Hello Lovlies! Another month notch marked on our proverbial book bed posts. If you’re like most readers, your TBR is as wild and long as Michigan’s Naked Mile. Mine is. It doesn’t help that friends are constantly throwing additional books at me that are must reads. Ha, kidding. I love it. My organizing said TBR, not so much. It looks more like the stage after Gallagher preforms. I apologize in advance because this list is bound to add more books to your lovely tbr’s. Sorry, not sorry. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

Please keep in mind the following dates are tentative. Authors may change dates at any time, for any reason. I will do my best to correct them as they change. The photo below is a depiction of me holding onto my sanity after my brain fell out creating this calendar. Blurbs are verbatim from Amazon.

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The super sexy vampire has offered me immortality and more. The wolf shifter still thinks I’m his mate. And the hot-as-hell fallen angel is more of a handful than I thought. Welcome back to Blood Moon Academy.

Funny thing. It turns out I am the girl from the prophecy. And no amount of running from it will change the fact that my magic is dark and powerful, and that I’m a freaking monster magnet. FML

I think that the dragon in the forest has answers that I need. I want to use forbidden dark magic to turn him back into the student he once was. Everybody else thinks that’s a terrible idea. Stop cavorting with the monsters, they tell me. Good thing I’m not really the listening type.

There’s no resisting my sexy vampire. I have no idea how much longer the wolf shifter and I can hold out before we give in to our desires. And let’s just say the hot-as-hell fallen angel has burned me before. Will I fall for it again?

Captive Monster is a why-choose romance with steam, humor, and monsters.



Juniper’s definitely not your average witch. No amazing powers, not even measly earth magic. Until the day she stumbles into four insanely hot but not so normal guys who seem to think she needs protecting and they’re the ones to do it. And to think it all started with a concert. Will the guys keep her hidden or will the ones after her find her?



**IT’S DARK, THERE’S VIOLENCE. Do not read if you have triggers to violence, murder, and darkness. <3

When offered a position at the obscure Grimmstead Academy, I jump on it. It’s not that I’m running from my past, it’s just…well, some things are better left forgotten.

An academy for lost souls and criminals? Not exactly what I signed up for, but as I’m about to learn, once you step within the halls of Grimmstead, you can never leave. As the days wear on, I find out that no one is innocent here. Not me, not the ruggedly attractive headmaster, and certainly not its dangerous, handsome students.

Me coming to Grimmstead was like a lamb running into a den of lions, only these lions are just as likely to attack each other as they are me. Mysteries lie within the heart of Grimmstead Academy, and I just might be the key to it all.

The walls of Grimmstead are painted with three things.



And blood.

If you can’t trust your own mind, who can you trust?

GA: A Villainous Introduction is the first book in a planned RH trilogy. There is graphic violence in this book, along with steamy scenes.



With the big bad handled and the bond with my men sealed, life is looking up for me.

Or so I thought.

With powers I need to learn to wield, and my mates all stronger than ever, we find ourselves dealing with a potential new threat.

All whilst trying to continue life with my newfound family and friendships.

Can we figure out if this new threat is real? And if it is, how will we handle it?



Just when I think things are starting to look up…I manage to get myself kidnapped.

All I want to do is figure out how the hell to get home. But instead, I’ve been shot out of the sky, netted, half drowned, and now I’ve been taken to Kestrel City, home of the Avowed.

The Hidden claim the Avowed are the enemy, but I’m about to learn nothing is ever just black and white.
Well, except maybe for my gryphon.

I need to keep Pigeon and her wandering eye on a tight leash. Which is a hell of a lot easier said than done. She has an appetite for assholes and secrets, and there’s plenty of both flying around here.

Can I keep my head down, my wings folded, and Pigeon in check long enough to find the answers I’ve been looking for?

I sure as fuck hope so, but it’s not looking so good.



Max doesn’t believe in hope or true love.

She’s divorced. She lost her daughter and mother in the zombie apocalypse. She’s losing her grandmother slowly to alzheimers. She’s seen more dead and undead bodies than she ever thought possible.

But fate doesn’t care.

It brings her not ONE…not TWO…not even THREE…but FOUR hot men whose only desire is to win over her heart.

And while the world is being ravaged by tragedy, she’d rather confront a horde of zombies than the possibility of getting hurt again.

This book is perfect for romance readers who are also fans of shows like “The Walking Dead” and “iZombie.” It is part of the “Common Elements Romance Project.”

ORDER TODAY to find out if TRUE LOVE wins in the end!



The Gods want me dead, the feeling is mutual.

My world was dark and lonely before I met them. My 3 monsters, the men who made me believe I was worthy of love.

Now everything I care about is being threatened by cruel, dark forces… gods and monsters alike, who won’t stop until I’m dead.

And things are about to get a lot more complicated.

The Academy is in shambles and we’re on the run from otherworldly monsters and a legion of darkness that wants nothing more than to create a world filled with murder and mayhem. 

If we don’t learn to work together, not even our magic will be able to save us.

Shattered Curse is the third and final book in Kate Nova’s Gods & Monsters series, a medium-burn reverse harem story. If you love fierce heroines, hot alpha men, why-choose romance, and fantasy with lots of twists and turns along the way, you’ll love this story.



A murder on campus divides the houses, and the hidden prejudices between the races spill out into mistrust and violence. Life at the Nightworld Academy will never be the same. 

Who murdered Lorna, and who framed Andrei? Proving his innocence may be harder and more dangerous than we imagined, but I’m determined to clear Andrei’s name.

But helping Andrei isn’t our only problem.

First, I discover my relationship with Jamie is more complicated than we both realised, and that he has a more significant role to play in my life. But I’ve seen his death again—and this time I know where he dies.

Then, Tobias finally opens up, and our relationship hits a new level of complicated. Tobias can strengthen my powers, but with dangerous consequences for both of us.

Ash continues to struggle with Vincent’s control, and with the after-effects of his night away from the academy. As Vincent takes advantage of the unrest between the houses to segregate Gilgamesh, we uncover the darker side of his plans. 

But there’s more to these events than a shifter with an agenda and a vampire framed for murder. The pieces won’t fit into place yet, but I’m no longer sure if the Confederacy or the Dominion is our greatest threat.

As we grow stronger, we become determined that nobody will succeed in tearing us apart. But how far will our enemies go to stop our group uniting into the powerful opponents they fear?

We’re facing our most dangerous term yet, and I’m frightened we might not all survive.

Nightworld Academy: Term Four is the fourth book in this upper YA/NA series of magic academy books. The main characters are eighteen and older, and this is a slow burn RH. Contains mature content.


What would you do to save the soul of a person you loved?

Summon the Devil?
Offer your life and soul in return for theirs?
Agree to let Hell’s generals live in your home?

Well…check, check, and CHECK.

When I learned my mother had inadvertently sentenced her soul to a lifetime in Hell, I summoned The Devil to make a trade…her soul for mine. But The Devil is a tricky bastard…they don’t call him The Devil for nothing. And instead of my offered deal he countered with one of his own: turn one of his generals into Hell’s next ruler and Mama’s soul debt would be wiped clean… paid in full so to speak. However, if I fail…well, if I fail he gets two for the price for one.

Stupid, right? Yeah, I know; which is exactly why I agreed to his deal. I never said I was the sharpest tool in the toolbox. So join me as I race against the clock to complete The Devil’s task so I can, not only, save my mother’s soul but also my own.

It shouldn’t be that hard. I just have to do all this while busting my ass to keep the magic that is rightfully mine while improving seven moody generals. I don’t know if I thought this over as well I should have; but you know what they say… C’est la vie!

Content Notes: This is a slow-to-medium burn romance harem paranormal romance story. The story contains the following:
•Strong and Frequent Swearing
•Mild Violence
•Physical and Emotional Abuse (Recounted from a different character than the one abused)



After pissing off the head of the supernatural lab, failing at befriending my fellow inmates, and pitching a temper tantrum in the underground cafeteria, it was only a matter of time before I had to do something about this whole captivity thing.

For me, Cassandra Thorn, being born as a human, raised by an elite group of supernaturals, and struggling to reach my twentieth birthday was far more fun than this.

Then again, anything would be.

In this case, “this” refers to being taken against my will—kidnapped—and trapped in an underground lab for supernatural shifters. Pretty ridiculous, considering I was a mere mortal.

Or so I was told.

Turns out there are a lot of things I was told, not all of them true. Now a family secret has been revealed and destiny is just waiting for me to fulfill it…but I was stuck in Prison Boringville with a bunch of not-so-friendly detainees.

Being a supernatural inmate isn’t my style, so with the very new powers bestowed upon me, I was getting my booty out of this hellhole. Unless Adonis the sexy incubus, Dominick the deadly fae master, Otis the death-seeking vampire, and Tristan the sly shapeshifter bust me out first.

Supernatural Inmate is the first book in the Supernatural Captivity series, a Paranormal Prison Romance.




The war draws nearer and desperation grows.

Both sides of Heaven and Hell are growing restless, interfering with Luna’s once stable life. With four angels now a fixture in her apartment, things have taken a turn for the crazy. Ms. Frenchie is missing, walking outside is no longer safe, and Luna finds herself visited by minions of Lucifer and God more than she would care for.

Twists and turns lead Luna and her angels to the other side of the world, scouring the streets of London in an attempt to find her missing best friend. When things go awry and trouble comes knocking, Luna is forced to start making the hardest decisions she’s had to since leaving her past far behind her.

As danger nears and Luna’s life takes a step in the wrong direction, reality quickly dawns on the flawed angel. No one is safe, everything she knows is changing, and the ones closest to her are in more danger than she imagined. With Heaven and Hell vying for her loyalty, will Luna remain strong enough to whether the storm, or will her flawed disposition be the death of her? After all, there are only few ways to break a Fractured Angel.

*This is a Reverse Harem novel and does contain scenes intended for mature audiences.
*Recommended for readers of the ages 18+ due to adult content, strong language and violence.



Life at the academy just got… messy.
I’ve always dreamed of getting into a top college, but after a stint in juvie, my school prospects went sideways fast. Now I work at a magic academy…as a janitor. Ironic, right?
Okay, so maybe I get a kick out of secretly solving the arcane equations the professors leave on the board for the rich, entitled student wizards. I’m broke, not stupid.
Except then I get caught by the hottest mage on campus…who ropes me into helping him and his three equally gorgeous friends win a decidedly screwed-up magic competition.
Easy enough, I think—until I start setting things on fire and getting chased by smoke-faced monsters and fighting side by side with four of the sexiest, most powerful wizards ever…and find myself—just maybe—falling in love…
With all of them.
Note: This is a medium burn, New Adult Why Choose paranormal academy romance, and book 1 of 4 in the Twyst Academy series. 



Adie helped to take down the Dreamer and is now ready for life to return to normal, whatever that is. But the demonic higher-ups have other ideas, and Adie soon finds herself landed in the hot seat. Will she be able to answer for her actions, or will she see everything she’s fought for taken away?

Part 1 of Succubus Trials.

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.



Anywhere is better than at home… unless it’s an alien planet!

Running from her abusive boyfriend, Lila doesn’t care about the interdimensional storm raging outside, the dragons that have been sighted on Earth, or the fact that people have gone missing in the storms. She grabs her dog, runs outside… and gets struck by a lightning that transports her to a world with giant, purple alien barbarians! Should she have stayed at home after all? When the aliens start courting her, she gets even more concerned. Men are all violent brutes. Except maybe these brutish alien barbarians are actually kinder than some human men…?

Alien Barbarians’ Love is the third and final book in the Purple Planet sci-fi reverse harem romance series! Each book is a standalone romance featuring a different woman and three hot, purple aliens who want her as their mate. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a HEA!



A Standalone Reverse Harem Book
Their lives had been so simple out of high school. Their band, Stuck, started to take off. With Evie as their manager, they felt they would always be there for each other. And then they got signed, and Evie disappeared without a whisper of a goodbye.
Now, ten years later and a chart-topping sensation, Stuck comes off a world tour and needs a vacation. They go to the cabin their families share and once again find her, their first love, but she’s changed. Cold, bitter, broken. The boys of Stuck must help Evie find herself again and mend her broken heart. But will Evie let them?

  • Multiple POV
  • Drugs Alcohol
  • Characters are in their 30s



Dark romance

“Coming 7th February” – Source Reverse Harem Readers

I wasn’t crazy; I was just a little unwell. And who could blame me, when I was tortured at the hands of those who should have loved me the most? My mother told me that I was crazy, my father said I’d lost my mind. My school kicked me out, apparently, I wasn’t fit to be part of their student body anymore. Honestly, I never thought I was crazy, until I was. And even then I wasn’t convinced it was I who was the mad one.

The monsters that live in the shadows tell me things. Bad things. The question my parents should have been asking was… What did my shadow friends say to me? Well, soon enough, they found out. And then they couldn’t hurt me anymore. They came to learn that the things in the shadows ain’t got nothin’ on me.

My name is Kaydence Clearwater, and this is a dark recollection of the last few weeks of my life as an abused girl. The events that lead up to the death of that girl and the rebirth of a woman. But take heed, little reader, this isn’t pretty, and it won’t be an easy ride. So bear that in mind when you scroll to the next page because it starts off bloody and just gets worse.

I’ll see you on the flipside, if you can stomach my story, that is.

⚠️🚧 WARNING 🚧 ⚠️
This story has MAJOR triggering material. It is DARK romance.
⛔ Self harm ⛔
⛔ Attempted suicide ⛔
⛔ Dark thoughts ⛔
⛔ Mentions of rape ⛔
(not detailed)
⛔ Abuse of a minor ⛔
⛔ Graphic horror scenes ⛔
Please do NOT read this if these are your triggers.


One elite fae warrior. Four superior officers. A bond they can’t resist.

Lera was once human. Now, with dark magic leaking into the mortal world, the petite fae warrior must return to protect it—even if it means going undercover with four powerful fae males to a harsh military academy. But when a terrible accident melds the males with their human disguises, everything changes. Can Lera make the warriors remember themselves, their mission—and her—before the entire mortal world pays the price?

River, Shade, Tye, and Coal can’t overlook the beautiful new cadet, but when Lera starts breaking rules and ignoring orders, the four senior officers intend to put her in her place. Lera will learn or she will quit—that is how Great Falls Academy works.

GREAT FALLS CADET is a full-length POWER OF FIVE reverse-harem tale from Amazon top 100 author Alex Lidell. It was initially released in three installments, titled RULES OF STONE, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, and SCENT OF A WOLF. CADET is the fifth book in the POWER OF FIVE full-length series.



Marjorie Long is once again a broken girl.
As secret after secret comes to light and threatens not only to tear her sanity apart but the connections she has built with her heartmates, she pushes herself to her limits to find the truth within the lies.
With the help of her brother, Carson she finds herself closer to the biggest revelation of her life. But just when the truth is within her grasp she is once again betrayed by the last person she would have expected and sent into a deep dark place within herself that seems almost impossible to escape from.
Realizing that life is better with the love and loyalty of her heartmates she pushes aside the hurt and misunderstandings and looks to the future with them by her side no matter what comes their way.
But, will the love and connections they built be able to last once they all, one by one, begin to leave Brighton House and her behind to navigate life on her own?
Will finding truth amidst the secrets and lies that center around her be all that she hoped they would be? Or will she discover that some truths aren’t worth the pain and heartache they can cause?

Finding Truth is a Reverse Harem Why Choose book with MF, FF elements. Finding Truth contains subject matter that some may find triggering and sexual content that is intended for mature audiences. The female lead character does not choose between love interests so if that is something you are not interested in do not read this book.



A supposedly dead girl going against three alpha assholes.
Nothing can go wrong, right?

Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Starting with the guys that put me in this situation.

But what they don’t realize is … I know a secret.

One I came across by pure accident.
One that will shake the ground they walk on.

What I know shouldn’t be possible.

It seems this is a family of tricksters.
Except this time, I’m determined to get the last laugh.

***Dirty Little Secret*** This is book three and does end in a cliffhanger. This is a bully/enemy-to-lovers, #whychoose, new adult contemporary romance, full-length novel. *Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations, and sensitive content. This book does have moments that can be triggering, so enter at your own risk. In some instances, it does get dark and can play with your mind. You’ve been warned.



A half-blood Dragon Shifter in an elite Academy for Shifter Royalty—What could possibly go wrong?

I thought I was alone in the world until my father came for me.
I thought I was a normal girl until I breathed fire!

Now my world has turned upsidedown. I’m living with my father, who’s never around, and my stepmother, who hates me, in a mansion that’s bigger than my old school. Even weirder, my dad is King of the Gold-Scale Dragons and I’m his only real heir. I’m a motherf**king princess!

The bad news? I’m forced to attend this elite academy for snooty shifter royalty. They’re all super rich and something called true-blood, so of course they all look down on girls like me. Worse still, since my mother was human, I’m considered a lesser shifter because I’m half-blood.

There are many who object to a half-blood attending the Academy, let alone being next in line to the throne! If I want to stay alive I’ll need to prove myself equal to my true-blood peers and *gulp* find a mate.

Okay, so that second part won’t be so hard.
Almost as soon as I arrived I was torn between Jax—a chaotic bad boy, Dolph—another half-blood, and my quiet grouchy stepbrother Luther. So … you know … things aren’t so bad 😉

Half-Blood princess is the first book in the Dragon Fire Academy series. It is a slow burn reverse harem (RH), fast-paced, sexy, why choose, action-packed Young Adult (YA) to New Adult (NA) paranormal dragon shifter romance.



When shifters are being sacrificed for black magic, a girl’s got to take aim and fire.

I’m a fox shifter in a world run by humans. They treat us like we’re beneath them, even shooting us when they have the chance. I’ll do anything to protect my family, so I learned how to shoot back. My aim is true and I’m just waiting for someone to piss off the wrong vixen.

Turns out we have bigger threats than humans. And now they want more of us. Black magic is spreading, fueled by the blood and bones of shifters like us to do horrible things.

With my mates at my sides, I have to stop the kidnappings and the sacrifices. Or die trying.

This complete trilogy follows a badass heroine with a gun, and her three love interests as they take on an enemy threatening all shifter species. Heart-racing action, emotional roller coasters, and reverse harem steam await you in this omnibus edition.

Wolf’s Bane
Fox Tale
Eagle Eyes

Shifted Mates is set in the same world as Crystal Ash’s other series, Unholy Trinity and Northwest Wolf Pack.



Once upon a time there was a princess…
But that’s where this fairytale ends
My castle was a compound,
My subjects – a bunch of rowdy bikers
And the villain of this tale was my father, the king.
When a brutal attack leaves me no choice but to flee, I find myself cast out and alone.
Six years later I’m dragged back to hell as nothing more than a pawn
But I’m not the same girl that ran
So I’ll play their game
But not by their rules
Because this time I won’t go down without a fight
It will take more than Knight’s on chrome horses to break me.
The Princess has returned
And it’s time to take back my crown.

Please be advised that this book may cause shallow breathing, exploding ovaries and spontaneous disintegration of panties. As a result, all readers should be over the age of 18 and refrain from reading in public places.

Trigger warning: This book contains swearing, violence and sexy fun times with not one but three bikers.



One siren. Three pirates. An epic quest to find the mermaid queen.

Born to a captive mermaid princess and her incubus mate, I’m the only known siren alive. The fate of an entire island of people enslaved by the Lost rests in my hands, and I’ve made it my mission to save them.

Upon escaping Inculari, my path to freedom takes an unexpected turn when I’m rescued from near death by a trio of cunning ex-pirates.

Jax, Kaid, and Rycen have left their criminal lives behind and are determined to walk the straight and narrow. But in order to help me on my epic quest, they may have to draw on their lawless pasts.

When I’m betrayed by someone dear to me, will my plan to liberate an entire people be wrecked? Or will my Siren’s Call be our saving grace?

This is a medium burn whychoose, fantasy romance standalone with a HEA. Suitable for ages 18+



The Conclusion to the Bad Boy Royals of Kingsbury Prep Series…


Tempest Ryan was chosen to be the first commoner student to attend the highly exclusive and secretive school just for those of Royal Blood. Her succeeding at Kingsbury Prep would mean the end to the Royals’ reign. This could not happen. As the Kings of Kingsbury, we will make her leave. Tossing the Black Envelope is tradition. Now Tempest Ryan has received it, anyone in school can bully her. Make her leave. That’s the K3’s decree. That’s what she gets for trying to mess with us Royals. Kingsbury Prep is a 500 year old institution. Only those with royal blood can attend this school. A commoner like Tempest Ryan does not belong. We will break her, break her will, break her heart. She will wish she never stepped foot into Kingsbury. Only now, she is getting under all of our skin like a burn that can’t stop itching.

*** Kingsbury Prep’s K3 Royals have made it known they don’t want me here. Being at the receiving end of the notorious Black Envelope is no laughing matter. I’d learned someone had died from it. Another nearly died but left Kingsbury just in time. These guys are cruel. They started a war against me. Even though I am reeling from the pain, I have some secrets of my own. Love and Hate is a fine line, especially when they all seem to hate me, but can’t stop wanting me.

***REIGN OF REBELS is reverse harem/mature high school bully romance novel. This is book six of six in the series. Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual.



Demigods? Powerful Sorcerers? Intertwined Destinies? Multiple timelines? Being nineteen couldn’t be more exciting — and frightening.

After a near-death experience, I, Brianne Marie Harlow, learned a startling truth: I’m not just an ordinary “gifted” witch. Far from it, in fact. Instead, I’m a demigod with a prophesied destiny. My purpose in life is rooted in the depths of Witchling Academy and I may have been the very reason it came crumbling down — and may do so again.

The good news is that my Notorious Four have been reunited, and it seems each of them has grown stronger and wiser. I have one destined soulmate, but my abundant love has connected me to three more. My feelings for my men continue to grow, strengthening our bonds and powers. It’s exciting to see them connect with one another…and there may just be room in our lives to experiment with new things.

We’re still working hard to improve things at school, and when you factor in my best friends Mia and Miya, as well as their loyal boyfriends, we’re an unstoppable force. Many of our peers are excited about what we’ll be able to achieve, but there are others who are desperate to destroy us before we can implement any change in our curriculum.

As for this mysterious prophecy? I’ll have to survive the chaos darkness brings before I have a chance to meet the other three chosen women — if the enemy doesn’t stop us first.

Semester Six is about challenges, and with another Witchling Games approaching, it’s time for us to learn the truth about our origins.



Pick your lifelong mates, work out what Jedi mind tricks the black wolf is using on your mind and save the town you’ve come to love: it’s all in a day’s work for Jules.

Jules has been living the good life. She went from penniless and uncertain about her future to being able to turn into an incredibly strong paranormal wolf creature, living in a cute little town. Oh and with an expectation that she should create a harem from the many, many hotties fighting to be by her side. So how did it all go wrong?

Firstly, the heat has died down and so has the non-stop sexcapades, but Jules is now left with a group of guys who are starting to want a whole lot more from her. Mating bonds are permanent, usually for life and she’s not sure who to make that commitment to. Then there’s the black wolf. Lurking in his prison, he shouldn’t be able to touch Jules, so why is he entering her dreams, then creating chaos in life, all in pursuit of some mysterious goal he refuses to share? And to cap it all off, Sanctuary is under threat from hostile forces from beyond the trans dimensional gate.

Join Jules for the continuation of her story and see her fight for love, freedom and the town she now calls her own.

Cry Wolf is not a stand-alone. You will need to read A Wolf At My Door for this book to make sense. It contains 18+ very steamy scenes that make it not suitable for kids.



Zahra’s life was never what you would call adventurous. It was boring. Repetitive. Completely predictable even. Until it wasn’t.

Now Zahra is left reeling after the unspeakable happens and is desperate to find herself again after surviving depravity at the hands of a cruel slaver. With the help of four sexy and determined pirates, can she overcome her trauma and finally do more than just exist?

Together Ryland, Daega, Ka’win, and Naree will teach Zahra how to live again. With them, perhaps the love she always craved will at last be possible.

But her past isn’t done with Zahra yet. The monster who torments her dreams is determined to reclaim what is his.

Will her past steal away her future and break her for good? Or can she find Salvation in the arms of her Pirates?

This is book can be read as a standalone but is a part of the Indarian universe. You do not have to have read The Indarian’s Ghost but it helps as some characters make an appearance.

This book contains graphic content. Trigger warnings apply for dark/sensitive subject matters including profanity, torture, implied non con.


Something is wrong…

…was it the blood?

Raven must escape and run, but is her time running out?

When a betrayal changes Raven’s life, she becomes the hunted. She needs help, but who can she trust? The people she thought would always have her back suddenly seem to have something very different on their minds.

The supernatural beings she has spent most of her time hunting or avoiding are coming out of the woodwork offering help, advice, and omens…

Really dark omens. 

Is this really the time to have faith in strangers? Even if some of them are quite attractive…

With her boss quickly closing in on her and new unnatural abilities, Raven must decide whether or not the lives of all those around her are worth the ultimate sacrifice. 

The truth about who she is and what she can do is greater than anyone knows, but if she doesn’t survive, none of that matters.

Get it now to dive into this new supernatural world today!

Blood Shadows is book 1 of 6 of a paranormal slow burn reverse harem series.



You thought it was over? You were wrong.

Kat is broke, so when she’s offered a job as the mayor’s bodyguard, she can’t resist. It seems a simple enough job, until someone tries to kill her rather than the mayor.

At the same time, an incredibly valuable diamond needs to be stolen, a little deer needs a new home and there’s a ball to attend.

When you put a cat in a dress, you better prepare for carnage…

The fifth book in this purrfectly exciting urban fantasy series full of action, suspense and cat puns. A slow burn reverse harem where Kat won’t have to choose.

Reading order:

  1. Meow
  2. Scratch
  3. Purrr
  4. Hisss
  5. Lick
  6. Claw



An immortal prince.
A blood-thirsty warrior.
And a provocative demon with bad intentions.

She won’t have to make a choice.

I’ve just learned I’m not human.
Can you imagine?
I can conjure fire with my bare hands.
My lifespan is a thousand years.
And I’m destined to save Shadow Realm from annihilation.

Guess what?

Being a fire witch… SUCKS.

I have no control over my powers.
The queen hates my guts.
And I’m to marry her eldest son, a jerk of gargantuan proportions.

To survive, I must find my three promised guardians.
My loyal mentors who can help me harness my powers.

Now, that’s where things get really complicated.

My third guardian happens to be a demon.
A cruel and dangerous creature who wants to kill my other protectors, and enslave me.
Damn it.
My life is a hot mess!

FIRE WITCH is a dark fantasy series with plenty of magic, slow burn romance and blood-curdling action.

Book 2 releasing February 15th, may get pushed back…unless this is rapid release?



Avery had a great life in Heaven. She worked hard to make it as the only female in the Arc warriors. She was a model daughter, no sins marred her soul. Everything was perfect, until it wasn’t.
Now, she must fight harder, be stronger and love unconditionally to save lives. Maybe even take life, too.
Everything is about to change, but can Avery handle it? Or will she crumble under the weight that has been rested upon her shoulders?

The marked for series follows Avery and her men as they battle for their lives against mythical creatures, both Hell-born and Heaven-born.


What does a girl do when she’s faced with a sexy, but irritatingly obnoxious oracle who holds her fate in his hands?

I thought it was bad when I signed a blood contract with Ethan, but I never guessed how much worse it could get.

Now I’m stuck between four arrogant, drop-dead gorgeous dragons, a stubborn, hard-nosed phoenix, and a demanding oracle who’s somehow now bonded to me by a blood pact.

To make matters worse, I’m being forced to go to the Fae realm to steal a precious flower the oracle needs from the Fae King.

I would love to tell Ethan, his dragon-shifting brothers, and the oracle to go stuff themselves–but if I don’t agree to do this, I’ll be in danger of being killed by a blood curse.

To top it all off, I’ve become fair game to all the guys around me, and it’s becoming harder and harder for me to fend their advances off. But if I give in to my attraction, will I get way more than I bargained for?

Blood Pact is book two of the Dragon Marked series.



When the gods war, no one wins.

My three messengers took a greater risk than I realized when they agreed to help me save my village. Now they must face the consequences, and so must I.

If Kaius and Zelus go to war, it will devastate humanity… and that’s not the only danger that lurks on the horizon.

But despite the threat to our existence, the bond between me and my soulkeepers continues to deepen into something far beyond what I ever expected.

I promised myself I wouldn’t fall in love with these three beautiful, mysterious men.

I’m beginning to think it’s too late for that.

Note: Defiance is the second book in the Her Soulkeepers series, a medium-burn reverse harem fantasy with steam, action, and romance that will melt your heart and your panties.



Their love must endure Hell to survive.

Prince Malik Starsiene has proposed and wants to marry Amara on his home planet of Hell. The fresh truce between the Bleiten and the Triari may not be enough to protect Amara but the title of Princess of Hell will be. All Spectra has to do is survive long enough to be crowned.
Color your world in order
1. Spectra
2. A Gray Area
3. A Compression of Colors
4. Blue Murder
5. Code Red
6. With Flying Colors



There’s no outrunning fate once it’s branded her heart.

I’d thought I was safe, free of the horrible fate awaiting me. I’d never been more wrong.

Now I’m living in my worst nightmare. I failed my guys as we fought for our lives against the Shadow King and his assassins, and the mating brand I’d tried so hard to get rid of flared to life.

Only one thing can break its agonizing power without killing me. Faerie’s Heart.

But we have no time to succumb to crushing heartbreak and sorrow. Somehow, we must pull our drained powers and broken bodies together — and evade the Winter Queen’s assassins — to find the final key needed to release the Heart before the Shadow King can get his hands on it. Failure means he will control all of Faerie.

And the brand will become a chasm — putting my guys and their love forever beyond my reach.

Fated Despair is the fourth book in the Angel’s Fate series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with powerful sexy men and a heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

** Angel’s Fate is a spinoff series from the Nephilim’s Destiny series. It’s not necessary to read the first series to enjoy this one.



Dean McCauley has been replaced by a new dean—one far more dangerous to shifters and witches alike. He’ll try to break my men, and I might not even be there to fight him.

My mother is locked away in one of the cells, ranting and raving about witches invading the shifter academy…

And she’s named me.

To clear my name, I’ll have to track down my father. The man who’s been presumed dead for years…and wants to stay that way.

But what if my mother is right?

What if the truth will destroy my career at the academy and the love I share with my men?

Will they stand with me if I’m no true shifter at all?



One sexy mistake could spell the end of the guardianship.

Abby Brennan knows she must embrace her dark witch. Lucky for her, one guardian is ready to help her through it. But her hybrid status complicates Abby’s life further when it attracts the attention of a mischievous necromancer.

Only one guardian remains for Abby to bond with, a final act that will permanently close the rift beneath the castle. But when the necromancer warns of dire consequences for the queen and her men if she succeeds, it forces her to rethink her plans.

Certain she is a danger to her men, Abby vows to never complete the bonding. But an unexpected visit from an otherworldly force and a threat to kill her guardians pushes her to make a choice.

Whichever path she chooses risks the guardianship. With one clear option left, will her final decision save or destroy her men?

***Author Note***
Magic Freed is the fourth book in the Irish Rogue Series. The series is dark paranormal romance for readers 18+. It features four sexy, damaged Irish males, a heroine who’s lost but determined to take control of her life, and a slow burn romance stuffed with magical dilemmas and delicious tension.



A frigid kingdom cursed with eternal winter.

A cruel prince whose heart is even colder.

A mad king who wants me to free them both.

Just because I can understand beasts doesn’t mean I know how to tame this one.

My mother gave her life to save me from the glacial curse that plagues Everloch, but its frosty fingers reached out and plucked me from my world anyway.

If I want to return home, I have to break the spell.

With what power, you ask? The hell if I know. Prince Sylvan and his court of vipers aren’t helping anytime soon. Not Willow, a male fae consort–who claims he lives to serve me–given as consolation for being betrothed to a literal monster, and certainly not Tiordan, an enslaved prince from a foreign land who despises everyone–especially me, despite our common bonds.

Tell me. Why are venomous snakes always the most beautiful?

The Frozen Kingdom series is a captivating fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast and The Snow Queen, with a reverse harem twist on the iconic fairy tales that will leave you breathless. Be warned, for the Kingdom of Everloch is not for the faint of heart.



Is she strong enough to help her Royal Crystal Dragon take down his King?

A magical accident has left Layla’s Crystal Dragon lover Dusk in stasis. Awakening with new power, he decides to go after his King – the man who oppressed his people for centuries.

Unparalleled in ruthlessness, the Crystal Dragon King will stop at nothing to bury his rival. And when Dusk moves to take the throne, Layla and her Royal Dragons are thrust into danger.

When blood flows, will Layla be strong enough to help her Crystal Dragon overthrow his King? Or will she fail – costing everyone far more than their lives?

A #1 Amazon Bestselling series in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance and Paranormal Romance with over 5 million pages read, the Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco is a billionaire reverse harem dragon shifter paranormal fantasy romance with HFN endings – perfect for fans of KF Breene, Charlene Hartnady, Ruby Dixon, Ilona Andrews, Renee Rose, Evangeline Anderson, Gena Showalter, Ava Mason, and The Dragon Kings.

For the best experience, the books should be read in sequence.



Callie’s Check List

1. Turn yourself over to a tyrant.
2. Freak out because everyone is mad.
3. Try not to lose your cat.
4. Make the hot firemen yours.
5. Work out how to do magic.

I’ve found everything I searched for. I know the truth—And it is a doozy. Now that my uncle has helped me unlock my powers, I have to officially abdicate my claim to the throne.

Except, everyone is so mad at me. They think I should double cross him before he betrays me.

All I want to do is keep my cat, keep my guys, and if I can liberate an entire coven in the process, that would be amazing.

– Feline the Flames is book three of the Firehouse Feline Series, a paranormal reverse harem with a side of laughter and plenty of heat (and it’s not just coming from the fire!)



A Princess of the Dark Fae
Four men trying to claim her
A fight for the throne of the Kingdom
Can she come through this with everything her heart desires?

I’m Savannah. One of only three Princesses of the Dark Fae. I know that my grandfather will be naming his heir soon and I hope that it will be me. I cannot leave the fate of my people in the hands of a spoiled little brat.

However, things soon get more complicated as I suddenly find myself torn between four very different men, all vying for my attention. A sweet Vampire that I’m attracted to but can’t get past what he is; an older Dark Fae that my family definitely won’t approve of; a Light Fae that has a surprising twist and a man that I never even looked at twice, but suddenly is everywhere that I turn.

As I try to figure out what to do with the men, I learn that following in my mother’s and sister’s footsteps, and not choosing a single mate, isn’t as distasteful as I once thought.

On top of this confusion, I find myself embroiled in a war with the Light Fae King. He is not happy with me, and it takes all of my strength, and more, to fight him…and win.

A Dark Fae Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance: Fast Burn m/f/m/m/m



One declaration was all it took. The Andinna Rebellion has begun. Knowing that the fight will be hard, Mave has taken back the title of Champion. King’s Champion. She’s resolved to stand tall beside King Alchan Andini and fight for him, and to fight for her people.

But it’s off to a troubling start. Not enough manpower and no way to get their remaining warriors out of hiding, the leaders of the rebellion have found themselves battling against their own inevitable failure. If they don’t find solutions to their many problems and fast, the Rebellion is doomed before it even begins. Mave is hamstrung by her own inexperience, Alchan is trying to keep the hope of his people alive and strong, and the Company is being pulled in every direction.

The first step of the Rebellion is taking back the Andinna port city of Kerit, but they can’t do it alone. Their homeland holds secrets, however even unexpected allies bring their own problems.

Plagued by doubts, Mave is going to have to search deep within herself to find the resolve she needs to win her coming battles. Both at home and against the Empire.

The Rebel’s Vision is a 149,000+ words, full-length novel.
Age of the Andinna is a reverse harem epic fantasy series. The female lead will collect her lovers as the series progresses.
There is triggering content in this series including but not limited to: abuse, violence, mature language, and sexual content. It’s recommended for mature audiences.



Hitting over 200 pre-orders. This book is slaying it.

Sloane has been on the run from her emotionally abusive ex-fiancée for months. Now she finds herself attending college in California, in hopes that her FBI agent ex won’t be able to locate her. She’s done her best to stay away from everyone, trying not to get attached in case she has to disappear again.

…Because Sloane would die rather than let Pierce lay another finger on her.
To support herself she works as a teller at a local bank and on an ordinary day at work, her life will change forever when she gets kidnapped at gunpoint by four masked bank robbers.

But what happens when she realizes that she knows those four men from college? Suddenly, Sloane fears for her life because she’s now a liability, bound to get them identified and caught. Especially when Pierce catches up with them and a wild chase across three states begins.

But things get complicated when her kidnappers turn into her protectors… when Sloane can’t help but feel safe with the brothers Royce and Blaine, with the intense and gorgeous Kaden and even with dangerous and crazy River.

Their futures, their hearts, and their lives hang in the balance when she realizes that each man was robbing banks for a reason.


Please be advised this action flick, heist romance duet contains darker themes such as PTSD, swearing, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences 18+. Cliffhanger warning for duet.



Monster. Demon. Killer.

Adrianna has been called all of the above and worse. A fey-born succubus able to drain a person’s life force with a single touch, her time in the human world has been met with fear and hatred, and now, as the King’s Assassin, she’s given a task that would force her to break a promise to the only person who ever showed her true compassion.

One heart. That’s all the King asks. It shouldn’t be so difficult. It’s not going to be her first kill. But when her mark is the son of the woman who took her in when her mother died, she’s left conflicted. Tracking the Prince down is simple. Her feelings when she finds him make doing what she has to impossible in more ways than one.

The heart of a vampire may not beat, but the moment she meets her Prince and his men she knows that she can’t go on any longer as a killer. Opening her heart up to seven vampires, she begins to realize what she’s been missing living amongst humans her whole adult life.

It might just be the happy ever after she never thought she’d get, but if she doesn’t bring back what the King asked for, there’s going to be hell to pay…

Devilry is a supernaturally twisted reverse harem version of the classic fairy tale Snow White. One click today for a suspenseful and steamy harem ever after.



Family can be deadly

And I’ve barely survived mine

For now.

I was destined to be the next great queen of the Seelie. Then with a betrayal proving family isn’t always as supportive as they should be, I was forced to run from the only home I’ve ever known.

Luckily, I still have friends in the court who would rather have me alive than dead. Now I just have to find them all while avoiding those who would turn me in for an execution.

And the sooner the better, especially since a little witch told me that a harem would give me the strength I need to take back what is rightfully mine.

That means my to do list is only to get back to fae, lead a rebellion, kill off some family, and find a few husbands.

Piece of cake…right?

Oh yeah, have to stay alive.

Join Sentina on her journey to win back her kingdom and the hearts of some very handsome and sexy fae.

Get it now.

Broken Seelie is book one in the Broken Queen trilogy and is a medium burn reverse harem novel.



For us to live, she must die.
The happy-ever-after I’m seeking seems farther away than ever. Nathan refuses to accept my other mates and the secret I’m keeping may destroy any possible future between the five of us.

Even worse, Tasha’s arrival puts us all in grave danger. No one takes what is hers and lives.

Our only chance for survival is to defeat the psychotic Alpha female. But how can we kill an immortal?

*Read the entire steamy reverse harem paranormal romance series*

*Claiming The Nanny (Prequel to Claiming Her Mates)
*Claiming Her Mates: Book One
*Claiming Her Mates: Book Two
*Claiming Her Mates: Book Three



When step brothers and business partners, Archer, Bennet and Cole, take on a new recruit, they get more than they bargained for. They may have lusted after Rhylie Hall for months, but they soon come to regret hiring her. She may be a goddess among men, but man is she a pain in the ass!

She’s foul-mouthed and rude, she always shows up late, and she can’t seem to get anything right. When Bennet snaps and decides it’s time to let Rhylie go, Cole comes up with an ingenious way to give Rhylie the chance to redeem herself.

Lucky for them, taming brats is their specialty

Bosses’ Brat is a reverse harem short story featuring smoking hot bosses, foul language, light bdsm sexual scenes, inventive uses for office supplies and a heat level that’s too hot for words. It carries an 18+ warning.



I hate witches!
Let me say that again for those in the back. I. HATE. WITCHES. Imagine my surprise when I learn my aunt has enrolled me in an academy run by witches. Havenson Academy. Nicknamed Haven Sin by its students. Why? Because it’s a haven for the sinful. It’s a school that welcomes the spawn of evil-doers. Which means only students from infamous families, who can’t get into respectable universities, enroll there. The rejects. The misfits. And worse, lots and lots of witches.
Let’s not forget S6, a notorious group of guys who are the big men on campus. A minor run-in with them places me on their enemy list. Their enemies don’t fare well on campus. I want to drop out. But I promised my aunt I would attend whatever college she chose for me. I’ll give it a year. During that time, I’ll try my best not to kill a witch or two. I’ll also try not to declaw a shifter while I’m there. All while trying not to be killed by the lunatic who’s been attacking Havenson students.
Oh, and let’s add to that list, try not to fall in love with a few members of S6 while there also. That one may be a little harder than the rest. Especially now that their inner animals have decided they want a taste of me and want to protect me from whoever is attacking Havenson students. Did I mention I’m a succubus? So even though I despise S6, that tasting part is right up my alley!
This is either going to be the worst year of my life or the best.
Let’s find out!

Welcome to Havenson Academy – A haven for the sinful.




My name is Brenna. I do not know who my birth family is, however I know who I am. I am 23, a Jiu-Jitsu master and a beloved adopted daughter. I am grateful to have my best friend, Cordie, in my life. She grounds me and keeps me on my toes with her wild stories of the magical world where her brain resides.

Cordie and I go out together like we always do and have a fantastic girl’s night. The next day, however, something terrible happens. My world is changing fast. It all sinks in when three guys step in to help me with my predicament. Sometimes the best things come out of the most hellish situations. I intend to find out who and what they are, once I burn this place to the ground — that is if the Devil doesn’t kill me first.

WARNING: 18+ only due to mature content. References bdsm, hint at rape (insinuation only), why choose romance, strong female main character. Fated/true mates series with multiple points of view. Book one of three.



In a supernatural world, Extras are faster, stronger, smarter than their human counterparts.

They’re also more magical, better-looking, and more privileged.

A pretty fair exchange, considering how fate chooses a mate for them.

Mating is simply part of an Extra’s genetic make-up.

You can’t fight it, and you can’t deny.

So, when Aello Volyana learns of a new dating app for Extras, it’s on.

She’s out to prove everything about Mate Date is a joke and should be renamed ‘Fast Ass’ because it’s nothing more than a front for a booty call.

As an Alkonost, a special type of Slavic harpy, Aello can sense lying.

She can also glamour others to do her bidding.

And that’s exactly what she’s going to do to the CEO of Twin Flames Apps, Drake Eberron, when she learns he’s telling their race to stop Calling.

A fake profile posing as a suckyoubus, some dating shenanigans, and a whole lot of laughs ensue as Aello fights to prove that mating is not going to the wayside.

And a dating app is not going to do squat, except break hearts.

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re looking for a funny love anecdote, try this reverse harem story.  Bursting with unique paranormal creatures, a feisty lead character, and a whole new take on fated mates, MATE DATE is sure to make you laugh, cry, rage, and burn with passion.

This story is for readers 18+ and has sexual content and language not suitable for younger readers.



When a diamond necklace vanishes on the sleeper train to Scotland, Emily and her men are called into action. Their employer: The Royal Family.

In a world of intrigue, wealth and whispered rumours, can Em keep her nerve and solve the case? And more importantly, will there be time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her three guys?

A short and steamy reverse harem set after the events of Abandoned Heart (Defiance series book 1), but it can be read as a standalone.



Delta Moore likes spiced rum, her leather jacket, and busting supernatural baddies. As the youngest investigator of the Otherworldly Association, she uses her half-witch powers to get to the bottom of crimes. She kicks butt at her job, but her boss is about to hand over her biggest challenge yet.

Her mission? Infiltrate Half Moon Academy, a renowned supernatural university with some suspicious activities. The headmistress wants Delta to investigate The Four, a group of extremely powerful and drop-dead gorgeous supernatural dudes.

After disastrous first meetings with The Four, Delta realizes this mission might be more dangerous than she imagined. The Four seem intent on luring her into bed…and she’s not sure she can resist the call.

***Half Moon Academy is a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance for 18+ and filled with delicious dialogue, sizzling moments, and fun characters that will leave you wanting more. It includes supernatural types of all kinds: witches, wizards, vampire, werewolves, demons, and more!***



I’ve spent enough time being the victim.
And I’m determined to have my revenge.

From the day I arrived at Montlake, the kings have demanded me on my knees.
They shamed me. Humiliated me.
And almost broke me.

But now, I know the truth, and I know their secrets.

It’s a secret I’m not supposed to know.
A secret that could shatter my world and theirs into a million pieces.

But I’ll be damned if I let these arrogant boys own me.
I’ll be damned if I let them possess me.
Control me.

I’m done being the helpless victim.
I’m done being their plaything.
And I won’t stop until I get the justice I deserve.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This slow-burn reverse harem novel of three arrogant bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, high school drama, teenage angst, swoon-worthy sex, and some potential triggers.



I already had to leave college once to care for my sick mother. Thanks to the Second-Chance Scholarship, I have one last shot to finish my degree at Bourdillon University, a prestigious academy for the arts.
But the three professors who control my future don’t see a student, or an assistant librarian. They see prey.
The Dean of Students, gentleman on the outside, beast on the inside.
The Scholarship Committee Chairman who bends me to his will.
And my former tutor, now my blackmailer, who holds my secrets over my head.
They’ve got me wrapped around their fingers, and how the rest of my year will go depends entirely on how much I’m willing to obey them.
They’re the teachers.
I’m the pet.

Kept is part I of a steamy, fast burn reverse harem romance that contains dark themes and triggers. For mature readers only.



Oooh, yeah!

Things are getting darker… and much hotter 😉

My life is a disaster.

Onyx hates Winter and wants to kill Lucas.
Winter is turning into one big Alphahole.
As for Lucas…
The cunning demon is planning something sinister.

How can we become a team and save the day… honestly, I haven’t the faintest idea.

Did I fail to mention we’re about to face a full-blown apocalypse?

You’ve heard me correctly.
The world as we know it is about to end.
I’m the only one who can prevent a total disaster.
And that’s the precise reason I believe we’re all doomed.

Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride!

The Fire Witch is a dark RH vampire fantasy.



Adie escaped the Hunters, but not without cost. Nightmares plague her sleep, questioning the choices she made. Or is it something more?

After taking down the Hunters, Adie should be living in bliss. She has everything she wanted, her bakery, friendships, and possibly the love of three powerful demons. But nightmares haunt Adie’s sleep, reminding her of the danger her love can bring.

As she withdraws from Emil, Tobias, and Kellen, she leaves herself vulnerable. Something dark stalks her sleep, and it might not be just her own troubled thoughts.

When nightmares come to life, Adie faces a horrible choice, one that could endanger the human world or separate her from the demons of destruction.

Succubus Dreams includes the Succubus Harem Serials 23-31!



So fall the Veil and war ignite, so the Guardian rise and reunite,
Magics divided: Life, Death, Dark and Light.
With the Four side by side and powers untied, victory is theirs if they stand unified.
But if they should fail, Despair and Destruction assail,
Chaos shall reign, and none shall prevail.

When Alex arrives for her childhood best friend’s wedding she is blissfully unaware of the reality in which she lives, but when her seemingly unrequited love is revealed, the world as she knows it is forever changed. She is thrust into a world of magic and monsters, legends and nightmares. Alex learns she has her own part to play in this new world, and with the help of her roommate, Jade, and the confusing yet handsome Ash, Alex must protect the balance between us and the Others.
Will Alex be able to bear this fated burden?
Will the men she needs by her side be able to put their differences aside and pull together?
Only time will tell.
But time is running out.

This is a fated mates, medium burn, slow build, reverse harem (RH), paranormal romance series with elements of urban and dark fantasy and horror. 18+



Arden Richardson has no excuse.
It’s a total lapse in judgement.
The comatose man isn’t even her patient.

Her stolen kiss awakens the sleeping giant.

Flynn Bennett has a shady past.
It extends back almost to the cradle.
He’s trouble with a capital T.

One kiss is all it takes.

The bad boy.
The ex-con.
The bootlegger.

Vows to be a better man—for her…

The beauty.
The nurse.
His mate.

This series, Cybermates, is a spin-off of the P.O.L.A.R. series. Although it’s not necessary to read P.O.L.A.R. to enjoy Cybermates, there are references to characters and places in Cybermates that first appeared in and are explained further by reading the P.O.L.A.R. series.


This is a steamy paranormal shifter fantasy romance series with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines and T.S. Joyce may like this shapeshifter series.



With the magic of Luck still inside her, Kia’s heading straight to Hell…

Considering I still have the magic of Luck inside of me and my father, the Prince of the Gods, is trying to kill me for it, you’d think daddy issues were worst of my problems.

You’d be wrong.

The grandfather I’ve yet to meet is trapped in the Dark World, surrounded by demons, and it’s up to me and three guardian gods to rescue him.

Jae, Song and Gun have promised me they’re going to do everything they can to protect me. Something inside me keeps telling me to trust them, but it’s the same thing that’s telling me I’m supposed to be with them, and that could be Luck.

But then again, the other help is coming from Rok. A fallen god – that makes him a demon in my eyes. And considering he dated one, and is possibly still pining for her, he’s not exactly on the top of my list for trusting either.

Heavenly attractions, demonic dangers, and a birthright that’s put a target on my back: I’m going to need some of this stolen Luck to help me with this one.

Stolen Luck is the second book in the Goddess of Fate & Destiny series. This is a medium-build RH novel, meaning the FMC won’t choose just one guy – she will choose all of them!

The Goddess of Fate & Destiny series will contain sex, swearing, a smart-ass squirrel shifter, some MFM scenes, and might be more suitable for an 18+ audience. While the series will end on a HEA, there may be cliff-hangers and HFN endings in each book.



No one wants to be sent to Academie Metamorphose, the magical academy for delinquents. No one but me.
I’ve purposely gotten kicked out of three prestigious academies. It’s taken two and a half years.
Finally, I’m about to get put into their reform program. And I’m thrilled. Not about the shit classes at this boarding school. Definitely not about the intense physical regimine. I’m excited because this academy is the perfect recruiting grounds for what I need: a force, a detonater, and a tock with loose morals and an affinity for breaking the rules.
I need a powerful, heartless crew, because I’m about to pull off the magical heist of the century.

Author’s Note: This is a medium burn reverse harem romance intended for adult audiences.



Scarlet has had enough of watching her roommate get all the men…
It’s her turn.

Scarlet has always been the underdog, a fox shifter from a poor family with no prospects and nothing much to offer her pack.

When a new evil threatens those she loves, she will not only show that a fox can do more than run with the bears, they can wrestle them.

At 50k words, Scarlet’s Adventure at Bloodwood Academy is a full-length why choose romance with a snarky heroine, shirtless men, love scenes that will send you swooning, and no end to pulsing… muscles.

It’s not just Rae Fox, it’s Rae Foxx. There’s too much steam here for just one x.



The sirens have been hunted for so long that we no longer remember our pasts… Our songs have been stolen, the source of all our power, and it’s been made punishable by death to use it. They’ve taken everything from us.

The vampires.

I’ve been sent to the darkest of all places, Nightmare Penitentiary for my next assignment. But I’ve promised myself this assignment will be my last… no matter the cost. I’ll do whatever it takes to free my people, even if I end up shattering the hearts of three captivating men who have the power to change my future forever.

One will sacrifice himself for me. One will shatter my soul. And one will kill me to save me.

Welcome to Nightmare Penitentiary. Escape is my only option.


He wants me to be his Queen. Over my dead body.

The necromancer King of Old York rules Manhattan with an iron fist. His control over the dead has turned the zombies of this island into his own personal army of destruction. Humans cower in fear, afraid of being killed or turned, while the undead do whatever the King desires.

As a witch in the rebellion, I’ve done what I can to stand up to him and his toadies. Always in the shadows. Always in secret. Until the day betrayal and bloodshed reveals powers I didn’t know I had—not just to myself, but to the King.

If I don’t submit to him, he’ll slaughter my friends and family.

Death is better than this.

So when the Princes, sons of the King, make me an offer, I accept because it’s the only option I have. Together, we’ll take down the King and make a new ruling class—before everyone in Manhattan is either dead, undead, or enslaved to his will.

But when they ask for more than my alliance, can I give it—even if that means losing my heart to them?

Queen Sector is a reverse harem urban fantasy novel set in the world of Zombie Year 2099, a dystopian future where a zombie virus outbreak has brought supernatural creatures out of hiding. Don’t miss this unique, fresh take on post apoc romance!



My name is Aurora and this is my journey. I have traveled far, hunting down my enemies. What I’ve learned so far hurts, the betrayal runs bone deep. So many cogs in the machine, and so many traitors to pursue. The ice dragon castle is a place of wonder and great danger. I settle two scores and receive a surprising arrival. Oberon, King of the High Elves takes an interest in my journey. He bestows a powerful and lethal gift upon me. Sometimes it pays to be a beast of legend. During my time in the castle, I finally complete my harem and reach my full potential. With all five mates at my side and an army at my command, I am almost ready to return to my ancestral home. Along the way, we’ve discovered the identity of the puppeteer, and there’s a major score to be settled there. The body count is rising and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. By my blood, I swear I will avenge my family and take back what is rightfully mine. This is the second coming of the Blood Queen.
* True/ Fated mates, M/M, Mate Orgy, Betrayal/ Retribution, Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance, Surprise Guests, Puppeteer discovered, Blood & gore, Why Choose Romance



After suffering at the hands of the Valkyrie, Sonya and her mates escaped, but not without scars. With one of her lovers badly wounded and her own health in jeopardy, Sonya must search for a way to save them both before it’s too late.

Sonya is close to finding answers, but growing tension and rivalries between her men threatens to stall their progress and endangers everything they’ve built so far.

As the group works through their struggles, a new threat rises, one that rivals the strength of the Valkyrie and with equally sinister plans. Now, Sonya must learn what it truly means to be a Sentinel.

With time running out and outside forces closing in, Sonya needs to mend the broken pieces of her burgeoning family—or risk losing it all.

The Usurper is a slow burn poly/reverse harem romance set in a post-apocalyptic world and features FM, MM, MMF situations.



Everything has come down to this…

Everything in Khloe with a K’s life changed when she crashed into the side of a food truck. Now with Earth in the rearview mirror, her future lies with Briggs, Goran, Reese, and Dalton. Forging their bonds was only the first step, but will it be enough to sustain them in the face of new challenges?

A new world.

A new life.

A new choice.

The stunning conclusion to the Heart of the Nebula trilogy.

*Please note this is a reverse harem and the authors suggest you always read the forwards in their books. This is the third and final in a trilogy.



Still betrothed to two dragons I hate…
But there are two other dragons I’m falling hard for. I’m AJ, or Angelica Jewel as the two dragons my parents plan on me marrying call me. There are a lot of expectations to live up to in our family and my wolf side is an embarrassment. Because I am half wolf. Some of the bullies here call me a mutt.
But my wolf is the only side of me that works
And if I don’t get a chance to shift and let her run soon, I worry that even she won’t come out to play. Every day at this school the tension grows, and I’ve recently learned of a plan to kill me. Not that I can prove it. At my old school I only had to worry about exams. And a demon…but that wasn’t really my issue.
I’m working on everything, and also on getting to know Benji and Walden…those two dragons I mentioned falling for? If my former roommate at The Lycan Academy can have four guys, maybe I can handle two. If it’s destiny. And If they are okay with it sharing.
Either way, I’m learning a lot about myself, and what it means to be a dragon, so if mine ever decides to put in an appearance, maybe I’ll be ready
I wish I could fly!
Academy of Fire and Ash is a new series featuring AJ, a character many readers have already met in The Lycan Academy. It is a slow-burn why choose romance.



Five lovers figuring out their combined lives, one place they never want to leave again.

After Mia confronted her ex, she finally realised that she didn’t want to live without Dylan, Mal, Tom and Jake anymore. She needs them as much as they need her, especially when it comes to their hearts.

Only, as they’re trying to figure out how to make living and loving together work, the outside world is slowly starting to seep into the little bubble they’ve been living in these last few weeks.

Mia and her men are finally starting to become a family, but that bliss may be cut short when people find out and object to their unconventional setup. Can they protect their new family?
Can they fight those who may ruin their happiness, even with the best of intentions?

This is the fifth novella in the six-part long Scarred Cliff serial, a reverse harem #WhyChoose story. This novella may include any of these elements: steamy scenes, ‘I need tissues NOW’ moments, cries of ‘why, oh, why’ and cliffhangers that make you bite your nails (and curse the author). This story includes MF and MM scenes.
Author note: This series deals with topics which can be hard for some people, like abuse by a partner and the fallout of the suicide of a side character (which happened in the past but plays an important part in this story).



TRIGGER WARNING: This book contains graphic and some violent scenes, physical and emotional violence, and psychological turmoil. Please don’t take this warning lightly. It’s brutal at times and I don’t want anyone to be harmed from the words I’ve written. If you or someone you know needs help, please know you’re worth it! National Abuse Hotline 800-799-SAFE
As I continue to grow my relationships and strengthen them with each of my five guys I also work on myself and being more independent. This is much to some of their dismay. How am I ever going to feel equal to them if I don’t? Understanding their concerns, isn’t going to stop. I’m still being stalked, but I’m done letting my fear rule my life.
Things get much hotter with each guy and I’m more than okay with that. Can we make it work without anyone feeling left out or neglected? I’m going to try my best.
This is a reverse harem book where the heroine ends up with at least three of the guys. This is the final book in Nora’s journey, but don’t fret there’s more to come. Join in on Heather, Sara, and Jaz’s stories coming soon.



A heart of gold for a heart of stone.

As a cop, my motives are clear: uphold the law, preserve justice, and protect innocent lives, but when you throw gargoyles into the mix, all bets are off. Add in grieving your past mistakes, and it’s nearly impossible.
I should’ve known better than to find solace in the arms of Damien Viridios, an Emerald gargoyle known for philanthropy and his huge… helicopter.
Sure, he showed me a good time. Then he cut out my heart and replaced it with a chunk of living stone, making me a gargoyle, too. Worst. Hook-up. Ever.
Now my skin is almost bullet-proof and I can lift a car overhead, but there’s a huge target painted on my back. That’s the last Ruby stoneheart of House Kyrillian beating in my chest, and one of the gargoyle Orders wants to crush out its magic. Permanently.
Gio Onyarai, an Onyx bodyguard assigned to me by Damien, is sworn to defend my life, but it’s impossible to get anything done while he’s taking over my apartment in his birthday suit; my partner on the force, Sawyer Hawkins, blames himself for my new inhuman heart, refusing to let go of the mortal I once was.
I never asked to be made a gargoyle, but now that I have a stoneheart of my own, I’ll do anything to defend it from those who want to destroy it… I’m just not sure if I can stop these three from stealing it.

Stoneheart is a fast-burn standalone reverse harem romance, with plenty of steam, action, a strong heroine, and a guaranteed HEA where she doesn’t have to choose.



Time means nothing in a world without clocks. Calendars don’t matter; as the days are only noted by the changing of the seasons. But when your family is in danger— time is everything.

I’ve been betrayed, threatened, and hurt, but never broken. . . it’s the one thing I won’t allow. That was before my family was brought into the equation though. I’ll do whatever it takes to save them, even if it means sacrificing myself. And the men who’ve never left my side, the ones that have stuck by me even after my lies were revealed, are along for the ride.
I only hope that when they learn of my final deal, the choice I made to ensure there would be help to protect not only them, but my parents too, that they’ll find it in themselves one last time to forgive me.

The only absolutes that I have would be that I will risk it all to keep my people safe. Even if it meant that I’m left forsaken in the end.

This is a 18+ whychoose novel.



Delilah Cross – overpowered witch since 2006

On the run and sometimes explodey.

She’s working on it. Jeez.

Delilah’s got more magic than anyone. Ever. So, naturally the government wants it, sending a team of three why-are-they-soooo-flippin’-hot guys after her. One of whom, just so happens to be her familiar. Her human familiar — that hasn’t happened in, well, ever. 

But the government isn’t alone in wanting a piece of Del’s power. Something else is after her. Something dark and twisted. Something which no one believes exists. How could it?

Witch’s Three is a medium-burn FMMM RH with a hunky unicorn shifter, a dead sexy seer, and a grumbly, broody gargoyle and Delilah will never, ever have to choose between them.



I hadn’t been wrong about the trouble I’d felt brewing. Now, the problem was here to stay unless we could figure out a plan. A plan to stop Nero from trying to take New Orleans from me. A plan to stop Asmodeus from kidnapping me to the demonic realm. Hell. A plan to figure out what I was going to do about these six men in my life.

So how better to spend it than having a tea party for the dead! Right? Seems logical. Trust me, there is a solid reason for holding such a morbid sounding event. Now if only I could figure out how to follow all these ridiculous rules of etiquette.

*PNR/Fantasy RH* This is a light-hearted, semi-satirical, and fairly fast-paced reverse harem. You can bet that our characters will be swearing up a storm in New Orleans and expect elements of horror such as gore, violence, and an array of other topics dealing with death. Sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences. +18 The Dead and Not So Dead series is a trilogy.



Everybody at Grimway Academy was sure I was the school’s worst cheater…
…but the truth was that my method of learning was just more fun than theirs.
My way was hotter.

I’m Echo. In my second year at magic college, I had big plans to buckle down and study so I could master my talent of dreamwalking. For real, this time.

Sure, I was still bonded to my two swelteringly sexy demon men. A sultry, sophisticated vampire and a breezy, muscular firebringer? Oh, yes. Every time I entwined my body with theirs, I increased my magical powers.

Who wouldn’t love that study system?

But my third demon lover, Stone, the dark and brooding dreamwalker, refused to accept our mating bond. Now that he was the professor of Magical Summoning, he held himself back from me more than ever.

When a new emergency came to Grimway like a thunderclap, I was certain that Stone would understand that we had to work together. Every rune had disappeared from every spellbook in the school, leaving the human students vulnerable to demon magic.

Except my spellbook, of course.

I was the only one who still had a grimoire. Ironic, because I still wasn’t any good at using it.

Only through the skill of my demon lovers’ touch could I increase my magical abilities. And only then could I defeat the Wraith threat that disrupted the balance of power at Grimway Academy.

I needed all three of my men. And I needed them now.

Author’s note: expect steamy reverse harem scenes, with no crossed swords. This book is for a mature audience.



I just got my coin flipped. My Oracle drank me down in unholy communion. She shared my essence with the most disturbed of Dark Ones, all in the name of making him our King.

Or so we thought.

The jokes on him. My fae blood diluted his darkness. It wasn’t my fault! I only did what she told me.

Even so, I’ve stolen his power, his crown and his kingdom of Dark Ones. Little does he know, I’m taking his Queen next.

The Hunger Saga
Blood and Betrayal

This is a Why Choose RH story recommended for readers 18+



When my father tried to kill me, the last thing I expected was to be rescued by the monster under my bed…

Thrown into a new world I don’t understand, the touch of three men brings the monster within me to life, and now there’s no going back. I’m destined to be the mate of these three delinquent men, who have cruelty and lust to spare, whether I like it or not.

Now my fate is linked to theirs.

Brought to an academy for broken monsters, we must survive together or die together. There is no alternative.

I am Medusa reborn, but unfortunately for me, I’m not the most dangerous monster in this school. Not even close.

MEDUSA AND THE SECRET SPELL is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It is a light bully academy, so her guys are not always the nicest, but they are redeemable. It is also a VERY steamy story that moves at a quick pace. This is the first episode in the series. Each episode will be released every two-four weeks.



I’m Zoe, and I’m a half-alien…
I’ve survived the first month of school at Alien Academy, where I hope to learn how to be what I am. I guess. So far, I’ve discovered I have a gift for science, something I knew as a child but somehow forgot while being a teenage girl on Earth.

I’ve also learned that it’s possible to be completely head-over-heels for three guys at once. All royalty. From far-off planets. They are among the many students here who are 100 percent alien—and they are 150 percent hot. Lumino with that platinum hair and eyes all shades of blue and gold, Xanirius, the most alien looking with his pale-gray skin and those mysterious tattoos, and Prince Jhoren, the only one who actually uses his title on a daily basis. But why are they here…not that I am not very glad they are!

There is some kind of shapeshifting monster on campus as well, that appears from time to time and has already managed to kill one student. While I feel more at home here than I ever did anywhere else, sometimes my previous life as a pharmaceutical rep sounds very appealing. Then I just had to fend off the occasional amorous doctor I didn’t want any part of. Now, I am drawn to three guys at once! How do I choose between them?

I’m sure I have a place in all of this. Wherever I’m from—another secret for some reason—I suspect I play a role in the larger picture. Most of the other students have always known their heritage, and some are even planning to travel to the planet where they come from, but what about me? And I’ve heard whispers of an intergalactic war…

Second Sighting is a science fiction academy romance. The heroine is new to the truth that there really are aliens out there, but she finds herself with three sexy guys ready to help her make the transition. This is book 2 of Alien Academy, and the heat and suspense will climb with each story. This slow-burn reverse harem romance will make readers crave more with every page.



Blaze might have survived her first deadly mission as part of The Circle of the Veil’s mayhem task force but it will only get worse from here.

If Blaze doesn’t find a way to control her wild blood magic she’ll bring more harm than good to the group. Nova is doing what he can to help but it comes with great risk for both of them, as does their budding affair.

That’s not the only forbidden attachment putting her in danger. When she accompanies Ghost on a job that goes horribly wrong, Blaze realizes that some attachments are worth the risk. Even if it means putting her own head on the chopping block.

Adult reverse harem urban fantasy set in a supernatural assassin academy.

Assassins of Mayhem Academy is set within the Alexa O’Brien Huntress world. Although there is some crossover you don’t have to read Alexa first to enjoy this one.



I died of violence, and I was born of violence…

It’s a strange thing to live again. My memories of before are nothing but shadows, like me. And yet, I’ve done what no Shade before me has done, I’ve severed my bond to the Underworld. As Cerberus told me to do.

She said it was the only way I would be free.

She didn’t tell me what to do with my freedom.

I know nothing of this world except that the violence still calls me. The need to kill those who wrong the innocent burns within me, and yet, that’s not my role anymore. Is it?

They say I’m a monster. Meant to obey. Meant to bow down to Hades. But when a coven of vampires give me a purpose, I finally feel less lost. Yet, when they imprison three handsome gargoyles and give them to me as a gift, my life becomes a lot more complicated.

A life of violence is what I was born to, but what if they can offer me a different life? Is that even possible for one of my kind?

SHADE’S SECRET is a steamy reverse harem romance. It involves one lucky woman and three sexy gargoyles. It’s also a #whychoose romance, meaning the heroine doesn’t have to choose between her love interests.



My name is Tamsin Vale. I’m the last known fairy and I haven’t gotten busted on that yet. I passed my midterms, which seemed like an impossibility a few months ago given I didn’t finish high school and I’m working on that at the same time. But with a lot of hard work and the support of people I’ve helped and new friends, I’m building a life I didn’t think I could ever have.

It’s still an adjustment. I mean, a few months ago I thought I was human with powers and now I’m hooking up with a dragon prince. Oh, and there’s my powerful warlock professor that I’m also involved with. It’s all casual and fun, but I wonder if it would be more if I was able to connect with them emotionally.

Is it even really smart to try given what else I’m facing? I mean, I am trying to save all of Faerie and find out what happened to fairies. It’s killing me not to know and to move at a turtle’s pace, but one false move and I’m dead… Along with all hope of them returning to this world with me.

Hey, who doesn’t love to work under that kind of pressure?

Artemis University is an ongoing hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to.



Aris Calisto is no longer the newest student at Aether Academy but after her creepy headmaster finds out about her relationship with a professor, she’s finding her seemingly new home is quickly becoming hellsticks. To make matters worse, when someone leaks Aris’s new powers, her and her guys are faced with a Council inquiry.

Despite what should be an easy ‘potion to brew’, Aris quickly discovers that not all is as it seems in the capital of Akasha and soon enough, she and her men dealing with a cauldron full of problems-
fighting a not-so-friendly familiar face,
having to go on the run,
growing pains in their relationships,
portal hopping to places they’ve only read about.

With her capricious coven behind her, can Aris use her i’magic’nation to figure out what to do? Or will she find out that you need to be careful what you witch for?

Book 2 of the Not Your Basic Witch Series
Legends of Asteria Trilogy 1

The Not Your Basic Witch is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem trilogy featuring MMFMMM meaning there is M/M content, and the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. This trilogy is the first in a series collection consisting of six trilogies titled Legends of Asteria. Each trilogy should be read in order.

This book contains references involving violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.



The wolf shifter council is in chaos, Sinclair is gathering an army and Catriona is pregnant! It’s not just the wolves that are under attack now, other supernatural communities are being dragged into the war. Delegations soon begin arriving, seeking help and protection.
Can Catriona and her wolves navigate their own budding relationships while keeping peace between the various supernatural factions and preparing them all for the war?



Welcome to Midnight Fae Academy.
Home of the Dark Arts.
And cruelly handsome fae.

A forbidden bite led to my capture and recruitment.
There are no flowers here.
No life.
Only death.

I’m an Earth Fae who doesn’t belong here.
They can play their little mind games all they want, but I’m going to find a way back to my elemental world. Even if it kills me.

Except Headmaster Zephyrus is one step ahead of my every move.
Prince Kolstov won’t stop cornering me.
And Shadow–the reason I’m in this damn mess to begin with–haunts my dreams.

My affinity for the earth is dying and being replaced by something more sinister. Something powerful. Something deadly.

The Midnight Fae believe this is my fate.
They claim that I was “recruited” for a purpose.
To battle a rising presence.
Or to die trying.

I don’t owe them a damn thing. But if I have to pass their trials to find my way home, then so be it. I survived a plague and far worse in the Elemental Fae realm. An ominous energy? Please. What a joke.

Give it your best shot.
I’m waiting.
And don’t you dare bite me.
Or I’ll make you regret it.

Author Note: This is a dark paranormal reverse harem trilogy with bully romance (enemies-to-lovers) elements. Despite Aflora’s opinions on the matter, there will definitely be biting. Shadow, aka Shade, guarantees it. This book ends on a cliffhanger.



If you made it this far, you probably know my life is a mess.
Actually, it’s much worse!

Craziness rises to a whole new level.

My relationships with my guardians are a total disaster.

Our love, friendship, and trust… all will soon be tested.

The world is coming to an end.
Someone I love will die.
And I’m forced to do something unthinkable.

What are you waiting for?

Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride!

The Fire Witch is a dark RH vampire fantasy.



I’ve always made terrible decisions when it came to men. And I’m going to make more terrible decisions. Four of them. 

When my mom ran out on me, she also ran out on a deal with the devil. And guess who gets to pay the price? This girl. Yep. Thanks for that, mom.

So now I’m stuck in the underworld at some reform academy where the men are as sexy as they are dangerous. And I have a history of running toward danger. The problem is that nobody here is going to be my friend. We’re all fighting for the same thing. Competing for the one thing we all want: Freedom.

Every semester, one student can win their freedom. I need to be that student. 

At Brimstone Academy, it’s three strikes and you’re out. And no matter how much you might want to see your classmates naked, you can’t let yourself forget that only one of you is going to survive.

Scroll up and one-click this steamy action packed reverse harem romance. 

Upcoming Release Dates for Brimstone Academy:

Brimstone Academy, Semester 1: February 24th

Brimstone Academy, Semester 2: March 23rd

Brimstone Academy, Semester 3: April 27th

Publisher’s Note: Brimstone Academy is a reverse harem fantasy series meant for mature readers who want to see terrible decisions turn into steamy situations. 



Not all princes are noble.
Some of them are beasts.

Beauty is the alpha of the Penny Royal pack, and her beta wolf is dying. It’s up to her to find a cure. Her quest leads her to Everafter Academy and an enchanted rose that might hold the answer she’s been seeking.

Too bad she’s not the only one who wants it.

Three handsome brothers, cursed and suffering, have been told that the one with the rose is the one who can break the curse they’ve lived under for a hundred years. Beauty is going to cure them, whether she wants to or not.

They think she’s their fated Mate. She thinks she’s their prisoner.

Maybe she’s both.

Beauty’s Wolves is a Dark Reverse Harem Romance that is based in the world of Everafter Academy. You do not need to read that series in order to enjoy this novel.



Play the Game or die.

Alone in a desolate world ravaged by war and alien invasion, Eileen Paine offers herself to indentured servitude in Purgatory City—a chance at a different life.

No one knows what happens beyond the gates, but it has to be better than the peril in the Blastlands. Nothing could have prepared her for the darkness, the tests, the changes, or the people she meets. Least of all being changed and controlled by the aliens in power.

With no guarantee of success, eliminations happening frequently, and the threat of potential allies becoming enemies, does Eileen have what it takes to survive?  And when her heart gets involved, can she live with what she has to do to escape Purgatory? 

The Hunger Games meet aliens in this post-apocalyptic reverse harem.



Love psychos in your harem? Arsen is the man for you, well he’s mine…but you can look at him.

My life will never be the same, altered by lead, damaged but not broken.
I’m becoming a new me.
I won’t run any longer; this time, I’m the hunter instead of the prey.

But it takes hard work, skill, and a bit of luck to catch a mob boss.
I’m going to need all three to survive this.
Especially when I’ve got five gorgeous a**holes for teachers—and occasional bedmates.

The Blackbirch Company.
The organization my new lovers work for, it’s just as dangerous as the criminals they’re paid to hunt.
So why am I so desperate to become one of them?

Either way, in their arms, I grow.
I thrive.
And I’ll become a force to be reckoned with.

**ALTERED BY LEAD is Book Two in the UNDERCOVER SINNERS trilogy. This is a romantic suspense with unapologetic anti-heroes and is fully intended for a mature audience.**



They call me an outcast, weak.

I’ve fought my whole life for survival, running from an attack on my family I ended up hiding with the Ash Wolves. This one move might be my biggest mistake of all. And I’m the queen of mistakes…

I let them believe I’m broken, let them believe the lies. I let them believe anything they want…as long as it isn’t the truth.

There’s a monster inside me, one made of teeth and claws and terrifying need. I swallow it down, hiding under the pretense of being normal. But I’m not normal. I’m anything but.

Bonding is the only thing that will save us—me and the Ash pack. Only I need someone strong enough to fight the darkness inside me…and savage enough to stay.

Will the three ruthless alphas help me…when they find out the truth of what I am?

This is a standalone shifter paranormal romance story for those who love alpha protectors, wolf shifters, and steamy scenes.</b?



I contain the power of a goddess, but will it be enough to protect those I love? 

Kari Taylor is being haunted. After choosing to remain in Faery, Kari is settling into the life she’s chosen with her mates. The connection to these men is deeper than she ever imagined, and each day she falls a little more in love. But dreams of the mate beyond her reach make her ache with pleasure, pain, and the longing to save him.

Even hidden behind walls of magic, Kari is not safe from the enemies who still hunt her. The power gifted to her by the goddess is a gift and a curse—giving Kari the ability to protect those she loves, and drawing the attention of those who want the magic for themselves. And will do anything to get it. 

Now someone has been taken by those same enemies. Someone that Kari is not willing to lose. Darkness is stirring in the heart of Faery, and Kari is being drawn toward it’s center. In order to survive, she must face a choice: sacrifice the goddess’s gift or lose someone she loves.

SHAMELESS is the third book in a steamy, medium-burn full-length reverse harem fantasy romance series. No choosing, no cheating. Mature readers only, and beware of cliffhangers!



Their choices. Their battle. Their lives.

Hel has flipped the kill switch, and the race is on for Kirby to stop the countdown before it hits zero.

Kirby swore she’d never return to the TOM academy. With the lives of all the students at risk, she has to push aside her personal demons and confront her past.

Having her former lovers—those who swore they’d let her go her own way—back in her life isn’t so great for her mental stability either.

Kirby’s caught in a web of lies and murder.

Will saving TOM’s latest victims destroy her sanity and the life she’s finally building for herself and those she loves?

Author’s Note:Valkyrie Concealed was previously titled Chaos in the Storm, and is a dark urban fantasy that contains mention of self-harm, thoughts of suicide, and physical assault




Book four in the Omega’s Alphas series

It takes three alphas to bring this bratty omega to heel.

Emily Pitch, the spoiled heir to a massive fortune, is given a new security detail—three sexy, arrogant and infuriatingly dominant alphas. Emily is used to twisting men to her whims and being a brat—men usually only want her for what her family can give them.

However, these three alphas can’t be manipulated, threatened or annoyed into doing anything they don’t want to, and they regard her not as a prize or a meal-ticket, but as a woman they want.

Thrown into the trio’s company, Emily is forced to admit her growing feelings for them, and her yearning for more in her life. Can she create something real between her and the alphas, or will the dangers that chase them steal it away first?



The world couldn’t have changed more since Eva had been locked in that tower. The only thing that hadn’t changed was the mages and humans still hated each other. Only this time the mages were the ones with the upper hand.

With new suspicions of who she really was, Eva must learn to be a human in a mage ruled world
The problem was. She wasn’t human.

Hiding her secret could not be more imperative as it becomes clear that her tower hadn’t been found by accident. The only question now was, who wanted her out and what did they want from her?

I have been waiting on this book for so long. Shit will hit the fan. So basically I’m waiting to see a shit-show of men getting their asses handed to them by one pissed off woman. Fingers crossed she doesn’t push this back again.


A deadly disease has spread through the Blooming Courts of Tuatha.

The louloudi are meant to flourish for a thousand years before they return to the Earth. Death has been a distant foe for so long, no one spares it any thought. Until now. As sickness sweeps through the kingdom, with the cure always just out of reach, the courts have never been filled with so many blossoms. Even in death, they breathe life.

Ila Slystina has been raised in the confines of the Orchidasi Kingdom, wanting for nothing, hidden away like some sparkling treasure, but she dreams of so much more. When she’s caught returning from a forbidden trip, her mother, the Orchidasi Queen, punishes her the only way she sees fit.

Ila is sent on her season far earlier than she should be. Now, she’s being paraded through the twelve courts like a prized cow and she wants nothing more than to escape.

Her mother wants her to collect power.
But Ila finds herself collecting hearts instead.

With death surrounding her on every side, and new dangers sprouting up at every turn, can Ila learn to balance the mischief that sings in her soul with her duty to her people?

After all, the courts aren’t the only things that must bloom . . .



The final book in the Reluctant Necromancer series!

With everyone home safe, Esper can finally focus on finding a permanent body for Awan. But can she trust herself enough to use her powers for good—and can she tie the skinwalker to her forever? Cue magic lessons from one crazy old aunt, and a few animal test subjects.

But on the cusp of success, the town faces a threat that will put Esper’s murder to the test, and bring them face to face with the supernatural council.

Esper never wanted responsibility. She just wanted to be left alone with her creepy hobbies and her creepy old house. Now suddenly she’s responsible for the safety of the entire town of Hellsfork….

Author’s Note:

Fed up with the usual tropes in romance and reverse harem? I wanted characters that are more than the fainting female and alpha male cookie cutter stereotypes that saturate the genre. (There’s nothing wrong with it, if you like that sort of thing, but it just got old for me!) People come in all shapes, sizes, personalities, and gender/sexual orientations—so when I pick up a book and have trouble telling the difference between the characters…that’s a problem.

*The Reluctant Necromancer series is a sequence of novellas between 35,000-40,000 words in length. While the main plot arc in each book will be resolved, there may be mild cliffhangers/segue into the next book with new issues arising.

*This author’s characters are as flawed and damaged as real life—do not read if you are easily offended by talk of past trauma of any kind. This includes uncomfortable situations of any kind—sexual, physical, mental/emotional. (No explicit scenes of this nature, generally, but they will talk about what’s happened in the past and it may be distasteful if you are easily triggered). This book specifically references past trauma in one of the characters.

*Contains mature adult content, including but not limited to: graphic sex, adult language (that means swearing, folks) and fictional situations with some gore and or action/violence.

*This is a reverse harem urban fantasy, and the author firmly believes love is love, and as such includes themes of: polyamory (multiple lovers), MF, MMF, MM, FF, and MMMFF love.



From the author of Shunned, the Amazon top-20 bestselling bully romance readers are calling, “The greatest mindf**k of 2019,” comes this chilling new dark paranormal reverse harem romance.

Ivan, Titus, Dorien.
These Bad Boys of Baroque may play like angels,
but they’re determined to make my life hell.

When my mom got sick, my dreams of a career in music imploded. That is, until Madame Usher wafts into my life like a ghost from the past, offering me the chance to study at the exclusive Manderley Academy – a music school for the most gifted and wealthy.

It’s an offer I can’t refuse—free room and board at the gothic mansion where elite students immerse themselves in mastering their art. But there’s a catch, and it’s a big one.

I’m her slave.

I clean the rooms. I polish the piano keys. I serve her and the three pretentious a-hole guys who rule this school.

I must endure their bullying in silence. Even when they destroy my things, sabotage my performances, and try their best to drive me from Manderley.

Rich. Arrogant. Cruel.
They won’t have the poor little charity case ruining their fun.
They’ve heard me play.
They know I’m a serious contender for the prestigious Manderley Prize.

These broken muses aren’t used to losing, especially to the help.

But they’re not the only ones haunting me.

Something twisted and evil shrouds Manderley Academy. Maybe my bullies are the least of my problems. Maybe Dorien, Ivan, and Titus aren’t the ones behind the strange noises in the walls, the warnings scrawled on my mirror, and the gruesome murders on the school grounds.

Maybe…maybe Manderley’s ghosts are real.

A dark mystery unfolds around musician Faye de Winter in book one of this gripping gothic college reverse harem bully romance by USA Today best-selling author Steffanie Holmes. Warning: Proceed with caution – this tale of three spoiled rich boys with unsettling secrets and the girl who refuses to put up with their shit contains dark themes, a creepy house, a smoldering second-chance romance, college angst, cruel bullies and swoon-worthy sex.



In the latest Last Vocari novel, set in bestselling author Elena Lawson’s World of Thorn, cunning vampire huntress Rose takes her place at the heart of a battle that’s been waging for centuries.

After the shitstorm in the streets of Baton Rouge, one thing has become startlingly clear: I’m not safe, and as long as I’m still breathing, I may never be. I could accept that if it didn’t also jeopardize the safety of my guys.

I wish I could walk away—save them. I can’t. The bonds we’ve formed won’t be easily severed. Our lives are fused together now, for better or worse. Even unto death.

To save us all, I’ll have to break every single one of my own rules. Starting with placing my trust in the hands of the ancient vampire who’s been holding me captive for weeks.

It’s time for Azrael to face what he’s been avoiding for a thousand years: his deranged brother needs to die, and he may be the only being on this earth able to kill him.

Together, the five of us will concoct a plan to end his dark crusade. But I can’t decide if it’s pure genius or the downright stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. Either way, it has to work. If it doesn’t, it will be the undoing of us all.

One-Click today and be the first to get book 3 in Elena Lawson’s Last Vocari series! Immerse yourself in a world of steamy supernatural romance, riveting adventure, and shocking twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages until long past your bedtime.



My little dog, Toto, just shifted into a man. A gorgeous, chiseled beast of a man. That was about thirty seconds before the storm hit and he clutched me against his naked body while wild winds raged all around us.

Yeah, we’re seriously not in fucking Kansas anymore.
There are male witches with toothy smiles, a man with a tin arm, and some wizards. Some very, very bad wizards–and they’re all interested in me. Romantically. How … interesting.

Oh, and then there’s Dorothy, the girl who’s claiming that she’s the good guy, and I’m the bad one, all because the power to control storms sleeps in my fingertips.

My name is Ozora, Oz for short, and I’m a girl from nowhere, destined for somewhere.

VERY BAD WIZARDS (Book 1 of 3 in the “Wicked Wizards of Oz” series) — is a full-length reverse harem/new adult/fantasy romance novel, a gritty retelling of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”. Don’t expect a children’s tale; these characters are nothing like their more innocent counterparts. This book contains: drugs, cursing, violence, sex … and love found in the darkest shadows.


Emily and the raccoons’ saga begins….



Madness is coming for Hailey.

Unless she finds her fourth and final mate.

But her packmate is on trial for a murder he didn’t commit,

and her father is intent on the destruction of the shifter society,

and the only one who can unmask Hailey’s illegal spirit shifter nature—the Oracle— is coming.

Can Hailey keep it together long enough to save Sciro, and herself?

Find out now in this thrilling conclusion to the Thornbriar Academy series.

Saved is the third book in this Why Choose, Dark Paranormal Romance series. Expect a tough as nails heroine, bullies, shifters, and love in this sexy new adult reverse harem romance.

All characters are 18+. This series is intended for readers 18+ and may contain situations which are triggering.



They’re the ones in power, so why are they are so afraid of me?

Newly minted magic user? Check.
Hot-as-hell boyfriends who want only me? Check.
A fresh start after surviving a murderous attack? Yeah, about that…

They said choosing a life at Stormwood Academy wouldn’t be easy. But nobody mentioned it would make me a target. Another thing they forgot to mention—the secret faction that wants me dead. I thought the class system died an appropriate death, but it’s alive and well and those in power would like it to stay that way, thank you.

But I opted-in to this life, and in the process chose four incredible men who have also chosen me. I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone take away what my men and I found. There’s a sinister underside to this magic world, and its sights are set on me.

So even though I am happier than I’ve ever been in many ways, the powers that be are turning a blind eye to those who want to exterminate me and destroy the bonds I have created. I might have a thing or two to say about that.

**Reverse Harem fans will want to one-click the exciting sequel in this steamy paranormal academy romance series.**

Upcoming release dates:
Hidden Power: January 23, 2020
Forbidden Bond: February 27, 2020
Shadow Promise: March 31, 2020

Publisher’s note: Academy of Elemental Magic is a reverse harem supernatural fantasy academy series with magic and steam meant for mature readers.



I was gifted three wickedly handsome wolf princes…

…but now I’m the wolves’ prisoner.

I’m Crimson Tide. For centuries, witches have been at war with werewolves. As a kid, mom coached me that I was a Charmer with the badass magical power to control the scorching hot shifters.

Except, what if controlling them makes me the bad guy? How do I save my own witchy ass, as well as Wolf Kingdom, when I’m trapped in a wild land of fanatics and secrets?

To survive in the Kingdom of the Alphas, I must:

Rule #1 Never be tempted by the cursed protection of an Alpha

My pack hold dark and dangerous pasts, but I’m still driven to protect the gorgeous shifters, angels, mages, and gods who are mine.

Am I right to trust that they’ll protect me back? Or will loving the wolves get me killed?

Either way, I’ll fight for the wolves’ freedom and create a new legacy for the name Crimson Tide…

…or like the Charmers before me, I’ll become my princes’ worst nightmare.



They say they want a Queen, so why have they made Aria their captive?

The tournament is underway and Aria is in for more than she bargained for. It’s punishment time at Ravenwell Academy and the four kings are training Aria to be Queen. It doesn’t matter that only two kings can win the tournament and claim her. All four refuse to back down. They’ll try to bend her, break her, and bring her to her knees. They’ll demand her complete submission, body and soul.

If only preparing for her ‘royal duties’ was all Aria had to worry about. Galima is out for blood, sending deadly assassins determined to lop Aria’s head off. Chancellor Biggsbys got an evil agenda that threatens to turn the entire academy upside down. And Cas has been put on academy trial for ‘Criminal deception’.

Will Aria succumb to the Four King’s wicked punishments and surrender to their will? Can she survive the deadly assassins? Will she save her only friend, Cas, from being burned at the stake and discover the Chancellor’s evil plot before it’s too late?

There’s only one way to find out. Welcome to Ravenwell Academy. Buckle up and hold on tight, you’re in for a crazy ride.



Never the kind of witch to work with deities, Valentina is getting rather good at it. She’s convinced four powerful gods to join her on her quest to save the Major Arcana and restore the Mysteries of the Tarot. She needs to track down at least four other gods, but that will have to wait. Family comes first. And her family has been possessed by creatures from another dimension. It’s up to her to exorcise the foreign entities. Except… she’s never performed an exorcism before…

Add a broken time sensor on top of that, a curse as old as her witch lineage, and she’s got enough on her plate. And when it comes to Loki, Veles, Jupiter, and Nergal, Valentina can’t decide whether she’s made the right choice, or gotten herself in over her head. Only time will tell, but time is running out.



Victoria’s life is finally getting on track. She’s got two men she loves with all her heart, she loves her job at her Uncle Ray’s bar, and she has clairvoyant powers. What else could a girl want?
But, like always, life has a way of messing with people. Her powers are growing dangerous. If she gets over her fear of using them, she might be able to help those that she loves. Her ex-boyfriend is back in town permanently, and to top it all off, her mother is being sued by his father.
Join Victoria on her new adventure as she navigates her love life with three men, dealing with her mother, and in helping Lucien in the search for a missing relic that could cause a catastrophe that makes the demon, Fa’gh, look like the parasite that he was.



How to go from burlesque dancer to goddess in one simple step…

Amilee loved her life on the stage, until the Blood Moon rose and she gained memories of who she used to be. Now she has to reconcile her past and her present, which would be easier if she hadn’t just learned she was the burlesque-dancing Goddess Of Virtue.

Lucky for her, three demi-god protectors have turned up at her dressing room door, and they’re willing to guide her through her new life.

Goddess Of Virtue is a paranormal reverse harem with a body-positive heroine and three hot men. It is part of the Blood Moon Rising shared world.



Book 3 of Heartbreak Falls Series…

Welcome to Heartbreak Falls…a town ruled by my new Stepfather’s family for centuries and where hearts come to break

With a name like Heartbreak Falls, one didn’t expect to find love at the new town I had moved to courtesy of my new stepfamily aka Mom’s new husband and his sons.
Something was up with my new rich stepfather, his sons, and what happened to their last stepmother. Something was up with the entire town, which my stepfamily seem to run. Along with the school where my stepbrothers reigned as cruel princes. All 3 of them were known as The Heartbreakers. Two were twins and my age, and then there was Tristan, the oldest. Gorgeous but god-awful hateful to me. What was up?

I was about to find out…if I lived long enough.

**Heartbreak Falls is a RH Dark Bully Romance and mystery for 18 and up. It is YA/NA and has themes of bullying and sex. If that’s fine with you, then dig in! Dare Me Not is book 3 of 5 and contains a cliffhanger.



What if you’re forbidden to be with your fated mates?
Rules to live by:
#1. Never talk to a demon
#2. Never tell a demon who you are
#3. Never, ever kiss one

Blayde has lived in hiding her whole life, with her dead parents rules echoing in her mind. As a mixture of demon and fae, Blayde is even forbidden to exist. If discovered, they would kill her.
But when three sexy-as-sin demons show up at Blayde’s door, her first instincts are to trust them. Something about the protective way they hoover around her draws them to her.

Then her twin brother goes missing and the demons claim that she is the ‘marked one’, the person prophesied to save the demons from their evil queen.

Blayde decides to go with them, determined to find her missing brother. Hell is a terrifying place for a demonfae, and at every moment, her life is threatened.

Can Blayde face the demons in hell and keep her identity a secret? Can she find her brother, and help free them from their evil queen?

Most of all, can she protect her heart against her fated mates, the very men forbidden to ever be with her?

Magic of the Demon Fae is a sexy paranormal romance that features a snarky, kick-ass heroine and her obnoxious, movie quoting, british-pretender cat.
Combined with three brooding, protective demons and one warrior angel love interest that you won’t have to choose between. Will have mm.

This is a special pre-order price. This book will be released sooner than the current expected release date.
This book is part of the magical shared world, The Realm of Monsters. If you want more of the characters in this sinful tale, check out AK Koonce’s book, Hellish Fae!



Last semester at Obsidian Cove Supernatural Academy ended with Lennox’s heart shattering. Now Evander is stuck in the Regency Prison while she’s forced to stay at school pretending nothing is wrong. She focuses every waking hour on trying to learn how to use her constantly changing powers and free him at the same time.
The problem- as her powers grow stronger, she gets weaker, and they can’t figure out the cause. She also isn’t the only one with unexpected powers emerging. When each day is a struggle, how will Lennox protect anyone when she can’t even protect herself?
With her family broken and worried, things get even more intense when they’re called in as witnesses in Evander’s trial. Things go from bad to worse when old enemies start to resurface, adding yet another challenge to their already complicated lives.
Of course, with all the bad times, there also comes some good… like finding her small family growing even bigger. She has her guys, friends, and now the whole Kova Coven working tirelessly alongside her to make sure Evander comes home safe.
With premonitions, mysterious illnesses and corruption coloring their future, will they ever be able to reunite their family, or will Lennox look for darker options to save him?

But if it was between her safety and theirs, is there any doubt which she would choose?

Trial of the Vampire is a reverse harem academy romance intended for readers 18+



After I was betrayed and left for dead in the sands of the wasteland, I found a new home—a sanctuary of lost souls like me. With the help of others, I rebuilt myself until I was stronger than before, but when word comes that my old home, Paradise, has fallen, I have a choice to make.

Leave my new home, my new life and friends, and ride to the rescue of the very people who betrayed me…or stay?

The decision isn’t an easy one, but three men will stand by my side either way. It seems fate has its eyes on me and when my past, present, and future collide, will I be left heartbroken or will they reassemble the damaged, tattered pieces of me?

Three men, one I loved as child, one as teenager, and the other as a woman…the question is, can I still love them all? Is my heart big enough?

But this isn’t just a love story, oh no. This is a tale of revenge and queens.

When the bloodshed and death arrive and war erupts, who will remain beside me?

*18+ Reverse Harem Romance. Warning this book contains scenes and references of abuse/assault that some readers may find triggering. Along with graphic sex scenes and violence*



“I’d claimed my heritage and finally accepted that I was Medusi, and I was proud of it.

I’d never been happier.

Or more pissed off.

These God-Hunters were going down.”

Medoe has never had so much responsibility. She’s never had more to fight for. She never had a home worth defending.

But she does now. And she would die before she lets the Guild of God-Hunters take any of it.

She’s taking risks, laying her cards on the table, assuming duty and obligation, fixing what she thinks is broken, and mending a world that’s been torn a sunder.

Her fears of being alone no longer haunt her. She’s surrounded herself with people she can trust, and who will never leave her. Will she be able to keep them safe this time? Or will she lose them trying to win them all freedom?

Either way, the threat needs to be eliminated, and she isn’t going to wait for fate to decide.

The third novel in the Daughters of Medusa Series. A slow burn, slow build Mythological RH Urban Fantasy.



My name is Zara King and I’m still fighting to stay alive.
Isolone has brought nothing but threat and danger to my life, throwing me into turmoil again and again. I thought all I wanted was to escape and live my life outside, I guess I should have been careful what I wished for. Thrust out into a world wrought with danger with six other people and only one I know I can trust, I’m about to discover that beyond the wall the world is just as scary.
And even though we are the only humans out here, we aren’t the only species wandering around, the wildlife has been changed into a greater threat than we could have anticipated. If that isn’t bad enough, there’s also a threat to my life from my own team, I may not be in Isolone right now, but it’s still trying to kill me and I’m still refusing to just lay back and let it happen.
Relationships will be made, bonds will be forged and lives will be lost and we will find out just how good at acting we truly are. I’ve been pretending ever since I was put on the Elixir and the reasons to continue my charade are only growing.
I have my allies and men who say they want me but when push comes to shove will they fight to stay by my side or roll over and die. My enemies haven’t changed but their methods have differed and its hard to stay one step ahead.



Everyone knows the story of Lucifer’s fall, the prideful angel who defied God and was punished for it. But few people remember the angels who fell with him. Satan might have found redemption, but what of his Watchers?

My name is Delilah and I am dead.

It’s a recent state of affairs. Until a few months ago, I had a life, family, friends. And then, The Brightest Star shone above me, too bright, too blinding, and my whole world crumbled.

I drowned in the ocean of a demon’s happiness and no one seemed to care.

Until, finally, someone does. When the avatar of death extends his hand and offers me a chance to save my loved ones, it seems too good to be true.

You can become an angel, he tells me.

You can still save them, he tells me.

You can earn your wings and watch over them, forever, he tells me, and the thought is a comfort and a burden.

But there’s a catch. To embrace the Grim Reaper’s offer, I have to attend the new Watcher Academy, where Lucifer’s minions have come together to start over—and where I have to spend time with them.

Sariel. Azazel. Yeqon. Three of Lucifer’s closest confidants, who chose him over the Heavens, and who make it their business to make my life as difficult as possible. Fallen angels, who do everything in their power to lead my soul into damnation.

I’m expected to forgive and forget, but turning the other cheek has never been my style. I’m expected to become an angel, but Watcher Academy isn’t very angelic at all. How can I forgive the people who killed my family and were never punished? And how can I forgive myself for what Sariel, Azazel, and Yeqon make me feel?

Watcher Academy is the spin-off series of the bestselling series Academy of the Devil. Proceed with caution. There will be dark content ahead. Our Watchers might be fallen angels, but there’s nothing angelic about this romance. It contains steamy scenes between the heroine and several heroes, as well as m/m content. For maximum enjoyment, the author recommends to read Academy of the Devil first, as characters from the original series show up in this book.



Without him, it’s nothing but pain. . .

Breaking News: This is the third book exploring one snarky woman’s adventures in the afterlife when she lands her ass in the Sexy Sins Academy as headmistress. So yes, there’s some sizzle (a given).

Tate here! We’ve no sooner snatched Francis from eternal oblivion when the pace picks up with an invasion that puts one of the clan in the Fade on the brink of extinction. They tell me Hades has it in for me. Correction, he wants me for his harem, and no way in hell will I be caught dead—pun intended—in Hades’ harem.

We are in danger of never fulfilling our destiny. I have two weeks to figure out how all this clan stuff works, find out who or what’s behind the incubus invasion—all while my libido is in hyperdrive. All of this excitement has put me in quite the Quiver Quandary. . .

Tate’s Trial is the third book in the Sexy Sins Academy series sizzling paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a spunky heroine who doesn’t need to choose.



Have you ever thought about that person inside of you? The one that whispers of an alternate reality and begs to be let out to help make that happen?

My inner person wants to play too.

I’m fighting against the witch’s system and losing tremendously. Now, I’ve got one month left to either conform or accept the consequences. I’m choosing option C, the “Cameron Richardson Way”.

I’m refusing to bond to keep my magic and I’m not accepting the loss of my magic either. If that means my inner psycho needs to come out and play, then so be it.

Family dinners were getting boring anyway.

Magic, striped stockings and a whole bag of crazy tethered to a mansion in the worst possible Bachelorette: Witch Edition…
What could go wrong?

**Warning: This is a Whychoose romance that contains graphic adult language and content.**



Death is an insurmountable fact. We all will experience it at some point. The question is what happens after. Where does the soul go?

Well, it goes to me. Or someone like me, at least. My name is Zella Healani. I’m a Grim Reaper. Not the kind most think of when they picture the old skeleton guy either. Nope. I’m young, have no swinging stick thing, and am usually swimming with some kind of mind-altering substance.

Don’t let that deter you. Not that you actually could. Like it or not, I’ll pull your soul free from your husk and ferry it back to the big soul soup we all start from. You get a new life, and I get a hit of euphoria so pure, it’s addicting. Oh, and some additional powers here and there.

But what happens if nobody comes for you? And why would someone keep Grims from reaping? That, my new friend, is exactly what I’m going to tell you. Have a seat and open the pages to discover what happens when you mix evil, Earth souls, and one screwed-up Reaper together. 


Forgotten Essence is a fast burn RH. This means she doesn’t choose between the men. It contains potentially triggering content. This book is not meant for those below age 18 and may not be suitable for everyone.



Vengeance is NOT my middle name.

It’s in my blood.

It’s tattooed on my skin.

It’s with me 24/7. The thing that drives me.

It’s also what brings me to Rawley Heights. No one would willingly come here otherwise. But me? I don’t have a choice.

Here, everyone fears the Heights Crew. They’re not just some small-town gang, they’re the real deal. Crime. Sex. Murder. Angry, self-obsessed dudes with bad attitudes.

And they’re exactly who I need to get my vengeance from.

I have my work cut out for me—especially where Bat, Brawler, and Magnum are concerned—but don’t worry, they have no idea who they’re dealing with.

I’m counting on it.



Dragon shifters, magic, and three men who I’m way too quickly falling head-over-heels in love with.

Being a part of the wealthy elite definitely has its perks. Gorgeous clothes, my own personal hairstylist, and three sexy AF boyfriends. And better yet, when I shift into my Dragon, I can fly!

The problem? My mother was human, which means I’m only a half-blood dragon shifter and since my father is King of the Gold-Scale clan, the other stuck up families are refusing to accept me as his heir.

If I want to take my place within the ranks of shifter royalty, I’ll need to prove myself equal to the elite true-bloods. And the only way to do that is to run the Royal Gauntlet, an ancient and deadly set of tasks.

Only the best most accomplished shifters have ever survived.

Piece of cake, right?

Royal Gauntlet is the second book in the Dragon Fire Academy series. It is a slow burn reverse harem (RH), fast-paced, sexy, why choose, action-packed Young Adult (YA) to New Adult (NA) paranormal dragon shifter romance.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up and buy now to start this sexy RH adventure.



***Limited time preorder price!***

Betrayed by heaven, protected by hell. The devil and his hellhounds will do anything to keep their angel safe.

When archangel Gabriel manipulates Lili Kazana, severing her wings so she can be his spy in Hell, rescue comes in the most unlikely form: protective Cerny, sweet Russ, gruff Bernard, and the devil himself.

Lili is hesitant to trust her rescuers, but with humanity at stake from a demon invasion and her angel ex-boyfriend on the warpath, Lili has no choice but to rely on Lucifer and the three shifters. It doesn’t hurt that they’re sexy as sin and want to take care of her. Every inch of her.

The Lili Kazana series is a medium burn romance, with a damaged but badass angel and the four demons and one angel devoted to her. This series is RH, which means Lili doesn’t have to pick a favourite of her protectors – why choose when you can have all five?

This box set collects:
Cast From Heaven
Crowned By Hell
Called By Gods
Exclusive bonus story

Contains some mature content. Over 300,000 words of demons, magic, romance, and steam.


I know their secrets.
But they don’t know mine.

Holly Oak Academy is breaking up for winter break, flying all of us off to France. Sledging, eating marshmallows by the fire, sexy times in hot tubs and a little murder sounds like a good holiday.

With my parents watching my every move, my rich boys doing very bad things, and not to mention my own past catching up with me…

What could go wrong?

Welcome to Holly Oak Academy, where money is more important than life and my boys have just as many secrets to hide as me. Only my secret can’t be found out…or I will lose far more than the boys who have stolen my heart. 18+ RH Romance.


The trials have just begun and I found myself in greater danger than I expected. 

Three warriors stand at myside as we look to the next challenge. Ares’ battle cries can be heard through all the realms. But he’s not just known for war…but also for love. 


Have you ever wondered what would happen if aliens suddenly began appearing on earth?

I have an answer for you. The world loses it’s sh*t!

Aliens are a part of everyday life in the year 2020. They have jobs, drive super high tech cars, and even live next door to you. Crazy right?! But with our new extraterrestrial guests came new laws. Laws which I get to help uphold in my new job as a guard at the max facility that holds some of the most dangerous intergalactic species the earth has ever seen.

My close encounter, however, isn’t at all what I was prepared for. Three aliens housed in the facility are making my job much harder than it needs to be. Not only have they taken up space on my planet, now they’re slowly stealing space in my heart.

My name is Alie Greshem and I’m about to take you on a ride that’s literally out of this world…

*This is a Reverse Harem Alien Prison Romance with tons of laughs, lovers, and a few interesting sexual appendages the normal human wouldn’t have*




Last Chance?
Some might say that, but for me it’s a new beginning.

On the run from an overbearing Alpha that’s decided to trade me for an alliance, I travel across the country in search of a place to hide. I will not be sold.

As luck would have it, I stumble upon my new forever home. A beacon in the night, the Last Chance Diner calls me into it’s sanctuary. The Not-A-Pack that run the restaurant reluctantly take me in, and from there everything about my life changes.

Just when I think I’ve outrun my former life, Thane’s enforcer finds me. I’m forced to make a split second decision that shatters my newfound freedom. Every move I make seems to lead me into a new danger and now I’ve got four mates that I’m dragging with me into the melee.

Amidst the chaos, a prophecy comes to light and hope blooms bright. As Moon Born, I charge forward with the intent to reclaim my life, and solidify my mate bonds. With three Sisters of the Moon and my four mates at my side, I feel invincible.

Will my new powers be enough to break the chains of my betrothal, or is Thane’s dominance too great to overcome? Dark magic and outdated pack law are both working against me.

I’m determined to win and destined to lead a new era.
‘A great leader will fall,
His loss will be her gain.
And so shall the Moon Born rise.’

This is a #whychoose romance meaning the FMC will not choose between her love interests. Last Chance Diner does contain darker themes as well as Noncon. The Noncon is not performed by members of the harem. This book is intended for 18+ due to sexual content and graphic language.



Demons possess a terrifying Lovecraftian sea monster off the coast of Massachusetts, all as part of their ploy to wretch open the Gates to Hades below the city of Salem.

Don’t worry, we’ve got that information from a credible source: my dad, The Grim Reaper.

I’m Max. Salem Academy’s newest strike team member: budding witch, part-time demon slayer, exorcist’s assistant, and apparently half-reaper.

My brother Micah and his best friend, my love interest Erik, are off on a secret mission and leaving me behind.

I’m furious, and training hard to master every kind of magic at my disposal so this never happens again: witch magic, fae magic, and maybe even some ancient Reaper magic.

Between Tristan, a fae trapped between dark and light, and Noah, the strongest natural witch that Salem has ever seen, I’m in excellent hands.

And not just for learning about magic.

But a more sinister threat is coming to Salem Academy, and it’s going to take everything we’ve got to defeat it.

Wicked Deep Magic is Book 3 in the reverse harem academy paranormal romance series “Salem Academy.” It’s a steamy, university-level academy series. Get ready for demon hunting tough girls, ancient Viking warrior ties to monsters that dwell beneath the waves, and an unseen threat from the fae mafia that could tear us all apart. Click now to join the adventures at Salem Academy. #WhyChoose


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