs, the more it looks like Cal’s deep in the middle of it all. How can she save her friend from the claws of a cult, keep her sex-craved demon happy and find a way to let both into her heart and bed?

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Maisie never expected to care about the most notorious criminal of Thalassar. But with the Black Blade on the brink of death, she must decide if she’s going to assume her role as princess and watch him die… or risk everything to save his life.

With danger lurking around every corner, no decision comes easily. Under the queen’s watchful eye, Maisie’s role in the kingdom grows, and each day it becomes harder to pretend to be someone she’s not.

But to save the kingdom and unravel the missing princess’ secrets, she can’t give up. Nothing will distract her from her goals. Not her growing feelings for the three sexy mermen, who she knows she can never have, and certainly not the promise of death.

Because death is coming.

And it just might claim Maisie for good.

This book is a Fantasy Reverse Harem novel and contains scenes unsuitable for readers under the age of 18.
This book is a second edition.
Whispers Beneath the Deep was previously published under the same title. This is a second edition with a new cover, blurb, and brand new scenes.

Reading order:

Secrets Among the Tides
Whispers Beneath the Deep
Caresses Between the Sand
Death Beyond the Waves

Spin-off series:

Slave to Ice & Shadows
Princess in Frost Castles
Queen of Frozen War

Link to book 2

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Life after her return from Ireland has been rough for Molli Brighton. With no marketable skills of her own, no degree, and no job training, Molli and her three ex-fae lovers struggle to make ends meet.

To Molli’s surprise, though, one day a tall, exotic stranger knocks on her door with an offer:

Help my daughter-in-law save the Earth, and I’ll give your boyfriends their magic back.

It’s an offer that Molli can’t afford to refuse, though how she can help stop a demonic apocalypse is a mystery.

Join Molli, Kalen, Oren, and Finn as they try to work out a solution to the demonic invasion in this second installment of the Hell on Earth paranormal reverse harem trilogy.

Link to book 2

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Feeling alone in the world was something I was used to. Being beaten and broken were normal parts of my life. As the chains that kept me hostage each day dragged across the floor, I wished for death. The only person that would miss me was Grady, My wolf down the street. His brown eyes would meet mine with sorrow every time he glimpsed a bruise that littered my body.
After one long night of being a punching bag, I think my wish is finally coming true, my wolf even believes that she will be set free from all the hurt and pain. Only when I open my eyes again, I’m in the back of a car. A sinfully gorgeous man tells me I am safe. Words I never thought I would hear. He tells me he is taking me to a school for supernaturals of all types. My world changes overnight.
I am thrown back into a world that I haven’t been a part of since I was a child. Not knowing much about my wolf or anything about mates, I am roomed with an Alpha wolf who’s saddened eyes make my heart clench in ways I never knew I could feel.
He begins to help me understand our world, helps make my mind and body stronger.
I find a friend in the fiery sexy red headed fox shifter who is not as innocent and shy as she looks. She becomes my best friend and finally, my mate.
I find I am mated to the four heirs …each one made for me, only they want nothing to do with me…and they make sure everyone knows it. My life at Leafwood becomes dangerous once more when a Fae princess sets her sights on me, wanting to do everything she can to make sure I disappear.
When my past returns and the darkness settles back into my mind will my mates come together? Will I end up back where I started?
This is a why choose Reverse harem. Meaning the MFC does not have just one love interest. This contains m/m, f/f, m/f/m/m

Trigger Warning: also contains mentions of abuse, both sexually and physically. Darker themes are present, this book contains graphic sexual situations. If you don’t mind some sexy times with sexy men, then this book is for you.

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Sometimes it’s not just magic. It’s destiny.
Ever since she was little, Maise has known about the battle between light and dark. The
light mages of Nualia and the dark mages of Darkmoor have fought for millennia, but Maise
has never fully understood why.
When the man she believes to be her father is gravely injured in an attack, he reveals why
he spent so much time training her to fight; she is the prophesied savior of Nualia. In
order to fulfill the prophecy, Maise needs to find the Spiritus Dagger; one of five powerful
weapons the light mages can use to defeat the dark.
With the help of her adoptive sister Raina, Maise sets off to find her dagger. She has no idea
what awaits her, but when she meets a mysterious stranger, she is drawn to him in a way
she can’t understand.
Is he destined to help her on her quest? Or is he just someone to help pass the time as she
discovers who she really is; who she is destined to be?

A medium burn paranormal reverse harem read. The harem is built throughout the series.

This story is meant for readers over the age of 18 due to mature content.

-MFMMM (by the end of the series. Book 1 will just be MF)
-Single POV (for now)

Potential Triggers

  • Graphic sexual scenes
  • Mildly graphic fight scenes
  • Swearing
  • Rape content

Link to book

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Ana wakes up in the hospital 3 weeks after the night that changed her life forever. She must navigate her trauma, learn to trust her instincts, and learn that sometimes asking for help is a sign of strength.

But she was thrust into a dangerous world without her knowledge or consent, and soon realizes that the true danger may be closer to her than she thinks.

Makeshift is part one of three-part series, ending in a mild cliffhanger. This is a reverse harem/why choose novel, which means the main character does not have to choose between the men (wolves). If polyamory ain’t your thing, feel free to move right along!

Trigger/adult content warning:
violence, non-explicit references to sexual assault, talk about mental health issues including suicide attempts, explicit consensual sex scenes between the FMC and her harem, as well as M/M scenes between some of the men.

Link to book

Everything is coming up roses. Pink and black roses.

With the task of finding her God the only thing left to cementing her princesshood, Theodora is on track to ensure the power Fever Court needs is on the horizon. And her god is anything but ordinary.

New opportunities are just around the corner for Fever Court, and with the men that she holds to her heart by her side, anything is possible. Including keeping her company safe from those that would dismantle it.

But with the sweets, comes the sour and a specter from her past is looming, intent on destroying the woman she has become.

Not that her men will ever let that happen.

The perfect storm of her lovers, her powers and her convictions will set something churning in Faerie that will rock its foundations to the core.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

Hell cracked open, oozing evil into the world. The human population is decimated. Dangerous monsters roam the land. Witches and vampires rule with cruelty and violence and shifters have all but lost their magic. One reticent girl and a band of brothers are the last spark of hope in a world consumed by darkness.

Wolf shifter Kayla Redclaw is the last alpha female. She might be the strongest alpha even known, but all she wants is a quiet life, hunting in the forest.

Unfortunately, her father has other plans. He’s called every alpha male in the region to compete in a tournament. And Kayla is the prize! She is powerless to stop it, believing she has no choice but to dutifully follow her father’s commands.

Quinn, Sid, Felix, Riddick, and Jagger Blackfang arrive for the tournament, disclosing a chilling prophecy: the last alpha queen will mate with all five brothers and bring balance back to the world.

Blackfangs vie for Kayla’s attention, but she is unsure if she wants them or their prophecy. Yet, the mystery of her expanding magic cannot be ignored.

Will Kayla find the confidence to accept her power or will she run from her destiny and a love so strong it could change everything?

The Last Alpha Queen trilogy Includes Rescue, Conquest, and Triumph.

Readers of reverse harem, epic fantasy, and post-apocalyptic fiction will love The Last Alpha Queen. This is a medium burn romance between one unassuming shifter girl and five very different brothers. The relationships develop over the course of the series. These books contains explicit sexual situations, violence, and dark themes.

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She’s a lover, not a fighter. But threaten her guys, and she’ll fight like hell…

When you’re in the fight of your life, it’s best not to underestimate your opponent. Which is exactly how Annie Chambers finds herself plummeting from the top of a high-rise, easily flicked out the window by Hera.

Things go downhill from there. Only she and Delphon escape Hera’s clutches. Rion, Keph, and Aethan remain trapped. And that’s not the most desperate thing about the situation.

Hera has ripped away Annie’s soul bonds with all four of her guys, leaving her empty, heartbroken, defeated. No matter how hard she and Del try — and gods, do they try — there’s no way to restore the bond. Without the love, passion, and power flowing from her guys, what does she have left?

They need help, and the only place to find it is in the other world. But even if Annie and Del can gather an army, the horrible truth remains. They might win the war, but Annie’s soul bonds with her guys could be lost forever.

Bonds of the Goddess is the final book in the Grecian Goddess trilogy, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a spunky heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

Link to book 3

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Four best friends on spring break in Chicago on St. Patty’s Day… What could possibly go wrong?!

Lennon, Harper, Skyler, and Bristol have been inseparable the past four years while studying at NIU. With graduation right around the corner, they plan an epic spring break getaway to make new, lasting memories that will get them through the uncertainty that lies ahead.

After days of sightseeing in the city, filling their time away with laughter and fun, the day they’ve been waiting for finally arrives. St. Patrick’s Day! Settling in at an Irish dive bar where the dancing is sinful, the drinks are flowing, and there are shenanigans to be had, they have no idea that everything is about to change. Only when they each find themselves drawn to attractive, yet dangerous, men do they realize they might be in trouble – these guys could easily be their undoing.

Separated from each other, thrust into a war they don’t understand, and facing unknown dangers, how will they survive? Will their bonds of friendship be strong enough to withstand the turmoil they find themselves in, or will it be the catalyst to send it all up in flames? Will the menacing men they can’t seem to stay away from be their salvation, or their damnation?

Find out in this reverse harem novella that sets the stage for the Some Kind of Luck series. This is book one of six. Books two through five will each feature one FMC and her men, culminating in the epic conclusion to the series in book 6.

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Life has never been more complicated
I am now living with a friend
Exploring my desires
And redefining boundaries.
The only thing missing is my childhood best friend.
Love was never meant to be easy
But with my stalker still out there
Will we figure it out in time

Everything is coming undone
My tiny dancer has moved out and everyone blames me
When the truth comes out
Will it be too late for us
Will the sins of the past be too much to forgive?
I will do anything to win her back,
even if it means having to share her with my former best friend.

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From Facebook: “Young Adult, Dark Bully Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem Romance. This book contains Dark and often confronting themes that some may find TRIGGERING.”

Everything has changed.
The time away from my family was supposed to be about finding myself, finding out who I am now that I am free, but nothing in our world is easy and some lessons are the hardest to learn.
I can’t trust anyone.
With two open spots on the Twelve that have to be filled, loyalties won’t just be tested, they’ll be pushed to the limits. No one is safe once they step into the Game.
All of my dreams of leaving high school and my family being free seem like a distant memory now, the shadows of our pasts still hanging over our every move. Sticking together has never been so hard.
But one thing is for sure.
Nothing will ever be the same again.

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Link to book 1 of the series you should read before this series because character crossover

Three hot special ops guys are more than willing to help me search for my brother. But they’re expecting something in return.
My brother’s best friends have got to be the hottest military hunks I’ve ever seen.
Brave. Burly. Brutal.
One makes my heart race with his dirty… mouth.
Another sets me off with his firm… gaze.
And the last lights my imagination on fire with his hard… body.
When I met these guys, the last thing I thought was that I’d have to ask them for help.
But it turns out they’re willing to kill for me.
And when I find out why, I’m in more trouble than I ever knew.

The Men at Work Collection
1. Her Dirty Rockers
2. Her Dirty Teachers
3. Her Dirty Doctors
4. Her Dirty Bodyguards
5. Her Dirty Bartenders
6. Her Dirty Ranchers
7. Her Dirty Mafia
8. Her Dirty Mountain Men
9. Her Dirty Soldiers
10. Her Dirty Builders
11. Her Dirty CEOs
12. Her Dirty Jocks

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I’m not human.

With one arrow, my whole world changed. Everything I thought I knew about who I am, where I came from, is gone.

The connections I have with a panther shifter, a wolf shifter, and an incubus seem to be the only things I can cling to.

That, and the sexy bear shifter who hasn’t taken his eyes off me since he pulled the arrow out of me.

This is book two of six in the Midnight Huntress series. This is a romance where the female main character has more than one love interest.

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When the gods turn bad…

…reapers come out to play.

My name’s Autumn, and I was raised by a fanatical cult. I made a deal to be possessed by a god. I was tempted by forbidden whispers of eternal pleasure. Then a lethal but sexy-as-hell god broke me, stealing my magic.

Loki, God of Mischief.

Now, I’m the Infernal: a witch who reaps both gods and demons. I guard the Tree of Life in an English forest, which is stalked by scorching-hot but dangerous monsters.

When a curse binds my greatest enemy, Loki, to me as mate by his shifter spirit, it’s my turn to break a god. I’m seduced, however, by his beautiful mayhem. Then he spins a wild tale, and it turns out that everything I’ve known could be a lie.

Can I trust Loki and my other gorgeous rebel gods and demons?

Hades — My brooding Hellhound God of the Underworld who’s a giant of muscles, midnight black hair, and shadows

Ra — My Phoenix Sun God who’s tall, blond, and my loyal friend and lover

Kit — My Kitsune Fox Spirit with powerful magic and mesmerizing eyes, which I could lose myself in forever

Oni — My roguishly handsome Demon with a lady-killing smile who’s my first love and Soulmate

They’re the enemy, royalty, friend, bonded, and second chance. They’re also my obsession…and secret protectors.

When the gods are rebels, the demons are wicked, and the shifters are savage, it’s lucky that I love bad boys…

From USA Today Bestselling Author Rosemary A. Johns comes your next paranormal addiction!

Rebel Gods is packed with magic, mythology, and soulmate romance, where the men know how to share! Perfect for fans of Laura Thalassa, Amelia Hutchins, C.N. Crawford, Elizabeth Briggs, Linsey Hall, Eva Chase, and Sarah J. Maas.

Click and devour this sinfully sexy twist on the classic Loki, Hades, and Ra myths!

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They ripped me from my safe, perfect world and bound me in chains.

Now it’s Cash’s turn. The cold, hard, analytical leader has a problem he needs me to solve, and he’s not asking.

I’m driven deep into the world of cons and corruption. I can’t tell if anything around me is real. Least of all the smiling, pleasant people.

Someone is playing us for a fool, and it might be me.

The time will come when I have to make a choice: Right or wrong?

Love or money?

Me or Cash?

All I know is, one way or another, the war between us will end.

Cash is a dark contemporary why choose romance. This is book two of four in the series and features language, dark themes, and sexual scenes. If you’re cool with that, dive in!

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How dark are you willing to go for the ones you love?

No matter how hard we fight, no matter how much we’ve already lost, the Dark Arcana have only grown stronger. Thanks to the traitorous mages they’ve recruited into their ranks, now we’re vastly outnumbered and outmagicked.

We’ve got one last choice.

Destroy them, or let the Dark Magician turn us into slaves, obliterating everything—and everyone—we’ve ever loved.

Our enemy claims that the darkness lives in all Arcana. That in a world of light and shadow, one cannot exist without the other. That all of us are but one tragedy away from giving in to evil.

Even the mages who’ve sworn to protect me.

Even me, the Star Arcana herself.

I know he’s right. I’ve seen that darkness. Tasted it. Felt it rise up in me like a black flame. All of us have.

The question is…

What happens when we unleash that dark fire on the world?

SPELLS OF MIST AND SPIRIT is the fifth and final book in the Tarot Academy series, a university-aged reverse harem academy romance featuring Sarah Piper’s signature blend of Tarot mythology, magick, heart-pounding supernatural suspense, and a badass witch who always gets what she wants, especially when it comes to her men…

This series is complete and ready to binge!

SPELLS OF MIST AND SPIRIT is the fifth and final book in the Tarot Academy series, a university-aged reverse harem academy romance featuring Sarah Piper’s signature blend of Tarot mythology, magick, heart-pounding supernatural suspense, and a badass witch who always gets what she wants, especially when it comes to her men…

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Curvy beauty Eliza Chambers has just been possessed.
Three fiery demons from the pits of hell
have taken over her body and soul…

But they also want her heart.

Eliza is the prophesied “Vessel”,
inhabited by demons, so that she may fight evil.
A cult wants Eliza for themselves,
and will do what they can to force Araki, Varash,
and Carnak from her body — to be replaced by their own demons.

Will Eliza accept her possession by her three fated demon mates?
Will she be able to defeat the cult and learn how to wield her demonic powers
for good?

Or does Eliza need an EXORCISM?

All Her Demons was originally released as a four part serial, but has now been edited together into a complete novel.
This is Book 1 in the Possess My Heart trilogy.

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In my dreams, I remember bits and pieces of my past life. I was a queen and in love with my guard.

All the queens before me had harems, both for protection and to help them wield their elemental powers. I was the first to refuse this, wanting only one man to be mine.

It led to my death.

Now fate has granted me a second chance. Five men are destined to become my guards and join my harem.

With lavender eyes that seem to stare straight to my soul, Davin intrigued me from the moment we first met. Part of me wonders if he is supposed to be mine.

The High Mage says I’ll recognize my guards by touch. I’ve already found two, but there are still three more.

The prophecy says that one of them is destined to betray me. And as I find myself growing closer to Davin, I cannot silence the lingering doubt that he could be the one.

Can I trust him with both my life and my heart?

Protected By The Spider’s Web is the third book in Cosmic Guardians, a sci-fi-fantasy superhero series where the heroine has to find her destined guards… and fall in love with them before time runs out! This is the third book in a medium burn series that’s meant to be read in order.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

The sacrificial lamb for her stepfather’s sins.
She foolishly traded her life for his.

One look at her and we knew she didn’t belong.
Beautiful. Innocent. Good.
Everything a world like ours would devour.

If we were better men, we’d let her go.
But my brothers and I are sinful bastards,
And she may be the closest thing to heaven we’ll ever get to taste.

We’ll dominate, manipulate, and make use of our little toy…
Until she inevitably breaks, as most porcelain dolls do.

Once we’re through with her, our good girl won’t just be broken…
She’ll be utterly destroyed.

Fear The Reapers is a Standalone Dark Mafia Romance where our heroine will end up with multiple love interest.
Trigger Warning: This book features graphic violence, past traumas, dark romance, and dangerously possessive men. The Reapers are anti-heroes through and through, if you’re expecting them to be knights in shining armor, well then this story is not for you.

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I was not their intended target.

But still, I’m the one left dealing with the consequences.

I was already an outcast before that fateful night at the bar—the night a rejected Alpha sank his teeth into my neck and set the course of my fate straight towards hell itself.

Because now only one of two things will happen.

Either I’ll become a monster like them, a beast of the night that can shift into a giant, murderous wolf.

Or I’m going to die.

I don’t know which fate is worse.

By the time the next full moon rises, my old life is as good as dead…if the mistakes of my new pack don’t catch up to them and kill us all first.

Alpha Rejected is the first book in a reverse harem romance trilogy full of rejected mates, surprising Alphas, and medium-to-fast-burn steam.

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When the plans Val, Mack, Coop, and Buddy had for their college orientation scavenger hunt goes wrong, the Museum of Magic and Wonder seemed like a good place to go. Unfortunately, the Museum has different plans for them.

Follow the team as they figure out what game they’ve been pulled into and if they can make it out.

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There’s nothing more tempting than doing something that you really shouldn’t.
I am Blue, the girl with the knife tattoo.

My generation were born long after the ancient world crumbled and fell.
Moon, my best friend and I, hunt for objects from the ancient world, things that we trade. We are always on the move, never staying in one place too long, and trying to stay away from the war zones as much as possible.
Demons and humans fight each other instead of standing up against the Old Gods who returned after the death of the Ancients. Moon is a Demon, but she’s like a sister to me, her coven rejected her because she’s a self-proclaimed vegetarian, refusing to consume human flesh.
The ruins of ancient cities are off limits because legend says they hide the entrance to the Underworld, to Hades’ realm and they are patrolled by Hellhounds, deadly werewolf shifters. After finding a mysterious object we were attacked on the road and the bastards kidnapped Moon.
I took up the hunt and it led me into the heart of a ruined city called Don and to the three Hellhounds’ protecting it, Aris, Damon and Nero. Aris, the eldest is handsome and always ready for a fight. Damon is strong, gorgeous and mute. His eyes tell stories I want to know. Nero is the youngest and so much like me, ready to push boundaries.
Will these three handsome brothers help me find Moon? Do they really know where the entrance to Hades’ realm is? Why are they living in this place, isolated from the world? Does Hades have power over them or are they willingly protecting him?

Get ready for a wonderful adventure. This is a slow burn reverse harem why choose story suited for mature readers. There are no explicit scenes in the first book, just heat building up between the girl with the knife tattoo and the three brothers.

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Zane, Daniel, and Blaze – My Protectors.
The men I must fall in love with to save the worl…wait, what?

Imagine my excitement when I find out there’s more to my dreary life and that I’m powerful beyond my wildest belief. 
In fact, I’m apparently the key to kicking Venom’s ass.
But then I learn that I’ll only be able to reach my full potential once I fall in with all my protectors. 
Basically, my destiny is that I get to end up with three sizzling hot guys. It almost sounds to good to be true, right?

Here’s the problem:
– Zane is a sweetheart but has a bit of an addiction problem.
– Daniel is hot as sin but also a self-obsessed narcissist.
– Blaze hates the world and everyone in it.
Let me not even get started on my shit.

In a nutshell, my powers are dependent on four broken people that should probably never be together.
Yeah, I don’t see that happening…

*Princess Taken is a medium burn paranormal RH romance with Fae, Wolves, Demons, Witches and Vampires. There are a few angsty moments, lots of witty comebacks, and big steamy build ups within the harem. Warning: This book contains MM scenes, and references to abuse and addiction, which may trigger some readers. Heat levels also increase over the course of the series.*

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One protector. Five kings. And one destiny non of them could get away from.

This collection contains all three books in the Full-Blood series: Protector, Saviour, and Queen.
If you like magic, witches, and a badass woman who doesn’t stop to save those she loves, then this is the series you want to pick up and read!

Description from Protector:

I have a Secret, and I’m going to tell you.
I’m the last Full-blood Witch.
I’m the last Savill Royal.
I’m the heir to a throne four kings rule the world from.
I told my secret twice now, to you and my best friend.
Now it is time to keep that secret again.
Because if they knew I was still alive, it would mean losing my freedom.
Maybe even my life.

Only for me to end up in the wrong place.
Their place.

The Full-Blood Series contains one woman ending up with multiple males, this means there will be scenes with M/M.

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This is the fate I must avoid. I refuse to be a pawn.

I’ve been captured by Viktor Castella, the president of shifter territory, held in his mansion with my sexy rival Waylon. According to Viktor, it’s my fate to have three consorts…and Waylon is one of them. Is that why I can’t stop thinking about him? And more than that, it’s my fate to save the world with my power to kill.

They both want me to train while I’m kept safe and secluded, but I’ve always hated feeling trapped–and the only one I want to save is the wolf shifter I love. Ian came home from university to rescue me and now he’s the one who needs rescuing…or so I thought.


I came home to save Frankie. I’d do anything for her. But when I’m captured and sold into the underground wolf fighting scene, I wonder if the best thing I can do for Frankie is to learn how to fight for her…only it turns out that the fighting ring is the least of the dangers we’ll face.

SHADOW is a reverse harem romance, the second book in an epic and steamy series that brings three shifter queens and their consorts together to save their world!

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I had no idea how much I wanted to take Purgatory’s throne and rule Hell with the Seven Sinners. Too bad the most notorious devil would prefer to rule alone.

If only that was the worst of it. My soulmate’s health declines, and I must kill him to guide his soul to Hell and help him take his throne. How can I murder the one who is responsible for my angel-kissed soul? I don’t have a choice, though. If I fail to do it, Hell will never rise, and someone needs to put Lucian in his place before he destroys everything. Kase, Dante, Micah, and Andre claim it needs to be me. I guess if I can break some angels, a devil shouldn’t be a problem, right? At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

As my tasks change and I have to rearrange my priorities, I need to find out what’s worth fighting for in life and if in the end, I can handle whatever Heaven and Hell throw at me. If I don’t, my soul will never belong to me again.

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My men are trapped in the underworld and all I’ve got is a pair of ice skates and a letter.

Hi! I’m Peppermint.

Yes, my Mom did name me after her favorite candy flavor. She was young, a single mom, and there wasn’t anyone to guide her. I shouldn’t blame her . . .

And I’m a cardinal shifer.

No, I don’t turn into a priest. Cardinal is a red bird native to North and South America. Not as cool as a chameleons shifter or anything, but it wouldn’t be bad . .

Except I have a special power unique to cardinals.

I’m a messenger to the afterlife, and I just received the strangest message. Three huge, hunky Vikings are trapped in the underworld—ALIVE—and I’m the only one who can hear their S.O.S. and save them from another 1000 years of captivity.

If only I knew how . . .

Peppermint is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

Scroll up to read this quirky, steamy romance today.

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What’s a girl to do with a little vampire blood in her system?
I’ll tell you.
Take out the big bad evil.

I have more power and control than I thought was possible.
So why doesn’t my pack let me take care of the danger?
They want me to enlist the help of the ancestors.
With a bond as strong as ours, I know they are only trying to keep me safe.
Turns out, their plan was worse than mine.
In order to defeat Ophelia, the witches in the quarter fill me in on how this works.
I’m going to have to give up something precious.
My blood.

Everything is at stake while Ophelia and Otto grow stronger.
There’s no more time to argue with the pack.
There is no Plan B.
I’m not scared of fae realms or the ancestors. Not even mythical magical stones.
What terrifies me is losing the only loves I’ve ever had.
I’m willing to do anything–for them.
Even if there is a chance I won’t wake up.

Shifting Blood is the third book in the Crescent City Witch series, a reverse harem paranormal romance. If you love a badass heroine, hot alpha wolf shifters, and mystery and action, then this series is for you!

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I’ve spent the last eight years focused on one thing, and one thing only. Revenge.
I’ve kept people at a distance. Didn’t let anyone under my skin.
I had my rules and they worked well.
Until they didn’t.
Four men worked their way in without me even noticing.

I thought I was shattered. Broken beyond repair.
I thought there was nothing left to break.
I thought I could do this on my own.
I was wrong.
Four men showed me just how much further I had to fall.

I can’t abandon all that I’ve fought for.
I can’t give up my revenge.
I can’t let the sins against me go unpunished.
I couldn’t choose them.
Four men showed me just how ruined I was.

A vital missing piece of who I am.
A heartless coward, running scared.
A violent storm that vanished as quickly as she crashed into my life.
A ray of hope that was snatched away.
A pretty broken little thing.
One woman who ties the rest of us together.

I’m not the only thing shattered anymore. Everything is.
And this time, I don’t know how to fit the pieces back together.

Deadly Chaos is the second book in the contemporary new adult series, Steel Roses. If you have not read Shattered Chaos, please put this one down and go pick that one up. This story will not make sense without having read the first one. It is a reverse harem, meaning the female protagonist has three or more love interests and will not be forced to choose.

Trigger Warnings: This book contains content that may be triggering for some, including violence, assault, sexual abuse, mentions of the abuse of children and/or minors, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

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Samhain is the end of Summer, the celebration of harvest—this year, my people are starving.

I’m already failing as a Princess. Famine plagues my realm, but you wouldn’t know it by the food piled high on the royal dining table. Ares tells me it gets worse every year. Even Matthew and Cristian’s faces are drawn and gaunt.

I risk everything to use my power, my evil fire, to help. The High Priestess catches me, and though I escape, her word against mine, her own suspicion bleeds through to the rest of the Coven. They won’t forget this.

As the people grow angry and restless, we face another threat. My grandmother’s health fails, and with it, her magic within the boundary. Knights of the Underworld will soon be upon on us.

In a desperate attempt to save my home, I convince my parents to ration the food that remains as we leave for the Tree of Life, far beyond our realm. We can’t battle Knights without weapons forged from the sacred wood from the Tree. Ares, Cristian and Matthew travel with me, and I can only hope they won’t get each other killed, and that we’ll make it back in time to save our people.

The Secrets Shadows Keep is the second instalment in this upper YA/NA series of witchy Underworld books. The main characters are eighteen and older, and this is a slow burn RH.

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Magic mirror in my hand, who’s the purest in all the land?

I never thought I’d say this, but the answer just might be me…
I’m a Nephilim, chosen by the gods to help rid the world of abuse and exploitation. Yeah, a hell of a lot of weight to carry, I know.

Thankfully, I don’t need to shoulder the burden alone. The gods gave me two very hot sex angel lords as destined mates to help release my powers. Trouble is, there’s no sign of them yet, so I’m in for a lot more, um, training.

But I have deadlines to meet at my day job, go figure. And I still have to deal with Cyrus Stone who’s stalking me through our little community’s steamier parties and setting traps to separate me from my guys.

Do the troubles never end?

Seems not. Because to top it all off, there’s another brother who’s now in charge of my security. Cassiel. And he’s more than a little pissed that I have a divine angelic mating bond with his brothers. He’s convinced I’m the demon woman from hell, but maybe we can get past that little issue.

Maybe. At least for now we’ve agreed to call a truce because he’s got some extra special role plays in store for me. Let the games begin…

GUILT is book 4 of this dangerously delicious fairy tale brought to life where the stakes are literally life and death, and the love is so deep, it’s eternal. You’ll want to read books 1 – 3 in the Afterlife world before this story. Definitely intended for readers eighteen years and older.

Link to book 4

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On the brink of losing her position as a maid and with no prospects to go on, the offer of a place at Rooksgrave Manor—a house of ill and unusual repute—sounds like a perfect fit for a young woman with Esther’s inclinations. Even better, the invitation comes by the hand of the handsome Dr. Underwood, a delicate gentleman with a ferocious alter ego who knows exactly what he wants from Esther.

Upon arrival, the men and the daily decadence of the manor feel too good to be true for a girl of Esther’s station. There are rules to be followed, expectations to meet, and Esther is afraid she might be too wicked even for a place like Rooksgrave.

Temptations lurk around every shadowy corner and Esther has never been a girl able to resist. But the risk of disappointing her new gentlemen isn’t all that’s threatening Esther’s new position. Rooksgrave Manor’s protections for its unusual patrons are failing, the wards are crumbling, and Esther’s new and exquisitely pleasurable life may all come tumbling down.

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With one kiss I can see when, where and how you will die.

Some would call it a gift. But not me.

My death kiss is a curse that has branded me a witch, with no human rights, and has turned me into the most wanted girl on earth.

Why? Because in a world where a vicious movement of sadistic killers are murdering random people to stop overpopulation, my kiss holds the power for salvation.

And makes me a prime target for abduction.

Which is where I am now. Captured by three brothers, burning with grief after witnessing my parents’ murder, and tormented with fear of what is yet to come…

For something doesn’t add up.

I’m trapped inside a deadly game of kiss and tell, but I know there’s a darker agenda at play.

What it is? I just hope I can live to find out.

Death Kiss is an adult, dark fantasy, romance novel which draws you into a world of magic, deception, seductive twists, and desire.

**Author Note **

This book is intended for readers 18+ as it features dark themes that may be upsetting or triggering for some readers.

Labeled as Rh

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No one has ever heard of a female alpha… until me.

Now I’m on a journey to see some Oracle I didn’t know existed, accompanied by the four most eligible males in the clan—go figure, they’re the other clan alphas.

The trip gives me an opportunity to learn more about the strangers who wish to claim me as their mate: brooding Rowan, serene Taika, jovial Stig, and flirtatious Mateo all appeal to me, and my wolf, in different ways.

And right now they’re all seriously pissing me off.

As they each try and fail to dominate me, the only person who remains on my side is my best friend and former lover, Emory.

But as the trip wears on, I begin to suspect even Emory’s keeping secrets.

Plus, lest I forget, there are still the blood-drinking monsters that dog our steps and leave a few nasty surprises along our journey.

I can only hope that the Oracle has a solution that works for all of us.

Otherwise, all five clan alphas are as good as wraith-meat.

Pack Claimed is the second book in The Alpha Queen Legacy, featuring a badass heroine, a dark fantasy world, and loads of sexy wolf shifters. Be warned: This is a slow burn, reverse harem romance. Once you pick this story up, you won’t be able to stop devouring it until the very last page.

Anticipated Release Dates:
Pack Claimed – March 2021
Queen Crowned – May 2021
Legacy Fulfilled – July 2021

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Blinding rage. Debilitating grief. Insatiable vengeance.

A transformation has taken hold of my body, my soul, the very center of who I am as a witch. I’ve loved and I’ve lost but I refuse to accept that this is the way it ends.

When a prophecy changes and my life amplifies to a new level of chaos, I’ll have to learn to harness my new magic and lean on those around me.

Between the power boosts and a new diabolical villain, I’ll need every single one of my mates at my side in order to have my revenge…

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Jail is the last place I thought I’d end up. Yet here I am.

Now my only goal is to get out of this filthy place full of degenerates and track down the actual killer.

With rage fueling my every move and my friends, Kenny, James, and his twin brother Josh by my side. I know I’ll find Prince, the dark fae, and get my life back.

This is.. if all go as planned. If not, I might never get to live the life of a teenage girl and I’ll definitely never attend another party.

Find Prince and don’t fall in love with him. How hard could that be. How hard could that be?

I’m about to find out.

Scroll up and take ONE CLICK to start this magical journey.

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I grew up human…

But I am fae. A little fact my parents failed to mention the entire time I was growing up. Then when it was time to apply to college, when all my friends were taking the SAT, I was informed that would not be necessary. I was a legacy to the Sciathian Academy, a private college so exclusive, I would find it in none of the brochures in my high school counselor’s office. No need to fill out an application or take the SAT. They apparently had their own tests… No financial aid forms because the families who sent their children there had funded the school with a legacy a long time ago. No need to do anything but show up and settle into my dorm.

Pretty sweet. Also a little concerning

Especially when the private jet lands at an isolated airfield and I am ushered into a long, black car along with three other girls who all seem to have known one another since kindergarten and who are chattering away in another language. Gaelic, I think. And since I’d just left behind everyone and everything I knew, this did not bode well for the future. If everyone spoke this language, how would I even attend classes? Or pass a test?

As if Fae Academy wasn’t hard enough, there are three guys that all want to date me.

Wait, do fairies date? I think they have soul mates or something. Heck, I don’t even know what my powers are yet. I was never in the spotlight in high school, so why in the world am I the shining light here?

Just when I decided to buckle down and study to be the best fairy I can, the whole world breaks open. For some reason the headmaster thinks I am the one who can intervene. I can’t even move a pebble or conjure up a rain cloud and they want me to save us?

Dream on.

I’m not the Fae for the job.

Veiled Wings is the first book in a paranormal reverse harem academy series featuring a kickass fairy heroine raised as an ordinary human, three handsome exciting fairy heroes, and all the others at the Sciathain Academy, a school generations of fairies attend to learn all they need to know on both sides of the veil. It is a why choose fairy romance with a slow-burn buildup. Relationships develop over the course of this paranormal series, and as always, Mazy guarantees an HEA

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I always held hope that the day I left the compound would be the day I found freedom.

I was wrong.

My future had never really belonged to me. My father laid claim to it the day I was born, and I had been a stupid, naïve girl to wish for anything different.

As the heir to my father’s immense empire, my crown sits heavily on my head as I navigate my way through dealings with the criminal world while trying to stay alive.

Unfortunately for me, my crown and my hands are forced to get dirty along the way. Thankfully, I’m not expected to do it alone. Roarke, my deadly bodyguard who’s been by my side since I was six, is my shadow and always will be. I also now have Alessio, the cold, tattooed hottie, Roman, who conceals everything with fakeness that comes far too easily for him, and the alluring but sweet brothers, Tito and Enzo.

When bullets start flying, and people begin dying, my five guys not only stand behind me as the queen of their empire, but they also prove they have every right to be there by getting their hands just as dirty as my own.

Dirty Crown is a full-length, standalone reverse harem novel. This book is recommended for readers 18+. It contains sexual situations, swearing, violence, and some dark themes. It also contains MM as well as MFM.

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The fates hadn’t always been kind to Sunshine…

Abandoned as a baby with nothing more than a blanket and a name
Katia ‘Sunshine’ Jones knows what it feels like to be alone.
With her childhood spent navigating the foster system,
She finally finds a home in the arms of a boy who becomes her entire world.
But six years later, a devastating tragedy rips her fairy tale to shreds,
And plunges Sunshine’s life into darkness.
Falling in love had been easy.
But trying to live without him is like trying to breathe without air.
Until they walk into her life and change everything,
Now the woman who clawed her way out of the dark
Might just get a second chance at finding her happily ever after
But with a war heading for Carnage

It seems fate hasn’t finished with her yet…

Please be advised that this book may cause shallow breathing, exploding ovaries, and spontaneous disintegration of panties. As a result, all readers should be over the age of 18 and refrain from reading in public places.

Trigger warning: This book contains swearing, violence, and scenes that some readers may find uncomfortable. As with the previous books in the series, Sunshine ends up with more than one love interest, but you’ll have to read The Crown of Fools to find out who they’ll be because I’m sneaky like that.

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When the love of my life rejects me, I’m desperate to escape the wilds. Even if it means fleeing to the human cities.

Shifters grow up hearing horror stories of how humans treat us as nothing more than easy sport; beasts to taunt and kill. It’s a truth passed down through generations, and we’re taught to stay away, to keep to our kind.

But if being rejected by my mate has taught me anything, it’s that people lie, and I need to discover the truth of the world for myself.

When I catch the eye of two shifters, I gain a couple of sexy, though unwanted, stalkers. They follow me to the cities where nothing goes as planned, and I end up in a horror story of my own until a stranger comes to my rescue.

All of this is more than I bargained for, and three men?

Hello, complicated.

I may have lost my pack, but maybe I had to be a lone wolf to realize I have the power to build my own.

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My parents gave me a camera when I was a child, because I persisted in believing in faeries. Perhaps if I started seeing the world through the clinical lens, I’d see things the way they really are.
But I did see truly. I just lost confidence in that.
Then they came: The Changelings. One part glittering bad boys, the other world renown band and they have their sights on one thing: me.
But why? What the hell is so special about me?
I’m about to find out the truth is so much bigger than anything I’ve dreamed or feared and it’s going the shake the world to its very foundations.

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My kingdom is at war and my mates scattered across the realm. Will any of us survive?

My Roya Tripsett—the three deadly and totally irresistible princes of our Kingdom, Rex my Wolveskin King, and Jix my forever love are scattered across the realm. There is war and we still don’t know if Prince Leo will be an ally or our greatest enemy. When an assassin come for me I must kill the person I believed to be a friend and flee to the realm of the Fae and the Ice King.

Straight into the clutches of our greatest enemy. 

The Fae have never been friends of Wolveskins or humans but I must rely on them to save my family. When our enemy comes for us I discover not just the story of my mother but of my sister too. Will all the losses kill me or make me stronger? I’m linked to the vicious Elliterati race and I must fight to save all beings in the realm.

Follow Meela as she fights for her life and the lives of all those that she loves. Forbidden Queen is book 5 and the FINAL book in this exciting slow burn Reverse Harem series.

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The Grove. The Intruders. The Anointed.

My true name is Xi’an—Creator, sister of Xi’tan and Xi’li, and the protector and embodiment of Beauty. I’ve lived thousands of times, each existence ending in a war that destroyed the entire universe. This has been, by far, the worst lifetime…and it just keeps getting worse.

I was just fine, living out my days in a little grove of my own making. There, I could avoid messy interactions with people and bide my time until the next war came. I had everything I needed, even a friend. Sounds nice, right?

Well, it was until three intruders showed up, claiming they were merely doing their jobs. The job? To destroy my home because some lunatic calling himself The Anointed decided it. Ridiculous name, I know, but the threat he poses can’t be ignored. This is the reason we aren’t supposed to pull away from the civilizations on our planets, and my little rule-bending stunt has come back to bite me in my rear.

Now, I’m stuck righting my wrongs, which means traveling to the city and finding a way to put a stop to the insanity that will destroy my planet. Shouldn’t take too long, then I can return home and wait for the signs of the real war. Except, I’m beginning to think that the embodiment of Chaos must have died a true death, and it attached itself to me. The Anointed is in hiding, I’m starting to actually like these three men, and I seem to piss everyone off. Ah, well, I suppose there’s a beauty in chaos, so I might as well enjoy it.

Piercing Light is the first in a reverse harem fantasy series that is connected to the universe of The Anomaly series. While you do not need to read The Anomaly series first to understand this story, it is best if this is read after reading The Anomaly series to avoid major spoilers for The Anomaly series. The Unruly series will focus on Xi’an, Everly/Xi’li’s sister. Our heroine will not pick between her men, and this book does contain mature themes. It is not recommended for those under the age of 18.

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Being a dark fae isn’t exactly something you go around telling people. Not unless you want your life destroyed. But when you talk to ghosts and have deadly powers, it’s kind of hard to hide the truth.

Even though I try.

No, I don’t go around smiling and farting rainbows like the light fae, but I do keep this secret close to my heart. Because all my life I was pretty sure the only thing that could rock my world was if anyone found out what I am.

Until my brother is murdered.

My brother. My best friend. They say it was a stupid accident. But I don’t believe it. I want to burn the whole world down, and say to hell with this secret and let the dark fae within me roar in vengeance.

And I will. You bet I will. But first… first I have to do the hardest thing I’ve ever imagined. I have to go to a school with a bunch of jerk light fae and secretly figure out who is responsible for my brother’s murder.

No, it’s not going to be easy. Especially not when my brother’s three best friends become my new roommates. I’ve cared for them all my life. But right now? Everyone is a suspect, including them. No matter how much they might tempt my dark heart to soften. Because if there’s one thing a dark fae isn’t known for, it’s our soft hearts.

But revenge? Yeah, that’s right up my alley…

DARK FAE QUEEN is the complete collection of steamy paranormal reverse harem romances in the Royal Fae Academy series. It includes a mystery, spooky fun, fated mates, fae like you’ve never seen them before, and a kickass heroine who will stop at nothing to learn the truth. So grab your copy now to dive into this exciting new adventure!

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

They were right. The stronger our bonds grow; the closer evil gets.

I’ve fallen for a charming Fae, protective Warlock, and a tempting Demon, all with sculpted bodies made for sin.
Our bonds are only the beginning.
To break the curse that obstructs all magic, I’m meant to connect – heart, body, and soul – with a brooding vampire who refuses to accept our destiny.
The vampire’s internal struggle leads him into a deadly snare, a trap meant to lure me. Despite Phoenix’s arrogance and our terrible first encounter, there’s a deeper connection I can’t deny. A craving neither of us can resist.
Saving him is the only option, but am I walking all of us into a fatal mistake?

The Cursed Trilogy is a reverse harem paranormal romance series and includes:

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Some secrets refuse to stay buried… it’s time for Retribution.

Raven hasn’t had it easy; her life has been a whirlwind of clusterfucks and disasters, but the latest has left her reeling. She’s faced with a tough decision: crumble and break, or rebuild and come back fighting harder than ever.

With the help of the guys she loves picking her up and supporting her every step of the way, she chooses the second option. But as secrets and lies are revealed, even with fierce love on their side, it might not be enough to help Raven in the fight of her life.

Can a secret that refuses to stay buried be the key to serving up the ultimate retribution to Cordelia and finding Raven’s happiness once and for all? Or is this a secret too far – something there’s no coming back from that will threaten to tear them all apart for good?

Retribution is a contemporary New Adult reverse harem revenge romance, with some dark themes. It is told from multiple points of view and is a medium burn with a HFN/HEA. It contains hot guys, bad language, and sexual scenes. I would love for you to read this book, but please be aware that it comes with triggers, a warning of 18+, and you really need to have read Vengeance and Atonement first, as this is the final book in the trilogy.

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Tori’s whole world has been turned upside down. Her life had been perfect. A powerful witch with unusual powers, she didn’t fit in with the prissy local covens, but that suited her to a T. In fact, she preferred it that way so it could be just her and her werewolf best friend, Ari.

Then she died. A single bullet to the forehead.

Except she didn’t stay dead.

Turns out her unusual powers weren’t thanks to her witch heritage after all.

Reborn as part demon, Tori has to learn to live life as someone, something, completely different. Without her old magic, she wants to drink, party and explore her new life, and forget the things that are now out of her reach.

Except her past isn’t willing to let go of her that easily. Not to mention the three bear shifters that won’t leave her alone, claiming she’s their fated mate.

The witch part of her might be dead, but Tori’s determined to prove that Demons Do it Better.

This book is intended for audiences 18+ and is a reverse harem story. There are some scenes that some readers might find triggering.

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It’s the 9th inning stretch. All bets on the line. Time to kill the Antichrist.

Asher is kind of a dick. I like Aeron, Leif, and Dice so much better. But I can’t focus on that right now. We have a mission. Stopping the end of the world. We have a date in Mexico at a little beachside estate when this is all over. I intend to make it. I’ve been experimented on, chased by Rage Heads, and don’t even get me started on the gang members.

We’re in Washington D.C. I’ve got four angels and a baby blue baseball bat named Smurfette. We’re out numbered and outgunned by my father’s army of extra Bubbas.

I still think we can do this

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What’s a bride to do when her groom doesn’t show up for the wedding?
Run away to Cricket, that’s what!

My groom abandoned me.
I had a choice to make.
Return home with my overbearing, but ridiculously rich parents…
Or run away to Cricket with my bubbly, always positive cousin, Connie.

Little did I know that Cricket isn’t the type of place to hide.
It’s the type of place where magic happens.

As soon as I arrive, I meet Giorgio.
A brilliant clockmaker, with a velvety voice, arms that could carry me for miles, and a hard body that’s swoon worthy.

And Callum, who works with stained glass and is blessed with a smile that could melt steel.
He’s tall and lean with the right amount of cocky that draws me to him like a magnet.

Max, who likes to work with his hands, is hot-as-sin, totally ripped and deliciously confident.
Just being around him heals my jilted wounds and makes me glad my would-be groom did his worst.

Meeting these three uncensored and hotter-than-hot men puts me on a path I never dreamed possible. My heart is in need of repair. And it just might take all three of these delectable craftsmen to do the job right.

A Little Jilted is a sizzling, small-town reverse harem romance. It’s rich with sexy single and multiple partner scenes all done with a touch of humor that just might melt your Kindle. It can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed… Thanks for reading!

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

I was a lone wolf, now I have three mates. Somehow I know fate isn’t done with me yet…

My life is a shadow of what it once was. I barely even have a toothbrush to call my own, and yet I wouldn’t change anything. The bonds with my mates are growing stronger every day…and so am I.

Now we’re on a mission to hunt down the oracle and finally get some answers. There’s only one thing that stands in the way and that’s the Shadow Forest. The wolves within are hostile to outsiders. We need to avoid them, but something tells me our journey through the forest won’t be uneventful.

Can the hunted also be the hunter?

If you love the mystery of JR Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood and the magic of Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy, then you’ll love House of Wolves and Magic!

One click Her Shadowed Wolves today and get swept away by this reverse harem urban fantasy romance adventure!

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One man, one woman, that’s how wolf shifter’s find their mates and mine is supposed to be the next alpha of our town. But when I kiss Mason on my eighteenth birthday, he rejects me politely, but firmly.
So I leave town, not giving a damn about the succession, determined to make it as a lone wolf.
And I do. I’m strong, capable, able to take down almost any wolf shifter I go against, when I get the call. Dad’s in hospital and I need to come back, to care for him and determine his successor before outright war breaks out.
So why do I feel like a little girl all over again?
I’m right back where I started, being expected to find my true mate, but what if instead of one, there’s several? I know I need to choose, and my heart has: all of them.

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First, my father is killed in front of me.
Then a stranger walks in and marries me.

I am not given a choice.
I am taken by Angelo Vitali.
I am made his bride.
And I am taken from my ancestral home to his.

But the house of Vitali is not empty.
Angelo has two lovers already.
Mark is an exiled FBI agent battling a host of demons.
Bobby is a dangerous psychopath who wants me dead.
They both love Angelo as much as they hate him.

I am caught in the middle of an intense love triangle in which each of these men has his own use for me. In their eyes I become a virgin bride to be defiled, a pawn to be sacrificed, a hostage to be taken, a toy to be broken…

There’s three of them.
And just one of me.

How am I going to survive?

Broken Bride features some characters from previous MM books which can be found in the Broke and Bound Box Set, but the heroine has never been seen before, and the book is intended to be read as a standalone. It contains M/F M/M and MMMF interactions.

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Love Hard is the explosive final book in the Black Rose Kisses series.

Note: The blurb below contains spoilers, so I’d highly recommend not reading it until you’ve finished reading the first three books. If you haven’t started the series yet, begin with Fight Dirty. Got it? Great!

With a single bullet, my heart shattered.

With a single bullet, the Jackals destroyed any chance at peace.

Because it’s not just about the war between two gangs anymore. When Hugh came after the people I love, he made it personal. I don’t care if Gavin still hates me, and I don’t give a shit if I’m disobeying his marching orders.

I’m going to end this.

Sloan, Levi… Rory.

I never thought I would fall for the men I tried so hard to hate.

But I did.

I love them in a way that’s not rational or sane. It’s hard, brutal, and fierce. It’s everything. And if I have to burn all of Fairview Heights down to protect them…

Give me a fucking match.

This is book four of four in the Black Rose Kisses series. It’s a reverse harem new adult enemies-to-lovers/bully romance that includes high steam, violence, and foul language.

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Anarchy is the SECOND in a new Shadow Grove series. Several characters cross over to the Madison Kate series but it is not necessary to read MK’s story first. HADES is a contemporary new adult reverse harem series, which means the leading lady has several love interests and never has to choose in order to find her HEA.


Five years ago, I made a choice that I haven’t regretted a day since. I protected the single most important person in my world, my little sister. I protected myself, and I seized control of the Tri-state Timberwolves.

Since then, I’ve wielded that power with an iron fist. Done whatever it took to take care of my people. Kept us out of the public eye, and kept us safe.

Now a ghost from my past is threatening my position. Challenging me. Peddling their poison and breaking my rules. Stabbing at me in the dark.

Blowing up my fucking club.

But this last attack has taken it one step too far. They have no idea the lengths I’ll go to protect what is mine. And Lucas? He’s mine.

They want anarchy? They haven’t seen anything yet.


Anarchy is book TWO of FOUR in the Hades series.

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Some people say that life won’t give you more than you can handle…but those people are liars.

My life has never been easy. I’ve had my fair share of pain—every moment is a fight to survive. With my brother on his deathbed, it’s up to me to provide and protect what’s left of my broken family. I do things I never thought I’d be capable of, becoming a person so hardened to the world that when I look in the mirror, all I see is a stranger.

When a twist of fate lands me at rock bottom, I make the ultimate decision and give away the only thing I have left—my freedom.

I belong to them now… The Beast. The Brains. The Bastard.

The Dixen’s have their secrets but they aren’t the only ones hiding something. When the truth finally emerges, our worlds will collide in a potent mixture of sex, drugs, and bloodshed. Either we will fall under the weight of our deception or it will make us untouchable—bound irrevocably to each other.

Sometimes you have to trust the gangsters. Sometimes it takes a gun to stay alive.

And sometimes, it takes both.

Gangsters and Guns is a dark, contemporary, standalone novel. There are explicit scenes and dark themes such as drug abuse that might be triggering for some. If such material triggers or offends you, please do not read this book

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She can’t live in two worlds, or she’ll die in both.

When Zoe finds herself the target of a vicious attack, the three men who rescue her know there’s only one way for her to survive. They must take her to a hidden realm where men growl and fur flies.

But when she awakens and three gorgeous men tell her that magic is real and everything she has ever known is a lie, her ordinary world is turned upside down.

Grayson, Alex, and Cody scent her and immediately know she’s a wolf shifter. One brimming with untapped power. One destined to be their mate.

But her wolf won’t come. It has been forced to stay silent for far too long.

It doesn’t help that she doesn’t know how she ended up in the human realm in the first place.

Can Zoe start a new forever with a blank slate in a new world she doesn’t fully belong to?

Or will the past she can’t remember come back to haunt her with a vengeance?

Their only hope lies in the power of the forgotten, the forbidden, and in each other.

Fallen Moon is book one of the Wolves of Thunder Cove Series. Each book features a heroine that doesn’t have to choose. One woman and three protective shifters, medium burn, reverse harem romance. Mature readers only.

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Hades and Persephone.
Everyone knows the story.

How he met her and immediately fell in love.
How because of that tiny pomegranate seed she spent half of the seasons in the Underworld, and the rest here on Earth.

No one mentions the part of the story where she left him.
No one mentions that she shattered his heart.
And no one ever mentions that Hades was cursed after that.

I’ve just found out that I’m the next girl to be offered to him in an effort to break the curse.

The goal is supposed to be simple.
Fall in love with Hades.

The Fates just never considered he might not love me back.

A Hades Retelling like nothing you’ve read before….

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I didn’t sign up for this.

Everything is a mess. My guys still haven’t made up which makes our situation very difficult to navigate. What’s worse, the tour starts in a few weeks so I’m going to have to get used to life without them for a while. But not before Matt’s wife Candace comes to town and makes things awkward. And then there’s Taz, who still has it out for me.

It’s too much.

But one thing hasn’t changed: my feelings for my guys. Actually, that’s not exactly true. My feelings for Matt have definitely changed…but that’s another story. I truly love them all and they love me, but I’m beginning to feel the pressure. Once the tour ends and life is normal again, I’m going to have to make a decision.

Happily ever after never comes easy, and before I made my decision, the path to happy took a few detours that I never saw coming.

I loved, I lost, I learned, and then I made the right choice for me.

***This is book 2, the final book in the Crave Series. Guaranteed HEA.

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I let the bullies of Ridgecrest almost ruin my life last term.

I don’t plan to let that happen again.

Now I have a secret, and I have a plan to use it.

Just like I’m using my own revealed secret against them. They accused me of being this…and so, this is what I am. If I embrace it, then they can’t use it against me.

But my newfound reputation isn’t enough to protect me. Not, at the very least, from my future here at Ridgecrest. I need something more.

I know exactly what it is, and where to start.

And it starts with revenge.

I just hope I don’t end up going too far.

Her Spite is a full-length reverse harem bully romance with multiple love interests. It’s the second book in The Forgotten Elites trilogy, a contemporary enemies-to-lovers series where the main character has no intent to choose between the boys she loves to hate.

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Crescent Moon Academy may sound like a magical place, but it’s anything but. In fact, if you’re not on your toes, you might find yourself very dead. Because in this academy killing is encouraged and the more clever you are gets you extra credit.

Killing is no problem for me or my brother. In fact, we rather enjoy it, but what happens when the gorgeous heirs from the other founding families decide despite my family name, I’m more suited to be their prey? And then there’s this war I had no intention of fighting in, but fate did not bother to ask my opinion before tossing me in headfirst.

Light, dark; whatever you practice, you better be damn good at it because there’s always someone in the shadows waiting to prove they are better and there’s no such thing as too far when proving you are the best.

Book has strong language and descriptive death scenes

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As with most beginnings, it started with death.

When I had nothing left to lose, I traveled to the hut in the woods; the one no one dared approach. The witch who lived there recognized the darkness in my soul and took me under her wing—to witness her reign of terror firsthand and eventually, to inherit her legacy as my own.

Now I’m the monster they fear; the one humans avoid at all costs. In this welcome isolation, I’ve attempted to forget my past and the future that was taken from me.

Until three men appear, somehow able to break through my protective wards and see me in my true form. While resistant to their intrusion, I recognize they may be the ones I’ve been waiting for—the ones I need to ascend to my full power.

Too bad I would rather grind their bones than invite them in.

But something is mysteriously devouring the forest, and I suspect the threat may be the same one I barely escaped many moons ago. If it is, he will find me a more worthy opponent than the last time we met.

I am the Yaga and I may be broken, but my edges are sharp.

The Yaga’s Riders is based on the folklore of Baba Yaga, with creative liberties taken.

The Rise of the Witch is the first book in a steamy, paranormal romance saga featuring alphaholes, mysterious forces in magical woods, and a slightly frightening heroine who never has to choose just one man.

Multiple POV

This series is meant for readers 18 and over.
Beware: Cliffy’s ahead!

Possible triggers:
Sweary dialogue
Graphic sex, including kink and various edgeplay
Gore and violence
Reference to past sexual assault
Pregnancy loss
General weirdness and medium-dark elements

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There’s no love in a world of witches and war.

Riona Dark’s plan to escape The Onyx, and the vampire she left behind there, all went up in smoke the moment the witches revealed their true intent.
On the witches’ island, The Quartz, Riona finds it’s full of more horrors than she could imagine. Protecting Arlo, discovering her family’s secrets, and learning the true power of the orbs make surviving The Quartz nearly impossible.
With war on the horizon,
Death chasing her soul,
And a vampire prince demanding she come back to him…Riona doesn’t know which way to turn.

One thing she does know, Riona won’t be a tool for the witches or die for the vampires without a fight. The Onyx may have let her escape, but one vampire will never let her go.

Warning: This book is a dark romance and it contains themes not for the faint of heart.

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My lips are sealed…still
Until I met Dean, my mate, I lived all alone in a cabin in the woods, barely acknowledged by my pack. He taught me what it is to be loved, and I would gladly live happily ever after with him, but then Shane turned up. He’s also a mate, but while shifters often have more than one mate, Dean was raised human, and apparently not the kind that explores different kinds of relationships.

Dean left me
Not forever, I hope, but my wolf is very upset, and so am I. We miss him and hope that in spending time with the Midnight Alder pack, he’ll find what he needs to come back and be part of our family.
Now…how do I tell him about Creek? He’s my mate, too.
Add to my relationship quandaries the fact that the past I don’t remember seems to be coming to find me, and I’m not sure I’m ready to face it. I wasn’t always silent. It was caused by some huge trauma I can’t even remember. Or so I’m told.

Rejected by Blood is the third book in a paranormal reverse harem shifter series featuring a strong, feisty female wolf shifter who has forgotten her past and cannot speak and the three male wolf shifters who all want to be her fated mate. It is a why choose werewolf romance with a slow burn buildup sure to make your toes curl. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy guarantees an HEA

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I worked a spell to find my true love… I didn’t count on there being more than one.

I’ve got Daddy issues, I have to admit, and a fear of commitment to top it off. But after growing up with no father, who wouldn’t? There was only one choice for my two best-friends and I. Wait until Halloween night and work a spell that will call our soul mates. There’s no point screwing around with guys who won’t love us. We don’t want history repeating itself.

What I didn’t count on was that my soul mate would be not one, not two, but three wolf shifters, all wanting to claim me. Jackson is an Alpha wolf. Gorgeous face, huge body and totally jealous of my attraction to the other guys.
Billy is Jackson’s cousin. All broody, bad boy type. And then there’s Darren. A total sweetheart. Part warlock, mostly wolf shifter, he makes my trifecta complete.

But the wolf shifters hate us witches. I’m not sure why. But what I do know is, they’re not going to take kindly to the fact I used magic to bring us together. And when they find out, what am I going to do to convince them what we all feel is real? And not just a spell.

‘Practical Magic’ meets ‘Twilight’ in this coming of age, reverse harem paranormal romance

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What does a firefighter, a Fire Fae, and a husky shifter have in common? They all want a bite of Candela’s cupcake…
Hi! I’m Candela and I own the best cupcake shop in Silver Springs—before my reputation got ruined, anyway. Lately all of my cupcakes have been coming out burnt, my smoke detectors are on the fritz, and my husky companion named Jasper won’t stop barking at customers. When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my favorite Christmas candle set my display stand on fire.

With no choice but to close up my shop for the day, I decided to release some stress at Silver Spring’s skating rink. You’d think that would chill me out—wrong! Apparently I’m a magnet for trouble because I’ve been hit by a mate spell and now I’m trapped between three guys who all want a taste.

Shane—the firefighter who wants to start my fire instead of quench it.

Jasper—my husky who turns out to be a shifter… he took showers with me, the pervert!

Lance—a sexy-as-sin Fire Fae who said his brother Titus sent him to my world to recover fire magic that didn’t belong to me and now its running rampant in Silver Springs. That sounds about right.

Send help, because these guys are going to burn me to a crisp!

Candela is a standalone paranormal comedy romance with a mystery to solve and a guest appearance of a delicious Fire Fae from the Elemental Fae universe—Titus’s brother!
This story is part of the Silver Springs shared universe and can be read in any order.

Scroll up to read this steamy paranormal romance today.

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Property destruction, aggressive threats and an injured family member is what Harlow and the Summers family are having to deal with.

Who is responsible or why this is happening is anybody’s guess?

But amidst all the drama, Harlow is trying to forget the hurts of the past and establish a new relationship with her adopted siblings, even if what she feels for them isn’t overly familial

A trip to Hawaii with Jaxon and Kai is just what she needs to forget about her worries for a while.

Or is it?

Will trouble follow them to the tropical paradise or will they get to relax and unwind and see where the holiday takes them.

Join Harlow and the Summers family in Book Three of the Neighpalm Industries Collective.

It is a reverse Harem novel and some situations may not be suitable for people under 18. It will contain MM situations.

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⚠ Includes an exclusive 13,000 word bonus novella! ⚠

We’re ready to die for the sins of our fathers, but is she?

They told us we were the cure.
That we were special.
That we were pure.
It was all a lie.
We were just like all the others they defiled, abused, neglected.
We formed a brotherhood and vowed to have our revenge. Now no one stands in our way.
No one, except one girl.
Trinity Malone doesn’t know about our past.
She doesn’t have a say in our future.
At least, so we thought.
Until we realized Trinity’s exactly who we were looking for.
She’s our secret weapon.
Soon, she’ll be seeking revenge…
Just like us.

An #unconventional love story with a #whychoose twist.
This boxset includes all three books in the Sinners of Saint Amos series and a BONUS EPILOGUE not available anywhere else!

  • Their Kingdom Come
  • Their Will be Done
  • Deliver us from Evil.

This is a DARK #whychoose bully romance that contains strong language, violence, and situations some may find triggering.
No cheating.
HEA guaranteed.

Link to box set

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Sleeping Beauty is so much more than she appears as a sleeping babe the day she is cursed by the evil fae…

For seventeen years Dawn was locked in a tower for her own safety, but this princess will soon learn she can fly.

Mysterious powers she had never been told she had awaken and amaze her, but what she doesn’t udnerstand is those same powers being danger ever closer.

Three fairies take it upon themselves to teach her in the ways of magic and survival much to her chagrin…even though they are tall, rugged, male fairies.

For fans of Addison Moore and Holly Black, find a spellbinding and romantic fairytale like you’ve never heard it before!

Link to book 2

Currently searching for the link to book 1…wtf…where are you link?!

Queen of her cowboys, Hartley has been flirting with mischievous knowledge.

Blaze, Dusty, and Wyatt were going to teach me one final lesson.

We belonged to the same blood, and our names forever etched on the broken-down barn.
But I held a new secret up my sleeve; it turns out they aren’t the only ones who prove to be winners. Their titles, their treasures, well, it won’t be hard to cover up this bundle of joy when they find out we’ve created our most outstanding trophy. Keeping it under lock and key this long hasn’t been easy; in fact, it’s been rough and sweaty.

I hope when my men find out, they don’t give me too bad of a spanking.

Call me scandalous, but I always did like it when they licked my wounds.

Roping Hearts is the third book in the Ranch Ridge Series.
All books are short, quick rumble reads.

18+ Mature Language, Sexual Content, Violence.

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The secrets of the kingdom are finally unravelling, and now that Maisie knows the truth of why Kappur and Thalassar are at war, she will do everything she can to make it right. Starting with finding out where the missing royal is.

To do that, she’ll need to retrace Princess Odele’s every move, and she knows she can’t do it alone. Not with the queen monitoring her every move. Not with the royal advisor’s cruelty following in her shadow. Not when courtiers are vying for her attention at every corner.

She’ll need the help of shadows, dragons, power, and three mermen who despise each other. Of the Black Blade, Prince Kai, and Captain Saber. But will the mermen she’s come to love put aside their differences for the good of the kingdom?

Or will their hatred for one another doom them all?

This book is a reverse harem fantasy story that may contain scenes unsuitable for readers under the ages of 18. May contain M/M/F scenes.
Caresses Between the Sand was previously published under the same title. This is a second edition with a new blurb, cover, and new scenes.

Reading order:

Secrets Among the Tides
Whispers Beneth the Deep
Caresses Between the Sand
Death Beyond the Waves

Spin-off series:

Slave to Ice & Shadows
Princess in Frost Castles
Queen of Frozen War

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Six elemental mages. One elven princess. A magical bond they can neither allow nor resist.

For twenty one years I have hidden away in our castle, guarding a secret. A secret that could incite a war. A secret that could change the fate of our world. A secret that could destroy everything I hold dear.

Joining Elven Mage Academy is meant to be my chance to step out of my brother’s shadow and prove to my father that I am queen material. All I have to do is stay under the radar and ace my classes until I graduate and become Queen. My future is already planned out. It is meant to be easy.

All is going to plan until my bonding ceremony where everything blew up in my face.

Now I have six men who arouse forbidden feelings in me and threats from a mysterious source. Somebody has figured out my secret and it puts everyone I care about in danger.

Can I identify the threat before it is too late? Or will I bring death and destruction to everything I cherish?

Link to book

Mina Wilde – bookstore owner, girlfriend to three of the hottest heroes of literature, and now… reluctant vampire hunter.

In the sixth novel in the Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries, Mina, Heathcliff, Morrie, and Quoth face off against their ultimate enemy.

Add meddling villages, an army of fictional characters to wrangle, Mina’s mother’s latest get-rich-quick-scheme, and a curious dog into the mix, and Mina’s got her hands full.

But Nevermore Bookshop still has secrets to reveal. Mina and her men are ready for an epic showdown worthy of a Homeric poem… if they survive.

The Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries are what you get when all your book boyfriends come to life. Join a brooding antihero, a master criminal, a cheeky raven, and a heroine with a big heart (and an even bigger book collection) in the chilling conclusion to this steamy reverse harem paranormal mystery series by USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes.

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He was destined to die. Until she changed his fate.

Atuk is doomed to die a slow death with his harem brothers, pining for the lost female he didn’t love and who had never wanted him. And then he meets her.

Being named a healer gives Lily a place among the tribe and provides protection for herself, her mates—Frrar, Tor, Arruk, and Drrak—and the two shevari children they’ve adopted. But when she’s tasked with saving Atuk, her growing feelings for him threaten to undo all she and her mates have fought for.

What she feels for him isn’t just reckless, it shouldn’t be possible. Males can’t mate twice…can they? When a stolen moment has sparks flying between them, it makes her question everything.

How much is Lily willing to risk for the captivating male with a galaxy of hurt in his eyes? And if she Chooses him, will he Choose her back?

Or will their forbidden love bring everything crashing down around them?

Thousands of copies sold internationally. Millions of pages read. 5800+ reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. The award-winning Chosen Series is a New Adult Paranormal/Fantasy RH packed full of romance, drool-worthy heroes, adventure, and an extraordinary world.

“It’s so, so beautifully written and the relationship development so well done, I can’t help but keep coming back to reread this series.” –Amazon Reviewer ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

“There is just something so indescribably compelling about this story and the writing that keeps bringing me back to it over and over…” –Amazon Reviewer ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

“I loved this book! It was funny, it was sad, it was sweet. It was everything I love in reading books.” –Amazon Reviewer ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

The much anticipated fourth book of the Chosen Series, Native, is available now! Scroll up and one-click today!

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

I found my mates and for a short period of time, that was great.

Life was great.
I was great.
We were great.

But then I was kidnapped… again.

But this time, it wasn’t by my two terrible twins, Wraith and Lull. Not that they needed too, I’d already fallen for them hook, line and sinker.

No, it was by a rival gang that we didn’t even know existed, The Curious Demons.

What better way to start a war than to take the other gang’s girl? These fictional fuckheads have obviously played way too much Mario.

I’d love to pretend that I’m not my mother’s daughter. But at the moment, I’ll just pretend that I’m the meek and mild girl that everyone expects me to be.

The bookworm, the recluse, the scared, skittish girl.

But these Curious Demons don’t know who they’re messing with. My mates don’t understand the depth of my wrath and how easy it is to let it free.

“Smile at the obstacle,” my mother told me, “for it is a bridge.”

And may the bridges I burn light the way.

Link to book 2

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A girl, her three lovers, and a mystery weapon set to self-destruct … What could go wrong?

When Abnormal Telepath Kylie Martin and her three male companions steal a dangerous weapon from the Gifted Squads to discover its secrets, it’s a race against time to unlock the device before the self-destruct goes off and the data is lost forever.

Will she and her lovers complete their mission before the Witching Hour strikes?

This is an intense reverse harem novella with multiple love interests where Kylie does not have to choose.

Link to novella

When I was little my whole world revolved around my older brother and his childhood friends, they protected me, kept me safe from harm and no one would dare look twice in my direction. They were my guardians, and then I lost them all.

I’m now seventeen and I’m desperate to know why I had to lose them, why my world was flipped upside down and my family destroyed. Only it isn’t only the past I have to uncover, I also have to handle a new school and an uncertain future. I’ve made it my mission to stay alone, never let anyone get close enough to affect me, break me or leave me. Unfortunately, some people don’t care about my mission and I soon find myself with more people than I can handle and three guys that make my blood boil and my heart beat faster than it ever has before. Maybe letting them in won’t turn around and bite me, but with new friends, vicious bullies and an unknown presence my carefully constructed plan could all fall apart. I have a secret that I’m not ready to share, but someone already knows and they plan to let everyone know what kind of person I really am.

This is a reverse harem, academy romance. This has the completed series within it, as well as a bonus epilogue.

Link to box set

Arabella is a hunter. Everything from vamps to rogue fairies and scorned warlocks find it difficult to fight her ancient mage heritage. But the world starts to change when her coven gets attacked by an invisible force and no one knows what kind of evil powers are involved.

Then on one such mission Ara runs into Caerleon and instead of killing him like she normally would, Ara feels like he doesn’t deserve it. She’s just about to leave when Caerleon announces he knows what attacked her coven and he is the only para being in the human realm with the power to defeat what’s hunting the coven and other paras.

The only catch – Ara has to be his permanent blood donor.


Link to book


Just when we think we have it sussed, we don’t.

A new threat has reared its ugly head and we are in more danger then we were before.

Our group has spilt up, going in two different ways to find what we need to defeat this new evil.

All I want is to have a normal life, well as normal as he can be being the queen of all fae and having all these powers brewing inside me.

Are we strong enough to banish this new threat? Can we defeat the strongest being the world is not ready for?

All I can say, is we are going to try or go out fighting.

This is a dark reverse harem.

Intended readers 18+

Contains F/F.

Link to book 2

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From book 1’s blurb: Some F/F AND lots of M/M/M/M/F.

A hungry troll, a gluttonous King, and three brothers trying to save their family. Fall in love with this Reverse Harem spin on the beloved fairy tale, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.

Once Upon a time in a kingdom far, far, away lived three brothers. They were hard-working farmers who did their best to support their ailing parents. The Kingdom had fallen into ruin since the Queen and Princess died in a carriage accident. Desperate for food and work, the brothers set off on an adventure only to be captured by a troll. It didn’t take long for them to discover their captor wasn’t what she seemed. As an impossible story of treason is revealed, they soon realize they have to work together to not only save themselves but the kingdom, as well.

Link to book

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

★ Previously published in the USA Today Bestselling Reverse Harem Romance Anthology Wicked Souls – now featuring expanded scenes! ★

Kyrie Salvo just wants to get through her last year of university in peace. Fresh from a summer spent learning about her extended family in both Heaven and Hell, she’s looking forward to a semester spent crash studying for tests, planning her sorority’s fall formal, and getting over her most recent breakup.

When the family business lands on her doorstep in the form of a smoldering hot Hellhound and a sweetly dominant Angel, and a ghost searching for a second chance Kyrie knows this semester is going to be one for the memory books….

Faced with a job she didn’t ask for, a mission that feels impossible, and supernatural tutors who are too hot for their own good, Kyrie must learn to accept her heritage… and her scythe before it’s too late.

Reaper’s Last Homecoming is a paranormal #whychoose romance novella with steamy scenes, explicit language, and a hellishly happy ending.

Link to book 3

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Betrayal has come in the harshest of forms…family.
And Ryely isn’t prepared for her latest upheaval.
Ryely’s brother isn’t the only monster in her life anymore. And the newest one is worse, so much so it’s crushing her. Though if she has anything to say about it, Renley won’t survive the coming dawn.
What’s worse is Ryely’s new harem—as Clay has dubbed it—might be walking into a trap, and they have no idea of the internal treachery that has come out to play.
In order to survive in this dangerous game of cat-and-mouse, Ryely must put her faith & trust in the promise of someone who everyone else distrusts.
Will she make it back to her men? Or will this be the end of the Painted Princess and the White Queen of Dragons once and for all?
This is a slow burn reverse harem series

Link to book 4

Link to book 1

I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Four sexy tiger shifters want to claim me as their mate.
But someone else already has.

I’m Lily McCoy, and I just discovered I’m a tiger shifter.

Well… sort of.

When four hot tigers drag me to Tiger Shifter Academy, I know nothing about my tiger blood. But I soon find myself tangled up in a world I never knew existed, and I quickly learn I have a secret that threatens to destroy everything, including my spot at the Academy.

I just need to get through this year without anyone figuring out the truth, but that’s a lot easier said than done. It looks like I have more enemies on this campus than I ever could have imagined.

Then there’s the fact that the guys who brought me here—Liam, Mason, Travis, and Cruz—all want to make me their mate. The feeling is mutual. In order for me to become mated to them, they have to place their marks on me.

There’s just one problem.

Someone else already has.

Now that they’re onto me, I have to trust them to keep my secret. And it’s a big one to keep. If the Headmaster finds out the truth about who and what I really am, I won’t just be expelled.

I’ll be a dead kitty.

Link to book

They arrive on the tide, and with them, they bring death.

Reyna heard the warnings all her life. Pirates take what they want and kill what they don’t. One just washed up on her shore, and she must choose whether or not to ignore that warning and save him.

But, five captains have proven that the warning can be wrong. Five men that will fight to keep her safe and win her love. Together they search for a power that could change the world or destroy it. Reyna could be their Queen or be consumed by it. A pirate king threatens to kill them all.
Some will die.

She trusts her captains but can she trust her destiny and those that put her on this path?

Fans of G. Bailey, Alex Liddell and Jaymin Eve will find their mates in this series.

Link to book 2

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My name is Nixie. I am a normal girl with normal friends, or so I thought. I spent my life believing that there was nothing special about me. That the world was exactly as it seems, dull. But I was wrong. Now my whole life has changed.

This is the story of how I ended up living with my three vampire boyfriends. But that’s not the weirdest part. I am bonded to them, like soul mates. Then for some reason, I have rival Vampires trying to kill me and I am desperate to know why. But I have a coven of witches, including my best friend, who are protecting me. I now know that the world is far from dull, it is full of supernatural beings and I am somehow in the middle of it all. This is the story of how my life changed forever.

Link to book

Inyx has accepted the blessing of the Goddess and her Sodalis. Titus, Lucian, and Pax are more than she could ever have imagined and give her the strength to stand as the Goddess commands.

She is the Regina Umbra, de manu dea––hand of the Goddess. The Church and the Cohors have declared war on Inyx and any who follow her.

But things are changing in the city. The more they dig, the more they find corruption and dark magic.

Evil is creeping through the city and they need to find the source.

When the Church implements a new order on the Relicta, Inyx, Titus, Lucian, and Pax bring the fight to them.

Will they be able to stop them in time? Or will evil consume the land?

The Goddess chose Inyx.

And she is coming.

One click NOW for the second in the Regina Umbra series! A fantasy romance novel where our badass FMC is determined to save her people with the help of her three sexy men. 18+

Link to book 2

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The warlock who butchered my parents has reignited a centuries-old feud—and only one of us will make it out alive.

Once upon a time, I fantasized about how it would feel to ruin him.

One year ago, I lived on dreams of righteous justice.

Reality is complicated. Messy. Impractical and unpredictable.

Amidst the fallout of that horrific night in the cave, Benedict Hammond takes aim at me, my school, my reputation, and my men. Jack, Gavriel, Bjorn—no one is safe.

But he doesn’t get to win this time. Not today. Not on my watch.

Root Rot Academy has taught me so much about myself, but apparently it has one last lesson to teach…

Even with the world on fire, a monster will never stop hunting you.


Root Rot is an academy Why-Choose romance trilogy centered around the professors and staff. It contains mature subject matter that might not be suitable for all readers.

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Lucifer, God, and I walk into a room. . . .

There’s no joke, well, not really. You’ll have to wait for the author to update the punch line!

More information to come. . .

Link to book 3

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Love bound us together… but fate has other plans.

Just when a happily ever after with my Seelie men was within reach, the Heart of the Mists tied me to one of the foreboding winter arch-lords. I can’t escape the connection between us. The enemy can speak from right within my soul.

I’m not willing to give up on my happiness that easily, but I can’t let the realms descend into all-out war. I’ll brave the uncertainties of the winter lands if that’s what it takes to protect the men I love.

My chilly Unseelie arch-lord isn’t quite what I expected, though. As the lines between ally and enemy start to blur, can I stop the clash of winter and summer before even more blood is shed?

Royal Mate is the fourth in Bound to the Fae, a new paranormal romance series featuring possessive wolf shifters, dangerous fae politics, and a wounded heroine finding her strength. Grab it now and get swept away in the fantasy!

Link to book 4

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From the gutter to the stars…

Dance has always been the answer to everything.
It soothed my soul, kept me sane, gave me purpose.
It brought the Breakers back to me. It healed us.
This time dance isn’t enough.
It’s time to face our enemies. It’s time I fight back.
But at what cost?
My soul? The death of everyone I care about?
All I can be certain of is this…
I’m willing to do anything to protect the people I love.
Even becoming a monster.
This time there’ll be no rehearsals, just our grand finale.
I pray it won’t be our last.

Finale is book 4 of 4 in this new, gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy romance for 17+ readers. It deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. If you love dance, your men on the criminal side, alpha hot holes, and the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope, this is for you. Contains foul language, sexual scenes and of course a HEA. For some of the characters at least.

Link to book 4

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I can only find a small image. Blowing up distorts the image. Will update when I find one

Hell hath no fury like a man scorned.

Isla learns that lesson all too well when she agrees to go to a party with her half-demon best friend, Alistair, to help him make his vampire ex-boyfriend jealous. Their plan backfires when Alistair’s ex turns out to be more psycho than Isla realized, and she finds herself being kidnapped and sold on the supernatural black market.

While Isla’s only human, she’s spent her life surrounded by supernatural creatures. Her situation is precarious, but she’s pretty sure she knows what to expect. At least, until her buyer ends up transporting her to a completely different realm called Briya where nobody speaks her language.

Isla is gifted to the four Guardians of Briya—Reule, Audun, Maalik, and Caelan. With the dreaded Beast’s Moon looming right around the corner, the Guardians are expected to choose a mate. They’re furious with their king for his scheming, and they’re determined to help Isla find her way back home to Alistair. But the timing of Isla’s arrival complicates everything, and they find themselves drawn to her no matter how hard they try to fight their instincts.

Link to book


Shits about to hit the fan.
The Devil, the Big Guy, and Lilith all in one place?
How could things not get kind of crazy

We already knew that my life was never going to be normal.

*The final piece in the Hell Raisers Academy RH *

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

Holy hot shifters!
Who would have thought supernaturals existed? Not only are they real, but I’m one of them—an heir to shapeshifters.

Now I must attend a magical academy and join the king’s heirs. Many students, including the heirs, were not happy to learn about me. Not only am I an anomaly, but female heirs are unknown, which makes me a supernatural target.

Just as the heirs were warming up, the witches and vampires intervened. Now, my powers are acting strangely, which makes me rethink whether I was an heir or something different. I must discover what makes me different and master my powers before my enemies get to me.

This is a fast burn fated mate romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose.

Violence, Foul language, and Adult content included.

Link to book

The Gates of Hell are Open.
I got a glimpse of our daughter.
And I’ve got all my power back.

Everything hands on our ability to close the gates, but all I truly care about is finding Ariel. I can’t fathom the thought that I might never see her again.

I don’t care about all the demons terrorizing the world.

I don’t care about the angels, demons, and humans I might have to kill.

It’s all going to burn.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1 to begin series

Box set books 4 – 6: Sorry the image is tiny. I will try to find a larger one. If I blow this one larger, it will look like a potato.

Get the last three novels in the Aussie Academy series, Corviticus University, in one volume!

Book 4 – Corviticus University: Family Ties

With the big bad handled and the bond with my men sealed, life is looking up for me.

Or so I thought.

With powers I need to learn to wield, and my mates all stronger than ever, we find ourselves dealing with a potential new threat.

All whilst trying to continue life with my newfound family and friendships.

Can we figure out if this new threat is real? And if it is, how will we handle it?

Book 5 – Corviticus University: Scarlet Dagger

A killer warlock on the loose. A hunt for a mysterious weapon. A hidden power within.
My head is spinning with everything that keeps getting hurled our way. My brush with death should have me more freaked, but instead I’m worrying over a warning given to me by my dead mother.
A harrowing message to find a mysterious weapon and use it.
And a hidden power we must unveil.
When will my life ever be normal?
Can my mates and I find this weapon and put a stop to the killer warlock? Can we awaken this hidden power? Or will this crazed killer be our undoing?

Book 6 – Corviticus University: Forever Bound

A crazed warlock wants my power. A warlock who had a plan set in motion long ago. One that has shaped my life.

A hidden power has been revealed, but things are going wonky in the spirit world, and time is running out.
Maple Grove is now ground zero for this craziness, and shit’s about to get real.

My mates and I find ourselves split up and under attack, and things with Emma hit the fan as the witches get affected. Mr Brady and the Council can’t help, so it’s up to us to deal with this.
I need to stop Joseph, no matter the cost.
Before he destroys this whole town.

But am I prepared to pay the price needed?

This boxed set contains the last three books in the Corviticus University series, a medium/fast burn RH story.

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Midnight Moon isn’t a sleepaway camp for pups. And it definitely isn’t an academy for the youth of privileged packs.
It’s for adult rejects.
The runts. The unwanted. The loners.
So which am I? After my family died, all of the above. I suppose that makes me a perfect fit, even if I shouldn’t be.
I was sent here, not only in hope of forcing my transition but also for protection from an outcast aiming to stop me from claiming my rightful spot.
While it might be the best place to hide, I quickly discover I’m not invisible.
The Four have pinned their eyes on me.

Instead of fighting their torments or keeping to myself, I decide to help the runt, lending a hand in more ways than one. The desire to be near him is too strong to ignore. We share the same struggles, and soon the same pain. Now that I’ve let him in, there’s no turning back.

*Runt is book 1 in the Midnight Moon series, a continuing Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance. These short and steamy books are intended for mature readers and must be read in order. This series is a spinoff of the Marked Soul series but can be read alone.

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While living my life as an independent woman in the city, I become the object of a stalker’s obsession.
Then I discovered a talisman of sorts inside my work bag. What’s up with that?
One moment, I’m in my room netflixing and chilling solo, the next I wake up somewhere really hot… without my glasses, of all the worst-case scenarios.
Everything’s a blur and it feels like Africa, but the two suns tell me otherwise.

I have no control over this teleporting that keeps happening, and now I find myself caught in the middle of a war between the 3 men from warring tribes…and my stalker.

Will I be strong enough to convince these guys to consider peace in a land that has known nothing but bloodshed, or will this be the last war their people will ever live to see?


Courtesy Warning: This book may contain triggers for some. Triggers may include but are not limited to violence, non-con/dub-con, bondage, torture, decapitation, themes of war.

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