Reverse Harems With Famous Characters, Or Dancers Part 1

There’s something sexy about the limelight. The unobtainable. The famous bad boy, or girl. The amazing dancers that cause you squirm in your seat. Of course both can lead to fans tossing undergarments on the stage, wild nights, and elicit wanton behavior in the most innocent of us all. Maybe. That last part is pure speculation. This list is going to consist of all things famous, or almost famous. The main character could be a famous person, the harem themselves could be the famous people, or dancers of all walks of life. Regardless if it’s one character being famous, all of them, or they’re striving to be. This list is for the fan-girl/guy in us all. As always, Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere

This is one of my favorite contemporary standalones. The main character lives with 2 famous roommates, and one almost famous. Actors.

Three sexy actors. One curvy English teacher. An impossible rule just begging to be broken…

When my boyfriend dumps me, I need a new place to live, fast. Luckily my best friend offers me a solution: move in with her brother and his two roommates in his Malibu beach house. Sounds good, right? Except my new roommates turn out to be three of the hottest actors in Hollywood. Each one is gorgeous, rich, and famous—and they’re all off-limits because there’s only one house rule: no sleeping together.

They could have any woman in the world, but to my surprise they each want me. Soon there’s a new rule: whatever I do with one guy, I do with all of them. There’s no way this can end well, but how am I supposed to choose just one of my sexy-as-sin roommates? Unless I don’t have to choose…” – Amazon

The main character is not only a billionaire rock-star, but a goddess as well. Yes, I know the blurb is right under this. Yes, I know it says something exactly the same rendering this part redundant. *Makes shooing motion. Keep scrolling, there’s more.”

“Rock star. Billionaire. Goddess.

She’s all of the above, but only one of those things is the key to mending her broken heart.

When infidelity shatters her perfect L.A. life, Eden Rose Masterson heads home for some small-town recuperation. Only fate has other plans. Instead of nursing her wounded pride, she’s bombarded with the discovery that she’s a Goddess of Love and that Cupid is her new BFF.

Reconnecting with multiple men from her past, she discovers just what she’s been missing. Who knew rebounding could be so much fun? But being a goddess has a dark side, and she soon learns that not all men are willing to share. ” -Amazon

The main character’s harem are a band. Contains m/m. MMMFMM

“WARNING: This book has one girl and five bad boy rockstars. She owns them all–heart, body and soul.
Don’t read it unless you like to ugly cry…and also unless you like threesomes, foursomes…and moresomes.

“Can one of these five rockstars fill the hole in my heart? Or will I stay broken forever?”

Young, dumb, and broke. That’s what started everything. With five dollars in her pocket, and everything she owns stuffed in the back of her car, Lilith Goode’s life is over. Done. Destroyed.

Ten words. One text. That’s what it took to change the whole world. A crumpled concert ticket. A chance encounter. That’s what it takes to start all over again.

Five rockstars. One girl. Six dark hearts, six withered souls.
But can one broken person really put another back together again?
And is a cross-country tour the place to do it?” – Amazon

A harem of male strippers? Yes, please! They are attempting to become famous dancers.

“I have been working hard my whole life for people to take me seriously. After all, women ‘don’t belong’ in the music industry. However, when an interview goes wrong, I am offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, to manage The Wild Boys, an all-male strip show featuring bad boys with an even worse reputation. It’s now my job to fix it, if I can keep my hands to myself. 

Jealous girlfriends, adoring fans and venue problems are all part of the job, but I never expected that my feelings would get in the way of my career. One thing is for certain, it’s going to be a year to remember. 

Welcome to The Wild Boys, where all your wettest dreams come true.” – Amazon

The main character is a major recording artist. Book 1 does not, but the rest of the series contains m/m action. Sariah Skye writing as Lizzie Fox is not a new indie author, but she’s had some major censorship issues as of late. That can really hurt an author because it causes their novels to be mislabeled and really hard to look for in the “search” option. “Possible trigger warning: Domestic violence is discussed, but not shown. See author’s note at the beginning of book or Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature for more information. 

A breakup is never easy.
A breakup when you’re famous? The worst. 

I’m Evangeline Michaelson, and I’ve been a major recording artist for years. I have plenty of money, sell out tours, and won major awards for my music. 

You’d think that my life would be pretty amazing, wouldn’t you?
Not so much.
It’s true that money can’t buy happiness because now I’m alone and no mansion, fancy cars, designer clothes, or cash can make that better. 
I only have my playboy manager, Christian, and my silent, over-protective bodyguard, Isaiah by my side. Oh, and about three-million of my closest “friends” on social media who aren’t really friends, but a gorgeous man from Michigan named Jordan Nashton clearly is. 
He’s a long-time follower of mine, and his words and messages of comfort offer me hope for love, friendship, and family for the first time in a long while. 
When we meet sparks fly almost instantly despite the fact I make him nervous with my big mouth and big career. And, things might be perfect if not for Christian’s secrets and all the scandals that follow me around every corner I turn. 
But, Jordan is a humble English teacher with simple needs, and nothing about my life is simple. How can he love me when no one else could?
Maybe it’s not possible for anyone to love someone like me who’s bruised, broken, and infamous.” – Amazon

  One of the main character’s harem is a famous UFC type fighter.


It’s a nickname I haven’t heard since I lived on Woodbury Lane, where the houses were pretty but the secrets? Deadly. It was a pet name known only to the Bullets. Rough, violent, and ruthless, they laid claim to the town — and my heart.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks—especially not four of them. But they were the only ones who understood that sometimes hell hides in plain sight.

I was the girl with all the conveniences a privileged upbringing could provide. The world only saw two loving parents and a pristine home life, but I knew the truth. And it was going to get me killed. So, I disappeared, from everyone and everything I’d ever known. I changed my name and my appearance, but the scars I carry, they’re still the same.

The Bullets are all grown up now, too — a crime boss, a pro fighter, a bounty hunter, and a federal agent. Life took them in different directions, but they once shared the bonds of a brotherhood forged under the harshest conditions. Together they were fearless. Brutal. Unstoppable.

I’m praying they can find that unity again. If I’m going to survive this, it’ll take everything they have. Because that’s the thing about running from the past.

Eventually, it catches up to you.” – Amazon

The main characters harem is a famous rock band. She auditions for them. I haven’t been able to read this one yet, it’s in my TBR though!!!

Alexis Jones was always the unlucky one. 

For as long as she could remember, life never landed her on the sunny side of the road. For nineteen years she dealt with her generous share of irony, and she knew her independent, self-righteous self would continue on whatever path she was destined to walk on.

She was a classic bad girl who smoked, got horrible grades, and had a short fuse. Trouble was what sent a thrill through her, aiding in her crave to feel alive and wanted. 

That, and the power of music. 

Alexis believes she finally earned a break from constant disappointment, but after her second audition goes south and revives grim memories, she realizes she’ll always spiral into the darkness – until she meets the members of Black Hole. Four sexy band members, their music as a whole sheds light into her dark world. Thanks to an argument with her best friend, not only does Alexis get to meet the band in person, a spark ignites between them.

Being a bad girl is hard, especially when your soul is a broken mess, but what happens when four other broken souls are willing to offer a piece of themselves to fix you?  – Amazon

The main characters harem is a famous rock bank.

“What happens when you’re responsible for someone else’s future? Or when you end up falling for them?

Tessa Graham has loved Malus for years. They were once a wildly popular band, topping the charts and leaving broken hearts in their wake. But for the past five years, they’ve been playing the same old hits, incapable of creating anything new. 

As an assistant working for the band’s record label, Tessa is given the opportunity of a lifetime. Her boss informs her that she must help the band write and record a new album—and she only has seven months to do it. If she succeeds, she’s in line for a huge promotion. If she fails, she’s fired. And so is the band.

What starts out as a desire to keep her job, and perhaps learn a little about the four mysterious musicians she’s always admired, quickly turns into more than anyone could have ever expected. As Tessa spends time with each man, she quickly learns that outward appearances aren’t always what they seem. 

Tessa may hold the band’s future in her hands…but there might be more at risk than her job. If she isn’t careful, she could also lose her heart.” – Amazon

The harem are rockstars.

“My goals for my final year at university were:

1) Kick ass at my internship
2) Keep hiding from my family
3) Stop frying my phone battery by accident with my powers.

Then I walked into the first day of my internship at a hot indie record label to find that my old life had collided with my new one.

Five hot guys in a band called Phoenixcry, I’m supposed to manage them, and oh yeah, PS, they’re werewolves. I’ve left the magic world behind, but I’m still a witch and witches and werewolves don’t mix.

But doing the wrong thing was always my M.O., so now I’m out on the road with a band full of sexy, growly werewolves. But the magic world is one step behind us: there are hunters on our trail, and if they catch us the boys are dead and I’m back at home under lock and key.

Oh, one more thing, I think I’m falling in love with them. Not just one of them, all of them, and to make it super complicated, I think they feel the same way.

So I had to revise my goals for this year:

1) Kick ass at my internship
2) Don’t fall in love with the band
3) Stay alive

Sounds easy, right?” – Amazon

The harem are rockstars. This is quick, short novella.

“I can’t believe it. I won backstage tickets for my favorite band. Now I actually get to meet the sexy rock stars I’ve been dreaming about for years!

I’ve heard rumors about the four guys in the band, but I never expected them to all want me, an ordinary college student. 

Now they’ve claimed me as their own…and they want to share me.

*This is a quick and dirty reverse harem mfmm menage romance that is all about her. Enjoy!”

Harem is a famous K-Pop group.

Whatever my plans were after graduating college, they didn’t include managing a K-Pop group. They also didn’t include falling in love with all of its members…

After a father I never knew appeared in my life, claiming I was an heir to a Korean entertainment company, I was summoned to Seoul, given a job, and told to keep my identity a secret.

The only person who knows who I am is my devil-spawn half-brother, and Sejin’s doing his best to make sure I don’t inherit any of it.
With no help from the company, and no experience in the industry, I’ve got exactly three months to turn failed boy K-Pop group, H3RO, into number one stars.

At first, I wanted to spite that devil-spawn.

And then I met H3RO.
Until now, Tae, Dante, Nate, Minhyuk, Kyun and Jun have been seen as nothing other than a commodity. Forgotten about and prevented from doing the one thing they’ve spent their lives training for: performing.

The more time I spend with them, the more I can’t help but save their broken dreams and get them back on the stage.

And the more I can’t stop myself from falling for them.” – Amazon

The harem are a famous rock band. m/m elements in this book. if you don’t like sword fights this is not the book for you.

“There are five boys in the band and I want them all.

Make a documentary about the hottest boy band on the planet? You bet your sweet buns this broke film school grad’s gonna say yes.

But when I find myself caught between five hot frustrated megastars and their fiendish management company, I can’t help but become drawn in to their world of glamorous parties and violent power struggles.

If I can figure out how to make everyone happy, there’s a chance I could get everything I’ve ever wanted. Five times what I wanted. If not? Well hey, looks like I might just break their fans’ hearts… ” – Amazon

Harem are a famous K-Pop group.

The Access All Areas pass gave Kate more access then she expected…

Offered the opportunity of a lifetime to be the official tour photographer for popular K-Pop group, Onyx, Kate can’t say no. An all-expenses paid trip to nearly twenty tour dates in cities around the world with six ridiculously sexy guys? You’d have to be crazy to turn that down!

Onyx are the first group from Atlantis to have a world tour. They know what they want, and they work hard to get it.

And now they want Kate.

Kate’s already got her hands full keeping group discord, visa restrictions, and a growing list of logistical problems turning the tour into a nightmare out of the photographs. Now she must hide a relationship with Onyx from the world too. If she doesn’t, it’s not just the tour that could get canceled.

It’s a good job Kate is willing to work as hard as Onyx.” – Amazon

“Harem is a famous guitarist and his fellow band-mates.

Jayne Burns has come too far in her life to look back. An orphan, she’s used to being no one’s choice. 

Not anymore. 

When she lands a job as a private tutor for the adopted daughter of a world famous guitarist, everything changes. The rock gods of Rochester’s Pathos, Tennyson, Lee, Klaus, and Diego set their sights on her, and sweep Jayne off her feet. 

But the band has a secret, and if it comes to light, they’ll lose Jayne. 

They refuse to give her up, and they’ll tell any lie, barricade any door, and fight any foe to keep her. 

**Just Jayne is a full-length, stand-alone reverse harem romance**” – Amazon

Short novella. The main characters harem are male dancers for a strip show.

*This is a Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance Novella recommended for ages 18+ due to strong language, too much alcohol, and several sexual situations.**

This would be Lowen Westmon’s first Christimas since the passing of her father. She decides she’ll make the most of it and spend her holiday with nothing more than sappy Christmas movies and a ton of alcohol to get her through it.

However, her plans are derailed when the second half of her duplex cabin, gets rented out for the next two weeks by three sexy men that are in town for an all-male, holiday strip show. 

At first, she’s thrilled to have such hot man candy right next door. But between their loud music, incessant need to use all the hot water, and constant badgering for her to join in on the fun, Lowen might just lose her mind instead. That is, if she doesn’t lose her heart to them first.

Naughty Santas, blizzards, and one too many spiked egg nogs, are just a few of the things in store for Lowen on this holiday. But the question still stands; What will happen after Christmas is over?” – Amazon

The main character is a dances as a stripper.

Danger, romance and a surprise I never expected. There goes my plan of a quiet year after my divorce…

It was only meant to be one night out to celebrate Ellie’s long needed divorce, but when she finds out that she is pregnant by the hot man she met that night, it turns out Ellie is not as free as she wanted to be. When Ellie finally manages to track down her hot one night stand, it’s to find he lives with his three other friends, who Ellie cant stay away from.

None of them are anything like what I was expecting them to be and that could destroy everything…
When Ellie’s past causes complications and everything is falling apart…will love save her? Can anyone save her?” – Amazon

The main characters harem are a famous rock band.

“They are idols to millions worldwide. I hear their names whispered in the hallways and blasted through the radio. Their faces are never far from the television screen, tormenting me with images of what I gave up.

To everyone else, they’re unattainable rockstars, the music gods who make up The Sound of Us. But to me? They’ll always be the boys I lost.

I broke all our hearts when I refused to follow them to L.A., convinced I would only bring them down. Years later, after I’ve succumbed to a monster, and my life has become something out of a nightmare, they are back. 

I’m no longer the girl they left behind. But what if I’ve become the woman they can’t forget?” – Amazon

A rockstar, a moviestar, and the schools star quarterback are the main characters harem.

“Eva Taylor has been locked in an attic for 4 years.

Failed by the foster system, and left in the hands of a woman who hates her, and a man who wants her, Eva has given up hope of ever having a life. 

When she finds a mysterious letter from Rothmore College addressed to her in the trash, Eva’s future suddenly comes alive. Now all she has to do is figure out a way to escape her attic prison, make her way across the country to New York City, and figure out all the things that point to the fact that she isn’t exactly normal…

Along the way Eva meets new friends, explores new places, and stumbles across three beautiful, charismatic, and alarmingly otherworldly men. Do they hold the key to Eva discovering who she really is, or are they just good at first impressions?” – Amazon

Main character is a burlesque dancer. There is swordplay m/m. And by swords, I mean dick.

“For Cadence King, aspiring dancer and cocktail waitress caring for her mother and young sister, the simple act of existing is a struggle. Things get worse when the price of her mother’s medication skyrockets. 

To help curb expenses, Cadence agrees to join Sin City Gentlemen’s Club as the Sugar Plum Fairy in their burlesque rendition of The Nutcracker. 

Emboldened by her seductive persona, she accepts an offer from a mysterious gentleman: one night of passion for enough money to make life substantially easier. 

What she isn’t expecting, is to be whisked into the exciting world of five dangerous men. 

Will Cadence find her valiant Nutcrackers? Or will they devour the sultry sugar plum until nothing remains?

**This is a Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance with a HIGH heat level and some MM steam. Reader discretion is advised.**” – Amazon

The harem is a famous rock band.

“My name is Bristol Mateo, and I am the tour manager for the #1 rock band, Cycle of Sin. It takes a lot to keep a band of five rockstars on schedule, but I’ve been doing it for just over two years now. 

As a new tour begins, I find myself confused over what happened after a night of partying between shows. The kiss from each of them is laced with enough power to destroy me, and my mind is riddled with guilt over the things I feel for them individually.

Dean, Evan, Hunter, Sebastian, and Austin heat my body in ways that are deemed immoral. As we tour across the world, I find myself falling for each of them equally. When they vow their hearts to me as one, I realize I am meant to be loved by them all.

I belong to Cycle of Sin, and Cycle of Sin belongs to me.

***Warning…5 rockstars and 1 female….The possibilities are endless.” – Amazon

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