January Reverse Harem Book Release Calendar

Seriously, another year has flown right by us. I can’t get over the fact that it’s January. New year, new resolutions, of course I won’t make any resolutions. It’s 1:17 a.m. as I type this out. My brain is fried, my eyes are beyond bleary, and I have to work tomorrow. Now that the holidays are over, posts will resume their regular schedule. I hope everyone had a happy holiday! This is your tentative schedule for January. Keep in mind, authors may change or move around their book release dates. Live releases may be added as well pending I get to them in time. See a release I missed? Let me know! As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

All blurbs come directly from the description provided on Amazon.



My brother chose to die to save me, and I chose to let him go.
My world has been thrown upside down, and the only path that’s clear is me killing O’Donnell.
My twin was my sanity, the saving thread keeping me from going off the deep end, but now he’s gone.
They say I was meant to save the world, but now all I want to do is see it burn down to the ground with O’Donnell suffocating within the ashes.
Can my mates pull me back or will I destroy them along with myself?
At first I wanted Revenge, which quickly turned to Vengeance, now I want Justice and I don’t care how I get it.



Freedom is further from her reach than ever before…

I’ve been taken. Again. God, not again!

This time all of us — me, Sebastian, Cassius, Titus, and Hawk — have been abducted, dragged through a portal into the Winter Court where the Winter Queen wants Prince Sebastian to take his rightful place as heir, a title he abdicated the hell out of 300 years ago.

Now that the queen has her unwilling prodigal son back in her grasp, she won’t let him go. Ever. And if she learns the truth of who we really are, she’ll kill the rest of us.

The only thing blocking her end game: me and Sebastian’s lie that we’re married — bound together by powerful fae magic that can only be broken by death. And as an angel unable to give Sebastian children, I’m not exactly the queen’s first choice for her son’s bride.

I’m worse than back to square one. The guys will do anything to protect me, and we’ve only got a small window of time to get out of the Winter Court before the assassination attempts begin.

Fated Winter is the second book in the Angel’s Fate series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with powerful sexy men and a heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

** Angel’s Fate is a spinoff series from the Nephilim’s Destiny series. It’s not necessary to read the first series to enjoy this one.



I can’t forgive his betrayal, yet my body answers to his mating call.

The dirty truth about my fourth mate, a demigod druid, cut me bone deep.

To prevent an apocalypse on Earth, he had me kidnapped and taken to the Underworld. There I was raised as a warrior slave and trained to battle the Dark Lord.

I do not care how hard it was for him to send me away, the woman he treasures most. I do not feel sorry that his heart bleeds for me every second of every day. He robbed me of my birthright and the power to carve my own destiny.

I vow never to forgive him, even though he’s finally come to bring me home, even as he fights alongside me with my other immortal lovers.

Yet my body craves his every scorching touch and refuses to deny my destined mate.

This is the final book in Of Shadows and Fire duet. This full-length reverse harem fantasy romance contains brutal battles, explicit love scenes, curses, magic, dark fae, vampires, shifters, demigod, fallen angels, and a lot of demon assholes.



The rules of the She-Wolf Games are simple.

1. Get out of the cage first.
2. Don’t waste time shifting into a wolf.
3. Never stop running.
4. Don’t get caught.
5. Repeat every night until the games are over…or you escape.

With werewolves on the brink of extinction, packs from everywhere came together in an attempt to overcome their differences. The creation of the She-Wolf Games did just that, bringing peace among the territories as packs work toward the same goal: Save their species.

Usually, I’d be touched at such a monumental occasion, but I had no idea werewolves existed. Or that female werewolves were a commodity and the ultimate prize.

I figured it out fast after encountering a beautiful wolf outside my apartment building. If only the cute sucker hadn’t bitten me.

Because now, I find myself as one of three she-wolves among a few dozen men competing for a chance to fill a spot in my new pack. Four scary-hot werewolves who all get to claim me. And they will do anything to win the She-Wolf Games. It’s for a good cause, right? Too bad I’m going to assure they all lose.

This is a sizzling hot reverse harem paranormal romance. Get ready for sparks to fly as the games begin.



What’s my secret? That’s something I intend to take to the grave.
When my best friend and the only person who knows who–and what–I really am gets selected for the Mating Games, I know the only way to save her is to try and win her for myself.
All I need to do is navigate three trials while not letting anyone know I’m a woman, or, and this might be even more important, that I have magic.
Easy, right? Easier than slaving away for all hours of the day swinging an ax in the mines. Or so I thought.
I certainly didn’t count on the one man I’ve longed for, the one man who stirs feelings of femininity and desire within me, to enter the games as well. Every minute that I’m there I’m risking everything. If I’m discovered I’ll become nothing more than a broodmare, but I can’t abandon the woman who is like family to the fate that the Divine would deem she have.
I’ll do whatever it takes to save her from the desolate future of becoming nothing more than a prize for the victor of the games. The only question is, will my secret still be intact by the time the trials are over? Or will I have condemned us both to a fate worse than death?

This is a 18+ slow burn whychoose novel.



Hostages. Memories. Heartbeats. The long awaited finale to the epic Power of Five story is here.

The quint has finally reunited, but their stunning new discovery changes everything.

Just as Lera and the males navigate their redefined future, Owalin violently ups the stakes, giving the humans one hour to hand over their kingdoms. Lera must do all she can to help defeat him, even if that means facing down her own males—and the humans themselves.

Because in the fight for the mortal world, every life—and every heart—will lie on the line before the last bell sounds.

THE LAST BELL is the ninth and final installment in the GREAT FALLS ACADEMY novella series. The story takes place in the same world as Alex’s KDP All Star-winning POWER OF FIVE novels but can be read independently.



They want to make me their captain. I can’t even fly a bloody spaceship.

I’m no longer a captive. No longer alone. But we’re still on the run. And the four alien males who seem to think the universe of me are only making it more complicated for me.

New life. New rules.

We can’t be free until we escape the Athions hunting us, even if it means accepting the help of untrustworthy space pirates.

What price am I prepared to pay for my freedom?

The third and final book in the Between Rebels trilogy, a sci-fi reverse harem.

Planet Athion is a shared world contributed to by multiple authors. Discover more about this exciting new Reverse Harem, Sci Fi Romance series today! Travel over to planetathion.blogspot.com for more information.



Adie escaped the Hunters, but not without cost. Nightmares plague her sleep, questioning the choices she made. Or is it something more?

Part 9 of Succubus Dreams.

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

A charming, slow-burn reverse harem serial about one reluctant succubus and the sexy demons determined to have her



I lost everything in the fire, then I was whisked away to this Academy for Shifters.

I don’t know anyone, I don’t like anyone, and I definitely can’t trust anyone.

And they don’t even know that I have a secret…

I’m not supposed to be here. I’m not a Shifter. I’m something else.

All the while these five young men stare at me with primal hunger…

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning is proud to bring you this Reverse Harem Academy Romance serial, packed with all the action, intrigue and great chemistry you can handle!



Dating your boss is never a good idea. Especially when you have more than one.

Things are looking up for Alyssa when she meets a very handsome man who urgently needs an executive assistant. She desperately needs a job. And someone to help mend her broken heart. Maybe Jaylen Davenport can do both.

But she’s not going to be working just for him. Jay’s got two other hot partners in the firm he works very closely with. When she finds out that Corey, Shawn and Jay are all partners in the bedroom too, Alyssa’s in heaven.

Until life outside of the foursome breaks in and threatens to break them up.

It shouldn’t matter anyway. She can’t keep seeing them all.

Relationships doesn’t work that way.


My Three Bosses is a standalone mmfm bisexual reverse harem romance. Guaranteed HEA ending. No cliffhangers!



There’s a dark secret inside of me. A monster clawing to get out.

I was thrown out of the fae world because of it. But I’m back now. Three brooding demons and a sinful incubus returned me to my sweet little homeland. And I’ll finish what I started all those years ago.

Sure, maybe my delicate fae features are twisting into spiraling horns and demonic eyes, but that won’t stop me from righting my wrongs.

The Queen of Hell might possess my body but the deadly vengeance in my blood is my own. The Prince will die by my hand for what he’s done.

All I have to do is make sure the creature at the back of my mind doesn’t kill me first.

Hellish Fae is book one of a sexy reverse harem series featuring creatures of heaven, hell, and all the dark fae realms in between. This book contains MFM and MMF themes intended for readers 18 and over.

Reading order
Hellish Fae
Sinless Demons – Releasing soon
Book3 – TBA



You’re not seeing double, the date was moved. 🙂

I’ll do whatever it takes to free them.
Even if I have to sacrifice my soul.

The Kings of Miskatonic Prep have fallen.
Three arrogant, cruel, and broken boys defied an ancient god,
a faculty who imprisoned them.
and the parents who stole their future.
They were never going to win.

But they won’t quit.
They won’t stop fighting.
This time, it’s not themselves they’re trying to protect.
They fight for me. For us. For our future.

Pain. Pride. Temptation.
They rage against their inner demons.
While I embrace mine.

Shit’s getting real at Miskatonic Prep.
I’ve got a heart made of fire, the wrath of an avenging witch, and three Kings at my side.
You think you know monsters?
You ain’t seen nothing yet.

One way or another, we’re graduating Miskatonic Prep.
We’ll burn this motherfucker down.

HP Lovecraft meets Cruel Intentions in the chilling conclusion to this dark paranormal reverse harem bully romance. Warning: Not for the faint of heart – this story of three broken bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, crazed cultists, books bound in human skin, high-school drama, swoon-worthy sex, and potential triggers.



All my life I wanted to attend a prestigious school for paranormal students. When I was accepted into the Academy of Modern Magic, well…
…it isn’t my first choice.

When I first encounter a sexy shifter in the corridors, and his equally hot brother, things start to look up. Add to that a smoking dragon shifter and a magical best friend and maybe this isn’t so bad after all.

That is until dark forces started to follow me, bent on my capture or destruction. My only choice is to fight back, even if it gets us all killed.

Get it now.

**Warning this a reverse harem with adult content and language.**



One grim day looming, five lovers fighting to not shatter into a thousand pieces.

The weekend wasn’t easy on Mia or her four guys, Mal, Dylan, Tom and Jake. It started with Jake suddenly showing up at the house, bringing with him some secrets Mia tried to keep from the others, and ended with Tom begging for him to stay a little longer, hoping that his presence will help them not fall apart.

Because dark days are looming. The anniversary of Poppy’s death is on Friday and everyone is on edge, raw with emotions, lost in their own minds, remembering the trauma of losing a beloved sister, friend, wife and lover.

They have to stay together to keep strong, but one impulsive action rips everything apart, throwing them all for a loop. Can they come together in time? Or will this harm their relationships forever?
Can they survive the week?

This is the third novella in the six-part long Scarred Cliff serial, a reverse harem #WhyChoose story. This novella may include any of these elements: steamy scenes, ‘I need tissues NOW’ moments, cries of ‘why, oh, why’ and cliffhangers that make you bite your nails (and curse the author). This story includes MF and MM scenes.
Author note: This series deals with topics which can be hard for some people, like abuse by a partner and the fallout of the suicide of a side character (which happened in the past but plays an important part in this story).



She never thought she’d kill her husband.

She never thought she’d be dragged off to prison.

But a rare mage with the power to bend metal is a hot commodity in a supernatural jail.

It’s time to break out and Lani is an essential part of the plan.
Can she break the rules a second time? Even to save the only friend she has?

One click now to find out in this Reverse Harem, Dark, Supernatural Prison Romance!



The tide has turned, and chaos hovers on the horizon.

The Fomorians have taken my mate and left death in their wake. My instincts scream at me to go after them and take back what’s mine, but when the Shadow Master hands me his emblem, the choice is taken from me.

I’m needed here.

Order must be restored, and that duty falls on me.

Luckily, I have a plan.

But when unexpected visitors spill into the Academy from the human world, my plan is derailed. It’s time to think fast on my feet. If I’m going to hold on to the leadership of my knights then hard decisions will need to be made, and desperate actions taken.

When it’s time to go into enemy territory, there can be no looking back. There can be no second guessing, because the lives that matter most to me are on the line.

No one gets left behind.

It’s time to walk into the storm.

The Vampire Academy meets Game of Thrones in this kick-ass, supernatural academy, Urban Fantasy with a slow burn Why Choose Romance.



Wicked Blaze Correctional. The home to the most dangerous criminals of each realm. A private correctional institution that had to be placed on a separate realm because of the threat the inmates posed. Drake had sent me here, to ruin me. To destroy me and any memory of his egregious act that could incriminate him for being the homicidal maniac he was.

What he hadn’t counted on? Me. He hadn’t counted on my strength and my magic rising up to become the scariest damn thing in this place.

It helped that I had a human by my side that showed up to breakfast every morning covered in blood. I should probably ask Dimitri what that was about one of these days. Don’t forget Milo! An Ink Mage with the nifty ability to not only interpret dreams but to change them, as well as reality itself. Did I mention he was absolutely mental, maybe it was because of the insomnia? I don’t know what to tell them about one of the lead guards, Vaughn, who keeps claiming I am his ‘mate’ and promising to get me out. Or how to explain the odd feeling I have about the new inmate that just showed up, seeming a bit too sweet for this place.

There is something changing in the air though, something different than what has been going on the past six months, so what has been changing? Maybe it’s the magic eater that keeps floating by my cell every morning? I didn’t care what the change was as long as I got out. I had a witch to kill and I wasn’t going to be able to put Drake in the ground from here.

Welcome to Wicked Blaze Correctional – Book 1 of the Wronged Series. This trilogy will be a fast burn reverse harem filled with dark subject matters, a strong FMC, and insane men. This institution isn’t like any correctional facility you’ve read about before. It’s brutal, cutthroat, and there are no rules except that you can’t leave until your sentence is done… which is never. Follow Valentina and her men on a journey filled with revenge, steam, and strong characters that don’t fit the norm of society. A bit crazy? That is just normal.

This Fantasy medium/fast burn RH contains several dark themes that readers should be aware of: swearing (I know surprising, right?), gore, violence, assault, and sexual themes suitable for +18. Additionally, this book does have a mature light m/m themes that develop over time.

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The hunt for the Seventh is over.

All it takes is a glimpse. One moment of recognition, and my life begins again. A new town. A different name.
Nobody can know what I am. I’ve spent nearly 200 years on the run.
There’s just one problem.
The Sin inside me is tired of being chained, and the six males who find me tempt me in all the best ways even as they drag me back to the land of monsters they call home.
Being around my own kind should be easy, but even there I am an oddity.
I shouldn’t exist, and if the inhabitants of Abyssus have it their way?
I won’t.

Disclaimer: Desired by Darkness is the first in an 8 book series about the Seven Deadly Sins. As you might imagine, they sin, in all variations of the form including but not limited to m/m and m/f as well as group scenarios. If kink isn’t your thing, neither is this book.



After I discovered the big secret of the Bound trials I’m undergoing, I’m horrified and decide to stay on Earth by finding a new host. 

With my sexy Reaper and my gorgeous, innocent Angel tagging along, things go from bad to worse as the ‘other side’ learns about my escape to Earth and sends an Angelic hitman after me. One that used to work for my Angel.

Meanwhile, Luc will stop at nothing to get me back, even breaking all of the eon’s old rules to get to me. But will I want to stay free with my luscious men, or will I return to the creature that I’m trying desperately not to love so that I don’t get hurt? And if I do, will he let my Angel fall in a way that I can keep him?

Find out in the second book of this Demon/Devil/Reaper/Angel Reverse Harem Romance!



Three things I didn’t know yesterday:

1. The old gods still exist.
2. They can inhabit a human body… like mine…when a girl is just innocently studying at the library (and maybe stealing one small microfiche…)
3. The old gods are wicked and dangerous and oh, also, horny.
Actually, add a fourth thing: There’s a reform school for delinquent supernatural creatures.
After a little mishap where I may have accidentally set my school on fire, I have to choose between human prison or a paranormal academy for the wicked. I look terrible in orange, so it’s a simple call…

But it turns out, all the bad boys of the supernatural world… vampires, shifters, witches… can stop fighting each other in the yard at God Fire Reform School and agree on one thing. They want the gods dead and gone again.

I’m not going into this twisted new world alone though. The four boys I once loved, who have grown into sexy men, are all possessed by the gods. Not only have we inherited their powers, but a shard of their wicked personalities, too.

Which means even we’re scared of what we might do next… If these men and I don’t master the gods within, this school won’t ‘reform’ us. It will bury us.

MAGIC FOR DUMMIES is book 1 in a paranormal reverse harem series. Scroll up and download now to enroll in the reform school, where you’ll find yourself with sexy gods, a lovable heroine, and the mess of supernatural beings who want them dead.



After being betrayed by her best friend and her professor, Brinley doesn’t know who to trust. Being the only Emerald shifter makes her a target, and everyone is out to get to her. Including Phillip, who will stop at nothing to bring her down.

With the threat of another Nephrite attack looming overhead, and the council closing in on her, Brinley must figure out a way to bring the factions together or bodies will fall.



More stabbing, more blood, and more demons to cavort with … what else could a girl ask for?

Korri Marchand killed the son of an important magus and her best friend Poppy was arrested in her place. Now Korri must find a way to save her friend and stop the impending attacks on the witches by the enraged magi. Only problem? The magi are powerful, they’re ruthless, and they’re still using demons to do their dirty work.

Luckily, Korri has her own demons and boy are they dirty indeed. With Lux, Malphas, Abaddon, and Baphomet at her side, she plots the downfall of the magi. And she’s sure to succeed–unless the magi have their own tricks up their sleeves.

Caustic Charms is Book Two of the Curses, Charms, and Incantations trilogy.
It’s fast burn. Like Bugatti fast. Like race to the bathroom because you ate all those tacos fast.
**More creative boning
**Definitely stabbing
**Not all the stabbing is bad? (Use your imagination)
**Blood, swearing, and all things inappropriate for those who aren’t stabby themselves
Read at your own peril (or with a glass of wine handy. And your favorite battery operated boyfriend? No. I didn’t say that.)



Mischief Matchmakers Series

I’m wicked, bad to the bone, and a tad green.

All I ever wanted was to have normal witchy life but Dorthory ruined it all for me.

She turned my people against me, saying I was an wicked, evil witch. I mean if that’s what the people think, then fine that’s what they’ll get. I ride around on my broom, terrorizing the citizens and stealing candy from children.

Three handsome men drop into our world from a tornado that sweeps through the village and of course I’m somehow to blame. I didn’t cause this destruction… and definitely didn’t bring a strip club along for the ride.

Dorthory sends them after me and promises a way for them to get back home as long as they get rid of the Wicked Witch of the East.

Disguising myself as a damsel in distress with my green face hiding, I lead them along the yellow brick road to Emerald city.

I’ll get those pretty men before they can get me.



Being the new girl on an all guys team is going to suck!

There are Spy School agents, and there are Spy School Royals. My family, we’re the royals.
I am fifth generation Spy School, the best of the best. My family started training me while I was still in the womb. Yet, despite all the training, I’m still a disappointment to them. Not good enough, not smart enough, not fast enough, and definitely not strong enough.
Even The Royals don’t think think I’m good enough, but I’ll show them. I’ll prove to everybody that I’m not as weak as they think I am.

This is a full length, 80k+ word novel.

The Inadequate Spy is the first book in the Spy Academy: The Royals Series. It is a medium burn, reverse harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, new adult (NA) spy romance.

Book 1 – The Inadequate Spy
Book 2 – The Cruel World
Book 3 – The Perfect Lie
Book 4 – The High Life
Book 5 – The Ugly Truth

The Spy Chronicles
East Raven Academy
After Spy
The Zara Chronicles
Spy Academy



Series Blurb:

Welcome to my world…

My name is Lux and I am about to turn 18. In our province, of Arcadia, governed by the Governor, when you become of age and graduate from school, you receive your Life’s Plan, which tells you where you would go for college, your profession, where you would live, and even who you will marry.

I’m excited about finding out my Life’s Plan because I know I’m going to the same University as my friends, and marrying my long time boyfriend Liam, the Governor’s son. It’s almost a sure thing since Liam is the Governor’s son.

But something went horribly wrong, and my Life Plan has changed. Everything has changed, including me marrying Liam.

I am also not what I seem. And I’m suddenly able to see the magic around me, including the hot djinn prince and his brother, who seem to desire me as much or more than Liam.

Book 2 Blurb:

My Life’s Plan did not go exactly as I wished. In fact, it turned out to be the catalyst that would bring about the war. My perfect idyllic world is shattered. Now begins the war.

**Djinn’s Passion is Book 2 of the Magical World Series, which is a RH Fantasy for Mature YA/NA due to salivating sexiness and language. If that doesn’t bother you then dive right in!


Heaven’s victim, Hell’s queen, and Olympus’s worst nightmare. Lili doesn’t know what her inferno power is capable of … but the gods are about to find out.

Lili has been arrested for her father’s murder, but the angel council who locked her up don’t care if she’s innocent or guilty – they want her power, whether she agrees to work for them or not. But the longer she’s imprisoned, the more Lili suspects her evil ex Gabriel might not be the one pulling the strings, especially as her skills are in demand by Zeus, king of the gods.

Her demons betrayed her, kept a secret the archangels used to break her, and Lili isn’t sure she can ever forgive them. But with gods vying for her power and war unleashed on Heaven and Hell, she’ll have to decide very quickly who her allies and her enemies are. If she and her men stand together, they might just save the world. If they’re divided, Heaven, Hell, and Earth will fall.

Called By Gods is a medium burn romance, with a broken but badass angel and the four demons—and one angel—devoted to her. This book is RH, which means Lili doesn’t have to pick a favourite of her protectors – why choose when you can have all five?

Contains some mature content. 130,000 words.



“At Fallen Fae Academy, the magic will either complete you or kill you.”

My name is Harley, as in Harlequin. Plucked from my home from Las Vegas, NV, and placed into an University on an arts scholarship, suddenly I am the girl the four hottest and most popular boys have decided to “initiate”.

This is no ordinary “hazing” ritual, and these boys are no ordinary boys.

This mysterious University looks like any ivy league campus, but it isn’t. Step in and you are transported beyond your wildest imagination. I should be ecstatic being here. Except surviving “Initiation” is going to take everything I’ve got.

Don’t let the beauty of the four fae boys fool you. They are as dangerous as they are beautiful. And underneath everything, runs a deep secret. One I need to find out before Initiation kills me.

They think a human is weak. They think I shouldn’t be at this university. I’m about to prove them wrong.

**Declaration Year 3 is the third book in the Fallen Fae Series with a badass heroine, four deadly, striking fae princes, heart-pounding action, super steamy love scenes, and great romance.



When pleasure isn’t enough. . .

I want them, all of them.
Now, later, tomorrow,

My libido is in overdrive, and I can’t control it. But why would I want to? After all, I have men that are mine for the taking. As the headmistress of the Underworld, I have a kingdom to run with four bodyguards to crave.

But when one is snatched away, nothing matters other than rescuing him.

Unity brands and magic abound as I’m pulled toward my destiny—my four destined mates. I will unite my clan…if it’s the last thing I do.

Tate’s Task is the second book in the Sexy Sins Academy series sizzling paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a spunky heroine who doesn’t need to choose.



It’s a race against time for Wren and her four mates. If they win that battle, the foundation will be set for an epic war for the throne. Queen versus queen.

Blood against blood. With both queens at four mates each, the playing field is matched. Or is it?

Just one more mate could ensure Wren’s claim to the throne.

He kept his mouth shut while lurking just out of her reach, always watching, driven only by his need for vengeance. But then everything changed, and it sent him into a tailspin. The wrong choice became the right one, and right became wrong. His only anchor? His heart.

One thing’s for certain though—a queen needs to die. And he might be the final piece of the puzzle, the thriller, to make that happen.

**This is a medium-burn reverse harem vampire romance.**



There are some things that even a song can’t fix.

Ever since Lucifer tried to ease his ache for Elaria by altering human women to look like her, there have been doppelgangers of the Spellsinger on Earth. Now, those Elaria-look-alikes are dying, murdered by assassins who are most likely after Elaria. But assassins are the least of her worries. Greek Gods are disappearing and it looks as if Apollo’s warning of Poseidon conquering the Beneath might not be so farfetched after all. As doppelgangers start dropping like flies, the Spellsinger must find a way to save herself and the entire world. Again.



Evan, Terrance, Collin, and Carter who are ex-Navy Seals, have a strong friendship that was torn apart by a tragedy. As they try to rebuild what they once had, they are struck by something else. Something that doesn’t seem real…

A mysterious creature that dwells in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle has surfaced..

Just as the ex-military men believe the end has come, an unexpected savior comes to the rescue.

But she’s no ordinary angel.

These seamen have to make an impossible choice.

Can they leave everything they have ever known behind just to stay alive?

For her it might be worth it…




I have lived my whole life in the shadow of a magical secret being none the wiser…

I am nobody. I am nothing. That is what has run through my head since I was a small child.

Freak. Garbage. I have been called it all and from my own flesh and blood.

Finally, at 17, I am free, as free as a homeless teenager can be. I constantly move around, doing every job I can to make sure I at least have food to eat, and I am thankfully alone.

I like it that way, and if it is up to me, it won’t change. No one will ever get close enough to hurt me again.

But when I get literally dragged, kicking and screaming into an ancient school for magic users hiding in plain sight, I know avoiding others will no longer do me any good. Because if I don’t build my powers and get ahead in this world, I am useless and dispensable.

What I don’t count on while working hard to stay on top is to get the attention of the Legendary Triad; three young men who are both the worst and the best people I have ever met. And our connection, like it or not, will shape our fate while at The Academy of Dark and Light.

And maybe even after.



No rest for the damned.

With the Festival of Light now over, Satanalia and the Church of Shadows are upon us.

Now it’s time to face the music and my cruel covenmaster for a punishment that may leave me broken… if it leaves me alive at all. Lucifer said he has plans for me? I just hope I live to find out what they are.

“Once Upon a Devil” is a reverse harem bully romance intended for mature audiences.



I spent my whole life believing magick was a curse—and that I didn’t have enough of it to worry about, anyway.

Turns out I was wrong on both counts. 

I’m so much more than a magick-blessed Academy student. I’m an Arcana Witch, bound to a sacred order whose sole duty is to protect magick—and one another—at all costs. 

Thankfully, I’m not alone. 

My Arcana magick brought four fiercely loyal, impossibly sexy Arcana mages into my life

But it also brought trouble. 

Corrupt Academy officials. Mysterious attacks stripping students of their power. And the terrifying Dark Arcana—five insanely powerful ancient beings desperate to reclaim the magick they believe is their sole birthright… and destroy the rest of us. 

Our best shot at defeating them is to track down the hidden Arcana artifacts—sacred Tarot relics that bind and balance all magick. But to do that, we’ll have to embark on a dangerous otherworldly journey—one that will change us in ways even the Tarot can’t predict.

Surviving my first month at Arcana Academy was no easy feat, but compared to what’s coming? 

That was training day.

This is the real deal. 

And the fight is just beginning.

SPELLS OF BREATH AND BLADE is the second book in the Tarot Academyseries, a university-aged reverse harem academy romance featuring SarahPiper’s signature blend of Tarot mythology, magick, heart-poundingsupernatural suspense, and a badass witch who always gets what she wants, especially when it comes to her men…




Book three in The Omega’s Alphas series

It’ll take all three alphas to see to this omega’s needs.

After getting free from her abusive mate, Tracy wants nothing to do with another alpha. For omegas like her, getting involved with alphas isn’t worth the risk. However, when an old business associate of her mate threatens her, she has no choice but to turn to Sam. The detective is handsome and charming, but Tracy won’t let herself fall for that again.

Five years have passed since Sam fell out of contact with his best friends, Mason and Dylan, but with Tracy in danger, he has to call in both alphas, despite the bad blood between them. Some rifts are hard to mend, and the three face more fractures when they find themselves drawn by the same omega yet again.

Tracy has no idea how to deal with the three alphas, and even as the life they offer tempts her, she resists. They all bear the scars of romance-gone-bad, and the risk of giving in seems too costly. As Tracy and the alphas struggle to stay one step ahead of the men after her and the alphas work to put a broken friendship back together, they all have to fight to move forward. Can they put the past to rest or will it bury them all?



Book 2 of Heartbreak Falls Series…

Welcome to Heartbreak Falls…a town ruled by my new Stepfather’s family for centuries and where hearts come to break

With a name like Heartbreak Falls, one didn’t expect to find love at the new town I had moved to courtesy of my new stepfamily aka Mom’s new husband and his sons.
Something was up with my new rich stepfather, his sons, and what happened to their last stepmother. Something was up with the entire town, which my stepfamily seem to run. Along with the school where my stepbrothers reigned as cruel princes. All 3 of them were known as The Heartbreakers. Two were twins and my age, and then there was Tristan, the oldest. Gorgeous but god-awful hateful to me. What was up?

I was about to find out…if I lived long enough.

**Heartbreak Falls is a RH Dark Bully Romance and mystery for 18 and up. It is YA/NA and has themes of bullying and sex. If that’s fine with you, then dig in! Bully Me Not is book 1 of 5 and contains a cliffhanger.



Completed series: Reverse harem LIGHT bully romance 

The Beverly Hills Prep Academy series: 3 standalone stories set at Beverly Hills Prep 

where the pressure to excel in academics and sports is as high as the social pressure to be at the top.

The A-Team rule the academy with an iron fist: they’re the brightest and the strongest guys at school.

Ayla, Abilene and Aubrey attend their senior year at BHPA and each of them attracts the A-Team’s attention.

The Initiation: a cruel bet could destroy not just Ayla’s heart but also the ones of the three alphas who play a dangerous game of love, hate and deceit.

The Reputation: Abi learns how reputations can destroy lives and they don’t have to be true or deserved. Her crushes turn into her tormentors or … do they?

The Retribution: an eye for an eye. Is this what is going on? Did scorned Aubrey do something unthinkable? Or was she forced into a game she didn’t even know she was playing? The only thing at stake isn’t her heart and the ones of the guys who relentlessly pursue her. Futures and legacies are at stake in the final book of the series.
It also contains two exclusive bonus chapters.



Bully Academy, books 1-4

I was a good girl who got caught doing something stupid. As punishment I was shipped across the country to live with my biological dad and his new family.

My stepmother hates me, my stepbrother can’t stand to look at me, and my new school is filled with rich kids who think they’re better than me.

But I’ve been a fighter my whole life and I won’t let any of them get me down.

They don’t call it Bully Academy for nothing, and with the hottest boys wanting me and the meanest girls hating me, I will come out on top and I will get my revenge.

I don’t know how, but I do know I’ll have one crazy year getting there.



One newly-turned female vampire, four powerful males hiding dark secrets—alone each is lost, together their passion ignites and changes the vampire world forever.

****Spoiler Alert****
This is Book 2 in a series. If you haven’t read Book 1, BOUND BY HER BLOOD, be warned! The rest of this description contains spoilers related to Book 1.

I was alone and abused—both as a human, then a vampire—but I am strong, I am a fighter, I will survive.

With Rock and Gray, I thought I’d found a new life, a better life, a life where I’d be safe and loved forever, but disaster struck when I was captured by Pike, Xavier’s most vicious guard.

Pike is scarred, powerful and terrifying, but the scariest thing about Pike is how strongly I’m drawn to him, and it takes every bit of my newfound power to fight my urge to dig my fangs into Pike’s vein—to give in to everything he wants—and take what I most desire.

Meanwhile, the city is swarming with wooden-stake wielding cops—hunting for a serial killer who’s leaving victims drained of blood. And one of those cops is the hunky Colton, who makes me feel like a teenage girl with a crush—something I never got a chance to be. Colton’s hatred for vampires makes him dangerous, but he won’t leave me alone—and I’m not sure I want him to.

And through all this, Xavier won’t stop his pursuit until I suffer a painful death.

**Bound by her Passion is Book 2 in a hot new PNR RH vampire romance series. Expect a steamy, reverse harem (why choose) romance with each relationship developing at its own pace.**

Note from Publisher: This book contains strong language, adult sexual situations.



This book will be coming January, 2020!
Pre-order to find out what happens!



“What do you do when the world hardens you? When looking in the mirror becomes too painful and using your fists to let the anger breathe isn’t enough anymore? You either drown and die in your own bullshit or you fight to survive.”

Annalise. Lanier. Cabe. Quint.

One fought underground to make money in the slums of New York City. One lived with crippling guilt, swimming in self-hatred. Another fell in love with a ghost, losing himself to his dedication, while the last spent centuries alone, fighting for control of his own mind.

Unforeseen circumstances bring the four of them together, sparking to life an unwanted bond, igniting new and foreign power in their veins, and bringing forth more questions than answers.
Thrown into a game they don’t want to play, they’ll have to rely on each other to find the truth.

Angels. Demons. A war for human territory.
From the ashes of their pasts, monsters will rise.

**WARNING: TROM is book one in a Dark Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem series. In this series the FMC won’t have to choose between her love interests. This is a MMFMM book and contains explicit language and detailed sexual content, NOT recommended for anyone under the age of 18.



The battle lines have been drawn with Rory and her fellow scions on one side and the powerful—and power-hungry—barons on the other. How far will Rory and the guys she loves have to go to prevent a catastrophe that could shatter both their community and the nonmagical world?

Vicious Arts is the eighth and final book in the Royals of Villain Academy series.



Darkness still sits on the edge of my world, but with my gods around me, it’s not so frightening anymore.

With TJ’s return to his human form, I’m no longer forced to watch him suffer in silence. Now, the truth will finally come out on whether I can be with the others as well, or will I lose TJ in the process? Much to the others’ dismay, Loki has returned, but something is different about him, something I don’t fully understand, and I think he knows more than he lets on. When Ra returns and announces one of the immortal gods has been found dead, it shocks everyone. How could a god, who lived through disease and disaster, be dead? Were they murdered?

This serial is the start of season two of the Mafia Gods series. Read season one, The Curse of Ra, now bundled and available for KU.



Light and dark want to suck me dry…

Weapon. Oracle. Sacrifice.

It’s all I’ve heard about since I turned eighteen and smokin’ hot demons and divine looking angels started showing up on my doorstep. They want my affection… and my powers.

And no matter which side I choose, I’ll end up six feet under soon enough. But the world is ending and if I don’t pick a side, chaos reigns.

All of my options suck, but all of my suitors make me yearn. How can I choose when I lose no matter what? And why should I have to?

Heaven… Hell… they’ve got nothing on an Earth girl with an attitude.

**The Chosen One is the first book of the paranormal reverse harem romance duet. It features one stubborn, fiery oracle that has to choose her side in the epic battle between the Light and the Dark, and her five irresistible suitors: two dazzling but arrogant angels, two hot-as-hell and dangerous demons, and a stunning Fallen, who make choosing sides more challenging than ever. If you love shifters, heart-pounding action, and steamy love scenes, dive into this thrilling new whychoose romance today **



Mated. When fate takes her choices away, Hailey fights back the only way she knows how.

She rebels, choosing the guy not on the menu.



“You are the thing that keeps him human. You are what keeps him from madness and darkness. We need you, dearest.”

The Order of the Blessed is all I have known. I keep my head down and my hair covered. I don’t speak unless spoken to. I follow the rules—mostly. But the clock is ticking. Soon, Father Joshua will name my husband and there isn’t a man here I want to touch me.

The last thing I expected was for Father Joshua to choose me for his own. I’m special, he said. I’m wicked. And I need a holy man to keep me from my own wickedness.

Now, I must escape. Even though I hardly know what’s beyond these walls. Even if I die out there in the forest.

I didn’t expect someone to catch me when I leapt. Especially four someones.

Rayner. Silvus. Jie. Thom. They’re the most gorgeous men I’ve ever laid eyes on—and they’re also merciless, vicious vampires. They’ve loved me and pursued me for five hundred years, across every life I’ve lived. And they’re ready to possess me, to show me what love is, even as I’m slow to trust. They will do anything to protect me from the Order of the Blessed—but the Order of the Blessed will do anything to protect me from them.

It’s time for me to discover just how special I really am.

TAKE ME SLOWLY is a reverse harem romance with some very possessive, obsessive, slightly twisted vampires who will do anything for the woman they love and a damaged heroine who slowly finds her own strength. Did I mention m/m? Vampires get lonely waiting to find their lady.



I thought being cured would solve all my problems, instead, it seems to have made them worse. 

With my kittens in trouble, and the threat of black magic users only getting stronger, I have more than enough on my plate. 

At least I have my best friend, and my warlocks to lean on for help. 

Fifth Time’s A Crisis is the fifth and final book in the Grimalkin Academy: Kittens series. It is a paranormal/fantasy academy series with a low heat reverse harem romance. The books are best read in order. 

The Full Series: 
#1: First Time’s A Charm
#2: Second Time’s A Curse 
#3: Third Time’s A Crime 
#4: Fourth Time’s A Cure 
#5: Fifth Time’s A Crisis 
#0.5: Curses Start Somewhere



Fern Day is barely holding it together most days. As a single, fully-human mom of a fifteen-year-old-shifter-with-a-bad-attitude, the last thing she has time for is herself. Her life is chaos, she’s a hot mess, and her daughter is her number one priority.

Sunkissed Key’s handsome pediatrician sure is tempting, though. When he offers to help her daughter in ways Fern is unable—by teaching the girl how to handle her animal side—Fern can’t refuse. And that’s not his only offer Fern can’t refuse.

Harrison Daniels knows Fern is his the moment he lays eyes on her. He also knows that she’s not ready to learn about shifter mating. She’ll only view it as another responsibility, and lord knows she’s juggling enough of those already. That child of hers is an unholy terror.

Harrison has his work cut out for him. He not only has to convince Fern that he’s in her life forever, he also has to gain the approval of her spawn from hell. Good thing Harrison never backs down from a challenge. Bring it on.

Cybermates, is a spin-off of the P.O.L.A.R. series. Although it’s not necessary to read P.O.L.A.R. to enjoy Cybermates, there are references to characters and places in Cybermates that originally appeared in and are further explained by reading the P.O.L.A.R. series.


This is a steamy paranormal shifter fantasy romance series with an HEA and no cliffhangers.



With the magic of Luck still inside her, Kia’s heading straight to Hell…

Considering I still have the magic of Luck inside of me and my father, the Prince of the Gods, is trying to kill me for it, you’d think daddy issues were worst of my problems.

You’d be wrong.

The grandfather I’ve yet to meet is trapped in the Dark World, surrounded by demons, and it’s up to me and three guardian gods to rescue him.

Jae, Song and Gun have promised me they’re going to do everything they can to protect me. Something inside me keeps telling me to trust them, but it’s the same thing that’s telling me I’m supposed to be with them, and that could be Luck.

But then again, the other help is coming from Key. A fallen god – that makes him a demon in my eyes. And considering he dated one, and is possibly still pining for her, he’s not exactly on the top of my list for trusting either.

Heavenly attractions, demonic dangers, and a birthright that’s put a target on my back: I’m going to need some of this stolen Luck to help me with this one.

Stolen Luck is the second book in the Goddess of Fate & Destiny series. This is a medium-build RH novel, meaning the FMC won’t choose just one guy – she will choose all of them!

The Goddess of Fate & Destiny series will contain sex, swearing, a smart-ass squirrel shifter, some MFM scenes, and might be more suitable for an 18+ audience. While the series will end on a HEA, there may be cliff-hangers and HFN endings in each book.



Whether you are a norm or paranormal, we all love a good academy book.
We are bringing you the best of everything in this all-inclusive academy anthology.
Dive into a world where Driaochta Academy is where everyone wants to be and satisfy your academy cravings.



My mates have found me. My pack has chosen me.
But my father’s a prisoner. And no one f*cks with my family.

Just as my rescued wolves are united, and I’m chosen as their leader, I have to leave.
A phone call from someone named Dacian informed me he’s holding my father captive in Boston. No one knows the eastern seaboard better than Cal and Row, so they’re coming with me.

Blaze, my hellhound co-alpha, has to stay home with our pack. He’s not happy, but I’ll never leave my pack leaderless and abandoned again.

It was supposed to be a simple rescue, like I’d done hundreds of times before. Find Dad, get him out, get back home. But Dacian’s nothing like we expected. Something bigger is at play, a grand plan with only one piece missing.


Wolves of the East is the second in a reverse harem trilogy with a tough-as-nails heroine, heart-pacing action, and kindle-melting steam, including the M/M variety.

This trilogy takes place in the same world as Crystal Ash’s other series, Unholy Trinity and the Shifted Mates Trilogy, and will feature many of the same characters.

Reading order:
1) Wolves of the West
2) Wolves of East
3) Wolves of the Underworld (release TBD)



I thought life was hard enough. Widowed young and left to raise my daughter alone, I never expected the threats I would have to shield her from. Magic, monsters, and three men fighting to protect their final hope. I have nothing to gain, but everything to lose… or so I thought.
*This is a why choose, reverse harem, darker fantasy romance intended for ages 18+. This means our main character will not have to choose between her love interests. While not described in graphic detail, this series does contain mention of darker themes that some may find triggering, so please read the note in the beginning of the book before choosing to read.
*Heroine already has a child prior to meeting her harem.
*Unique shifters



The final book in Ivy’s story, isn’t just on fire, its turning the world to ashes

Ivy and her boys are heading to war… or they might be, if all the shifters and gods of the world don’t destroy everything first.

At 70k words Bloodwood Academy is a full-length why choose romance with a snarky heroine, shirtless men, love scenes that will send you swooning, and no end to pulsing… muscles.

It’s not just Rae Fox, it’s Rae Foxx. There’s too much steam here for just one x.



Releasing in January 2020.

I have one mission: free my guys from their unfair contracts with Hell. The only problem is, they have to die to do it…

Will they forget me entirely?

I want to believe that our love can survive anything. Normally I’m right. But this time, I’m not so sure.

There has to be a way through this. I’ll do anything I can to free them.

Even if it means losing them forever…

Join Dani, Ezra, Sebastian, Lynx and Mateo for the final book in her story at Phoenix Academy. Everything will change in an instant… will they get their happy ending?



Mischief Matchmakers Series

No one said being Ursula’s granddaughter would be easy, especially when I’m known to be a real b-Witch on occasion. You could say I inherited all of her best qualities. I’m smart, sexy, with a real tentacle for entrepreneurism. Curses and potions are just some of my specialties. If you can think it, I can brew it.

I’m not what you would consider ‘popular’ at Coral Reef Academy but everyone knows my name. So it’s not surprising when a few of the students start acting out of character, everyone turns to me to pin the blame. You put a little potion in the ocean and boom! You’re the bad witch.

When the Academy’s resident bad boy and the infamous ice cold student body president find themselves ‘suckered’ into chaos, I have no choice but to accept their help.

Our mission is simple: Find the real culprit or I can kiss my college days buh-bye.

Nothing is ever what it seems.

There’s something brewing in the trenches and whatever it is, it’s going to take more than a cauldron to contain it.

This is a why choose romance where the main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. This book also includes foul language, violence, and sexual encounters that include m/m/f



You thought it was over? You were wrong.

Kat is broke, so when she’s hired to solve a diamond heist, she can’t resist. It seems a simple case, until she finds the head of the main suspect on her doorstep.

To find the real culprits, she has to infiltrate high society where lies are truths and nothing is as it seems.

When you put a cat in a dress, you should prepare for carnage…

The fifth book in this purrfectly exciting urban fantasy series. A slow burn reverse harem where Kat won’t have to choose.



Something is wrong with Nora. There’s a darkness inside her that she can’t seem to control. As she and her men search for answers to her siren’s dark nature, someone puts out a hit on her clan. Now, mercenaries from all over are trying to kill them. On top of all that, Nora must take on her first official case for the FUA. Someone is stealing mythical creatures, and they need to be stopped before they can steal the magic of the world’s most powerful underworlders.

This is the 4th and final book in the Nora Jacobs series.

Reading order:
Don’t Rush Me
Don’t Cheat Me
Don’t Bait Me
Don’t Tempt Me



An exorcist wrenched from the depths of the underworld. The strike team that brought him back. The aftermath we’re left cleaning up.

I’m Max. Salem Academy’s newest strike team member: budding witch, part-time demon slayer, and exorcist’s assistant.

We freed my mentor, Father Gabriel, from the clutches of demonic forces. He’s back, but definitely not right. Like terrifying forces of evil hiding in the depths of his soul not right.

My grandmother, Salem’s most powerful witch, is trying to kill me. She’s gone missing after the ritual that sent me to hell, and now the cops are sniffing around asking questions.

Oh, and the possessions wracking the city that they’re calling the Scourge of Boston? Ramping up hardcore.

And those are just half the problems I’m facing. Cocky Noah, the powerful witch that wouldn’t stop bullying me when I got here? Now, he can’t seem to get enough of me.

Erik, the lethal warrior I hooked up with and am definitely developing feelings for? Yeah, he’s also my brother’s best friend and Special Forces ops partner.

Guess who just walked back into my life? Micah, my half-brother, seems to think he can tell me what to do and who not to do. That’s fun to manage.

Then there’s Tristan, Salem Academy’s only fae. We’re closer than ever, but I still don’t know if I can trust him – especially when I learn he’s struggling against the call of his darker nature.

Magic, muscle, and deviance: that’s us. All we’ve got to do is cast out whatever’s possed Father Gabriel, figure out what the demons have in store next, and keep all of our personal stuff from exploding. All while convincing the police I didn’t murder my homicidal grandmother for an inheritance I don’t want.

Wicked Dark Magic is Book 2 in the reverse harem academy paranormal romance series “Salem Academy.” It’s a steamy, university-level academy series. Get ready for demon hunting tough girls, lethal warriors, and demonic possessions that’ll leave you afraid to turn out the lights. Scroll up and one-click to start your first day at Salem Academy! #WhyChoose



Please note that release date has been postponed to January 19, 2020.

We were supposed to be living our Happily Ever After.

It’s been three months since we graduated. X started college, Riot’s got his Motocross sponsorship, and Baz is working 20 hour days to try to clean up Peter’s mess. Me? I don’t have a clue what I want to do with my life yet.

But that might not matter. Peter isn’t accepting defeat, even from a prison cell, and revenge is the name of the game. I don’t know if my boys and I are strong enough to get through it again. Especially when my past finally catches up with me.

I’m Ever Darlington and this time? I might not have a way out.

NEVER AFTER is the follow up book to the Lost Boys of Neverly Prep series. A dark and dirty contemporary RH romance based loosely on the characters from Peter Pan. All the players are over 18.

Order of books in series:
HOOKING UP – companion novella



Revenge is sweet, but it leaves a bitter aftertaste.

I thought that I had finally conquered the social hierarchy at Blacklake Prep and taken my place at the top of the heap. But the higher you fly, the farther there is to fall. And everything is about to come crashing down.

Becoming a Diamond should have kept me safe, but it’s only painted an even bigger target on my back. Someone is blackmailing us, someone who has access to our lives in a way that shouldn’t be possible.

And the things they demand that we do are unspeakable. But we can’t fight a mystery

One girl. Four boys. Five lives hanging in the balance. We want to win this game, but we might not even survive it.

***SEDUCTIVE FILTHY ROYAL is a reverse harem bully romance, and the final book in the Blood and Diamonds trilogy. It is intended for mature audiences. ***



You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family…

But that’s crap.
I can choose my family.
I choose Eastern. I choose Ford. I choose Sonny. I choose Camden.
Four boys.
Four boys with broken, jagged edges.
Four fierce boys who have chosen me.
And now together we face my flesh and blood.
My brother, the biggest bully at Oceanside. My father, the most notorious criminal in the country. Both intent on hurting the people I love.
But they’ve underestimated me.
I’m Asia. I’m a fighter.
I carry the storm within me.
And with my boys by my side, we’ll face them head on.
Because we are the delinquents, we are the rejects, but most of all we are family, and family sticks together.

** Family is the final book of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy trilogy for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. Contains foul language and sexual scenes**



British boarding schools aren’t for the weak.
According to the Kings of Mercia Academy…they aren’t for Americans, either.

Blake, Edward, and Henry rule my new school.
They’re aristocratic. Old money. Brutal as hell
They’ll do whatever it takes to break my spirit and make me leave.

If I survive Mercia, I’ll get a free ride to college.
My future will be set.
My past will be forgotten.

All I have to do is survive their dirty tricks.
Their dangerous games.
Their seductive kisses.

They’ve opened hunting season and put a target on my back.
What they don’t know is that one day, the prey will become the hunter.

Mercia Academy – it ain’t no cup of tea.

Kings of Mercia Academy is a complete, why choose, high school bully romance that contains cursing, MM, dark themes, sexual situations and an HEA with multiple male characters.



Heavy are the cruel, twisted heads that wear the crowns…

Blurb to come soon!

CRUEL KINGS is book two in the Boys of Kingswood Prep series. This is a full-length, reverse-harem high school bully romance that contains mature themes and situations; however, all sex is consensual. Books one and three, RUTHLESS ROYALS and BROKEN KINGDOM, are also available for preorder.



The Fire Element, Lee wants me for something, but all I want is to get back to my elements, Earth, Wind, and Water. I need to finish my bonding with them and now more than ever. Because Lee wants me to bond with him, and I cannot do that. I want to save the world from fire, not join with it in its destruction.

My bond with Tate the Earth Element helps, but the power of the Elemental sacrifice is growing weaker by each day. I feel it slipping away, and it scares me.

Lee is so powerful and robust, more than any other of his kind. I feel his powers, and they have some control over me. I fight the drawl I have and will not give in to him or to myself.

As our journey becomes dangerous, and we fight to survive together, it becomes harder to fight him. Along the way, I am discovering more of who he is and what he wants. He wraps me in his warmth and keeps me warm, and it becomes harder to resist the attraction I am feeling.

I want to trust him, but I cannot. The others will come for me soon, I tell myself. That he is the enemy, and I must stay strong and fight against him.

It doesn’t help matters as the Elemental Gods, Fire, and Water come to me. Fire wants me to bond with his element Lee and is threatening and dangerous. Water stands steady, saying I must stay my course. It all erupts one night when they force their powers on Lee and me.

I cannot be what Lee wants because we are bound to opposite sides of this war. I can’t fall for him when I must fight him in the future.

My feelings are turning deeper, and I need the others to find and rescue me. Before, I can’t resist lee’s powers any longer and give in to his heated touch, and lingering cherishes.

Because how and I to kill him… if I fall in love with him.



When pleasure isn’t enough. . .

I want them, all of them.
Now, later, tomorrow,

My libido is in overdrive, and I can’t control it. But why would I want to? After all, I have men that are mine for the taking. As the headmistress of the Underworld, I have a kingdom to run with four bodyguards to crave.

But when one is snatched away, nothing matters other than rescuing him.

Unity brands and magic abound as I’m pulled toward my destiny—my four destined mates. I will unite my clan…if it’s the last thing I do.

Tate’s Task is the second book in the Sexy Sins Academy series sizzling paranormal romance with four irresistible guys and a spunky heroine who doesn’t need to choose.



Welcome to NOLA, home of festivals, magic, and… zombies.

Calliope LeBlanc is not about to allow zombies to take over her beloved New Orleans. A talisman seems to be the perfect answer, especially when it turns her into a sorcerer.

But her attempt to defeat zombies backfires, and she accidentally creates “super” zombies instead.

But that’s not her only issue. Four fairies arrive in NOLA, determined to kill her and clean up her mess. Four extremely hot fairies. Four fairies she needs to convince she can help them save the day and her city.

Voodoo Sector is a reverse harem that blends action, danger, and passion. Perfect for readers who love strong heroines, powerful heroes, and whychoose romance.



The Hunters’ academy wants me to be their pet angel on a leash, killing on order.

The demons want to use my powerful body to host the devil himself.

What do I want?

I want to protect my sister, my friends, and most of all, Nix, Cade and Tristan, from the chaos that follows everywhere I go.

My path is marked in blood.

But it won’t be their blood.

I’ll serve the academy one last time, and slay the demons. Alone. That’s the only way to end this.

But it turns out Cade, Nix and Tristan won’t let me go…

If they follow me into hell, can I save them?

Will they pull me back from the edge and save me?

Their Dark Imaginings is the final book in the Academy of the Supernatural series.



She’ll sacrifice anything to protect them… whatever the cost.

The Winter Queen had me and my guys where she wanted us, forcing me to make a terrible deal with the Winter Court itself, and even then, we barely escaped with our lives. Now we’re all being hunted. Especially Titus, whose rage tore the lid off the one secret that could spell his doom.

Among all of us, he’s the biggest prize — the only one with a connection to a magic so powerful that whoever controls it, controls the realm. His fight to stay free digs its talons into my soul, because I know the fear of imprisonment and have spent my life determined to never be trapped again. Except something I never thought I wanted is wrapping itself around my heart — ties between me and my guys that are starting to feel less like chains, and more like home.

But now the Winter Court’s frozen magic courses through my veins, an icy tether that could yank me back into its trap at any moment. And when the next disaster strikes, the ties between me and my guys may not be enough to save us all.

Fated Fear is the third book in the Angel’s Fate series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with powerful sexy men and a heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

** Angel’s Fate is a spinoff series from the Nephilim’s Destiny series. It’s not necessary to read the first series to enjoy this one.



My name is Aurora and this is my journey. I have traveled far, hunting down my enemies. What I’ve learned so far hurts, the betrayal runs bone deep. So many cogs in the machine, and so many traitors to pursue. The ice dragon castle is a place of wonder and great danger. I settle two scores and receive a surprising arrival. Oberon, King of the High Elves takes an interest in my journey. He bestows a powerful and lethal gift upon me. Sometimes it pays to be a beast of legend. During my time in the castle, I finally complete my harem and reach my full potential. With all five mates at my side and an army at my command, I am almost ready to return to my ancestral home. Along the way, we’ve discovered the identity of the puppeteer, and there’s a major score to be settled there. The body count is rising and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. By my blood, I swear I will avenge my family and take back what is rightfully mine. This is the second coming of the Blood Queen.
* True/ Fated mates, M/M, Mate Orgy, Betrayal/ Retribution, Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance, Surprise Guests, Puppeteer discovered, Blood & gore, Why Choose Romance



Four superpowered women. Fifteen gorgeous, roguish men, each a distinct hero—or villain—eager to make these women theirs.

Included in this box set are all four Succubus Sirens stories set in the world of superpowered Natches and the otherworldly, alluring Nelian elves invading the Earth. Over eight hundred pages of romantic, action-packed content.

Succubus Lips: Her lips have the power to boost. Her love can grant power unparalleled. In an ongoing conflict against ravishingly beautiful beings from another dimension, Aurora’s abilities allow her to turn the tide of the battle.

Succubus Heart: Her aura takes powers away. Ally or foe, no Natch or Nelian can rely on their supernatural strengths in the proximity of the Nelian princess. Superpowered battles devolve into pandemonium when Alanna enters the fray.

Mutiny’s Rebellion (novella): Superpowered Natch law school student Joey O’Shea, a.k.a. Mutiny, has a secret past and a promising future… If only she could focus and get her mind off the three hunks who represent the three sides of her: the good, the bad, and the shades of gray.

Succubus Soul: Veras Academy: Blessed with the power to protect. A princess born to two worlds. But despite being the star pupil at Veras Academy for superpowered young adults, all Bryony wants is to be “normal.”



All reluctant necromancer Esper Jones wanted was to return home and plot out a way to rescue her long-lost father from the clutches of a madman. Simple, right?

But there are strange wolves in town, set on taking Luna back to their pack. And a whole bunch of trouble just rolled in, in the form of a group of renegade vamps trailing a bunch of angry vampire hunters. Oh, and there is the little matter of the permanent body Esper promised to help find for her skinwalker….

And that’s not to mention all the sickening romantic drama and figuring out what she should do with her questionable ex-best friend.

Anti-social Esper might have to do something worse than learn to rely on her own dark power—she might be forced to join forces with the unlikely supernatural allies around her, including one scary old witch who happens to be in all the right places at all the wrong times.

Author’s Note:

Fed up with the usual tropes in romance and reverse harem? I wanted characters that are more than the fainting female and alpha male cookie cutter stereotypes that saturate the genre. (There’s nothing wrong with it, if you like that sort of thing, but it just got old for me!) People come in all shapes, sizes, personalities, and gender/sexual orientations—so when I pick up a book and have trouble telling the difference between the characters…that’s a problem.

*The Reluctant Necromancer series is a sequence of novellas between 35,000-40,000 words in length. While the main plot arc in each book will be resolved, there may be mild cliffhangers/segue into the next book with new issues arising.

*This author’s characters are as flawed and damaged as real life—do not read if you are easily offended by talk of past trauma of any kind. This includes uncomfortable situations of any kind—sexual, physical, mental/emotional. (No explicit scenes of this nature, generally, but they will talk about what’s happened in the past and it may be distasteful if you are easily triggered). This book specifically references past trauma in one of the characters.

*Contains mature adult content, including but not limited to: graphic sex, adult language (that means swearing, folks) and fictional situations with some gore and or action/violence.

*This is a reverse harem urban fantasy, and the author firmly believes love is love, and as such includes themes of: polyamory (multiple lovers), MF, MMF, MM, FF, and MMMFF love.



A supposedly dead girl going against three alpha assholes.
Nothing can go wrong, right?

Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Starting with the guys that put me in this situation.

But what they don’t realize is … I know a secret.

One I came across by pure accident.
One that will shake the ground they walk on.

What I know shouldn’t be possible.

It seems this is a family of tricksters.
Except this time, I’m determined to get the last laugh.

***Dirty Little Secret*** This is book three and does end in a cliffhanger. This is a bully/enemy-to-lovers, #whychoose, new adult contemporary romance, full-length novel. *Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations, and sensitive content. This book does have moments that can be triggering, so enter at your own risk. In some instances, it does get dark and can play with your mind. You’ve been warned.



It’s dog eat dog at Templar Academy.
I’m about to get eaten alive… And I think I’ll like it.

I thought I had skeletons in my closet.
Turns out I have a whole cemetery.
But that’s nothing compared to these bullies.

Maxwell, Kendrick, and Orlando are wealthy, wicked, and devilishly delicious.
They crossed me last term, and now I will uncover their secrets.

I’ll have them groveling at my feet.
Make them beg for mercy.

As long as I can resist their wandering hands and luscious lips.
As long as I can stop myself from falling in love.

Cruel Hearts is a reverse harem high school bully romance and the second book of the Templar Academy trilogy. It contains cursing, dark themes, and sexual situations.



Some stories should never be told. Others have to be—it’s the only way.

I’ve been called a whore, tramp, home-wrecker, and maybe I’m all of those things and more.

But I didn’t start out that way. No woman ever does.

Once upon a time, I was my daddy’s little girl. I had hopes and dreams. I believed in love.

Now that I’m finally breaking free of my mistakes, I want to believe again.

I long to feel worthy.

And I crave redemption.

*Scarlett XOXO is a full-length, standalone reverse harem romance.



I had thought the hard part was over.

Mario was dead and my vengeance was achieved. However, the past was still causing problems, namely in the form of the Light Fae. Yeah… them. Remember how I am supposed to be getting married to their True Heir? That wasn’t going to happen. I needed to find a solution and fast before my men lose it. That isn’t even including all my responsibilities as Queen of a post-war Horde kingdom! How am I supposed to reform such an archaic system?

It seems the new year is going to be a busy one. At least, I have my sexy guard and adopted daughter by my side! There will be a wedding this year but it wasn’t going to be with the Light Fae heir…

Join Gray and her men in the very last installment of the Vengeance series! This book is the conclusion to a series filled with fantasy, adventure, and lots of steam. Not to mention the substantial blood, violence, and swearing that we’ve come to love! Be ready for this fast-paced and exciting continuation with Gray and her guards! This series will end on a HEA and the content is for +18 mature audiences.



This is the final installment of the Stolen Past set, it does have a HEA at the end of this book.

My name is Melody, well I thought that was my name.
Turns out not everything is as it seems in my family.
Over the course of a year my life drastically changes, and it all starts when I meet the band Sapphire Stolas.
A birthday present that is both the worst and best thing that ever happened to me.
The band members, Dean, Carter, and Declan turn up at my school and cause so many problems, the least of which is jealousy among my friends, Cory, Chad and the twins, Jake, and Blake. After a few bumps in the road, we all end up being closer than anyone could have foreseen.
It’s a shame a killer had to go ahead and ruin everything.
Can the guys get past their problems long enough to help me find the truth and stop a killer or will our relationship be the fuel the killer needs to burn us all?

Contemporary Mystery RH Romance
Contains some scenes that may be possible triggers to some; Bullying, suicide, murder, unrequited love, sexual references, sex scenes, adult language, and reverse harem romance between one girl and multiple guys.
This book is written in 3 parts, each part is approximately 50k words and may contain a cliff hanger at the end of parts 1 and 2. Part 3 has a HEA ending.



A shifter, three sexy mages, and an Elemental with magic thought to be extinct… what could possibly go wrong?

I was born the day my parents died—talk about luck. I grew up bouncing around the foster system, never knowing when the rug would be pulled out from under me. Now, I’m twenty-two and while I’m free of the dangers of my childhood, life still isn’t easy.

When a strange couple appears chanting in some weird language, I try to walk away, but the guy whips out a freaking fire lasso and starts making like he’s going to hogtie me right there on the street. That’s when all kinds of crazy breaks loose. Next thing I know, I’m strapped to a bed in what looks like a hospital, I can’t speak, and some woman is telling me I’m a Vox Elemental, which leaves me a choice between getting shipped off to a magic school to train my voice or be silenced forever.

Of course I choose the school; who wouldn’t? Turns out my new home is a highly competitive, cut-throat academy where one wrong step could cost me everything. I promise myself that I’ll work hard and get free, which all goes out the window when I meet not one, not two, but four of the hottest guys I have ever seen, and they are definitely not part of the curriculum. As if juggling new relationships, a new school, and some rather testy mean girls weren’t enough, there’s also someone or something making a meal out of the student body—literally. Add that to the things I have to manage. Assuming I survive…

Some luck, huh?

Reverse Harem Academy fans will want to one-click this exciting reverse harem steamy paranormal romance.



Alice Eustone was born to hunt demons. The top candidate for an apprenticeship under a senior hunter, her future was secure. Until her father sold their home without warning and moved them to Tallow, a place where brilliance and standing out is not only discouraged, but punished. Her dreams dissolving around her, Alice doesn’t know who she is anymore.

Tormented and broken by her peers, Alice gives into their violent manipulation and does the unthinkable. Venturing beyond the barrier wall, seeking death at a demon’s hands.

She finds an ill-tempered, outcast fox, who refuses her request and makes her question everything she knows. When her magic awakens a lifetime of lies begins to unravel and Alice must choose between loyalty to the Hunter Clans, or a new life, with a Demon.



VINDICTA will sweep you to Italy, where cruel families, murderous evil mobsters, meddling Roman gods, but also new allies await Lana Martin and her family.

Would you be able to sacrifice one love to save another?

Two years after the dramatic events that set Lana Martin free from the clutches of the Japanese demon she had been sold to, it is time for her to go back to Italy with her loving family and face her painful past.

After twenty years, the dead demand truth and revenge, but when the corrupted justice of men fail, what will Lana do? In a violent land soaked with the blood of innocents, and with only a few friends she can rely on, Lana doesn’t know whom to trust and where to go. Help will come, but under the most incredible form.

Duty calls, and Lana will have to make terrible choices that could endanger her beloved family despite all her efforts at protecting them. Her husband Honda and her wife Yuki stand at Lana’s sides, but against unspeakable evil, their unbreakable bonds of love might not be enough.



Sometimes, magic can rip you in half.

A year ago, my brother Brodric set out on a Rift-quest to activate his latent magical genes.

He disappeared without a trace.

So now I’m following him, headed to Brochan City, the abandoned site of the strongest Rift activity in the land.

Along the way, I met up with a refugee from another world, tossed upon our shores like Rift-borne trash. Coit’s too naïve to survive this world easily, but he’s a good brawler. And the other pilgrims I’ve picked up in my travels? They might be useful, too.

I’ll never admit out loud that I’m beginning to care for them.

I’m hoping to send Coit back to his world and get my brother back. Sometimes the Rift allows trades like that.

Sometimes it simply drives petitioners mad.

If we’re lucky, that’s the worst its magic will do.



We’re taught that people are sinners or saints. Who says I can’t be both?

See, I’m a bad, bad girl. The kind who loves Satan. Falling in bed with the demon of seduction, befriending the demon of knowledge, being guarded by Beelzebub, and making deals with Lucifer? This is what I call a normal day.

Just one problem: good and evil aren’t at all what I expected.

So I’m going all in. These men are my legion and they hold nothing back, so why should I? Just because something’s “bad” doesn’t mean it can’t feel oh so good – and I’m not about to let Heaven ruin this “good” thing.

Maybe this new life of mine isn’t a fairy tale, but it does come with unicorns and dragons – which someone has to protect. That someone is going to be me. In the eternal battle between Heaven and Hell, it’s time to make a new side.

So I’m giving in to my sins.
I know exactly what I desire.
I just hope I’m not too late.

The Sins of Desire is a 155,000 word, full-length novel with NO cliffhanger ending. This is a Reverse Harem series that includes multiple love interests, some m/m themes, and graphic scenes of sex, violence, and language. Be warned: everything you thought you knew about the world, religion, and death will be pulled apart, twisted around, and put back together in ways you will not expect.



I finally found somewhere to belong, only to be ripped from the four men who complete me. They are the only ones who’ve ever helped me feel normal.

This was my greatest fear—being locked away, alone with those who would call me crazy. No matter how much everyone tries to convince me otherwise, I won’t admit that there’s something wrong with me. But when the voices keep gaining strength, everything I fought to hide comes to light.

Everyone says I’m broken, but this time, things are different. I‘m different. It doesn’t matter that I don’t fully understand it myself. I refuse to let them win.


Survival is the only way to win the game.

Charlie gave up her life, without ever knowing it. Two weeks, really that’s no time at all. Hardly enough time to figure out how to stop the end from coming, that’s for sure. Thrust into a world she spent her life trying to avoid, there’s one chance for them to survive, and it falls on Charlie to figure out how.

Richard, Aaron, and Greg are hardened killers for a reason. Murder means nothing to them, if they save Charlie in the end. Sacrificing Charlie, well it’s just not an option. And when they’re given a chance to save the day, they take it and won’t look back. Nevermind the fact that it’s probably a trap.

It’s all a game to their captor. Pitting dragons against one another, knowing that there’s only one survivor. Charlie’s played this game before, albeit with different stakes and an entirely different madman at the helm. The rules have changed, sure … but how hard can it be to survive? Especially when she’s got three men waiting for her to come out the other side.



No matter how much I hunger for their touch, I will resist. 

One Dragon of Fire. One of Air. One of Water.

Elemental beasts more powerful than any Vampire I’d ever known. 

They want me with them…they want to free that dangerous part inside me. 

But that ravenous need inside me isn’t all I am. 

I’m a sister, a fighter...a survivor. 

A secret more powerful than the Dragons have ever known. 

Only the Dragon Lords have a secret of their own. I wasn’t meant to stay with them…I was meant to be delivered to their King. 

The King’s guards are coming, they will search every cavern in this desolate land. When they find me…there won’t be an Alpha in this world who’ll stop them from taking me. 

But there might be three…

 Three Dragons who look at me with lust in their eyes. 

Three Dragons who’ll die to protect me. 

Three Dragons who want to claim me as theirs.



The secret is out.

I’m officially dating the entire Student Council, but that’s not the only thing that’s outside the norm at Adamson All-Boys Academy.

Nah, I think the murders are a bit more remarkable, although my dad might disagree. He’s not exactly thrilled with my fake fiancé or the other four boys that make my pulse race.

With two current students dead, and three attackers on my tail, it looks like I’m next. The fact that I’m a target isn’t in question, but are the people closest to me involved somehow? Everyone’s a suspect—my family, my classmates, even my new boyfriends.

Okay, that’s it. I’m going to do it: I’m going to attend Adamson in a fucking skirt, and kick some ass.

Follow the clues, catch the bad guys, secure my future. Because, murder-mysteries aside, this is my final year of high school, and nothing lasts forever, right? Not even a forever crew.

***THE FOREVER CREW is a 100,000 word lighthearted reverse harem/high school/murder-mystery romance novel with a bully/suspense twist. This is book three of three in the series (with a fourth book crossover coming, titled “Orientation”, that connects this series with my “Rich Boys of Burberry Prep” series). Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual.



Brinley is one step closer to figuring out what happened to her mother,
But when another secret is revealed, Brinley is forced to put everything on hold to help the person she’d never expected she’d take sides with.



Dash Flynn always thought he was damaged beyond repair.
Both a mother and a grandmother who had wanted him to be born a female witch, growing up, he was nothing but a disappointment to those around him.
His father had fought for him as best as he could before he disappeared from Dash’s life, leaving him to grow up with the two women they both had hated most in this world.
Years later, Dash thinks his life is finally coming together.
He has his brothers, his coven, and his sweet angel, Ariel. Finally a woman in his life deserving of his love.
But is that enough?
Only time will tell.



What happens when fate places you in the hands of an insatiably attractive demon and a kind but alluring angel, all while heaven and hell itself are out to get you…

Evelyn wakes up the day after her twenty-first birthday to find a tattoo she doesn’t remember getting. It seems like a normal drunken mistake until an angel and a demon begin fighting over her.

Now she’s on a journey across the nation with the two of them while heaven and hell compete to find her first.

Heaven wants her dead, but Lucifer wants her for himself.

Get this book now and join her in this steamy reverse harem paranormal romance.



Not all princes are noble.
Some of them are beasts.

I just needed a rose for a potion to heal my dying mother. I didn’t know the rose belonged to three handsome brothers, each one with a hideous secret and a dark curse they say only I can break.

They call me the Fated One and claim that my life belongs to them.

I don’t want this.

I don’t want them.

But the longer I spend with my captors in this strange, enchanted castle, the harder it is to leave.

They might have demons that haunt their dreams, but I do too, and he’s coming to get me…

My brothers and I have never been saints.

Some would say this curse is just what we deserved, and perhaps they are right.

Yet when I saw the thief stealing from our garden that night, I knew there was still hope. This girl is the one we’ve been waiting for for over a hundred years.

She’s not going anywhere.

And before the last petal falls, she’ll learn to accept her place at our castle and no longer crave her freedom…

Beasts is a Dark Reverse Harem Romance that is part of the Sinister Fairy Tale Collection. Each novel can be read as a standalone and contains a dark retelling of all your favorite fairytales. Beasts is for 18+ readers only.

Themes: sacrifice, revenge, reverse harem, enemies to lovers, BDSM, abduction, forced proximity, alpha male, fated mates, predator and prey, dark romance, occult, mythology & folklore, fairy tale retelling
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Fairytale
Heat level: Scorching hot explicit scenes, consensual



The Triskeles vampire queen, Shara Isador, needs the remaining Triune seats filled. Meet Karmen as she takes control of the sunfires freed from Heliopolis.



As the world burns, I must walk through the fire—and emerge a queen.

I never wanted to rule. I never wanted to have men follow me. Die for me.

But now, they do it anyway.

The power in me—it’s growing.

If I’m not careful, it will consume me. It will consume everything.

And the gods want it back.

They come to me in a vision. Through the smoke and the screams of dying men, they give me a choice.

Bow before them, or die.

My choice is easy—I defend what’s mine.

It’s easier said than done, of course. I have to build an army unlike anything the Bosses have ever seen. It’s the only way to survive this world that wants to kill me and the men I love.

Thank the gods I have my evil butler with me to help me navigate the chaos…

The Dragon Dojo Brotherhood: a riveting and addictive dragon shifter fantasy romance

Book 1: Reign of Dragons
Book 2: Fate of Dragons
Book 3: Blood of Dragons
Book 4: Age of Dragons
Book 5: Fall of Dragons
Book 6: Death of Dragons
Book 7: Queen of Dragons
Book 8: A Legend Among Dragons (Feb 2020)

Warning: The Dragon Dojo Brotherhood is a reverse harem urban fantasy series with explicit scenes and is meant for mature readers who enjoy spellbinding stories with a few fan-your-face moments in their fantasy fiction. Prepare for lip-biting, fist-pumping, and lots of “hell YES” moments.



They’re the last five dragons in existence.
To survive, they must form soul-bonds with five noble humans.
Too bad they’re stuck with us instead.

The angry drunk. The shameless man-whore. The coward who ran away and got his comrades killed. The ice-cold assassin for hire. And me, the girl with abandonment issues as deep and wide as the Southern Sea.

The five us are all so different, we shouldn’t work as a unit. Most of the time, we don’t. And yet, every once in a while, I get a glimpse of what might be, if we manage to move beyond our difficult pasts long enough to become the family our dragons need.

I left home in search of adventure. Instead, I stumbled into the middle of a desperate struggle for survival.

Five people. Five mythical beasts.
If we succeed in making it through this mess, it’s going to be a miracle.

* * *

The Complete Dragon Mistress Collection by USA Today bestseller R. A. Steffan is a plot-heavy, medium-burn reverse harem fantasy series where the heroine doesn’t have to pick one person at the end. It is part of the Eburosi Chronicles, along with The Horse Mistress and The Lion Mistress. It’s not necessary to have read any of the other books in the series before starting The Dragon Mistress arc.

A special note for Fantasy readers: herein, you will find explicit scenes, not all of which are heterosexual. If your gut reaction to that is “Eww” or even “Meh,” you probably won’t enjoy this series.



We ran away, but it didn’t solve our problems.
Now, we’re going back to fight for Aristede.

And oh, yeah—there’s also the small matter of toppling Rayth’s corrupt younger brother from the Utrean throne, so we can remove the bounty on our dragons’ heads. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

As the king’s eldest son, Rayth grew up expecting to rule. Instead, he ended up disgraced and exiled. When he unknowingly stumbled upon the last five dragon eggs in existence, using the creatures to take back his crown was the last thing on his mind.

All that changed after Rayth’s brother Oblisii murdered their father and stole the kingship. With that fateful blow, what started out as a simple rescue mission to find our lost comrade has become something much more.

We won’t be safe until Oblisii is dead, and dragons are once more protected in the land of Utrea. To make that happen, we’ll have to risk everything in a desperate gamble to control the throne.

In the end, I just want my family back.
I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

* * *

The Dragon Mistress: Book 4 by USA Today bestseller R. A. Steffan is the last installment in a medium-burn fantasy romance series, where the heroine doesn’t have to pick one person at the end. It is part of the Eburosi Chronicles, along with The Horse Mistress and The Lion Mistress. It’s not necessary to have read any of the other books in the series before starting The Dragon Mistress arc.

A special note for Fantasy readers: herein, you will find explicit sex scenes, not all of which are heterosexual. If your gut reaction to that is “Eww” or even “Meh,” you probably won’t enjoy this series.



Given a second chance to live, can Lux who was a demon slayer descend through the portal into hell to save her beloved boys?

Series Description:

They were the most popular boys at Shadowlight Academy, known as the Beautiful Boys.
They also tormented me when I first arrived at Shadowlight Academy.

Then they fell for me, and I fell hard for them.

I am Lux Collins, and as a demon slayer, I couldn’t afford to fall in love. It came with consequences, which I ultimately paid.

Now I am at Shadowlight Hunters Academy, where I have come to be re-trained.

I will train my hardest. I will endure all hardships. Because where I am going to save my Lost Pretty Boys, I will need to keep all my wits, strength, and skills about me.

I am about to enter Hell to get my boys back!

**Bad Blessed Boys is book 3 of 3 the Shadowlight Hunters Academy. It is a College RH Bully Romance which contains language, dark humor and consensual sex. Recommended for 17 and over.



170 some odd days left in my senior year and everything has changed. I went from untouchable to dating my best friends to making out to being betrayed. Why can’t they understand humiliating and controlling me doesn’t say I care?

Could this get any worse?

We’ve all crossed lines. Broken the rules.

Ian had asked me to Homecoming.

Jake spent the night in my bed.

Coop and I had made out on the sofa.

But Archie? Archie and I had blown past all of them.


I had to get out of here more than ever. Change was inevitable. College was coming. That was where my focus needed to be. Not on the four guys I adored. Our friendship was everything and there wasn’t enough chocolate in the world to salvage this situation.

Losing them for a few months hurt.

Losing them forever might be inevitable, but it would be unbearable.



A frigid kingdom cursed with eternal winter.

A cruel prince whose heart is even colder.

A mad king who wants me to free them both.

Just because I can understand beasts doesn’t mean I know how to tame this one.

My mother gave her life to save me from the glacial curse that plagues Everloch, but its frosty fingers reached out and plucked me from my world anyway.

If I want to return home, I have to break the spell.

With what power, you ask? The hell if I know. Prince Sylvan and his court of vipers aren’t helping anytime soon. Not Willow, a male fae consort–who claims he lives to serve me–given as consolation for being betrothed to a literal monster, and certainly not Tiordan, an enslaved prince from a foreign land who despises everyone–especially me, despite our common bonds.

Tell me. Why are venomous snakes always the most beautiful?

The Frozen Kingdom series is a captivating fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast and The Snow Queen, with a reverse harem twist on the iconic fairy tales that will leave you breathless. Be warned, for the Kingdom of Everloch is not for the faint of heart.



Luther is the most beautiful of my captors. Still I hate him more than the others. I hate him so much that the darkness inside me comes alive.

When I started university and moved out of my foster parents’ home, I hoped everything would change. That the nightmares, the visions, the voices would stop, but they got worse.

Then three of the most dangerously stunning fae crashed into my life.
Intoxicating eyes.
Devilish lips.
Dangerous intentions.

They insist I belong with them in the Wandering Realm. A place where love is lost, where war is brewing between two realms, and where the once powerful royals are being hunted down and slaughtered.

I’m their savior they say, but there are no saviors amid monsters. These princes who are tasked to keep me safe are keeping secrets of their own. Secrets that will kill me.

So, how am I meant to rid the realm of evil when I feel the dark spreading through my veins?

Scorching hot first book in the brand new ‘WINTER’S THORN’ Trilogy.



If they realise who I am… I’m dead

To the Council, I’m their top assassin. I terminate paranormals that step out of line. I’ll head off the hit list if they ever find out who I really am.

I’m close to finding out who’s responsible for my mother’s death, when the Council sends me on a mission,: kill two clan leaders who threaten to expose the paranormal world.
Simple, Right?
Then I meet them…and everything goes to hell.

Throw in my overheated libido, not one, but two soul-mate claims, a mysterious age-old shaman who throws me slap-bang into the center of an ancient prophecy, and things really heat up.

My next decision will send my life in a new direction… or kill me in the process.
Which will it be? Personal revenge… or save the world?

Fans of T.S. Joyce, Holly Ryan and Thea Harrison will love ASSASSIN’S CHOICE, Monique Singleton’s new scorching hot reverse harem book.



One girl, on the run again, five broken hearts to mend.

The anniversary of Poppy’s death is hard on them all, but in everything that happens, Mia feels like she can’t stay at the coast any longer, that her being there only brings more pain to Mal, Dylan, Tom and even Jake. So, without telling anyone, she’s left, returned to the city by herself, leaving the guys behind.

The guys are broken of heart and soul, struggling to make sense of the last week, of the last day, struggling to survive.

Only, in their time of need, in their time of pain, new alliances are formed, new plans are made, especially a new plan to create a place where Mia can feel loved and at home, no longer scared.
But that would require that she returns to them, to the coast, and that turns out to be harder than expected, or is it?

This is the fourth novella in the six-part long Scarred Cliff serial, a reverse harem #WhyChoose story. This novella may include any of these elements: steamy scenes, ‘I need tissues NOW’ moments, cries of ‘why, oh, why’ and cliffhangers that make you bite your nails (and curse the author). This story includes MF and MM scenes.
Author note: This series deals with topics which can be hard for some people, like abuse by a partner and the fallout of the suicide of a side character (which happened in the past but plays an important part in this story).



“Five of us stand between a vengeful God, his monsters and end of the world.”

As Queen of the seas, the fate of the world now rests upon my shoulders. My powers are raw and untapped, I must learn to harness them quickly before my father kills me and everything I love.

With just four weeks before Poseidon plans to wipe out all of humankind, my men and I must work together to formulate a plan to destroy him, adding one more problem to the mix could make or break us.

As a Selkie army moves closer and closer and other outside forces threaten to destroy all that I hold dear, can we survive long enough to put that plan into action?

Should we fail, it would mean the end.

⚠️ This is a reverse harem novel suitable for over 18’s ONLY. Rape and domestic violence are mentioned in this book. Sexually explicit scenes. Heavy M/M scenes. I would love for you to read this book, but please be aware of these advisements. Mental health is extremely important. ⚠️



The Epic Conclusion of The Faerie Wars.
I’ve never liked magic, but now learning it — and embracing it — is my only chance at saving myself and my new friends. I must navigate this new world of politics, secrets, and murder as I find that some of my greatest enemies are closer than I ever thought. With the threat of the Elvish Queen hanging over my head, my magic lessons, and searching for both my family and my mother’s killer, I have more on my plate than ever before. Onyx, Terran, and Reed are heating things up, and as much as I try to resist them, my body has other ideas when it comes to my sexy guardians. Will I be swept away by the tide of danger rushing over me? Or will I be able to meet my destiny and become The Fae Witch?



There’s hate and there’s hostility. And then, there’s family.

Maybe they’re all one in the same.

I’m surrounded by the very people I vowed revenge upon. Instead of lashing out with sharp blades and knives, I’m stuck buying my time. I need the Shadow Guard’s help if I’m going to save my demon mates from the claws of my enemies. The Shadow Guard are just like myself. They’re made entirely from secrets, lies, and deadly dark magic and now it’s all spreading around us like wildfire.

Nothing about vengeance is ever easy though. The chaos that surrounds me, it’s like coming home.

And my kingdom of a home, it’s all about to come crashing down.

Sinless Demons is book two of a sexy reverse harem series featuring creatures of heaven, hell, and all the dark fae realms in between. This book contains MFM and MMF themes intended for readers 18 and over.

Reading order
Hellish Fae
Sinless Demons – January 30th
Spiteful Creatures – Releasing soon



Who’s ready for the Samhain Ball and Homecoming?



There was no wake-up call quite like almost exsanguinating your main love interest while being compelled by your unhinged Maker.

No longer hanging onto her past as Mika McKellen, human, Raine was determined to take her new life and live it at one hundred percent. She was no longer an unwilling victim. She was a badass vampire and the (slightly exhausted) lover of several supernatural hotties. She’d been through enough now, so she was ready for a happily-ever-after that was filled with love and rainbows and lots and lots of mind-blowing sex. Sure, there was still the looming threat of an investigation by the ruthless Vampire Nation, but she’d done nothing wrong.

But when her long overdue, first real date with the sexy Sheriff is interrupted by someone bleeding on the floor of the diner, Raine began to wonder if there was even such a thing as happily-ever-after? It sure seemed like the Universe was mad she hadn’t died in that ditch all those months ago.

But no one was unlucky enough to die twice in one year, right?

Happily Undead in Dark River is the second book in the Dark River Days series. This is a cliffhanger-free book with a HEA. May contain romantic elements suitable for more mature audiences.



Sometimes, justice is personal…

When an amateur con-woman gets caught red-handed, she’s thrust into a plot for personal revenge. Learning the tricks of the con alongside three dashing and devious men, Katie finds herself enjoying it more than she thought possible. 

Can they pull it off? Or is their con doomed to fail?


Con With Me is a contemporary reverse harem and Katie’s complete story. It is part of the ME Series.



Description coming soon!

This will be the final full-length installment of The Red Masques series with Vegas and her men! However, don’t worry because this is not the end of their story! Be on the lookout for more details and join Sinclair’s Ravens to get sneak peeks and teasers.



What happens when your past catches up to you?

We found the Salvaged Lands and were welcomed into this secret sanctuary. Inside we find survivors, some comforts, and people who bring us more questions than answers.

The list of strange things going on is growing longer. My guys are developing more powers, and now I’m becoming afraid to touch them, in fear I may inadvertently turn them into rotters instead.

I don’t know the full potential of what I can do. I don’t know if I’m technically even human.

But what I do know, is:

1) There are more dangers in this world than I originally thought, and

2) If you don’t fight, you die.

Want to read about me dying as a zombie? It’s pretty hilarious. Just sayin. Which zombie am I? Guess you’ll have to read book 2 to find out. P.s. You’ll want to start with book 1 as these need to be read in order.



Delta Moore likes spiced rum, her leather jacket, and busting supernatural baddies. As the youngest investigator of the Otherworldly Association, she uses her half-witch powers to get to the bottom of crimes. She kicks butt at her job, but her boss is about to hand over her biggest challenge yet.

Her mission? Infiltrate Half Moon Academy, a renowned supernatural university with some suspicious activities. The headmistress wants Delta to investigate The Four, a group of extremely powerful and drop-dead gorgeous supernatural dudes.

After disastrous first meetings with The Four, Delta realizes this mission might be more dangerous than she imagined. The Four seem intent on luring her into bed…and she’s not sure she can resist the call.

***Half Moon Academy is a Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance for 18+ and filled with delicious dialogue, sizzling moments, and fun characters that will leave you wanting more. It includes supernatural types of all kinds: witches, wizards, vampire, werewolves, demons, and more!***



I’ve been chosen by the Gods and there’s no going back.

Triton’s Olympic Games are meant to test and push us to the point of no return. What better way to sort out the weak from the strong than by pitting us against each another on the field in front of thousands of spectators? Being an Elite should be fun… except, something is happening at the Academy that threatens me in every possible way.

Contestants in the games are being brutally slaughtered and the culprit hides within my school’s walls. It shouldn’t be a cause for worry, or so the Sons say. But when I become the murderer’s target, I’ll need to rely on the men I’ve come to think of as friends, as lovers, for protection before I end up dead.

Or maybe I’ll put my skills to the test and just save myself.



Mulan as you’ve never imagined. . .

Set in the resplendent backdrop of ancient China, SCALED tells a tale about the Liú Sòng Dynasty of Nánqí, led by Emperor Zuòcí.  Nánqí is a euphonious nation and your musical talent determines your status within it.  Unfortunately for the Dàn family, they are tone-deaf and must live in the Shēngdiào Lóng region, or The Toneless Zone

Even worse, Dàn  Xuánlǜ isn’t just tone-deaf, she’s actually deaf.

When news spreads that the feared Tàbá wèi have invaded the Northern borders, the emperor calls for the Qí Liànxíqū to be awoken.  The Qí Liànxíqū is a fabled creature that has not been seen in Nánqí for over two hundred years.  A magical beast comprised of all the solfege tones, it can only be summoned and controlled by the most musically talented.

To save her brother, Xuánlǜ disguises herself and takes his place in the army.

As a Tone Deaf, she knows that her only purpose will be to fight in the front lines.  In this kingdom, you’re expendable if you can’t carry a tune.  But Xuánlǜ has a secret.

She’s not mute like everyone assumes.

Nor is she tone-deaf.

And she might just be the only one who can control the Qí Liànxíqū and save The Liú Sòng Dynasty.

This legendary retelling harmoniously blends together Mulan and the Chinese folk tale, Ten Brothers.  It’s a slow-burn reverse harem story told in the third person.  There is a glossary of all the names and meanings.  To preview a section, join MJ Marstens’ Facebook group today. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MJMarstensNR/



Hey b*tches, me again- Kiera, a.k.a The Cat. You remember my b*stard father and his merry mob of minions?

No? Well, let me give you a little recap.

I was going about, preparing to move against my most hated enemy and his cohorts when my cover was blown. But I guess that’s what I get for not minding my own damned business. Anyway! Just when I thought I had allies at my back, three officers with The Aces MC—yeah, those assholes—I found myself sh*t out of luck.

Thankfully though, I still have my little assassin and my trusty 9mil to keep me company. But when it comes out that father dearest has put a hit out for any and all of The Aces, I can’t walk away. Fun, right? Nope. Emotions can go to hell and so can those sexy as f*ck men who I can’t seem to walk away from. Can we work together long enough to finally take down the Solace Mob, or will I end up killing them myself?

But I’m not the thief who became famous at 15 years old and survived the mob’s hell in my past just to lay down and let some feelings get in the way when I’m finally so close to what I want.

My/Our enemies won’t know what hit them.

I’m The Cat, and soon enough, they’ll learn that I’m/I’ve [something]

Book 3 of The Aces Series

The Aces Series is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem trilogy featuring MFMMM meaning the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. Please note, future books will contain M/M contact.

This book contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, abuse, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.



The blood moon rising changed everything…

Katie hated her life. Working for her supermodel sister was about as much fun as eating rocks. But when doing the right thing leads to losing everything, Katie does the logical thing… she gets wasted on the beach.

And then the blood moon rose.

Memories, that weren’t her own, come rushing back of a life when she was the goddess of love. A life with three mates who would do anything for her.

Panic sets in as a veil is lifted from the world and magic is revealed everywhere. Luckily for Katie, a muscular adult Cupid, in a diaper, arrives to help her navigate her new world.

But when she discovers the difficulty that comes from having three sexy new mates, and an enemy she doesn’t remember, Katie has to decide—does she do what she must to keep her memory—or take the easy way out and forget all about goddesses and mates.

For a woman who has never believed in love, being the goddess of love might just change everything.

Or get her killed.

GODDESS OF LOVE is a paranormal reverse harem romance with a kickbutt heroine and three sexy immortal lovers. It is part of a shared world called “Blood Moon Rising.” So if you’re in the mood for a hot story that leave you at the edge of your seat, grab your copy!



Over two hundred years ago, long before I was born, an oracle prophesied that I would unite the born and bitten vampires. That makes me number one most wanted to the elitists—they want me dead. They will stop at nothing to make sure the prophesy doesn’t happen.
When my uncle, the king, takes a special interest in me, the vampires take notice. All eyes are on me.
What will they do when they find out I have four mates? What if they find out one of them is bitten?
University was supposed to be the start of my life. Why does it feel like the end of it instead?

Vampire School is the first book in the Elite Academy Series.  It is a Reverse Harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, young adult/ new adult (YA/ NA) paranormal romance.
This series follows Everleigh, an eighteen-year-old from a royal line of vampires, through her freshman year of university at Vampire School. Her story takes place in a world filled with shifters and many other supernatural creatures.

Prequel: Mystic Academy
Book 1: Vampire School
Book 2: Vampire Born
Book 3: Vampire Made (coming soon)
Book 4: Vampire Scorned (coming soon)
Book 5: Vampire Eternal (coming soon)

Shifter Academy
Dragon Shifter Academy
Tiger Shifter Chronicles
Shifter Academy: United
Elite Academy
Elemental Academy
Shifter High



Coming Soon! ***Exsqueese me. When did H.P. Mallory start doing RH? Get. Out. Yasss.



Max doesn’t believe in hope or true love.

She’s divorced. She lost her daughter and mother in the zombie apocalypse. She’s losing her grandmother slowly to alzheimers. She’s seen more dead and undead bodies than she ever thought possible.

But fate doesn’t care.

It brings her not ONE…not TWO…not even THREE…but FOUR hot men whose only desire is to win over her heart.

And while the world is being ravaged by tragedy, she’d rather confront a horde of zombies than the possibility of getting hurt again.

This book is perfect for romance readers who are also fans of shows like “The Walking Dead” and “iZombie.” It is part of the “Common Elements Romance Project.”

PREORDER TODAY to find out if TRUE LOVE wins in the end!



A witch without pedigree is the most dangerous kind.

When Elsie finds herself transported into an unusual world of magic, she knows it’ll take more than basic spell-work to survive.

She’s a magical misfit; a witch without a pedigree and an orphan. Three strikes against her and it’s only day one at the Academy.

What begins as a strange adventure into a world where nothing is quite as it seems, quickly turns into a race to unlock the closely guarded secrets of her past before it’s too late.

Strange Magic is the gripping first story in the Misfits of Magic Series. If you enjoy stories filled with enchanting creatures, otherworldly monsters, shifters, and slow-burn, why choose reverse harem romance, this is the series for you!



Series Blurb:

Welcome to my world…where there’s a war between the those with magic, and those without.

My name is Lux and I am about to turn 18. In our province, of Arcadia, governed by the Governor, when you become of age and graduate from school, you receive your Life’s Plan, which tells you where you would go for college, your profession, where you would live, and even who you will marry.

I’m excited about finding out my Life’s Plan because I know I’m going to the same University as my friends, and marrying my long time boyfriend Liam, the Governor’s son. It’s almost a sure thing since Liam is the Governor’s son.

But something went horribly wrong, and my Life Plan has changed. Everything has changed, including me marrying Liam.

I am also not what I seem. And I’m suddenly able to see the magic around me, including the hot djinn prince and his brother, who seem to desire me as much or more than Liam.

**Djinn’s Destiny is Book 3 of the Magical World Series, which is a RH Fantasy for Mature YA/NA due to salivating sexiness and language. If that doesn’t bother you then dive right in!



A wolf pack leader finds his mate… and shares her with his brothers.
A succubus of a bartender shows a dragon what she’s made of… and lights the backroom on fire.
A sly fox has a game with two playful sand cats… and her world will never be the same.

Six sexy stories take the stage, with six big pricks front and center.
Or twelve, or twenty…

This limited edition short story compilation is bound to leave you turning pages in an energetic gasp as heat tickles its way down your… AHEM… I mean, grab it while you can.

And by it I mean the book.
Yeah, the book.

It’s not just Rae Fox, it’s Rae Foxx. There’s too much steam here for just one x.



From USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara West

A strong siren, sexy dragon-shifters, mysterious fae, a murderous mage, and a vengeful dragon king make this fast burn reverse harem romance a wild, steamy adventure!

Some secrets are better kept hidden…

My grandfather still wants me dead, especially after I foiled his plot to annihilate the shifter race. I know he’s planning revenge, not just against me, but also my mates and our unhatched eggs.

I can’t help but be suspicious when the fae claiming to be my father suddenly wants to be a part of my life, forcing my mates and me to follow him to the mystical fae realm, a mysterious place that leaves me with more questions than answers and fills my heart with dread.

If we survive the fae, I fear an even darker fate awaits us.

***No need to choose in this college-age, reverse harem, where three sexy dragon shifters are better than one!***



I now know the truth, so why was I ever enrolled at Hearthstone Academy?

I’ve also found out I’m likely a descendant of Orpheus, the Ancient Greek legend who was able to charm people and animals with his music, even a god.

My beautiful and brazen boyfriend Jadon, a golem, is determined to see me safe, and now that I’ve accepted sweet and sexy Rael, a bouda, as my boyfriend too, it seems I’ll have double the protection I need to undertake something I never thought possible.

Bring back the dead.

Orpheus’ story ended in tragedy when he lost his one true love. Will I have the same fate even with both Jadon and Rael by my side? And what about the seductive and strong Oaken, a descendant of the Minotaur? His attentions are becoming harder to ignore. Have his feelings for Hayden soured?

My trio of bullies have become my protectors, and insist on accompanying me to realms I never knew existed.

I refuse to lose anyone I love.

I won’t let that happen.

Struck Chord is Book Three in the Hearthstone Academy paranormal college romance series. Inside you’ll find one downtrodden but feisty heroine determined to gain a better life for herself, a pair of seriously awesome BFFs, and a trio of cunning bullies with secrets of their own, all in a school whose mysteries are yet to be discovered.

En pressant into overtures of scalding steam with a slow burn, enemies-to-lovers romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose!



  • Kickass, sassy female lead
  • No virgins here
  • Six elite men, all what society considers broken
  • Medieval world with magic
  • Underdogs who will rise to Robin-Hood society of its riches – once they find each other and get over their issues
  • Medium burn
  • Plans for mm, mmmfmm
  • Dark scenes

Blaise is a shifter collared from birth to keep her from her abilities. It’s been her dream to get the collar off and vanish into the countryside. Working as a highly paid whore has gotten her close – she can almost taste it. Until her Mistress dies, and the new Master burns her contract. Now everything is gone, and Blaise has to fight just to keep herself out of his hands.

Keepers are charged with keeping the peace amongst shifters, mages, and humans. The Six Horsemen are an elite, high ranking, team, but to those who rule the kingdom, these six men are little more than instruments to do a job, and they’re getting sick of it.

When they’re ordered to take in a whore, a calculated move to prevent Keepers from forming meaningful relationships that will impact their job performance, the Six Horsemen go looking for Blaise. But there’s a pretty good chance she’s going to be dead before they find her.

Dust is season one of the Six Horsemen series and it is comprised of five individual episode style installments that fit perfectly back-to-back.



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