Ill Will: A Reverse Harem Bully Romance (Bonds of Blood Book 1) by Cate Corvin

Reverse Harems Without M/M – Part 3

Hello Lovelies! This post is dedicated to Reverse Harems without sword fights, or crossing of the pork swords. If you are looking for a little man on man action in your harem, this isn’t the post for you. (Don’t worry you can find that post in the search bar.) This particular post is dedicated to the readers who are a little tired of the guys spending their sexy times with each other, instead of all their attention on the main character female. Giddy up. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

Blurb, photos, and corresponding links are verbatim from Amazon. The following books to the best of my knowledge do not have mm. On rare occasion, the Amazon algorithm mislabels them. Please let me know if I ever make a mistake on one of my lists.

Escape or die.
The man I loved is a liar, a predator who lured me in with sweet words and empty promises. Now, I’m trapped and it’s only a matter of time before he loses control.

I have one chance to run. Head for the wilds and don’t look back. If I leave, I might die, but he’ll kill me if I stay.

For so long it’s seemed like I’m destined to spend my days in hiding; scared and alone. But when a freak accident sends a pack of shifters crashing into my path, I catch a glimpse of a life worth living.

Can I find the Love and safety I crave with three men the rest of society considers threats?

And will the monster that hunts me ever let me go?

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Eight years ago, I believed I’d finally found a place to call home. My mother’s marriage to Vincent Sharpe meant security and three stepbrothers who were already my best friends.

But Mom’s mysterious death one week before the wedding turned my world upside down. The day of her funeral, I was whisked away to live with my aunt in Kansas, and I never heard from the Sharpes again…

Until a devastating tornado leaves me destitute.

Now, Vincent is offering me the opportunity of a lifetime—he’ll pay for my tuition and expenses at an exclusive university. All I have to do is move back in with him and his sons.

Knowing this is my one chance to discover what really happened to my mother, I grudgingly accept. But if I thought living in the same house with a potential murderer was going to be my biggest obstacle, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Leo, Hayle, and Tristin Sharpe are no longer the boys I remember. They’re all grown up, with the adult attitudes, tensions, and sex appeal to prove it. They aren’t my problem anymore. Yet, somehow, they keep drawing me into their web of drama.

I might be the only person who can fix what’s broken between them. But I don’t trust that they won’t shatter me in the process.

*The Lonely Souls trilogy is a contemporary reverse harem series inspired by the main characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz…except, this version of Dorothy and her friends is a little twisted.

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“Friends are like condoms. They protect you when things get hard.”

That’s what my five drool-worthy male best friends said when we were younger. But that was before we found out our souls were fated and that we were destined for more.

I don’t know if there’s a condom out there that’s strong enough to protect us from what’s coming our way now.

In the midst of natural disasters wreaking havoc on earth, we must claw our way out of the pit of grief we find ourselves in after a tragic loss, because another realm is counting on us to save it from a great evil.

The same evil that apparently killed us in a previous life, and is lurking closely in the shadows of this one.

Welcome to the disaster that is my life. Grab a seat and buckle up. Because no way am I letting us die in this life.

Author Note: Desolation is a novel that touches on some dark themes such as molestation at a young age and rape which may be triggering for some readers. This book has a 18+ warning. Book one in the Darkness Rising series which will end in a cliffhanger.

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Rebecca Mason, 18:
Adopted. Abandoned. Institutionalized. Attacked.
And now an initiate to a corrupt supernatural organization with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Becks really wishes she could die.
She’s ready to end it all, prepared to tell the world how she feels with a drop to a fast stop on a swinging rope.

However, her body just won’t stop healing anything and everything she does to it.
She’s tired of being called crazy, and done with her life in a dull and evil world where magic is labeled as psychosis.

That is, until her fiercely protective, foul-mouthed familiar shows up with a plan to convince her otherwise. A plan Becks isn’t sure she’s ready to tackle.

After all, how can the fate of the world rest on someone who’s clinically insane?

But her familiar has help in the back pocket of his toddler-sized onesie:
An authoritative spell worker, a sweet as sin psychic, and an angry shapeshifter form a team of three very distracting men that’ll whip her right into shape, whether she likes it or not.

If only Becks can get over her past long enough to give each of them, and life itself a chance.

INITIATE is book one in a slow-burn fantasy reverse harem romance series, so there will be a cliffhanger. It also has drug references, foul language, violence, sexual situations, and content which could be triggering for some readers. It is only intended for readers 18 years and older.

Beholden To Balance Series Reading Order:
Reign (Preorder now available)
Other titles coming soon!
For more information about this series, and other titles by Cilla Raven, please visit

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My name is Ava Dawson, and apparently? I am invisible.
And I mean that: I somehow have the power to turn invisible. I don’t understand the magic inside me, so I just keep to myself, my dog, and my best friend, hidden away in a duplex where I live with my mother in suburban Minneapolis.
But when I’m dragged out of my comfort zone to a nightclub and thrust inadvertently into the arms of four very unusual–and very attractive–incubus demons, I learn the world is much bigger–and much different–than I ever dared to dream.
A singular connection keeps Mathias, Trystan, Bash, Xander, and I together, while legendary forces I’d only read about in storybooks and seen in movies try to tear us apart.
I’m not having it.
Together, with them and the most powerful wizard of all time, we’re going rewrite legends and remake history.

Curse of Avalon: The Complete Series contains:
1) Invisible
2) Inevitable
3) Insatiable
4) Invincible

Please note: This paranormal reverse harem romance series also is available to purchase individually, but is bundled together here for your convenience as well. This series contains content that’s preferable for adults only.

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I lived my life as a prisoner.

I’ve always been told stories about the real world, but I haven’t seen it for myself. All I have ever known is pain.

And darkness.

They tell me I have been blind since birth.

When I make my escape, I think freedom is finally within my grasp…

Until I’m captured by the paranormal police for a murder I didn’t commit. Apparently, I have powers—powers I have always suspected myself of having.

Normal people can’t see through other people’s eyes, right?

Thrust into Nightmare Penitentiary, I meet a group of hard, alpha, psychotic inmates who believe I’m the answer to all their prayers. Me? I’m just trying to survive and figure out what it means to live. My new home isn’t just a prison, but a labyrinth with horrors around every corner.

But what if the cost of my life is my freedom? Am I willing to trade one cage for another?

Welcome to Nightmare Penitentiary where you come in handcuffs and leave in a body bag.

This is NOT a bully romance. These men are all hardened criminals and extreme alphas, but they adore their female. Be prepared to enjoy a painfully naïve female main character who slowly grows as the book progresses and a group of psychotic, murderous males. This book contains strong language, sexual situations, and a reverse harem romance.

This is a 130,000 words reverse harem romance and a part of the shared Paranormal Prison world. This can be read as a stand-alone, however there will be a second book following Nina and her men!

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In the Kingdom of Blackwood, we are all pawns in the Storm King’s wicked game.

As a peasant, my life was hard, but my worries were few. My days were filled with mining precious jewels I couldn’t keep, scraping rock bottom just to afford food, and saving my accident-prone sloth from sudden death on the daily.

Then, a chance encounter with a dying stranger changes everything.
Suddenly, I possess the magical power of the gods.

When the Storm King finds out—and trust me, he always finds out—he asserts his absolute rule and demands I marry one of his four sons. Each of which is sexy as sin with chiseled physiques that rival that of the gods. But despite my undeniable attraction to them, they are still the spawn of an evil snake. Choosing a prince feels damn well impossible, and I hesitate at the very thought.

But the king holds the lives of all those I hold dear in his hands and promises to make them pay for my reluctance. If I partner with the Storm Princes, who have long resented their father’s tyrannical reign, can we find a way to escape the king’s twisted demands?

Or will our lives remain his to control forever?

USA Today Bestselling Author Elle Middaugh delivers swoon-worthy sizzle and griping intrigue in Taken By Storm, a medium burn, RH, paranormal romance for readers 18+.

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Some stories should never be told. Others have to be—it’s the only way.

Since moving back to my hometown of Hastings, Texas, I’ve been called a whore, tramp, and homewrecker. And maybe I’m all of those things and more.

But those people don’t know me. They don’t see me. They only see my mistakes.

My little brother is my entire world, and if I can give him what I never had—love and security—then returning to the town that hates me will be worth it.

I’m prepared for the whispers and stares, but the moment a knight in a black truck crosses my path, it’s clear that I’m not ready for kindness. As he, my brother’s sexy teacher, and the town’s golden boy work to break down my walls by standing between me and the hate, I find myself beginning to hope again.

Maybe redemption is within reach…if I share my story.

**Scarlett XOXO is a 125,000 word, standalone reverse harem romance. Though cheating is a theme throughout the book, there is no cheating between the main characters.

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Abandoned. Unwanted. Orphan.

I was born with no past and no future. Abandoned on the steps of the Abbey of Amnestia, for nearly twenty-one years I fought the idea that I was unwanted. I was clumsy and outspoken, according to my only friend. Troublesome and worthless, according to the nuns.

The only thing I knew for sure is that I wasn’t meant to stay hidden forever.

Just when I was about to be cast from the only place I’d ever known, it appeared. Or rather, they appeared. The answer. My way out. A magical castle full of the one thing all humans should have feared. Fae. Not just any Fae either, but Royal Fae—the most powerful of all.

Three Fae princes, each colored in the abilities of their home Courts. The crimson prince. The frost prince. And the midnight prince.

And though I’d spent my whole life thinking I was human, I’d better hope they find something in my blood that marked me as one of them because if not … I might not leave the castle at all. At least, not alive.

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The ridiculous summer beach read you’ve been waiting all year for.

Ronnie Meryn’s life is heading in a very predictable direction. Marriage. Kids. The usual. But when she catches her boyfriend in a compromising situation with her boss, she sees red. With her old but faithful minivan, Betsy, she sets out on an impromptu #VanLife road trip up the California coast to start a new life. Trusting Fate to take her where she needs to go, she winds up broken down on the side of the highway just outside the idyllic beachside town of Misty Cove.

But Misty Cove isn’t just any sleepy seaside town… It’s full of shifters, magic, and a whole lot more than Ronnie ever bargained for.

A pod of sea lion shifters facing down an eternity of bachelorhood, Earl, Bryan, Darren and Trevor are suddenly faced with the pull of a fated mate. But there’s more to this arrangement than any of them are prepared for. They’ll have to put their best flipper forward to try and win her attention…and her heart.

Beware, something dark skulks in the shadows of Misty Cove’s forests. A wolf pack bent on claiming Ronnie for their own, and an entity older than time itself has its eyes on Ronnie, too.

Magic, mystery, Fate, and the inevitability of Destiny await!

SURF’S UP is a sweet and steamy #WhyChoose romance featuring sexy shifters, magical jewelry, a sassy heroine, and fated mates. If you’re searching for a steamy shifter story with a happily ever after, one-click SURF’S UP today and fall in love!

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Hi, I’m Alexis Delaney. I’m your average 17-year-old girl. Except I can see the dead. And talk to the dead. And push them away and, well, help them move on. So..okay, I’m not your average 17-year-old girl. For years I’ve been struggling to survive the souls still roaming around. The shitheads always seem to find me. Moving from town to town every few months never helped either. More dead just always find me. But things are changing for me now. I’m moving in with my uncle Rory and cousin Tara. I’m finally going to be able to do normal teenage stuff I’ve been missing out on. Right?

Well, if this one bitch of a ghost could leave me alone on campus that would be great. Especially since I haven’t told my new friends about my abilities. Can you believe this? Five good looking guys practically adopt me on my first day of school, and I still think they’re a bit nuts for it. Now if I can only just keep my life with the dead from mixing with my normal life, everything would be great. Yeah…I don’t see that happening either. But I’m going to give it a shot. Who knows? It might work.

For a print copy visit:

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Welcome to the Dollhouse, where devils rule.

I used to be a good girl. I did everything right. But then I came home and found my boyfriend in bed with my sister, so I left, eventually finding myself at the Dollhouse—a strip club. No good girl would be caught dead at the Dollhouse, but like I said, that was the old me.

The new me?

The new me likes it dirty. Likes it rough. I like being put on display and watched… and he likes watching. He will do anything to take me as his own and make me his in every sick way possible.

He wants to own me. To control me.

Roman is a devil in a suit, the kind of dangerous man who can bend anyone to his will. Together, with his partner in crime, Carter, he dominates me the moment we meet.

But I still have a mind of my own, my own wants and desires that include a sweet, kind, and dangerously cute neighbor of mine. If Roman wants to keep me, he’ll either have to cage me or bow to me once in a while.

Even devils can break.

Voyeur is a dark RH/Why Choose romance, recommended 18+. It is a standalone novel full of graphic sex scenes and a bit of violence.

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My name is Adeline and I’ve learned a hard lesson in my twenty-one years of life. Dreams are fragile things, easily broken.

I used to think I’d become a professional musician, and look how that turned out. Rejected by Julliard. Orphaned at nineteen. Now, my dreams extend as far as putting my little sister through college.

I shouldn’t be disappointed. Nothing truly great has ever come out of River Valley.

Nothing other than them.

When Bleeding Moonlight left this town ten years ago, they were a promising local band. Now, they’re gorgeous heavy metal legends. Talented, successful, fearless. Everything I’ll never be.

They’ve come back to town to bury their bandmate, and they’re staying until they record the last album he ever wrote. The kicker? They’ve asked me to be his temporary replacement.

Four weeks to earn the money I desperately need.

I’ll be fine as long as I don’t get tangled up in old dreams again.

As long as I don’t get tangled up in them.

Taut Strings is a 116,000 word reverse harem novel. It is the first book in the River Valley Rebels series and can be read as a standalone. Suitable for ages 18+.

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My voice doesn’t charm forest animals…

It predicts death.

That’s right—I’m a banshee. And I’m locked up in Nightmare Penitentiary with no hope of escape. I don’t expect to be rescued by handsome fae princes, either, since the last ones I had a crush on put me here.

Now, the princes are here to rattle my cage, and they’re just as handsome and judgmental as I remember. I’d tell them exactly what I think about them, but in addition to stealing my freedom, they’ve taken my voice.

**Stolen Song is a standalone reverse harem romance.

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Mercilessly beautiful cruel. Relentlessly sensual vicious. Utterly delicious vile.

Marrying into the famous Godalming slayer-clan was supposed to be my family’s big break. Our clan is fractured, my brother is dead, and my mother’s spirit was broken by the ordeal. I’d do anything to make her proud and see her truly smile again.

I’d even spend a year in the snobby, prestigious Libra Academy with Lord Godalming’s gorgeous son.

I don’t know what I did to earn Will Godalming’s seething hatred, but he’ll do anything to get rid of me for good, even if he sometimes seems like the only one who understands me. Sura Enver is almost irresistible with a cruel streak a mile wide, but he’s hiding dark secrets under those knockout looks. And when I put a dying vampire out of her misery, I end up at the very top of an ancient warrior’s hit list. No sane slayer angers Càel the White Wolf, the fiercest knight of the vampires’ Clouded Court.

They’re unstoppable. Wicked. Malignant. And each wants to make me suffer. Between the torment of Libra’s eat-or-be-eaten rules and the rising threat of a new vampire king, enemies prowl on all sides.
But they’re messing with the wrong slayer.

Ill Will is the first book of Victoria’s Trilogy in the Bonds of Blood universe, a steamy, medium-burn reverse harem bully romance in a college-age academy setting. This book is for mature audiences and contains triggers.

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Her future is brighter than the stars. But one betrayal will change everything…
Vivian Kawabata can’t wait to claim her privileged destiny. But when the heir to the family agricultural empire finds her bank account empty while shopping for expensive shoes, she’s horrified to discover that her own brother has financially stabbed her in the back. To stand a chance of restoring her rightful place in the universe, the honest and rule-following Vivian may have to break a few intergalactic laws.

After securing an old ship from her aunt, Vivian takes on two new roles: a sexy heiress collecting eligible husbands and a hard-nosed captain rebuilding a lost fortune by any means necessary. Completely out of her depth, she’d be sunk without the help of a relationship broker, a handsome ex-boyfriend, a hacker with a heart of gold, and the other potential partners she meets along the way. With a business that runs the razor’s edge between trade and smuggling, can the former high-society socialite get the money she needs or will her brazen ambition lead to a deadly crash landing?

First Flyght is the first book in the Flyght Series of sci-fi reverse harem romance. If you like action-packed space operas and a universe full of twists, then you’ll love S. J. Pajonas’s interstellar adventure.

Buy First Flyght to try your hand at space smuggling today!
Please note: THIS SERIES MUST BE READ IN ORDER. It is a true series and plot elements carry through every book, from beginning to end. You will miss too much by reading this series out of order or skipping around. The Flyght Series is complete at six books. This is also a slow-burn RH series that contains profanity and sexual situations.

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Complete Academy Bully Romance series

Be careful what you wish for.
Attending the elite Knightswood Academy was always a dream I knew would never come true until it did…

The life I knew for seventeen years shattered the day a freak accident burned it all down, including my mother.

I expected a social worker to come take me away but my life is forever changed when a stranger steps in, claiming to be my legal guardian, one my mother appointed thirteen years ago.

Whisked away to a mansion and a world I could only conjure in my wildest imagination, I am enrolled in the school of my dreams, the elite academy which my mother attended.

Knightswood Academy is the last connection I have to my mother and the only reason I agree to stay in a stranger’s home. But before I can get too comfortable, I am shown the door out of the glittering world I’ve just stepped in.

The Kings of Knightswood Academy don’t want me there.

And they will make sure I understand just how badly and why…

For I am nothing but the charity case. Someone they can step on, trample over and force to leave because Knightswood Academy is reserved only for the elites.

But I’m a girl who grew up in the shadiest parts of town. I am prepared to stay and carve my place at the academy despite every single barb and stone thrown my way.

The only thing I never expected was to come face-to-face with the darkness the academy hides in its polished halls and the only people I can trust to get me out alive are my three tormentors.

Charity Case is the first book in a contemporary RH high school bully romance series.

Books in the completed Kings of Knightswood Academy duet:

1) Charity Case

2) Nerd Queen

Note: The Kings of Knightswood Academy is a RH series meant for mature readers who enjoy their academy bully romances with no restraint to language, violence and a few heated scenes.

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Haunted by her past. Stalked in the present. Terrified of the future.

Ariana isn’t just your average twenty-one year old.
She’s also cursed.
For five hundred years, her family line has been cursed to ensure there would never again be an All-Seeing-Eye. They are the balancers of the Light and Dark, with abilities beyond anything the world remembers. To break the curse, she must pass three trials, find her mates and make them hers.
Easy right?
One problem…she has to do all of this before she turns twenty-two, or she’s dead.

Ariana has already passed two of the trials, and they almost destroyed her. But she got her two beautiful daughters, who she wouldn’t trade for anything.

But with a sadistic killer stalking her every move, can she trust the six devilishly handsome men tasked with her and her daughters protection?
She knows deep down they are the final piece of the puzzle to break the curse.
How when she can’t even stand the thought of a man touching her? She doesn’t know yet, but will have to figure it out quick.
With her past threatening her future, can she survive long enough to learn how to love a man…, let alone break a centuries old curse? Or will the third trial prove to be too much, breaking her instead?

Warning** Cursed by Fate is a reverse harem novel, which means our heroine doesn’t have to choose between any of her men. It is recommended for readers 18+, as there is foul language, sex, and violence. Some content in this novel may also contain possible triggers.

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First love. First heartbreak. First snow.

First Snow is a standalone single mum reverse harem romance from International Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.

Three brothers. One childhood sweetheart.

There’s only two things the Stedman brothers have in common; Lexie O’Neill and their pact to avoid her. It’s been almost ten years since Kendall, Fletcher and Bailey last spoke to Lexie and a lot of things have changed in that time.

But this Christmas, the pact might just get broken, but can the Stedman brothers reignite Lexie’s belief in the magic of the First Snow.

First Snow is a stand alone reverse harem romance.

Our eyes have met and it’s impossible not to hold her gaze, my breathing thick and heavy with a lust I’ve tried to forget.

“Another phenomenal story that will make you fall in love with the characters and their journey while pulling at your heartstrings.” – A Reader’s Review

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Jasmine: an insanely talented half-witch who can’t see her own worth, even though the humans and the Supes of Silver Springs all adore her; shop owner; holistic healer; visionary; fortune teller.

The only problem she ever has with fortune telling, however, is her own. All she ever gets is visions of trees when she tries. You know the saying, can’t see the wood for the trees? Well, Jasmine just can’t figure out what it all means.

However a spelled library book, left behind in her shop by accident, may just give her the clarity – and romance – that she’s been missing. Fate has funny plans for Jasmine, no matter how disbelieving she is, or how hard she tries to fight it!

Take a firefighting shifter, fae builder twins, and the hottest bouncer you’ve ever seen, despite his unusual appetites…four guys named after trees and one witch who’s still too clueless to see the sexy answers staring her in the face.

It’s got to spell a recipe for disaster, right?

Jasmine is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

Scroll up to read this paranormal reverse harem romance today.

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The Collapse changed everything. Good men became killers. Strong women became property.
And every day turned into a fight for survival.

I once dreamed of becoming a nurse. That dream went up in flames the same day I graduated nursing school, when women were banned from holding any kind of medical license.

Now as an unlicensed medic, I travel what was once the southwestern United States, trading medical services for food, transportation, and shelter with the hopes of reaching Canada.

Because the United States is no more. And the lawless land that’s replaced it is a deadly place for a woman.

My worst fear comes true when I’m captured by the Steel Demons MC, the most ruthless biker gang in the Southwest. These men thrive on the violence and chaos brought on by the Collapse, and they’re eager to unleash it all on me.

It doesn’t even matter that the President’s dog likes me. I’m as good as dead.

Sons of Anarchy meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this dystopian reverse harem adventure! This wild ride is not for the faint of heart and contains adult themes that may be triggering.

Reading order:

  1. Lawless
  2. Powerless
  3. Fearless
  4. Painless
  5. Helpless

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