August Reverse Harem Release Calendar

Hey all! Welcome to the August Reverse Harem Release Calendar. Standard calendar hoopla: Please keep in mind the following dates are tentative. Authors may change dates at any time, for any reason. I will do my best to correct them as they change, but life/work interrupts. Blurbs are verbatim from Amazon. If I missed a new release, tell me! I will get it added asap. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

NOTE: Amazon has been messing up/glitching pre-orders. This is causing some pre-orders to be cancelled, readers refunded, and the authors having to do a live release instead! FYI.


Ready for a modern girl’s road to unconventional romance after 40?

It starts with:

  •  Over 40, BBW trying to find balance
  •  DILF Veterinarian into some heavy petting
  •  Yummy Chef who knows how to turn up the heat in the kitchen, and
  •  Sexy Rock Star trying to find his rhythm

When Real Life challenges you to write your own story…

     Josie always dreamed of following in Jane Austen’s footsteps. Instead, she’s surrounded by snarky queens, sullen teens, and stuck in a retail job that’s sucking her dry. With her dream of a writing career and her professional life at a standstill, her best friend suggests (ok, nags) that what she needs is to turn up the heat with some new inspiration… especially if that includes filling her dance card with more than one sexy, eligible man at a time.

Could it be that maybe a modern girl needs a Quartet to thrive? Here’s what happens when Josie decides that she’s not such a plain Jane after all….

Corsets and Quarts is a medium burn, unconventional romance meant for readers 18+, where sometimes the best relationships are the ones in which we don’t choose to settle for one love.

4 Big Reverse Harem Stories.

Vampires, Magic Princes, sexy Merman and steamy Genies. Oh, my!

Taken by the Vampires
She’s ours, but she doesn’t know it. She wants to leave. We can’t let that happen. We’re never letting her go.

Saved by the Princes
I had to wonder about my sanity when I was coerced to try out for a reality TV show called “If the Shoe Fits.” That should have been my first warning. My second warning should have been when I was the only girl whose foot actually fit the shoe amongst all of the stunning beauties. There wasn’t a third warning.

The Mermen’s Captive
Dumped at the altar by Douchebag Derrick, I decided my best course of action was to go on the Hornbag Honeymoon cruise of a lifetime – alone. What the hell was I thinking?

Aladina and the Four Genies
What’s a street-wise thief to do when she’s blackmailed by an evil palace guard over-lord into a magical cave and stumbles on not one, but four genies?

If you like sassy heroines, why-choose romances, sexy heroes and glasses-fogging steamy scenes you’ll love Reverse Harem Heaven. No sleep warning: Once started, readers report inability to stop reading late at night

Who knew it’d be hard to start new when you’re on the hook for murder?

Someone’s out to get me in Midpark. They want to make me look bad, guilty of a crime I didn’t commit. The only question right now is who could play the game better than all of us?

The truth is set to come out. Things are going to get worse before they get better, and soon more blood will be shed in Midpark. The puppet master wants to make me look bad, but anything he does only brings me closer to my guys—to Dante and Vaughn. Even Jacob.

Archer? I might forgive him for what he did. Maybe.

Someone in Midpark is wearing a mask. By the time I find out who it is, it might just be too late.

**Reckless is the third and final book in the Midpark High trilogy. There are steamy scenes, along with multiple love interests. This trilogy gets darker as the series goes on.**

I’m a hybrid witch born with the forbidden ability to wield all schools of magic. My family successfully hid me for years, but last week I accidentally and publicly raised the dead. 

Now I’m facing time at Ravenhold supernatural reform academy.

Ravenhold detains dangerous juvenile offenders on a remote island, where their magic is useless and escape impossible. The authorities call this a reform school, but the supernatural world knows the truth. Ravenhold is a paranormal prison.

Dorian Blackwood rules over the vampires, shifters and witches in the academy’s halls. As the only vampire-witch hybrid in existence, he has unparalleled supernatural abilities and few people dare confront the cruel and charming savage.

But the academy’s two other powerful hybrids want his crown. His main rival, Zeke, is a shifter hybrid whose laidback manner hides a vicious streak. And Ethan, the mysterious dragon shifter with witch magic, wants Dorian deposed too. 

As the new hybrid at the academy, I’m dragged straight into the middle of their power struggle. Even though I’m drawn to the three guys, I want to keep away from the violence and politics. 

I have a bigger problem.

The academy’s enchantment should suppress all magic, but mine keeps spilling out, and other residents are beginning to notice. I make a plan: keep my head down, attend the classes, and hope for an early release from this supernatural prison. 

Until somebody tells me people never leave.

And those who escape onto the island are never seen again.

My future could involve a deal with the three dangerous men who have the ability to either help or kill me.

Witch Born is the first book in the Ravenhold series from USA Today bestselling author LJ Swallow. The stories are set in a supernatural reform academy with deliciously dangerous guy and a badass heroine who won’t bow to anyone. Ravenhold is a slow burn, enemies to lovers reverse harem romance.

When life hands you lemons, why not swap them with limes and make margaritas with your four sexy Mediterranean soul mates?

I’m Mira Krom and all I wanted was a to be a chef, but in New York I was living week-to-week and struggling to pay the bills. My life was enough of a mess to make me a random job offer from a stranger in a bar.

Now I’m the new chef at a gorgeous luxury resort, and the centre of attention among the four incredibly hot, wealthy, Mediterranean men who own the place: Gino, Theo, Elias and Helio.

Weirder still… somehow they are connected to the steamy dreams I’ve always had of Ancient Greece.

My new life feels perfect in so many ways… but something strange is going on here, and it’s not only the stalkerish presents my ex, Cliff, keeps sending me. There are chills in the air and I have the feeling I’m being watched.

I’ve never believed in past lives or soul mates or ghosts or any of that stuff, but here I am, faced with phenomena I just can’t explain.

A steamy contemporary why-choose love story and a time slip reverse harem romance all rolled into one.

 Fall in love with this paw-some collection of 12 shifter romances.

From spell-binding romances to heart pounding adventures, there’s something for everyone in this collection of paranormal and urban fantasy romances. Whether you want to challenge the alpha, fall for the bear, or fly with the dragon, you can find it all within these pages. 

This set includes full-length books by:

  • New York Times Bestselling Author Felicity Heaton
  • USA Today Bestselling Authors Keira Blackwood & Liza Street
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Ann Gimpel
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Greenwood
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Skye MacKinnon
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Rivard
  • USA Today Bestselling Author Arizona Tape
  • J.A. Belfield
  • Ophelia Bell
  • Marie-Claude Bourque
  • T.K. Eldridge
  • Kate Rudolph

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👀 Lookin’ for books…


I came to the Heights with a purpose.

Join the Heights Crew. Move up the ranks. Make it implode from the inside out.

But more than anything, make them suffer as much as I’ve suffered over the years because of them.

I planned everything…or so I’d thought. I had a contingency plan for my contingency plan, but that was before I met them. The few members of the crew who’ve already irrevocably changed my life.

I thought I knew what I wanted, and I still do want that, but if getting my vengeance means ruining my future—our future—how can I live with that?

KNOCKOUT QUEEN is a dark high school enemies to lovers RH.


They thought they could silence me. They were wrong.

I’m the protector of my academy and the world of elementals. Together with my quad squad, I’ll do anything to save them all. So of course, I get pegged as a threat to society by the Council AND SENT TO PRISON. Because that makes sense when the biggest threat we’ve ever faced is bearing down.

But piss off a ginger at your own cost.

Now I’m pulling out all the stops. Recruiting everyone I can find—elementals, legends, witches, alchemists, even seers—and I’m taking the battle back to the academy. If the Council wants a fight—they’ll get one.

It’s the end of an era at Clearwater Academy…and this time, it’s win or die.

Fury of Earth is book four and the final book in the university-age paranormal academy series. In this why choose story, our snarky heroine faces the ultimate sacrifice, the guys hold NOTHING back, and the evil bad is someone we never saw coming.

Pre-order or download NOW to receive a free copy of Fortune Academy Underworld: Episode 1 “Burn in Hell” before its official release! Offer valid until August 10th

I’ve done it. My five virtues have finally accepted me and it’s better than I could have ever imagined. Hendrik, Orion, Dante, Kaito, and Logan each fill a void inside of me that I hadn’t realized had been aching.

One problem: something is still missing… 

Or someone.

I sense another Virtue coming my way… and the guys are not going to like this one.

Cole is unlike any of my Virtues. He’s a monster—just like me. Abused, beaten, and downright vicious. My guys think I should chase him away, but if being a monster has taught me anything it’s that everyone has a heart. It might be cold, hardly beating, and a bit broken, but I’ll find a way to reach him… monster to monster.

Fortune Academy: Year Three is book three in a Bully Academy Reverse Harem series. Just when you thought this was the end, Lily’s story continues in Fortune Academy Underworld! As this is a series, there will be a cliffhanger.

My two best friends have each found their perfect threesome.

I don’t have an issue with the fact they both have two boyfriends. I would like a taste of the same for myself, though. When two guys hit on me in a bookstore, I’m tempted to ignore the fact that Fred and Barney are obviously fake names. I’ll be their Betty.

Then they stroll into my gaming café the next morning.

Turns out I almost hooked up with the relentless a-holes who are trying to buy my shop at a fraction of its value. The best friends are also real estate investors who have refused to take no for an answer for several months now.

I loathe their persistence at the negotiating table, but I love it in the bedroom.

This time, I can’t have my cake and eat it too. They’re not backing down from their pursuit to drive me out of the company I built from the ground up, so it’s time to back off the sex. They’re not stealing my heart or my business out from under me.


You know that whole adage about how things happen for a reason, well sometimes the reason is that you are stupid and you make bad choices.

That’s me Lacey Wentworth I’m stupid and I make bad choices.

Now I’m broke, newly divorced (from a scumbag), and moving to Backridge, Kentucky.

My only relative that I can stand is Aunt Dell, and she has graciously offered me a room in her single wide trailer.

I thought going from heiress to penniless was the worst thing that would happen, turns out I was wrong again.

Backridge isn’t quite the quiet peaceful place I thought it was.

With constant chaos going on since I stepped out of my car, my Aunt’s three sexy neighbors who might or might not want a piece of me, a creepy stalker and a psychotic ferret its been one hell of a bumpy ride.

But sometimes the bumpiest rides take you exactly where you needed to be all along.

*Sometimes is a reverse harem, which means the FMC doesn’t have to choose between love interests.
This is the first in a series of standalone, there are over lapping characters in each book, it is not required
to read the books in order but it is highly recommended. HEA at the end of each book. There is M/M in the series,
so if that is not your thing don’t read. Some themes of stalking and childhood trauma are active in this book.
This book is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 due to sexual scenes throughout.


What should you do when you’re outfoxed?

Kenzie is the only non-witch in her family. When her younger sister’s powers end up stripped from her, Kenzie promises to find a way to get them back – after all she has a very specific set of skills after trying to make up for not having any powers of her own.

When Kenzie finds something to restore her sister’s powers, the only way to obtain it is to steal it from the Alpha of the West Coast Pride. Right as she’s about to succeed three sexy foxes snatch it right from under her nose. Will Kenzie be able to take it from them before they steal her heart as well?
This set includes the complete series:
For Fox Sake
All Foxed Up
What the Fox
– and a never before seen Alternate POV chapter.

This is a steamy reverse harem shifter romance. All paranormal books by Emma Dean exist in the same paranormal world – the Council of Paranormals.

Series has M/M.

Vampires aren’t supposed to have soulmates. Demons aren’t supposed to love. But for one huntress, they might just make an exception.

I used to be a huntress, a woman dedicated to protecting the world from supernatural threats. Now, that life is gone, and I’ve found something new, a bond with three werewolves who rescued me from a horrible fate.

They call me their soulmate, their lover, their Genny. They tell me I’m safe by their side. But in my heart, I know better. Because there are two other men after me, and they will stop at nothing to have me.

Daimon Rossi, the demon who haunts my nights, who tore my life asunder and wants to make me his bride.

Vampire lord Roman Popovic, who seeks retaliation for the death of his brother. At least, until he sets his eye on me instead.

I’m trapped between five men, lost in a world of darkness and secrets. By the time this is over, someone will claim my heart–and I’m afraid of who it will be.

Huntress Claimed is a 51k words why choose dark romance complete with vampires, demons, and werewolves all competing for the heart (and body) of the same woman, spiced up with a dash of m/m romance. Sound tempting? That’s great – but be advised! There will be some dark content that might not be for the faint of heart.

It doesn’t feel like the end.

It feels like all of my problems are just beginning.

There’s more happening in my town of Raven River than I knew.

More lies. More secrets. More pain.

Enemies seen and unseen are circling and not even my guardian angels can protect me.

There’s a war coming and I’ll fight because this time my Angels…

My Horsemen…

My loves…

…are the ones who need saving.

The End is a contemporary reverse harem high school bully romance. This is the final book in the series and features language, dark themes, and sexual scenes. If you’re cool with that, dive in!


Sun, surf, sass, sorcery and sexy, sexy pirates. Welcome to Caribbean…

Captain’s Log
Seven days since the mutiny
Super late
Not enough

This time last week, I didn’t believe in curses, but that was before I got mutinied on, marooned, and captured. Now I’m the captain of a cursed ship where if we let our guard down, some smug evil spirit invades our minds and tries to trap us in a horrific netherworld. 

And let’s not forget that there’s a bounty on me so huge, even I’m tempted to cash myself in. Why does someone want to pay that much money for me? I wish I knew. 

Right now there’s three hot men in my cabin and I can’t have sex with any of them: There’s my ex, Captain Dauntless, ridiculously handsome with an ego to match the size of his…ship. There’s the mysterious Sebastian, one of the hottest peddlers of pleasure in the caribbean, who wants to give me a good time but is definitely hiding something. And there’s the Commodore Benedict St Stephens, my nemesis, my prisoner, who has a hard-on for killing me instead of a regular hard-on but I’m sure I could talk him ‘round. What can I say, there’s a lot of love-hate happening in this room, as well as a lot of hate-hate. 

I just want gold, drink and sex. Instead, I’ve got to deal with this curse and this bounty, before they get me killed.


Pirate Queen’s Curse is the first in a series of slow-burn, high snark RH, featuring the kick-ass snark-filled Captain Magpie Flint, the crew of the Queen’s Liberty, and four hot men, because why choose?There is a HEA at the end of the series.

Warning: Contains violence, alcohol, sex and cussing. So much cussing.

The shadow killer’s struck again. And again. And again.

Lorelai has seen his kills, and she’s pissed. For him, it’s a game; for her, it’s a curse.

As new revelations about her powers come to light, Lorelai has to focus on controlling them if she ever hopes to bring that Shadowhole down with the help of her men. But if that wasn’t enough, she’s also got to deal with Effie, her best friend, who’s found out about a world that was supposed to stay hidden from her.

Life is never easy when you’re a banshee still trying to find your footing in the supernatural world. It’s almost enough to make a girl look back on being road-kill with fondness.

At least things were simpler then.

This is a reverse harem romance for ages 18 and up. It does contain adult language, and there are themes and violence that some may find triggering. It is the second book in a three book series, and will end on a cliffy. You’ve been warned!

We are women feared as monsters, but even monsters have their side of the story…

Cerberus isn’t a three-headed dog that protects the Underworld. Cerberus is a shifter, enslaved by her father, Hades, and charged with guarding the Underworld. But what happens when this powerful woman gets free of her leash? Well, she just might find herself with some hot gargoyles as neighbors, and a thirst to experience her new world.

Lamia is known as a man-eating creature who can shift into a snake. But that’s not what she wants to be. And when she has a chance to escape the horrors of her past, three sexy gargoyles might just help her in her task, all it’ll cost them is their blood.

A shade is a creature born from a violent act. But when this shade is born, she does what no shade before her could, she frees herself from the Underworld. Now, with no one to command her, she’ll have to decide if she wants to remain in the safety of a vampire clan or risk it all to free their gargoyle captives.

These are the stories of how three female monsters got their happily-ever-afters.

MONSTERS AND GARGOYLES is the second box set in the Monsters and Gargoyles’ world. It includes three steamy reverse harem romances, Cerberus Unleashed, Lamia’s Blood, and Shade’s Secret.

The things that go bump in the night are supposed to be headboards, not monsters.

Leaving my husband was hard. Trying to face the world alone with my teenage daughter is the sort of thing nightmares are made of, but I caught a break. My best friend just hired me for a great job. It’s not anything special, simply managing the leasing office of this very fancy and highly exclusive neighborhood, yet the perks mean I get my second chance.

Speaking of perks, my rent-free house is right beside not just one handsome man, but five! Each one is hotter than the last, and all of them seem interested in me. Maybe I can’t remember the last date I was on, but if I want to master being a strong woman, then this is a good place to start. It’s just dating, right?

Normal life stuff.
Not so much.

Everyone around us has these strange golden eyes. Then there are the questions no one will answer. And who cares if there’s a lot of wildlife running around at night? I do, especially when a wolf keeps sneaking into my backyard. I have a kid to worry about. Things have got to change before someone gets bitten!

Normal is going out the window, and fast. My neighbors say I don’t belong here, and they don’t mean because I’m Hispanic. Never mind that I just heard a man growl. Now they’re talking about fated somethings, and I’m pretty sure they mean me.

I feel like I’m going crazy!

Because when I said I wanted to learn how to be strong, this wasn’t what I meant at all. Still, when it comes to taking care of my little girl, I will definitely learn how to be the biggest bitch on the block.

I just hope that doesn’t become literal.

Wolf’s Bane is a 135,000 word, full-length novel with multiple love interests.  Note: Wolves Next Door
series contains profanity, consensual sex, and one adult woman who falls for multiple younger men.  This is the first book in a trilogy.

Luna Grayson’s world has been tilted on its axis, and life as she knows it has changed forever. Heart bleeding and shattered, her angels are forced to watch as she becomes a shell of her former self. Darkness hovers on the edge of Luna’s anger, her mind threatened by grief that begs to consume her.

Outside sources, new and old allies, and four determined angels dead set on keeping Luna safe and protected keep the flawed angel grounded while her life falls into turmoil. With Heaven and Hell’s interference, grounding the fractured angel becomes a more difficult task by the day. More so when war appears over the horizon.

While Lucifer becomes restless, He interferes in Luna’s once content life, and humanity is threatened when a new danger comes to light. Will Luna be able to find herself and protect all she Fell for before she succumbs to her darkness? Or will Lucifer lure her to his side and risk the very thing she lost her wings for?

Luna will soon learn what lengths a soul will go when they become a Faithless Angel.

*This is a Reverse Harem novel and does contain scenes intended for mature audiences.
*Recommended for readers of the ages 18+ due to adult content, strong language and violence.


Just a normal human, all my life that’s all I’ve been, or so I thought. Out with my friends for my 18th birthday and something terrible happens. It’s amazing how a few hours can change your whole life, and not the good feeling sunshine and rainbows kind of amazing. I’m talking knock out drag out kind of amazing that makes you question everything; who you are and how the hell you ended up where you are.
Now my boyfriend is dead, my best friends memory is gone, and two men are dragging me to some stupid demon academy, forcing me to leave the only home I know.
At least they’re letting me pack my shit first.
Dead boyfriend, crazy friend with a wack ass memory, lying parents, and cherry on top; a new school with mean girls.
What else could go wrong this year? Well, maybe I shouldn’t jinx it.
Oh, did I mention the men? Yeah, the ones dragging me to this is academy. The incredibly delicious, some times irritating, beautiful men?

My name is Thea, and I have no clue what to expect next.


👀 Looking for books…


Who says you can’t set your ex’s shit on fire and get away with it?

Name’s Natalee, but I go by Lee unless I tell you otherwise.

I left my old life behind in flames and went in search of something new. With a split second decision, I ended up living on the beach and spending my days among the waves. The last thing I wanted was to even think about dating, but Chase and Larsen proved me wrong. I searched for freedom at the bottom of a bottle, but it was the gentle hands and knowing eyes that set my heart ablaze.

As it turned out, walking away from a broken heart led me to two others who were more than willing to accept my fractured pieces as they were. With them, I didn’t have to pretend to be something else, or even who I used to be. I could be put together into something entirely new.

This new life isn’t all about surfboards and whiskey glasses. It still has its struggles, but the reward at the end is worth it. Even when the ex shows up, threatening to take it all away.

These two saw me at my worst, but would they stick around to see me at my best? Would I even be able to get my shit together long enough to enjoy it?


When it comes to romance, everyone could use a fairy godmother once in a while. Or at least a magic wand.

This hot new collection of fairy tale retellings has it all—enchanting Regency ballrooms, demon-infested forests, billionaire-controlled boardrooms, and dark alien planets. And all our fairy tales come with a twist.

Our heroes and heroines will take you to the depths of hell and the top of the castle’s spire as they move from Once upon a time to Happily ever after.

Featuring a variety of romantic subgenres—contemporary, historical, paranormal, science fiction, reverse harem, and more—these retellings will satisfy your cravings for every style of fairy tale romance, whether you like it sweet or steamy, slow-burn or fast.

Get this hot new collection of fairy tale retellings from the best, new, and up-and-coming voices in romance.

Kim’s trying to save the world—but is she actually going to make things worse?

Kim Medhurst is an ex-British military intelligence officer turned scientist and climate activist. A thrilling, potentially world-changing discovery leads her to a cave on a remote island off the Scottish coast. But before she can return to the mainland, a natural disaster traps her in the cave with limited food and water. Fortunately, she is an intelligent and resourceful woman who made a backup plan even before she stepped out of her own front door.

Enter Jason Chastain—owner and operator of a private security firm—and his friends Aidan Smith and twins Taylor and Joshua Greig. The foursome are also ex-military, so rescuing Kim should be a walk in the park for them. However, her discovery is so top secret she hasn’t even told Chastain and his buddies precisely what their mission is—instead relying on money and intrigue to get them to do the job. It works, until a series of events turn the rescue mission into an escape mission. Throw in a further revelation that will change all of their lives irrevocably and Kim begins to wonder if she’s bitten off more than she can chew.

Should she have left things well alone, or can this colossal mess be turned into something positive? This is about so much more than just five human beings, after all.

PLEASE NOTESearch and Rescue has a cliff-hanger ending.

“Truth or dare?”

Four years ago, an innocent game led a group of friends into the woods for a night of debauchery.

Two weeks later, one of them was dead.

Now, Natalie Adams wants nothing more than to forget what happened that night—and everything that happened after.

It’s easier said than done when a very public misstep lands her back at Banner-Hill, a place she swore she’d never step foot in again.

And she’s not the only one that’s back.

Logan and Killian are just down the hall, reminding her of everything she’d rather forget. Taunting her with everything they once had.

At Banner-Hill, the wealthy fight their demons—or indulge them.

Natalie Adams plans to do both.

This book is a dark RH romance with material that may be difficult for some readers. Please see the author’s note at the front of this book for more details.


They say oil and water don’t mix.

I made it until senior year virtually unscathed until the oil spill by Kline Industries changed everything.

No one cared about my name until now. Now, a group that has dubbed themselves the Tritons, hate that my father is Robert Kline, the owner of Kline Industries.

They swim their way into the hearts of every girl at Salinity Cove High. But not me.

They want to destroy me.

But I know their secret… and they know mine…

Surge is a full-length reverse harem, mature high school/new adult bully romance told in multiple POVs. It contains mature scenes and language. It ends in a cliffhanger.

Book 2 will be released September 14, 2020


A brand new life, a brand new school, and three hot guys to drive her crazy.

Lexi thought her first semester at Omega Wolf Academy would be relaxed and easy, but that’s not proving to be true.

Having had zero experience with guys her entire life, Lexi’s world is turned upside down when not one, not two, but three seriously sexy guys all set their sights on her. Things get complicated really fast, especially when she discovers they’re best friends.

Lexi is just finding her place at OWA when a dark part of her past tears her world apart. Will her secrets destroy the connection she has with Lucian, Dimitri, and Chase or will her men rise up to defend what they’ve built against the shadows that haunt her?

Fans of Vampire Academy and Legacies will want to sink their teeth into Omega Wolf Academy!


Summer Semester is the first book in JJ King’s new university set fated-mates shifter series. It’s a full-length paranormal romance you won’t want to miss about three swoon-worthy shifters and the feisty pink haired heroine caught between them. No choosing required, promise!

College Life is hard when you have to juggle two boyfriends, two hot (and forbidden) stepbrothers and pledging the hottest sorority on campus.

I’m a legacy in the Zeta Theta Beta and my Mom wants me to join them to follow in her footsteps.

Luckily Bryce and Parker understand that I might have to do things I don’t necessarily want to during party games and dares. I’ve seen all the college movies but the reality surpasses any fiction.

When a new president takes Reid’s fraternity presidency with underhanded methods, rivalries make sparks fly between the men in my life and their frat brothers.

College is the time to be experimental and to find yourself.
Meet my Zeta sisters, pledge with me and overcome all the obstacles that make my freshman year an interesting and not always smooth journey.

Especially when I have to juggle my classes, my family, the pledging and my relationships.

**This book is part of a trilogy and ends in a cliffhanger. This is a why choose story where the heroine won’t have to choose between her different love interests and has sexual scenes, swearing and mild violence. Suitable only for readers aged 18+

SPELLS OF BLOOD AND SORROW is the fourth book in the Tarot Academy series, a university-aged reverse harem academy romance featuring Sarah Piper’s signature blend of Tarot mythology, magick, heart-pounding supernatural suspense, and a badass witch who always gets what she wants, especially when it comes to her men…


Since I was first a little girl in foster care, I’ve searched for my sister.

Now I’ve glimpsed her—for a moment—as a murderous god.

The paranormal world has been afraid of my men and me. They feared the Gods rising again.

But Odin, Loki, Tyr, Hel and Thor aren’t the only Gods that were reborn in us.

Far more terrible gods walk the earth now. The vampires, fae and shifters hated us last week, but now they look to us for salvation.

What’s a God to do?

I guess I’ll track down my sister, try to free her from the grip of her God, and slay anyone who hurts innocents. No matter if that means going head-to-head with the family I’ve longed for…No matter what that costs me.

Spells for Suckers is the final book in this reverse harem romance.

No one can save me. I have to save myself.
My mates can’t find me. My wolf doesn’t sense them anywhere near. Rattlecreek finally got what they wanted, the healer right in their hands. And they aren’t planning to let me go alive. If they can’t have me, nobody can. They’ve already robbed me of the ability to walk—again.

Not for long.
They’ve underestimated me, though, and soon they will know by how much.
Because my mates, my house, my great-grandmother, and my life are all waiting for me outside. A future. With or without the ability to run. And I won’t let them or myself down. I am more than my legs. More than my gift even, but I owe the use of that gift to my pack. It, and I, will not be held for long.

Two of my mates have yet to mate and mark me. I will not be denied the life that is my destiny.

Now if I could just wake up.

Dominion is the 4th book in a paranormal reverse harem shifter series featuring a badly injured female wolf shifter, her healing, and the four male wolf shifters who all want to be her fated mate. It is a why choose werewolf romance with a slow burn buildup sure to make your toes curl. Relationships develop over the course of this supernatural series and, of course, Mazzy guarantees an HEA.

The throne is my fate…and I can’t escape.

I’m Izora Dawn and I’m finally free from the prisons I was stuck in. Except for a tiny problem: The Enchanted Forest is at war, the Shadowborn Academy is nearly destroyed and I have to stop the titans before they destroy the world and take the last of my family with them.

Turns out the outside world is far more dangerous than any prison could be.

With my mates at my side, I will find the Titan keys and end their destruction for good. I can’t fail, my sisters need me and so do the light fae…or what is left of them.

And royal fae never give up.

Shadowborn Royals is a crossover spin-off to Shadowborn Academy. You do not need to read the latter to follow this series. One thing is for sure—not even the shadows can be trusted in this Enchanted Forest…
18+ Reverse Harem Dark Fae Prison Romance.

They are coming.

Hollyn Parker is running for her freedom. For her life. Born and raised in a community that subjects her to the worst kinds of horrors, she must escape, or she will die.

Thrust into a world that is so unlike her own, she finds herself in another prison. At least this one has a set of sexy triplets willing to help her. But the haven they offer isn’t without its own perils.

When her old life catches up to her, she must make a choice. Save the men who have sheltered her. Or trust them when they say they can handle her past.

Don’t miss Breakaway, the first book in Circle of the Stars. If you like books with humor, men strong enough to let their women stand strong, women badass enough to do so, and a book with all the feels, then don’t miss this exciting new series by Sadie Jacks. Author of the Iron Serpent Chronicles.

This is a Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem series.

You can have your cake and eat it too… can’t you?

Galen is a Vampire, Rafferty is a Red Wolf, and the twins, Ranger and Maverick shift into Grey Wolves.
What the shifters don’t know is there is a war brewing and Lexi is caught right in the middle.
But Lexi isn’t human…
Is she the cure they all have been waiting for?
Or is she the destruction that ends them all.

Can she save the packs and the people she has come to call family and friends?

~The date for this release is set longer in case something happens in that time. The release should be in mid June if everything goes well.


Tessa May Everett had grown up loving four things in life; bull riding, her father and her best frenemies, Branch and Beau.
But in less than eight seconds, she’d lost all four things and the single most important person in her life.

Four years later, Tessa May is back and ready to reclaim her dreams. She was going to be the first woman to compete on the professional bull riding circuit, and nothing was going to stop her. Not the Boys Club that already held her to a different standard. Not the other riders who looked at her with barely veiled contempt. And certainly not the reappearance of her former crushes and now rivals.

With her best friend Frankie at her side, Tessa May was going to do what she’d dreamed of since she was a little girl; ride rank bulls in front of cheering crowds.

And if she happened to ride a few cowboys on the way? Even better.

*Warning* This book may contain strong themes that some readers find disturbing or confronting and reader discretion is advised. This is a reverse harem romance, with swearing and a considerable amount of steam.

Enemies are sprouting up everywhere,
But the biggest one may be within myself.
Anyone know the best way to bury a monster?

I’m back, but I’m no longer Elite Grim Reaper Zella Healani. No, things are changing in my small corner of Delon. And very few of those changes are good. Yes, even Grim Reapers get stressed out.

With a new title, new responsibilities, and an entire world to reap, I’ve been handed an impossible job. One that comes with dire consequences for failure. To complicate matters, someone seems determined to end everything before the ridiculous deadline comes to pass.

That’s not all, either. My monster is becoming more unruly and demanding, causing strife in my tenuous relationships. An Angel is forced into my circle, putting me on edge. Accidents follow me, threatening my life and the lives of those around me. Favors and threats become my mantra, casting me as my father’s daughter. Those around me reveal hidden secrets, leaving me off-kilter.

Of course, I’ll survive, but I’m not sure how much of myself will remain intact. With my monster attempting to take over, Grim Grouping Mannix trying to change me, and everyone else working to destroy me, I’m in for a pot licking time. I suppose I’ll let you find that out for yourself. Go on. Open the pages to find out how truly difficult it was to be the savior of an entire universe.


Stolen Essence is the continuation of the Soul Fiend series. It is a science fantasy reverse harem. She does not choose between her men. Because this story may contain some triggers, including drug abuse, it may not be suited for everyone. It is not appropriate for those below the age of eighteen.

Live Release <3 The Chosen Series Box Set with BONUS SCENES releases in TWO DAYS!!!

No Link LIVE

The war is finally over. And we were victorious! With the aide of my allies we take back my ancestral home and crown a new king. With the last of my enemies fallen by my talons we can finally be free. Vladimirs crimes against my people and the wounds he caused his people may never heal. With my blood I swear to make right all of the wrongs that I can. Finally, I’ll be able to call all of my people home.

M/M & M/M/M/M/M..
Blood and Gore


Learning to sing these scales could kill a girl.

The RS is finally under control, thanks to a spell cast by the elemental Witch Leaders. But Elaria only survived that casting because King Verin of the Azure Court offered himself to fuel the RS. And Verin was only able to do that because of yet another spell that Vivian, the Leader of Water, cast upon Verin and Elaria—a love spell. That love spell should have faded but instead has grown in strength. As Elaria and Verin fall deeper under its thrall, it slowly becomes clear that there may be something more sinister than love magic at work. Can Elaria and her men uncover the truth and unmask her enemies or will love destroy them all?

Spellsing in order:
The Spellsinger Series
1. The Last Lullaby
2. A Symphony of Sirens
3. A Harmony of Hearts
4. Primeval Prelude
5. Ballad of Blood
6. A Deadly Duet
7. Macabre Melody
8. Aria of the Gods
9. Anthem of Ashes
10. A Chorus of Cats
11. Doppelganger Dirge
12. Out of Tune
13. Singing the Scales


👀 Looking for books…


Balance Threatened
An Unyielding Fates Novel

The Academy of Light and Dark.
After three years, I never thought I would be back at this place, surrounded by men that would give their lives to protect me.
I’m ready to spread my wings and control my unruly powers, but the balance has been threatened. And I am the one that must uphold the balance, or the realms will fall into chaos.
With my mates by my side, we must fight our enemies….and ourselves.
Can we control the forces that are trying to pull us apart?
Or will it succeed in shattering the balance forever?
My name is Atalante.
Born of light and dark. Within me resides the balance of both Heaven and Hell and I am all that is holding this fragile world together.

**No way I can pronounce that name without butchering it, I’ll go with Ms. Bean.***😬

I am Evie Everheart. As a Life’s Blood Carrier, I am pursued by all vampires who want to become All Powerful or to become human again. Which is practically ALL vampires. Basically, I’m screwed.

Then I meet him, the Vampire Samurai and his band of brothers, consisting of another vampire, a fae, and a shifter.
What they want of me, I’ve yet to find out.

Friend or foe?

I don’t know. But as a carrier, all I know is that I must do everything I can to keep the vampires from getting my blood or humanity as we know it, would end.

**Vampire Samurai is a new series in the PULSE Vampires World Series, a YA/New Adult series appropriate for age 17 and up.

You know, I never imagined having one boyfriend, much less four. Jake, Archie, Coop, and Ian are still my best friends. They’re also even more entrenched in my life than I ever imagined. They’ve been my rocks, but I’m not the only one with issues.

We’re fighting our way to a new normal. I’m in therapy. Ian and I are dating. Archie introduced me to his grandfather. Both Coop and Jake’s moms refer to me as their son’s girlfriend. I don’t know how much our parents know about our relationship, but I also don’t care.

Not anymore.

The holidays are here, and we’re halfway through the year. Everyone wants a piece of us. We’ve survived so much. We’ve been trying to figure out who we can be amidst all the drama and sabotage surrounding us. Now we have to figure out who we can be, period.

That starts with us.

It starts now.

*Please note this is a reverse harem and the author suggests you always read the forward in her books. Contains some bullying elements, mature situations, and is recommended for 17+. This is the fifth in a series and the story will continue through future books.


“I’ll ruin us,” Jackson whispered to me in the dark.

No one wants to believe in monsters, but I’ve seen firsthand that they existed.

I’d said goodbye to Jackson Parker, desperate to save myself once and for all, but old habits die hard.

When a monster from the past comes back, I will have no choice but to reveal our secrets.

I need Jackson to be my hero, but he has his own scars.

Can we conquer the past once and for all? Heartbreak Prince or lover…there’s a fine line that separates the two.

I once said I would love him forever, but at what price does forever cost?

The Highly-Anticipated Conclusion to the Broken Hearts Academy Duet

What’s better than three monstrous hotties? How about four…

While helping the trio of sexy-as-sin monsters who followed me home, I lost my apartment, my sense of security, and more blood than was really healthy. Somehow my new lovers make me feel like I’ve gotten the better part of the bargain.

Unfortunately, their newly-rescued boss isn’t so keen on humans. I get the feeling he’d rather rend me limb from limb than give me the time of day. Too bad for him my mortal skills are just too useful to toss aside. After all, we’ve still got a conspiracy of monster-torturing psychos to destroy.

But between crushing Bossypants’s tests and tracking down dirt on our enemies, the most unsettling thing I’ve encountered might be what’s lurking under my skin. I contain powers no human is meant to wield. What does that make me?

I have no idea, but figuring out how to tap into my supernatural side may be my only chance to avenge the woman who raised me and so many who’ve been murdered since. And the one thing I am sure of?

This crook doesn’t back down.

*Twilight Crook is the second book in a new urban fantasy series from bestselling author Eva Chase. If you love kickass heroines with sass to spare, drool-worthy monsters who have their own sense of morality, and steamy romances where there’ll be no choosing required, dive in now!*

I want to keep my babies and my men safe, but per usual, life in Hell is full of deadly drama.

I always figured I’d get my happy ending someday—if only the fighting could stop. Unfortunately things aren’t slowing down and bloodshed is inevitable. I will fight with ever fiber of my being to make sure my family isn’t hurt, but there are some things even I can’t protect them from.

When a resistance rises up in Avernus and the fae lords of fire and wind decide to test me, I’m forced to do what I’ve become quite good at—killing my enemies.

Are you ready for the final book in the Tainted Power series? War is on the horizon and Shera’s ready to make her enemies pay. Will she get her happily ever after?


Raised by a family of cops who see the world in black and white,
I grew up with a defiant streak a mile long,
And an immunity to gun-toting alpha males.
That is until I find myself at the Carnage clubhouse,
At the mercy of their Kings.
Now my black and white world is a dirty shade of gray,
And my immunity to alpha males has disappeared along with my underwear.
While I find myself torn between my knights in blue and my kings in black leather,
A killer emerges from the shadows, ready to rip both my worlds apart.
He thinks he knows who I am, he thinks I’m weak,
But he couldn’t be more wrong.
My name is Reign. I was born to rule,
And I’ll do anything to protect the people I love.
Even if it means sacrificing myself.

Please be advised that this book may cause shallow breathing, exploding ovaries and spontaneous disintegration of panties. As a result, all readers should be over the age of 18 and refrain from reading in public places.

Trigger warning: This book contains swearing, violence and sexy fun times with not one but three bikers. It is not for the faint-hearted.

They tortured me all year at college.
Now I’m working the summer as their maid.

Eli, Jasper, Maddox and Nate. The Birchwood boys.

They’re the most popular group on campus: everyone’s dying to be in their orbit.

Everyone except me, that is. I’m dying to get away.

The Birchwood boys made my life a living hell. They cost me my dorm, my friends, my internship. This summer job was supposed to be an escape, a chance to finally breathe again.

But when I get there, he’s waiting. With a vicious smirk and one hell of a bet.

Eli makes me an offer I can’t refuse: forty thousand dollars if I can last the whole summer.

They’ve taken so much from me already. You know what?

I’m in a gambling mood.

*Lords of Summer is the first book in the Year of the Harem collection. This is a standalone reverse harem romance with enemies-to-lovers themes, explicit language and high heat.*


Everyone hates what I am… except for me.

Long ago I accepted that I was different, and that the fae would never see me as their equal because of the tainted blood running through my veins.

What I didn’t expect? That when my brother and his friends went to the Royal Fae Academy, they’d abandon me too.

Except when my brother’s friends return years later, we’ve all changed, as have our feelings for each other. But if they think I’m going to suddenly start acting like the innocent girl they left behind, they have another thing coming.

My powers are dark and sexy, and if they have a problem with it, they can go screw themselves!

Only, what if it’s me they want to screw?

REVERE is a short prequel to the Royal Fae Academy. This is a series of VERY steamy reverse harem books that follow the same group of characters. Our heroine is tough, uses her dark powers shamelessly, and her guys have eyes for her and only her. (This story was previously released.)

The band is broken. Her heart is shattered. Is there anything left to reunite?

Rockstars meet Reverse Harem

Sydney never expected to love five men.
Never expected her past to find her.
Never knew how much it would hurt to lose one of her men.
Now, Sydney must face a world of women wanting her men while putting the band she loves back together. Because only by reuniting can they have the future and love they all deserve.

is a man in demand. Respected by his legendary brother, feted by a world of women, with a rockstar lifestyle his to take. But his band is being torn apart by their love for a woman. His woman is being torn from his life by her past. And if they don’t reunite their band, will they even have a future?

Reuniting the Band in Lockdown can be read stand alone or as part of the series. It follows one woman’s passion for the love and bodies of Australian rock band, The Flying Monkeys.
Yes, there’s cheating.
Yes, there’s loving.
Yes, Yes, Yes. Get Enjoying the Band in Lockdown, today.

Love the band in lockdown
Book 1 Seducing the Band in Lockdown
Book 2 Playing with the Band in Lockdown
Book 3 Enjoying the Band in Lockdown
Book 4 Reuniting the Band in Lockdown

Secret societies. Magical boarding schools. Supernatural beings…What could go wrong?

I’m Millie Brix and apparently, I’m a supernatural shifter. Funny eighteenth birthday present, right?

Chosen for Supernatural Shifter Academy, I have to learn which shifter clan I belong to and how to use my powers that are slowly growing out of control. Supernatural Shifter Academy only has five hundred places and if I’m not strong enough to survive, I won’t get to walk away.

The Sirens lure you in, the Wolves bite first and ask questions later, the Dragons only care for themselves, the Vampires plan to own the world and the Witches will do whatever it takes to win.

I’m not going to let the academy or its students beat me, that’s for sure.

With a prince of the Vampires seducing me, a secretive Siren dead set on making me his, a gorgeous Wolf shifter who wants to claim my heart and an alpha Dragon who sees me as a prize he wants to keep… the academy is far more dangerous than it looks.

In this academy, secrets are the only thing you can trade with and I’m right in the middle of the biggest secret the academy has.

And when the truth comes out…the academy will fall.

17+ Reverse Harem Romance which means the main character will have more than one love interest. This is book one of a five-book series and will be rapidly released.

Lilith. My name brings fear and images of a dark seductress out to claim the souls of men. In reality, I’m a woman scorned by her husband for being too sexual. Okay, yes I went on a murdering rampage after being tossed to the side by him, but a woman can hurt can’t she?
Well Adam can take his vanilla ass somewhere else. I know what I like and I have been enjoying it for millennia while he died with his balls still blue and unsatisfied.
Now my endeavors are put in jeopardy as the council calls me before them to question a series of deaths they believe I’m responsible for. Just because I like to fuck, doesn’t mean I like to kill. Anymore. For Hell’s sake, I haven’t consumed a soul after sex in eons.
I’m left with two choices, give in and be sent back to Hell, or find out who is responsible for this darkness they accuse me of?
Oh, what is the Queen of Seduction to do?

A year on the run, and this is where it’s led me.
North Port, Washington—the last place you’d expect to run into a pack of wolf shifters.

Especially when up until now, that sort of thing didn’t exist.

When I first arrive, Rory, Marlowe, and Kaleb are about as eager to tell me the truth of their nature as I am to call up my abusive father and let him know exactly where to find me. They have a reputation to uphold and me … I have a reputation to avoid. I need to stay hidden. I need to stay safe.

Or else he’ll find me, just as he always has.

But there’s a problem with that.

I’m not very good at staying hidden, and these boys…they’re not very good at keeping secrets.

Between the four of us, we’re bound to run into chaos. Just like we’re bound in other ways.

Wolf Bonded is a full-length romance novel with multiple love interests. It’s the first book in the Wolfish trilogy, a paranormal series where the main character has no intent to choose just one of the sexy werewolves who’ve fallen head-over-heels for her—whether they like it or not.

Imagine walking up the aisle on your wedding day, with nothing but a sense of dread…

Soraya doesn’t have to imagine that scenario, she’s living it. Having caught her fiancé cheating on her minutes before the ceremony, she desperately prays for a way out. But she never expects to get her wish.

Thanks to a wacky best friend and a magical gift, Soraya finds herself transported to a different moment in time. There she becomes the unlikely tool to bring four lost and feuding souls back together.

But messing with time can be dangerous, with catastrophic results. Can they find a way to break the spells that bind them? Can love set them free? If it does, will they even want to leave? Or will they remain frozen in the moment forever?

Only time will tell…


Frozen in Time is a time travel RH novel featuring Gods and sexy Norsemen with a HEA. If you love Thor, God of being an A*hole, Loki, God of P*ssing people off, broody sexy side kicks and sweetheart heroes, this is the book for you!

Can love overpower destiny?

**This is Book 5 in the Bound by Her Blood series, which are best read in order.**

Selina’s no longer alone. She’s safe for the first time in her life, and in love with not one but four amazing hot men: one human, one giant and two vampires, like her. But as sole heir to the Vampire Monarchy, Selina isn’t free to choose her Mates, and defying that law, she’s arrested along with one of her loves.

Betrayals, evil plots, ancient mysteries and dark fears conspire to keep Selina away from the men she so deeply loves. Will they all end up imprisoned, or worse—sentenced to death? Will threats and betrayals tear them apart? Or can Selina’s power and love for her men overcome all to change the vampire world forever?

Click BUY to start the series now!

**Warning: This is an adult 18+ read and contains strong language, adult sexual situations and dark themes. The main character has suffered abuse in her past, and that content may be triggering for some readers.**


👀 Looking for books…


👀 Looking for books…


My birth started a war that my daughter’s birth will end… Does that even make sense to you?

There is no such thing as a ‘normal day’ at the Silver Springs Orphanage. In fact, most days are utter chaos between the Creepy Twins giving away all of Lupine’s secrets and Edmond constantly running away.

But when Lupine’s wolf mafia mates decide to throw her a baby shower she’ll never forget, the normally well-managed chaos suddenly erupts and disaster strikes.

The spell protecting Lupine and her unborn pup suddenly stops working and all hell lets loose when the Rossi mafia come looking for her in the small town of Silver Springs.

Lupine: Wanted by Wolves is the sequel to Lupine (Book 3 in the Spell Library Series) and is a paranormal reverse harem romance within the Silver Springs shared universe.

Scroll up to read this mafia royalty reverse harem romance today!

When things go sideways, what a girl really needs by her side is a sexy wolf shifter, a steamy incubus, and a smoldering mage. Prove me wrong.

Everyone has heard of Bloodfire Academy. It’s an elite school that takes the best of the best in the supernatural world. The students at Bloodfire are the children of members of a secret order. Think Illuminati but for the magical world. But even more powerful. 

Membership is inherited and it turns out my late mother was one of them. Who knew? Up until now, magic hasn’t really been my thing. But a girl can fake it, am I right?

There’s no faking it when I meet the sexy wolf shifter, steamy incubus, and smoldering mage. Seriously, this semester is going to be hot.

Then the attacks start. I thought I could figure out the magic part, but nobody said anything about monsters. Turns out Bloodfire Academy is more about survival than GPA. 

Publisher’s Note: Cursed Magic is a full length, steamy, new adult paranormal academy romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose. This is book one of three in the Bloodfire Academy series.

This is it. The end of my reign as the Demon Queen.

I’m supposed to fulfill my destiny and kill Dante, but I don’t know if I can.  I’ve fallen for the Fallen Beast.

He’s all kinds of evil. Even holding three of my demons hostage.

Saving them is more important than anything else…

Even saving the world.


I thought the Slayers only killed Shifters. I didn’t know the real purpose behind their twisted work. Heinous doesn’t even begin to describe it.

But at least now we have a plan. We’re going to get to the bottom of this, no matter who gets in the way.

No matter the cost.

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning is proud to bring you this Reverse Harem Academy Romance serial, packed with all the action, intrigue and great chemistry you can handle!


Trixie is a queen…but will she live to ascend to the throne?

Trixie has emerged into her true form, that of a queen bee, and her training has begun. But on the night of her debut, she’s betrayed by an unlikely renegade.

Abducted by traitors and delivered to the hornets, Trixie is held captive by Rogan, a man with alarming powers who should be her enemy. She wants to hate him. She knows she should.

The hornets have terrible plans for her, and the Absolian government may be involved. Trixie must walk a dangerous tightrope between staying alive and learning how deep the treachery of her hive goes.

But as she’s sucked into the intrigue swirling around her, and she begins to discover powers of her own, could Trixie accidentally commit the greatest betrayal of all?


Sunshine, rainbows and unicorns? Yeah something’s gotta give.

Fee and the Reapers’ adventure continues, with enough twists and revelations to keep you turning the pages.

A kickass Urban Fantasy with a why choose romance. Filled with vampires, ghosts, angels, and demons. Perfect for readers who enjoy forbidden romance, enemies to lovers or friends to lovers.

Okay, well, that’s fine: everything’s fine. Just turns out my ex-sorta-boyfriend is a crazy shadow creature stalker and has some sort of murder boner for me and my five new…boyfriends? Soul mates isn’t something you just slip into casual conversation, but murder boner totally is.

Other people have these problems too, right?

The good news is we’re all still alive. The bad news is, if they keep pushing my buttons, that might change soon. In the meantime, we’re making a sizzle reel of training montages and getting ripped as heck! Plus, we even hired some help at The Tea Kettle and Cauldron, so business is booming.

Like I said, everything’s fine. For now.

This is a medium burn paranormal reverse harem romance with explicit scenes of violence, sex, and abuse that may be triggering for some. There is moderate M/M included in this book that progresses as the story does. All sexual situations in this book are consensual. It is the second book in a series within an overall world epic, and ends with an unavoidable cliffhanger that the author is truly sorry for. Please be aware that this is recommended for readers 18+

There is a recap in the beginning of this book, enjoy!

Due to an emergency, the author has bumped the release date to September 17, at this time.

There’s one mistake you don’t make at Prescott High, not unless you want me to ruin you.
Do not touch my beautifully broken Havoc Boys.
Harbin, Fadler, Channing-Blackbird, Montauk, and Park.

Death stalks the halls of Prescott High.
Once upon a time, my best friend betrayed me. For over a year, I let that two-faced bitch go.
But not anymore.

This time, she’s stirred up the devil in me.
We’re finishing up my list; we’re setting my sights higher; we’re taking control of this city.
The VGTF, the detective, the pretty young cop.

It doesn’t matter.
Because we are Havoc, and I no longer have limits.
My boys have corrupted me, and we’re more than happy to bathe in the blood of our enemies.

ANARCHY AT PRESCOTT HIGH is a 120,000 word mature high school/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. It has brief flashbacks of past bullying incidents as well as foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of five in the series.


If humans fall, so shall gods.

We’re on the run. Forced to abandon our home to escape an enemy who always seems one step ahead. The Steel Demons lost a brother, and Reaper is determined not to lose anyone else.

Tensions are high while the club wanders the desert in search of a new home. A prospect makes lofty demands. A husband’s jealousy hits a boiling point. But pleasant surprises are also among us.

Shadow is emerging from his shell, and the man shining through the scarred exterior is one I’m helpless to resist. My friendly crush has roared into a passionate flame. One that my men have noticed too.

When an unexpected rescue mission goes awry, my worst fear is not being able to save him.

I can’t lose Shadow before we’ve had a chance to begin. I won’t let him slip away without knowing what love feels like.

I’ve always been resourceful, never helpless. But to save him, I’ll have to pray to every god that listens.

Sons of Anarchy meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this dystopian reverse harem adventure! Helpless is the fifth book in the Steel Demons MC saga. This series is full of kindle-melting steam and dangerous men who take what they want. Proceed with caution if easily offended.

Reading order:
1. Lawless
2. Powerless
3. Fearless
4. Painless
5. Helpless

After years of abuse I was finally free… only I wasn’t. I was running from what I did. What I had to do to survive. I escaped to Toronto where I was supposed to keep my head down. Then I met him and I couldn’t help myself. He made me feel safe. After rescuing me one night I took him up on his offer to let me stay with him, his brother, and their roommate. I never expected my attraction to all three of them. I never expected to let myself feel anything for someone again. If they knew what I did they wouldn’t want me though. If anyone knew what I did I would have to run again. For now though, I just wanted to escape with them.

This is book 3 in the Triple Toronto Connection standalone reverse harem series. Each book can be read in any order.

CW for domestic violence, racism, and PTSD. HEA guaranteed.

50% of all proceeds (from all copies of this book – ebook, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback) and 30% of all proceeds from the boxset of Triple Toronto Connections will be split between Beendigen Inc ( and Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services ( These organizations have no affiliation with this book and they in no way endorse or have any knowledge of my work.

The full Triple Toronto Connection standalone reverse harem series. All three books! Over 150,000 words.

The Contract
My jerk of an ex-boyfriend completely screwed me over. I was going to have to drop out of my Master’s program if I didn’t find a solution, which meant losing the health insurance that made mine and my little sister’s medication somewhat (but not really) affordable. A favour from a professor led to an introduction to a man who had an unconventional proposition. If I agreed to a six month contract with him, his brother, and their friend they would ensure I had financial security. I could stay in school, Hope could get the medication she needs to live some semblance of a normal teenage life. It was a no-brainer. I agreed. At first I felt like their toy, but soon they opened me up to a world of experiences I never thought possible for me. Then I did the absolutely worst thing I could possibly do. I started falling them. I need to keep it together, for my sister Hope and for myself.

This is a reverse harem romance that is a standalone full length novel (over 50k words), with a HEA. There are FMMM, MM, FF and “sort of” FFMM scenes. There are also scenes with spanking , anal and cumplay so if you’re turned off by that, don’t download this book.

The Agreement
I’ve been living on the streets of Toronto for five years. Honestly, it’s better than the alternative, or at least it was until some guy decided I was a threat to him and stabbed me.
Then they saved me…
Jared is the man who stopped to see if I was alright (I wasn’t), and who quickly got help for the situation. He is warmth and stability and feeds me a lot of chocolate. Who wouldn’t love that?
Logan is his roommate. He’s the doctor that stitched me up and monitored my wounds. He has a straightforwardness about him, and a bit of a kinky side from what I hear coming from his bedroom.
That brings us to Gabe. Gabe is the light in my life. He’s happy and fun and supportive. Hugs are available on demand and free of charge and the sound of him singing around the place makes this giant condo in the sky feel like… home.
A home. Not my home. I agreed to stay until my wounds were healed, they wanted me to stay longer. The the longer I stay with them the more my mind seems to want to heal from the past and I can’t ask them to help me. I can’t let them know what happened to me. I lo… like them too much. No one could ever like me if they knew. That’s the agreement I made with myself. Keep my secret my own. The only problem is it’s slowly destroying me. Can I let them help me?

This book is recommended for 18+ and deals with sexual and physical assaults.
There are (happy!) explicit sex scenes that include MM, MF, MMF, and MMMF.
This is a full length, standalone novel of over 45,000 words.

The Escape
After years of abuse I was finally free… only I wasn’t. I was running from what I did. What I had to do to survive. I escaped to Toronto where I was supposed to keep my head down. Then I met him and I couldn’t help myself. He made me feel safe. After rescuing me one night I took him up on his offer to let me stay with him, his brother, and their roommate. I never expected my attraction to all three of them. I never expected to let myself feel anything for someone again. If they knew what I did they wouldn’t want me though. If anyone knew what I did I would have to run again. For now though, I just wanted to escape with them.

CW for domestic violence, racism, and PTSD. HEA guaranteed. MF and MMF scenes.

30% of all proceeds from this boxset of Triple Toronto Connections will be split between Beendigen Inc ( and Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services ( These organizations have no affiliation with this book and they in no way endorse or have any knowledge of my work.

I am bound to the dark… and the dark is bound to me.

No one can know what I am. But this secret I carry, it isn’t an easy one to hide. It burns within me. It changes me each and every day, making the line between me and the ghosts I love smaller and smaller.

Yet no secret can remain hidden forever.

The day my brother dies changes everything. I’m commanded to attend the Royal Fae Academy, a place that wouldn’t welcome someone like me. But as much as I fear what will happen next, I have to find my brother’s killer. No matter the cost.
Danger haunts my every step. Someone here wants me dead. And my brother’s three best friends are determined to protect me from my enemies. Only, they have no idea what I am. Or what I’m capable of doing.

And even though I care for them, and I feel they care for me, I have to keep them away.

Because the dark is where I belong. But these men? They belong in the light.

Even if they don’t know it yet.

RAVAGE is the first full book in a steamy reverse harem romances, (although there is a short prequel before it titled Revere). These books have a spooky edge, hot scenes, and a mystery to unravel. So if you love paranormal romances with tough heroines and protective men, you may want to preorder your copy now!

The ridiculous summer beach read you’ve been waiting all year for. 
When Veronica “Ronnie” Meryn discovers her cheating ex-boyfriend in bed with her boss, she sees red. Throwing everything she can reach into her old but faithful minivan Betsy she sets out on an impromptu #VanLife road trip up the California coast to get away from the scumbag and start a new life. 

Cruising up the coast with your entire life in a van turns out to be slightly more complicated and way less glamorous than Ronnie anticipates. When Betsy breaks down just outside the idyllic beachside community of Misty Cove, Ronnie realizes she might need to reassess her plan. The local repair shop assures her that they can fix Betsy but it’s going to take time. Luckily for Ronnie, time is what she has in abundance. 

The membership of the Sea Lion MC is dwindling and their relevance in the small town of Misty Cove has been reduced to a running joke, even among their fellow sea lions in the small shifter colony. A pod without mates, the remaining members are resigned to living out their lives in loneliness. That is, until a vivacious young woman with a sassy attitude, a bruised heart, and a broken van walks up on their wharf. 

Suddenly faced with the irresistible and unexpected pull of a fated mate, sea lion shifters Earl, Brian, Darren and Trevor fall over themselves to put their best flipper forward to try and win her attention…and her heart.  Join Ronnie and the men of the Sea Lion MC in this hilarious and heartwarming tale of small town romance, fated mates, and the lengths a man (or a sea lion) will go to win a heart!

SURF’S UP is a sweet and steamy story with smexy shifters, a sassy heroine, and a documented love of the letter “s”. This is a #WhyChoose romance where the woman falls in love with multiple men and doesn’t have to choose between them. If you’re searching for a sweet, steamy, standalone story with a happily ever after, one-click SURF’S UP today and fall in love!

Victoria’s story continues…

There’s a cult still at large trying to destroy the world. She still needs to meet her men’s families, train with her brother, and figure out her healing powers.
What’s a girl to do when Artemis comes calling?

“In one and the same fire, clay grows hard and wax melts.” – Francis Bacon

Valda is finally free, but her secrets have revealed new puzzles. Hatch and Dirk have been taken. Worse, Oz seems to have abandoned them.

Now, with Andreas at her side, she will wage a war she never wanted to fight against an organization she knows nothing about to save the men she loves.

The answer everyone wants is housed within her mind. Now, if only Valda knew what the question is. No matter what, she will do whatever it takes to save them. They didn’t give up on her.

She will be damned if she will lose them now.

The epic conclusion to the Time Captive trilogy. Brace yourselves, it’s going to be a wild ride.

**Please note this is a reverse harem and the author suggests you always read the forward in her books. This is the third and final book in a trilogy.

Ivan, Titus, Dorien.
The bad boys of Baroque, the kings of this school.
They messed with the wrong girl.
I’ll topple them from their thrones.

They made me trust them.
They made me want them.
Now, I’m going to haunt their asses.
Even if it costs me… everything.

They’ll carry their secrets to their graves.
If they don’t put me six-feet-under first.

Manderley Academy won’t claim another victim.
They can’t shove these skeletons back in the closet.
I’ll do whatever it takes to get justice.

It’s time for Manderley’s ghosts to come out and play.

A dark mystery unfolds around musician Faye de Winter in book two of this gripping gothic college reverse harem bully romance by USA Today best-selling author Steffanie Holmes. Warning: Proceed with caution – this tale of three spoiled rich boys with unsettling secrets and the girl who refuses to put up with their shit contains dark themes, a creepy house, a smoldering second-chance romance, college angst, cruel bullies and swoon-worthy sex.

The thrilling final installment in The Dark Elite series!

Betrayal has rocked the Novak Syndicate, and a new enemy has emerged from the shadows. The same question that haunted Damian Novak now haunts me too.


I’m terrified of what my hunt for answers might reveal, but I’ll do whatever it takes to bring down this threat. Because I have something to fight for now.

Ciro, Hale, Zaid, and Lucas.

My ruthless knights. My dark protectors. The four men who’ve claimed my heart and soul.

What we have is real, and I’m damn sure going to fight for it. For us. Anyone who threatens these men will have to deal with me.

Their savage queen.

This is the final book in The Dark Elite series, a reverse harem new adult mafia romance that includes high steam, violence, and foul language.

No rest for the wicked…
With Pandora defeated, Daria and her demons can finally relax and enjoy the normalcy of a stress free life… right?
It looks like their hapily ever after will have to wait.
A new enemy emerges, intent on stealing Daria’s chaos, her family, and even her life.
But Daria has come too far to give up now, and she will do anything to protect those she loves.
In this riveting conclusion to the Unlocked series, Daria will take on the last enemy standing between her and her happily ever after.

*This is the last installment in the Unlocked Series, complete with an extended HEA. The other five books must be read beforehand to fully enjoy. Contains mature content.

The first man blew up my car.

The second shot at me on my morning run.

The third man cornered me after work.

And the fourth? He just watches me from the shadows.

On the night of the blood moon, I get my memories restored and learn that I’m not human – I’m the Goddess of Pain.

And the men who tried to kill me? They just might be the loves of my immortal life.

What’s an “I love you” compared to an assassination attempt?

Someone paid these men to kill me, and if I don’t find out who this person is, I’ll lose everything and everyone I ever loved.

But they underestimated me.

I don’t just endure pain – I make it. And the people who tried to hurt my family?

They’ll suffer for what they’ve done.

This is a paranormal reverse harem romance stand-alone and part of the shared Blood Moon Rising world. This book contains psychotic alpha males who will do anything for their woman. It also contains strong language, violence, and sexual situations. Reader’s discretion is advised. Be prepared to meet a take-no-prisoners Goddess and her killer men.

Do not read this book.
No, seriously, I have absolutely no idea why one was made about my life. This is ridiculous. Not only did I live in the middle of nowhere in a drug infested town, under the roof of a trailer that was literally collapsing on itself… but nothing, and I mean, nothing interesting has ever happened to me. Well, unless you counted being abandoned outside of a motel, picked up by my new foster father that was always too high to remember my name, or spending the last six years traveling the United States practically homeless. Oh! Let’s not forget to include the jerk that I really needed to break up with because let’s face it… he had actually started to scare me. A lot.
I’d spent the last six years of my life feeling horribly out of place. Feeling like I was not only in a time that didn’t fit me but in a place that was so lackluster that I had issues believing it was real. So when I tell you not to read this book? I mean it.
There is nothing of interest in here. I promise.
Well, I suppose there was one memorable and interesting moment in my recent past… the night of my eighteenth birthday. You know, the one where my four hot neighbors, and known criminals, kidnapped me onto a river boat. You could say I was confused when I found myself falling asleep floating down a Missouri river… and waking up to marmalade skies and a talking river otter with a hot pink top hat. None of that confusion though compared to when my four psycho kidnappers made me remember everything I’d forgotten.
Because I had been right, I didn’t fucking belong here.
I belonged in the Kingdom of Snark.
This standalone reverse harem romance is fast-burn with violence, swearing, a band of hot psychos, a wonderland inspired world, and a haunted slightly naive MFC. Abuse is mentioned. +18 audiences. Fast burn.

The witches want me to bow.
They tried hard to break me.
I can’t be broken.

After fleeing from the sanctuary and the dark magic of a coven of witches, I must learn the secrets of my existence and find my dad. He has the answers and knowledge we need to fight back. But the witches who have invaded our sanctuary aren’t my pack’s only problem. Other enemies lie in wait, trying to collar and leash us. They think they can use us to fight a war they started.

Screw that.

I have one thing they don’t. I have my pack mates, and we’re made of magic. I will do anything to keep us together. If it’s a war the witches want, I will hunt every last one of them down and bring the fight to them. They will be the ones running now. No one can stop us. We were born for the chase.

The wolves of Lulupoterra will rise again.

*This is an 86k word full-length novel


The Wild brothers were unlike anyone I had ever known. When they moved in across the street from me I was intrigued by them, the moment I met them I was infatuated. They became my best friends almost right away. We were inseparable until the day they deserted me.

I fell in love with all five of them. I don’t blame them for walking away from the love sick girl that followed them around. Four years of pining over them from afar then four years of trying to forget that I ever loved them. College was my escape from the heartbreak.

Now I’m back for the summer and everywhere I turn one of the Wild brothers is there. They’re breaking down my walls with their flirty smiles and gorgeous bodies. My heart seems to forget that we are trying to stop being in love with them.

Spending the summer with the Wild boys sounds like a dream. I should walk away but what girl can deny her attraction to five beautiful cowboys dead set on winning her heart?

Summer With The Wilds is a full length standalone novel. This is a reverse harem, why choose romance where the girl ends up with all of them in the end. Warning: 18+ for coarse language and sexual scenes.

*I was told there was RH, please no yelling if my source was incorrect. lol***

These sexy aliens will stop at nothing to claim their mates—including abducting them!

When hot, hunky aliens need to find a mate, they know right where to look: Earth. But let’s face it, not all Earth girls are easy. We prefer our guys—even our alien guys—to put in some serious effort. Good thing human men make it easy for them.

Don’t miss your chance to binge-read this burning-hot collection of alien abduction-turned-seduction tales by New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling authors.

Fans of Grace Goodwin, Ruby Dixon, Linnea Sinclair, Laurann Dohner, and Evangeline Anderson will adore this collection of over 25 short alien abduction romances.

Scroll up and one-click now for exciting aliens and their human captives!

Featuring stories by:

Christine Pope
Skye MacKinnon
Sabine Kane
Ashlyn Hawkes
Jade Waltz
Lucee Joie
Emma Cole
Piper Fox
Sadie Marks
Ella Maven
Emma Alisyn
Margo Bond Collins
Maggie Alabaster
Cass Alex
Emma Alisyn
Ashley Amy
Quirah Casey
Libby Campbell
Tiegan Clyne
Alyssa Daring
Luna Jade
Meghyn King
Neveah Lux-Syn
Michelle Mcloughney
E.J. Powell
Eva Priest
C.L. Riley
Ava Ross
Tricia Schneider
Aria Starling
Dany Stone
Lexi Velvet
Star Wing
Luna Wren
Edeline Wrigh

The last thing Delilah Cross needs is more magic.
And yet… magic craves equilibrium. So maybe this was the fix? Maybe her and her five sexy guys suddenly gaining new abilities was how she was supposed to heal imbalance between the worlds.

Probably not though, right? Because when does anything go according to plan?
Especially not when Delilah is supposed to take over as regent for Clan Shade. And possibly a few others. Not to mention the new foe trying their best to keep the fae subjugated at all costs.

This is the conclusion to The Witch’s Gift series. Delilah will fight for her life, the lives of her mates, and the fae. She will fix the imbalance her people caused, and it won’t be how anyone expected. And as always, Delilah will never have to choose.

The war between Idols and Norms has finally begun. The Neo Gods have shown their hand. They plan to vanquish every single Norm by using any means necessary, even using Fringes to do their dirty work.

My identity as the Unmaker has been revealed, which means I must go into hiding until we’re ready to strike back. But fighting the Neo Gods is not our only problem. Chaos, the primordial god, wants me dead, and facing him seems impossible. He doesn’t care who wins the war. He wants utter destruction.

Our only hope to defeat him, stop the Neo Gods, and save the world is to finally unveil the secret that connects me to Bryce, Rufio, Phoenix, and Morpheus. The key is in our past. We just have to stay alive long enough to discover it.

*This is the FINAL book in the Gifted Academy series.


Two mates out of four and an impossible demand. 

I need to keep Alex safe, and I don’t have time for my alpha wolf’s hurt feelings. I get it, his pack got injured, but my brother’s still on the kill list. Everyone wants to control me- from Asshole to the headmaster- but they don’t understand I have one priority: my brother.  

To appease the Council, the headmaster’s got spirit shifters on lockdown, and my torturer makes the one order I can’t carry out: kill the headmaster or your brother dies.

Destroy is the second book in this why choose, paranormal romance series. Expect a tough heroine, unusual shifters, vampires, bullies, a rejected mate, and love in this steamy new adult reverse harem academy romance.

Set in the same world as the original Thornbriar Academy series, but Misfit of Thornbriar Academy can be read as a standalone series.

This series is intended for readers who are 18+ and may contain situations which are triggering.

Book 4 of the Cardinal Series

Former CIA Agent Grinley took Callie from the Emerson Team’s house. They get her back, but will they ever be able to recover from the aftermath of everything that happened? They can only hope and try to move on. Things are heating up in all aspects of Callie’s life. Her past continues to haunt her in the worst of ways while the guys at Delta struggle to stay on top of things. It’s difficult to do when the hits keep coming from too many directions to count.


Crazy Psycho Ex? Check.
Massive Imprint Tattoo appearing and taking my total up to three now? Check.
Five deliciously gorgeous new guys at school and secrets galore? Check.

I have a feeling everything is about to change.

Sage is just done, done with the abuse that her mother puts her through daily, done with always being so alone and done with being one of the youngest humans to get an Imprint Tattoo. Only a small percentage of the human population over the age of eighteen ever receive one and they only appear when a soul changing event happens in that person’s life. Sage’s first one showed up when she was nine, yey for being weird.

She’s been fighting for so damn long and she’s just tired of it all. when she’s almost fully given up, hope comes in the arrival of five new guys at her crappy high school, the guys are shrouded in secrets but it’s not like she’s being completely honest with them either.

If Sage doesn’t let her fear control her, then she has the chance to be a part of something amazing but fate throws them all a curve ball when they realize that their lives are more intertwined than any of them could’ve imagined and as secrets about her past come to light and her psycho ex makes a reappearance she can’t help but find comfort in the five guys who give her hope.

This is a slow/ medium burn paranormal Reverse Harem.
Warnings: please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, memories of abuse from when she was a child, violence and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+.

Elise continues to hunt for her brother’s killer, getting dangerously close. But with the summer behind her, she has more problems than ever to face as a rift divides her Kings.

Full synopsis coming soon!
Start with series with book one, Dark Fae.

No mere prince can awaken this sleeping beauty…

Cursed from birth, Merle has led a sheltered life. As the only princess in the seven realms it was her birthright to unite the Kingdoms through marriage to a handsome prince from a foreign land on the eve of her twenty-first birthday.

Fate had other plans. On the day of the wedding, her curse reveals itself, and she falls into an eternal slumber from which only her one true love can awaken her.

Every kingdom sent their princes and noblemen, to no avail. The people wept, afraid. An uncertain future loomed above them, as the trickster who cast the curse made his intentions known.

He doesn’t realize his trickery has made it possible for the lonely princess to explore the darkness within her as she waits for her release. See, Merle has a secret. A deep dark truth that she’s kept buried ever since she first realized it.

She doesn’t long for a handsome prince to whisk her away. Her desires run much wilder. It will take a more monstrous man to awaken her. It might even take several.

They’d better hurry though. She has a trickster to slaughter before he causes too much harm to her people. She’s still fated to be queen, and she’ll take back her mantle even if it means getting her hands dirty with the blood of those who defy her.

Cursed Slumber is a twisted paranormal reverse harem take on the classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. One click today for a suspenseful and steamy harem ever after.

On the eve of my coronation, my throne was stolen from me.

I, Aria, was destined to ascend to the throne of the Starlight Court on my thirtieth birthday. After my parent’s death, a prophecy was made that I alone should become Queen when the time was right. Too bad that the scheming members of the Court had other plans.

My devious half-brother and his followers stripped me of my powers and banished me from the Starlight Court. Now, exiled and alone, I must discover what the oracle truly meant, find my fated knights, and reclaim my rightful place as ruler of the kingdom.

FAE EXILED is a slow-burn reverse harem faerie fantasy romance where the harem grows as the story progresses, and our heroine doesn’t have to choose between her men! This story contains violence and sexual situations that may be triggering for some readers. Fae Exiled is a New Adult Fantasy Romance for ages 17+. (Book 1 of 3.) Why choose?

I did not choose this. Exiled from my home, at the heart of a prophesy I barely understand, and seeking for the five who are bound to me.

The prophesy states that I, Princess Rhea of Elvenhome, am at the centre of a five-pointed star. I must find my five before it’s too late and the ages-old terror sweeps our lands once more.

Armed only with my bow, the limited magic that I stole from my brother, and my dreams to guide me to my five – I must complete my quest before the Dragon Plague takes hold. Together, we are the key – the only weapon against the spreading darkness.

The Exile is Book One of the Dragon Plague Chronicles – a Reverse Harem Epic Fantasy Romance trilogy. A strong heroine who knows what she wants, and multiple guys who’re more than happy to give it to her! This is a why choose romance – an HEA guaranteed – eventually. Explicit 18+ scenes, medium burn and plenty of heat. The series will include a little light M/M and F/F in later books.


Morgan College’s hottest professors. Brilliant. Good looking. And terribly off limits.

My Math professor is dexterous with his… equations.
My English professor is a champ at caressing my… run-on sentences.
And, my French professor is magnifique around penetrating… verb conjugations.

I love their classes. I always sit in front. And I raise my hand for every question.
Until the day I saw them watching my little show at Club V, where I earn money for school by showing off my… skills.
I thought they’d stop coming when they realized I worked there. But now that they’ve seen me, they can’t seem to look away.

Madison Kate is a new adult/college age dark romance with enemies to lovers/hate to love themes. This is a reverse harem series, meaning the leading lady has several love interests and she doesn’t have to choose between them for her happily ever after. If this isn’t your cup of tea, then this isn’t the series for you. ♥

FAKE is book 3 of 4 in the MADISON KATE series. The blurb below will contain spoilers for previous books, and I urge you not to read it until you’ve finished both HATE and LIAR. 


“You’ll always be mine.”    

The latest taunt from my stalker reminded me I was nothing more than a possession to my father, to the Reapers, to Archer D’Ath. Even to Kody and Steele. Princess Danvers—the prize.

His wife.

Archer D’Ath’s wife.

I hated them.  They lied to me. Over and over again. I knew they lied and I hated myself for letting it happen. For believing in the fake relationships I had wanted so desperately to be real.


It was all fucking fake. My stalker isn’t letting me go. None of them are. Archer and his boys think they control me. My stalker wants to possess me. I’m not an idiot, I know my newest allies are using me, too.

That’s fine.

I’ll use all of them. I’ll use them to take back what’s mine. 

My life. My freedom. My name.

No one owns Madison Kate Danvers.

Lost, groggy, and utterly devastated, MacKenzie Harper woke in the back of a truck with a kind man giving her a ride to safety. Her memory fuzzy, her senses on high alert, and her world teetering precariously on chaos, she has no idea who to trust but her nose says she can trust him.

When her savior delivers her to Ranier, Preston, Jarret, and Anton Lejeune, Kenzie recognizes them as the sons of the most famous werewolf family in Louisiana. They have to hide her, because Kenzie did the forbidden—she shifted. Werewolves are forbidden from shifting due to the Accords, and she’s always been good at playing human. So why did she shift?

That’s a question she’d like answered, but there’s more to Kenzie than even she knows and being around the Lejeune brothers rouses old instincts and desperate desires that will pull her four mates to her and together, they’ll face every challenge coming for them—even the ones they can’t see.

Hide your magic.

Hide your boyfriends.

Hide your real power.

Mallory Serra is in over her head. Finals are coming up, Christmas is around the corner with two and a half boyfriends to buy gifts for, and the Defense Department is still trying to kill them all.

Oh, and she might be a murderer on top of all of that. Fun stuff.

Torn between her growing desire to see things through with Alec, and her fear that getting involved with him will cause an irreparable rift in his relationship with Damon, she has no idea which way to turn. Add in Everett’s burning intensity and clear dislike, and a girl just might call this whole “half boyfriend” thing off. After all, Nico and Matt should be more than enough, right? So why can’t she stop thinking about Alec and Damon, as well?

Love has never been so hot.

From urban fantasy with a dollop of romance, to spicy paranormal love stories, Flame’s Embrace has it all. Featuring stories from May Sage, Seanan McGuire, Meg Anne & Kel Carpenter, Bec McMaster, Amanda Pillar, Emigh Cannaday, Kim Faulks, Heather Long & Rebecca Royce, Grace McGinty, TJ Nichols, Ripley Proserpina, Vivienne Savage, Bam Shepherd and Mila Young. This Australian Bushfire Charity collection will keep you up all night long.

All profits will go toward an Australian Bushfire Charity, to help support communities and wildlife that were severely impacted by the Australian Bushfires at the start of 2020. Funding is still required, and many animals and people lost their lives to this devastating event.

The power unimaginable, the Trinity, is almost in my reach.

But my fate is not sealed.

Three outcomes.

Three so much different futures.

And with all the gifts I have received, has come price terrible to pay.

At least I do have my demi-dragons, don’t I?

It isn’t so simple, I am afraid.

Tartaros and his forces arrived, and the Heaven responded. If I fail, their Heavenly Fire will rain upon Earth reducing it to less than dust. I cannot let that happen. But the way out of the Abyssal Sphere is not easy. I will not even speak of trust, betrayal and hidden schemes. It is all messed up.

And maybe the prophecy is right, maybe I will bring the end to all of this.

The Darkness Unleashed is the final book in the Academy of Dragons series, a reverse harem bully romance starring five powerful, handsome, yet extremely jealous demi-dragons and a badass heroine. The plot is the mix of heart-pounding action, mysteries, and forbidden romances.
The book is ideal for fans of, Vampire Academy, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, and Twilight.

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