November Reverse Harem Book Release Calendar

Better whip out those To Be Read lists. November is chalked full of fabulous looking reads, and some left fielders. I know there’s quite a few on here that I am dying to get my hands on. Candace Wondrak’s, Katie May’s, Maya feckin Riley’s, K.B. Everly, MJ Marstens, Brandy Slaven, Mila Young, Rae Foxx, Loxley Savage, okay…maybe more than quite a few <3.

This is the tentative schedule for November. I will add more books as I find them, and as authors add them, or move around their dates. Dates can get moved around…a lot. Occasionally, authors do push their release dates back, or even forward. I know this can be frustrating, but please be patient. They want their work to be perfect for their readers, not just adequate. If you know of a book I missed, let me know so I can add it! Help is always appreciated. When I put together the monthly calendar, I feel a bit like John McClane climbing through air ducts in Die Hard. Yep, I just showed my age. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

All blurbs come directly from the description provided on Amazon.



The last time my teacher laid a hand on me, he almost killed me.

I can’t believe I married that fuc… I mean, my college professor. You think this sh*t we blandly call domestic abuse doesn’t happen to someone like me, a nerd smart enough to get her PhD in her twenties and becomes a professor herself. Well, it does.

But don’t you dare feel sorry for me. The monster is behind bars for now, and I’ve moved to Forest Grove, Oregon to start fresh.
Where the worst is already over. Where it’s safe from monsters. Right?

Forest Grove is swarming with…danger. The kind you only read about in paranormal romance books. I’m talking vampires, shifters like wolves, huge wolves that come in twins, and many more.

P.S. They are NOT smoking as hell beasts who swoon and fall in love with you forever like they tell you in those reads. Well, the smoking as hell part, yes…of course…how else will they mess with your head…but not the second part.

And each beast thinks they have some sort of claim on me. What the hell?

Now that my monster of a husband is on the loose, sending me notes, threatening me to go back to him, and the sizzling beasts in my class want a piece of me, LITERALLY, I’m terrified and lost.

If I go back to the monster I know, at least, I’ll still be human, even for a short while before his next rage kills me.
If I surrender to the beasts and become their mate, I’ll live forever protected as a beast myself without a soul.
Survival 101 doesn’t even begin to prepare you for this.

What would you do?
This is a full length standalone around 300 pages.
You like vampires, shifters, monsters, twins and dark stories, this paranormal why choose romance is definitely for you.
Pre-order ALL THE TEACHER’S BEASTS now. It’s only $0.99 during pre-order. It will be 3.99 after release!
Pre-order now. Because you have to.



A land covered in ice, a desolate wasteland of snow…a kingdom with no queen.

Frost used to be a princess, but she is royal no longer. Her homeland of Wysteria lies in an eternal winter, all because of her curse—something she was born with, something she could never truly control: the power of winter itself.

Her life becomes a tale of misery and loneliness…until three handsome mercenaries stumble upon her and claim her long-lost sister is alive and now the queen of a neighboring kingdom. And what’s more, her sister needs her help.

To go into the heart of Wysteria, Frost will have to brave the mistakes of her past and learn to live with what she’s done. Fortunately for her, her three mercenary escorts are more than willing to protect her body and her heart.

Learning to love just might save the kingdom from destruction.

Ice Queen is a spin of the Snow Queen fairytale, but it isn’t your kid’s favorite Disney movie. This book is a why choose novel with steamy scenes and multiple love interests.



Sometimes the most beautiful things in life are the most treacherous.

When Alice chased the white rabbit down a bunny hole, she fell into Wonderland, but when Wynn Gealan chases the rainbow of her dreams, she falls into a vibrant hell.  Because at the end of the rainbow, there isn’t a pot of gold, but six sexy, colorful men who slap handcuffs on her wrists and take her prisoner. 

They claim it’s for her own good.

They swear it’s to protect her.

Because somewhere over the rainbow. . .

Darkness waits.

Now, Wynn must fight to prove herself to these men.

Will her white light be enough to save everyone?

Or will the black shadows swallow her and all of Rainbowland whole?

Warning: This fairy tale rendition of Alice in Wonderland is for readers 18+.  It’s a reverse harem novel with multiple alpha men, a sassy and resourceful female, an evil bad guy plotting terrible things, and enough whimsy and steam to keep you enraptured.



Read the complete Infernal Descent trilogy in one volume for the very first time. Hell just got a whole lot hotter…

The devil has taken Ciera’s sister. To save her, she has to travel through all nine circles of his domain, filled with demons, monsters and sinners.

Luckily, she’s not alone. Accompanied by a fallen angel, a werewolf and a hellhound, she ventures further into the lands of the dead than any human ever before. But there’s a reason the living are not supposed to be in Hell, and with every circle, there are more enemies to overcome.

With the devil out to stop them, Ciera and her men need to hurry before it’s too late for both her and her little sister…

An action packed fantasy adventure based on Dante’s Inferno, but with a kickass heroine instead of a lovesick old poet, and a reverse harem romance that’ll make you swoon.

This omnibus contains:
1. Hell’s Calling
2. Hell’s Weeping
3. Hell’s Burning

Scroll up and get ready to cuddle the hellhound!



A dangerous wildfire, two scorching hot men, and miles of remote wilderness…

When I escape my soul-sucking corporate job to take a hiking trip in the mountains, all I’m expecting is to unplug and unwind. No business. No internet. No distractions. Just me, soaking in the quiet, scenic beauty of nature.

The universe has other ideas.

First, there’s my back-country guide, Chase. He’s expertly skilled and devastatingly handsome, with piercing eyes, toned muscles, and a smoldering, flirty smile that completely disarms me.

Then, Chase’s identical twin brother, Hugh—a hunky, tough-as-nails skydiving firefighter—crash lands near us in the middle of the night when a severe wildfire breaks out.

The blaze sweeps through the mountains with terrifying speed, driving us deeper into the wilderness. Fortunately, these rugged men know this land like the back of their hands. It’s isolated, untamed, and dangerous, just the way they like it.

But they aren’t prepared for me—or the intense heat simmering between us.

As the raging fire closes in, the twins vow to protect me at all costs, but the forest isn’t the only thing going up in flames.

Being trapped has never felt so good, but can I survive this perilous journey with my life—and heart—intact?

Wild Heat is a full-length standalone ménage romance with a pulse-pounding adventure story, two smoking hot, swoon-worthy heroes, and a leading lady who can hold her own in the face of danger. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.
I know it’s a ménage, but that’s only one dick shy of a rh. So, it’s okay this one time. 😉



Six hockey players who hate me to the bone vs. one sassy, smart, sophisticated journalist?

Oh, this will be fun.

I’ve spent years making these six muscle-bound, irresistible bad boys’ lives hell. And now, they’re going to take out all their frustrations… on me.

The Seattle Stormbreakers are the National Hockey League’s reckless, rebellious rule-breakers. They’re unstoppable on the ice and legendary for their hard-partying. Every girl in the city knows exactly how smoking hot every last squad member is:

Swaggering ladies’ man captain Donovan Stone.

Tough guy center-forward Jared Southern.

Wealthy playboy Chase Halloway.

Wild and reckless defenceman Garrett Fleming.

Lawless good ol’ boy Ash .

And last but not least, strong, silent Piotr Zhernakov, the team’s big, tall, imposing Russian goalie.

Six hockey-playing bad boys would be a lot for anyone to handle, but in my case, it just means that I’m six-ways screwed. The Stormbreakers hate me, and they’re not afraid to show it, either.

As a tabloid journalist, I’ve built a career on reporting every naughty scandal and steamy story to come out about the team. So when the Stormbreakers’ owners hire me as their new PR manager, I find myself thrown in with six studs who all want a piece of me. I’ll clean up their image, but first, I’ll have to get dirty with the whole team.

This is a hot, over-the-top reverse harem romance with no cheating and a happily-ever-after. Puck You is a fast, fun, ultra-steamy high-heat romp featuring six bad boy alpha males and one lucky lady who doesn’t have to choose.

Each book in this series is a standalone romance, but if you think you can handle a full season, read all four in order to see who takes the cup!



There’s something wrong with me. Something dark, something twisted. Daddy always said I could make even the holiest of men sin…and you know what? He was right.

After being stolen for five years, my life is not my own. It’s unrecognizable. A new house, a new family…even stepbrothers. I’m the face America has prayed for, but I don’t want to be. I was safe when I was away, and now that I’m back in Midpark, the monsters will come out and play.

Cruel. Vicious. Evil. Everyone sins, but some sins are worse than others. Some sins just can’t be forgiven, and it’s only when they enter my life that I realize this. Handsome and dangerous, Zane and Thorn make me question everything I thought I knew.

Maybe I could have a life. Maybe I can ignore the darkness inside and forget the terrors of my past. Maybe they could teach me what love really means, how to fight back against the bullies in my life.

Or maybe not. Maybe this new beginning is simply my ending.

Sins is a dark standalone novel, centering around a girl in high school who’s never had a good life. There is some bullying, along with mentions of abuse and graphic violence. This is also a MFM romance, so be warned.

I might have lied, one more MFM because I have a mighty need for this one.



Life in the Interwebs was nice and routine. I did my job at The Exchange and kept my head down. Well until I encountered a bug in the code, that turned into a tornado.

Just a baby one. No big deal, right?

How was I supposed to know it would drop me in the Outerwebs? Let alone that two of my colleagues would get sucked in behind me?

Now we’re stranded here, no job to do, no clue what’s going on and no idea how to get back.

The only thing that makes sense right now is the men around me, not only my co-workers, but the two Outers that took us in.

I have a growing need to protect them. Relationships like this don’t exist where I’m from, and I’m not letting them go now. If you knew them, you wouldn’t either.

Vortex, Book 1 in the Adventures in the Outerwebs Series, is a 103k+ word Sci-Fi Fantasy Reverse Harem Novel. This means our girl Sup3rN0va will not be forced to choose amongst her men.

It should be noted that Joanne Ganci and CA Higgins are not responsible for any messes or injuries caused due to intense laughter, nor are they responsible for an increase in battery usage one might have.

Vortex contains strong language and sexual situations (including but not limited to MM) not suitable for Outers under the age of 18. Proceed with caution as you travel through the vortex. And always remember, the size of the tornado is irrelevant if tornadoes don’t belong there.



Blurb coming soon!



With a name like Heartbreak Falls, one didn’t expect to find love at the new town I had moved to courtesy of my new stepfamily aka Mom’s new husband and his sons.

Something was up with my new rich stepfather, his sons, and what happened to their last stepmother. Something was up with the entire town, which my stepfamily seem to run. Along with the school where my stepbrothers reigned as cruel princes. All 3 of them were known as The Heartbreakers. Two were twins and my age, and then there was Tristan, the oldest. Gorgeous but god-awful hateful to me. What was up?

I was about to find out…if I lived long enough.

**Heartbreak Falls is a RH Dark Bully Romance and mystery for 18 and up. It is YA/NA and has themes of bullying and sex. If that’s fine with you, then dig in! Bully Me Not is book 1 of 5 and contains a cliffhanger.



Our home is dying…

…the taint has spread.

More time has passed than my men and I had expected. Much of the fae realm is dead already. Someone new holds the throne and they may not be on our side.

Three of our friends are missing. Left behind.

Or were they?

We may have only days to find the last key, save the realm and reclaim the throne.

Join my harem and our quest to protect the world.

Get it now.

**Warning this a reverse harem with adult content and language.**



What do you do when the girl you’re into is in love with your three best friends? Go to the beach of course!

Luc Hook needs to get away for the summer, and what better way to do that than to take a job as a lifeguard. But when he saves a girl from drowning, he never expected to see a tail. Okay, maybe it’s synthetic and maybe it’s attached to the most beautiful and infuriating red head he’s ever met, but he isn’t in the market for love anytime soon.

Aria Masterson has only ever wanted to be a mermaid, and she finally has her chance. She just needs to learn to swim with a tail and hold her breath for two minutes. Unfortunately for her, the hot lifeguard on duty pulls her from the water right before she beats her own record.

Luc and Aria are at immediate odds, despite the sparks that fly between them. Too bad the universe has other plans for these polar opposites who just may be perfect for each other.

A fun and flirty companion novella to the Lost Boys of Neverly Prep series where Luc will get his happy ever after.

Order of books in series:
HOOKING UP – companion novella



It’s about so much more than the bond now.

Gavriel has taken one of the men I love, and he’s about to learn an important lesson.

Never piss off a succubus.

This is the final book in the Fallen University trilogy, a reverse harem romance with a slightly snarky heroine and four sexy, supernatural men. It includes cursing, mild violence, and lots of steam.



Welcome to Stonehold! The home of the Dragon’s Gold!
A supernatural town full of outcasts, delinquents, exiles and a few humans.

My name is Remi.
I’ve been hiding from my species in plain sight for years.
I’ve secluded myself from many people, with the hope that I could live peacefully.
But now I have an issue. Four big issues.
Four Dragon shifter’s have arrived unexpectedly in town, looking for the ‘Dragon’s Gold’.
A stupid legend that the town survives on.

The problem is, I think they’re really looking for me.
An exile with a past, a secret worth dying for, a life on the line.
But I don’t want to be found.

First book in the “Supernaturals of Stonehold” series. This book ends on a cliffhanger, and will leave many questions to be answered.. in book two. 35,000 Word story, with a 100,000 story to follow in book two.

Disclaimer: Badass and mysterious heroine with a hard past. This work will contain steamy scenes and triggers. If you don’t love a snarky asshole for a main character, and four broody, insanely good looking guys, I suggest you find another book to read.
This book is classified as Reverse Harem, the main character has multiple love interests and will not, under any circumstances choose.



One spelled pumpkin spice latte. Three handsome but unfriendly neighbors. A town where the unexplained might just be magical…

When Opal moves to the town of Silver Springs, the last thing she expects is to be greeted by three ridiculously attractive men as her neighbors. Unfortunately, they’re kind of jerks. Getting along with her neighbors is the least of her worries though; she has a writing deadline to meet, and to meet that deadline she’ll need lots of caffeine.

One pumpkin spice latte later, the bickering between Opal and her cute neighbors changes into something fiery, something passionate. Fighting her feelings just might be impossible, even as her deadline approaches.

Will Opal’s heart win out, or will her head? Maybe that latte wasn’t such a bad thing after all…

Opal is a reverse harem romance. It is part of the Jewels Café series and contains steamy scenes.



“To rid this world of evil, I must first Blaze.”

History tells of a time long ago when small town scientist Dr Isaacs discovered the cure for cancer. Great right? And it was… For a time. The “Advanced” were born.

I am one of few remaining immune to a virus created to kill only humans. Broken, cold-hearted I fight tooth and claw to survive, life in the wastes is harsh every day a battle. Baby and I give no quarter to those who cross us. I just want to find and kill the guy who murdered my mother, and kill him… slowly.

But destiny has other ideas for me. Four men claim I’m theirs, but am I too broken to be with them? Fate decrees we save the world together, but first we must discover who we really are.

My name is Kayla, and this is a story of how war never changes. But humankind does. 



The bravest never go looking for trouble

Hearts and Paws Sanctuary has been in Scarlett Leon’s family for generations. When her grandfather wasn’t running the day to day activities, her father had been. Then, ten years ago, in a tragic accident, her family perished leaving Maisie and Scarlett to run the day to day operations and care for their residents. Together they have saved countless injured and malnourished animals and domesticated big cats. However, two months ago, her sister set out to destroy their haven.

Well, not on Scarlett’s watch.

With the help of Edward (Ed for short), Dave, and Kenny, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep their animals safe. Scarlett might have been the ugly, anti-social daughter no one talked about, but she won’t let her legacy go waste. Her ancestors built Hearts and Paws Sanctuary for a reason, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure her sister doesn’t turn it into a wasteland.

Maisie might be the King of the Leon family, but come hell or high water, Scarlett will be the Queen of their legacy.



Adie escaped the Hunters, but not without cost. Nightmares plague her sleep, questioning the choices she made. Or is it something more?

Part 7 of Succubus Dreams.

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

A charming, slow-burn reverse harem serial about one reluctant succubus and the sexy demons determined to have her.



The devil is in the details.

At least, that’s what I, alternative clothing store owner and animal activist, Ella Devlin, have always believed.

What should’ve been a simple B&E into the corrupt kill shelter to release all the animals, turns out to be not as simple as I imagined. Everything becomes a bit spotty.

Not only do I now have a pregnant Dalmatian refusing to leave my side, but I’m also facing the wrath of the shelters owners, Nita and Robert Darling, who will stop at nothing to retrieve every last animal released.

I can’t let that happen.

I may have grown up with the label of the heartless bitch, since I’ve never had the best of attitudes and tended to avoid people like the plague. But no one has ever gotten to see the real me hiding beneath.

With the help of my hot—yet womanizing—partner in crime, Theo, and my sinfully, sexy exs, Luca and Rollins, who run the animal sanctuary that’s aiding me, maybe I can succeed in stopping them. And in the process, show the world that just because the word Cruel is on my clothes, doesn’t mean it’s on my heart.

*This is a Villainously Romantic WhyChoose Retelling with tons of laughs, lots of lust, and quite a few spots*



I don’t know what I expected to happen when I swallowed the little golden pill, but passing out and waking up in another century was not a side-effect I was prepared for.

Neither was being hauled out of the Thames sputtering and shivering by a man with only half a face and being taken back to his home. Or finding that he lived with three other equally mysterious and gorgeous men.

They weren’t exactly quick to welcome me, and something about them isn’t right. Not entirely… human.

I was on the cusp of figuring it out when I woke up. Back in the present. At first, I chalked it all up to a bad trip, but I’ve never been good at letting sleeping dogs lie.

In my hunt for answers and the dealer who can get me more of the strange drug, I’ll find the truth. Whether I’m ready to hear it or not. And then there will be no turning back.

Chasing Time is a new reverse harem paranormal time travel romance from bestselling authors, Elena Lawson and Katie May. Fall into another era in this RH series filled with swoon-worthy men, mystery, and magic. Fans of Diana Gabaldon and Deborah Harkness will DEVOUR it!



Transported to another world with purple alien barbarians who don’t even speak English?!

Strange storms have been raging all over the world for the past months. Some say the end of the world is coming, but for Ella, life goes on as always: stressing about work, her health problems, and now a broken car to top it all off. She tries to make her way home in the stormy weather when a lightning suddenly strikes her. She loses consciousness and when she wakes up, she finds herself in the middle of a TV production. Because giant purple aliens just can’t be real, right? Especially not when they come in threes and want to mate with her…

Alien Barbarians’ Hope is the first book in a brand new sci-fi reverse harem romance series! Each book is a standalone romance featuring a different woman and three hot, purple aliens who want her as their mate. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a HEA!



Book 3 of the Fallen World Series…blurb coming soon!



the tough choices are what makes life

Years ago, I was the scape goat for a very powerful man and his six sons. I managed to escape and build a quiet life for myself. When the opportunity arose to help others in similar situations, I took it. Now, I’m known in the streets for my talented hand in forgery among other things. Almost anybody a person wishes to become, I can make it happen, well, with the help of my two best friends.

Arsuilla. Survivor. Savior. I answer to them all. Oh, and voice stealer. I swear, throat punch a guy one time and it’ll stick with you for a lifetime.

Life is looking up until the six sons find me. At first I fear they’ve been sent by their father to drag me kicking and screaming back to him. But I soon come to realize, I’ve got more to fear from Anderson, Alejandro, Abraham, Atlas, Alek, and Aric. Like losing my heart to the six brothers.

This is a Villainously Romantic WhyChoose Retelling with some chuckles, several fearless stunts, and enough determination to rival the sea.



One slave is all it takes to turn the tide. 

Rhodopis has lived most of her life as a slave to the god of chaos, knowing there wasn’t a way her life could have been better. But a visiting god and his priests changes all that, and she learns that there’s more to life than servitude. 

Can she follow her heart, or is she destined to be a slave forever? 
Servant of Chaos is book three in the Forgotten Gids series and Rhodopis’ complete story. It is loosely based on the legend of Rhodopis and other Egyptian mythology.

This one is a bonus read for you. *It is not a Reverse Harem*




I finally had my life back, and more. But once again, he wouldn’t let me keep my happiness. He had to ruin me one more time. He had to take everything. One. More. Time.


My life turned around the day I met her, and it would never be the same. She gave me everything; her heart, a family, and her love. And I gave her every piece of me I had to offer. But he couldn’t let us be happy. What he doesn’t know is she’s my everything, and I’ll kill for what’s mine.


They think I’ll walk away and let them be, but I won’t back down. She is mine. She belongs to me. Her body, her heart, and her soul. She’s my property. And he can’t have what’s mine.
If I can’t have her, no one can.



Welcome to Breakbattle Academy.

The first school of its kind where survival of the fittest is not a saying, it’s your reality.

Ruled by those who are elite in name, beauty, and cunning; Breakbattle takes the war of the classes to a whole new level.

The next four years of my life will be a fight the likes of which I can’t yet comprehend, but first I have to survive orientation week. 

The Elite Class has plans for me. They will test me until I break, but there is nowhere for me to run.

Secrets and lies lurk beneath the made-up facade, and I don’t mean Breakbattle.

I mean me.

There is something that I have to do. There is someone that I’m after. He doesn’t know that I’m coming. He doesn’t know who I am. But nothing will stop me from seeing my plans through.

Not my family. Not the Elite Class. Not the pesky fact that I’m a girl.

Breakbattle’s all-boys campus is getting a new student. Don’t call me Zela.

Call me Zeke. 

Orientation Week is a reverse harem high school bully romance. This is the prequel and features language, dark themes, and sexual scenes. If you’re cool with that, dive in!



Knowing who the bad guy is doesn’t make my job easier. If anything, it’s harder.
It turns out that I’m not as good at faking as I thought I was, and he can see right through my charade.
That’s not even the worst part. I have feelings for him, and those feelings aren’t going away just because I know he’s working for the wrong team. If anything, I find myself more drawn to him.
Spy School never taught me what to do when I fall for the wrong guy.

If I Go Rogue is the third book in the Spy Academy Series. It is a fast burn, reverse harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, new adult (NA) spy romance.

Book 1 – The Undercover Life
Book 2 – My Dirty Secrets
Book 3 – If I Go Rogue
Book 4 – The Secret Intelligence (coming soon)
Book 5 – I’ll Never Forget You (coming soon)



There’s one word you don’t utter at Prescott High, not unless you want them to own you.
Hael, Aaron, Victor, Oscar, and Callum.

The Havoc Boys rule the hellhole we call Prescott High.
Once upon a time, they ruled me. For an entire year, I endured their shit.
But senior year is going to be different.

This year, I own them.
I’ve made a pact with the Havoc Boys to get the vengeance I deserve.
Their price? Me. At their beck and call, in their beds, a part of their gang.

Their girl.
A Havoc Girl.
Those dirty, rotten boys are going to get revenge against everyone that’s wronged me—everyone but themselves.

HAVOC AT PRESCOTT HIGH is a 105,000 word mature high school/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. It has brief flashbacks of past bullying incidents as well as foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of three in the series.



I always knew that one day, I would be taken. It was just a matter of time.

There are two basic facts every woman needs to know.

The Trads are bad. They will impregnate you and use your womb to bear their children until you die.

The Athions are good. They’re strong and protective, and you’ll practically be begging them to father your babies.

But none of that is true. Not for me, anyway. I was kidnapped by Athions and now two Trads are trying to rescue me. Has everything been a lie or are these guys just pretending to be different from the rest?

I can’t let down my guard. I need to get away. But how do you escape when you’re trapped on a spaceship in the middle of nowhere?

Planet Athion is a shared world contributed to by multiple authors. Discover more about this exciting new Reverse Harem, Sci Fi Romance series today! Travel over to for more information.



Witch. Kitsune. Crazy cat lady.

Hey there! My name is Mei. Normally, I’m a ‘roll with the punches’ kind of girl, but I fear I’m going insane. I say things I do not think and do things I cannot control. My reality has become a nightmare. I feel like a puppet dangling from frayed strings.

Three vampire hunters alter my course when they stumble into me one night. Plagued by the same instability, they work their way into my life and my head. Together, we must try to find a way out of our madness. Hopefully.

Sounds like I have a plan, right? Wrong. You see, I have a couple of other problems that are pretty pressing as well. I’m almost sure that my boyfriend, Finn, is going to ask me to marry him. And, well, I can’t stand him. Oh, and there are a few other things, but I can’t tell you about them just yet. That would spoil the surprise.

Throughout it all, my search for the truth never falters. Insanity is the easier answer, but no one ever said life is easy.


Box of Puppets is the beginning of a slow burn, reverse harem series. This means that she will not choose between men in the end. It does have cursing and some violence. It may not be suitable for all readers.



Ari is in trouble.
Mourning the loss of her best friend she is trying to uncover who is truly behind Tori’s death, and has attracted the attention of some very powerful enemies. Shifters are still disappearing, and war is brewing in the city.

Since embracing her powers and discovering the presence of more Shadowborn, Ari must learn to rely on others to help her though her grief. With the help of the men in her life, and the support of Moon River pack, she might be able to finally have a place that she calls home.
Ari finds herself in way over her head and has to accept the help of the corrupt supernatural law enforcement team, ASP.
Will Ari and her new family be able to overcome this unknown evil filling the city, or will everyone become Embraced by Shadows?

This is the final book in the Shadowborn Series. This book is aimed at audiences 18+ and is a Reverse Harem novel.



Not many people looked my way normally, but when you’re running down the street in a sky-blue ball gown with tears running down your face at the crack of dawn, they’re going to notice.
I’m Topaz, a tiger shifter, now chosen partner of our leader’s son. A complete and utter jerk of a shifter.
I didn’t get a say in it, clearly.
I’m not about to write my life off to be the mate to some egotistical, self-centered asshat.
But when my best friend tries to help and cheer me up, things go from shit to complete crazy when we hit a shifter on the road.
Things keep spiraling out of control, and I find myself crazily attracted to three unexpected men. I’d never have thought I’d feel this way for any of them, but here we are.
What the hell is going on?



Alone, devastated, and on the run, McKenzie Harper is crossing the country with her brother, the only ally left to her after losing not only her mates but their entire family to some mad corporate scheme. When those same corporations send her mates after her, she will have to fight to save them before they slaughter her, or worse, capture her.

With her mating marks gone and her dreams haunted, the only Omega is doing the last thing left to her—saving every wolf she can before she too, falls.

For MacKenzie it is the end of her whole world and she won’t go down without a fight.

*Please note, this is the second book in a reverse harem #whychoose romance trilogy. Things will not be resolved in this book. That’s what book three is for!*



For the first few years of my life, I have been nothing but a Dragon’s Girl – someone paid for hire.

Until I’m propositioned an offer I can’t refuse.

Now married, I finally believe I’ll get a fairytale happily-ever-after. Jokes on me, right? When my abusive husband turns up dead and my step-daughter finds herself in the hospital, I become the prime suspect in a murder case.

The thing is…I didn’t murder my husband. Nor did I harm my bratty step-daughter (who happens to be the same age as me).

And I think the real murderer is going to come after me next.

With the help of my sexy-as-sin law professor, my kind neighbor, the quiet and dangerous Phillip, and an energetic police detective, I might just uncover the truth of my husband’s murder.

If I don’t get killed first.

Toxicity is a reverse harem contemporary stand-alone novel, meaning the FMC won’t have to choose between her love interests. It contains strong language, sexual themes, and violence. Reader’s discretion is advised.



When the Prophecy is revealed, can I do what it takes?
Not that long ago I knew nothing of this world, I was just a tattoo artist for fucks sake. One that was happy to be left to my own vices with my best friend to keep me company. Fate had a funny way of sinking its teeth into things though didnt it?I learned that the hard way when /I grew a pair of my own, fangs that is.
We had battled The Darkness, but not without a great cost to the clan, and now we needed to find a way to defeat it one and for all. I wasnt sure I was willing to risk those I loved again though.
I needed to learn my powers and fast if I were to protect the amulet and my clan from the darkness for good.
The past and future collide. Damien, Adrien, Aldrich and Dmitry. Will they be able to put aside their differences so we can work together and fulfill the prophecy that has been centuries in the making?
When the time comes, will I be strong enough to be the Queen I need to be, the Queen that the Prophecy demand I be?



What do you do when you find out you’re the thing you fear most?

Seven months ago, the Void Virus was set loose on Earth. The world is now in chaos. The origin of the virus has been unveiled, and mysteries of my past have come to light.

A lot has changed during that time. I started out alone, struggling to survive. Now I had four guys, my sister, and Puppy who all had my back no matter what.

Not only did I gain a strange healing ability, but now Lincoln could create fire. That isn’t the last of the weird things going on, though. On top of that, I discovered I was created in a lab, with the intention to bring about a great change. Those intentions weren’t necessarily good. Now that I’m back on their radar and I know more about what I might be capable of, I have become the thing I fear most, and am left with more questions than ever.

We receive word of some sort of sanctuary for survivors. A place that promises protection for those who seek it. It could be a trap, but it could also be true. We do our best to travel in search of this place, but rotters aren’t the only things standing in our way. Our journey is filled with twists, turns, and straight up chaos.

If there is a safe place for survivors, we won’t stop until we find it.

Together, we will find The Salvaged.

**18+ Reverse Harem Romance. Warning: this book contains some scenes and references of abuse that some readers may find triggering**



Book 2 of bad wealthy boys.
Blurb coming soon.

Previously listed to release in October, bumped to Nov. 12th.




The beautiful does well to hide the beast.
Nova Crimson was absolutely beautiful, and she knew it. Not only was she beautiful but she was smart, filthy rich, had a fabulous wardrobe, a great house, on paper she seemed to have it all going for her.
Well, what’s the problem with all of this, you want to know?
The interior didn’t match the exterior, or so the saying goes. Nova Crimson was a cold, ruthless bitch who got what she wanted when she wanted it and wasn’t afraid of the casualties who might get trampled in her wake.
There’d only ever been one person in her life who she’d allowed to see past the beautifully cold mask she hid behind, and that had been a boy named Olliver who’d been everything Nova had not. They’d become friends, of a sort, after Nova stood up to protect him.
Unfortunately, the very next day, Olliver and his useless drunk of a father disappeared without a trace. And Nova had been forced to go about her life as if a piece of her hadn’t gone missing right along with Olliver. The very best piece of her, the piece that held any time of compassion or love she might have ever had.
Now, all grown up and on her own in the world, Nova still can’t let the ghost of that boy go. The hunter in her wants to track him down and find him herself. But hunting men had only ever ended in one way with Nova and that was with their death. Something she made a great deal of money off of and was very, very good at.
One thing Nova had learned in life was that if you couldn’t do it yourself you needed the best of the best to get the job done for you.
That’s when River, Vega, and Talin walked into her life. That’s also when things took a drastic turn in Nova Crimson’s life because in order to embrace love one had to take off the beautiful mask that hid the beast and embrace the ugly on the inside.



The truth isn’t always what it seems…

I’m a bad girl, at least that’s what they say. I lie. I cheat. I steal. All to gain a lamp.

And maybe those things are true.

But it’s also true that I regret involving the three sexy men in my plans. They did nothing wrong. Nothing except fall in love with a person completely unworthy of them.

There’s something else too, another side to this story… my side. Because even if I’ve done some bad things, I’m not the villain in this tale.

And I’m going to prove it to you.

WORTHY is a steamy contemporary reverse harem story that involves a snarky maid with an obsession over a lamp, and the three men who she drags into trouble with her. It’s a twist on The Magic Lamp and Aladdin, originally told in the book called One Thousand and One Nights. Only, this tale involves a lot of humor and so



It’s a very Merry Christmas for Stephanie and her boys…

Join Steph and her three hotties for their first official Christmas together. High school is behind them and they’re all at college. In spite of some troubles adjusting to their new lives, they decide to celebrate the holidays with a bang.

Get into the spirit of the season by diving back into their delicious, thrilling lives.

And find out if Steph gets exactly what she wants under the tree.

Part of the Boys of Westview series, you must read the first four to understand what’s going on in this novella.



It never occurred to Meghan Casey that she would be the key to helping four wolf shifters save Christmas.

Santa is missing, and reporter Meghan Casey heads to the North Pole to investigate the big guy’s disappearance.

When she reaches the winter wonderland, she meets four strapping members of Santa’s special guard.
And while they don’t think they need her assistance, Meghan insists on joining the search for their boss.

Each of the four men tempts her in his own way, but after being cheated on by her former fiancé, Meghan isn’t ready to open her heart.

Little does she know Santa’s guards are part of a pack, and whoever is intent on stopping Christmas is not about to let them or Meghan get in his way.

When Meghan is kidnapped, her men will do anything to get her back,
and they just might save Christmas in the process.

Santa’s Wolves is a paranormal romantic suspense stand alone novel with a guaranteed happy holiday feels and a HEA. #WhyChoose



Darkness still sits on the edge of my world, but with my gods around me, it’s not so frightening anymore.

With TJ’s return to his human form, I’m no longer forced to watch him suffer in silence. Now, the truth will finally come out on whether I can be with the others as well, or will I lose TJ in the process? Much to the others’ dismay, Loki has returned, but something is different about him, something I don’t fully understand, and I think he knows more than he lets on. When Ra returns and announces one of the immortal gods has been found dead, it shocks everyone. How could a god, who lived through disease and disaster, be dead? Were they murdered?

This serial is the start of season two of the Mafia Gods series. Read season one, The Curse of Ra, now bundled and available for KU.



She is Unbreakable Glass.
She is Stronger than they know.
She has a plan.
She is Ravena.

In the land of lost magic and scarred souls, a land ruled by a cruel Queen with love for no one, Ravena was born. Her life did not start, in truth, until the day her best friend helped her kill the vicious mate forced upon her.

Surrounded by the tattered souls of her three remaining mates, she must find a way to bring them together and form some semblance of a family or face the Queen’s wrath and removal from the devil she knows. There are horrors in Talamh na Sithe that would kill for one of The Eight and she cannot allow that to happen.

She’s paid her dues.

Ravena knows there is a way through the storm of loss, betrayal, and pain for all of them, she just needs to find it because storms can’t last forever and if flowers can bloom in this blood soaked land, so can love.

***Ravena is a stand alone, Dark Romance/ Reverse Harem with elements that some readers may find triggering. Although there is a HEA, there is no ending that does not bring with it some amount of darkness.***



A Witch without powers
A Dragon Master
The dragons call her Báirseach ~ Dragon Witch

Sage’s world is Covens, dragons and magic. She has two of the three. She’s from a loving family, an accepting coven and has a job tending dragons. But magic? That has always eluded her.

At 27, she has accepted her life as a Mundane. Until Samhain – two accidental bindings and a botched spell placed by her ex-boyfriend change not just her place in the coven but that of all other Mundanes as well.

Now, she navigates the betrayal of her ex, two new bondmates and a Warlock full of disdain for all things Mundane. All while hatching the dragon eggs and coming to terms with the separation from her family and the coven.

Sage will be tested through volcanic fire and enchanted ice as she and her company travel from the Midding Gate to Firehaven.
Who will she be when she returns?
Will she be accepted?

All she wants is to be normal ~ a witch with magic.



**Coming November 15** For fans of the True Blood novels, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Dark Hunter, A Shade of Vampire, Power of Five, and All the Pretty Monsters. From USA Today bestselling author Lindsey R. Loucks and award-winning author Mysti Parker, get lost in part 3 of a paranormal romance that will leave you breathless and begging for more!

Wren’s world has caught fire. But she’ll be damned if she lets it burn.

After a devastating blow, Wren clings to normalcy while doubts rage in the back of her mind. Does she really have what it takes to be Queen of the Southern Vampire Clan? Her new potential mate doesn’t seem to think so.

Marlowe—SFBI agent and professional thinker—wants nothing to do with Wren or to be her next mate. Following down that path would lead to fiery destruction, and he’s already been there, done that. In fact, he’s seriously considering removing the tattoo that links him to her. He thinks Wren doesn’t have the grit or smarts needed to sever the crown.

Oh, he’s about to be schooled.

But in doing so, Wren’s alliances are tested, and more startling secrets are revealed. With a little help from Marlowe, though, Wren realizes that maybe you really can fight a royal fire with fire.

**This is a medium-burn reverse harem vampire romance.**

A vampire romance with nonstop action, plenty of spice, and a few laughs! Perfect for fans of Charlaine Harris, J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Meg Xuemei X, Eva Chase, Alex Lidell, Linsey Hall, and Bella Forrest!

Download today and join the revolution!
Book 4: Relentless – Releases December 13
Book 5: Ascension – Releases January 10



Jacky Leon got away with it. She defended a little human girl, made a few unlikely acquaintances, and survived to tell the tale. Now she’s the only werecat in the supernatural community who can say a small family of werewolves lives in her borders.

That isn’t a good thing, though. As news of her heritage and relation to Hasan becomes more well known, Jacky finds herself in the spotlight, slammed with guilt over recent werecat problems and her duty as a daughter of Hasan. Having ignored the supernatural world and its politics for so long, she had no idea what sort of repercussions would come from her actions to defend Carey Everson. Ignorance can no longer be her shield.

Jacky wants to do better. She’ll step up to her responsibilities and stop running. She’ll learn how to live up to the obligations and expectations of her family.

Her honor demands it.



Four Guys. Three Immortals. Two Witches. And one baby Alpha. We got problems in the best possible ways.

Welcome to the third semester of Bloodwood Academy, where crap is about to go down. I barely scooted through the last few months, and now one woman struts into my life and sends everything into disarray.

We have trouble, starting with the fact that our new addition is ready to start a war.

Bloodwood Academy Semester Three is a full-length Reverse Harem romance with no end to snark, twisted sheets, and with a snarky heroine, shirtless men, love scenes that will send you swooning, and no end to pulsing… muscles.



Cruel eyes. Perfect lips. 

I don’t want to crave them but I do. 

They say only the strong will survive.

In my case, the only way might be to shatter my heart.

The Old Gods weren’t dead. They were just bored.

They turned that restlessness to those under their control.

And created a game between the Legions.

A game of survival.

A game of wit.

A game where you must kill or be killed.

A game where those who win don’t just escape with their life. They get to stand beside the Gods themselves.

Five students are chosen to represent their Deity.

I’m here to stand before Artemis, the Goddess of the Wild Hunt to show her I’m not just capable, but I’m worthy. Only as the trials begins I’m pitted against the Hunters. Four strong warriors Artemis picked herself. They’re cruel and more beautiful than I can imagine. But Briar, their leader is determined to not just win. He’s determined to take me down. And I don’t know why…

Kila Foung is turning up the heat!

Artemis’ Divinity is Hunger Games meets The Cruel Prince with a heart-pounding Dark Academy enemies to lovers reverse harem storyline with a strong heroine and four intense and demanding warriors who’ll make our heroine question everything, including her own lust.



Getting kidnapped by your own boyfriend is bad, but believing him when he says he’s not actually a bad guy is just stupid.
Or is it?
I trust him. So when he tells me he’s trying to achieve the same thing as I am, we team up to take the real bad guy down.
I went undercover at Spy School fully expecting to do my job and get out as quickly as I can. I didn’t expect to fall in love, especially not with five guys.

The Secret Intelligence is the forth book in the Spy Academy Series. It is a fast burn, reverse harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, new adult (NA) spy romance.

Book 1: The Undercover Life
Book 2: My Dirty Secrets
Book 3: If I Go Rogue
Book 4: The Secret Intelligence
Book 5 – I’ll Never Forget You (coming soon)

The Zara Chronicles
The Spy Chronicles
East Raven Academy



Dear reader,

Awhile ago, I sent out a note, and I hope it reached you just as this letter does. Argos, that mysterious little town that I spoke of last time, carried a secret I never would have expected, but that secret saved my life.

Well, if I’m being honest, it was the men. You know, those oh so sexy men that I had said were around every corner? They saved my life, and have become more important to me than I’m willing to admit out loud. They make me feel like I could really start over here. Be someone. But there’s something wrong with me. The past still haunts me, and the present feels like it’s slipping away.

The guys…they were what grounded me, carried me when I could hardly stand, held me when the tears overflowed. They did their best to save my soul, but was there anything left to save? I feel like they’re trying to find the real me, but the real me is…lost.

I often wondered to myself if being lost would be frightening…or liberating?
-Signed, The Girl With No Name.

Tied To The Sea is a slow burn, ‘why choose’ romance with some M/M, M/F/M, M/M/F themes.

Warning. This book contains adult language, sexual content, graphic violence, and deals with sensitive issues such as suicide, depression, anxiety disorder, and PTSD. Reader discretion is advised.



“At Fallen Fae Academy, the magic will either complete you or kill you.”

My name is Harley, as in Harlequin. Plucked from my home from Las Vegas, NV, and placed into an University on an arts scholarship, suddenly I am the girl the four hottest and most popular boys have decided to “initiate”.

This is no ordinary “hazing” ritual, and these boys are no ordinary boys.

This mysterious University looks like any ivy league campus, but it isn’t. Step in and you are transported beyond your wildest imagination. I should be ecstatic being here. Except surviving “Initiation” is going to take everything I’ve got.

Don’t let the beauty of the four fae boys fool you. They are as dangerous as they are beautiful. And underneath everything, runs a deep secret. One I need to find out before Initiation kills me.

They think a human is weak. They think I shouldn’t be at this university. I’m about to prove them wrong.

**Transfomation Year 2 is the second book of three books in the Fallen Fae Series with a badass heroine, four deadly, striking fae princes, heart-pounding action, super steamy love scenes, and great romance.

Initiation: Year 1

Transformation: Year 2
Declaration: Year 3



When you play with fire, everyone gets burned.

It’s the first day of the Prowess Trials, with all the royals—and the dark fae Owalin—gathered for Tye’s grand performance. When the magic wards fall right in the middle of Tye’s routine, Lera does what she must to save his life—giving Owalin just the opening he needs.

River is in love with Lera, but he can’t be with someone who lies. As he turns his back on her to focus on defending the Academy, he expects the decision to hurt.

What he doesn’t expect is to be defending Great Falls from Lera herself.

PROWESS TRIALS is the explosive eighth installment in the GREAT FALLS ACADEMY novella series. The story takes place in the same world as Alex’s KDP All Star-winning POWER OF FIVE novels but can be read independently.



Growing up as a shifter, you are always taught that finding your mate is an amazing thing.
What happens though when your mate rejects you?
When you don’t get that happily ever after you’ve always dreamed of?
Will fate somehow bring your souls together or will you forever be alone?



There’s no happily ever after death … right?

When I died, I just expected emptiness. What I got was a new job that comes with a magical scythe and three gorgeous hunks.

I’m still coming to terms with death deities and grand designs, including earning back my soul so I’m not stuck here forever. First, I have to stop my murderer before time runs out and he drafts more women to this morbid destiny.

The longer I work with the Fates, the more I’m falling in love with each of them. But I can’t stay here. Not when each stroke of the scythe chips away pieces of my humanity and I fear I’ll end up exactly like the devil that put me here.

Reap in Peace is a dark paranormal reverse harem with lots of heat. Prepare to enter a world of the dead that will summon your imagination and make you never want to leave.

Scroll-up and one click Reap in Peace today!



I messed up my Christmas miracle.

That’s a big no-no for an angel. My boss shrunk my wings as a consequence. But did he have to make them so small? They’re the size of baby cupid wings for cloud’s sake!

That’s why I’ve been hiding out on earth, in the small town of Silver Springs—feeding my shoe obsession and trying to understand humans so I can magic up a winning miracle this year.

But humans are impossible to understand. They wear shoes that hurt their feet. They want you to smile at strangers but not too wide or you look crazy. They claim their brains fart—that’s not even physically possible!

I need to understand people so I can get my wings back.

But one enchanted pumpkin spice latte later … my plans start to go to hell in a hand-basket.

I meet Parker Blue, and thanks to the latte, I can see he’s my soulmate. And he’s a demon.

An angel can’t be soulmates with a demon! That’s impossible!

But that impossibility doesn’t even compare to what happens next.

Parker brings me home to figure out this mess and I find out he’s not my only soulmate. His roommates, two hot computer nerds, drop their jaws when they see me.

Will I get to fulfill my Christmas miracle or decide heaven can wait?

Note: This is a paranormal reverse harem romance intended for adult audiences. It’s a romance with an HEA and no cliffhanger. It’s the sixth book in the Jewels Cafe series.



I’m the nightmare they never see coming.

You, the one reading this right now. Yes. You. I’m going to warn you this one time. Don’t decide to like me.

I’m not a good girl.. I’m manipulative. I play games. I’ve done it countless times and I’ll do it again. I can promise you that.

With more funding behind me than you can imagine, I can become anyone.

I mess with men’s hearts. And when I am done, it is more than just their money I take, it’s their very sense of self.

The football star. The politician. The surgeon. The artist. They all gave over their love. I hate to tell you how easy it is to make them my own. A little smile. A batting of my big, beautiful eyes. The most powerful fall the hardest.

Did they take part of my soul with them? Try to get me to admit it. I dare you to try. I’ll never say the words you all want to hear from me. I’m never sorry.

Those stupid boys.

I warned you. Don’t. Like. Me.
You’ll regret it.

*The authors strongly suggest you read the forward to this book before you go any further. This is the first book in a trilogy with strong, sometimes dislikable characters in a world where few people are as they seem and love comes at a cost not everyone is willing to pay.*



What’s worse than having untamed magic? Not having any magic. My magic is broken after being attacked by the magic thief. And I need it back fast, before she tries again.

I’ll do anything to get it back – including private tutoring with a crazy professor and private time with the sexy billionaire twins – and their mother. FML.

Oh yeah, and according to my parole officer, if I ever do get my magic back and alter time, I’m done for. No pressure.
And I have to do it all without getting distracted by the sexy wolf shifter during a full Yule moon and a hot as hell incubus determined to get out of my dreams and into my pants.

Who knew magic school would be so complicated?



Serenity Fuoco had no idea that dragons existed.

When she’s attacked by a rebel group of dragon assassins, though, her whole life is turned upside-down.
Serenity is rescued by four handsome strangers and swept up into the world of dragons, where she discovers things about herself that she never would have known otherwise.
Now, she and these four men have to navigate danger, intrigue, and the irresistible attraction between them.
And if they don’t find out who’s targeting her—and why—then Serenity’s life may be over before it has a chance to truly start.



The king is dead… But no one knows it.

Queen is holding together the pieces of Jabberwock’s empire by sheer force of will. But only until she can dismantle it properly from the inside out.

She only has a few of his business partners left to destroy, but her current task has thrown her for a loop. The artist she’s working with is an all-consuming force, mind, body, and soul. At the same time, one of Hatter’s old friends has caught up to her.

One wrong misstep in this rose-garden littered with thorns, and Queen won’t live long enough to see Jabberwock’s life’s work burn to the ground.

Tumble down the rabbit hole again, in this highly-anticipated sequel to the Alice in Wonderland inspired Wonderland series.

Hacking Wonderland (Erotic Suspense)
Reagan through the Looking Glass
The Hatter and the Hare
Painting the Roses Red
Reigning Hearts



Salem Academy has a new strike team.

Three hot guys… and me. I’m Max: part-time demon hunter, brand new witch, and all-around tough girl.

I’m on a mission to save Father Gabriel, the only person in my life that ever cared. When an exorcism goes bad, demons drag him down to the fiery pits of Hades. I’m going to get him back, but I can’t do it alone.

Salem Academy assigns me to their elite hit squad with three hardcore warriors who are supposed to help me come into my powers and pull off this rescue mission. It’s going to take a miracle for us to all get along.

Erik: Salem Academy’s lethal killer. He’s way too overprotective and his muscles distract me from my training. Just because he was my brother’s best friend in the Special Forces doesn’t give him the right to hold me back—or to claim a piece of my heart.

Noah: cocky warlock. That irritating smirk comes out whenever I mess up, but I can tell I get under his skin. I’m not sure either of us are ready for the explosion that’ll happen if we find a way to work together and combine our powers.

Tristan: he’s a Fae…need I say more? He sticks out in Salem Academy like a sore thumb—well, a hot one, anyway. I’m keeping an eye on him. The underbelly of demon politics is riddled with Fae influence and his connections can either help us… or betray us.

Muscle, magic, and deviance: that’s my team. Maybe Salem Academy knew what they were doing when they recruited me. Or maybe Father Gabriel will have answers about my past that I never saw coming.

But first? We’ve got some demons to destroy.>

Wicked Hot Magic is Book 1 in the reverse harem academy paranormal romance series “Salem Academy.” It’s a steamy, university-level academy series. Get ready for wicked warlocks, demon hunting tough girls, and unexpected turns you won’t see coming. Scroll up and one-click to start your first day at Salem Academy!



Rory thought her birth mother’s return would make her life complicated enough. Too bad her enemies don’t intend to cut her a break while she adjusts to having an unexpected new parental figure. With her fellow scions—and newfound lovers—becoming targets of the barons’ machinations and an unsettling plan unfolding that threatens every student on campus, the heir of Bloodstone has her work cut out for her if she’s going to protect everyone she cares about.

*This is the sixth book in the Royals of Villain Academy series. Two more to come.*



Betrayed, alone, and determined, Lou has to earn back the trust of everyone she knows.

Magic And Metaphysics Academy has gone from complicated to dangerous, and it’s down to Lou to change it.

Magical Misfit is the third and final book of the Magic And Metaphysics Academy Trilogy. It is a paranormal academy full of frenemies, an evil book, and a reverse harem romance with three hot guys.

Book one, Magical Mischief, is currently in the Magic and Mayhem boxed set.



I barely survived a curse, but my attacker still wants me dead. Now I must learn to wield my power before it is too late.

Kari Taylor barely survived the curse that was killing her. Damaged from the attacks on her life, she’s recovering in the fae realm, her five protectors by her side. Her lovers. Her mates. This new life is something she never dreamed was possible. 

But danger stalks her still. The fae who cursed Kari still wants her magic, and will not stop until she gets it. As the invisible threat grows closer, Kari must learn trust herself and her companions. The clock is ticking, and they all must act quickly to survive.

Now gifted with a power that she doesn’t understand and cannot control, Kari is thrust into an unfamiliar world. Kari must learn to wield new, potent magic to protect herself and those the men she loves, before it is too late. 

EUPHORIA is a full-length reverse harem romance, and the second in a series. Beware of cliff-hangers!



Aliens? Someone get her out of here!

The strange storms that have been raging all over the world have only intensified in the past months. Some say the end of the world is coming, but Mikaela doesn’t believe in such nonsense. Although she’d like nothing more than to curl up in front of the TV when it rains, she has her small dog to take care of. Taking Tremor out for a walk, a lightning suddenly strikes her. She wakes up in a completely different world with hulky, purple alien barbarians. When one of them tries to grab poor Tremor, she fights back. Hell no, they’re not taking her dog! And she definitely isn’t staying here! Not even if the guys are kind of hot and all seem to want her…

Alien Barbarians’ Mate is the second book in a brand new sci-fi reverse harem romance series! Each book is a standalone romance featuring a different woman and three hot, purple aliens who want her as their mate. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a HEA!



I entered the Major Arcana Academy, but there’s no safety between its walls. Enemies lurk around every corner, and intrigues are turning my three protectors against each other. To top it all, Zillard Dark, son of Hades, will stop at nothing to destroy me. He’s a bully, and the most dangerous student at the Academy. Soon I’m faced with an impossible choice—die before I finish my first year at the Academy, or tap into my hellish powers, and lose my soul. There’s no way out. Unless…

This is book two of the Major Arcana Academy, a reverse harem bully romance series for an upper YA/NA audience, with mature content and language.



This world is getting dangerous… and Zan’s world is full of enough secrets that the danger could be anywhere.



Never trust a Dark Witch. I should know—I’m apparently one of them.

I was told I’m a Highborne Witch like my mother, but my whole life I’ve been lied to. Unfortunately, that sort of secret can’t be kept for long.

Witches might tell lies, but blood doesn’t.

In my case, it’s a single drop of blood that reveals the darkness inside me.

All these years I’ve been a Dark Witch and never knew it. No one knew, except possibly my mother… and she vanishes the moment my secret is discovered. Without anyone to answer for the crime of my parentage, I’m whisked away from the only life I’ve ever known to study at the infamous Academy of the Dark Arts.

Deep in the heart of Dark Witch territory, I find myself completely and utterly alone. As a newly-branded Dark Witch myself, I’m not allowed any contact with the members of my old life. So, try as I might to steer clear of my Dark Witch classmates, I keep finding myself drawn back to three in particular:

Merlin, the brooding aristocrat’s son determined to distrust me.

Puck, the troublemaker most likely to get me expelled.

Nicholas, sweet Nicholas, and his near-obsessive interest in the lives of non-magical humans.

Still, no matter how close we become, I’m still determined to show this is all a mistake. I can’t be a Dark Witch, I’m sure of it. I’ll find a way to prove it if it’s the last thing I do.

But when it starts to become clear that it isn’t just my reputation on the line, but my very life, I might just have to roll up my sleeves and learn some dark magic along the way.

Dark Witch is a paranormal reverse harem romance featuring a rebellious heroine, three sexy warlocks, and lots of magic. It’s the first book in the Academy of the Dark Arts series.



Going before the alpha council is terrifying, but I know there is no way they would side with the panthers.
When I go to Shifter Academy for the trial, I get the shock of my life when my sister shows up on the arm of Cain.
No human is allowed at Shifter Academy. Which means that maybe Aspen isn’t human.
My whole has been a lie, and everything begins to unravel at once.
Is anything true anymore?

Unleashed is the third book in the Tiger Shifter Chronicles Trilogy. The series is a medium burn, reverse harem (RH), why choose, new adult (NA) paranormal romance.

Book 1: Concealed
Book 2: Exposed
Book 3: Unleashed (Coming Soon)



Mara is a Drude, a nightmare Demon without a body of her own.

When a dark force sweeps through Hell, turning Lower Demons into dust, Mara makes a choice.
Jumping to the Human Realities, to piggyback on the bodies of unsuspecting people, Mara is determined to live her immortal life to the fullest.

Mara finds herself surrounded by Hunters, neck-deep in a conspiracy between the Fae and a homicide.
Undercover, where one wrong move could see her torn apart, Mara discovers something horrifying!
The Hunters that want to kill her?
They’re her mates.

*The Dead Ringer is a violent, sexually charged, 100k word count, paranormal romance novel with morally bankrupt Demons and more than one romantic and sexual partner at the same time. It is a standalone.*
**Contains MFMMMM**



I am one of the Forsaken.

A hundred years ago Earth was invaded by the Yarek, aliens with weapons of mass destruction. Humans were on the brink of annihilation when the Totiv, another alien race who wanted Earth to survive for their own sinister purposes, fought alongside us.

A decade later, the Totiv and Human collective defeated the Yarek. A treaty was forged as a way of giving thanks to the Totiv…but it wasn’t any of Earth’s natural resources they were after.

It was our women.

As their own females began to die out, the Totiv sought human women as mates. And so, we were Forsaken by our world. Every year, special girls from around the world are taken to special training houses, in preparation to become a mate to one of the Totiv’s many unmated Klans. They are known as Harvest Girls.

My name is Carmen and I am one of those girls.

*Capturing Carmen is book one in The Forsaken series, this book can be read as a stand-alone as can any of the others. This book has mature content intended for 18+ with explicit and violent scenes. Capturing Carmen is a reverse harem, dark alien sci-fi romance*



I’m turning 18 and I’m already mate to an Alpha werewolf and three of his pack members. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any stranger, it does.

My little brother Alex has been through more than most kids his age and now? It’s up to me to make sure the rest of his life is uneventful. But that’s easier said than done when he’s experiencing changes I never thought he’d have to deal with.

My four mates are going to have their work cut out for them, because for me, Alex is always first.



Amethyst is a curse worker on the run after hexing her ex. (He he that rhymes) On the bus to Silver Springs, she meets a set of hot twins but with a vengeful ex after her and a group of pissed off vampires, she’s a little distracted. In a town she swore she would never return to she runs into her old tormentor, a hot af wolf shifter, befriends an angel, and spends more time ducking and dodging her family members than she would like. Lady Luck is supposed to be on her side, but with so many problems, what’s a girl to do? Maybe a pumpkin spiced drink and 3 hotter than hell supernaturals is just what Amethyst needs, or will her hatred over her past keep her from opening her heart and have her end up hexing herself.



They bought me, broke me, and they’re still hungry for more.

Brett, Chaz, and Dorran are the epitome of evil.
They breathe it, live it, and it seeps from their pores like irresistible cologne.

The cruel, cruel boys of Reighton Preparatory Academy think they own me.
It’s more of a reason to slip into the night and get out of here.

But my mother didn’t raise a chump; she trained a warrior.
Even if the same thing happened to her.

I’ll stay and fight.
They can have my body, but they’ll never get all of me.

But having my body will come at a price.
They just better hope they’re ready to pay it.

I know I am.
No matter what happens.

***Cruel, Cruel Boys*** This is book two and does end in a cliffhanger. This is a bully/enemy-to-lovers, #whychoose, new adult contemporary romance, full-length novel. *Recommended 18+ due to mature language, adult situations, and sensitive content. This book does have moments that can be triggering, so enter at your own risk. In some instances, it does get dark and can play with your mind. You’ve been warned.



‘Devils : The Brotherhood Book 2’

I thought I’d finally done it. He could no longer watch me…groom me and play with my life like a pawn in his deadly game. Me and my guys fled far away with blood on our hands and fire at our heels, with promises of a life together on the horizon.

But nothing this good can last and I should have seen it coming.

Thanks to Sal g*ddamn Valentino and his manipulative ways they think I’m a liar-a double agent, and nothing I can say will change their minds. The Famiglia has come for me, and it looks like the Brotherhood is back to hand me right over.

This is the second book in The Brotherhood series. 18+ due to violence and sexual situations. This book is Reverse Harem.



FINALLY FAELING – the final book in the Eight Wings Academy trilogy.



There’s something in the darkness, and it’s watching her…

Lacey Madison wants to be like every other teenager. She wants to wave to her best friend, and have him wave back. She wants to kiss a boy, and for him to stay in town.

She wants to go to school, and not be accused of murder.

But bad things are always happening around her, and in this dusty little desert town, nothing is what it seems. Lacey’s entire life has been leading to something, and those eyes in the desert darkness hold all the answers.



One false move and I’m locked out of Hell…

Hey there. I’m Lucia. Queen of the Underworld. Ruling over demons and souls for countless millennia has left me… a little bored and restless. I’ve been dreaming of a trip around Earth, a chance to experience some of the delicacies the souls all talk about. You know. Taste a dill pickle, swim with the dolphins, and maybe indulge a few of my other fantasies. A girl locked away for eternity needs to be able to experience at least one earth-shattering “O”.

Too bad my escape plan ends up locking me and the four Princes of Hell on the wrong side of the door. Now we’re all cast out of Hell and none of us know how to reopen the portal to return home. It wouldn’t be too bad if I didn’t have four sexy as sin Princes blaming me for it. Working alongside them to figure out the backdoor into Hell is literal torture… and not necessarily of the bad kind.

How was I supposed to know once the Devil escapes she can’t go back?

This is a Paranormal Reverse Harem story that contains content for 18 or older.



Crossfire is book 3 in the Guild of Shadows Academy series, a reverse harem paranormal romance.



Welcome to the Academy of Spells And Wishes, where you’ll find everything from time travellers to reapers. Delve into eleven tales of lessons, magic, and academy life. 

Whether you want to fall in love, or just go on an adventure, there’s something for everyone in this collection!

Stories From:
USA Today & International Bestselling Author, Laura Greenwood
USA Today & International Bestselling Author, Skye MacKinnon
USA Today Bestselling Author, Debbie Cassidy
USA Today & International Bestselling and Award Winning Author, Rosemary A Johns
USA Today Bestselling Author, Nicole Zoltack
USA Today Bestselling Author, Catherine Banks
USA Today Bestselling Author, Arizona Tape
International Bestselling Author, Anna Santos
Victoria DeLuis
Chris Coleman
Jessa Lucas

A portion of the proceeds from Academy of Spells And Wishes will be donated to an anti-bullying charity. There are no bully romance stories in this collection. 



More Secrets.
More Suspense.
More Steam.

When Charlie finds herself on the wrong side of Ethos, the secret society she just joined, she’ll have to prove her worth to show just how valuable of an asset she can be.

As Gage and Gavin are sent on a mission, Charlie has to address the tension between her and her roommate Reed. Relearning to trust him is one thing, addressing the attraction growing between them is another, especially with Reed’s boyfriend Ramsey to consider.

But when a new enemy emerges, Charlie will have to rely on her instincts more than ever or face the threat of losing the men she loves.

The Keys is the second installment in this urban fantasy reverse harem series and is suited for mature audiences only.



Synopsis coming soon.



The deadliest game is the one you never chose to play.
Finding out Ares, the god of war, is my father was a shock.
Finding out I’m destined to lead his troops out of the aether and overthrow Cronus himself?
Let’s just say I’m gonna need more than chamomile tea to power through this.
Hades, Loki and Fenrir are the last three people I’d want to be stranded with, but the only way we’re getting out of this hellscape is by working together.
If they think I’m going to forget all their wicked games just because we have a common goal, they’re dead wrong.
The Queen is taking her throne back, and these three gorgeous jerks are going to have to grovel if they want forgiveness.

This is the final book in the Academy of the Gods Trilogy.



One coastal town full of memories, three boys she used to know.

Fleeing her abusive ex, a dead end job and no prospects for anything better, Mia returns to the coastal town where she used to spend her summers as a kid. She hopes that sorting through the old things in her grandma’s house may give her an idea of what she wants to do for her future. What she didn’t expect was to run into the three boys who used to make her heart race.

It starts with Dylan, the brainiac, now a maths teacher at a nearby secondary school. Then Mal, the joker, who plays guitar in a band and composes music. And finally, Tom, the protector, a single dad who works as a carpenter.

But dark shadows hang over them all, they all have demons in their past, and secrets. The guys she meets aren’t the same as the boys she used to know, but neither is Mia, who may be keeping the biggest secret of them all.

This is the first novella in the six part long Scarred Cliff serial, a reverse harem #WhyChoose story. This novella may include any of these elements: steamy scenes, ‘I need tissues NOW’ moments, cries of ‘why, oh, why’ and cliffhangers that make you bite your nails (and curse the author). This story includes MF and MM scenes.



It was Templar Academy or Juvenile Detention.
But these bullies are making me wish I’d gone to jail.

Templar Academy is the perfect hiding place where I can make a fresh start.
Where I can stop running from my drug-dealing ex.

I’m supposed to fit in, but it’s impossible.
How’s a girl from foster care supposed to blend with ultra-wealthy elites?
I can’t, and now I have a target on my back.

The knights who run the academy—Maxwell, Kendric, and Orlando—are determined to make my life hell. They’re cruel, vicious, and drop dead gorgeous.
And they’re used to getting everyone to follow their lead.

But I won’t—and they’re planning to make me suffer.
What they don’t realize is that I can give as good as I get.

Cruel Games is a reverse harem high school bully romance and the first book of the Templar Academy trilogy. It contains cursing, dark themes, and sexual situations.



A werewolf, vampire, and a warlock walk into a bar and kidnap a witch…

Shayla is a witch and a slayer of supernatural bad guys. She’s the last line of defense between the magickal baddies and the norms. When the world of magick spills into the real world she’s who they call to clean up the mess. 

But now she’s got a mess she can’t clean up alone and has to team up with a group of magickal hotties to contain a demon who is wrecking havoc on their city. That wouldn’t be a problem except her new team is super hot and Shayla is falling for them…ALL OF THEM!

Slay Witch is a slow burn #whychoose romance. If you like hot guys, kick ass heroines, and #whychoose romances you’ll love Slay Witch!

Formerly an October release date, bumped to November,.



How is a girl supposed to concentrate with five hot fae mentors? It’s not like I have a lot to do or anything.

Royal Coronations.
A Solstice Ball.
And a mother hellbent on ruining the fae world.

Just another ordinary day for me, Claire Summers, the halfling fae with access to all five elements.

Everyone is counting on me, even my esteemed mentor, Elana. Because I’m the only one with enough power to take my mother down.

But what if it’s all a lie? What if the bad guy I’ve been chasing all along is the one standing right by my side?

I’m in for the fight of my life with five fae protectors and an ally I never saw coming. It’s up to us to save the Fae Kingdom before it’s too late. And it’ll require giving my heart to all my mates, to guard and to hold, for eternity and beyond.

Note: This is book three of the Elemental Fae Academy trilogy. There’s a lot of heat in this one, and a scene you don’t want to miss between Cyrus, Exos, and Claire.



A decapitated werewolf was just the beginning …

Kira’s fellow students are turning against her, the Academy Trials and Winter Ball are looming, and she’s about to face her greatest challenge yet—her power-hungry siren.

But Kira’s siren is strong and knows what … and who … she wants.

The five sexy immortals who broke Kira’s heart: Rain and Nikolai—the vampire twins, Theo the cursed nymph, Ash the mischievous faerie and Zander the possessive werewolf. 

They’re an irresistible distraction Kira can neither afford nor resist.

Caught between her mother, the infamous and cruel Cinderella, and the five males she can’t forget, Kira will do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves … but at what cost?

Find out now in book TWO of the Royal Glass Hearts series.



I’m a hybrid witch born with the forbidden ability to wield all schools of magic. My family successfully hid me for years, but last week I accidentally raised the dead and revealed my illegal gifts. Now I’m facing time at Ravenhold supernatural reform academy.

Ravenhold detains dangerous juvenile offenders on a remote island until they’re rehabilitated. All teens at the paranormal academy either possess forbidden powers from dark bloodlines or have used illegal magic. Ruthless hybrids walk amongst the shifters, witches, and vampires. They hold control over the academy, but they won’t control me.

I plan to keep my head down, attend the classes, and hope for an early release from this supernatural prison. Until I meet the infamous Dorian Blackwood, the vampire-witch hybrid born with unparalleled supernatural abilities. Few people dare confront the cruel and charming savage, but Dorian’s powers won’t work on me–and his charm definitely won’t.

Dorian may rule the academy’s halls, but others challenge him. There’s his main rival, Zeke, a shifter hybrid whose laidback manner hides a vicious streak. Ethan, the dragon shifter with elemental witch powers who’s reserved but volatile. I’m the new hybrid at Ravenhold, and I intend to bring the ruthless Dorian to his knees.

Ravenhold places the four of us onto a new rehabilitation program. The academy tells us the program is a fast-track to release, but I’m not so sure. Something sinister is happening, and I no longer believe the hybrids are the most dangerous thing inside Ravenhold.

Will we be forced to unite to survive?

Witch Born is the first book in the Ravenhold series from USA Today bestselling author LJ Swallow. The stories are set in a supernatural reform academy with deliciously dangerous guys, a badass heroine who won’t bow to anyone. Ravenhold is a slow burn, enemies to lovers reverse harem romance.



I am the queen now, which is not something I was prepared for.
How am I supposed to rule an entire species of people? I’m just an eighteen-year-old kid. I’m still in high school. I can’t do this.
But the throne is my duty—my birthright. I have to do this.
The council won’t stop fighting. There is a war going on, but they only seem to care about their precious bloodline being tainted.
I just have to change their mind, and win a war.
Should be easy enough.

Dragon Forever is the sixth and final book in the Dragon Shifter Academy Series. It is a slow burn, reverse harem (RH), why choose, fast paced, action packed, new adult (NA), paranormal romance. This series takes place in a world with dragon shifters, succubus, incubus and other supernatural creatures.

Book 1: Dragon Royalty
Book 2: Dragon Elite
Book 3: Dragon Guards
Book 4: Dragon Choice
Book 5: Dragon Hearts
Book 6: Dragon Forever



Blaze is The Circle of the Veil’s newest recruit, and it isn’t by choice.

A vampire with trust issues and an attitude problem, Blaze’s penchant for blood and violence causes her to make a reckless mistake. One that comes with dire consequences. When she finds herself cornered by Nova, a mesmerizing incubus demon, she thinks it’s all over. 

Until he offers her an ultimatum. 

Secret supernatural society, The Circle of the Veil, is recruiting supernaturals with a track record of murder and mayhem to protect their kind by making life hell for the human authorities that tread too far into their world. The Federal Para-Intelligence Agency, aka The FPA.

Accept the position or die. There’s no arguing with demons.

Since death is not an option, Blaze is forced to train at The Circle’s academy alongside several other badass beasties. Including the playful werewolf Rayne. The mysterious and quiet werewolf Corr. And Ghost, an elusive and lethal vampire, the one night stand Blaze never thought she’d see again.

It’s a misfit team of deadly recruits. If it wasn’t for hot but infuriating as hell Nova acting as their handler and trainer, Blaze might even grow to like this gig. 

If it doesn’t get her killed first.

This is an adult reverse harem urban fantasy. Assassins of Mayhem Academy is set within the Alexa O’Brien Huntress world. Although there is some crossover you don’t have to read Alexa first to enjoy this one.



I’m a grown-ass woman, I don’t need any more school days, but I got myself into this situation. At this school, all the teachers are our future husbands.

But my situation is a little more complicated. Everyone else has one future husband…and I have three.

There’s my tasty peasant snack Orson, and then there are Cyrus and Larkin—competitive cousins battling for my favor. Cyrus is a cold-as-ice mind reader and Larkin is a chivalrous war hero who is arrogant as hell but knows how to treat a lady. I’m supposed to choose between them, but what if I want them all?

But Lord Larkin also has a shadow on his past. He went missing in battle and came back two years later. Does this have something to do with the demons that keep attacking? If the faery queen is killed, all of this might come tumbling down.

FAE TEMPTED is the second book of a new reverse harem trilogy. Expect steam, humor, and a lot of sparks flying between three hot faeries and one opinionated witch! This series takes places after A WITCH AMONG WARLOCKS but is completely standalone, however, if you want the reading order:

1: The Fairer Hex
2. Boys Over Powers
3. A Fine Necromance
4. Battle of the Hexes

1. Fae Sworn
2. Fae Tempted
3. Fae Bound (Fall 2019)


Gah, I am such a cover whore. This is beautiful.


No one else sees the monsters that I do. And now three of them want to marry me.

Monster-slaying doesn’t pay the bills. No one knows I protect them from the things that go bump in the night. So after dark, I hunt. During the day, I drag myself through work to earn a living.

Everything was fine, other than the beasts and demons, until they showed up. Three sexy men who say they are Fae Lords, Guardians of the new Queen…me. That I’m their fated mate.

Yeah, I didn’t believe all that bullshit either.

But I can’t deny that the attraction between us is tangible, irresistible. Despite my skepticism, my desire for each of them is growing.

Not everyone is pleased to have a half-blood queen in the Fae Court, though.

And I’m beginning to realize not all monsters can be seen at face value.

Fans of Linsey Hall, Laurell K. Hamilton, and HBO’s Carnival Row will love this reverse harem paranormal romance by Rebecca Goodwin. Scroll up and one-click now!



This academy is going to hell…

There can only be one king of hell, and only one fallen angel to hold the title. I didn’t know that until my angel fell into hell for me. Morgan challenged the current king, with the whole of DA bought to hell to watch. The winner not only gets the title, but he also gets control of everything hell holds.
Including me.
I just hope my angel doesn’t lose too much of himself to save me in the end.
I won’t let him. I can’t.
With my wolf, my demon princes and my angel, I should be able to survive hell. Right?

Once the fallen fall, they must never rise again…

18+ RH and the final book in The Demon Academy Series.



Would you sacrifice yourself for the love of another?

With her warlocks scattered, and the truth behind Kate’s motivations revealed, things have never looked grimmer. Without her men, she can’t take her grimoire, can’t perform the ritual, and will never be able to save her best friend before time runs out.

Can Kate become who she was meant to be, save her best friend, and the world? Or will she lose the only person she’s ever loved and the warlocks she never thought she could?

The Devil Destroyed is the thrilling final book in a twisted #WhyChoose paranormal romance series guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

One-click NOW for the exciting conclusion to the Kate Dark ~ Law Of Three series!



**Rescuing Harlow is part of the Seeking Eden world, but can be read as a STANDALONE**

“In 2041 the world experienced the largest solar flare in history. It took out all the world’s satellites and caused the power grid to overload. Causing a worldwide blackout. With no power to contain it, a virus was accidentally unleashed. The release of the NEX virus spread rapidly. Many people died within the first month. Most of the female population was wiped out. Those who survived the virus had fled to make shift cities, but even then, no one was safe.”

Harlow has survived years of torture at the hands of the Red Raiders.
Can she find and rescue her son Joseph? Can the men that love her, Rescue her heart?
And will they all make it to Eden…

*** Rescuing Harlow is book 3 in the Seeking Eden series and part of a duet. Book 4 Claiming Harlow coming December 2019.***



Emma’s to-do list:
1- stay away from Brad
2- survive the ACT
3- make memories with my boys

Moving cross country a month into my senior year was turning out to not be so bad despite all my initial dramatics. I had made some awesome friends and even got a great part-time gig at the coffee shop. Oh, let’s not forget to mention I got a boyfriend… three in fact, all of who have made the not-so-awesome parts of my forced relocation after my parents’ divorce easier to handle.

But when our creepy classmate decides to press charges against Jesse, the confrontation with my parents finally comes to head, and my still-pestering ex from California decides to take it up a notch- will we be able to deal with all the stress, or will we end up in over our heads?

#TickedOffTuesday entries just got a whole lot longer, but we can totally handle our senior year and make it to graduation, right?

Book 2 of the High School Clowns & Coffee Grounds Series

The High School Clowns & Coffee Grounds Series is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem trilogy featuring MFMM meaning the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests.

This book contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, abuse, underage drinking, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.



Want to know what it’s like living in your best friend’s closet?
Well let me tell you it’s not glamorous.

My name is Blake Jameson, and my fiance of two years just broke up with me for his younger – and hotter – assistant. And said fiance? He’s my boss, or was before the whole debacle began. Now, I’m twenty five, homeless, and jobless.

Thankfully my BFF Jenna is here to save me, even gets me a lead to a fantastic job. Only problem? SHG Inc. only hires MEN for their Santa Grams. But I’m applying anyway. I’ve got nothing else to lose.

But a “fantastic” job isn’t always as great as it seems. After an, ahem, incident with the boss and his four friends, I’m pretty sure I’m about to lose my job. Oh well, at least my bedroom has plenty of closet space.


It’s October 30th for me as I type this. All these Christmas books are making me cringe as I sit around my Halloween decor. *Makes shoo’ing motion at Christmas.*

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