Ruin Me – Review


Ruin me is book number 1 in a four-book Bully Romance Series. The books should be read in order to avoid confusion, they are: RUIN ME, SHATTER ME, WRECK ME, & DEVASTATE ME.


The Blurb –

I don’t belong here.

Twin Falls Academy — a seething hub of overprivileged trust-fund babies and indulged elite — and my new alma mater.
I’m an orphan. I am the unwashed masses that they can’t stand and they never miss an opportunity to grind that message home.
Especially Rosalie Evers, the queen bee who rules with a manicured grip wrapped around the throats of everyone trapped beneath her.
But I don’t care what they think. I’m just doing time at Twin Falls until I can get back to California for college.
Except I’ve attracted the attention of the three hottest — and most dangerous — guys at Twin Falls.
Preston, Maddox and Quinton are my weakness. I don’t know if anything is real or I’m getting played like countless others before me.
Are they lying to me? Or have they changed? I shouldn’t risk my heart when the stakes are so high but I can’t seem to make myself walk away…

Even when I should. Contains foul language and mature themes. Enjoy!



Ruin Me is a completely relateable high school bully romance. Every person at one point or another has been on the receiving end of a bully. If you haven’t, I regret to inform you that you probably were the bully. Just like all high schools contain a signature mean bitch. Granted, I don’t think many of us had harems when we were in school. I would have been open to the idea though! Ha.

I enjoyed Gypsy’s character because she was stubborn, and brave when many would have faltered. At the same time I wanted to slap Gypsy a few times because she…made teenager decisions. Lol, I’m not sure why I would have expected an adult response to some situations because clearly her character is not an adult.

The story-line was interesting and kept my attention throughout the entire novel. As a reader you will definitely be interested as to what will happen next, or what a certain person is going to do. Or how they are going to respond. Ruin Me ends on a cliffhanger, thus hooking myself and it’s readers into needing to know what is going to happen next. Download book 2 for answers, clearly. 😉 The author definitely has a way with words as well. I found her writing highly entertaining.



Blogger backstory relating to bully’s in general. Guys never bothered me. I grew up with guys, and hung out with guys. They’re easier to get along with and apparently that was threatening for some females. I learned in high school that sleeping with anyone in my class level was a mistake because of girls in my class level. Solved all of my bullying problems by sleeping with upperclassmen only. Apparently the girls in that class level we decent human beings. Lmao, hey whatever works.


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