August Reverse Harem Book Release Calendar

Hello lovelies! Here is the tentative schedule for the month of August. Some books will have LIVE releases, so I will have a guess as to when they are hitting the internet shelves. I will add more books as I find them, and as authors add them. You never know when an author is going to bump, or drop a book date! As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere



Annnd now, I have a book boner! I am so happy these 3 books are coming. Questions. I have questions! These 3 won’t be as high heat as the first 3 Hell Hound Harem Books, sadly. PLEASE READ BOOKS 1-3 BEFORE READING 4-6.

They won’t stop hunting until the twins are found… even if all that remain are bones.

Twin Hell Hounds, Drake and Sebastian, are missing and Valor and Bishop search everywhere to find them. The more time that passes, the less hope they have and now they’re getting desperate. In a last attempt to save his pack, Valor breaks every rule he has – including spilling secrets to a human woman in exchange for her help. This woman might be the answer to their prayers… or a fresh new Hell to wreak havoc in their lives. 

Dangerous, cunning, and filled with fire…

Matilda “Tilly” Jane already has her hands full when two gorgeous, mysterious, charismatic men come into her life. Falling in love isn’t her style, but using people for her personal benefit is. With her future looking bleak, she’s prepared to do anything to stop the inevitable and doesn’t care about the consequences. But Tilly can’t run from her fate any more than she can run from the man who has been stalking her. Now, she has to decide: Tuck tail and run, or face her biggest challenge with a smile and the middle finger salute. At this point, what does she really have to lose?

This is a Reverse Harem Novel with graphic language, sexual content, and violence. Don’t step into this world unless you want to play with the big boys. And yeah, they run in packs. All the Hell Hounds do.

Hard to Find is Book 1 in the Second Trilogy of the Hell Hounds Harem series. Must read entire trilogy in order. – Amazon



She’s come too far to fall now…

Tilly bit off more than she could chew when she agreed to help Valor and Bishop, and now she’s choking on her decision. The consequences of her actions are stacking up and her time is running out, fast. She should have known better than to get involved. And now it’s too late.

No do overs. No second chances. 

Tilly is forced to face a truth that’s hard to swallow – there’s no returning to her life before the Hell Hounds. Not that she really wanted to anyway. Unfortunately, her place in the pack was temporary. 

Just like her. 

This is a Reverse Harem Novel with graphic language, sexual content, and violence. Don’t step into this world unless you want to play with the big boys. And yeah, they run in packs. All the Hell Hounds do.

Hard to Love is Book 2 in the Second Trilogy of the Hell Hounds Harem series. Must read entire trilogy in order. – Amazon



They never saw this coming…

There is always a reason behind every catastrophe and miracle, every curse and blessing. Divinity wears many faces and none of them are pure. With Hell’s instability and Lucifer’s waning energy, the Hell Hounds are needed now more than ever. Valor’s pack must bond or they’ll never survive their future. Or their present. 

As the Hell Hounds pick up their broken pieces, they are given a gift – one that’s both too painful to accept and too perfect to turn down. Now, they just have to make sure they don’t destroy it… or themselves.

This is a Reverse Harem Novel with graphic language, sexual content, and violence. Don’t step into this world unless you want to play with the big boys. And yeah, they run in packs. All the Hell Hounds do.

Hard to Kill is Book 3 in the Second Trilogy of the Hell Hounds Harem series. Must read entire trilogy in order. – Amazon



*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!* I’d like 2 tickets to pound town with Josh, please. Ha, that would be funny if she ended up putting that line in the third and final installment of the Evelyn Maynard Trilogy. Facebook is such a lovely place to interact with your favorite authors. Justin sayin.

The thrilling conclusion to the Internationally Bestselling Evelyn Maynard Trilogy

Evelyn’s secrets have all been revealed, even questions she never thought to ask. Despite the turmoil surrounding her childhood and true identity, she knows one thing for sure: she belongs with her devoted Bonded Variants – Ethan, Josh, Tyler and Alec.

But the truth hasn’t set Evelyn free.

The division between Variants and humans continues to widen. Nowhere is safe. Behind all the chaos is one man – Davis Damari. He’s the truth she’s been chasing her entire life, and the only one capable of destroying the life she fought to build in Bradford Hills.

Davis will stop at nothing to get Evelyn. Her Bond will stop at nothing to protect her.

Evelyn must find a way to embrace her immense power, or risk losing it all. – Amazon



My one piece of advice: Never kiss a stranger.

See, I kind of kissed this sexy man at the bar on a dare once, and it turns out he’s a Royal Fae destined to be my mate. Now I’ve been dragged to the Elemental Fae Academy to control the powers I unlocked that night.

So kissing? Yeah, that won’t happen again. Nope.

Lesson learned. 

Except, I kind of kissed Titus, too. And well, now, I’m in a world of trouble. I keep burning things down, flooding dorms, and I’ve attracted the campus mean girl brigade.

This Fae Realm is a nightmare come to life. Truly.

But there are dreams here, too.

Sexy ones.

And they’re in the form of five Elemental Fae mentors. They’re supposed to help me control my powers, but who’s going to keep the elements from controlling me?

Note: This is a medium burn reverse harem paranormal romance, and book one of the Elemental Fae Academy trilogy. – Amazon



I thought my life was average. I had very little—an annoying boss, just enough money to get by, a nonexistent love life—but the little was enough thanks to my sister. Then I learned the hard way that I didn’t know how much I truly had to lose.

What happens when you put a twenty-first century woman in a seventeenth century town? 

A stubborn old woman, a persistent sharp dressed man, and a whole lot of elbow grease to clean with are just a few things to start. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to realize there are more things around me to be concerned by other than getting back home. Missing children, gifted individuals, and the upcoming trials are only a part of the worrying marks on an ever-growing list.

My presence might be disrupting time, or it might mean the difference in saving lives. Is it selfish of me that I just want to go home? 

**This is a WhyChoose romance with trigger warnings for adult language and sexual situations, graphic violence, death, and attempted sexual assault.** – Amazon



I was left for dead and they saved me. Four gorgeous men who’ve vowed to keep me safe. Now their carnal magic is keeping me alive.

Kari was a rising ballet star until a blown-out knee ensures she’ll never dance again, and she’s forced to rely on something she never expected—magic. She might be more used to pirouettes than potions, but she’s learning to love her new shop, her customers, and handsome New York cop Kent.

But using magic is dangerous. Kari is attacked and left to die—a curse devouring what’s left of her. Until three gorgeous Fae appear, swearing to keep her alive even as their touch leaves her breathless and wanting.

Kari’s best chance for survival is in the Fae realm, but she might not make it. Her only choice to keep the curse at bay is the carnal magic of her Fae saviors. It flows from physical pleasure—something Kari desperately wants and they’re more than willing to provide. Their touch washes away the pain, and Kari finds herself surrendering to the bond that’s pulling them closer together.

Brae, Verys, Aeric, and Kent won’t leave her side until she’s healed, but leaving the human world didn’t mean leaving Kari’s mysterious enemies behind. They swore to keep Kari safe, but will their touch be enough to save her, and will their strength be enough to protect her from the enemy who hunts her across realms?

Fevered is a full-length fantasy romance novel, and the first in a series. Beware of cliff-hangers! – Amazon



It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Evergreen Academy was meant to be my fresh start. My hair was on point. My skin was flawless. And now I wore the hell out of my clothes instead of hiding them.

Even running into Ryder hadn’t thrown me. So what that the silver-eyed devil who tormented me for years now ruled my new school with a band of boys everyone called the Knights. The four of them were devastatingly rich, enviously handsome… and heartbreakingly cruel.

But the Evergreen Knights didn’t scare me. I had my own plans and no reason to enter their little world… until one fateful night and a masquerade ball changed everything.

I saw something I shouldn’t have and now I’ve been Marked.

They’ll do everything they can to break me but they don’t know the monsters I’ve faced. They don’t know I’ve been broken before.

If they want to take on Valentina Moon… bring it on.

Marked is a reverse harem high school bully romance with a sweet tinge of mystery. This is book one in the series and features language, dark themes, and sexual scenes. If you’re cool with that, dive in! – Amazon



Harnessing the power of the cosmos witches and wizards bend the world to their will. Molding our reality to their will these casters create the rules we live by and the games we play. 

Something Wicked is an open genre Anthology featuring short stories of fame, romance, adventure and misfortune on the high seas from international bestselling authors and new voices alike. 

Authors include:

Deborah Alexander 

Natalie-Nicole Bates

Kate Bonham

Rose A. Lee

Jessica Moon & Mandy Russell

Bee Murray

Eryn Ryans

Everly Taylor – Amazon



The legacy of Hillcrest University starts out just like any other. A girl, some boys, a bit of mystery…a noose. Actually, it all begins with the noose. A noose, a note, and a corpse. And a pretty one at that… 

I thought coming to HU would help me move on from my past, help me get a good start on my future. A school for rich boys? Please. I’ve dealt with worse than them before. If they want to use me for whatever games they’re playing, they’ll have to try a lot harder than they’re used to. They think I’ll willingly walk into their feud, choose sides. 

Declan is the tortured soul, the cute, depressed roommate who I’m supposed to watch over. Sawyer is the king of the school; everyone follows his command—and his money. Travis is…my kind of trouble: sexy, tattooed, a bit mysterious. Sawyer blames Declan for his sister’s death, but me? I know sometimes the ones pointing their fingers are the worst of all. 

Did someone kill his sister? I know better than to assume their innocence. In a place like Hillcrest, you can’t trust anyone. Declan, Sawyer, and Travis? They all wear masks. The better question is: if someone killed her, are they going to come after me next? 

These rich, entitled brats have no idea who they’re messing with. 

**Loser is a darker romance, meaning there are topics that might offend you. Self-harm, suicide, stalking, and more to come in future books. Be warned.** – Amazon



I’m at the mercy of the triumvirate.
And they’re about to feed me to the lions.

Edward, Henry and Blake used to rule the school.
Now they just rule me.
They know my secret.
Something that will get me into a world of hurt.
And now they own me, body, mind, and soul.

These days, I play their dangerous games.
And I’m helpless to their seductive kisses.

I’m in the biggest trouble in my life.
But I’m not sure I want to be free.

Deposed is book three of a four-part reverse harem, high school bully romance that contains cursing, violence, very dark themes, and sexual situations. – Amazon



Dancing Flames. Cold Steel. Flowing Blood.

My name is Everly Banks, and I seem to collect problems like most people collect dust bunnies. With an army of enemies at the gate, I must gather one of my own.

With the hunters on my side, and maybe even in my bed, I begin to have hope that I will make it through the coming war with my mind and heart intact.

Some people seek to use me while others play the long game. But not all of my enemies are what they seem. A betrayal blindsides me and lives hang in the balance as my magics cry out for me to destroy it all.

I will dance among the blazing petals and cover myself in the ashes of their destruction. The line in the earth is being drawn, and it won’t be my blood that flows freely. Choose your side wisely.
Blazing Petals is a continuation of The Anomaly Series. It is an urban fantasy with a RH romance. That means she doesn’t choose between her men. This story is not suitable for those under the age of eighteen due to sensitive content. – Amazon



We almost died. We’ve retreated to lick our wounds. 
But we’re not done yet. 

I have unfinished business with Hodge, the man who stole everything from me. But I won’t have a fighting chance until I’m healed. What’s more, the doctor gave me some news that’s made Orion and Conan extra protective of me. My mates don’t want me breaking a sweat, much less showing up to a gunfight.

When we find out Silas has been captured and needs our help, Chase takes it upon himself to scout the location with Dannika, a new ally and a bat shifter. 
For some reason, I can’t stand him being alone with another woman. 

Somewhere in between wrestling my feelings for him, healing my body, saving our friend, and loving my mates, I have to bring justice for my family.

Or die trying. 

Eagle Eyes is the third and final book in the Shifted Mates trilogy, which should be read in order. Contains a badass heroine, hot shifters, and steamy reverse harem heat. – Amazon



I highly recommend reading this book. Reader discretion is advised as there are trigger warnings dealing with domestic abuse. The phrase “shock and awe,” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Looking forward to book 2. – Quare Eligere

Nine years she suffered, but no more. 

Her new name is Mia Harlow, and she is ready to live again.

It took a near death experience, but Mia got away. She’s rebuilt her life from the ground up, and after three long years, she’s found a reason to live again. 

Everything is going great until her neighbor is attacked, and the past threatens to engulf Mia again. Just when she thinks all is lost, three amazing men waltz into her life. Their complementary personalities and differing strengths bind the broken pieces that her ex-husband left behind.

While Mia is healing and learning what love is supposed to be, a serial killer is on the prowl. Molly Manhunter stalks the city looking for rapists. She ensnares them with the one thing they’ve been accused of abusing – sex, and uses it to extinguish their lives. 

Molly is determined to fight against the silence that gets swept under the rug of justice, and Mia is caught up in the search for her neighbor’s abuser. Will the two women cross paths? When push comes to shove, will Mia’s newfound bonds weather the storm? 

Can one woman break the Deafening Silence, or will she become another victim to the system?

Deafening Silence book one in the Manhunter trilogy. It is a dark reverse harem romance about an abuse survivor. The MC will not choose between her love interests. Expect dark elements and explicit scenes. If such scenes will offend or trigger you, please do not buy this book. – Amazon



When being different leads to the best years of your life. 

After a party goes horribly wrong, Silver Spell Solange wakes up to some surprising news that changes everything she grew up believing. The thread of betrayal runs deep, making her question her very identity. As secrets are unravel left and right, she’s forced to step up and confront the hidden truth her father never wanted her to find out.

But time is short. Silver only has three brief months — her summer vacation — to dig into her family’s past for the information she needs. Because year three at Supernatural Spy School is just around the corner, and it’s going to be life-changing for her and the four loyal shifters who have vowed to stay by her side through thick and thin.

However, not everything is going smoothly within their team’s dynamics. Tensions skyrocket when Wolfgang becomes more protective than usual and easy-going Dimitri grows combative. Add in Ryuu’s sudden mood swings and Yuriel’s random disappearances, and Silver finds herself struggling more than ever to give an equal part of herself to each of them.

With a spy hiding in the shadows, the stakes are raised. Silver and her team must either catch the enemy or watch SSS lose its prestigious glory. For there’s a mysterious organization desperate to claim Silver and her power and it’s doing its best to bring down SSS once and for all. 

Year Three is about to be a speed chase as the Dean changes the curriculum entirely and Silver and the guys are thrown into the field — literally — headfirst. 

Magic tattoo parlors, sneaky doctors, and floods of lava — Silver and her men will face all this and more as they crank up the heat in spy school. – Amazon



The presence of approaching death always leaves you in a contemplating space. Reliving those exact moments pushes me to find the very culprit who changed my life. It also makes sitting in a classroom a pain in the ass. 

Having survived my first year at Tracker Hive Academy, I’m left with wondering what’s next for me, the eight elements, Junior Tracker with no professional filter. We have to face the culprit who is clearly out to get me, but there has to be more to this, especially with certain allies involved.

Things only get complicated when my sexy Troubled Four start having imbalance problems, making it difficult for the rest of the world to know who is who – except me, of course. My Shadow only wants to add to the chaos by attacking the very students we’re attempting to protect.

My life is definitely a shit storm, and when Alaric himself goes missing during an assignment, all bets are off.

I am a Queen in my element and won’t be told how to get what belongs to me. With Zeke, Zion, Zackery, and Zeus on my side, there’s nothing I need to fear – and with Calvin as our joker card.

We’re a dangerous threat together, and this Hive goes by one thing: Breaking all the rules. 

Game On. – Amazon



Amazon is listing this one as September 2nd. The Facebook calendar for authors to turn their releases in shows August 3rd. So, date subject to change!

Uncontrollable magic… Three dangerously hot outcasts… And an Academy of magical misfits? What could possibly go wrong?

With ancient, tainted blood magic flowing through my veins, I was a danger to myself and everyone around me. So, my adoptive family bound my magic and hid me from the magical world.

I was a blood witch, and I was their dirtiest little secret.

But all secrets have a price.

When I finally turn eighteen, I’d be free of their control. All I had to do was keep my head low until then. I could almost taste my freedom.

But after an unexpected slip of my magic on the eve of my eighteenth birthday, one last malicious act by my hateful adoptive mother stole that freedom right out from under me. With seconds to spare, she’d signed my life away and condemned me to serving three terms at a magical Academy.

And not just any Academy, but one dedicated to the training of magical delinquents.

I now have to endure three more years of imprisonment alongside dangerous magical outcasts and criminals. And to make everything worse, I’m placed under supervision of the three biggest asshats the world had ever known.

However, when political unrest takes hold of the magical community and my magic begins to manifest in dangerous ways, I realize the safest place for me might very well be among the other magical misfits at the Academy.

Now all I have to do is survive the term.

Blood Witch is the first book in USA Today bestselling author N.M. Howell’s new urban fantasy series set in a magical school filled with dangerous secrets, dark magic, a slow burn reverse harem bully romance, and a whole lot trouble. 

Author’s note: These books are intended for a late young adult / new adult audience and include some swearing and mature themes. There is no overly explicit adult content in these books. If you’re looking for something a little steamier, please check out Knights of Arcane Academy and other books under my adult reverse harem pen name, Nicole Marie. <——- – Amazon



Ghouls just wanna have fun…

Jessie needs an army. One made up of the strongest alphas she can find if she is to kill a powerful sorcerer. The former master who created her. 

She needs warriors, both wolf and dragon alike for this tricky mission. Easier said than done because dragons and wolves don’t get along! Luckily, Jessie’s a ghoul with succubus powers and she doesn’t have to look far to find a few scrumptious men who are the perfect candidates…

She just didn’t expect to have so much fun making the growly warriors do her bidding, though they don’t seem to mind when play time rolls around.

As things heat up in the bedroom, complications arise. The long history of fighting between dragons and werewolves is more challenging than Jessie expected. To ensure her freedom, and their cooperation, she might have to, horror of horrors, release them from her spell.

Trusting four angry warriors to stay on their own free will is a new experience for Jessie. Because, whether she wins her freedom or not, Jessie is used to a solitary, loveless life, and not convinced she’s worthy of four knights in shining armor. – Amazon



Five signs a cat is in heat:

  • Rubs against anything male
  • Coos over kittens
  • Presents her assets as often as possible
  • Gets easily distracted
  • Loses interest in assassinations

Kill me now. This is going to be hell.

The third book in this purrfectly exciting urban fantasy series. – Amazon



I lived, fought, and died in the battle between good and evil. 

But not as a hero… 

After falling in battle, Lilith, known as Queen Merciless to foe and friend alike, expects to wake up in the toasty halls of hell —not the depths of the Underworld as a candidate for entry into the Academy for the Fallen.

Confused, she assumes it’s either a misunderstanding or someone’s idea of a joke. Forced to prove her strength with three challenging tests, Lilith is determined to dominate, showing she has no need for more schooling.

She’s no damsel needing protection or rescue.

Stuck with a former angel on the outs with God, a hellhound with a dangerous secret, and a trickster shapeshifter posing as the previous King of the Afterlife, Lilith thinks they should change the school’s name to Academy for Psychos.

Her opinion only strengthens when she meets the dastardly sexy headmaster.

There are no math classes. No one cares what books you read. And the only chemistry that matters is deadly.

Academy for the Fallen has no use for the weak and pure. Its purpose is to train an elite force of the evilest, blood driven souls to keep the Damned from escaping Satan’s grasp and unleashing hell on Earth.

Time for Lilith to dust off her crown and fight alongside the irresistible dark trio determined to win her affection. 

There’s a new war to wage — the battle between evil and evil — and no one is a badder bitch than Queen Merciless. – Amazon



Bad Boy Royals of Kingsbury Prep is loosely based on a true life prep school only for Royals. 

Take her down. Make her leave.
Kingsbury Prep is a 500 year old institution. 
The most elite of prep schools that almost every student has royal blood.
A commoner like Tempest Ryan does not belong.
We will break her, break her will, break her heart.
She will wish she never step foot into Kingsbury.

We have declared war on her. The envelope has been tossed. Black. 

Anyone is game.


I didn’t asked to go to Kingsbury Prep. My little sister secretly sent in an application.

I know I am nowhere near the ideal student for Kingsbury Prep.

But I won’t be pushed out of anywhere just because three spoiled brats known as the Royals deemed it so.

Living on the streets, managing to go to school, work part-time at any odd job to take care of my sister taught me how to fight. 

And dream of a better life.

I won’t let them take away that dream for my sister. I won’t let them win.

They declared war on me and the whole school is game.

Well, boys…you’re in for a ride. Because you picked on the wrong girl. I’m capable of anything your royal butts can’t even imagine. I don’t play games. Life is tough enough already. But since you started it, watch your backs because I’m not called Tempest for nothing. 

***TEMPEST is a reverse harem/mature high school bully romance novel. This is book one of six in the series. Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual.


The entire cafeteria stiffened and tensed, becoming silent, as the crowd of rowdy students fell into place like the scales on the body of a dragon. The lower class students or the first years were at the bottom of the body, the tail. Then the second year, the middle. The third year or the Seniors were the head. At the top of the head, were the crowned Royals. 

The lesser Royals were lined up along the gilded door, as though awaiting a procession. 

“They’re almost here!” a girl with strawberry blonde hair tied into side ponytails, gushed excitedly. 
“I wonder what are they going to be wearing,” A pimply-faced boy said next to me. 

As if the universe heard him, the door burst opened, and three of the most gorgeous unbelievably beautiful guys walked, no, sauntered in. Without a care in the world. Dressed like Kings, but with the attitudes of rock stars. 

“Who are they?” I asked, unable to believe there were guys as beautifully flawless as these three. Taller than everyone. Clear smooth skin. Hair that were shiny and healthy. Unlike the drug-out almost skeletal guys I knew on the streets. 

“Besides the fact they looked like they were immortal heavenly beings,” a girl wearing the Burberry plaid headband in her platinum blonde hair said, “they are the K3, legendary icons in their own ways. All three of the K3 guys are crowned princes in their own country. They are the elite of elites, the crowned Royals.”

My jaw nearly dropped open. Crowned princes?

The girl with the strawberry blond ponytails walked up to the tallest one with raven black hair and a cruel smile. He was beautiful with blue eyes, a straight nose, sharp cheekbones and full lips that would make any rock star fill with envy. “Would you accept this red rose from my family’s garden as a token of my affections?” she bowed and presented the rose to the raven-haired blue-eyed hottie, who seemed to be the leader.

He smiled at the girl before taking it. “Don’t you know, Sweetie,” he touched one of her ponytails. “I can’t stand the sight of red roses?” He swiped at the rose and let it drop to the floor before tramping on it with his feet. 

Anger burst through me. “Hey, this isn’t Boys Over Flowers, you jerk!”

Raven-haired blue eyes stopped walking and turned his gaze to me. “What?”

“Don’t be a cliche bully romance manga,” I said. “Or are you afraid to be original?” – Amazon



Azra Sumner has found clarity. War is necessary and she fully intends to bring the courts to their knees. At first, she dismissed the prophecies rumored to be about her. Now, she is embracing them. The oppressive control of the Light and Dark courts, crushing her people, awakens the desire within her to restore Faerie to the magnificent realm it once was.   

With her four mates at her side and her soul-bonded Azra must find a way to defeat Michael and Lucifer, before they take more innocent lives. But neither will go down without a fight. They seek to destroy each other, as well as Azra for daring to stand against them.

Can Azra claim her destiny in time to restore balance to Faerie? Or will the hand of darkness wipe out all she holds dear? 

**This is a Reverse Harem story with multiple partner elements and may contain triggers for some. There is violence and war. It’s not for the faint of heart!* – Amazon



Whose idea was it to give an outsider her crown?

Savages is book three in a series of full-length reverse harem high school bully romances. This book is recommended for readers 18+ due to mature scenes. – Amazon



Adie escaped the Hunters, but not without cost. Nightmares plague her sleep, questioning the choices she made. Or is it something more?

Part 4 of Succubus Dreams.

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

A charming, slow-burn reverse harem serial about one reluctant succubus and the sexy demons determined to have her. – Amazon



Unicorn Truth is the third and final book in a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance series featuring three hot mountain lion shifters and one rare brown unicorn. – Amazon



Lost, groggy, and utterly devastated, MacKenzie Harper woke in the back of a truck with a kind man giving her a ride to safety. Her memory fuzzy, her senses on high alert, and her world teetering precariously on chaos, she has no idea who to trust but her nose says she can trust him. 

When her savior delivers her to Ranier, Preston, Jarret, and Anton Lejeune, Kenzie recognizes them as the sons of the most famous werewolf family in Louisiana. They have to hide her, because Kenzie did the forbidden—she shifted. Werewolves are forbidden from shifting due to the Accords, and she’s always been good at playing human. So why did she shift?

That’s a question she’d like answered, but there’s more to Kenzie than even she knows and being around the Lejeune brothers rouses old instincts and desperate desires that will pull her four mates to her and together, they’ll face every challenge coming for them—even the ones they can’t see. – Amazon



What’s more dangerous than dark magic?

Deadly secrets.

And The Academy of Six is hiding both within its ancient walls.

A History of Magic sends Izara on a literal trip down memory lane. She uncovers that there’s more than what the students think they know about the supernatural school in the middle of New York City. It’s mysterious past, as well as her own, are twisting together in a destructive way.

She always knew the Academy was created to stop a reckless power.

And she’s just now realizing that if her and her friends can’t contain the monster within her, history is bound to repeat itself.

This is Reverse Harem series containing M/M themes. Recommended for readers 18 and over. – Amazon



Rich boys don’t fraternize with the help.
They don’t care about the help.
They don’t protect the help.

I should’ve remembered those lessons before I handed over my trust to four gorgeous, domineering boys.

But I didn’t.

And now, I’m not the only one who’s been hurt.

Someone out there is toying with me and my family, and I don’t know who to turn to or who to trust.

I never wanted to play this game. But since the pieces are already on the board…

I’m sure as fuck gonna play to win.

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Lie is a reverse harem high school bully romance, the second book in the Kings of Linwood Academy trilogy. It contains cursing and sexual situations. – Amazon



When death starts taking liberties, it’s time to fight back.

The council’s word means nothing to me. Their refusal to open their eyes no longer matters. I have a job to do and no one will get in my way.

Lie, cheat, deceive, I’ll do what it takes to save the people I love, and avenge the ones I’ve lost. I won’t be doing it alone. My guys are with me; by my side every step of the way.

No more excuses.

No more waiting.

We have a window to bring Genesis down. One shot. And I’m going to take it.

To heal a broken sword, you’ll have to forge it in fire. Bring on the flames.

A Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy World with a slow burn Whychoose Romance. – Amazon



Superpowered Natch law school student Joey O’Shea, a.k.a. Mutiny, has a secret past and a promising future… If only she could focus and get her mind off the three hunks who represent the three sides of her: the good, the bad, and the shades of gray.

Recuperating from a bitter breakup, Joey heads to the hottest nightclub in town, one that caters to superpowered clientele. Only Joey doesn’t realize that between a couple of irresistibly handsome familiar faces and a dangerous superpowered criminal on the loose, she’s about to have a night full of far, far more danger—and romance—than she ever expected.

A standalone story set in the world of Succubus Sirens, set after the events of Book Two. Featuring Torynt!

Fans of speculative fiction fantasy and science fiction Reverse Harem romances from Ava Mason, Mila Young, Meg Xuemei X, Jasmine Walt, and Emma Stark will love this superpowered love story. – Amazon



One simple boyfriend spell. One ancient book of magic. What could go wrong? 

At seventeen, I’m thrown from my normal life into the supernatural world. One moment I’m planning prom and the next I’m on a one-way bus ride to Hollowheaven’s Supernatural Academy where I won’t be allowed to see my friends or interact with the rest of the world until I control my power.


This place is weird and I can’t help feeling that the academy made a mistake. A huge one.

Just do what I’m told and I’ll be able to get the hell out of here.

But when a truth or dare party goes too far, I get in over my head.

Who knew that I could conjure ghosts?

Or that they would be so real to me that I find myself falling for them? If the dean finds out I’ve screwed with magic, I won’t be expelled.


I’ll be forced to stay here until I get my magical shit together. I can’t fall in love with guys who aren’t even real–or alive. I’ve got to figure out a way to get them back into the afterlife before I can’t walk away from them. Before I can’t stand not to have them in my life.

One thing I’m learning is that magic is never simple.

Welcome to the first year at Hollowheaven Supernatural Academy, where not only the grounds are haunted. Scroll up and snag your copy today! – Amazon



Between learning to control her powers, and trying to fit in a date with all her guys before her twentieth birthday, you’d think Dr. Laila Porter’s hands were full. If that was all she had to worry about, she’d be a happy woman. But something is brewing in the shifter community and Laila being Laila, finds herself in the middle of it.

Read the conclusion to Dr. Laila Porter’s journey in Magical Collision, the final book in the Biomystic Security series. If you haven’t read the series yet, you can start with Magical Intentions, now free.

This is a HEA RH with a strong female character and all the men who refuse to leave her alone. – Amazon



Who said life was a fairy tale? Because I’d gladly slice that jerk’s head off. 

I’m Vicky, though that’s not really my name. Lying becomes second nature when you’re on the run.

I never expected to end up half-naked in the woods. I didn’t plan to stumble upon the most powerful shifter clan in North America and three of the sexiest men I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Dominic, the fun and reckless new wolf.  

Sam, the hot doctor with glacial-blue eyes.

And Gabriel, the intense, secretive alpha who wants nothing to do with me. 

He’s dangerous.

They all are.

My real name is a one-way ticket back to hell, and my secrets need to stay dead and buried like the girl I used to be.

Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Red Riding Hood—I can be all three. I can use my powers to earn a place in their werewolf town, away from the bite of my past mistakes. I can use them—and their bodies—to survive.

The only thing I can’t do is fall for them. 

Magnetic is a stand-alone, steamy reverse harem romance featuring a kick-ass heroine and three swoon-worthy werewolves. You don’t want to miss the hottest read of the summer. Pre-order today! – Amazon



Pre-order the second book in this dark, sci-fi, reverse harem series today!

‘The Tradrych Strain’ series is also part of the Planet Athion multi-author reverse harem sci-fi world. – Amazon



They tore me down and tried to hurt me.
Told me I didn’t belong and need to leave.
But fate has something more painful in store for me,
And maybe the Four are just what I need… to stoke my fury.

Life at Pandorax Academy for Supernaturals isn’t for the weak. 

Luckily for me, I’m angel-blooded. But what does that mean when the one who should protect me, turns out to be one of my worst enemies? It’s harder than ever to know what I am, let alone who I should be.

The one thing I’m sure of is that Christian, Malek, Knox, and Bane want me to leave. But when Bacchanalia comes around and members of the Four try to seduce me, I wonder if this is yet another one of their tricks.

After all, what can one expect, from a festival of Wild Hunts and debauchery? But I’m done with their games and their tricks and lies.

There’s more to this girl than a pretty face, or an angel’s lineage… and it’s time to let it all fly.

Authors Note: Heaven’s Fury is a paranormal reverse harem bully romance novel. It is the second book in the Pandorax Academy series and has mature language and sexual scenes.



All’s fair in love and war…

Ariadne’s terrified when war breaks out in Bonfire Falls. Even with the ability to control fire, she’s out matched by vengeful witches and hostile shifters. Desperate for help, she travels up the mountain to the dragon enclave where she’s held by three intimidating, yet irresistible dragon shifters. Now’s not the time to fall in love, but to save her town, she’ll have to risk her heart.

Blaze, Copper, and Ember want nothing to do with the war between witches and shifters. They’re content to live high up the mountain in harmony with the other dragons. But Ariadne’s cast a spell over their hearts. They’re willing to wage war to protect their love, but will it be enough to bring peace to Bonfire Falls, and win Ariadne’s heart forever?

Captive of the Dragons is a complete book with a HEA, no cliffhangers, and no cheating. It’s the third book in the Bonfire Falls Paranormal Romance series. – Amazon



Nowhere is safe when the gods are wicked.

Since the beginning of times, there has always been two sides: Norms and Idols.

But never have the scales been so unbalanced as they are today.

I’m a Norm, which means, I grew up in fear of the Idols and their godly powers.

And now, I’m going to be surrounded by them, day and night. I’ve been offered a place at the prestigious Gifted Academy, an opportunity very few Norms get.

To survive, I must become invisible. But my hope to get through the academy unscathed goes down the drain when the most powerful boys in school set their eyes on me.

They hate me simply because I’m a Norm. If they knew who I truly am, they’d tear me apart limb by limb. But I’m done cowering away from Idols. It’s time for the Norms to fight back, and it all starts with me.

*Wicked Gods is a mature paranormal high school bully ‘why choose’ romance. – Amazon




The men I love were placed in my life by the Crown to spy on me and use me. I can’t look at their lying faces anymore. I escape to my childhood home. 

It’s not much of an escape. 

The place is haunted. 

Haunted by the mother I’ve grieved. By the father I’ve hated. Banishing one of them to the Far will banish both… and when their ghosts move into the beyond, I’ll lose my chance to ever unravel what happened in this house. 

Then the Fox, the masked vigilante who’s been saving nobles from a bloody death in the kingdom to the north, washes up on my shore in the wreckage of his ship. I’m trying to brood here, but he thinks we should team up. The world still sees me as a villain like my father, but he wants me to be their hero anyway. 

That dangerous work will take me into the soirees of the princes of two kingdoms and make me Avalon’s most hated party girl. – Amazon



****Bad Boy Royals of Kingsbury Prep is loosely based on a true life prep school only for Royals. 

Tossing the Black Envelope is tradition. Now Tempest Ryan has received it, anyone in school can bully her. – Amazon



Bring on the competition, cheerleader fights, and rebellious repeats. I’m ready to take a stand, prove myself, and save my team once and for all. 

After triumphing over another exam-gone-wrong, all we want to do is recover. But it seems that there’s no rest for the witches, because another challenge immediately smacks us in the face. It’s something none of us saw coming, and one thing is for sure: entering Semester Four won’t be the same unless the Notorious Four is together once more.

I, Brianne Marie Harlow, have to take matters into my own hands if I want to attend my Fourth Semester at Witchling Academy with my four boyfriends. I only have one shot to bring my wayward team member back into the fold, and though I’m confident I can change his mind, I’m worried about the challenges that will surely come if I succeed.

Tension is growing, and the dynamic of our team is beginning to morph into something stronger than any of us realize. My relationships with Jax, Connor, Kaito, and Finnick are maturing, and with those changes come experiences I could never imagine happening with any other group of wizards.

The Witchling Games are approaching, and our team is facing off against a mixture of cheating seniors and ongoing enemies. Things are about to get feisty, and while I’m always ready to kick some magical butt, I can’t help but wonder if we have what it takes to win.

There’s only one way to find out. Let’s do this, Semester Four. – Amazon



It’s time for the game to begin. The prize? 

So I couldn’t resist my housemates. Go figure.

And lo and behold, it was none other than Marcus who broke me.
But strange powers have surfaced, and a dark revelation leaves me with more questions than answers.
What is this bond I feel with some of my housemates? And can I resist them?
And what the hell is going on with my magic?

***Please note this is a mature RH, fast-burn. Intended for audiences 18+***



Captured again.
Just when I had a glimpse of what freedom could feel like, the Incubus King ripped my world out from under my feet.
I no longer know up from down, right from wrong, or if what I’m feeling is real or a figment of Romero’s power. 
One thing I know for sure, I’m as addicted to him as he is to me. 
In the fleeting moments when my sanity prevails, I latch on to the bonds with my fated mates. 
Keegan, Orian, and Lachlan. 
But through the foggy haze clouding my mind, I can no longer recall their faces or their names. 
As Romero floods my veins with his sinister infusions, all I know is him. 
All I want… is him. 
Will my Phoenix warriors ever find me? Will I ever escape this madness?
Or will I forever be Cursed to Crave?

Cursed To Crave is book Two in the Feathers and Fire Series. The final book will end with HEA. This is a Dark, Paranormal, Reverse Harem Romance. Expect dark elements and explicit scenes. If such scenes might trigger or offend you, please do not buy this book. – Amazon



Shadows and Shade is a full-length Young Adult Why-Choose fantasy with a romantic subplot.

“I was a beta reader for this and the next three books, so let me just tell you now, you’re going to be falling for Shade, you’re going to love the smart ass, independent, strong-willed character that she is and you’re going to need more and more of her and the guys!” ~ Tonya Thomas. 

Shade’s life is pretty ordinary as an indentured servant working in the isolated lands for Lord Martin, a master who is anything but kind. Until one day when the deliciously handsome Elorsin brothers arrive, save her life, and drag her into the forest from which only scary crap ever comes out of.

Commander Pax can’t deny that something about Shade calls to him. 
Killian thinks a mere mortal won’t survive long in the world of the Silvari, a race that’s gifted with strength and powers that Shade has never seen before. 
Roarke thinks she’s cute and would make a good pet.
But her biggest problem is Seth – who thinks she’s the perfect tool to help him play a prank on their enemies… without his commander knowing.

A prank which goes incredibly wrong, forcing them to learn to live with each other. Respect each other, value each other, and ultimately, love each other despite the well-known fact that mortal and Silvari pairings only end in one way – death. 
Whilst battling the rules of their world and figuring out how Shade can fit into their warrior quartet, they must also survive the wicked ruler who’s slowly sucking the life from their realm, destroying the ruling hierarchy, and burning the magic from their protective borders. 

Let’s not forget Seth’s crazy stalker ex-girlfriend who’s trying to eliminate her competition – Shade. What match is a mortal against an Elite warrior who will stop at nothing to kill her?

In Shadows and Shade, book 1, Shade and her Elorsins need to stay alive long enough to get out of the White Castle and track down a Potion Master who just might be able to release them from the invisible force that constantly threatens to end Shade’s life. 

This is a fantasy series with a slow-burn why-choose romance, meaning Shade will not have to pick between her men, and both the emotional and physical relationships take time to develop. While the relationships are extremely important, the content is also dedicated to creating a detailed world that is filled with characters who will grow, change, and work their way into readers’ hearts. 

Books 1-3 will be categorized as YA, so there will be a limit to the graphic nature of any sexual content and no trigger warnings. Starting with book 4, the series will build to NA with the potential for sexual content and for a trigger warning. But they will remain true to the characters, and be a natural progression of their relationships. Currently, there is no mm or mmfmm content projected for this series. 

There will be spin-off books, bonus material, extra chapters and a variety of content (some of which is very much adult) which will be available through the Facebook group and the authors other platforms. Check out her website, or her Facebook group, for more information. – Amazon



I was born of flame and now I rise from the ashes. My champions of the dark fight at my side. Together, we’ll cover the world in flames. 

I’m a phoenix and I will not be extinguished. 

Throne of Embers is book three in the Beautiful Secrets series, a steamy paranormal romance reverse harem. The expected release date is late August 2019.




A girl with telekinetic ability is hunting down the culprits behind her identical twin sister’s death, and she needs help from three boys.

What would you do if you found your identical twin sister dead and you suspect foul play? Well, I’m going to hunt down the culprits and make them pay.

My name is Maribel St. James, and in the new term, I’m going to be attending Brooksworth Academy, a prep school for rich kids, and I’m going to be my sister, the new Annabel St. James.

Here at this cutthroat, perfect school where the system is like none other, I not only encounter Ao, Jayce, and Nolan—three different boys from different backgrounds who have connections with Annabel—but a mysterious group whose sole purpose is to bring misery and death to their targets. One of those targets was Annabel, and now me; because in their eyes, I am her, and they will stop at nothing to have me dead.

But I’m not about to be scared off that easily. After all, as I’ve just discovered myself, I’m not a normal girl. I’m an Esper with telekinetic ability, and when I get pissed, shit hits the fan.

So, a warning to the perpetrators: watch out, because you won’t see me coming.

Annabel Maribel is an academy vigilante series with mystery and a slow burn reverse harem romance.

Please note: This book contains triggering elements, such as bullying, violence, and suicide that some readers may find distressing.

Annabel Maribel: Entering Brooksworth Academy ends in a cliffhanger. Book 2 is coming soon. – Amazon



To taste freedom is a slave’s dream, but can it truly be one’s reality? 

Escaping Thom’s cruel hands has offered me a breath of fresh air. To feel the consensual touch of others and find pleasure in our heartbreak and shared pain has given me a chance to heal. Our pasts have defined each of us, and though none of us are perfect, we strive for the same blissful dream.

For a mere moment, I believe that I’m free from Thom’s shackles of pain and humiliation. That my legs will heal, and I’ll be able to dance and discover all the hidden secrets in my magical black feathers.

I am wrong. 

Thom has returned, my life is on the line, and I can only hope the men who relieved some of the lingering pain in my body, heart, and soul can rise to the challenge against the man who is intent on owning — and ruining — me.

Confrontation, fights, and the precarious decisions threaten us as I try to stay alive and defy my Master. My men were the salvation I needed to spread my wings, and it’s time for me fly. Time for me to help them as we fight for what we believe in.

A war has begun, and all I can hope is that I find the strength to lead us to victory. 

Warning: This is an 80,000+ word Dark Paranormal Romance that covers dark themes including trigger topics. Read at your own discretion. – Amazon



Love can come from unexpected places.
it could be with the one person you’ve grown to hate with your whole being. 
Or that person who loves to push your buttons. 
Sometimes chemistry overrides logic and you find yourself in the arms of the enemy. 
Dive into these 15 stories and see how sometimes the lines between love and hate can blur. – Amazon



When death stalks the night, the only way to survive is to become the hunter.

Things aren’t what they seem with the guys. But when lies threaten to pull us apart, fate decides to test us.

Stranded on a strange planet on unfamiliar terrain, there’s no choice but to work together. No choice but to trust in one another. No choice but to give in to passion.

But we’re not alone, because something lurks in the dark. Something ancient and hungry.

The lights are about to go out.

Don’t make a sound.

A Sci fi adventure with a Why Choose Romance and part of the Planet Athion world. – Amazon




Book one in the Omega’s Alphas series

It takes more than one alpha to bring an omega to her knees.

Claire has sworn off alphas, but when her investigation into the murder of her friend puts her in the sights of not one but three of them, her resolve is tested. Even as she craves their touch, she refuses to fall for them. They can have her body, but she’ll protect her heart at any cost.

Bryce, Joshua and Kaidan don’t want an omega of their own, but they can’t resist the mystery woman who breaks into their office. Her scent, her curves and her taste lure them, but they want more than just her body. It will take all three of them to play her at her own game and convince her to give them a chance.

As they navigate their complex relationship, Claire’s search for the killer alpha puts them all in danger. Can they come together to face the threat, or will their secrets and fears destroy everything they’ve found? – Amazon



What was once believed to be a myth is now one of New York City’s worst nightmares.

Missing children.


Unidentified beings.

There’s more to the story and it’s my responsibility to get to the bottom of it all.

The only problem is that everyone has secrets, including the 4 Phoenix Shifters that I’m teamed up with.

Captain Adonis : Leader of the pack. Hardhead. Even harder body. He’s trying to shield me from the NYPD’s best-kept secret.
Lieutenant Thaddeus Faustus : Romanian immigrant. Oldest of the group. A victim of PTSD and can be a bit unpredictable. But he’s strong and reliable.
Officer Todd Murray : New York native. Irish stock. Joker of the group. Always making light out of bad situations. Amazing smile.
Officer Adrian Beak : Millenial. Youngest of the four. Always glued to his phone. Ballsy. Opinionated yet rational.

Even though these four can be hot-headed at times, their passion to protect is undeniable. 
And the truth is that I need them…
In maybe more ways than one… – Amazon


Another title I would like to recommend. Gods do not play. They are not human. They will kill you. Start with book 1, Dark Gods.


It’s all fun and games to them–especially when someone gets hurt. 
One god of mischief and mayhem. 
One god of fur and fang. 
And the god of death himself. 
They’ve all been out to get me since the school year began, but this semester, the Rabbit’s got some tricks up her sleeve. 
It’s time to take these three vicious gods down a peg, or ten, and there’s no better route to revenge than directly through the heart. 
I just have to make sure I don’t get caught up in the twisted game myself. 

This is the second book in the Academy of the Gods series, a Paranormal Bully Academy Romance. Slow burn, all characters are 18+. – Amazon



USA Today and International Bestselling authors come together to deliver stories of dark decadence for a cause.

Watch A Serenade of Fireflies follow Sweet Caroline as she attempts to hide her Silent Deception from the Alpha. Only in Stolen Dreams will you learn the secrets of Our Tormented Love, that are kept under Locke & Key.
Can you survive The Syndicate or will you run from the White Widow and fall prey to her Beautiful Mercy? Be careful not to swallow the sweet poison of Bloodlust and become one of the vanished.

With Stained Hearts, follow along with the Master Marionette as he captures his Twisted Little Bird whether she’s Ready or Not. Will the Writhe finally bid a long Goodbye to The Dark Knight as endures the sorrow of the night’s bitter song.

Try not to do a Double Take when the Message Received is MINE: Press Start to Continue, because the monsters that lurk in these woods Watch Me Losing Faith in The Kiss.

And when all is said and done, watch as Getting Her Back in her bloodstained Stiletto heels becomes a much easier task than originally assumed.

Kiss Me, Kill Me.

An Anthology for American Forests. – Amazon



Dear Reader, 

We’re pleased to inform you that you’ve been accepted into the Magic and Mayhem Academy. Pack your bags and ready your wands for the beginning of a new term.

Packed with witches, shifters, and more, this collection of paranormal and fantasy academies has something for everyone. School was hard enough with the mean girls and exams, now there’s wayward spells and fantastic creatures to contend with.

Get ready for some Magic and Mayhem.


New York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, MARGO BOND COLLINS, writing with IVY HEARNE

USA Today Bestselling Author, LAURA GREENWOOD writing with L.A. BORUFF

USA Today Bestselling Author, ARIZONA TAPE

USA Today Bestselling Author, CATHERINE BANKS 

USA Today Bestselling Author, LILI ZANDER



IPPY Gold Medal Winner, NIKKI LANDIS










I need to re-read this series to catch up, but what I’ve read was both unique and a great story!


Politics are a deadly game, and things are heating up. As winter sets in, my mates and I are in a careful dance as we try to avoid the Council’s suspicions and gain acceptance into the rebellion. Every secret we uncover is more deadly than the last, as the truth of the Council is brought to light. It’s not just the Council we have to watch – the rebellion is hiding secrets of their own, and the challenges they set may be enough to break our family to pieces. Will we be able to make it through the trials whole, or will we go up in a Blaze of Wrath?

*Warning this book contains scenes and references of abuse that some readers may find triggering. This book also contains some m/m themes.* – Amazon



My whole world is on shaky ground.

I’ve only got one more year at Griffin Academy, but it’s a little hard to focus on school after the bomb that was dropped on my personal life.

On top of that, whoever has been targeting Unpredictables is only stepping up their game.

If we don’t find out who it is and stop them, there’ll be no academy left.

No pressure though, right?

Hunt is the fifth book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic series, a medium-burn reverse harem story intended for ages 18+, featuring a badass chick and the four sexy men who fall in love with her. – Amazon



Slip between the sheets with us to discover the hottest deleted scenes, alternate POVs, and bonus scenes from some of your favorite Reverse Harem Authors. These steamy scenes get directly to the point between the sheets. You may want to consider reading with the phone off the hook and the door locked, and maybe line up a cold shower. We won’t judge.

All the content in this anthology has never been published before, but it’s full of characters you love from authors you stalk. Enjoy these extra snippets of stories you can’t get enough of! – Amazon



A raven assassin will be her greatest ally, or her worst enemy.
Mika knew the Council of Paranormals would suspect her, which is why they assigned a raven to ‘guard’ her. But there is a ‘we’ behind the killer and she has no idea if that they are still out there, or worse, still on the island of Morgana waiting for the right opportunity to strike again.
With Malachi being distant, Ethan, Lucien, and Audrey have to work without her to follow the dangling strings, while Mika tries to win the assassin to her side. Will the raven help her unlock the secrets of her magic, or will he turn her in and be the end of everything she knows and loves?
This is a steamy reverse harem, academy romance and takes place in the Council of Paranormals universe. – Amazon



Apollo left, and it was the hardest thing he’d ever done.
It was too much: sharing Nora with his friends. Not being her first. 
Her only. 
Apollo thought he had to be away to make sense of it all, but he was wrong. 
Nora loves him, and she needs him more than ever.
But now it’s up to him to finally accept in himself what Nora always saw. – Amazon



Bianca, a timid and shy university student, has no choice but to step outside her comfort zone to seek answers to her ghostly problems. The only problem is that, because of what she finds, she now has more questions than before. – Amazon



Four boys rule the halls of Coleridge: Cole, Lukas, Tanner, and Blake. They call themselves the Elites, and together they decide who deserves to be part of the upper echelon.

Two months ago they harassed my twin brother until he took his own life.

Now I’m going to take his place at the academy, and take my revenge on them one by one. I’ve been studying these boys for months. I know just exactly who and what they are—and how to destroy them.

But what if I’m wrong?

What if, in the middle of the storm, there’s a sharp, painful truth?

One I fear to face, because it might mean that my brother lived as he died: broken inside, and willing to hurt others.

Justice is a messy thing in the hands of a girl with nothing left to lose…

The Pawn is a bully/revenge romance with a reverse harem element. Reader discretion advised. Please read the author’s note inside with applicable warnings. – Amazon


Where were these guys when I was in high school? Ugly Truths is book 2 of the Astrid Scott Series. These cannot be read out of sequence due to backstory, and you will be confused. One of the few YA to NA novels that I enjoyed, and didn’t make me feel old. lol.


Four guys. One girl. Dangerous truths. 

Now that I maneuvered my parents into giving me the future I wanted, life seems easy. I finally have some freedom to enjoy my senior year without feeling like I’m slowly suffocating under the twisted morals and warped expectations of my parents. 

But it’s not long until everything starts to fall apart. The pretty lies that kept my world tied up in a pretty red bow? They’re starting to unravel. 

And not just for me. Something’s wrong with Jonah. No matter how I push, he’s not letting me or the guys in to help. 
Then there’s the tension between Thatcher and Beck. Not to mention the sudden change in my friendship with Rhys. 

How do you stay afloat when the ugly truths emerge from the pretty lies? 

You don’t.  – Amazon



In helping someone I love, I lost my life. Or did I?

Cut off from my body, I live in the home of a god who’s willing to train me, to help me fully embrace my powers, both as a witch and as a reaper. But while I lay in a coma, the men I left behind suffer, desperate to find a way to bring me back.

I want to return to them, but our family is not complete. One is missing, a member of the coven who was lost before they found me. And I must go on a quest to Purgatory and bring him back, or we’ll forever be incomplete.

I’m coming home to my men, to my family, but will my return bring relief or doom us all? – Amazon



Hellhounds have feelings too…

If Hades thinks he’s going to drag me back to the Underworld, he might just learn that this fiery hound is more than just his daughter. Or his pet. Without my leash, this bi*** has a bite that’ll make him piss his godly pants.

And maybe just maybe make him rethink that whole chaining me to the Underworld for eternity, decision. I can hope, right?The thing is, I know I’ll never actually be free of Hades. No matter how much I try to blend into the human world, a creature as wild and dangerous as me just can’t. That means my goal will always be just to stay one step ahead of him. To never get distracted. And never get attached.

If I do those things, I might get to remain free.

So then I must be a complete moron, because the second the three men move into the crappy apartment across from mine, I can’t seem to stay away from them. It isn’t love. Not even like. It’s more that they seem wild, untamed, and innocent in an unexpected way–just like me.

I’ve been called every name under the sun, but the one that rings the truest is monster. I am a monster. Dangerous to everyone around me. So even though I can’t seem to fight my attraction to three strange men, I will. Because no matter what people call me, I won’t drag mortals into a fight among gods and monsters.

Only, what if the three men are more than what they seem? And what if Hades isn’t the only one hunting me?

CERBERUS UNCHAINED is a steamy reverse harem romance. It involves one lucky woman and three sexy gargoyles. It’s also a #whychoose romance, meaning the heroine doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. – Amazon



Just following the bouncing ball. Copied verbatim, left author links active.

Eva Ashwood


My back straightened, and I glanced around, locking gazes with a boy standing across the street from me.

Shaggy brown hair fell into his face, but it didn’t diminish the intensity of the hazel eyes that stared back at me. He leaned against a trashy hatchback, no shirt on and his jeans slung low on his hips. He was probably about my age, but he looked older somehow—like he’d seen more of the world in his seventeen or eighteen years than I had. His shoulders were broad, his muscles sculpted and defined.

The boy’s head tilted as he openly stared at me, pinning me with his gaze as something like recognition flashed in his eyes. The thought of someone from… here recognizing me sent a shiver of fear down my spine.

It’s fine, Cora. He doesn’t know you. Don’t be ridiculous. He’s probably just curious about the new neighbors.

No one in this neighborhood probably had an inkling of an idea who my father was, let alone who I was.

Taking hold of whatever poise and haughtiness was left in me after the past several weeks, I turned my nose up. I wasn’t usually snobby—not with people I knew. But this boy was a stranger, and I didn’t have the patience to indulge his vulgar, rude staring.

Instead of looking away, he smirked, running his tongue over his bottom lip.

I flushed. What the hell?

Heat crept up my cheeks and then kept going, seeming to spread to every inch of my body, making me warm all over. The boy was undeniably good looking—one of the hottest guys I’d ever seen, actually—but something about him put me off-balance.

It wasn’t like with Barrett, the way my skin had crawled when he’d touched me, making me want to flee his presence.

This was something else entirely.

Not revulsion.





Adeline Jones expected a fancy prep school to be different than what she was used to, but what she found at Raven Academy changed her world forever. And leaving is out of the question.

All Adeline wants is to forget about the guys that broke her heart. But the death of her classmate means that won’t be an option for her. To make things worse, an old flame from her past starts at the Academy and his intentions carry the deepest of betrayal.

Danger lies behind every corner, a killer walks among them, and Adeline soon discovers that she shouldn’t trust anyone at Raven Academy. Not even the four guys who insist she is theirs. And of course there’s the matter of the off limits Professor who tempts her like no one else.

Welcome to Raven Academy…where nothing is as it seems… And survival…well, it’s just a matter of perspective.

Book 2 of the Academy of Souls series



Between navigating my classes and figuring out my relationship status, a new torment promises Sophomore year to be a killer one. Literally.

My freshman year saw us thwarting the apocalypse. Now, with Lucas and Isaac by my side, I’m determined to figure out what Hunter’s problem is. At least I know where I stand with Nathan. He actually wants to kill me. To be fair, killing me might save the world. But after the chaos of my first year, all I want is to make it to graduation. 

It’s not going to be easy. Something is hunting me through the halls of Rosewilde, one of my professors is hellbent of seeing me expelled, and the replacement Headmaster might be worse than the last one. Oh, and even my fearless BFF, Serena, is side-eyeing my new roommate. I’m pretty sure he wants to eat our souls. 

Welcome back to Rosewilde Academy of Magical Arts—where everything you thought you knew is wrong, and everything wrong feels right.

A Spell for Shadows is the second book in the Rosewilde Academy of Magical Arts series following Amelia Cresswin after she gave up science for sorcery. She’s got her BFF and lovers who are willing to share. This book is filled with scorching dramatics, men who love each other, and a roller-coaster of a magical adventure. – Amazon



Welcome to Fortune Academy, a school where supernaturals can feel at home—except, I have no idea what the hell I am.

The last thing I remember is arriving at the massive gates with a Bounty Hunter staring me down. I have a feeling he was supposed to take me to the monster holding arena to fight and die. Instead, I’m Fortune Academy’s newest student.

I can relate to the monsters in ways the other students can’t. My mentor, who is way too hot for his own good, tells me my behavior is the result of my memory loss and that I’m just trying to identify with a past pain that I’ve buried too far to feel. I think he’s wrong. I think the reason I can’t relate to any of the students is because I’m one of the monsters they’re trained to kill.

I don’t fit into any of the supernatural cliques, but that doesn’t stop me from collecting bullies. A brawny alpha shifter, a moody dark mage, and a playboy demi-god have decided to break me. They think I don’t have any powers and that I was recruited by mistake. It’ll be their funeral if they push me too far, because this girl isn’t taking any of their shit.

My name is Lily Fallen, but don’t let my pretty face fool you. I’m a monster in a school uniform and it’s only a matter of time before I teach my bullies a lesson they won’t forget. 

Fortune Academy: Year One is the first of three novels in an upper YA/NA paranormal academy series. Expect a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance where there are five guys and no choosing required! – Amazon



Obsidian Cove Prep was supposed to be Lennox Malia’s chance at freedom. Instead, it ended up as her own personal hell on Earth. Daily bullying and a severe lack of friends left her feeling hopeless and desperate for graduation. 

That all changed one day when five guys showed up, very obviously interested in her. It all seemed too good to be true, and to say she was suspicious is an understatement. When secrets are revealed, and she discovers who she truly is, her new friends are there to help and guide her.

Navigating her last weeks of human high school would have been hard enough, but now she has to come to terms with her new powers and a new world, once again the outsider. Although, being the outsider may not be as bad as she thinks…if she gets to be with Calev, Tristan, Aeson, Evander, and Lachlan.

As her training begins, Lennox finally starts to find her inner strength. Unfortunately, her inner strength may not be enough to withstand the stalkers and attempted kidnappings that have come into her life along with her new powers. The danger worsens every day, leaving her with more questions than answers. With her powers still in chaos, they need to get to their new school, now more than ever.

Will starting at Obsidian Cove Supernatural Academy be the fresh beginning she’s been hoping for, or will it be too much of a change for Lennox and her new boyfriends to handle?

Call of the siren is intended for readers 18+ it is a reverse harem, paranormal, new adult novel. It contains some content that may be triggering for some. – Amazon



First official semester at Unicorn Academy? Check. 
Bodyguard and familiar constantly being protective? Check. 
Three crazy unicorn shifters fighting to date me? NOT Check! 

When my life seems to crash down with one revelation after another, I end up at Unicorn academy, one of the only unicorn shifter schools in all of the dimensions. Getting accepted at the perfect timing was what I needed from the madness sprouting left and right.

I didn’t, however, think it would lead me to be added into a team of five other unicorn shifters, my bodyguard boyfriend, my seductive familiar, the nerd boy, the alpha-omega-whatever-he-is, and the very prince I thought I’d escaped from.

When semester two starts off with a bang and freezing allergies, I’m the only who can keep this five-man army from killing one another before our midterms.

My dreams of the girl with prism eyes grow in frequency, and with my trouble with shifting still in effect, I start to realize I have far more power than I’ve been told.

Will Semester Two at Unicorn Academy help me unlock my potential, or will things go haywire with my five men army? We’re about to find out. – Amazon



Morana Valdis has been arrested for the one murder she didn’t commit, as enemies from her past arrive in town.

A battle between The Reapers and the law begins while Morana finds herself missing for a second time. The guys will race against the clock to bring her home, and they’ll burn Sanorah to the ground to ensure her safety.

Relationships are strained, while trust is put to the test. 

Will Morana pay for her past sins, or will The Reaper Queen get her happily ever after? – Amazon



The Beautiful Ones at Shadowlight Academy is broken. 

Shadowlight Academy itself is barely standing.

The Beautiful Boys are gone…leaving me to pick up the pieces… 

To Stand Strong. Me. Against an Army. 


Unlike many high school heroines in fantasy books, I always knew I was not ordinary. Far from it. 

Since I was two, I have been seeing angels and demons. Given the gift of battle as a warrior, my role as a slayer often interferes with my role as a normal girl. So no, I was never a typical girl who had just found out she was heir to some magical family or something like that. I’ve been “gifted” practically all my life. 

So when my ordinary family moved us to San Francisco to a new school where my father teaches, I didn’t think much of the school. Shadowlight Academy, the most exclusive and posh prep academy for the super rich. I thought I would be there to slay the evil like an undercover superhero amongst the ordinary. 

I just didn’t think the ordinary would all be extremely unordinary. Especially the three most popular kids in school, known as the Beautiful Ones. Then there’s the hot brooding rebel boy who didn’t seem to fit in, too. Everyone here has secrets, and I am determined to find out what, before it kills me…the entire Academy and even the world. 

*Gone Rogue is the third book in a high school paranormal academy series for mature teens and up. Expect a tough heroine who can take on anyone and anything, will, lots of steam literally and figuratively, and a reverse harem. – Amazon



This adventure may be the grandest of all, and death of them…

Blue and her prida have overcome one of their toughest obstacles yet—gaining approval from Felix’s Mercenary Guild family. But the original assignment isn’t over. While their leads in the Guild didn’t pan out, new ones have come to light…
On Earth.

Now they are headed for Denver, Colorado and Jason, which brings a whole new set of problems. 

So, Blue makes a new list, just for this operation:
Bring down the bad guy
Don’t get killed.
Introduce guys to Mom.
Bring mistress Trevon into the prida.
Figure out the mystery that is Jason

Not necessarily in that order, of course.

But when they arrive back on Earth, her list and her plan and thrown out the window. What they discover will lead them on a chase through not only Earth, but back to Karran and the mysteries of the Waste, where they will face down an enemy more ancient and powerful than any of them knew existed.  – Amazon



My name is Lexi Cameron and until three weeks ago, I thought I was human.
It was all a lie.
I’m a demon, and I’m signed up to attend The Demon Academy.
I soon find out it’s the darkest, cruellest school around and not many survive a full year, let alone three.
Welcome to DA, where unless you are a high demon, you can expect to be treated like trash.
My plan? 
To be invisible and get the hell out of this academy, but it doesn’t work out that way…

I have one angel teacher trying to get rid of me, the students of DA making sure I know what a demon can do and I’m not going to survive Demon Academy for long.

That is until the Lucifer sons see me.
They want to break me,
they love to play games with my heart,
and even if I wanted to run from them…I can’t.
I’m apparently their mate.

And just like their father’s home, hell can’t be escaped. 

RH Dark Bully Academy Romance. 18+ – Amazon



Author has bumped book to September Release



Fight demons. Fall in love. Save the world.

Welcome to Angel Academy.

My name is Celeste Venoix, and my second year at the Angel Academy has been insane.

Between training for battle and juggling coursework, I’ve been busier than ever. And on top of that, I’ve got a Prince of Hell breathing down my neck, and I think I’m falling for a guy who I’m pretty sure is an asshole.

Oh, and my long, lost sister has decided to enroll at the academy this year, too.

What the hell?

I have no idea what she wants, but as long as she stays out of my way, everything will be just fine. But of course, she doesn’t stay out of my way. And of course, she’s apparently trying to ruin my life.

She keeps flirting with the guy I’m in love with, and she won’t stop talking about us taking over the world together.


I have no idea how I’m going to get through the school-year, but at least I have my guys and I hope that’s enough.

And honestly? I’m just hoping I survive until the end of the school-year.


Here we go again.

*Angel Academy is a university-age reverse harem series. 18+

#WhyChoose – Amazon



All Timberlyn wants is to get out of her small town, where she’s branded a freak just because she happens to wear all black and draw gruesome monsters in her notebooks. 

When a letter arrives saying she’s been accepted to the mysterious Ravenwood Academy for the Exceptionally Gifted, she jumps at the chance. Never mind that she’s not sure what she’s supposedly gifted at, or the fact that she doesn’t remember actually applying there. 

When she arrives, the school seems like a dream full of beautiful people ready to befriend her. There’s only one problem with Ravenwood: it’s run by the Wolf brothers, three surly, thuggish, insanely gorgeous guys. Timberlyn’s new friends give strict instructions to stay far away from them. 

Unfortunately, she’s not good at taking orders. 

When girls at the school begin disappearing, Timberlyn refuses to maintain the status quo. She’s sure the Wolf boys are up to something, and if she has to, she’ll take them down herself. That is, if they don’t take her down first. – Amazon



I’m the kid your parents warned you about… 

Eighteen months in prison or doing time at Oceanside Academy.
Reform school has met its match in me, even if it is full of young offenders. Thieves, graffiti writers, drug runners and other petty criminals reside within the walls, and I’m just like them. 
But what they didn’t tell me was that I’d be one of only a handful of girls in a hoard full of boys. It’ll take more than just street smarts to keep my wits about me. 
Everyone here has a chip on their shoulders, and I’m no different. Mine’s one of the biggest, that’s why they call me Asia because I have one as large as a continent.
Rules or not, these bad boys are about to discover I’ve earned my label for reason…
I’m the biggest misfit of them all.

**Delinquent is book one of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy trilogy for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. Contains foul language and sexual scenes. Ends on a cliffhanger**  – Amazon



Mercilessly beautiful cruel. Relentlessly sensual vicious. Utterly delicious vile.

Marrying into the famous Godalming slayer-clan was supposed to be my family’s big break. Our clan is fractured, my brother is dead, and my mother’s spirit was broken by the ordeal. I’d do anything to make her proud and see her truly smile again.

I’d even spend a year in the snobby, prestigious Libra Academy with Lord Godalming’s gorgeous son.

I don’t know what I did to earn Will Godalming’s seething hatred, but he’ll do anything to get rid of me for good, even if he sometimes seems like the only one who understands me. Sura Enver is almost irresistible with a cruel streak a mile wide, but he’s hiding dark secrets under those knockout looks. And when I put a dying vampire out of her misery, I end up at the very top of an ancient warrior’s hit list. No sane slayer angers Càel the White Wolf, the fiercest knight of the vampires’ Clouded Court. 

They’re unstoppable. Wicked. Malignant. And each wants to make me suffer. Between the torment of Libra’s eat-or-be-eaten rules and the rising threat of a new vampire king, enemies prowl on all sides.
But they’re messing with the wrong slayer.

Ill Will is the first book of Victoria’s Trilogy in the Bonds of Blood universe, a steamy, medium-burn reverse harem bully romance in a college-age academy setting. This book is for mature audiences and contains triggers. – Amazon



I never wanted a cat, but the ever-kittens don’t seem to care, and now I have more than ever. 

The last thing I expected when I came to Grimalkin was to learn I’d been cursed. And yet, now I am. I have no choice but to find a way to break it. But first, I need to work out who cast it in the first place. 

At least I have some warlocks by my side to lend a helping hand. 

 Second Time’s A Curse is the second book in the Grimalkin Academy: Kittens Trilogy. It is a slow burn academy reverse harem.  – Amazon



No is not in their vocabulary.

I think I might have a problem.

You would think walking out on the guys would be the end, right?

Turns out it was only the beginning.

Callum, Quinn, Asher, and Ellis aren’t the kings of Silver Creek High for nothing.

They’re smart, resourceful, and calculating in getting what they want, and what they want now is me.

However, that’s where things get a little sticky.

You know those four handsome a**holes?

Well, they don’t like being ignored.

What’s even worse?

Neither do the queen bees they turned their backs on.

I have a feeling things are about to get ugly.

Because these queens are out for blood.


***TEASE ME, BABY*** is a reverse harem/mature high school bully romance novel. This is book two of the series. Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. – Amazon



I fled my palace home to escape an unwanted marriage and stumbled into the arms of five potential mates. Yes, five.

One fanged genie, four badass bandits, and a plus-one princess—me—forced together in an unconventional relationship that will save our world and yours, if we can figure out how to work together and fall in love. 

That’s a pretty big if. 

Oh, I should probably mention, there are a few added obstacles, standing in the way of my save-the-world success:

1. My father’s snake-taming sidekick and seer put a bounty on my head. Avoiding his dark riders and the brutal pirates that roam the desert is no easy task. 
2. I don’t know how to charge my mom’s magic carpet. Did I mention I suck at magic? 
3. My companion, a sand cat, is missing and may be dead. 
4. A supposed friend sold me to one of the above mentioned pirates. 
5. I refuse to be bullied into a relationship no matter how tempting my new suitors are. These five protective and deliciously different alpha males may have claimed me, but I get to choose my fate, ancient prophecy or not. 

If you’re betting on my success, take notes. I’ve lived a sheltered life inside a pristine palace, until now. So you might want to settle your affairs because I can’t guarantee I’ll beat the bad guys. But if my wannabe mates have their way, you should be good to plan your next vacation, wedding…meal. Choose wisely. 

I’ll do the same. Promise.

Disclaimer: Finding Jaslynn is a fairy tale retelling reminiscent of Aladdin and The Arabian Nights. It is for readers 18 and older due to language, adult themes and sexual situations. There are events that could be considered triggers for some readers. Despite the dark fantasy elements, you can expect humor, no cheating, and a happily ever after. For those new to the genre, this is a “Why Choose” Romance, often referred to as Reverse Harem Romance. This is the first volume of a book duet (two book series). 
– Amazon



An unforgivable accident tore my family apart.

It wasn’t my fault. 
It was his. 
I’m a Dragon and I’m seeking revenge. 
But in order to do that, I need to control the wildfire within me. 

Joining the Broken Academy is the only way. 

Yes, this secret world is my only hope. 
And another Dragon, Lee, wants to help me. 
Along with the other men who now seem more like lovers than mere allies. 
It’s a romantic world in here. 
But I can’t stray away from my path. 
There’s a reason why I came here. 
The one who destroyed my family has to die. 
And I’m the one who’ll put him in his grave.



We are The Four Princes from The Four Kingdoms of Wyvern.
Razor is the Red Prince from the Kingdom of RoseCliff.
Jasper is the Green Prince from the Emerald Realms.
Tar is the Black Prince from the Dark Forests.
And Flint is the Silver Prince from the Metal Lands.

We are princes one day who will rule our kingdoms in Wyvern. Right now, we are the Kings of Wyven School for Boys, a school known for the toughest training of rulers and heads of states to be in order to prepare them for the cruel, cruel world we know of, in the kingdoms of Wyvern. 

On a typical day at Wyvern School for Boys, one student or another gets beaten badly, pranked on so viciously, that they end up seriously injured or close to death. It is the way of Wyvern. It is how kingdoms determine the next heir and successors to thrones. 

It is a vicious game. One of survival. One of rules.

So when they let in Allotrope Free from some nowhere kingdom, we felt affronted. Assaulted with disrespect.

First of all, Allotrope is not a boy, but this girl, who is much too pretty and gorgeous to be in a school full of boys. 

Second, she is the last thing anyone would think could be a ruler or head of state. She is an orphan. 

Wyvern School for Boys is letting her in as a statement from one of our mothers, who is the ruling Queen of one of of kingdoms. Girls can grow up to become rulers too. 

Kingdoms are at sake. Real wars are being fought. The last thing we need is a girl like Allotrope to make everything we stand for, a whole big joke. 

So, when it comes time to eliminate a student at Wyvern School for Boys, Allotrope should be the first to go, and we Four Princes, will make sure she goes.

Call me Allotrope…Ally for short. When I received a royal decree from Queen Jade of the Emerald Realms to attend school at Wyvern School for Boys, I thought it was a prank pulled by my friend William who apprentices with me at the Blacksmith. There was no way I could attend such an elite school just for kings-to-be. 

But it was a Royal Decree, and if I don’t obey the Decree, there was a threat of death to me and to all I hold dear, which probably means William and his parents, Bilbo and Kate, the blacksmith and his wife, the alchemist, whom had let me stayed with them since I became an orphan.

To keep them safe. To keep me from losing my head, I packed up what little belongings I had and enrolled at Wyvern School for Boys.

Everything at Wyvern School for Boys was meant to intimidate. Being the only girl at a school of incredibly handsome boys, especially the Four Princes, was intimidating. 

Not to mention the cutthroat competition that literally cuts students from the school. 

I’m stuck in a hard place…either get killed by defying the Royal Decree and also get everyone I cared for, killed. Or stick it out at Wyvern School for Boys, despite all the bullying and cutthroat games Wyvern has in store for me.

Of course, there is no choice…I must survive Wyvern School for Boys, or die trying. 

Did I mention this is a school for Dragons, too? I just have to watch out for the fire. 

***Diamonds and Dragons is book 1 of the Cruel Princes of Wyvern Series for mature teens and up (17+) and is a paranormal dark fantasy bully romance reverse harem that will contain steamy and scorching scenes, dark fantasy elements, and consensual sex. This is a high school NA series.  – Amazon



With her enemies multiplying and a terrible accusation hanging over her head, Rory’s position in the magical world is more precarious than ever. Clearing her name and keeping her freedom may require trusting the people she’d never have wanted to turn to. Can she count on the other scions when they find out just how close to home the true villains are? – Amazon



My Uncle Henry was murdered on my 21st birthday. His killer stole my pug Toto and vanished after destroying my uncle’s home, not realizing that there was a witness to his crime. 


I travel to the end of the earth to track my uncle’s killer and discover that he’s a Navy SEAL. I soon realize that I’m in over my head and nothing is as simple as it seems. 

A heartless SEAL, a simple farmer, a cowardly bodyguard. But they are just pawns in a billionaire’s game. 

This tech wizard is the most powerful man in the world, and he is behind my uncle’s death. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. 

Unfortunately, he wants me. 

Desiring Dorothy is book 1 of 3 in the Men of Oz series. It is a full-length reverse harem novel with a cliffhanger. – Amazon



Only the strongest humans survive at the Academy of Vampires
The weak become food

Plucked from my normal life.
Imprisoned in this vampire hell.

They say I’m a one-in-a-million genetic freak.
But I’m no-one. Just a human girl who wants to escape.

Nero, Dante, and Raphael are the vampire princes who want my blood.
They want me kneeling at their feet, a perfect slave.
But I will resist their deadly games.
Withstand their charms and seduction.

But can a human girl survive in a school full of vampires?

Captured is a reverse harem PNR academy bully romance that contains cursing, dark themes, and sexual situations. – Amazon



In a battle with the powerful underground boys club, one damaged girl, has the courage to fight back.

Life at Apple Valley Academy is tough for Lana Green. Students are split under the unspoken categories of the haves and have-not.

The Royals and Honorees.

In order to survive her time at the prestigious prep school, Lana’s tries hard to keep her mouth shut and fly under the radar.

To keep her secret well hidden.

To forget.

Until a chance encounter threatens to shatter her world.

The underground boys society, known as the Savages, rule the halls of Apple Valley Academy in their carefully pressed uniforms.

By night, Royals and Honorees participate in dangerous games in order to gain the coveted spot of top pledges.

Under Jovan Daniels guidance.

Someone Lana thought was different.

And trusted with her innermost fears.

As a new Honoree, avoiding the cruelty of the Savages has only gotten harder.

During initiation week Lana’s caught up in the cruel pranks of the pledges and the top dogs of the underground society.

Since, Jovan the leader of the Savages, unraveled her carefully hidden past.

A past which links them together.Secrets so damaging, they threaten to ruin them both.

Now Jovan’s hell bent on destroying Lana.

Before the ugly truth comes to light.

She must dig deep within herself to have the courage to own her past. And beat Jovan and his lap dogs at their own games.

And survive Hell Week.
Book One , in a planned trilogy, is not a YA book. This book is recommended to readers over aged eighteen.
*Disclaimer: Contains mature content and themes. Some events portrayed may cause trigger events as sensitive topics are explored and depicted.
– Amazon



In a world that has fallen into chaos and ruin, humans have traded in their morality in favour of power and greed. Burning through the earth’s resources and shrouding us all in darkness.

When the Goddess of all Creation can bear no more, she bestows upon four women an impossible task. They must find the last remaining Pures, humans whose souls and hearts remain untainted.

But they are not the only ones searching for them. There are others who seek to find them first. Their aim – to rain down rivers of fire and blood across the world. But they forget one thing… there have never been horsewomen before.
And Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

**This book is intended for people 18+ and contains violence and sexual situations. It’s not for the faint of heart.** – Amazon



I’m a killer and I’m good at it. 

It’s not something you can put on a resume or bring up during a date — but we all have our secrets.

The visions I see at night are part of mine.

The Elders send me visions of my new targets — chosen by them — for me to kill. I don’t determine if they are good or bad — just that their fate is to die by my hand. 

Questioning the Elders is suicide. I am just a monster for them to direct.

One night my vision features four sinfully yummy men. They seem to find me delicious as well. 

When my life gets thrown into chaos, these men are the only ones I can trust.

What happens when I am not the monster I’ve always believed myself to be?

I went from being the killer to the target.

One thing is for sure, I don’t plan on remaining anyone’s prey. – Amazon



I’m not what everyone thinks I am.

If they discover what I am, both the gods and demons will hunt me to the ends of the universe.

The revelation of my hidden origin would tilt the scales of the immortal war, but I don’t carry this dark secret alone. The sea demigod, my sworn enemy, now carries it with me and leaves a trail of dead bodies behind to keep me–and my secret–safe.

Amid the turmoil and chaos, the God of War returns to the Academy. Obsessed with my uniqueness, he steals me from his son’s bed to make me warm his.

So war breaks out between the war god and my demigods while Lucifer’s army of demons besieges the Academy. If we all survive the brutal battle, my mates will soon learn the truth about me is dirtier than reality.

Magic Fury is the third book in the Half-Blood Academy series with a badass heroine, four deadly, striking demigods, heart-pounding action blended with super steamy love scenes, and great romance. – Amazon



Second chances are always costly, and at The Academy of the Devil, the price you have to pay for weakness is high. Get ready. Class is in session again, and this year, the lessons we have to learn are tougher than ever.

It’s official. I must be cursed.

After my hellish first year at The Academy of the Devil, I thought I was prepared for anything. But things never work the way they should at this damn school, and as my second year begins, it becomes obvious that my troubles have just begun.

My relationship with Callum, Stefan, and Mikael is still as confusing as ever. I have no idea where I stand with them and they’re not doing any better. My new bond with Mikael adds even more complications to the mix, because even if we’re the ones who are part of the House of Envy, the green-eyed monster is alive and well in Callum and Stefan too.

To make matters worse, the students aren’t very happy with the idea of having a nephilim in their midst. The dethroned prince of the school isn’t safe from anyone, not anymore, and I don’t know how to help him.

Then, there’s Dean Mephistopheles, who’s starting to pay an alarming amount of attention to me. And against my better judgment, I find myself drawn to him too.

I don’t know what will happen now, but one thing is certain. My second year at The Academy of the Devil is certainly going to be demonic.

A Demonic Year Two is a paranormal reverse harem romance that contains steamy scenes between the heroine, three temperamental demons, and a very possessive headmaster. For extra spice, you’ll also find a dash of MM romance, as well as a hint of BDSM content. All sexual content involves characters that 18+ years old. But warning! There will be some dark themes that may be disturbing for readers, including bullying and ableism. Proceed with caution! – Amazon



No more diner. 
No more late nights with Cordie partying.
No more jiu-jitsu – though it might help save my ass against the fire demons who paid for my capture.
My rescuers tell me I was born to be a weapon of mass destruction. A prophesied female witch phoenix called the White Inferno.
They were lethal and devilishly gorgeous. Trouble was written all over them.
The kind of trouble I liked to get myself into.
But two things nobody counted on – was the team finding me and destroying everything the Nix Kingdom ever believed. – Amazon



They’ve broken me…well, at least that’s what they think. 

Full blurb will be added closer to release to avoid spoilers for book one.

Broken Hellfire Academy Book Two is the much longer addition in a dark new adult series of full-length reverse harem academy bully romances. Some scenes portray subject matter that may be extremely difficult and/or triggering for some readers. Cliffhanger warning. Read at your own risk! 18+ – Amazon



A Vampire, a Shifter, and a Fae… Bad joke or the start to the best night of my life?

It started when I was bare-ass naked with my boyfriend, Tommy, riding him atop a rock in Middle-of-Nowhere, Nevada. In walks a wolf like he’s my mom on a meth trip, staring at us and growling like he’s an over-protective husband. 

Worse, according to Tommy, I’m growling back. Next thing I know, Tommy is halfway across the desert and I’m at an elite academy for Witches, Shifters, Vampires, and Fae looking like the on-call hooker from the local bunny club. 
It was the lacy red bra that did it.

Bloodwood Academy for the Supernatural has only one rule: Don’t bang students outside your race.

So, of course, that just so happens to be the first thing I do. How can you say no to a Fae God with golden eyes, a moody Werewolf with daddy issues, and a Vampire with magic fingers.

My men are not only sending my panty budget through the roof but now my life is in danger. 
I turns out that if I don’t go back to my single wide, some jealous females are going to rip my throat out. 

I need to figure out why I’m connected to all of them, and why the headmaster has it out for me, before I find myself ten feet under. 




Here’s what I know. Being a cupid is hard work. 

Love matches, Lust breath, Flirt touches, not to mention having to meet my quotas every month. And hitting your target with arrows? That shit is not easy. People move, and they don’t exactly have a bullseye painted on their chests. 

But all of that I could handle. Gladly. If only my fricken cupid powers would actually work.See, I’m what my supervisors call a dud. So now I have a choice. Get a new job, or turn in my cupid wings and try matchmaking the old-fashioned way. Maybe it’s stupid, and maybe the universe is trying to make me take a hint, but I don’t want to stop being a cupid. I was born for this—or, reborn…whatever. 

Besides, I’ve become a bit obsessed with Mr. Warren Knight. See, he’s the perfect candidate for plenty of cupidity-approved passion. Smart, hot as hell, rich, and successful, but no matter how many dates he goes on, he just won’t seal the deal. 

And that’s when I realize—Warren Knight is a bachelor dud. So now, I’m making it my afterlife’s mission to fix him. And by extension, me. If I can make a Love Match for him, then I won’t be a failure. But of course, this asshole doesn’t want to fall in love, so I have my work cut out for me. 

They say there’s no rest for the wicked. Well, they should try being a cupid, because this shit is exhausting. Here goes nothing. – Amazon



Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Fuck yes. Don’t mind me. I have a thing for anti-hero’s. Carry on.

They pushed too far. The demented Hatter and all of his minions can test me all they like, but they just crossed a line.

Alixx Stone. That’s my line. Screw with my life all you like but don’t threaten my men.

The problem is, even if I save my friends, it won’t be enough. There’s an entire Kingdom who have been hurt by one man’s selfishness. Elder Liddell’s dark secrets are endless and now he’s dragged me into his twisted past.

My own flesh and blood did this.

And I’m starting to realize, I’m just as destructive as he is.

This is a Reverse Harem series, recommended for readers 18 and over.

Reading Order
Into the Madness
Within the Wonder
Under the Lies – Amazon



One man stands between the barbaric rule of Supernatural Council and the weakening line of the Ancients—my father, Dante Livingstone. 

The time for peace is over. Swords have been drawn, and we stand at the edge of war. 

I’ve fought Demons. I’ve battled lies. I survived with those I love standing beside me. But this time it’s not enough. This time I’m up against a force not even Hekate can help me win. 

I’m falling on my knees, desperate to find a way out of the dark. I don’t want to believe it’s over…I can’t…not until the very end. 

Read the gripping conclusion of the Beautiful Beasts Series today! – Amazon



Aris Calisto, newest student at Aether Academy of Crystal Magic and Witchcraft not only stands out with her quirky outfits and bubblegum pink hair but also draws attention by being what’s considered the lowest of the low in the Akasha society- a Mixta. 

When mysterious things start happening, including unexpected bindings, things going missing, and being claimed by a not-so-traditional familiar, Aris realizes she’s in over her cotton candy-colored head. Enter in the five guys who have been magically roped into Aris’s rodeo:

-Caspian, the playful potions brewer,
-Drayce, the summoner who never seems to get overwhelmed,
-Kye, a broody rune drawer who Aris can’t help but pester,
-Xan, the spell caster with no sense of humor to speak of,
-and Torryn, the history professor who seems to demand every waking hour working on mastering her power. 

With a cauldron full of men behind her, can Aris use her i’magic’nation to figure out what’s happening to her capricious coven? Or will she find out that life’s a real witch?

Book 1 of the Not Your Basic Witch Series
Legends of Asteria Trilogy 1

The Not Your Basic Witch is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem trilogy featuring MMFMMM meaning there is M/M content, and the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests. This trilogy is the first in a series collection consisting of six trilogies titled Legends of Asteria. Each trilogy should be read in order.

**This book contains references involving violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.** – Amazon



I don’t know if you can hear me. But I need help.

Something’s happened. Something bad.And I should have stopped it.I should have known better.I’m elsewhere and I need to go back.I need the touch of my four others.I miss them all so desperately much.
Please help.

5 Boys on the Beach is the fourth Reverse Harem Romance novel in the 5 Boys series. It features dollops of angst, steamy scenes, continuing story-lines and MM. #whychoose? – Amazon



She’s not the woman they thought she was.

Dell’s Sun Gods will strip her soul bare in an attempt to understand the woman they have come to care for, revealing the rot festering within—the shadows staining her insides, plaguing her, torturing her in ways more sinister than the lifetime of abuse she’s endured. 

They won’t give up on her, even when it’s clear the fragments of Dell are too scattered to piece back together. 

She’s a broken, beautiful disaster.
She’s the woman who could change the world. 

But there’s a dam inside her, threatening to burst …

Spawned from the darkness, her beast is ready to play. 

This is book three in the four-part Spawn of Darkness series and cannot be read as a standalone. It features a strong, albeit mentally shattered female lead, and four protective High Fae Gods who will do everything in their power to protect her. 
It is a slow burn reverse harem romance with sensitive and taboo subjects, sex slavery, offensive language, explicit sexual content and violence. It contains content which some readers will find triggering. Intended for a mature audience aged eighteen years and over. – Amazon



I may have been born in the Quarter, but I refuse to die here.

I live in the Quarter, the societal cage where all of Cremorne’s paranormals have been locked up, but I’m neither vampire, werewolf nor witch. I’m the lowest of the low, doomed to be one of two things: junkie or vampire’s pet.

Desperate to escape, I’ll do whatever it takes to get out, to get all of us out, even if that means shaking my country and the gods themselves to the core to restore the balance. I’m collecting allies so I can start a revolution and finding power my kind would never dream of, but this game has been in play for a lot longer than I’ve been breathing and there’s a chance I’m just another pawn.

That’s OK, because I am determined to win.

Author’s note: This book is an RH tale, so the MC does not choose one partner, but the romance angle is definitely pretty low key in some instances and is a bit more complex than girl meets multiple boys and falls in love. It takes a lot of its inspiration from 80s urban decay films like The Warriors and Blade Runner, so is kind of dystopian in tone. Politics and how power is used to control is a big theme, though hopefully the reader isn’t bashed over the head by it. – Amazon


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