Secret Monsters: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance (Her Demon Lovers Book 1) by Lacey Carter  Andersen

Reverse Harems with Demons – Part 1

Hello Lovlies! This post was created with the help of my good ole sleuthing pal Rachel Seaman. I also couldn’t decide on topics, so we spit-balled for something new until I decided on one. I don’t know about you, but I love Reverse Harem with at least one demon in the harem. My favorite (of course) are Incubi, but I will happily accept a cranky Cross-road demon, or hellhound, or basically any type. Ha. Hopefully, you’re here for the demons, or at least willing to try reading about them in a harem if you’re new to RH. All blurbs, and photos are verbatim from Amazon. As always, happy reading! – Quare Eligere

She never meant to sell her soul… least of all to Lucifer.

The devil has taken her sister. Now she’s going to bring her back.

Luckily, she’s not alone:

   An angel with a dark past.

   A wolf with anger issues.

   A hellhound who’s actually quite cuddly.

Yes, this is a journey into hell. Grab your tissues and snacks for this will be a rollercoaster into darkness.

A reverse harem based on Dante’s Inferno, but with a kickass heroine instead of a lovesick old poet. Book one in the Infernal Descent series.

Reading order: Hell’s Calling
Hell’s Weeping
Hell’s Burning

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Some might know her as a moody bitch. Which is understandable. Daria Locke earned that title when her mother died and passed down the maternal legacy—Pandora’s box.
She puts a new meaning to split personality disorder. It’s hard enough starting the day without coffee, never mind creation’s most dangerous secrets whispering in her ear. That’s right, the box is no longer a real box. Hasn’t been for centuries. Instead, the demons once trapped in darkness now live inside Daria, listening to her every thought, seeing her every action. So, yes. You could say she’s pretty close with Hope, Betrayal, Truth, Misery and Death.
When ancient hunters discover her secret and let the deadly cats out of the bag, will she be able to corral five demons with the ultimate case of cabin fever? On top of wrangling the world’s worst behaved man-children, Daria has to fight for her life as an ancient foe rises to bring destruction to the Earth.
Can she keep the family secrets safe? Or will the enemy turn her lovers against her and bring chaos to the world on an apocalyptic scale?

*This book is a Reverse Harem Romance containing adult themes, and therefore is only appropriate for those 18 years of age and older.

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When the bind on my powers fractures, my father returns to bring me to Hell, but I refuse. The problem is, I had no idea who he was when he showed up at my door, or that I even had powers.
When the person who means most to me is stripped away, leaving me raw and desperate for vengeance, I finally give in to my birthright.
My name is Lucinda Devine, and Hell hath no fury when I turn up at the Academy. Making myself the perfect bait isn’t easy, but I’ll do anything to destroy this killer.
I am, after all, The Devil’s Sin.

This is a Reverse Harem Romance for ages 18+.
Contains adult content, and may be triggering for some readers.

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I screwed up…

Every demon hunter knows the rules. The most important of which is to never leave a personal object in a demon realm.

But somehow, I did.

That means the demons who found my ring own me. They can use me. They can command me.

I’m at their mercy.

But what if everything I’ve ever known about demons is wrong? And what if I’ll need three sinfully sexy demons at my side, or else fall to an enemy I never imagined?

SECRET MONSTERS is a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance. It has sexy demons, a tough demon hunter, and a mysterious enemy. But be warned, this book might make you wish for possessive demons of your own. (This book was previously released as Renegade Hunter.)

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If you were given the chance to free your soul, even at the cost of your life, would you take it?

All her life Alyth has been sold from one demon to another, bound through blood and contracts against her will.

When five men enter her life – one with the promise of freedom, and the other four willing to help take down her current master – she must decide who she’s willing to trust and how far she’s willing to go.

But the stakes get higher when a lord of Hell comes to claim her for himself. Now it’s not just a matter of trusting them, but one of life and death.

Will she be left at the mercy of her master? Or will she be left to the demon that wants to own her, mind, body, and soul?

Warning: This is a full-length slow burn reverse harem fantasy/paranormal romance. It features one strong woman, and the five men determined to help her save her soul. It contains violence, torture, strong language, magic, angels, vampires, shifters, and a villain set on making sure she doesn’t find happiness. This is the first book in The Hell Gate series and it should be read in order.

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Complete RH Trilogy. 
A Demon born to seduce men.
A Reaper who can’t resist the temptation. An Angel that risks everything for her & the Devil that falls under her spell.
They are tested to their limits, but will love conquer all?

After escaping from Hell a second time and then being found back on Earth, I’m sentenced to eternity in a fiery prison. Suddenly, I find myself pulled out of my misery by the Devil himself.

When he starts to take an unusual interest in me, I’m intrigued at what it is he wants, while also finding myself on the receiving end of a Reaper’s infatuation.

I’m tested to my limits for the Devil’s unknown cause, grabbing the attention of the opposite side and an Angel that wants to save me from myself.

When I finally learn of the Devil’s intentions, my loyalty to my creator starts to waiver and escape seems to be my only option.

Will I manage to flee the pits of Hell for an unheard of third time with my Reaper in tow, to meet the Angel who claims he can save me? Or will I be stuck in the Devil’s idea of happily-ever-after?

Medium burn start to the hot new Reverse Harem Series featuring Demons, Lucifer, Reapers and Angels!

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I fucked up.

Honestly, how was I supposed to know that a love spell was actually a summoning spell…and that it would actually work?

Now, I have five demons at my beck and call, their sole purpose to fulfill my heart’s deepest desire – which is to make William Washington fall head-over-heels in love with me.

Their solution? Insert themselves in every aspect of my life in order to make William jealous. As my fake boyfriend? Check. As my sexy new teachers? Check. As the psychotic, sexy stalker who follows me around? Check.

Their goal is to make William fall in love with me.

And my goal is to not fall in love with them in the process.

This is a reverse harem paranormal romance containing psychotic, alpha males, student/teacher relationships, strong language, and sexual situations.

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When librarian Stevie Price goes out with some friends on New Year’s Eve, she never expects to come home on the back of a motorcycle with four sexy demons who claim they’re her new protectors. And she DEFINITELY doesn’t expect to be hunted by a crazed she-devil named Luci who wants her dead. But she’s not going down without a fight.
Now, if she can just stop herself from falling in love with Damon, Lachlan, Matteo AND Rex? Maybe she’s got a chance in hell of surviving this mess…

WARNING: This is book one in a two book series and ends in a cliffhanger that is resolved in Her Demon Harem, Book Two.

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They broke my halo.
Burned my wings.
Sent me plummeting straight to Hell.

When I’m captured by demons and forced into the fighting pits of the Seventh Circle of Hell, I need to stay alive long enough to claw my way back to Heaven and destroy the archangels who betrayed me.
Four dangerous men stand between me and my vengeance.
A deadly Nephilim in self-imposed exile. Hunger incarnate, ravenous for an angel. The heir to Satan’s sinful throne. And the prince who bound my soul to his until I win my freedom.
They think I’m still pure. They think I’m innocent. They think they’ll enjoy corrupting me.
Joke’s on them. This angel’s no saint.
If Heaven doesn’t want me, I’ll be bad for the Hell of it.

For The Hell of It is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers reverse harem romance for readers 18 and over.

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Troya has given up her mythology geek ways to focus on pursuing her nursing degree. She’s made weird, but fierce friends in the growing city of Ontonagon, in the four years since she arrived as an orphaned, wounded teenager. She’s managing to make something of herself, despite the loss of her real family. But it seems like the universe has other plans for her.

Weird visions, hallucinations that make her closest friends seem like monsters…probably just an over the top reaction to all the stress in her life. (Either that, or it’s a brain tumor.) When a creepy run-in with a monster during her clinical rotations at the hospital threatens to make her fail out of school, Troya thinks it can’t possibly get any worse.

But she’s wrong. So wrong.

The world Troya has known all her life is ripped away in one weird night, and even two hot roommates-turned-lovers might not be enough to salvage things. Not when her entire existence is overshadowed by the memory of a dark prince bathed in blood—and the pain that drove her to forget everything.

*The Gods and Demons series is a spin off from the Gesa’s Menagerie series. While it can be read on it’s own, reading the Menagerie series first will provide more depth to the world and characters.

*The Gods and Demons books are NOVELLAS of between 40,000-45,000 words.
*This is a series. There will be unresolved plot threads at times/ occasional cliff hangers. This first book DOES have a cliffhanger (though some plot arcs are completed as well). I generally will not do that thing that some authors do where you get an incomplete book that just stops in the middle. Some arcs will be completed or complete for “now,” but there will be lead-ins to the next book in the series.
*Do NOT read this series if you are easily offended. The series will contain: mentions of past trauma (of ANY kind), adult language (that’s cursing kids, lots of it), and sexual content (possibly including male/female, male/male, female/female, male/male/female, female/female/male and any other combination you can think of.)

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The Morass Coven was once the most powerful, dark witch coven to walk between the realms. Until the day they cursed themselves in order to save their last born daughter. A child that would be destined for darkness.

Twenty-five years later, and she has returned to the cursed grounds of her hometown, Hells Hallow. Tanda Morass is the last living descendent of the Morass bloodline and she has returned home in order to finish what her coven started. Defeat what forced her coven to take such drastic measures to ensure her life.

The key to her success hinges on bonding with the leaders of the town, the six men that make up the Hells Hallow Council.

Can Tanda convince these alpha males to put their differences aside and help her, or will she die trying to be a hero she was never meant to be?

“Every story has an ending, don’t fool yourself into thinking they’ll all be happy.”

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After a hundred year sleep, my curse has been lifted by seven sinful demons. The bad news is my rescue comes with a price: obey them. All seven of them. And give them a child.

There’s King, the notorious criminal with a dark, dominant heart.

Fallon, the gentle giant who makes me feel safe.

Steel, the snarky smartass who makes me laugh.

Huxley, who’s deadly serious about my protection.

Luca, the man I should never underestimate.

Max, whose gentle affection makes me feel treasured.

And Vega: more beast than man, with fangs, claws, and horns to match.

These seven demons are irresistible, devoted to my pleasure, and I know there has to be a catch. But for now I’m going to enjoy every second of my freedom and pray the devil doesn’t catch up to me.

Warning: contains seven demons, one woman for all to share, and enough scorching hot insta-lust and dirty talk to make your breath catch. This is a stand alone story, intended for mature readers.

Originally published as the Seven Nights In Hell serial, now expanded and concluded with lots of extra content.

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Stuck in a cabin with a demon, a villain, and the bat shifter I love? Nothing a little pastry can’t smooth over…

I was a warlock’s familiar, but treated more like a maid than the magical assistant I was always meant to be. Now I’ve escaped him…and fallen right into the hands of two sexy new masters…

Lord Variel is a high demon who devours souls and binds them to serve him for all eternity. He’s nine hundred years old, eight feet tall, with serious muscles, horns, claws, a castle with a dungeon, and an attitude to match his reputation. But he’s also looking for a bride…and no one is good enough for him. He’s rejected every eligible demoness in the dark magical realms.

Bevan is my true love, a fellow familiar who helped me escape my master. We sealed our bond with an oath—I would be his magic apprentice for seven years—so that I could escape. I just never expected that he would accidentally have his soul devoured by Lord Variel after I made that promise. Now I’m bound to both of them. And I’m worried that Bevan himself is changing, slowly taking on some of Variel’s darkness…

What is a girl to do? I’m determined to free Bevan and myself from Lord Variel’s control…until I learn that an old witch showed Lord Variel a vision of his destined bride…and it’s me.

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEMONS is a medium-burn paranormal romance when you just need to escape into sexy demons, delicious pastries and a sweet and determined heroine! By the way, you’ll just have to keep reading to hear more about guy number three. 😉

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This academy is like no other…

My name is Lexi Cameron and until three weeks ago, I thought I was human.
It was all a lie.
I’m a demon, and I’m signed up to attend The Demon Academy.
I soon find out it’s the darkest, cruellest school around and not many survive a full year, let alone three.
Welcome to DA, where unless you are a high demon, you can expect to be treated like trash.
My plan?
To be invisible and get the hell out of this academy, but it doesn’t work out that way…

I have one angel teacher trying to get rid of me, the students of DA making sure I know what a demon can do and I’m not going to survive Demon Academy for long.

That is until the Lucifer sons see me.
They want to break me,
they love to play games with my heart,
and even if I wanted to run from them…I can’t.
I’m apparently their mate.

And just like their father’s home, hell can’t be escaped.

RH Dark Bully Academy Romance. 18+

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Alice Eustone was born to hunt demons. The top candidate for an apprenticeship under a senior hunter, her future was secure. Until her father sold their home without warning and moved them to Tallow, a place where brilliance and standing out is not only discouraged, but punished. Her dreams dissolving around her, Alice doesn’t know who she is anymore.

Tormented and broken by her peers, Alice gives into their violent manipulation and does the unthinkable. Venturing beyond the barrier wall, seeking death at a demon’s hands.

She finds an ill-tempered, outcast fox, who refuses her request and makes her question everything she knows. When her magic awakens a lifetime of lies begins to unravel and Alice must choose between loyalty to the Hunter Clans, or a new life, with a Demon.

Set in a post apocalyptic world with Japanese shinto influence, Half-Breed features fae, witches, goddesses, a myriad of demons and one gorgeous incubus.

Half-Breed is an 18+ novel due to adult themes of violence and language. Trigger warning. Slow burn #whychoose

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Half-witch, half-magi, and all bloodthirsty.

Korri Marchand spends her nights stalking corrupt magi and chasing the high she gets from their deaths. She tells herself it’s for her friend Poppy, but there’s a part of her that likes what she does. Likes it a lot.

One night, she discovers the magi have been keeping a dark secret when she breaks one of their magical objects and releases a demon. Using demons to power spells is against the law–a law the magi wrote. Now she understands how the magi rose to power–and how dangerous they truly are.

Trapped for centuries, forced to serve cruel masters, Lux, Malphas, Abaddon, and Baphomet are ready to lay the magi world to waste but they don’t have the power or numbers to take them on–at least not yet. The interesting little mortal who freed them wants to help, and she may just be the key to saving the rest of their kind.

That she’s fearless, adventurous, and wild in bed just sweetens the deal. 

**Dark reverse harem

**Creative boning

**Some M/M in addition to all the F/M/M/M

**Don’t venture within if you’re squeemish 

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It’s never a good combo to be broke and desperate. You do stupid things. Like accidentally sign your soul over to Hell.

When I interviewed for a new security job, I didn’t bat an eye that it was for a literal graveyard shift…headstones and all. I mean, at the hourly rate they were offering, who cares? I got this.

Turns out, I’m not guarding a graveyard like I thought. It seems I’ve just walked my broke ass into protecting a Gate to Hell. Yeah…I don’t got this.

Now I’m stuck in a terrifying new reality: a group of hot demons who act like I can solve all their problems, and a battle between good, evil, and balance.

This will seriously teach me to read the fine print on Help Wanted ads. Good thing this job comes with a scythe. Maybe I can use it to stop them from dragging my ass into Hell.

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When angels fall, Hell will rise.

Lucifer isn’t Hell’s only devil. When a powerful angel purposely abandons Heaven, their descent creates a new level of torment in Hell’s Kingdom. If only it didn’t take me nearly dying by the hands of my ex-fiancé to discover this. I could’ve begged for a miracle or at least mercy.

Now, the best I can hope for is a crappy deal with Hell’s most notorious ruler and some twisted help from my new devil soul keepers.

Lucifer, Kase, and Dante need me to force the rest of their traitorous brethren to fall from grace and take their rightful places to bring Hell’s Kingdom to its intended glory. I’m the only one who can complete the task—whether or not I want to—because of my angel-kissed soul. I unknowingly made an angel fall in another life and am the perfect angel bait.

Corrupting some angels sounds easy…right? Unfortunately, the divine brethren aren’t the sweet, innocent angels I’ve heard about. These guys are fierce and won’t think twice before smiting me. To survive the power struggle between the angels and devils and save my soul, I need to embrace my wicked side or summon a miracle. If I can’t, my eternity is over. The rulers of Hell and the saviors of Heaven will rip me apart. My soul will burn.

This is a dark and addictive romance with possible triggering situations, gore, violence, and M/M. If you like psycho, protective men, fast-burn goodness, and a woman who doesn’t shy away from embracing her devilish side, Her Personal Demons is a must-read. Enter Hell’s Kingdom and meet the devils today!

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Hell is just a place on earth, right? For Lucy, this couldn’t be any closer to the truth. Stuck working in another dead-end job in another unremarkable city, Lucy’s adapted to life on the run by arming herself with a smokescreen of snarky humor. Sometimes though, her filter-less sasses land her in hot water, especially when it comes to triggering her unruly magic.

After a trip to the pound, where a small, scrappy black cat befriends her, a rapid series of events thrusts Lucy—literally—into the complicated world of Hell.

Lucy will need to learn to rely on others and use the help offered to her by an alluring demon and a ragtag team of misfits in order to save Hell before it’s ripped apart by all manners of depraved, ruthless enemies.

The Queen Lucy series is a fantasy romance adventure with a reverse harem theme.
** This series contains explicit language and adult situations. **

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There’s a dark secret inside of me. A monster clawing to get out.

I was thrown out of the fae world because of it. But I’m back now. Three brooding demons and a sinful incubus returned me to my sweet little homeland. And I’ll finish what I started all those years ago.

Sure, maybe my delicate fae features are twisting into spiraling horns and demonic eyes, but that won’t stop me from righting my wrongs.

The Queen of Hell might possess my body but the deadly vengeance in my blood is my own. The Prince will die by my hand for what he’s done.

All I have to do is make sure the creature at the back of my mind doesn’t kill me first.

Hellish Fae is book one of a sexy reverse harem series featuring creatures of heaven, hell, and all the dark fae realms in between. This book contains MFM and MMF themes intended for readers 18 and over.

Reading order
Hellish Fae
Sinless Demons – On Preorder, Releasing January 30th
Spiteful Creatures – TBA

Hellish Fae is apart of the alluring magical shared world, The Realm of Monster’s. If you want more of the characters in this sinful tale, check out Ava Mason’s book, Magic of the Demon Fae!

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