Reverse Harems Less Than 400 Pages – Part 1

Hello Lovlies! I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for some shorter reads. I have been devouring some pretty thicc books as of late and could use a few shorter reads. This post came as an idea in case any of you were also looking for some shorter reads. The following books are going to be less than 400 pages, but longer than 100. So, medium size reads, and quickies. *wink wink*. Blurbs are verbatim and images are used from their original location on Amazon. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

Broken pod, wrecked ship, no water in sight. But Piper Sage is a survivor.

Diagnosed with an aggressive terminal cancer, the doctors on board her generational spaceship had no choice but to put her in stasis, hoping to keep her alive until a cure could be found. When she wakes, it’s not to a miracle but a nightmare. Two blazing suns, nothing but sand and more sand.

There’s no way she’s going to just give up and die. Not a chance.

But long unused muscles and pale skin are making it impossible on this treacherous red planet.

Salvation comes in the form of four powerful dragon-men. Enormous, seven-foot walls of muscle with wings and tails and scales, these four have decided to be Piper’s protectors.

The only trouble is they don’t want to share.

Kaidan, Ejder, Anguis and Mikhos are all possessively alpha and will do anything to be the one who gets to claim Piper as his treasure. She’s got other ideas.

After all, why choose one when you can have them all?

Night of the Dragons is a fully standalone novel. This is a TRUE reverse harem romance, NOT a love triangle. Expect steam, adventure, smoking hot alien-dragons and a feisty red-headed heroine.

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Not being a witch isn’t an option when you’re Coven Born.

I wasn’t raised a witch.

I didn’t even know I was coven-born until my parents died, allegedly from a curse. After being uprooted from San Francisco and moved across the country to Upstate New York to live with my uncle, I was thrust into a world of witches and magick.

Yeah – real witches and real magick. IKR?

Now, my eccentric uncle believes I have some kind of rare magick and the only way to find out is by sending me to the prestigious Thirteen Covens Academy where I will be trained to‘ meet my potential’, whatever that means. Just what I needed – a school full of rich, snooty kids. I have bigger things to worry about than my alleged rare witch powers.

First–there’s Carrie Ambrose–the resident mean girl who calls me ‘charity case’ and keeps trying to get a lock of my hair.

Second–the fact that Blaine Adams, the hottest, most popular guy at school asked me out, much to the fury of every popular girl in a one-hundred-mile radius.

Third–the rumors that my entire family is cursed and the only reason I’m alive is because the coven is doing spells to protect me.

My only ally (and that’s being generous) is the queen of the outcasts, Lisa Spears, who’s “serving time“ at the academy after doing something the coven high council didn’t like. Despite the mark she wears, or the insults from the other students – she has an entourage of hot guys who follow her everywhere, including the awkward, nerdy guy Eric–who’s always flirting with me. And the awkward, goth guy, Gary–who’s always flirting with me. And the awkward metal-head, Josh–who’s always flirting with me.

I’ll be eighteen in a few weeks–old enough to decide if I want to stick with the Academy until I graduate, or leave my previously estranged family and its legacy behind.

This isn’t going to be an easy choice.

This is a slow burn Dark UF.

Want MORE Thirteen Covens Academy?
Coven Society (June 2020)
Coven Cursed (September 2020)

This is a spinoff series of Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens:

Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Part One (The first 7 books, includes A Rising Damp, Temple Apophis, Lucifer’s Haven, Shadow Marbas, The Watch, Ba’al Collective, and Order of Eurynome)

Thirteen Covens: Darkness (And OTS-Covens crossover novel)

Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Part Two (The next 7 books, includes Blackrose Coven, Temple Dagon, Cult of Lucifuge, Circle of the Black Moon (forthcoming), Ashtaroth Briarwood (forthcoming), Temple of the Magi (forthcoming) and Tiamat Leviathan (forthcoming).)

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What happens when doing good, also requires becoming evil?

Celestia, first born daughter of mermaid royalty, was ripped away from her loving mother. The conch shell birthmark on her shoulder guaranteed that. But it’s her power and dark family secret that keeps her an outcast.

A sentence to the Wicked Reform School is both a blessing and a curse even if the only way out is to graduate or die. Not great odds for someone who hates being wicked.

When an escape attempt goes wrong, Noah and Liam, two humans, rescue her. Or at least she thought they were human. Could everything she knows be wrong?

Not wanting her to be alone, Noah and Liam enlist their undercover partners, Jaxyten and Kairo to keep an eye on her. Alliances are key to survival. And the key to destruction.

To survive, the game must be played. If not, death hangs in the balance.

Together the five are ready to turn the world upside down and buck the system. But first they need to stay alive.

NARCOTIZE: HOUSE OF MERMAIDS is a reverse harem academy romance with a twist that is part of the Wicked Reform School world! At this reform school, you’ll discover wicked paranormals, wicked punishments, and wicked pleasure, like you’ve never read before! Preorder your copy to discover who will survive.

Wicked Reform School is a reverse harem paranormal new adult multi-author shared world series with unique stories featuring characters who walk the line of their paranormal laws.

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The day I truly started to live, I sentenced him to die.

At twenty-four, I’d resigned myself to a simple life following in my mother’s footsteps. I would manage the antique shop she left me and marry a kind, stable man. Most importantly, I would never tell a soul about my psychic abilities.

But with a single, intentional touch and a vision of the past, I set events in motion that expose my secret. I’m part of a world I never knew existed, and my new allies are dismantling my carefully constructed walls.

Except, those walls had a purpose–they kept me hidden.

Now, my abilities make me a target.

And my mere existence is endangering everyone I care about.

My name is Adele Rose, and I know nothing but regret.

Touch of Regret is the first book in a completed slow-burn reverse harem series.

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Life sucks…and then you die.
Or at least you’re supposed to.
Sylas McGavin was just a normal girl living a normal life. She had an unremarkable job and an unremarkable boyfriend…uuuntil she didn’t.
A one nightstand that was supposed to perk her up and get her out of the funk she was stuck in went horribly wrong and left her with a raging case of vampirism.
Now she is a creature of the night, a part of the hidden community of monsters that live in the metro and blend in with the humans with glamours and lies. Sounds kind of awesome right?
Her maker ran out on her before explaining all the in’s and out’s of being a blood sucker and she is left floundering and trying her best to deal with her new situation. Between all the changes that happened to her and the fuzzy details of her rebirth, it’s left her with a slight case of agoraphobia.
She’s come to terms with the fact that she is a horrible vampire and built her life up around that…until a giant fae with a douchey attitude that would make any frat boy jealous literally knocks down her door and throws her carefully constructed world upside down.
Her maker is missing and the fae guardian has decided that she is the one to help find him.

***This is a reverse harem romance with several love interests, so if you love books where the heroine doesn’t have to choose between all the hunky monsters this is the book for you!

***The book depicts graphic scenes of blood and gore that might be disturbing to some readers

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I’m so excited to be headed to the Academy of Enchantment where I’ll be a transfer student for the next year…

Except I never make it.

When a shadow demon boards my train, I’m overcome by his power and I black out.

And when I wake up? I’m in a place called Dread.

And, yes, Dread is as snug and cozy as the name would imply.

Awaiting my arrival at the train station is Harlow. He’s an incubus—a sex demon… and let’s just say his looks live up to his race. Harlow’s got instructions to deliver me to my host family.

Which means I’ve been expected in Dread. Why? That’s the mystery I need to figure out. And pronto.

But, first, I have to survive the evening at Castle Raven Night and I have to survive my host family, Count Jean-Claude Von Zarovich… the third. Yeah, the count might be the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my life, but he’s also a vampire and last I checked, vampires eat you.

Then there’s Riven… Riven is the headmaster of the Academy of Necromancy and he’s the reason I’m here. And, yes, he’s just as freaking hot as Jean-Claude and Harlow. Only I’ve got a bone to pick with Riven because he totally hijacked my plans…

And yet, there’s something about Riven’s soulful eyes, Jean-Claude’s pain and Harlow’s need that makes me think maybe a quick layover in Dread wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world…

Famous last words.

Please Note: This is a paranormal reverse harem academy series meant for readers 18 and over. This is also a SLOW burn reverse harem romance, but it’s plenty heavy in the steam department.



  1. Angel
  2. Dragan
  3. Baron
  4. Cambion
  5. Variant
  6. Theren


  1. Snow
  2. Goldy
  3. Aria
  4. Rose
  5. Briar

The F My Life Series:

  1. Bad Blood
  2. Bad to Worse (Coming Soon!)

Reverse Harem Romance
Academy Romance
Slow Burn Reverse Harem
Why Choose?

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Some might know her as a moody bitch. Which is understandable. Daria Locke earned that title when her mother died and passed down the maternal legacy—Pandora’s box.
She puts a new meaning to split personality disorder. It’s hard enough starting the day without coffee, never mind creation’s most dangerous secrets whispering in her ear. That’s right, the box is no longer a real box. Hasn’t been for centuries. Instead, the demons once trapped in darkness now live inside Daria, listening to her every thought, seeing her every action. So, yes. You could say she’s pretty close with Hope, Betrayal, Truth, Misery and Death.
When ancient hunters discover her secret and let the deadly cats out of the bag, will she be able to corral five demons with the ultimate case of cabin fever? On top of wrangling the world’s worst behaved man-children, Daria has to fight for her life as an ancient foe rises to bring destruction to the Earth.
Can she keep the family secrets safe? Or will the enemy turn her lovers against her and bring chaos to the world on an apocalyptic scale?

*This book is a Reverse Harem Romance containing adult themes, and therefore is only appropriate for those 18 years of age and older.

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For over three hundred years, Arden’s very existence has been hidden. Until one night, when the latest assassination attempt fails and the third Killian blade makes its appearance.

A powerful witch with little knowledge of her heritage, Arden’s first step on the path of destiny is The Abbey. A place of sanctuary and power, it’s a haven in a sea of unknowns and where she hopes to find an ally.

An Elven prince, a Fae lord, the First Vampire, a warlock, and the King of Dragons make up the Imperium Cadre, one of the most powerful cadres in existence. Owning and managing The Abbey for over a thousand years, they’re not known for taking in strays. But Lord Theron’s life debt paves Arden’s entry into the formidable sphere of their protection.

As the sweeping winds of change blow, Arden and the cadre will navigate the path of destiny together. Secrets are revealed, heritage found, and alliances forged and lost.

This is a why choose, reverse harem, paranormal, urban fantasy romance, with FMMMMM relationship. 18+ years of age due to mature content.

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As the daughter of Dracula, you would think I’d be born the perfect monster.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

As far as monsters go, I’m a screw up—if I’m not tripping over my own feet, I’m accidentally murdering someone (it’s a real issue, guys).

Left with no choice, Dad decides to send me to Prodigium—otherwise known as Monster Academy—to train me on how to be a better monster.

When bodies turn up on campus, I’m the prime suspect (not that I can blame them. I’ll be pretty suspicious too if bodies drained of blood show up right after Dracula’s daughter arrives).

With the help of my mortal-nemesis Vin, Van Helsing’s son

Frankie, Frankenstein’s son

Mason, Medusa’s son

And Jack (sometimes Hux), Dr. Jekyll’s son

I might have a chance of uncovering the truth.

If I’m not murdered first.

The struggles of being a vampire, am I right?

This is a horror comedy reverse harem with some dark elements. After all, you can’t have a bunch of monsters without some darkness. This is book one of a series.

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My parents forgot something when they ran… me.

After scamming most of our town out of their life savings, my folks disappeared in the middle of the night.

Forced to take me in, my estranged aunt and uncle shipped me off to Raven River Academy the first chance they got.

In my town, the line between the haves and the have-nots is actually a twelve-foot gate that keep the unwanted where they belong. Nothing could unite the two factions until I set foot on campus.

For the first time in our history, they all agree on one thing:

I must pay for my father’s sins.

But why should I care?

The joke is on them because I have nothing left inside. No part of me that isn’t already broken. I invite them to do their worst.

Until The Angels enter the game.

The most dangerous gang in town has a score to settle with my family, and Cassius, Clay, Hiro, and Royal are here to collect.

Raven River soon becomes a battleground of lies, deceit, and violence, and I stand at the heart of it.

The gorgeous otherworldly Angels will remind me that there is one thing left that I care about… and they’ll destroy it in heavenly fire.

The Angels is a contemporary why choose high school bully romance. This is book one in the series and features language, dark themes, and sexual scenes. If you’re cool with that, dive in!

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“Getting absolutely wasted and reading a page from a grubby book that’s seen better days probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had, but now that I have… I can’t say that I regret it!”

After a miserable day, Bolivia Seinfeld drowns her sorrows in her stash of much needed beer. Only, someone should slap some warning labels on those things, because when her exploration of the new-to-her home lands her staring at an ancient looking book in a dusty old attic she didn’t know existed, things take a turn towards the unexpected. Even more surprising is finding out that the book is a Grimoire: a witch’s pride and joy… and spellbook.

When a drunken spell goes awry, so does Livvie’s world as she knows it. Wayward spells, uncovered secrets and budding romances sends Livvie’s somewhat normal life flying far and fast out of the window, making room for her new reality. One where demons exist, witches aren’t fictional and monsters are very, very real.

With a harem of demons by her side, Livvie must learn to navigate a world she never thought possible. But when her newly found magic is threatened, her new reality becomes a whole lot more complicated. Livvie must learn to control and harness her magic and embrace a whole new brand of insane… or go crazy trying.

“That’s okay, I’ll own my crazy.”

*This is a Reverse Harem novel #whychoose
*Recommended 18+ due to mature language and situations.

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Mummies. Egyptian Gods. Adventure. What more could a girl ask for?

Delilah Jackson has worked all her life to earn the adventure she’s always wanted. Being chosen as one of the Lead Archeologists for a new discovery in Egypt is a start, or so she thinks. It’s all supposed to be her moment in the history books, but one misstep sends her into a whole heap of trouble.

Now, four Egyptian Gods are claiming she’s some sort of Herald and she’s stuck right in the middle of a civil war. A war lord and his militia are determined to control the Gods, and they want to use her to do it.

If only those Gods would stop looking at her as something more than the geeky archeologist who likes to dig up stuff, she might be able to focus on the mummies, the war, and staying alive. And the beetles. Don’t get her started on the beetles.

Delilah always wanted an adventure just like the movies. Where’s Brendan Fraser when you need him?

Pharaoh-mones is a WhyChoose romance, which means the leading lady doesn’t have to choose. Get ready for your next adventure!

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My name is Nilsa.

I am the Shadow of the Moon.

A lunar witch.

A divine assassin.

And they will tell you that I am a traitor.

Framed for the murder of my own high priestess and with nowhere else to go, I’m forced to seek refuge amongst pirates. This mismatched crew of immortal males thinks I’m a solar witch; a harmless, goody-two-shoes, celibate priestess of life.

But it’s hard to keep up the charade with a cursed fae, two broken shifters and an overprotective vampire tempting me at every turn.

It’s even harder when I have to constantly restrain the urge to murder their asshole captain.

All I need to do is live long enough to exact vengeance and reclaim my place in my coven. There’s no place for men in my life. Not even the siren haunting my dreams who claims I’m his mate.

This is a slow/medium burn reverse harem novel intended for readers aged 18 years and over. Book 1 of 3 in the Deadwood Series.

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Three strikes and you’re out? If only.
In my world, it’s more of a one and done situation, even if you get that one strike trying to do something good.
I’ve been on the run for years, never staying anywhere too long, never getting attached to anything or anyone because he will always find me.
He’s the best bounty hunter in existence, and I’m the one that got away, well, keeps getting away. If he wasn’t so sexy I would hate him for it.
When the cat and mouse game turns more serious, I’m the one that ends up screwed, and not in the fun way.
I won’t survive in prison-not because I’m too delicate-but because my magic has always been tightly under control. Prison, though? When I’m surrounded by sexy shifters and drool-worthy vampires? That’s where it will all get unleashed.

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My goals for college were pretty simple: Get an education. Meet some new friends. Enjoy the mountains of Colorado. If I was lucky, find a boyfriend. Pretty sure they did not include being stalked by a magical black market. Or having multiple boyfriends. I mean, come on. What are the odds?

Unfortunately, my birth parents were mages that left me orphaned at a young age. Instead of growing up surrounded by spells and magic, I grew up with normal humans. The world might know about magic, but that didn’t mean they accepted it. Mages have no rights, and my foster parents tried to stamp out the tiny bit of magic I held on to. Notice I used the word tried? I manage to sneak in a few things here and there. The perfect temperature pizza? Not a problem. And I’ve never had a bad hair day in my life. Don’t even get me started on red lights…

But it was those little things that put me on the black market’s radar. An untrained mage with little knowledge of the magical world was easy pickings. Now, the only thing standing between me and a whole lot of unpleasantness is the pack of hot werewolves that made me theirs.

This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains language and sexual situations. This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Harem members added as series progresses. Series will contain some mild M/M scenes.

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Just a small-town girl, living in a…dangerous world.
Tyrannical psycho running the world? Check.
Loyal and bloodthirsty followers? Check.
Somehow becoming Arcantens most wanted criminal? Check.
I don’t really know what is going on, but the newfound interest in me probably has something to do with my gift somehow manifesting itself into a sassy sentient tornado. And this bitch is needy! She’s cool and all…but what am I supposed to do with all the unwanted attention she’s bringing to me? And I’m not just talking about the power hungry Vojka forcing me on the run. She seems to think she can start zapping sexy men and claiming them for herself, no questions asked.
But I have a lot of questions…and unfortunately not a lot of answers.
I guess I’ll just keep fumbling through life, laughing at all the penis jokes, and getting into as much mischief as I can while I still have my head.

Author’s Note: This is a medium-burn, mfmm, reverse harem story. It includes explicit language and detailed sexual situations. Only intended for audiences 18 years or older.

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Azzie Vokaty is living a perfectly normal life in a perfectly normal small town in the midwest, dealing with a rare blood disorder alongside rude classmates and distant foster parents.

Except there is no “normal” anymore, not since the JANUS-23 pandemic decimated the world’s population.

And it isn’t a town, it’s a military base.

And Azzie isn’t exactly thrilled with the golden cage she’s living in.

The same day that sketchy, middle-aged men in cheap suits show up at her door, new faces appear in her orbit: a set of gorgeous, identical triplets at school, and a nosy new tech at the hospital…

All incredibly handsome faces. All of them seeming to pop up wherever she is.

Seriously, do they think she’s stupid?

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I had a chance, once, to play the good girl. I could’ve kept my mouth shut and stayed out of the line of fire. Had I done that, more people might’ve been hurt. So, I came forward and subsequently, I lost everything I’d ever loved.

I lost my family.
I lost my home.
I lost my identity.
I lost … them.

But now they’re back. At least, I think they are. I can feel their eyes watching my every movement, stalking me. They aren’t here to threaten me or to hurt me. They’re here to protect me. To watch over me. Because to them, I’m everything they desire.

I am their love.
I am their hate.
I am their infatuation.
Their sweet possession.

How long can they stand to stay in the shadows when a new danger threatens to tear us apart again?

This title is an RH Romance

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Hunted by dark spirits, she’s running out of options…

At first glance, she probably seemed like any woman in her prime – Full of life, fearless, and dances like everyone’s watching. Except no one is because she’s dead. Worse than dead, she’s invisible. No one can see, hear, or feel her and who can live dead like that? Oh, by the way, she also has no idea who she is, how she died, or who killed her.

As if that’s not bad enough, dark spirits are hunting her. Knowing she can’t fight them off forever, she’s running out of options and is determined to do whatever it takes to survive.

Enter Jack, with his killer smile and wicked sharp blades.

He can see her. Touch her. And kisses like a sinner with no interest in finding salvation.

When Jack offers her a chance of a lifetime, she’s all too eager to accept his help and follow him home. What she finds when they go through his front door defies everything she thought life was about. He isn’t just her savior. He’s something far more dangerous.

And he doesn’t live alone.

Can she trust her instincts and navigate through the fog of her past to find out what happened to her? If so, how does Jack play a role in her life… and death?

This is a Reverse Harem Novel with graphic language, sexual content, and violence. Don’t step into this world unless you want to play with the big boys. And yeah, they run in packs. All the Hell Hounds do.

Restless Spirit is Book 1 in the first trilogy of the Hell Hounds Harem series.

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Eve Carmichael can’t wait to graduate from college and move on with her life. Loner, outcast, and enemy of the dean, she tried her best to fit in, but all the money in the world can’t buy genuine friends—or anonymity.
Then things take an unexpected turn when she witnesses a murder on campus. Especially because there’s no evidence a crime ever happened the next day, and the five men responsible disappeared into thin air.
As she tries to unravel the mystery behind the phantom homicide, she finds herself on a dark and familiar path. With no-one else to trust, she seeks the help of an unlikely—but alluring—group of men. A group of men with one thing in common—an undying interest in her.
For better or worse, the rocker, the wanderer, the student, the therapist, and the adviser all have a part to play in fulfilling her destiny. Hopefully they can awaken her to the danger closing in before Eve gets herself killed.

This is a reverse harem urban fantasy series

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Having a magical family secret would be exciting if your hidden gift controlled the elements or summoned dragons . . . not raised the dead.

The latest in a long line of powerful necromancers, Vexa is just trying to live a normal life without starting a zombie apocalypse. But after twenty-seven years of suppressing her powers, Vexa’s secret catches up to her in the form of a strange candle, a relic of the days when her ancestors had complete power over life and death, and in a gorgeous man with a terrible curse–Ethan.

As Vexa’s life is thrown into chaos, Ethan is the only one who can help her control the candle and introduce her to a paranormal world she never knew existed. But a sinister ancestor and a captivating enemy have other plans for her. She may finally have found a community where she can be herself . . . if the dark forces pursuing the candle don’t destroy her first.

Grave Promise is the first of five books in a Slow-Burn Reverse Harem Romance from USA Today bestselling authors, D.D.Miers & Graceley Knox.

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