Holiday Reverse Harems – Part 2

Hello Lovlies! Welcome to part 2 of the Holiday Reverse Harems. I hope you enjoy this because I bah humbugged my way through a second one just for you! *cough Rachel cough.* The following books will be holiday related, but not specific to any one holiday. You may see Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or whatever other holiday theme I can find within the time frame of our current celebrated holidays. A few may be pre-orders as they are coming out this month. Some of the following books will be Next In Series (novellas). For the Next in Series books, I will also include book 1 in that particular series so you know where to start. This post will also be a bit longer due to that reason. Blurb, and photos are verbatim from Amazon and the authors. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

I’d lost my belief in Christmas…
Until 3 wise men helped to revive my faith.
But will this feeling last or is it simply Christmas magic?

There’s Nick Morgenstern, possibly the most eligible bachelor in all of Cricket, with his smooth moves, bad boy reputation and drool worthy good looks.

Kris Cruz has soulful eyes, and a hard body that causes me to swoon every time he comes anywhere around me.

And Rudy Camarari who I’ve had a crush on since high school after only one heart-pounding, heat-filled kiss that is once again taunting my holiday dreams.

I’d wanted to get through this Christmas season without incident and without having to attend any of the town’s over-the-top holiday festivities.

Problem is the 3 grannies like to play matchmaker, and have each talked me into a date with their grandsons… who they each claim is perfect for me. I can’t refuse these amazing ladies, not when I owe them so much.

Now, I’m dating 3 enchanting men, and I’m loving the Christmas season once again. When the grannies ask me privately to choose my favorite grandson, I have no choice but to tell each of them the truth… their particular grandson is my favorite.

Is this a Christmas miracle or are the three grannies right? Each of their grandsons is perfect for me… all three of them.

A Little Naughty is a sizzling, small-town reverse harem romance. It’s rich with sexy single and multiple partner scenes all done with a touch of humor that just might melt your Kindle. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed… Thanks for reading!

Link to book 3 (Standalone)

Skylar’s working another dull shift at the mall, when the wintry wind blows in three unlikely friends from the nearby Dunam Prep Academy: Parker, Max, and Devin.

Coming from the other side of the tracks, Skylar was just trying to make big things happen for her little sister by making some extra money after school, when she meets Parker. He is every girl’s dream with the perfect body, a knee-weakening smile, and a kindness that could warm even the Grinch’s heart. Before she can even melt into Parker’s solid quarterback arms, Max and Devin make their debut. With his refined artsy style, and geek chic glasses, Max carves his way into her dreams. Meanwhile, Devin, a natural flirt, takes a … less subtle approach.

Friends from birth, the boys have to sort out who gets the girl. But is it really for them to decide? Skylar takes her time, putting these prep school heartthrobs on ice. Could she really care for anything else? Her plate is already really full. How would she even decide who? Could she really pick just one?

…But does she have to?

*Dunam Defenders is a young adult contemporary #whychoose story. Heat level: Mild. This is the first in the series and ends with a Happy For Now (HFN).*

Link to book

It’s baby Luna’s first Christmas, but not everyone is excited!

Enzo Rossi hates Christmas… He’s not completely sure why but he’s always had a particularly strong dislike for the festivities.

It’s a feeling that isn’t shared with his mate Lupine and the rest of his family. They’re all crazy excited about celebrating the holidays together.

But can they convince Rossi that some Christmas traditions are worth keeping?

Lupine: Bah Humbug is a Lupine bonus story and would be better read after Lupine, Lupine: Wanted by Wolves and Lupine: Trick or Treat.

This story belongs to the Silver Springs shared universe and is written from Enzo Rossi’s POV.


Link to book

Link to book 1 Lupine

Don’t sleep with your teammates.
It was the one rule they emphasized to us ladies at the Fire Academy. The kind of rule that existed for a crucial reason.
And it was an easy rule to follow… Until I got transferred to Miami Fire Station 47.

With just two weeks until Christmas, Firefighter Amy Pederson is transferred to a special new fire station in the suburbs of Miami. It’s a tremendous honor to have been selected out of hundreds of applicants, but Amy can’t help but feel like she doesn’t belong.

And it only gets worse when she meets her three sexy unit mates, some of whom aren’t too thrilled to have a woman on their team.

Yet as they take holiday calls together they begin bonding in ways only a close-knit group who risk their lives together can. Every time they throw on their gear and stride into the swirling smoke their petty differences seem silly by comparison—especially with rumors of a holiday arsonist plaguing Miami.

But now Amy has the opposite problem: she and her new unit mates are beginning to like each other too much, a temptation that’s impossible to avoid while living with three delicious firefighter hunks. Can Amy douse her unrelenting feelings while searching for the arsonist, or will everything go up in smoke?

FIVE ALARM CHRISTMAS is a sexy, stand-alone reverse harem romance filled with humor, action, and mystery. It also contains sizzling hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes. HEA guaranteed!

Link to book

Three billionaires want me this Christmas.

My sister Mia runs a matchmaking business.
Or at least I guess that’s one thing you could call it.
She hosts games in which billionaires hunt a woman.
And she thinks it would do me good to participate.
She says she’s found freedom and love with three men at once.
And that I can do the same if I just let loose a little.
I reluctantly agree to a special Christmas treasure hunt.
Don’t ever tell her I said so, but my sister turns out to be right.
I surprise myself by loving when three handsome men want me.
It was supposed to be just for Christmas.
But now they want to keep it up all year long.
It was okay when I was experimenting with my body.
But I keep my heart very closed off.

Are we just caught up in the holiday spirit of this game?
Or have they captured me in more ways than one?

Standalone reverse harem romance. No cheating. No cliffhanger. No male on male action. Just a lot of steam, three handsome, rich guys pleasing one curvy lady and one big, and very hot happily ever after for all of them.

Link to book 6 (Standalone)

Link to book 1

Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for a hot fireman?
Heroic. Brave. And an expert in using his… hose.
Not to mention those damn sexy pants… I can’t get enough.
Now multiply that by four and you have a Christmas gift fit for a queen.

I’m a firefighter.
The only female in my house.
And I’m turned on by my squad.
Austin the Chief who likes to take control.
Wes the giant teddy bear.
Luke the hot nerdy stats guy.
And Owen the rich romantic.
This Christmas, the fire burning in my heart might be hot enough to scorch us all.
Secrets unfold. Truths are brought to light.

Come on Santa, you know what I’ve been wishing for.
I’ve been a good girl…. well…mostly.

Christmas with Four Firemen is a standalone novel in the Spenser Sisters Reverse Harem series. If you like hot reverse harem romances with powerful women and sexy men with plenty of steam and a guaranteed HEA, you’ll love the Spenser Sisters!

Link to book 2

Link to book 1 – these are all standalones

Curvy Megan Rowe and the orphaned triplets she’s looking after are on their way to their relatives’ house for Christmas, when they get stuck in a blizzard. Sexy tiger shifter Jason comes to their rescue, offering a roof for the night. But conflicts arise between him and his housemates Sandor, a big-hearted bear, and Travis, a possessive wolf with a temper, as all their animals are intent on claiming Megan for their own.

When the blizzard worsens and there’s no chance of leaving before the holidays, tensions in the little mountain cottage heat up. Megan’s only concern is that the kids have a happy holiday, and she tries her hardest to ignore her growing attraction to the three men.

But as each of the three sexy shifters lights her up in different ways, encouraging her to open her heart and trust for the first time in her life, she’s presented with a huge dilemma.

Meanwhile, the guys’ pact not to let a mate break them apart is put to the test as Megan’s resilient spirit, cheerful nature and sexy curves awaken their protective, possessive instincts. Each of the three shifters knows she’s their mate. But winning her heart will mean destroying their bond, which has been forged through years of brotherhood and hardship.

Suddenly, they each face losing the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

…unless Christmas can bring another solution their way!

This is a standalone story full of romance, laughter, festive cheer, and a very happy ending for everybody!

Link to book

Christmas is just around the corner and the streets and people of New York are bustling with holiday cheer.
Well, everyone except me.
After years of working retail, I’ve had it just about up to my neck with tacky holiday ornaments and the cringe-worthy jingles that blast on repeat throughout the Bloomington’s department store. I’ve grown to resent the holidays, and am looking forward to the calm of the New Year.
I think it’s safe to say, I just really hate the entire season.
To top it all off, my boss tasks me managing this year’s Christmas display. A display, he says, that should to be new, innovative, and needs to rival our competition.
I might as well have died and gone to hell.
But things look up when a brilliant idea strikes me, and my best friend Lucy and I decide to deck the Bloomington halls with a sexy and spicy holiday surprise.
A surprise that, turns out, perhaps wasn’t all too appropriate for a family-oriented department store.
Now, not only am I in deep Christmas shit with my boss, but go from bad to worse when two men claiming to be elves show up to bring me to the North Pole.
Surely the stress of the holidays has finally made me crack.

Link to book

This Christmas Eve, Sadie’s determined to stay on the Nice List by helping to save Christmas… but no one said she couldn’t have some naughty fun along the way!

Stranded in the city on Christmas Eve when all I want is to go home and be with my family, it was shaping up to be the worst Christmas ever.

That is until a sleigh crashed in the dingy parking lot behind my building. But it wasn’t Santa stumbling out of the wreckage – don’t be silly! It was three magical Christmas elves.

These elves were not the cute, short, pointy-eared creatures I’d always imagined. El, Tin and Max were tall, charming and, under their elaborate green coats, muscled and gorgeous.

When they begged me to help them find some Christmas cheer to recharge their sleigh so countless children wouldn’t wake up disappointed on Christmas Day, how could I say no?

But with only a few hours until midnight, I wasn’t sure we could get the sleigh moving in time – especially if my naughty new friends kept distracting me with flirtatious looks and stolen kisses.

**This is a reverse harem Christmas romance with a dash of magic, a pinch of adventure and a heaping of heart!

Link to book

My three perfect vampire matches. A trip to the mountains for an awkward holiday. Uninvited party guests with an insatiable hunger only I can quench?

The celebration of Winter Nights is about to suck. And not in a good way.

If I’m going to survive a disaster and save Kingston, Diego, and Austin from pouting during their favorite time of year, I’ll have to summon a back-world Christmas miracle. Because if I don’t succeed, I’ll disappoint the guys who promised me forever. I’ll ruin the holidays for everyone.

So, a miracle it is.

If only it wasn’t so bloody.

Link to novella – This is an upper young adult/new adult reverse harem paranormal romance for 17+. It takes place between Blood Rebel and Blood Debt.

Link to Blood Match, book 1

When a massive snowstorm prevents Hope from her usual holiday tradition — unwrapping presents at an idyllic mountain cabin with her sisters and their families — she faces a bleak Christmas Eve alone.

Then the three hot guys who live upstairs invite Hope over for dinner. And cocoa by the Christmas tree. And foot rubs. All the pleasure a woman could ever want — and more. Hope’s wishes for a sensual Christmas miracle might just come true.

NOTE: This is a holiday tale involving a sexy doctor, a hot fireman, and an alpha cop. Women who fantasize about stretching out near a roaring fire with no responsibilities other than to gaze at three muscular dudes will love this novella.

There’s a lot of jingle in these bells. Merry Christmas.

Link to book 4 (standalone)

Link to book 1

What do you do when your life finally calms? Celebrate…

Over the last few months, life at Redwood Supernatural University has been busy, overwhelming, and sometimes downright terrifying, but it’s finally winter break. With two and a half weeks of downtime, I’ll get the time I’ve desperately wanted to just hang out with friends, family, and my boyfriends. After everything we’ve been through this semester, don’t we deserve a little time to relax?

When the guys come to my hometown, I’m surrounded by gifts, love, and all the embarrassing mother/boyfriend bonding that I never knew I needed. And, if I’m being honest, the hot chocolate isn’t the only thing getting steamy. But my mom doesn’t need to know about that part.

Unfortunately, winter break isn’t all mistletoe, magic, and mini marshmallows. As if being kidnapped by my crazy ex-boyfriend and getting stuck as genie-smoke wasn’t bad enough, now I’m finding out that there’s a lot more to my supe identity than I’d ever imagined. At least I have my six guys to help me navigate the craziness that is being home for the holidays.

I got this…I think.

Book 3 of the Best Wishes Series is a holiday novella but is essential to the storyline and must be read between book 2 (Smoke and Survival) and book 4 (Smoke and Betrayal).

The Best Wishes Series is a seven-book WhyChoose/Reverse Harem saga featuring MMFMMMM meaning there is M/M content, and the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. Please note: while the romance is medium burn, the world and magic building will follow a slower pace due to the series’ setting in the human world.

This book contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, domestic violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

Link to book 3

Link to book 1

I just realized the cover has a dude making “Duck Face.” 😂

My entire life was was washed away. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, I lost my job…
…days before Christmas.

Into my life swept four incredible guys. Their mission in life? Make this the best Christmas ever and reignite the fire in my heart.

To my mind, their mission is doomed to failure, but I’ll let them give it a red hot try.

**This book is a reverse harem novella, with adult language and situations.**

Link to novella

It all started with a Christmas party. How was I supposed to know an innocent game of “Spin the Bottle” would change the course of my entire life?

He’s the office shy guy. Lacking in classic good looks, I never noticed Niles Prescott until a twisted office game has us kissing under the mistletoe. That’s all it takes, and now I’m hooked. When Niles proposes a hookup with us and his roommates, I figure it can’t hurt. I’m always down to try new things, but this time, I might be biting off more than I can chew.

When a snowstorm traps me in a house with three sexy bachelors on Christmas, I have no choice but to play the hand that is dealt. But these guys aren’t saints, and when I find out they’ve been keeping a secret, one that could destroy what should be one of the happiest days of the year, I have to decide between keeping them and running for the hills.

But choosing is going to be damn near impossible because, now that I’ve had all three of them, one man will never be enough again.

Link to book

Everyone’s favorite five-man, one-woman construction crew is back in action. This time they’re celebrating the holidays together, Powertools style.

Though they’re each on the hunt for the perfect presents for their loved ones, they soon realize that the gifts they give each other day in and day out are the most valuable sort. Spending time together and sharing their passions—not only for sexy menages in every variation—has helped them thrive despite life’s ups and downs.

Come catch up with old friends, plus get a glimpse at what the future might hold as their stories continue!

Powertools, Book 7, novella.

Link to book 7

Link to book 1

The children are all grown and it’s time to call them all home for the holidays. Messengers are sent far and wide to locate all of Aurora’s bloodline. The kids have a real surprise waiting for them this year. Jayce and I have spent the better half of the last month planning Christmas. Between the food and presents I believe we are all set. Now, we just have to keep Aurora out of the presents till the children arrive, easier said than done.


Link to book (unsure if full book, or short novella)

Link to book 1

Alexis and the Storms must stop rogue snowmen from terrorizing Southern Blackwood and ruining the last holiday they might ever have.

SNOW STORMS is a novella and does NOT have to be read in order for the rest of the series to make sense! It is considered book 3.5 in the STORMS OF BLACKWOOD series, a fast burn, RH, paranormal romance. 18+

Link to novella (book 3.5)

Link to book 1

Chanel has been chosen for a new dating game. There are four contestants and she has to go on one date with each of them. She does and then realizes she likes all of them.

She wants to try a foursome, which is out of her comfort zone, but it’s the holidays – Christmas – and she wants the gift that keeps on giving… pleasure.

Link to novella Standalone (book 1 can be found on Part one of the Holiday list)

The steamy short story for the Holidays of 2020.


Link to novella

Giselle is a beautiful woman, and has been trying to evolve her modeling career since she was old enough to dream. When she gets invited to work as a sexy elf in a sexy Christmas short film she accepts. There are 4 guys playing Santa. Behind the scenes she ends up with each of them because commitment is for the birds.

Link to standalone novella

I’m in the business of selling virgins.
Now, three billionaires want to buy me.

By day, I’m a church events organizer.
At night, I organize altogether different events.
In which billionaires compete to win a virgin.
I know it’s a strange career choice.
Especially since I’m usually such a good girl.
But the opportunity fell into my life.
By that, I mean I seized it.
From my rich, douchebag ex.
I host the Hunts for his friends- and enemies.
In doing so, I’ve gotten rich.
But then I receive a special Thanksgiving request.
Three billionaires want not just a Hunt but a feast.
And I’m to be the lucky virgin they devour.
I know they love an expensive challenge.
It also doesn’t hurt that they’re all super hot.

They’ll pay any price to share my body for my first time.
But what if all four of our hearts get involved?
And what if my ex tries to ruin things?

Standalone reverse harem romance. No cheating. No cliffhanger. No male on male action. Just a lot of steam, three handsome, rich guys pleasing one curvy lady and one big, and very hot happily ever after for all of them.

This is book 5 in the Hunted by Billionaires series. It’s not necessary to read the others to follow this one. But they’re connected by friends’ stories and theme, so it’s recommended for an even hotter and more interesting binge-session!

Link to book 5 novella

Link to book 1

Samantha has been keeping a couple of secrets from her parents. Not only her unconventional relationship with her three men, but also a baby on the way. 

When her mom guilt-trips her into leaving the city to come home to their small town for Christmas, she knows she has to find a way to reveal her secrets. 

Will her three husbands be able to win over her bearish father? Especially when everything they try to do goes seriously wrong. 

Enjoy this comedic Reverse Harem Holiday Romance. 

*This book contains explicit sexual content and is intended for 18+ audiences

Link to book 3 novella

Link to box set with bonus scenes OR just plain ole book 1 ( two different links for whichever you prefer,

In search of the perfect guy, I performed a spell to try to make one.

It didn’t work out the way I expected. In my wildest dreams, I didn’t think I’d make a snowman, much less three. I certainly never imagined they’d fulfil all of my desires. The question is, which one of us will melt first?

One click now to read a story for those who love their guys… a little different.

**This is a reverse harem with adult language and situations.**

Link to novella

I thought I was happy. Perfect house, perfect husband, perfect son.
That was until I saw my husband for the cruel, cheating abuser that he was.
I tried to run, to get away, but I crashed my car in the blizzard.
When I woke I’d been rescued by three hot as hell brothers.
I didn’t know then that they were wolf shifters, and that the Alpha wanted me for their mate.
But I soon found out.
Blizzard is a Christmas slow burn reverse harem with wolf shifters that will get you right in the feels and bring the festive cheer to warm your heart.

Link to book

I never should have listened to Cyrus.

I knew better. But he has this sexy little smile that just melts my heart. Add that to all my handsome mates encouraging me to take the next step in our lives, and I agreed to what I thought was a fantastic plan.

Big. F*cking. Mistake.

Because now I’m pregnant, and let me tell you, this is no freaking picnic! I can’t see my feet. My libido has gone into overdrive and doesn’t seem to realize I resemble a walking marshmallow. And I’m craving troll fat of all things, something I entirely blame on Sol.

The worst symptom? My powers are gone.

Zip. Nada. Finito.

Awesome idea, Cyrus. Thanks for that.

Oh, and to make matters worse, the five sources of magic have gone completely haywire with no explanation. Tornados. Infernos. Floods. At least this time I know I’m not to blame. Someone else has power over all five elements and we better figure out who it is before the entire realm is ripped apart.

Something tells me this is going to be one unforgettable Fae Winter Festivus Holiday.

Author’s Note: Elemental Fae Holiday is Book 4 in the Elemental Fae Academy Series, continuing Claire’s story with her five fated fae mates. This is a why choose novel with HEA.


Link to book 4

Link to book 1

WARNING: This book has one girl and three sagacious…Emmm…enlightened men. She owns them all–heart, body and soul.
Don’t read it unless you like  age gap romance, proximity and enemies to lovers romance…and also unless you like threesomes, and  foursomes.

She shook her upper body as if to physically shake off the imaginary shackles of darkness, trying to consume her.

Young, sad, and lonely.

For Claudia Kraner, December eight, was a day she couldn’t shake off no matter how hard she tried. She wished it were the 29th of February. At least, that would spare her the yearly torment.

One text. Two words. That’s all it took to darken her mood.

A love for skiing. A chance encounter. One thing leading to another.

Three Skiers. One girl. A shattered heart, a conceited soul, and a trodden spirit.  Can one damaged girl really reconcile enemies and mend mangled hearts ?
And… is a ski resort during Christmas holiday, the place to do it?

THREE WISE MEN FOR CHRISTMAS, Book #3 in the Mountain Peak Series, is a Contemporary Holiday Romance from Author Brie Wilds.

*** THREE WISE MEN FOR CHRISTMAS is a 60,000 word novel about anguish, love, grief, and the beauty of sex. It contains ski instructors, a soldier of fortune, young love, deep hurt, broken pasts, group sex, one beautiful girl who falls in love with three guys, and three guys who fall in love with one beautiful girl. This novel is a MMMF book has a STRONG focus on the woman, aka a reverse harem romance novel (one woman, three guys). NO cliff-hanger, and a happily ever after ending.


Link to book 3 (standalone RH)

Link to book 1 M/F STORY


From the Naughty or Nice? collection

What’s Christmas without sugar cookies, stuffed stockings, mistletoe and three men to unwrap?

Vivian Hayes knows what she wants for Christmas—a candy cane martini, her twin boyfriends and a whole lotta mistletoe. It’s her year to spend Christmas with her mom and stepdad, but when she arrives home, she discovers that her self-imposed off-limits adult stepbrother has broken the rules.

They had a deal, and Noah is not supposed to be there. As usual, since her mother’s recent marriage to his father, their chemistry is off the charts, Noah is trying everything he can to convince her they should be together, and her twin lovers aren’t doing a thing to discourage the idea.

When they have to team up to help Vivian’s mom battle a corrupt investor, Vivian’s walls start to crumble and she has to decide if she will continue to deny herself the pleasure she so badly wants or set aside her own rules and risk everything so she can finally learn what Noah can bring to her harem.

The heat won’t just be coming from the fireplace this Christmas.


Link to book

“Scorpio: After a challenging period, Venus enters your sign. A New Year kiss will mean more than you expect.”

My horoscope on New Year’s Eve doesn’t make sense. I’ve just caught my fiancé of two years cheating on me, in my own bed.
I lost everything when I walked into that room and left just with the clothes on my back and my truck. I left everything to follow him to this middle of nowhere, God forsaken Texas town.

Now I’m crashing on my bestie’s couch, nursing my broken heart and trying to figure out my future.
So I doubt there will be any kisses at midnight for me, even when my BFF’s hot brother surprises her for the holidays, back from a year long deployment with the army.

I’ve always found Neal hot but I doubt he sees me as more than his big sister’s bestie, someone who’ll eat pizza and watch movies with him when he comes home on leave.
And my string of bad luck is confirmed when I get asked to work the evening shift at the gas station, missing the party Sarah has organized for tonight, inviting some eligible bachelors.

Things go from bad to worse when I’m stuck at work, alone, with the roads closed during a blizzard.

Or am I alone?

Three hot soldiers passing through this middle of nowhere corner of the world on their way to a party – the same party I’m missing – come into the station.

They’re all handsome and friendly, and when the roads are too dangerous to leave, they’re stuck here with me.

Sparks fly, but will I get my New Year’s kiss after all?

*Trigger warning: this whychoose story contains mild violence and elements of danger.
**This novella was previously published as part of the Hogmanay anthology in December 2019.


Link to book

A collection of nice, and possibly a bit more than a little naughty, holiday inspired tales from twelve Reverse Harem authors. Featuring contemporary and paranormal authors:
A.J. Macey
Avery Song
H.A. Wills
Jacquelyn Faye
Jarica James
Katie May
L.L. Frost
M.J. Marstens
R.L. Caulder
Suki Williams
Penn Cassidy & Madeline Fay

Naughty is the new nice, so this year, Let’s Scrooge!


Link to anthology

Ho! Ho! No!!
Step One: Infiltrate Cringle Academy (which is filled with the snobbiest witches and wizards in existence, ugh)
Step Two: Kidnap Santa
Step Three: Win back my stolen crown
Step Four: Take back Christmas

I’m the last Christmas elf and I’m freaking tired of that jolly, twinkle-eyed joke acting like he invented my holiday! I’m tired of witches and wizards turning Christmas into a corporation. And I’m absolutely over the whole elegant Christmas vibe these weirdos created. I mean pastels?! When did Christmas involve PASTELS!

I’m competing in this school’s famous Christmas Cringle Competition. A week of everything Christmas–baking, snowball fights, gingerbread houses. Oh, I’ve so got this.

There are a few things threatening to ruin my plans though:
Professor Jack Frost is winter itself. He’s a powerful, ancient elf that could ruin my ruse if he gets too close and realizes who I really am.
Nick Krampus, the frightening Krampus monster who enjoys his job of punishing naughty people way too much. Yikes–is kidnapping Santa considered naughty?
Pyr Claus. Cringle Academy’s little golden prince who I will in no way fall for. I don’t care how good he looks or how everyone seems to buy his whole nice guy act. He’s a Claus, enemy numero uno.

I’m pretty sure they know I’ve got Santa in my closet…

I am so dead.

Author Note: A STANDALONE holiday why choose/paranormal reverse harem with three male love interests and mm scenes.


Link to book

Christmas isn’t all spiked cocoa and reindeer games when you’re a supernatural bounty hunter. At least that’s what I thought for years. But now that I have my three boyfriends and teammates, I’m more than ready to make this the best Christmas ever.

When one of them proposes a 12 Days of Christmas Challenge to see who is the most romantic, I’m more than a little nervous. I mean… how romantic can three guys who fight demons and monsters be?

With an array of cheesy Christmas dates and some supernatural mishaps, I know it’s going to be a bountiful Christmas.


This book is a standalone Christmas Novella – following a group of bounty hunters turned harem as they get to know each other on a new level and have plenty of holiday laughs along the way.

A Bountiful Christmas is a Reverse Harem Romance intended for readers eighteen and up.

Link to book

Demons are trying to steal Christmas!

They’ve attacked Dad’s Workshop, broken his Christmas cane, and taken him and the cherubs who work for him prisoner.

Unholy night, it’s a mess—and I’m the only one who got away.

Now, I have to figure out how to save Christmas, with only five of Santa’s reindeer as my helpers. Reindeer who are incredibly intelligent, sure. But still, they’re just animals.

They couldn’t possibly be more than that…

I sure hope my Christmas luck shifts soon. Because if it doesn’t, Christmas might be doomed.

This is a reverse harem romance intended for adult audiences.

Link to book


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