Dystopian Reverse Harems – Part 3

Dystopian novels. These are typically your “end of the world/end of days” trope. They can be futuristic, current times, alternate dimensions, involve time travel, disease, war, dead planets, wastelands, zombies, etc. Dysoptian reverse harems involve all that, and a bag of dicks. Or is it chips? Nah, dicks. These novels tend to be fun reads not because they’re action packed, exciting, and suspenseful, but due to the fact they add romance to them as well. Even in the worst of times characters need love too.

Not all dystopian novels are outside the realm(s) of possibility. The one’s that deal with war, and disease are realistic. The zombie, and alien ones, not so much…or are they??? Personally, I do not have a favorite type of dystopian novel. As long as they are interesting i’m game to read them. And hopefully, if you are in the book market for something different, or unique you may just find one below! As always, happy reading! – Quare Eligere

All imagery & blurbs are verbatim from Amazon,

I was once an average college student with dreams of the Olympics. A better future had been within my grasp. I was weeks away from graduating from college, and I had just received my invitation to the National Team. Sure, I was still nursing a broken heart and coming to terms with the betrayal delivered to me at the hands of people I once trusted and loved dearly. However, things were finally looking up.
Or so I thought. The news began to report disturbing stories about a new virus. This virus was turning people. The infected became violent and attacking anybody and everybody.
My plans for a relaxing weekend with my friends and family turned into a nightmare. We were told to evacuate to Sanctuary. On our journey to safety, I run into old friends and find myself becoming attracted to them and their friends. I realized that even in the most harrowing of times, I could find solace and affection.
This may be a whole new world and life wasn’t going to return to normal anytime soon, if ever, but at least I had five men at my side to face it with.

*** Sanctuary is a contemporary, post-apocalyptic reverse harem, why choose series. This book contains some triggering content that may be sensitive to some readers. ***

The beginning…
The beginning is always the best place to start when reflecting on what has been.
Thinking back on it, my life had been perfect.
Middle class girl in high school with a happy home life.
My life had been full of nothing but promise.
Life was good.
Everything was great.
And then my whole world went to shit. In one day.
The disease came first.
Then the dead.
It was a fight for my life every single day from the start. But I was different from all the rest.
I had heard my mother’s screams while watching my sister become one with the undead. All the while feeling like there was absolutely nothing I could do to help them.
It killed me.
What’s more, it changed me.
I did everything I possibly could to survive on my own.
And then I learned how to survive with others.
By being their Queen.
Their Zombie Queen.
And by being the most feared woman they ever came in contact with.

This is a WhyChoose novel full of zombies, a sword wielding badass chick, and an army of dudes.
Recommended age 17+ due to content and language.

Azzie Vokaty is living a perfectly normal life in a perfectly normal small town in the midwest, dealing with a rare blood disorder alongside rude classmates and distant foster parents.

Except there is no “normal” anymore, not since the JANUS-23 pandemic decimated the world’s population.

And it isn’t a town, it’s a military base.

And Azzie isn’t exactly thrilled with the golden cage she’s living in.

The same day that sketchy, middle-aged men in cheap suits show up at her door, new faces appear in her orbit: a set of gorgeous, identical triplets at school, and a nosy new tech at the hospital…

All incredibly handsome faces. All of them seeming to pop up wherever she is.

Seriously, do they think she’s stupid?

Crystal Hollow used to be a magical winter wonderland. Now it’s a wasteland of frozen death ruled by an evil Ice Princess.

As the last ice fae, Roshia’s the only one with the power to save her world. When her family is destroyed by the queen’s demonic army, she flees to the North Mountains, hoping to join the rebels rumored to live there.

But she discovers more than just the rebel camp.

She finds three men determined to help her learn to love again—and in them, the key both to her heart and to reversing the evil spell poisoning the Hollow.

If only they can convince her she can do it.

Marked by Darkness is a stand-alone paranormal REVERSE HAREM in the Dark Fae Hollow series. You do not need to read the series in order to enjoy each book.

Find out more of the Dark Fae Hollows Collection by visiting http://www.charmedlegacy.com

Life in the city of Lumen is filled with secrets, especially if you’re a scavenging tinkerer from the Mids.

Lumen was made to keep us safe from the world beyond our walls, but this oasis quickly turned into a totalitarian hellhole where the government monitors our every move. From cyberkinetic spies to QR coded tattoos and an overly involved city guard, Lumen’s technological advancements make it all too easy to keep the city’s ‘lowers’ where they belong.

With my best friend Wade, a tech guru, by my side, we do the best we can to survive, but when one of our under the table scavenging jobs goes wrong, we dig far deeper into one of Lumen’s secrets than we’d ever wanted to tread.

Starting a new life in the high-security Lumen Correctional Facility doesn’t mean we escape our city’s secrets, and life only gets more dangerous when the warden takes a particular interest in me. At his order, Wade and I are entered into a special work program, and we find ourselves waking up in a strange underwater prison that’s not supposed to exist.

As if that’s not enough, we’re tasked to protect four dangerous men who are unlike any I’ve ever met before.

The Suit, the Alpha, the Goth, and the Daddy. The more I’m around them, the more I’m drawn to them…and seeing Wade in a whole new light. I hope there’s time to figure this all out before the mysteries surrounding us before we dig our graves.

I thought Lumen had secrets, but it’s nothing compared to Eden.

The Forgotten Prison Series is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem series meaning the female main character in the story doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. This book contains violence, attempted assault, and other situations that others might find triggering.

One omega for five alpha’s to share.

I don’t know how long I’ve been in this darkness. I don’t know how long I’ve been seeing with eyes that can’t open, speaking from a throat incapable of making sounds. All I have are my thoughts and how weary I’ve grown with nothing else to listen to. Perhaps I am nothing more than a state of mind.

I want to die.

Understanding is slow to arrive but when it does, nothing will ever be the same again. Now, with a form that moves, I uncover the meaning of my existence and the purpose for my extended solitude.

I’m an omega.

A rare breeding mare for the likes of alphas. With the decrease in fertility rates in able omegas, less pups means a crippled society overrun with beta’s. Omega’s, now born sickly and broken, are found wanting in a population steeply dying out. I’m just the beginning of change and by no means the last. Created, not born, I’m slave to the will of my makers … and my mates.

Will I survive or be torn apart by five hungry alphas?

**This reverse harem, omegaverse novel is not for the faint of heart. Creature of the Dark contains graphic sexual content and dark situations that may not be suitable for everyone. Be advised, this is a #whychoose story as the main character ends up with more than one mate at the end of the series. This book ends in a cliffhanger.

Four men want her. They refuse to share. 

Punished for trying to save her sister’s life,
Hannah is sentenced to Narkos,
A planet of dangerous criminals.

She’s auctioned to four convicts
Who hate each other.
Who don’t want to share.

And they’re not the only ones who want her.
Her survival depends on uniting her men.

Will they use her body? Yes
Will they try to control her? Yes
Will they bend her to their will? Definitely

Until she learns how to bend them to hers…

One by one, they claim her.
One by one, she shatters their walls.

This is her unit.
Love will be enough to tame her convicts.

She’s betting her life on it…

Auctioned to the Convicts (book 1 of Prison World series) is a steamy reverse harem romance with an enemies to lovers trope set on a prison planet where women are scarce and love even scarcer. Hanna’s story continues in Protected by the Convicts.

Being a runaway princess isn’t always as fun as people think…

Stuck in the human realm when the world ended, Rhianna just keeps running…until the wolves at her heels catch up and she uncovers a plot to bring back civilisation in the worst possible way.

All she has to do, is stop it before any more innocents end up dead.

Fall Of Hope is the first book in the Return Of The Fae Series, and is Rhianna’s complete story. It is a paranormal apocalyptic book with a low heat reverse harem romance. It was previously titled Wolf Blessed. Only the title and cover have been updated.

A STANDALONE Reverse Harem Zombie Apocalypse love story!

You learn a lot about people when the $#!* hits the fan. You learn who to trust, who to rely on… who to watch out for. Me? I learned not to get too close to people, because one day I’ll probably have to put a bullet between their eyes.My friends and I got lucky… if you could call it that. We’ve been traveling North for exactly a year dodging baddies, looting the ruins of what used to be the United States and avoiding the snapping teeth and grabby hands of the undead. A year on the road has been hell, and after getting trapped in a burning warehouse full of walking corpses, getting rescued by a ragtag group of hotties just seemed too good to be true. I don’t trust these guys, no matter how much my heart and my… body would like me to. But we need the help getting North, and if I end up having to waste these savage, beautiful men, then so be it. At least I can have some fun along the way.

Disclaimer: This Reverse Harem book is hot, hot, hot! 18+ advised. Trigger warnings for violence, crude humor, sex and language that would make a sailor blush. Feral Skies has a dash of FF. Medium burn and full of wild antics and apocalypse fun!

I wake up surrounded by death and my memories are gone.

A man in a beige hazmat suit reaches his hand through the carnage. “Come with me if you want to live.” I know I’m supposed to know that from somewhere, but I don’t. I know the world outside me is not right. People either die or they are Rage Heads. Somehow, a virus got out that has turned people into red eyed freaks who eat flesh. They are fast, their flesh is rotting off their bodies and they have one goal—kill.

I don’t know my mystery man in the hazmat suit, but he says I can trust him. He was at that lab looking for something. He claims not to have found it. He only found me. I see the way he looks at me when I ask what he was doing in that lab. I might feel safe with him, but he’s lying to me. He knows everything about me, including the nickname people used to call me, but he tells me I ask too many questions. Maybe I’d be safer on my own.

The Pale Rider is Book 1 of End of Days, a Post Apocalyptic slow burn reverse harem romance. The harem will slowly grow as the books progress. The harem features the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

I was a normal girl, living in a paranormal world. Absolutely nothing extraordinary about me. I used to wish upon a star to be something special, something other, but I was always just regular ol’ Verity.

I was supposed to be on a bachelorette weekend for my best friend Cerise, looking for a fun time, a cold drink, and if I was lucky- a good screw to end my dry spell.

Now, no thanks to a fortune teller, a vengeful angel, and a little blood swapping I find myself with four fated mates- The Four Horsemen.

Oh, and it appears I have developed some demonic powers along the way making me the ‘Chosen One’ of prophecies.
Can my mates, my new friends, and I stop the apocalypse, or will the Angels finish me off ending the world as we know it?

This is not just a story of origins. This is the beginning of legends.
My name is Verity, I’m a demon, and this is my True Calling.

Strong Protectors. Fated Mates. And A Deadly Secret.

They call me an outcast, weak.

I’ve fought my whole life for survival, running from an attack on my family I ended up hiding with the Ash Wolves. This one move might be my biggest mistake of all. And I’m the queen of mistakes…

I let them believe I’m broken, let them believe the lies. I let them believe anything they want…as long as it isn’t the truth.

There’s a monster inside me, one made of teeth and claws and terrifying need. I swallow it down, hiding under the pretense of being normal. But I’m not normal. I’m anything but.

Bonding is the only thing that will save us—me and the Ash pack. Only I need someone strong enough to fight the darkness inside me…and savage enough to stay.

Will the ruthless wolf shifters help me…when they find out the truth of what I am?

This is book 1 in a shifter paranormal trilogy romance for those who love strong protectors, wolf shifters, and steamy scenes.

To me, the apocalypse has always been just a story.

One my ex-militia father repeated for me before he passed. Now alone, I can’t stand to live in this bubble of safety he made for me a moment longer. I wander east, to see the ocean he’s always told me of.

I wasn’t supposed to waltz into a war zone.

Most people know the western part of Kentucky is bad news lately. But when I stumble into troubled waters with a cougar at my side, I make an impression that has me stuck in the middle of this fight.

I’m nobody’s hero, but I can’t just leave these people to die.

Anyone with eyes can see this place is doomed. They have no leader and even with my pack of sexy-but-questionable companions following me around bent on anarchy, murder, whiskey, and everything in between, we have no chance in hell of getting this place back.

But if I don’t stand up for these people, who will?

Finders Keepers is a post apocalyptic, slow burn reverse harem with a sprinkling of the supernatural. Waverly’s adventures contain dark subjects and adult themes that might be triggering, along with both MM and FF content.

Hell has taken over. And Earth’s last sanctuary doesn’t stand a chance.

A young woman with horns was the last person Father Stavros expected to see approaching his gate, begging for sanctuary. As a man of God, he learned to never turn away someone in need, especially after Hell’s Rising. But the sinful cravings that follow him and his fellow priests are a whole new obstacle. The horned woman is a succubus–aligned with the very evil they are the last stronghold against.

Which begs the question, why would a succubus seek refuge in a church?

Spat up from Hell, Deyva’s arrival has made the three priests of Bethel question everything from their faith, their integrity, and the very enemy they face. She may not actually be a monster, but a person truly in need of protection, in need of love, and that rattles the Fathers to their very foundations.

When Hell’s Kingdom sends the least likely adversary to Bethel’s gate to retrieve the wayward succubus, the priests are faced with a choice. Throw Deyva back to the pit that spat her out, and take a final stance against Hell with everything they’ve got. Or protect her, give in to their feelings, and risk losing the last grip on their faith.

Say your prayers. You’ll need them.

From the minds of Crystal Ash and Kathryn Moon, Say Your Prayers is an unapologetically steamy and deliciously sinful reverse harem romance. This standalone novel includes M/M content, jaded priests who love as hard as they fight, a snarky angel with questionable morals, and one pretty adorable succubus.

The lights went out.

It wasn’t your run of the mill blackout. It was the final step in a series of carefully orchestrated occurrences that crashed communication satellites, GPS, internet connections and anything containing a computer chip. In just a few days all of the conveniences that modern society relied upon to get through life were gone and the world was thrust backward in time inciting a power struggle of epic proportions.

Lotus McClean found herself stranded in the mountains of Virginia when the world went black. When everyone around her panicked, Lotus knew what needed to be done. After all, she grew up completely off the grid, on the family farm where free-love was the norm and marajuana was the cash crop.

Standing strong on her own, loneliness and vulnerability keep her away from people and in the safety of the old Mountain Inn that she calls home. Three very different men from different walks of life seek refuge in the motel and in her bed.

Can they survive and thrive in a harsh new world?

Warning: This book is intended for mature readers over the age of 18. It includes intense sexual situations, including MMFM and MM relations, adult language and violence.

Humans weren’t meant to live underground, but then artificial intelligences weren’t meant to feed on souls. Shit happens.

They say being a Potential is an honour. I say it’s a death sentence waiting to happen. It means the possibility of being picked to be a Guardian. It means leaving the safety of the Hive, and only a fool would willingly do that.

Turns out I’m surrounded by fools

Turns out I’m supposed to be one of them.

Monsters roam topside. Metal beasts that power themselves on human souls, and I don’t intend to end up as battery juice.

Being a hero means nothing if you’re too dead to enjoy it.

Better to stay safe in the Hive and hangout with my wolf-shifter co-worker or spend time with my enigmatic nephilim mentor. Heck, I’d rather be doing anything else then going topside. But I’ve made a promise to my best friend, a promise to get her to the finish line in time to win a spot as Guardian.

How hard can it be, right?

We have a plan.

So why do I feel as if something is about to go seriously wrong?

It’s a game. Just a game.

Or is it?

A Post-Apocalyptic Urban fantasy world with a slow burn Whychoose Romance.

(Deadworld is set a century after the events of Chronicles of Midnight and Chronicles of Arcana, and there may or may not be some familiar characters parading around. However, you don’t have to have read the previous series to enjoy it.)

The world fell apart faster than anyone would have thought.
Not from nuclear war, or famine. No, the military was messing with things that should have never been tampered with. No one has the right to play god—or hire biochemists and virologists to create weapons.

But they did, and in doing so created a lethal virus that is wiping out the human race in some form or another.
They never intended for them to get out, for things to turn catastrophic in the matter of minutes, but it happened, and there’s no going back.

My name is Billie, and the military took something of mine. I will do anything—and WILL—to get it back. My immunity is the key to survival, and the Experiments extinction.

But who is the real danger? The Experiments? Or the other Survivors.

Bacilli is Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Romance, and the first in the series. This story contains adult themes and situations intended for a mature audience.
—Print is 407 pages–

When the apocalypse began, the world went to shit. My perfect life crumbled into a million pieces and I was literally left at the altar while my groom joined the Dead. That was the first time I saw HIM. He burst through the double doors, guns blazing, and shot my fiancé right between the eyes. I hated him right away.

Things haven’t got much better in the last few years. Seems like wherever I go, HE is there, like dog crap on the bottom of my shoe. Sure, he’s saved my ass a time or two, but that doesn’t mean I like it. Except, I kind of dolike it… and him. When we encounter a new group, ready to take charge, I have to lean on the last person in the world I want to.

He’s arrogant.

He’s a dick.

He’s egotistical.

He’s kind of sexy.

He’s Doomsday Dave.

And now I have to deal with him and his annoying squad.

How does an ordinary woman measure up when she’s named after a legendary hero?

Dr. Indiana Jones has spent her life working to make the world a better place, so when the Scarlet Infection seizes Denver in its bloody, fevered grip, she fights back with her microscope. The city falls apart under quarantine, and Indie is trapped in her lab. She finds the cure. Now she has to get it out.

Only four strong, intelligent, dangerous men have survived of the one hundred fifty the Army sent to keep order. They arrest Indie, but she enlists their company to help her escape the quarantine. Their task is impossible and failure after failure send them spiraling into despair. But among the ruins, reckless love grows. Not just once but five times over. Can they make their unique relationship work? And will they live long enough to try when death’s relentless dance goes on and on…

Warning: Graphic Content, Sexual Situations with MMMMF interaction, For Adults Only

In the darkness of Nerys Newblood’s mind, there is an ancient voice.

Obidian is a spirit guide, thousands of years old, and Nerys is his new host making her his Daimon. The only issue is that in Nerys’ Kingdom, Daimons are outlawed. To be found out as a Daimon, a human with untapped magical power, will surely sentence her to death.

Pursued by a vengeful king and thrust into a journey of escape, Nerys finds the lives of five incredible men in her hands.

A talented druid.
A curious changeling.
A thief.
An outcast.
A best friend.

All potentials drawn in by the untapped power within her.

But when betrayal shatters the budding relationship between them, the last vestiges of hope for freedom are destroyed. Between the wrath of the king and the ailment of her spirit guide, someone must pay an ultimate price.
***This book is a reverse harem title***

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