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We rescued my brother. We fought the secret society. We tried to stop them.

We lost.

Now they have an object so powerful it could destroy everything, but this little succubus is coming for them.

I’ll do whatever it takes to bring the secret society down, and this time I’ve got help. My angelic princes. My fallen professor. My brother. My friends. We won’t stop until they’re defeated.

Even if it means going up against the Archangels themselves. They may be ancient and powerful, but we’ve got tricks of our own too.

I just need to convince my four lovers to get along first. Easier said than done, especially when none of us knows who to trust, and dark secrets emerge from the past.

But I’ll have to be careful, because if we fail? It’ll be the start of a new war between angels and demons—and I’ll be caught in the middle.

Join Olivia for her final year at Seraphim Academy!



Victoria thought her biggest concerns were finding a place for herself on the slave planet and being secretly in love with her irresistibly sexy alien friends—playful Thegan, scowly Thorn, and enigmatic Vi’kail.

But then she stumbles upon a nefarious plot that gets the four of them sold into slavery. Complicated relationships should be the least of their worries… right?

Trapped and on the run in a dangerous alien city, with explosive trackers in their arms and enemies on their tails, won’t stop Thegan, Thorn, and Vi’kail from claiming Victoria as their mate. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and make her theirs.

But if they survive, will they still have a chance for their happily ever after when long buried secrets come to light?

Victoria’s Discovery and Victoria’s Embrace can be read on their own as a pair. However, they are better enjoyed after first reading the previous books in the Taken Series.



They say I’m their princess! Who are they kidding? I’m just Silver Springs Resident Orphan.

Even in Silver Springs, a town full of paranormal abnormalities, Lupine, the town’s resident orphan has never felt like she belonged.

Overworked, stressed, hair flying everywhere, Lupine is constantly on the move working with the unique children in the Silver Spring’s Orphanage. The Silver Springs human population regularly grumble to her about their parenting challenges.

They have no idea! They should try being responsible for twenty or so paranormal children. The orphanage is pure mayhem. The witches are hiding Lupine’s keys, the half-angels keep levitating up to the roof and the shifters are running rogue.

When the mafia come to town, will she finally find her home among the wolves?

Lupine is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

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I was lied to. Purposefully misled and embarrassed. But I’m not down and out yet.

Coming to Midpark was hard. I left everything behind me, and now I come to find out I can’t trust anyone here.

The charming jock used me and tossed me aside, lying to me all the while—and the bad boy? The bad boy apparently comes from a family who deals in illegal business daily. And that says nothing about the new psycho in town. His name is Dante, and he’s tall, dark, and handsome in all the ways that drive me crazy.

Then there’s Jacob, my private investigator. There’s something he’s not telling me, but I’ll let him have his secrets. I have much bigger fish to fry, anyway.

These rich Midpark kids will get theirs, even if it’s the last thing I do. The thing is…not all of us are going to make it out of this alive.

**Defiant is the second book in the Midpark High trilogy. There are steamy scenes, along with multiple love interests. There is an age gap, a bully/enemies-to-lovers situation, and a quiet psycho – along with a not-so-quiet one. Everyone in the book is 18 years of age or older. This trilogy gets darker as the series goes on.**





Everything changes. Even the things we didn’t ask for. Jake, Archie, Coop, and Ian were my best friends and three of them still are and they’re also now my lovers, my boyfriends, and pretty much the anchors keeping me from getting washed away.

I’ve had great moments and I’ve had horrible ones. One thing is for sure, I’ll never forget my senior year.

It’s the year everything changed.

It’s the year I found them. I lost one and now he wants me back, but I have no idea how to trust him again.

I wish… I wish for a lot of things, but with Halloween right around the corner and the holidays coming, I gotta stay focused on the future even if part of me is still trapped in a night I can’t remember.

*Please note this is a reverse harem and the author suggests you always read the forward in her books. Contains some bullying elements, mature situations, and is recommended for 17+. This is the fourth in a series and the story will continue through future books.




“You’re a Hunter, Remy.”

Those four words changed my life.
One minute, I’m human, engaged, and ready to start my life.
Then my twenty-first birthday rocks round, bringing with it the biggest god damn shock of my life.

I’m a Hunter. Nephillim. Monsters are real, And this isn’t my first life.

With more secrets than I could have ever believed, and a world so far from what I thought I knew.
My enemies are not who they seem, and this world isn’t just black and white




The world couldn’t have changed more since Eva had been locked in that tower. The only thing that hadn’t changed was the mages and humans still hated each other. Only this time the mages were the ones with the upper hand.

With new suspicions of who she really was, Eva must learn to be a human in a mage ruled world
The problem was. She wasn’t human.

Hiding her secret could not be more imperative as it becomes clear that her tower hadn’t been found by accident. The only question now was, who wanted her out and what did they want from her?



I’m not who I thought I was.

With five men at my side, can I defeat the threat to Inferna?

Can I face who I am and what I have become?

And the most important question… do panthers like catnip?

Transfuse is book three in the Infernal Council series. It is a continuation of Infuse and Defuse. This novel is full length and reverse harem. It contains multiple POVs. 

  • Fast burn, 18+ recommended 
  • Male/Male
  • Foul language





A lonely, abused girl with an erased past. Three ruthless fae princes fighting for the throne.

An undeniable destiny bringing them together to face the deadly political games of the royal fae court.

Something deep inside me calls out to men, turning them into monsters that hunger for my flesh. Bullied and abused all my life, I am used to hiding myself but things take a horrible turn on the eve of my eighteenth birthday when I turn into a monster myself, killing those who come to hunt me.

Discovered by an agent of the local paranormal bureau, I am taken to Belenus Court, a training ground where young fae are taught to manifest and control their powers. Before I can adjust to the idea of not being human, an ancient mating mark is discovered on me, sealing my fate to the heirs of the fae king.

Prince Rowan, Cade and Leon are as dazzling as they are cruel. They only care for power. Neither of them wants a mate who was banished to the human realm to grow up without an ounce of magic in her veins.

I am openly rejected by the three princes but that doesn’t keep the vicious power-hungry fae from trying to kill the girl who has come to steal the princes for herself.

They want to get rid of me. To see me destroyed.

They can try their best because I am done being a victim of my bullies. My magic is just awakening and it won’t be long before I destroy those who threaten my life.

The only thing I never expected was to come face-to-face with the darkness the royal court hides in its polished halls and the only people I can trust to get me out alive are my three tormentors.

Intrigues of the Solar Fae Court is the first book in an intrigue-filled whychoose paranormal romance that support’s our heroine’s right to choose more than one mate. Get ready for this captivating tale full of heart-pounding romance and edge-of-your-seat action.

Note: The Lumina Fae Chronicles is a reverse harem series meant for mature readers who enjoy their fantasy fiction with no restraint to language, violence and heated scenes. Themes include enemies-to-lovers romance, fae court politics, fated mates and bully romance.



The demons within are the hardest to defeat…

This was supposed to be our happily ever after. We beat our enemies, fended off an invasion of monsters, and returned home safe. For the past year, the love of my life and the four guys who’ve also become her consorts have been settling into a new, much more peaceful normal.

Me? I can’t take it that easy. In the final battle, the fiend we faced off against left a scar I can’t ignore. It’s come with the unshakeable memories of the pain we all went through and how much we lost… and possibly more than that. As the mark’s unearthly energy starts to leak out, I’m finding ways to wield it.

Rose deserves a guy who can offer more than a broken childhood and a small-time criminal history. I’d give anything to make something magical out of the wounds I’ve been dealt. But the demons never give without taking in return. Can I master the power they left me with before it masters me instead?

*Mark of Damon is a 135-page novella and the sixth book in the Witch’s Consorts series, told mainly from Damon’s point of view. Reunite with Rose and her guys as they confront one final supernatural threat and discover exactly what kind of family they’re going to be.*




Wonderland is at war. And somehow I’m supposed to defeat the Diamond Queen. But how do you fight someone willing to destroy all of Wonderland to get what she wants?

Everything is spiraling around me.
The defeats I have faced weigh heavily on my heart.
If I couldn’t save anyone on my own before, how am I supposed to save Wonderland?

I must live and fight to save the place I’ve come to love, but I can’t do it alone.
I will need every connection I’ve made and new ones I wasn’t expecting.

Falling down the rabbit hole changed my life, and now I have to fight to keep it.
Or Wonderland may be gone forever…

War for Wonderland is the second book in the Blue in Wonderland series, a Fantasy Reverse Harem Alice in Wonderland retelling. This book is advised for readers 18+ that enjoy strong language, some dark themes, and sexual content, including FF and MM.



The Order: Hit and Run
Blackbriar Academy Book One

Dark Paranormal Bully RH

When the unthinkable happens to Cora and her life is in shambles, she takes the only realistic option open to her— attending Blackbriar Academy.

Brokenhearted after a horrific event, Cora is left to pick up the pieces of her life as best she can. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she didn’t expect to have to deal with the guys she used to call friends— those same ones that had turned their backs on her.

Unable to leave without risking her future, Cora has to figure out how to make the situation work. But things aren’t what they seem to be on the surface, something dark lurks on the grounds of Blackbriar Academy, and it’s fixated on the new girl.

Cora knows she has to tough it out or find a way to break her contract. What she doesn’t know is just how far she’ll have to venture into the darkness to find the light at the end.
18+ RH
Content warning- Readers discretion advised



I, Marianela Mielcarek, was royalty, groomed to lead the Mielcarek Coven, until I was betrayed by my brother, Marcario. I brought bloodshed and death to any who bowed to my brother by waging a war unlike any my people had ever witnessed.

Foolishly, I allowed my ambitions to get the better of me and now I must plan my escape from my new prison and reclaim my coven.

My brother has granted me one last chance to redeem myself and prove that I am worthy to rule beside him on his stolen throne. Little does he know that I have other plans.

Romance is the last thing on my mind, though a few handsome faces fighting on my side couldn’t hurt. If only my former betrothed can see things my way, I might have a future with him, unless he kills me first.

Reform or die, they said. Well, they didn’t say who would die…

BLOODLUST: HOUSE OF VAMPIRES is a steamy new adult reverse harem academy romance with a twist! At this reform school, you’ll discover wicked paranormals, wicked punishments, and wicked pleasure, like you’ve never read before!

Note: This is a STEAMY RH that includes sex, violence, blood, foul language and punishments.





Gods can’t escape their fate…but they can try to run.

My name is Karma and I’m a goddess.
But not a very good one according to, well, everyone.
Between accidental mishaps on the job, the talking family goat, and a necklace full of dangerous charms…trouble was always going to find me.

But I never expected to be locked away in the gods’ correction prison for accidentally killing a higher god.
Which is literally the only rule gods have.
Between the sexy justice god twins who want me locked away and a storm god who holds too many secrets in his dark eyes, prison isn’t all that bad.

Until fate catches up with me…and there is nowhere to hide.

 Imprisoned Gods is a full length 80,000+ words Urban Fantasy RH Romance. RH means where there is more than one love interest. Book one of Three. 17+.



My husband is the devil, and not in the horny, fun way.

He is literally, the actual devil. Not that he remembers that.

Every five hundred years or so, he and I are reborn as humans with no memory of who or what we are. Except that this time I’m remembering who I am, and what I’m supposed to do.
He, however, is not and his lack of horns is taking all the fun out of maiming and romps through twisted sheets. This trip he’s sweet. He’s pure. I think I’m falling in love with him all over again.

Which makes it that much more a kick in the crotch that if we don’t return to Hell, the gates will crumble and the Earth will be overcome with demons.

The race is on and it’s up to me to remind Lucian of who he truly is. If I fail, and there will be Hell to pay… Don’t believe me? Ask the angel that keeps appearing in my bedroom.

At 80k words Birth of a Demon is a full-length why choose romance with a snarky heroine, a devil who loves to tangle, and angels who are far sexier than angels really should be. Praise Be.





Yes, to the hottest, baddest Fae Kings. No, to being their playing.

When my parents mysteriously disappear, leaving me to raise my six crazy, younger siblings, my dreams for college are dashed.

It gets worse when someone sends a slew of monster assassins after me. Their untimely arrival is followed by three devastatingly hot Fae who stalk me.

Baron, the pompous and dominating Summer King, thinks I’m a dark Fae and wants my head. Then he changes his mind and declares me his fated mate. Hells-a-no. Especially now that he wants me to prove my worth. Really?

Then there’s Rowan, the possessive and cruel Winter King, who offers to protect me from the assassins, but only if I accept his obnoxious courtship requests.

And finally, there’s Night King Rydstrom, a dangerous and mysterious Fae with an ass that doesn’t quit, who thinks he has every right to play me like a fiddle.

Too bad for them, I’m not the docile type they’re used to commanding, and I have no intention of joining the trail of broken hearts and bodies in their wake.

For I hold a dark secret. Their arrival has woken in me the very forbidden magic they’ve been hunting, and I, Evelina, am going to have a wicked good time teaching these Fae kings a lesson.





From the gutter to the stars…

Dance is in my blood.
It’s what keeps me sane, out of trouble. It used to keep them out of trouble too.
A group of boys I grew up with.
Xeno, York, Zayn and Dax.
We were a crew once and we ruled the clubs.
Separate we were insanely good, together we were unbeatable. F*&ing on fire.
I was their girl and they were my Breakers.
Until they did something they promised they never would; break my heart.
We were seventeen when they left me.
You see, for kids like us, dance was all we had.
Growing up in a rundown housing estate in London with no prospects can make you view the world differently.
It can make you choose the wrong path.
I chose dance, and they chose crime.
Three years later I’ve won a scholarship to Stardom Academy. I try to forget my past.
But how can I do that when the four boys who hurt me are back?
And this time they’re following in my footsteps and joining the academy too.

**Freestyle is book one of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy trilogy for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. If you love dance, your men on the criminal side, alpha hot holes and the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope, this is for you. Contains foul language and sexual scenes and ends on a cliffhanger.**





My mother traded me for gold, and now three men have come to claim their prize…

There are many tales about Rumpelstiltskin and the woman who promised him her first-born child. All of them are wrong. My mother was not a miller’s daughter forced to spin straw into gold, she was a gold-digging b*itch who wanted wealth more than me.

But when Rumpelstiltskin died, I thought I might be free. Unfortunately, I didn’t know his debts were given to his handsome sons, and that there are consequences if they don’t collect.

Three years ago I escaped those men, but they’ve found me again. And this time, their desire to own me has become personal. Apparently, they want to leave me begging for more than just my freedom.

SPIN MY GOLD is an RH standalone fantasy romance and part of the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night Series, a collection of multi-author fairy tale romance retellings.



Calluna is sassy, snarky, and doesn’t give a crap about, well, anything.

Calluna doesn’t believe in all this love garbage that she keeps seeing all over the town. Nope, she is just fine keeping to herself and her pet store, Beastie Besties, spank you very much

When a goofy romance book draws her in and she is given a meerkat shifter, a fennec fox shifter, a fallen angel, and a griffin shifter — well, Calluna’s views on love might be in for a whirlwind of change.

Will this whirlwind romance get in the way of the mystery she has yet to solve? There is someone in town cursing animals with dark magic, causing her shop to become a land of misfit pets. Calluna is determined to break the curses and find the culprit but she’ll have to travel down a dark road herself. 

Calluna is a paranormal romance that is a part of the Silver Springs shared universe. Calluna will not be choosing at the end.

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It’s never a good combo to be broke and desperate. You do stupid things. Like accidentally sign your soul over to Hell.

When I interviewed for a new security job, I didn’t bat an eye that it was for a literal graveyard shift…headstones and all. I mean, at the hourly rate they were offering, who cares? I got this.

Turns out, I’m not guarding a graveyard like I thought. It seems I’ve just walked my broke ass into protecting a Gate to Hell. Yeah…I don’t got this.

Now I’m stuck in a terrifying new reality: a group of hot demons who act like I can solve all their problems, and a battle between good, evil, and balance.

This will seriously teach me to read the fine print on Help Wanted ads. Good thing this job comes with a scythe. Maybe I can use it to stop them from dragging my ass into Hell.





I thought the Academy was a prison.

I was wrong.

The Hallow is a prison without walls. Being kept here against my will, I’m forced to fight the men I love in these cruel games. With dark and unforgiving magic, we have to prove ourselves worthy to the mysterious Dr. Hyde. And I have to survive. After all, I’ve always trusted my Lady of Death to keep my life. I’ve offered up thousands of bloody souls to her.

And these deadly fucking games are no different.

Surviving Hallow Hill is a reverse harem romance intended for readers 18 and over due to sizzling tension, supernatural sex, and of course explicit spell casting cursing that every bad witch might use.

Romantic themes of this series include: MFM, enemies to lovers, Soulmates, Omegaverse, femdom





“Zhavia” may be dead, but I am not lying on the floor, defeated and broken. In fact, I’ve never felt more powerful or more in control.

I am Alpha.

I am Mother.

My babies are legion, carrying death on eight-legged palanquins. Challenge me at your peril.

This new me is something that worries both my men and my enemies.

Emrys, Cassian, Morgan and Faust fear I might succumb to the dark side and fall to a level neither of them could bring me back from. They shower me with love and affection and are more honest than I thought they could be, with me, with each other. Yet secrets still linger, unspoken, threatening.

And what if the dark side has what I have been missing all along and is actually the key to my salvation?

My hazel-eyed love, you once saved me. Have you come back from the dead to haunt me or to watch over me? Do I love you, or do I hate you?

Black Widows Academy: Semester Three is the third and final book in the Black Widows Academy reverse harem/why choose trilogy. It cannot be read as a stand-alone and all the books must be read in order. The entire series contains dark themes and possibly even triggers. It is intended for mature audiences.





The only thing more dangerous than a half-angel gone rogue is a woman betrayed…

And Eden Greyson is both.

I was just a girl when my twin brother and I were recruited by the Lords of Havoc.

The Lords of Havoc: rogue half-angels who believe humanity is a failed experiment, that humans need angels to govern them.

And three of those Lords were my first loves: The sensitive artist who could steal anything. The dangerous grouch with a soft spot for me. The boy who dreamed of a better world for humans and angels alike.

Then the Lords murdered my twin brother and left me for dead.

I’m still a wanted criminal. But I’ve evaded capture for a long time., and I’ve killed every one of the Lords who ripped my brother away from me.

All except three: the artist, the grouch, the dreaming boy.

They’ve been safe from me, locked away at the Wicked Reform School.

But they won’t be safe much longer.

It’s time for me to let the world put me in handcuffs.

It’s time to kill the last of the Lords of Havoc.

Even if I still love them.



Lola Barnes only wants one thing, to get her life under control. No more chasing alphas who abuse and toss away betas like her. No more hiding in her cousin’s apartment licking wounds that won’t heal. Armed with her dream job and her less than dreamy apartment, Lola is ready to start a new chapter of her life without alphas. But that’s easier said than done when one stumbling incident after another leads Lola closer to an alluring pack of captivating men.

These alphas are everything Lola dreamed of, but they already have an omega—a playful male model who won’t stop flirting with her. And Lola is only a beta, one who comes with deep scars and an unshakeable aversion to alphas and their powerful presences. If only she could resist their perfect beta, Leo, whose patience and determination to see her heal breaks down one wall after another.

When the alpha who all but destroyed Lola tries to start a game of cat and mouse that’s all claws, the safest place for Lola may be the one she’s most terrified of, in the arms of an alpha pack.



Lola is being hunted by her past, stalked with every step she takes. Sheltered with the pack of her dreams, at first it seems like the hardest challenge isn’t even staying safe from Indy. Tensions at work are at a tipping point and after taking the role of management’s spy, Lola’s in the crossfire if anything goes wrong.

As romances between Lola and the pack members are developing left and right, the woman who swore she wanted nothing to do with alpha is turning to them like a bloom to the sun. If only it weren’t just one monstrous alpha that twisted her own thoughts. Lola is quickly realizing that her worst enemy is herself, and it’s like walking the tightrope to find a balance with the pack that gives her strength rather than sends her toppling to the ground.

But Indy won’t be ignored. One way or another, he’s determined to get his hands on her again. Lola needs more than a pack to shield her. She needs to be ready to fight.



I knew my shadows were hiding something, but I never expected this.

The game is over… for now. But once again, three simple gunshots have blown my world to pieces.

I came back from the darkness last time. I pulled my life back together. This time, though? I don’t know how to do that.

Secrets are buried deep in Halston.
Alliances are formed in darkness.
And vengeance is the only balm for a broken heart.

I was never meant to be a part of this game.

But if they didn’t want me to play, they should never have touched what was mine.

This is the second book in the Ruthless Games series, a new adult reverse harem romance. It contains sexual situations, violence, and dark subject matter. Please venture between these pages at your own discretion.



My name is Karma, and I will do anything to save my family and my gods…even from myself.

All the secrets are out, and the world as I know it is changed forever.
The higher gods take me as their prisoner, and it’s not just me they take to play games with.
My family, my best friend, and my gods are all on the line. I’ve already lost one friend; I won’t lose another.

If I don’t win the games, everyone I love dies.
So I will not lose.

My name is Karma Maria Kismet, and I am going to destroy the higher gods.
I am going to get justice…no matter what it takes.

Chosen Gods is a full length 75,000+ words Urban Fantasy RH Romance. RH means where there is more than one love interest. Book two of three. 18+.





If Serendipity ever got the chance, she might actually thank Uriel for locking her away in Purgatory.

She’d probably tear off his balls and force feed them to him first, but still, she was woman enough to admit that if it wasn’t for him, she might have never known this kind of happiness. She had four (and a half) men who adored her, a child who should never have been but was perfect despite his genetics, and something she’d never thought she would ever possess.
A family.

But still, danger lurks in the shadows, biding its time waiting to strike. There was also the small problem of Cain’s favor to the Devil himself.

But until those problems came knocking at her door, she’d enjoy her time seducing. the Four Horseman and a sultry killer.

If only Serendipity knew that those problems were already on her doorstep, waiting to pounce.



Everyone loves to sin but only the villains embrace it.

After turning a jerk’s manhood into stone, Zara is sent to the Academy for Villains—a place where troublemakers must atone for their sin or risk burning in the Underworld forever. It’s also where Hades claims she’s his reincarnated wife, bad boy Loki of Asgard is determined to seduce her, and the Prince of Darkness wants to turn her into his new vampire bride.

Zara might be surrounded by villains, some of them devilishly sexy, but they have no idea what she’s capable of…and she has no idea what secrets lurk in the shadows waiting to tear her world apart.

Academy for Villains is a Hades/Persephone retelling with a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance twist featuring various kinds of mythology in a reform school setting. 18+.





Three dragon fae men.
A girl who must prove her strength.
A prophecy that binds them together.

They came from a faraway land, promising a treaty, new adventures, and a place where I can fit in.

Cendri wants to break me.
Nemreth wishes to deceive me.
And I can’t tell what goes behind Aland’s mind, for his eyes are as cold as his disposition.

They’ve seduced me with their promises, and only after I enter Thesnan do I learn that the fae hate people like me. I’m here to face their test, to prove to them that dragon-kind are worthy of their acceptance.

I’m told I should run and go home. Ignore the trials of these petty folk. But I’m stubborn and I refuse to back down. A looming threat of a massive undead army is why the fae sought us in the first place. If I can’t get the alliance working, my ineptitude might result in countless deaths.

More importantly, I want to win. Running away after being made a fool by the fae simply isn’t my style. I’ll wipe those smug grins off the triad’s faces, and they’re going to beg for my forgiveness—right after I figure out how this whole magic thing works, anyway.

Rakarthen Academy is the first book of the Dragon Fae chronicles, a reverse harem fantasy academy featuring bullying. There are dark themes, and the series is slow-burn. Contains M/M.





As long as I can remember, my life has been nothing but one big mess. I thought things were looking up when I applied to an ad about being a surrogate at this snooty fertility clinic. Good pay, nice benefits, what’s not to like? All I need to do is spit out a baby for the rich and powerful. Piece of cake. Or so I thought.

Turns out, things are not that simple, and in this world, nothing is as it seems. I’ve entered a world of secrets and lies, not knowing who I can trust, especially the couple who hired me to conceive their baby.

What do I do when fate knocks me on my butt and sends me tumbling down a one-way street with no opportunity to return?

Who knew a chance encounter in an elevator would turn my whole life upside down, sending me on an Unexpected Turn that’s now my life?



Little girls are supposed to draw pictures of rainbows and unicorns, so when I started drawing monsters in the shadows, people acted as if something was wrong with me. They didn’t know I could predict the future. As I got older, I adapted and became a tattoo artist who gave helpful advice to skeptics.

Unfortunately, my abilities have caused other kinds of problems, especially when it came to romance. Can you imagine meeting a fun, handsome guy who seems interested in you but instead of envisioning yourself having a good time with him, you can only see how things will end? Breakups are worst, especially when you never got to the good parts. That’s why I refuse to date anymore.

Now, I feel like everything is about to change. I keep drawing the same symbol over and over again. Is it a warning or it is a sign of something good headed my way? I’m not sure, but I’m positive that it involves the intriguing men I’ve just met.

Dahlia is a Adult RH Paranormal Romance / Fantasy Romance in the Silver Springs shared universe.

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In the Heights, everyone fears the Heights Crew. I wish I had the luxury.

I can’t afford to run away from them, I have to run to them. Why? Because now they’re my only chance at survival.

Johnny, Brawler, Oscar, Magnum—I hope we can all come together to get out of this. It’s going to take a lot more than luck to free me from the wrongs I’ve been accused of. Like relying on the one person I’d rather put a bullet in than place my life at his feet.

It’s done now, though. Now I’m more a part of them than I’ve ever wanted to be.

I’m not just their prizefighter. I’m their Beautiful Soldier.

Beautiful Soldier is the third book in The Heights Crew series, a dark high school enemies to lovers reverse harem.





When your whole world is falling down around you, who do you turn to for salvation?

Piper has never been the run and hide kind of woman but when her loved ones are being hunted she has no choice to do as she is told.

Or not.

Vampire hunters and threat of exposure weren’t going to keep this maid down.

While searching for a way to be more useful to the Durands, Piper discovers things about herself she never knew and an unexpected love along the way.

Can Piper find a way to save everyone’s life and space in her heart for someone new?

This is a novella featuring Piper’s lost year while in hiding. To be read after book 4.



An impossible choice:
destroy the academy and lose the mates who will keep me sane
or my brother dies.

Between my mother’s addiction to dangerous men and my own habit of attracting all the wrong attention,
I’ve learned the hard way: use or be used.
The only light in my life is my brother.
And when my mother’s murderous boyfriend threatens him,
I will do anything to save him –
even infiltrate and sabotage the only place willing to give me – and my brother – a chance.

Infiltrate is the first book in this why choose paranormal romance series. Expect a tough heroine, unusual shifters, vampires, bullies, and love in this steamy new adult reverse harem academy romance.

Click now to join Sasha on her adventures in Thornbriar Academy.

All characters are 18+. This series is intended for readers who are 18+ and may contain situations which are triggering.





Everyone is someone’s enemy. The Elvasi and the Andinna are enemies. Alchan and Shadra stand against each other as rulers of opposing forces. Two races, locked in a deadly battle for control, each trying to out maneuver the other with their best strategies, their best warriors, and the all power at their disposal.

And Mave?
Mave faces her old nemesis. Prince Lothen of the Elvasi Empire.

His cruelty is renowned. The memories she has of him mark her skin in the form of permanent scars, forever telling the tale of her time in Elliar, like her tatua tell the tale of her freedom.

Old rage bubbles and boils over. Fury buried deep in her heart, Mave confronts him with a single-minded purpose. Mave has never let her anger get the best of her. Until now.

Someone’s enemy will always triumph on the battlefield. Mave can only hope it’s not her own.

The Enemy’s Triumph is a 148,000+ words, full-length novel.
Age of the Andinna is a reverse harem epic fantasy series. The female lead collect her lovers as the series progresses.
There is triggering content in this series including but not limited to: abuse, violence, mature language, and sexual content. It’s recommended for mature audiences.





I’d spent my entire life voiceless.

Ignored. Put to the side. All because I couldn’t communicate with the humans that I was surrounded by. All because I wasn’t surrounded by my own kind, my parents subjected me to the worst type of loneliness because of their own bias and history. That all changed when I turned eighteen though.

The day that I decided to pick up and move to Willowdale Village.

A place that signified the exact opposite of my upbringing. A place where I found my best friend. A place where I opened up my own business, a small ballet studio where I didn’t have to worry about whether I could talk to others or not. A place where people understood why I couldn’t talk. A place where everyone was different. A place where I met the Graves brothers, a family of wolf shifters, that planned on changing my life forever.

A place I now called home.

But what happens when my parents come to visit with an unexpected guest? One that not only wants to bring me back to where I grew up but place a very unwanted ring on my finger? I have a feeling that no one is going to be happy about this, least of all me, and the reaction of the Graves brothers is nothing to be happy about either.

The Willowdale Village collection consists of several standalone stories about the women that live in this supernatural town and their stories of finding themselves and love. You won’t find any dark romance here, only possessive alpha males and true happily ever afters. Each woman is absolutely unique and strong for their own reason. PNR UF Reverse Harem with +18 sexual content, swearing, and adult themes.

This collection of short stories has been created by the author in an effort to give back. A certain percentage of the first month’s proceeds (for each new novel release within the collection) will be donated towards a select unique cause.





And they say you can never go home again…
When the past tries to rewrite itself, Lacey has to return to the town where the darkness was born. Together with her guys, she’ll face the troubled present, and try to secure her future.
But she never could have foreseen that the cost to her and the men she loves would be so impossibly high.
To save them all, Lacey will have to embrace who she is, and trust her guys—no matter how they might change.
After a decade, it’s time to come home. And this time, Lacey, Oliver, Colton, Thorn, and Aaron will destroy anything that threatens it.



They couldn’t ruin me, so they’ll hate me.

I barely survived my first encounter with the three kings.
Try as they could, they couldn’t ruin me.

They know who I really am.
They know the secret to my past.

A secret that goes far deeper than I can expect.
A secret that’ll change my world—and theirs—forever.

But my ordeals are just getting started.

I thought I gained an upper hand.
But they’re about to teach me the consequence of defiance.

This time, they’ll show no mercy.
This time, they’ll pull no punches.
This time, they’ll push me to my breaking point.

Until I know just what it truly means to be hated.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This slow-burn reverse harem novel about three arrogant bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, drama, angst, swoon-worthy sex, and and some potential triggers.

Book 2 of the Weissmore Academy trilogy.



The life of a basilisk is not an easy one, but for Margaret ‘Maisie’ Day, it’s about to get even harder. After a life spent in the human world, she is forced to flee to the one place she never wanted to go, Lasina.

A binding treaty forces her into an arranged marriage with four men she knows nothing about. An evil king who will do everything in his power to stop her from finalizing the marriages hounds her every step.

Thrown into a new land without any warning, she must navigate the perils of Queendom; hopefully finding love along the way. Join Maisie on her adventure through betrothal, treachery, love, and Lasina.

WARNING: This novel is intended for readers 18+. There is explicit language, sexual scenes, and violent content.



Who knew dressing up as a space fairy at a summer rave would end up with me in a prison? 
Now I am trapped with three gorgeous males who seem to be wearing the same costume as I am—only I’m pretty sure they aren’t. 
Things about them aren’t adding up… 

Their eyes appear to be glowing whenever they watch me… 
Their wings look too real to be fake… 
And the most crazy thing of all is that the language barrier doesn’t create any boundaries between us when it comes to touching…
When the truth finally comes out that I am not dreaming, my life takes off out of this world… 

Now, I am depending on three alien males for a chance at survival… 
And the only thing that their survival depends on:

StarPyre is a fast-burn RH alien abduction standalone romance with an unique twist of common dark themes, by making them light with tons of laughs, misunderstandings and an HEA!



Happily ever after is just another beginning.
Five years after the birth of her children, Queen Seren Firethorn is enjoying life as a wife to four amazing men and a mother to four beautiful children. But this fairy queen was never meant to sit idly on a throne. Her work may be done with the Goddess Danu, but Seren is part human and as such, she’s also bound Danu’s twin brother, Anu. The God of Earth is far from done with the Twilight Princess. Anu calls upon the ex-Ambassador to take up her sword again and fight for his people. A thief has stolen a Fey relic, one that grants wishes, but only a pure soul can use it properly. Every wrong wish will have terrible consequences. Seren must find this thief and retrieve the relic but can she do it before his careless wishes destroy the entire world?

Back by overwhelming demand!
The Twilight Court is reborn to follow Seren on new adventures through the Realms. Join her as she starts a new phase of her life—the phase that follows her happy ever after.

The Twilight Court is a fantasy, fairy, paranormal, reverse harem romance with shapeshifters, dragons, witches, and gods. You won’t want to leave the Twilight Court but when you read it, be sure to read in order:
1. Fairy-Struck (free on Amazon)
2. Pixie-Led
3. Raven-Mocking
4. Here There be Dragons
5. Witchbane
6. Elf-Shot
7. Fairy Rings and Dragon Kings
8. Black-Market Magic
9. Etched in Stone
10. Careless Wishes





Nothing in Aris Calisto’s life has ever been basic, and after a cauldron full of unexpected events, she finds herself a fugitive. Going on the run should have been the biggest challenge of her life, but after being separated from her tethers, she’s faced with an impossible choice–submit or run.

With time ticking down, Aris and her ragtag band of witches have to risk it all. Despite the odds, her coven manages to find their way back to each other, and Aris quickly realizes they have more allies than they thought. Revolution is coming to Akasha, but it won’t be an easy ‘potion to brew’ with-
new powers to master,
a collection of hexing hellions intent to use her for themselves,
an anonymous admirer,
and the unexpected burden of becoming a leader.

With her capricious coven behind her, can Aris use her i’magic’nation to hit the council where it hurts? Or will she find out payback’s a real witch?

Book 3 of the Not Your Basic Witch Series
Legends of Asteria Trilogy 1

The Not Your Basic Witch is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem trilogy featuring MMFMMM meaning there is M/M content, and the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. This trilogy is the first in a series collection consisting of six trilogies titled Legends of Asteria. Each trilogy should be read in order.

This book contains references involving violence and other themes that some readers may find triggering.



“I have been given many names.
I’ve gone from a slave with only a number to identify me, to a Lady, a friend, and most recently… a saviour.
They think I am soft, not a threat.
However, they’ve awoken a part of me I didn’t know existed,
and I’m keen to repay them for the years of cruelty they gave me.
Soon, they will call me by a different name.”

Clarissa and Vaeril managed to escape the massacre at the castle, but the fight is only just the beginning.
The tainted priests and the cruel King have plans for the Kingdom of Arhaven.
Clarissa has a decision to make.
Stay and risk her life, or flee with her enemy.
Either way, she is sure to stoke the fires of treason.

This book is intended for readers 18+. There are some scenes that younger readers my find upsetting.





Since I walked away from my rich and royal family and became a house flipper of haunted and magical homes, life was nice and simple. Until I met Byron, the sexy ghost of an incubus…with some intriguing secrets. Now I’m in possession of one of the most dangerous magical artifacts in the world…although I’m still figuring out exactly what it does. What I do know is that I don’t want this in the hands of the corrupt magical council.
It’s not just me tangled up in this. There is also Graham, another sexy incubus who had no idea of his true origins, and the Sullivan twins, two scruffy and charming werewolf contractors. We’re planning to buy Greenwood Manor and find the next artifact before the wizard council does.
But talk about a wrench in the works. We get to Louisiana just to find a rival witch buying the old southern mansion right out from under us! I have a bit of a history with Billie Pruitt, but it seems like she might need us as much as we need this house, so me and my crew will have to find a way to work with her and keep our enemies at bay…
Paranormal House Flippers is the second book of a medium burn reverse harem trilogy! 





I’m Willow and this is my life story… 

Be warned, there will be plenty of awkward moments. The most humiliating happen to be with my mother. 

She’s a Goddess who is determined to get me laid. What extent will my mother go to to achieve her goal? The Gods only know…

Oh and let’s not forget…zombies, a chupacabra and my ex-boyfriend are also part of the fun.

Goddess help me, what more can go wrong? Wait no! Mom, I meant Goddess in general, not you specifically.

Willow is a standalone paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe and can be read in any order.



Description coming soon!!!



They say that true love only comes once in a lifetime.
In my case, they were wrong.
I gave my heart away three times.
To the blue eyed sensitive soul, who read poetry when he thought no one was looking.
To the green eyed jock, who made you laugh as hard as he made you cry.
And to the dark eyed boy, whose dark heart only ever beat for me.

They were my everything, until suddenly they weren’t.
They asked me to choose, but they were asking the impossible.

Now it’s my turn to ask for more than what they are willing to give.
I only have three months left, and I just want to spend it with them.
Will they accept my offer, or will four hearts live the remaining days of their lives in regret of what could have been?

The letters have been sent.
All that remains is for me to wait.
Wait to see if their hearts are still mine.
Because for as long as mine beats, it will always belong to them.





The Princes of Paradise were not what they seemed…

It was supposed to be Paradise…the beautiful island my mother and I moved to for her to start her new job at the luxury resort hotel, The Imperial Cutter Hotel.

It was supposed to be a new start for me at the exclusive elite Academy where I received a scholarship. The beautiful location, new job, a nice new home for us, and prestigious school for me was enough to entice us to the island of Aeros.

But when I met the Cutter Boys, especially Chance, who ruled the island as the son of the owner of The Imperial Cutter Hotel, and whose father started the Academy, all that changed. The most handsome and popular guys on the island, the Cutter Boys were known as the Princes of Paradise.

The Cutter Boys were the most gorgeous and hottest guys I’ve ever met. Too bad they seem to want me gone but at the same time…can’t seem to stop wanting me.

** Princes of Paradise is the first book in the M.A.G.E. Magic Academy of Gods and Elementals Series, a high school/new adult bully romance fantasy series for age 17 and up. All sex is consensual.





I thought I’d found a way to destroy the malicious power Roseborne College held over all its students—but I seem to have unleashed a host of fresh horrors instead. The school’s ruling spirits are flying free, even more intent on tormenting us. Visions from the worst moments of our pasts are stalking us like ghosts, and my foster brother may have fallen too far into his monstrous nature to be saved.

It’s all I can do to try to protect myself and the three guys I’ve fallen for here, let alone the rest of the school’s inhabitants. On top of that, the supernatural energies I’ve just discovered in myself have desires all of their own.

As our most awful mistakes consume us, can we hold onto enough faith to keep up the struggle? And how much of myself will I have to sacrifice for a single chance at freedom?

*Academy of the Forsaken is the third and final book in a gothic paranormal trilogy with shades of Beauty and the Beast. If you love snarky heroines, damaged heroes, dark secrets galore, and reverse harem romance with no choosing required, look no further! Just beware: Once you enter Roseborne College, there may be no coming back…*



I am not a good person. I may have lied about the “occasional murder spree” bit, but I did say it was justified, right? It totally is, I swear. Over the last week countless heads have rolled, mine included. I got stuck in my feelings, and I may or may not have punched my ex in the face after saving his life. He deserved it though, he said it himself. All of my mates are now living under one roof. My roof. Y’all, this ebony tower just got really f*****g crowded.
My life is becoming a roller coaster. Not the fun kind either. It’s the kind that makes you sick when your feet finally hit the ground. The desires are in full swing, both the sexual and the homacidal ones. I’m honestly having trouble telling the two apart.

The trail to stop that f*****g drug just keeps getting deeper. Now, my guys and I are off to deal with the kind of psycho that makes me look like an innocent angel. More bloodshed is coming, but it always comes at a price. Will the cost be too steep or will the benefits outweigh the loss? Only time will tell as I up my body count.
With a whole tribe of supernatural powerhouses at my back, anything is possible for us. I just have to learn how to play well with others.
I’m Sloane f*****g King, Druid Princess.
But don’t let that title fool you… I’m no damsel in distress.





An exorcist wrenched from the depths of the underworld. The strike team that brought him back. The aftermath we’re left cleaning up.

I’m Max. Salem Academy’s newest strike team member: budding witch, part-time demon slayer, and exorcist’s assistant.

We got Father Gabriel back from Satan’s grasp. He’s back, but definitely not right. Like terrifying forces of evil hiding in the depths of his soul not right.

My grandmother, Salem’s most powerful witch, is trying to kill me. She’s gone missing after the ritual that sent me straight into the devil’s lair and now the cops are sniffing around asking questions.

Oh, and the possessions wracking the city that they’re calling the Scourge of Boston? Ramping up hardcore.

And those are just half the problems I’m facing. Cocky Noah, the powerful witch that wouldn’t stop bullying me when I got here? Now, he can’t seem to get enough of me.

Erik, the lethal warrior I hooked up with and am definitely developing feelings for? Yeah, he’s also my brother’s best friend and Special Forces ops partner.

Guess who just walked back into my life? Micah, my half-brother, seems to think he can tell me what to do. That’s fun.

Then there’s Tristan, Salem Academy’s only fae. We’re closer than ever, but I still don’t know if I can trust him – especially when I learn he’s struggling against the call of his darker nature.

Magic, muscle, and deviance: that’s us. All we’ve got to do is cast out whatever’s possessing Father Gabriel, figure out what the demons have in store next, and keep all our personal lives from exploding.

All while convincing the police I didn’t murder my homicidal grandmother for an inheritance I don’t want.

Wicked Dark Magic is Book 2 in the reverse harem academy paranormal romance series “Salem Academy.” It’s a steamy, university-level academy series. Get ready for demon hunting tough girls, lethal warriors, and demonic possessions that’ll leave you afraid to turn out the lights. Scroll up and one-click to start your first day at Salem Academy! #WhyChoose





I thought my death would be the worst thing that ever happened to me.

I was wrong.

There’s a Darkness lurking in the Afterlife using me as his vessel to steal the essences from souls. As his powers grow, I struggle to differentiate what’s real and what’s fiction.

Braxton, Karston, Auston, and Preston are working tirelessly to save me. But what if their efforts aren’t enough?

Now that the Darkness has me, he’s never letting me go.

Welcome to Afterworld Academy where the price of admission…is your life.

Darkness Deceives is book two of a four book series by bestselling authors Katie May and Loxley Savage. This is a reverse harem romance meaning that the main character won’t have to choose between her love interests. This is medium-burn and does contain strong language and sexual themes. Oh, and death. Lots and lots of death. Book two will end in a cliffhanger.



Isolated from the world. Locked up because I’m a danger to others and to myself. Who would’ve thought I’d end up in the Karmic Asylum? They throw in here the supernaturals who’ve gone mad or rogue, they pump them full of drugs and potions, and wait for them to wither away. This won’t happen to me, because I have friends in high places. My Grim Reaper cousin, Mila, will come to my rescue. All I have to do is wait.

When Mila doesn’t show up, I start losing hope. Then, the tree men who I thought were my enemies get me out of this nightmarish prison, and I realize I owe them my sanity. Davien, the incubus – he will consume my soul. Seth, the sphinx – he’s worshipped me all this time; how didn’t I see it? Adrian, the Unseelie warrior… He wants something from me, something I’m not sure I can give him. He begs me to save the most important woman in his life. And no, that’s not me…



A thousand prisoners against one? Bring it on…

The name’s Jesy Gilchrest and I’m nobody’s fairy Princess. I’m a Cage fighter, pack leader and all around bad-ass alpha Fae. They say I’ve got a little impulse control problem and they’re right about that.

I robbed the Vampire King’s Castle and it got me thrown into Poison Penitentiary, home of the most blood-thirsty creatures in the Magical Sect. A dark secret haunts this place, clinging to the air like a disease and in here, everything goes bump in the night.

I’m not worried though. Because I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid. I got caught for a reason. They’ve got my younger brother locked up in here. He’s innocent and I’ll stop at nothing till he’s freed. There’s just one problem with my brilliant break-out plan though. Remember that little impulse control issue I mentioned earlier?

I got in a fight with the warden on the first day and now she’s promised freedom to any prisoner who can finish me off.

Four of the prison’s deadliest inmates’ step in to help me. A Werewolf, Dragon shifter, Vampire and Demon. What do they want in exchange? Let’s just say they’ve got a taste for Alpha Fae. A big one.

Are you ready for a strong heroine and four handsome Psycho criminal heroes? This is a STEAMY REVERSE HAREM ROMANCE that contains things that some readers may find triggering. *This book is not for kids.*





They took her freedom. Now she’ll take their lives.

Voluntary kidnapping. That’s new even for Kat. Trapped, tortured and without any sign of her sister’s whereabouts, she can only do one thing: release the beast within and hope she doesn’t lose her humanity. Nor her family.

Relationships will be broken. New alliances will be forged. And yes, there will be more kittens.

The sixth book in this purrfectly exciting urban fantasy series full of action, suspense and cat puns. A slow burn reverse harem where Kat won’t have to choose.

Reading order:

  1. Meow
  2. Scratch
  3. Purrr
  4. Hisss
  5. Lick
  6. Claw



What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, they say.
Well, I, Juniper Nevels, am about to test that theory, like it or not.

During my time at Rose Haven Academy, I’ve had quite a few ups and downs. On the plus side, I’ve finally been assigned the team of my dreams. On the downside, our accidental slip into the supernatural has brought an evil presence out of hiding.

My team and I can’t seem to catch a break. As if dealing with spirits and spooky nightmares weren’t enough, now we are facing an even stronger presence. It’s known as the Human Vampire. This sinister being was once an elusive serial killer and now his sights are set on me.

He’s after me, and he’s hungry for blood.

But even as our lives get darker, the bond between my four guys and me grows stronger. Now that our team is all finally on board, we have a real chance at proving to the academy that we’re worthy. And we plan to take our spot among the elite.

Defying everything we’ve learned about the supernatural so far, which isn’t much, the specter continues to torment us. After a few close calls in which we barely escape with our lives, we decide enough is enough and look for help outside of the academy. Because what Rose Haven doesn’t know won’t hurt them, right?

Our future with the RH Elite forces and our lives depend on whether we can banish this presence for good. Can the tricks we’ve learned on the outside save us, or are we headed into certain death?

The Human Vampire must be sent back into the shadows.

The real question is, can you ever banish evil for good?

This is book 2 of 4 in the Academy of the Elite series, a full genre change and rewrite for the previous book, Into the Shadows.

This book is intended for readers 18 and up, and includes content that may be triggering for some readers, such as violence.




Nothing for this day, yet…



Book 2 of the Thief of Hearts Series. Blurb coming soon!



Ivan, Titus, Dorien.
The bad boys of Baroque, the kings of this school.
They messed with the wrong girl.
I’ll topple them from their thrones.

They made me trust them.
They made me want them.
Now, I’m going to haunt their asses.
Even if it costs me… everything.

They’ll carry their secrets to their graves.
If they don’t put me six-feet-under first.

Manderley Academy won’t claim another victim.
They can’t shove these skeletons back in the closet.
I’ll do whatever it takes to get justice.

It’s time for Manderley’s ghosts to come out and play.

A dark mystery unfolds around musician Faye de Winter in book two of this gripping gothic college reverse harem bully romance by USA Today best-selling author Steffanie Holmes. Warning: Proceed with caution – this tale of three spoiled rich boys with unsettling secrets and the girl who refuses to put up with their shit contains dark themes, a creepy house, a smoldering second-chance romance, college angst, cruel bullies and swoon-worthy sex.



Talonswood Reform is under new management—vampire style. And the new dean wants Reese, the academy’s dark, broody second-in-command, to teach me vampiric obedience.

I want to tell Reese exactly where he can shove all his bowing and scraping. After being on my own my whole life, I’m about as likely to bend a knee to the asshole as I am to trust him.

Worse yet, a long-dead witch’s spell may have just bound me to Reese and three other males. Not only can we not escape each other, but the connection is growing in ways that terrify me—and set all my senses on fire.

The power within me is calling, and it will find a way out…

LAST CHANCE REFORM is a full-length dark reverse-harem paranormal romance. This is the second of four books in IMMORTALS OF TALONSWOOD, a new series from Amazon’s top-100 author Alex Lidell. With hot shifter-fae, delicious vampires, and one lone witch, Talonswood isn’t your normal reform school.



Sienna is lost…

With almost all of her guys missing, Sienna finds herself in a show down with Evander Corporation, fighting for her life. But she wasn’t born to be a victim, she was born to lead. When she figures that out she will be the arrow that shoots through the heart of her enemies, rescues her men, and changes the future of the universe forever.

*Please note this is the 12th and final book in the Wings of Artemis series. The author recommends you do not start the book series here.*



Book 4 of Heartbreak Falls Series…

Welcome to Heartbreak Falls…a town ruled by my new Stepfather’s family for centuries and where hearts come to break

With a name like Heartbreak Falls, one didn’t expect to find love at the new town I had moved to courtesy of my new stepfamily aka Mom’s new husband and his sons.
Something was up with my new rich stepfather, his sons, and what happened to their last stepmother. Something was up with the entire town, which my stepfamily seem to run. Along with the school where my stepbrothers reigned as cruel princes. All 3 of them were known as The Heartbreakers. Two were twins and my age, and then there was Tristan, the oldest. Gorgeous but god-awful hateful to me. What was up?

I was about to find out…if I lived long enough.

**Heartbreak Falls is a RH Dark Bully Romance and mystery for 18 and up. It is YA/NA and has themes of bullying and sex. If that’s fine with you, then dig in! Dare Me Not is book 3 of 5 and contains a cliffhanger.



She doesn’t just steal from the rich. She steals from the bad. The very, very bad.

As a strong woman and feared sharpshooter, outcast vampire royalty Loxley Robbins must prove herself to the townspeople and her band of Merry Men. They’re wild, they’re dangerous, and they’re hers. As an alpha vampire, she can’t avoid the claiming.

When Loxley’s sister is kidnapped by an evil pack of werewolf cowboys, her skills as the fastest draw in the wild west will be put to the test, and she’ll have to rely on the men she’s entrusted with her heart to protect her back. And her front.

Lady of Outlaws is a standalone paranormal romance set in the Wild West and part of the Once Upon A Fairy Tale Night Series, a collection of multi-author fairy tale romance re-tellings. It has a reverse harem relationship, steamy content, and is loosely based on the tale of Robin Hood.



Right when I thought the worse was over for Arcadia and the Djinns, a bigger battle with a stronger force surprised all of us.

At the end of it, someone I love would end up dead, and another would break my heart.





The light is my prison…and I can’t escape.

I’m Izora Dawn and this is the second prison I find myself locked in for something I didn’t do.

Only this prison is worse and far more dangerous.

Beyond the prison walls, the fae world is at war and nothing I can do will stop it. I may come from the light, but to win this war, to keep my family and lovers safe, I will embrace the darkness.

Shadowborn Royals is a crossover spin-off to Shadowborn Academy. You do not need to read the latter to follow this series. One thing is for sure—not even the shadows can be trusted in this Enchanted Forest…
18+ Reverse Harem Dark Fae Prison Romance.



My name is Kaitlyn Lightson and my home is with the vampires.

After the destruction of the Angel Academy, I’m found a traitor to my own race and I wish it was just me that is found guilty.
Vesnia and many others are trapped with me, and I’m not sure how I can save them.
With the vampires on the run, or dead, I know I need to get out of the city as quickly as I can to find Ren before he starts a war he cannot end.
With old friends, and new, to help me, I will survive the Angel City and get to my mates.
There isn’t another choice.

When Tales, Demons, Wolves, Vampires and Angels go to war…who will win?

18+ RH



A deadly disease has spread through the Blooming Courts of Tuatha.

The louloudi are meant to flourish for a thousand years before they return to the Earth. Death has been a distant foe for so long, no one spares it any thought. Until now. As sickness sweeps through the kingdom, with the cure always just out of reach, the courts have never been filled with so many blossoms. Even in death, they breathe life.

Ila Slystina has been raised in the confines of the Orchidasi Kingdom, wanting for nothing, hidden away like some sparkling treasure, but she dreams of so much more. When she’s caught returning from a forbidden trip, her mother, the Queen, punishes her the only way she sees fit.

Ila is sent on her season far earlier than she should be. Now, she’s being paraded through the twelve courts like a prized cow and she wants nothing more than to escape. But along the way, she just might get more than what she bargained for.

After all, the courts aren’t the only things that must bloom . . .



The houses of Dawn and Violeta have declared war and I have to stop them.
But I’m not alone.

My name is Anastasia Noble and I have to go against my family to save everyone I love. After finding out secrets that have been hidden for years, now more than ever Anastasia and her men need to stop her sister before it’s too late.

They say dreams don’t always come true.
But mine do.

When gods and familiars go to war, not everyone can make it out alive.
18+ RH. The final book in The Familiar Empire Series.



This was supposed to be Lily’s year. Instead, it’s starting to feel like she’s moving through a checklist of disasters:

Lost her job.

Lost her boyfriend (no loss there, but STILL).

And since bad things always come in threes, Lily’s grandfather falls off a ladder (because he never listens). She won’t leave the man who raised her in the lurch, so she moves home to take care of him.

Which means she’s once again face-to-face with the three boys-next-door who have driven her crazy since kindergarten.

When she wants to restore her grandfather’s beloved classic car, the boys have a deal for her. They’ve just opened the first auto shop in Silver Springs, and they’re happy to fix her grandfather’s car…if she’ll just come work with them.

They’re bossy and annoying and hot as ever, darn it.

But as things heat up in the auto shop, maybe it could just turn out to be her year after all…



They call me an outcast, weak.

The continuation in this captivating wolf shifter story coming soon.



I’m the daughter of heroes. I’ve trained my entire life to take my mother’s place as guardian of the world. I’ve prepared myself for being mated to four dragon shifters.

But nothing could prepare me for this. I’m not mated to four men, but five.

The Death Goddess has chosen her own champion and demands I take him as my mate too. If I refuse? She’ll unleash the realm of the dead upon my world.

Too bad he’s the cruelest man I’ve ever met, and I want absolutely nothing to do with him. Neither do my other mates. But we’ll have to find a way to embrace his darkness…or watch the world fall into chaos once again.

Due to reader demand, Sora’s book is coming! Yay! Release date not final.



After everything that’s happened to me at the academy, I have so much to deal with… and no guide at all. Can I survive? And what will happen to my trio?

Join Ari on her further adventures. Release date to be announced.

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