October Reverse Harem Book Release Calendar

Hello lovlies! I’m doing something a little different this month by releasing October’s calendar a little early. Due to current lack of information on the following releases. *shrugs* About 99% of this list was compiled without social media being included as a search parameter. I have metaphorically lifted up the internet, turned it upside down, and shook out all the RH’s for October. I’m sure I missed one, or 2.

My favorite month of the year. Halloween, just so happens to be my favorite holiday. Pumpkins, the beginning of colder weather, falling leaves. Autumn dog turds. They’re out there. You just don’t know where. I hope you’re ready for a month filled with new Indie Authors/veteran ones too, current series sequels, new book series, and more! Consider all dates tentative and subject to change as authors have the final say on their book babies. I will try to keep updated as I see new books added or changed. If I miss a book coming out, just leave a comment letting me know what book and author and I’ll get it added! As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

*All blurbs come directly from the description provided on Amazon.



They were my bullies once.

Three boys I hated more than anything.

They made my life hell for a year–until I escaped their cruelty when my dad’s job moved us away.

I’ve never forgotten them though. Never forgotten what they did. And I know they haven’t forgotten me.

But when I’m offered a full-ride scholarship to the prestigious Clearwater University, I refuse to let old fears stop me from accepting.

Because I’m not the girl I used to be.

I’m stronger. Tougher.


And if West, Reese, and Trent think they can fuck with me again… well.

We’ll just see who breaks first.

This is book one of the Clearwater University duet, a new adult reverse harem bully romance. Due to language and sexual situations, it is recommended for readers 18+.



My name is Raven Winters and I’m a mage. Who the hell knew? 

When I somehow summon fire in an act of self defense, I’m given two choices by the magic cops: attend some stuck-up magic school, or go to magic jail. 

Well, shit. There go my plans for the next year. Apparently, I have Untamed Magic, whatever the hell that means. And I’ve got a year to get it under control at this magic academy that’s basically a finishing school for the elite. Everyone here is somebody important. And rich. Except for me. 

Which paints quite the target on my back. Being the token poor kid is bad enough. Throw in that I somehow form a mating bond with four of the school’s most eligible bachelors. Oh yeah, and add in the fact that someone is trying to kill me. FML.

Scroll up and one-click this steamy, action packed reverse harem romance. 



Just when you think you have your life under control, life shows up to kick you right where it hurts.

After dealing with the spirit who wanted to possess me, I thought things would settle down in Sleepy Hollow. Bones and Crane are trying to get along, and I’m dating both of them. I’m happy, even with Wash as my stoic, ridiculously handsome bodyguard.

Yes, I’d named the Headless Horseman Washington. Sue me.

But, it turns out, the spirits aren’t done with me yet, and I’m about to find out that an old soul wants me, and Wash. With my feelings for Wash only growing, and my relationships with Bones and Crane solid, the last thing I want to do is let an old witch ruin the life I’m trying to build.

My name is Kat Aleson, and I’m about to show that old witch how twenty-first century bitches handle things.

The Blessed Undead is the second part of a RH/why choose duology, drawing inspiration from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.



Some secrets have deadly consequences.

There are mysteries running amuck in Silver Creek.
My family’s being the deadliest of them all.

Except, my guys are more determined now than ever to keep me safe.
Even if it costs them their lives.

They were my tormentors. My bullies.
Now … they’re my saviors.
I can’t lose them.

It will be a fight to the very end.
But I refuse to fail.

Then again, it may not be my choice.

***LOVE ME, BABY*** is a reverse harem/mature high school bully romance novel. This is the final book in the series. Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. Some instances depicted in this novel can be triggering, so do read at your own risk.



The exciting conclusion to the Blossom High duet!

Cassandra Holland: I thought life on the wrong side of the tracks had toughened me up, but nothing had prepared me for the elites at Blossom High.

I didn’t know if I could survive the school year without losing my heart, my dignity or even my life.

And things were about to go from bad to worse when my old enemy shows up on campus, ready to prove to everyone around that nobody could mess with her.

Through it all, could I ever forgive the three boys who had been by my side before they betrayed me?

Would I ever even get the chance?

The final book in the Blossom High Duet.



Betrayal. Plots. Deadly Games.
Welcome to Brittas Academy, where only the wicked survive.

A car crash killed my parents.
Orphaned, penniless, I was left with nothing except my perfect grades.
When the Brittas Academy learned of my need, they offered me a scholarship.
The academy would be my chance for a better future.

The ivy-covered Georgian mansion seems like a miracle.
I’m sure I belong here, that I deserve a place amongst the other scholars, studying and learning in the storied lecture halls.

Until I meet the kings of the academy.

Sebastian, Leopold, and Prakash rule the school.
They’re legacies. Elites. They hate me because I’m not one of them.
The three bullies are cultured, sophisticated, and irresistibly gorgeous.
And they’re coming for me with the cruelest of intentions.

They vow to break me. Humiliate me. Get me expelled.

Or worse.

If I’m not careful, I’ll end up like the girl who died.
I found her diary, and I’m certain she was murdered.

I’m determined to stay.
Uncover their secrets.
Endure their deadly games.
I’ll never let them break my heart.

Wicked Elites is book on of a reverse harem high school bully romance series. It contains cursing, sexual situations, and extremely dark themes.



The Collapse changed everything.
Good men became killers. Strong women became property.
And every day turned into a fight for survival.

I once dreamed of becoming a nurse. That dream went up in flames the same day I graduated nursing school, when women were banned from holding any kind of medical license.

Now as an unlicensed medic, I travel what was once the southwestern United States, trading medical services for food, transportation, and shelter with the hopes of reaching Canada.

Because the United States is no more. And the lawless land that’s replaced it is a deadly place for a woman.

My worst fear comes true when I’m captured by the Steel Demons MC, the most ruthless biker gang in the Southwest. These men thrive on the violence and chaos brought on by the Collapse, and they’re eager to unleash it all on me.

It doesn’t even matter that the President’s dog likes me. I’m as good as dead.

Sons of Anarchy meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this dystopian reverse harem adventure! This wild ride is not for the faint of heart and contains adult themes that may be triggering.




High School can be murder. Welcome to the prestigious Moonrise Academy where fate is never on your side.

Marrying a slimy ass twice my age was out of the question, so I jumped at the chance to attend the exalted Moonrise Academy, even if it meant leaving everything behind. Friends. Family. My monster hunting side-gig.

But getting beaten on my first day wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was looking like a fool in front of the hottest guys in school – three seniors who rule the school for that matter – but I’d done it all royally.

And now someone wants me dead.

Hauling me out of bed at all hours and forcing me to fight in an underground fight ring is just the beginning. Students are showing up dead, and the killers won’t stop until they’ve gotten what they want from me. I just have to figure out who is behind it all…before it’s too late and the next body they find is mine.

But there’s a small glitch… of course there is.

Turns out this school isn’t exactly what I expected— they’re on the hunt.

If you like the magic of Sailor Moon, the bones of Sci-Fi, and the heart of Paranormal Academy, then you’ll devour Jesse Darkling’s sexy, imaginative series.

– Buy Half-Blood Hunted to leap into the darkly, addicting series today! –

Half-Blood Hunted is the first book in the Magic Moonrise Academy series, a medium-burn reverse harem, enemies to lovers romance featuring a kick-ass heroine with sass and three powerful gorgeous men who insist she belongs to them.



When being different leads to the best years of your life.

Silver Spell Solange always knew her years at the prestigious Supernatural Spy Academy would be challenging and dangerous. But she also expected them to lead to the adventure of a lifetime, complete with spy missions, magical growth, and bonds with friends and lovers.

She never truly considered the possibility of not surviving until graduation day.

With the revelation of something unexpected, Silver finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster. Now she has to make a choice: keep the news a secret or rely on her men for guidance, support, and love. Either way, Silver has a fated mission she can’t ignore.

With a new game plan and ten months to complete it, Silver and her men are determined to discover what the academy is hiding and who can tell them the truth. But once again, the curriculum is threatened by the mysterious organization that’s been after Silver for years. This time, however, they’re not giving Silver the option to choose which side she’s on. She’s either with them…or she’ll lose everything she’s worked for.

None of the team feels ready to graduate and become supernatural spies in the big, cruel world, especially when their final semester of Trials gives them an intense sensation of déjà vu. Year Four is about to lead to an epic conclusion of lava pits, magic tattoo parlors, building chases, and more — all in which sound peculiarly familiar.



I’ve always been the caregiver. When Mom disappeared yet again, it was just my little brother Alex and me . . . and we would have been fine.
But then my grandparents stepped in and they had a whole other set of plans, including sending us to an exclusive academy. An academy where Jackson, Kip, Forrest, and Brad seem to be out to get me.
They hate me from the start and I don’t know what to do about it. I have to stay for Alex’ sake, but can I stand up to the torture these gorgeous guys dish out? And why do they detest me so much without even knowing who I am?
For my brother’s sake, I’m determined to stick this hazing out, but then things get even more serious and I’m forced to make a major decision.

This is a reverse harem paranormal academy romance. It is a satisfying cliffhanger book and the other books in the series are already being finished up.



Music is my passion so you can imagine my excitement when my boyfriends whisk me off to England’s biggest summer festival. What I haven’t counted on is meeting two drop-dead gorgeous rock stars, getting a big break on a big stage, and then having a night of fun that is out of this world sexy and downright wild.

*Previously published in the Men of Summer anthology which is no longer available.



Want a Taste? Enjoy this Heavily Censored Excerpt.

Nic’s hands ran over my side, tickling over the skin that I had never felt before. Ankles, knees, the tender stretches of olive flesh on thighs and hips that I had only read about in books.
The touch was like the boiling water in the jetties deep below the surface. In the low caves where the whales run, where the sun didn’t hit and the water swirled so fast that it made it hard to breathe.
I was having trouble breathing now, and not just for the powerful thunder of the oxygen that was raging through my lungs.
“Zaniah,” Nic whispered in my ear, his fingertips walking over my skin, closer to warmth and wet and need that was consuming me.
“What are you doing to me?” I barely got the words out.
“I am showing you what these bodies can do, Zan. Didn’t you say the first thing you wanted to do when you got your legs was ride me?” He laughed, but all I could do was moan.



An unexpected phone call leaves Jay adrift in a sea of emotions as he returns home.
Unsure of how to deal with all the outside problems, he turns to sex for fulfillment. Doing it the normal way just doesn’t turn him on? Will his girlfriend, Roxie still love him when she finds out what he wants her to do with him?

A call from Jay had Roxie dropping everything to be at his side, but her lost boy is pushing her away.
The internet has many suggestions for how to spice up their sex lives, but when she discovers something life changing, will Jay be willing to give it a try?

Explore new bedroom boundaries in the last installment of the Summers of Love series.


Author pushed date to FEBRUARY

Turns out almost dying will leave you in a contemplative space, reflecting on violence, strategy, and revenge. For me, reliving those exact moments is the push I need to find the man who threatened my life. It also makes wasting time sitting in a classroom a pain in the ass.

After surviving a year and a half at Tracker Hive Academy, I’m left with wondering what’s next for me: the-eight-element-carrying Junior Tracker with four boyfriends, a destructive alter ego, and no professional filter. Obviously, I have to face the person who wants me dead, but there has to be more to this, especially with certain allies involved.

Unfortunately, things only get more complicated when my sexy Trouble Four start having imbalance problems — again, making it difficult for everyone to tell them apart — except for me, of course. And if that weren’t enough, my Shadow wants to add to the chaos by attacking the very students we’re attempting to protect.

My life is definitely a shitstorm, and when my dad Alaric goes missing during an assignment, all bets are off.

I am the queen of my hive and I won’t be told how to fight for what’s mine. With Zeke, Zion, Zackery, and Zeus on my side, there’s nothing I need to fear — especially with Calvin as our wild card. We’re a deadly threat, and this hive survives best by doing one thing: breaking all the rules.



I don’t fear the walking dead like most people, but that may be because I grew up playing Red Rover with them. Once they begin to decay, they’re not very fast, but they’re guaranteed to break through the clenched fists of the other team when they run through them. Sometimes they break those fists off completely.

When you’ve watched a dead man do the chicken dance upon your order, it’s hard to take them seriously. So death is the one thing I don’t fear. Not when the living are more terrifying.

I grew up with a certain set of rules that my dads and mom instilled inside of me. 1. Always be aware of my surroundings. 2. When shit hits the fan, stay calm and keep a cool head. And 3. Never reveal my secrets. Keep them guarded closely or risk the interest of those that would seek to use my power for their own gain.

Those rules used to be easy. They were what I lived and breathed. That was until I met Nate. Ever since I fell into his dark eyes, nothing has been the same. Four years have passed, and guarding my secrets has only become more difficult, especially when I have the world’s biggest crush on my boss and have grown as close as family to the crew I work with day in and out.
Yet even though guilt is a bitter pill I swallow each time I lie to my crew to cover up some oddity of mine that’s surfaced, it’s what must be done.

And I could have continued to do so. The dead don’t tell my secrets, so confiding in them is cathartic, until everything changes, and everything I thought I knew is tested.
You see, dealing with the living is tough, but the problem with the dead, is that sometimes, they don’t stay dead.



Dark Omegaverse Captive Romance.
Book 2 of the Alphas’ Captive Duet
***Trigger warning ***
Non-con, aggression… you’ve been warned.
The conclusion to the story of an omega kept captive by four Alphas. HEA, Why Choose



I’m lost on Earth…

…thrown here by magic.

I have to find my men before time runs out.

We’ve found the first key, but we still need the last two. If we don’t find each other and they keys, we will all be dead.

With the help of new friends, a giant dog and a talking cat, we might just stand a chance.


Join my harem and our quest to protect the world.

Get it now.

**Warning this a reverse harem with adult content and language.**



Fortune favors the wicked.

That’s certainly the case here at Everafter Academy. From the outside, everything is picture-perfect. But behind those walls are sinister secrets, and I’m here to expose every last one of them.

Too bad I’m the biggest secret of all.

So hiding my Darkblood identity should be my main concern.

It’s not.

Students from our rival school, Nevermore Academy, have come to celebrate the Festival of Light. Accompanying them is my covenmaster, Cassim, who’s here to remind me of the sins I committed.

Of the deaths I’m to blame for.

Once I find the wolves responsible for killing my loved ones, I will accept my punishment. I will even spend eternity at my Dark Lord’s side. A deal’s a deal after all. But first I need to survive this stupid festival without hexing anyone. I also need to solve the mystery regarding my ancestor Esmerelda, find a hidden princess, and totally not fall head over heels for my headmaster’s utter depravity.

With new adventures, rivals, and secrets at every turn, my time at this academy is proving to be one heaven of a challenge.

And it’s only my second week.

Everafter Academy is a Dark Reverse Harem Bully Romance. Each fairytale creature has been modernized and thrown into a world of magic, depravity, and allure, and Ravyn will never choose which path—or man—she truly wants. Why choose when she can have them all?

Themes: bully, forbidden romance, student/teacher, D/s relationship

Genres: reverse harem, academy, fantasy, fairytale

Heat Level: Scorching-hot, consensual scenes that are for 18+ only.

#teamfuckboy right here! When authors step up their game and book 2 outshines book 1. Impressive!



Seductive mists and a ruined Academy. 

No one will escape this Halloween night unsatisfied

One ruin stands in Mor’s way of restoring Trick’s City.

The one place where it all started…

Bestias Academy. 

As workmen descended with sledgehammers in hand a dark, ominous mist appeared to halt them in their tracks. 

It’s now up to Mor to figure out what the mist is and why it’s appeared days before the most important holiday of the year…Halloween. 

And she needs the gang to fight the darkness together.

Only this mist wants to claim more than the Academy grounds…

It wants Mor.

And then it wants the City.

Seduction rises and spills through the darkened streets. 

Mor and her three gorgeous Wolves are swept up in darkness…and lust.



The leader of the rebellion. Two seductive and deadly snake changelings. A freedom of the country is at stake

Can the former enemies learn to trust each other and fight together against despotic rule?

Faded Lines is Book 2 in a slow-build reverse harem where Adriana will find her love interests over time.
It features a bad-ass heroine, sexy shifter rebels, and fighting against dark despotic plans with wit, visions, claws, and a sharp machete.
The book includes explicit language and sexual situations. Intended for audiences 18 years and older.

ADRIANA ROJAS SERIES (6 books planned):
1) Fragile Bonds (LIVE now!)
2) Faded Lines
3) TBA (TBR November 2019)

The Coven Unleashed (The Ritual) and Adriana Rojas series are set in the same universe. The characters from the UF novelette The Ritual will be making guest appearances starting from Faded Lines.



“Five of us stand between a vengeful God, his monsters and end of the world.”

As Queen of the seas, the fate of the world now rests upon my shoulders. My powers are raw and untapped, I must learn to harness them quickly before my father kills me and everything I love.

With just four weeks before Poseidon plans to wipe out all of humankind, my men and I must work together to formulate a plan to destroy him, adding one more problem to the mix could make or break us.

As a Selkie army moves closer and closer and other outside forces threaten to destroy all that I hold dear, can we survive long enough to put that plan into action?

Should we fail, it would mean the end.



I thought limping through a year at InkHaven as an unprepared, unmagical noob would be the hardest thing I ever did.
I was wrong.
Returning to InkHaven after a summer spent in domestic bliss is a kick to the teeth, especially when I have to leave two of my men behind to do so. But that’s nothing compared to what the Academy has in store for me in the coming year.
Somebody wants me dead, and I’ll have to sacrifice pieces of myself to survive.

Disclaimer: Ink Born is a Reverse Harem Paranormal Academy Romance featuring all adult characters. It contains graphic scenes with both m/f and m/m content, as well as frequent group dynamics.




Playing both sides is never easy, especially when one of them is the hottest clique at the academy.

Magic and Metaphysics Academy wasn’t what Lou expected. She never expected to become one of the most popular girls there, and now she’s getting more attention than ever. Just not from the people she wants.

Can she manage to keep her friends and her sanity? Or is she going to lose it all?

Magical Mistake is the second book of the Magic And Metaphysics Academy Trilogy. It is a paranormal academy full of frenemies, an evil book, and a reverse harem romance with three hot guys.

Book one, Magical Mischief, is currently in the Magic and Mayhem boxed set.



Sometimes fate is your only blessing.

The four courts of Frayan, or what is left of them, have risen to stop a war.
But they will need a queen who will win the war.
Adelaide Autumn has to make a choice between her family and her duty.
Either way, it will break her heart.
Royals can’t always have it all…

Her pack must love her.
Her fate must be her choice.

The fates are going to war, and when you are one of them, you must choose.
Family or fate?

18+ Reverse Harem Romance



A wicked summer…

Will Mika be able to make it through the summer heat with Claire breathing down her neck? Does she know what Mika is? Will she turn her in? Mika can’t take the risk. She will challenge Claire for the title of Matriarch, but ritual requires one of them yields…or dies.

Can Mika survive the challenge without exposing what she is?



Magic is dangerous.

I should know. It got me a thirty-year sentence scrubbing toilets for a scumbag wizard.

My only hope is the Unleashing, a ceremony that unlocks the dormant powers of magical descendants when we turn eighteen. Since my mom was a lowly psychic, I don’t expect to be blessed with much more than the ability to forecast the weather.

But when the sorcerers unlock my magic, all hell breaks loose. Turns out, I’m not a wizard, witch, or even a sorcerer. I’m…something else.

Because of my unique abilities, I’m required to attend the Academy of Sorcery until I learn to harness and control my magic. Not only that, but the three sexiest and most powerful sorcerers on campus are assigned to guard me night and day. Jackpot, right?

Not quite.

Turns out these guys aren’t too happy with the arrangement, and they show it by making my life hell. That’s just the beginning of my troubles. The mean-girl squad declares open season on me, a mysterious woman attacks me every time I step off campus, and my professor is too hot for his own good. And when it’s time to find a weapon to help me master my abilities, my magic chooses… a spork.

It’s going to be a long year.

*This is a Reverse Harem series perfect for readers who enjoy:
+light bully romance & enemies-to-lovers
+college academies
+student-teacher forbidden romance
+badass heroine who holds her own against alpha males
+fun, fast-paced reads



“At Fallen Fae Academy, the magic will either complete you or kill you.”

My name is Harley, as in Harlequin. Plucked from my home from Las Vegas, NV, and placed into an University on an arts scholarship, suddenly I am the girl the four hottest and most popular boys have decided to “initiate”.

This is no ordinary “hazing” ritual, and these boys are no ordinary boys.

This mysterious University looks like any ivy league campus, but it isn’t. Step in and you are transported beyond your wildest imagination. I should be ecstatic being here. Except surviving “Initiation” is going to take everything I’ve got.

Don’t let the beauty of the four fae boys fool you. They are as dangerous as they are beautiful. And underneath everything, runs a deep secret. One I need to find out before Initiation kills me.

They think a human is weak. They think I shouldn’t be at this university. I’m about to prove them wrong.

**Initiation Year 1 is the first book of three books in the Fallen Fae Series with a badass heroine, four deadly, striking fae princes, heart-pounding action, super steamy love scenes, and great romance.



Lera burned him. Now it’s Tye’s turn.

Tye has sacrificed everything for his chance at the Prowess Trials, and Lera’s betrayal in reporting his injuries nearly ended it all. Now there is nothing left but to kick Lera out of his world—and ensure the eviction stays.

With less than a week until the continent’s royals descend upon the Academy, Lera has only one last idea for staying close to the high-value targets: join the Prowess team made up of their children. Lera thinks she’s ready to do whatever it takes… But when the emerald-eyed captain starts bullying her into quitting, she faces her greatest test yet.

As the hours tick down toward the opening ceremonies, Lera must prepare to fight for the mortal world—if she can survive Tye’s assault on her soul.

ENEMY TYES is the seventh episode in the GREAT FALLS ACADEMY novella series. The story takes place in the same world as Alex’s KDP All Star-winning POWER OF FIVE novels but can be read independently.



I broke the number one rule I live by—no attachments. Suddenly, I find myself getting very attached to more than one guy at Spy School.
Jaxon knows the truth now, but it doesn’t change anything. He still pushes me away.
Everyday it gets harder, and harder to lie to my friends. I want to tell them who I really am.
But what if I am trusting the wrong person?
What if one of my new friends isn’t as innocent he seems to be?
Things just got a whole lot more complicated.

My Dirty Secrets is book 2 in the Spy Academy Series. This is an RH, why choose novel.



Sharpened Edges. Spilled Lifeblood. Avenging Magics.

My name is Everly Banks, assassin, creator, and loner. Or I was until four hunters pushed their way into my life. Add in a cursed goat, sassy fox, and stubborn witch, and I have a whole circus following me.

That’s the least of my problems though. I have promises to keep and enemies to slaughter. Two innocents are caught in the center of a battle I’d failed to finish long ago. I won’t let them pay for my mistakes.

We will have to rescue them while dodging a bounty on my head and preparing for war. As if that wasn’t enough, whispers of my past are colliding with my present, and I’m not sure I’m strong enough to handle them.

Unfortunately, life isn’t waiting on me to get myself together. My own personal hell is coming whether I like it or not. But it’s not only my future at stake if I lose. My nightmare has come to haunt me and if he succeeds, the world will fall at his feet.

So, if you’re unlucky enough to see the clash between the creator and the destroyer, look for me beneath the falling ashen feathers. I’ll be the one who duct taped herself back together again.


Ashen Feathers is the final book in The Anomaly series. It is an urban fantasy with a reverse harem romance. That means she will not choose between her men. This series is not for those under the age of 18 because it contains sensitive content. Please see the foreword for specific triggers. They are located in sections that are listed so anyone who wishes to do so can skip said section without getting lost. There is also a warning by Everly herself just before the break. This book contains steamy scenes as well as battles.




You guys, it’s real! Someone made the Tumblr post into a book! Remember the one we were all reading and saying, “omg, I would love to read this!” Well here it is! I already downloaded it. 😲

When personal trainer Allie’s stuff is taken hostage by her vindictive ex-boyfriend, she thinks she’s out of luck. That is, until her four super-hot clients decide to get it back, and exact some revenge, on her behalf.

Inspired by the epic Tumblr post along the same theme, but this novella transforms the story into a swoon-worthy reverse harem happily-ever-after that will make you laugh before turning up the heat. It is a stand alone contemporary story with an HEA and plenty of steam.



Everything changed when I crashed into a food truck.

It all started with a brutal hill. An incline that I was determined to crest. One, long, punishing climb with my thighs screaming as I pumped the pedals for all I was worth. That hill could have been a metaphor for my whole life. I was climbing out of the crater left by a broken heart, ready to seize control again. Making it up that hill was a good first step.

Then I hit the food truck.

Enter Reese Riley, blond, gorgeous, stunning sapphire eyes and the kind of smile to set my blood on fire. No way he was real. With charm to spare, he walked me home and then asked me out. Then he introduced me to his friends—Briggs, Goran, and Dalton. Stunning men, all of them. Funny, too. They flirted, they teased, and they indulged. They were incredible, each of them, and they fit into my life like they’d been born to be there. I didn’t know whether to celebrate or to run like hell.

Oh, and did I mention they were aliens?

*Please note this is a reverse harem and the authors suggest you always read the forwards in their books. This is the first in a trilogy.



Sleeping Beauty, but not how you remember it…

One kiss.

That’s all. Just one kiss and the curse will be broken.

But is love’s true kiss a myth and will it be strong enough to break the curse that’s held her in its grasp for a century?

The compelling tale of a young princess fated to sleep forever and the prince destined to save her retold in this spellbinding collection by USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors.

One click now for your happily ever after.



I might have been born what most folks around here would call an abomination, but my trigger finger was nothing short of blessed.

It had to be. I grew up being told that I was the dirt-poor baby sister of a notorious outlaw.

Turns out, my mother was one of the most infamous whores in Missouri, and that outlaw that I’d called brother my whole life, wasn’t my brother at all, he was just one of the men in her harem.

Now this crazy woman who left me to be lied to my whole life wants my help running her niece’s wild west whore house and babysitting the runt brother of the Jacobs gang.

I guess you could say, I’d just inherited a whore house and a handful of problems.



Never ending darkness. It swallowed me whole. Cold and unforgiving. Nothing before it.

Then a light shone through, piercing my being, and I came to be. Snow and TJ, my first memory that made the darkness slink away. He’s the light I never knew existed. And even though he won’t ever admit it, I think he needed me, too.

Twenty-years later, we had jobs and a place to live. We work for the local mafia, which puts the skills we learned on the street to good use. Or at least it would if our boss would let us do more than shake down something tougher than the boneless, greasy con-men we normally got.

But everything changes the night we meet a god and I unwittingly gain his attention. My relationship with TJ is altered forever, and other mafia bosses move in on our territory: Chronos, twin brothers Hades and Anubis, and the ever powerful Ra.

Our boss Janus isn’t happy, and neither am I. The darkness that holds my past has begun to let go, and these gods are a part of that. But do I want to know the truth of who and what I am?

Adult Med-burn RH.
Disclaimer: Loosely based on mythology from many cultures. Lots of creative liberties taken.




I never should have trusted the fae.

I thought I had two options: Use my inherited powers to become the next Diviner, doomed to a lonely life of serving the witch and warlock councils, or marry a faery and escape to their realm.

I made a deal with the faery queen. I would join her world if I could pick my own faery husband. Lord Orson is a devoted guy who calls me ‘lass’ and has a ripped bod. My fate could be worse, right?

Oh yeah. There’s always a twist.

In this case, now that I’m here and it’s too late to turn back, I find out I’m not expected to marry just one man. Along with my sweet, sexy peasant lord, the high faery lords will also get a chance to choose me for their own. Of all the men there, each more icy and arrogant than the last, I attract the attention of the powerful and hated Lord Cyrus, who can read my damn mind, and Lord Larkin, who thinks he’s god’s gift to the world and that everyone else exists to serve him. I thought Orson would be on my side, but he has a secret of his own. Worst of all, I have to join twelve other desperate human girls at the Finishing School for Faery Brides.

I will be trained and tested in the proper ways of a faery lady, but if they think Daisy Pendleton is here to be pretty and please the whims of faery lords, they’re in for a surprise. They’re about to find out they need me as much as I need them.

FAE SWORN is the first book of a new reverse harem trilogy. Expect steam, humor, and a lot of sparks flying between three hot faeries and one opinionated witch! This series takes places after A WITCH AMONG WARLOCKS but is completely standalone, however, if you want the reading order:

1: The Fairer Hex
2. Boys Over Powers
3. A Fine Necromance
4. Battle of the Hexes

1. Fae Sworn (Late Sept or Oct)
2. Fae Tempted (Fall 2019)
3. Fae Bound (Fall 2019)



A Kitchen Witch with a bite, a King of Hell on a mission, and a candy coated town hiding bitter secrets.

Josie Benoit, gourmet patissier and kitchen witch, may not be a Sweet Pea native but she’s made the small town her home and she intends on keeping it that way. When trouble rolls into town on the seats of shining motorcycles, and the safety of her home and her own reputation are put at risk, Josie bands together with her coven to protect her world from a dark influence.
If only that dark influence wasn’t so deliciously handsome.

King Beleth is not a demon to be trifled with.
Leader of the Hell’s Bells MC and one of the great warlords of the Bowels, Beleth takes pride in his work and has the patience of a… man who knows what is best is worth waiting for. Known as Bell—to his friends, which you are not—he’s come to Sweet Pea to dismantle the core of good at the heart of the little town. But upon arrival he discovers three things that might just get in the way of his work:
Sweet Pea is more disgustingly adorable than they were warned.
The town has a coven of witches protecting it.
He’s developing a sweet tooth.



I always knew monsters existed, but until now, I thought they were all human.

Now I know better.

I’m in the Witness Protection Program, shipped off to Alaska. As if I didn’t have enough trauma watching my stepfather murder my entire family, now I’m surrounded by bullies of the worst kind. The bloodsucking kind.

That’s right, somehow, I’ve landed in the middle of a vampire academy in the Land of Eternal Night. I’m not about to let them scare me, though. I’ve been through hell and back and nothing is going to stop me from achieving my dream. Even if that dream is just getting out of here alive.

This is a reverse harem bully academy romance with a fun paranormal twist.




Pirate Cove Academy: Fire is an episodic Reverse Harem with heart-thundering romance, gasping battles, and tangled sheets. Settle in for your next binge read. It’s Netflix and Chill for your kindle. And don’t worry, we haven’t skimped on the ‘chill’.

Quick books, twice the steam.
Who said quickies can’t be hot?

Want a Taste? Enjoy this Heavily Censored Excerpt.

Nic’s hands ran over my side, tickling over the skin that I had never felt before. Ankles, knees, the tender stretches of olive flesh on thighs and hips that I had only read about in books.
The touch was like the boiling water in the jetties deep below the surface. In the low caves where the whales run, where the sun didn’t hit and the water swirled so fast that it made it hard to breathe.
I was having trouble breathing now, and not just for the powerful thunder of the oxygen that was raging through my lungs.
“Zaniah,” Nic whispered in my ear, his fingertips walking over my skin, closer to warmth and wet and need that was consuming me.
“What are you doing to me?” I barely got the words out.
“I am showing you what these bodies can do, Zan. Didn’t you say the first thing you wanted to do when you got your legs was ride me?” He laughed, but all I could do was moan.



By reader request, Hope is a full-length epilogue novel to show what comes after the series ends.

The war is over. The dead have been laid to rest. Peace is on the horizon, and Anglia is a country that needs to be put back together. After a failed coup, a new king who’s spent more time away from the country than on his throne, and two new kingdoms sharing the same space, it’s starting to feel like combat was easier to handle.

But Dominik Jens has an idea. What this country needs is a celebration to unite the three species. He has one in mind, but he’s not quite sure it’s going to fly. The nobles hate the idea, the iliri love it, and the grauori haven’t responded. They’re too worried about the Orassae’s grandchildren, who are due to be born at any time.

Peace isn’t made from drawing lines in the sand. It’s all about erasing them. That’s how Hope is built, and it’s the only way for Anglia to move forward together.

Luckily, they have plenty to spare.

This 120,000 word story is in addition to the complete and finished series (Books 1 – 10). It was written for the readers who wanted to re-visit the characters they have grown to love as they settle in after the war. Like all of the Rise of the Iliri novels, this epic fantasy story focuses on loving relationships, platonic and romantic, with a steamy reverse harem theme. Some erotic love scenes are explicit and almost unbearably titillating, although not for all readers—especially humans under eighteen.



Elite Academy.
It sounds rather pretentious, doesn’t it? I suppose the school is what the name implies—only the elite are allowed.
I live in a world where it matters if you were born vampire or bitten vampire. The bitten are treated as outcasts, while the born rule.
Being fifteenth in line for the throne means I don’t have a choice. I am forced to go to school here and study what my uncle, the king, sees fit.
Too bad I have a crush on two of my teachers.
Nobody said university was going to be easy—I just didn’t think it would be deadly.

Vampire School is book 1 in the Elite Academy Series. This is a RH, why choose series.



“Forget magick, Stevie. It’s a curse.”

Since my parents’ deaths, I’ve done my best to fly under the magickal radar, just like they always wanted. But when a rogue mage sets me up for murder, securing my freedom means making a deal with the world’s most powerful witches:

Arcana Academy of the Arts.

Two decades ago, they branded my mother a heretic. Now, the Academy believes Mom’s cryptic old Tarot prophecies hold the key to stopping unspeakable horrors—and they need me to decipher them.

To betray my mother’s memory… or rot in prison. My choice.

Spoiler alert: Your girl’s going to magick school. To a forbidden world of potions, prophecies, parties… not to mention brutal classes, a mean-girl coven that puts the psycho in psychic, and four infuriating mages:

Kirin, my sexy, brainy research assistant.

Baz, whose dangerous smolder could make the devil blush.

Ansel, the adventurous golden boy.

Dr. Devane, the naughty professor who makes me long for a spanking.

The scoundrels insist they’re Team Stevie, but I don’t need divination lessons to know they’re hiding something. And if I’m right about Mom’s prophecies, well… Ever see the Tower card? Fire, brimstone, everybody screaming? Downright party compared to the chaos headed our way.

So grab your grimoires, girls. It’s time to witch up… or die trying.

SPELLS OF IRON AND BONE is the first book in the Tarot Academy series, a university-aged reverse harem academy romance featuring Sarah Piper’s signature blend of Tarot, magick, heart-pounding supernatural suspense, and a badass witch who always gets what she wants, especially when it comes to her men…



Ryker, Elliott, Max, and Chase are under a spell, and Lyra is the only one who can break it.

With danger lurking in every corner and the Dark Society after her, Lyra has to enter the world of shadows to save her boys.



I’m no one’s princess. I’m a fucking queen.

The students at RPA have no idea what’s coming their way.

Specifically, three of the most arrogant, conceited guys on campus and their posse.

Brett, Dorran, and Chaz are in for a rude awakening.

 They may be little snobs with too much money, but the Devil broke the mold when he made me.

I don’t fight my battles with money; I use my imagination.

They say I don’t belong, and they have the sheer determination to prove it.

Only, I’m not like all the other girls here.

I’m the new girl.

I don’t cower. I get even.

***NEW GIRL*** is a reverse harem/mature high school/academy bully romance novel. This is book one of the series. Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual.



Rich boys don’t fraternize with the help.
They don’t fall in love with the help.
They don’t risk everything for the help.

We know what we’re up against now. Who we’re up against. But if he holds all the cards, the truth hardly matters.

The kings of Linwood want me to run. They want me far away from here, where I’ll be safe.

I won’t go though. I refuse to leave my mom behind, and the four boys who’ve each claimed a piece of my heart won’t let me face this threat on my own.

They swear they’ll do whatever it takes to end this. To keep me safe.

Since we won’t back down, fighting is our only option.

But I’ve played poker long enough to know that sometimes when you risk everything…

You lose everything.

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Risk is a reverse harem high school bully romance, the final book in the Kings of Linwood Academy trilogy. It contains cursing and sexual situations



“I only date for two reasons: 1) blood and 2) ice cream.”

Meet Sapphire the vampire! She just wants free food until she accidentally lands a harem and uncovers a plot to turn an entire town into vampires. Her harem men include: 🍆 A charming wolf shifter who’s also an Instagram model 🍆 A Pegasus shifter who shifts when he sneezes (he’s allergic to everything) 🍆 Bob Sapphire is a standalone RH part of the Jewels Cafe shared universe! The series will have brand new RH romances by 12 amazing authors.

Sapphire launches in KU on October 21! Check out the cover below.



Misery loves company… or does he?
Daria’s reeling from the secrets she unlocked about her family, but at least she has her five demons by her side. Or so she thought. Misery has mysteriously disappeared, and Daria can think of little else.
Between pouring drinks, spinning creative tales to cover her unexplained absence to her coworkers, and getting to know her new house mate, Daria has to somehow track down the first demon who managed to worm his way into her heart. But when they’re reunited, he isn’t the same Misery she’s grown to care for. This is a stranger, one who’s given in to the darkness that plagues him.
Now Daria has to find a way to pull him out of the anguish he’s lost in, and one he doesn’t necessarily want to let go of. Can she bring him back from the brink?



Nightmares. Bad dreams is all they are, right? That’s what I thought too, until recently that is.
Turns out there’s soo much more out there that we can’t see. Maybe the monster under the bed isn’t just a myth.
I never really fit in anywhere, not in my family, not in school but something happened on my seventeenth birthday that changed everything.
Now I’m scrambling to learn what I am, and how I fit into this new life.
Will this be a fresh start where people understand me? Or will I always be an outcast?



Welcome to the Horror Emporium…

We have something for everyone but choose wisely.

There’s no turning back…

Brought to you from the minds of the 3way, your Halloween is about to be a little bit scarier. Fate is controlling. Things lurk below. The devil wears a pretty face.

Are you afraid? You should be…


In the face of unexpected revelations about her birth family, Rory finds herself even more torn between the morals she grew up with and the community she’s destined to rule. With all four of her fellow scions now offering their support—and affections—will she be able to prevent the looming bloodshed?

This is the fifth volume in an eight-book university-age paranormal academy series.



Our biggest fight is yet to come.

I watched my sisters claim their fated mates with my heart full for their happiness.

Now it’s time to face my own mates. Two of them have been at my side, and I’m waiting for my third. After all, it’s now a family tradition to have three mates. I wonder if reality can be as good as the fictional worlds I love to live in.

Our world isn’t all rainbows and hellhound puppies. There’s something coming bigger than any of us have ever faced.

Now that I’ve tapped into my massive powers, I will do what it takes to save my family and my mates. I’ve had just about enough running and hiding behind wards and our sentries. It’s time to end the threat from Hell once and for all.

Enough is enough.



***Academy Reverse Harem***

Radcliffe Academy is one of the most prestigious magical institutions in the Hidden World. Only the most skilled witches and warlocks grace these hallowed halls.

There’s just one teeny, tiny problem.

I don’t belong here.

At all.

First of all, I’m not a witch. I’m 100% grade-A, boring, bona fide human.

Second, this isn’t even my life.

See, I was out celebrating my twenty-first birthday when I fell into an open manhole. Next thing I knew, I was being rushed to a hospital, and the EMTs kept asking me if I had allergies to unicorn blood.

Oh, and everybody keeps calling me Roxie–which is definitely not my name.

There’s obviously been some kind of mix-up, but I can’t let anyone here know that, or I’ll be in serious danger.

So that leaves me with only one option: pretend to be this Roxie chick until I can figure out a way back to my world.

In the meantime, I have to deal with Roxie’s arch enemy, who miiight know I’m not her, a lothario across the hall with no sense of personal boundaries, and a teacher’s assistant who’s got a crush on me… er, I mean, Roxie.

No problem. I got this. Should be easy, right?

…don’t answer that.

Magic Swap is the first book in the Hidden World Academy series, a medium-burn reverse harem story intended for ages 18+, featuring a sassy human who’s a little out of her depth and the three men who win her heart.



Earth is just one of an infinite number of realms created as playboards for the gods. But when a realm and its citizens fell too far from balance, the gods grew weary of their game and eradicated the realm, creating a new playboard.

A number of gods disagreed with this practice and created a vessel of balance as a final chance for redemption.

Bristol, just a small-town girl from Nebraska, was one of the few residents left on Earth after an apocalyptic event raptured the majority of Earth’s inhabitants.

But she has discovered she is more than she seems. She is Earth’s last chance to restore balance and assure its survival.

Reuniting with the four men that are the keys to her success, Bristol will face off against evil and its deadly manifestations, holding the fate of Earth in her hands.

This is her destiny. An endless loop of war since the dawn of time. But this time is different. This time, saving the realm isn’t going to be enough. It’s time to write a new playbook and Bristol is done being a pawn to be used and discarded.

So the gods want a new game? Good. Let’s play.

*Reverse harem
*Trigger warning: this novel contains violence, including sexual violence, some of which certain readers may find disturbing.
*Magic, shifters, demons, gods, and vamps- Oh My!
* Multiple POV’s
* Mature audience; sexual, violent, and adult content.
*Book one of an in-the-works series



Did you hear that howl? Are you ready for a fright?

Some things go bump in the night, and that’s how it should be.

Join us as we spin you stories of Halloween delight. From the ghastly to the oh my gawd you’ll find what you’re looking for between these pages.



I was warned…

…don’t fall for the sinfully beautiful werewolves.

But even a badass witch can’t resist three scorching hot shifters, even if they’re my deadly enemy in an ancient war.

They call me the Crimson Tide. I’m the last of the Wolf Charmers: hunted witches whose magical powers control wolves.

As a witch hiding from my dark past – and the murder of my parents by werewolves – I must survive by one rule:

# Rule 1: Never trust the angelic perfection of an Omega

Unlucky for the Oxford coven who call me back home from America, I suck at following rules. When I’m forced to claim three gorgeous British shifter princes from rival Wolf Kingdoms, I can’t help loving and protecting them as pack, even if they hold their own dangerous secrets.

Yet the deeper I tumble into the mysterious world of pretty monsters, the further I spiral into sinister peril.

Am I right to trust an Omega? Has my whole life been a lie?

When my aunt’s cruel coven and the bullying Alphas test my Wolf Charmer powers, I’ll either discover what I’m capable of and who I truly am…

…or I’ll die.

Rebel Werewolves is a Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance by USA Today bestselling author Rosemary A Johns with sexy and alluring werewolves, vampires, and angels. Only Perfect Omegas is a 90,000 word shifter romance. Crimson will never choose only one man out of her pack. Why choose when she can have them all?

Click and devour Only Perfect Omegas now.

Genres: Reverse harem, paranormal, urban fantasy, fantasy

Themes:  Enemies-to-lovers, forbidden romance, F/M, M/M

Heat Level: Hot, consensual scenes that are for 18+ only.



I barely survived a curse, but my attacker still wants me dead. Now I must learn to wield my power before it is too late.

Kari Taylor barely survived the curse that was killing her. Damaged from the attacks on her life, she’s recovering in the fae realm, her five protectors by her side. Her lovers. Her mates. This new life is something she never dreamed was possible. 

But danger stalks her still. The fae who cursed Kari still wants her magic, and will not stop until she gets it. As the invisible threat grows closer, Kari must learn trust herself and her companions. The clock is ticking, and they all must act quickly to survive.

Now gifted with a power that she doesn’t understand and cannot control, Kari is thrust into an unfamiliar world. Kari must learn to wield new, potent magic to protect herself and those the men she loves, before it is too late. 

EUPHORIA is a full-length reverse harem romance, and the second in a series. Beware of cliff-hangers!



Esme and her squad of divine hotties return for another adventure. Eris was only the beginning.
The safety of the world is at stake, and understanding her powers becomes more important than ever before.



Halloween has come to Bloodwood Academy and Ivy’s boys are excited to show her all that All Hallows Eve entails at the school for the supernatural.

Their plan at a heat filled night erupts when an unexpected visitor stops by with a debt to pay. Will Ivy’s night be more of a trick, or a treat.

Howl and the Moon is a 30k word Novella that lives in the world of Bloodwood Academy, but does not have to be read in line with it. This stand alone story features Ivy and her guys in all sorts of hijinks and trouble, and so much heat that it might melt your kindle!



Never trust a Dark Witch. I should know—I am one.

Not that anyone ever told me, but secrets like that can’t be kept forever. Witches might tell lies, but blood doesn’t.

I was all set to start training at the Highborne Academy for Witches, but now I’m trading Conjuration for Curses at The Academy of the Dark Arts. It’s a place I’ve been taught to fear my whole life, and for good reason. Dark Witches are dangerous, secretive, and apparently…devilishly handsome. Emphasis on the devilish part.

I never asked for this, but if I want to survive, I’m going to have to roll up my sleeves and learn some dark magic.

It doesn’t take long before I discover that it might not be the Dark Witches I have to fear the most.

All I have to do is survive until I can find out who the hell I even am, and more importantly, what that really means. But the more I look for answers, the more I start to question if some secrets are better left untold.

Dark Witch is the first book in the Academy of the Dark Arts series, a medium-burn reverse harem featuring a rebellious heroine and the three sexy warlocks who fall under her spell.



Get ready to dive into a deliciously steamy adventure sure to delight all your taste buds!

Multiple alpha men, a submissive female, a bit of masochism, a dash of sadism, and a whole lot of lustful flavors are bound to spark your imagination and whet your appetite.

Join Graham Kra’quer and Anise Spyse, Royal Ambassadors of the Savory Citadel, as they travel to Sugarland.  Get lost in the Embittered Forest.  Become enslaved by the brothel witch, Mari.  Suffer tragically and finally escape with the two stepsiblings to Sugarland.  Meet Plumpy and his fetish for mouthwateringly plump women and Mr. Mint, with his refreshingly domineering ways.  Flee from Lord Licorice and Jolly Rancher.  Get rescued by Chester Nutt, the silver fox of Peanut Brittle Plains.  Slowly trek through the Lollipop Woods with Prince Lolland to encounter Queen Frostine and his fetish for sexy men.  Cross the Molasses Pits with the help of Toffy and finally enter the Candy Castle, where King Kandine rules.

But beware of the treacherous perils of the land and all its creatures. 

Only King Kandine can release the magic of the collars Mari put on Graham and Anise, but there’s more than meets the eye about the brothel witch.

Much more.

Will Graham and Anise learn her secrets before she learns theirs?

Or will she come back to Sugarland with an army, ready to claim the stepsiblings and the kingdom?   

Warning: This book is ONLY for readers 18+ and has the following elements:

Stepsibling taboo

Dom/Sub and BDSM

Daddy kink (older/younger)

Various fetishes (BBW, food, licking, and more)

M/M (with Queen Frostine)

It’s Hansel and Gretel meets Candyland, but for adults.  Be prepared for strong language, violence, and sexual situations.  This novel has multiple POVs and is Reverse Harem. #Whyfreakingchoose



I was always told growing up in my family, surrounded by magic, that I was a dud. I had no power except the ability to talk to ghosts. It never bothered me because I enjoyed my job as a bartender at my Uncle’s bar that caters to the supernatural community. I spend my nights working and getting to flirt with my crush.

Then one night, my life turned upside down. Someone was murdered right around the corner and suddenly a hot wizard detective with a perfect bubble butt from MEPA, The Magical Entity Protection Agency, swooped in and asked for my help with the victims’ ghosts. Working with the detective soon leads to a race to stop a killer who is bent on exposing the supernatural community to humans with more deaths.

Join Victoria on her journey as she works to stop an evil being with the help from her crush Akira the werewolf, Lucian the wizard, and her ex-boyfriend Shax.

This is a reverse harem medium to fast burn book or a why choose novel.

F/M/M M/M/F and will continue to include M/M/F/M



Knowing who is behind the attacks doesn’t make things easier. If anything, they’re harder now. Ty is heartbroken over the betrayal of his family, and there isn’t a thing I can do about it.
The council is now on board with me being the princess because they think I’m this all power dragon shifter. I’m not. I’m just an eighteen-year-old that has no control over anything.
The attacks are getting worse, but the council is too busy arguing over things that simply don’t matter.
How many dragons are going to have to die before we finally do something about it?

Dragon Hearts is book 5 of 6 in the Dragon Shifter Academy Series.
Book 1: Dragon Royalty
Book 2: Dragon Elite
Book 3: Dragon Guards
Book 4: Dragon Choice
Book 5: Dragon Hearts
Book 6: Dragon Forever (coming soon!)



Not all battles are fought with swords…

***contains spoilers, don’t read if you’ve not read Purrr***

Kat’s world has changed dramatically. Her home is gone, her business destroyed, her confidence frayed.
She’s used to dealing with problems (mostly by killing them), but trying to cope with her newfound siblings, mysterious enemies, and three yummy smelling men is a little too much even for Kat.
It’s time to polish those claws and prepare to forge out a new life – with a little bit of murder, obviously.

The fourth book in this purrfectly exciting urban fantasy series. A slow burn reverse harem where Kat won’t have to choose.



A Damaged Past. A Desperate Need For Change. A Decision That Will Change Everything.

When cocky, powerful Neo Shield Lock of the West Cardinal Pack showed up with dire warnings and intense training advice, Harper and the rest of her men weren’t sure what his motives were. Now that they’re on the brink of losing him entirely, it’s up to Harper to make her case and persuade him to stay.

Because without him, her pack will fail and war will erupt in the shifter community.

To become Wolf Cardinals, Harper and her men will have to take the next three months seriously and grow — mentally, physically, and emotionally — both as individuals and as a whole. It sounds easy, but there’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it.

Half the pack is progressing well, but some members still struggle with the past and their insecurities. Harper also has to deal with her emotional trauma and figure out how she can take the next step in leadership before the day of the Cardinal Announcement.

Things are shifting, and as time continues to tick away, Harper knows they only have one shot in preserving the peace that’s hanging by a thread.

It’s time for Harper to fulfill her destiny as a Wolf Cardinal.



I have read this and can attest that book 2 is friggin’ awesome.

What’s the saying: keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

Guess I’m about to find out just how difficult that really is. I might have my best friend back but his safety and that of my chosen family depends on me doing something I vowed never to do.
Join Camden’s crew.
Thing is, you don’t turn down the leader of Hackney’s Hackers and then get a second chance without forfeiting something in return. The relationships I was just starting to build, is that too high of a price?
Sonny with his joking nature and dimples.
Ford with his mysterious dominance and protective instinct.
Eastern with his unyielding loyalty and feeling of home.
This term at Oceanside Academy, my sanity will be pushed to the limit as I walk the fine line between friend and foe. All I know is this better be worth it because I’m about to learn something important about myself. I was happy being a delinquent, but a reject…? Not so much.

**Reject is book two of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy trilogy for 17+ readers and contains foul language and sexual scenes**  

**Reject is book two of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy trilogy for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes. Contains foul language and sexual scenes.**



Nothing on earth could hold me down.

Three handsome winged alien warriors? I’ll even find the rope.

Prized by the Alien Hybrids is the fourth in the Lost Arena series of steaming hot science fiction romances. Each book features one sassy heroine, her dedicated alien warriors, and another piece of the overall mystery. And in this world, a happy ending means why choose? This is a hot, fast burn full novel with over-the-top heroes and situations, and instalove.



One sassy, foxy heroine hired to help five gorgeous, arrogant alpha shifter males. What could go wrong?

The day Ethan Payne walked into my office, my world was turned upside down.

Strolling in like a Mr. GQ youngest billionaire nominee, I soon realized he came from the renowned species I hated most: the charming asshole.

When he offers me a job to locate an ancient item that’s from the stuff of legends, I conclude he must also be stark, raving mad.

But the reward he’s offering is too good to turn down – a buttload of cash and a legendary scrying mirror made by Nicolas Flamel.

How can a girl refuse?

Only, to accept the job, I have to sign a blood contract.

And if I don’t fulfill my end of the bargain – well then, the contract’s magic will curse me to a painful and horrifying death.

I’m the one of the best trackers in the world, so what’s there to lose?

Plenty, I soon realize. 

Now I’m stuck in a team with Ethan and four other hot, arrogant, alpha male dragonshifters. All of who seem to really know how to push my buttons.

Drake’s cold as ice; Damien seems to have a stick shoved so far up his ass I’m surprised he can walk properly; Liam is a know-it-all narcissistic prick; and Knox – well Knox is the only one who seems nice and actually wants me here. 

But I’m not here to make friends, or to find a mate. Only the harder I try to ignore my raging hormones, the more attracted to them I find myself.

How am I going to manage to keep my hands off them, and thwart their advances?

Find out in this thrilling new reverse harem paranormal romance story!


The Dragon Marked series is perfect for readers who enjoy reading books by Terry Bolryder, Ava Mason G. Bailey, and Eva Chase.



Live with your three best guy friends, they said! It won’t drive you crazy, they said! Lies! They are driving me crazy… but mostly because I have a big secret. I’m crazy about them. So what the heck am I going to do about it?

Need a quick steamy read this Halloween?! pick up Peridot. It has everything you could ever need in only 20k. Hot fae men? Check! Pumpkin spice lattes? Check! Steamy scenes and drama? Check! A true happily ever after? Check! Trust me you will want to read this! Come meet Peridot, Reaghan, Ruslan, and Oryn!

Fantasy RH. Content is for +18 audience. Mild violence, swearing (shocking – I know), and steamy scenes. Peridot is part of the Jewels Cafe series, be sure to check out the 11 other novellas within the series! Important note: it can be read on its own.



Some women fear the fire. Some women simply become it.

Ever since her parents were murdered and their home burned down with her inside it, Amara has been afraid of fire. Now, she’ll face the flames again, this time in the form of a supernatural terrorist. A supervillain with the power to burn. But the fire-starter isn’t the only one Spectra has to worry about. FEAR still hasn’t caught Phantasma, and as the flames lick higher, something just as sinister is closing off her escape. Can the cynical superhero become what she fears most to survive or will fire win again?

From the Author:
Experience the full Spectra in order:
Spectra: A Cynical Superhero
A Gray Area
A Compression of Colors
Blue Murder
Code Red



Anomalies. Abnormals. Curiosities. Freaks. Threats. The Conditioned bear many labels, heavy restrictions, intolerable scorn, and unforgiving laws. For thirty years they have been consigned to regulation behind the walls of safe houses and camps. The Conditioned have no rights. They are not people. They are the damned.

Attorney Ben Lavelle, a widowed father of twin girls, has a ghost problem. It bangs through the houses in his neighborhood, terrorizes his kids, and is generally creating havoc. Turning to his brother Gene who has ties to organized crime, he asks for his help—for the girls. Never having dealt with a Conditioned before, Ben has no idea what to expect but Seven is definitely not anything he imagined.

Seven-Two-Four is a Ghost Talker, she can manipulate the energy malignant and otherwise. Isolated in the Institutions, Seven’s lived a harsh existence where even the simple luxuries like sleeping in a bed are denied to her. When the job with Ben and his family buys her a few more days before her scheduled euthanasia, Seven experiences life as a person for the first time.

When tragedy strikes, Ben turns his legal prowess on the Institutions dehumanizing the Conditioned in the first place. Can he and Seven survive when even the memory of their love threatens everything they hold dear?

*Please note this book was previously published under a different title and series name. If you feel you’ve read this before, you might have. Also, the author suggests that you always read the forward to her books to see if there are any triggering things for you and to make sure it is the kind of book you want to read. But, if you like smart, strong characters who grow exponentially over time in love than she suggests you go grab this book right now.*



One, two, things are changing for you.
Three, four, monsters at your door.
Five, six, no one could predict.
Seven, eight, you learn they’re your mates.
Nine, ten, it’s time to fight again.

Paige Alice has changed, but she’s not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

The good.
Four annoying and different types of men, who she trusts with her life. A scary but faithful sidekick, and of course, her crazy family.

The bad.
…Everything else.

*This is the first in a reverse harem romance trilogy. There’s adult themes, course language, humor, and mm scenes, for 18+ only.
*Sorry about the cliffhanger, but the second book will be released in early December 2019.



My name is Rayven Meyers and I used to be your average foster kid.
Everything changed for me on my 16th birthday. I could do things no other normal person could.
Now 4 years later I am hunted by people involved in a war that I want no part in.
Both sides want to control me or eliminate me. Little do they know, I don’t bow to anyone.
Now it is up to me to learn to harness and control this never-ending power I have inside before it is too late.
The time has come for me to stop running and find out what I am capable of.
With 4 alpha males to help me learn more about my origin, let’s hope I don’t fuck this up.
In a war against the world, who will come out ahead and who will still be by my side.

Let the war begin

Author’s Note: This is the first book in The White Dragon and ends with a cliffhanger. This book is a medium burn reverse harem story, intended for ages 18 years and older. This story contains strong language and violence.



It’s not a word in my vocabulary. Growing up in the foster system didn’t lead to a normal life, but things really got crazy when I turned sixteen.
Things started happening to me that I could neither understand nor explain, so I did the only thing I could do, I left everything behind to live on my own.
After years of being hunted because of my unusual power, I finally meet my match. In one night, everything changes when I’m kidnapped by four men who claim I can help save the races. But can I trust them?

In a world where everything is unfamiliar, where creatures I never imagined exist, can I learn to harness this power I have inside before it is too late?
Author’s Note: This is the first book in The White Dragon and ends with a cliffhanger. This book is a medium burn reverse harem story, intended for ages 18 years and older. This story contains strong language and violence.



Joining the Collectors Division was my only goal once the orphanage washed their hands of me at the age of twelve.
Unruly and quick to anger, I was taken in by an academy instructor until I was old enough to attend myself. With love and understanding I thrived, and it became my mission to be the best Guardian the Collectors Division had ever seen. I couldn’t
wait to run the Gauntlet and join a team.

Little did I know what fate had in store for me.

Guardian is a reverse harem novel and contains MM and FF. Not recommended for those under 18



My secret is out.

Everyone knows who I am.
I don’t have to hide.
Which should be a relief.
Instead, it brings new problems.

Things went fast and people got killed.
Now I need to rescue my best friend.

We’re going into the Dark-World.
We’re going to get her back.
And I don’t care who stands in my way.
If I need to, I will go through them.

She’s my family, they are my family.
Nobody touches my family.

I will save her and my world.
I’m Isadora Seraphina Savill Royal.
I’m a Full-Blood Witch and Protector.
Now I’ll be a Saviour.

Saviour is the first of a series, it’s one woman with multiple men, this will mean there will be M/M scenes and long and steamy scenes. Read it at your own risk!



Now that I know their secret, the Elite pack isn’t about to leave me alone. In fact, I think the bullying is worse than it’s ever been.

Brad, Forrest, Kip, and Jackson may be showing their interest in me, but the girls are ready to fight to the death for their men. And I’m stuck in the middle of a really messy love . . . something.

Can my love for my little brother win out over all the bully drama in this academy, or am I doomed to drag him down with me, just like Mom? Only time will tell.



Having spent the last seven years in an orphanage, Zosia is shocked when someone tells her she’s a sphinx and the last guardian of the sentient library of Supernaturals. The elite academy which houses the powerful library rejects her because she isn’t perfect, but she knows instantly that the library is where she belongs. She ignores the academy’s decree and gathers others around her – four guardians who are just as perfectly imperfect as she is.

But her powers, her ability to shift, and her strength are tied up in the memories she can’t bear to access – memories of torture as a young girl – horrible acts which made her the way she is. When the library is all that stands between two ignorant factions trying to cause a war, it’s up to her and her guardians to prevent it. But first, she has to face her worst fears – including believing in herself.

***This book is a reverse harem, why choose, slow-burn adventure. Some topics may be triggering and/or of a sensitive nature. ***



It’s tough losing a sister.

It’s even worse when you’ve lost them, and they’re still alive.

But unfortunately, I know exactly how that feels.

My name is Gloria Protean. When I was five, my older sister, Grace, was taken from me. Growing up, I blamed myself. But I know better now. I’m an adult, twenty-three years old since last month. And one of the first female graduates from Aletheia University’s criminal justice program.

So I’m well aware that it wasn’t my actions that caused a group of corrupt psychopaths to hold my sister prisoner. She was a willing captive, of course, but that couldn’t be helped.

Yet still, knowing that she was alive, and not really a part of my life, made the constant ache of her absence hard to swallow.

She wasn’t brave, not like me. So she wouldn’t stand up to him. Especially not now.

So I was going to have to do it for her. And if that meant I’d have to also become the first female detective on the local force, in order to gain access to the places I needed to go, then so be it. I could absolutely do this.



n a galaxy far away, a supernova changed a world forever. Energy became the daily fix, sex became currency, and children were a thing of the past. How do you create a future when you can’t move beyond the present?

All I ever wanted was to be a Scientist; what I never anticipated was becoming an Empathic Healer. Luckily, my bondmate, Laz, has always been my center. As a Duo, we have power, but someone believes that we can be more. They say you can’t hear a scream in space… but some of us can feel the pain.

The day I crashed to Earth, a secret buried in the past became an opportunity for our future. What happens when power is suddenly up for grabs on a world where the color of your aura determines your path, and your vibrational frequency determines your strength? Could the ruling Spectrum soon be a thing of the past? Only if I can create a Spectrum of my own – with the sexy men who keep hovering in my orbit, hoping to anchor their frequency to mine..

Duos, Triads and Quartets, oh my! It’s a cat and mouse game in outer space. What color is your aura?



THE COMPLETE HELL’S REDEMPTION SERIES including bonus Novella! a #Whychoose romance with the devil, swearing, M/M, inappropriate gifts and orgies in Hell.


Arcadia’s dying. But that’s okay.

She was prepared to spend her last years alone, working boring temp jobs and eating cereal straight out of the box, until the inevitable moment that her heart finally gave out. That way, she wouldn’t cause anyone any unnecessary grief, and that was noble, right?

But a chance meeting on the subway changes everything. Now she’s living with not one guy, but seven intriguing men who are all as sexy as, well… sin. But she’ll soon discover that there is more to the guys than their attractive appearance and their disconcerting willingness to take care of a complete stranger.

They are the embodiment of a Seven Deadly Sins, pawns in an ancient bet, and apparently so was Arcadia, who was meant to be some kind of savior.

They chose the wrong girl. Death was knocking at her door, and so was the Devil.



Estrella had a hero complex. Her twin sister, Hope, had teased her about it for as long as she could remember. She’d always been ready to go to battle for the underdog. She loved her job at the Boston P.D., loved that she could make a difference to people’s lives.

But when Hope is abducted outside a conference in Geneva, Estrella’s carefully ordered world takes a sharp left turn into darkness. Vowing revenge on the human traffickers that abducted Hope, she begins her hunt for justice.

Throw in her best friend, two wildly inappropriate gifts from her pseudo-parent Lucifer, and a sexy mercenary from her past, and she has everything she needs to break the people who broke Hope. Blood will spill and her inner darkness will rise, but Estrella doesn’t care. She may have a savior complex, but what people didn’t seem to realize was she had never been the good twin.



Hope had always been different. The child that should never have been. A fragile creature who’s empathy made her universally loved by those who knew her. An anomalous mixture of both humanity and the Divine, she walked the line between human and something more.

After she was abducted while on a business trip in Europe, Hope is forced to try and find herself beneath the emotions and expectations of others. However, that’s a hard thing to do when she is surrounded by Fallen Angels that all seem to want something from her. Mephistopheles looked at her like she was the key to something he had lost, and Gusion was haunted by a million possible futures that only he could see.

Then there was The Angel of Death who kept appearing to stare at the “aberration” like she was as an animal at the zoo, and a hitman who’d been coerced into being her unwilling bodyguard. Her life was a complicated mess.

If only she knew what was to come…


Includes BONUS first chapter in Grace McGinty’s new series: NEWLY UNDEAD IN DARK RIVER



They call this place Magic Blessed Academy, but I sure as hell don’t feel blessed.

I never asked for these powers. I never asked to be yanked away from my perfectly good life and forced to come here.

But the gods have gifted me with magic, and now I have no choice.

If I was smart, I’d keep my head down and play it safe until I can graduate.

And I definitely wouldn’t go up against the three gorgeous, infuriating men who rule the school—Trace, Merrick, and Lachlan.

But when we’re all chosen to compete in the Gods’ Challenge, a deadly competition for the honor of meeting the gods themselves, teaming up with my bullies may be my only chance at survival.

Now the only question is: will we kill each other or screw each other first?

This is the first book in the Magic Blessed Academy series, a university-age reverse harem paranormal romance. It contains cursing and sexual situations, and is intended for readers 18+.



A luck dragon should, as the name implies, be lucky.
Not me.
My luck stinks.
And it’s about to get worse.

I traded away my magic long ago, and all that’s left is the rotten kind of luck. I’m barely scraping by, working as a supernatural errand girl, and the bills keep piling up.

When a client dies on me before paying, I’m in desperate need of cash, fast.

A case of mistaken identity lands me a golden opportunity: A high-paying gig, with four gorgeous hotties for clients.

There’s Dex, the intense, powerful gargoyle.
Alain, the authoritative, suave incubus.
Rowley, the adorable, funny fae.
And their infuriating, control-freak boss, Will.

All I have to do is help them retrieve a valuable artifact, and not ask too many questions.

Easier said than done. There’s a horde of pissed off supernaturals on our tail, and my own people want me dead.

If I play the good little minion, I should walk away with a fortune. But I’ve never been one to toe the line, and, well… with my lousy luck, who knows what will happen?

OH, FOR LUCK’S SAKE is a reverse harem urban fantasy romance, with medium burn and M/M elements. 



There’s never a dull moment at Highborn Academy.



I always loved superhero stories, at least until I found myself living one.

A wave of radiation washed over the Earth 22 years ago, changing a portion of the population. Less than an eighth of the world found themselves with strange powers, capable of doing amazing feats. Those affected were named Phenomenals. I am one of them.

Orphan. Hermit. Phenom with blue lightning.

After a case of heart-wrenching bad luck cost me the three people I loved most in the world, this was who I’d become, finding more comfort in the night with only shadows beside me. With my powers, I’ve hunted those who prey on the weak of Vega City as I bide my time and wait for the day I’ll avenge what happened to my brother.

When an unexpected event occurs, my past and current life collide, and I find myself surrounded by five men who’ve decided to join me in the shadows. Can they help me in the hunt for what I desire most? Or will we be torn apart by the secrets surrounding us?

Book 1 of the Vega City Vigilantes Series

The Vega City Vigilantes series is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem trilogy featuring MFMMMM meaning the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests.

**This book contains references involving PTSD, death, violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.**



Halloween is a magical night, filled with supernatural beings and other mystical creatures. That’s why it’s my favorite night of the year. Magical things can happen on Halloween and this year is so different.

I’m Stella; newly graduated from college, living at home, and desperately trying to find a job. This Halloween is to be my last hurrah before ‘Adulting’ for life. I plan to go wild.

Join me for a wild night that just might change my life forever.

*Warning this book is intended for 18+. It is a fast burn Reverse Harem Prequel, with a lead into a future series. This book contains M/M interactions, BDSM, and other explicit sexual scenes some readers may find offensive.



The Katalyst Kings they call them.
Four guys living in a world of chainlink fences and detentions that last for years.
Four guys who stole me from the Hell I was living in.
Four guys who made me theirs.
I can’t believe I wanted to be like them. That I expected them to care for me. That I trusted they’d keep me safe.
But they didn’t keep me safe. They stood there and watched me as I was bullied. They kissed my bruises, they stole my pain.
Was I just a game to them? A game of seduction and lust?
Maybe an experiment? Watch the new girl flounder…watch the new girl break?
But I didn’t break…did I?
I rose like a phoenix. I tore my way from the Hell of the Katalyst Institute anyway I could.
I became someone I wasn’t before.
Someone they made me.
Someone who went back.
And now I’m in deeper than I was before.
I can’t see a way to escape and the Kings are waiting.
They’ve got the truth hidden in the touch of their lips.
A truth I wanted.
A truth I craved.



Fight demons. Fall in love. Save the world. Welcome to Angel Academy – Year Four.

My name is Celeste Venoix and it’s up to me to save the world.

I’ve spent the last three years at Angel Academy, learning how to fight my own battles and send demonic spirits back to Hell. And since I’ve been spending more time with my previously-evil-witch-of-a-sister lately, she’s taught me how to cast spells and mix a few potions, too.

Although, I’m starting to wonder if she’s still a little bit evil. She won’t stop asking me about Michael’s Sword, a weapon strong enough to bring down Heaven itself. Why would she need a sword like that?

I’ve also been trying to get back in the good graces of one of the guys I love, while another one will barely talk to me at all.


But as the war between Heaven and Hell breaks out, I realize that I’m going to need to be the strongest I’ve ever been. I need all my guys for backup. And for my heart to be at peace, no matter what happens.

How am I going to convince the loves of my life to give me another chance? And what’s going to happen if we can’t come together in time to save everyone’s souls?

I know that I can’t do this alone. 

I just hope that we make it through our last year alive.

Into The Light is the final installment of the Angel Academy series. It’s a paranormal, university-age reverse harem series. Get ready for bad*ss angelic warriors, terrifying demonic foes, and an action-packed story that ends with steamy, sweet, and totally heartmelting HEA for Celeste and her guys.


I absolutely LOVE this cover! 😍😍😍


Gather round close, for I have a secret to tell.

Late at night, while everyone is sleeping, dreaming of white knights and fairytales. I’m making friends with the monsters.

They call to me, like finds like, right? My biggest secret, I’m the scariest monster I know.

I think I’m the bad guy.

MFMM Reverse Harem novel with adult themes not recommended for those under 18.


RELEASING OCTOBER 31ST – Date just released


I’m possessed. Deadly. 

Raised as a vampire, I’m no stranger to blood. But when power-hungry supes force a ritual on me, I become something else entirely. 

The black widow. 

I’ve been on the run for almost a decade, my only companion the spider that lives within me. She makes me strong, and I revel in that power, but it’s fueled with the need to feed. 

Unfortunately, carnal cannibalism isn’t exactly trending. But by the time I lure my victims to my bed, it’s too late for them. When they finally see the hourglass on my throat, I’m already draining them dry.

But there’s more supes like me. Abducted victims forced into possessions that change their lives forever. I’m determined to save them all. 

With the help of an old friend, a risk demon, and a rare gargoyle, I put a plan into motion that will end Spector Inc.’s plan to make an army of stronger, deadlier supes.

I just hope I can handle this wicked web of lies and make it out alive.

Live release, no link yet.

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