September Reverse Harem Release Calendar

Hey all! This year, let’s not wake Green Day up when September ends. (My age is showing.) Instead, let’s hibernate. I’m finished with 2020. TKO. Done. Out. Officially fresh out of fucks. All we care about now are books. Forget everything else. …If only.

Please keep in mind the following dates are tentative. Authors may change dates at any time, for any reason. I.e. You click on a link and the page cannot be found. The author has removed the novel. I will do my best to correct them as they change, but life/work interrupts. Blurbs are verbatim from Amazon. If I missed a new release, tell me! I will get it added asap. There may also be live releases with an unknown exact date. If I can guess a week, I’ll put them there with just a photo and blurb. (I’m lookin’ at you Belle Harper. 👀 Haha. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere


When life hands you lemons, why not swap them with limes and make margaritas with your four sexy Mediterranean soul mates?

I’m Mira Krom and I’m living my dream life as a chef in a luxury resort… not to mention my intense intimate connections with all four of the owners here: Gino, Theo, Elias and Helio.

…but I know something deeper is at play.

Why is it that we’ve all had these steamy dreams of past lives? Why are we back here again together now? I need to figure out the mystery of what’s going on, and to find out we might just have to take a trip to Greece!

On top of wrangling my four soul mates, I’m getting worried about my stalkerish ex, Cliff, and I know he’s dangerous. I want to solve the mystery of what has brought us together over multiple lives, but now that Cliff is after us, I’m scared he will ruin everything… I need to finally stop running and save the men I love from the man who’s obsessed with me.

A steamy contemporary reverse harem, a why-choose love story, and a time slip romance all rolled into one.

Some people can suck and go…

Not me. No, my stupid ass bit a human and got addicted.

My sloppiness nearly cost us both our lives, and now the Clotters have him. He’s probably singing like a canary and being suited up for some victim’s protection bullshit. Meanwhile, I’m out here going through the mother of all withdrawals, damned to crave him like my next breath.

Stuck between a mate that wants to kill him and a shadow walker who swears he can save the day, I’ll suffer anything for a drop of him, and I may just have to if I ever want to taste him again.

This is a Reverse Harem novella recommended for readers 18+

The Kingdom of Kimmery is broken…

Bryony, Princess of Kimmery, has a secret. She lacks the Hunger, the magical and passionate craving that is responsible for Kimmery’s prosperity. Without that power, she will lose the crown and the chance to rule the kingdom she sincerely loves.

The Queen’s Line must select Chosen to satiate their Hunger with and Bryony’s Choosing ceremony has arrived. On her first night with her newly assembled men—a prince, an ambassador, a stablehand, a sculptor, and a rogue—her own secret, and the secrets of Kimmery, spill out between them.

North of Kimmery’s capitol, the people are starving. When her truth is revealed to her iron-hearted grandmother, Bryony invents a plan to buy time. She and her Chosen will go to the desolate Winter palace where she can pretend to explore her Hunger while investigating the kingdom’s failings.

Bryony is determined to take Kimmery and its people back into a golden age, and keep her crown. As passions rise with her chosen so do the obstacles and adversaries they face. Kimmery’s prosperity isn’t the only thing Bryony misunderstood, and the Hunger is more than what it appears.

A gamble gone wrong.

Hoping to avoid another Darkblood death, we took the proactive route.

I had no idea it would get this dangerous for me instead.

Lata and Sol were only trying to help, but now the whole lion pride may be in trouble. I’ve grown too confident in my power, and my enemies just found a way to my weakness.

It seems that nowhere is safe – even my own castle is under siege by an underwater mystery we’ve ignored for too long.

I’m Carlyle Licorne, and fixing Haret is starting to get personal.

The Sugar Bitesseries features Carlyle and her six men, navigating the new Haret as only she can do – with snark, sugar, and shanking.

These fun novellas follow the main Haret Chronicles, but they can be read before those books, too.

Reverse Harem – one girl loving six guys

Fast Burn – our girl is already mated – why wait?

Steamy – suitable for eighteen and up, plus some MM in the harem

After barely escaping the dungeons, not totally unscathed, Mal is finally brought to Wabe. But it’s without her men. She has no idea what’s become of them, if they’re alive or even looking for her. After all, no one survives the Sheep.
Three touchy and one touching reunion, Mal and her men head off in search for Wally. There’s too much to do for them to remain in one spot. Especially when they need to look for a source of magic that Mal can wield.
With them is an aloof and often grouchy flower and the Knave of Hart who Mal’s men do not completely trust. Why should they? The knave has never been the good guy.
They’re traipsing all over Laddenworn to gather friends, the rest of Mal’s seven, and magic. What they find are a mad-as-the-Hatter Noli, gypsie-like Wildflowers, and an army full of recycled armor.
Mal learns that having a relationship is full of trials and learning to trust. Especially when you’re dealing with jealous, possessive animals and combating a lifetime of emotional abuse at the hands of Laddenwornian women.
**This is a full-length new adult, reverse harem, dark romance novel with a #whychoose ending, meaning the main character gets a happily ever after with more than one man (eventually). It contains magic, demons, shifters, nonsense, explicit sex scenes, blood, violence, murder. There are references to past emotional abuse. This is a MMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman (although there is some MM and MMF in here, too). This is book 2 of 4 in the series.

What happens when the truth is more terrifying than the lie?

My name is Maggie O’Brien, and I’m a liar.

I wouldn’t know the truth if it bit me on the behind. Everyone knows it, and so should you. I did it to make my mundane existence in a boring little town more interesting, and I kept right on doing it because I once I started I just couldn’t stop.

Then it happened. I saw something truly, devastatingly, terrible, and not one single person believed me. By the time the police came, the body was gone. Like it had never been there in the first place. Can you guess what happened next?

Fast forward ten years and I’m back, but it’s temporary. No matter how permanent three handsome strangers are trying to make it. My husband would be so furious, if he was real. Yeah. Turns out you can take the girl out of the town, but put her straight back there and she starts lying her fiery pants off all over again.

I think I’m only just playing a waiting game. That it’s going to be so easy to get through a year in this place. Wrong. So wrong. I should have run when it started happening again. Now I’m trapped, and those sexy strangers I mentioned? Suspiciously new, and seriously obsessed with me.

So now the past has been dug up, and there’s nothing I can do to stop something terrible from happening all over again. That’s the trouble with regrets. You only have them once it’s too late.

Cry Wolf is a high heat shifter romance. One click today for a suspenseful and steamy read.


Adelita Corazón knows her secret ability can’t remain hidden forever, but when a rebel faction hunts her down, everything she thought she could handle goes up in flames.

When three men from a warrior tribe collide with her attackers, it’s all Adelita can do to hold on to her secret, and what’s left of her heart. There are many things the warriors are known for, but kindness isn’t one of them. Yet the longer they travel together, the more Adelita realizes there’s more to them than muscle and magic… and more to her than her secret.

When her abilities come to light, Adelita isn’t sure if the guys can offer a safe place to hide, or if the trouble they bring might be worse than a life without their protection. Though she knows she has to leave them, her heart tells her to stay…

…Even if it means certain death.

One last chance to end the suffering, Sophia and her mates risk it all!

After learning of the existence of her half-sister, Sophia had to rethink her whole life, who she is and wants to be. Leading to her finally taking the antidote against the anti-shifting elixir and connecting with the dragon inside her.

Now Sophia and her hoard are ready for the final step, find the research centre hidden in the mountains, free the missing earth dragons and take out anyone who stands in their way. The plan is as effective as it’s simple.

But when they arrive at the research centre, things don’t exactly go as planned. The handful of guards outside the place are easy enough to take down, but when they’re about to enter the building, they realise they’ve walked right into a trap. A trap meant to catch them and take them out so that the renegade fae can take over the area.
Can they survive, or will this be the end of their journey?

This is the sixth and final novella in the Guarding Their Dragon Mate serial, a six episodes long reverse harem #WhyChoose story. This novella may include any of these elements: steamy scenes, ‘I need tissues NOW’ moments, cries of ‘why, oh, why’ and cliffhangers that make you bite your nails (and curse the author).
This story takes place in the same world as the Lughnasadh Elite Academy and happens after the events from the other series. Both series can be read stand-alone, they are about different characters, but they are connected.


A Phoenix, a sarcastic horse, and a farmer walk into a barn…

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but my life is far from humorous.

Centuries have passed since my creation and I have lived hundreds of lives. Each one a constant reminder of the sadistic monster who hunts me and fuels my nightmares.

It seems that when the gods are involved my life will never be easy, especially when I’m entangled with secrets that span across centuries and realms.

After yet another painful death, I regenerate again. But this time I find allies in the sarcastic stallion Shadowbolt and handsome farmer Killian.

When my past catches up with me and I am once again confronted by the monster who wants me dead, will I be able to protect those I have grown to love? Or will he destroy us all?

Truths will be revealed and love may be found…but can it thrive when the monster has me in his sights?


Echoes of the Past is Book One in The Phoenix Reborn Trilogy.

It is a slow burn Reverse Harem Fantasy novel, suitable for readers over 18 due to graphic scenes and sexual situations, including m/m.

**Authors Note**

Revised version that has been re-edited and includes new scenes.

This book was previously published under the pen name Regina J. Robinson, and the series name The Alina Chronicles. 

I don’t look for trouble. It finds me: murderous teachers, sexy supernaturals, devious plots.

My name is Dawn Rose. I was the food-scavenger for my group of outcasts in the Fringe—what used to be LA County before the Abnorms and supernaturals turned it into a hellscape. But I never expected to witness a brutal murder-by-magic.

Now I’ve been whisked off to Briarwitch Academy, the place where magic goes to grow. The faculty think I have an ancient untapped power. Yeah, right. Like I’m going to fit in with drunken gnomes and goth pixies. And then there are the smoldering shifter dudes. One of them basically stalks me. The other hates me. I want them both.

I’m just trying to survive the bullies and my classes and the magical weirdos who don’t think I belong here. But when evil threatens the academy, I have to stop it from reaching back home. And that whole murder thing? I know who did it. And he knows I know. And life’s about to get way more complicated…

This is a slow-burn reverse harem paranormal romance with more heat than a fresh ghost pepper and more mystery than that missing Tupperware lid in your kitchen.

If you like badass female leads, snarky sidekicks, conflicted alpha males, and straight-up evil baddies, one-click now!


“Saviour. Traitor. Beloved.
These are just some of the names they call me.
All I want is a home, a place of safety, and answers about my past, but there’s danger around every corner.
I have many names, but I have no idea who I am anymore.”

Clarissa and Vaeril finally escaped Arhaven, but Clarissa is not who she thought she was. Part-elf, she should be at home amongst the elves, but there are people who would rather see her dead than complete her mating bond with Vaeril.
When Tor, from the Mountain Tribes, arrives with answers about her past, will she stay with the elves and the relative safety of their city, or will she leave everything behind in a quest to find out who she is?
Only one thing is certain, if she’s not careful the Fires of Ruin will destroy everything she knows.

This book three in the War and Deceit series and is intended for readers 18+ and is a RH story. There are some scenes that younger readers may find upsetting.

“Never tiptoe through life, Luna. Let them hear every motherfucking step you take, Meu Tesouro.” That’s what my father once told me.

Featherstone thought they broke me in The Pyramid but it’ll take more than their half-assed attempts on my life to truly tear me down.

I’ll learn who I can trust, as I uncover the secrets and lies that surround me.

So here I stand. With the loyalty and strength from the Aceholes, I’ll forge my own path. They’ll continue to claim me, crumbling my walls as they go, a clear fuck you to the consequences.

Remembering there are good people in this messed up world is easy when Red is around. There are innocent people worth fighting for.

I’ll let them think they’re winning as I play my role, always staying one step ahead at their own damn game.

I made a promise to my father, my footsteps won’t be loud…they’ll be deafening.

Your Bloodline is the second book in the Featherstone Academy Series
This book contains dark content that may be considered a trigger for some readers. With that in mind it is recommended for readers 17+
This is a full-length reverse harem college romance novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. It also contains steamy scenes including M/M.

I have always been the hunter… until I’m suddenly the prey.

Someone or something knows that I’m looking into my brother’s death, and now I’ve become the next target on their list. Death and danger have never frightened me before, but then again, I never imagined there was anything in existence that my powers wouldn’t work on.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Dwade, Bron, and Lucian want me to stop this search. They want me to be safe more than they want the truth. But they should know me better than that, dark fae aren’t exactly known for turning the other cheek.

Vengeance is what I want, and vengeance is what I’ll get. I only hope my light fae are smart enough to let me risk my life alone.

I’m willing to die for the truth. As long as the men I love can stay safe.

Only, what if uncovering this secret condemns us all?

RUIN is the second full book in a steamy reverse harem romance series. These books have a spooky edge, hot scenes, and a mystery to unravel. So if you love paranormal romances with tough heroines and protective men, you may want to preorder your copy now!


Do four paranormal heartthrobs favored by the gods really need to follow me around?

I know, I know, I’m the freak – the daughter of Hades. And he is hated and dangerous; locked up in his own realm for his crimes.
Yet, here I am, just finding out all my weirdness, my illnesses, my whole life, have been because I’m the daughter of one of the most powerful gods out there. And I’ve been flown away to attend Guardian Academy. 
This is where the best of the best in the supernatural world go to train to protect the humans whom the gods like Zeus no longer have time or care for. 
But being chosen doesn’t stop me from being vilified.
That’s okay, I’m used to being the outcast. I’ve still found my place, and I won’t let my gas-lighting mother, demi-goddess cliques, or four dark, sexy, brooding guardians stop me from graduating at the top.

GUARDIAN ACADEMY is an upper YA/NA reverse harem romance. This series will take you on a brand-new roller coaster ride of magic and emotions for fans of Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, Veronica Shade, Stephanie Meyer, and Jaymin Eve. 

The Trial is over, and Adie and the guys won, but at what cost? Victor Hesse is still out there, and now the high-council’s guard dogs are sniffing around in the name of protecting them from the demon’s revenge. Will Adie’s friends and loved ones be safe under the council’s watch, or will everything she’s worked so hard to achieve come undone?

Part 2 of Succubus Undone.

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

I promised I’d never again wait to be saved. I’d become a hero. But first, I needed to survive.

Being a hero’s girlfriend isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be; especially when most of my free time is spent being kidnapped.

My life had been broken down into a redundant and boring routine of abductions, rescues, and overinflated egos before I took an involuntary swim in a giant health code violation.

Life was black and white to me then, but now? It’s a grey area.

Between monster invasions, conspiracies, and juggling my own core values, I’ll need all the support I can get. But who can I trust?

Something is amiss in the Association – a threat to the virtues and morals all heroes are sworn to uphold. I’m determined to expose it… Or them.

With three dashing heroes and a handsome villain by my side, there’s no way I can fail. The people, the heroes, and the world all depend on our success. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. But then, they don’t call me Lucky for nothing.

Caution: This book is filled with heroes, villains, and a boatload of OSHA violations, resulting in a fun-filled and fast-paced adventure of new beginnings and electric endings.

This is the first book in the Her Super Harem Series. Each book will focus on a different main character, but each of the main characters will make appearances in the other books as well.

Moving to England was supposed to be a new start.
But I was wrong.
Within a week of my mother’s death, I am put on a plane and shipped off to England to live with my loveless, cruel billionaire father – Victor Vaughn
He sends me to Darlington Academy, a castle turned college for the elite, the rich and the ruthless.
Within one week, my life has changed from being an ordinary, middle class teenager to living in a medieval castle, surrounded by the tortured souls of the rich kids. This is no ordinary college. This college is to prepare the heirs to their thrones, the new world leaders for the future and when I stepped one foot through the door I was shunned.
The South African girl, whose Father ordered her to attend by a false last name, in order not to embarrass him or destroy his reputation.
Father says I need fixing, and in order to fix me they need to break me.
Hugo Vandenberg, Blake Crawford, Charles Kensington, and Royce Huntington are the four who torment me. The four boys who make me fall to my knees when no-one else could.
They are the demons who want to break me.
And this girl, Adelaide Vaughn will not back down.

***This book is a reverse harem, which means the FMC will end up with three or more partners.
This book also has trigger warnings for emotional/physical bullying, eating disorders, suicide attempts/references, abuse, mature content/ swearing and drug abuse.
So please do not read this book if you are easily offended.
This book is intended for 18+

This is book one in the Darlington Academy series so it will end in a cliff hanger ***


For fans of Hungry for Her Wolves, comes the long awaited sequel to the best-selling shifter series. 

Is fate’s bond strong enough to save their love?

For five long years, Tatiana Thunderfoot has longed for her fated mates, wishing she could complete the bond but feeling unworthy of their love; her cruel words had unintentionally sent their mother into a hunter’s crosshairs.

Pressured by her family, she agrees to complete the bond with the four Romanian wolf-shifter brothers, but after making them wait so long, she fears that bond may no longer exist, and she’s unsure how to win their love again.

Constantine, Dimitri, Andrei and Dejan Lupescu have longed for Tatiana to return to them. No matter how many times they assured her their wicked mother’s death wasn’t her fault, she still hesitated. At their wits’ end, they can’t help the resentment that festers like a demon’s burn. When three powerful, angry demons try to take over their Romanian town, they realize they have much bigger problems, especially when the creatures set their sights on Tatiana. They need to save their fated mate before they lose her forever.

Also included is special bonus novelette, A Shifter Christmas, featuring Amara and Annie and their growing families. 


The Seaside Wolf Pack is facing their biggest threat yet, and it’s not just their lives on the line this time. The whole world is changed and there’s no going back. Anna and her guys need to show everyone that all hope for a bright future isn’t lost. It’s up to Anna to lead everyone in the battle for the world itself.

The queendom is in great peril. Can a spoiled princess and three commoners save it?

Zirconia is all set for her grand coronation when tragedy strikes. Something horrid has befallen the people of Silvania, and Zirconia, despite her sheltered upbringing, finds herself teaming up with the most unlikely of commoners to save her queendom:

– Her sexy best friend, a bunny shifter

– A hulky bear shifter mercenary

– A royal prince on a mission

– An eccentric, devilish vampire who has a flair for the dramatic

Romance blooms, allies are made, and Zirconia finds she’s gotten more than she bargained for with her hot as hell companions.

Can her unlikely companions help her save her people, or will this quest prove futile?

Love Blooms is part of Spell Library but can be read as a standalone. Like the cover, this book is a crazy fun read, written especially for readers who love our sense of humor.


The Bliss Drip

I never expected my ex to walk back into my life. Especially as a vampire. Macory “Mac” Jacobs walks back into our southern small town and my life will never be the same. He pulls me into his world of supernatural creatures that I thought were only fiction. He asks me to help him run a blood donation program to serve the local vampire protection and protect the neighbors we grew up around. But he has no idea how much risk this request will put me in and I need him close to keep me safe. WIll my heart want him even closer?

Or will the confident and oh-so-tempting boss of his, an archdemon named Felix, sweep me off of my feet? He is just as drawn to me as I am to him. Clues will begin to emerge that there are reasons from our past for such an attraction. I had always known there was something different about me and these revelations will surprise everyone I love.

The Thrice Marked

I have to get to Felix. He had left, and for weeks I thought it was his choice. But when the Unseelie King comes to tell me in person that he believes Felix is being held against his wishes, I know that I will do whatever it takes to save him.

Things at home aren’t going to make it easy. With Felix gone, another archdemon named Meredith has arrived to take control of his dominion. She wants the power that Felix had. And she wants Mac for herself.

I will have to make my mark on the mysterious world of Fairy before I can try to bring Felix back and save Mac and Jason from Meredith’s grasp. Can I pull it off before Meredith and her demon overlord boss figure it out?

The Glittering Halo

The world will just be a better place if we can get rid of one certain archdemoness. Our plans to move against her are going to take a drastic detour as an obvious vampire attack attracts the attention of the human police and the vampire Imperium. This means that Felix will need to lay low so the Imperium won’t know he is free yet.

I will race to find answers, along with Mac and Jason. Whatever bad little vampire is causing trouble in our district will need to be dealt with so we can focus on dealing with Devina.

But along the way, I’ll get to steal some time away with a couple Kings of Fairy as well as some quality time with the men I love.

Our lives are on the line, and I will have to march through Hell to find the Heaven I want to keep on Earth.

The Rozalyn Hunt Series is a paranormal romance reverse harem romance. This means the main character will be romantically linked with multiple partners simultaneously. It also can be considered a polyamorous romance.

My whole life I have been alone. On the run from those who hunt me everytime the moon is full I thought I knew pain. Nothing could prepare me for the agony of being rejected by my mate. The one person who was made for me is here to kill me. Little did I know that would only be the beginning of my heartbreak. Is it possible for someone like me to have my happy ever after? Find out in my story Twisted A Rejected Mates Reverse Harem Story.

Parts of this story were previously published in the book Of Blood And Twisted Roots. With over 30,000 words never seen before and freshly edited.


Small town. Broken homes. Big dreams.

Finally. Finally, life seems like it’s on the track I want it to be on. I had good friends that really care about me as a person, not me the pastor’s daughter. Good memories of senior year, maybe even good enough to overcloud Mother Dearest. There are even some new experiences that I blush just thinking about.

But the guys? They want to get out too. My new goal in life is helping them achieve their dreams.

They need a photographer? Perfect.

Study buddy? No problem.

Motivational speaker? I’ll do my best, but words aren’t really my strong suit.

I got my dream, now it’s time for them to get theirs. But like always in the small town of Silver Ranch, nothing is ever easy. Betrayal, drama, and freaking elephant sized obstacles are thrown in our path and… I don’t know if we’re going to all make it out.

The world always seems to break us apart at the worst times, in the worst ways. I was learning very quickly that…

fears will bust dreams to pieces every time.


King Academy has fallen with its elite and I’m going to save them.

All towns have sins, most hide them well, but King Town?
The sins rule here.
And they each have a name.
Archer Knight, Romeo Navarre, and Declan Dauphin rule this little town. And I am theirs.
Together, we have come up with a plan to make sure our throne never ends.

My father has no idea what is coming next.

Some say our story started with a fairytale but it will end in blood and crowns.

Recommend for 18+ readers due to content. This is a full-length book and the first of five books in this series and a reverse harem romance which means the main characters has more than one love interest.

Release dates for the series-

Take My Crown #1- July 10th
Take My Place #2- August 10th
Take My Throne #3- September 10th
Be My Traitor #4- Coming soon.

Everyone’s wondering, how did Sarah get involved with those werewolves?

“I was desperate for a hookup, and HungryLikeTheWolf seemed like a perfect online dating match. Little did I know, he WAS perfect.

Too perfect.

It turns out, he’s my mate.

And he’s a werewolf.

I’m doing everything in my power not to give in to him, because I hate that I can’t control myself whenever he’s around. But I suddenly have a strange connection to the other members of the pack, and it turns out my wolf has a problem that I could help solve.

How long can I possibly last?”


And Olivia? She’s got herself into a predicament of her own.

“David and I are headed through the demon door to forge an alliance that will make our new band of vampires more powerful than the old, elitist guilds of the past.

But funny thing about demon doors. Unlike me, this door only goes one way. And now we need to figure out how to get home before sunrise, or fry trying.

And the demon queen… she’s taken a shine to me. She won’t take no for an answer.

What could I possibly give her in exchange for the magic to get us home?”


The thrilling sequel to Amazon Bestseller “Blood, Lust, and Liberty”, Daylight, Desire, and Demons is a steamy fated mates shifter romance in one timeline and a sizzling vampire demon menage on the other. Why choose, when you can have a little of everything?

For the last six months paranormals have been vanishing from my hometown of Mystic Mountain- I know because I was one of them.

I woke up naked on the steps of Silvermoon Academy- the university where the town’s paranormal outcasts go to find shelter from unknowing humans.

With no memory of who I was or where I lived, the school had no choice but to enroll me. 

I tried to settle in to my new normal, but when I fall in the sights of three vampire brothers my world is turned upside down.

When students start to vanish there’s no denying it. 

There’s something dark lurking in the heart of this town, and I think it followed me into freshman year. 

Everyone thought the return of the Fae would fix everything. . .

They were wrong.

Beautiful, perfect creatures, they came back promising an end to all wars, an end to all crises and corruption. They’ve shown themselves for what they really are.


They have turned humans into all but slaves. Except Eden. . .

Eden is in the shadows determined to assasinate the Fae responsible for her mother’s death. But first, she has to gain access to the Royal Court.

There’s only one way to do that.

The Shadow Fae.

Eden might be willing to pay the price but she’s not prepared for who she will become when she enters the darkest fold of the Court.


The lies will come crumbling down… and the bodies will start piling up.

Once upon a time, I saved Marcus Constantine’s life.

Then he, Theo, and Ryland saved mine.

But that’s not enough anymore. It’s not enough to just survive. I want a future with these men. I want peace and happiness.

And the only way to find it is through war.

We’re done playing defense. This time, the game won’t stop until the blood of our enemies runs as red as the roses on my tattoo. Because it’s a different game now, and we make the rules.

More and more, I think Marcus was right. Our souls really are bound by blood.

These men are a part of me.

And God fucking help anyone who threatens them.

This is the final book in the Ruthless Games series, a new adult reverse harem romance. It contains steamy bedroom scenes, violence, and dark subject matter. Please venture between these pages at your own discretion.

Untrained. Uneducated. Unaware.

From being abused and tormented in the cult that raised her to discovering she’s got more power than she ever thought. Hollyn’s life has done a full one-eighty. Now she’s got three fated dragon mates, she’s taken up the mantle of Champion for the gods, and she’s about to get a crash course in using magic.

But when some of the old cult comes knocking, Hollyn and her mates must forge deeper bonds to save each other. Because even with the backing of the gods, Hollyn and the Ladon triplets are forced into a war deeper than anyone could have imagined. They either fight as a unit or die alone.

Will Hollyn be able to learn enough magic to save herself and her mates? Or will their bonds be shredded by an enemy they never could have prepared for?

Don’t miss Bonded, the second book in the Circle of the Stars series by Sadie Jacks. If you like feisty women, sexy triplet dragon shifters, quirky humor, and all the feels, then this Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem novel will have you turning the pages so fast you’ll get a papercut…or eyestrain. Get your copy today!

War is here and Luna’s life just got a whole lot harder.

The days are counting down as war approaches, the air tense with the readying battle. Luna Grayson finds herself with more allies than she could have ever imagined, a few tricks up her sleeve, and four angels set on keeping their flawed angel safe. That’s always easier said than done.

With Lucifer doubling his efforts to win and God unable to interfere more than he already has, it’s up to Luna and her newfound family to take down the Prince of Hell once and for all. Luna won’t stop until he’s gone for good and she will do anything it takes to keep her family safe.

When surprises are revealed and unexpected turns leave Luna reeling, can she pull herself together long enough to train and prepare for the war ahead? Or will Lucifer finally destroy the home Luna has created for herself? Only time will tell, but Luna won’t go down without a fight. Not when so many depend on her.

The fate of humanity now rests on the shoulders of this Fallen Angel.

*This is a Reverse Harem novel and does contain scenes intended for mature audiences.
*Recommended for readers of the ages 18+ due to adult content, strong language and violence.

Not all princesses live in castles. Not all princes are charming.

I’m a princess—princess of our crime-ridden trailer park—a title assigned by my drug dealing father, and a title that puts a target on my back.

My dad used to be a good guy until Slaughter bewitched him.

Slaughter is the magic-wielding sorcerer that runs our neighborhood and corrupts everything he touches.

He wants to touch me.

If I don’t find a “prince charming” rich enough and tough enough to save me, I’m doomed to end up like my mother.

I’ll die before submitting to Slaughter and his collection of sadistic snakes.

My grandmother left me a family heirloom, but she warned me not to rub the lamp unless I was ready to unleash a new kind of hell on earth.

I’m ready.

Lamp of Light is a standalone reverse harem romance and part of the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night Series, a collection of multi-author fairy tale romance retellings. This story has drug use, bullying, steamy content, and is loosely based on Aladdin. It includes characters from the Crown of Shadows and Stars Duet. It is not necessary to read the duet prior to Lamp of Light.

I am an undercover cop disguised as a man.

He is the heir to a mafia empire.

Victor Sokolov, the heir to the most powerful mafia family in the city, is stepping into power. 

Cruel. Merciless. A demon wearing the face of an angel.
He is on a purge to rid the gang of every deceitful follower, paving the way to his succession with a trail of corpses.  It won’t be long before the city turns into a battlefield.

He is recruiting new blood into his ranks and I am the rookie agent being sent to breach them. After all, no one has studied him and the movements of the Sokolov Clan as obsessively as me. 

My department doesn’t just give me a fake ID. 

I am also disguised as a man. 

Soon, I’m plunged into a world unlike anything I could have ever imagined. Every moment spent with Victor makes me question everything I know about myself. 

I’m torn between fear and desire, right and wrong, pain and pleasure as I struggle to win his trust. My body and mind are betraying everything I’ve been taught to abhor. 

Can I still remain one of the good guys or will the devil devour my soul completely?

The Heir is a RH dark mafia romance between mobsters and a disguised female agent. If you enjoy romantic suspense with organized crime, then this is for you. This book contains dark themes and steamy m/m and m/m/f scenes. 



No good deed goes unpunished.

Stealing a cure to save my brother turns into a nightmare when I unintentionally unleash monsters.

Now, every man, woman, and child must lock their doors and turn out the lights, cowering from dusk ‘til dawn.

And it’s all my fault.

I just wanted to save my brother.

But now, I don’t know if I can even save myself.

Author’s note: This is a medium burn reverse harem romance intended for adult audiences. This is the second book in a duet, and the books need to be read in order.

What’s a girl to do. Jules is down on her luck, desperate for work when she stumbles onto the little town of Sanctuary. They offer her work, a place to stay, a steady source of income and them: a legion of hot men all looking for their mate. She’s given the green light, no, outright encouraged to select as many as tickle her fancy to create a harem from.
If you like super, super steamy reverse harem romance, sinfully hot werewolves who are ready to please, you’ll like the Pack Heat series. 18+ only because these pages are scorching with frightening regularity!

My name is Vera, and my only sin is that I’m the daughter of a Russian mob boss. When a rival family slaughters my own, I am taken prisoner and offered as a gift to three dangerous, vile men.

Aryan, Dev, and Navin. Dark, mysterious, exotic. They lock me in their luxurious palace, and they make me sleep in a cage. At night, they visit me one by one, and with each touch and each heated kiss, a piece of my innocence slips away. I can tell they’re hiding something. They’re more than they seem, and when I find out about their true beastly nature, I am bound to them forever.

But the man who killed my family is back. He wishes to destroy me this time, and I don’t know if I have it in me to defend myself and my new life.

Authors’ Note: This is a full, standalone dark romance story with no cliffhangers, and a happily-ever-after. Please be advised that it may contain situations that are triggering to some, profanity, and a lot of steam.

Trouble never tasted so sweet…

Lucy Titchen’s mission in life is simple: to make the world a happier place, one sweet cupcake at time.

She’s the owner of Sweet Temptations, a cupcake store in a small Australian seaside town.

Lucy is also a witch – though in her view butter, sugar and flour mixed to perfection are their own kind of magic, and spells and food shouldn’t be combined.

But when Lucy’s real-estate agent mother targets Sweet Temptations as the perfect site for a lucrative coastal development, the peaceful life Lucy has worked so hard to build is thrown into jeopardy.

Lucy really can’t afford the distraction of her sexy, brooding next door neighbour, ex-boxer Zane Neilson, or his best friend and new arrival in town, the endlessly flirtatious Adam Hellier.

Or the attention she’s getting from Marcel, a handsome French warlock/chef, who seems determined to convince Lucy of the value of adding a little enchantment to her food preparation.

But as her mother’s attempts to disrupt her life escalate, Lucy discovers that this is one problem she won’t be able to solve on her own…

A Taste for Trouble is the first book in Zandria West’s new reverse harem paranormal romance series, Sweet Temptations.

If you like your cupcakes sweet and your men smoldering, you’ll love A Taste for Trouble!



Rejected. Cast out. On the run.

Amarli Wolfe hides in the human world. Barely surviving, after shutting down her wolf and cutting all ties with the supernatural world.

One touch changes everything. Not just for her.

Dorian, the Alpha of the Daniels Pack will kill to protect his son. Grady and Kerston, his loyal and dangerous betas. The pack made it painfully obvious that Amarli is not welcome.

One drop of blood heralds change. Many will answer. More are coming. Fated or not, they will gather.

Her Shield is her first. To protect her and her body.

Amarli will become what was written in the stars. Will her fated mates?

Tears will fall, lives will be at risk and hearts will be broken.

The Rejection of Amarli Wolfe is book one in the Centrum Trilogy. This is a paranormal, reverse harem, adult read, unsurprisingly, book 1, ends in a cliffhanger.

I’m labeled an outcast because I did’t want a harem.

I came to the Academy of Mages and Shifters to excel in two things: magic and fighting.

Other Druidesses at the Academy come from “special” lineage. But, I’m just a plain Jane who knows how to use a sword real well.

Because of my experience and skill, I’ve been chosen to protect the human realm from the ruthless demons in Edinburgh.

One caveat: I need to bring a group of men to help me.

Finding a harem has never been my priority until now…

Joseph: a bear shifter and reliable protector. Mostly keeps to himself.
John: a bat shifter and an amazing demon scout. Tall with cute dimples.
Ethan: Tall. Broad shoulders. Strong. Deer shifter who is able to carry me around quickly.
Nathan: Unlike the others, he’s not a shifter at all. However, he’s Irish and is one of Merlin’s descendants.

Even though there are vast differences between us all, we do have at least one thing in common – we’re outcasts in the eyes of our peers.

I can’t help but wonder whether romance is even possible with my men.

Hell hath no fury like a coven scorned.

The Order is trying to change things, but I’m afraid it’s futile. Every time I think I’m making headway, things get worse. Just when I thought  Eric, Josh, and Gary could get along, James shows up. He’s rude and arrogant, and coven approved, which makes me hate him even more. So why can’t I stop having visions of us together, carnally, during an Asmodai Rite? My horrific love life aside, the rest of my life is even more complicated.

One of my friends has magick she can’t control and I have a new, dead friend who doesn’t respect boundaries. Even worse, our former housekeeper has been cursed along with my coven. Haileyville, New York is gearing up for an all out witch-war. But wait, there’s more! My friend Renn’s ex-boyfriend seems to be the center of it all, and now, instead of fighting curses, I may have to cast one. The Academy is in chaos and my best friend, Lisa, has disappeared.

Maybe if I’d known how terrifying living in a town full of witches actually was, I would have packed up and high-tailed it back to California the second I turned eighteen. It’s too late now. I’m in the thick of it – potentially a dead-woman walking. I’ve chosen my side. Now I have to sit back and see which sides my friends and lovers choose. FML.

***This is the concluding book to this slow burn RH, Dark UF.***

Want MORE Thirteen Covens Academy?

Coven Born (#1)
Coven Society (#2)
Coven Cursed (#3)

This is a spin-off series of Fourteen Tales of Thirteen Covens (you do not have to have read other Thirteen Covens stories to enjoy the TC Academy series:

Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Part One (The first 7 books, includes A Rising Damp, Temple Apophis, Lucifer’s Haven, Shadow Marbas, The Watch, Ba’al Collective, and Order of Eurynome)

Thirteen Covens: Darkness (And OTS-Covens crossover novel)

Thirteen Covens: Bloodlines Part Two (The next 7 books, includes Blackrose Coven, Temple Dagon, Cult of Lucifuge, Circle of the Black Moon (forthcoming), Ashtaroth Briarwood (forthcoming), Temple of the Magi (forthcoming) and Tiamat Leviathan (forthcoming).)


Kidnapped from Earth by alien slavers, Lacey has had to fight her way to freedom in an inter-galactic gladiator match against the Hive, a fearsome race of psychopaths bent on destroying everything in their path. After defeating the Hive in battle, all she wants to do is return to Earth and her young daughter, but the Universe has other plans. With the help of her bondmates, fearsome Kadothian warriors Gwarnon and Chel, she will have to find her missing daughter and survive the assassination attempts of a hidden enemy determined to destroy everything she holds dear.

More to come…


I finally got my act together. At least, I’d thought I had.

After letting a jealous witch get into my head and running away from my loves, I had a lot to make up for. Not only with my three guys, but exams too. Time flows differently, and my couple weeks back in the human world made me miss over a month of classes. I had to play catch up again, but luckily, I had plenty of help. Between my guys and our friends, I was golden.

I still had plenty of questions, though.

My aunts and uncle had lied to me about my human best friend and I never got any answers about why. There was still all that behind the scenes jockeying for power by our families, too, trying to cash in on our abilities. Being the most powerful force in the realm had its drawbacks, that was for sure. I wanted to know why and did it have anything to do with how my parents died? Or even why they’d fled the realm, all those years ago? As if that wasn’t enough, my familiar began acting a bit weird.

Just what was going on? Enough, already!

One minute, I’m just an innocent, brave, beautiful young woman chasing down an evil vampire. The next, three sexy Fae jerks abduct me from my life of slaying vamps and saving puppies.

Okay, okay. I’m not particularly innocent. The beautiful part is really dependent on the lighting. And some people say ‘brave’, some people say ‘stupid’. Whatcha gonna do? Everybody’s got haters, even the toughest Hunter in Washington, D.C.

I’ve got amnesia, and my memories all begin five years ago. So I don’t remember these cocky Fae princes, with the smoldering eyes and painfully good looks.

But they definitely remember me. They say I’m the true heir to the throne. But these sexy jerks are hiding some kind of secret from me. There’s trouble back in Faerieland (They hate it when I say that).

Someone stole my tiara right off my head, erased my memories and shoved me through the portal to your world. And it’s time for me to find out why, with these powerful Fae males by my side—no matter how unhappy we are to be stuck together.

Sadie, Rogan and Fridge are working together and hot on the trail of the Vampire who killed Sadie’s father. Finally, clues seem to be adding up and they are making headway… but things aren’t easy.

Fridge, Sadie’s dragon-shifter mate has deep-seated commitment issues, while Rogan, Sadie’s wolf-shifter mate is committed to becoming the best family unit around. If that wasn’t enough, new clients are crawling out of the woodwork taking Sadie’s business from busy to downright hectic. Sadie is barely keeping things together with spit and a prayer.

When an ancient vampire assassin Sadie knows is her father’s killer ignites a mating-bond, she’s in real trouble. Not only that, but he wants to join their triad!

Can three strong paranormal men share one badass woman… Or will the Blood World politics destroy them all?

Dragon Mated is the second story in the Blood World trilogy. Featuring Vampires, Shifters and a covert Witch. This story is packed with action, adventure and a steamy why-choose Reverse Harem romance between two bounty hunters, an ancient Vampire and a woman with the rarest blood in town.

Cherry Duvall’s had a rough week.

After escaping an abusive, controlling ex with her jugular barely intact, Cherry finds out Eric’s skipped bail—and he’s out for her blood. Cherry jumps on her motorcycle, and it’s through the woods to grandmother’s house she goes in an attempt to get out of town while the getting’s good.

Too bad Eric beat her there. Cherry’s too late to save her granny, and things get hairy when Eric threatens her with his knife.

Things get even hairier when five larger-than-life wolves appear in her granny’s cabin to battle Cherry’s attacker.

Dive into a world of sexy shifters and pack dynamics in this steamy reverse harem romp!

“Have you ever had a wish come true? Well lucky you, because I have never had any of my wishes come true.”

Having recently survived the car accident that killed her best friend, Arsyn Henley is doing her best to pick up the pieces of her life when she finds out a long lost family member left her a cabin in the mountains of Pigeon Forge. With her trusty dog by her side, she relocates her entire life hoping to live a quiet and calm existence as she decides what to do next.

Unexpectedly, her arrival in Pigeon Forge triggers events amongst the secret wish granting community of Jinn that inhabit the area. Four brothers, Killian, Elijah, Zachary, and Tallon, who have been searching for their Conduit, will stop at nothing to make her theirs. After a very interesting introduction, Arsyn embarks on a journey of learning all about Wish magic and her place in their world.

Will the guys be able to keep Arsyn from the clutches of a dark and sinister power that grows stronger each passing day, or will they lose the one person in the world that can unlock all their wishes?

This Completed Reverse Harem Trilogy is 330,000+ words and features dark themes, a disturbing sequence of events, a protective dog, a fun drinking game, mild language and is recommended for ages 18+.

Boxset Includes:
-Make Me a Wish
-Wishful Thinking
-Wish Granted

I’m the golden werewolf princess.
They’re rebels who hate my family.
They can protect me from anything… except myself.

As a Lycan Luna, I had power, luxury, and the promise of a Happily-Ever-After with the perfect mates.

On the most important day of my life an act of treachery shatters my world, leaving me with nothing.

Now I’m fleeing a ruthless enemy, and my only sanctuary lies with three werewolves who carry a grudge against my bloodline.

They’re dark, deadly, gorgeous, and they will never bend a knee to me.

Nor will they allow me to leave. I’ve learned too many of their secrets and they’re beginning to unravel mine.

The worst is yet to come, because my rising fervor demands I claim mates. Any mates… Even the wrong ones.


THE LUNA’S UNCHOSEN MATES is a Fantasy/Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance series with fated mates, M/M action, and a heroine who grows into her powers.


A little pyromania can go a long way…

The Company of Light had already made my shit list before they kidnapped one of my monstrous lovers. Now? I’m ready to send the whole lot of them up in flames. Especially when it turns out they may have damaged my demon sweetheart beyond repair.

Trouble is, those flames aren’t playing nice. After its taste of freedom, my inner fire seems intent on having a full-on scorch party, and that includes burning me up while I’m burning down the baddies.

If I’m going to get a handle on the dangerous power within me, I need to understand where it—and I—came from. But finding the answers I’m searching for could be worse than staying in the dark.

My enemies are multiplying by the minute, and the worst of them… might be standing right beside me.

*Dusk Avenger is the third book in a new urban fantasy series from bestselling author Eva Chase. If you love kickass heroines with sass to spare, drool-worthy monsters who have their own sense of morality, and steamy romances where there’ll be no choosing required, dive in now!*

I’ve lived in Backridge, Kentucky my entire life, but never has life been so exciting until Bear, Daniel, and Hector come to town.
All of us are just looking to have a good time in and out of the bedroom.

And I’m not that good at math but even I know three dicks are better than one.

I’m Stacey Baymont, and these three sexy strangers are about to turn my world upside down.

When lies come to light, will we be able to hold on to what we have gained, or will it all come crashing down around us?

With darkness hiding in plain sight, a killer running rampant in Backridge, a cult of cannibals, and miscommunications at every turn.

Will love conquer all?
How the hell should I know? I’m a bartender, not a psychic.

Maybe is an RH Rom-com/Suspense that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Featuring MM and tons of sexy scenes. Triggers maybe talk of abuse and torture also some mild violence may be an issue for some readers.

I’d called my lovers to Cricket, California so they could learn the truth…
Instead, I learned I couldn’t resist them.
They owned my heart.

Tripp McKenzie: millionaire, charmer, bold and brash lover.
Jonah Hanks: owns a multi-million dollar company, knows what he wants and how to get it.
Zack Brown: successful fiction writer, a true romantic, and loves dancing in the dark.
They all have one thing in common.
My wildest dreams fulfilled.
We’d hooked up our last week in college.
What an incredibly crazy week!
Then reality hit.
Any one of them could be the father of my child.
But which one?
That has yet to be determined.
And when he learns the truth, how will he react?

I’ll need to guard my heart… if that’s even possible.

A Little Reckless is a sizzling, small town reverse harem romance. It’s rich with sexy ménage scenes, single and multiple partner scenes, and all done with a touch of humor that just might melt your Kindle. As with all my books, a HEA is always guaranteed… Thanks for reading!

This thing with Rory, Marlowe, and Kaleb … this isn’t a relationship.

It’s an entanglement.

It’s been months since they promised they’d never leave me, that they’d protect me, yet still they keep me at arm’s length. Their world is a mystery to me, a thing veiled in shadows. No matter how much I try to get to know them, I’m only allowed to know one half of them.

The other half, the wolf shifter half, they keep from me.

What they don’t understand is that in order for me to be with them, I need to know all of them.

I need to be let into their world.

I need to be one of them.

But that would mean breaking the one rule that’s impossible to break.

Wolf Broken is a full-length romance novel with multiple love interests. It’s the second book in the Wolfish trilogy, a paranormal series where the main character has no intent to choose just one of the sexy werewolves who’ve fallen head-over-heels for her—whether they like it or not.


Blurb to come soon! Get ready for the action, adventure, and steam that Sloane and her men will bring to the table!

Please be advised this action flick, heist romance duet contains darker themes such as PTSD, swearing, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences 18+.

Naughty girls need love too.

A beautiful monster, that’s what I am. My packaging is just a little nicer than the creatures you hear about dwelling in your closet.

With three baddies for my mates, things are definitely getting interesting. I think I’ve even convinced them not to kill each other.

But I have a new purpose, someone is hurting our kind. Stealing Charmed magic in arcane rituals that leave my friends drained and dead, and I won’t allow it.

It’s time for them to find out why even the Monsters fear me.

I am the bad guy

Companion novel to Friends with the Monster. RH story with adult themes not recommend for those under 18

Nothing is more seductive than the forbidden…

…and temptation could crush this cursed academy.

As both a witch and ghost in an academy for bad boy supernaturals, you would think that I’m at home amongst the monsters. But in this home, I’m a prisoner.

Pleasure and fate bind me to three devastatingly hot Immortals, but our unbridled lust feeds a dangerous power inside me. Will I destroy us all if I lose control?

The perilous trials of the Rebel Cup are only the beginning. The ruthless fae and elf princes are deadlier than even the academy’s tests, and their love could shatter me.

When I’m sent on my first assassin mission, will my immortal lovers and I survive?

Rebel Academy: Crush is a complete 90,000 word paranormal academy romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Rosemary A. Johns.  Discover mysterious and delicious vampires, shifters, mages, gods, fae, elves, and princes. If you love steamy paranormal romances where the men know how to share, dive in now!

Why the hell did I swear my virginity to a Fae prince? Cole Desirys thinks he owns me, his best friend wants me dead, and my vampire ex-boyfriend hungers for blood and revenge.

I should be scared, but I’m not. They better watch themselves. I’m going to show them what a Winslow witch is made of.

I will protect my secrets and my family. At any cost.

Synergy has now been discovered.

The Elementi legend is real and so are the demons they are up against.

Now with the protection and guidance of the Five Elementi Warriors, Lailah has a lot to learn. Lailah must work twice as hard to prepare for a battle she never knew existed and what it truly means to be Synergy. Add in the fact that her new powers make her into a PMSing nightmare, demons are the least of their worries.

The middle of the school year is fast approaching and the holidays give Lailah a chance to see a new side of the boys. Midterms, “family” dinners, and travel plans are just the beginning of her new life. When winter break approaches, no one could have predicted the chaos that would erupt when Brayden invites her home for Christmas. When Micah shares that he is coming along, it turns out getting to know both of them better has its own set of surprises.

Little did they know that the demons didn’t get the memo about having a relaxing winter break.

How will Lailah and the boys strengthen their bond in order to handle the evil that is coming their way?

This is a whychoose romance where the leading lady does not have to pick between her men. This is an 18+ book that has sex, language, and paranormal violence. Book two out of six.


I never thought I would understand the cause my brother gave his life for, but I do now… and I’m willing to die for it too.

The dark fae are being hunted, killed, wiped from the planet like a virus. No one seems to be willing to stand up for them.

Rayne would’ve been the leader we needed, but now there’s only me.

And I might not be charming or sophisticated, but I know how to bring my enemies to their knees.

My men seem unwilling to walk away from me, even though all logic says they should. Dwade, Bron, and Lucian are fae royalty. They could have anyone or anything. So why pursue a woman who could only ever bring them pain?

And why do they seem more concerned with my life than their own?

I have one chance to save the dark fae from extinction. But what if the only way to save us is to become what I’ve always feared?

I belong in the dark. But for the first time in my life, I may have to step into the light.

REIGN is the third and final full book in a steamy reverse harem romance series. These books have a spooky edge, hot scenes, and a mystery to unravel. So if you love paranormal romances with tough heroines and protective men, you may want to preorder your copy now!

You don’t have to be a wolf to show your claws, but it helps.

My five boyfriends – yes, five – are being much too patient with me. That’s pissing a few people off. It seems that when living with a pack of wolves, there are certain expectations for the alpha’s mate – and I suck at this. A few months ago, I had no idea shifters even existed!

I just wanted a safe home, and this is it, although it’s not at all what I imagined. When an ex-girlfriend decides to make my life a living hell, pack rules say that if I want to keep my place, I need to win my own fights. That’s not easy when she’s young, fit, beautiful, and a wolf.

I’m not.

But with the help of a few friends, a little medical advice, and a whole lot of pent up sexual frustration, one thing is going very, very well. Five boyfriends really are better than one. I just have to balance them with my child and these new pack responsibilities.

Because, this was my second chance. I’d intended to learn how to be strong, but I was thinking more about having my own opinions and less about dominance challenges! I should be focusing on the bully picking on my daughter at school. The pack’s children are being singled out by some kid, and that is a problem – but this woman will not leave me alone!

So if I want to be strong, I need to stop letting others push me around.
It’s time for the claws to come out.

Note: Wolves Next Door series contains profanity, consensual sex, and one adult woman who falls for multiple younger men.  This is the second book in a trilogy.

I fucked up.

Honestly, how was I supposed to know that a love spell was actually a summoning spell…and that it would actually work?

Now, I have five demons at my beck and call, their sole purpose to fulfill my heart’s deepest desire – which is to make William Washington fall head-over-heels in love with me.

Their solution? Insert themselves in every aspect of my life in order to make William jealous. As my fake boyfriend? Check. As my sexy new teachers? Check. As the psychotic, sexy stalker who follows me around? Check.

Their goal is to make William fall in love with me.

And my goal is to not fall in love with them in the process.

This is a reverse harem paranormal romance containing psychotic, alpha males, student/teacher relationships, strong language, and sexual situations.

It’s crazy how one storm can change your life.

As a U.S. Forestry agent, I’m used to being out in adverse weather. The adventure of the job has always excited me, but being paired up with my crush, Stone, on a rescue mission to save some survivors stranded by a nasty storm makes my heart race more than adrenaline ever has.

However, our easy mission quickly turns dangerous when another lightning storm rolls in.

One strike on the night of the Blood Moon and my life is forever changed.

Armed with a flood of unlocked memories I never knew existed, I’ll have to rely on the three new men in my life when old threats emerge — a task that’s easier said than done.

But I’ll weather any storm if it means getting back what was rightfully mine.

Even if it means embracing the thunder.

You know that feeling you get when your whole life is turned upside down? When things go so wrong or something so unexpected happens that you’re lost for words and just numb?
That’s exactly what Ivy experiences when a frenzy of untold truths come out after her father’s return.
She finds out just what she is, and the truth behind her mother’s death. And to top it off, a body has turned up in her best friend’s house. With her fathers help, they discover there is something far more sinister going on with her friend than she could imagine.
And to add fuel to fire, Percy comes back onto the scene to stir up her emotions. Can she help save her friend while learning the truth behind what she really is?

***This is a slow-burn RH series***

The three Fae kings insist I’m their fated mate, and they’re terrible at sharing.

I know I should turn my back on them before they ruin me.

They’re too ruthless, feral, possessive, and well, too hot for me to feel safe.

A girl would have a better chance of swimming with sharks than walking among the predatory Fae, let alone tangling with them between the sheets.

But did I adhere to my own advice?

And now my unbridled lust complicates everything, leading me straight into the Dawn Queen’s trap. To claim the kings for herself, she thrusts me into the Wild Hunt—a deadly game no one has ever escaped.

Frost Fae is a full-length Reverse Harem fantasy romance perfect for fans of Laurell K. Hamilton, Ilona Andrews, Sarah J. Maas, Laura Thalassa, C. N. Crawford, K.F. Breene, Karen Marie Morning, Leia Stone, Jaymin, Eve, and Amelia Hutchins.


If I had a nickel for every time I wondered if I could do this, I’d be a billionaire. I don’t know why I was made the Holy Warrior when all I do is screw everything up. I don’t have a choice though, so here goes nothing.

We’ve experienced a lot of loss recently and a lot of failure, but we will not let that hold us down. My mates and I are coming back stronger and better prepared than we’ve ever been. New players are joining the war and the atmosphere is changing. Will they help us or will they hurt us?

There are still so many secrets and a lot of obstacles in our way. A betrayal needs to be dealt with, the keys to Hell need to be found and then some serious ass needs to be kicked.

When the gates of Hell open and the war begins, no one will come out of the other side the same.

The end begins when the dawn breaks. Whether it’s the end of me or Lilith is still to be determined.

Heavenly Saviours is the final book in The Seven Sins and Saints Trilogy. This series must be read in order. Warning: 18+ for sexual scenes and adult language. There are m/m scenes as well as violence and mentions of abuse.

Murderers or monsters, normal people forced to kill. This anthology will tell the tales of the serial killers that have fascinated us all. From the real to the make-believe we will have it all. Join these authors as they bring you an anthology you will never forget.

This is a multigenre anthology that comes with a trigger warning. Some stories may also end on a cliffhanger please be aware before reading.

If you had told me three months ago that my life was going to be what it is now, I’d have told you that you were full of shit.

It turns out, Mom kept a lot of secrets from me. Including that I’m a witch-werewolf hybrid. The very first of my kind. It’d be kind of cool, if it didn’t make me a target. Vampires are coming after me. They’re afraid of what I could do to them. Too bad they don’t know that I haven’t even triggered my werewolf gene yet.

I’m learning everything I can about being a witch. My aunt is teaching me how to defend myself against vampires, but it’s going to take time. Time I don’t have. Luckily, I have four guys that have promised to protect me.

When one of the guys goes missing, the roles are reversed and I have to do everything in my power to try to save him. Even if that means sacrificing myself.

Book 2 in the Bloodmoon Series
A Reverse Harem Vampire/Shifter Paranormal Romance

The tongue is mightier than the sword.
The magic of Danu has become unstable. As a realm built on magic, instability could have disastrous consequences so all of Danu is anxious to find the source of the trouble. When Amara and Everan investigate the problem, they find a far more serious matter, one that weakens Amara at the worst possible time. In the midst of her endeavors to help Danu, a Triari relic—the Silver Tongue—is stolen and Amara is called back to Earth to help defend the Triari Embassy. But that battle is not as it seems either and Amara finds herself pulled away from Danu, Earth, and the men she loves just when they need her the most and right when she’s at her weakest. Can she overcome her vulnerability and make it back to her men in time to save Danu or will a silver tongue be Spectra’s downfall?

I’m every woman’s worst fear, and every man’s illicit fantasy.

Starting over shouldn’t be hard.
Only it is when you have an attitude like mine.

You see, I have issues with authority figures and bullies.
I don’t cower. I don’t bend. I don’t beg.

Well, the Crowns have a problem with people not falling in line.
They think they own everything … even me.

And I did the unthinkable.
I keyed their car with them sitting in it.

Knox, Daemon, and Slade have a list, and I find myself at the top.
But they have it wrong if they think I’m like all the others.

No one will ever own me.
Not him, and especially not them.

I bargained my way out of one prison.
I refuse to enter another.

SHOT OF VENOM is a mature high school / new adult romance / #whychoose with enemies-to-lovers / love-hate themes. It has bullying incidents as well as foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest during the continuation of this series. This is book one of three.

He stole those who meant everything to me.
I will hunt him down. I will lead him into the light.
Into everlasting fire and torment.

With Satan’s escape the Circles are in chaos, ravaged by the Dragon’s emergence. The Sword of Light was shattered. Lucifer and Vyra are gone.
But this isn’t the end.
Not all of the demons in Dis are happy over the loss of their king. Assassins lurk in the shadows, and they’re determined to ensure the Seventh Circle loses both of its princesses.
With the help of a long-lost archangel who takes Tascius under his wing and Azazel’s dark arts, we’ll fend off the traitors and search to the end of the world to find our missing family.
And when we do…all Hell will break loose.

All Hell Breaks Loose is the fourth book in a steamy reverse harem romance for readers 18 and over, with a happily ever after.


Wolf, Siren, Dragon, Witch and Vampire shifters in one academy? Make that two academies and then there is a big problem.

Our magical boarding school is in danger and its students are being hunted. With the humans blaming the supernaturals and the supernaturals blaming the humans, no one knows who is doing this. But everyone knows they are no longer safe.

With a trip to Boston suddenly coming up, my five “friends” becoming more than I ever imagined they would be to me. Supernatural Shifter Academy is no longer a safe place.

For my heart…and my life.

Someone wants us dead and the secrets we have found out buried with us.

But I won’t let that happen.

18+ Reverse Harem Romance which means the main character will have more than one love interest. This is book two of a five-book series and will be rapidly released.

Fresh out of Hell and into the arms of angels. For a demon, nothing could be worse.

When a bunch of cultists drag me out of Hell to be their promised, demonic slave, I don’t have a choice but to slash their throats and claw my way to freedom. But the fight leaves me weak, and wounded I fall into the hands of the only thing worse than cultists.


An overprotective guardian without a flock to watch over. A zealous lightbringer forced to pick sides. A lusty warrior hungry for a good… fight.

Escape is impossible. Each of them alone has enough power to destroy me utterly. Except they don’t. Turns out I’ve fallen into a warzone, angels are murdering angels, and I might be the answer to their problems.

Only I’ve got problems of my own. I have a demonic overlord to hunt down and kill for selling me like cattle. But first I have to shake the angels off, if I could only resist the pull of their bodies.

Out of the Ashes is a sizzling, enemies to lovers with sharp teeth and even sharper plot twists! If you’re looking for a fast, exciting read, then look no further – scroll up and pre-order now!


My father always taught me to take care of myself.

He made me strong, cunning and calculating.

But my Brutal Boys made me unbreakable.

Have you ever heard the saying that it takes one to know one? Because from the very first moment I met the men I’ve claimed as my tribe, I knew that I was looking into the faces of monsters. And that really should have been all it took for me to know that I was one too.

Hiding beneath my skin isn’t an innocent girl, waiting for someone to ride in on a white horse and rescue me from my demons. So I think it’s time I showed the world my claws.

I’m sick of people thinking they own me. My Night Keepers and now the members of this twisted club all need to learn a lesson in that.

I’m not a doll made to dance to their tune, I’m not a puppet intended to play a part and I’m certainly no plaything to be used and destroyed. I’m a warrior with a goal of my own. And everyone who wants to stand in my way had better get used to the idea of falling to ruin at my feet.

When everything you thought you could rely on is ripped away from you, you have no choice but to find out what you’re truly made of. And deep down in the depths of my soul, I know that I was made to survive.

I have suffered through torment, fought against my oppressors and tamed the creatures who tried to bury me in the dark.

It’s time that everyone stopped underestimating me.

I’m done being a queen without a crown.

I’m ready for my coronation.

This is a dark bully romance where the girl will end up with more than one love interest! This series is not for the faint of heart and if you have triggers then this might not be the book for you.

They took me by surprise and now I’m forced to hold my breath.

An anger burns inside me that can’t be extinguished. Jax, Blake, and Morgan made the wrong choice and now they’re going to pay. The thing is, I don’t want to hurt them.

Can I forgive them or will I let my anger consume me?

I’m changing and I don’t know if I like what I’ve become.

A new threat leaves me with a choice… do I sink or do I swim?

Submerge book 2 in the Salinity Cove series and is a full-length reverse harem, mature high school/new adult bully romance told in multiple POVs. It contains mature scenes and language. It ends in a cliffhanger.

Book 3, Emerge will be released October 2020


Your favorie series of dirty little secrets newly edited with bonus materials! 

Books 1&2

In the small suburbs of Atlanta, a close-nit community normally welcomes new members. But are they that welcoming to Samantha when she moves in? And what secrets are hiding behind the polished homes and manicured lawns?

Samantha uncovers skeletons in closets, some in her own that are life-changing beyond anything she could ever imagine.

Jake is the sexy neighbor who uncovers lies in his own marriage, ones that bring in his best friend Stuart. But what are the two men hiding themselves?

Mario has his own past that makes him keep women at arm’s length, until he meets Samantha, a woman like no other. But his own past comes to haunt him and could destroy the relationship he’s always wanted.

Follow the lives of the four lovers as they navigate their unconventional relationship in the face of dangers and drama that tries to tear them apart.

Book 3

Samantha has been keeping a couple of secrets from her parents. Not only her unconventional relationship with her three men, but also a baby on the way. 

When her mom guilt-trips her into leaving the city to come home to their small town for Christmas, she knows she has to find a way to reveal her secrets. 

Will her three husbands be able to win over her bearish father? Especially when everything they try to do goes seriously wrong. 

Enjoy this comedic Reverse Harem Holiday Romance. 

Book 4

A prequel to Suburbia that shows the life of the most hated characters. Find out what secrets from their past shaped them to be the women they are. Can they be redeemed and finally find the happiness they deserve?

*Please note the trigger warnings. This does not need to be read in order to complete the series.

Bonus Material

Find the inside scoop on some of the favorite characters, questions answered on what happened to a certain ex-wife, and much more of Samantha and her guys!


Everything I thought I knew was a lie.

Roman isn’t the rightful ruler of this realm. The Night Witch and her followers were never our allies. And the beast that lives inside of me is far deadlier than I ever could have imagined.

We just have to hide my shifter for a little longer. We just have to make it through the cruel tests of the hell fae. My men and I just have to prove our loyalty to the crown while that very same crown tries to break us day in and day out.

It all comes down to if we can survive this new kingdom now… unless that beast inside me decides it’s done playing their games.

And kills them all.

This is book two in a tension filled enemies to lovers, MMF MFM reverse harem series. Recommended for readers over 18.

Vol. 2 of Vampire Samurai – continues Evie Everheart’s kick-a$$ adventure with the Vampire Samurai and his band of hot brothers…

Here’s what it’s about:

I am Evie Everheart. As a Life’s Blood Carrier, I am pursued by all vampires who want to become All Powerful or to become human again. Which is practically ALL vampires. Basically, I’m screwed.

Then I meet him, the Vampire Samurai and his band of brothers…another vampire, a fae, and a shifter.
What they want of me, I’ve yet to find out.

Friend or foe?

I don’t know. But as a carrier, all I know is that I must do everything I can to keep the vampires from getting my blood or humanity as we know it, would end.

**Vampire Samurai is a new series in the PULSE Vampires World Series, a YA series appropriate for age 16 and up. Rating is TV-14.

4 Devils + 1 Sinner = a Hell of a good time

Her Devils: Devil’s Regents MC Books 1-3 with extended scenes and bonus material


I’ve spent the last six years trying to have a “normal” life – whatever that means. Then the man who saved my life calls in a favor that lands me undercover at the Devil’s Regents MC. It’s supposed to be easy – just listen and report anything worth mentioning to the Feds. But Saint and his three club officers are anything but easy. They steal my heart, and when a rival club threatens us, I must show my guys how far I’ll go to keep them safe.


“It’s for your own good.” That’s what my men say when they send me away. Heartbroken and alone, I once again search for the elusive “normal”. I try to move on — really, I do. But my heart and mind won’t give up on the idea of being back with the club officers of the Devil’s Regents MC. Regardless of what they say, I know we’re stronger together. When the monster from my past comes back, my guys must show me how far they’ll go to keep me safe.


Knowing my tormentor was dead is the only thing that kept me going for the last six years. Finding out he’s not has turned my world upside down. He thought he could break me. He was wrong. With my men at my side, I vow to take back my life by taking down the f*cker who hurt me. He’s about to find out who he’s dealing with and his reign of terror ends today.

***This is a motorcycle club, reverse harem romance and contains situations, such as references to childhood sexual abuse, that some readers may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised.***

“In one and the same fire, clay grows hard and wax melts.” – Francis Bacon

Valda is finally free, but her secrets have revealed new puzzles. Hatch and Dirk have been taken. Worse, Oz seems to have abandoned them.

Now, with Andreas at her side, she will wage a war she never wanted to fight against an organization she knows nothing about to save the men she loves.

The answer everyone wants is housed within her mind. Now, if only Valda knew what the question is. No matter what, she will do whatever it takes to save them. They didn’t give up on her.

She will be damned if she will lose them now.

The epic conclusion to the Time Captive trilogy. Brace yourselves, it’s going to be a wild ride.

**Please note this is a reverse harem and the author suggests you always read the forward in her books. This is the third and final book in a trilogy.

At the declaration of the Second Purging by the Bloody Queens, Mal and her coterie know it’s time to step up their game. After some quick but thorough planning, the group head off on their first true mission: to visit the Kingdoms of Dymund, Klubb, and Wyte in search of support.
With the addition of Wally completing her seven – although none of them are convinced of the Knave’s true intentions – Mal is ready to start truly taking on the task of amassing enough magic and support to bring down the Queens.
As their journey heats up, so do her relationships. You’d think that having so many men to love, there wouldn’t be time for anything else. But tensions rise, jealousy sparks, and no one is comfortable, or so much as acknowledges, their emotions! It’s a Laddenworn thing… something Mal needs to get under control before it tears their group apart.
**This is a full-length new adult, reverse harem, dark romance novel with a #whychoose ending, meaning the main character gets a happily ever after with more than one man (eventually). It contains magic, demons, shifters, nonsense, explicit sex scenes, blood, violence, murder. There are references to past emotional abuse. This is a MMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman (although there is some MM and MMF in here, too). This is book 3 of 4 in the series.

Leave it to me to disappoint the devil.

Not only does my twin flame have a snitch for a sister, now they want to drop it on me that daddy dearest is the King of Shadow Walkers.

Oh, and by the way, as far as he’s concerned, I fucked up and let his princess down. He blames me for her addiction. He hates me for letting the Clotters arrest her, and now, if we don’t get her back, he’s promised to drag me and the rest of her midnight harem to hell with him.

This is an RH series recommended for readers 18+


Six years ago the old world ended, and a new one was born.

Tired of moving around on the run from a faceless monster, I’m moving to the new capital city of the world. Home to the most powerful man in it.

The city has big walls, bigger secrets, and Coeus Corporation troops patrolling at all times. But it’s safer to be in a protected city than outside—that’s the promise they make anyway.

But my plan to keep my head down in this new place is being completely messed with. I’m getting pulled from both sides by people that seem to know a hell of a lot more about me and my past than I do. Like why I keep freaking glowing, for one.

On one side is the man behind Coeus. He’s intelligent, ambitious, charming, but also dangerous and downright terrifying all at once. That may have something to do with his mind reading abilities, and tendency to shoot first and ask questions later.

On the other side, are the guys currently trying to kill him. Not to mention, overthrow the city. They’re not exactly regular people themselves either. One of them stronger than any man should be, and the other with a darkness undeniably similar to my light.

There’s blood on everyone’s hands, but they all claim to be the good guys. The ones trying to save the world.

But how the hell am I meant to figure out who to trust, when I can’t even rely on my own memories to guide me?

**Lux is a Dystopian Fantasy Villain Romance.
Expect: Superpowers, a crazy new world, tempting bad guys, and a lot of emotional suffering. Sorry about that last part.

Tentative release 🙂

Cyra, a rare Omega phoenix shifter, has had a rough week, to say the least.

First, two playboy Alphas, a hydra and a griffin, start showing up at the cafe she works at. Their teasing making her all hot and bothered, no matter how much she tries to ignore them. And then she accidentally accepts to play a princess at a spoiled shifter kid’s birthday party, where her crappy old car promptly breaks down. Luckily, or maybe she’s just cursed, a cerberus and a centaur Alpha are there to save the day and give her a ride home.
For years, Cyra has managed to hide herself from other shifters, pretending she’s human. Because she doesn’t want her parents to marry her off to a rich asshole Alpha for money and status or to be kidnapped and bred like some other rare Omega shifters. She wants her freedom, to be able to make her own choices, and both of those things are taken away the moment she’s mated. Once she’s claimed by an Alpha, she’ll become that Alpha’s property, and she refuses to live like that.

But now everything she’s worked so hard for is falling apart around her. Money is tight, and with her crappy car constantly needing repairs, she won’t be able to afford the medication she needs to stay hidden from shifters, especially with the mating season only weeks away.
So she makes a reckless decision and takes the cerberus and the centaur up on their offer to be their date to the yearly Night Gala, an exclusive shifter event for bachelor Alphas, Betas and Omegas, though it’s not uncommon for humans to attend too, as ‘dates’ or serving staff. Their offer is too tempting, one night of boring chats while looking pretty, and all her money problems will be solved.
That is, until the hydra and griffin Alphas also appear at the Night Gala and everything goes to hell…

This is the first book in the Her Shifter Harem’s Babies series, a paranormal Omegaverse reverse harem #WhyChoose story. This book may include any of these elements: steamy scenes, ‘I need tissues NOW’ moments, cries of ‘why, oh, why’ and cliffhangers that make you bite your nails (and curse the author).

Don’t fraternize with the students.

Don’t fall in love with your teacher.

Don’t lust over your professor.

Yeah right!

Maybe it’s undeniable chemistry, sexy prime numbers or method acting, either way the hot new teacher just walked in the room and they want to see you after class. Trouble has never looked so good.

Extra Credit – a student / teacher anthology bringing together seven authors, each sharing their interpretation of this taboo romance.

Being an Underworlder among light workers used to be my biggest concern. But if I fail, all Hell is going to break loose… literally.

So now that I’ve got a handle on my precarious situation at Nobledark, it’s time to drop the hammer on another unsuspecting demon spawn. Misery loves company, am I right? My demon daddy has been one busy guy who has not one, or two but three secret daughters out in the world. Before you think he’s paternal, rest assured – he’s just hedging his bets. But he didn’t bet on me.
My half-sister, Violet, is being held by the Concilium, and she has no idea why. If they had their way, the world would be full of open hellways. It’s good for business. Unfortunately for them, our demon daddy knows exactly where they’re holding Violet. It’s up to me and my other half-sister, Raven, to get to her first.

Meanwhile, back at Nobledark, my men and I are starting to see the benefits of having an Underworlder in the mix. We are stronger together, and my one hope is that we can find a way to survive all that is coming. Raven and I have to get to Violet first.

If we fail, this horrible curse will continue to plague the world forever.

Chosen Hearts is the third book in the Nobledark Academy series, a steamy reverse harem story of a witch who is more than she seems, and the four hunky men who come to love her. Scroll up and one click now to dive into the world of Nobledark Academy!

From the gutter to the stars…

Dance is in my blood.
Once upon a time it ran through their veins too. Xeno, York, Zayn, and Dax.
The Breakers and I were a crew until bad decisions and circumstance ripped us apart.
Now the Breakers are back.
And they’ve brought trouble.
They’re not here at the Stardom Academy to dance.
They’re here on a mission for Jeb, the leader of the Skins.
He wants something, and me…? I’m just a pawn in their game.
To make matters worse, my psychotic brother wants something too.
I must befriend the Breakers and find out what they’re up to.
If I refuse, my brother will hurt the one person I love more than life itself.
I cannot allow that to happen.
Dance was always the cure to our pain, the foundations of our friendship and love.
It brought us together once before.
Can I go through the cycle of friendship, love, and heartache all over again?
Will I survive the Breakers a second time? Will they survive me?

**Lyrical is book two of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy trilogy for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. If you love dance, your men on the criminal side, alpha hot holes, and the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope, this is for you. Contains foul language and sexual scenes and ends on a cliff hanger.**


My second year at the prestigious Harkwright Academy is about to begin. Within these walls I’ve faced many challenges and I can’t help but wonder: can I survive this, and still be the same girl I was when I began?

This year I have even more trials to face; from attending the retreat after being claimed by Aeron, to seeing the infamous Harkwright Prince, with no more disguises in place.

The cards may not seem stacked against me right now, but can I stay in the Harkwrights good graces without losing myself?

Will I continue to see this place as nothing more than a means to an end, or will it offer me the things I never even knew I wanted?

One thing is certain, it’s gonna take more than a batch of baked goods to get me through this!

This is a full length book that is part of a trilogy. It is a dark academy, which includes scenes of bullying. It is a why choose romance. Where the fmc will have more than one love interest.

The devils aren’t in the details.
They’re in my bed…

When my warlock foster father trades me to demons for his outstanding debts, I find myself in Hell on Earth. I’m thrust into a supernatural underground crime ring I can’t get out of, eternally bound in a contract I never made.

Three hot-as-hell demons stand in between me and my freedom.

A tattooed, brutish Hellhound shifter. An incubus with the power to bend wills on command. And the heir to Lucifer’s throne—the original sin demon, Pride, himself. I have to find a way out of the deal before they devour me, body and soul.

But I’m no angel. There’s something inside me, something that craves the chaotic darkness these demons possess.

Escaping may mean giving in to Hell’s more sinful temptations. But playing with fire only hurts if you get burned…

Bestselling authors Mila Young and Harper A. Brooks have brought the heat with this fiery and sinful paranormal romance. It’ll leave you burning up for more! Scroll up and 1-click to give into your darkest temptations today!

Playing with Hellfire is book one in a demon romance trilogy.

Raine and her guys are back!

It’s time to settle down, get into the swing of her eternal life. No more life or death-death situations. No more almost kidnappings. No more drama.

She’s going to reopen the Immortal Cupcake and become a boring member of Dark River for real.

Except she can’t bake. And there’s an ancient vampire leaving her heads and other undesirable body parts on her front step.
And don’t forget the ancient dragon shifter king who seems convinced that the great love of her life is one of his progeny.

Whatever. It’s just another day in paradise.

The king is dead…
…and now my future, as my heart, hangs in the balance.

With the kingdom in chaos and my powers still fighting me for control, I’m left to wonder if there’s even a place for me among the fae.
Or among the three men who have been there since the beginning of this journey.
Because even they feel like they’re slipping away…
Especially since the court mage hates me and is conspiring against me at every turn.
But those aren’t my only problems.
Finding the truth of who I am and what my destiny will be is consuming me and threatening to ruin all that I have and all those I love.
If I can’t find a way to stop my enemies, we are all doomed and the fae realm will be lost. 
And I can’t let that happen. I won’t. Even if it means a fight to the death…

Captivating conclusion to the ‘WINTER’S THORN’ saga.

I don’t belong here. Seriously. I don’t.

For as long as I can remember, supernatural clans took care of their own bad apples. Shifters, fae, vampires, elves, witches—we handled our crap quietly, efficiently, and within the confines of our community’s law.

Until now, apparently.

How else am I supposed to explain doing inventory in my café one minute, then waking up the next in a processing cell, cuffed and shackled to a chair, wearing a collar that mutes my magic?

I’ve never gotten so much as a parking ticket before. I’m a witch without a coven, but I play by the rules. I don’t start beef with other supers. Me and my familiar—we don’t make waves. We like cozy, rainy Sunday afternoons and the smell of freshly baked bread.

So, whatever they’ve got on me, it’s nonsense.

I know, I know. That’s what everyone in Xargi Penitentiary says. Innocent. Innocent. Innocent.

Only the creatures around me aren’t always so innocent, and even inside these four walls, trapped by wards and warlocks and wolves, my past is determined to damn me.

Until I find a non-magical way out of this, my wits are all I’ve got.

Well, my wits… and the gruff dragon shifter who looks at me like I’m treasure he’s desperate to hoard. The gorgeous fae who delights in the fact that I’m not impressed with him. Oh, and the brooding vampire who could tempt me into darkness with his smile.

But I’m not here to make friends or fall in love.

I don’t belong in Xargi Penitentiary, and if it’s the last thing I ever do, I’m getting out.

Or… I just might die trying.

Caged Kitten is a standalone why-choose paranormal romance and is part of the ALL THE QUEEN’S MEN series. Each book in the series is a full-length standalone featuring layered heroes and a headstrong heroine who never has to settle for just one happily-ever-after. The books can be read in any order and are part of the same supernatural universe.

Goddess, I know I said I’d try to stop being a whiny loser, but here we are.

What do you get when you cross a ghost, a Lycan, and a warlock with a necromancer? A bunch of funny business—the kind that could land Jaz in big trouble.

As the only necromancer in the world, the one thing Jaz should be able to do is resurrect the dead. When she fails at that, she’s about ready to give up on magic altogether.

If that weren’t bad enough, she’s helping her soulmates hide Pierce, a Lycan, on campus, in the middle of a war against magical beasts. Flouting the rules to keep one of her guys safe is one thing—but if Pierce is caught, everyone will assume he’s the enemy. Trouble won’t even begin to cover the repercussions they’ll face.

Worst of all, Jaz can’t even bring herself to admit her feelings for any of her soulmates—not even to herself, much less out loud.

When the Lycans come for them, the men she loves will risk everything to keep her safe. If she can’t tell them how she feels, she could lose them all. Forever.

Neck-Rological is book two in the Neck-Romancer series, a medium-burn reverse harem paranormal academy romance with three hot, protective men and a reluctant necromancer, perfect for fans of G. Bailey, Auryn Hadley, and Sadie Moss.

Scroll up and one-click now!
**Warning: For Adult Audiences 18+. Language and actions may be deemed offensive to some. Sexually explicit content. M/F**

Summoned as a weapon in a werewolf war, the last thing this demon expected was to fall in love.

Three hotter-than-hell wolves control my every move. No creature—demon, man, or wolf—has ever resisted the allure of my succubus power. So, when these wolves defy my charms, I only want them more.

But this very anomaly means I can’t fulfill the task I was called to perform.  A mission I must complete to have a chance of returning home to the only family I care about. 

Even if leaving means giving up my only shot at true love. 

If you love why choose romances, sexy werewolves, demons, and magic, grab this steamy, reverse harem paranormal romance now.   

My heart is split in five.
The future I want feels impossible.
I can’t hold back. Not anymore.

Every step forward is followed by a hard shove ten feet back. I want things to work with the guys, all of them, but keeping the sun from setting seems easier and more likely to happen.

Just when I think we’re making progress, the Society steps in and once again messes things up, giving the guys something else to fight over.

They say the best things in life are free. I don’t believe that for a second. I just have to hope the price isn’t too high.

Nothing Left to Hide is the sixth book in the Arlington Park series, a slow-burn reverse harem romance.

Love doesn’t always have a happy ending, but when I learn that my love life is ending with one hell of a bang, I practically jump for joy.
Freedom has been a dream far too unrealistic until the day I find myself with the means to fly. It’s kind of funny that I use the word fly when it’s the discovery of others with wings that cements my freedom. Nothing is as it seems though and when I try to figure things out, they just get hot, steamy and extremely confusing. What’s a girl to do when she’s running from her ex, hiding from life and trying her hardest to be free?
Six hot Drakes, six hearts that beg to be loved, six devilishly sinful men who drive me crazy, send me reeling and capture my attention, lust and possibly my heart.
Not that it’s them I’m doing, but hell if they were to offer, I’d be there in a heartbeat. So, what’s a girl to do when faced with the possibility of not one but six fated mates?
PNR RH Romance with possible trigger scenes and not suitable for those who don’t like medium paced RH’s that leave you hoping and wondering if the female MC is going to make it to the end of the story….
Recommended reader age of 17+ some scenes may be distressing. Some scenes contain sexual encounters and some scenes contain violence.
This is a story set in Australia and written by an Australian author, it will contain Australian slang, spelling, and grammar

After discovering who the father of my daughter is, we have the consequences to deal with. Not only within our relationship but the far-reaching ones. On top of that, I’m still finding my feet being Empress of the most powerful race — the Dragons, and yet my Fae mate won’t leave me alone. I have to find a way to make all of this work without hurting my men and the most precious thing to me, my daughter.

On top of that, the repercussions of finding out about my own father are severe, leaving me doubting who I am and causing to make a change that surprises my men.

This isn’t going to be as easy I first thought.


Lyn’s whole life has been turned upside down. One minute she’s dying from the Kraken’s Kiss, about to be filleted at the hands of Queen Arabella, and the next she’s safe in the arms of two strange mermen who claim she’s their fated mate.

Meanwhile, the twins from Lunos are frantically searching for Lyn after she was rescued and taken by two unfamiliar mermen, the same men they saw in the Drunken Turtle.

Lyn has a decision to make. She can drown in the pain from her past, or she can choose to overcome it and become who she was born to be.

Fate has brought the five of them together, but the Wicked Waves are still churning.
Will they be able to look past their differences and unite to form the Tides that Bind?

*Tides that Bind is book two, the final book in the Wicked Waves series. This is a reverse harem, fantasy romance. This book is intended for adult audiences of 18+, containing explicit scenes that some might find upsetting. If such material offends you, please do not read this book.*


The Shadow Realm was not what I expected.
With it came so many unexpected joys, but also, the worst kind of pain.

Back in our Realm once more, new enemies make themselves known, and betrayal is around every corner. It stings the worst when it’s from the ones you thought you could trust with your life.

We’ve sacrificed too much and waited too long to let anything stand in our way now.

The journey isn’t over yet, but out of the shadows, light is born.

It’s in the headlines every day. Another child abused, and another abuser let off easy. Or worse, getting away with their crimes. Pedophiles and abusers are actively protected by those in power. Riddled with corruption, and profiteering off the victims, the justice system has failed.

Alexi has experienced it personally, on every level, and she’s had enough.

With the help of her friend, a wolf shifter named Rabbit, she will take matters into her own hands. Her lover is Hector, an unreasonably sexy latin vampire, and he joins the fight to protect their child from growing up in a world with a shady undercurrent of evil.

Then her mates show up. Hyena shifters, and twins, Satyr and Siren will do anything for her. Including joining her quest to rid the world of the wrong sort of predators. Karma will find them all.

Dollhouse Vigilantes is a dark, Urban Fantasy reverse harem series.


Trigger warnings: Graphic violence, M/M, Child abuse (in prologue only), non-descriptive sexual violence.

The curtain closed, yet they wanted more.
So here, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is your encore.

This Harem of Freaks extended epilogue includes the following short stories:
-Sight of the Shaman
-Harem of Freaks Honeymoon (with bonus scenes)

Plus multiple scenes full of sweetness and steam, all centered around Melody and her men. This backstage pass offers glimpses into dealing with four overprotective husbands, juggling motherhood with a career as a ringmistress, and how far shifters have come in the conflict with humans.

Step right up. The show’s not over yet.

Backstage at the Freak Show is an encore book, meant to be read after Curtain Call, the final book in the Harem of Freaks reverse harem series.

I found out my boyfriend cheated on me right before I was set to leave on a trip to a podcast/D&D conference with three of the people I play D&D online with. Since my flight and room were booked with my boyfriend’s credit card so he could get the points, those disappeared fast. Thankfully my adventuring group came to my rescue, but the road trip with Jax, Eli, and Chase turned out to be more than I expected… not that I was complaining. I was more than willing to take our adventuring from online, to the bedroom.

This is an everyone-loving-everyone novella of approximately 20,000 words. There are MM, MMM, MF, and MMMF scenes.

In Fairview Heights, there’s one rule everyone knows. Don’t cross the Black Rose gang. Not if you want to live.

My father broke that rule.

Now he owes the notorious Black Roses a favor, and to make sure he pays up, they’re taking me as collateral. Until Dad completes whatever job they gave him, three gang members will be my keepers.

Sloan, Rory, and Levi.

The boss’s son.
The man with a secret.
The flame from my past.

They’re all dominant, cocky, and hot as hell, and I know from personal experience that one of them is a damn good lay.

But none of that matters. They shouldn’t be allowed to run people’s lives like this, and I don’t plan on letting them get away with it. If they’re looking for a pawn in their little game, these guys picked the wrong girl.

Because my dad raised me to be a fighter.

And I fight dirty.

Fight Dirty is the first book in the Black Rose Kisses series. This is a reverse harem new adult enemies-to-lovers romance that includes high steam, violence, and foul language.

Five goddesses. One destiny.
Iris wants to run away.

Her family’s farm is hers, and she wants nothing more than to escape. But she didn’t think that would mean four men kidnapping her.

Then they all get attacked and it becomes clear that they’re not the ones trying to kill her.

Can she rely on these men to protect her? Will she become the goddess of hope they need her to become?

The Seed is an 18+ Reverse Harem paranormal romance.


“Demons, gods, goddesses, and steaminess. This is the book I needed.”

“I couldn’t put this book down. I can’t wait for the next one!”

“From everyday life to goddess life, this book is fun, action-packed and magical. Plus, steamy! A perfect combo!”

Welcome to Ynys Gwales, home to hundreds of imprisoned Fae and one human just trying to survive.

After spending my entire life thinking I was just a normal spoiled rich girl, finding out that I’m so much more really freaking sucks.

In my second year of college, I’m in a sorority I love, with friends I adore. Well, okay, we’re mostly fake about our relationships, but hey, they get me. We understand the difficulties of being the poor little rich girl who has to make those hard decisions, like which Prada bag goes with those amazing Jimmy Choos. And with too many guys to choose from, life is good.

Until it isn’t.

After a really bad night of sex, I find out I’m an Oracle. Foreseer of the future. Super rare, one born every thousand years.

It might be cool, if it wasn’t a death sentence.

To keep me safe, I’m sent to Ynys Gwales, an island heavily guarded by magic. Problem is, the island is a prison, home to the worst of the Fae, those who committed such horrible crimes that even their fellow magical beings can’t deal with them.

And to make matters worse, my cell mates are four of the most gorgeous creatures I’ve ever seen… or even imagined. But they won’t even look at me, because I remind them of everything they’ve lost and everything they can never have. The Fae despise humans, and I’m about to pay the price for all mankind.

My life just went from a fairytale to a fairy nightmare.

If you love stories about enemies-to-lovers, snarky heroines, and everything Fae, you’ll adore the Fae Prison series! This is a New Adult novel with mature themes. Recommended for ages 17+


I am a dragon who hates dragons.

The dragons murdered my family. The dragons stole me. The fae purchased me. My mates saved me.

My mates imprisoned me.

They think they’re keeping me safe. They think they know what I need. What all delicate, feminine, gold dragons need. A comfortable den. A well-stocked pantry. Twenty children.

That’s not what this gold dragon needs. This gold dragon needs blood. This gold dragon needs revenge.

The (Not) Cursed Dragon is book one of the Deadly Dragons Duet. It is a slow burn, reverse harem romance for readers 18+

TW: Flashbacks of abuse

When the bind on my powers fractures, my father returns to bring me to Hell, but I refuse. The problem is, I had no idea who he was when he showed up at my door, or that I even had powers.
When the person who means most to me is stripped away, leaving me raw and desperate for vengeance, I finally give in to my birthright.
My name is Lucinda Devine, and Hell hath no fury when I turn up at the Academy. Making myself the perfect bait isn’t easy, but I’ll do anything to destroy this killer.
I am, after all, The Devil’s Sin.

This is a Reverse Harem Romance for ages 18+.
Contains adult content, and may be triggering for some readers.

I’ve been beaten down, coerced, tricked and torn apart by them.
Now I rise.

Magic ruined my life once. I can’t let it happen again.

I grew up chasing the fae through the garden, pretending I saw ghosts in the house, and dreaming of dragons. That’s all long behind me now. Mother’s spells didn’t save her and, in turn, I dedicated myself to Science.

Work as a paleontologist is everything I dreamed it could be. You find solid facts buried thousands of years ago. You can quantify those facts. It’s real. You can touch it, prove it, and most of all; you know it works. My team never meant to find a nest of dragon eggs at a dig site. And I’m the only one who recognizes what they are.

Now, I have a fire-breathing freak chasing me out of the sane world and into his. Worse, he has a whole bunch of friends with him. Why? Because I’m the only one who can help them retrieve the nest.

They’re dragging me back into the supernatural, a place I never wanted to see again and one I didn’t truly believe in. Drowning in debt like so many others, I need the money the dragons are offering—but not if it burns me down in the process.

This book is intended for mature audiences. Adults only. This is a fated mates omegaverse reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why choose? Light M/M and enemies to lovers.


The caldera is getting crowded, the monsters ever more fearless, and my biggest problem–my biggest temptation–just fell out of the sky. I’ve spent months working up the nerve to leave, but I can’t go anywhere until I’m sure she’s safe… until I’m certain she doesn’t want me either.

I wasn’t supposed to leave Earth. I wasn’t supposed to crash land on an alien planet. And I definitely wasn’t supposed to wind up in the arms of three sinfully delicious Sian men.
But all of that did happen, and the sinister machine that brought me to them has something to do with the monsters, their Maker, and the fate of the Brotherhood as they know it.

The three of us chose to take the furthest range, to live as far away from the others as possible, because we know what we are, even if the others may have forgotten. Because we made a choice and have to live with it every day. But it seems the Maker we killed may not have stayed dead. And if we don’t clean up our mess, the old man’s machinations might do more than kill us. Because she has to choose.

The others joke that I can see the future, but something none of us are ready for lurks in the dark of the caldera. It wants Christina, and I can see exactly what losing her would do to us.

*please note: this was originally the final book, but has since split into two full novels making High School Clowns & Coffee Grounds a four-book series. Fellas & Frappes (book 4) will release 4-6 weeks after Chaps & Cappuccinos releases with the novella Getting Lei’d & Iced Lemonade a week or so after*

Emma’s to-do list:
1- deal with my overbearing mom
2- learn self-defense
3- rock senior year with my boys

Moving cross country a month into my senior year was turning out to not be so bad despite all my initial dramatics. Even after all the stuff that had gone down since arriving, I was grateful for my awesome friends, great part-time gig at the coffee shop, and let’s not forget my three boyfriends.

But as the school year goes on, more trouble builds up. Our issues with the assistant principal grow more frequent, my mother’s secrets finally come tumbling out, and one fateful night lands me in a world of hurt. Will we be able to deal with all the stress, or will we end up in over our heads?

We can totally handle everything being thrown at us and make it to graduation, right? #AGirlCanDream #GoodbyeStressFreeSaturdays #WishUsLuck

Book 3 of the High School Clowns & Coffee Grounds Series

The High School Clowns & Coffee Grounds Series is a four-book WhyChoose/Reverse Harem series featuring MFMM meaning the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests.

This book contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, abuse, underage drinking, violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.


Book 5 of Heartbreak Falls Series…

Welcome to Heartbreak Falls…a town ruled by my new Stepfather’s family for centuries and where hearts come to break

With a name like Heartbreak Falls, one didn’t expect to find love at the new town I had moved to courtesy of my new stepfamily aka Mom’s new husband and his sons.
Something was up with my new rich stepfather, his sons, and what happened to their last stepmother. Something was up with the entire town, which my stepfamily seem to run. Along with the school where my stepbrothers reigned as cruel princes. All 3 of them were known as The Heartbreakers. Two were twins and my age, and then there was Tristan, the oldest. Gorgeous but god-awful hateful to me. What was up?

I was about to find out…if I lived long enough.

**Heartbreak Falls is a RH Dark Bully Romance and mystery for 18 and up. It is YA/NA and has themes of bullying and sex. If that’s fine with you, then dig in! Love Me Not is book 5 of 5 and contains a cliffhanger.

You are only worthy if you prove yourself to the family.

Being the granddaughter of a mafia king sounds like it would make for the easy life, but for Otsana Priamos, it’s the opposite. From a young age she was taught that survival and wit were everything, while her life was expendable.

Despite the damage done to her, Otsana manages to make a deal with her grandfather. Five years of freedom in exchange for her full loyalty. What the family doesn’t realize? She has no intention of going back, no matter the cost.

As luck would have it, she runs into her ex-boyfriend, one of the Adrostos triplets, and the other two are close behind. The trio is as sexy as sin and intent on owning her. Only she would leave one family to find another, just as dark and twisted as her own.

Sana finds herself in a dangerous game of submission as her relationship with the three deadly psychos promises to possess, worship, and dominate her in every way.

Sometimes you make a deal with the devil, but the devil always wins.

Damaged goods is a dark, mafia romance and is intended for audiences 18 and up. The content contains darker elements that some readers may find triggering.


Headlands Hospital’s hottest doctors. Brilliant. Good looking. And terribly off limits.

I went to the hospital with an aching… need.
And the handsome doctors made me all better with their big… instruments.
I want to show them my… gratitude.
But first I have make sure they don’t find out my father is their boss.
Or that I’m just finishing nursing school—and will start working with them next month.

As a Banshee, all I have ever known is how to punish my targets.

With one touch, I can see every evil thing my targets have done, which makes my job that much easier. I am not a monster though monster. I only kills those who truly deserve it. The type of people who would give you nightmares.

When the First Banshee gives me three special targets, I jumped at the opportunity to prove myself.

However, not everything is what it seems.

Touching Duke, Jett, Ryker is all it takes to bring my world crashing down around me. When everything I have ever known is up in the air, can I stand up for whats right? Or will I be the next victim?

I’m stuck between the Alpha and his brother, not able to choose. Maybe I don’t have to.

Watching my friend Wendi with her mates has been bittersweet. She deserves happiness, and I want her to have all the best in her life, but I’ve sat in limbo, wanting Samson from afar for years. He wants me but he says his priority is his pack. He doesn’t have time for a mate.

Until his twin brother Tris came back to town and started, well, for lack of a better term, started sniffing around me.

They both flirt. They both aggravate the fire out of me.
I want them both.

The thing is, the brothers aren’t technically on speaking terms. Worse than that, Samson banished Tris years ago for something nobody will explain to me. If he learns Tris is back, will he send him away again?

Not the best circumstances to broach the harem idea on them.

I’m torn and honestly, I don’t want to choose.

Torn is the 5th book in a paranormal reverse harem shifter series featuring members of the Midnight Alder Pack. This is the first volume of Christie’s story. It is a why choose werewolf romance with a slow burn buildup sure to make your toes curl. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy guarantees an HEA.


Dark delights. Wicked spells. Damned souls and spirits seeking revenge. On All Hallows’ Eve when the veil is thin, all manner of wicked souls come out to play.

Denizens of night dance in a frenzy. Stolen hearts beat like the pounding of a thousand drums. The rhythm of love vies with the rhyme of magic and the melody of mischief.

Do you want to join in?

Get your copy today and devour these reverse harem romance stories by today’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling and hot new authors. They’ll shake your soul, rattle your heart, and satisfy your darkest desires.

In the darkness lie all things tantalizing, enthralling, and even wicked. Come see what others sold their soul to gain. This collection will take you by the hand and hold you in its grip deep into the night. Every story will leave you breathless and wanting more.

But beware, once you turn the page, you’ll never want to stop.

Join demons, devils, shifters, witches, wayward souls and more in these amazing reverse harem romances, where no one gets left out.

Why choose when you can have it all?

40+ reverse harem romances to tempt your dark side.


The Phoenix has Risen. Things are getting hot.

The quint is aligned and as much as I hoped life would simplify once the five of us mated… it’s a big ‘Hells No’ on that.
Don’t get me wrong, the guys are great, with me, with each other. Sexy sparks are flying in every direction and having a front-row seat is enough to ignite me into flames—even if I wasn’t a mythical firebird.

Now we need to get ahead of the chaos coming at us. Open the portal. Unite the realms. Everyone lives happily-ever-after.

But not everyone is as on board as they pretend. Who do we trust? Who’s working against us? As we get closer to our goal, the opposing forces level up their attempts to keep us from fulfilling our destiny. Is it the Council? The Black Knight? Someone in the upper levels of the Fae Concealment Office? Whoever it is, they must be stopped before someone I love gets killed.

* This is book four in a steamy reverse harem paranormal romance series. Expect sexy polyamorous situations (mmmfm), rollicking action, ongoing storylines, and shifter lovers who find what they need from not only their queen but each other as well. Med-burn, med angst, vivid sexual content, and language.*



I have done everything in my power to get him to break his veneer of outward control: ruffled panties, frilly stalkings, and a girly voice sweeter than my cherry perfume when I comply with his orders.

I have never worked this hard for a man in my life.

Who turns down a girl desperate and begging for it?

Just who is Slade Danvers?

When Sadie Heron meets Slade Danvers on a dating app, she’s surprised at how much she has in common with a man twice her age. Done with his playboy ways, Slade Danvers is ready to settle down with someone unconnected to the sordid life of the club he owns. Sadie is his perfect woman.

Sadie, however, would rather explore all Slade’s world has to offer than settle down. Despite his best efforts to protect her from its hidden dangers, Sadie finds herself at the center of the club’s intrigue. Can Slade keep his heart safe as Sadie chooses who and what she wants?

Author’s Note: dual-POV, DD/lg dynamic, age-gap, bisexual romance, why choose?, HFN ending.

For those of you unfamiliar with the terms DD/lg, this is where the role of the dominate in the relationship takes a caregiver role (Daddy) and the submissive takes on a younger roleplay.

**This is Book 2 in the Dragon Plague Chronicles and contains spoilers for Book 1: The Exile**

The prophesy says that in order to save the world, I have to find my five. Let’s see how that’s going, shall we?

Bentock: my disturbed, dangerous and newly burned and turned dragon shifter. He made me his and then pulled a disappearing act – though that might have been a good thing given the reaction of the other three!

Merthyr: my sweet, steady warrior. He’s worried about the grey hairs in his beard and the years of dents in his worn armor. All I can see is a missing piece of my heart.

Anforth: the only way to describe this gorgeous guy is “hard to get”. I know he’s one of my guys – he’s got the brand. But he hasn’t had the dreams and isn’t about to give in easily.

Llyr: my first, my love, my rock. But he’s been captured and I fear the worst. My dreams are telling me that he’s being held captive in the one place I can’t go. Elvenhome. Possibly the most dangerous city in the world for this exiled princess.

And the fifth? Who knows. A blurred face is all I have to go on. But as we set out to save Llyr, I’m hoping my visit to Elvenhome will reveal hidden parts of the prophesy. That’s if we can get there before the Dragon Plague does.

The Prisoner is Book Two of the Dragon Plague Chronicles – a Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy Romance trilogy. A strong heroine who knows what she wants, and multiple guys who’re more than happy to give it to her! This is a why choose romance – an HEA guaranteed – eventually. Explicit 18+ scenes, medium burn and plenty of heat. The series will include a little light M/M and F/F in later books.

I did it. I ended my battle with my past.

Now I have to help Holder overcome his.

His father is as bad as they come. Selling women and children to the highest bidder. I can’t let that happen, not while I have a seat at the Saupoudrer Family table.

They might bury their heads in the sand and let him commit these vile acts, but I’m the angel of justice, and with my men at my side, I will rain hell on him and anyone that supports him.

Will Holder withstand the fight coming our way, or will years of being under his father’s thumb be too much for my damaged man?

I’m Ayida Underhill, and this is my messed up life.

This book contains strong language, sexual situations, violence, death, and reverse harem relationship. It also mentions past physical and emotional abuse. Recommended for 18+

A bond shadowed by a terrible secret. A doomed woman, fighting her own nature. Five men, enemies in the battle for her heart, allies in their struggle to protect her.

Once, I fell in love with three werewolves. I thought we could be happy together. But it was not meant to be. The secret of my existence shattered me and separated me from my werewolf soulmates.

Now, I have no choice but to turn to Daimon and Roman, to protect me and to protect everyone from the threat I pose. But can they really do it?

I’ve committed a terrible crime. I am a demon and a thief, and for that, I have to pay the price. My worst enemy still lives inside me, and she will stop at nothing to take her life back.

Huntress Cursed is a why choose dark romance, a story of enemies-to-lovers, unlikely allies, and romance found in all the wrong places. Demons, werewolves, and vampires will compete for the heart and body of our heroine, and there will be some m/m romance to spice it up further. But this is truly a demonic story, so read at your own risk.


From the first day I arrived, I knew the Nightworld Academy held secrets. Now, I’ve discovered I’m the greatest secret.

My time with the Blackwoods opened my eyes to a frightening side of the new world I belong to. The night brought me closer to Tobias, but now he’s discovered a hidden connection that tears us apart. My reality turns upside down for the second time since I arrived at the academy and my visions become more horrific.

Ash’s strength and Jamie’s empathy help me cope with the shattering news, and we begin to uncover more of the truth. My relationship with Andrei remains intense, and we have an issue to confront that’s followed us from the first day. And however big the divide between myself and Tobias, he has a role in my life that neither of us can avoid.

Theodora’s response to our latest discovery isn’t what we expected, and I’m shocked when the academy remains open and she announces the final challenge. Can the head professor’s attempt to bring the houses together succeed, or are darker forces at work that she can’t control?

With Petrescu students behaving strangely, the conflict between the witches and vampires intensifies. And as Gilgamesh’s strongest shifters leave campus for secret meetings, Ash discovers that our world could be threatened by more than the Dominion.

An attack on the academy is imminent, but we don’t know precisely when. If my magic is more central to the situation than I realised, we need to act fast to save the academy and students.

But my biggest fear isn’t that my magic might fail—I’m terrified that someone I love will die.

Nightworld Academy: Term Six is the sixth book in the paranormal academy series from USA Today bestselling author LJ Swallow. If you love a fierce heroine who learns to accept her life, delicious guys who love and protect her, and a supernatural academy world filled with magic, mystery, romance and danger, one-click out the books today. This series is a slow burn YA/NA reverse harem and must be read in order.

When I arrived in Alaska, I thought I signed up for a simple IT job.

I didn’t think I’d have to create a massive magic spell with my funky witchy powers – for a village of sea dragons, no less.

But here I am. Surrounded by my family’s mortal enemies, trying to learn spells most five-year-olds can perform, and getting flustered over guys who turn into mythical beings.

The worst thing: I don’t even mind that much. Because as terrifying as this new world is,  these three men make it worthwhile.

With every look, every touch, every kiss, I get more addicted.

Until the moment my old life catches up with me, bringing dangers I never saw coming. Everything I’ve worked to build might shatter with one false move.

Unless I figure out how to be the witch I was meant to be.

Ensnared is a reverse harem paranormal romance, the second book in the Sea Dragons of Amber Bay trilogy. Skye’s story continues in this thrilling sequel. Order your copy today!

One half of a whole.
That’s what I always thought I’d be.
Being an identical twin, I always believed I had that to rely on. I thought wrong.
Losing half of that whole left me feeling like I had nothing.
It crippled me.
Almost destroyed me.
And left me with an aching heart, a slew of questions, and a need for revenge so strong I could almost taste it on my tongue.
My name is Gem Stone. My twin’s name was Gin. We might have looked like the same person, but we were not. Divorce and a disgusting mother forced us apart at a young age, and a horrible family kept us that way.
Still, we remained best friends—or so I thought.
When you lose the other half to your whole, the other half of your soul, you lose everything.
But I wasn’t ready to give up everything, even when I felt like I was dead inside.
My twin kept a secret from me. One that changed everything and made me look at her in a whole different light.
I ache for answers to my questions, and I find salvation where I shouldn’t. Mostly, I crave some type of vengeance. Something, anything, to make me feel better about what I’ve lost.

One half of a whole.
That’s what I always thought I’d be.
Being an identical twin, I always believed I had that to rely on. I thought wrong.
Losing half of that whole left me feeling like I had nothing.
It crippled me.
Almost destroyed me.
And left me with an aching heart, a slew of questions, and a need for revenge so strong I could almost taste it on my tongue.
My name is Gem Stone. My twin’s name was Gin. We might have looked like the same person, but we were not. Divorce and a disgusting mother forced us apart at a young age, and a horrible family kept us that way.
Still, we remained best friends—or so I thought.
When you lose the other half to your whole, the other half of your soul, you lose everything.
But I wasn’t ready to give up everything, even when I felt like I was dead inside.
My twin kept a secret from me. One that changed everything and made me look at her in a whole different light.
I ache for answers to my questions, and I find salvation where I shouldn’t. Mostly, I crave some type of vengeance. Something, anything, to make me feel better about what I’ve lost.

What You Deserve is a 100,000+ word m/f/m contemporary book for readers 18 and up.


Description to come soon!!

War came to the Wastelands and blood and death followed. The Cities will stop at nothing to take what is ours, even if it brings us to the brink of extinction once again.

With many dead or dying, it is my duty to make the ultimate sacrifice to save us all.

My name is Worth, The Champion, Berserker Queen…

This is my ending.

Long live the Berserker Queen.

Long live The Nations!

Cover and book description to come.

Estimated to release in the fall of 2020, but if I can get it out sooner, I certainly will!

Go ahead and preorder the second installment of this exciting, Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance that brings a whole new meaning to the term “fast burn.” Chock-full of fast cars and sexy men, burning rubber and cruising right into your heart.

I’ve found allies in the unlikeliest of places…

I didn’t choose the Protectors Academy, it chose me. And that’s despite who and what I am. My magic has bonded with two of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen and I’ve found friends through a secret underground group helping my kind.

Yet, I’m hunted. Keeping ahead of my pursuers is taking a toll on me and my men, who risk losing their place among the ruling families. As our magic-bonded group expands, unseen forces attempt to rip us apart.

The preparations for the first years’ battle trial have begun and while training has been going well, I’m surrounded by enemies. The only thing keeping me going is the knowledge that my men and I have chosen each other and together we’re going to face whatever comes. No matter what.

Reverse Harem Academy readers will want to scroll up and one-click to this action-packed, mystery-filled steamy romance.

Publisher’s Note: Protectors Academy: Sparking Magic is a full-length reverse harem supernatural fantasy academy series with magic and steam meant for mature readers.

They’ll force me to play their game.
And make me pay the price for my defiance.

I thought I knew how to handle arrogant cruel bully boys.
But that was before I met them:

Dom, Chase, and Silas.

They were like Greek gods come to life:
Beautiful, irresistible, and vindictively cruel.

Together, they rule the halls of Redwood Academy with impunity.
They had the money, the fame, and most importantly: the power.

The power to do whatever they want to whoever they want.
And I’m their new target.

I thought I left all that BS back at Montlake.
But they’re about to teach me that the West Coast play by different rules.

They’re about to teach me that I’m out of my element.
That I have to play their game.
That I have to obey their rules.

But most importantly:

They’ll make me pay the price for my defiance.

Cruel Boys is a dark high school enemies to lovers RH with bully themes. This is the first book of five in the Elites of Redwood Academy series. Contains cursing, sexual situations, and scenes that some may find triggering.

THUNDER MOON ASCENDING is the last book of the “Lupine Hollow Academy” trilogy by International Bestselling Author Quinn Arthurs.

I never expected I’d be the girl who brought a culture to its knees.

Lupine Hollow is divided and it’s all my fault. My transformation, my mere presence within its walls, have torn apart centuries of history and beliefs.

After revealing my newly found powers to protect my pack I have painted yet another target on my back.

It’s impossible to tell where the threat is coming from – or if more than one person has my destruction on their mind.

But they’re not just coming after me anymore – they’re coming for the dear friends I have made and the child I am goddess-bound to protect.

Will I be able to ascend to the destiny that Selene has hinted at and protect all of those I’ve come to care for? Or will the light of the Thunder Moon bring a storm I can’t survive?

THUNDER MOON ASCENDING is a full-length novel. This book is a reverse harem novel and Pixie’s harem includes both males and a female. There is no cheating.

The future of Wonderland is in our hands…

We won the war, but now isn’t the time to celebrate.

The Spade Kingdom still doesn’t have magic. The Diamond Kingdom is without a ruler. It turns out defeating the enemy isn’t the most difficult challenge in a war.

As the Vorpal, it’s my responsibility to save Wonderland. But I know I can’t do it alone. With six partners, friends, new and old, and a family I never knew, I won’t have to. We must unite the Kingdoms.

Can we restore Wonderland to its former glory? Only Time will tell…

The Queens of Wonderland is the third and final book in the Blue in Wonderland Series, a Fantasy Reverse Harem Alice in Wonderland retelling. This book is advised for readers 18+ that enjoy strong language, some dark themes, and sexual content, including FF and MM.

Vampires. Witches. Blood Sacrifices. What else could a princess ask for?

Humans are no longer the ruling class on the planet. Instead they are relegated to blood slaves to the vampires who reign in humanity’s stead.

Vampires like me.

Under our rule, the world drips with blood and echoes with screams.

I’m discontent, however, without answers regarding the past despite the fact that I, Elsie Crauford, am the uncontested heir to the vampiric throne.

With the help of the blood witches, Draven and Crowe, as well as my human pet, Sebastian, I will discover the truth of my species’ origin and the history of the world — no matter what the cost.

But those who created this dark world are not willing to see their own power ebb, and dangers lurk that even a vampire should fear under this Reign of Nightmares.

**18+ Reverse Harem Dark Vampire Story
***This book may contain scenes that some readers may find triggering.

One more can’t hurt, right?

I might have lost the first season of Lovely Agony, but I won in three very important ways:


Our four-way relationship satisfies me in every way a woman could want, except one. I’m still no Hollywood actress. But the second season of Painful Love may bring me one step closer to reaching that dream. Except it also threatens my newfound life with my three magnificent lovers.

When I meet Liam, it’s like the stars have aligned. He may not be rich or famous, but he is one thing none of my men can claim: Liam is just like me. We watch the same movies, daydream about the same goals, and talk for hours about nothing. 

Not to mention he gives drop-dead sexy a run for its money.

It seems fate has just thrown my soulmate at me, and the timing couldn’t be worse. But while I suddenly find myself juggling four men, Liam’s not the only new man seeking my attention. 

Finding out you’re an illegal dragon shifter is bad. Getting thrown in supernatural prison? So much worse.

When Trouble Garcia accidentally sets London ablaze, she’s immediately taken to Blacktower Prison, the secret supernatural prison beneath the Tower of London, where her innocent pleas go unheeded. Trouble doesn’t have a single memory from before the inferno, but the wardens don’t care—especially not the cruel Ravenmaster.

Thrown into a cell block full of dangerous shifters and deadly magic, Trouble has one chance to reduce her life sentence: unleash her dragon so the Ravenmaster can clip her wings. But no matter how many towers he throws her from, no wings burst out of her back, and no horns grow from her head.

The Ravenmaster thinks she’s stalling. But Trouble’s starting to suspect she’s not a dragon at all.

And if she doesn’t unravel the truth soon, she’ll end up dead—or worse.

Blacktower Prison for Supernaturals is a magical prison series, with a tough heroine and the sexy shifter mates who vow to keep her safe—not to mention the gravelly voice in Trouble’s head who knows her too well, and the darkly alluring Overseer determined to unearth her secrets.

This book is medium burn, with moderate heat, and multiple love interests. 50,000 words.

I couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon. Well, I could have done without cutting it short to save Nogalia. Turns out, being a dragon is pretty cool, but when I lose my ability to shift I discover I’m pregnant, which means that I will soon bea ble to break Nogalia’s curse. Hopefully. But what exactly will happen? And how does a tiny papercut that seems miraculous at first bring about such awful consequences? Can I really fix Nogalia for good? Or will my magic not be enough?
This is the third and final installment in the four betrothals series and you won’t want to miss it!

This is a reverse harem romance novel intended for audiences 18+.

Eternal: having infinite duration—

Such as one’s ability to reincarnate.

Unless you’re a sh*t-stirring succubus on a time crunch.

Then, the endless expanse of your life is a suffocating yolk around your neck.

Luckily, it’s sprinkled with new friends, strange experiences, and a trip to the human store called Wal-Mart.

Followed by a trip to jail.

It’s just another school day in the life of the world’s naughtiest succubus.



Time can be a real bitch to figure out between different realms, parallel ones, and so forth.  I try to calculate where that places me in reference to my mates, but my mind can’t compute the differences.

“An alternate universe?”

“Indeed.  You say you’re from Liminal Academy?  This is Extra University,” Merlin supplies.

“Extra University?” I parrot.

“Yes.  Here, we call ourselves ‘Extras’ instead of ‘Liminals’, but the premise is the same.  In fact, I’m sure you will find many similarities between your realm and this one.”

“I’m actually banging the headmaster in my realm,” I point out dryly and Merlin chokes on his pipe.

After clearing his throat, Merlin throws me a wicked grin.

“I’m flattered, but I’m tied to my magic and mistress,” he refuses, taking my announcement as an invitation.


Liminal Academy is a three-book reverse harem series that will chronicle the story of Lilith and Chiron, originally seen in The Afflicted Zodiac, but also will introduce new, sexy characters.  It is not required to read The Afflicted Zodiac to read those in this series.  This final book in the series also has Baba Yaga from Mate Date and will introduce characters for the book A Vampire In Camelot (not yet released).  Again, it is not necessary to read these books.  Eternal (Liminal Academy 3) is RH, fast-burn, and contains language and scenes for readers 18+.  It is the prelude to Moon’s series, The Gemstone Prophesies, which is not yet released. 

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