February Book Releases-Updated

I like to look at book releases like a teenager looks at a centerfold for the first time. I’m shocked and amazed. lol. You might want to bookmark this page. Additional books will be added as authors release February release dates. Bonus for us because MORE BOOKS!

Fallen Academy: Year 3 1/2  Date changed. Available FEBRUARY 1st.

A Kinky Spurs Novel. Contemporary. Non-RH. Releases FEBRUARY 5th. Hard-Riding Cowboy

Her Elemental Dragons Book 4. Ride the Wave. PRN RH. The book with my favorite asshole. <3 Releases FEBRUARY 7th.

The Shifters of Africa RH. Releases FEBRUARY 7TH. The Lioness of Egypt book 1

The Guild Codex Spellbound book 3. Two Witches and a Whiskey. Not RH. Releases FEBRUARY 8th.

Carnival of Freaks book 4 – Tightrope. Releases FEBRUARY 8th. 

Love Potion- Charity Anthology
“All proceeds will be donated to Room to Read!” Releases FEBRUARY 9th. Fabulous author line up:
Graceley Knox & D.D. Miers,
Amelia Hutchins, Pippa DaCosta, Tate James,
C.M. Stunich, G. Bailey & Coralee June,
Annette Marie, Clara Hartley

Hunters and Prey Anthology. “These alpha females don’t need  saving.”Releases FEBRUARY 12th. 8 Stand-alone novellas.

A Demon’s Fall Book 4Runes of Royalty. Now available! Original release was FEBRUARY 25th. Yay!!

Throne of Blood Series. The Queen’s Protectors book 1.
This sexy beast of a book is out TODAY 2/12/19!!!  

Royal Trials Series Seeker book 2   Releases February 13th. 

NEW RELEASE DATE!!! It was originally the 23rd.

Institute of the Shadow Fae book 4 Court of Dreams Not RH. PRN. Releases FEBRUARY 14TH. Happy Valentine’s Day to me. I do love a grumpy Incubus.

The final book. *Sobs in Spanish* The Redemption Saga- A Night of  Redemption Book 5. Releases FEBRUARY 15th.

Claiming My Pack- Wolf Lover Book # 3. Releases FEBRUARY 17th.

The Bullets Trilogy. Book 3. Love and Lead. Releases FEBRUARY 16th.

Her Kiss Goodbye book 2-Dark Truths  Releases FEBRUARY 18TH.

The Looking Glass Curse- Wanton Wonderland book 3. FEBRUARY 20TH.

The Paranormal PI Files Book 1. Live Fae or Die TryingReleases  FEBRUARY 20th. It doesn’t appear to be RH. 

The Witch Rebels- Death Untold Book 5. Releases FEBRUARY 21st.

Salsang Chronicles Book 1- Stained Egos. Releases FEBRUARY 22nd

A Seven Wardens Prequel- Beyond the Loch. Releases FEBRUARY 23rd.

Limited Edition Reverse Harem CollectionCaptivated.  Available FEBRUARY 26th. 

To Tame a Shifter Series Sustaining book 4. Releases February 26th

Bound For Blood Series Feathers & Fire Book Releases February 28th

The Storm Series – Thunder Rolling Book 2. Releases FEBRUARY 28th

Curse of the Fairy Tales Book 2. Rapunzel Unveiled. Fairy tale RH. No link to pre-order yet. Release supposed to be February. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be.


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