Captured by Dragons (Brides of the Sinistral Realms Book 2) by Lidiya Foxglove

Standalone Reverse Harem Book List – PART 2

Hello lovlies! I’ve been feeling the burn of finishing a book only to realize there’s a sequel. Annd…it’s not out yet. Yeah, that’s my bad for not looking first before I hit the purchase button. I have impulse issues! Lol, and if it’s a favorite author I tend to snag it. I think i’m in the middle of about 10 different series right now. This can make anyone a little crazy. I realize it’s my fault for not looking to see if it’s a standalone to begin with, so I decided to make a list of stand-alone novels for you! One less headache for you to find them on your own. Authors, readers, shoot me a message if you want me to add one to the list! I have 40 right now posted, but am always working on future lists. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere


For any other journalist, interviewing the DeWitt brothers would be a dream assignment. They’re gorgeous, brilliant, and filthy rich.

But I knew them before they were four of the five most powerful men under thirty living in the city.

No way they’ll remember me, though. I was an ugly duckling when we were in middle school together. They were my secret crushes. My fantasies. While I was a total nobody.

I arrive at the doorstep to their penthouse apartment, intent on keeping our connection a secret. Determined to remain professional.

But the instant they let me in, the sparks begin to fly. Before I know it, the interview is abandoned, and I’m getting down and dirty with all four of them on their living room floor.

They bring my body to heights I never imagined. It may seem like there’s more than just the physical between us.

But my one night with the four CEOs is just that—one night.

Little do I know, they’re looking for so much more…

This steamy, over-the-top story is a standalone, contemporary reverse harem romance, featuring naughty words and ripped men in suits. HEA guaranteed!


Do you believe in magic? Time travel? Men who can transform into wolves?

You should.

They exist.

They’re as real as the chromosomes I study at university. And someone is hunting people with rare gifts. People like me.

I’ve kept my abilities a secret my entire life. But everything changes when two men from the past collide with my present, turning my world upside down. I have no idea who to trust—Easton, Beckett, CJ, or Will. These four men have secrets of their own, and I’m constantly forced to question their motives.

My name is Ana Marea, and I’m running out of time to uncover the truth.

***Divergent Heart is a stand-alone reverse harem romance that was previously published as Time of Enchantment.***


Girlfriends, grab a margarita and pull up a chair.
I CAN call you girlfriend, right?

Where I come from, girlfriends are the ones who know about that time you used rolled up toilet paper as a tampon.

And how you once wired your bra closed with a binder clip at work when the hook broke and your boobs made a run for the border.

And ALL about that walk of shame when your panties fell out of your purse in the Uber ride.

So come on now, plunk your cute little booty in a chair. (Do you do Pilates for that booty? I tried Pilates and sprained my girl parts.) Get that drink in your hand and listen up.

Because I met four hot men and somehow ended up on a cruise with all of them.
Girlfriends, I have a STORY to tell.
Full-length standalone HEA reverse harem comedy from USA Today bestselling author JJ Knight.
Love without limits.


I never wanted to be Queen, but they believe I’m meant to rule.

I’m a half-breed. Part human, part werewolf. All outcast.

My Pack never accepted me, so I told myself I didn’t need their acceptance. And as soon as I turned eighteen, I ran away to the human city to try and start a new life. Alone.

But when three stubborn, smart-ass, and annoyingly gorgeous Alphas crash into my quiet life one night, they bring shocking news: I’ve been chosen by sacred ritual to be the new Queen of the Pack. And they’re not leaving until they bring me back home.

I know I should refuse the crown. After all, I was never welcome there.

But what if things have changed? What if I could finally find a place to belong?

And with three hot men competing to warm my bed and thaw my heart, what if I don’t have to choose between them?


An unfortunate meeting gains Mary the attention of four gamers that sure know how to push her buttons, both good and bad. With each encounter, Mary finds herself falling deeper into their lives… And for them. Maybe she likes it, even if she can’t admit it yet. So what’s Mary to do with a funny Santa, a quirky nerd, the cocky best friend, and the mysterious fourth member of the gang?

Four Gamers And Me is a standalone steamy contemporary reverse harem which includes f/f in the harem. It was previously titled “Mary F*cking Christmas” and “Mary Had A Little Harem”.


I thought I was signing up for a luxury retreat on a lonely, windswept island. I didn’t realize that I would be the only guest of three sexy demons hungering for a mate…

Social media addict Edie can’t remember when she last spent time in the sun or hung out with anyone but her geeky roommates. The curated life of her feed is so much better than reality. But after getting trolled by an online creep, she’s determined to detox. Her summer vacation spot has no phone service or internet–just ocean views and the old-fashioned charm of Marchcliff Manor–plus, three smoking hot guys that weren’t listed on the brochure.

Scholarly Alister, rugged Van, brooding Dante: ferociously protective demons who can take monstrous forms and offer unimaginable pleasures…with a catch. They’re cursed, bound to protect the island unless they can find a bride strong enough to handle more than her fair share of sexy supernatural men and surrender her human life.

Well, the love of three demons might be just the thing to distract a girl from the internet, and the ferry won’t return for two weeks. Edie will have to decide…is a human life worth keeping if you barely had one to begin with?

Tempted by Demons is a standalone reverse harem romance with plenty of steam on the way to happily ever after.


“Is it so bad to belong to us? This is what you’re in for, every day of your life. Your pleasure feeds us and we want nothing more than to give you as much of it as possible.”

Since Dakota was a little girl, she wanted to believe in magic, pretending to be a queen of witches even after most girls were starting to date. After her friend Edie falls in love with three sexy demons, the real world gets a little harder for Dakota to endure. How can Dakota get some magic in her own life?

What she didn’t mean to do? Accidentally cast a very real, very binding spell promising herself to the first demons who can get their hands on her. After a narrow escape from a shadow demon, Dakota is rescued…but also, kinda kidnapped…by three powerful demons from the Sinistral Realm who can shift into huge dragons. Loyal warrior Hiron, barbarian sorcerer Xado, and Rafe, a musician carrying an old grudge: by the laws of the Demon Symposium, they’ve been waiting for a human mate for fifty years, and they’re not about to wait a day longer for the highly pleasurable ritual that allows dragons to mate with a fragile human. If Dakota tries to escape her sexy captors, she’ll only be snatched up by the shadow demons again.

Don’t drink and spell cast, kids.

Captured by Dragons is a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance with a purely happily ever after ending. All the books in the Brides of the Sinistral Realms series have continuing characters but can also be read standalone.


Never trust demonic looking hairless cats that walk around the house in little handmade sweaters

After a lifetime in the foster care system, at twenty-six, I received a strange visit. Okay, I may have made it weird answering the door naked. I find out the truth about my parents, inherit a huge manor house and a fortune, and I find out there’s some weird prophecy about my birth. I’ve also been tricked into starting the apocalypse by this wicked looking cat who might be the Antichrist. Did I mention the cat is named after my missing twin brother?

Does anyone know how to evict four hot Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Asking for a friend


I feel like Little Red Riding Hood.
But instead of one big, bad wolf, there are three.
And instead of being wolves, they’re hot, s*xy, powerful CEOs.
They want to buy my business, but what’s more,
They all want to share me.

I probably would never have come across the famous Wolf brothers.
But they’ve got designs on my coffee shop and have sent me a huge check to buy it.
It’s more money than I’ve ever seen in my life.
Sure its tempting, but my mother built this place up from the ground,
and I can’t give up on her dream.
But when I walk into their office to tell them just that,
That’s when I learn what temptation really is.
These men offer me the ultimate fantasy…
Being worshiped by three gorgeous billionaires at once.
I don’t care about money, but they’ve upped the ante.
Now love is on the table.
And so am I.

Her Boss Billionaires is a full-length novel with panty-melting steamy scenes. No cheating, of course, and an HEA that is sure to satisfy.


Who has time for relationships?

As a rising architect, Katie has spent her life working up the corporate ladder, focused on her career.
But, what happens when yesterday’s one night stand becomes today’s board meeting?
Is it possible to separate the personal from the professional? Especially when four sexy men are intent upon blurring the lines.

A chance encounter, a one night stand, and a business meeting that becomes more than just a pitch… it’s up to Katie to draw the lines and create a blueprint for her future happiness without sending everything she’s worked for off the rails.

Railed is a 67,000+ contemporary standalone reverse harem novel that features high heat scenes sure to make readers melt.


Roz always thought that wearing green to avoid getting pinched on St. Patrick’s Day was something kids did to pass the time, but when she moves to Ireland she finds out how wrong she is.

Who knew a pinch could change her life?

Now she’s stuck with three sexy leprechauns, three magical wishes, and one hell of a mystery to solve.
But when someone fears Roz and her leprechauns are getting too close to a centuries old secret, they aren’t afraid to try to take them out.

With a little luck, a lotta love, and laughs along the way, can they solve the mystery before she loses them forever?

This is a Reverse Harem romance intended for readers 18 and up.


Everyone hates a harpy…

For the record, I don’t drag people to Hades. I’m not a guardian of the Underworld. And I’m not an evil monster. I’m just… a shifter who happens to control birds. Dangerous? Yes. A monster? No.

Unfortunately, most people disagree with me. For some stupid reason.

So, it’s no surprise when monster hunters, the stoic gargoyles themselves, track me down. What is a surprise? The gargoyles are kind of sexy.

But unfortunately, they haven’t kidnapped me for bedroom fun. They want to use my abilities to stop a curse and save a town. Easy right? It’s actually pretty damn hard. And then there’s the other thing, I’m starting to think that after my long life, this little adventure might just be the thing that finally kills me.

CELAENO’S FATE is a reverse harem romance with a lot of action, steam, and adventure. It’s also a #whychoose romance, meaning the heroine doesn’t need to choose between her love interests. (This was previously published in Shifting Destiny but includes a ton of bonus scenes, including POV scenes from all the gargoyles!)


As kids, they were inseparable. When tragedy struck and circumstances pulled them apart, Senya lost everyone who ever cared about her.

A group project brings the four guys and Senya together one last time, but it’s clear they’re not kids anymore…and it changes everything. Can she forgive them? When tragedy strikes again, will it ruin everything?

This is a full-length, standalone, non-bully, young adult / new adult, whychoose contemporary story about love lost and found. Mature language, subject matter, and scenes. Trigger warning – one scene involving domestic violence, talks about past abuse.


Injured in the woods. Taken in by 4 hunky mountain men. They had one simple rule. I broke it anyway.
Why’d I do it? Because I’m a nosy brat. I had to know what they were doing on Savage Mountain. Why were they hiding there?
And when I found, out, I was sorry I’d snooped. Because these weren’t the nicest of people. Although they sure freaked nice. That made it hard to leave. Well, their tying me to the bed made it hard to leave, too.
Sharing a cabin with 4 brawny mountain men? Yeah, it was as about as hot and dirty as you’d expect it to be.
This naughty, over-the-top romance includes 4 hulking mountain men with checkered pasts and doubtful futures, claiming the one woman they can’t live without. If you love outrageous reverse harem stories with a bit of spanking, tying up, voyeurism, and tough-as-nails military dudes, this might be the book for you.


Don’t go outside.
Stay away from your windows.
Don’t look the witches in the eye.

Once a year, the bridge between the living and the dead is opened and witches compete in The Deadly Games for a chance to speak with those that have crossed over. Each coven needs a human to participate, and this year I’m forced to help the Hex Coven, a group of sexy witches mourning the loss of their brother. They’re determined to find his killer, curses and evil covens be damned.
Humans rarely survive the games, and I’ve accepted that I won’t make it to morning. Deciding to live this night like it’s my last, I enjoy all the pleasures that the Hex Coven has to offer.

Because to speak to the dead, first you must die.

18+ Dark Reverse Harem Romance.


Kiara Arrio is on the run and dying when four tall, dark, and gorgeous strangers find her in a crumpled heap along the road to the hospital she was desperately trying to reach.

The small herd of stag shifters are immediately drawn to the injured woman, taking over her care as she recovers from her illness. They’re entranced by Kiara’s strength, her sass, and her sweetness, and do their best to woo her, hoping to claim her for their own.

There’s just one problem: Kiara already has a mate. And she certainly didn’t run away from one only to find herself with four more.


Night of the Wild Stags is a steamy standalone shifter Reverse Harem Romance, HEA guaranteed, set in Golden Angel’s Big Bad Bunnies world. It is not part of the BBB main storyline and it is not necessary to read the BBB series in order to read this book.


Scarlet. Three Big Bad Wolves. A Poisonous Scheme.

Scarlet, a healer, lives nestled in the forest surrounded by humans on one side and wolves on the other. But when a rogue wolf attacks her, she’s rescued by another pack and taken deep into their den to perform her healing magic on an injured Alpha.

The wolves in the forest are under threat from a mysterious affliction, and Scarlet is the only hope they have left. Faced with a mixed pack of threatened shifters, Scarlet must use her wits and magic to survive and unravel the strange affliction now affecting the wolves… All while trying to navigate an overpowering attraction to not just one, but three of the Alphas.

Witches, wolves, magic and love intertwine in an exciting mystery that finds its own, unique, ‘Happily Ever After.’


My name is Alice Du-Kane. I am your typical Daddy’s girl, and I’ve never wanted for anything my entire life. Well, except for love, understanding, and some freaking peace. You see, Daddy is, or was, the owner of the largest Grow-Op in the country. That’s a marijuana farm if you aren’t hip to the lingo. This business has been in my family for generations, and now that Daddy is gone, it’s up to me to keep it going.

You would think that the legalization of pot would make my life easier, but hell no. Now I’m dealing with corporate bull crap, espionage, and never ending drama. On top of all this, I’ve got competition snapping at my heels. The CronCorp is trying to take everything I have, and the four brothers that run it? They are nothing but ruthless pricks.

Or so I thought.

What am I supposed to do when the going gets tough? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do: Put on my big girl panties and fight like a girl.

*This is a Contemporary RH with the MC ends up with multiple partners #whychoose*


Beverly Hills Prep Academy is one of the top prep schools in the country: it will open all kind of doors for new transfer student Ayla, especially her dream college, Yale.
And Ayla needs a win after she got her heart broken by her former bestie who kissed her only to break her heart.
The school for the rich and famous is ruled by the A-Class: the smartest and brightest students at BHPA.

The A-Class is ruled by the A-Team: three hot guys all by the name of Alex.
Alex Richmond is the A-Team leader and he rules BHPA with an iron first.
What happens when he feels rejected by Ayla?
Things get dangerously complicated when his A-Team brothers show interest in the new girl.

Ayla feels attracted and repulsed at the same time by the three alpha males and a dangerous game of love, hate and betrayal begins.
Trouble is: who knows all the rules?
Who’ll get hurt in the process?

Add an ex nerd turned hottie who would do anything to be initiated into the A-Team, a jealous and vengeful ex girlfriend and cheerleader captain and all the pressure of a really tough school and this promises to be a hell of a year for Ayla.

This is a high school, LIGHT bully romance: possible trigger warnings are mild gang violence, underage (21) drinking and drug misuse.


Abilene Richmond has lived all her life in a boarding school run by nuns.
Now at eighteen, she makes a deal with her Dad to attend her senior year at BHPA.
There she meets the New A-Team, her brother’s heirs to the social power at the Academy.

But these boys have a reputation: there was a sex scandal, a trial and now everyone fears them even if they were acquitted.
Sparks fly when Abi meets them at her first high school party but by Monday morning, the rumours run rampant and everyone at school thinks Abi is a slut.
Only, until that party she’d never even been kissed.
The boys think she’s spread the rumours to use their popularity to rise the social ranks at school and want to make her pay.

So Abi finds herself tangled in a game of hate, love and lies where there are no winners.
The A-Team are her enemies but also her allies against their ex friend and football team captain who believes the boys are guilty and wants to use Abi as a pawn in his revenge scheme.

Who will end up on top?
Reputations are everything in Beverly Hills and there are lessons to be taught and learned by Abi and her boys.
This is a high school, LIGHT bully romance: possible trigger warnings are underage (21) drinking and drug misuse.


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