April RH Book Releases

Grab a pen and paper, cell phone note, or tag this page bookers, because this is Aprils book release line up. And it is HOT!!! Keep in mind that author’s can change their release dates at any time. Sometime’s earlier, sometimes later. They’re sneaky like that. If you know any authors you’d like me to add and keep up with new releases, let me know. Unless it’s Coralee muthafuckin June. Deadlines and pre-release dates can be stressful. When she releases a book it’s more of a “Surprise Bitches, It’s Ready!” type deal. I’ll try to keep up anyway. Lol. Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere

April’s Fools Rh Standalone co-write of Ivy Asher and Raven Kennedy. Sounds like a win to me. Releases APRIL 1st.

Dragon’s Gift: The Sorceress Book 1. Demon Slayer. Releases APRIL 1ST.

Wings of Artemis book 10. Rising Tides. Releases APRIL 1st.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood book 17. Lol, this series. The Savior. Releases APRIL 2nd.

Guild of Shadows book 2. Wildfire. Releases APRIL 4th.

Supernatural Spy Academy Book 1. S.S.S. Releases APRIL 5th.

Keeping My Pack Book 4. Wolf Keeper. Releases APRIL 7th.

Bastan Hollow Saga Book 2. Disobedience. Releases APRIL 9th.

Shadowspell Academy- The Culling Trials Book 1. Co-write between K.F. Breene and Shannon Mayer. Releases APRIL 9th.

The Royal Shifters Book 4- Her Viking. Releases APRIL 11th.

The Guild Codex- Demon Magic and A Martini Book 4…Yaaaaas!!!- Releases April 12th.

Order of The Fallen- Ravenous Book 3. Releases APRIL 12th.

The Azar Trilogy- Book 1. Smoke & Smolder. Releases APRIL 14th. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this novel. LOVED IT <3

Age of The Andinna-Book 2 The Mercenary’s Bounty. Releases APRIL 15th.

A Their Champion Companion Novel- The Forgotten. Releases APRIL 16th.

Norsemen Academy-Studying Her Vikings Part 1 of 5, releasing every 2 weeks. (Time Travel Academy World). Releases APRIL 16TH.

TriAlpha Chronicles World Series-Book 8 Laurena– Releases APRIL 17th.

The Witch’s Rebels. Book 6. Rebel Reborn. Releases APRIL 18th.

I’m suffering from a major book cliffhangeritis after book 1. Silk & Steel Book 2 – Iron & Fire. Releases APRIL 19th.

The Fallen World Series -Book 1 Bound. Releases APRIL 19th.

How To Be A Necromancer- Book 5. Grave Chance. Releases APRIL 22nd.

Criminal Delights Serial Killers- Only The Devil Knows. (I cannot wait for this one!) Releases APRIL 22nd.

Gods and Monsters Series- Book 4. Hades Is Mine. Releases APRIL 22.

To Tame a Shifter- Book 5. Reigning. Releases APRIL 23rd.

The Paranormal PI Files- Book 3. Bad Fae Rising. Releases APRIL 24th.

Moriarty’s Men- Book 2. The Temptation of Four. Releases APRIL 24th.

Institute Of The Storm Fae-Book 1. Queen Of Storms. A Demons Of Fire and Night Novel. Releases APRIL 29th.

Kiss Her Goodbye Series- Book 3. Deadly Truths. Releases APRIL 29th.

The Sorceress Book 2-Dragon’s Blood. Releases. APRIL 29TH.

Nightworld Academy-Term One. Releases APRIL 30th.

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