March Book Releases on my TBR

Book releases for March! New book releases are both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because MORE books. A curse because MORE books. Haha. If your TBR list looks anything like mine. Well, then it takes up the entire first subject in a 5 subject college rule lined notebook. Yeah, it’s that big. That’s what she said. This only means I need to keep reading. And to keep track of all the numerous different book series i’m waiting on for sequels to release, books for new authors I want to read, and whatever ARC reads I have going on. Without further adieu, books! Note: ALL BOOKS WILL SHOW UP AS PRE-ORDER UNTIL THE RELEASE DATE.

Supernatural Bounty Hunters Series Book 2. Magic Sight. Release date MARCH 1st.

Rock Star Harem Series. Bad Girls book 1. Release date MARCH 1st.

Infernal Descent Book 3 – Hell’s Burning. Releases MARCH 1st.

Destiny Jinn Series Book 3. Wish For me 3. Release date MARCH 3rd.

Catnip Assassins Book 1- Meow. Releases MARCH 9th.

The Wild Boys Series book 1. The Wild Interview. Release date MARCH 10th. This one looks yummy. Managing an all male strip show? Yes, please.

Elemental Assassins. Novella. Non rh. Winter’s Web. Release date MARCH 12th. From Amazon “Note: Winter’s Web is a 27,000-word novella that takes place after the events of Venom in the Veins, book 17 in the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series. Winter’s Web first appeared in the Seasons of Sorcery anthology in 2018.”

The Paranormal PI Files Book 2- Dead Fae Walking. Releases MARCH 13th.

Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles book 4. Reign of Rebels. Release date MARCH 14th. Urban Fantasy non-rh. Prn.

A Supernatural Prison Story. Book 6. Louis. Release date MARCH 15th. PRN. Doesn’t appear to be rh. Correct if you know otherwise.

Anthology of Lucky Between the Sheets Scenes that get straight to the point. Limited time available as Halloween ed is no longer available for Kindle. Available MARCH 15th.

Assassin’s Magic Book 2: Assassin’s Mask. Available MARCH 15th.

Shadowborn Series Book 2: Lost in Shadow. Release date MARCH 15th.

Witch Of The Wild West Book 1: Bounty Hunters & Black Magic . Release date MARCH 15th.

The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy Book 2- Vital Found. Release date MARCH 17th.

Demigods of San Francisco series. Sin & Salvation book 3. Release date MARCH 19th.

The Secret Gods Series Book 1. A Name Like Karma. Release date MARCH 20th.

The Shifters of Egypt-Book 3. The Queen of Egypt. Releases MARCH 21st.

Heaven Is A Harem. Book 2. Releases MARCH 24th. This cover art is not working for me. Cover art Gods, I demand a redo.

Lost Time Academy- Tales & Time book 1. Releases MARCH 26th.

Moriarty’s Men-Book 1. A Study in Seduction. Releases MARCH 27th.

Dark Elite- Book 1. Broken Wings. MARCH 29th.

Questing Witch-Book 4. Elemental Witch. Releases MARCH 31st.

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