February Reverse Harem Release Calendar

Hello Lovlies! Welcome to the February Reverse Harem Release Calendar. The following books (to the best of my knowledge) are all reverse harem, although I have had Amazon mislabel in the past. I will try to catch any misplaced MFM’s, M/F, or MM that sneak into the RH algorithm. All dates are tentative depending on the author. I will attempt to make the appropriate changes as I catch them. All blurbs will be verbatim from Amazon. Images are either from Amazon of the author’s Facebook.

I do hope 2021 is treating you better than 2020 did. Too early to tell, I know. As always, Happy Reading! I will update this calendar throughout the month and make necessary changes and updates.

Updated 2/24


All I wanted was to find my brother after he disappeared. I didn’t plan on somebody trying to make me disappear, too.
All in a day’s work for the Moreno Family’s feistiest enforcer.

When the twists begin to fly and I’m turned in new directions, I realize there’s more to my brother’s sudden disappearance than meets the eye. Thankfully, I’ve got plenty of knowledge, and muscle, in my corner:

The Underboss, ruthless and protective.

The Consigliere, my calm in the storm.

The Capo, my wild ace in the hole.

As if I didn’t have enough to deal with trying to find my brother, somebody is also trying to kill me. Are they trying to stop me from finding my brother? They picked the wrong enforcer to mess with.

NOTE: This reverse harem mafia romance may contain scenes or situations not suitable for all readers.

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Welcome to Larchwood Academy: Corrective School for Supernaturals.
Make no mistake: This is no academy. It’s a prison.
High school hadn’t worked out so well for Paige Masset, so when she breaks her 3rd supernatural law and is sent to the Larchwood Academy, she quickly learns it’s anything but a prep school. Not happy with the 2-year sentence, er, commitment, she figures she’ll try to make the best of it.

Curses & Charm (Book 1)
Magic & Monsters (Book 2)
Runes & Rituals ( Book 3)

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Every girl grows up dreaming of finding their knight in shining armor—except me.
I’m not some princess in need of a prince to sweep me off my feet. I have a firm grip on reality and know that those types of guys don’t exist for normal girls like me.
Or so I thought.
An innocent game with friends—that I’m in denial about being attracted to—leads me to another dimension where princes are in fact real, and life as I know it is forever altered.
Let’s hope my guys and I are strong enough to uncover the truths that we so desperately need, while a dark organization begins hunting me.
A world of magic, lies, and deceit make me question everything I thought I knew.
No one is what they seem – even me.

Author’s note: previously published as “A Glint of Shadoewynne”

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Meet the Red Ridge Pack.

Possessed by The Alpha:
Gunner is the Alpha of the Red Ridge Pack and has been searching for his mate for years. Then Bea finds him but with pack members who are less than welcoming and an old threat that resurfaces, will Gunner and Bea be able to find their happily ever after?

Romanced by My Mate:
Malin is the second in command of the Red Ridge Pack and he takes his job of helping to protect the pack very seriously. When Camden and Bea come to town, he has his doubts about the two outsiders. Then he finds out that Camden is his mate. Too bad for him, Camden wants nothing to do with him.

Malin wants his mate but Camden isn’t giving that easily. We’ll he be able to convince her that he’s the one for her?

Outfoxing My Mates:
When Drake and Emmett meet Lexi, the fox shifter of Red Ridge Pack, they both want her. They’ve always had a pact to never let a woman come between them though, so they agree to not pursue her. Until the mating moon hits and changes everything.

Will Drake and Emmet be give in to the bond they both share with Lexi? Or will their clever mate slip away before they can claim her?

Ravished by My Mates:
The Jensen brothers have been all over the world searching for their mates. At twenty-seven, they’ve all but given up on finding them and have resigned themselves to just having each other. Then one day, they wake up and they’re mates scent is there.

There’s just one problem. Maya is terrified of bears. She has been ever since they killed her parents. Will Keith, Theo, and Evan be able to convince Maya that all they want to do is love her?

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The team is everything. The team is sacred. And I have failed mine.

The Pit is the place for monsters. The worst of the worst.

I belong here. The Fells do not.

They intend to win their freedom, and they need me to do it, even if it means lying to everyone I’ve become their Shard. Even if it means leaving ScatheFire behind. Even if it means marrying one or all of them when this is over, and agreeing to whatever terms Blood sets.

But the Warden has no intention of letting me go, and he’s determined to break what’s left of my will and own my Aether-bound husk for himself. The Fells are powerless to stop the torment, and I am alone to endure it. I don’t need to be their Heart or their Shard to know that their souls are crumbling under the nightmare they’re living.

I have to be strong for all of us, but I don’t have much time, and I’ll have to ask them to give up the only thing that’s kept them alive: their hope.

Epic dark fantasy medium-burn “it’s complicated” love-hate reverse harem romance featuring a broken heroine who doesn’t want to be put back together.

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Who can I trust?
The City is thrown into chaos. The Dragonkeep isn’t far behind.

When my mates and I took the Dragonkeep and I claimed my throne, it set into motion a chain of events I could never have foreseen. And the Void dragon asking for my protection says he knows my long-lost family.

The mysterious new arrival tells me I’m half-Fae, half-dragon, and everyone’s enemy. I have to learn magic fast. If Ever is telling the truth—and that’s a big if, according to my other mates—all hell is about to crash down around my ears. There’s no choice but to leave the castle and venture into a new and dangerous world to find the truth about who I am.

Nobody can teach me how to control my power. There’s never been someone like me before. But with every passing day, my magic grows stronger… until it threatens to blow up in my face and destroy the fragile resistance we’re building. Not to mention my other mates can’t stand Ever, and I’m not convinced they won’t sink their teeth into him the moment my back’s turned.

There’s no rest for the wicked… and a lot of people think that’s me, just for being born. I can’t help who I am. But I can learn to defend myself, my dragons, and my world. It’s time to ride the perilous breezes of fate.

Gale Force is the second book in The Fae Dragon’s Harem, a paranormal reverse harem FMMMMM series containing MM scenes. Book 3, Heart’s Locke, is due to be released on March 1st, 2021. So scroll up and preorder now, and dive into a whole new world of magic, danger, and passion… and more hot dragon shifters than can ride one dragon. But they’ll sure as hell try.

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Ice skates and multiple mates Neve has found herself smack dab in the middle of a spell gone wrong!

When I’m dropped off in a little podunk town called Silver Springs under orders from my jerk of a father to turn their human newspaper from a money pit into a profitable business I want to scream. I’m supposed to be on the yacht in San Tropez, not in snowy, middle-of-nowhere New York.
After meeting the sexy journalist that works there though I start to change my mind. Add in a demon stripper, a reindeer shifter, and a selkie, and I’m sure that soon they’ll have me screaming for a whole different reason.
Can the men of Silver Springs thaw my icy heart and give me a reason to stick around? Or will I end up back on the yacht all alone?

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“You cannot live on the food we have for you. That leaves me three choices. Let you continue to starve, slowly dying. Or put you out of your misery, and save the resources of feeding you for someone who has a chance to live.” The orc gave me a long, calculating look before he continued, “Or I can find you someone who is willing to spend his personal resources to care for a defective human.”

My name is Wilhemina Jensen. I am one of the few people who survived when aliens first made contact.

It wasn’t the invasion that made society fall, we did that all on our own. People panicked. The food supply chains broke down. We started fighting each other for the last loaf of bread or bag of flour. That was before I ever saw one of the orc-shaped aliens.

One day at a time, concentrate on getting through today, worry about tomorrow if you got there. Be safe, be smart, be invisible. Take care of each other. And don’t forget to feed the cat.

I managed to hide for more than a year before they found me. I ended up living in a tent city set up in a school yard that felt like a human zoo for months when one of the orcs pulled me out of the food line. He and his friends fed me the first real meal I’d had in ages before sending me back to my tent. I wasn’t trying to attract attention, but the next thing I know, I’m getting special treatment. When I asked why, I didn’t like the vague answer I got about Romeo, Tybalt, Mac and Iago deciding to keep me. I don’t know what they’re up to, and it’s hard to trust monsters at the end of the world.

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Cupid’s arrow has struck. Who are you falling for?

Swoon, sigh, and lock the door. You’ll need alone time with these sexy heroes and steamy scenes. Meet new love interests or rekindle a romance with old favorites. Either way, you’ll never want to stop turning pages. There’s a little something for everyone to love, and these short stories are guaranteed to satisfy.

Love conquers all in this limited collection of short stories from some of your favorite romance authors!

This is a limited edition charity anthology. Proceeds benefit small animal rescue and rehabilitation.

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Murder. Payback. Chaos. If you’re looking for a story about unicorns and rainbows, this ain’t it. Now, if you’re in the mood for something a little psychotic and a whole lot crazy, then you’re in the right place.

I’m Lola Harding. My parents used to call me their angel, but they’re dead now. For the last few years, I’ve made a name for myself—the Night Slayer. I stalk the clubs and make sure anyone with greedy hands and stupid ideas is permanently taken off the streets.

One night I happen to kill the son of a crime lord, and then everything changes.

They’re going to kill me, I know, but until they do, I’m to be their pet, wear their leash and do whatever they say. The Lucianos are a family full of psychos and hatred… and I just might fit in better than I ever did anywhere else.

And as a bonus? The other sons are the handsome and dangerous type, and even though they despise me for what I did to their brother, even though there might not be any light left for me at the end of this tunnel… I plan to enjoy the ride.

Buckle up, b*tches, because it’s about to get wild.

Shadowed Heart is the first in a planned trilogy. It is an RH/Why Choose series, meaning there are multiple love interests, steamy scenes and some things you might find triggering: violence, mentions of abuse, etc.

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I was taught my whole life about the importance of true mates, how when you find that one wolf for you, everything falls into place.

Everyone who taught me that was a liar.

When I found my true mate, happily ever after sure as hell didn’t start, but hell definitely began.

I ran away, and now I’ve been searching for peace for weeks as I drive around the country.

I didn’t mean to take the wrong road.

I didn’t mean to make it to that small town.

And I didn’t mean to meet two men, who set me and my wolf on fire.

But here I am somehow, and peace is the last thing I’ve found.

And don’t forget about the serial killer…

This is a Rejected Mate series, filled with scorching hot wolf shifters who take what they want, enough steam to burn you up, and a hidden town filled with secrets. You’ll love this paranormal romance if you love True Blood, Twilight, or Vampire Diaries.

Wild Moon is book 1 in a new wolf shifter trilogy by C.R. Jane and Mila Young. More books coming in this series.

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Shifters, witches, demons, vampires, you name it … these curvy heroines are in the THICK of it.

Grab your copy today and devour these BBW paranormal romance stories by NYT and USA Today bestselling and hot new authors. Kiss of Magic has MF, FF, and Reverse Harem Romance stories. Includes 15+ paranormal romance stories to heat up your kindle! There’s something in here to satisfy every desire.

Kiss of Magic features stories by:

S. Cinders

Aidy Award

Leigh Kelsey

McKenzie Rogue

Samantha Bell

Pepper Paris

Lissa Lynn Thomas

Piper Fox

Zelda Knight

Amari Ara Dreamer

Sunny Abernathy

Susannah Shannon

Tabby Monroe

Ellie Pond

Kat Parrish

Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries

Link to anthology. This is mixed genre.


I can only run from my past for so long. Eventually my Demons always find me.

Unfortunately, that Demon has hired three insufferable dragon shifters to bring me back to him.

I just have to hide my secrets a little longer. I just have to pretend to help these assholes find the person they’re looking for without letting them know the truth.

They’re on the hunt for a dangerous Mage.

Just wait until they find out the Mage they’re hunting is actually me …

NOTE: This box set includes all five books of the sexy tension filled To Tame a Shifter Series: Taming, Claiming, Maiming, Sustaining, Reigning. This is a Reverse Harem series containing M/M themes. Recommended for readers 18 and over.

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After a contentious divorce from the world’s most narcissistic man (seriously), all Dani Fortune wants to do is live a little.

Or a lot.

Fuck a little.

Or a lot.

She doesn’t expect the apocalypse to come along and screw up all her plans, especially an apocalypse involving eight-legged freaks.

The only good to come from it are the three men vying for her attention. One’s a stranger (which means she could screw him and check off number one on her Fuck It Bucket List) One’s her stepson’s best friend. Okay, weird. And one’s a blast from her past, a guy she never thought she’d see again.

Of course, it IS the apocalypse, so maybe she doesn’t have to choose just one. Maybe she can have them all and become the queen slut of the apocalypse–if her ex doesn’t screw it all up.

It’ll either be the greatest ride of her life … or the end of the world. Again.


This thing has spiders. Like, big, mutant spiders.

Sexual situations, though none involving said spiders.

A demented ex.

Hot dudes.

Chaos. Silly chaos, but still.

More sex.


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Listen up, and listen good— I’ll only say this shit once!

Two Tricks does not work with MC gangs, and that’s final. Period. The end.

No. No, you don’t get to ask why.Tricks runs the West Coast smuggling ring, so if you want anything to come and go, you play by the rules. You don’t like it? Well, then you’re gonna get a visit from me.

Who am I? I’m Dax, his enforcer, and don’t let my height or the pink hair fool you. I’ll take your ass down.

Now, can someone explain to me why the hell the Phantom Saints MC gang sent someone to try and talk me into getting Tricks to work with them? Or maybe how those same assholes ended up kidnapping me?

You can bet your ass, as soon as I get the chance, I will make them regret ever having me as a ‘house guest’, even if they are sexy as sin. No one uses me and gets away with it!

Book 1 of the Hidden Empire series

This is a reverse harem, why choose romance where the leading lady doesn’t have to choose who she loves or how many. Book contains 18+ content—swearing, sexual situations, and aggressive assertive alpha-hole men.

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Four scorching-hot gods. One kickass valkyrie. Nine realms of trouble.

All I wanted was to keep my distance from the criminals I work for and get my little brother out of the hell that is our mother’s house.

Then I died and woke up to four stunningly hot gods telling me I’m now a valkyrie.

Sly, sharp Loki.
Jovial but ferocious Thor.
Dreamily compassionate Baldur.
Grim and secretive Hod.

I’m connected to all of them through a bond we barely understand. The longer I spend with them, the more my walls start to crack.

But the gods didn’t summon me just for kicks. Their king is missing, and they need me to find him.

The first three valkyries they sent on the job never made it back.

More power is awakening in me than I could ever have imagined, but the gods’ enemies are more devious than even they knew. It’s going to take every trick in the book for me to save myself, my brother, and these divine men who’re getting under my skin in the most alluring way.

Good thing I’ve always been a fighter.

I’m Aria Watson, and Valhalla ain’t seen nothing yet.

Their Dark Valkyrie is an action-packed, heart-wrenching urban fantasy series with Norse mythology like you’ve never seen it before. This set contains all four books in the series—Claimed by Gods, Bound to Gods, Falling for Gods, and Waking the Gods—as well as a brand-new 50-page bonus epilogue.

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What happens to you when your past changes?

Shocking news of Evie’s history makes her look again at everything she knows. And everyone she knows.

Hidden Loves is Alice May Ball’s scorching second part for the new reverse harem series, packed with raw language, burning conflict, scorching secrets, dark and dirty deeds, and searing steam. The series pursues mature themes that may be too scorchy for some readers.

Each part can be read as a standalone.

EVERY part has a happily ever after ending.

Link to book 2

My name was Eden Moretti.

After being betrayed by those I’d trusted, my life spiraled out of control. I lost my innocence and dreams in one fell swoop.

Now, I’m a junkie dancer who will do just about anything to earn a buck or get my next fix. When you’re living off the books to stay hidden on the fringes between Carlotti and Finelli territory, anything means…anything.

The mafia lords and their heirs own this city. They fiercely protect their turf along with anything else they lay claim to. Murder, mayhem, and money are the driving forces behind the ruthless Familes, and death comes swiftly to those who get in their way.

Tony, Vanni, Marco, and Santos are the heirs to the Carlotti Empire, one of the most prolific crime syndicates in NYC. And one of them was the catalyst for the wreckage my life had become.

Due to a budding war with another Family, our paths have crossed again. Except this time, I didn’t have a chance to run. The Carlotti men I’d once trusted as boys took me, but to what end?

To save me? Keep me? Kill me?

The Carlotti heirs don’t know what they just took on, but I’ll enjoy showing them exactly what I’m capable of. That is, if I don’t wind up dead first.

No Good Deed is a dark contemporary reverse harem romance. Content Warning: vulgar speech, explicit scenes, drug use, violence, gore, and possibly a myriad of other aspects that may not be suitable for all readers. 18+/Mature readers recommended.

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Some secrets are better left buried, but now that I know, my life will never be the same again.

With the bloodletting on the horizon and a meeting with the elders that goes horribly awry, the supernatural world is descending upon me like a hoard of hungry vampires—and each one of their leaders wants something from me in return for their fealty.

As my world unravels one secret at a time, it’s hard to know who to believe, or who to trust. The only thing I know is that I need to save my father, and I’ll go to any lengths to do just that.

Together, my mates and I fend off betrayals, enemies, shades, and the darkness that threatens to drag me under with each trip to the veil I make. One by one they claim me, tethering me to the mortal realm and strengthening my magick, making me a weapon aimed straight at the heart of the one who dares to cross us.

But my mates aren’t the only creatures with sharp fangs haunting the night, and as I navigate the twists and turns around every corner, I find it hard not to get bitten.

You see, there’s this saying, once bitten, twice shy, but whoever wrote that must not know me, because I’m no coward, and I’m not afraid.

I have fangs of my own.

And I bite back.

Link to book 3

It’s a common story. I’m sure you can guess how it goes.
Girl winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
She witnesses four gods of beauty and brutality put a bullet in some poor sap’s head, and she’s stupid enough to get caught.

Come on. You know what happens next.

You know they tracked her… me… down.
I don’t need to tell you that they claimed me. Ripped me from my safe, perfect world and bound me in chains to their throne.
All of that is obvious.

It’s the part where they corrupted me, dragged me into their world of death and destruction, made me theirs in every way I didn’t know was possible, and I became a soldier in a war that will bring all of Cinco City to its knees…

…that’s when it gets interesting.

Saint is a dark contemporary why choose romance. This is book one in the series and features language, dark themes, and sexual scenes. If you’re cool with that, dive in!

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“Hang on to your panties because apparently, I keep losing mine. It’s gonna be a sexy ride”
Okay! So breaking into my workplace after hours to steal money and then running from the cops, may not have been my brightest idea. But I desperately needed the money, cuz a girl’s gotta eat, right?
They gave me a choice; go to juvie for eighteen months or spend two years at some fancy prep school for misguided kids.
What I wasn’t expecting to find at this prep school was my EX best friend, Oliver and his two friends:
Ben, who is shy with a side of mystery and Talon, with an ego way too big to be healthy.
Add on my drop dead gorgeous roommate Charlie, whose sassy personality hides a heart of gold, and THEN throw in some crazy stalker bitches who wants me dead!!!
BUT fun, games and mind-blowing sex aside, the other shoe always drops, and I sure as hell wasn’t ready for it. Will Charlie and the guys be?
Emerald Lake Prep is a Reverse harem “Why Choose” romance. Graphic sexual scenes meant for 18+ . Please note that all characters involved in sexual activity are all over the age of 18 and consensual. F/F and M/M content. Trigger warnings. Drug and alcohol use. Attempted sexual assault. Miscarriage.

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Some secrets are unforgivable, some betrayals cut too deep. And this time… This time I may lose them forever.

I spent eighteen years as a victim. Eighteen years where I was broken, shattered, pried apart and carelessly thrown back together. Now, the glue that keeps my fractured soul from rupturing needs to hold firm, or the four fierce lycans who swore to protect me will die to keep me safe…

The Assembly is no place for a human.

Especially not one standing trial. Surrounded by lycans who’d like nothing more than to see me dead, forced to participate in lethal games and hunted by enemies shrouded in shadows, my world is unravelling. The only thing keeping me sane is the four possessive wolf shifters ready to sacrifice everything to ensure my survival.

But when faces from the past return, the fragile trust I’ve built with my wolves is shaken to its core, and all the terrible secrets I once did everything to keep are clawing their way to the surface.

Out of time, I’m forced to make a choice. A choice that might cost me everything.

***Author Note***
Assembly is the second book in the Feral Souls Trilogy featuring possessive wolf shifters, a damaged heroine fighting to escape her past, and slow burn romance packed with raw emotion and sizzling tension.

Link to book 2


They sought to silence me.

They wanted me as their tool.

Fortunately, they underestimated me.

I knew too much, so they took my memories away. But even without them, I’m a force to be reckoned with. Because our enemies might call themselves angels, but the devil knows better.

Well, maybe not the devil himself, but my demons sure as hell do.

With my three supernatural men at my side, we’ll do whatever it takes to make this world right again. Even if it means overthrowing the angels, and heaven itself, to restore the balance of all the realms.

Only, we’re not the ones who need to rule. The chosen immortals are. And they’ve been hidden away, so if we can’t find them in time, this war will be lost.

The clock is ticking, and the search is on…

IMMORTAL TRUTHS is the second book in a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance. It has three sexy demons, druids, gargoyles, mages, and bad angels. So if you’re looking for a new and unexpected twist on heaven and hell, grab your copy of Immortal Truths. (This book was previously released titled “Rebel Lies.”)

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Spectra’s life is nearly perfect. She’s just moved into an incredible mansion, has four amazing men to love, and gets to hunt bad guys for the U.S. Government. Even her foster father is happy, reunited with his lost love, and Braxis, the Bleiten chief who helped Amara save Danu, is on his way back to Earth after executing one of the men who murdered her parents. But when F.E.A.R. learns about the black market auctioning of supernatural magic, Spectra is sent in undercover and her near-perfect happiness is threatened by old and new enemies alike. The destiny she once glimpsed draws closer, but Amara can’t remember what it entailed. Is this a golden opportunity to seize perfection or the tragic end of everything she loves?

Link to book 9

Happy dirty Valentine’s Day!
Have fun with this collection of V-Day stories. Mafia, motorcycle club, rock star, billionaire, teacher student, MF and why choose, spicy and sweet.
Get it now to warm up your Valentine’s Day.

In this box set you’ll find:
1- The Italian Valentine (exclusive content not published anywhere else)
Extra POV from the dark Mafia romance, The Italian Obsession
2- All the Teacher’s Valentines (exclusive content not published anywhere else)
A why choose forbidden teacher novella
3- Dirty Beats
The Italian Heartthrob Prequel. Rockstar romance. The spicy story of Maggie and Viktor before Mike
4- Nine Minutes Xtra
Part of the Nine Minutes Trilogy, a dark and gritty motorcycle club romance. The Night Skulls MC

Warm up your Valentine’s Day and don’t be alone with over 80000 words, 300 pages of Valentine’s love. Spend it with the best date ever and get your copy now of Dirty Hot Valentine.

Link to collection

An Angel, a Demon, a Reaper, a Ghost, the Darkness, and a broken soul travel through the seven layers of Hell…

Sounds like the start to a bad joke, right?

After Administer’s attack and Lilith’s unexpected arrival, we’re left reeling. Add in the fact that my essence is trapped in a cage in Hell, and you can see that my life is in complete and utter chaos.

The solution? Travel through the seven layers of Hell, each one more dangerous than the last, to free my essence from Caius’s prison and save my soul.

I thought that dying was the worst thing to ever happen to me, but maybe…

Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe there are some fates worst than death.

The only thing left to do is defy destiny.

Defying Destiny is the third and final book of the Afterworld Academy series by bestselling authors Katie May and Loxley Savage. This is a reverse harem romance, meaning that the main character won’t have to choose between her love interests. This is medium-burn and does contain strong language and sexual themes. Oh, and death. Lots and lots of death. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Link to book 3

I knew nothing about mates until the alpha rejected me…

Growing up in one of the biggest packs in the world, my life is planned out from the second I turn eighteen and find my true mate in the moon ceremony.

Finding your true mate gives you the power to share the shifter energy they have, given to the males of the pack by the moon goddess herself. The power to shift into a wolf.

But for the first time in the history of our pack, the new alpha is mated with a nobody. A foster kid living in the packs orphanage with no ancestors or power to claim.


After being brutally rejected by my alpha mate, publicly humiliated and thrown away into the sea, the dark wolves of the Fall Mountain Pack find me.

They save me. The four alphas. The ones the world fears because of the darkness they live in.

In their world? Being rejected is the only way to join their pack. The only way their lost and forbidden god gives them the power to shift without a mate.

I spent my life worshipping the moon goddess when it turns out my life always belonged to another…

This is a full-length reverse harem romance novel full of sexy alpha males, steamy scenes, a strong heroine and a lot of sarcasm. Intended for 17+ readers. This is a trilogy.

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I thought having six mate marks was more than I could handle. And then Cyrus and Dar came along and told me that I was theirs, too. Male conduits, looking for their mate for over a hundred years. No pressure, right?

I thought that being someone else’s fated meant everything would be easy, that our connection would be instant. But that theory doesn’t take into account the life they’ve led before finding me. Am I really enough?

Then there’s the mystery guy I’ve been chatting to online- I don’t know who he is but he seems perfect for me. My other mates are encouraging me to finish my circuit so that I’m safe from the monsters that want my magic, but I have to walk that fine line between finding who I’m meant for and making sure we have a connection and that they respect me. And that being with them won’t alter the respect I hold for myself.

Things are getting crazy. Can we make it through?

Link to book 2


We escaped the Institute, but sometimes you bring the cage with you.

I feel like I’m a shell of what I was, part of me crying out for the man I left behind, but the other is determined to live no matter what. For my child.

But living means dealing with the consequences of our escape. I thought it was going to be me and Jai against the rest of the world, but now there’s Zane and all the other men I freed. They stood back in respect to our bond, but with Jai caged by his own pack, they’re closing in.

But why have his own people decided to hold him in a cell rather than let him come to me? Why do they seem to think they can break our mate bond? And how can we get him free?

It’s going to take all five of us to get my mate back and more besides and in doing so, I’m going to learn more about myself, Nan and my home than I ever wanted.

That’s OK. They either free my mate, or I’m prepared to nail those old men to the wall.

Link to book 2


Bianca Young and her dad tried to cross us. They wanted to take my family for fools, and now they’re going to find out what three jocks like us will do with her beautiful body.

She walked around campus as if she was in her own world, but we would have her begging for mercy, until we were done with her.

We would strip her, spank her until she’s soaking wet. Then, we would put her in line for stealing from my family.
We would have her screaming our names with every orgasm before we were through with her.
No one messed with the Russo family and got away with it.
No one.

Author’s Note: Please be advised this series contains material not suitable for all readers. It’s a reverse harem with some dark scenes, which include gambling and alcohol abuse. If you love reading such material, then this is the book for you!

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It was his last will and testament.

For one week, four of us were to live together. Play nice to each other like we used to when we were kids.

Seb, Thomas, Ashford and me.

Three of Mr. Keystone’s sons and me, the maid’s daughter.

All those years, the three sons bullied and ridiculed me because I was the maid’s daughter.

So, why was I back? Why did I cared to be in the same house as those three tormentors?

Because I was in Mr. Keystone’s will.

He had always been kind to me, even if his sons weren’t, so I could only honor his wishes. And he was like a father to me, and didn’t treat me like the maid’s daughter. But as soon as I could, I left to go to college. Two years ago. Meanwhile, the boys went their separate ways, too. Estranged from each other.

So why was I here having to live in the same house with his sons for a week?

I don’t know, but I’m about to find out, even if it meant my old adolescent feelings for all three of them might surface again. And being in the mansion we called a house together might jog some memories of the wild nights we’ve had here.

It’s just one week. I could survive that. Or could I?

**Heirs is the fourth book in The House Series, which is a Reverse Harem Dark College Romance recommended for age 18+ due to mature themes.

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Ice skates and multiple mates – What’s a girl to do?

When I told my friend, Willow, that I would housesit for her, I didn’t realize it would involve a brooding god of the underworld, an 18th century Highlander and a swoon-worthy dragon shifter.

I may be a demigod, but my powers are no match for a time traveling spell that throws me into the arms of a kilted scot. I’ll need to find my way back to present day, before I’m trapped in the past forever.

So much for a relaxing vacation by the pool…

Kari is a paranormal romantic comedy. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

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Stone Jacobs must…help me.

My life has always been defined by two interconnected things:

I’m a Wilder.

I’m a treasure hunter.

What happens when both of those things are threatened? When who I am gets pulled out from under me and my greatest enemy of all destroys me even further?

Lance and his mercenaries aren’t going to stop. They’re going to come at us until they take the treasure for themselves, and they don’t care who gets in their way. There’s no more family loyalty. No more bonds.

It’s just us versus them.

Through it all, I know one thing: We’re the only ones who deserve to find the Wilder legacy. Lance and his hired men will have to kill us if they want it for themselves—and trust me, they’re going to try.

These Reckless Hearts is the third book in the Saint Clary’s University series, an enemies-to-lovers reverse harem.

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I made a deal with the devil.
And there’s going to be hell to pay.
My troubles haven’t ended with the school year.

I’m alive. I’m out of the Hells. I’ve become one of the most powerful people in mage society overnight. Also, it’s summer break.

But there’s no rest for the wicked.

I witnessed dark magic and darker crimes in the Hells. Now, I stand with allies I struggle to forgive, against a mortal enemy who once held my heart in his hands.

Powerful men want to make me a pawn in their unhinged games, to be used or sacrificed at their whim. They can try. My boyfriends and I will carve our own path through mage society, whatever it takes.

I have innocent people to protect. Vengeance to take.

And bloodstained secrets to unearth…

Welcome back to Wraithwood Academy.

Note: This is a university age reverse harem novel with magic, mayhem, and a kick-ass heroine at war. Things get dark in this one—please check the content notes at the front of the book if you need them!

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Cherry Hunter thought life as a newly-changed wolf shifter with five hot shifter brothers as her mates was complicated enough. Little did she know what would be in store for her when the tall, dark-skinned stranger entered the bar where she worked.

Now, with a demon Prince’s pleas ringing in her ears, she has to convince her mates to take up the cause and help stop a literal Hell on Earth from coming.

The Hunters thought they were the biggest predators in Nowhere, but they’re about to find out that there are bigger, more dangerous monsters lurking in the tiny nexus town.

This paranormal reverse harem novel is intended for mature audiences.

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Just when things were looking like they were working out beautifully, Theo is hit with one hell of a curve ball.
The possibility of Amorenta not being in her hands anymore, and all because of a rule from decades before in the Light Courts, a rule that she didn’t even know about, isn’t sitting well with her. To lose everything she has built, her family’s legacy, for bureaucratic nonsense is the biggest fear of her life.
But there’s more.
With Amorenta in the grips of a very public battle, those who would try to cash in on the situation are looming, and the terms will not be anything Theo wants to accept.
With her newly minted guard by her side, and the quest to find her deity on the horizon, she will need everyone who supports her to back her, especially the one male she hasn’t taken, but can’t seem to live without.

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To escape a curse, I married four cocky Fae kings.

The arrogant sea king who would pursue me to the ends of the world.

The brothers of autumn, who have loved me, and hated me, and can’t quite make their minds where they fall now.

The winter king, who betrayed me to save his own court.

The five of us are bound together, even if we’re not sure now if we’re enemies or lovers or both. My father, the High King of all four kingdoms, is still alive—and he’ll stop at nothing to make sure I die instead of reclaiming my throne.

But I’m the rebel queen, and at my side are four impossible Fae knights. If I can get them all to stop trying to knock each other senseless, we can rule the four Kingdoms–and save them.

And if we can’t, we’ll die.

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Three things I’ve learned since gaining a new mate:
1.Someone always has to have the last word.
2.Men measure way more than just size.
3.Fate doesn’t like me much.

As it turns out, life as a new hybrid wasn’t as easy as it seemed. I’ve got a lot on my plate and I’m not just referring to my new mate. Armed with the location of the seer called Truth, my boys and I embarked on a journey through the Sierra Nevada’s in hopes to find the one person who just might have answers. Only we hadn’t predicted fate’s endless humor, and instead of answers, I’ve only gained complications. Complications in the form of a six-foot seven ogre and another unpredictable layer to an already catastrophic prophecy. With the help of my men, I’ve uncovered information that led us to the location of three paranormal slave camps. Battling time and distance, it was up to us to rescue the captors before Greta could do her worst.

**Truth is book three in the Keeping Liberty Series and a why choose/reverse harem book. It contains language and situations suitable for 18+. Current or future books in this series contain M/M, inappropriate humor and language, and/or a cliffhanger. **

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In a world where shifters exist, there are the dragons and then there are the others.

Avalon Clementine was born from dragon blood, but as a girl, the highest she can hope to achieve is Crafter Level, trained to be an Air User, but stuck in her human form. It’s the destiny of all dragon-blooded females, forever locked from their other self by a curse laid on their blood line a thousand years ago.

But Avalon isn’t worried about not being able to shift into another form. She’s worried about making it into Spearwood Academy, the only school anyone of the dragon blood wants to attend.

Her father, however, has different plans. He wants to keep her far away from the school that destroyed his family.

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Family loyalties are shattered, secrets are revealed, and True Mate bonds are tested as the battle for the mating amulets comes to an end. Sister faces off against sister in this series finale!
Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to the Feline Royals series, a Reverse Harem/WhyChoose Dark Romance.
Release Date subject to change.

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When the Light and the Dark Collide…
Who will Maintain the Balance within the Veil

For hundreds of years, magic users have grown up with the misconception that their magic has no true origin; that they were simply gifted more than mere-mortals.

This control of the narrative has suited the Fae, for their existence has been hidden; their kingdoms beyond the Veil secure. There has been a tenuous balance within the realms and for thousands of years the Fae have been secure in their traditions…their rule.

That is, until the uprising of a dark queen; because as with all things bound by nature, with unbalance comes destruction.

Until the prophecy of change was whispered throughout the realms there was an ever present sense of desolation.

Now? There is hope.


Hudson Jacobs has no idea of the changes that are about to take her life by storm. No idea of the plans put into motion by those who know of her existence and wish to not only protect her, but solidify the prophecy by any means necessary.

The only question is, will her destiny ultimately protect her or destroy her and those she holds dear to her heart.

When the stakes are darkness or light, life or death, will Hudson embrace her new life or will the tenuous Veil between the mortal and Fae Realm, destroy her before she gets that chance?

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I’m done being used by wolves, even if I have taken one as my own. The others will learn to kneel – or we’ll steal their power.

One leader locked me up, and the other used me in his devilish plans. Both have their hearts locked up tight, but I need muscle to teach them the error of their ways.

It’s time to pick a side in this pack war, and it will be my own. These wolves wanted a weapon. They got one – a red-hot demon pointed right at them.

If you love why choose romances, sexy werewolves, demons, and magic, grab this steamy, reverse harem paranormal romance now.

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Marked by three smokin’ hot alien warriors. Abducted by one in the night who doesn’t want to share.

The mating marks of the Dilarians are sacred and cherished. Three marks on one mate is unheard of, but here I am.

Lanziel is trying to protect me from himself. I keep trying to show him that I accept him, but he thinks I should pick one of the others even though he can’t seem to keep his hands off me.

Thisath keeps stealing kisses and leaving me all hot and bothered.
Ronric refuses to share me.

Now here I am in a beautiful cave full of all sorts of treasures and mysteries and a surly alien warrior who is demanding I’m his.

Here’s the thing, I don’t want to choose.

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Forever is a long time for a vampire… but is all that about to change for Lailah?

Lailah’s neighbour, Loulou, is well known for hosting wild, extravagant events, so as Lailah heads over there for the much-anticipated annual Halloween bash, she thinks she’s prepared for pretty much anything. Soon after arriving, though, she discovers Loulou has outdone herself—and presented Lailah, who, as well as being an actual vampire, has come in fancy dress as one, with the opportunity to have a little joke at her own expense.

What Lailah’s not prepared for, however, is the appearance of three gorgeous men in uniform. Their out-of-place getup piques Lailah’s curiosity, and as polite conversation turns to flirtation, Lailah gets the weirdest feeling nothing is ever going to be the same again.

But how will Luke, Leo and Jack react when they discover Lailah’s vampirism isn’t just for Halloween?

Note: This novella has been previously published as part of the Duty Bound with Bite anthology.

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Three wild mountain men are my new neighbors. And they’re welcoming me to town and into their beds.
The mountain men of Deep Water Canyon are rugged, dirty, and wild.
I love how they work with… wood.
The fires they build are big… and hot.
They’re always ready to… shoot.
And they work so very… hard.
When Uncle Bo left me his rickety cabin in the woods, I figured I’d clean it out and sell the dump.
But I had no idea what I was getting into.
Lucky for me, some new friends in Deep Water Canyon were willing and able to help…
With my rehab project and by keeping me warm on chilly mountain nights.

The Men at Work Collection

  1. Her Dirty Rockers
  2. Her Dirty Teachers
  3. Her Dirty Doctors
  4. Her Dirty Bodyguards
  5. Her Dirty Bartenders
  6. Her Dirty Ranchers
  7. Her Dirty Mafia
  8. Her Dirty Mountain Men
  9. Her Dirty Soldiers
  10. Her Dirty Builders
  11. Her Dirty CEOs
  12. Her Dirty Jocks

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All Gray Marshall wanted to do was spend her summer surfing and enjoying lazy days with her besties and watch movies with her kid brother, Charlie.

Unfortunately, summer school had to ruin her lovely plans and she is forced to spend two months in geometry work hell.

There is no way she will survive the monotony!!

That is, until a tall, dark, and handsome guy literally bumps into Gray in the halls on day one and her entire world gets flipped upside down.
Not only is Reid sexy as sin, he has a twin and three other friends who all qualify for panty-melting status.

Despite their attractiveness, Gray is not a social person. Years in abusive homes have made her hesitant, anxious, and all-around antisocial. So why do these five guys make her want to spend every moment with them? Why doesn’t she fear their presence, a presence they basically force upon her within minutes of meeting? And what is with the way her body literally buzzes when they touch her?

After decades bouncing between realms, Reid, Rip, Mitch, Chance, and Dean have finally found the prophecy girl they have been searching for. But…she has no idea who she is, what she is capable of, or how important she is to them and their people. Worse yet, the council has forbidden them from telling her anything until she comes into her power. That task, in and of itself, isn’t too hard, except that every single one of them know the truth and they can only resist the pull for so long before they claim what is rightfully theirs. Shit, it’s been prophesized.

Waiting to Ignite is book one in a slow burn new adult paranormal reverse harem romance series. Gray has a lot to learn about who she is and where she really comes from, but first she has to survive summer school and the guys who guest star in her dreams at night. Not to mention someone, or some thing, has a special interest in her as well, and they aren’t looking to date her.

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Ell survived her second kidnapping, she has two boys under her belt, and a third has thrown his hat in the ring. Everything should be peacy, right? Probably not.

While Ell and her boys are in the middle of a pretty sexy respite under the Pixie Tree, they know they can’t hide out forever. The UnSeelie are now in control of the palace, and they’re torturing fairies for information on Ell’s whereabouts. When they find out Tab may be one of those fairies, they attempt a pretty epic rescue. Only, in true Ell fashion, things don’t go according to plan. When things are looking bleak, a Mer shows up to save the day, or something close to it. That wink, though.

ASAF is a medium-burn reverse-harem series where Ell collect men/fairies as the series progresses.

WARNING: Contains language, and graphic adult situations.

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The universe is against her.

Six long months of Johanney’s smug cousins getting married leaves her feeling attacked and out of patience. Marriage and love, it isn’t for everyone. Supposedly well-meaning family members don’t accept that as a viable answer when they ask what she’s waiting for and remind her she’s not getting any younger.

In her search for a solution to make these events bearable without questionable amounts of alcohol, and to pacify her nosy family, she turns to her Mawmaw. The matriarchal witch has the perfect solution: a spell that promises her everything she needs for long-lasting physical and emotional love.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, turns out, a lot.

Gran’s spell brings her three gorgeous shifters all claiming to be her mate. Johanney’s meager romantic experiences barely covers what to do with one man. What is she going to do with three?

All’s Fair in Love and Spells is a standalone, why choose, paranormal romance novella with a HEA. Readers who love Jade Alters, and Kristen Banet will find another favorite for their library.


  • Bella’s Wish by International Bestselling Author Linzi Basset
  • My Italian Valentine by Diana Nixon
  • Broken Harts by Golden Flogger Award Winner Pandora Spocks

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Ever since I learned that my dreams are based on reality, I now have the fate of two worlds in my hands.

I’m destined to defeat an ancient evil and restore the balance between worlds. But to do this, I need to find the five guards who are destined to aid me.

Aris has been my secret crush for a long time. Something about his emerald eyes and charismatic personality draws me in. He was once my guard and I was his queen.

When we touch, memories flood my mind of our previous life together. Something deep in my soul tells me we were more than just guard and queen to each other.

Now that we have found one another again, I don’t know what to do.

I have already bound myself to Cael, but the prophecy says the queen must take five mates. One of them is destined to betray me, but I do not know which it is.

Now, I have to choose. If I take Aris as my mate, can I trust him with both my life and my heart?

Link to book 2

I refuse to be a pawn.
My father sees me as nothing more than a thing to trade for more wealth and power, but I’d rather die than live the life arranged for me.
I need to escape, and when a half-dead shifter climbs through my window, I may just have the perfect excuse. If this stranger is found, he’ll be slaughtered, but hiding him would spell my doom.
I’m not like my father. I can’t let this man die simply for what he was born as. We need to run, get him back to his pride, and hope I can convince them to hide me.
From the moment I was born, I was destined to run. I just pray I’m fast enough to outrun my fate.

This is a HEA Standalone, 18+ RH novel, which means our leading lady doesn’t need to choose between her love interests. While there are numbers attached to the series, it is simply because it is a shared universe. ANY books in this series, by either myself or Sterling, will be HEA standalones following a different group of people, but with fun cameo appearances.

Link to book 2

My life is normal.

Better than normal. I have a hot husband, a great home, and the perfect life.

Until I remember my true identity.

My husband isn’t an insurance salesman.

He’s the deadly Lucifer himself. His two best friends, Michael and Gabriel, are my angelic lovers. And I’m Lilith, the Queen of Hell.

We need to abandon our perfect human lives to get back to Hell and strengthen the gates. If we don’t, demons are going to pour out of the Underworld to create Hell on Earth.

A powerful enemy we never even knew we had doesn’t want us to return to Hell. He’s doing all he can to stop us.

But I’m the Infernal Queen, and Heaven help anyone who stands in my way. They’re about to learn just how far I Fell.

Infernal Queen: Raising Hell is a full-length (70k+ words) poly why choose romance. It involves a considerable amount of steam and an intriguing plot.

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Ari has been running from her dark past her whole adult life.
She finally managed to flee the UK and has made a new life for herself in the US where she works as a nurse. Except life isn’t that simple. She’s a werewolf, and not just any werewolf – a Shadowborn. Able to become shadow, it’s an ability some would kill to possess.
No one except her witchy best friend knows of her abilities, and that’s how she likes it, until Ari’s past catches up with her.
Forced to accept help from the local wolf pack, Ari is made to face the realities of pack life, including Alpha males that think they can claim her as theirs.
There’s more going on in the supernatural community than it first appears, and when people start to go missing, Ari could be vital in helping to solve who’s behind it.
However, she’s been a lone wolf for so long, that getting over her trust issues are going to be easier said than done.
To survive, Ari will have to endure trials, loss and sacrifice.
Will she come out of the shadows with her heart intact?

This book is an omnibus of the Shadowborn series, and contains all three books, plus never before seen bonus scenes.
This is a reverse harem story and is intended for audiences aged 18+. There are some dark themes within the book that may upset some readers.

Link to box set books 1-3

There’s no room for your dreams when you’re a struggling single mother.

When I was young, I wanted to be a singer more than anything else in the world. The coolest part? I almost got there. Then, my mom got sick. My boyfriend decided he couldn’t deal with a long-distance relationship. I was dumped with a baby on the way and two parents who couldn’t fend for themselves.

I stepped up and took over as the sole breadwinner. It’s just what you do.

Now, my parents are gone and so is my most recent job, playing a tarot card flipper at a local psychic hotline. At least the former owners gave me a chance. They hooked me up with a singing gig at a local, exclusive club; Masque.

I don’t know anything about it, but the clientele all seem to be upper crust. They’re the type that wear my yearly paycheck on one finger and I’ll be performing for them all. The problem? I’m a human. They’re not. And they aren’t very fond of that.

After an attack that leaves my hopes in ruins, I’m likely to lose everything. Only a flock of crow and raven shifters stand in the way and I can’t take my eyes off of them. It feels like we’ve been together forever and, better yet, they adore my little girl. But when push comes to shove, will they leave me, too? Or will they help my dreams take flight?

Love Song is a standalone light omegaverse reverse harem corvid shifter romance. Full of drama, steam, and a cozy fated mates connection that helps them all take flight, it should not be read by anyone under 18. Inside you’ll find pretty boy birds, fated mates, and single mom goodness. Let’s get to the snazzy part: This sizzling hot story is filled with sexy bird shifters and an FMC trying to hold on to her dreams. Light M/M references.

Four hot guys and one world-weary girl. Why choose?

Link to book 7

Common sense tells you that you would know if you were evil, but what about the freaking anti-christ?

Quite ironically, my name is Faith, and up until a few days ago I was just a normal waitress working a dead end job just to get by. My life was going perfectly crappy just like everyone else, and my dumb ass had to go and screw it up looking for love.

When a mysterious dating app installs itself onto my phone I cave and take the bait.

Little do I know the four blind dates I’m matched with are actually the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and my life is turned upside down like the crosses they wear around their necks.

I barely have enough time to process that angels and demons exist because every angel and their momma is descending from a corrupt heaven to kill me.

Backed into a corner I’m left with two choices- try to plead my innocence to God and his army, or become the anti-christ they all think I am and build my own.

Are good and evil really as black and white as they’re tying to make them out to be?

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Cricket Kendall moved to Colorado expecting to learn more about her magic and heritage. Since befriending three hot werewolves from the local pack, things haven’t gone exactly as planned.

As her eighteenth birthday looms closer and closer, her magic and abilities grow stronger than she ever imagined they could. Theo, Hollis, and Cas do their best to help and support her, but tensions are high between the long-time friends. Between miscommunication, keeping secrets, and the tentative hope that one—or all—of them might end up being Cricket’s mate after her birthday, they can barely keep control of themselves.

However, a witch’s intuition is her greatest power. When Cricket learns to trust herself and her magic, she realizes things might not have to be so complicated.

Link to book 2

Welcome to Eden Academy. Safe haven. Melting pot of preternatural beings from shifters to extraordinary humans.

Carmen had been attending Eden Prep since before she knew her multiplication tables, and she was ready to graduate, do her time at the Academy and then get the hell out of dodge. She was sick of having a best friend who still saw her as a little kid despite the fact she was seventeen. She was sick of her Alpha older brother telling her what to do. She was sick of always being compared to Enit, her omega and incomparable littermate.

The only place she felt free was fighting, and if her parents knew that? They’d kick her ass and keep her locked up in the tiny town of Dark River forever. Well, except her dad X. Carmen was pretty sure he’d be proud that she could kick ass.

Carmen needed to get out into the world and live life on her own terms. But the last months of her senior year bring more surprises than she expected. A fiery runaway with a quick smile and even quicker hands. Not to mention the arrival of a boy, no a man, with dark eyes and an even darker past.

Hell, maybe Eden was living up to its name after all.

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I never claimed to be a good girl, but I definitely never asked for this.

Killian, Tristian, and Rath.

These three men are a part of my past–one that I’d rather never look in the eye again. In high school, they knew my secrets and I knew theirs. They had power and I had nothing. The night everything fell apart, my stepbrother allowed his two best friends to take their rage out on me while he watched. While they laughed.

But what happened that night wasn’t my biggest secret. So I ran, planning on never coming back.

Three years later I’m standing on their doorstep like a stray. They’re more powerful than ever now, having risen to the rank of Lords at Forsyth University. But I’m still on the run and there’s another monster chasing me down.

What could bring me back into their lives, their homes, and ultimately, their beds?




Killian, Rath, and Tristian aren’t the only ones who want me. There’s someone far more dangerous out there who’s been stalking me since I left town the first time. Someone who makes the evil I know feel less dangerous than the evil I don’t.

But being their Lady is more than just fancy clothes and reputation.

I might be under their protection, but I’m also at their mercy.

And there’s nothing a Lord loves more than taking control.

WARNING: This book is a DARK/BULLY romance. It contains graphic content of abuse and assault that some readers may be particularly sensitive to. If you have triggers or are even remotely unsure, please heed the note at the beginning of this book.

The Royals of Forsyth University is a three book, reverse harem series:
Lords of Pain
Lords of Wrath
Lords of Mercy

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“Join us, Alice, or the next victim will be…you.”

I, Alice H. Blaze, have always been up for a challenge. After all, my whole life has been a rollercoaster of obstacles designed to bring me down. The latest: watching my best friend’s business explode and subsequently landing on the enemy’s radar.
Now deadly threats are aimed my way.

To escape it all, I go to Blazing Summer Bootcamp with my trusty Blazing Knights and two assistants. The easygoing training center shouldn’t come with its own share of problems, but your Blazing Horseman can’t get a break to save her life.

When school starts, things only get worse. A jealous group of students transfers in and makes Gabriel’s life a living hell, Keru’s sleepwalking problems are on the rise, and Damon and Westley are feuding. The last thing I need is to be falsely accused of murdering my best friend’s sister, so of course that’s exactly what happens.

Semester Three is designed to make us stronger, but with all the barriers, I may not be able to tackle everything on my own. It’s time for me to look to the stars and hope a certain universal friend comes to my aid.

May the stars align and grant me the blazing force to bring all my enemies down.

Link to book 3


The world has changed. Along with everyone in it.

Completely mad scientist did the unthinkable. They weaponized a deadly concoction of virus’, Bacilli, and rapidly growing bacteria. All the while, genetically modifying the unborn children of… some willing surrogates.

The result? Airborne, bitten, and fluid transmission infection from creatures—both dead and mutated—nightmares are made of.

They wanted the perfect weapon. One that would spread uncontrollably across the world, infecting healthy hosts, and decimating the human race.

With the experiments a 99% failure, they tried to keep it contained. But it got out. And now, all us survivors can do is live in this new, terrifying world that brings even the strongest to their knees.

Easier said than done. I am one of those monsters. Genetically modified to be the perfect soldier, but with the tragedy of losing the only family I had left…I have lost myself completely.

Dean. Randall. Kahyl. Even Colt. They are all I have left in this mucked up new reality, and with them, I will destroy the man who has taken everything from me. And finally, find out who I am, and where I came from.

Possible Triggers
Billie is Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Romance, and the second in The Experiments Series. This story contains adult themes and situations intended for a mature audience.

Link to book 2

When a body is found with the DNA of a witch on it, it’s up to Cassie and her paranormal forensics team to catch the culprit.

As the body count starts to rise, all evidence points to Cassie, and she has to do everything she can to keep from being arrested for the crime.

Spell Tamer is an urban fantasy mystery set in the Paranormal Council Universe. It is book 2 in the Paranormal Criminal Investigations Trilogy.

Link to book 2


After witnessing the death of her friends, Avangeline is struggling to find the inner strength she needs to escape her captors. With an unlikely friend by her side, their journey back home leaves them with a new found realization.

This world is full of some of the scariest monsters, but sometimes they’re the people you trust the most.

Link to book 2

It is possible that this anthology will be mixed genre.

Cupid. God of love. Matchmaker. Baby with a deadly weapon? He goes by many names, but who or what is he? Is he the ghost of Valentine’s past or the matchmaker everyone thinks of? Does he grant love to the deserving, or does he twist love into something evil? Cupid in Love brings you six tales of love, heartache, and happy endings that will leave you yearning for more.

All proceeds from Cupid in Love will be donated to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, which helps anyone seeking information and guidance on how to help someone experiencing relationship abuse. For more information visit The Hotline website, http://www.thehotline.org.

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“You’re fighting it, Mr. DeWitt. I commend you for doing so; keep fighting it.Because as soon as you give in to her, your life will never be the same. Nothing but her will matter, and everything you think, everything you do and become… it’ll all be for her.”

It’s the year 1928, and famous cage fighter, ‘The Unbeatable August DeWitt’ has taken a dive, successfully ending his once thriving career. While traveling across the country to start a new life, the defamed fighter is approached with a rare job opportunity—to become one of three bodyguards for billionaire entrepreneur’s daughter, Emma Maddox.

August accepts the position and joins the ranks of the Hunters of Point Dupont—an island off the coast of Nova Scotia that is swarming with wolf-like beasts known as Howlers. His associates, ex- mercenary Grady McCoy, and muted, childhood friend of Emma’s, Jonathan Moreau. The job is simple. Hunt the Howlers and keep Emma safe inside Maddox House.

But Emma’s peculiar nature and undeniable charms bewitch the Hunters of Point DuPont, and their obsession drives them to near insanity. August has two choices: either to fall into the hopeless devotion to his mistress or set her free.

One thing’s for certain. Life inside the House will drive the Hunters stark-raving mad.

Link to book

Once an Ultiori Elite, Benedetta’s psyche crumbled under the corrupting mind control inflicted on her by her evil master. She begged for release by the immortal dragon who loved her, and her death in his cleansing fire severed their bond forever.

But a new force in the world has resurrected Benedetta’s essence from the ashes left behind. Life magic has blended with fire and reached back through the Bloodline, lighting a spark and calling to a soul that never really perished.

Alive once more and free from the bond to her old immortal lover, her lonely soul cries out for a mate, but who can fill the void left by the Void himself?

A trio of Shadow dragons, that’s who.

Link to book 9

Labeled as RH Category, but I am unsure due to vagueness of blurb.

Inyx was born in the world of Nusquam and had always known what her lot in life was. She had been born in the bad part of town, and there she would remain. The wealthy hid behind their walls, throwing scraps to the Relicta – the Abandoned – and pretending they didn’t exist and doing whatever it was rich people did.

But down in the streets, life was dangerous. Your life was determined by which Cohors you belonged to and if they thought you were useful. Pretty women ended up serving the Cohors in ways that made Inyx shudder to think about. Her mother had managed to keep her hidden from Gladius Sanguinis, thanks be to the Goddess, but now her mother was gone. Killed in the crossfire of another turf war.

When the Sanguis Gladii catches up to her, Inyx is pulled further into the dark underbelly of the city. Will she become just another tool of the Cohors? Or will Inyx find another way?

**One-click now for the first book in a hot, new, 18+ fantasy romance series featuring violent gangs and one strong, kickass heroine determined to stand up to them all! Get Queen of the Lost NOW.**

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This collection also contains an exclusive extended epilogue

From the Ashes Book One:

My whole life has been defined by my illness
And after twenty-four years of trying to fight it,
I’m about to lose.
That’s when The Phoenix group approached me with a devil’s bargain.
They will pay my family one million dollars, leaving them a lifetime of choices instead of a legacy of debt.
And all they want in return is me.
But the thing about a devil’s bargain is that there is inevitably a price to pay.
I go from being a human to being a commodity. A test subject to be poked and prodded, broken and put back together again until my body finally fails me.
The only way out is to die.
So what will happen when the girl who has always been sick, inexplicably begins to heal?
With the odds stacked against me, I’ll have to place my life and my heart in the hands of a group of criminals,
Because the girl who was once ready to die will burn the world to ashes for a chance to live.

From the Fire Book Two:

An asset. An experiment
A liability. A freak.
I’m all those things
And so much more.
The Phoenix Group might have all the power
But underestimating someone with nothing left to lose will be their downfall
They took the only thing in my life that was pure and untainted
And destroyed it, leaving behind nothing but rubble and ash.
Now there’s nothing but revenge on my mind and rage in my heart.
They left me to burn, trapped behind a wall of fire and flames.
But the girl I once was is now a monster of their own making
They should have remembered that a Phoenix cannot be beaten with fire.
From the ashes, I will rise
And vengeance will be mine.

Trigger warning: This collection contains themes that some readers might find uncomfortable.

Authors note: The Phoenix Project is an unconventional story about love and loss and the hard part in between. It is a Reverse Harem romance with multiple love interests and not a triangle in sight.
Due to its mature content, readers should be 18 and over.

Link to collection

Memories all stripped away, a nameless woman is sold at auction. Her buyer might be an angel, but he’s no holy symbol–and he’s clearly got bad intentions.

When the angels are evil and the demons won’t help, what then?

Then you run like hell, you hide, and do whatever it takes to stay alive. Even pick a fight with an alien twice your size.


Dae, Ilsuk, and Xuakai have been living together for a long time, finding love and companionship among one another and their young daughter, Minsie.

The sudden appearance of a fugitive in their storage bay isn’t what they anticipated on this particular market run, and she may have been the first to draw blood…but Ilsuk has smelled this type of fear before and knows what sorts of things cause it.

The men will do whatever it takes to keep their daughter safe, but when little Minsie decides to make friends with the beast below deck, they have to reevaluate how they see the feral woman.

She may turn out to be exactly what they all needed.


18+ reader discretion is advised; see preface in “look inside” preview for trigger warnings <3

Link to book

Once upon a time I met four monsters and thought the world would come to an end at their hands.

But I was a fool.
Because I didn’t understand the bigger picture.
That the enemies I thought I knew would become the reason for my entire existence. My strength. My pain. My life. My love.

The big bad wolf has teeth and claws as sharp as iron, and the danger before my eyes is blinding. So blinding that I didn’t see the true danger lurking in the dark.

But now my eyes are wide open and I see it all.

Alone and afraid and running out of time, I’m not afraid of monsters anymore.

I’m counting on them to come for me.

Because if they don’t, this foolish girl might be lost forever in the dark.

Link to book 4


From the creator of Sapphire and Juniper comes a brand new romance that you’ll be embarrassed to read in public.

You thought flying dildos were mad? Wait until you meet the men who throw their dicks around… literally! They’ll give you new inspiration for your next naughty purchase.

Meet Riley Storm, a raptor shifter biker chick and the local Bob-guard. Why does she shift into a dinosaur? She doesn’t know. But her new fated mates are going to help her discover her forgotten past.

Her harem includes:

  • A penis snake shifter whose cock keeps slithering away.
  • An octopus shifter who throws his dick at people he likes (some octopuses really do that!).
  • A small pixie whose cock grows when he tells lies.
  • A vegan necromancer who raises burgers from the dead, so she can create an army of zombie cows (no cock here! Storm is Silver Spring’s first bisexual heroine).

When a group of alien hunters roll into town, convinced that the local supes are dangerous space invaders, Storm has to stop them with help from her mates and their not-quite-super powers. It’s a good thing she’s terrifying all on her own.

Storm is a paranormal romantic comedy. It’s part of the Silver Skates series and Silver Springs universe. Scroll up to pre-order this whacky, steamy novel today.

Link to book 5

Adie and her loved ones are under watch as the council guards continue their search for Victor Hesse. But as he’s proven before, he’s able to slip out of their grasp.

He’s set his sights on Adie, and nothing will stand in his way. He’s coming for her, and will do the unimaginable in his quest to find his revenge and claim Adie for his own.

Will Adie be strong enough to stand against the coming battle? Or will everything she’s worked so hard for come undone?

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.
Includes the Succubus Harem Serials 38-43

Link to book 7

My father’s trap failed, but I’m no closer to freedom than when he declared me sacrifice. Now, thanks to the seraphim blood running through my veins, I’m bonded to Malachi, Rylan, and Wolf.

Our connection forces us into intimacy that none of us want, but the price of resisting will cost us our very lives. There’s only one path out of this. I have to get pregnant so I can become my father’s heir, and kill him before he assassinates me.

I need time. Time to figure out things with my men. Time to come up with a better plan. Just flat out time.

I’ve spent my entire life avoiding confrontation and running instead of fighting.

Running isn’t an option this time.

Now, I’m prepared to go to war to survive.

Heir is the second book in the Bloodline Vampires trilogy, and should be read following Sacrifice.

CW: Dubious consent, blood play, breeding, abusive parent (father), cliffhanger

Link to book 2

The alpha of hell is my fated mate and he rejected me.

I’m an outcast in my pack and have been since the day I was born. Shunned by most of the wolves around me, I’ve managed to stay out of trouble… until now.
Now The Alpha of Stormfire is hunting me, but he doesn’t want to claim me as his mate.

He wants me dead.

Forced to leave my old life behind, I have no choice but to go on the run. Luckily, The Demon Hunting Trials is the perfect place to hide, even if it comes with a few obstacles.

Such as their leader is a total jerk, a wolf is blackmailing me to be his friend, and I swear my new, sexy as sin partner is trying to get us killed.

With demons running amok and the alpha of hell searching for me, I hope I can live long enough to get my revenge.

18+ Dark reverse harem romance full with a sassy and sarcastic heroine who finds her match.

Link to book

The explosive conclusion of the Blacktower Prison for Supernaturals series! Blurb contains spoilers—proceed at your own risk.

Trouble and her mates have made it out of Blacktower, but at a steep cost. Ravenmaster weakens everyday, and unless Trouble returns to the prison, her magic will detonate, taking out most of the country with her. But if she does return, she’ll be captive and tortured once more.

The only hope is a lifeline thrown by the gods: a mythical weapon, hidden for centuries, that’s capable of weakening Bloom. Trouble and her mates have no choice but to return to their prison, but they won’t be going back unarmed.

That is, if Trouble can track down the ancient sword, overcome the dark magic guarding it, and survive long enough to use it.

This is Blacktower Prison’s final showdown. Either chaos and pain will reign, or Trouble will be victorious, and leave only ash in her wake.

Blacktower Prison for Supernaturals is a complete magical prison series, with a tough heroine and the sexy shifter mates who vow to keep her safe—not to mention the gravelly voice in Trouble’s head who knows her too well, and the darkly alluring overseer determined to unearth her secrets. This book is medium burn, with moderate heat, and multiple love interests. 90,000 words.

Link to book 4

The Sons of Scared Hill are determined to get rid of me. They used to be my best friends, but now they torment me.
Sacred Hill Academy is my only chance at a better future for my sister and me. If I have to suffer the next four years at Sacred Hill, serving the spoiled rich kids, to give AJ the life she deserves, I will. I haven’t gotten this far just to give up now, no matter how hard Lucian, Caleb, and Kai try to make my life. This might not be the typical college experience most humans get, but I’ll take it.
All I want is to live a normal human life, even if I’m not technically entirely human. No one needs to know about my powers. They aren’t strong enough to be a threat, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in the Witching community. I won’t. They have made it clear as a crystal ball that I am not welcome as anything more than a servant.
I just need to convince a certain sexy Psycho telepath to keep his dang mouth shut about these powers. And don’t even get me started on his best friend.
Dark secrets threaten to destroy not only my plans but my entire life. I might not have a say in the kind of future I’m so desperate for after all. AJ comes first. I have to protect her, no matter what the personal cost.

This is an Academy RH, all characters are 18+.
Some content may be triggering for readers, please read with caution. Strong language and sexual content may offend some readers.

Link to book


Maya Adams is a professor of linguistics and ancient languages at Harvard University. She isn’t well liked by most of her older colleagues, mostly because her doctoral dissertation invalidated much of their earlier career conclusions and papers. Her relative youth and exotic beauty further served to draw lightning to her career by her backstabbing colleagues with unfounded rumors.

Her life changes on the night the vast alien space station appeared in the sky, visible in orbit to the naked eye. To the world’s surprise, the station is discovered to be completely abandoned. Except, the teams boarding the station can’t read the language, and she’s called on to assist, reluctantly.

She agrees, only to find out things aren’t what they appear to be, and the stakes are nothing less than the future of humanity, and the Earth itself. If she can figure it out in time, and if she could convince the people around her of the truth, which wouldn’t be easy.

Author’s Note: This is a full novel, a Sci-Fi alien Reverse-Harem with a slow burn that doesn’t at all stint on the plot or the sci-fi. There are scenes of a mature nature between a man and a woman. It is also told from first person, from Kyra’s point of view.

Link to book


How does a goddess get her power? The hottest way possible…

Fun fact: Goddesses have their limits. One look at a convention center full of comics fans, vendors, and cosplayers — all exposed to a magical malady by a shadowy figure known simply as Disease Man — and Annie Chambers is looking behind her for the hero to save them.

Only the hero… is her. The woman so allergic to facing things head on, her only wish had been to live alone in a tropical paradise.

But with Rion, Keph, Delphon, and Aethan gazing upon her with complete faith and trust, how can she fail? Especially when she’s got a bond with Rion to boost her power.

And if one bond with Rion, sealed in the heat of passion, gives her the strength to heal hundreds, how much more could a second bond give her? Keph is waiting with open arms — and a rock-hard body — to find out.

And, healing several thousand people is only the first step. Annie and her guys still have to track down and stop who’s behind the epidemic which threatens both worlds, all while staying one step ahead of the FBI…

Power of the Goddess is the second book in the Grecian Goddess trilogy, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a spunky heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

Link to book 2

Five years ago, I thought life was nothing short of a fairytale.
I had the love of my five mates and the future was looking so bright.
Five years ago, I was an idiot.
Now I know that life isn’t sunshine and rainbows.
Now I know that life is full of lies, darkness, and blood.
It only took my mates abandoning me without a word or a trace to open my eyes to the things I had previously ignored.
When you are a rejected mate, you learn pretty quickly how people actually feel about you.
It took me five years to track them down, and now that I have, they have a choice:
Break the bond, and finally set me free
I’ll kill them, and hope I survive their deaths
I’m Delphina Grimm, my enemies call me Umbra

Betrayal is the first in a duet PNR/UF Reverse Harem romance. Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 due to language, sexual situations, and violence. There is MM in this book which means swords will be crossing. There are things in here that people might find triggering.

Link to book

They say there’s a fine line between love and hate.

Oh, no doubt about it. Just as I thought our relationship was moving toward something more. All four of my best friends dumped me at the same time—without a word of explanation. And to make things worse, they’ve become my tormentor for four years.

Now, I detest them passionately. However, they seem to be always around—like they’ve become my own personal stalkers. Regardless of what they want, I will never forgive them… Or will I?

Something big is going down. I know it in my bones, and I suspect it involves the four douches. However, the joke’s on them. I’m not interested, especially if it concerns my sworn enemies.

Queen of Vampires is a standalone paranormal romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose. The novel includes light bullying themes and adult scenes.

Link to book


I was supposed to marry the cruel prince my evil stepmother chose for me, so I did the one thing I could: I ran, never to look back.

But being alone in the middle of the woods isn’t the smartest move for a young woman.

If you are a princess, it’s a whole new level of crazy.

Everyone is out to get me, and there is a prize on my head. They don’t even care anymore whether I’m being captured dead or alive.

My only chance of survival is the men I cannot trust, but the ones I have to rely on: the three hunters that were sent to hunt me down. But instead of claiming their prize, they are willing to listen to my side of the story.

The question is whether I can change their minds and their hearts before it’s too late…

Note from the Author: This is a slow burn Reverse Harem, Why Choose Fairy Tale Romance Retelling of Snow White in 6000 words. It being a short story, expect insta romance as well as a cliffhanger. This is the first part of this fairy tale, and another one is on it’s way soon.

This is Book 6 in the Reverse Harem Fairy Tales Series, with more stories to come every week. Some characters will stay with us for the duration of several books, while there will be standalones in the series, too, and every book can be read on its own.

It’s highly recommended though that books in the same fantasy niche fairy tale are read in their order of publication.

Includes mature scenes, slight BDSM, multiple partners and dark humour. You have been warned.

Link to book 6

Monster-hunter Grace Falls never intended to make a deal with a devil—much less three of them.

When Grace agreed to take a job tracking down demons in the notoriously dangerous Blood Heights district, she didn’t realize her charismatic new employers ruled Hell itself.

Now she’s locked into a contract with them, and everyone knows they don’t leave loopholes. But the longer Grace works for them, the more she realizes that all is not what it seems—not in Heaven, not on Earth, and certainly not in Hell. The demons she’s spent her life tracking may not be the monsters she expects them to be, and her own history might hold a surprising secret or two.

But now that she’s joined their unholy alliance, she’s all in.

She’s about to discover that she’s no angel—and there will be Hell to pay.

Fans of urban fantasy by Nalini Singh, Ella Summers, and K.F. Breene along with fans of reverse harem romances by B.L. Brunnemer, Eva Chase, and C.M. Stunich will love this blend of urban fantasy, reverse harem, and action adventure romance!

Scroll up now and one-click this hot-as-hell whychoose romance!

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Full Sack is the second book in the More the Merrier RH Series!

It started with one hot guy, and then another. When Veterinarian Merry moved to the beautiful but small town of Wexler, Colorado, she didn’t think she would find excitement let alone romance.

But then she met Jason the jogger who lived down the street. Eric the Electrician with a full sack, and Conner, the Chef.
Things just got hotter and more interesting in Wexler!

The More the Merrier RH Series is a RH Contemporary Romance Series! with steamy scenes and some humor. Recommended for adults 🙂

Link to book 2

Three fated mates. Two sides divided. One chance at happily ever after.

Fate has given me three of the hottest warriors I could’ve imagined. Even though they’ve agreed to share me, I don’t want to spend my time bouncing from bed to bed. I want us to be a unit. A family. Our marks haven’t even completed.

Convincing my mates to share was hard enough. But the rest of the Dilarians are not thrilled with the startling new arrangement either. Turmoil and discord thrum through the settlement.

They’ve lost their home planet and almost all their people, now they must conform to a new destiny—one that might mean even more mates sharing.

I’m determined to show everyone that love doesn’t follow rules. I know I won’t be complete without all three of my warriors, together.

And neither will our mating marks.

Get it now!

This may be Alyssa and her three mates last book, but there’s more to come from the Alien Warriors of New Dilaria!

Link to book 3

They say the truth will set you free… but I’m not so sure about that.

Between the vampire who is still very much a threat, to the explosive secret of my origin, and the fact that destroying the Vessel of Truth doesn’t seem to have stopped any of the evil it spawned, I’m beginning to think that maybe freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I am more tightly bound than I have ever been in my life, and yet…

Angus and Marco are more than a dream. But I don’t have to pinch myself to know that it’s real. One look at Van’s face is all it takes to see the torment we’re causing him. If something doesn’t give, I am afraid the bond between these brothers, which has endured two centuries of strife and pain will shatter, severing their tie forever.

They say good things come in threes, and looking at my wolves, I sure hope they’re right.

Link to book 3

This year is officially the worst.

My parents, my vampire bestie, and Lacey are missing. Chances are they’re with Sisco, the psycho vamp lord from New York.

If that’s not enough, the wolves are accusing me of murder.

I have one thing to say to my enemies: You messed with the wrong Hunter.

This is book three in the Blood Mafia series.

Link to book 3

No one said being bound to three dire wolf shifters and a possessive malevolent spirit was going to be easy.

Fighting all the emotions that come with the connections is even harder.

Thank goodness for my spot on the Elites team. Setting my focus on honing my powers and building my stamina by running with the wolves takes my mind off the fact that there are three original vampires out there somewhere, gagging for a taste of my blood.

I can’t worry about them right now.

The Order is stepping out of the shadows and the Varga are upping their attacks. When the female shifters go missing, suspicion falls On the Varga. But I’m about to find out that nothing is what it seems, and the danger we’re aware of could be nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

Link to book 2

**Author is possibly releasing the 18th** If not, original date of the 20th

Broken alphas. A lost wolf. A fate she never expected.

Silver Falls University. There was no reason for a female bitten wolf like myself to be here. More so, there was no reason that someone who grew up as poor as I did, in an overcrowded pack house in the South side of Chicago, should be making her way up north to one of the most prestigious supernatural universities in the country.
I truly had no idea what to expect. Something that was my own fault. I didn’t exactly have a lot of experience with anyone or anything. Sheltered was an understatement, except to the darkness that came with struggling to survive cruel bullying and an incurable loneliness that had formed the woman I was today.
The place I had grown up, never felt like home. No one had ever felt like home.
Well, until I meet a man on the way to campus. A man that had me feeling so completely comfortable yet confused and overwhelmed. There had to be something wrong with me, right? This wasn’t normal. Then again, I should have realized that nothing about my life moving forward would be normal.
I just didn’t realize how much was in store for me.

Join Effie Harlow on her journey at Silver Falls University, where she begins to realize that something about her is different. This reverse harem paranormal romance features five protective and possessive wolf shifters that are bound and determined to keep Effie by their side, no matter what. To prove to her that she is so much more than anyone had ever tried to tell her she was. Will they be able to convince her of her place at Silver Falls and in their life? Or will Effie get lost in the university crowds like she did back home? Find out in this first installment of the Silver Falls University Series. Lost is the 1st book in the Silver Falls University out of 5.

Warning: This PNR University style RH will contain swearing, adult sexual content +18, elements of PTSD and prior abuse, violence, and additional darker themes.

Link to book 2

“It’s time to embrace your inner wolf.”

Arriving in Mercaida was the least of our worries once we saw the dangers that awaited us. It was the place that held half of who I was, yet it turned out to be filled with even more secrets than I could ever imagine. Was the shifter passing me on the street every morning friend or foe? Even the friendliest face held the darkest of intentions.

Things were worse than we thought. Some friends became enemies, and sometimes the ones who could hurt us the most were the ones closest to us. Connecting with my wolf turned out to be one of the greatest things that ever happened to me, but this time it brought me struggles and pain.

Alpha Murdock has a hint of darkness hiding behind his plaster-kind smile. With the darkness growing thicker over Mercaida, we’re running out of time to fight it. Yet when secrets are exposed and the truth emerges, can we fight back the creatures who threaten our very existence, or will we succumb to the dark with those who have fallen before us?

My wolves are calling, but can I help them?

This is book 2 out of 3
Wolves of Mercaida series:
Call of the Wolf
Fall of the Alpha
Rise of the Pack

Link to book 2


A fast burn dragon shifter reverse harem Sci-Fi romance story

My “Husbands” and I had to flee from our home planet, Karask after the shadows destroyed our home and killed our friends.
I am just grateful that D’Arcy, Blood and Ash are still by my side, but can they fly a spaceship from the Old Earth??
We crash on a unknown planet and Blood goes missing.. D’Arcy and I can’t believe that he is responsible for the crash. A spirit of this planet took possession of my love, the dragon shifter Blood and we try to save him now.
A new species of tiger shifters with wings seem to be our friends. They are all female. I am fascinated by Jean, the first human male I ever met who wasn’t born on Karask. Is the only being nice or is there more?
We embark on a dangerous adventure to save Blood from the posse, having to cross the land of the male tiger shifters, who are loners and extremely dangerous..
A story with steamy scenes, including some mf, mmf, ff and mm scenes.

You can read it as standalone but I’ll recommend you read the first book of the trilogy.

Link to book 2

My father is a criminal.
His plans are falling into place and every new truth I learn makes me fear him more.
At school, I’m a target or ignored, there is no in between.
I keep finding those insanely creepy notes in my locker.
My saving grace right now? My small slice of happiness?
Aiden and Ty. And sometimes, even Barrett and Preston.
They don’t want to get along, but we need each other if we’re going to survive Crescentwood.

Secrets are being revealed. Trust no one.

***This book is a reverse harem, meaning the FMC will have three or more love interests.
The book also has trigger warnings for emotional/physical bullying and abuse, rape and violent scenes, reference to suicide and mature content/swearing, so please do not read if you are easily offended or have the mentioned triggers
This book is intended for 18+

Link to book 2

If God thinks he can keep me from my demon princes he has another thing coming.

I’ve woken up in Heaven as I wanted when I first passed, but it’s definitely not what I want now. Jehovah–or God as most know him–is holding me captive for more reasons than one. To mock and hurt Lucifer, stop his sons from falling in love with me, and to cause general chaos between the three realms. A war brews right over the horizon as I fight against my feelings for Jehovah and dive back to where I belong. . . with my demons.

Not only will this affect Heaven and Hell but also the human world. As natural disasters become commonplace, demons run amock on the surface, and God reigns his divine retribution down toward whom he believes to be his one and only true love all I can think is that the fight between good and evil is a lot more complicated than it seems.

Link to book 2

Someone fucked up.

They stole my little brother, and now my demons and I have to find him.

But the thing about my guys?

They’ll tear apart Heaven and Hell for me…and enjoy doing it.

Shocking secrets and betrayals from our past are still tearing our group apart. Combined with threats closing in on us from all sides, we might not survive.

But hey, if I’m going to war, at least I have the might of Hell at my back.

We’ll find my brother, destroy the people attacking us, and find our happily ever after.

Or we’ll all die trying.

This is a reverse harem paranormal romance containing psychotic, alpha males, student/teacher relationships, strong language, and sexual situations.

Link to book 3

Everyone wants to give in to temptation, but no one wants to pay the price.

I was a child when my father surrendered me to the Temple of All Gods. No one gave me a choice. No one even bothered to explain. I was simply tossed aside, unwanted.

That was the day the God of Temptation claimed me as his.

Now, I’m studying how to become the perfect priestess. Life in the temple means embracing my emotions and learning to harness each type of desire. Power, fear, lust, and rage are the most common, but not the only ones. Each has a power. Each has its place. I just have to figure out which kind of priestess I’ll become.

Before I decide, I have questions – yet no one seems willing to give me answers. My only option is to leave it in my god’s hands. This won’t be easy, and my instructors think I’m a fool, but Temptation has been listening. Asking. Offering it all.

In exchange, he intends to use me.

I have demands. The priest and priestess who took me in have become my family. The guys? They taught me to love. How am I supposed to give this up? Why should I? Not even a god can make me walk away from them! All I have to do is stand my ground.

In this temple, there’s always a temptation.
The question is if I’m stubborn enough to resist…
Or brave enough to pay a god’s price.

Possible Triggers: Minor bullying, some sexual harassment, consensual pain and battery. Minor violence.

Book 1 of 5 – Release scheduled – Feb 19, 2021

Link to book

The Crew stole my freedom.
They changed my life.
But I’m a warrior

Frankie Gomez, the gang leader’s son. The future of the Riverside Docks Crew has claimed me.
I didn’t want anything to do with the gang. I didn’t want anything to do with him.
I didn’t have a choice.

Frankie, Joe, Ash.
I’m surrounded by these men with no way out.
The Crew is for life. The Crew is thicker than blood.

But when I find myself in the middle of the gang wars, Frankie is the only person who can save me alongside his two bodyguards.

I will survive this.
Warriors always do.

This is the first book in a reverse harem, dark romance series, featuring dark themes and gang violence.

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Who says you can’t be smart and loose-legged?
The University of Oxford—that’s who.
Meaning Jezebel Harper has a problem because the gorgeous American really wants to keep her scholarship.
What’s a sex addict to do?
Join Sexaholics Anonymous, obviously—except, Belle doesn’t read the fine print.
S.A. means something completely different.
Belle shows up at Shifters’ Anonymous, where four drool-worthy males and two stunning women all turn to stare at her. . .
And, instead of being a solution to all her problems, S.A. is where Belle’s all begin.
Get ready for a new spin on ‘lost in translation’.

Warning: This is a reverse harem romcom (comedy) series with explicit language and scenes for readers 18+. This is book one of the Banbury Shifter Tales.

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Beltane was only the beginning.
The cat is out of the bag—literally—about Taurus and my magick.
Retaliation is the name of the game, and no one is safe.

How do I juggle the most possessive, over-protective bastard in The Rift with all of my current mates and lovers?

What revenge will the Coyote Den take for my betrayal?

Oh, yeah… I forgot.

I’m also in HEAT.

I’m not even sure if I’ll survive to attend Rafe’s birthday bash.

Here kitty, kitty, kitty…


Codename: The Rift is the first novel in a series of urban/dark fantasy novels and short stories. Readers have classified it as dark romance, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi fantasy, shifter, and more. It is in multiple POV in an epistolary style that will make you feel as though you are part of the action. Everything in The Rift interconnects like individual threads in a spiderweb.

Codename: The Rift Boxed Set is a set of prequels written in The Early Years and The Winter, prior to Codename: The Rift begins. We highly recommend reading the first novel prior to reading these books.

Hallelujah and Call The Magickal Midwife are short stories set as side quests during the main story of A New World Order (the second book in the series). You can read Hallelujah without reading the second novel but reading prior to first novel MAY spoil you, depending on where your spoiler line is. Call The Magickal Midwife will spoil the second novel. They are dark, bloody, steamy, and may offend some with sensitivity about Christian religious beliefs.

The Kitty Does Halloween is a short story set in the timeline around the middle of A New World Order. Since it was written for an IG Author Challenge, it does not give away key points of the second book and should not entirely spoil those reading it as a stand-alone.

A New World Order is the second novel in The Riftverse series. All of your favorite characters return, and new ones join the fray.

The A and The Ω is the third novel in The Riftverse series. What was lost returns, the Resistance is fractured, and Deli makes a choice that might destroy everything. Pre-order now!

Once you enter the Rift, you may never want to return.

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The elites of Ridgecrest might have been forgotten, but they’ll make sure they’re not left that way for long.
Not, at least, where I’m concerned.

I don’t belong at Ridgecrest Gap Year Program.

This place is little more than a nanny school for the castaways of the rich and powerful, a place to hide away their greatest mistakes.

This is all a mistake.

Too bad no one believes me.
Not when I was caught kissing a teacher’s aid at my strict Catholic high school–a fact that I’d like to keep quiet at all costs.

Costs that soon may grow to be too high.

Now that I’ve found myself at Ridgecrest I have no choice but to make the best of it, even when I end up the target of some of the elites. Not just some of the elites either. The Elites.




With my whole college career, my whole future in the balance, it’s either do as I’m told, or end up with my name smeared once again.

And this time, if I mess up Ridgecrest, there are no more second chances.

Her Shame is a full-length reverse harem bully romance with multiple love interests. It’s the first book in The Forgotten Elites trilogy, a contemporary enemies-to-lovers series where the main character has no intent to choose.

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After her father’s death, Octavia barely has time to grieve before being whisked away from all she’s ever known by a godmother she never knew existed.

Something about her new home triggers dreams of contradictory memories that make Octavia question who she truly is. Her godmother seems to have an answer to everything, but can the mysterious woman be trusted?

As isolation and curiosity begin to eat at her, Octavia finds herself drawn to three captivating men.

One who knows loss as she does.
Another who dotes on her.
A third who’s struck a note of familiarity since the moment their eyes met.

Driven by their own agendas, they each desire something from her. Her body. Her strength. Her essence. Mind muddled by temptation, can Octavia unravel the truth swirling around her in a cloak of secrets? Or will she lose herself under the crushing influence of hidden enemies?

The Lady and the Lost is an all-new reverse harem romance rife with gothic mystery, terrible secrets, and intense slow-burning attraction.

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When the plans Val, Mack, Coop, and Buddy had for their college orientation scavenger hunt goes wrong, the Museum of Magic and Wonder seemed like a good place to go. Unfortunately, the Museum has different plans for them.

Follow the team as they figure out what game they’ve been pulled into and if they can make it out.

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Melody needs to keep Dean and The Apex free from her aunt’s machinations, she simply must escape Coven Bestia. Her aunt is angered by Dean’s continuing absence and wants Melody to return to the compound as soon as possible.

While she might be safer at Adolphus Academy, not everyone is happy to have her there – especially when she’s bonded to a much-desired member of The Apex.

Now Melody must juggle the needs of her new familiar, along with the urgings of six more shifters who wish to bond to her, all while dodging the catty and immature classmates and whatever her aunt is planning.

Then there is the new wolf who’s determined to have her at any cost. Yet another shifter she has to deny – without actually denying him. Her aunt’s punishments for disobedience are getting worse and there’s a good chance that she won’t survive the next one.

Two dragons, three wolves and a very sweet fox are all focussed on becoming her familiars, but Melody is struggling to adjust to her bond with Dean. She’s never been allowed to keep a familiar before.

Their beasts are urging them to claim her, to bond her, to possess her. How long can she resist these men? Freeing them from the academy means enslaving them to her aunt. There are simply no good choices and no easy solution.

All Melody wants is a chance to breathe and be “normal”. Is it too much to ask for?

Warning, this is a dark reverse harem story with elements that may cause some readers distress, including but not limited to descriptions of physical abuse, neglect and battle. Please consider carefully before purchasing.

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When my family died at the hands of a demon prince, I hung up my exorcist hat. I’d failed to protect them, and while I was willing to risk myself, the price had risen too high.
Now I’m serving up hot, fresh pizzas to everyone who wants them. I was the only person left to inherit the family business and I’m doing my best to keep it up and running in honor of my loved ones.
These days, my biggest challenge is telling off a rampaging customer, and endless paperwork. That is, until he shows up again.
Darius was the only guy I couldn’t say no to, the one who dragged me into the world of the occult in the first place. When he shows up and begs me to assist with an exorcism, I reluctantly agree. He’s still using me; because I’m the best exorcist around and he only calls when he needs my help.
Before I know it, I’ve got an incubus in the living room, a hellhound marking around my yard, and a demon prince who can’t decide if he wants to kill me or… you know. Not to mention the vampire and the nephilim I seem to have collected. Normally I wouldn’t work with the supernatural, but we all have a common goal. Prevent the crime syndicate from summoning a demon prince and becoming more powerful than we can hope to handle.
If I can keep my cool, it will be a miracle. If I can hold on to my soul it’ll be an even bigger one. No one ever claimed being an exorcist was easy, but to protect those I’m coming to love, I’ll pay whatever price necessary.

This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ readers only! It contains language and sexual situations. This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? Harem members added as series progresses.

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They say you should be careful what you wish for. They weren’t kidding.

I wanted The Circle of the Veil to take me seriously, to see that I was no rogue, but a force to be reckoned with. An asset worthy of their respect. Nova tried to warn me. He was right. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

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Kali is beyond disconcerted when she shows up for the job she jumped in to and discovers she’s the newest, and only human crew member, in an all Andromedan, alien, crew. They’re so handsome she’s awestruck—and still scared spit-less—but there is no escape. It’s a culture clash that becomes really interesting really fast.

In the near future that’s Kali’s world, jobs are scarce so when she gets the opportunity , she seizes it, and discovers she’s signed on to sail across the solar system and beyond with three Alien men from the Andromedan Galaxy. What she doesn’t know is that they’re on a mating hunt and they’ve decided she suits them.

Their people discovered ours more than a decade earlier, but it wasn’t until disaster struck, decimating their population, that they decided it was time to form an alliance with their neighbors. Unfortunately, they still weren’t certain the treaty could or would lead to intimate alliances—which was all they were really interested in. The triad—Hurk, Tiral and Roq—knew as soon as they saw Kali, however, that it was a bond they couldn’t resist an attempt to … explore.

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After narrowly escaping death twice, I’ve got to admit this demon sex lord Syrael is serious about snatching my ass. Taking things into his own hands, my beloved Troy and his brother Cassiel go to Bardo to retrieve Troy’s body.

Leaving me with Tristan, the very hot other brother, hovering between life and death, which is probably a good thing, otherwise, I’d . . . Nope, we’re not going there. So, where does all that leave me?

In one hell of a hot mess!

As if dealing with the supernatural and all this magic stuff isn’t enough, I have to get my head around my new writing assignment. Cyrus Stone stalks me through sex parties hosted by the kink community and set traps to separate me from my guys.

When given the choice of being a lover or a fighter, my superpower—Bitch Goddess—takes her first breath and refuses to choose. It’s time I stop following someone else’s rules and make a few of my own.

TRUCE is book 3 of this dangerously delicious fairy tale brought to life where the stakes are literally life and death, and the love is so deep, it’s eternal.

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She thought she was going into menopause,
but actually she was turning into a bear. A bear in heat.

When life falls apart, you go home.
I just didn’t realize what a mess home would be too.
My father is losing his memory,
And a sexy young farmhand is taking care of him.
One burly young stud that I just can’t seem to resist.

I tried to runaway and ignore my hormonal urges,
But then that landed me in the second man’s bed.
He’s a grizzly and wild carpenter who knows how to use his hands.
At least this one is age-appropriate.

Then there’s the dark man who’s trying to steal my father’s farm.
Whoops, yeah. I slept with him too. And invited danger right through the door.
And all of these men tell me I’m their omega.
What does that even mean?
And what happens when they all find out about each other?

18+ Only. Standalone Reverse Harem Shifter Romance w/an HEA.

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Hail Mary, Full of Grace. Thanks to your mercy, the truth has been revealed.

Awakened by the blood of my ancestors, I join with those who will empower me to rise to my birthright, my throne. In this moment, I can finally breathe, and while I see the light that beckons, my future is shrouded in darkness.

Three princes stand at my side: A prince of fae on a newfound mission to claim what is rightfully his. A prince of blood who grows wiser and stronger in the depths of night. And a third prince, a mystery wrapped in rage and uncertainty, one who knows just how cruel this world can be.

Year two of Bloody Rosary is here, and the trials are far worse than previously suggested. The strong and cruel will rise while the innocent and weak plummet to their demises. Holy Mary, it is time I forsake the lessons bestowed upon me, for revenge is as sweet as a glass of my enemies’ blood.

You did not forsake me. This dreadful world did, and it’s time I showed it a valuable lesson. I pray that this will not be my last spoken word to you as I cling to the golden beads of thy rosary. But, with the scythe bestowed to me by fate, I must unleash a wave of bloodshed.

I will rise, and all who disobey me will feel my wrath.


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I think I finally remember the rest of that bar joke: a fae, a werewolf, and a vampire walk into a bar…

Nope. Still don’t remember, but trust me, you’re in for a laugh.

After I failed to take out the dean, Drystan, my partner in crime, only went and got himself arrested. Then my werewolf bodyguard, Conan, vanished, and now he’s MIA, leaving me to the mercy of the school’s resident mean girls.

To make matters worse, there’s a new dean in charge. By the order of his father, the king, Prince Levington has had to hand over his position to the king’s most trusted advisor, Vincent von Brandt, and the decrepit old vampire even makes the sleazy Levington Straus look like Mary Poppins.

Yet hope is on my side. It turns out that the old dean is willing to help me reunite with my sister, and together with the Secret Alliance of the Fae, we can overthrow his father and set the fae free.

With a new vampire king, life will surely be better for all three races.

It’s just unfortunate that I am in love with three men, one a fae, one a vampire, and another a werewolf, and I guess I finally figured out the punchline to that bar joke.

I’m so screwed.

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Foretelling prophecies? Shifter packs? Vampire blood?

How did these words become a part of my life?
It wasn’t long ago they were only tales in legends I used to tell my tour groups.

The morning I wake up surrounded by the four hottest men I’ve ever known, I realize there is no going back to my old life.
They’re my mates. Yes, you read that right.

My mates.

And they’ll do anything to keep me safe and protected.
The way they look at me is enough to make me lose my mind and heart, four times over.

Only, the Crescent City pack can’t slay all the demons for me.
They need my help to take down the biggest evil in town.
I need theirs to understand my past and my destiny.

But there are other worlds that exist.
Worlds that threaten to tear me from my fated mates and sever what matters to us the most.
I won’t stop until I have the truth.

What I learn on the other side of the veil could destroy everyone I love.
I’ll fight with every last breath to hold on to the future I’ve been promised.

Shifting Trust is the second book in the Crescent City Witch series, a reverse harem paranormal romance. If you love a badass heroine, hot alpha wolf shifters, and mystery and action, then this series is for you!

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One god.

One gift.

One princess.

Four demigod protectors.

Full blurb to come! Release date is subject to change!

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The devil, a beast, and your incubus boyfriend all walk into a Lust Room with you…

Faced with the harsh reality that sucking souls and killing demons has consequences, Dani fights hard to control her powers and herself. And while she’s trying to peacefully run her kingdom, her ex-boyfriend and her mentor are dying because of envious demons.

When an angel promises Dani that if she cooperate with him, all her problems will disappear, Dani finds it difficult to decline him. But something about his gracious offer seems a bit too good to be true.

Can Dani survive conversation with the heavenly angel who fallen angels warn her away from? Will the demon souls she’s devoured take control of her mind and claw her to pieces from the inside out? How long will Dani survive as the Queen of Lust before demons vie for her throne?

Queen of Lust is a steamy paranormal romance written by Destiny Diess. It is the third book in the Becoming Lust Trilogy and cannot be read as a standalone.

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This year at Harbor University should have been a fresh start. My chance to finally get a taste of the independence I’ve craved for so long.

But one risky choice has caused me to lose everything I’ve been working toward. Freedom is no longer within my grasp, and it feels like all hope is lost.

My one saving grace? BioGuy.

I’ve never met the student I’m tutoring through the Extra Credit program, but that hasn’t stopped him from owning my thoughts and preserving my sanity.


We didn’t mean any harm.

We were just trying to pass our philosophy class and save a little money by sharing a tutor.

But, now that we’ve gotten to know GildedGirl, it doesn’t feel right to continue deceiving her.

How do we confess that it’s all been a lie? That the person she thinks she knows isn’t one guy…but three?

**Extra Credit is a contemporary reverse harem romance loosely inspired by the Rapunzel fairy tale. Though the book features Violet, Tobias, Jude, and Lincoln from the Lonely Souls series, it can be read as a standalone.

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Princesses are meant to be chaste and Queens are meant to provide heirs.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I want lose my virtue. Have my cherry popped. Get bedded. Bump uglies. Whatever it is you humans call it.

So I flee with my unicorn to Silver Springs, a magical town where nothing is as it seems.

There, a dark elf shows up to kill me. An incubus wants to devour me. A snake shifter wants to wrap me in his coils. And a wood elf from my childhood won’t leave me alone.

Four men fall into my life almost as if by magic. Will I fall for them or will I be forced back to the land I fled?

Scroll up to read this Paranormal RomCom today!

Eirwen is a standalone paranormal reverse harem romantic comedy. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe and can be read in any order..

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The only life Maisie Fauna knows is one of poverty and tragedy. Years of war killed off her friends and neighbors one by one. So when the crown’s soldiers arrive to take their pick of able-bodied mer, it’s no surprise that the Captain of the Royal Guard takes an interest in her.

Only, it’s not so she can fight.

The Princess of Thalassar is missing and to save the kingdom, they’ll need a lookalike. They’ll need Maisie. And to help the poor, forgotten mer of Thalassar, she’ll do whatever it takes.

She didn’t take into account that she’d be suffering the scrutiny of her guard, the attractions of a crown prince, the temptations of the kingdom’s most wanted criminal, or the various attempts on her life.

The kingdom’s secrets are deadlier than she could have ever imagined and Maisie soon discovers that the reason the princess disappeared was because she knew too much…

…and someone wanted her dead.

This book is a Fantasy Reverse Harem read and may contain scenes not suitable for readers under the age of 18.
Secrets Among the Tides was previously published under the same title, however this is a second edition and has contains a new blurb, cover, and new scenes.

Reading order:

Secrets Among the Tides
Whispers Beneath the Deep
Caresses Between the Sand
Death Beyond the Waves

Spin-off series:

Slave to Ice & Shadows
Princess in Frost Castles
Queen of Frozen War

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I’m a succubus with an eating disorder that has nothing to do with food.
Every three days, I have to feed from a different lover.

I have three suitors that feed me. It’s an exclusive club of vampire, werewolf, and minotaur. First rule of Pia club is you don’t love Pia. Second rule of Pia club is you don’t let Pia love you. Why? Because unlike most of my race, I do have a heart. It’s fragile and broken, held together with duct tape, and healing with the help of my fiancé.

As an incubus, Valerio understands my needs and doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body except when it comes to Sin, my vampire suitor. My first suitor. I have been with him for years, longer than I’ve known Val.

Everything has been under control though until Sin breaks rule one and wants me to break rule two. It’s a forbidden love. Something that can destroy everything I’ve worked hard to build. How can I choose between two of the most powerful males in the city? The two most important ones in my life.


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Sometimes, the best place to put your problem is in a grave…

Money and a seemingly glamorous life can hide secrets, pain, and scars that run deeper than you’d believe from the smiling faces in my family’s photographs.

Sometimes the wealthy thrive in the dark and destruction, and the only way to survive their corruption is through a mixture of determination and grit.

Good girls don’t hire assassins, luckily I was raised by the worst.

*Sins & Riches is a Reverse Harem Romance that deals with dark themes.
*This work was previously published under the name Grit & Glamour by Cece Rose. This version has been revised entirely and contains additional chapters and content throughout.

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Few people know the truth… fairy tales are really nightmares.

Growing up as the daughter of the beast himself, I saw the wicked truth after happily-ever-after ended. And I vowed to use the only skill I had, my ability to kill, to gain my freedom.

But I failed.

Imprisoned for my mistake, I spent every day thinking about the three men responsible for my downfall. And what I wanted more, revenge or the life that was stolen from me.

Finally free, I join the Guild of Assassins, only to come face-to-face in the training yard with the men I cared for…the ones who had me locked away.

The wolf shifter who was my best friend.
The man who always made my heart race.
And the dark prince of the vampires himself.

I wanted to kill all three of them. But joining the guild meant working together. The guild was the only place where my background—as a princess and a prisoner—wouldn’t be held against me.

But our past is more complicated than I realized… and the future? Well, there might not be one.

MERCY’S REVENGE is a steamy paranormal reverse harem with a kickbutt heroine. This is a whychoose romance, meaning that our heroine doesn’t have to choose between her guys.

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As heir to the throne of the Azorea Cay Phoenix Clan, Ember Bailey is committed to being as strong and fair as her mother. Her people deserved nothing less in their queen.

Attending the Academy of the Phoenix is the first step to learning the business side of things while training with her three dads built up her strength to protect the clan. Those two things keep her away from exploring the new relationship with her four mates.

But nothing is without sacrifice. At least she has Lucent by her side and can video chat with the other three men. You know, a nice normal college princess lifestyle.

But trying to find a sense of normalcy after spending months at the Wicked Reform School, proves to be impossible. As the Academy of the Phoenix is ravaged by a ghost with a grudge, death and foul play plague the campus. With one teacher dead and another missing, can Ember, Zelphar, Karn, Lucent, and Caleb track down the evil spirit and vanquish it before it has a chance to kill again?

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If one goes down, we all go down. Instead of being killed, though, I’m sent to England with my best friend. Gael, Vadik, River, and Caleb have made a deal I can’t change. They awakened me and now I’m nothing.

One moment, I’m in England, the next, I’m back at Crude Hill, in my Monsters’ house, at their mercy. They’ve traded my friend for me, but they’ve trusted the wrong people. My men aren’t boys anymore, but Monsters who know how to torture. The threat to my life should’ve been over, but their own mistakes are about to surface.

I’m their only weakness and it’s a race against time to find their enemies first. There are four of them and one of me. It should be easy. But it’s been a long time since I’ve fought for my life. Only now, I’ve got to fight for a future I once thought was dead.

This is the concluding part of Emily, Gael, Vadik, River, and Caleb’s story. Crude Hill High will continue in other books.

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They had tried to come for me. They thought I was still weak, damaged.

Someone had tried to kill me…again. I was getting tired of this. They hadn’t been prepared for me to build relationships, to no longer be alone. They continued to underestimate me. I loved proving them wrong.

Secrets threaten to shake me, to break me and as I uncover more of my past, each step leads me closer to the Council. I’m just not sure I want to know anymore. Their reach extends beyond anything I’d been prepared for.

People from my past return, shaking me to my core. I thought I was learning to trust, but with each revelation, I’m left wondering if I know anyone at all. Some relationships are growing, but others I had thought were solid, seem to dissipate into nothing.

Training with Henry has been my only solace, and falling back into our routines strengthens me. The expo is looming, and it may be our best chance to put a stop to the Council. We just have to find a way to work together—all of us.

I came to TAS to find the truth, but it just might finally shatter me.

***This is a why choose romance meaning the FMC will end up with three or more love interests. There is no cheating, and the final book will end in a HEA. There are three books in the series, and books 1 and 2 will end in cliffhangers. This series is a NA medium-high burn with MM, MFM, and MFMM meant for 18+ readers. Some themes may be triggering for some readers. **

Link to book 2

His job was to protect the pack.

Instead, he tried to kill me, and now three of my mates are in danger.

Will a new ally help me take back what I’ve lost or will I have to take matters into my own hands?

There’s a storm coming and it has red hair and an appetite for more than just deer.

Wolf Forsaken is book 2 in the Arbor Falls series and is a reverse harem wolf shifter romance told in multiple POVs. It contains MM, mature scenes, adult language, and a cliffhanger.

Link to book 2

If there’s one thing Imogene loves more than falling for five strangers on an accidental shared vacation, it’s definitely not having to let them go as reality slaps her in place.

With another life growing inside her body, it’s time for her to finally make the changes she’s desperately been avoiding since her sister’s death. Landing a job and an apartment is easy. Learning how to live alone and deal is the hard part. Thankfully with the help of some like-minded women and their appropriately named bookclub, Imma might just make it through the next nine months and maybe even more. Will she be able to stand on her own two feet when the past comes calling and decisions catch up to her? Find out in this first installment of the AntiLove Bookclub.

All eight AntiLove book club novels can be read as standalones. This installment is a WhyChoose, second chance romance with unplanned pregnancy and M/M.

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Fall in love with Clary and her boys at Lake Emerald summer camp.

This is the complete series collection and includes all three Lake Emerald books re-edited and re-vamped for this special edition and some EXCLUSIVE BONUS content (a deleted scene and a recipe booklet.)

What are you waiting for?
Each kiss has a different flavor and you can taste them all with this boxset.

  • Trigger warning: the story contains underage sex and drinking and a mild description of rape (as a recount), so if any of this bothers you, don’t download it. Definitely advised for 18+ only
    **This is a why choose story and the heroine doesn’t need to choose between her different love interests.
    ***Please be aware that this book uses British English spelling and punctuation, so it might look slightly different than what you are used to.

Link to boxset

I am everything they feared.

Adored. Aflame. Alive.

I will do what I must to survive.

I tried to end the war and failed. Now Hell has a new Queen. One obsessed with ending my life and the lives of my lovers. Consumed by power and the need for my death, she will stop at nothing to extinguish the human realm and Heaven after it.

My angels and I are on the run. An Infernal army has been summoned, and nowhere is safe to hide. But the fate of both humans and angels is in our hands. We unleashed Hell, and have no other choice but to destroy it.

I am the only one who can.

We have one last chance.

In order to save Heaven and Earth, I must make myself the Queen of Annihilation.

Queen of Annihilation is the third and final book in a steamy, medium-burn reverse harem fantasy paranormal trilogy. No choosing, no cheating. This book contains dark themes—mature readers only.

Link to book 3

All that glitters is not gold.

With three different men in her life and a crown on her head,

Lena Volokov is having adjustment issues.

With a beast roaming the edges of the fifth circle,

something that even the most fearsome demons are afraid of,

and scheming enemies waiting for her to make the tiniest mistake,

Lena must navigate the demonic courts while learning how to truly be a dragon.

Sometimes it’s what comes after the happy ending that matters the most…

Queen Greed is a reverse harem paranormal romance novel, and the second book in the Fifth Circle series

Link to book 2

Playing devil’s advocate with three demons? There’s no way I am ever going to win.

Things were finally going right for us. We got the relics back. We defeated the dragon. I thought we’d won. But we’ve ended up losing so much more…

Cain’s severely wounded, and I don’t know how to save him. Losing him shouldn’t bother me, but it does. A lot.

Elias and Dorian have a plan: seek out help from people who wield the darkest and cruelest of magic. We soon find that the only one with enough power to bring the Prince of Hell back from death is a master of death itself. But nothing can be done for free and the price has us traveling across the world and facing a slew of new dangers, ones none of us are prepared for.

Even with everything shot to hell, the demons remain a constant temptation I don’t need. Being with them only seems to fan the flames, but letting me go depends on finding all of Hell’s relics.

And if I’m being honest, I’m not sure what I’ll do once my soul is freed.

The thrilling and seductive adventure continues. Grab your copy today!

All Shot to Hell is book three in the Sin Demons Series.

Link to book 3

A woman freed from chains. Three ruthless mercenaries seeking revenge. Intense attraction that won’t be denied … whatever the price.

Lana’s days are filled with backbreaking work and her nights are spent hiding from her master’s son, but, when dangerous mercenaries pass through her village, her life is changed forever. She’s thrust into an outside world she’s only ever dreamed of.

These warriors are unlike any men she has ever known. Driven by desperate vengeance, they’ve been broken by the tragedies of their pasts. Viktor is gruff and hard, Sorin, quick-witted and funny, and brooding Kane wields a power that terrifies her. Each hides sadness that rivals her own and Lana is drawn to them as well as their dangerous desires.

When a formidable enemy threatens them, can her bond with the three mercenaries save them all? Can she help them find the humanity they’ve lost, but more importantly, will they want her to?

Bought to Break is the second standalone story in the acclaimed Dark Brothers Series of dark fantasy romance. If you like enemies to lovers, flawed alphas who protect their resilient woman, and your love stories with bite, you will adore this book by Kyra Alessy.

Unlock the second standalone adventure in this amazing series today!

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When my dad died, I had no one left in this world so I was put into the system. I was left to hide my strange appearance all on my own. I’ve never looked like normal girls my age, but growing up as sheltered as I had, I hadn’t known any different until it became a necessity to blend in.

Now, years have passed and I’m on my own in college. No more abusive foster homes. No more being locked away in a room waiting for the monsters to come and play with me.

I still hide behind baggy clothes, a wig, and some contacts, and it works for a while. No one seems to notice me—the frumpy student librarian, the girl who lives in a book at all times, getting lost in a world of my own imagination.
That only lasts so long before they find me. The Dark Hearts. No one really knows who they are, only that they aren’t to be messed with.

Three terrible men find me. They hunt me. They’ve decided to keep me as their pet. According to them, they know who I am—what I am…

But how can they know something that I’ve never even known?

Dark Hearts is a reverse harem dark paranormal romance. It is the first book of the Heartland’s Angels series and does result in a cliffhanger. This book features dark themes, potential triggers, foul language and sexual scenes—including MM—so it may not be suitable for everyone. This book is recommended for readers eighteen years of age or older. The rest of you, ENJOY! #WhyChoose

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Slave. Prize. Gladiator. Battle Queen.

I’ve suffered through unspeakable horrors and degradation. Abducted by alien slavers I found myself in a pen as a prize for gladiators. Did I accept my fate? Hell. No.

I made my first kill the day they brought me out onto the Blood Sands and I’ve never looked back. With the help of my mates Hs’tar and Merooth we fought tooth and nail for our freedom. Now comes the real challenge: keeping our freedom. I’ve made a thriving civilisation out here on this backwater planet. All my people, all former slaves themselves, know how easily we could lose everything.

The Central Galactic Worlds are turning their eye on us. They see our rising wealth and want a piece of what we’ve made. The Rentok, greatest military civilisation of the galaxy, have sent General L’Ryx to spy on me. He thinks he can beguile me with his intelligence and strength. Too bad for him I have my own plans. By hook or by crook I’ll keep my people safe.

(This is a fast burn why choose/reverse harem between a modified Hawaiian human woman and other sentient space faring species, aka aliens.)
Reader Heads Up: Multiple characters in this book and series deal with past issues of slavery, rape, and torture. They all deal with their memories and PTSD in their own ways.

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Zoe survived her first turn. She’s now a skilled wolf hunter with an uncontrollable desire to kill and to mate, but she’s on the run.

Four wolves, 2 packs – and they all want her. She’s destined to become a pack princess, but if she doesn’t choose a side, they might kill her (or each other).

Will she end the huntER or the huntED?

Link to book 2

My demons are good.

My demons’ love is limitless.

If only I wasn’t an angel.

I’ve lost more in the fight against evil than I ever imagined possible. But I’m not done yet. No matter the price that must be paid, I will finish what we started.

Only, what if one secret could destroy everything?

We’ve saved so many immortals, but there’s still more to be done.

Our enemies might call themselves angels, but there is a darkness is inside of them that my demons could never have. And they will cross lines that were never meant to be crossed.

A battle is coming. And unless I can uncover the truth in time, we’re doomed.

LOVER’S WRATH is the second book in a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance. It has three sexy demons, druids, gargoyles, mages, and bad angels. So if you’re looking for a new and unexpected twist on heaven and hell, grab your copy of Lover’s Wrath. (This book was previously released titled “Rebel Loss.”)

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This isn’t how I expected my life to be at 30 years old.

I was supposed to be raising a little family, and fulfilling my dream of running a bakery in my small hometown. Instead, I’m now a widow with a 5 year old little girl. Living far from that idyllic small town I dreamed of growing old in surrounded by my BFF Quinn and my 4 best guy friends.

I’ve been so beat down these past 10 years, not allowed to use my magic even in my own home. I think it’s time I return to Everton. This town has nothing left for me now that my husband is dead.

But the guys and I didn’t exactly part on the best of terms…. Will they be able to forgive me for leaving the way I did? Or will returning to Everton be just another mistake?

Returning to Everton is a reverse harem, meaning Rowen doesn’t have to choose between her love interests and they all worship her. This book is for readers 18+ due to sexual content.

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Wolves are natural born hunters…but this time, we’re the prey.​

I never expected to find a second mate. When my first mate didn’t immediately kill him, I was hopeful—only to have those hopes dashed when their packs turned against us. We were deemed unnatural. A threat. Something to be destroyed.​

Now we’re on the run with nowhere to hide.​

As if that’s not enough, my old alpha’s obsession with me hasn’t ended. News of my unusual relationship must have reached him by now, but I know he won’t give up. ​

I need to figure out what having more than one mate means. The fates don’t do that kind of thing lightly, so it’s up to the three of us to find out why we were chosen. ​

An oracle is our only hope, a wise woman who can help us, but only if we can get to her before either of the packs find us. And, hopefully, without me mating with any more wolves on the way…​

If you love the adventure of the Mercy Thompson Series (Patricia Briggs) and the passion of the Anita Blake Series (Laurell K. Hamilton), then you’ll love House of Wolves and Magic!​

One click Her Fated Mates today and get swept away by this reverse harem, urban fantasy, romantic adventure!​

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Mal is no longer a Fixer but the Queen of two of Laddenworn’s kingdoms Redd and Hart. Although the Bloody Reign has ended, Wonderland has not been set free.
Because, Wonderland does not exist right now. Mal and her men are trapped inside a toxic fairy tale, made dark and bloody by the infection of another. Their biggest problem now is figuring out what triggered Wonderland’s break and right it.
However, there are questions left unanswered and mysteries left to solve. What happened to the original Queens of Wonderland? Where is Wyat’s kindle? Where is the looking-glass? How to cure Madness? And although Redd and Hart are in fact dead – Mal beheaded them herself – where is the new threat coming from?
For there is a new threat. The Dark Ones are turning Silence into a horror show. Every victim, animal, person, or unnamed, are left a rotted shell covered in the black clutches of a painful death. But who holds the reins of the Dark Ones?

**This is a new four book series following the Chronicles of Blood. A new adult, reverse harem, dark romance novel with a ‘why choose’ ending, meaning the main character gets a happily ever after with more than one man. It contains magic, demons, shifters, nonsense, explicit sex scenes, blood, murder. There are references to past emotional abuse. This is a MMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman (although there is some MM and MMF in here, too).

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With electricity coursing through my veins, I am the jolt that could change the world.

Elementals are the rarest of all supernatural creatures. Their control over the elements ranks them as the most dangerous beings to ever walk the earth.

And I should know.
I’m one of them.

After spending most of my life locked up, with my elemental ability being exploited as a battery to power the Lycan village, an unlikely ally has set me free. Now, I’m running for my life.

But I’m not alone.

By my side are a trio of gargoyles, whose determination to crush the Lycans is as strong as their imposing physiques, and a seething vampire who thirsts for bloody vengeance.

A war is raging straight for us. One that I will be powerless to prevent unless I learn to ground the voltage surging through me. Time is running out. Will I be the salvation to those rallying behind me? Or the curse that costs them their lives?

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Arlena had no idea that magic existed.

She’s never fit in, but didn’t exactly think it was because she’s the literal stuff of legend.

When a sword-wielding maniac and a giant boar try to kill her, four handsome knights save her, and tell her she’s their lost queen.

Just like that, she’s whisked away into a world of shifter knights and magic.

Can she accept her place as a returned queen? Or will the world of magic reject her, too?

The Return of the Queen series is an 18+ Reverse Harem paranormal romance.

What are readers saying about Knight Hunted, book one of The Return of the Queen series?

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Outfoxed – Skye Cavanagh

Sorry, the book-cover graphic was too small and I didn’t want you looking at potato quality photo from my end.

Little fox shifter in a big bad wolf’s world.

My day started like every other day, my colleagues laughing at the tiny fox while I took down a red cap twice my size. It ended with an undercover job with three incredibly hot guys who are now my fake husbands.

This was the stuff of dreams. If the job went well I’d get a promotion and the big undercover jobs would become my norm. Except things never go quite to plan do they?

We were supposed to watch the pack dealing in a deadly and highly illegal drug. Except I spotted something else, something much bigger and more far reaching. Soon we were pulled into the fae courts, the elite dragon houses, and worse; there might be ties to the agency I’d dreamt of working for since I was a little girl.

Time to show the world just how well this tiny fox kicks ass.

This is a standalone reverse harem romance with fake relationships, three smoking hot shifter guys, and a tiny fox heroine with a point to prove.

Link to book


I am Françoise, Queen of the Vampires. I ran wild and free in Paris in the 1820s with my four delicious vampire lovers.
But alas, this was not to be.
For, after hundreds of years, a new breed of vampire rose up and they were to bring me much misfortune.
I woke up in London, in the year 2020, without knowledge of what had happened to me or how I had survived their deadly grasp.
I only know I must seek revenge for my four lovers and I.
I am weak now, after two hundred years of death, and confused with all the noise and strange things I see before me.
But I want to learn, want to grow strong again.
Will I find a new harem and the revenge I so desire? Or will I wither and die, like the many vampires that came before me?
Blood Moon is an 18 + reverse harem book that contains scenes of sex and violence.

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My lips are sealed
Although I don’t know why. I cannot speak and, until I met Dean, lost in the woods and in the throes of his first shift, I spent every day alone in my ancient, broken down-shack, a pariah.
I never cared about speaking before.
Dean, my mate, changed all that. Through his hard work and ability to win over the pack members, he’s made both our lives so much better. I should want nothing more. I do want nothing more…
But there are two new pack members my wolf is heavily interested in. Not that multiple mates is that unusual, but I never even imagined I’d have one. Why would they be interested in me? And even if they were, Dean was raised by humans and isn’t used to our ways.
In fact, he seems disgusted by the thought.
And…the woods are suddenly filled with strangers who all seem interested in me. Why?
Rejected by Fate is the first book in a paranormal reverse harem shifter series featuring a strong, feisty female wolf shifter who has forgotten her past and cannot speak and the three male wolf shifters who all want to be her fated mate. It is a why choose werewolf romance with a slow burn buildup sure to make your toes curl. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy guarantees an HEA.

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My name is Adeline and I’ve learned a hard lesson in my twenty-one years of life. Dreams are fragile things, easily broken.

I used to think I’d become a professional musician, and look how that turned out. Rejected by Julliard. Orphaned at nineteen. Now, my dreams extend as far as putting my little sister through college.

I shouldn’t be disappointed. Nothing truly great has ever come out of River Valley.

Nothing other than them.

When Bleeding Moonlight left this town ten years ago, they were a promising local band. Now, they’re gorgeous heavy metal legends. Talented, successful, fearless. Everything I’ll never be.

They’ve come back to town to bury their bandmate, and they’re staying until they record the last album he ever wrote. The kicker? They’ve asked me to be his temporary replacement.

Four weeks to earn the money I desperately need.

I’ll be fine as long as I don’t get tangled up in old dreams again.

As long as I don’t get tangled up in them.

*Taut Strings is a 116,000 word reverse harem novel. It is the first book in the River Valley Rebels series and can be read as a standalone. Suitable for ages 18+.*

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Lost to the darkness, searching for the strength to survive.
How the hell am I supposed to get out of here?
When the light finally falls on the horizon and hope dances along my fingertips, another wave of fear crashes into me.
I’m drowning in a sea of monsters. Frankie, Lucienda, Reece… me? Am I becoming one of them?
My life as I know it will never be the same. I must overcome more obstacles than I care to imagine and learn to deal with the blood staining my soul.
Trusting in those who offer me the world will prove difficult as I try to keep everyone safe. Luna is my rock and pillar of strength, even if she wants to force me to see the bigger picture.
Learning what family truly means and choosing my own path is anything but easy.
A single touch, a whispered promise, and eyes filled with emotion. Suckers make it hard to do the right thing.
I have grown, burned, and risen again. Now, I have to find a way to piece myself back together again.
I will fight for me. For my freedom. For my future.

Freedom is a 92k Reverse Harem contemporary romance novel. Book five in the Featherstone Academy Series, and the second book in Red’s duet. Full of steamy scenes including MFMM, this book may also include scenes that may be considered triggers to some, including physical assault. Recommended for 17+.

Link to book 5

Three Steamy Bestselling Shifter Romances in One Box Set!

Growly Bears, Hissing Dragons, Howling Wolves…and hold your breath, because they come in three’s.

Too much to handle?

Baby, we are just getting started.

Books included in this box set:
•Her Three Bear Shifters
•Her Three Alpha Dragons
•Her Three Wolf Mates


A Reverse Harem Shapeshifter and BBW Paranormal Fantasy Romance Box Set.
This is a steamy paranormal reverse harem shifter fantasy romance from Lisa Cullen with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Plenty of heat and heart guaranteed. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines and T.S. Joyce may like this shapeshifter series.

Link to set


Lilly Devereux is a busy, quiet, recluse. She keeps to herself, and tries to stay out of the way. However, when her CEO forces her hand to participate in a company retreat, she doesn’t realize what she’ll be getting into.

They are the Triad. They are the kings of a tribe of supernatural outcasts, and they rule with an iron fist. However, they lack what all kings need, a queen. That is until a faithful encounter with the quiet beauty, Lily Devereux.

Fate would have them together. Fate would have them rule. But Fate would have the Triad fall, should their queen deny the night.

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Jenna is a single mom with two great kids; she runs a cafe in Southern California and is the daughter of famous restaurateurs.
All that’s missing is a boyfriend. Unless you count her wannabe rock star ex, Scott.

Cade is a police officer, trying to escape his family’s shadow. He has a great life with his boyfriend Davis. But both men believe their lives will be even better with Jenna in it.

As if juggling three guys and two kids isn’t enough, there’s something strange going on at Jenna’s cafe, and it could spell disaster for her and her loved ones.

What sort of secrets is Cade hiding, and what does everything have to do with a motorcycle club in the low desert?

Link to book

“The only thing I’ve ever faked in my life is an orgasm.”

Something many women have said and everyone has done.

In these stories our sassy heroines have all the sexy alphas you’ll need, and will make you wonder, just how temporary their arrangements are.

Filled with hot flings and even hotter men willing to help our ladies out of some tight spots and leave everyone jealous while doing it!

Will they or won’t they make it?

Because as soon as deals are struck, rules are made, and the show is on, as things heat up and there’s no going back.

Faking it has never felt so good

This is a multi-author anthology some stories may come with a trigger warning and end on a cliffhanger. Please beware before reading.

Link to anthology. May contain mixed genre.

Pets. Servants. Threats. That’s all shifters have been to humans since they discovered our existence. A prophecy claims that three powerful shifter queens will bring peace and justice. It sounded pie in the sky to me…until I accidentally unleashed a crazy power and killed a group of Hunters with a mere thought when I was fourteen.

I’m a declawed cat shifter, nothing badass like a tiger. I use my house cat charms as a spy, and my swoon-worthy wolf shifter childhood crush is starting to return my feelings. If I’m a shifter queen, everyone will want a piece of me. Trading my freedom for power? No thanks.

Luckily, only one witness made it out alive when my powers unlocked that day: Waylon Silver, the trouble-making son of a smuggler. But my powers also wiped all his memories and blinded him. I’m safe just being Frankie…until Waylon comes back, all grown up. He’s sexy, he’s studied magic, his memories are back, and if I don’t do what he says, he’ll expose me to the world and get his revenge.

I don’t need nine lives. I’d just like to keep the one I’ve got.

STRAY is the first book in a paranormal romance series with tough heroines, men who learn to share, and building a family in a dangerous world. I’ve been excited to write this one for a long time, and it’s gonna be epic!!

Link to book

This book is part of a series, blurb may contain spoilers.

A powerless witch, four devoted mates, and a dangerous deal with the devil.

To find her way back to those she loves, Willow Oliver has to make the ultimate sacrifice. But with that, she loses way more than she realizes.

In a desperate attempt to focus on the good things left in her life, she devotes her time to helping those around her. If she distracts herself, maybe she’ll forget all that she lost.

When she stumbles upon a way to potentially regain what is rightfully hers, she’s unsure if she should risk everything one last time. Especially when no one else has ever been able to win this epic battle.

Can Willow overcome the many obstacles that come her way on this journey of redemption? And can she do so while balancing her academic and personal life, too? Or will she succumb to the quest and be doomed to an eternity in Hell?

For the Oliver witches, love is above all, and maybe for Willow, love is the key.

Sacred Magic is the fifth installment in a new adult paranormal academy why choose romance series full of determination, unconditional love, and daring risks.

Link to book 5

A reverse harem regency story!
Bridgerton meets Jane Eyre & Vanity Fair!

My name is Prudence and I’m an orphan, a ward who is barely tolerated by my Aunt. She frequently reminds me that she’s only being charitable towards me and can’t wait to marry me off.
Everything changes when I meet The Earl!
It was easy for him to conquer me and make me his wife. I was hungry for life, new experiences and I was charmed by his black eyes and worldly ways.

Becoming the Countess opens the door to the drawing rooms of High Society.
My marriage is different from what I expected and my husband often leaves me alone for weeks. Luckily, I befriend his handsome nephew Anthony who is happy to keep me company. We grow closer each day but I know he is hiding a dark secret.

Lord Marcus, a handsome rake, is introduced to me at a ball and I take his flirting lightly as I am a respectable married woman.
Will my husband start behaving more affectionately towards me? Will the friendship with Anthony become more? And what about the handsome Lord Marcus who turned me into the most envied woman in town?

I am torn between my desires and what is considered acceptable. Having one affair would cause a scandal but what would happen if I had more?

A hot RH story about passion, rank, madness, hot men, an intelligent woman and a ghost.

Link to book

It takes days on a frigid mountainside, an elaborate hijacking of one of our own, and a race to the Canadian border, before Michael and I finally discover the truth about how far the ring of corruption is willing to chase us.

Fortunately, the legacy of my mom is still alive and well in the hearts of the people that she had helped.

Unfortunately, that help only extends to me—and not to Michael, Adam, or Rob.

And as the end of our journey nears, it seems that the only option to live safely, is to disappear from the world we’ve known…and possibly even each other.

Deranged (Beautiful Tyrants Book Four) is the final chapter in the dark college bully reverse harem romance from Vanessa Winters. This series is intended for readers 18+. This book contains dark themes, including bullying, abuse, violence, suicide and sexual relationships that some readers might be uncomfortable with. These heroes are human with dark histories and actions that may make you hate them at times. But redemption is never a straight path. It’s dark, twisted and comes at a steep price…

Link to book 4

I was baptized in bloodshed.
To the bloodshed, I return.

I’ve ascended my throne. I wear my crown of thorns.
Fancy that? I’m Queen of the August crime family.
I’ll rebuild my father’s kingdom in blood and fire.
With three broken princes at my side.

Eli, Noah, Gabriel.
My golden boy, my dark horse, my rock god.
My family.
They are mine, and I am theirs.

There aren’t enough bullets on earth for the retribution I’ll rain down on those who try to hurt them.

Et in morte fidelitas.
Even in death, loyalty remains.

I’ll bleed for them. I’ll kill for them.
Stonehurst Prep will never be the same.

The third installment of the Stonehurst Prep series is a 100,000 mature high school/new adult romance with mafia and enemies-to-lovers themes.

Link to book 3

A magical realm destroyed by the gods. A reluctant heir their only hope.

As the daughter of the evil god King, Rhea Greystone witnessed first hand the atrocities the gods inflicted on her realm.

When her mother, one of the King’s guardians who shared his soul and was bound to protect him, was killed when she was ten years old, Rhea escaped into the human world before the darkness took hold of her, too.

She now goes by Rhea. A silent nobody hidden among the street kids of Detroit, far away from the cursed life of the gods. Life certainly wasn’t perfect, but at least she was safe from her father’s murderous rule. She’d escaped her fate and was never going back.

At least, that was her plan.

After six years on the streets, Rhea’s time of refuge was over. On her sixteenth birthday, her own five demigod guardians came bearing news. News she’d fought the past six years to hide from.

Her father had been killed.

And they had come to bring her home.

Link to book

Chaos ruled my life.
Dark, foul…malevolent.
I thought my battles were over. Thought I was finally part of the pack.

But that Unseelie curse in my chest has other ideas.

She wants the Wolves for herself…and she’ll force me to do the unthinkable.

Betray the Vampires.

Now Crown City’s Immortal Mafia Clans are divided.

Wolves against Vampires.

The Fae trapped in the middle.

And the FBI is hunting all of us down.

But there is a new enemy in the shadows. A darker, more powerful beast who’s out for blood and Phantom faces a predator like he’s never battled before.

There is no more running now, no more pleading.

No more deals to be done. There is nothing but standing up to be counted…and fight like never before.

Link to book 6

A crazed warlock wants my power. A warlock who had a plan set in motion long ago. One that has shaped my life.

A hidden power has been revealed, but things are going wonky in the spirit world, and time is running out.
Maple Grove is now ground zero for this craziness, and shit’s about to get real.

My mates and I find ourselves split up and under attack, and things with Emma hit the fan as the witches get affected. Mr Brady and the Council can’t help, so it’s up to us to deal with this.
I need to stop Joseph, no matter the cost.
Before he destroys this whole town.

But am I prepared to pay the price needed?

Link to book 6

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