Reverse Harem Anthologies & Collections – Part 1

Hello lovlies! I have another reader request for us. It will feature current anthologies, collections, and a couple pre-orders. They are considered current due to the fact that some anthologies become discontinued after a period of time. These will not be trope specific other than they will have RH stories in them, but I cannot guarantee all of the stories within each collection will be RH. These are all fantastic because they give us readers a chance to find new authors to read. It also gives us a chance to find new authors we might not wish to read. A double edge sword. I enjoy them because I do not have to download a bunch of samples. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

Unleash the beast within!

Fall in love with shifters stalking through the moonlit heat of a summer night.

Join the hunt as these shifters slide through the shadows unseen, stalk their enemies, pursue their loves, and take down their prey.

Sink your teeth into 20+ stories of hot city streets, steamy tropical jungles, pack politics, and fated mates as the heroines and heroines embrace their inner animals.

Fans of Dannika Dark, Terry Bolryder, Celia Kyle, Eva Chase, and T.S. Joyce will love this sizzling collection of shifter tales!

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Midsummer Night Shifts features the following authors:
Lacey Carter Andersen
Jocelyn Dex
Jen Ponce
Joanna Mazurkiewicz
Kat Parrish
Margo Bond Collins
Niobe Marsh
Kat Parrish
Mandy Melanson
Krista Ames
Elvira Bathory
J. A. Cummings
Lexi Ostrow
Ivy Hearne
Imani L. Hawkins
Tracey H. Kitts
Cassie Leigh
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Eve L. Mitchell
Tricia Schneider
Zoey Xolton
R.L. Wilson


When it comes to romance, everyone could use a fairy godmother once in a while. Or at least a magic wand.

This hot new collection of fairy tale retellings has it all—enchanting Regency ballrooms, demon-infested forests, billionaire-controlled boardrooms, and dark alien planets. And all our fairy tales come with a twist.

Our heroes and heroines will take you to the depths of hell and the top of the castle’s spire as they move from Once upon a time to Happily ever after.

Featuring a variety of romantic subgenres—contemporary, historical, paranormal, science fiction, reverse harem, and more—these retellings will satisfy your cravings for every style of fairy tale romance, whether you like it sweet or steamy, slow-burn or fast.

Get this hot new collection of fairy tale retellings from the best, new, and up-and-coming voices in romance.

Scroll up and one-click now to preorder and reserve your copy now!

Six authors, bringing you a diverse collection of Mafia stories that are dripping with guns, drugs, sex, and violence!

All SIX, never been released stories, will leave you on the edge of your seat, begging for more.

Climb the ladders of The Family Business or say hello to Uncle Lenny when you swim with the fishes.

An exclusive early look inside 20 of the hottest upcoming reverse harem books!

Shifters and demons, witches and fae—A Taste of Magic contains over 300 pages of exclusive advance scenes from some of the most highly anticipated paranormal and fantasy reverse harem novels of 2020! Catch up with your favorite characters or discover new worlds in these extended sneak peeks. You won’t find the excerpts anywhere else until the full books are released.

Enjoy magic, thrills, and steam in scenes from these 20 upcoming books by bestselling RH authors:

Eva Chase – the first in a new urban fantasy series
H.A. Wills – the upcoming fourth book in The Bound Spirit Series
Ivy Asher & Raven Kennedy – the upcoming third book in the Hellgate Guardians series
Auryn Hadley – the first in a new paranormal romance trilogy
Meg Xuemei X – the upcoming second book in the Dark Fae Kings series
Albany Walker – the upcoming second book in the Friends with the Monsters series
Ann Denton – the upcoming second book in the Pinnacle series
Erica Woods – the upcoming second book in the Feral Souls trilogy
Harper Wylde – the upcoming second book in The Veil Keeper series
M. Sinclair – the upcoming second book in The Wronged series
Debbie Cassidy – the upcoming fourth book in the Deadside Reaper series
Karpov Kinrade & Evan Gaustad – the upcoming third book in The Last Witch trilogy.
Rhea Watson – a new paranormal romance standalone novel
Elizabeth Briggs – a standalone book in the Her Elemental Dragons series
Jacquelyn Faye – the upcoming seventh book in the Lovin’ the Coven series
A.K. Koonce – the first in a new paranormal shifter series
Cate Corvin – the upcoming third book in the Razing Hell trilogy
Katie May – a new paranormal bully/revenge standalone novel
Serena Akeroyd – a new paranormal romance standalone novel
Ava Mason – the upcoming second book in the Forbidden Fates series

Why wait? Download A Taste of Magic to get your paranormal and fantasy RH fix started now!

*This anthology is intended to be a FREE exclusive early look inside the books—these are not complete stories. Regional availability may vary, dependent on price-matching.*


Corruption and deception, mixed with little redemption;

It’s the code most of us live by and the same code we’ll likely die by.
Once you enter this world, there’s no going back.

Come join these 16 authors as they release mayhem on the immoral underground and the notorious criminal masterminds that reign there.

Some stories send you back into familiar territories, while others throw you into new adventures.
One thing’s for sure- this won’t be the last time you’ll play with these demons!

From elite mafia ties to deadly cartel crews and even dangerous motorcycle clubs, there is sure to be a baddie for you in this law-breaking collection.

Authors include; N.K. Stackhouse, A.J. Macey, Suki Williams, Krista Ames, N.J. Adel, Chiquita Dennie, LA Fox, Bee Murray, Mandy Melanson/ Elle Ryan, Bian Allwright, Lashe Lacroix, Elvira Bathory, Brooke Summers, Victoria Gale, DJ Shaw, K.R. Max

 Fall in love with this paw-some collection of 12 shifter romances.

From spell-binding romances to heart pounding adventures, there’s something for everyone in this collection of paranormal and urban fantasy romances. Whether you want to challenge the alpha, fall for the bear, or fly with the dragon, you can find it all within these pages. 

This set includes full-length books by:

  • New York Times Bestselling Author Felicity Heaton
  • USA Today Bestselling Authors Keira Blackwood & Liza Street
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Ann Gimpel
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Greenwood
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Skye MacKinnon
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Rivard
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Arizona Tape
  • J.A. Belfield
  • Ophelia Bell
  • Marie-Claude Bourque
  • T.K. Eldridge
  • Kate Rudolph

Click today to take advantage of this limited time collection.


These sexy aliens will stop at nothing to claim their mates—including abducting them!

When hot, hunky aliens need to find a mate, they know right where to look: Earth. But let’s face it, not all Earth girls are easy. We prefer our guys—even our alien guys—to put in some serious effort. Good thing human men make it easy for them.

Don’t miss your chance to binge-read this burning-hot collection of alien abduction-turned-seduction tales by New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Fans of Grace Goodwin, Ruby Dixon, Linnea Sinclair, Laurann Dohner, and Evangeline Anderson will adore this collection of over 25 short alien abduction romances.

Scroll up and one-click now for exciting aliens and their human captives!

Featuring stories by:

Christine Pope
Skye MacKinnon
Sabine Kane
Ashlyn Hawkes
Jade Waltz
Lucee Joie
Emma Cole
Piper Fox
Sadie Marks
Ella Maven
Emma Alisyn
Margo Bond Collins
Maggie Alabaster
Cass Alex
Emma Alisyn
Ashley Amy
Quirah Casey
Libby Campbell
Tiegan Clyne
Alyssa Daring
Luna Jade
Meghyn King
Neveah Lux-Syn
Michelle Mcloughney
E.J. Powell
Eva Priest
C.L. Riley
Ava Ross
Tricia Schneider
Aria Starling
Dany Stone
Lexi Velvet
Star Wing
Luna Wren
Edeline Wrigh

Get hexed, handcuffed, and held prisoner!

You’ll be captivated by this collection of supernatural prison stories—full of paranormal penitentiaries, magical asylums, enchanting reformatories and otherworldly juvenile detention centers where inmates, prisoners, and the criminally insane are held captive with enough strength to bind even the most powerful.

Within these walls, you’ll find witches, vampires, shifters, fae, wizards, warlocks, and more magically incarcerated creatures, some struggling to escape, and all fighting to just to survive.

Scroll up and one-click your copy today!

Come and join these authors as they spin the stories of the fae.
Everyone will be enchanted with these faeful love stories.

Pre-order OR Live Release:

Eighteen stories full of hope and love.Participating authors include:Coralee June (me), Carrie Gray, Mary Martel, Lili Black, EM Moore, Rinna Ford, Catherine Banks, Jarica James, Suki Williams, Samantha Bea, Rose Alexander, Bo Reid, Jodie Szarmach, Elle Joraco, May Dawson, Darcy Ray, AJ Macey , Katie May, Quinn Arthurs, Joanne Ganci, Jenee Robinson, Chrissy Jaye, CR JaneThis anthology is in memory of Josie McIntyre, who was an avid softball player who was tragically lost too young. All proceeds for this anthology will go toward a scholarship fund in her memory.

Add it to your Goodreads TBR:


What happens when terrifyingly dangerous paranormals get out of control?
Havoc and destruction, that’s what. Carnage is all that is left in their wake.
They are The Hunted.
Hunted by a select few known only as the paranormal bounty hunters.
Will these hunters catch their prey,
or will the paranormals run free thus letting chaos ensue?
Get your copy of Hunted and find out.

This is a multi-genre anthology that comes with a trigger warning and the stories may end on a cliffhanger.
Please be aware before reading

BBB publishings presents A Modern Fairytale Anthology. Immerse yourself in a collection of fantastical fairytales retold with a modern twist. From your beloved favorites to a few tales long since forgotten, fall down the rabbit hole to discover worlds of fantasy, intrigue, and romance as we reinvent them like you’ve never seen before.


Love has never been so hot.

From urban fantasy with a dollop of romance, to spicy paranormal love stories, Flame’s Embrace has it all. Featuring stories from May Sage, Seanan McGuire, Meg Anne & Kel Carpenter, Bec McMaster, Amanda Pillar, Emigh Cannaday, Kim Faulks, Heather Long & Rebecca Royce, Grace McGinty, TJ Nichols, Ripley Proserpina, Vivienne Savage, Bam Shepherd and Mila Young. This Australian Bushfire Charity collection will keep you up all night long.

All profits will go toward an Australian Bushfire Charity, to help support communities and wildlife that were severely impacted by the Australian Bushfires at the start of 2020. Funding is still required, and many animals and people lost their lives to this devastating event.

Anon·​y·​mous – lacking recognizability

There are certain groups where being anonymous is truly coveted. Those wishing to fulfill their deepest desires through sex games and kink without the burden of names and faces. Join this group of anonymous authors as they take you into the dark underground world of BDSM, in the sexiest anthology to be released.

Voodoo and black magic has always been part of the mythical lure of New Orleans. Join us on a journey through the historic French Quarter where shamans and the spirit of Marie Laveux linger. Four mysterious and thrilling stories from eight authors guaranteed to send a chill up your spine.

Dark Shadows 2 represents the culmination of the second “Authors on a Train” experience led by Zach Bohannon and J. Thorn—a writers’ retreat beginning with an overnight train ride from Chicago to New Orleans and ending with a five-day residence in the French Quarter where authors collaborated on stories inspired by the history and culture of the Crescent City.

All proceeds donated to Covenant House New Orleans, a shelter and safe place for homeless young people.

For more information visit

Not everyone is afraid of the dark—some excel there. 

Wicked witches, fierce Fae, and unclaimed angels delight outside the light in a collection that will steal your breath and your heart. 

Brave the Fire Kingdom, seek revenge, and rebel against cruel destinies in one thrilling adventure after the next.

Curses cannot stop our fiery heroines. Witness cutthroat new tales from today’s bestselling and hot new authors. 

Fight the night with us, and one-click today.

Growing up as a shifter, you are always taught that finding your mate is an amazing thing.
What happens though when your mate rejects you?
When you don’t get that happily ever after you’ve always dreamed of?
Will fate somehow bring your souls together or will you forever be alone?

(Shorter Anthology)

Growing up as a shifter, you are always taught that finding your mate is an amazing thing.
What happens though when your mate rejects you?
When you don’t get that happily ever after you’ve always dreamed of?
Will fate somehow bring your souls together or will you forever be alone?

This anthology will have new and continued stories from A Twisted Rejection Part One. This anthology comes with a trigger warning and some stories may end on a cliffhanger.

(Shorter Anthology)

Dark Hollow Lake isn’t your ordinary resort town. Beneath the murky waters and hidden within the mountainous forests, there are more secrets buried in Dark Hollow Lake than anyone has ever cared to uncover. Until Now….

Join Cruel Ink Publishing on a vacation to Dark Hollow Lake, Tennessee.
10 Authors. 10 thrilling novellas. All taking place in our not-so-quaint resort town.
Come for the ski slopes and beautiful lakeside cabins. Stay for the murder, mystery, and mayhem.

Included in Dark Hollow Lake: Collection One,
Dance of the Mourning Cloak by CJ Warrant
Ossified Vestiges by Jennie L. Morris
The Descent by William Joseph
Knock Twice for Yes by Casia Courtier
The Demon Rite by H.N. Donnelly
Wolf Moon by Melinda Terranova – RH for sure
Killer at Dark Hollow Lake by K. Moore
Deep Waters by Brigitte Ann Thomas
Iris Viola by Pasithea Chan
The Legend of La Lechuza Part One by Krystle Able

Fall in love with shapeshifters in the autumn!

While the air turns colder, the leaves start to fall, and the world prepares for winter, these shifters are busy finding their mates and falling in love.

More than 20 amazing shapeshifter stories from the hottest New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling authors to keep you warm this fall!

Fans of Lisa Ladew, Dannika Dark, Milly Taiden, and Terry Bolryder will adore these paranormal and fantasy tales of what shifters do when it gets a little chilly outside.

Scroll up and one-click now for the best in shifter fiction!

Falling for Shifters features stories by:

Lacey Carter Andersen
Thea Atkinson
Margo Bond Collins
Elizabeth Dunlap
Niobe Marsh
Kat Parrish
Zoey Xolton
Sapphire Winters
Tiegan Clyne
Meghyn King
M.T. Finnberg
Arya Karin
Elvira Bathory
Samantha Bell
S. Cinders
J.E. Cluney
J. A. Cummings
Godiva Glenn
Lillia Hunter
Erin Lee
Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Michelle Mcloughney
Sharon Rose Mayes
Becky Murray
Krystal Pena
Athena Phoenix
Amy Proebstel
D.A. Stein
Ella Stone
Rita Stradling
Laurie Treacy
J. P. Uvalle
Star Wing

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