December Reverse Harem Release Calendar

Hello Lovlies! Can you believe it’s December already? Me either. Welcome to the December Reverse Harem Release Calendar. The following books to the best of my knowledge are reverse harem, although I have had Amazon mislabel in the past. I will try to catch any misplaced MFM’s, M/F, or MM that sneak into the RH algorithm. All dates are tentative depending on the author. I will attempt to make changes as I catch them. All blurbs will be verbatim from Amazon. Images are either from Amazon of the author’s Facebook.

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Updated 12/30: Removed 1, bumped 2 to January.


 I didn’t ask to wake up with claws and fangs, much less a tail.

My life had enough complications—five mates, a slew of lovers, and an entire community to protect—but I loved it.

Now, everything is a mess. Fights, ropes, demons, and blood are usually a good thing, but not since the cat came out to play. 

I have to find a cure.

The only person who I know who might know how to help me get answers is an irritating, preening bastard living in self-imposed exile.

Did I mention that he’s the assassin that tried to destroy us during the Conflict?

This is going to suck…

Codename: The Rift is the first novel in a universe of fantasy/romance novels and short stories. It has been classified by readers as dark romance, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi fantasy, shifter, and more. Written in multiple POVs and an epistolary style, you will feel as though you are part of the action and in the character’s heads. Everything in the Rift is interconnected like individual threads in a spiderweb from the imperfect heroine, Delilah, to her mates, family, and the members of the Resistance.

Codename: The Rift Prequels Boxed Set is a set of prequels written in The Early Years and The Winter, prior to Codename: The Rift begins. We highly recommend reading the first novel prior to reading these books.

A New World Order is a serial novel that is the second in the Riftverse series. All of your favorite characters return and new ones join the fray.

Hallelujah and Call the Magickal Midwife occur during the timeline of A New World Order and should be read after completing it so you avoid spoilers. 

Once you enter the Rift, you may never want to return. 

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A woman on the run. Four shifters with everything to lose. And an insidious evil that wants to own them all.

When Dez runs from her fey employer, she’s only thinking of her own happiness and freedom. It isn’t until she finds out she’s pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby that she realizes just how screwed she is. Jake is the alpha of the biggest pack of shifters in the country, and as protective as they come. When he finds out she’s carrying his kid, he’ll move heaven and earth to make sure she’s safe. The only problem is her presence in his life would make him unsafe, and she’s not willing to take that risk, no matter how much she cares for him.

Jake may be the big boss of the Greymane Pack, but a threatened war with the fey has tensions among the shifters at an all-time high–and his own people are questioning whether he is strong enough to lead them to victory. It doesn’t help that his three best men, Giles, Simon, and Michel have gone missing while searching for the woman who stole his heart and his peace of mind. He can’t stop thinking about her even as he’s faced with a mysterious stranger who may just be the very first Greymane–and a potential rival for alpha of his pack.

Giles, Simon, and Michel would do just about anything for their pack leader, even put themselves in danger to find his long lost love. When they’re captured by a coven of witches and vampires, it’s Dez who saves them and nurses them back to health. It’s almost a crime to drag her back to Jake when she doesn’t want to go–and the growing desire between the four of them makes the three males question their loyalty to their pack and their alpha. 

The balance of power is shifting. Will love save them or destroy them all?

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Alone. Exhausted. Hunted…Found.
Alice Bennett’s situation couldn’t be worse, but that’s not going to stop her fighting. She has a plan – a plan to escape the cruel man leading her wagon train and survive alone in the mountain wilderness.
She has skills, a few supplies, and a loyal horse. But life is about more than just staying alive, and when a mysterious and handsome local with a proud, passionate glint in his eyes and an affinity with the forest shows up she is as captivated as she is terrified.
And then she meets his warrior friends!
Tensions soar. Desires flare. Jealousy rears. Can Alice handle the fierce determination of the men promising to protect her? Will her spirit ever truly belong with the people who’ve welcomed her into their lives? And will the love of three Chochmi warriors be her true salvation?

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Four sexy dragon shifters. A huntress with a dark past. A bond that could save the world.

I’ve spent my entire life running from my past and staying out of trouble. That’s how I’ve kept alive ever since my parents were killed by the Black Dragon, who’s ruled the world under her oppressive talons for as long as anyone can remember.

But it’s hard to keep a low profile when four handsome strangers turn up in your village claiming you’re destined to save the world. According to them, they’ve been chosen by the gods to become elemental dragons—and I’m their fated mate.

Which means one day I’ll be the most powerful dragon of all, able to control all four elements. Assuming I can unlock my powers first…by getting intimate with each of my sexy mates.

Auric, the clever prince. Jasin, the cocky soldier. Slade, the protective blacksmith. Reven, the mysterious assassin. And me. We’re the only ones who can bring balance to the world and overthrow the Black Dragon—if she doesn’t tear us to shreds first.

But as we continue our journey, secrets are uncovered about my mates that make me question everything, even as things heat up between us. Yet the greatest secret of all lies in my own past—and it might destroy us completely.

This collection contains all five novels in the Her Elemental Dragons series—Stroke The Flame, Kiss The Sky, Shake The Earth, Ride The Wave, and Embrace The Dark—as well as the prequel novella, Light The Fire. Over 1000 pages!

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This book is part of a series, blurb may contain spoilers.

A devastated witch, a missing mate, and a sacrifice that could risk it all.

Willow Oliver can’t seem to catch a break. She finally frees her bloodline of their endless curse, but in doing so, she loses a piece of her soul.

After she’s given up all hope, a shred of optimism floats into her life. Willow forces her internal demons to the side and follows every possible lead that comes across her path.

With so many things going on around her, Willow has to balance infinite impossible hurdles. How will she prioritize her needs and those of the people she loves?

Worst of all, Willow struggles to figure out who to trust, especially when she’s unsure of even herself.

A race against the clock is something she never anticipated, but now that time is her enemy, she must decide if she will take the blind leap into the unknown.

Ancient Magic is the fourth installment in a new adult paranormal academy why choose romance series full of heartache, fearless choices, and trusting your instincts.

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Stone Jacobs must…hate me.

The tenuous bonds the four of us built could end with one split-second decision. Good versus bad. Old versus new. Loyalties will be tested when the truth spills like blood from a razor’s cut.

Caught between high society and the homicidal reach of a well-known gang, finding my family’s treasure is our only hope. It’s the loose thread tying us all together in this hellacious game of hide and seek. But when betrayal rears its ugly head, one of the men who I’ve come to count as family might just slip out of my reach for good.

Maybe that’s the real curse of the Wilders. It’s not losing our treasure. It’s never being able to hold on to the ones we love.

This Fearless Girl is the second book in the Saint Clary’s University series, an enemies-to-lovers reverse harem.

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Whoever said books couldn’t be dangerous were lying.

After finding an ancient text claiming to hold the secrets of the Chalice of Ichor, Valeria takes it to her Advisor. His advice, to show it to the one person she never wanted to see again. Lazarus Mors. Between him and the rest of the Masters, she believes her fate sealed and Obsidian Prison beckons.

But fate is fickle.

Thrown from Temple Mortis, they take her precious notes, and Valeria vows to do everything she can to free Advisor Lucian from the hell he’s trapped in. Including joining forces with the three men that hold her life in their hands.

When they stumble into a street of headless and bloody corpses, it forces Valeria to give up her secrets one argument at a time.

Can they find the monster lurking in their midst, or will they share the fate befallen everyone else they meet?

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I lived in HELL. Living in the human slums, taught me how to fight.

I fought to protect.

I fought to survive.

And I fought for a chance to eventually LIVE.

My 18th birthday was supposed to be my chance to leave and finally figure out who I am.
All the pain I had experienced in my past was nothing compared to the pain I felt on my 18th birthday. Minutes felt like a lifetime. My freedom from the pain, came at the hands of my Verndari Mates. I had only ever heard rumors of the Verndari. Did I trade one Hell for another? Or are they the Salvation I needed to finally Live?

This is a Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance with MPOV intended for readers 18+. Some topics contained in this book touch on sensitive issues that may be difficult for some readers. Contains scenes with explicit sexual content, crude language, violence, and flashbacks of abuse. If this content offends and/or is a trigger, please DO NOT read this book.

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Three hot men. One woman craving their love. Will they finally find a way to live happily ever after?

As Christmas approaches, life has become calm once again and Catherine feels secure in her love for all three of her mates. But a job offer from home threatens to rob them of Reid. And they’re being targeted by a shifter hate group. This group is more organized and more determined than any the lovers have faced before.

Has Catherine’s luck finally run out or will she find a way to save her mates for good?

Saving Her Mates is the third and final part of the Paris Harem trilogy, a paranormal reverse harem romance with lots of suspense and heat!

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My Love Life at the End of the World – Book 3 in the Preppers series by C&V Guyer

Everyone has always thought that my sister, Josephine, was the Meeker princess. And I can see it, long, almost magical looking hair, fair skin, big blue eyes. She certainly looks like a princess should.
But she’s not. Not even close.
Phi is a knight, a soldier who isn’t afraid of going out into the world on her own, battling dragons and monsters and exploring places unknown. She’s brave, strong, adventurous. Everything a princess is not.
Everything I’m not.
I’m just a princess, sitting in my tower, waiting for true loves first kiss to wake me up and get my story started.
But I’m getting tired of waiting around for my princes on their slow ass steeds.
I’m Finley Meeker, the true Meeker Princess, and I am setting out to find my happily ever after.
Wanna come with?

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Lola has always loved unique items that have an interesting backstory, when she finds a curious-looking box at her favorite antique story she doesn’t realize she’s in for more than just a pretty treasure this time, but a grand adventure the likes of which she’s never been on before. With the help of her fae lovers, something will awaken inside of Lola that she didn’t know existed. Will she be able to return the help her lovers have given her, or will they be confined to their prison once more.

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I thought I was happy. Perfect house, perfect husband, perfect son.
That was until I saw my husband for the cruel, cheating abuser that he was.
I tried to run, to get away, but I crashed my car in the blizzard.
When I woke I’d been rescued by three hot as hell brothers.
I didn’t know then that they were wolf shifters, and that the Alpha wanted me for their mate.
But I soon found out.
Blizzard is a Christmas slow burn reverse harem with wolf shifters that will get you right in the feels and bring the festive cheer to warm your heart.

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Legend says every twenty-five years, Winter chooses a new bride.

Most believe it’s nothing more than a myth or a fairytale, but then Winter’s messenger comes to my village and chooses my sister as his next bride.

I never fit in, never belonged, so I decide to take her place and marry the god myself.

My family always said I was blessed by Summer himself, holding a warmth inside of me even during the coldest winter months. When I find out it’s true, that Summer had indeed been watching over me my entire life, things grow complicated.

Both Winter and Summer want me as their brides.

Choosing between them won’t be easy. In fact, it might just be impossible. How can you choose which half of your heart to follow?

**Winter’s Bride is a standalone, 45,000 word novella. This book includes some steamy scenes, and in the end, our heroine might not have to choose between her love interests.**

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You can arrest me, slander me, put a gun to my head.
But I’ll find your secrets and make you wish you were dead.

The bullies have gone to far, and now it’s time to fight back.

This time, I’m not alone. With Maxwell, Kendrick, and Orlando on my side. Together, we will ruin their reputations and take revenge.

Cruel Shame is a reverse harem high school bully romance and the final book of the Templar Academy trilogy. It contains cursing, dark themes, and sexual situations.

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Maybe it won’t get pushed back again.

Crown City is divided. 

Mortals on one side of the river and the beasts on the other. 

Only I’m a woman caught in the middle, and now I’m forced to choose a side. Return to the FBI who’s hunting us, or run with the Wolves? 

Phantom, Church, Vitold and Arran.

They’re hiding for a crime they didn’t commit, bullet-riddled and bleeding they’re considered weak now and their territory fair game. 

But there’s nothing weak about Phantom.

Or our pack.  

As other Wolves start circling, looking for a way to take what’s ours a new darkness emerges. One that has hunted me before. 

And as Phantom’s past rises we are forced to confront a beast so powerful it could destroy us all. Only I won’t let it. 

I will fight. I will hunt. I will love.  

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The 3rd book in The House Series Serial…
It was his last will and testament.

For one week, four of us was to live together. Play nice to each other like we used to when we were kids.

Seb, Thomas, Ashford and me.

Three of Mr. Keystone’s sons and me, the maid’s daughter.

All those years, the three sons bullied and ridiculed me because I was the maid’s daughter.

So, why was I back? Why did I cared to be in the same house as those three tormentors?

Because I was in Mr. Keystone’s will.

He had always been kind to me, even if his sons weren’t, so I could only honor his wishes. And he was like a father to me, and didn’t treat me like the maid’s daughter. But as soon as I could, I left to go to college. Two years ago. Meanwhile, the boys went their separate ways, too. Estranged from each other.

So why was I here having to live in the same house with his sons for a week?

I don’t know, but I’m about to find out, even if it meant my old adolescent feelings for all three of them might surface again. And if being in the mansion we called a house together might jog some memories of the wild nights we’ve had here.

It’s just one week. I could survive that. Or could I?

**House is the first book in The House Series, which is a Reverse Harem Dark College Romance recommended for age 18+ due to mature themes.

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The last few months in Backridge have been pretty calm after the disasters that both Lacey and Stacy faced.
Now it’s Christmas time and things are starting to feel normal again.
So for now let’s enjoy all the warm fuzzies of the holiday season.
Because this is Backridge Kentucky it’s not likely to stay calm for very long.

This is a companion Novella to the first two books in the Backridge Kentucky Series. This will be full of spoilers for those who haven’t read the first two books. So please make sure that you do before reading this one. This book contains MM and Adult language, not suitable for anyone under 18.

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“What’s happening to me?” I breathed as I shivered in want.

“You’re going into heat,” Elijah whispered, his eyes shining liquid blue, his face twisting with restraint. “The mating call is in my blood, too. My control is slipping.”

His words didn’t make sense, but it no longer mattered. Lust burned through me like wildfire. In its wake, nothing could survive, except my savage need for this archangel.

I must take him raw and hard until he can’t take it, and then I’d still have him, marking him as mine over and over. He’d beg and scream, but I still won’t stop…

This mixed boxed set includes a sexy reverse harem duet and a darkly delicious paranormal fantasy romance series.  

The Burn of the Underworld (Of Shadows and Fire, #1)
The Rise of the Underworld (Of Shadows and Fire, #2)
The Dragonian’s Witch (The First Witch Book 1)
The Witch’s Consort (The First Witch Book 2)

If you love badass heroines, possessive alpha males who take no prisoners when it comes to their women, and lots of steam and heart-pounding action, you’ll enjoy this hot collection!

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When the only hand able to help was the Devil’s, what choice did she really have? She made the only choice she could in order to survive but the Devil’s help requires more than what she bargained for. One wrong move decided her fate and now she’s stuck playing The Devil’s Game.

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Appears to be mixed genre, but there is at least 1 RH.

**Four paranormal vampire romances for your reading pleasure.**

The vampire hunter has been seeking her prey for years. Desperate to get revenge for her friends who were lost, she vows to kill him using any means necessary. Then she learns his secret, and everything changes.

She wasn’t supposed to screw up his order of blood from the hospital, but she did. Now, the vampire says that Juliet has to serve as his personal blood doll to replace the missing blood.

She wasn’t expecting to be kidnapped or stolen away into a world of vampires and magic. She wasn’t expecting to like it.

Vampire mates are just fairytales…just legends…at least, that’s what she’s always believed. Then she’s rescued by a group of vampires so handsome, so menacing, so horrifying beautiful that she finally realizes they’re her mates whether she wants them or not.

BITTEN: A VAMPIRE ROMANCE COLLECTION is an anthology of four novels by Sophie Stern. This collection includes: Vampire Kiss, Chaotic Wild, Eternity, and Bitten by the Vampires. Each story includes steam, biting, and a happily-ever-after.

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Being adopted by a werewolf pack means Sarah’s life is never simple.

No one ever said that living with werewolves was easy, but being the last witch certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

With Nick by her side, Sarah is sent off to Moon Academy to be trained – and observed.

Vampires, the fae, and a mysterious and secretive third party evidently have big plans for her, whether she likes it or not.

In the coming year, she’ll need to keep her wits about her, learn to control her magic, and choose Guardians who can protect her against the threats she faces as the last of the witches.

The truth will always come out, and Moon Academy is no exception.

This is a full-length standalone whychoose young adult fantasy romance.

The first 5 chapters of this story were previously published in the Realms & Rebels boxset.

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I made the deal.
And then I did everything they asked me to.

Making a deal with four of the most dangerous men I’d ever met was supposed to save me.

I had no idea that it would only drag me down deeper into the world I was trying to leave.

They promised to save me for a price.
I never thought that they’d rely on me for the same help.

Everyone knows that you don’t make a deal with the devil and expect to walk away in one piece.
But what if making that deal was the only thing to save me?

And then what if those devils needed my help?

Fierce is the second in a hot RH duet with plenty of swearing, steam, and hot sinners. This contains mature themes that may trigger some readers.

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I thought I was a mermaid, and now I’m convinced I’m losing my mind.

Visions haunt me at night, dangerous desires taunt me in my waking hours. Either way, I can’t trust myself, let alone the man who’s guest I’ve been for the past few days. Or has it been more?

The thing is that when you suspect that your mind is fractured, it begins to play tricks on you, as if to prove you right. You lose track of time, space and reality.

And yes, you lose yourself.

Okay, fair enough, that probably wasn’t much of a loss. I wouldn’t know, because I still can’t remember enough to make sense of what’s real and what isn’t.

And yet, I keep feeling like the danger is real and so is the prophecy. I just hope I manage to get the truth right, or I might just end up putting my own life in danger, as well as the lives of the three men I love.

Imaginary or not, I can’t let them get hurt, and I would rather prefer to stay in one piece myself.

Note from the Author: This is a slow burn Reverse Harem, Why Choose Fairy Tale Romance Retelling of The Little Mermaid in 7000 words. It being a short story, expect insta romance as well as a cliffhanger. Part 5 is coming shortly.

This is Book 4 in the Reverse Harem Fairy Tales Series, with more stories to come every week. Some characters will stay with us for the duration of several books, while there will be standalones in the series, too, and every book can be read on its own.

It’s highly recommended though that books in the same fantasy niche fairy tale are read in their order of publication.

Includes mature scenes, slight BDSM, multiple partners and dark humour. You have been warned.

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One girl, five monsters, one hell of a ride.

Fleeing the wolves who’d tried to claim them, Aisha and Ezra make the treacherous journey to the Pit.

With her new-found magic, and determined to save her fellow humans, Aisha must outwit the wolves and vampires chasing her.

However, there are more dangerous things than a few smitten males on her trail.

Very soon, Aisha’s going to need all the help she can get.

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See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Sleep with no evil… If only it were that easy.

Between being kidnapped by a psycho dragon-shifter, influenced by ancient relics, and fighting for my freedom, I’d say my hands are full. But really, my troubles have just begun.

Cain, Dorian, and Elias are wickedly dangerous, scorching hot, and all too tempting. They’re devils in disguise. Literally.

I don’t know why they’re collecting these relics, but it looks like I’m not the only one with secrets. Despite all the risks, I might be falling for the three of them. But there’s a good chance this Hellish relationship ends up being the death of me.

To make matters worse, there may be something more to my shadow than I originally thought. Something evil that’s set on taking over me entirely if I let it. With each passing day, I find myself falling deeper into its darkness and further under the demons’ deadly charms.

There’s no other way around it… Things are quickly going to Hell in a handbasket.

Read the sinful and captivating sequel to the Sin Demons Series by bestselling authors Mila Young and Harper A. Brooks! 1-click to continue this fiery demon romance today!

Hell in a Handbasket is book two in the Sin Demons Series.

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Kidnapped. Drained. Killed.

“On the first day of the new term, I witness a brutal kidnapping at the academy. But when I report it to the head witch, she fobs me off.

Soon, dark powers are coming for my friends and me. I know one thing: only united can we stand against the unknown enemy.

But with our powers still developing and my boys fighting each other, I don’t know if we will survive the second term at the Second Chance Academy.”

This is book two of the Second Chance Academy series, a reverse harem, medium-burn novel with a HFN. Also, what’s up with the damned cat?!?

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One seeks my heart. One craves my body. And one will stop at nothing to possess my soul.

Family is everything and I’ll do whatever it takes to support what’s left of mine. I’ll work double waitressing shifts seven days a week. I’ll even become the headliner at the local strip club.

But I draw the line at accepting a drug lord’s indecent proposal. I’m not for sale. Unfortunately, the monster isn’t used to taking no for an answer and his ability to manipulate minds makes him a formidable enemy.

Luckily, I’ve got my sexy roommate and a dangerous shifter watching out for me. They’ll protect me from everything… except their dark desires.

If I can survive these beasts, the apocalypse will be a cakewalk.

*This is book one in a steamy paranormal reverse harem series based on the rewritten and expanded Heaven in Hell series. Expect a kickass heroine and swoon-worthy monsters who’ll have to learn to share*

Read the complete steamy reverse harem shifter romance series set in the same post-apocalyptic world
*Claiming The Nanny (Prequel to Claiming Her Mates)
*Claiming Her Mates: Book One
*Claiming Her Mates: Book Two
*Claiming Her Mates: Book Three

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It’s my job to take care of my superstars. All 7 of them.

Really, it has become much more than a job. After they welcomed me into their lives, we have grown close quite quickly. Everything would be perfect if it wasn’t for Mr. Shin, CEO of the biggest entertainment company in Korea, all-around villain and, unfortunately, our boss. He knows all about the dark secrets that my Idols and I hold, which puts us completely and utterly at his mercy. A word that does not appear in Mr. Shin’s vocabulary.

To the world, they are only known as NaBi, K-Pop sensation and most popular boyband alive, but to me, they are my boyfriends and I would do anything to protect them.

**This is the second part in a series of steamy, reverse harem romance novellas. It contains mature adult themes, including acts of BDSM that may not be suitable for all readers. HEA included. No cheating. No choosing. As this is part of a series there is a bit of a cliffhanger.**

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Arlena and her knights have narrowly escaped death.

With Avalon vanished in the mists and Crusaders activity on the rise, they have few options left but to hide.

But when a strange man haunting Arlena’s dreams warns her of dangers unseen, it becomes clear that they must stand up and fight.

Will they manage to save the witches and warlocks of this world? Or will their battle come to a bloody end?

Knight Fallen is an 18+ Reverse Harem paranormal romance.

What are readers saying about The Return of the Queen series?

“I couldn’t put it down and read it in one go! I love these characters!”

“I want to live with these heroes and this series forever!”

“Adventure, romance, hot sex, sword fights! Pick up a copy nooowww!”

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I moved across the country, thinking I’d be safe. I was wrong. When my estranged Aunt died and left me her house, I moved with my dog to Talonville hoping for a new life away from the faceless man that watches my every move.
I never imagined I’d uncover hidden family secrets that leave me shocked and questioning everything. Then I meet three hot wolf shifters that leave me weak in the knees.
But he’s followed me and now I’m ready to flee. That is, unless Lorenzo, Conor, and Max have anything to say about it.
Knight’s Talons is a reverse harem novella where the heroine doesn’t have to choose between men. The heroine is bbw.
Fifty percent of the proceeds of this book will be donated to See Me Home Senior Dog Sanctuary.
Trigger Warning: This contains some elements of past trauma and stalker situations.

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“It all starts there.”

Those were the last words my father spoke to me.

Five years ago, everything seemed perfect. I had it all: loving parents, best friends, and a potential boyfriend. But most of all, I had skating, and we were one step away from the Olympics.

Until they came for me, and secrets and betrayal rip my world apart. With everything crashing down around me, I’m isolated and broken. At 15, I find myself running for my life.

Finally, I find my way there, to The Aldridge School. A place where futures, dreams, and careers are made or broken. Skating is what brought me here, but I’m in search of so much more.

I wasn’t expecting to meet people I could trust, much less connect with the six guys who enter my life. Finding my way back to myself, I’m learning that I don’t always have to hide.

Searching for answers will lead me to discoveries that I’m not ready to hear. Each layer I uncover terrifies me more, and I find myself back in danger. Opposing forces each have a purpose for me: to be used or broken. I’m not sure which is worse.

Will my dreams be damaged again? Can I get my justice without losing myself?

Happiness is within my grasp. I just need to be alive to enjoy it—piece of cake.

*This is a why choose romance meaning the FMC will end up with three or more love interests. There is no cheating, and the final book will end in a HEA. There are three books in the series, and books 1 and 2 will end in cliffhangers, but they will be released close together! This book is a NA medium burn with MM, MFM, and MFMM meant for 18+ readers. While this is not a dark book, there are some dark themes. Some triggers to be aware of are sexual abuse, human trafficking, drugs, and suicide. Mental health is discussed and supported—possible triggers of ptsd, anxiety, and/or depression.

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“You’re going to get your heart broken.
And not just by one man.”

Hope is blooming in Four Corners. A family, torn apart for years, has been reunited. I’m falling in love again. The Steel Demons are finding a sense of home and purpose in their new surroundings.

More is at stake now than ever before. We don’t just have our club to protect, but our new friends, family members, and neighbors. And privately, Reaper is determined to protect me at all costs, due to a cryptic vision from his brother.

Our enemies are always lurking. What’s worse, they’re already inside our borders.

The gods work in mysterious ways. They are here to guide us, but cannot alter our destinies. They will nudge us along our path, yet will never tell us what we aren’t meant to know.

But I’m only human, and the heartless acts that unfold might break me.

Sons of Anarchy meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this dystopian reverse harem adventure! Heartless is the sixth book in the Steel Demons MC saga. This series is full of kindle-melting steam and dangerous men who take what they want. Proceed with caution if easily offended.

Reading order:
1. Lawless
2. Powerless
3. Fearless
4. Painless
5. Helpless
6. Heartless

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I fucked up.


After the demons confessed that I’m their Center – their fated mate – I ran like the hounds from Hell were on my heels.

But my demons? They won’t let me go.

And maybe I don’t want them to.

With the threats from the angels getting more and more dire, and my mom and dad making a reappearance in my life, this might be more than we can handle.

When new secrets come to light, we must decide if our love is strong enough to conquer anything. Because if there’s one thing I hate more than secrets…

It’s being lied to.

This might just destroy us all.

This is a reverse harem paranormal romance containing psychotic, alpha males, student/teacher relationships, strong language, and sexual situations.

Link to book 2


When it comes to my life, fate’s favorite game is torment.

Why else would it have reunited me with my supernatural bros, only to strike them — and many innocent bystanders — down on the day of my funeral? I stood and watched it happen, but instead of mourning, I laughed in the face of my enemies.

Now a villainous queen, I’ve returned from the dead and sided with the darkness, wearing a crown of power and sitting on a velvet throne of evil. My enemies believe that death and betrayal are what have driven me down this path, but there’s one thing they don’t know: I’m not the only one who won’t be stopped by something as feeble as death.

From the realms of the underworld, my men offer me their continued support. Now it’s time that I retrieve them and bring them back to where they belong: by my side. The mantle of supernatural villain is one few would wear, but if it revives playful Tristan, deadly Otis, seductive Adonis, and powerful Dominick, I’ll flaunt it with pride.

With a powerful team consisting of a monarch butterfly, a royal alpha wolf, a celestial faeiry absolute, and a maleficent princess — as well as my dragon mate — the world above will have to watch from the sidelines as I leave the underworld shaking.

It’s time to rise.

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Would you believe me if I told you that less then 6 months ago I was just a normal human living in Texas?
No? Yeah, me either.
Demons are real, I have powers that haven’t been seen in hundreds of years, I know how to use weapons that I’ve never picked up before, and dreams that I cannot explain.
Oh, and I’m pretty sure that one of my Mates is being manipulated.
Come along for the wild ride that is my life.
**Hell Raisers is a Paranormal Reverse Harem, medium/fast burn, with a cliff hanger! Book 2 of 3**

Link to book 2

It turns out, not only is my life a lie, but so is my mother.

Not only am I a Reaper, but Mother Dearest knew all along. Between fearing for Mom, my friends, and the new men in my life, I’m beyond relieved when Elizabeth proposes a month off. But the Demon Queen doesn’t hand out favors so easily, and I’ll have to take a trip to Hell to get what she wants.

Demons hordes, deathworms, hellfire rivers and acid rain are only a few of the treats I have to look forward to.

Now if only I can keep myself, my sinful vampire and my Reaper teacher alive long enough for me to plot the downfall of the princess who would call herself my master.

Scroll up and one click today!

Soul Collectors is a brand new urban fantasy series with one kick-butt lady who doesn’t have to choose between her hotties. If you love slow burn romance, with plenty of paranormal fun, you won’t want to miss this one!


Prequel: Demon’s Game
Book One: Reaper’s Fire
Book Two: Reaper’s Fate
Book Three: Reaper’s Fall (Coming 2021)

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Am I alive or dead?
I remember flames engulfing me in warmth and my pain finally ceasing, but after that…there’s nothing.
My mind is too warped to understand if the ache in my chest proves my mate bonds still exist, or if they’re phantom pains my broken mind created so I don’t shatter entirely.
I’m tumbling out of control, but one thing is certain—the fires are calling me, and I know I must answer.
My mates are still waiting out there while the enemy continues to draw near.
Boris will never stop.
Romero will continue to hunt.
The griffins, the vampires…
They all want me for themselves.
The end to my suffering is within my grasp, but I’m not convinced it’s my time to go. The taste of vengeance is too tempting to deny, and the desire to feel my mates taking me is too enticing to ignore.
Everyone is counting on me, and I won’t let them down.
By giving in to the inferno, will I end up bound in chains, a prize for another depraved king? Or will I save them all and finally be freed by flames?
Read the finale to my journey and find out
**Freed By Flames is the third and final book of the Feathers & Fire trilogy and is intended for mature audiences. Within these pages are scenes with detailed sex, naughty language, torture, violence, and much more. If such material offends you, please do not read this book.**

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The Trial is over, and Adie and the guys won, but at what cost? Victor Hesse is still out there, and now the high-council’s guard dogs are sniffing around in the name of protecting them from the demon’s revenge. Will Adie’s friends and loved ones be safe under the council’s watch, or will everything she’s worked so hard to achieve come undone?

Part 5 of Succubus Undone.

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

Link to book 42

When Hadley’s volun-told to make a special delivery just a few days before Christmas, she anticipates a quick trip and good pay. What’s the worst that can happen on a trip to the mountains? Calm weather, great sights, cozying up to a fire?

What she didn’t expect are the three handsome men the boss conveniently left out. What they didn’t expect is their need to keep her close and safe.

With a winter storm rushing in, will Hadley get to leave and make it home, or will she be snowed in for Christmas?

This is a why-choose romance with hot alpha men, a quirky grandma, and lots of holiday hotness.

Link to book 2


To me, the apocalypse has always been just a story.

One my ex-militia father repeated for me before he passed. Now alone, I can’t stand to live in this bubble of safety he made for me a moment longer. I wander east, to see the ocean he’s always told me of.

I wasn’t supposed to waltz into a war zone.

Most people know the western part of Kentucky is bad news lately. But when I stumble into troubled waters with a cougar at my side, I make an impression that has me stuck in the middle of this fight.

I’m nobody’s hero, but I can’t just leave these people to die.

Anyone with eyes can see this place is doomed. They have no leader and even with my pack of sexy-but-questionable companions following me around bent on anarchy, murder, whiskey, and everything in between, we have no chance in hell of getting this place back.

But if I don’t stand up for these people, who will?

Finders Keepers is a post apocalyptic, slow burn reverse harem with a sprinkling of the supernatural. Waverly’s adventures contain dark subjects and adult themes that might be triggering, along with both MM and FF content.

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WARNING: This book has one girl and three sagacious…Emmm…enlightened men. She owns them all–heart, body and soul.
Don’t read it unless you like  age gap romance, proximity and enemies to lovers romance…and also unless you like threesomes, and  foursomes.

She shook her upper body as if to physically shake off the imaginary shackles of darkness, trying to consume her.

Young, sad, and lonely.

For Claudia Kraner, December eight, was a day she couldn’t shake off no matter how hard she tried. She wished it were the 29th of February. At least, that would spare her the yearly torment.

One text. Two words. That’s all it took to darken her mood.

A love for skiing. A chance encounter. One thing leading to another.

Three Skiers. One girl. A shattered heart, a conceited soul, and a trodden spirit.  Can one damaged girl really reconcile enemies and mend mangled hearts ?
And… is a ski resort during Christmas holiday, the place to do it?

THREE WISE MEN FOR CHRISTMAS, Book #3 in the Mountain Peak Series, is a Contemporary Holiday Romance from Author Brie Wilds.

*** THREE WISE MEN FOR CHRISTMAS is a 60,000 word novel about anguish, love, grief, and the beauty of sex. It contains ski instructors, a soldier of fortune, young love, deep hurt, broken pasts, group sex, one beautiful girl who falls in love with three guys, and three guys who fall in love with one beautiful girl. This novel is a MMMF book has a STRONG focus on the woman, aka a reverse harem romance novel (one woman, three guys). NO cliff-hanger, and a happily ever after ending.

Link to book 3 (Standalone)

All in one place is Stolen: The series.

Included is:

Stolen prologue
Iden and Dyfed Murphy were two of the most feared men in all of Northern Ireland. However, when they discover a tiny, abused girl whilst out on a job, they know they can’t leave her behind. And so Branwen, Little Raven, steals their hearts.

Branwen grew up with the Murphy family, she had no memory of the life that her da and Uncle Dyfed found her in, all she knew was the love of her family, including her two step-brothers, Karney and Finnbarr. As she grew though feelings changed, things got complicated, life brought tragedy and Branwen found herself drawing on the strength of Karney, Finnbarr and her best friend Kodiak Isakov, the son of the Russian mafia leader, Andre Isakov.

This a very dark, twisted and deep Reverse Harem. It will take you on a roller-coaster of emotion. Not a book for kids, not a book for the easily triggered. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Stolen deals with themes that can trigger, such as rape, child abuse and abduction. It contains M/M scenes and taboo relationships between step-brothers and a step-sister.

The Murphy Princess

Adaline desperately wants to escape the past. She couldn’t be more grateful to Branwen, Kodiak, Karney and Finnbarr for rescuing her from the sex trafficking ring that she was thrust into since birth. As Adaline faces a new life in Northern Ireland she takes the opportunity to completely re-invent herself, starting with her name.

Adaline becomes Aife. However, life in Northern Ireland isn’t all rainbows and lollipops. The shining light in a tumultuous world comes in the form of identical triplets, Ryder, Tucker and Tyson. With them by her side Aife feels invincible. Aife has everything she desires and needs, her family and three best friends. So, when the unthinkable happens, Aife finds herself needing to lean on them in a way she never thought she would ever have to.

This story has a lot of triggering subjects from rape, child abuse and murder. Please do not read if you are sensitive to such subjects. The language is filthy. Yep the big C word is dropped regularly. It also explores under age sexuality. Please be warned. Contains M/M and ends on a slight cliffhanger

Little Warrior

With Aife’s mother making a sudden appearance in her life, she knew it was time to make a change.

She had been angry for long enough. Now was the time for action. Aife knew what was needed. It wasn’t enough to kill off the pedophiles. Aife knows that she needs to save the children and give them a chance at life, like Branwen and her guys gave her, Ryan and Colton.

Now is the time for war. Little Warrior is risen. The question is if Aife, Ryder, Tucker, Tyson and Colton are strong enough to win.


This is not the story for someone who is triggered by child abuse, sex trafficking, rape and violence. This not a pretty romantic story. It is dark. Little Warrior contains M/M scenes and graphic sex scenes.

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I never should have listened to Cyrus.

I knew better. But he has this sexy little smile that just melts my heart. Add that to all my handsome mates encouraging me to take the next step in our lives, and I agreed to what I thought was a fantastic plan.

Big. F*cking. Mistake.

Because now I’m pregnant, and let me tell you, this is no freaking picnic! I can’t see my feet. My libido has gone into overdrive and doesn’t seem to realize I resemble a walking marshmallow. And I’m craving troll fat of all things, something I entirely blame on Sol.

The worst symptom? My powers are gone.

Zip. Nada. Finito.

Awesome idea, Cyrus. Thanks for that.

Oh, and to make matters worse, the five sources of magic have gone completely haywire with no explanation. Tornados. Infernos. Floods. At least this time I know I’m not to blame. Someone else has power over all five elements and we better figure out who it is before the entire realm is ripped apart.

Something tells me this is going to be one unforgettable Fae Winter Festivus Holiday.

Author’s Note: Elemental Fae Holiday is Book 4 in the Elemental Fae Academy Series, continuing Claire’s story with her five fated fae mates. This is a why choose novel with HEA.

Link to book 4

What happens when your only source of warmth and light leaves you?
The dismal shadows once kept at bay, begin to seep back in and coat everything the light once touched. All feeling becomes saturated in their inky grasp and escape becomes impossible. She left me here in the dark, alone and awaiting the impending destruction.

Who do you turn to when you feel all is lost?
His presence isn’t welcomed, and his anger scorches my insides, but at least he never leaves. Now that I’m truly alone, his claws sink deep and trying to flee would be futile. We are one, him and I. There’s nothing I can do but watch the storm clouds roll in.

How do I warn them if the warning is me?
I can’t control him once he has something in his sights, his determination knows no bounds, and his wrath is an addiction I know too well. There’s no stopping the lightning if you don’t hear the thunder.

Link to book 2

Two mates and me living under one roof. What could go wrong?

A lot, actually. We’ve got a half-shifter, half-witch on our tails, scooping up girls from our pack. She’s like a ghost so track her and trapping her is like sifting air. Especially since her chief henchman is a hawk shifter with an axe to grind. Possibly literally.

The females in my pack are being hunted, and I’m not going to stand for it one second longer. I have to do something. I just don’t know what yet.

My mate and my almost-mate are now living under one roof, and the word awkward doesn’t even begin to describe what’s going on. But the pressure is on, and Samson will be mine sooner than later. Their legacy of rivalry is far too entrenched for twin brothers who should have one another’s back. And I know who caused it.

But Samson wants me, and I want him.
And we all want safety and peace for the pack.

Tremble is the 7th book in a paranormal reverse harem shifter series featuring members of the Midnight Alder Pack. This is the third and final volume of Christie’s story. It is a why choose werewolf romance with a slow burn buildup sure to make your toes curl. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy guarantees an HEA.

Link to book 7

Three gorgeous Santas. One mistaken Mrs. Claus who hates Christmas. The holidays are never going to be this hot again! 
Spoiled and suddenly poor heiress Jessica Davies plans to go into hiding until her new inheritance comes into effect. Except one knock on the wrong door and she finds herself deep in the North Pole with not one or two but no less than three Santas who have no issue warming her bottom with their hands for a stinging spanking, leaving her quivering hot and soaking wet and unable to look at candy cane the same way ever again.
Publisher warning: Her Three Santas is a reverse harem holiday romance with three super-hot Santas who should be on their own naughty list. Please don’t buy this book if you don’t enjoy your Christmas stocking stuffed with sexy discipline spankings and explicit and intense light up the Christmas tree sexual scenes all followed by a sweet happy ever after.

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From the Naughty or Nice? collection

What’s Christmas without sugar cookies, stuffed stockings, mistletoe and three men to unwrap?

Vivian Hayes knows what she wants for Christmas—a candy cane martini, her twin boyfriends and a whole lotta mistletoe. It’s her year to spend Christmas with her mom and stepdad, but when she arrives home, she discovers that her self-imposed off-limits adult stepbrother has broken the rules.

They had a deal, and Noah is not supposed to be there. As usual, since her mother’s recent marriage to his father, their chemistry is off the charts, Noah is trying everything he can to convince her they should be together, and her twin lovers aren’t doing a thing to discourage the idea.

When they have to team up to help Vivian’s mom battle a corrupt investor, Vivian’s walls start to crumble and she has to decide if she will continue to deny herself the pleasure she so badly wants or set aside her own rules and risk everything so she can finally learn what Noah can bring to her harem.

The heat won’t just be coming from the fireplace this Christmas.

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Secrets and lie. Passion and pain…

Life was simple as a demon spending my days torturing the souls of the damned. But things got a hell of a lot more complicated when Lilith appeared and dumped me in the mortal realm to face a different type of demon: my history.

Come to find out, my mother had been harboring a deadly secret about what I really am.

Now she’s dead.

All I learn before her final breaths is that I’m only part demon — a halfling.

Halflings are an abomination. It’s just a matter of time before every demon, angel, and gargoyle will be hunting me.

Like the three irresistible gargoyles who happen to live in the same apartment complex I moved into. Then add an over-protective, shape-shifting Cerberus to the mix. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Right?

The clock is ticking — things prophesied are being fulfilled.

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True love, scorching desire, and the willingness to share brought them together.
Their secret might tear them apart.

I had it all, a successful music career that brought three rockstars into my life.

Aidan, the lead singer who took my virginity and married me the same week.
Nate, the hipster NYC rockstar who put me back together when Aidan and I fell apart.
Jaxson, the fresh new voice on the LA music scene who made me whole when Nate lost his way.

Six months ago, my dream came true. Our love stories collided and because Aidan, Nate, and Jax were willing to share me, willing to trust that I loved them all equally, we started a journey.

A journey that’s about to take a dark, and dangerous turn when Jaxson faces his secret desires for Nate, when Nate faces choosing his family obligations to produce an heir over what he has with me and two other men, and when Aidan faces choosing the CEO title at Thompson if it means taking Fiona as his fake wife.

At every turn our beautiful love is at risk.

The lines between truth, lies, and love are blurring, and the music world is getting suspicious…

Rock Hard. Love Harder.

In Too Deep contains explicit scenes of love between multiple partners/consenting adults. If a woman being adored by three men offends you, please don’t buy this book…

Link to book 2

I know what has to be done. Maybe I’ve known it all along, in some way.

The men around me, the men who protect me, the men who love me…they won’t understand.

They won’t accept that it comes down to me, that I’m the only one who can save us.

No matter the cost.

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning is proud to bring you this Reverse Harem Academy Romance serial, packed with all the action, intrigue and great chemistry you can handle!

Link to book 23

First I fall into the angels, now I’m falling for them. This is worse.

Dagon is missing, having thrown himself in front of a hungry, relentless beast so it wouldn’t eat me instead. I’d hoped he would’ve caught up with us by now, but we can’t wait for him forever. We have a gorgon to find, and she’s hell-bent on not staying in one place.

As we close in on her, all I can do is hope she’ll help us with our goal. If she doesn’t, the gates of Hell will rip open, and a whole load of my old work buddies are gonna come spilling out.

And nobody likes my old work buddies, trust me.

With Arael, Zephon, and Jericho’s help, I have to carry out Dagon’s instructions and hope he’ll find his way back to us. But as the days pass, the knot in the pit of my stomach only gets tighter.

The worst part?

These angels are making me feel things I really wish I couldn’t feel, and I’m worried that’s gonna open all kinds of doors I don’t want opened. At the same time, I’m excited to explore parts of myself I never knew I had. What’s a Hellion to do?

Link to book 2

Book Four in The Dragon Sydae Serial! Please read in order.

Newly claimed to the Sydae, Jocale lusts for the opportunity to prove his worth. The same red dragon that had once fought Dalaric and lived, tries him every chance he has. To what end, Jocale does not know. But he will not let the dominating male run him into the ground!

Rivvox has never wanted to be a rock-less male. Confronted with the unique Sydae Dalaric has claimed, he is intrigued with the possibilities they present. Now all he has to do is figure out what Dalaric considers as worthy. Preferably before another enemy steps forward.

Despite the battles brewing in the east and the north, Dalaric has no choice but to wait and plan for the future before he can carry his Sydae into the dangers of the southern territories predator-infested jungles to seek the caverns. The presence of Emersyn in the south starts awakening a new power. One never seen by the Akkadians or humans. Before they can investigate it, they have to survive the most dangerous power of all. Females.

* This book will end on a HFN – m/m, m/f/m/m pairing with a hint of more to come – A reverse harem that defies convention to show that happily ever after with dragons for mates means they are all partners in bed and out.

Link to book 4


My blood is their salvation… and my ruin.

For years, the monsters who killed my family have held me in a cage. Brutalized and half-starved. Only kept alive so they can steal my blood.

Until one evening when four eerily gorgeous men break me out of my prison.

They give me a soft bed and delicious food. They say they’ll protect me—but their generosity may come at a price.

My rescuers are monsters like my captors: fae who shift into wolves. A curse gripping the faerie realm turns them wild under the full moon. Only my blood can cure their rage.

These fearsome men need me, and not just to lift the curse. A tragedy left them outcasts, and offering me to their rulers could win them back the home and the power they lost.

No matter how kindly they treat me, no matter how their smoldering eyes and strong hands stir unfamiliar desires in both my body and my heart, their castle is just another prison. As long as I’m a prize more than a person, my life will never be my own.

I’ve survived this long without giving up. I won’t roll over now. But how can one damaged human girl hold her own against the savage fae?

*Captive of Wolves is the first in a new paranormal romance saga featuring possessive wolf shifters, fraught fae politics, and a wounded heroine coming into her own. Grab it now and get swept away in the fantasy!*

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This book is part of a series. Description contains spoilers for book 1.

The Aether is broken, but my mates and I are alive.
After encountering the darkness that has been taking Goddesses from the Aether, my mates and I managed to make it out alive.
I didn’t defeat the darkness, though. I merely pushed it back for a short time.
If my men and I are to survive, I will have to defeat the darkness for good.
The problem? It’s after me now, and the darkness won’t stop until it destroys me.

Link to book 2

I’ve got my men and my tree, but I’m missing something…actually a lot of things. The alpha’s tree is expected to be huge and inviting and mine is just, blah. Tris and Samson are sprinkling tinsel and taste-testing my cookies, but it doesn’t seem like enough.

As the alpha female, I have to do better.

And by better, I mean impress the pack.

Samson is as good as Scrooge, and Tris is right behind him. I need to get these two on board. Christmas has to be spectacular. Presents, trees, decorations, food. My first Christmas with my harem has to be perfect. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Tinsel is the 8th book in a paranormal reverse harem shifter series featuring members of the Midnight Alder Pack. This is a special holiday surprise story featuring Christie and her mates as well as Wendi and hers and all the wolves of the pack. It is a why choose werewolf romance with a slow burn buildup sure to make your toes curl. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy guarantees an HEA.

Link to book 8


“Scorpio: After a challenging period, Venus enters your sign. A New Year kiss will mean more than you expect.”

My horoscope on New Year’s Eve doesn’t make sense. I’ve just caught my fiancé of two years cheating on me, in my own bed.
I lost everything when I walked into that room and left just with the clothes on my back and my truck. I left everything to follow him to this middle of nowhere, God forsaken Texas town.

Now I’m crashing on my bestie’s couch, nursing my broken heart and trying to figure out my future.
So I doubt there will be any kisses at midnight for me, even when my BFF’s hot brother surprises her for the holidays, back from a year long deployment with the army.

I’ve always found Neal hot but I doubt he sees me as more than his big sister’s bestie, someone who’ll eat pizza and watch movies with him when he comes home on leave.
And my string of bad luck is confirmed when I get asked to work the evening shift at the gas station, missing the party Sarah has organized for tonight, inviting some eligible bachelors.

Things go from bad to worse when I’m stuck at work, alone, with the roads closed during a blizzard.

Or am I alone?

Three hot soldiers passing through this middle of nowhere corner of the world on their way to a party – the same party I’m missing – come into the station.

They’re all handsome and friendly, and when the roads are too dangerous to leave, they’re stuck here with me.

Sparks fly, but will I get my New Year’s kiss after all?

*Trigger warning: this whychoose story contains mild violence and elements of danger.
**This novella was previously published as part of the Hogmanay anthology in December 2019.

Link to book

It’s time for Silas, the rest of the team and me to retrieve the last half of Saint Cain’s shield from the Greyworld. Not only is that how we’ll bring back our wolves, but it’s how we’ll save Skyla, Chase’s little sister.

But the Greyworld, full of rebel magicians, war and darkness, will be an adventure like no other…

The universe is tearing itself apart, and only we can stop it.

I’ve been re-writing prophecy since I arrived at the academy.

Now it’s time for me to live up to it.

Don’t miss the exciting final book in Their Shifter Academy series.

Link to book 6

They tried to steal my mate bond away from me.

Sawyer tried the hardest, and I cannot forgive him for that. I’ve resolved to not succumb completely to love, but to love myself first. My intention is to grow, but when my best friend from Japan raids the castle and tells me my father is dead, I’m shaken.

The pack is not happy about Ren’s presence.

They want him gone. Ren won’t have that.

He has his eyes set on his main desire—me.

With so many men fighting for me, I’m torn in all directions. The hunters are closing in on us. This is no time to be bickering between our own team.

This is a romance featuring one girl and multiple males. No choosing necessary. It contains some hints of M/M which will escalate in future books, some gore, and is a medium to high burn.

Link to book 2

I’m damaged.
I’ve been through too much in my eighteen years.
Between joining the Bloody Psychos and mourning my best friend,
I’m going a little crazy.

If the enemy is no longer the enemy, you can jump in bed with them, right?
You’d think I’d be happy with five guys in my life, but I can’t control myself.
What can I say? Bad boys are my weakness.

The Bloody Psychos and the Devil’s Armada have my back, but now I need to have theirs.
Sacrifices must be made to keep them safe, and I’ll do anything.
Even sell my soul to a monster.

The only person I’ll be able to rely on is myself.
Deceiving everyone I love is the only way this can go.
I just wish they’d let me go without a fight.

I’m going downhill fast, and no one can save me.
In destroying everyone around me, I’ll destroy myself too.
Nothing can compare to the emotional pain of hurting the ones you love.

This can only end bloody.
I just never expected the one holding the gun would be my guardian angel.

*Beautiful Deceit is a 72k word dark romance reverse harem novel. This is the third book in the series and it must be read in order. The first four books are Rory’s, and the harem grows over those books, so other guys will be added as the story goes. The series contains dark content such as abuse and rape. It also has slow burn m/m scenes throughout. If you are triggered by sensitive content or cursing, this series is not for you.

Link to book 3

My name is Maize.
Poisonous to the touch.
The bastard child of one very dead Dark Fae King.
A refugee of a war that freed me from my three-year imprisonment.
Eager to explore a kingdom that while not welcoming, could hold everything I’d ever dreamed for. Hope. Hope for a real future. That was if someone didn’t kill me first, due to their hatred of what I represented.
I had chosen to return back to the Horde and I knew I’d be held to that choice and the consequences associated with it. I was just hoping that the bad, whether that be in the form of the outright harassment experienced at the Red Masque Academy or a possibly much more sinister plan, would not outweigh the good.
I knew that the seven commanders wanted me here. Queen Gray wanted me here. That should be enough for me. Enough to counteract the insecurity I felt on a daily basis of not being wanted.
So for now all I could do was explore. Explore what staying meant, my feelings for the men I found myself living with, and more than anything else… exploring who I was becoming as a non-imprisoned woman. I wanted to be stronger than I’d been in the past and focus on healing from the trauma I’d experienced.
That small smidgen of hope I had was like a lifeline.

Exploring Fae is book 2 in the Lost In Fae series. This PNR/Fantasy RH is part of an M. Sinclair universe but can be read as a standalone series (feel free to check out the others as well for a more encompassing universe understanding and cameos). Prepare yourself for a strong but haunted MFC that meets men that may be the best or worst thing for her. Undetermined.
Book will contain swearing. As well, please be advised that the book contains darker themes including assault, PTSD, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences +18. Burn level – slow/medium.

Link to book 2

I’m the Golden Werewolf Princess.
They are my unwanted mates.
They have caged me and turned me into what I hate.

(Blurb may contain spoilers for Book 1)

My world is shattered. Everything I believed is a lie.

I was betrayed by my own blood, and now I’m living among my enemies, trying to figure out where I stand. Not even Zeke’s devotion can help me through Nazir’s coldness, Deon’s distance, or Caduvall’s evil manipulations.

I’ve got four mates I didn’t choose. She chose them. The monster inside. She craves more, and I don’t know if I can stop her.

Yet, every moment spent living with my unchosen mates brings me closer to the truth. The truth about Hexen, the truth about Lycans, and the truth about myself.

The question is, what will I do about the lies I’ve been fed? Worse yet, what will she do?

THE LUNA’S UNCHOSEN MATES is a Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance featuring fated mates, M/M action, and a heroine who grows into her power over the course of the series.

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Evelyn should have never worn the bracelet. 

But it was calling to her. She’s seen it before.

Her world shatters when she does, as now she is being hunted down by monsters.

When she is rescued by mysterious men, she feels an instant connection to them. Like the bracelet, she is overcome with nostalgia. 

With promises to help her and find her friends, Evelyn settles in with them. But the people she thought were protecting her were not what they seemed. 

They were monsters too. 


Life for Marco, Luca and Trey ended the day their princess died.

Their mate. 

Ever since, they have been swept into darkness, wandering aimlessly together. 

So imagine their confusion when she bumps into them, in a frantic state, shrieking about monsters? 

Luca and Trey accept her return as a blessed second chance to right their wrongs. Marco is suspicious of her come back and brushes her aside as an imposter. Scarred by her death, he vows to get rid of her and curses the fates for toying with him. 

Unfortunately for them, their troubles don’t stop there. 

The princess has no recollection of her past life 

She has no clue what is hunting her.

Worst of all, she doesn’t remember what they are or what they mean to her. 

One thing is for sure, she wasn’t the only thing back from their past.

HUNTED is a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance! 

The first book in the Secrets In The Forests trilogy!

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We were only supposed to be here for two weeks, but the snowstorm traps us in the castle together.

Asher: the sweet, noble guy who wants me all to himself.

Lance: his grumpy best friend who can’t seem to keep away.

Morgan: the tutor I should NOT be crushing on.

And me, Freaky Gigi. The girl who finds normal conversations to be minefields.

But we’re not alone in the Welsh mountains. And soon, we’re not safe.

It’s time to show everyone how badass this girl can be.

Knights of Winter is a standalone contemporary reverse harem novel. It contains explicit language, high heat, and a guaranteed HEA.

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Everyone wants me dead.

The hunters. The angels. They all see me as a threat.

And the thing is… I am.

These jerks have been running things for too long. Abusing their power and playing with humans like broken toys.

But all that is over.

I still don’t know what I am. I still don’t know what I’m capable of. But with my three sexy demons at my side, our enemies better be scared.

Because I’m coming for them.

UNCHAINED MAGIC is a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance. It has sexy demons, a tough demon hunter, and a mysterious enemy. But be warned, this book might make you wish for possessive demons of your own. (This book was previously released as Cursed Hunter.)

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I have four dead ex-boyfriends, a curse to undo, and a serial killer for a father. But nothing prepared me for being arrested for murder–especially one I didn’t actually commit.

Bringing the exes I killed back to life resulted in quite the wild ride. Nothing spells “complications” like zombie ex-boyfriends.

Victor is sexy and still in love with me. Baird’s gentleness and magic makes me feel like I don’t deserve him. Amir can stun me with his bitter amber eyes–and melt me too. And no one saves lives like Joshua. I’d fall in love with all four of them again in an instant.

We have things to do that don’t include falling back in love, though. The Dead-Witch Moon is rising, and once it does, I’ll be a mad killer like my father.

The only way out? 

Kill the men I love–again.

Not happening. We’ll have to find another way. Even if it kills me instead.

Is it weird that committing murder is low on my list of worries? Don’t ask me–I left weird behind long ago, when my possessed cat got perverted.

Witchcraft, demons, ghosts, baby goats, whiskey, and four not-so-dead ex-boyfriends bring this new series to life. Harri Raines & The Dead-Witch Moon is over 90,000 words long, and the sequel will be coming soon. Start reading and prepare to laugh!

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“Slavery. Torture. Necromancy. Kidnapping. Genocide.
These are just some of the crimes committed by those who would call me their enemy.
They tried to break me, to strike fear into my heart, but with my mates at my side, I survived, my body and spirit have endured.
I am stronger than they know,
But now it’s their turn to be afraid.”

War has been declared in Morrowmer.
Reeling from the attack by the Forsaken, Clarissa needs to unlock her hidden memories and learn about her mysterious abilities. She’ll need to make haste if she and her mates are to survive the darkness that’s threatening to engulf Morrowmer. To do this she has a monumental task; to unite the races that have been at war for millennia.
With her mates at her side, they’re all stronger, but they have battles of their own to fight in the form of jealousy and pride.
However, while the Elf Queen’s evil is infecting the land, Clarissa has another darkness to battle. The king of Arhaven. The man responsible for her years of slavery and for slaughtering her mother before her very eyes.
One thing is for certain, the evil must be scorched from the land, but once the smoke clears, will anyone have survived the fires of war?

*This book is intended for readers 18+ and is a reverse harem story. There are some scenes that younger readers may find upsetting.*

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Fate. Love. Blood.

Which will reign?

More to come. . .

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There is no place for love in a world of vampires who own your soul.

On Riona Dark’s eighteenth birthday, being kidnapped by strangers in the night was not the surprise party she was expecting.
Riona is taken to the hidden world of vampires, a remote island called The Onyx, where being human means you are less than nothing. Riona is soon locked up with other humans and finds out that she will be sold at The Auction.

When two vampire princes, with dark eyes and even darker souls, come to view her and the others, Riona knows the vampires here are just as dangerous as they are gorgeous.
Once sold, Riona is told that her life belongs to the vampires that own her. They will own her soul, mind and body. Resisting means only death.

Riona won’t be sold without a fight, and the only power in The Onyx is blood, desire…and death.

Warning: This book is a dark romance and it contains themes not for the faint of heart.

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A shattered harem
A missing goddess
A looming threat against humanity

Just another day in the life of Dark Mercy!

What fresh Hell is this? You know, for being such a bad bitch, I sure know how to make some very bad decisions. I went ahead and followed a sexy psychopath to the Garden of Eden with no clue how to access my full powers or return to my Champions back on Earth.

Assuming they still want me after what I’ve done!

Heaven’s Tribunal and Hell’s Council have been plotting against the human race for centuries and I’m apparently the only one who can stop them. The trouble is, I still don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle and all three realms are running out of time. Oh, and first, I need to defeat the Big Bad before I accidentally end up on the wrong side of history.

Can’t a legendary goddess catch a break?

Once I learn to master all four elements, I can finally achieve my divine destiny and restore the balance between angels, demons, and humans. With my Champions by my side – and an army of my own – I’m ready to fully step into my power and bring my enemies to their knees.

Hell hath no fury like a revolution whose time has come.

The Wings of Darkness + Light trilogy is an alternate history that imagines “What if angels and demons walked among us?”

This is a steamy, medium-burn (heat index 3-4) paranormal romance with an urban fantasy setting and a reverse harem that builds over time. Our heroine is a force to be reckoned with and never has to choose just one man.

Multiple POV

This series is meant for readers 18 and over.
Shadows Scorch is the last book in the trilogy (but prepare for some spinoffs)

Possible triggers:
Sweary dialogue
Graphic sex
Plenty of side-eye toward the Old and New Testament and societal class systems
Gore and violence

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Shhh … don’t scream
I prayed the hand over my mouth would suffocate me
before I ever had to tell my best friend the truth.
I loved Logan Ducane—he was everything to me.
But my secrets ripped our families apart.
I’ve spent the last four years trying to rebuild a life worth living,
and trying to find my voice after I’d lost so much.
Four years of progress …
I thought I had nothing left to lose,
but I was so wrong.
My bags are packed, and I’m on my way,
to let another Ducane boy finish ripping me to shreds.
He says I’m the enemy …
but if only he knew.


The last time I saw her she was scared, crying, and bloodied,
my cousin’s cold and lifeless body at her feet.
Four years ago, everything I thought I knew was uprooted and shattered.
The girl I thought I loved was the cause of so much pain and angst.
Her lies destroyed everything we had,
but now I get my chance to make her pay.
Four years of hate, anger, and pain—all ready to be released.

Shattered Dreams is a Young Adult, Dark Bully Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem Romance. This book contains Dark and often confronting themes that some may find TRIGGERING

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After you discover that your husband of ten years has been leading a double life, your tolerance for bullshit becomes pretty low.

Waking up disoriented in a sterile cage however, can really throw you through a loop.

I have been taken.

Taken from my children, from my home, from everything I have ever known.

Here, I am one of many.

Here, I am the prize.

Little did they know out of every unsuspecting human, these men had the misfortune to abduct me.

Author note:
This is a Fantasy/Paranormal RH book recommended for mature audiences. Please be aware that there may be some triggering elements such as light Dub/Con and Psychological Torture. This book was written with British spelling in mind.

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I now know the faces of the ones who betrayed us and tried to tear everything we built down. Yet I know that it’s not over yet.

So much is still come.

War is declared. Lives are lost. Souls are ruined.

But this is not the end. This is a whole new beginning. Everything needs to come full circle, and if all of this has taught me one thing…

It’s that nothing is what it seems.

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They might be the elite of King Academy but I am here for my own damn crown and I will do whatever it takes to get it.

Like in all the pretty pictures, King Town looks perfect. But underneath the cracks, that a painting can never altogether hide, lies and sins rule the town with the Academy right in the middle of it.

Kidnapped and forced from my latest foster home into the dangerous world of King Academy and the games they play, I find out I’m from here and now there is no escaping this world.

I’m born to play the same games they do.

Four houses rule this small gated town, and they always have done, poisoning the waters with their sins and darkness. And their heirs?

Well, they think they rule everything and everyone. They use their money and good looks to charm the academy into calling them their kings.

But I’m not falling for that bullshit.

Romeo Navarre, Archer Knight and Declan Dauphin may think they own the academy, own the town, and get everything they want…but then they have just met me.

They will soon find out I’m not falling for the sexy boys of King Academy.

Full collection includes-
Take My Crown
Take My Place
Take My Throne
Be My Traitor
Recommend for 18+ readers due to content. This is an reverse harem romance which means the main characters has more than one love interest.

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I never thought my worst enemies could become my harem…

Just because I’m the last sea witch in my coven to find a harem doesn’t mean I’ll allow myself to be pushed into one…

Certainly not with the men aboard the Lucky Star.

They’re my sworn enemies.

The ones who got me banished and ruined the only life I’ve known.

Yet, when disaster strikes, they might be my only hope.

Evil lurks beneath the surface, threatening to destroy everything.

And the men I’m determined to hate might hold the key to destroying it.

That doesn’t mean I have to like them.

But the simmering tension between us boils over in the most unexpected way.

Maybe I was wrong about the men of the Lucky Star.

They may be precisely what I need.

Can they help me defeat an ancient enemy and become my forever mates, or will I be forced to swim the seas alone?

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“I’ve been rejected, I know the pain. Now I have to choose – only one can be my Fated….”

Reawakened. Pulsing with power. Chosen by destiny.

Owning her calling as the fifth Centrum of the Goddess Luna, Amarli Wolfe must join with her four fated mates to achieve her full, unparalleled potential.

But how can she choose when the mere thought makes her heart ache?

Time is of the essence in this crucial choice as faces from the past re-emerge to test Amarli’s faith. Drowning in the unknown, she battles to determine who she can trust among those who call themselves allies.

Yet as duty calls her to assist the Daniels pack in finding their missing alpha, she’s set on a course that could rewrite her future. On the path of destiny, one unanticipated step could change everything.

Decisions will be made, lives will be lost, and nothing will ever be the same.

The Claiming by Amarli Wolfe is the continuation in the Centrum Trilogy. This is a reverse harem, paranormal adult read. The shifters by nature are violent. Please be aware when deciding to embark on this read that this book will not be for everyone. Be warned, book 2 will end with a bang!

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In a world of magic and elementals, after a tragic childhood and serving time at Dark Vaults Juvenile Correctional Centre, seventeen-year-old Elena Matthews is offered a place at Divinos Academy. Divinos Academy a school for the royals and elite, both of which Elena is neither but what she is, is the most powerful elemental.
Elena quickly draws the attention of the three guys who run the school; Roman, Cayden and Blake. They make it clear to Elena that they don’t want her there and will stop at nothing to force her to leave. She won’t take their s**t because how do you break a girl who is already broken. Elena isn’t going anywhere and with everything that she’s been through in life, there isn’t anything they can do that she hasn’t already faced! She’s there for her own reasons.
On her eighteenth birthday Elena receives a package from someone unexpected. Elena, with the help of a certain sexy Professor, starts to unravel secrets from her past.

Step into the world of Adiriel and explore your inner element. Why fall for one guy when you have four!

The Princess of Etharia is book 1 of Divinos Academy – The Adiriel Series with more books to come. This is a light bully reverse harem with moderate sexual content.

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She’s grieving the loss of her husband. Can she embrace a sizzling new destiny?

Journalist Aleah Hunter has spent six months mourning the love of her life. So when two gorgeous angel lords appear with his ghost in tow, the heartbroken widow finds it hard to believe in a hot-and-heavy reunion from beyond the grave. But after his essence briefly takes possession of her sex-starved body, she’s convinced their magical connection could be the key to his reincarnation.

Unaware she’s the last Nephilim in all the realms, Aleah and her three smoking-hot guardians flee to a remote island to hide from an evil archangel intent on her total annihilation. But as time in the afterlife starts to run out for her other half, deeply hidden carnal fantasies might offer their only release…

Can Aleah find a way back into her hubby’s arms without giving herself completely to an irresistible duo?

Shock is the first book in the sinful Masters from Beyond paranormal shared love romance series with a cliffhanger. If you like sassy heroines, sexy men, and tantalizing temptations, then you’ll adore Liliana Darlove’s darkly delicious fantasy.

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A warrior queen, so shall she be.
All kneel and hail the Vampire queen.
Hear her soul call. Feel her heart.
All shall know her from the start.
Should we tainted heed her call,
Out of darkness shall we fall.
Embrace her command, be the tip of her sword.
By her mercy fly, broken wings restored.
A warrior queen, so shall she be.
All kneel and hail the Vampire Queen.

Alex has been thrust into a world of magic and monsters, legends and nightmares. She has embraced her role in this new world, but fate has more in store for our heroine. Ash continues to resist the pull he feels to Alex, but is none too happy with her new suitor, Aiden, a Vampire following the siren song of his queen… and his Mate.

Henry walks free, demons rampage, a group of Fallen have been loosed upon the world, and Alex must face a ghost from her past.
With the support of her loved ones—sassy best friend and Earth Goddess, Jade; Mate and angel of Death, Ash; Sultry Vampire, Aiden; and someone Alex thought lost—Alex must find the Fallen, defend the world against the demons that have escaped, and find the truth of her own past.
Which love will be enough to overcome even death?
Can Aiden help Alex and Ash to heal?
Will Ash find it within himself to accept what he is and open himself to his mates?

Only time will tell.

But time is running out.

Vampire Queen: The Awakening, Book Two (of Three)

This is a fated mates, medium burn, slow build, reverse harem (RH), paranormal adventure romance series with elements of urban and dark fantasy and horror. 18+
Book contains graphic violence and sexual content not appropriate for readers under the age of 18.

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Leo isn’t your average billionaire tycoon. He runs the Zodiac Academy, a little known college that studies the universe’s mysteries on an island off the coastline. When he meets Angie on a visit to the mainland, he is struck by her gorgeous looks and decides to offer her placement at his school.

(Labeled as a shifter reverse harem)

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“I never thought I’ll become a Cam girl for the supernatural and a shape-shifter!”

My name is Laura and I felt stranded in this small Transylvanian town after my aunt died. She left me her house and also a pile of debt that melted my savings faster than a snowflake melts on a stove. After losing my job at the post office I was about to lose hope until I bumped into an old friend from high school. She looked like a film star and she was more than willing to share her secret. Steffy was a Cam girl at Studio Satine. Yes, she talked, entertained and undressed for men online for money. My first thought was online hooker but, who was I to judge?
What I didn’t know then was that the super-rich members of Studio Satine were mostly supernatural creatures. When my electricity was cut off, I decided to take up Steffy’s invitation and go in for an interview where I bump into my boss, a sexy AF bear-shifter. You think things aren’t complicated yet? Well, he’s still hung up on his ex, a gorgeous vampire, I meet a hot Reaper online and there’s my childhood crush who’s also moved back into town and oh yeah, it turns out my cat Smoky has a human form too. Things are going to get even messier when I will discover that my aunt, my dear sweet aunt, was actually a skin walker and that I have her powers of shape shifting too!
Wish me luck!
Yours Laura!

A why choose reverse harem standalone story with suspense and steamy hot scenes.

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What if Beauty was the Beast?

Chandra, the youngest daughter of a wealthy nobleman, has never placed much importance on the superficial. So, when her father asks her to accompany him to a castle, where she must forever remain in the company of a strange, lonely man, she is intrigued.

She never wanted to marry a prince like her sisters, and her father doesn’t seem to have any reservations, so she agrees. That’s when her nightmare begins. The castle is enchanted, and the man quickly shows his monstrous side, leaving her trapped and fighting for her life.

Winning the fight passes his curse on to her. The castle is her prison now and time is her greatest enemy. How does a woman find a man to love her and break the enchantment when she is quickly transforming into a beastly demon with dark appetites?

The men who come to steal from the castle are thieves and killers, but they could be her only chance. If only they can find a way to see past the demon to the woman inside.

Beastly Beauty is a twisted paranormal reverse harem take on the classic fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. One click today for a suspenseful and steamy harem ever after.

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I’ve lost everything I cared about… I walked away from the men I love because I thought there was a chance that I could break the cycle and set us free from my obsessive ex Cliff and his constant threats.

I walked straight into the viper’s den and now I’m trapped here in this billionaire bunker with no way to contact my guys. I thought I could get Cliff to change – to see that he’s repeating these destructive patterns over lifetimes and is only putting his soul at risk of destruction. I was wrong, and now I need to do whatever I can to get out of here.

I know my guys will be plotting to rescue me and I can’t believe I’ve put their lives at risk like this.

But why am I having these dreams of the 1930s – saucy dreams with an edge of violence that seem to change everything I thought about myself… I’m also dreaming of my guys in a way that almost makes me think they are really communicating with me… and it turns out we can do a lot more than just talk!

Could these steamy dreams be the key to my escape?

Link to book 5

Raised as a human, Raevyn Jade had no idea that there were other things out there in the world things like vampires and shifters. When a chance encounter and an accident bring three mysterious men into her life she discovers there is an entirely different world, hidden from humans.

The most startling revelation? She’s one of them, and the magic that has lain dormant in her for years might just be more than she can handle on her own.

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Deadly monsters live in all of us.

The Academy of Six has just never seen a monster as terribly mundane as Izara Castillo. And that is a dangerous problem. She has four semesters to not only understand her supernatural abilities, but harness them as well.

Everything at the Academy is a disaster, from Interdimensional Travels through hell to the other hell they like to call Gym.

Bullies push her, test her, and simply try to kill her. A few broodingly protective roommates and a scary fake boyfriend could help. Or make her life impossibly harder.

Pretend to date the emotionally detached demon, they said. What’s the worst that could happen, they said.

It’s make or break within this prison of a school. If she succeeds, she’ll finally know what she’s capable of, who she truly is, and where she came from.

If she fails…she dies.

This is Reverse Harem series containing M/M themes. Recommended for readers 18 and over.

The Origins of the Six Series contains all four sexy supernatural books: Academy of Six, Control of Five, Destruction of Two, and Wrath of One.

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It’s official. I’m now the Council’s most wanted.

Me, and my army.
Our rag tag collection of Werewolves, Sabre-shifters and any other paranormally gifted creature we can find.
We’re taking on the most powerful organisation in the world; The Paranormal Council.
No pressure, right?

Four months ago, I was an assassin, driven by an unrelenting obsession to revenge my mother’s death. I had no ties, no complications. Now I’m the centre of an age-old prophecy and destined to save the world.
How did that happen?

To challenge me even more, I have not one, but two soulmates who hate each other with a vengeance. Oh yeah, small detail. One has the feline persuasion; a Sabre-tooth, and the other is a Werewolf.
Cat versus dog. The age-old adversity.
Times about a thousand.
It’s a wonder I’m still sane.

That is solely because of one man: Ash. The Blackfoot Shaman.
If he is a man that is.
He could be anything.
…Probably is.

Now all we have to do is win this war and preferably stay alive.
Easy, right?

The Prophecy is the second book in the Prophecy series and can be read as a standalone. Lovers of steamy Urban Fantasy will love this new series.

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Date bumped earlier from previously the 25th

Everly has faced many challenges in her short life, so you’d think that going to a new school would be easy, right?


The moment she steps foot in Silverlake Prep, her nightmare begins when she’s greeted by Sinclair, Lawrence and Roman. They want her to obey the rules with falling in line, or falling at their feet, but she isn’t easily beaten.

Then add Kellan into the mix, her yummy English teacher. But of course, he’s off limits.

They try to break her at every turn, but will they succeed? They want something from her, but will she give it?

Everly Wilson will not fall easily, so game on a-holes.

This is a dark romance reverse harem.
Contains triggers, such as suicide, self-harm and darker themes such as sex trafficking. This is a fictional story, purely from my warped imagination.

This novel is intended for 18+ readers. It contains strong language and adult scenes, such as M/M, but there are warnings at the beginning of the chapter or break in the story and you won’t miss any major story plot scene.

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When my aunt left her country house to me in her will, there was no mention of the fae that came along with it. It didn’t take long for them to introduce themselves, however.

Evan-Controlled and suave. His composure drives me crazy. I’d do anything to get him to lose control.

Reed-Muscular and handy. Despite getting off to a rough start, he seems genuinely concerned about me.

Kaison-Sexy but emotionally unavailable. He was my first crush and kiss. Unfortunately, he stole something from me ten years ago.

Callum- Diabolically adorable. Shhh….Don’t tell the others, but I think he’s my favorite.

When they crash into my life, I never realized they were everything I was missing. Too bad they are betrothed to another. Even worse because Kaison owes me a debt. I can’t be free of them until we’re square.

If I survive this with my sanity still intact, I’ll consider myself lucky. In order to be happy, though, I might just have to surrender to the chaos that surrounds them.

**Warning** This book contains graphic sex scenes (some group and some involving male/male sexual scenarios). As such, this book intended for adults only. If you are not eighteen years old or older, keep on scrolling. This is not the book for you.

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An inescapable fate. Six men. One path to freedom that comes at a cost.
I’d served at Stonewell manor for most of my life, but what I once considered a safe haven in our dangerous world, now feels like a prison.
One fateful deal between the Stonewell family and the infamous Cyler Black had me moving across the country to a province with six fierce leaders—The Dormas Leadership Council. They challenged me to find happiness in my new home, but I couldn’t avoid the budding attraction I felt toward each of them.
Cyler, the protective leader.
Huxley, the broody outcast.
Jacob, the flirty hero.
Kemper, the intellectual perfectionist.
Maverick, the wise healer.
& Patrick, the playful castaway.
I was ready to escape the chains of my past and pioneer a new future, but politics, deceit, and evil threatened to ruin my new life. It’s up to us to save the world.
I’ve found my wings, and with the help of my men, I’ll learn to fly.

Link to collection

“All’s fair in love and war.” That’s what they say. I intend to find out…

Sh*t has hit the fan and splattered all over the walls. One of my guys is lost in the wilderness and my bestie is a shell of her former self. I have to find a way to save them both. Meanwhile, the threat of war looms heavy over Briarwitch Academy like a rolling fog—we don’t know when it will come, only that it’s inevitable.

I’ve been tasked with a bunch of heavy responsibilities, such as helping raise an army to combat my nemesis; striking an unbreakable pact with the shifty Seelie fae; bringing my werewolf lover boy home.

The fight of my life is coming. I have to be ready to battle my own fears and insecurities and make a stand. The fate of the academy, my second home, is on the line. Briarwitch has taught me so much . . . I can’t let it fall! At least I know I’ll have my guys by my side.

Can I bring myself to become That Bitch, like I was always meant to be?

The Briarwitch Academy series barrels to a close with this fourth installment, ending in a screaming crescendo!

Link to book 4


Males are trouble, and trouble always comes in threes. 

Then why is there a fourth one?

Escaping the clutches of her controlling father was the only thing on Echo Darkwing’s mind. She disappears from the face of the realm with an arranged marriage looming over her head. She never expected running from a loveless nuptial would throw her into the arms of a mate.

Or two…

Or three…

Echo discovers that you can never elude destiny, even if it is a forsaken one. The utter predicament she faces in the form of three stunning and stubborn mates is a problem she could’ve easily solved. But, the fourth one she deemed to be the twist of all fates.

Her betrothed is determined to claim what is rightfully his. She is the key to the throne, and he will rule at all cost. However, he didn’t anticipate his biggest problem.

He wants Echo for himself?

Her mates will do anything to keep her.

Will love prove stronger than destiny? 

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Freshly mated Omega Cyra and her four Alphas are being hunted, by Cyra’s parents, the media and the police…

At the yearly Night Gala, an exclusive event for rich shifters, four Alphas catch Cyra’s Omega scent and react to her instinctively, recognising her as their mate. They don’t know what to make of it at first, but the party is not a place to talk privately, especially not with so much paparazzi around, so they decide to sneak off, find a better place to figure out what’s happening.
Cyra, a rare Omega phoenix, had been hiding herself from the shifter world for years because she wanted to live her own life and not be constantly controlled by an Alpha. As soon as an Alpha mates an Omega, they become that Alpha’s property and Cyra refuses to live like that. More importantly, when an Alpha reacts to an Omega’s scent in an instinctive way, it means that they’re fated mates and belong together.
Or, well, that’s how it normally goes, when you’re not a rare shifter type and your parents aren’t crazy rich… The thing is, there is one thing more important than an Alpha marking their fated Omega and that’s if that Omega is already promised to a different Alpha by the Omega’s parents. Marking and mating a promised Omega is illegal.

After Cyra and her four Alphas, hydra Zack, griffin Spence, cerberus Max and centaur Liam, have been spotted sneaking away from the Night Gala, their pictures are spread all over the shifter gossip media. And, out of nowhere, Cyra’s parents suddenly show up, claiming that Cyra has been missing for years and that the four Alphas have kidnapped her. Even worse, Cyra’s parents claim that they had already chosen an Alpha for Cyra, that she was already promised to someone for years, even if Cyra didn’t know about it.
Of course, they only find out about the other Alpha after Cyra has gone into heat and the four have already mated her, marked her as theirs. They never kidnapped Cyra, no matter what her parents are claiming in the media, but they are now breaking a much more serious law, the law of illegally mating a promised Omega. If they’re caught they could end up in jail, or worse, dead, leaving Cyra vulnerable for whatever insidious plans her parents have for her and the four can’t let that happen.

Which is why Cyra and her fated Alphas are now on the run from Cyra’s parents, the drama hungry media, who are exploiting this situation to the fullest, and the police…

This is the second book in the Her Shifter Harem’s Babies series, a paranormal Omegaverse reverse harem #WhyChoose story. This book may include any of these elements: steamy scenes, ‘I need tissues NOW’ moments, cries of ‘why, oh, why’ and cliffhangers that make you bite your nails (and curse the author).

Link to book

The dudes at Flood Creek Ranch are the three hunkiest cowboys around.

One is my brother’s best friend.
Another, my ex-high school sweetheart.
And the last but certainly not least, is my father’s biggest enemy.
All three promise to show me… the ropes.
While taking me out me for one wild… ride.
And teaching me a thing or two about getting up when the cock… crows.

I grew up at Flood Creek, but left the dusty godforsaken place first chance I got.
And now that the big city has gotten the better of me, I’m running back with my tail between my legs.
Yup, I got chewed up and spit out.
The sexy new owners at Flood Creek Ranch? They’re kind enough to let me stay. But they made it clear my ride won’t be free.

The Men at Work Series:
1) Her Dirty Rockers
2) Her Dirty Teachers
3) Her Dirty Doctors
4) Her Dirty Bodyguards
5) Her Dirty Bartenders
6) Her Dirty Ranchers

Link to book 6


Everything I thought I knew is a lie.

Taken from those I love. Forced into a cage.

My choice was stolen, but nothing will destroy my hope.

Not when I have my men to fight for.

The secrets in the dark call to me. Whispering the truths I seek to free myself.

But when nothing is as it seems, what can I trust to be real?

No matter what I will reunite with my men. I will not be defeated. 

And if I burn, then I will make sure my enemies burn with me.


Voices of the Immortals is the third and final book of The Phoenix Reborn Trilogy.

A Reverse Harem Fantasy novel, suitable for readers over 18 due to graphic scenes and sexual situations, including m/m.

Link to book 3

I have three days to make Eric fall in love with me. There are only a few problems with that.

First of all, I have no idea who he is, or who I am. I lost all my memories, and on top of that, I might even be going batshit crazy. I am seeing and hearing things, not to mention that I believe that I’m a fricking mermaid.

Right. As if that could happen.

It’s also very unlikely that a sea witch is after me, or that I have three guys pining for me. None of this is makes sense, none of this is real, and my mind is playing tricks on me.

Still, I can’t help but feel like there is some truth behind the madness and the pit in my stomach is warning me of danger.

My only hope might just be trusting the man I’m supposed to seduce, but how do I do that if I don’t even trust myself right now?

Note from the Author: This is a slow burn Reverse Harem, Why Choose Fairy Tale Romance Retelling of The Little Mermaid. It being a short story, expect insta romance as well as a HEA ending. This is the whole collection of this fairy tale, but another one is on it’s way soon.

Books in this collection:

Kiss & Tell Tail 1
Kiss & Tell Tail 2
Kiss & Tell Tail 3
Kiss & Tell Tail 4
Kiss & Tell Tail 5

Includes mature scenes, slight BDSM, multiple partners and dark humour. You have been warned.

Link to collection

I don’t know what’s harder—trusting a renegade spy with my mission, or with my heart.

The fate of the galaxy rests in my hands, but thankfully I no longer work alone. I have my crew of five dangerous, sexy men by my side, and in the close quarters of my small intergalactic ship.

But our mission is only just getting started when jealousy runs rampant among my crew. My men can’t stand the renegade spy, and neither should I.

Antares’s mischievous looks and flirty comments make my heart race. It would be so easy to give in, but how can I trust him when he has a dark past with my greatest enemy?

When we’re assigned our most deadly mission of all, Antares’s past is the key to success—but it might just break my heart in the process.

A Star Pilot’s Renegade Spy is a reverse harem space opera, featuring a bad-ass heroine, charming rebels, and gripping space battles. It’s a combination of Firefly and Star Wars with a RH twist. It is the third book in a medium-burn series.

Link to book 3

Escape from the vampires, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

They lied.

Nothing is fun about coming home to your estranged mother, especially when she lied, too.

She’s here now though, promising to teach me about my past and keep me safe from the Blood Mafia.

I can only hope they don’t find me, because when they do, well…

Best not to think about that

Link to book 2

It’s going to take more than Luck to get us out of this hell…

When I asked Rok to take me to the Dark World, this wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I’m not completely stupid—I know my chances of survival are much better when my guardians are with me. Instead, I’m wandering around Hell with no one but Rok to watch my back.

But the fallen guardian is the only one I can trust to take me to my grandfather—the god who might just be able to vanquish the demons from the Heavenly Realm and return the worlds to normal.

The quicker that can happen, the quicker I will be reunited with Jae, Song, and Gun. I might not know exactly what they are to me, but being apart from them, feels wrong and I now know that we’re supposed to be together.

I just need to work out what Rok has got to do with all of this and hope that the betrayal doesn’t kill me.

Twisted Luck is the third book in the Goddess of Fate & Destiny series. This is a medium-build RH novel, meaning the FMC won’t choose just one guy – she will choose all of them!

The Goddess of Fate & Destiny series will contain sex, swearing, a smart-ass squirrel shifter, some MFM scenes, and might be more suitable for an 18+ audience. While the series will end on a HEA, there may be cliff-hangers and HFN endings in each book.

Link to book 3


Last chance to save the Four Realms; last chance to survive them.

Rea and her four elemental guardians face their most dangerous challenge in the dramatic final struggle not only against killer magic users, but against the realms themselves.

Here is Book Four, finale in the Elemental Attractions series of novellas, reverse harem romances set in the fantasy world of Once Upon a Heart.

Link to book 4

I was so close to getting everything I wanted, an internship with my Uncle, an officer with the special-ops team.

If it weren’t for a stupid boy that had to go and make me angry, causing me to turn a certain part of his anatomy purple and sparkly, I wouldn’t have accidentally revealed to my family what I really was. What I had been hiding.

Now, my father is making me attend the school he headmasters, a stuck-up elite academy that will never take a bodysmith like me seriously.

Fate may have cursed me with six mate spots to fill, but that doesn’t mean I need to tell everyone my true purpose for being at the academy.

If I can survive the other petty circulators at the school that think they’re queen bee, and hide my own status from everyone, I just might be able to find the six men that I don’t really want.

They might think I’m inconsequential, but I’m determined to carve out my own happiness, no matter what it takes.

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Can you lose what you never had?

For the first time in my life, everything’s going my way. After putting reality shows behind me, I got my foot in Hollywood’s door. My first ever movie has just wrapped up filming, and I’m looking forward to what the future has in store.

That’s when Zeta screws up everything.

The sexier-than-I-expected creator of Lovely Agony makes a proposal I can’t turn down: a third season of the reality show in exchange for a guarantee of two more movies. It’s a package deal from one of the biggest studios, and the paycheck is more than I could ever imagine making in a lifetime.

A week later, I find myself in an isolated cabin on a snowy mountainside. Along with Liam, Trey, Michael, and Kelly, I’m joined by two more masculine hulks of sexiness.

And one other woman.

This third season introduces a rival that threatens to tear apart my lovely harem, and by the end, I’ll be lucky to have a single man standing by my side. 

DIVIDED BY HER is the third book in the Lovely Agony Series, a steamy reverse harem romance with a twist you won’t see coming.

Link to book 3

The exciting conclusion to the Shadow Isle Reformatory series!

Ryoko stayed behind to help find a way to free their fellow dragon shifters. As Captain Chan reveals the truth of Jack Frost coming unhinged and getting closer to finding the Ice Queen, Eva, it’s become too dangerous to use the freed dragons to communicate. Do they risk it one last time to warn Eva of the dangers coming?

Will Ry’s insistence that honor is above all else cause her to miss out on the men who are destined to be hers? She must learn that sometimes her duty should be to love.

Find out if Eva, Una, Shay, and their men can defeat Frost once and for all.

*This is a Reverse Harem intended for mature audiences. It contains explicit sexual content and is intended for adult audiences.

Link to book 4

“To convince a man to marry you, you have to be what they envision. Pretty, quiet, caring, and barefoot in the kitchen.”

My mothers expectations have never waivered. I’m determined to be more, even if it is within the confines of Featherstone Academy. I’m tired of being forced into a mold I don’t fit in. I want to be me, however that looks. Finding myself, and understanding what matters is my number one focus, over everything else.

Taking inspiration from my reading obsession, I know what I want my life to look like, but getting it is a completely different issue. I’m trying to keep my love life under wraps so nobody can interfere or watch me crash and burn as I try to lose my weak persona.

My senses are flooded with the new temptations that surround me. The deepest voice that makes my insides melt, a searing hot touch from the campus playboy, and the stormy gaze of the world’s biggest jackass. Along with them, comes a deeper exposure into the Featherstone life.

Watching Featherstone close in around my friends, dealing with parental issues, relationship drama, and a stalker, makes me realize I’m drowning in trouble.

Let the sambuca shots burn my throat as I get lost in my own journey of shedding my old skin, and becoming Red.

Red is a 98k word reverse harem romance novel, which means there is more than one love interest, with a #whychoose approach. This book contains consensual steamy scenes including MM, and MFMM. Some scenes may be dark for some readers, so it is recommended for readers aged 17 and over. Red is the fourth book in the Featherstone Academy Series, but the First book in her duet.

Link to book 4

This is listed as book number 2, book number 1 is not there? Do we know if the author is bringing back book 1, or is rebranding? LINK TO BOOK 1 **Paperback** It was all I could find.

Hayden had committed the ultimate sin of journalism. She’d fallen in love with her subject, make that subjects. Christian, Justin, and Vinnie, the three hockey players who unintentionally had her name added to the Puck Games scoreboard.

Now they were knocking at her door, asking for a second chance to figure everything out. They’d found her note and needed to know if what she meant was what they wanted. All of them, together.

Heavy discussions, secrets being exposed, and a hidden agenda all work against them. Will they be able to work through everything before the clock strikes midnight or will their dreams be destroyed beyond repair?

This is the second book in a Reverse Harem story. Book 1 is All We Want. Please note that this book features a women’s shelter. Their Midnight Kisses contains sexy scenes, three love interests, and lots of angst. Only for mature audiences.

Link to book 2

One woman enslaved. Three callous masters. Secrets that could destroy them all …

Kora ran away to start a new life where she was in control of her own destiny and her own body. Instead, she was captured and auctioned to the highest bidders : Three former mercenaries with black hearts.

Mace is their leader; ruthless and unforgiving. Kade lives in the shadows and, if his growls are anything to go by, may not be a man at all. And cruel Lucian’s only delights seem to be drink and tormenting their new possession until she breaks.

And she might.

Kora wasn’t a slave before and she must keep that secret at all costs. If they learn who she is, she’ll be forced to marry a man who scares her far more than her harsh masters.

Can she escape these three dangerous Brothers who have begun to show her that there is more to them than their tragic pasts? And if they find out her secrets, can she trust them not to throw her to the wolves?

Sold to Serve is the first book in the Dark Brothers Series of dark fantasy RH romance. If you like enemies to lovers, deliciously dark antiheroes and your love stories with bite, you will adore this book by Kyra Alessy.

Unlock the first adventure in this amazing series today!

Author’s Note: There are aspects of bullying in this standalone dark romance as well as dubcon and violence. If that’s not your bag then maybe don’t buy it. If it is your thing, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this story. Although the road to happily ever after might be a rough one, arriving there is guaranteed!

Link to book

What happens to a siren who’s come back from the dead?

I hope I get the chance to find out.

I’ve been betrayed, destroyed by the three men that I’d given my trust.
I’m alone again in this place… a place that’s darker than hell.
And worse, something strange is happening to me. Something that has me wondering if I can even trust myself.

There are so many secrets in these walls, and I’m now determined to find them all out.
I’m done playing nice. This siren’s going to sing once again.

Nightmare Penitentiary doesn’t know what’s coming.

One will risk the safety of our future. One will reveal a heartbreaking betrayal. One will bring out my own demons. And one might just be the savior I’ve been looking for.

Don’t outstay your time at Nightmare Penitentiary. Some places you just don’t survive.

Book 3 of the Thief of Hearts Series

Link to book 3

Three pasts. Three criminals. One night to steal it all.

I’m known as the Scarlett Thief. Truly fitting since Scarlett is my name. No one has seen me or ever even gotten close. It’s not bragging, I’m just that good. If I see something and I want it, the fact is, come hell or high thievery, it will be mine.

There’s just one rule: I work alone. A team comes with complications—dangerous complications that can get a girl killed or, even worse, caught.

When a mysterious billionaire known as Mr. Black not only gets close enough to catch me but leaves me an intriguing message offering me the chance of a lifetime, what’s a world-renowned criminal to do? Track the man down and kill him, of course. Only, instead of Mr. Black, I find two other criminals —a hacker and a mercenary—who are gunning for the mysterious man in the shadows who seems to know everything about us.

The only way to keep our secrets from ever seeing the light of day is to pull off the biggest heist the world’s ever seen. If we fail, we lose everything, but if we succeed … we could go down in history.

Link to book 2

I tried to save them from certain death. In turn, they want me dead.

Necromancy is an affront to the god my town worships, but I didn’t have any other choice. The doctor up and died in front of me. What was I supposed to do? Leave my friends and family without someone to fix remedies? Besides, I’d spent years using my powers to nudge the dying back to life, how was this any different?

This time I got caught.

Now I’m on the run, trying to make it to a place where folks don’t know my face or my name. Yet when I arrive, all the doors are shut and the windows barred. Here there are vampires, and they know just what to do with someone stupid enough to be in the streets after dark.

If not for Hickory and Lennox, a pair of lawmen with a command of sorcery, I’d be dead. They’re handsome, rugged types with bright minds and nimble fingers that take my mind completely off of my goals.

No matter which way I turn, I’m in trouble. No matter what I decide, I’m up against odds never in my favor. If I make it to the city of Oblivion, the last remaining spell-weaving stronghold, maybe I can hide among the necromancers in the shadows. If I don’t, only death awaits.

Witchcraft Ridge, The Trail to Oblivion Book 1, is a medium burn western reverse harem romance with magic elements. Here, you’ll find a tough, strong female main character surrounded by sizzling hot men on horseback and plagued by vampires. Watch as she wrangles herself a cadre of men on her way to take the magical world by storm. After all, why choose?

This book contains explicit steamy scenes and is not appropriate for those under 18 years of age.

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Demons are trying to steal Christmas!

They’ve attacked Dad’s Workshop, broken his Christmas cane, and taken him and the cherubs who work for him prisoner.

Unholy night, it’s a mess—and I’m the only one who got away.

Now, I have to figure out how to save Christmas, with only five of Santa’s reindeer as my helpers. Reindeer who are incredibly intelligent, sure. But still, they’re just animals.

They couldn’t possibly be more than that…

I sure hope my Christmas luck shifts soon. Because if it doesn’t, Christmas might be doomed.

This is a reverse harem romance intended for adult audiences.

Link to book

Being sent to patrol the Earth was supposed to be the greatest honour.
To control who lives and who dies, world hunger, war, and sickness is the ultimate power.
But on our first night as humans, we failed.
Our powers bound against our will to a group called The Elders.
Now they dictate how and when we use our gifts. For centuries, we’ve tried to find a way to break the curse but to no avail.
And then we saw her. The one who is the key in setting us free.
If we are ever to be free from our chains, we need to convince her to give us another chance.
Four Fallen Angels redeemed again.

*Redeemed is book 2 in The Fallen duet and should not be read before Cursed (book 1). The duet is not suitable for readers under the age of 18+

Link to book 2

I never thought I’d be raising a baby with ten burly mountain men.

A dentist by day, my true passion is hiking. Little did I know that my six-month Appalachian adventure would lead to me falling in love with ten hot as sin men.

My heart flutters when I meet Ryker Dennison. Like me, he’s been adopted. Unlike me, he’s brave enough to search for his biological family who live in the Appalachian mountains.
Intelligent and kind, he draws me in immediately.
His dark complexion, intense gaze, and muscular body make it hard to focus on the hiking, and before long, we’re making passionate love.

With a snowstorm brewing, Ryker and I hurry to find his family. His strikingly handsome nine brothers welcome him with open arms. As for me, the sexual chemistry I feel with the ten men is all-consuming. I could watch their muscular bodies all day long. And soon, I want to do more than just watch. This should be wrong, but it feels so right.
How I can desire ten men at once is beyond me, but Ryker and the others are happy to share me.

All is going well until our reverse harem relationship is threatened.
Terrified, I make a decision that could cost me everything, especially when I discover that I’m with child.

Will I raise my baby alone or find a way to reconnect with my ten mountain men?

Link to book

My fate is in the dark,
And my shadow there is real…

The darkness likes to play in this world.

It also likes to deceive.

In the Enchanted Forest, secrets thrive and one girl desperately needs to find answers before it’s too late.

That girl is Corvina Charles, a powerful Shadowborn—a human who touched dark magic and became something else.

Something dangerous.

At the age of eighteen, Corvina and her best friend are swept away to the Shadowborn Academy, the one place where magic and darkness coincide.

It’s also where pupils go missing, teachers don’t play by any rules, the therapist is hot, and boys with dark magic love to seduce your soul.

With death becoming a game at the academy that not even the Dark or Light Fae seem capable of winning, my love life should really be the last thing on my mind…especially when one of the boys just so happens to be my teacher!

Shadowborn Academy is a Dark Reverse Harem Paranormal Fae Romance for 18+. In this world, not even the shadows can be trusted…

Link to book

I thought I was finished with The Wicked Brotherhood.

But it seems The Wicked Brotherhood isn’t finished with me.

And they aren’t the only ones.

I survived my first semester at Bleakwood. Barely.

Now I just have to do it again.

From the moment I step back into these hallowed halls, it’s clear that it’s not going to be any easier the second time around. Not when it isn’t just The Brotherhood who suddenly has it out for me.

Ever since I arrived at Bleakwood Academy for Boys, someone has been trying to use me, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Dean Robin—or Headmistress Robin, depending on who you’re talking to—is the next to jump in line.

What she’s asking me to do will put me and quite possibly the whole future of Bleakwood in jeopardy, but I have no choice but to help her or she’ll expose me for what I really am.

If Jasper and The Brotherhood don’t do it first.

Hateful is a full-length bully romance novel with multiple love interests. It’s the second book in the Wicked Brotherhood trilogy, a contemporary enemies-to-lovers series where the main character has no intent to choose between the men who inevitably end up falling for her…after they’ve paid their penitence, of course.

Link to book 2


Two sides of a revolution, both vying for my allegiance.
Well, I pick neither side.

I’m an Earth Fae Royal bound to four Midnight Fae. My powers are growing stronger every day, and I’m tired of being a pawn in a war I don’t understand. Now that I know all the players involved and the risks at stake, I’m ready to ascend.

No more tricks.
No more lies.
No more deadly secrets.

My name is Aflora.
Your future Queen of the Midnight Fae.
And I’m done playing your games.

Welcome to the new reign, boys.
I make the rules here.
And I will not bow.

Author’s Note: This is the conclusion to the dark paranormal “why choose” Midnight Fae Academy trilogy. It’s strongly recommended that these books be read in order.

Link to book 3

If they thought death would stop her, they should have known better.

Trouble has risen from the ashes, and she’s ready to make her enemies pay, starting with her sadistic sister Harmony, who has Jules captive.

But with both the Yeoman Warden and psychotic Doctor Bloom out for blood, Trouble will have to face threats closer to home before she can deal with her sister. Time is ticking, and Trouble has no choice but to plan—and pull off—a prison break before her enemies strike, but with a baby raven in danger, a serious rift among her mates, and an obsessive cult to navigate, prison life just got harder than ever.

Luckily she has a dragon, a firefox, a raven shifter, a witch, and a mate on the outside to help her.

The stakes are high, it’s life or death, but Trouble will burn the whole prison down before she surrenders.

Blacktower Prison for Supernaturals is a magical prison series, with a tough heroine and the sexy shifter mates who vow to keep her safe—not to mention the gravelly voice in Trouble’s head who knows her too well, and the darkly alluring overseer determined to unearth her secrets. This book is medium burn, with moderate heat, and multiple love interests. 75,000 words.

Link to book 3

For the Spirit Vlog team, home is wherever the haunts take them. But when they visit Lincoln’s family to recover from their ordeal at Realms of Discovery, they can’t resist the allure of small-town charm. Plus, what could it hurt to put down some roots?

When they buy Shadow Ridge Mansion, an old fixer-upper with some history of its own, they bite off a bit more than they can chew, but in this case, the house bites back.

Now the team has to find out just how dark that history really is and if their family can survive their new haunt sweet home.

This is a reverse harem romance intended for readers 18 and up.

Link to book (3?)

This is the biggest teaser you will ever find – and it is NOT optional reading.

Behind the scenes content, all-new plot twists, and an entertaining field guide, along with a peek inside book 5.

Book 4 is an INTERMISSION, though not a direct continuation of the timeline after Kitten & Allure, this book is your key to past and present events not yet revealed.

And it will blow your mind.

From the moment baby Shade was found to what happened after Shade’s demise in Kitten & Allure. Meet Shades father’s (yes, her biological and adoptive), and see exactly what happens when you get on Killian and Pax’s bad side.

There are trigger warnings for this one, bad guys die, and you will have access to the moment Pax met his first mate (some readers hate the mmc’s with anyone other than the fmc, so fair warning.)

Get excited, because you’re about to have your mind blown. Everything you thought you knew just got a whole lot more deadly.

Link to book 4

The Dawn Queen thinks she can steal my mates.

I thought the bond between us would never break, but then she bewitches them into forgetting who I am and what I mean to them. At the queen’s command, they hunt me like a wild beast.

To survive, I must become more merciless than any of them, no matter how much my heart bleeds when I hurt them or how badly my body craves theirs.

When even my forbidden magic can’t bring them back, I have to make a terrible choice.

To end the deadly game and make my mates remember me again, I’ll have to leap into Hell’s inferno.

If that doesn’t work? I’ll burn to ashes.

Link to book 3

Ho! Ho! No!!
Step One: Infiltrate Cringle Academy (which is filled with the snobbiest witches and wizards in existence, ugh)
Step Two: Kidnap Santa
Step Three: Win back my stolen crown
Step Four: Take back Christmas

I’m the last Christmas elf and I’m freaking tired of that jolly, twinkle-eyed joke acting like he invented my holiday! I’m tired of witches and wizards turning Christmas into a corporation. And I’m absolutely over the whole elegant Christmas vibe these weirdos created. I mean pastels?! When did Christmas involve PASTELS!

I’m competing in this school’s famous Christmas Cringle Competition. A week of everything Christmas–baking, snowball fights, gingerbread houses. Oh, I’ve so got this.

There are a few things threatening to ruin my plans though:
Professor Jack Frost is winter itself. He’s a powerful, ancient elf that could ruin my ruse if he gets too close and realizes who I really am.
Nick Krampus, the frightening Krampus monster who enjoys his job of punishing naughty people way too much. Yikes–is kidnapping Santa considered naughty?
Pyr Claus. Cringle Academy’s little golden prince who I will in no way fall for. I don’t care how good he looks or how everyone seems to buy his whole nice guy act. He’s a Claus, enemy numero uno.

I’m pretty sure they know I’ve got Santa in my closet…

I am so dead.

Author Note: A STANDALONE holiday why choose/paranormal reverse harem with three male love interests and mm scenes.

Link to book


Cassarah, the firstborn child of a baron, is finally ready to be presented at the royal court. Every step of the way, her mother has been planning out each detail of her life—who she’s going to marry, how she’s going to dress, and even what she’s allowed to say. But Cassarah’s ability to quietly submit to her mother has come to an end.

Hopeful that being accepted into court will change things for the better, Cassarah doesn’t realize how quickly her life will turn upside down. At the release of her magical Birthright, something unexpected happens. A clutch of dragons begins to hatch early, and the newly accepted firstborn nobles get their chance at a pair-bond.

As if this wasn’t enough, Cassarah discovers her family has been hiding a dark secret that comes to change her life in the dead of night. What will she do when she finally has the chance to decide her own fate?

Book 1 of the Mercenary Queen series.

This is a reverse harem, why choose romance where the leading lady doesn’t have to choose who she loves or how many. Book contains 18+ content—swearing, sexual situations, and abuse. WARNING- this book contains emotional and physical abuse.

Link to book

It’s baby Luna’s first Christmas, but not everyone is excited!

Enzo Rossi hates Christmas… He’s not completely sure why but he’s always had a particularly strong dislike for the festivities.

It’s a feeling that isn’t shared with his mate Lupine and the rest of his family. They’re all crazy excited about celebrating the holidays together.

But can they convince Rossi that some Christmas traditions are worth keeping?

Lupine: Bah Humbug is a Lupine bonus story and would be better read after Lupine, Lupine: Wanted by Wolves and Lupine: Trick or Treat.

This story belongs to the Silver Springs shared universe and is written from Enzo Rossi’s POV.

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Happily ever after.
That’s what all princesses get, right?

As each day goes by, Kira’s happy ending is becoming more and more like a distant fairy tale.
The Dark Witch and Cinderella are at war and don’t care whom they have to destroy in their pursuit of power.

Can Kira and her bondmates survive a war?
Or will this fairy tale be cursed by a bloody ending?
Preorder now to find out.

This is a New Adult slow-burn Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance with plenty of steamy scenes set in a Fantasy world with a fairy tale twist.
It is a full-length novel written in Australian English that ends on a cliffhanger with a HEA in the final book in the series. Why choose?

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Imprisoned with no hope left of escape, Seraphina begins to have strange, vivid dreams featuring three handsome men who claim to be in the same predicament. Can she find one last spark of hope in their arms?

Burning Bright is a reverse harem fairytale novella, inspired by The Tallow Candle. One click for a short, suspenseful read with steam today.

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Turns out the man who rescued me is a fae. And fae really don’t like to be tortured. 

We might’ve thought we were going to save the students from the academy, but our little revolutionary group ended up torn and injured. And the boy who saved me isn’t just an ordinary human—he is a fae, and he is burning for revenge. 

Not just for the people who kept him imprisoned in the academy. Not just for my grandfather, who threw him in a dungeon and practically forgot about him, letting him starve and wither away for months. 

Now it’s up to me to prove that it was worth it. 

That I was worth it. 

And that, with his help, we can finally bring this hellhole down. 

I just need to keep my men together for long enough to save him. To save all of us. 

If Rory doesn’t kill us all first. 

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Just when I thought things were starting to go my way…

Two hot guys in my bed and two more waiting in the wings when I’m ready to let them in. Discovering my Oracle powers. Starting to fit in.

Things were looking up for me on the Fae prison island.

But then… betrayal. The one that I thought would watch over me, to help me navigate this incredible world, is actually my enemy. And among the human-hating Fae, that’s a scary prospect.

Turns out, I’ve made a lot of enemies in my short time on the island.

My guys want to protect me. They’ll do just about anything to do so. Problem is, I’m on my own this time. It’s up to me to survive.

Or not.

But there’s a lot more to the story, and I’m the only one who knows what’s going to happen. Secrets and lies. Betrayals spanning thousands of years. Impending wars that will stretch across all the universal planes. Entire races wiped out of existence. With my Oracle powers, I see it all.

I’m just not sure if I can stop it… especially if I’m dead.

If you love stories about enemies-to-lovers, snarky heroines, and everything Fae, you’ll adore the Fae Prison series! This is a New Adult novel with mature themes. Recommended for ages 17+

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Troya has given up her mythology geek ways to focus on pursuing her nursing degree. She’s made weird, but fierce, friends in the growing city of Ontonagon in the four years since she arrived as an orphaned, wounded teenager. She’s managing to make something of herself, despite the loss of her real family. But it seems like the universe has other plans for her.

Weird visions, hallucinations that make her closest friends seem like monsters…it’s probably just an over the top reaction to all the stress in her life. Either that, or a brain tumor. When a creepy run-in with a monster during her clinical rotations at the hospital makes her fail out of school, Troya thinks it can’t possibly get any worse.

But she’s wrong. So wrong.

The world Troya has known all her life is ripped away in one weird night, and even two hot roommates-turned-lovers might not be enough to salvage things. Not when her entire existence is overshadowed by the memory of a dark prince bathed in blood—and the pain that drove her to forget everything.

*The Gods and Demons series is a spin off from the Gesa’s Menagerie series. While it can be read on it’s own, reading the Menagerie series first will provide more depth to the world and characters.

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The Devil returns for an encore.

His fractured soul has been wandering Angelus ever since Elaria pulled it free of Lucifer but now, it’s found a way back to the physical world. As the one who released the part of Lucifer that craves only blood and pain, Elaria feels that it’s now her responsibility to destroy it. But the Devil has grown even more cunning while separated from Lucifer, and Elaria will need more than music to stop him this time. She’ll have to face her own demons and frailties—the secrets of her heart and the darkness in her soul—if she wants to stand a chance of conquering the most villainous god who has ever existed.

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I thought going to prison would be the worst thing that could happen to me. Turns out I was wrong.

When one of the other inmates tried to kill me it didn’t go so well and now there’s a power vacuum and a turf war brewing. Not to mention the pissed off warden who has suddenly taken a much bigger interest in what’s going on down here than he had been.

Not only am I trying to prevent a way from breaking out between the vamps and shifters, trying to smooth over the arrival of a hated bounty hunter, and appease an angry warden, but I have to figure out a way to control my powers, and hopefully use them to help others. Oh, and I’m trying to do this while being distracted by one sexy alpha wolf and one delectable alpha vampire.

All in a day’s work right?

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Atticus, Braxton, Tucker and Dylan. They were my hot tormentors, but now they want to be friends… or something more. They told me the commoner life I’d been living isn’t mine, and that I’m part of the world of the wealthy—part of the Elite. There’s also more, stuff that should only be in dark folklore and some made-up fantasy world, but it’s real, and I’ve inherited two different bloodlines… two family legacies. Should I believe the boys? Have they really been trying to protect me all this time? Oh, and now I’m being hunted by hooded assilents, hellbent on seeing my end. Diana Alabaster, the warden of Westcliff, my grandmother; I knew there was a dark secret hidden behind these walls, and my boys need my help to figure it out.
Witches, werewolves, vampires, dragoons, alchemists, and kitsunes…
Oh my…

Author’s note

Inpatient is a reverse harem high school romance novel with a dark mystery/paranormal twist. This is book two of three in the series.
*Contains foul language and sexual and mature content. Recommended for readers 17+. This is a medium-burn.

The four male interests are LOOSELY based on the Nocits, Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto characters from FFXV. This is NOT a retelling.

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Some call me Madam, others call me The Devil’s Spawn, but you can call me Lady Jackie.
Being Gentleman’s Jack’s daughter has always made my life hard. So when he goes missing, I’m perfectly fine with letting him stay that way.
That changes when the Oliberos Coven appears on the doorstep of the brothel I now claim as mine. Beating down lowlifes looking for “Gentleman Jack” was one thing, but having the most dangerous vampire breathing down my neck is another.
Now if I want my five new stalkers out of my life, I have no choice but to find Daddy Dearest. But I don’t anticipate the new threats that lurk on Bourbon street or the way they force me to have to work with the Oliberos Coven.
And I certainly don’t anticipate the dangerous attraction that ensues…

This is the first book in a dark, medium burn reverse harem series which will feature m/f, m/m, f/f, and everything in between. If you don’t like chaotic, brothel owning vampire heroines with daddy issues this book may not be for you. 

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Who needs hell power when you can make a mean lièvre à la royale?

Scarlett Walker is content to remain in the lower levels of hell, cooking for the hordes and giving in to her heartache over losing her best friend.

But Hell, Heaven, and a whole host of Supernaturals have other plans.

Summoned by the Council, Scarlett is told she must continue her education and compete in the second trial, even if her heart is no longer in it.

With hellish mean girls on one side, and her sinfully hot Knights on the other, Scarlett must face her pain and become victorious. Otherwise she may lose more than her life. She may lose her mother’s.

**This is a slow burn, RH romance.**

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What have I gotten myself into?

Surrounded by people I don’t trust, pretending to be something I’m not.

It sounds like my first days at Beast Academy, but this time I’m surrounded by people who wouldn’t hesitate to kill me if they knew the truth.

The witches have sworn to help me, but if they don’t come through, I’ll never see my men again.

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning is proud to bring you this Reverse Harem Academy Romance serial, packed with all the action, intrigue and great chemistry you can handle!

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Everyone deserves love right?

Even ferrets!

Calluna is back for a Christmas bonus featuring all her men, Lars and Reg, and of course Klaus the rashy ferret! Join the gang as they celebrate their first Christmas together as a family. There will be Christmas fun, laughs, steam, and possibly a love adventure for dear little Klaus?

Scroll up to grab this PNR Whychoose RomCom bonus story today!

Calluna: A Christmas Present for Klaus is a short bonus story that comes after Calluna and Fangs Bear’d and is part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

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A collection of nice, and possibly a bit more than a little naughty, holiday inspired tales from twelve Reverse Harem authors. Featuring contemporary and paranormal authors:
A.J. Macey
Avery Song
H.A. Wills
Jacquelyn Faye
Jarica James
Katie May
L.L. Frost
M.J. Marstens
R.L. Caulder
Suki Williams
Penn Cassidy & Madeline Fay

Naughty is the new nice, so this year, Let’s Scrooge!

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This was indexed as RH, but I am not sure if they will all be RH, mixed trope, or incorrectly labeled. Will attempt to find out.

This is a collection of short stories from the Nightmare Courts universe that have only been posted on the duo’s Patreon. If you are a fan of the universe, and wanna go further with some of the characters… this is the collection for you.

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Shh…Silence…You have no say!

Its the forbidden club at the exclusive Bay Area Elite Private Academy.
I am not welcome there
But then I lied.
I told the world I was dating three hot guys from the Elite HUNTER CLUB
Oh theres just one problem.
I made it all up including the names
But then they really exist and word goes around the campus
That I am dating them
And you know what?
They are not happy about it!
Oh well… Here goes nothing!

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When darkness descends and snuffs out the light,
a weaver shall be born to put an end to the night.
Past, present, and future need to collide
to uncover the truths that the darkness tries to hide.

The prophecy is in play but lines get blurred and things take place we never saw coming.
Now the future looks bleak but I won’t give up. I won’t stop fighting.
I am the Weaver and it’s time the bad guys get what’s coming to them.
Twist and turns abound in this third and final book of The Weaver Chronicles.
Will they get their happily ever after or will it come crashing down around them.

This book does contain some mm content.

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The children are all grown and it’s time to call them all home for the holidays. Messengers are sent far and wide to locate all of Aurora’s bloodline. The kids have a real surprise waiting for them this year. Jayce and I have spent the better half of the last month planning Christmas. Between the food and presents I believe we are all set. Now, we just have to keep Aurora out of the presents till the children arrive, easier said than done.

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One bada** Alpha She-Wolf
Five hot as sin shifter mates
One newly undead sister
And of course, one sadistic POS set on revenge 
My life has changed in rapid succession over the last few weeks. My mates found me, though I still don’t know how I feel about that. My very dead sister came back to the land of the living with a dire warning. And the man who haunts my darkest nightmares is hunting me, determined to finish what he started. Fan-freaking-tastic!
My only option is to train. Not only to strengthen my mind, body, and soul, but to reconnect with my wolf as well. Gods, I just hope it’s enough. *****
Shattered Strength is book two of three in the Shadowcrest Pack Series. This is a reverse harem, paranormal romance featuring one female with five males; that is a slow/medium burn containing M/M and F/M/M/M/M/M sexual themes suitable for +18 audience. Trigger Warnings: This book includes substance abuse, sexual assault, physical abuse and violence, swearing, and PTSD.

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As Hell burns down around me, my daughter is born into the chaos that follows. Struggling to find my place in her life, along with the aftermath of the almost-Apocalypse, not only am I missing my Super-Alpha more than I can bear, my Incubus has a secret that becomes blindingly obvious. I also have the newcomer to Hell to deal with. He has made his intentions clear that he is sticking around but luckily, it has nothing to do with me.
With his presence, I am faced with the fact that someone is behind this attempt to end my Kingdom and it is my intention to find out who is trying to ruin me, while also trying to be a mom to my little Hell-Heir, a lover to my circle, and a sister to my twin, who is going through his own evolution but one that makes makes things very clear to me.

I am the Devil. Anyone who messes with me or my circle will face the business end of Babe before I make them wish they had never been created. On top of that, my quest to help my monster steps up. When I find a way to help him, will my circle have my back?

Find out in Anna’s Heir – dark, dirty and dangerous Reverse Harem Fantasy
Contains triggering situations. Includes scenes of m/m; f/f & Shifter action

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The final book of Dark Fae Academy us here!

Avery struggles to understand her place in the academ, though she’s on the right track. Then comes a series of betrayals.

It rocks her faith in people. And she still must figure out the three princes who either try to own her or outright ignore her.

In the background the evil plot thickens bringing conclusion to the series and dark revelations.

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Kidnapped in the middle of her slumber, Ember awakens to three notorious anti-Christmas ghouls surrounded by nothing except ice and darkness.


Jack Frost.


Will their reputations be proven right or will Ember fill their souls with her winter magic before it’s too late?

This is a complete Christmas novella. It is not suitable for anyone under 18 due to explicit language and sexual scenes.

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This is a Happily Ever After, Galactic Cyborg Heat Series, Hot Romantic Fiction Novel. This is a Reverse Harem tantalizing story of passions and desires, that unexpectedly brings together three Cyborg brothers and a human female in a way they never thought possible.

This is a standalone novel but can and is more complete by reading the series in order starting with Book 1 Rage. But not doing so, will not spoil your enjoyment.

NOTE TO READERS: If you love the work of Anna Hackett and Eve Langlais you will love this. This is a sci-fi romance, filled with hot sex, strong dominant men and sexy females who know how to hold their own. It’s gritty, confrontational and steam will be coming out of your ears. If you’re looking for something to get those juices flowing, you just found it. Enjoy!


They are on Earth searching for answers and their lost mates. The Cyborg Empire has sent them back to the place of their creation. A place that only holds memories of pain and damage for a chance of new life.

A way of blood screening found my Commander Wolf’s mate had given them all hope. It had identified a myriad of females on Earth that could be possible mates to the Empire. Potential mates were more than a necessity to the Empire. The long years of searching had taken its toll. Cyborgs were going into stasis, hopes of ever finding their female waning.

Finding those females was now a first priority. They had the blood markers to keep Cyborgs alive. Keep the Cyborgs from shutting down and going into stasis. To stop them losing their brothers. And for one group, they were in danger of losing their third. He was struggling to carry on. They could hear it, see it and sense it. He was losing the battle to live, and they would do whatever it took to make sure he lived. No matter the cost. No matter the sacrifice. He needed a reason to live. He needed her.

The Triad was unique in the Cyborg Empire. Three identical males born of the same DNA genetic material, from the exact same splicing, donor egg and sperm. An experiment to see if triplet Cyborgs held better senses than those of others. A unique group all their own that could be used to target specific enemies with a very specific skill base. They were trained well and hungry, sharing the good with the bad. Enduring what they had to to survive.

The doctrine that Cyborgs had one mate, one purpose to live, didn’t apply to them. They’d long ago known that the one for them would be the one that matched the three of them. They’d be no giving her up for one brother.

They would share as they always did. She would learn to take their appetites. She was theirs. She just didn’t know it yet, but she would.


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With the school up in flames crap hit the fan, fast.

Now with my friends lives in my hands I’m forced to face some hard truths in hopes that I can be the one to save everything that I love.

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Well, I managed to save my 7 superstars this time.
But at what price?

I revealed Mr. Shin’s evil-doings to the world and now he’s dead.
Was it my fault?
Did he commit suicide or is there something more sinister going on?
Are we in danger as well?

What will happen to Geobuk Entertainment, the biggest music company in Korea?
What will happen to NaBi, the biggest boyband in the world and at the same time my boyfriends?
Is anyone ever going to find out about what happens behind our closed doors?

So far it was my job to take care of my personal Idols in whatever way they required, but now I might need their help.
I would do anything to protect them. Will they do the same for me?

**This is the third part in a series of steamy, reverse harem romance novellas. It contains mature adult themes, including acts of BDSM that may not be suitable for all readers. HEA included. No cheating. No choosing. As this is part of a series knowledge from earlier parts is helpful.**

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Description to come soon! May include: faery parties, sick heroines being cared for by gruff men, crimes and punishments, makeovers, and more steam.

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Viceroy. It’s not a term Sam would have ever thought would apply to them. But for some reason, the sovereign of Westhold seems to trust Sam with his life—and with the legacy the crazy, not-so-human firebird is building. But none of that matters if Sam can’t conquer their fear and insecurities and keep from going feral.

Fin and Emerson just won’t give up on Sam and stay away from the cur, where they’ll be safe. And when Sam is forced to confront the alpha and the shifter pack who has tormented Sam since birth, all Sam’s worst fears come true as the hunter faces the risk of losing a mate they were never brave enough to claim.

Author’s Note:

I love reverse harem, but I got sick of reading the same old tropes. In my books you will find atypical characters and varied sexuality. In general, you probably won’t find many alpha males or fainting females, and relationships may have a more poly feel.

The Not Quite series is a harem/reverse harem urban fantasy series of novellas (between 35,000-45,000 words) and contains the following:

*adult language, and lots of it

*moderate levels of violence/gore/action

*graphic sexual situations

*polyamory/ multiple lovers

*LBGTQ and straight themes (the main character is intersex and will have both male and female lovers, and this is a harem, so expect M/F, M/M, F/F, MMMFF etc.)

*as usual, my characters all have their own emotional scars. This means the books MAY contain mentions of abuse, unpleasant situations, etc. Please do not read if you are triggered by things like this. This book in particular includes references to past abuse or mistreatment, physical, mental, and sexual.

*occasional “cliff-hangers” or lead-ins to the next book may occur, though generally at least one major plot arc shows completion or at the very least, forward progress.

*word count does not include teaser chapters or other fluff material at the end.

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Section B on the prison planet is simply a greenhouse, right?

The prison planet Veenith holds secrets.
Like Section B, a greenhouse with vegetables…
And illegal activities, the type that get a woman beaten for trespassing.

Then there are the prisoners who have gone missing.
Some will be found when the snow melts.
Others, well, that ties back to Section B.

When Melina discovers the secret of Section B,
Her world is turned upside down.

She’s torn from the four men who stole her heart,
And sold to the deadliest, most violent man on Veenith.

The murderer bent on giving her to his twenty+ men.
Except he has plans for her that even she couldn’t imagine.


Rescued by the Convicts is a steamy reverse harem romance set on a prison planet where women are scarce and love scarcer. Melina’s story started with Taken by the Convicts.

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Not one, or two – but three fated mates..? Either Fate has a strange sense of humour, or she has truly blessed Sadie. The jury’s still out.

But while Sadie tries to wrangle three relationships and her intense attraction with each of her men, the vampire blood ring is still in operation and the reality is horrific.

The vampires have women trapped underground, suffering while their blood is slowly siphoned from their bodies. Some of them are even being bred to produce more people for the select vampire blood tastes.

The blood ring is big business and big money, which means Sadie, Fridge, Rogan and Vincent, are taking on a very BIG enemy.

Sadie is yet to fully mate with her Vampire, and her half-witch powers lay dormant. Playing this cat and mouse game might bring them together, but surviving is a fine line.

Will they be able to settle their differences to defeat their enemy or will they be torn apart forever?

Vampire Mated is the third book in the Blood World series. Featuring Vampires, Shifters and a covert Witch. This story is packed with action, adventure and a steamy why-choose Reverse Harem romance between two bounty hunters, an ancient Vampire and a woman with the rarest blood in town!

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The last quarter.
The final inning.
Whatever it takes, you have to give it all you’ve got.
When that clock is ticking down, remember how hard you’ve trained, how many hours you put in. Strap on your pads, wrap your hands, tie up those cleats. Whether on the field or in a rink, you’ve got this. This is your day, your time to shine. It doesn’t matter what game you play.
In the end, all you have to do is Make it Count.

Twenty-three authors bring you nineteen stories full of hope and love.

This anthology in memory of Josie McIntyre, who was an avid softball player who was tragically lost too young. All proceeds for this anthology will go toward a scholarship fund in her memory.

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Tragedy draws Amelie back to Australia once again, but this time she’s not alone. It’s been decided that she needs a break, and what better way to do that then with Kalen in her homeland? You can guarantee that with Fairy Bread, kangaroos, mosquitos, and the youngest Knox brother, chaos will ensue. Add in even more secrets, lies and deceit, and Amelie’s in for one hell of a ride. Because what’s a holiday without a little drama?

Meanwhile, where is Baxter Branson? Who is the raven haired beauty that has snagged his attention? And is he really capable of feelings and friendships?

This novella follows Amelie and Baxter Branson on their Easter Break from Knox Academy. After all the drama of term 2, some much needed rest and relaxation is in order, don’t you think? Read F*ck Yeah, book 2.5 of the gripping Knox Academy Reverse Harem series now.

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With bounty hunters coming for Willow, I’m not taking any chances.

I’m on high alert after witnessing a hunter take their shot at my guardian angel. If Willow is sick of my overprotective tendencies, he’s too nice to say so. This is no time to let my guard down, especially when The Circle of the Veil calls me in to help investigate the recent attacks on Circle elite members. A rebel uprising is brewing and we’re all suspects.

If they find out about the recent slips in my sanity, I’ll taste their wrath. But the effect of the binding I worked on Falon threatens to make it all so much worse. Binding an immortal comes at a price and I must pay it.

Link to book 18

You gotta love the stories. Folklore, myths, legends. Oral traditions passed down through the centuries, before being immortalised forever on film.

Only, as with all games of Secret Whispers, the truth gets distorted, warped, lost.

Mor’du: the monstrous prince who desired power over the bonds of family. Cursed to be a beast for all eternity, wandering in the scarred shell of a monster, tormented and wanting.

Or so they’ll have you believe.

I’m here to tell you the truth of Mor’du’s story. It’s up to you if you believe the words, but trust me, if anyone knows the truth of what really happened between those four brothers, it’s me…the girl who started a war.

Bearing the Curse is a reverse harem re-telling of a classic you think you know.

Link to book 10, read as standalone

Of course a supposed vacation couldn’t stay that way for Ever and the guys.

With the arrival of Atlas and the mysteries that seem to grow the longer they’re around him, including how he not only knows the new bartender in town but gives him orders of a questionable nature that are followed without hesitation but with a knowing smile.

Throw in snow storms, assholes and a hot tub and this vacation is turning into a rollercoaster ride. It doesn’t look like things are going to calm down when they get home either, when the detective in charge of Ever’s case has some news that shocks them all and throws them straight into a tail spin.

Ever and her guys are in for one hell of a ride and it’s only just getting started. . .

This is a dark, medium burn, contemporary reverse harem that will have some m/m.

Warnings: Please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, violence and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+.

All sex is consensual.

Link to book 2



The 5th and final novel in the ACES & KNAVES series! One-click to finish your journey with Ridley and her sh*theads.

*Blurb Coming soon

**This is a reverse harem series with MM content, violence, foul language, and characters with histories of abuse. If any of those things offend or trigger you, this series is probably not for you.

Link to book 5

Home to fae, mer, shifters, and most importantly, vampires, New York City is dangerous. Cassia Moon returns home after losing her job and discovers the unthinkable: her sister is dead, and the circumstances leading to her death are mysterious and unimaginable.

Forced to uncover the truth about her sister’s vicious death, Cassia stumbles into a series of unexpected romances–with creatures she never fathomed. Suddenly, she is in the belly of the beast as a pawn in an impending supernatural vs. human war. Cassia’s world is flipped upside down with violence and treachery–which leads to her own transformation.

Has Cassia bitten off more than she can chew to discover the answers she desperately seeks?

A kickass Urban fantasy with a why choose romance. Loads of paranormal creatures. Perfect for readers who enjoy forbidden romance, enemies to lovers, or friends to lovers. ​

Trigger warning: 18+ this novel contains graphic violence, adult language, and sexual situations.

Link to book

Nothing is more dangerous than my past…

…and its secrets could curse this dark academy.

I was the wicked witch who cursed the Rebel Academy to perpetual winter. When the fae who tried to force me to marry him returns for the Enchanted Ball, will my magic bring the academy to life or freeze it forever?    

But first, my three sinfully hot and protective Immortal lovers and I must survive dangerous missions, Dragon Tournaments, and deadly classes.

Sleipnir — Loki’s dominant shifter son

Bask — a possessive, sinful incubus

Fox — a cute cat shifter and mage

Tough choices also await the eleven and fae Princes, as well as their dark and mysterious vampire.

The wickedly gorgeous students of the Rebel Academy have pasts that should remain buried. Yet they’ll be brought to light at the Enchanted Ball. Then nothing will be the same again.

Will my lovers and I be shattered or freed?

Rebel Academy: Curse is a complete 110,000 word paranormal academy romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Rosemary A. Johns.  Discover mysterious and delicious vampires, shifters, mages, gods, fae, elves, and princes. If you love steamy paranormal romances where the men know how to share, dive in now!

In this world, even the rebels aren’t free.


“May I drink from you, my queen?” The vampire murmured.

“Mark me.” I kissed him. “We’re both cursed. I want the world to know that I’m yours.”

Midnight’s groan vibrated against my skin. I felt more alive than I ever had before. My nerves were on fire.

“Oh, they shall know who you belong to,” the fae prince drawled.

I was surrounded by my two lovers. Their teeth pressed at the same time on each side of my neck.

Bite me, please…

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The path to power never did run smooth…

Princess Bryony and her Chosen have been challenged, threatened, and attacked, but it’s news from the capital that lands the hardest blow.

Bryony’s greatest ally is at risk, and if she loses her grandmother’s support she may lose the crown as well. Returning to the capital introduces new enemies and dangers, as well as painful memories. Her grandmother is dying, her sister is feasting on flesh and wasting magic in the shadows, and the Queen is hiding from the ugly truths of Kimmery.

With her patience at its end and her Chosen gathered close, it’s time for Bryony to break the grip the council has on the kingdom, forge new alliances, and learn the depth of her own magic.

The kingdom’s crown will be hers, even if claiming it comes with painful sacrifice.

Link to book 3

An ancient war, a tenuous truce, a delicate balance.

Sounds ominous right?

It is.

The tri-pack collective has existed for centuries—three dire wolf packs bound to the most powerful coven in the world through a single witch born under the thirteenth sign of the zodiac.

Through this covenant they keep an ancient threat unlike any other at bay.

At the next blood moon, I’ll be that witch—bound to the three leaders of the dire wolf packs. Responsible for keeping the peace.

That is If I make it to the blood moon alive, because someone is trying to kill me.

Now the hot-headed wolves are going to have to work together to make sure our inventive little murderer doesn’t succeed.

And me?

Well, I don’t take kindly to being targeted, so whoever’s gunning for me better watch out, because they just became the hunted.

An Urban Fantasy Romance filled with witches, shifters, warlocks, Gargoyles, Ghosts and Vampires

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Spring is in the air and so are the lust demons and luck imps. You know—cupids and leprechauns. The campus is an infested twitterpated muddle. However, dodging the imps’ snares may be the least of my worries when ghosts set their sights on me.

My name is Victoria Grey. I’m a witch with a curse to break and a coterie to claim.

Wildeward is an academy for magicals and monsters. Home for lost souls. Asylum for those they want forgotten. A golden cage I don’t want to leave, but I cannot stay.

Blood and magic found five men of Wildeward to save me: Doyle, my vampire professor; Jekyll and Hyde, the contrary werewolf brothers; Frankie, the shy doctor with a secret; and Achoris, the sleeping oracle who haunts my dreams. Some would call them monsters, but will they be mine?

New classes have started, but my peers and professors distrust my newfound abilities. Someone is always watching me. While Regina is on a mission to oust me, Dr. Stein will do anything to possess me. Within the coterie, loyalties will be tested and bonds will be forged. The Hunters may have gone to ground, but something big is coming.

It’s going to take more than a little lust and a lot of luck to get out of this trap. I’m afraid my demons will only be satisfied with my blood.

This is a Reverse Harem series with some light m/m content and a non-bully romance. Recommended for mature readers.

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I may have won the battle, but the war is far from over.

I have an usurper to defeat, a curse to break, and a crown to claim. With my three consorts fighting, and my supporters vanishing one by one, this might just be the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced. But I will stop at nothing to save my brother – and the entire realm of Faery.

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What is a girl to do when life screws her over?

Find a better position.

Like Kade trying to manipulate the situation to benefit him. I see you and your rogue ways and I up you one. I just hope it doesn’t backfire.

Or Liam and that dirty little secret he has up his sleeve. Oh, Prince Charming, don’t worry, I see you too, and I accept you.

Athos, sometimes the key to happiness is letting go.

Christian, well, my knight I may just have to push you down a peg or two and then catch you.

Nix. Nix. Nix. I think it’s past time you step up to the plate and stop hiding from the alpha within. One way or another, I’ll tease him right out of you.

So how does a gal make her mates see themselves the way she sees them? By turning the tables and throwing their antics right back at them. That’s how, and I am up for the challenge. With the council breathing down our necks, we will have to become united and fight as one. That means healing the wounds of our past and seducing them to close forever.

The power of Artemis flows in my veins, and it’s time I use it to my advantage.

**Reverse Harem/Why Choose Romance
**Book 3 of 4
**Slow to Medium Burn
**Language 18+
**Cliffhanger (Sorry Not Sorry)

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The cursed rune is real and it’s going to destroy everything.

Being killed dozens of times wasn’t exactly the plan when Daesyn signed up for the academy, nor was being kidnapped by the insane Seelie Fae King. Four runes exist in the worlds and the Seelie Fae King wants them all.
Only issue?
To get the Cursed Rune, Daesyn has to die. For good this time and she has no interest in that happening. Days away from her twenty-first birthday, Daesyn needs to escape her captor and get back to the Reaper Realm before the Otherworld gives her a power predicted to destroy the worlds.

Luckily, a demi-god, an alpha shifter, a reaper prince, overlord demon and a fae monkey are not leaving the Otherworld without her. But in the Otherworld, another war is brewing and the Unseelie rebels will not let Daesyn leave this world without a fight.

While the worlds fight, the gods watch. Always.

Fans of epic urban fantasy romance will love this five-book series by USA Today Bestselling Author G. Bailey. This is a reverse harem romance meaning the main character will have more than one love interest.
This series is a crossover of the series, A Demon’s Fall, but can be read on its own.

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Kidnapping is nothing new to the enforcers of the Conti family, but never has it been a girl I’ve wanted to get to know before. A girl all of my brothers want. Our soon to be new Boss.

Before you get all in my face about being a player, a man-whore, you should understand that I’ve never really wanted to get to know a woman like Priest before. Hell, I’ve never met a woman like her before.

Let’s just hope she and her fighting spirit make it through all the bull the Wives are going to put her though, and everything the Council of Seven is planning for her. Because if not, she’ll end up a broken doll, and I don’t think I can handle that.

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I’m destined to be Queen. 

With the shifter world at war, my mates and I have stayed hidden for nearly a year. 
That all changes when Shifter Academy invites us to an exclusive boot camp. 

Nothing could have prepared us for the dangerous game that awaits us there. 
I knew going into it that there was an ulterior motive behind it.
But it’s even darker than I imagined it would be. 

But first I have to survive this hell. 

Disclaimer: This is the second book in the Shifter Academy series, an upper YA/NA paranormal reverse harem romance. Best-suited for readers 17+.

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Keeping my distance to avoid getting emotionally involved, failed.

Remember that game of car-crew tug-of-war? Well, the rope snapped, leaving me alone in the center, unable to reach either dangling end. 

The tension force in the rope and the resistance between the crews? That was my fault.

There is only one solution for fixing things — a modification to the plan that got us in this mess to begin with. I need to distance myself and do what I should have done the day I was forced into the job:


Circumstances initiated the challenge. Grit and determination filled the gas tank. I opened the throttle wide… and lost. But the daughter of the late automotive guru, Troy Delancey, does not give up just because she tasted defeat in the first couple of races.

The time has come to stage a match with my own set of rules and show these crews how to race — and win — like a girl.

This final flag drop is my only remaining hope.

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Callie finally found a home. It’s everything she’s ever dreamed of – friendship, family, and a healthy dose of romance, which Dr. Harper repeatedly reminds her is a good thing since it will help her deal with her most recent loss. So, why can’t she be happy? That reason comes in the form of one Russian mob boss named Nikolai Ivanov. He’s closer than ever, and Callie knows that if he ever found out how much she cared for her new-found family, she knows that it would be signing their death-warrants. So, what will she do?

…because something’s got to give.

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They tell me to abandon all hope.
They tell me the path to freedom is impossible.
But I will never bow to defeat.

The darkest times can always get darker. With Satan inhabiting a new body and allied with the Queen of the Dead, it seems all the light in the world is gone. I’m nothing but a bird trapped in a cage, prisoner to the madness of Queen Ereshkigal.
But things aren’t always what they seem.
My men will risk death to come for me, and the past linking us all together is coming full circle.
Destiny brought me to the underworld for a reason. It’s time to take a leap of faith and become what I was meant to be.
Not a caged bird, not an angel, and certainly no saint- but the hellbent incarnation of eternal love and war.
And all will fall before me.

Hell Bent is the fifth and final book in the Razing Hell trilogy, a steamy reverse harem romance for mature readers with a happily ever after.

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*I was just a normal girl… until I got bitten. Was it fate? Or was I just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

It didn’t really matter now.

Because I’d gone full-on wolfgirl and that wasn’t even the crazy part! There were two wolf packs in our woods, and they were having a major turf war. The first to crown their Head of Pack would be victorious.

And they both wanted ME.

Yup, apparently I was destined to become a wolf princess. Only now I had to decide which pack to side with…

*YA Paranormal – Reverse Harem, some sexual themes and scenes, upper-end YA audience

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Levi and Kurt were supposed to be the top two elite members of The Brotherhood’s Elite Forces, but Nick knows that he’s better. Those two buffoons weren’t even able to solve their cases without the help of some random witch who seems to have taken their leadership by storm. Even Elliott sang her praises.


Nick doesn’t need them. He’s playing with the big boys in DC. The demon influx here is just as threatening as in the other cities, but it’s also much more subtle. There’s bigger game afoot and Nick is going to solve it himself. He doesn’t need anybody’s help. Not even the pint sized witch who makes his heart stutter.

He might not need her help, but he certainly wants her. Now that he’s met her, he knows what the fuss is about. He needs her, desires her.

She might be fooling around with Kurt and Levi, but once Grace sees Nick’s power, she won’t be able to resist him. Grace will be his and Nick will prove to them all why he should be number one.

This book contains adult concepts and scenes and is not intended for readers under the age of 18 years.

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He is evil and I am at his mercy

I have been kidnapped by the worst thing to ever walk on this planet. I don’t know where I am or why I’m here. I also don’t know what he’s going to do with me.

My only hope are my four advisors. I love them all and can’t decide which one to give my heart to. If there’s a way to keep them all, I’ll grab it with both hands. But for now, I have to push my feelings aside.

When the Dark Fae bring the fight to my school, they launch us directly into a war. I will not sit by and let innocent people die because of a stupid argument over who should be the ruler of our kingdom. I will also not relinquish my crown.

The fight has begun and I will not stand back and let others fight for me. This princess is taking on the evil king himself.

Secrets of the Fae is the second story in an exciting new Reverse Harem series.

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Released Early!!!

*Contains Dark themes*

Vicious (Beautiful Tyrants Book Three) is a dark college bully reverse harem romance intended for readers 18+. This book contains dark themes, including bullying, abuse, violence, suicide and sexual relationships that some readers might be uncomfortable with. These heroes are human with dark histories and actions that may make you hate them at times. But redemption is never a straight path. It’s dark, twisted and comes at a steep price…

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Six Daddy Doms? Are they insane?
How could she manage SIX men when she’s never even had one?
For someone with significant social anxiety, the thought of becoming a Little Submissive to a police officer, a construction worker, a financial tycoon, a firefighter, an attorney, and an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Champion/Coach is overwhelming. The fact that they are incredibly handsome, strong, and smart and kiss with a passion that turns her into a puddle of girl goo is wonderful, but the problem remains.
Veronica isn’t an Age-Player!
Veronica Haught’s eyes are set on standing on the block for sale to the highest bidder. After four years of intense training at Graye Manor, her time to win a contract for her first Dominant, and hopefully a lasting relationship, had come! But when she’s called into Master Graye’s office, the rug’s pulled out from under her feet in a single, devastating blow.
With only two months before the famous Cirque de Sade auction, Roni’s informed that she’s been selected to partake in The Guardian Program. The carefully vetted service caters to a unique lifestyle within the BDSM community that subscribes to the Age-Play dynamic. Coming from a background of childhood trauma, neglect, and abuse, the last thing Roni wants is to be treated like a child again- even if her future ‘Daddies’ were the most delicious-looking men she’d ever laid eyes upon.
Neil Vanderberg and his five foster brothers have been waiting for years for the right woman to join their close-knit family. They know that they can offer a life that promises to make her dreams come true but, even with the help of Dorian Graye, finding a special girl is difficult. She’d have to be one-of-a-kind… smart, beautiful, strong, and independent, be open to love and guidance and fill their home with mischief and laughter. She’d also have to possess a heart with enough love to help them heal from their own tragic loss.
None of them knew what would be waiting when Roni reluctantly agreed to give the family a two-month trial, but they are willing to do what it takes to show the young woman that being their Little Girl was more than just coloring books, eating S’mores, and riding Frisian horses. They truly believe that if Roni could trust herself enough to let go of the past, she’d find love beyond measure.
However, there’s no way to prepare for when the past collides with the present or predict the outcome that a single, hasty decision can make in shaping the rest of their lives.

***This is Book 1 of the Billion Dollar Daddies: Veronica. The next book of the series will be released each month with The Bossman (Neil), The Lieutenant (Silas), The Enforcer (Taylor), The Executioner (Blaze), The Prosecutor (Drew), and The Protector (Atlas).

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After an eventful jaunt on Earth, Ell is under house arrest and she is so not for it. Luckily, her uncle assigned her childhood friend, Arion, as the head of her guard. Arion has always been on her side in everything, so Ell is really hoping he’ll help her sneak back to Earth for a quickie. Or two.

When Ell’s aunt suggests she accompany her to the Seelie country estate, Ell sees this as her opportunity. Unfortunately, UnSeelie raids are really screwing up her best “laid” plans. Get it?
In a last ditch effort, Ell convinces Ari to sneak her to Earth before they have to return to the capital. There’s just one problem, halfway there, they’re surrounded by a group of UnSeelie Fairies.

Will Ell and Ari survive what was just supposed to be a fun romp in the hay?

A Fairy Awesome Series is a medium-burn reverse-harem series where Ell collects a new man/fairy in each book.

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This school was supposed to be my sanctuary.
Until the three of them turned it into a living hell.

Whatever they want, they get.
Whatever they can’t have, they’ll break.

I thought I could defy them—deny them.

They taught me that I’m out of my element.
They taught me that nothing was off limits.
They taught me that I can scream and no one will come.

I can’t escape them. I can’t run from them.
Now they’re on the verge of breaking me.

To make things worse…
My own past has come back to haunt me.

And the terrifying reality is:
These vicious boys may be my only hope for survival.

Vicious Boys is a dark high school enemies to lovers RH with bully themes. This is the fourth book of five in the Elites of Redwood Academy series. Contains cursing, sexual situations, and scenes that some may find triggering.

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